4 Reasons Why Gyms Should Be For Men Only

I am an amateur bodybuilder. I look after myself, have structured workout plans, and my nutrition is on point. I take very specific supplements with the goal of building muscle, keeping a good tone, and of course increasing my testosterone levels. I have made a commitment to myself to improve my body and mind, and I find nothing more frustrating than walking into the gym and finding it full of women and estrogen.

Lets be clear here—I am in no way trying to argue that women should not work out. After all, women only have any discernible sexual marketplace value (SMV) for about ten years, with it dropping dramatically after they reach their thirties. If there is anything that is going to reduce a woman’s SMV quicker and earlier it’s going to be them not looking after their bodies.

I also do not have an issue with the idea of women-only gyms, which are already popping up everywhere; the justification for this being that women feel more confident working out in a woman-only environment. Anything that gets women to look after themselves so that they can be more appealing to men is a winner in my book.

Strangely when it was suggested that a male-only gym might open here in the UK, there was a massive uproar from the liberal and feminist quarter. The suggestion that a men-only club would promote misogyny (because that would be so terrible) and that men together would become secretive, I guess the idea being we would club together and disagree with the feminist agenda.

This article is about the reasons men only gyms are important to neomasculinity and how they assist men with two very important parts of this ideology; self improvement and testosterone.

1. It would increase testosterone levels and competitiveness


There are hundreds or studies and peer reviewed articles that show a direct link between exercise and and increase in testosterone levels, with weightlifting providing a greater boost than any other type of workout; deadlifts have been shown to increase testosterone by higher amounts for example.

As men we know very well the benefits of testosterone. It’s quite honestly the building block of masculinity and higher levels of this hormone increase desirable male characteristics. There has also been a strong link between increases in testosterone and men in close proximity or working out together. It appears that just being around other men with racing testosterone levels can help to increase your own hormonal balance.

If you have ever been to a gym with other men, I bet you also picked a higher weight or rep, possibly worked out for longer, and worked harder. This is because testosterone (amongst other desirable traits) makes men more competitive and stronger. Working out with other men increases your competitiveness and forces you to push yourself and improve your personal best.

2. It would mean that men would only give up equipment for other men.


Let me set the scene—you have gone into the gym with the intention of working your legs, you have a set routine, and it’s coming up to the squat part of your workout. You go to the squat rack to find that it is being used by a woman who has a bar weight of 20kg (50 lbs).

Now in an ideal world we would go up and tell her to “jog on” and find a more female appropriate piece of equipment; but unfortunately that is likely to get you removed from the gym. So now you have to wait and rearrange your workout to fit around this woman, who in all reality should be concentrating on cardio to lose that fat rather than a more masculine workout.

I have no issue with rearranging my own workout to fit around another man undertaking a proper workout. Furthermore, men are much more cooperative with each other in a gym environment and willing to to give a nod when they are finished, or allow you to jump in during their rest times if the weights are the same.

If we must have mixed gyms then there should be a rule if a man approaches the squat rack and it’s being used by a woman she should step aside and let him jump ahead of her.

3. It would stop the distractions


We are all men, and let’s be honest we are  often checking women. There are some alright women in the gym and this can be a distraction during a time when we should be concentrating on our workout and improving ourselves. From a personal point of view I also find the the women of high body fat distracting, not because I am checking them out, but rather because I am disgusted at having to watch them wobble around the gym.

4. It would encourage brotherhood and male bonding


Men are competitive and can be aggressive towards each other when competing for resources. However, they are also by far more supportive of other men. Women are irrational, emotional, and caustic towards each other. We work better together, and are more willing to support each other to achieve our common aims. Mixed gyms discourage this kind of fellowship by changing the dynamic. Instead of the positive competitiveness of sport, there is a tendency to compete for the “cute” girl.

Men only gyms would encourage the positive traits of brotherhood and support, while giving us a distraction free to improve ourselves. Why not give it a try?

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506 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why Gyms Should Be For Men Only”

  1. Gyms have become the new drama centers for women. All gym commercials I see now are geared toward women and the emotional environment.
    Gyms need to get the guys back in there and focus on actual bodybuilding and physicality.
    My college gym is the worst offender. Fat chicks, eating disorder discussions, and makeup tips. This is not what gyms were designed for, or should ever turn into. Yet, here we are.

  2. Sometimes I see males at the gym working out as couples with their girlfriends. The man’s workout seems to gets lowered down to the woman’s level. The problem with the all male gym is that its going to be perceived as a gay friendly gym.

    1. on the other hand, at least the girl is working out. in college, i used to do a “girly” workout with my girlfriend, then do my real workout later. i find most women are far less motivated to stay in shape, so you have to encourage them. it’s worth the effort if you’re going for an LTR or marriage.
      good point about the all-male gym being perceived as gay friendly. obviously, there’s no way you could legally ban gays.

      1. Yeah, at least they are working out. That is true. Although, I still see whales in the gyms pretending to do something.

      2. i find most women are far less motivated to stay in shape, so you have to encourage them
        This is the situation with my wife. I spend some time working out with her, but more as to keep her motivated and focused. She tends to lose focus when it comes to some of the more demanding muscle building exercises (squats, etc.).

        1. i use game on my wife to get her to stay in shape, too. it’s necessary. we are in the age of morbidly obese SI swimsuit issue cover models, and society just doesn’t encourage women to stay fit and healthy, so that either has to come from (in rare cases) the woman herself or (more commonly) from a dominant male partner.

        2. My wife will bitch at me when I MAKE her work out after work (she is tired and stressed). Then she thanks me afterward because she feels so much better. My home is under the rule of a benevolent dictatorship (me!).
          So far she dropped 10 lbs (she is 106 lbs now) and is getting some pretty good muscle definition in her core. She is doing P90X which she likes a lot. I still want her to do more free weights (in particular squats and deadlifts), which I will guide her into after she gets through a few more weeks of the P90x.
          Come May, she will (assuming things go right) be pregnant. Previously I had worries about her carrying a child because she was so out of shape. Not obese, just no muscle tone what-so-ever. When I finally got her serious a few months ago, she has had a dramatic turn around. It is amazing of what a good diet, supplements, and strength training can accomplish.

        3. “My home is under the rule of a benevolent dictatorship (me!)”
          as it should be, my friend.
          also, i’ve been to newark so i appreciate your screen name.

      3. Yeah, there’s no way that women can motivate themselves without the help of a man. Screw women!

      1. There are gyms in NY and SF that are mostly gay male. They are like gay pick up bars. Men who think they’re modern and secure in their sexuality who only deal with gays as less than 5% of the population are full of PC bullshit. Work out at a gym that’s 50% gay male and see if you’re ok with it.

        1. I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic but it is very easy to keep your sexuality to yourself , I don’t broadcast to everyone I’m straight .

  3. they have, or at least used to have a chain of gyms called “lady fitness” in the US. i wonder what would happen if someone tried to start a men-only gym. 1) would guys go for it and 2) would it get struck down legally somehow?

      1. heh. they could pass out free cinnabon and starbucks after a chick finishes her workout. or before. or instead of. would probably be a massive hit.

        1. It works for Planet Fitness, they hand out Pizza or Bagels. They also have free tootsie rolls at the front desk. I don’t get it.

        2. most people seem to go to the gym so that they can say “i go to the gym” rather than to get results. i think that’s the target audience for planet fitness. i don’t really get it either.

      2. How about a gym called Chubby?Check her!
        All the trainers are insult comedians, knocking down the overwieght ladies by a peg or three.

        1. The future looks very promising on that. The next generation will see a literal army of MIGHTY MEN who are red pill and thoroughly qualified to staff an insult comedian led fat farm.

          This vid was pulled off the top of youtube when I searched ‘fat jokes’. With schoolyards like this, I’ll bet a dollar to a donut that this state goes to Trump.

  4. Don’t forget the quality of music would probably go up as well. Seriously, what man wants to listen to Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, or whatever rap/dance noise while he’s working out? Probably why 75% of gym goers wear headphones, yet gyms still insist on blaring that garbage.

    1. God bless MP3 tech. If I’m working out, I’m going to listen to either more aggressive fare like Iron Maiden or Pantera, rhythmic music like ska band Los Estramboticos or Flogging Molly, or occasionally, some Wu Tang. I’ve even been known to listen to really fast and aggressive techno music. Anything that can help me channel that energy. So I don’t think I can focus with Ariana Grande or Demi Lovato blaring from the gym speakers. And don’t get me started on country. If you want a downer for your workout, listening to some hick singing about chicks, trucks, and honky tonks are for you.

      1. Indeed…mp3 players and noise cancelling headphones are my best friend in the gym. Mine is either downloaded podcasts or classical (I know, not everyone’s cup of tea)

        1. I’ve never actually tried it but I can actually see myself perhaps listening to some Ravel or Tchaikovsky to relax me after finishing a workout.

        2. I usually go for some big symphonies to workout to….those with timpani helps too (Haydn London Symphony).

        3. Master Of Puppets
          Reign In Blood
          Countdown to Extinction
          Cowboys From Hell
          Back in Black
          We Sold Our Souls
          Unleashed in the East
          …to name a few

      2. I usually listen to Two steps from hell and other so called epic music when I workout.

    2. A thousand times this.
      I am sick of listening to some pop/top 40 charts garbage every time I go and do my workout. If I dont bring my own earphones, my lifts go down by half due to the feminising effects of the music.

      1. Same for me; on the few occasions I forget my headphones, I get this sinking feeling as I enter the gym.

      2. I keep 2 spare sets of headphones in my gym bag at all times for this reason. The bullshit music they play at my gym is pump-destroying.

      3. Yes. That top 40 or techno just kills me. I have an ipod that I take with me that is loaded with only hard rock and metal. And the day’s I’ve forgotten it made me not even want to be there. I’ve actually turned around and went back to get it before. But I also like to log my runs with the nike ipod app. I don’t use my phone for that stuff.

      4. Yeah? Well I’m sick of chicken-legged meat bags loudly grunting and playing screamo metal. It goes both ways.

      5. the same question applies to football halftime shows… where did the testosterone go? why is there always a pussy pop song?

    3. This is why I do calisthenics. No bullshit, no stupid people, no fees,
      no shit music, just me, my body, and my mind. I can do what I want where
      I want for free. If it means I can blast Disturbed, Pantera, Lamb of
      God, and Mudvayne in my garage, I’ll take it.

      1. This is good, but there is nothing that body weight exercises have to offer that will ever give you the same benefits as, say, deadlifting 2-3x your body weight, squatting heavy or even doing supinated curls.
        It isn’t too hard to set up in the home if you have the space. If you got a power rack, a mat, a bar, a bench, a set of plates and a set of dumbbells you would have a perfect home gym. Buy it piece by piece. Buy what you can used. Loads of stuff out there on the cheap. Maybe throw in some kettlebells for cardio

        1. “This is good, but there is nothing that body weight exercises have to offer that will ever give you the same benefits as, say, deadlifting 2-3x your body weight, squatting heavy or even doing supinated curls.”
          Not necessarily. The advantage of bodyweight exercises lie in the fact that they are relatively cheap and a lot easier than lifting with lots of equipment. Hell, it’s literally what it says on the tin, all you needs your body. Versus buying all that ( and there is improvised lifting, which like bodyweight; can be practically free too) bodyweights’ a good and effective alternative. Knocking bodyweight’s not a sound idea, especially when it’s been around for as about as long, or longer; than lifting has and still used alongside it as a key component in fitness, with it’s usefulness constantly being reaffirmed.

        2. To add as well bodyweight does a good job at inducing myofibrillar hypertrophy, and getting more ripped. While lifting in general, and especially bodybuilding grants sarcoplasmic hypertorphy better. To go a bit further, I am in no way saying only one or the other happens, merely that one type of hypertrophy occurs slightly more than the other with certain training. They certainly both occur when strength training.
          I think this idea
          “And, as we see, the line between sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar hypertrophy isn’t anything like you believe it is. Don’t forget: more blood (sarcoplasmic influx) means a higher delivery of nutrients to the area. More nutrients could then make it better for myofibrillar hypertrophy. Just a thought to chew on.”,
          from this article,
          helps also with what I’m getting at.
          (From what I know and learned and the training I’ve done and do, I don’t believe I’m mistaken. I’m also pretty sure science backs me up on this one. If anyone else has anything to add please do.)

        3. Lift heavy things. I don’t care how many studies you find. Lifting heavy things is good for you.

        4. Nothing wrong with body weight exercises. Push-ups and chin-ups and jumping jacks are all very good for you. But lift heavy things. If you want to be in peak fitness and you want to be strong and you want to look good and you aren’t lifting heavy things you are wrong. Your thoughts are wrong. Your training is wrong. All that time you spent writing about body weight stuff could have been spent lifting heavy things

        5. “Nothing wrong with body weight exercises. Push-ups and chin-ups and jumping jacks are all very good for you. But lift heavy things.”
          True, and fair
          “If you want to be in peak fitness and you want to be strong and you want to look good and you aren’t lifting heavy things you are wrong. Your thoughts are wrong. Your training is wrong.”
          What’s wrong is this statement. Lifting certainly gets you strong, jacked and looking good. But to say bodyweight can’t do the same and those who do it are “wrong” is ludicrous and has been proven false. I first learned to work out through martial arts (took Teakwondo younger, transitioned to full contact Karate when I was a teenager) and the majority of my resistance training both inside the dojo, and additional training I did/do at home consisted of bodyweight. Workouts at my dojo did have weighted exercises (bodyweight exercises with partners adding weight, utilizing medicine balls, etc. No Hojo Undo though
          and I added in some improvised lifting later but overall my workouts were solely calisthenics and I never touched an actual weight until I went to college, and as my attendance there was short lived for a variety of reasons; fast foreword to today and bodyweight is still a significant part of my training. Iv’e not only gained strength but aesthetics from the workouts I do and been complemented on both by people who’ve spent far longer than I have in a gym. Just because a workout or routine is different from what you particularly do, does not make it “wrong” nor are the people who choose to do the legitimate resistance training they’ve set for themselves over your particular method. You could say they have certain advantages or disadvantages or would gain benefits from adding exercises from your routine. But you cannot say, if they are doing tried, true and effective bodyweight and not some pilates or dance fitness bullshit, that anyone’s wrong.

      2. I hung a 25′ climbing rope from a tree behind my house…dips, pull ups, pushups, its all you need.

      3. Working out alone works well. All you have to concentrate on is beating your best record without any distractions.

        1. Agreed. At my top shape I learned that working out at home was the best, cheapest way to go. If you’re into body-shaping, I guess you’d need some kind of machines, but to get into good shape you can do it on your own with a minimum of equipment.

        1. You listen to thrash metal? Who would have thought … 😉
          By the way, have you heard the enhanced bass version of Shortest Straw?

        2. Hahaha who woulda knew
          There’s a youtube video of the whole album enhanced bass, I think. Are there MP3s of it around?
          Justice is an incredibly pertinent album for these times we are in.

