Jezebel vs ROK: Internet Traffic Grudge Match

I’ve been looking over the internet analytics of feminist and manosphere web pages over the last year and the information is pretty surprising.  Take a look at the data and I think you’ll agree that the future looks bright for the manosphere.

1. Growth

If you look at the traffic increase in Jezebel over the last year, it’s respectable. Some months views are up and some months views are down.  Overall, it’s showing about a 66% annual growth.


Now, on the other hand if you look at ROKs—even if you throw out the first and last month as outliers—the growth in its viewership has been meteoric, around 3000%. Could this be being people are starting to respond to the manosphere’s message?


2. Demographics

So what kind of diversity does ROK and Jezebel have?  If you look at data, you won’t be surprised that there aren’t many men hanging out at Jezebel serving as beta orbiters to Lindy West. Somewhat surprising is that everyone reads Jezebel at school. Is it now required for a women’s studies major?


If you check out ROK’s sex ratio, it’s surprisingly close. Could it be that the message is starting to reach women, too?


3. Related Interests

I checked the “audience also likes” metric at Quantcast. ROK readers were pretty much what you’d expect. .


Now I want you to take a wild guess what the Jezzebeans hold nearest and dearest to their hearts.  Is it world hunger? Community Service?  Rape culture? Domestic violence?  No, no, no and no. Most of us already know that modern feminism is a giant shit test and its adherent don’t really care about the nonsense they spew.  Quantcast spills Jeze’s dirty little secrets…


So while Jezebel feminists whine about fat shaming and street harassment, they are deeply concerned with makeup, clothes, and horoscopes. The same people who want you to believe that women make 77 cents on the dollar also look to the stars to tell them of their future.

Here’s a horoscope for Jezebel readers: you will meet a charismatic man. Though you may not be initially attracted to him, he will ignore your tantrums,  put you in your place, and turn you on with his dominance, giving you the rough sex you desire. Then he will go home and log on to his favorite web site, Return Of Kings.

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186 thoughts on “Jezebel vs ROK: Internet Traffic Grudge Match”

  1. Been a part of the Manosphere for about a year, and I have to say that I’m glad we are now reaching so many people. Keep up the good work ROK writers/readers.

    1. what people? people who run a troll blog and hate dogs? one day i will become the zodiac killer again….

    2. Ahem! I’d bet my giant ROKreader eating hamster that a large majority of the increase in traffic to ROK can be attributed to an article Jezebel posted poking fun and laughing at it.
      Said post was imploring “the internets” to fight the temptation to react to any drivel posted to this dark dingy hotbed of inadequate misogynists; stop reading ROK for shits and giggles, blogging about how ridiculous and offensive the articles are, linking to the site etc.
      *Don’t feed the trolls”
      The author used Quantcast to illustrate the spikes in traffic ROK got after the viral outrage to one particularly venemous article.
      So not only was the very idea for this article stolen from Jezebel and about Jezebel. It looks like it’s a rather transparent and sad attempt to get them to rise to the bait, post a response and encourage more traffic to ROK.
      troll fail!

      1. Just like A&E made a show they thought would make fun of rednecks but turned into their top show because it broke the PC TV mode of–>>>Idiot white guy that cant walk and chew gum at the same time screws up, makes things worse, has to get advice from Affirmative Action Professor Doctor Rocket Surgeon. If you watched ADs and fictional TV(including censored info crime reports) you would think Ethiopia would be a technical superpower.

  2. Fashion and Cosmetics? Horoscopes?
    I guess you have to stop by Jezebel for your daily dose of man hating before you go blow your money on shit you hope will impress them.

    1. Humor,Fashion ,Cosmetics,Horoscopes.
      See the connection?
      These are telling signs that these women are searching for ways to feel good about themselves though superficial means and are desperate in seeking approval.
      Horoscopes tell you that your success and failures are not of your own doing but are some Cosmic conspiracy.My guess is that the ‘Humor’ they seek out is more of the ‘fails’ type,where in watching other people do stupid stuff makes one feel superior about oneself.
      Gentlemen,these women don’t hate Men per se,they hate themselves.
      Jezebel is Projection central.

      1. It’s an incontrovertible fact that they’re all a bunch of miserable moonbats.
        The sad thing is that the vast majority of them are six months and $100 away from feeling legitimately good about themselves.
        Step 1- walk out front door.
        Step 2- take the $100 to Footlocker and buy some running shoes, socks, and workout clothes.
        Step 3- return home, lace up shoes, put all your gear on.
        Step 4- walk out front door again and start fucking running.
        Step 5- grow your hair out while you’re doing this.
        Repeat step 4 for six months.
        Bingo, say hello to feeling good about yourself. The victim attitude would melt away and a new sense of accomplishment and true self worth would take the place of being a bitter world hating fatty.
        I have no advice about the shitty tattoos though. Pretty much fucked there.
        Who am I kidding though. Why be a better version of yourself, when you can just tell everyone else they’re the problem instead.

        1. no you wanted to hunt cats…i will not let you that! cats and dogs, dogs want to be your friend and it sad you hate them so much. it makes so irate i have to go all Hannibal on you…

        2. Excellent advice, AV8R. Consistent outdoor exercise is the easiest, cheapest, most effective method of combating funk, self-pity, and navel-gazing. These gals need to throw out their anti-depressants and get moving. Great advice.

      2. “My guess is that the ‘Humor’ they seek out is more of the ‘fails’ type,where in watching other people do stupid stuff makes one feel superior about oneself.” – Ferig Ogzide
        Is that not EXACTLY what you are doing here hating on women? im posting this not to call you out, well ya a little, but in hopes that you are really not seeing yourself the way you are and can do something about it.

        1. Hating women? Please point to where I have promoted hating women.Unless you consider being critical of current trends of feral behavior of women(and the encouragement from the media) to be the same as hating women altogether.
          If I tell you I am against waiters spitting in customer’s food,would you think I am hating on the food service industry?
          Or if I tell you I am against Doctors diddling patients who under general anesthesia ,would you think I am hating on all Medical professionals?
          If you would like to accuse me of being sexist or for considering Women unequal to Men,then I am proudly guilty of that.But so is Mother Nature.And it has nothing to do with hate either.

