Airbnb Goes Full SJW And Demands Users Host Deviants Of Every Kind In Their Home

You commit to treat everyone–regardless of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or age–with respect, and without judgment or bias.

— Airbnb’s new SJW diktat

Short-term residential accommodation network Airbnb is forcing its providers to adhere to a new “nondiscrimination” policy, including a requirement to accept transgender people. The policy takes effect on November 1 and is accompanied by a slew of other recent or impending changes, which Airbnb says are designed to make its “community” more “inclusive.” Those who refuse to accept the main nondiscrimination policy will barred from listing their properties with Airbnb.

The major problem with Airbnb’s new nondiscrimination provisions is that they really just represent an euphemism—bowing to a customer’s feelings, rather than proven discrimination. The overall framework of the company’s policy alterations assumes that those accommodation providers accused of discrimination are actually guilty of it. This rush to judgment gives little or no recourse to those who depend on Airbnb to generate an income. It also makes it very easy for certain protected groups, most notably transgender people, to falsely or very loosely claim discrimination, when, in fact, the issue is likely to be the prospective guest’s temperament or perceived reliability in respecting the property.

Secondly, the policy changes ignore the unique nature of sharing economy sites like Airbnb. Accommodation providers are often accepting guests into their literal homes, or their sole investment property. Whereas hotels have round-the-clock staff, including security, Airbnb properties are much more informal and unsupervised. Providers therefore have good reasons to be very judicious about who exactly they let into their residences.

Airbnb’s “Open Doors” policy treats any discrimination complaint as gospel truth

Brian Chesky must’ve drank the same poisoned water as fellow tech SJW Jack Dorsey of Twitter.

We’ll be implementing a new policy called Open Doors. Starting October 1st, if a Guest anywhere in the world feels like they have been discriminated against in violation of our policy – in trying to book a listing, having a booking canceled, or in any other interaction with a host – we will find that Guest a similar place to stay if one is available on Airbnb, or if not, we will find them an alternative accommodation elsewhere.

— Brian Chesky, Airbnb CEO and co-founder

In addition to dictating what kinds of guests can enter their providers’ properties, another one of Airbnb’s new policies, which is already in force, treats those accused of discrimination as immediately guilty. Rather than determining whether discrimination has occurred, Airbnb has made it clear that it will bend over backwards to find those claiming discrimination other accommodation within its network or, more strangely still, alternative accommodation outside its network. The second arm of this “discrimination response” will become very interesting indeed should privately-owned Airbnb decide to go public. It is hard to see how shareholders would acquiesce to a company offering customers third-party accommodation options that effectively deprive it of money.

Airbnb is simply trying to have its cake and eat it, too. On the one hand, it wants to create as wide a market for itself as possible, now having providers offering 2,000,000 listings in 34,000 cities around the world. On the other hand, however, it wants to assume total control for determining what is and what is not discrimination, despite having no ability to verify pretty much any of the accusations. Airbnb are mere gatekeepers, providing a rudimentary service that makes its bucks by the sheer volume of providers. These same providers should not suffer because of the company’s “thinly-spread” business model.

Allegations of discrimination have been scant at best

We don’t question the right of people to be selective about new housemates, so why not Airbnb providers and their guests?

Various news articles reporting on the shift in Airbnb policies have only been able to point to isolated instances of even alleged, let alone proven discrimination. The best that SJW enablers can offer is a deeply flawed Harvard study, which claimed that prospective guests with stereotypical African-American names like LaToya and Darnell were 16 percent less likely to be approved by the company’s accommodation providers. Considering that a guest’s profile provides a lot more information than just their name, the Harvard “research” leaves a lot to be desired.