        3. My Ned Flanders neighbor called out, “Nice tune, neighbor” when I had Blackened on one day with the garage open.
          “Nice tunes, neighborooni. Listening to some Metallididdlyallica?”

        4. I prefer Ride the Lightning…Creeping Death is one of my favorites songs of all time…

        5. hahaha fucking metal rules
          My daughter came home crying about leftist indoctrination at her high school, and I played Eye of the Beholder for her …
          Freedom, with their exception!

        6. Someone did upload the album with bass and I have been trying to download it via bittorent. So far no luck, because nobody is seeding it. But you can download the youtube clips as mp3 files.
          Lars is an asshole. AJFA could have been a much better album with a better mix, but he screwed things up. Have you read this article about the bass parts?

        7. What a pathetic and puerile act that was-but then for me Metallica have been effectively dead since 1989 and are the biggest con-artists in music as for close to 3 decades they’ve hoodwinked people out of millions of dollars. Besides, their best stuff was written by Dave Muscatine as when he was unceremoniously dumped their material went to shit post 1989 as they ran out of his riffs/ideas by and large and were inspired by those by the time AJFA came out. Rust in Peace for that matter is superior to Master of Puppets which for me is such a boring and sterile record-Ride the Lightning was exponentially better by comparison.

        8. Great band, Megadeth. Mustaine is a great songwriter and his band is fantastic.
          Another band that I like is Forbidden. These guys are underrated:

        9. Very much so. I concur. I just admit I prefer Teutonic (German) thrash like Sodom, Kreator and Destruction but I agree with you.

        10. Preach-one my favourite records. Whilst being motivated by anger worked well for Dave, if he had of been motivated by pure competition and wanting to beat Metallica as he would any other band it could have been interesting to see what happened-his foray into a less heavy sound predicated by Metallica’s shenanigans had my really confused.

    4. My gym plays pretty good music- early in the morning most days.
      Played doowop and motown music one day, thought it was bizarre, but put me in a great mood.

    5. So loud heavy metal garbage is better? That’s even worse. Not everyone want to listen to this shit.

    6. I work at home but don’t actually listen to music, instead I put on martial arts movies and they’re entertaining while motivating me to work harder.
      I did stop going to gyms a few years ago because of the music…that and the price of a year membership got me most of the weights and equipment I needed. Haven’t looked back since.

      1. I do the same at home sometimes too; good movie or game (if you’re a sports fan).
        Don’t blame you for stopping…only reason I go to a gym at all is I get free access through my workplace. Otherwise I’d probably just piece together more of a makeshift home gym and then hit park trails during warmer months. But my free gym access allows me to hit the bigger weights and stations that I don’t have at home.

    7. I’d sooner commit seppuku than be subjected to that shit. Just as well I have headphones on constantly to drown out that aural sewage and blast brutal death metal which I work out to as the speed of the blast beats etc. serve as a metronome for me of sorts.

    8. Gym music is terrible, I think the only reason they play it is because it’s chart music and they’re trying to cater to a mass market. I think it’s younger people who listen to it because I don’t know one person, male or female who could tell me what’s in the top 40.

    9. That’s not at all a massive generalisation….
      Believe it or not, my tiny lady brain can actually cope with music that’s not Lady Gaga et al, as can most of my female friends.

      1. As someone commented, gyms play this pop music to cater to the mass crowd. I think it’s ironic that most gym goers these days wear
        headphones, indicating they have their own preference of music they’d rather hear.
        I never implied that all women only like pop music. However, any attempt to have the music in gyms turned off is objected to by the female gym goers. Since this was my experience, and that of others I’ve spoken to, as well as comments in online forums where this topic was raised, I will say…. in general, it’s women who keep that type of music going in gyms (even if there are a number of women who don’t enjoy that type of music).
        Seriously, do you really believe that if there was an all male gym (assuming such a thing was allowed and not litigated out of existence) that the style of music played would be as I described in my original post? Doubtful.

        1. Why not suggest to your gym some music you would like? And I doubt that Lady Gaga etc gets played because women kick up a stink, more likely because that’s what’s currently popular in the charts and the gym needs to come to some sort of compromise that won’t offend anyone.
          And I still stand by my comment that you’ve just generalised, although I suppose that hardly surprising considering this website seems to be rife with massive generalisations not backed up by any evidence….
          One piece of anecdotal evidence does not make a valid argument.

        2. “Why not suggest to your gym some music you would like?”
          I don’t because my preference being classical wouldn’t be liked by too many. I have though suggested that the music in the main weight-room be turned off since most people wear headphones there anyway. Only place I can see where it would be necessary would be some type of dance-exercise type room (usually those are separate from the main gym anyway).
          “I doubt that Lady Gaga etc gets played because women kick up a stink, more likely because that’s what’s currently popular in the charts and the gym needs to come to some sort of compromise that won’t offend anyone.”
          Agree they play what they believe will be liked by the masses (as I mentioned in my previous reply), however the requests to silence the music are where many women “kick up a stink”.
          “And I still stand by my comment that you’ve just generalised, although I suppose that hardly surprising considering this website seems to be rife with massive generalisations not backed up by any evidence….”
          OK then, accusing me of just generalizing while you do the same thing in your replies. Looking at just a few of your other posts I noticed a few generalizations about men on this site.
          I followed up my argument not just with my own person experience, but that of others in multiple conversations, as well as forum posts & gym blog articles that have touched on the subject (many of those I never even comment on myself, but others I never interact with posted similar observations). So, I’d say that goes beyond one piece of anecdotal evidence.
          I’ll end this reply with the same thing as the previous one: “Seriously, do you really believe that if there was an all male gym (assuming such a thing was allowed and not litigated out of existence) that the style of music played would be as I described in my original post? Doubtful.”

        3. Yes. Yes I do. That’s what’s popular right now so that’s what they play. If men don’t ask for it to be changed to something else (like you said) how on earth are they to know you don’t like it? What’s the point of complaining on here when you’ve not actually made any constructive suggestions to your gym?
          And yes, you did generalise. Anecdotal evidence, whether in real life or on forums (and let’s face it, this forum doesn’t exactly give a balanced view on women) is still just that, anecdotal.
          And where did I generalise?

        4. Hey Dominic. . .GraDan is a woman trolling the site. She’s inserting herself all over the comments sections to harrass and argue. Please help me flag her. Thanks.

        5. “Yes. Yes I do. That’s what’s popular right now so that’s what they play.”
          Well I disagree then, and I stand by my “massive generalization”. While there is a broad appeal with pop music, in general that type of music is geared more towards women than men. Just doing a quick, simple search on music demographics I came across this link to a study someone did: http://musicmachinery.com/2014/02/10/gender-specific-listening/ . They even stated that there are differences in music tastes based on gender.
          “If men don’t ask for it to be changed to something else (like you said) how on earth are they to know you don’t like it? What’s the point of complaining on here when you’ve not actually made any constructive suggestions to your gym?”
          Reread my last comment: I did make suggestions for change, and know of others who have done the same. The only thing I didn’t do was suggest they cater to my specific preference of music since people…in general…are not so much classical fans.
          “And yes, you did generalise.”
          I never said I didn’t. Only pointed out that you did the same. In your first reply to me you made the snark about your tiny lady brain implying that men in general, or at very least men on this site assume women are dumb. I never said or implied I thought women were dumb, so you only got that by generalizing about men, or all men on this site. Might surprise you to know that I don’t agree with all the content at this site (like PUA lifestyle). However I do enjoy the men’s health related content and a few historical or political articles.
          “Anecdotal evidence, whether in real life or on forums…. is still just that, anecdotal.”
          Should I then dismiss your defense that you and your female friends can cope with music that isn’t Lady Gaga, since that qualifies as anecdotal evidence? As you said “one piece of anecdotal evidence does not make a valid argument”

        6. Yeah after the first couple replies I looked at the profile and noticed as much unfortunately.

        7. How about opening an all metal all the time gym? Would keep out the “undesirables”.

    10. This is why all my workout equipment is at my house. I need not worry about others using my equipment, nor the shitty music being blasted into my eardrums at full tilt.

  5. Martial arts gyms are ,for the most part , like this at the upper levels . The foundation classes are starting to become 50 /50 and women always get treated differently. They can sit out whenever , pick who they train with , and even refuse to train with people for reasons like they’re too sweaty . The lower level guys and some upper belts cater to them to, giving them extra attention on techniques and things of that nature .

    1. Because they want to get laid, or what?
      Isn’t it financially smarter to build a man out of a boy, a boy who might pay for membership? Instead of a woman who might leave when she notices that she loses against teenagers.

      1. Just typical white knight stuff , the women just like the attention . They’re surrounded by a bunch of men who are in decent shape and have some “alpha ” tendencies but martial arts doesn’t guarantee a man . I know plenty of losers who have been training for years and are still losers . The woman usually come in once or twice a week and will still pay full price . They also buy privates but rarely make it to the upper levels

        1. Sounds like a different kind of degree. Just like person might become educated, but still be completely clueless. But now the beta is getting a blackbelt in whatever, but he has still no understanding of warfare, strategy, tactics or any flesh on flesh combat.
          Because he was ‘taught’ instead of learning on his own like an autodidact.

  6. Oh come on, like chain gyms in the US are going to purposefully prohibit half of the population from paying good money to use their facilities.
    Money for the franchise owner is going to speak far louder than whatever bullshit “1st world problem” complaints we have about females in gyms.
    I’m far more in favor of just evening the score and prohibiting female-only gyms. Take that feminazis.

    1. Female only gyms are a good thing. The women who join those gyms are obese or married. Its good that they self segregate because you don’t want to meet them anyway, and their gyms only have dance classes and girlie weight dumbbells.

    1. I can do one better…keep it off the books and let people know via word of mouth. No Facebook or Twitter. And cash only.

      1. Your comment is pointless.
        First off, you are assuming that EVERYONE has enough money to open and run a successful gym. Are you an idiot?
        Second, do you even lift? Because if you did, you would know all about this stuff.

        1. why are you so mad
          1. “why gyms should be men only” — the author’s reasons are personal. what does he expect? he can give his 4-pt list to 24 or LA FITNESS’s CEO and they’ll be like “oh i never thought of it that way? yea lets ban women from entry bc of your awesome points.” as is, the article’s position doesnt make any sense.
          2. yes i lift religiously. i agree w all the author’s points. but when the position is “why gyms need to be male-only” – now hes going from preference to rule change. and his points to change the rules dont make any sense.

  7. If you’re hardcore search for a boxing / martial arts gym that has a actual boxing ring on site with men sparring. That scares away most females.

    1. As a woman who studies Israeli Combat Systems and who spars with both men and women regularly, I find it amusing that you think that that would scare “most females” away from the gym.
      Oh, and incidentally, the men of the gym don’t go easy on the women–if they try to, they are reminded very quickly and often quite painfully that we have the same training as them and are perfectly capable of holding our own.

      1. Your comment reeks of “Well, I study a combat system so my experience can be applied to most other women.”
        It would scare most of them away.

        1. As a woman who has discussed this with other women and observed other women in the gym, I can tell you that we don’t fear sparring. No, what we fear is helplessness. Being unable to defend ourselves and those around us if the need arises. And so those of us who are more proactive train. We hope and pray never to need our training in the real world, but we prefer to be prepared.
          Out of curiosity, though, why do you think that it would scare most women away?

        2. Because most women don’t like the idea of fighting a man twice as big as them as probably getting their heads bashed in. You know, quite the same way a really small and weak man would feel, except that he doesn’t have a pussy pass if he does choose to stupidly put himself in a situation like that.

  8. The one gym I still enjoy going to is the YMCA. Don’t know why, but I think it has to do with the family friendly atmosphere. People tend to be well behaved there, thus it helps out quite a bit to concentrate.

    1. The y I used to go to was run by low quality personnel, in proximity to the ghetto. There was once a string of locker break ins by a guy with a lock pick set while members were lifting, including myself. They did nothing to mediate the situation, and had the audacity to give attitude when I started getting upset. Screw that ymca.

  9. This is why I do calisthenics. No bullshit, no stupid people, no fees, no shit music, just me, my body, and my mind. I can do what I want where I want for free. If it means I can blast Disturbed, Pantera, Lamb of God, and Mudvayne in my garage, I’ll take it.

  10. #2 is meh, Im not going to be pissed if a girl got a squat rack before I did. If you got there before me then you get there before me. Besides squats build ass, and i love ass. Holy shit #3 though, i swear to god i see this shit at least twice a week. Some fuckin skank who knows she’s hot af walks in wearing the skinmpiest, tightest, most neon colored shit she can find, full make up, cleavage out, phone stuck between the titties, and then purposely finds a place to do “stretches” next to the areas where all the guys who actually lift go. Then if you try and talk to her she’ll usually drop the “Oh my boyfriend this! my boyfriend that!” line like 20 seconds into the conversation. Shit almost pisses me off as much as the “scale disclaimer” sign telling people that “the number on the scale doesn’t define who you are”.

    1. Next time you see the skank trying to draw male attention, call her out on it. Let her know you’re not impressed and tell her to either shit or get off the can. You may just give her the tingles doing this and hook up with her later. She’ll notice you for sure.

      1. Exactly. But be sincere in calling out her worthless whore ass. If she reciprocates in your favor, take advantage and then further shame after you got “yours”.

      2. This is true-I have been very blunt in expressing my antipathy towards such conduct and whilst they act like they resent it they later cannot get their eyes off me for having the cojones to tell them off; if they meet my exacting standards then they get to ride what I term my Space Mountain.

  11. To my fellow readers, please stop using the term “meh” unless you’re a homosexual. It’s extremely effeminate.

    1. I’d say using the terms ‘meh’ and ‘urgh’ have nothing to do with your sexuality, more the fact you have a poor grasp of the English language and are rather hard of thinking.
      My gay friends are far more erudite than anyone I’ve came across on here.

  12. Unless you live in a really tiny apartment.. build your own gym!
    I have been over time building my own ‘home gym’. No machines except for a stationary bike I picked up used off of Craigslist. I have an adjustable bench, a Swedish ball, dumbbells, a kettle bell, and an exercise mat. Having Netflix going on the TV, playing documentaries, or other movies that I don’t have to pay too much attention to breaks the monotony of the workout.
    I am looking at getting a squat rack and maybe a Roman chair in the near future. The most recent purchase was a pair of 55 lbs dumbbells, which the UPS guy cursed me over having to bring them to by doorway.
    The cost of doing all this really isn’t much when compared to the long term cost of a gym membership. It saves a ton of time since i don’t have to travel to the gym or share equipment. Plus as long as you are using free weights (no elliptical machines), it really doesn’t take up a lot of room. I have everything tucked in a corner under a staircase in my living room.
    The only reason I can think of to get a gym membership would be if they had a pool or to network socially / meet women. I have been married for 11+ years (good marriage) so I have no reason to do the latter.