        2. Hating on women ? not ! we love certain KINDs of women, a lot..and we HATE a certain kind of women. True.
          But Western Women just hate men. Period.

      3. Just like when Feminists say “Rape is about Power” its classic projection. Rape is about reproduction. Feminism is about Power.

        1. “Rape is about reproduction” <oh well if you think so it must be true then.
          “The research on convicted rapists has found several important motivational factors in the sexual aggression of males. Those motivational factors repeatedly implicated are having anger at women and having the need to control or dominate them”
          ^ Lisak, D.; Roth, S. (1988). “Motivational factors in nonincarcerated sexually aggressive men”.J Pers Soc Psychol 55 (5): 795–802. doi:10.1037/0022-3514.55.5.795. PMID 3210146.

    2. Feminists need horoscopes because they need to know when astral/cosmic influences will be conducive enough to favor the fatties among them to get laid.
      Or when someone would put a ring on their fingers.
      So, in short, they need their “horrorscopes”. (Nothing more horrifying for men to see).

      1. Awesome ^^^^. One thing is more horrifying. A hippie lesbian liberal feminist single mother checking her horoscope. 😛

  3. While I would like to be optimistic about the sex ratio, it’s also possible it’s just because of the ‘shock value’ this site has for many feminists.

    1. agreed. i’d bet my left nut most women come here to read ‘what those mysoginistic assholes have said this time’, become outraged, then withdraw into their lair to bitch about how we’re assholes for demanding women not have fat folds.

    2. What’s ironic is every time an article, such as “reasons to date an anorexic girl” or “why short haired girls are damaged” gets posted, all of the feminists post links on facebook and rage about them, which then increases clicks and exposure for ROK. Truthfully that’s how I found out about this site in the first place.

        1. can’t you tell somebody that he is a faggot without being called a feminist?
          Did you call feminists the bullies who raped your ass at school?
          There is the possibility that someone couldn’t give a shit about this gay shit you like

    1. they can’t understand the shit that goes on /pol, the new /b
      They will never understand doge, best meme ever created. Superior humor skills are typical of an alpha male of 4chan in his basement

  4. The audience likes, while not at all surprising is particularly damning for the jezebel readership considering their whole deal. I would like to see one of them in a fit of mental acrobatics trying to blame society on the interests of the portly harridans on that stupid site. It would of course be a rare moment of exercise for them… so there’s that.

  5. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”
    A female by any other label is still a empty-headed bobble who’s concerned with womanly interests and pursuits, despite trying to change her leopard spots.

    1. wait are you saying you hate leopards? cats are great and leopards are wonderful leave them alone. preppy man.

      1. First off, he not did make any statement express or implied that he has an antipathy toward leopards.
        Secondly, you will be at some pains to convince the leopards to make that sort of relationship mutual.
        Indeed, the archaeological and historical record shows that hominids are a favourite leopard lunch meat.

    1. They believe in feminism, which doesn’t make any more sense, so it’s completely consistent.

        1. Feminism is not a superstition. It is a full on cult. I have superstitions like not walking under a ladder, not putting a hat on the bed, or not opening an umbrella inside. However, these things do not rule my life and determine my existance. In a cult the beliefs of the cult become your everything. That is why Feminism is a cult. And the beliefs of a cult need not have any root in reality: most of the time they don’t.

    2. The most vile feminist I have yet encountered is called Bidisha. She is such a ball of petty minded and childish hatred she is often unintentionally funny.
      Bidisha also believes in astrology and that she has magical powers.
      She uses her ‘powers’ to curse people because that’s the kind of person she is.
      Here are some links;

    1. why do you hate cats. you know cats are great you can hate women i do not care you cross the line with cats, van zan…

  6. For me Jezzebel is an amazing website for bitch filtration – if she likes Jizzabel or Femifisting, she is probably a cunt who is really is not worth more than a fuck or two. If she hates those websites, she is much less likely to be a cunt.

      1. This is true. Feminists are incapable of love or sacrifice, so it makes no sense to give them either.

      2. There should be no such choice. If the woman gives the feminist signals you should dump her immediately. I am talking stand up and leave on the second. If you feel kind let her know why you are leaving. And most importantly, cut her completely and permanently out of your life.

    1. Yes, this is a case where you “win” by having less traffic. No red-pill ingester would want to be anything like the “average” American, let alone sort of PoS who reads Jezebel.
      “Freedom is a road seldom traveled by the multitude.”

  7. Jezebel Email and Comments Gang Bang! Beat them with flattery and ironic irony. A feedback fest for every internet inclined man. Quantity lads, quantity. The line I am thinking:
    “Dissecting bullshit does not change the fact you are putting your fingers into SHIT.” Mid week trashies. Let’s be funny they think.
    “How many times must you point out a feminine insecurity before it becomes marketing and dependence rather than AWARENESS.” The under tow of readers and numbers.
    “The It’s in the news and you can talk to people about how my woman’s studies suddenly makes sense article.” The vast majority of the species. the redheaded step child of because they watch demographics and act accordingly.
    Jesus, that’s a bit feminine in itself. Someone figure out something.
    We could always White Knight them into submission?

    1. that must be about the feminine imperative around the repressed ego investment on the alpha buddha, Corey Worthington. One can’t help but define alpha and the 20s rockstar living his life to the fullest and pump-and-dumping on the alpha cock carousel because he just “gets it”. Umm, sorry? Defining the afc on sosuave on the years during I married my radiologist and my daughter helps me understanding amused mastery.

    1. yet you surf websites and look for brainwashing advice, because you can’t get chicks. Typical female behavior.
      It’s true, so shut the fuck up

      1. How did you graduate from high school?
        * You rage at feminists for “surfing websites and looking for brainwashing advice”
        * Then scream at a guy who expresses concern about feminists
        Just trolling here, Jeze-belly reader?

    2. Of course Jezebel does. That is the goal of all female existence; a strong emotional spike, positive or negative makes no difference. Women know this, and capitalize on it. Men keep thinking that they can discuss things logically and rationally with women. Women never make this mistake.

  8. During the “5 Reasons to Date a Girl With an Eating Disorder” stage ROK once got 500,000 unique visitors in one day. How is that not shown on the graph. According to the sponsorship page ROK gets about 600,000 uniques per month now.