Moreover, names like “Cletus” and “Mary-Sue” would arguably garner even less approvals. Both these “white” names and the aforementioned African-American names usually dovetail with some of America’s least sophisticated and worldly types, the exact kinds of people least likely to be allowed into someone’s home. It has precious little to do with race and almost everything to do with run-of-the-mill decisions about how to safeguard one’s own property by entrusting it to the right people. Such decisions are routinely accepted when new housemates are sought, so why not with Airbnb?

Has Airbnb signed its own execution order?

Just as Roosh swears by, there are plenty of other options you can take in avoiding Airbnb from now on. Like Twitter, the company is quickly falling under the spell of the SJW crowd. It seems certain that, minus a backtrack, Airbnb and its reputation will follow Jack Dorsey’s company into the abyss. Unlike Twitter, though, Airbnb may never make the jump to publicly-listed company.

We live in very sad times for freedom. But there’s one freedom we can all exercise now–staying the hell away from Airbnb and its SJW madness.

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174 thoughts on “Airbnb Goes Full SJW And Demands Users Host Deviants Of Every Kind In Their Home”

  1. I was actually assaulted by a manager of one of their partners. It’s really a shit show of a business, and I don’t recommend it. The hotel was owned by some jett setting white couple, and ran by a bunch of social deviants.
    Airbnb did they best to ignore me, then finally gave me a free night anywhere, as if that makes up for it. Nope. I’m now part of the army marching toward them. It’s weird, because I got the SJW thing about them, that vibe, months ago. I knew I was behind enemy lines.
    Oh well, they’ll all be gone soon enough. Cheers

  2. and are also great sites, I quit using and will give my business to another company and I travel internationally several times a year. Who private citizens allow into their homes must not be a right that is forced to be given up to any company.

    1. I worked for Airbnb years ago. One thing which was always different between Airbnb and VRBO was involvement. As in Airbnb always wanted to interfere with hosts and guests while VRBO simply was a platform which collected a % to use their site yet never cared about injecting politics into it.

    2. If Airbnb saw us red-pill guys and our red-pill behavior in their rental properties in South America …
      …. they’d lose their green mohawks.

      1. same here in Thailand. they pretty much hate blacks, indians, chinese, muslim. very racist here. should be fun to see how this shit sandwich goes down here.

        1. Yup;
          –Globalism and worldwide mobility/integration
          –Pie-in-the-sky ideas about eliminating racism
          CHOOSE ONE.

        2. Thailand? Why are you there? For women who were born male or for play dates with little kids?

    3. vrbo and homeaway were also around a lot longer than airbnb. And they are based on the idea of discrimination. I think you have to become members of those sites before you can use them, and pay an annual fee (at least that’s how it worked when I looked into them a couple years ago).

  3. Look at Brian Chesky’s face. Don’t you just want to punch it? He looks like such a fruitcake.
    Sorry, but if I’m opening my place up for other people to stay in it then I damn better well have the right to restrict what they can do or who can stay there. F*ck this company.

    1. His face reminds me of that self-proclaimed super-narcissist guy who was quite famous for a while for banging chicks and doing outrageous stuff … forgot the name.

    2. Exactly. Some non brick & mortar entity calling itself a business telling those with actual skin to lose who they can do business with. Curious to know if Mr Chesky practices what he preaches.

  4. I don’t know I would want to get a background check Cletus and run when the
    banjo music starts playing.

    1. That’s the proper response. The only issue is that such an app could be blocked by both Google and Apple, but they can’t block a mobile website.

    1. $90 a day that doesn’t cover even mouth wash never mind dental buddy.
      Maybe a set of knee pads for the lass!

  5. This probably violates the Mrs. Murphy Exemption to the Fair Housing Act.
    Under that provision, a landlord who who is leasing a dwelling that has 4 or fewer rental units is exempt from the non-discrimination provisions of the FHA. I hope that the landlords in question sue.

    1. Since many of the rental units are a spare bedroom in someone’s house, they’re also violating the exemption for landlord occupied rentals.

    2. This is a airbnb (worldwide company–I have only used them outside US jurisdiction) policy, not a law in an individual country.