      1. Really? Even with a squat rack and a Roman chair? What do you use at the gym for back workouts? Curious as I am the process of turning my old office into a master bedroom + weight room.

        1. Machines, other than a dumbbell row. I could be wrong, have been many times in the past

  13. Most gyms I’ve been to have a disproportionate number of men to women anyway. I’ll be luck to even see a hot chick at my gym, can’t stand a sausage fest.

  14. I am just glad my gym (although not men-only) has two rooms: one with weights, machines, bars etc. Second with crossfit-style setup, gymnastic rings, boxing bags and its own sound system.
    When there are either too many distractions (there are few beautiful girls most of the time), it´s getting full or somebody plays shitty music (that happens a lot). I just move my shit to the other room, blast some workout music and occasionaly look how miserable everyone is in room nr. 1 (because absence of weights, machines and said girls mean that nobody goes to room nr. 2).

  15. With the purchase of a decent power rack I now work out at home, but my last gym was a full-on bodybuilding gym and with one or two exceptions any time a woman walked in they would generally walk out within a minute or two. Those one or two exceptions were as serious as the guys and were there to train not flirt.
    Music was usually AC/DC or something similar 🙂

  16. Only problem is that all male gyms would start to turn into places for gays to meet other gays

    1. Back in the day if a gay guy comes into a gym, he’ll definitely not be coming back again, if you know what I mean.

        1. Wrong! Not according to my friends, they’ve pulled plenty of times at the gym and they’re built so they could easily stand their ground. If they hit on someone who’s not gay they don’t persist unlike straight men at the gym who don’t understand that women aren’t interested in every guy who comes on to them. The thing is they rarely ever do hit on a straight man, the whole ‘gaydar’ thing isn’t nonsense. Lot’s of gay men at the gym, so will you all be covering your little bums now?

      1. saw a thing on gay life in San Fran…they go to the gym Sunday morning and call it “gay church”

        1. i kind of admire anyone who lifts in america in 2016. it’s just a sea of pathetic, flabby bodies as far as i can see most times. if you’re going to be gay, might as well be ripped.

        2. Trump’s muscles don’t show because he is always in his suit and he is overweight (although that is pretty normal for someone who is 69 years old).

        3. During Trump’s public appearances for the past several months he has always been wearing a bullet-proof vest, so he’s not as fat as he appears to be. He gets a LOT of death threats.

    2. It already is.
      I was a regular at a particular gym and tried to be more social by greeting other regulars and sometimes shaking hands.
      I went with a brother-in-law and uncle one day. A dude I had shook hands with before but hadn’t even had a conversation with, came up from behind me and hugged me.
      The most awkward moment I think I’ve ever experienced and my relatives were looking at me with a raised brow like “wtf is this?”
      Now I’ve got a keen gaydar and I avoid eye contact with most guys at the gym. I wasn’t paranoid like this before I decided to be more “open minded.”

    3. Yeh Equinox in West Hollywood is like that. Although there is a good amount of chicks in yoga pants & sports bras (perhaps they feel ‘safer’ but they all want the attention regardless), it’s primarily gay dudes. A lot these guys look like UFC fighters too…

  17. Back in the day we wore Converses and cutoff white T-shirts while tossing large leather balls about, lifting weights, or punching a body bag. No bike machines, computerized treadmills, or chick music blasting. Women have ruined everything.

  18. There should be men’s only gyms, lounges, golf courses etc… when men are able to go places where there are no womem, they’re not worrying about looking a certain way, acting a certain way. We need places where we can turn that off.

  19. I wholeheartedly agree. In the distant past, World Gym and Gold’s Gym were exclusively for men. Now I think, if I’m not mistaken they let the trannies take showers with the women.
    I don’t think there are any gyms (corporate gyms anyway) that are “Men Only” anymore. Men are better off going to “hole in the wall on the seedy side of town” old school boxing gyms if they want to be around men only. Women won’t step foot in those places, they’re far too intense and dripping with testosterone–the way a men’s gym should be.

  20. You, are an asshole and I bet you have a small dick as well lol Women should only do cardio to lose the fat??? Are you fucking serious? Lol Everyone knows the most effective way to burn fat is by LIFTING and that goes for women as well you dumb fuck. Build a gym and workout by yourself.

    1. There’s no such thing as small dicks, Keara, only large vaginas. You’re right about cardiovascular, though. Fucking waste of time.

        1. You are aware that the purpose of hubble telescope is to observe very large objects in space, right?

        2. You are aware that the purpose of the hubble telescope is to look at very large celestial bodies in space, right? So thanks for that, I guess.
          What you meant to say was that she’ll need tweezers and a MICROscope – an old and overused insult. It seems that neither science nor originality are your strong suits.
          Now get back to the kitchen, wench.

        3. Get back to your kitchen? And you question my originality? And my partner does the cooking, he’s rather good at it. I’m an advocate and actually have better things to do with my time than cook. If I ever feel guilty about my partner cooking or having a cleaner, I take a look at my bank account and feel far better.

    2. Honesty girl woman are a pain in the butt in gyms. Slow, weak, time consuming and worthless as a spotter

      1. No one said you need to a woman for a spotter. And yes, women tend to not have the strength a man has but that’s no reason to tell us we shouldn’t be lifting weights and only doing cardio. Go have your men only gyms I don’t give a fuck, really, but don’t put bad information out there. The fact is women can AND SHOULD LIFT WEIGHTS. And sorry that you men can’t focus on your workouts because you can’t control your small dicks when women are in the gym lol

        1. Yes it is a great reason for men only gyms. Just like they had before woman demanded to be let into them. All while woman’s only gyms are still common.

        2. I agree with you that woman should lift. It works miracles on a woman’s physique. But damn it men’s only gyms are far better places for men who want to get a good work out. Give us our place just as you want your places.

        3. Cmon lady, knock it off- a lot of women love to distract men at the gym, its happened to me from time to time, gym is empty, yet she feels compelled to use the elliptical machine closest to me…

      1. I’m sure not as much as you and I’m ok with that because that’s not the point I’m trying to make here lol I bet I got ya beat on the leg press though lol You men always seem to forget to train those legs lol kidding!!

        1. Possibly- I dont do leg presses anymore(I assume this is what you are referring to)- bad for your lower back.
          225 on a dead lift though…

    3. “Everyone knows the most effective way to burn fat is by LIFTING and that goes for women as well you dumb f*ck.” Actually the most effective way to “burn fat” is to simply change your diet. Exercise, while important, IS NOT the key to weight loss.

      1. No, ya don’t say??? That’s not what we’re talking about here though now is it?? I’m well aware how important a clean diet is but thanks for the input lol

        1. Actually what I am saying is relevant, because I am pointing out that what you are saying: “Everyone knows the most effective way to burn fat is by LIFTING” Is completely irrelevant, because you shouldn’t bother to try to use a gym to loose weight in the first place.

        2. So what you’re saying is WOMEN should just forget about doing any kind of workouts and just focus on what they eat??? Lol So just forget about lifting weights and burning ANY kind of calories and just sit on our fat asses at home and cook your dinner?

        3. “So what you’re saying is WOMEN should just forget about doing any kind of workouts” If you are trying to “loose weight” pretty much, if you want to be healthy, then you should workout, but it doesn’t need to be at a gym anyways. What the FÜCK is the point of treadmill over running, or a stationary bike over a real one?!

        4. Lol you’re an idiot. First of all it’s “lose” not “loose” and in order to LOSE WEIGHT one must eat right AND also workout especially if one has A LOT OF weight to lose. And if you have a lot of weight to lose you will definitely want to LIFT WEIGHTS in order to help tighten everything up, fool.

        5. Lifting weights doesn’t “tighten everything up,” idiot.
          Fat is what’s dangling off your disgusting body. Lose the fat if you want to appear “tight.” Weight lifting is not required for this.

        6. Don’t respond to this troll. She’s probably one of those attention sluts who posts “inspirational” quotes on her Instagram while popping her ass (or lack of) out in the mirror. And then talks about “eating clean” followed by her “meal prep” pictures. Wannabe “badass go grrrl” ho
          Then posts pictures of her in the club with a dress on and says she “trains dirty” but cleans up nice. Go choke on a fat one. (Not you of course)

        7. And how do you think you lose the fat you fucking retard lol You lift weights and build muscle!!!! Hahahaha You don’t “appear” tight, it’s called you BUILD MUSCLE AND LOSE THE FAT my god!!!! And there’s my “disgusting body” you little fucking bitch lol

        8. There ya go- good job. Problem is, you come whizzing into the site with an attitude- most men on the site acknowledge the importance of women lifting a bit, w/o getting too bulky. Stay away from the weight machines for your abs and your obliques, dont want a midsection like a lunchbox

        9. Now go preach this to a bunch of fat women. Most the guys reading this already lift. So much in fact.. maybe 3-10x your max reps, that everything stated in this article becomes clearly truthful.

        10. well you created your excuse to post pics of yourself. nicely done. im gonna download that and photoshop you a tribute. cool?

        11. So……..underwhelming. Completely average in every way. Also tell tale signs of sucking in the gut.
          I give you a 5/10. Major pump and dump.

    4. Guys have known lifting is what drops fat for decades. Funny how long it’s taken women to finally catch up to the notion.

      1. Hmmmm I wonder if it has anything to do with MEN like the one who wrote this GARBAGE telling women to stay away from the weights and only do cardio!!! Which brings me to my original fucking point lol

  21. Possible way to make this change without running into the static that would come with trying to create a male only space is:
    1) Suggest that you are all for the rights of the transdoodles to use whichever locker room they want
    2) Suggest that all men, women, transdoodle and other are equal.
    3) Create one huge coed locker room in the name of equality complete with coed steam room, sauna, etc.
    I think the more annoying of them would jump ship. There would be a few left, but most likely a bunch of hardbodies you would run into in the steam room.
    Still have to deal with the transdoodles, but it isn’t any worse than dealing with the faggots with the homo accent playing grab ass.

  22. Fine as far as reasons go, now as to “how” to disincentivize women from joining the gym:
    Free weights only. Only machines will be cable stations.
    No pop music, all music must be loud and aggressive.
    No classes. Period.
    Those three changes would remove 95% of the women I see in the gym.

    1. Mix this idea with Roosh’s thought experiment on legalizing rape.
      Any girl who walks into a gym has already given consent.

  23. The best way to implement this is to go to prison and kindly open the gates for new members.

    1. I’ll wager that several of the gentlemen who frequent this site will be opening their gates for new members this very evening.

  24. I posted this a few weeks ago in another article regarding the gym:
    Cancel membership & Buy the necessary equipments for your gym at home (If you have the room for this).
    It eliminates most of the cons you mentioned and it saves money on long term.

  25. I’m sure a gym owner that didn’t allow women would eventually get in trouble with the law. But if one didn’t pander to them they would go elsewhere. Just have one changing room/locker room and one shower for both males and females. No equipment made for women. No cycling, step and running machines and the problem would mostly be solved. I’m sure 99% of women would go elsewhere and those that went there would probably look male anyway.

    1. You fix the problem by diving right thru to the other side — create a Gym and have a “Starship Troopers” style ‘unisex’ locker room/shower…telling the media how ‘progressive’ you are by allowing a single ‘gender space’ — I’m sure the guys won’t mind but I’m 100% sure the women will vanish. And best of all, you’ve attained your goal (all male gym) with no lawsuits!

    2. What you’re saying would get some cunt a lot of money from suing the guy. All that and the fact that women contribute to the gym budget far more than men do simply because they work out less and let their card be debited for months and rarely use any of the expensive machines. They don;t get their money from you and me who use it 6-7 times a week because we get our penny’s worth. I think lolknee said something along these lines.

      1. Look. Customers don’t get to choose how a business operates. If they don’t like it’s practices and it’s not illegal they can go someplace else. As for if it’s profitable compared to existing models is a different matter. But that is not what was expressed by the author.

  26. You are right about men only gyms. We used to have them, I spent years working out in them. Everything you say about what they “would” be like. That is exactly the way they were. They were far better in all but one way. And where I grew up the beach was a better place to observe the female form than the gym ever could be.

  27. I agree with this, but in my gym, the woman are all on one side walking on the treadmills and occasionally using a weight machine. Maybe one girl over by the free weights. So in practice, women aren’t an issue. Although just having them there does make them a distraction, plus I’m sure they are the reason shitty music is played. And just the fact that they are there makes it hard to make it a male only ie “safe” space. We need more of those. Correction. We need at least one! Damn!

    1. We used to work out to the sound of Led Zeppelin. The Immigrant Song is flat out inspiring, when you are working out.

    2. Shitty music is an issue for sure. All the dudes I see have earbuds and you can sometimes overhear the thrash metal, hard rap beats, deep techno to suppress one direction and Katty Perry.

      1. Yeah, there is a young twenty something chick in charge of “development” or something like that at my gym, and I know she is the one tuning the radio…

        1. Oh Lord, the radio! The worst is when they talk on radio and it’s some super unimportant shit and it totally fucks up your tempo. *Shudders*

  28. Question for more experienced weight lifters: Are weight machines totally pointless? I didn’t grow up working out, and am blessed with naturally thin / athletic shape. So I missed out learning how to work out the “right” way, although I did a weight training class in college and read a book about it. I was told the machines force your body to isolate certain muscles, and move in the correct form, but their weakness is they don’t work out your entire body.
    I have found I can only lift about half on freeweights than I can on a machine. Plus with freeweights, I can feel my abs, and entire body working when I do a bicep curl. Should I dump the machines completely?
    Maybe it’s time for a BASIC weight lifting article here.

    1. Machines have their place. I use a mix of machines and weights. I dont recommend machines for your legs however- stick to free weights. Leg extension for the quads is the best way to mess up your knee, followed closely by squats on a smith machine…

        1. Its frustrating, I had knee surgery years ago, and the dummy physical therapists had me doing leg extensions.
          also avoid:
          behind the head for your back and shoulders(only press/pull in front of your head)

    2. Check out a guy named Rippetoe. He has a book called ‘Starting Strength’ and posts fairly regularly over at PJmedia. Mark Rippetoe doesn’t like machines as he claims the restricted movement doesn’t build muscle like you get from free weights. He explains his point in details on numerous occasions.
      I think he does have a point. I started building serious (at least for me since my genetics makes me prone to be small) muscle after I started using free weights and doing other free movement muscle building exercises.

        1. Also look at the Swedish ball core exercises. My wife was the one who picked up the ball. I was skeptical at first, but when I gave it a try, it really did build up my lower core (lower gut) muscles. Turns out my crunches were missing that part of my body.
          Rippetoe also maintains a Youtube channel as well. There are some useful videos there. For equipment, check out Rogue Fitness. If found the quality and price of their equipment to be better than the local sporting good stores.