  9. The first time I ever saw this site I knew I would come here daily. Every man I have shown this site comes at least weekly, most daily. I am surprised that it took this long to take off, it is really good shit. I hope it keeps growing lord knows men need sites like this.

    1. The first time I ever saw this site was because Jezebel posted an article laughing at it, the twisted pseudo logic within and the sad sad sad men that posted to it. Every woman and man I show this site to agrees it’s hilarious and I honestly couldn’t tell you how often they come here because I’m not mental and I haven’t distributed some sort of survey.

  10. Been with RoK since November oddly enough thanks to Jezebel hating on RoK. Keep up the good articles (Self help ones and “End Game”)

    1. i can give you a run down of all the articles we hate women, betas, animals, and kids. let us kill them the end. that is all of the articles…

  11. Related interests: Horoscopes.
    This is so true. This is my job – although the state never acknowledges this type of job and we are almost unknown in the society but I’m actually a fortune teller – yes the one who reads tarot cards and all. and guess what, 80% of my customers are women – really hot, high status women (wives of politicians, businessmen) and they all listen to me as if I’m a higher being. And I LOVE IT. Horoscopes is the game changer, use it you can close with any TYPE of woman. That being all said, I am from a third world country, and I can close with foreign women using this tactic. And I’m making tons of money.

    1. Please write a guest column for us about horoscopes and women and send it in. I think your insights would be informative and enlightening. Not just for the ‘get chicks’ part but the larger issues.

      1. If I could find some time, I would surely do. I do not even know where to start on this one. But here’s one thing that I firmly believe in now – monogamy is failing terribly. It is not working anymore, it is making both men and women miserable. The polygamous societies are having a lot more glorious relationships than we do.

    2. I made an observation a few years ago that in NYC, you will find a Fortune Tellers Neon Sign in practically ANY neighborhood, from Harlem, to Park Avenue, to the Upper East Side, to Flushing, Madison Ave, the Hamptons in Long Island, the West Village and Lower East Side. They are paying rent in office towers and brownstones, suburban corporate parks and shopping malls across from lawyers and dentists office! HOW? EVERY woman, from every ethnic group, religion, culture, and race (jew, muslim, born-again christian, hindu) sees a fortune teller at least once a year and plunks down $65 bucks or more for the privilege. College professors, Phd candidates, judges, psychiatrists, cops, rabbis, they ALL do it. I honestly think, coming second to prostitution, Fortune Telling is one of the oldest professions in our human existence.

      1. They’re also the perfect business to launder money, consider that angle in a high rent market. Cash business, lots of losses to show on the books…good front. I am in no way endorsing money laundry or any other financial crimes.

      2. They’re also the perfect business to launder money, consider that angle in a high rent market. Cash business, lots of losses to show on the books…good front. I am in no way endorsing money laundry or any other financial crimes.

    3. My grandmother taught me palm reading basics when I was very young. I have had huge success getting women with palm reading. It is total bulls**t but they eat it up.

    4. Yes I’m sure the insights of a tarot card reader who claims he can close with any type of women in a third world country would be most informative. Objective, fact based and not at all made up from something your dreamt once.

  12. Devil’s advocate.
    1. Jizzabel is ten times the size of this site.
    2. They’re going to rejoice that so many readers are “no college”. Seriously, they spit on anyone who’s lower than them, socially.
    3. Browsing location: school. Because they’re better.
    4. The graph only goes to November, and it’s 3 months later now. What happened to that meteoric rise? Flatlined? Or fell?
    I want us to do well, but come on. If I can shoot holes in these stats this easy than you better bet they’ll use this to laugh us away.

    1. we should get a wider and more diverse audience as the manosphere grows. this is the infancy stage right now and Jezebal has picked with an average of 1 million. They been around for a long time. It wont be safe to read ROK in public,if I do I read it on my phone.
      Just keep sending virale articles and perhaps translate the work to other languages could help.

    2. The “no college” bit can’t be avoided, since there is a link between college education and being an indoctrinated feminist.
      I agree with you on many points though, my biggest concern is that even RoK is cool, it’s not “the manosphere” and the meteoric rise might also be due to its successful trolling efforts.

      1. I checked a bunch of sites, Feminist and Manosphere, but for brevity didn’t post everything. Similar growth across the board. I feel a French Revolution coming on. Volunteers to man the guillotine?

        1. Feral,
          I see the main issue with men is that they are very stupid and ignorant and they are incredibly arrogant about their stupidity and ignorance….this being the case they do not read much.
          Indeed? The response from men to the remedy I created in 2009 and response to asking men to at least buy a copy of my book to help me out for risking my life for their benefit has been so bad that my next book is aimed directly at women.
          Why? Ad revenue. Pure and simple.
          And I expect that women will also actually pay me for my advice directly whereas men refuse to.
          Example? I offered a service to name and shame criminal women on CAF for EUR50. Not even one man bought it. Not ONE of the TENS OF MILLIONS of men who have been worked over in divorce will pay for a listing to name and shame a criminal woman where google will find it.
          Now…how do you think I will go when I start the service for women to name and shame men? Hmmm?

        2. You sound frustrated and angry because a business didn’t work out as well as you had hoped. If you didn’t understand your former target market as well as you thought why would you believe you will understand your next target market? Will you call them stupid and arrogant as well if they don’t buy? Its your job as a businessman to understand them, not vice-versa.

        3. Hi Feral,
          “You sound frustrated and angry because a business didn’t work out as well as you had hoped.”
          You misunderstand me then. No. I am not frustrated and angry. I am disgusted in the cowardice of men in the west and their refusal to defend the children of their land.
          That is very different to “frustrated and angry”. I have known western men are pathetic, disgusting, disgraceful cowards in the 99.7%+ majority since the summer of 2010.
          Now..most men do not like being called disgusting, disgraceful cowards so I am not very “popular”. You will note that even over a 4 year period these men who do not like being called disgusting, disgraceful, cowards have not actually decided that they are going to show me their “bravery”.
          I have also denounced western men as incredibly stupid, ignorant and arrogant about their stupidity and arrogance in the 99.7%+ majority as well.
          Similarly, they do not like being called incredibly stupid, ignorant and arrogant about their stupidity and arrogance but they have not seen fit to actually educate themselves from my freely available material to fill their knowledge gaps.
          So I am no longer interested in helping “the masses” of men in the west. Really. The best thing for them is to be killed off and to leave the world to the 0.3%- or so who are decent honest men of honour and integrity.
          Many other like me have come to the same conclusion. Men in the west really are the “stupid dumb animals” and “useless eaters” the Illuminati calls them. We would all be better off if they were killed off and used as fertiliser for our rose gardens.
          Now…if any man takes exception to what I say? And many do, they are welcome to step up to my level and defend the children of their land as I have done these last 6 years. If they are not willing to step up to my level? Why would I care about them. I sincerely hope and pray that any man who will not defend the children of his land is killed off in the coming war. Why would I wish otherwise?
          Of what worth is a man who will not defend defenceless children? Why should he live? For what purpose?