      1. True, but contracts cannot supercede the law. If airbnb were to punish a landlord for wanting to exercise the Mrs. Murphy Exemption, it might run into legal trouble.

        1. Perhaps I’m not understanding this “law” in question, but the law is the minimum required standard for behavior; cultural norms and private rules can and typically are more restrictive.
          For example, in my state (but not all) there is a law against being completely nude in public. But several stores will also require shirt and shoes to enter them, when of course it’s completely legal for me to be topless and shoeless.
          So just because there is no law requiring a renter to behave a certain way, doesn’t mean people or businesses can’t make rules for behavior. I don’t allow people to smoke in my home, for instance, and yet smoking cigarettes is perfectly legal.

        2. I do agree that the court might not reach the conclusion I mentioned, but it could also side with the idea that a landlord has the right to exercise the Mrs. Murphy Exemption in spite of airbnb’s TOS.

  6. Fuck AirBNB…..moving my listings to tomorrow. I like to discriminate….. its my right to discriminate….. discrimination is good…..

    1. Unless you’re looking for a 5 BR beach front home or cabin in the mountains while skiing with 6 others, it’s stupid to use Airbnb. If you simply need a room, use a hotel. Most Airbnb hosts are ridiculously slow with responding. A hotel booking confirms instantly and you don’t have to deal with a host getting in your business while using their guest room.

      1. ah, AirBnB has instant book and hosts are reviewed up to 5 stars. if you are worried about a bad host just book the 5 star hosts, problem solved. but aside from that the policy in question is absolutely retarded.

        1. Instant book is something new then that I didn’t know about. I haven’t used Airbnb in years. When I did do it, I hated a host asking me multiple questions every day during my stay. Some people like this when traveling — I don’t.

        1. Depends on where you are. I just checked out some guest rooms on Airbnb in a couple markets in New England and they’re most certainly more than a hotel. Most guest rooms on Airbnb, I’m seeing are $80-$170.00/night — with the vast majority of them being well over $100/ night. Personally, the idea of paying over $100 night to be in someone elses house is absurd. You can find a decent motel in these same markets for $55-$65 night. Maybe it’s personal preference but I’ve stayed at many 1-2 star motels for $40-$50 night that were excellent.

      1. Yeah, next restaurantiers will tell us what dishes we’re allowed to pick from the menu as not to discriminate against some minority cuisine. Things are getting ridiculous… We need a parallel economy of our own to combat this insanity.

      2. Jump on Craigslist to see what I mean. Craigslist has a policy that you’re not supposed to compose an AD explicitly in favor of one gender, etc. Clearly this is only applies to men as the amount of FEMALE ONLY ads are through the roof.

    2. Discrimination is the free will choice of an individual.
      Reverse discrimination is involuntary servitude. Slavery has always depended on the state to enforce it.

      1. yep, basically Soros and company wants to remove the ABILITY to discriminate from the human condition. this will make controlling the sheeple extremely easy.

        1. yes, it is. I don´t care if a hurt the feelings of Lamar shakur with a hoodie, I will avoid to pass near him in the street. Humans evolve to perceive and calculate danger. Appearances and looks do matter.

        1. The leaving tax from the US human farm is up to around $4-5K now. But that’s not the expensive part. The expensive part is getting another farm to take you. You don’t really buy your freedom, you buy a transfer.

    3. That’s what I like about the Internet. Even if the company of the hour goes SJW, you can find something else to resolve your dilemma.