    3. Two main type of machines outside of the free weight category: plated loaded and pin operated. Both have their pros and cons. Remember it depends on the modality of your training regiment and program. Also the key is to diversify your training. Core lifts should always involve compound movements: squat, front squat, dead lift, bench press, overhead shoulder press, barbell row, leg press, etc. adding machines between to confuse and stimulate your muscles is always a good idea. Just know what you’re doing.

    1. A mix is nice; some days when it’s hot and sunny, I just say “Fuck it” re gym and do bodyweight exercises outside with 50-pound sand bags. But you can only that so much. Too much of anything becomes stale.

  29. The majority of gyms are full of gay men these days, laughing and joking around straight dudes, that along with grimacing women moaning like the willaims´ sisters, the smell of other peoples’ odours, and, the incesant pop music that repeats on a 15 minute loop, would drive a man insane.
    Work outs are as much about the mind as the body, so the gym doesn´t cut it for me, that´s why I hill walk, swim and cycle, besides I´m not interested in having my body looking like a body builder.

  30. I am calling for an outright ban of this shit. We are two months in 2016 and this shit is still allowed in gyms if not pretty much the standard for woman. Don’t you understand that this is what is holding our back? Our muscle hypertrophy? These girls wading around in the gym, scantly clad. They drink our testosterone whilst we are distracted by their voluptuous figures accentuated by this piece of clothing they call “yoga pants”.
    If they are yoga pants, go fucking do yoga in them with your other Starbucks Latte Machiato with White Sprinkles and Chocolate Dressing drinking feminist cardio bunnies. Don’t come in our gym, straddling around pretending you are working out yet only begging for stares and attention. They will say that they are for comfort but I don’t buy it. They don’t look comfortable at all and the fabric pushing on the veins cannot be well for blood circulation.
    Please contact your gym’s authorities and propose a ban on these “yoga pants”. Women should be modestly clothed so they do not distract the men working out. If they wish to wear yogo pants, point them to the nearest yoga facility in your neighborhood. You are being sexist? Organize with your fellow weight lifters to come in with cycling shorts and you will hear how loud the outrage is. You might even get suspended from your gym for wearing provocative clothing.

    1. I agree. Good percentage of female gym goers are attention (and actual) whores. Not worth our attention unless we deem it so.

    2. You know it’s not actually the women’s fault that your workouts ruined because you can’t control yourself. It’s yours.

  31. This is nice and all, but gyms really aren’t worth shit, they are a boring artificial construct in place of actual labor, we need to get back to working with our hands to make us strong as a byproduct, people in previous times weren’t thinking about going to the gym, life was gym, specially when most people in the gym are there for feminine reasons, to look pretty, not to actually be masculine (becoming an orderly person, most people in gyms only do the gym thing right and they are fuck ups for the rest of their day)

  32. The chick in the third photo looks like the type to complain to the staff that too many guys are ogling her.

    1. Why shouldn’t she? Is your self control so poor that you can’t stop ogling women? Why shouldn’t women be allowed to enjoy the gym without being treated as sex objects?

      1. “I walked in a Wal-Mart dressed in Wal-Mart employee attire and people keep asking me where they can find this or that and I don’t even work here! It’s so annoying!”
        That’s how ridiculous you sound. Don’t want to be treated like a sex object? Don’t dress like a sex object. A simple T-Shirt with loose polyester shorts (which do not restrain your flexibility at all, by the way) are perfectly fine workout clothes and there is no reason why women couldn’t wear that to workout. The only reason why they would wear pants so tight you can read her lips and a small sports bra is to get attention. If they insist on doing that, they should understand that every straight men will look at them (you can’t pray the straight away), even those whom she would label as “creepy”.

  33. If you have enough females in your gym for them to be a problem to your working out, you’re in the wrong gym, and you’re not gonna make it brah.

  34. Men’s only gyms actually already exist! They’re called “stay at home!”
    The men’s only gyms are great. You don’t have to share your sweaty equipment with anyone (can you IMAGINE the horror at actually having to RESPECT a woman who pays just as much as you do to go to a gym!). And you won’t be distracted by girls! Because everyone knows that co-ed societies suck. Actually, let’s just segregate society by gender so men don’t worry about their masculinity dropping because a girl can do more reps than they can.

    1. so agree. I work out at home and much better workouts. Run, lift – all of it. The Gym takes time and too much mental energy to deal with it and money. Its silly to go to a gym. If you want to be an animal it takes an animal work ethic.

      1. Just the prep time, traffic and travel, depending on how close the nearest decent gym is, is taxing and creates limitations.

    2. I’m looking forward to moving into my place after the renovation is done. Full unfinished basement, and I have about 300 square feet marked out for “gym.”

    3. And only women can have their own gyms, after all we cannot inconvenience the ladies heh…shut up faggot.

  35. I found this on Youtube a while back. Its about and old fat dying dude that got himself into shape. It features outdoor exercises that don’t require weights.

    1. Having slung weights fairly steadily for 8 years, and on/off for 8 yrs before that, now sporting some shot joints, I think people really underestimate how freaking big you can get just from body-weight exercises.

    2. There’s a guy who used to go to my gym who was 70yo, won his age group in multiple body building competitions who was built like this guy but with 25+ more lbs of muscle. I used to see him running when I was into running more than lifting,10 years ago, then he disappeared and transitioned to lifting. I can say with no exaggeration, when he took his shirt off he looked like he was 25. Tight skin and all. He had tree trunks for legs, and sub 10% body fat. Crazy shit.

      1. My Dad right now has a disease that is causing his muscles to waste away. I can’t recall the name for it, but it affects 7 out of 10 elderly men (my Dad is 86). Given that I got half my genes from him, I have become conscious about not letting my muscle mass fall away.
        Plus I don’t want to be the fat blob of a middle age guy at the beach. I think it is really sad to see men in their prime of life letting themselves turn into a version of Chris Farley.

      2. I attended a gym where there was this 70 + yr old man, former marine recon, and career brick layer/ mason (actual mason, not secret society elite). Guy was shredded, and could out perform most of the younger guys in the gym. Ran an average of 7-8 miles a day.

  36. Also, you can all do yourselves a favor and go check out Pauline Nordin aka FIGHTERDIET.COM and fuck off lol

    1. Okay.. how much steroid and male hormone doping was involved with those two girls? Every time I see a woman that ‘ripped’ I keep think of those poor women that got doped up from the East German Olympic team. PBS a while back had a show on them.. they were all physical messes from the long term damage the drugs did.

        1. Google East German Women Olympic team. One of the girls was put on male hormones in her teens. She eventually got a fake penis added since her brain got rewired to being a ‘male’.
          The program I watched was really, really sad.. the damage done to these women was horrific. However, the pic above is a woman who did it to herself voluntarily.
          Another case involved a tenant of mine. My tenant was a promoter, getting athletes endorsement deals, etc. Right when she was signing multi-million dollar contracts, her client got nailed for doping. Turns out those muscles and performance at the track were due to synthetic male hormones. The contracts dried up right after that…

        2. Yes. The one East German woman I remember watching re missed about how she suddenly had to shave and found herself attracted to other women. The doctors never told her what the drugs were that she was forced to take.

      1. Unfortunately, I think you are correct; its not the muscle, but the leanness that smacks of something not natural…

      2. Of course you would think that lol Pauline does not dope up, but if it makes you feel better to think that than ok lol

        1. I am not posting a pic of my wife.
          However I will say I like petites with some muscle tone to their bodies. The pic in #3 of the article above looks a bit like my wife’s body when I first married her.

        2. I’m tempted to blast your comments into the stratosphere. Used to be we didn’t allow women and gays to comment; it was less chaotic then.

        3. You know what, go right ahead lol Think I give a shit?? You guys just go ahead and keep hating on the women who like to lift weights. Doesn’t make one damn bit of difference to me cuz I’m gonna keep doing what I do, hatersssss lol and I’ll be damned if i would let some egotistical fuck rush me out of the squat rack and I don’t give a fuck if I’m only squatting 50 lbs, you’ll wait you’re goddamn turn or take your hating ass to a different gym lol

        4. I look like a man in need of improvement. Which is why I got serious about weight training a year or so ago. I physically went to hell after an accident: broken & dislocated shoulder complete with major nerve damage. It took four years for the nerves to heal enough for me even to raise my right arm to at least in line with my chest.
          About three years ago I awoke with a fire burning in my shoulder. Turns out the burning was the nerves re-connecting enough that I regained the use of my arm.. except the muscles had completely atrophied in the interim.

        5. Try to keep it civil. Opposing points of view increase the site’s activity, as long as they’re not horrifically insulting.

        6. wow, youre so tough. i bet you could kick all our asses. just like the G.O.A.T ronda rousey

        7. Nope, and I would never claim such a thing lol I would never try to beat a man’s ass, though there are times I wish I was a dude so I could do just that hahaha I’m just a girl who likes to lift and when I read this bullshit article it pissed me off, duh

        8. why do all women have a deficient sarcasm gland?
          also – its pretty clear to all of us here that you wish you were a dude. you didnt really need to mention it.

        9. Where does she indicate she wishes she was a man? She just seems to be rightfully pissed off about the comments on here, don’t see how that plus the fact she lifts makes her want to be a man?

        10. “there are times I wish I was a dude”
          also – dumb cunt annoying angry foul-mouthed slag, yelling at nothing, trying to sound tough over the internet = penis envy. its pretty fucking clear my friend.

      1. i get tired of explaining this to women. when they go on about “toning” you know 99% of them don’t have a fucking clue what they’re talking about.

  37. Another thing I noticed is, why is it girls say things like “lift heavy” when they’re only dead lifting 135 -185 Max and usually in bad form, or squatting under 165. I know it’s a relative strength thing but where do they get off saying they’re lifting “heavy”?

    1. Hey Spaghetti. . . GraDan is a woman trolling the discussion sections to argue with people. I’ve been flagging her. Just a note. We need to get these miscreants off the site.

  38. I stopped bringing music with me. I just focus on my breathing and form. Won’t lie though, it’s kinda nice when some of the guys bring a portable speaker.

    1. Portable headphones get in the way of my form, and my gym, it’s classic rock in the morning hours and EDM from noon to close (usually nearing midnight). I’d rather no music, to be honest.

  39. The sluttiness of the girls at the gym really bothers me. The girls dress SO slutty at my gym it is just so obvious that they want attention. But management goes so far out of its way to make sure that you understand that if you make a girl uncomfortable by staring at her or hitting on her, you can get kicked out of the gym. So you have a sea of buff dudes pretending that these hot women aren’t there and we are all supposed to act like these nubile women bending over in their yoga pants and doing squats and lunges while wearing lots of makeup and earrings are “just there to workout, so leave them alone.”

    1. At Equinox in the LA area they are in the tightest yoga pants/shorts, sports bras, and they are everywhere. It’s like they are in competition for the most attention & if a man even looks at them they give them a disgusted look or complain to the management. The female personal trainers are just as bad. How can we not look at that. We talk among ourselves how we’d like to line ’em up, bend ’em over & give ’em what they deserve…

    2. God forbid a man manages to control himself and not make women feel uncomfortable…..

      1. Why is it always on the guys to control themselves? Why shouldn’t the females exhibit some self-control by, I don’t know, maybe wearing a t-shirt that covers up at least part of their ass as they doing squats in tights? Women are clearly trying to turn heads when they wear neon yoga pants and a sports bra to the gym with full makeup on. I think that tights that show the exact shape of your ass (and sometimes even vagina, if they are tight enough) is way out the realm of decency. When a guy wears something indecent and a woman complains, the response is never “well, you shouldn’t have been looking anyways, pervert.”

  40. I disagree with this article. One thing I like in gyms is hot chicks. If they were gone, the training would be boring.

  41. Just a question- why don’t you think that women shouldn’t use weights? You can’t get a decent ass without some squats. Also, some fat is a good thing. Do you know what is made out of fat? Boobs!
    Men are not inherently better than women, and should not get to cut in line for equipment. You claim that a women’s worth is equal to her sexual attractiveness, and yet you would make her wait longer than others to work out. That seems pretty counterintuitive, to be honest.
    Don’t make fun of the overweight women at the gym. They know they look gross and they are actively working on it. Would you make fun of someone who was quitting smoking or beating a drug habit? I hope not.
    Women aren’t that distracting at the gym. The mystical wonder that is a sports bra smushes our assets into 12-year-old boy chests. We show up for the same reason as everyone else- to be less fat and gross. We’ll get sweaty and stinky and our hair will be a total disaster. Most of us don’t wear makeup to the gym. How desperate are you that a woman at her absolute worst will provide such a terrible distraction?

        1. He insulted my cooking skills, and assumed that I’ll cook for any rando who insults me. For the right (read: kind, respectful, loving, protective) man I will cook a wonderful dinner with a decadent chocolate cake for dessert, but anyone who calls me a “b**ch” will only receive food if it is poisoned.

        2. You’ve got to know what you’re walking into on a site like this; read the content before posting.

        3. I did read the content. I find this site fascinating because people who want nice girl must be nice guys, and yet this website teaches men how to manipulate women. Any woman who falls for the tricks posted on this blog will be a mess and not the sort of woman who should be raising children. Roosh thinks he understands women, but he really doesn’t.

        4. I don’t see anything as “manipulating,” just alternative ways (or in some cases maintain an old-fashioned way) to benefit yourself in an ever-changing social strata. Then again, I’m not a woman.

        5. I believe that all you need to do to get a wonderful wife is to be equally wonderful. The women who fall for PUA tricks might seem great in the short term, but in the long term they will be problematic.

        6. That used to be true. The agreement that a man should be a provider and protector and he will merit a beautiful, loyal, chaste bride has been broken by feminism. Men are still supposed to be the provider and protector, but women can whore around for their 20s and then think they can have the same man to have a family with. This site teaches that, since women don’t have to keep that bargain, neither do we. Roosh’s game theory teaches ordinary men how to get the results that naturally gifted men get from women who are going to be giving it out anyway due to feminism and liberation. This site is simply a location for a power group for a discriminated against minority, and anyone who disagrees is SEXIST………….damn, I couldn’t keep a straight face channeling the SJW there, lol.

        7. It depends what a woman decides is “equal”. Back in my younger days (20s), when sites like Match.com were just coming online, I noticed I didn’t meet the criteria of the women there. I wasn’t at least 6 feet tall making at least $150k per year.. or matched a conflicting laundry list of emotional / personality list of requirements.

        8. I remember seeing a similar profile on another site of a nice-looking half-Asian/half-white chick who had a list of at least 20 items/demands and then ended her profile with “You probably can’t handle me.” What a peach.

        9. What about the good girls who are sick of PUA’s who try to sexualize them? I have had one sexual relationship, and that was honestly an abusive relationship. I got out and I’ve been a good girl since. I can cook and clean and be a perfect little stepford wife, but Roosh is terrifying. He visited my area not that long ago for some sort of rally, and I locked myself away for days until I was sure that it was safe because he is horrible towards women. If everyone just ignored the women who cause trouble then they will go away

        10. Easy! If you want a woman who wants to have kids, you’d better be great with kids. If you want an intelligent woman, you should be intelligent, and if you want a sexy wife, you’d better be sexy as well.