        4. “If you didn’t understand your former target market as well as you thought why would you believe you will understand your next target market? Will you call them stupid and arrogant as well if they don’t buy? Its your job as a businessman to understand them, not vice-versa.”
          Oh..I understand western men very, very well.
          They are disgusting, gutless, cowards who are stupid and ignorant and arrogant about their stupidity and ignorance. 99.7%+ of them. They deserve what is happening to them. The world is in perfect. And these men are the cause of their own problems.
          I made efforts to break through their stupidity and ignorance and arrogance for THEIR benefit. They chose to remain stupid, ignorant and arrogant about their stupidity and ignorance. So I sincerely believe they should be killed off in the coming wars. They are too stupid to make a contribution to their world or to their fellow men. They are greedy and selfish in the extreme.
          Instead I am now simply selling products and services that are very necessary and great value to those 0.3% who are not totally mentally retarded. I will also promote products to women since they are easier to sell to.
          We have also created the Mens Right Intelligent Business Agency that provides valuable products and services to men who are in business. The rest of these “useless eaters” who are too stupid to know what is good for them? I will be very happy to see them dead in wars, pestilence and famine which is what is coming.

        5. Usual drivel from Nolan … first an off topic rant, then straight to spruiking one of his dodgy “products and services” … and then a secondary rant about how 99.7% of men are stupid dumb animals because they don’t give him money …

        6. Watch, Nolan can arrange to have your family members kidnapped and tortured! LOL! What a deluded softcock!

        7. @Michael Toal,
          We all know the tag line “this is what a feminist looks like”.
          This is what an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in divorce looks like. And I am going to keep posting her name, Jennifer Toal, her fathers phone and email, Bill Toal +61 2 69 25 40 41, [email protected], his address is in CAF…..until such time as Jennifer and the criminals in the Toal family are brought to justice.

        8. It has been my belief that it is the duty of the older, wiser, and educated to teach, lead, and protect the “ignorant”: the metaphorical children. Do you want to *be* a prophet or *make* a profit? Approaching this from the angle of what you can give rather than what you can receive will bring you the dividends you seek. Pax.

        9. I have already published everything young men need to know with respect to what I can teach them. Older men too for that matter.
          They wish to remain stupid and ignorant and they are quite arrogant about their stupidity and ignorance and very committed to their stupidity and ignorance.
          “It has been my belief that it is the duty of the older, wiser, and educated to teach, lead, and protect the “ignorant”:”
          That might be your belief. However there is no point casting pearls before swine. 99.7%+ of men in the west do not wish to be educated. So they can remain in their state of ignorance. When I can put this information in front of more than 100,000 men and for them to reject it in the 99.7% majority? They are welcome to their ignorance.
          As a result? After putting in USD500,000 of my own money and 4,000 hours of unpaid time and risking my life to educate these ignorant morons I am returning to doing things on a commercial basis because those 100,000+ men do not appreciate that sort of contribution.
          If men want more of my time? They can damn well pay for it. They are too cheap to even pay CHF10 for a 146 page book that documents in it everything they NEED to know.
          When men buy this book in their thousands? When I have recouped some of the USD500,000 I invested in HELPING THEM HELP THEMSELVES? Then, and only maybe then, might I consider making more effort without the profit motive.
          But men in the west have behaved absolutely disgracefully towards me and my colleagues and they have absolutely no right to expect ANYONE to lift a finger for them without payment. Many have risked their lived without payment and you men SHIT ON THEM.
          By the way? This is only a phenomenon among WESTERN anglo men. In Germany I am treated well by german men. I am also working with Mens Rights Fiji very effectively and we have a proposal that we are developing for legislative change in Fiji. We have many thousands of men behind the proposal.
          It is only WESTERN ANGLO MEN who treated me like shit….just as it is only WESTERN ANGLO WOMEN who treated me like shit. You men would do well to discuss the correlation.
          A western anglo man wants something from me? He can pay a fair price or go to hell where he belongs. Period. Only the ones who have helped me are excepted.

        10. If you have done all you can, that is all you can do. When you are needed, people will find you. The phrase “when the student is ready, the teacher appears” is kind of a misunderstood saying. Its not as if the teacher wasn’t there all along; he/she was just there waiting till the student understood what they’d been trying to say. If only we could keep people from making mistakes without them having to experience them on their own! That is the curse of the parent 🙂

        11. Yep…I have given men what they were crying out for 4 years ago…they ignore me in the 99.7% majority…and they do not like me pointing out that they were gifted what they still cry out for today.
          For example? I was ordered to pay child support in 2007, November. I never paid one cent.
          How many men “complain” about having to pay child support? MILLIONS. We developed a relatively simple and easy way not to pay….but men will not use it. And then they go broke and fall in to poverty over alimony and child support and they kill themselves in hopelessness and despair, right?
          All completely un-necessary.
          I was just talking in an IM for a bunch of loser gutless MRAs….some of the losers decided to tell lies about me so I gave them a bit of stick. I told the mods that MRAs were losers because they tolerate among their ranks criminal slanderers, liars, hypocrites and men who totally lack any honour….I told them that those who tolerate such men among them are no better than those men themselves.
          So who did they kick out of the IM? Me…not the liars and slanderers and losers.
          MRAs and fathers rights activists are stupid dumb animals and useless eaters just like the Illuminati describe them in the 99.7%+ majority. They protest and petition a bunch of satanic scumbag criminals somehow deluding themselves into believing this will somehow solve their problems.
          Talk about losers….So I am back to doing things on a commercial basis…I spent USD500,000 and 4,000 unpaid to help those men….they won’t even read a book. They deserve everything that is happening to them…every single last thing.