    4. Yup. Fuck’em.
      Any company that assumes the role of policing new-age social constructs to protect the very small minorities of pervs and cooks is going to suffer great loss of business in the future, if not catastrophic bankruptcy as a result of their self-appointed authority of social piety.
      Who are the dumb-fucks shipwrecking otherwise good companies and brands thinking that their business success and brand popularity equates to superior righteousness that empowers them to judge who can and cannot do business based on how others feel. Don’t the realize that a case can be made to exclude all customers/users based on faulty reasoning that could indict Jesus himself for sins against social acceptance.
      Unfortunately, it appears these captains of industry can’t learn from the failings of other big enterprises such as the NFL’s significant loss of viewers who no longer want to be proselytized on every counter-culture issue, from pink titty cancer awareness to solo player BLM sit-down protests during the national anthem. Real men are sick of this shit. We ain’t gonna take it anyore.

      1. This is acutely seriously retarded on all fronts. Now faggets wont be able to dictate that Muslims cant stay at their house. Enforcing this in any way will only cost Airbnb money.
        But their not going to go bankrupt because they don’t own anything to leverage a business loan.This is not a traditional business model.
        Airbnb: Largest hotel chain in the world, owns no hotels.
        Uber: Largest Taxi services in the world, owns no cars.

        1. Gays and lesbians are a liability why would you want them practicing their degeneracy in your own four walls..

        2. behold the New Business model:
          Own nothing, pay no one, belong to no nation, sell nothing but the illusions of opportunity and freedom..

        3. Can’t argue with success.
          The ability to spend outside of government regulation is freedom incarnate.

        4. TBH it’s not such degeneracy that I’d be wary about because money is money but enforcing my property rights towards potentially insolvent people e.g. A black thug-looking, ghetto speaking guy with a hoodie. That isn’t racist but common business sense. If another suit & tie, well-mannered, well-read black guy applied I’d not be more wary than if a white hipster did. You says gays are a liability so would Milo Yiannopoulos be a bad customer? He’s filthy rich lol.

        5. Actually, just heard Milo Yiannopoulos for the first time recently, fantastic right winger, had no idea he was gay by hearing him talk but then asked the guy who showed it to me who told me that he was. There’s another gay right-winger out of the UK who is quite hard-core, Douglas Murray. Anyway, if you don’t live adjacent to the rented space it’s probably okay but I let someone gay move in with me, and the experience has left me biased, had to kick the guy out in the end.. Milo and Douglas are the exceptions, I think they are an emotionally disturbed bunch as a generalization. Also, wait till you see two men making out with each other on your veranda it is a disturbing sight at a primal level.

      2. Deutsche Bank thought they were being good corporate citizens taking a stand against the North Carolina bathroom common sense …and look how much trouble that bank is in now!! Well it’s not the one has caused the other but it does show that ass-kissing the left does not correlate with business success..

        1. Also, if you cave into these equality groups, you don’t gain any support from them. I mean sure this month there will probably be a rash of bookings from the SJWs through this service, but next month, they will come back with even harsher demands. Trannies should deserve their own bathrooms that you should retrofit for them, or some shit. They of course won’t demand this of the mainstream companies, but only the ones that have caved a bit, like airbnb, and shown that the mob can affect their business decisions.

        2. Well when you are that abnormal that you feel the need to cross-dress or possibly have your penis amputated it stands to reason that you might expect some recognition or compensation from the world. It’s a sewer of shit and the equality they seek is that we should all be as abnormal as them.

    5. Discrimination is the basis of civilization, by being the basis of stardards.
      Also, the German philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer inquired: “Without discrimination we cannot differentiate between true and false ideas”.
      So yeah discrimination is GREAT, except if you are a worthless, weak, sick and totally unimportant person!

  7. I worked for Airbnb on the West Coast when they were in their infancy. I was their one face to face person in a large Northwest market. At the time, I loved the job — meeting homeowners and putting on events for guests and hosts was great for single guy in his 20’s.
    One weekend a bunch of their degenerate office kiddos from San Francisco — who were clearly dyke lesbians — came to my market to host a breakfast. They flat out stated they wanted a certain type of host to create a whole new culture when it came to renting. This is when I first began to question Airbnb as an employee. Most of the homeowners doing this had lost jobs in recession and were doing Airbnb simply to maintain mortgages. None of them cared about “changing the world” through renting out a guest room.
    As time went on, I balked at many of the Airbnb policies. Inevitably, I was pushed out. When I read the latest news … I am not surprised. You’d have to be nuts to place a listing on Airbnb now.