        11. The other thing that got me was how many had political requirements. I worked with guys who dated and married women like that. They couldn’t speak freely at home. It was like being married to human resources.
          At the time (well.. like now) I was working in a field with no women around. Plus, I am not religious, so I wasn’t going to meet a woman at church. Club and bar scene was never my thing.
          The few women I did meet I found to be immature, unpleasant, and / or shocking unreliable.
          Now I see for the guys in their 20s now, things are much, much worse. You don’t just risk a bad date, but you risk getting put into legal hell by a girl who become like that Mattress Girl psycho.

        12. That mattress example really irked me, to put it mildly. But it could have been as bad as what happened at Duke ten years ago.

        13. Supposedly “good” girls don’t need PUAs to sexualise them: they do that entirely for themselves with great frequency because Western society and feminism encourages to be that way. Or are you seriously saying that every twentysomething woman out on a Friday night with a skirt halfway up her arse and a blouse that covers no more than her bra is dressing like that “for herself”? Or “for her friends?”

        14. She’s only been in one “relationship”. That doesn’t count the other 25 times she was giving it out in the club bathrooms.

        15. Those aren’t good girls. I study on Friday nights and I dress modestly. However, I have a large chest and it brings unwanted attention, even if I keep it covered.

        16. I don’t think that a girl is born a “good girl”. But you can make a girl, a good girl through your authority.

        17. Why should I? I have not insulted you or been rude to you, so I don’t see why you are treating me so poorly.

        18. You’re a liar. It’s always your ex who was “abusive” never you. Even if true it speaks more about your character than it does about him. Typical liar.

        19. Then you’ll see why your opinion doesn’t count.
          In passing, so what if you’ve got big tits and get “unwanted attention”? Talk about First World Fucking Problems! Honey, rest assured there are far more “good girls” eyeing you up with jealousy than guys looking at your chest.

        20. And “terrified of Roosh”? He’s just a guy who hooked up with a few drunk girls in a bar and then wrote about it. I’ve heard much, much, much worse things that both men and women have done together while drunk. If Roosh really made you stay in your room terrified, that’s pathetic.

        21. He forced his fingers into me as I told him to stop and tried to wrestle his hand away. We had only been kissing, it wasn’t like I had been removing my clothes or touching him inappropriately. I have nothing to gain from lying about this.

        22. Those aren’t good girls! Good grief. Unwanted attention is frustrating. I hate having to have a male escort to avoid being followed or catcalled. I wear sweaters in the summer to avoid trouble. I’ve been assaulted, and it’s not something to laugh at. Saying no and trying to fight someone off isn’t a laughing matter, especially when it is easy for a man to overpower me

        23. You seem like a madwoman. So neurotic and afraid of Roosh that you lock yourself in your room? Your boyfriend fingers you and you call it an abusive relationship? Are you still in high school? Why are you even posting here? You’re far too young.

        24. It’s the fact that he’s teaching men that it’s ok to disregard consent. The people who agree with what he teaches aren’t exactly the sort of people that I feel safe walking by at night

        25. I did not completely lock myself away, but I did just go from one place to another without meandering. It was abuse because he forced it on me. I fought back but he was stronger. I was clear from the beginning that I did not want to go that far. It was never unclear that I did not want it.

        26. Okay, I’m going to try be mature here and say well it seems that I don’t really want to have an argument with anyone. It seems that you have some particular hang ups about things. That’s fine, we all have our own problems and issues. God knows I’ve got mine and I’m not going to be unkind or nasty towards you anymore. I just hope that you find happiness. Men aren’t evil and you shouldn’t be afraid of them.

        27. Pretty much. I tend to be a bit of a prude because some lesbian bitch molested me as a kid. I tend to panic when people touch me. I was obviously terrified and on the verge of tears, so I don’t see why he wouldn’t stop. He knew that I had been nearly raped at one point, so he was aware that I do have issues with that.

        28. You need to let the guy you’re potentially going to date know that then. And be prepared to commit long term. Society is damaged everyone rates their worth on sex and sexuality these days. Though if you’re in a long term relationship, you shouldn’t be too much of a prude, else the guy will think that you don’t really find him attractive. It’s up to you.

        29. Roosh isn’t terrifying, and he doesn’t write to disregard consent in the way you are presenting it. The narrative says “Roosh says if she says no, then just rape her.” He actually says, a woman will say no many times before she says yes as part of her psychology, so the answer is to keep trying to seduce her. Notice how rape is not in there.

        30. Before I date someone, I do give them the full story as to why I am often uncomfortable with intimacy. I always give them the chance to leave if they find the idea of dating me unpleasant. I never try to lead them on or pull the wool over their eyes

        31. Yes, I have. You asked if that was the whole story, so I gave you a bit more background. I can touch someone else, but I can’t be touched. It makes me a very unselfish lover, if nothing else.

        32. The psychology of men, how men are treated these days is usually a woman initiates sexual contact with a man early in a relationship if she is interested in him.
          Women that do not initiate sexual contact with a man are usually not sexually interested in the man in question and do not find him attractive. They tend to friend zone a man, using him for social affirmation. It’s happened to most men that are not overly sexually aggressive and it’s quite hurtful and insulting. That’s one reason this site teaches men “game” or how to react and act around young women.

        33. When I say no, that’s the end of it. I have never changed my mind on it, and if someone keeps bothering me about it after I say no, I just get angry. It’s the same with my friends- we know our limits quite well

        34. You should work on that or see someone you trust. That isn’t normal. Not saying it’s really a terrible thing, but it’s not psychologically healthy.

        35. I guess I’m different from most of these women, then. I tend to want to start as friends with someone so I can get to know the sort of person they are. “Gaming” someone is just showing a fake version as yourself. I want to see someone at their highs and lows before I date them so that there are no surprises. I need them to see me at my best and worst so that they know what they are getting into. I don’t like casual flings

        36. It’s not really the fault of men or even of women. The sexual roles have been reversed so men behave like women and women like men. What you describe is called courtship which in this time is seen as something quite archaic.
          I am sure that most men would love to have what you describe. However since the 1960’s and the sexual emancipation of women, that kind of society doesn’t exist anymore with gender dichotomies. It’s not really men’s or women’s fault that this is occurring but simply the breakdown of culture.
          If you want to help and want society to not be this way, I suggest you get counseling for your past issues and then try meet a young man that is interested in what you are, a traditional relationship.

        37. I know. I have been seeing a shrink, and I do have a very close friend who reminds me that not all men will assault me.

        38. Hahaha! Who wants to waste time getting to know someone when they can find an easy lay? I’ll probably die surrounded by cats. Even if I find someone who wants that, they might be intimidated. I’ve won numerous academic awards related to my language-learning abilities. I don’t want to humblebrag, but men don’t like being the dumb one in the relationship.

        39. Honey, brains aren’t everything when it comes to the continuation of society and your nation. There’s plenty of very smart men here and other corners of the react-o-sphere. I know several of them myself.

        40. You give off quite a lot of cognitive dissonance, not sure if it’s intentional or not.
          On one hand you seem lonely, like you want a traditional relationship. On the other hand you disqualify yourself and say you’ll die surrounded by “cats?” because you’re too intelligent for any man. Trust me, there’s a lot of men out there who are smarter than you are.

        41. That’s true, but they can be hard to find. My dad was one of the top students in his state, so as a child my bedtime stories came from textbooks. I know they’re out there, but the ones I find are either taken, way out of my league, or I’m way out of their league.

        42. This is starting to become a little depressing. I suggest you try meetup.com or something to meet people in a group setting. I’m sure there’s plenty of academic type men who would love to meet a young woman looking for a relationship. Stop thinking of things in terms of hierarchy and start looking at people as people.

        43. The world is one great big business transaction, and we’re the product and the currency. I know my value- while I’m fairly pretty, loyal, a great cook, good with kids, and sweet, I am also damaged, 5 pounds heavier than I would like, I wake up at ungodly AM hours, and stubborn. By looking at yourself objectively, you can find the right sort of person to be with

        44. Yes it is, I seem to possess the female kryptonite, poverty and introversion. But that’s just life and I don’t really believe in fate but it seems that we’re guided along a certain fatal star.

        45. Everything in this world is ephemeral. Remember that. There are permanent things but they’re not on this plane of existence.

        46. It does seem that you’re flawed, you’re spoiled, a little arrogant not quite a headcase but leaning in that direction.
          On the positive side, you’re young, fairly intelligent(perhaps an understatement), non promiscuous like you said and would probably make a good mother.
          I think if you play your cards right you’ll be fine. You seem to have a gift for introspection which is more than 90% of the world’s population can claim. Don’t waste your youth though waiting too long for the perfect man. They don’t exist, everyone has faults and flaws.
          I’d better get going or else have to admit to liking this conversation.

        47. You hit the nail on the head- Daddy gave me everything I wanted but security. He drank, but he is fond of European vacations and randomly telling me to buy myself something nice

        48. Haha, fair enough though I will admit that I can’t really even relate to your situation. I was born in diametrically opposite circumstances.

        49. Fair enough. I was born below the poverty line, but by the time I entered first grade we had a four-bedroom house in an affluent neighborhood. It’s really just luck that separates us

        50. Isn’t that just the million dollar question? People want many things, but we don’t need them, and we don’t want the things that we need. I want to want the things that I need, I suppose

        51. But it’s true! I need to give up on some people, but I want to believe that there’s hope for them. I want certain people to care about me, but I need them to go away. I want to eat a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, but I need to get off my ass, run, and eat rabbit food. Therefore, I want to want the things that I need
          Had to fix a typo

        52. So ultimately what you’re saying is that you want to be wanted and appreciated for your mind? You need attention but a certain kind of attention that you can’t get physically? That you need to be loved but by a certain person in a certain kind of way?

        53. No, I want to want what I need. Right now it’s that person, but that could change. If I always wanted what I needed, life would be much more pleasant. I don’t want to do my calculus, but I need to do it.

        54. Probably because it’s public and we’re getting way off topic. And it’s getting into some interesting territory like you wrote.

        55. Who cares? Very few people will read this far down the thread. Besides, interesting territory is better than the usual insults that are on this page. Do you know how boring it is to be told to make a sandwich? You think that they’d mix it up and ask for a cake or something. Sandwiches aren’t that great

        56. I was actually thinking about that earlier, how food innovation is simply endless permutations of the same basic ingredients.

        57. It really is. And baking is just chemistry. Anyone can do it, really. All you do is follow a formula

        58. Do you become emotionally withdrawn? Like you need a rest from social activity frequently? Though when you’re around people you can enjoy their company?

        59. Not particularly. I need my sleep, but other than that I can spend all day with people. I love people

        60. Interesting, so you wouldn’t really describe yourself as introverted? You’re fairly socially functional?

        61. I would like to think so. I have a good number of friends, but I’m definitely the oddball. I make up for it by being nice to everyone, though

        62. Oh I see. So your bodytype is “endomorphic”. I’m quite ectomorphic myself, probably need to eat more. I guess bodybuilding is the right place. I just started really.

        63. I hope that it isn’t an obsession or something to read things like that. It’s probably not a good kind of feedback loop in your own consciousness.

        64. I’m not particularly fat, if that’s what you are implying. At 5’10 I weigh 150 pounds, which is in the healthy range. I just want to be slightly thinner

        65. I see, I’m 5’11 and weigh around 155. 30, been single for around 5 years now. Dark blonde hair, greenish hazel eyes.

        66. It’s not that bad. I find it endlessly amusing and it cheers me up. If I can’t laugh at people who are eating themselves to death, who can I laugh at?

        67. Mind you, where I live we tend to use the metric system so had to make the conversions by weight.

        68. So we have roughly the same build, although I get the feeling that you can eat more pizza than I can

        69. I’d like to think so, hahaha. Watching a girl eat a whole pizza is a disconcerting experience

        70. Alright! I understand the metric system, I just don’t use it as often. Unfortunately, it is quite late where I am, so I must bid you goodnight

        71. Oh, I could eat a whole pizza, but my waistline would protest so I don’t. I’ll eat one slice and a salad, while glaring at the rest of the pizza.

        72. That’s exactly the point. This is hookup culture. Let’s make an example here. Let’s say I’m a typical man out for a night of fun, and I had met you and we decided to go on a date soon. So we have a great time, and I’m not interested in any sort of relationship, so I go for the one night bang. I escalate and try to get you back to my place, or your place. There’s three outcomes.
          1. You initially say no, and I give up, and the date ends, no sex, and we never see each other again and you remember me as an ok guy.
          2. You initially say no, I don’t give up, you get angry, the date ends, no sex, and we never see each other again, and you remember me as a jerk.
          3. You initially say no, I don’t give up, you eventually give in, we have sex, and either keep it going as a FWB thing, or part ways the next morning and never see each other again, and you remember me as a good roll in the hay.
          The point is, since we’re probably never going to see each other again, why not be insistent if the worst thing that will happen is you’ll piss the girl off, whom you’ll never see again? You should never end the date in situation one, you should push it to situation 2 or 3, because both are satisfactory outcomes since you either get laid, or you don’t have to deal with an angry woman since you’ll never see her again.
          Note that there is no situation 4: She never says yes, yet you rape her. It’s illegal and immoral to rape someone, so says society, and so say we all here.

        73. Great reply mate – sorry to see it fell in deaf ears. Of course the phenomena of ‘token resistance’, ”no’ means maybe” and the ‘last minute slut defense’ are all part of the modern woman’s ‘shit test’ toolbox to find a dominant and assertive male to sleep with. It’s all fun and games for them, but it’s a power-play full of potential risk for the man.

        74. The thing is that women have been using tricks to get guys since the beginning of time. Sites like this teach men the tricks that are used against them to fight back. Thus evening the odds.
          Also being “Nice” never lands you the woman that you want. It only lets you become her foot stool til she finds the bad boy alpha she’s looking for.

        75. What tricks do we use? I’ve never really heard of any, so this is news to me. Personally, I never go for bad boys because they are not kind and considerate. If you want to be treated kindly, you must treat others just as kindly. It’s basic karma.

        76. Anyone who is that pushy tends to reek of desperation, which is the epitome of unattractive. Girls who become angry about men who won’t stop bothering them for sex will spread the word to their friends, and you will have a harder time getting laid after that.
          An end in situation one isn’t half as bad as you think it is. There is nothing wrong with going on multiple dates before sleeping with her. If anything, it just shows that you found someone who is going to be chaste and avoid cheating on you.