    3. 1.So what?ROK is trending upwards.Even If this site improves the life of just one new man a day that is far better than having made zero change at all (which is what Jez does ,since it promotes the same man-hating,anti-family,anti-femininity,Govenment worshiping culturla marxist garbage of the last century).
      2.’No college’ = no student loan debt+no brainwashing with cultural marxism+4 years of life not wasted (specifically for liberal art degrees)
      3.Follows from 2.
      4.Perhaps it did.But I doubt it has dipped below the average trend line.

    4. Dude you are a fucking little white knight troll.
      For one, this was just a little side-blog of Rooshes from the get go. Not some big fancy big-business corporate fucktard america internet website like Jezesmell.
      Its just really started taking off in the last 6-8 months. How long has that putrid womens website been around?
      Go lick some female boot.

  13. So posts like this, obsessing over numbers, are how you try to knock down a site almost 10x the size of RoK? If you really think they’re full of shit, ignore them and keep putting out work that’s better than this media nerdbot traffic crap.

    1. Well the first rule of journalism is to shoot upward, but don’t shoot too high, and to not waste time on the people below you.
      Who has RoK been shooting at: popular mommy bloggers, low level twenty something producers at ABC, Lindy West…. Going after Jezabel. Sounds about right. The website isn’t big enough to get mileage going after, say, Hilary Clinton,

  14. I may sound very beta on this but it is quite easy to explain why women love horoscopes. It is to make her feel safe. A female’s first priority is security and she could not provide this for herself, she needs a male to do this for her (just like in almost every mammalian species a female needs to find a male who has secured a territory). So speaking of horoscopes, what better way there is to feel secure than knowing about your future? – females just need the feeling, it doesn’t have to be true. Since men avoid providing comforting feelings to women, women need to outsource thus comes forth the horoscope business.

  15. Out of curiosity I went to, I clicked on the article that was called “trans woman live tweets appalling treatment at Canadian customs” and I’m shocked to see the website is worse than described here. That article made me want to vomit.

  16. i really, hate both you troll blogs,the things that both say so out there….but i do not know who is more tolerable. both you have the same kind of things. rok is like we hate women, beta readers, children, cats, and dogs shoot and kill them all…..jezbel is like,we hate men, republicans, meat eaters, and white people. kill them. so i do not know both are really extreme. maybe they are cause they at least like cats and dogs. you people want to shoot that is mean. dogs and cats can be trusted instead of ending up like cesar. i would pick you people but i will not stand for shooting a dog or a cat.

    1. “i would pick you people but i will not stand for shooting a dog or a cat.”
      So far as I know we’ve only spoken of shooting cats. It is regrettable, but cats are on the top 100 list of most environmentally damaging invasive species and in most places feral populations cannot be tolerated, or other species may well go extinct. The cats themselves don’t have any problem with killing, you see. No problem at all. Gone wild that’s about all they do really. That and make more wild cats.
      They cannot be adopted. They are smaller, but just as wild as wild tigers. Also, unlike tigers, their population is huuuuuge and growing. There aren’t enough people to take them in. Really.
      They at least kill a certain number of rats, the most damaging invasive animal species of all, which is why farmers allow feral populations to live in their barns.
      Stay away from PETA. Its director has killed over 1000 dogs personally and they have been caught operating death vans, “adopting” dogs from no kill shelters – and then killing them, at times just dumping the bodies in random dumpsters (which is how they got caught).

  17. Horoscopes, fashion and cosmetics??!!….and these broads wanna be generals ? These gals think they can in the special forces?? Not possible…..

  18. I’m on the side with great taste, and since this site has great taste in women I support it. Jezabel is too annoying feminist for me so I only visit once in a while when I get a link on Facebook.

  19. For a second I thought those dastardly feminists may have pulled back a microbe of dignity with the News/Information title on their Also Likes list but then I realised it was most likely celebrity news and information on how where to get an abortion.

  20. I’m just interested. What message of yours do you think is reaching women? That they’re all shit. I know you know that woman come here because they’re outraged and everyone on the internet is an idiot that feels the need to “share” anything they find offensive, that accounts for growth too.
    Really, I know there are “red pill women” (and I have SO many questions for them) but you have to know that you’re never really going to sell the message that women are emotionless morons back to them because… well we’re women and we know we’re intelligent and that you guys are dickbags.
    If any red pill woman reads this comment, i’d like to know if you believe yourself to be completely braindead, or if that’s part of the “manosphere” you’d like to change, which, if it is, is feminism within the manosphere. Score.

    1. There are plenty of good women left. It’s just that feminists will never allow them to open their whore mouths because everything that falls out of those mouths is wrong. You yourself call them braindead. Doesn’t that feel satisfying?
      They believe because there are men – their fathers, sons, and even friends – that they deeply care about and they see the very real damage that feminism has done. Moreover they care about their own happiness, which is much greater in the company of a good man. Just look at how hateful you are…wouldn’t it be spiffy if you could feel good every day instead of that boiling center of rage? You know that combined with obesity is not good for your health. What did your horoscope say today?

    2. No all here believe that women are dumb and not all here hate women.
      I believe women have different programs that make the less qualified for some things, such as excellence in the work force.
      And I hate feminists.

    3. I think the message that is reaching women is that not all men are pussy-ass bitches. And the ones that are shouldn’t be and can change. If they haven’t gone completely Sahara-snatch (like you) they appreciate that not all is lost. The essence of femininity is man-worship. But there has to be something there to worship.

    4. We all know the message that feminism has had for men: Goodies for women, men stink. Women do as they please, men pay for everything.
      Return of Kings is a little more balanced and expects men to live up to standards that women desire in men in the form of being a breadwinner and protector and respecting himself. Wimpy men who are feminists who hate themselves sometimes get feminists wives, but the women treat him like a neutered cat.
      I married a red pill woman. I friends with several red pill women. They don’t need or want equality because they have things about being feminine that work for them and they don’t want to lose them.

    5. I don’t agree with most of what these guys say about women, because not all women are dumb and only there for sex (some are though ). However with regards to what men find attractive they’re right (ask any man you know and he’ll say almost the same things – a great body, natural hair (ideally on the long side) and a level of sweet femminity.
      Basically if a woman ignores the idiots on this site who see women as talking blowup dolls, and uses certain pieces of information it will either help improve the relationship with her man or land her a good one.