      1. I told them to kiss my ass in 2012 so I’m not up to date with any alternatives other than VRBO. VRBO was around when I worked for Airbnb. We wanted to differentiate by putting on events for hosts and guests in large markets.
        VRBO has had a steady model of just being a platform for hosts to list their properties. I’d go with them. The only idiots who will stick with Airbnb are liberal morons — and that’s precisely the type they want.

  8. Well seeing as twitter is imploding, I’m going to go ahead and say they’re not the gold standard of how to run a business.

  9. Please, someone make a complain to AirBnb saying that someone refused to accomodate them because they wore a “Make America Great Again” hat. Let’s see how anti-discrimination they really are…

  10. Do they still allow bigots to book? I’m a proud bigot. I feel discriminated against by the RGB folks .. wait, I mixed up something there. Nevermind.

    1. RGB? You shouldn’t let these non colorblind bigots discriminate against black & white visioned people like you. Go get ’em Tom!

  11. Interesting article…but this whole pathway that Airbnb has taken, was shaped by the usual suspects. All you have to do is connect a few simple dots, in order to see it for what it really is.
    Airbnb was financed with seed money from Y Combinator.
    Y Combinator was seeded by the uber-rich, elitist investment company, Sequoia Capital.
    Since its formation in 2005, Y Combinator has provided start-up capital to over 940 companies, including Disqus (ROK’s comments section provider).
    None of this stuff happens by accident (meaning, the fact that Airbnb is making ridiculous SJW demands). These elitist seed-money and venture capital companies have a long history of dictating exactly what is going to happen within the companies they control. Inevitably, what happens results in fewer choices, lost jobs and higher prices for the public at large, and massive profits for the venture capital companies like Sequoia Capital. (See Uber, Amazon, et al.)
    The elite own Airbnb, by default, because they already own Y Combinator, which is the company that seeded Airbnb. When Airbnb goes public (which it will at some point; otherwise, it would not be so high-profile, and Sequoia Capital would not have invested in it), you will see an onslaught of the other remaining usual-suspect investment companies (all elitist-owned and operated), who will jump in and dominate ownership of the majority of the shares of stock.
    The point being, this SJW-sympathizing didn’t happen by accident. It’s part of a much more devious plan, which in the end amounts to a long con game of massive elitist profits, and the top-down control of all the little people…or, simply put, business as usual, by the usual suspects.

    1. “….who will jump in and dominate ownership of the majority of the shares of stock.”
      Or just short the piece of shit stock. Pump and dump as it were..

      1. They will pump, then sell to crooked mutual fund and 401k fund managers, then dump. The suckers unwittingly holding the bag will be the middle class as usual

    2. Tch! The whole problem is that people will go like lemmings when they see one single site / service / product here in the Internet age. Long ago we broke up companies to prevent monopolies from forming. Now, we encourage and celebrate it. Just look at Apple and Microsoft. Don’t get me started on Amazon. But just as a Amazon became the leader in online order fulfillment, they have acquired a major daily newspaper, the Washington Post. Back in the past, it would have been unthinkable for a major corporation, much less a market monopolizer to acquire a major media organ. ( Think IBM or Exxon purchases ABC or one of the other news networks) Gaaahhhh, this country needs an Enema!

    3. I don’t know bob. I work for a billionaire real estate guy. If he isn’t The elite I don’t know what is. In the meantime we hate and actively fight against air bnb

      1. Curious, if any of your work is in the hospitality arena–is Airbnb charging hotel and lodging taxes for their rentals? These are huge double digit rates and if people are avoiding them by renting homes instead of hotels, I would think that would interest the city revenue commissioners.