        77. I just read your disqus user name. I vaguely remember a girl who used to call herself “Princess Bubblegum” that used to come here. That wouldn’t happen to be you would it?
          As for the validity of your claims, to be honest I believe you are who you say you are. This is because high intelligence selects for extreme honesty and frankness. Gene expression if you will. But also the tautologies that your mind creates through logic does not allow deviations. I know this because I am the same way. It is unusual in a female but not unheard of. Also your posts lack grammatical and syntax errors another sign of an analytical mind. Your writing style is also emotive and slightly solipsist which indicates that you are female.

        78. No, that was not me. I’m not often called emotive. Indeed, I’m typically called a robot! After my dog died, I returned to school smiling and acting like nothing was wrong. It’s peculiar to be considered emotive, but not entirely unwelcome.

        79. We all have aspects of ourselves that are hidden and that we are unaware of. You’re hardly a robot.

        80. Put it this way, you definitely do not write like a man. But that’s refreshing, at least for me. Usually when women write things it is a congealed mass of shaming tactics, spelling errors and inane stories. You’re a statistical outlier but you’re also. . . more?

        81. Hmm, yeah perhaps we shouldn’t have messed up the comment section. Good luck to you, I hope you have a nice life. Didn’t realise you were so young. How embarrassing.

        82. Okay, are you comfortable talking with a 30 year old man? I look kind of neotenous though, I’d pass for 24.

        83. I have no problems with talking to a 30-year old, as long as we don’t get sexual 🙂
          I do have a reputation to keep squeaky-clean

        84. Mainly it’s the hypothesis that mankind evolved from different hominids, the theory is called Edenism. I’m not sure if I totally subscribe to it but it’s interesting enough and seems to gather many of the more eclectic members of the manosphere/neoreactionary community. Though you could really say that it is a community of it’s own.
          A lot of the theories are gleaned from a guy called Cleve Blakemore. He runs this blog http://www.vault-co.blogspot.com/ though he hasn’t been active lately.
          Just a theory really. Mainly I was interested in if peoples personalities correspond to what they look like. You mentioned you had large eyes so I wondered if you’d find it interesting.

        85. I’ll look into it! I have to admit, science isn’t my strong suit. I much prefer languages. It’s a bit stereotypically feminine, but so what? Stereotypes have to come from somewhere.

        86. That’s fine. I’m probably an all rounder and don’t really have a so called “strong suit” unless it’s cybernetics(systems theory). I like systems that explain systems however I often end up hopelessly lost like trying to solve an integral with infinite integers.

        87. Just English but I can pick up fragments of German, French and Latin. I would like to learn ancient Greek, Sanskrit and German to read philosophy in their originals. My mentor speaks and reads ancient Greek.

        88. English is my mother tongue, but I speak enough French to be able to get around Europe with ease and discuss a wide variety of topics, and a good bit of German. I can also understand religious Latin, as I grew up in a Catholic household.

        89. Well, I find Latin has an unusual sentence structure but it helps with French as they are both romance languages. I can’t really pronounce anything in French though.
          Both Quintus Curtius and Cui Pertinent here on can read/write Latin, the latter being a Catholic monk.

        90. I’m quite interested in the Vedas of India and the Upanishads which is why I use “Lord India” as a disqus handle.

        91. Fascinating. French pronunciation is rather annoying, I will admit. It’s really quite arbitrary.

        92. Do you recommend learning a language? I have thought about it but I travel very little so I am not sure if it would make sense except in a literary way.

        93. Well, I’m mostly interested in the Vedic culture as it’s the closest we have to a primordial Indo-European civilisation.
          The Vedas are very interesting in that they were written by sages called Rishis, these sages supposedly are awakened human beings. The Rishis saw the metaphysical truth of the Vedas and wrote commentaries on them which is what the Upanishads are. They’re almost scientific and very spiritually significant. Sanskrit is a primordial language that is sung, rather than spoken in mantras that aid in awakening.
          Also in stories such as the Mahabharata and the Ramayana they speak of a lost age of mankind, these ages are divided into cyclical periods of time called Yugas. The Ramayana even has references to technology that we can’t even replicate today, very strange and magical.

        94. I’ve read bits and pieces of those works. They’re interesting, but I’m a sucker for Shakespeare and Poe.

        95. Other communities of interest are the Neoreactionaries who are basically mostly Catholic theologians or technocrats. This side of the internet is kind of interesting, is there any reason that brought you here?

        96. I like Poe. Particularly Ligeia. I have also read the narrative of Gordon Arthur Pym. Poe’s worldview of a gigantic fatalistic whirlpool is incredible.

        97. Ligeia is my favourite though. The book puts you into almost an altered state. I remember a little of Shakespeare though I’m not an expert. I read MacBeth in school.

        98. Actually, there is. A lot of the men, but not all, on this site are angry towards women. I think harboring that sort of hatred towards half of the population is unhealthy, so I figured I’d try to reason with a few people on here, and on a few feminazi tumblrs

        99. Oh, I was just getting my nightly sweet beverage. When it’s cold out, I tend to need a cup of warm cider or cocoa in order to get ready to sleep. In the summer it’s a San Pellagrino or an artisan ginger beer because I’m a snobby weirdo

        100. I think that for the past 300 years, Western Civilisation has been in decline. What we’re seeing today is simply the accumulation of that. Both sexes have lost their natural roles and they also lack the means to communicate, like you said the other day their needs instead of their wants. I don’t think that many people are hedonistic by default, many are just lost and confused.
          I myself came to the same conclusion after speaking with a writer on this site, Mark Citadel. Recognising that women aren’t to blame for these things and that civilisation itself is sick has really helped me. I wish in some ways I could have the time back when I was angry but that’s part of personal growth and maturity. Along with realising that there are some things that are bigger than ourselves.

        101. I don’t think that’s necessarily true. While some things are deteriorating, we are also making huge strides in science and technology. I am not one of those psychos who believe that gender is a social construct, but the natural roles are a bit more flexible than many people on here seem to think. I am a huge fan of shooting and watching sports, and I’m sure that there are plenty of people on here who would call me a mannish freak for that. Some things are just fun and shouldn’t be limited to men or women. Although it’s easy, baking is a blast and I don’t want men to be embarrassed for enjoying it.

        102. I don’t think that anyone would really call you a “mannish freak” for those things. When I was talking about gender roles I was mainly speaking about
          the way that males and females relate to each other.
          It is obvious that gender isn’t necessarily a social construct. There are both physical and physiological differences between men and women, I would even argue metaphysical.
          Of course to the best of their natural abilities men and women should be generalists and autodidacts. But gender is most certainly not a social construct. It is okay to be a woman, just as it is okay to be a man. In a way you can’t compare them because we are talking about two separate entities. A man is not a failed woman and a woman is not a failed man.
          As for science and technology, I agree that it is progressing. Whether that is wholly a good thing is debatable.

        103. You have good taste in drinks. It is summer where I am in New Zealand, I like cider but mostly pear cider. I find that Apple cider gives me an upset stomach.

        104. Fair enough, I can agree with all of that. I just think that some of the people on here are every bit as extreme as the SJW’s of tumblr. Pardon my French, but people should just do whatever makes them happy and not be assholes to each other.

        105. Thank you! Have you ever had gluehwein? I rarely have anything alcoholic, but it’s absolutely scrumptious

        106. Warm red wine with some spices and a nice slice of orange. Sometimes people add liquor to it, I don’t. If the wine is to dry, you can stir in a tiny bit of sugar for maximum yummyness. Is that a word? If it isn’t, I’ll still use it

        107. Within reason. People have duties towards society. I subscribe very much towards what is called the Traditionalist school. But we can talk about that another time.
          You could say that the role of humanity is to actualise their potential. Therefore people have a duty to discover their essence or what makes them unique and use it to become the greatest of themselves they can be. Everything that has form is bound by limitation. People are only free when they within limitation. Limitation leads to form, leads to function.

        108. When I first started talking to you, I assumed you were around 22-23. I have thoroughly enjoyed talking with you, I fear though if we continue that I would become attached which is not a good idea by any stretch of the imagination. I haven’t been in a relationship for over 5 years and don’t socialise outside of work and my small group of mostly married friends.
          You seem to have a bright future ahead, I don’t believe that you will have trouble finding a suitable partner in the future.
          I need to focus on my own life as well, I am reclusive and not particularly good at business. I am 30 years old from last month and not too sure where to go from here. You shouldn’t waste time online talking to me.
          I love that you’re so interested in literature. I spend a lot of time studying esoteric and spiritual topics and after our conversation have decided to learn Latin
          I am sorry for the nasty words I used when I first met you. I have a lot of issues and really need to sort them in the world. Like Ethan Allen a commenter here wrote, there is always a chance at redemption for everyone. You’ve really helped me realise that not all women are callous and cruel and that the sexes need to come together to realise this. Of course there are more complex, deeper issues than that but simple human decency goes a long way. Best of luck.

        109. I wrote the last comment when I was extremely tired last night. I thought that maybe it would help me to put things into perspective but it didn’t work. I don’t really want to stop talking to you, but I do feel ashamed to say it.

        110. It’s Hi 🙂 again. Sorry for the delayed response! They blocked my other disqus. I do appreciate that comment greatly. I’ve never been to a club, for the record. I don’t feel the need to rub my ass on a random person’s crotch and/or get completely plastered

        111. Good girls aren’t born- we’re bred. It’s not male authority that makes us that way, it’s the example of other women in our life. If a woman is raised around other women who remind us that our value comes from our intellect and the kindness we possess, we are less likely to act in a scandalous manner for validation.

        112. What happened to the rest of our conversation? Sometimes I can see all of the comments, and other times they disappear.

        113. You were blocked? Maybe we should talk in a disqus room or something rather than on the site?

        114. Sure, but I also feel like it would be good to continue to post on here. So many of the people seem to see women as inherently inferior, despite the fact that most of us are just people. I won’t deny the existence of feminazis and total skanks because that would be like denying that the sun is hot. I got to know you, and you got to know me. I feel as though I could make a difference, no matter how small, in the way that women are perceived by the men on this site.

        115. That’s an interesting point. On a esoteric level, we often talk about the essence of a person and their personality. Essence is who a person is at a fundamental level, their personality is inherently developed. Both essence and personality are required for a human being to realise their true nature. That runs in parallel and gives birth to the soul or true self.

        116. Awesome! I followed you with my other disqus. Will it show up as an update, then?

        117. Okay, if you click on your disqus account you will see “Channels” near the top. Click on that and hopefully you’ll see my room.

      1. Exactly! It takes a lot for us ladies to get bulky. I was quite sick for a while and couldn’t work out, but I’m working on dropping the 15 pounds I gained while practically dying, and weights are my go-to. Squats with a kettlebell held to the chest are killer in the best of ways

    1. The issue being pointed out is that men need the weights more than women do, who should be doing “women” workouts. Men are desired to be muscular, women are desired to be trim, therefore their needs to fit society’s expectations are different.
      The second issue being pointed out is that this is, yet another, occupation of a “man’s area” by women, while there is a corresponding “women’s area” that men are not occupying. Equality is not having something for one group, but not having that something for another, no matter what historical justifications there may or may not be for it.

      1. Weights do wonderful things for a woman’s figure. We don’t get bulky very easily, so weights really just mean better rear ends

    2. “Men are not inherently better than women,”
      Sure we are. Go look up the Olympic records for weightlifting, 100 metre dash, and high jump and you’ll see the proof for yourself.

      1. We have different strengths. I am more flexible than any man I have ever met, and women do better than men in school. We are also less likely to borrow money from our parents 🙂

        1. No, as a sex you have inferior strengths — as the Olympic records for weightlifting testify.

        2. We’ve got a crazy one here. Best avoid. Read comment below about “abuse” and “consent”.

        3. Hahahaha! I’ll be the first to admit that women aren’t as physically strong as men, but we make up for it in other areas.

        4. She doesn’t seem to understand that man is superior in physical strength, but also reasoning/rational/logic, leadership, academic pursuits, creative intuition, and technological innovation. The evidence is history; ancient through contemporary.

        1. Please don’t call me that. I prefer to only have people with whom I am intimate use pet names for me.

        2. Every time you treat a woman like she is inferior, just remember that someone could treat you mother, sister, cousin, or someone else like that. How would you respond if someone called your mother “babe”? Not well, I’d imagine

        3. Not everyone is that much of a sensitive faggot to get offended at pet names on an internet forum. My female relatives aren’t one of them, and can handle themselves just fine. So no, I wouldn’t give 2 shits.

  42. ” who in all reality should be concentrating on cardio to lose that fat rather than a more masculine workout.”
    Do you even work out, bro?

    1. The point is: men’s fitness takes priority and precedence. Women should work out and look good, but for attracting a mate (us). But they shall do it on their own time while not being a whore about it either.

      1. Why should women work out to impress men? Are we not allowed to work out because we want to become fitter or healthier?
        And I’m not really sure why a woman’s a ‘whore’ for working out.
        Y’know, women are usually fairly nice if you have a conversation with them rather than treating them as second class citizens that are in your way.

  43. “3. It would stop the distractions”
    “4. It would increase brotherhood”
    Fuck yeah.
    Females use the gym to show off their tits and ass. The serious women who don’t want to show off go to womens only gyms. It’s that simple. Working out is something I prefer to do with either other men (no homo) or alone. Its one of the few times I get a break from the current bullshit of life, of which among said bullshit of life are hormonal driven beasts. I only care to be in their presence when I’m forced to interact with them, or I’m in the proper frame of mind for gaming.

  44. Gotta respectfully disagree about women doing cardio only. Women can lose weight faster with cardio than men but women that are not fat generally get more attractive with muscle tone. Men are supposed to have self discipline anyway. If we have to stay focused to have more beautiful women around it is worth it

  45. Except one small gym that was historically filled with brutal power lifters, which is slowly being overrun by “women who lift,” there are no more male-only gyms in my city. Sad, very sad. In fact, other than a 2-3 dozen traditional meat heads, most of the guys with brutal builds I’m discovering are lifting in home set-ups, occasionally with training buddies.

  46. every gym should be temple gym

    “you’re welcome to come down here, train hard, shout, drop the weights, spit on the floor – i don’t care”

  47. While the idea of men only gyms are being protested by feminists and thats bullshit; at this point its probably a lost cause to have a chain of men only gyms from a business perspective. With the exception of well renowned powerlifting and strongman gyms, I just don’t see the average joe or even somewhat jacked gymrat signing up. While I appreciate the ancient greek style of masculine competition in strength and athletic endeavours there just aren’t enough men who do, even the frequenters of ROK are somewhat split on the issue. There are a large proportion of men who go to the gym with their LTRs and that’s pretty much the only reason they’re there. I can agree with your ‘women should yield to men for heavy free weights’ but that’s even less likely to happen than a series of men only gyms becoming popular. If this is the kind of environment you want and can afford it I’d suggest decking out your garage with a fully eqipped power rack (pullup bar, dip handles), a bench, a bar, plates and a set of adjustable dumbbells, everything else in a gym is just noise anyway.