      1. GTFO cunt
        Go find your own website. RoK isnt here for to give you relationship tips for you and your pussy faggot “man”.

  21. Under point “2. Demographics” there are two screenshots. On the left side under “Gender” you’ll notice that the bars are far more pronounced to either side at Jezebel than at RoK. My interpretation for this would be that
    a) Jezebel caters strongly to women to the exclusion of men
    b) RoK caters to men and _also_ to women
    Jezebel IMO bases its reputation in large part on venting and inciting hatred towards men and not much beyond that, RoK in contrast offers varied and informative content which is often humorous in nature and while here certain women are made fun of, there is no hatred towards them. You can easily guess which kind of content attracts which readership.

  22. They are still in the millions and we are in the 100th of course they cant grow 3000%..
    Still impressive growth for Rok

    1. This is scientific proof feminists are lacking in the smartness level. They took something that started on 4chan seriously.

    2. And I thought that the girl selling naturally cozy reusable menstrual pads at college was bad

  23. The ROK time series plot is quite interesting. Once we remove November (because that is the month the eating disorder article was written and went viral) we see a slight exponential growth and then a reset. After that we see an even more noticeable exponential growth before the outlier month. It would be interesting to see the data point after November 2013.

  24. it would be great if those sites could compare BF% between the two readerships too. just to confirm.

  25. How often does the data on Quantcast get updated? Just wondering because I checked out the data for and its all relatively similar to the screen shots posted above, except for the ‘Audience Also Likes’ bit, which was quite different. On Quantcast right now, the ‘Audience Also Likes’ bit for Jezebel has the following categories in the top 5 places: Humor, Fashion/Cosmetics, News/Information, Nonprofit, and Politics & Commentary.
    I don’t know if this is an exception or what? Personally, I’ve never thought about whether the feminists over at Jezebel were legitimate about their views or not. For me, whether you’re legitimate or not, associating yourself with feminism is a huge turn off.

  26. Well, Jezebel is ranked 1,933 right now on Alexa and RoK is up to 11,000+
    Meanwhile spearhead is well down as men refused to actually do anything useful to resolve the problems they have.
    CAF made it all the way up to 513,000 before it has now gone back down to 1M+.
    Happier Abroad is up to 60,000 which is an amazing effort by Winston.
    All in all? Men are not going to go to web sites as much as women with the obvious exceptions… do not gossip as much as women do.

  27. I bet their fashion advice consists mostly of extremes like “dress like man, cut your hair short, grow out your body hair, be fat, don’t wear makeup!” and “dress like a street walker, wear so much makeup until your face melts because you don’t wear it for men!”. Of course, with the occasional ‘rape culture’ thrown in there at least 5x.

  28. “Here’s a horoscope for Jezebel readers: you will meet a charismatic man.
    Though you may not be initially attracted to him, he will ignore your
    tantrums, put you in your place, and turn you on with his dominance,
    giving you the rough sex you desire.”
    Hahahh shit that was too funny. 🙂

  29. Awesome!
    You guys have really nailed if with this website.
    About 6-7 years ago, I was writing my own lonely blog about many of these topics. Nothing on the game and PUA stuff, but I pontificated on the other subjects covered here.
    I got a pretty loyal local readership over that time. But once BHO got elected, I just gave up. I thought all was lost. I thought that there just were not enough men that could see what was happening in society and that it is bad for them.
    Boy, was I wrong! And thank God for that! Turns out, BHO and his feminist true believers seemed to have been exactly what was needed to wake a lot of guys up. Their anti-male ideology could not be more blatant so I assume it just became impossible to ignore.
    Thank you ROK for giving me hope!

  30. Your interpretation of those statistics is laughably adorable. You want to know why women come to your site? It’s shock value. And to troll. Those of us that stop by here every once in a while read what you’ve posted the same way we’d listen to someone’s heroin addiction experience story–because it’s extreme, and there’s something weirdly enticing/addicting about reading line after line of “oh my god, what the FUCK?!”
    It’s not because your message is reaching us, or because we like or support anything you do. It’s because your reputation as an extreme anti-woman website has gotten a lot of attention lately, and women are curious as hell to see what you’re posting. Since you guys seem to visit Jezebel frequently enough to reference and discuss their material, I’ll put it to you this way: women come to this site for the same reasons you go there.

    1. And you must know: after all, women are all connected telepathically.
      That’s also the reason why you say “we” while referring to the entirety of your gender.

      1. It’s truly ironic that you’re using that argument in defense of a website that, article after article, groups all women in the same category and makes blanket assumptions/assertions about the entire gender all the time. An even greater irony considering none of the authors of the posts are women.

        1. The authors on this site do that with some authority – to what extent is debatable, but at least some of them are PUAs who should known a thing about female tastes.
          What’s your authority? So far, it only seems to be you knowing yourself. That’s weak by any standard.

      2. Thank you, John, great point. As I posted a few minutes ago, she speaks only for herself and a few other bitter miscreants.

    2. Is this worth the time? I thought ROK deleted anything obviously posted by a women.

    3. Who are “we”, pray tell? I’m a 30-year-old attorney who also earned an MA in history. I own a home work in a fascinating area of appellate law and live an active lifestyle–who in the HELL are you to speak for me or other women like me who love men and always have? Oh, horror of horrors, I also love kids and can’t wait to be a mom some day, preferably a stay-at-home mom *shudder*!
      You do NOT speak for women, sister, you speak for a bitter minority who seem to only survive in the insulated, artificial cocoon of academia.
      I come to this site because I love and enjoy men, I always have. I swear to God, you Jezebel types are in real life just like the feminist bookstore ladies in ‘Portlandia’!