        1. It is a problem here for sure. I am not in hospitality but rather residential. All our new tenants have to sign riders disallowing the use of services like air bnb

    4. Y Combinator also gave money to “Peeple ” the sesame credit social engineering network that the Internet hated and killed.

  12. I think I saw it mentioned in the comments section here on ROK that basically SJWs are always ready to boycott something but, companies like Target open bathrooms to goofball trannies, business goes down. The president of Chic-Filet says traditional marriage is the way to go, SJWs freak out but business goes up. Somethings going on here.

    1. Most people disapprove, yet remain silent. In our capitalist society, we vote with our wallets. That’s why schools are so important to lefties. Most people can’t afford private schools.

  13. why in the fuck do silicon valley companies constantly shoot themselves in the foot with this shit? they make something useful and then have to shit on it. This is people’s homes, they should be allowed to accept and reject whoever they want

    1. I suspect it’s due to being in a bubble where everyone thinks the same. Most people in silicon valley are flaming liberals so when they propose a new idea — that’s ludicrous to the general public — it’s met with high praise internally.

    2. I have never meet a technical engineer thats a liberal (even the ones imported from china). I think it has more to do with big blurry line between government and silicon valley companies.

      1. They have to work with reality and facts, and have a mindset that does not and can not cater to fantasy, “dreams” and whims. This reflects of course in their politics, necessarily.

    3. This is like a prostitute complaining about black dick. If you don’t want that shit in you then don’t whore yourself out

      1. A prostitute has every right to not fuck anybody she doesn’t want to.

        1. Does she? Doesn’t the civil rights act say a business cant discrimate based on dik color, race, and what not?

        1. I’m saying that if you are a whore then you are a whore…a picky whore doesn’t make sense to me

  14. Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about ‘diversity’.
    Diversity means chasing DOWN the last White Person

  15. I’ve never used that site, but even if I was… it will be a cold day in hell before I let a tranny or a mudslime on my property.

  16. SJWs will keep attacking on all fronts until they get an unapologetic, iron boot of patriarchy in their smug (and effiminate) face

  17. Eh, seems like a good opportunity for a businessman to make an competing service without the regressive leftist bias.

    1. That is true up until the point where you make your home a hotel.

        1. If I walk into the plaza and they tell me that they are not open to people with blue eyes my laysuit would be for big numbers

        2. It’s not your property to dictate that others must serve you.

        3. They Are specifically in the service business. If I come to your front door and demand a glass of water you have all the right in the world to shoot me. If you open a watering hole knowing full well the world we live in that’s a different story.
          In principle I agree with you. A business owner ought to be able to refuse a customer based on anything. But we live in this world. For better or worse, yes worse, that won’t fly. There is no sense opening a business and pretending you live in a perfect world

        4. They would only do that if the mamma’s children were running scared of the bad santa. In which case, good luck with this system.

        5. I don’t think they can – civil rights amendment or something. The whole “we reserve the right to refuse service…” bit is a legal fallacy.

        6. Interpretation of the interpretation of the interpretation. Whatever, the big picture being that the host has the final say. Too bad for today’s millenial ego.

        7. And funny how the people here are simply far better by mastering internal laws rather than the ones obeying external laws out there.
          How I envy Einstein for escaping millenials. Lucky bastard.

      1. That’s the hazy space all these bullshit ‘sharing’ outfits occupy (AirbnB, Uber, etc: individual AND business, shifting back and forth as it suits them….

  18. Meh. If your dumb enough to open your home to complete strangers of course you do t get to be choosie. Roflmao.

    1. Right? I don’t get this at all. “I turned my home into a hostel and I’m not happy with the results” dafuq? I don’t even let 7’s sleep over.

      1. Let me set the scene, you bang the tits off them, shoot your load over their face/tits and give them fare for the last bus/subway home?…… 🙂

        1. I really want to go out in the early mornings and take walk of shame pics

  19. How is this going to fly in cultures that don’t share SJW standards? Or will the company just ignore charges of discrimination overseas?