    1. What is considered “public accommodation” has become so broad (i.e. a Christian bakery forced to make wedding cakes for a homosexual wedding) that having a male only gym would require having a lot of cash set aside to pay the legal fees for the inevitable lawsuit.
      The term “public accommodation . . .” means any accommodation . . . which is open to, accepts or solicits the patronage of the general public, including but not limited to inns, taverns, roadhouses, hotels, motels, whether conducted for the entertainment of transient guests or for the accommodation of those seeking health, recreation or rest, or restaurants or eating houses, or any place where food is sold for consumption on the premises, buffets, saloons, barrooms or any store, park or enclosure where spirituous or malt liquors are sold, ice cream parlors, confectioneries, soda fountains and all stores where ice cream, ice and fruit preparations or their derivatives, or where beverages of any kind are retailed for consumption on the premises, . . . bathhouses, swimming pools, barber shops, beauty parlors, retail stores and establishments, . . . gymnasiums, shooting galleries, billiard and pool parlors, . . . but shall not include any accommodations which are in their nature distinctly private
      Women only gyms so far have survived legal challenges. However women are considered a ‘protected class’ under many state discrimination statutes.

  48. Those are all issues that are prevalent in commercial gyms that cater to a broad audience.
    That problem with the interruption during your squat routine, for instance, is similar to having to deal with some idiot who had the urge to do curls in the squat rack.
    The atmosphere is different in a more hardcore or powerlifting gym.

  49. only number 2 is valid. other people there tend to find excuses to not go to the gym after two weeks.
    distractions? those pussies motivated to lift to get pussy don’t stay long or get shit results
    I don’t think going to the gym is about competition in the gym. for me it’s about beating myself in the gym and straight up crushing others outside the gym.
    male bonding? anyone who needs a gym buddy finds reasons to not go. if you mean bond with other regulars at the gym then maybe. otherwise you go to the gym to lift, not socialize. go fishing, or join some bitch ass beer league for softball or hockey, fuck.

    1. I’m with you on this. In the gym I’m focused on what I am doing, then there’s little that distracts me. As for the women, I’ve never run into any that got anywhere NEAR a squat rack and most of the guys doing upper body only work (for the girls) ever went near it either.
      My only issue is when some cutie walks up and wants “advice” while batting her eyelashes as I don’t particularly enjoy being rude. I’m there to work out and get out. The only thing I tire of is the BS of having women TRY to distract me.

    2. absolutely agree. i go by myself & stopped bothering trying to help people who only like the idea of lifting but don’t have the motivation to put the work in for more than a few weeks.
      i started lifting to get pussy ( it worked ) but now i just do that shit for myself.

      1. lifting to get pussy [i]does[/i] work, but as i said: if you’re lifting to get pussy your probably not going to get results or pussy.
        as you said you do it for yourself. pretty much everything you ever do gets taxed, is regulated or you need to share credit or some BS. Lifting is the only thing where you get 100% of the benefits, and if some attractive woman plays her cards right and wants you to share the benefits with her then by all means she gets some benefits.

  50. go to an underground gym, bro.
    women don’t go near those. at least none i’ve been in.
    that said i’ve been lifting for a couple of years now and at different gyms, i don’t get distracted by women or socialising, i go to the gym to do what i pay my membership for — work out, not chat up birds.

  51. I see a slight error in your thinking on numbers 1 and 4. The testosterone, competitiveness, brotherhood and camaraderie have been for the most part bred out of the current generation in their early 30s and younger.
    A combination of the feminization of the school system, as well as the society in general, along with social media as well the incessant demand to put puzzy on a pedestal have killed it. I lift now and I lifted back in the hardcore 80s and early 90s as well and the difference in environments is like night and day.
    I think it will take more than sending the ladies elsewhere to change this.
    If you escaped the deluge of wussness and can do it to it with the iron I applaud you. You are one of the lucky ones. Whoever your mentors are/were, never pass up a chance to thank them.

  52. “The suggestion that a men-only club would promote misogyny (because that would be so terrible) and that men together would become secretive,”
    Similar to back in the day when blacks could’nt gather in groups of three or more. Men are the new niggers.

    1. similar to the coffee club. in the past the coffee clubs were men only clubs. Women hate men association, why?, well because other men can destroy the reality fantasy the woman made to the man, “ohh shit other men can see the lie and tell your man the true” That’s why. Have anyone tried to explain red pill truths to a blue pill beta man, it’s almost impossible that’s why it is a matrix reference, they can accept reality and will label you a sexist pig or whatever. When men are together, men help other men always. Women are cannibals with each other, And yes is like the new Niger, they fear the men escaping the plantation if they figure out the truth in that demonic only men club.

      1. ohhy es, women lie about the coffee, saying coffee cause impotency, they even protest to the king the issue. That’s the why of the prohibition era, men together in the bar, alcohol make men violent. it’s the same women hate men in groups without a female supervisor.

      2. Yeah, women have been oppressed for thousands of years but somehow thought they had to political influence to send a petition to the king the restrain the freedom of their husbands. If that’s oppression, sign me the fuck up!

  53. I have all I need to workout at my home so I don’t go to the gym but I remember in high school in PE, we had semesters during which we did only weight lifting and all the girls except maybe one or two were sitting around in little groups talking. Some who even gather around a machine while one of them was “using” it so they could pretend they were actually working out.
    I so agree with this article. We need male-only spaces goddammit! But it’s just scary how much the establishment is aware that when you allow men to be amongst themselves without women or betas to police their thoughts that dogmas tend to be challenged and the powers that be questioned. I don’t think feminism would have so much power today if all men got together at the gym twice a week and later at the tavern to boost their T and talk about women.

  54. I spit tea on my computer I laughed so hard after reading this ” From a personal point of view I also find the the women of high body fat distracting, not because I am checking them out, but rather because I am disgusted at having to watch them wobble around the gym.”

  55. I work out at home. That works the best. Minimal equipment and a pull up bar. And the best part of all, no distractions.

    1. Yeah, I work out at home too. It is easy to put the equipment away once you’ve used it and saves on gym travel time.

  56. I can concur women being a distraction in the gym. I’ve been a member of a local Anytime Fitness down the street from my apartment. It’s great that I can just walk there in 8mins. Being a member there for going on 3 years I’ve seen a lot of people come and go and gotten to see the type of women that that mentioned in this article. The Show Off.
    Working as a personal trainer at the gym for a few months was a girl about 19 years years of age. She is an active lifting and is pretty big for her size and height, even getting some sponsorships from a supplement company. She’s actually very cute and personable. I’ve enjoyed my conversations with her. However she is highly competitve and would do weight challenges against a lot of the guys there. What’s most distracting (aside from hearing her talk from across the gym) is her attire. It mainly consisted of a sports bra and tight booty shorts. It would get really annoying as she would parade around the place showing off. So much so that the owner of the gym did tell her to cover up once when there were a lot of people working out. She’s currently away at college.
    The one most guilty of this is a tattooed covered alternative model that is a regular. She would be a solid 8 if she didn’t have the tats, but still very attractive. During the summer months she wears the least amount of clothing possible and works out in front of the gym so everyone can see. The one thing though is that she never talks to anyone (I’ve only managed a few quick chats with her) and pretty much minds her own business.
    Aside from that I do noticed that I get a lot more work done when I’m there just with other guys my age and we can talk freely. However as soon as a girl comes in we all have to lower our voices and watch what we say. It can be annoying.

  57. I like the distraction of tight women. I need something to do when resting between sets and give me extra motivation on days I might want to stay home.

  58. I lifted a lot more several years ago because I worked until 11 at night and would hit the gym on the way home. Only a handful of people used the gym at that hour, and I could finish my sets without anybody getting in my way.
    Now that I’m on a 9-5 schedule, I have to compete with lazy ass bros, stupid skanks, weight hoarders, and queers for my equipment. There’s nothing more annoying than seeing a group of three guys standing around jerking each other off while hogging the bench press, squat rack, etc. I also can’t stand people who just sit on the equipment for 10 minutes between their reps. Since I can’t go late at night, my weight lifting has suffered because I have to either wait or alter my workouts midstream.
    The awful environments of gyms have now led me to use them for two main reasons: basketball and swimming. At my gym, the crappy music doesn’t play on the basketball court. The guys who play basketball are all cool, but very competitive, making each other work for every basket, rebound, etc.
    I also hike a lot more and play some football. I love lifting weights, but the morons crowding the lifting areas have made it more trouble than it’s worth.

  59. So women have their own gyms to protect their feelings, and they ban men from having their own gyms to protect their feelings.
    Welcome to Feminazi Britain.

    1. No, women have their own gyms because a lot of the time men make them feel uncomfortable in a mixed gym.
      Women don’t tend to make men feel uncomfortable or threatened in the same way, so what feelings do you want protected exactly?

      1. If a man’s mere presence in an environment makes women feel uncomfortable then women can seek alternative environments.
        Maybe men should be banned from leaving their own homes just in case their presence upsets a woman? Let’s get some special clothes with symbols on them too, just in case they escape!
        If you want a gym solely for women then you can have it. If you ban men from doing the same then you are sexually discriminating against men. This makes you a sexist and a bigot.
        Men have value in society. Society exists because of men and women, not in spite of men. Get over it.

        1. I didn’t say men had no value, you’re twisting what I said to suit your own argument. Women get uncomfortable in gyms because of men who stare at them, and judging from the comments on this site, that does happen. Women don’t tend to do that to men, at least not to the same degree.

        2. I have not suggested at any point that women only gyms should not exist.
          However, anyone who suggests that men cannot be afforded the same luxury is sexist and bigoted.
          Whether women ogle men at the gym is a moot point.
          I have a question for you. Why do you wish to see male only gyms banned?

        3. I never at any point said I did, you said that, so kindly stop twisting my argument be use you can’t provide one of your own. It’s not sexist and bigoted to want to go to a gym I feel comfortable in and not get stared at.
          Women tend not to stare at men in the same way and cause the se level of discomfort to men as they do to woman so male only gyms are unnecessary.
          I’ve stated this several times now so either you’re too hard of thinking to understand or your trying to twist my words to suit your own purposes.
          Can I ask what happened in your past to give you your current view on women? I find it fascinating from a psychological point of view.

        4. “No, women have their own gyms because a lot of the time men make them feel uncomfortable in a mixed gym.
          Women don’t tend to make men feel uncomfortable or threatened in the same way, so what feelings do you want protected exactly?”
          You misunderstood my original post. Perhaps you are too hard of thinking to identify operative nouns?
          From a psychological point of view you are a devious troll. I do not find you fascinating, but you are amusing. Your stock insult appears whenever you run out of rhetoric. Whatever made you so angry with men you should probably let go.

  60. Can we please have an article or two about home gyms? That seems to be the ultimate solution here.

    1. Here I’ll bullet point it now in order of investment
      1. The Poorman option – pure calisthenics – pushups, squats, pullups, dips (at the park). Buy a doorway pullup bar if the parks a nogo
      2. Minimal Space, some money – compliment the calisthenics with a bench and a set of adjustable dumbbells, presses, goblet squats, Single leg deadlifts, rows, tricep isolation/bicep isolation work
      3. Powerrack bar and plates – further compliment the previous entry with barbell exercises, using the safeties when you bench to avoid killing yourself while working out alone. Big 3 it with Bench, Barbell backsquats and deadlifts chucking in Overhead Press to keep your shoulders nice and mobile. Added advantage – good racks will have pullup bars and dip handles built in.
      4.Random additions for specialized training –
      Olympic squat shoes – great for doing ATG with good form
      Fatgripz – chuck these suckers on any bar to murder your forearms, you’ll be shocked how hard it is
      COC grippers – enhance your crushing grip cause why not
      ez curl bar – save your wrists when you’re pumping your guns
      hammerbar – curl a shit tonne of weight cause you’re a narcissistic bro – what are you doing in a home gym? no-one can see your guns here! (JK the hammerbar is actually quite an effective bicep strengthening tool)
      Trap bar – crappy lower back? want to combine squats and deadlifts? Want to shrug more weight than you ever thought was humanly possible? Trap bar
      Dip Belt – for weighted pullups and dips, 2 of the greatest exercises you can do
      Weight belt – squat and deadlift more than you could without it, don’t rely on it though, make sure you get volume in without it.
      Kettlebells – cause you’re a fucking wanker with more money than sense and think humping the air to send a russian cannonball with a handle swinging is a good idea (Not kidding, kettlebells are hyped for no damn reason.)
      Power bands – Can be used in concert with your bars to add variable resistance or on their own (awkward as hell)
      Can’t really think of anything else.

      1. Thanks buddy – that gave me some things to think about. I’ve got no room for a rack or barbell in my current accommodation, but a small bench, ironmaster dumbells and a pullup bar allows me to do some basic training. Free weights at home ftw!

  61. I’m a runner so rarely go to gyms but went to a gym recently to use a treadmill. They had a female only part of the gym but no male only section. Isn’t that kinda sexist? Well yes clearly but the right kind of sexism for these SJWs.

      1. Yeah. I’m such a bitch. Cos I run marathons and half marathons. I’m such a pussy.

        1. That’s a very dishonest image you’ve chosen there. You sir, are a cunt.

  62. I feel like the bodybuilding world is gay enough as it is already. Driving women out to make it a ‘safe space for men’ may make it an unsafe space for heterosexuals.

  63. Gyms are now just places to pull, I’ve seen women put make-up ON to work out and men style their hair before going in. Plenty of men will stick to mixed gyms so they can stare at women. There’s nothing wrong with an all male gym but if that’s what you really want you’ll have to deal with the reality of male gyms becoming pick up zones for gay men. You can’t ban gay people from joining because it’s illegal plus you can’t prove someone is gay either. So like it or lump it.

  64. Anyone been to Anytime Fitness? It’s like working out in a closet, for one. They cater specifically to women, of course. I die a little inside every time I have to wait for some slut that doesn’t even know what she’s doing on the equipment…like newborn calf learning how to walk. That’s cute. Now get the hell out of the squat rack. And they are so proud of their tanning beds. Can we get a sauna or steam room, you know, something that doesn’t give you cancer? Waste of gym space and they think everyone wants to listen to the shit “music” that is rotting the radio waves now.

    1. I’ve been a member of an Anytime Fitness in my neighborhood for going on 3 years. Have actually become good friends with the owner. I hear a lot about the company and what it takes running a small business. I would say the ratio of men to women there is 70/30 for the afternoons I’m there. It’s a bit on the smaller side, especially since a new Golds Gym opened down the street, but has steady clients.

  65. I’ve converted the second floor of my gym into a women only weight lifting area. The equipment is all painted light colors and there are mirrors on every wall. On the tour of the place I like to tell them that it’s a place they can come to exercise seriously without all the men gawking and making them uncomfortable…they love it. Essentially all the women meander like grazing cattle up there with a few serious broads using the squat rack. I see the benefits to men in general in a Men Only gym, but most owners aren’t about losing half of their revenue.