  31. I am a girl who regularly reads Jezebel, and I actually found ROK through the website. In an article on Jezebel, they said they received numerous emails from enraged women who had found ROK and found it extremely offensive. Jezebel did not want to give ROK the additional web traffic by mentioning it, so it did a piece highlighting the cornerstones of this website. Naturally, I was curious enough to read further into the issue, and was shocked that there were people who existed who actually believed in the philosophies preached on this website. I’d hope that not all articles are idiotic and one-sided, but from what I’ve seen they are consistently misogynistic, not to mention old-fashioned. I do not know if I can consider myself a ‘feminist’. Rather, I consider myself an advocate of human equality, whether regarding race, sexual orientation, or gender. This will probably receive a lot of hate but I felt the need to share some thoughts from ‘the other side’:
    – Fat shaming is a major issue in society; I would argue that every week is fat shaming week. It is the reason many young girls struggle with eating disorders and I don’t think it’s necessary to host your own week of fat-hate when considering what the media is portraying everyday.
    – Contrary to popular belief, there is no universal rubric for self respect. A girl who sleeps with 10 people because sex is not a huge deal for her, emotionally, may have the same amount of self respect as someone remaining abstinent until marriage. Also, I do not understand your attempt at explaining the double standard- it’s hypocrisy, there’s no logical explanation behind it.
    – Contraceptives are not something men should feel badly towards. You don’t have to worry about getting pregnant- it’s the woman’s body and if she feels more comfortable with that, then so be it. I don’t see how this distorts the power balance at all. Would you rather have your girlfriend get knocked up in high school and a. be the asshole who breaks up with her b. sticks around and is a 19 year old father?
    – Rape accusations should always be taken seriously. ROK has a tendency to pick out anomalies of women who say things that can be easily twisted, just to gain the authenticity of ‘having a woman’s voice’. No. I don’t think that anyone is so innately evil they would lie about something humiliating to them, just to get a man in jail. It takes a lot of courage to step forward, since this ‘rape culture’ present in today’s world makes the victim look as though they lack credibility. If someone is saying something, I would assume it is for a reason.
    – It’s 2014, I think women working/being educated is not a scandalous issue anymore.
    – Traditional gender roles were for a reason in the Stone Age, yes. But, if we wanted to emulate the stone age we’d be living in caves, having ten children because 9/10 would die, be hunting for food in the wild, and have short life expectancies. We have made huge technological advancements since then, and I think it’s safe to generalize that society as a whole is completely reformed. Coming from a relatively traditional home dynamic, I see the appeal in a breadwinner husband and homemaker wife. I’m sure you can find women like that, still. But a lot of the new generation’s girls want to be self-sufficient, and want to accomplish things for themselves. Girls are humans, too. They are not submissive creatures, like pets, for your pleasure and service. Take a step back and think.
    I could go on forever, but I think I’ll stop here. In response to this article, I think the fashion/cosmetic/horoscope debate needs to be combatted. One of the oddest things I see is men painting fashion and makeup to be self-indulgent, superficial things only employed to impress a man. This is the opposite of the truth (at least for most people). Believe it or not, the majority of women dress for themselves, wear makeup for themselves. I might be crazy, but I know I do. I feel great about myself when I took my time getting ready, and wore an outfit that I feel very much myself in. Even to all-girls events, I put the same amount of effort because I enjoy doing this for myself. Fashion is an art of expression and architecture and I love it because it shows who you are, what you are influenced by, and what you want to become- all before you’ve said a word. You may not look at it that way, but I do, and many of my friends do. Just, please, do me a favour and if you take one thing from this, just remember that if you put a woman and a man through the same education system, and they put in the same amount of effort, they would leave intellectual equals. The man may make more, due to the patriarchal nature of society, but that is not my point. My point is that the difference between male and female is purely biological, as well as pyschological. And just because a women dresses well and wears makeup does not mean she is trying to impress you. I say this in the most polite way possible- please get your head out of your ass and try to figure out why you’re mindset is that of someone in the 18th century, when they believed that PMS was caused by your ovaries moving around your body. We’ve come a long way since then- scientifically, socially, etc.- why keep the same dated beliefs?

    1. God, that was like a scorched earth comment entirely based on feminist propaganda. Next time just post a link to jezebel or radfem hub instead of regurgitating bigoted nonsense as though it made you sound self-aware.

      1. 0% bigoted and not trying to sound self aware. And these are all my OWN opinions, not some verbal vomit. I don’t even know what radfem is. I never said I agreed with every feminist philosophy, just like I don’t agree with a lot of the beliefs on this website.This is coming down to basic human relationships. I’m sorry if you don’t see it that way but I wanted to share my opinions, which seem perfectly rational to me, and see what kind of response they got.

        1. They’re not “rational” beliefs — they’re literally the feminist manifesto, almost cut and pasted.
          Like I said, next time just post a link to jezebel or a feminist blog.

        2. You are a real arrogant mouthy bitch and you make all women look bad. You are exactly the type of females we strive to avoid in our everyday lives.
          Now please leave so we can avoid you on the Internet as well.

        3. The fact that men- sorry, actually, I don’t think you deserve that title- whom I would want to avoid also would want to avoid me made my day. It’s clear you hate woman except when they can be used for sex then dumped, like everyone else on this website. My comment was inoffensive so you finding it ‘arrogant and mouthy’ clearly shows how misguided you are, given the nature of how offensive some the ROK articles are (i.e. why to date girls with eating disorders, how to spot a slut, fat shaming week, why girls shouldn’t go to university). Sorry for stating the obvious. like they say common sense isn’t so common. Every woman/girl I know agrees with this so I don’t know who you’re socializing with. Idiot. You make all men look bad- oh wait, this whole website does that.

    2. >Just, please, do me a favour and if you take one thing from this, just remember that if you put a woman and a man through the same education system, and they put in the same amount of effort, they would leave intellectual equals. The man may make more, due to the patriarchal nature of society, but that is not my point.<
      Ok, let’s just take this one thing of your very long treatise on the various points of mainstream mythology you believe in.
      The man will make more because while they have both been indoctrinated by the same educational institutions, the man will have had the drive to learn his own stuff on the side and the guts to stand alone after – while the woman will apply for a job and do as he’s told.
      It’s not always like that, but it’s often enough the case to set up men to create the most wealth by far.
      I remember that when I was in school, I was interested in programming computers. There were other guys who made music, traveled alone in foreign countries they didn’t speak the language of, delved into history, geography and had all sorts of hobbies.
      The girls, however, were blank canvases for teachers and parents to paint on. They were better in school, because they were more compliant.
      The could play an instruments (usually piano) if and only if the parents commanded them to learn one.
      Women are neither less intelligent nor less diligent, but they are more conformist and more risk-averse. This has biological causes and *that’s* why the make less money.
      It’s not men who discriminate unfairly against women. It’s women who parasite unfairly of men – often by employing the government.