  20. Quite frankly, I love SJWs. Them and feminists have been our best friends. They turn people who previously didn’t give a shit into reactionaries. The more toes they step on in more places, the better for us and the Alt-Right.
    I hope they get even more absurd and violent.

  21. I have my own house where I advertise for tenants all the time for the last 10 years. For the last year, Gumtree has been deleting my ads cause I said “sorry, no Indians due to cultural differences.” On the plus side when I found a new tenent where I pay for top advertising, I put my Indian quote in and my ad gets removed and I get a full refund 😀 I’ve saved about $200+ so far this year 🙂 Thanks Gumtree 😀

  22. Yah, so this seems like a total non issue. If you make your home into a hostel then you accept the rabble. Don’t want transdoodles or Nigerian rapefugees in your house? Then don’t rent rooms out.

    1. I’m a bit more old school. The property owner reserves the right to refuse service to anybody he chooses for any reason whatsoever. Fuck “equal opportunity” and the notion that somehow your property no longer truly belongs to you if you dare to make money with it.

      1. Don’t bar owners have the “Proprietor reserves the right of admittance” up in their establishments? Oh but he still has to bake a gay cake…. customer is always right after all……

        1. Right? This notion that you lose all of your rights if you have the temerity to offer a public service is a wholly socialist notion that did NOT exist in any real form until the mid 20th century. It’s bullshit.

        2. I remember seeing a sign in a bar that says “we reserve the right to refuse service to ANYone.”…..why should a hotel be different?

        3. Those signs unfortunately are legal fallacies…Someone has to DO something wrong/harmful/offensive to be refused service.

      2. There is a clear difference between being a hotel manager and a home owner

        1. There shouldn’t be. The notion that you lose your rights to your own property when you open a business is bunkum. This is a wholly new thing invented only very recently by leftists. I have no use for it. It is what has led to Christian bakeries being strong armed by faggots who sneer and gloat as they force the Christians out of business. Thanks, but no thanks.

        2. If I’m not mistaken hotel owners can still refuse right of admittance. If you don’t want Nigerians and men that wear high heels prancing around your house then you should be entitled to refuse admittance. And I have properties I rent out, not my home. It was handy for short term rentals. Moving to other site.

        3. Exactly. The Marriot does NOT have to allow a huge swingers event in their hotel, given as the clientele that they serve are regular families and normal business travelers. The idea that somehow they must be forced to allow 300 lewd naked people in and allow them free reign is toxic.

        4. Soon to be hosted at a Marriot near you!!! I don’t even want to think of the cleaning bill…. imagine the high stools in he bar…..eeeeuuuuu……

        5. There shouldn’t be? Come on man you are more realistic than that. We agree 100% on this issue. That doesn’t mean reality doesn’t apply

        6. Unfortunately the seeds of such policies were planted in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 when it was amended so that it would apply to private business owners in addition to the government.
          And it was amended as such because it was the only way to get enough Democrats on board with it so that it would pass.

        7. I’d go further and say, yes, opening a business, perhaps there should be some oversight and rules to follow for that. But doing something unprofessionally, as more of a hobby or way to make a little side money, it’s ridiculous to have to follow rules and give up your authoritay.
          This is like forcing a housewife on craigs list to bake a gay cake for someone.

  23. Started using about 3 months ago. Almost out of desperation for a last minute work assignment requiring travel. Very pleased so far as I’ve continued using them since. Great range of cheap price listings & booking process is simple. No fuss & no hassle.

  24. That discrimination policy statement doesn’t mention political convictions. So, if I
    can’t get a room with Airbnb because I’m a, say, white nationalist, masculinist, pro-lifer or Trump supporter, will Brian take care of my grievances as well?