  66. Well it sounds kinda sexist the way you phrased the point about the squat rack (or was it leg press) It’d be much better to just point out that women use lower weights and that means men and women can’t switch off in sets. Combining genders means workouts take longer and are less convenient.

  67. I have so many gripes about the gym. First thing, the benches and equipment are not tables for your water bottle, smartphone and towel. I constantly have to move other peoples shit just to use the equipment. It’s so rude.
    Secondly, I’m all business when I’m in the gym. I only have 1-2 hours. I’m not there to chit chat with other men. But I’ve found that its the vast majority of women in the gym there are there to work out and its the men whom are all standing around talking. You have some guys in their “workout clothes” that arent even working out. Dude will do like 3 pull ups and then go talk another guy’s face off. Then he’ll do like 2 minutes on a bike and go talk another guy’s face off. And when he runs out of guys to talk to he leaves. And he’s probably in the elevator wondering why he still has man boobs. It pisses me off to no end. When a guy tries to chit chat me and I can tell he’s not asking about the equipment I dont even bother taking my earbuds out. I do realize however that women don’t talk at the gym because they all think any man that is talking to them is only trying to get in their pants. So they don’t even make eye contact at my gym. They don’t say a word until they get in the Yoga studio where its all women. Which, I guess I’m ok with since I’m just there to work out.
    I think men’s only and women’s only gyms would do really well. But in a mixed gym I have to disagree that a woman should jump off a machine just because a man wants to use it. It’s first come first serve. I can do other sets while keeping an eye on her. Women are pretty quick. They don’t spend much time on each machine. What does bother me though is when I’m sharing rotation on a bench with a woman and she’s only using it to elevate her legs or do dips. You know, exercises that bench isn’t meant for. So you end up waiting for her to do something she could be doing on a short bench or over in the corner with a yoga ball.

  68. Personally I like seeing hot girls at the gym. It reminds me of one of the reasons I’m there and motivates me to push harder and not look like a bitch.

  69. Sorry, but I’m going to have to disagree with this one. My gym is packed with hot chicks. When I’m in there, I’m inspired – I tend to hang out there for longer and lift heavier weights, as all the eye candy kicks my testosterone into overdrive. Also, knowing what will be there is a great motivator if I’m at home feeling lazy.

  70. My brothers where i go to do cross fit and jiu jitsu all i see is bitches wearing the tightest shorts that you can see their crotch these hoes love attention!

  71. The squat rack isnt female appropriate? Go do some cardio?
    Sir- lifting is the only way for a girl (or anyone else!) to get in really good shape.
    To clarify, I’m all for male-only gyms but I doubt your credibility if you think women should be cardio bunnies rather than girls who lift.

  72. This is pretty shallow reasoning.
    What you REALLY should be asking for are more male-only gyms–which, of course, would never fly in modern society.
    But I do agree that the modern “franchise gym” breeds an environment of hostility and stifles masculine behavior.
    Everyone walks around so quiet and displaced, it’s a far cry from a film like Pumping Iron.

  73. Studies also show that being around women can boost testosterone for obvious reasons. I actually left my old gym that was lacking women, and joined a new gym that had a greater selection of women.
    I work out to stay fit and attractive, so why wouldn’t I want women around to help motivate me? Being around bunch of guy’s never motivated me to work harder or stay longer at the gym. Most guys end up workout out their vocal chords more than their muscles when there’s too many guys around. 1 set…. then talk for 5 minutes etc. Or a group of 4 guys hogging a bench press for 40 minutes while they chat and shoot the shit.
    Besides, most guys spend their week working some shitty job. Why not spice things up a bit by having some attractive women around you during your week? You can also…. you know….. meet and fuck them! I don’t see much of a downside here..

      1. True that tends to happen sometimes, especially if you have been at the same spot for years like i was. That’s why i switched gyms about 2 months ago. Maybe try somewhere new…..
        I tend to avoid messing with many women at the gym, because then you will have to see them regularly, and it can be awkward once things are over.
        However, for the right one, i do tend to make an exception. My new gym is crawling with women, and i see fresh faces every time i go.

  74. Two dumb little cunts step to me immediately after completeing a 10 rep set of 205: “Excuse me, excuser me, excuse me…how many sets have you got left?” Mind you I’m just trying to regain my conciousness before I get to my last set of 8 reps at 225 (I’m a slender 185). “One” I respond. I wanted to smash that fucking cunt’s face in. I thought this article right after that and thought to share it, but being that I’m in the military, I’ll probably be punished harshly for sexism or misogynism.

    1. You wanted to smash a woman’s face in because she asked a question? Dear god, get some therapy man.

      1. What can I say? My T-levels were up pretty high immediately after the lift (squats). You’re telling me that you don’t get even the slightest bit pissed when someone steps up to you the very second you rack a heavy set of weight to ask you some bullshit about how many sets you got left? I always thought that there was some unspoken courtesy between men in the gym to “give a bro a second”before you do shit like that. You tell me

  75. Not that I am not in favor of this idea, but there are definitely a whole bunch of holes in your logic. Places like this wouldn’t necessarily manifest like you’d imagine that they would… Namely, they’d probably devolve into mating ground for homosexuals very quickly unless routinely and closely checked by management, for one.

  76. Man, where do I start with this one? Kenzie Atkins you have some seriously fucked up hang ups about women. Anyone reading this would honestly believe you hate women. To those who even remotely believe that gyms would be better if women didn’t get in the way do me a solid you read Good Looking Loser’s post about how recreational body builders live an intentionally lonely existence to placate their self-esteem shortcomings. Being an avid weight lifter for years and a definite role model for modern game his words are raw, and cut to the bone of truth.
    Your problem isn’t women filling up “your” private male-oriented space, it’s you viewing all women as a problem, burden and distraction that must be eliminated. It’s just women! Most of them are friendly when you talk to them. Do you talk to them or just brush pass them angrily?

  77. This post is what I think for years and now in this times mens are wake up to reality , i got more hope in the global MGTOW in the future and dont feel so alone thanks to internet , but , im living right now in Spain im move to the city of A coruña (galicia ) nice apartment , alone with my stuff and star my year of hard training soo im start to find my dream gym close to home , im use google maps app in teh phone and what a surprise almost all around me ” ONLY FOR WOMEN ” “pilates ” yoga ..personal training with machines and bla bla bla new stuff …damn i need a hardcore old school gym …the only big social club with machines and weights is close my home …but with alot of womens ….results …im start to study the hours …2 , 3 and 4pm is perfect because soo a little part of girls go and nice brootherhood …but 6 , 7 ,m 8 untill 10 pm is a model fashion show of girls walking around doing nothing …my recipe when i cant go in my afternoon sesions is headphones with hardcore music and i think my face say all to people to come close to me …im go to lift weights ..noi talks ..no bullshits ..no friendly —but if i see a broo need help or anyway im stay there like always …I found this page today and give me alot of motivation in my MGTOW life and the comment section is amazing ..keep working guys and never forrget the Warriors !! ( im native spanish my 1st languaje sorry for mistakes in writing )

  78. i get some of this and agree,and some i dont agree with… me personally? i have had my fair share of negative experience with bitchy women and pussy men ruining my workouts(dude complained to the female gym manager about me dropping the weights doing deadlifts,and a mob of bitchy women would ask me to leave the aerobic room where i was hitting a punching bag for my cardio.)
    however….women need to workout too. and that includes squats and rows and deadlifts as they are great for her posture and the squats give her a really nice ass. that said…maybe they should have female only gyms and male only gyms so men and women can have their own places and the ladies can lift without having to unload all the 45lb plates that the men put there and men wont have to wait for women to finish their light set and have to swap out the plates back and forth…
    another issue-pussies being offended and intimidated by strong men. it happens in virtually every gym besides a serious powerlifter-style gym or something of that nature. when i first started lifting and was skinny and weak,i approached the big guys and followed them around and learned from them and they taught me and encouraged me. they werent bullying me or treating me bad,so why should i have felt “threatened”. hell i was a young teenager then and some of the older men gave me sound advice on family life,career,money,etc… but most weak guys get angry at these strong men and claim the grunting and dropping the bars and whatnot is “scary” and “threatening”. not bothering anybody,and doing their own thing,but the sheer act of these men being strong is too much for these pussies to handle. think about planet fitness. openly mocks men for being strong. disgusting.
    these days i lift at home to avoid all the pussies and bitch women. i lift heavy,grunt,listen to loud music, and drop my bar if i want. i train BJJ twice a week at a gym. and sometimes i do some boxing at a gym too..

    1. Your anecdotal experience is similar to mine, but I never was really “skinny and weak”just not fully optimized yet. I don’t mean that in a braggadocious or conceited way, I was always just built to lift. But I always looked to those stronger, and more experienced than me to learn from. If I find myself being one of the strongest people in the gym, then I’m at the wrong gym.

  79. I wish there still were male only gyms. I have been going to Planet fitness with my son, (because it is 1/3 the price of the other gyms) Between the half naked hotties, gross fatties and idiots on their cell phones; let’s just say it is a horrible experience. I plan on outfitting my basement as soon as I can.

  80. When I was a kid my dad took me to the local YMCA where I learned olympic weightlifting from a big fat sweaty guy who could behind the neck press 315 for reps. The place was like a dungeon. God I miss it!

    1. One of the gyms on the base I am at is like that. If you cant bench 225 correctly or deadlift 315 you should probably go to the other fitness facility.

  81. Man, the Ancient Greeks did it that way. And the philosophy why left behind helped rebuild civilization later on.

    1. They also had massive gay orgies and sacrificed several hundred animals at festivals to appease the gods….would you be up for that?

      1. Nope. It’s the homosexuals who’ve promulgated the idea that the Greeks (and Romans) were gay. It’s propaganda that you’ve fed into. Sure, each city or tribe sacrificed an animal to their god at festivals, but not hundreds at a time; only one animal per represented peoples. The Ancient Greek word translated to “love” is difficult to translate because it doens’t mean the same things it means to moderns, and it’s popular in fag culture for them to say the greatest thinkers in history were gay because they “loved each other.” It’s totally propaganda, and the fags showing the weakness of their argument when accused of being perverted and decadent.

  82. I literally have to wear a hoodie and shut my eyes between sets in order to prevent glancing at a female’s body from breaking my attention at the gym. So yes, a male only gym would have its advantages.

  83. Definite thumbs up for this article. I have found the same to be true as a lifetime workout nut.

  84. This would be great! I am stationed at a remote duty station and it is primarily males here. When I first checked in I was shocked at how damn big some of these Maries were. I am not small by any means I was 225 at 6’5″. The gym is packed with nothing but men, training for a purpose and maybe one women there depending on the time of day. I have joined a bodybuilding team here and the gains keep coming. There really is something about competition that brings the best qualities out of men.

  85. Is this a joke? I just read the article “8 Things Women Can Do to Be More Attractive” and #2 was hit the gym. Now I’m reading this shit? The massive amount of contradiction on this site implies you literally do not want women to exist in an realistic definition of the word. The next logical implication is that all of your pathetic MRAs just wanna assfuck we each out (thinly veiled intentions, buds.)


  87. Such exist but they are Muslim-held. Maybe that’s a hint to revert to Islam. Which seems pointless given that most readers here are trashy beyond repair..

    1. Oh yes the religion that does all the things feminist claim western do to women yet is coddled. No I am good praying to my brand of flying spaghetti monster.

  88. Lots of problems getting this to work.
    You divide men and women gyms like bathrooms and guess what more money invested to women side. Women always need more room and things. Men just need a rack, women need 10 treadmills a yoga class area
    Attractive women can actually make your test levels spike. If you’re unable to shift from your business to looking at girls that’s a prob you have to fix.

  89. Your article sounds like an advert for male only gyms, not that all gyms should only be male only. Ill admit seeing guys working out in the gym gives me inspiration to work out better, not neccesarily because i fancy them, but because they are often doing form in the correct fashion. Women seem to mainly do cardio or stretching. Although, there has been a huge growth in weight lifting in ladies. I also prefer mixed sex exercise classes. The prescense of men make me work harder. I freely admit that the presence of men makes my life easier. Not sure what they get from being there. I have a good rack. But my ass aint nothing special. ego puffrd up by looks of admiration?
    Also, when i was single the gym is great to meet guys. I propose that gyms have three sections. A male only bit, a female bit and a mixed bit! Problem solved.

  90. gyms nowadays are catering towards the casuals, casuals are those people that apply for a membership, come once and never come again, the reason why gyms cater towards casuals is because they are the majority of the gym ongoing population this wonderful society has done it’s job to ensure us that you don’t have to develop physical strength to feel good about yourself so people only go to the gym when they are trying to impress someone or feel pressured or weak, once they get swelled up for that day you never see them again
    the casuals are where the bulk of the gym’s money comes from so they prefer to set the gym up in a non-intimidating way to get people to come so beta males and women wont feel threatened to pay up for a membership, just like all of businesses are heading, catering towards women seems to yield the most profit
    so expect to see only 1-2 racks and about 20 treadmills… this country…no the whole world is losing real gyms
    planet fitness the pinnacle of faggotry is the lead example of this

  91. “I am an amateur bodybuilder who is also a healthcare professional”
    And Kenzie, if your a pro in healthcare and especially a bodybuilder, you should definitely know this from number 2 on the list is bullshit
    “who in all reality should be concentrating on cardio to lose that fat rather than a more masculine workout.”
    Women might not need to be anywhere near male gyms, but they sure as hell should lift and otherwise do exercises that increase muscle mass. Everyone should. Telling women broscience and bs that lifting is “masculine”, they don’t need to lift heavy and remain weak, unhealthy and skinnyfat isn’t good or sound health advice.

  92. Hold on. In #2 you’re saying men should be allowed to tell a woman to step aside from a machine she’s currently using so that the man can use it? Why should she if it’s her choice how she wants to build her body? Plus she got to the machine first.

  93. This has to be the gayest thing I’ve ever read. Although on this site, not really all that surprising. Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay. Come out of the closet, it’s okay.

    1. Interesting that you say there’s nothing wrong with being gay and in the same breath use it as an insult. You should see someone about your repressed homophobia, dear.

  94. I’m an amateur boxer and used to train at an old spit and sawdust type gym which was populated mostly by males with the odd girl but this was no big deal. The gym was forced to close and the club relocated to a fitness type gym. You know the one – horrible techno music, girls doing aerobics, middle aged overweight women discussing how shitty their husbands were while walking on the treadmills, it was just far too distracting when training for a competition. Bring back old fashioned men’s gyms. Women should definitely work out, just not near me

  95. It’s never enough for you guys. You are disgusted by a fat women you see on the street, but when she attempts to do something about it and go to the gym, you’re still disgusted. At least she’s getting to do something about it

  96. There are already loads of men only gyms in the uk. Though tbf they usually end up as gay cruising sites.

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