      1. I agree with that to some extent. A lot of girls I know who are not sure yet what they want to pursue are, as you said, blank canvases for their teachers/parents. Not all, but some. There are probably some men like that, too. There are some women who have taken risks, have been proactive and worked extremely hard, and it took them a very, very long time to get to where they are. I don’t think it’s possible to completely generalize the male/female salary gap because I believe it varies widely, so sorry about the stereotyping it’s just what is seen in statistics so it’s very easy to just make a broad statement when a lot of factors come into play.

        1. To be honest the only reason I commented on this was to see if this website was actually legit. I thought it was a satire because of how idiotic it was, but sadly I was mistaken. You are all stuck in 1864 minus the politeness. You’re essentially taking gender roles, finding the male benefits, then running with that. Good luck finding a woman who doesn’t think you’re a dickhead. People like you are what’s wrong with the world. Bye.

        2. As for myself, I think I’m stuck much earlier in the 18th or even the 17th century. 1864 is way too liberal for my taste.

      1. This is directed at everyone- Return of Kings, a site for masculine men? More like spineless pricks who think that just because they have a dick they have a free pass to acting like an asshole idiot and doing whatever they want. I’m sure not all guys are this dumb… at least I hope not. You disgust me, and I don’t even want to know how you treat your mother/wife/girlfriend/daughters. I feel so bad for them. You’re all clearly insecure as fuck because of your small dicks. Grow a backbone and look around at reality. Life isn’t like this; you’re delusional.

        1. Wow, such anger. Sounds like someone was socially invisible and/or had a step-father with ‘boundary’ issues when she was growing up.
          Men are here to be enjoyed, hun. A look into how they really think and communicate with each other should be welcomed by any thinking woman, if she is attracted heterosexually.
          Instead of sitting around bitter and hating on them, you might try drifting off to sweaty, post coital sleep while cradled in a set of one’s strong, protective arms. It can be just amazing . . . .

        2. I don’t hate men. I have a great boyfriend, an amazing relationship with both of my parents, and a brother. I love men- I think the reason for my ‘anger’ which is really a manifestation of my disbelief is the fact that I know no men who actually act the way this website describes. Unless my dad, my brother, my friends, my boyfriend(s) have all been total fakes the entire time I’ve known them, the attitude glorified on ROK is so extreme compared to what I know. Of course I know guys like when they are the dominant one in a relationship, that women are expected to watch children, that it’s attractive to know how to cook and clean and be a housewife. It’s just the judgement present on this website, whether it be to educated women, empowered women, overweight women, and how the writers approach rape is just disgusting and wrong to me on so many levels. I understand common sense- obviously a man prefers a woman in good shape, but no need to bring down a culture that already hates on larger people. To be honest, what really frustrates me is the rape articles. As a woman, I would think you could understand that- hell, as a human, anyone should understand that. It happens to both men and woman but it is approached in such an insensitive way.

    3. You know what shocks me when I read Jezebel? When I read post where women actually CELEBRATE the fact that they killed a child.
      Or, the comments where they outright admit that they shouldn’t feel bad for killing a child because they are “ugly.” Despite the fact they were once a fetus themselves.

  32. Roosh should issue a formal challenge/s to Jezabel offering to deconstruct any of their feminist articles/factoids
    See if we can find one man who will come forward and publicly admit to having had sex with Lindy West
    I hate that fucking website with a passion and everything it’s fat feminist writers stand for. The biggest joke is that they believe in equality. When that lesbian sex offender Katie Hunt (18 years old arrested for having a 14 year old girl friend) was arrested they were up in arms about her being a ‘victim’ and a ‘teenager in love’ (despite knowing no subjective facts). While, due to being a woman, Katie hunt has escaped the Dez offenders’ registry (female privilege in the form of institutionalised gender bias since she’d be in prison now as a sex offender as men in her situation are) Jezavel have never once jumped to the defence of teenage boys imprisoned and registered for consensual statutory rape even when the girl was as mature as them or lied about her age.

  33. Feminism and horoscopes.
    They both absolve the female reader of any sense of personal responsibility.

  34. Cute, how you cutoff the rest of the related interests. Return of kings users also have an ‘affinity’ for cosmetics. But what’s more interesting is that Jezebel viewers (and im saying this even if I hate jezebel and love ROK) had a higher affinity for science 5.8x than did return of kings. I love you man, but this is dishonest reporting

    1. The question here is what this “affinity” means. The highest affinity for Jezebel is 9.3, the highest for RoK is 2.4 – so I suppose that means you can’t just compare those values directly.

  35. See, the ultimate be-all, end-all of this contest between ROK and Jezebel is while they look like half-man, half-woman Billy-Idol-with-tits Frankenstein science project weirdos, we simply look like… men. Textbook, run-of-the-mill, ordinary ass men. No bizarre self-mutilation or science experiments needed to prove a point socially, politically, individually, or otherwise.
    Dumb cunts.

  36. Few things about the Jezebel from the Bible where she is derived from and how accurately the name resonates with the kind of readers and authors of Jezebel.
    She is written in the Book of Kings (counter argument to Return of Kings?)
    She was a queen. (has a privileged life with no effort on her part)
    She fabricated a lie on an innocent landowner so her husband could take his land and is considered a false prophet in the bible (false rape claims and pretty much lies about everything)
    She pressured her husband to change his religion from Yahweh to Baal and Asherath (a need to remove Christianity)
    She is sometimes associated with the first distinction of prostitution by “cosmetics” so prostitutes were seen as those that wear cosmetics or large amounts of it compared to the other womanfolk (the whole argument that what women wear, even if they dress as sluts doesn’t mean they are sluts, yet they have a movement on slut shaming)
    Jezebel was associated with promiscuity (the carousel)
    Jezebel’s whole purpose is to cause confusion in the court (Self-explanatory)
    Jezebel ended up getting thrown out of a window and eaten by dogs (this a metaphor for something?)
    All in all it almost seems like the site Jezebel is making a satire out of itself, maybe it does have humor at it’s greatest interest. Jezebel was a term in some olden days used as a term that was equivalent to the word “bitch” but it was more specific in that it meant a woman going out to ruin people’s lives.

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