  25. Being a Globe trotter I love Air BnB it is good Opportunity to Connect with the Locals I also only choose beautiful women Hosts. If one has good game one can have a grand time, however this policy is retarded. Just Imagine if you are a rather attractive girl and you host a rapeugee and he raped you. A little discrimination is not bad, in fact it is a biological response/proactive action to prevent harm. Stupid SJWs lack common sense.

  26. One of the fundamental human rights is freedom of association, that is the right to choose who you do business with and have into your home. In the name of eliminating racial injustice, we have allowed government to destroy the right of private property owners to choose the people they conduct business. There was never any consideration that there were other means by which blacks in the south could be treated as whole human beings. But no, we gave government an open-ended power to used its coercion and compulsion to repair a moral and cultural wrong.
    Now government has done what governments always will do. Once given a power they will always expand upon it. Now a power that was intended to be used to allow southern blacks to have a rest room at a gasoline station on the highway is being turned into a means by which people with abhorrent sexual morality must be treated as if there was no such consideration even in a person’s own home.
    Of course with the SJW mindset, the shoe is never on the other foot. I can only wait for someone who advocates open carry of their personal defense firearm to demand that an AirBnb host not discriminate against them. Let us see how loud this pig squeals.

  27. Side note- Read some of Che Guevara’s comments on various ethnic groups yesterday LOLOLOL that guy was straight outta the daily stormer. Some obese fuck at Costco had the Che face tace tat on his cankle, had to read up on the OG playa hata. You think Trump is bad on the Mexicans, read some Che quotes

  28. Airbnb was a cool idea. I won’t be using it any more. Not because I want to use boycotting or censorship against people’s personal decisions, but because it is unhealthy for me to be sleeping in places that could have been occupied by a disease ridden tranny the night before.
    Anyway, what’s this nonsense about discrimination.. I thought the site was entirely built around discrimination–don’t you have to have an account with photo and rep points, and the host checks you out and gets to decide whether to accept you or not?
    Farewell, airbnb, it was fun for a while and suddenly…

  29. As a Airbnb guest, I don’t care if someone rejects me, I’ll just find another place to stay. As a Airbnb host, there’s no way I’m letting everyone into my appartment.

  30. Here in Kiev I’ve seen at least a couple of Airbnb listings that specify
    No foreigners! Ukrainians only.
    Does this mean I can whine about this (perfectly reasonable) discrimination to Air B&B and they’ll give me free accommodation?

  31. Sorry Larry I can’t talk right now, Achmed our Airbnb guest just blew a load in little Kaitlyn and is threatening to blow us up with what appears to be an explosive laden vest. If he does make sure you tell everyone how open minded and non-discriminatory we were right up to the end.

  32. doesn’t seem to offer long-term accomodation though?
    Correct me if I’m wrong but I seem to be able to book no longer than a month and I can see no discounts based upon length?

  33. My sister cleans an airbnb apartment owned by a chinese man. Everytime newly arrived africans left the apartment, the place was thrashed so bad (project x bad, punched up walls that needed repairs) that my sister’s boss didn’t want to allow africans anymore. But now all that is going to happen again (nevermind the thousands that will be spent on repairs) because “equality”.

  34. Solution: Let’s create an alternate airbnb with a strong emphasis on property rights. Fuck trannies. (not literally though)

  35. Could are less. To hell with cross dressers, spooks, big nose middle eastern brownies and their money thieving brethren.

  36. You’ll never hear the SJWs say women have to stop discriminating on what men they date or have sex with.

  37. Airbnb is not cheap compared to hotels and motels, I have used them a few times in the past and it is pain to deal with hosts when they don’t respond fast and so many other issues that can arise. I found by far the best option for short term stays

  38. Prostitutes in brothels do reject customers based on race and other traits, in fact according to brothel managers she is allowed to refuse to have sex with customer for whatever reason. Indians get rejected all the time. Ok, they stink but still it is double standards

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