Adored Gay Leftist George Takei Calls Child Molestation “Delightful” & “Delicious” With No Media Outcry

Hot on the heels of the liberal hit job directed against Milo Yiannopoulos, footage and audio has emerged of Pizza Hut and Taco Bell spokesman George Takei calling child molestation “delightful” and “delicious.” The actor, most famous for his role in the original Star Trek series and being an unapologetic SJW, is presently one of Hollywood’s biggest haters of Trump.

In three separate interviews, Takei spoke in glowing terms about his molestation at the hands of a California summer camp counselor. He laughed incessantly about it to Howard Stern, on a show called notSam, and with presenters and guests for SiriusXM’s Shade 45. Unlike Milo Yiannopoulos’ generally far more ambiguous comments about relationships involving young and older men (his use “boy” and “girl” being equally applicable to young adults), Takei identified his age at the time of his sexual molestation (13 or 14, depending on the interview).

Return Of Kings will not defend all of Milo’s comments, but George Takei’s are objectively much worse. If Milo deserves to fall on his sword, Takei deserves it ten times over.

George Takei laughed about and even praised his own molestation.

The rise of the #PizzaGate controversy during last year’s US Presidential campaign gives George Takei’s past comments a “delightful” and “delicious” irony, and not just because he is a Pizza Hut spokesman. The implications of pedophilia being potentially rampant amongst senior liberals and their associates have long been discussed on the Roosh V Forum. I have not been involved in the raising of these concerns, but must admit that the meticulous work of others in exposing the accusations has left me rattled. If true, they would represent a shocking insight into how pedophilia is not only condoned but encouraged by very powerful people.

The hypocrisy of a media that elevates Takei to “hero” status and simultaneously tries to destroy Yiannopoulos should not come as a surprise to anyone. Whilst both men are flamboyantly gay, Takei not only tows the SJW line, but actively tries to expand it. As a result, he will probably escape any sanction for his words. Compare this to the witch-hunted Milo, who actually defended the age of consent laws that make sex with minors statutory rape. Tellingly, George Takei did nothing but laud his encounter with his molester.

Where are you about George Takei, Jake Tapper and Pizza Hut?

Political hack Jake Tapper.

CNN’s Jake Tapper, whose credibility has been challenged even more since the Wikileaks revelations about his political bias, has been one of the leaders of the hit job on Milo Yiannopoulos. He excoriated the organizers of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) for inviting Yiannopoulos to speak at their event. There is next to no doubt that he will remain silent on George Takei’s words, or even defend them if push comes to shove.

The same can be said of the treasure trove of other outlets, from MSNBC to the Huffington Post, who will continue to have a field day at Milo’s expense. These outlets had no trouble calling #PizzaGate alt-right propaganda, but will provide no context whatsoever to the former Breitbart editor’s comments, most notably his stated support for age of consent laws. The new furor about George Takei will at best be given a very undignified silence by them.

Pizza Hut’s position, as well as Taco Bell’s, will be harder to maintain than the double standards of the media’s favorite journalist hacks. Like McDonald’s, KFC, Wendy’s, and a host of other fast food chains, these two corporations need to appeal to Middle America, not only the politically correct souls who flock to CNN. And a major target market for these companies, if not the major target market, is children. Still, whether Pizza Hut and Taco Bell abandon George Takei will depend on the traction his past comments get.

The media will always protect those with the correct leftist talking points

George Takei’s comments in praise of molestation are much older than those being used against Milo Yiannopoulos. Yet, sans some unexpected development, the former will continue his life without media harassment and a concerted campaign to destroy his career.

The aftermath of the hit job on Milo Yiannopoulos means he has now resigned from Breitbart, lost his book deal with Simon & Schuster, and been dropped from CPAC. If anything, George Takei will be given multiple excuses to say he is a victim of alt-right “abuse” by those criticizing his take on child molestation.

People frequently say liberals and SJWs are grossly inconsistent. On one front, however, I disagree. Let’s face it: they will consistently defend their own, no matter what they say.

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  1. They say there’s nothing new under the sun, but under the pants, well… thats a whole new world…

        1. He had this guy on once who claimed he could blow smoke out of his eyes. for some reason he had to drink a gallon of water to psyche himself up before attempting this. He couldnt do it of course, and he threw up all over the mic. one of the best bits ever. cant remember his name, had long red hair…

  2. Harry Hay, founder of modern LGBT movment. Public speaker of NAMBLA.
    The ‘manosphere’ always lose because we play fair.
    Now, when your ennemie use a double edge sword, cut them with it.
    Any leftist, SWJ, LGBT site who brag about Milo is a child molester ? Bring back the Hay subject. With photos. And links. And citations.
    Or about Larry Kramer , Ginsberg, Burroughs, Kinsey… So many exemples…
    Burn their foundations to the ground.
    Because there is a gigantic Pedophile elephant in the Gay closet, even if most gays aren’t about pedophilia…

      1. Or maybe because English isn’t my birth language, and not my second… We lose mainly because we tried to fair on several level. We believe our politicians, we agreed to give power to women without asking for equal contribution in ‘dirty’ matters, we put welfare before contribution, and of course, we like to ‘quibble’ about each other instead of embrassing the necessity of a hard fight against real ennemies…

        1. You have an excuse then. But it is a common mistake with people who speak only one language. Almost as annoying as people who say “you was” instead of “you were”. A great way to sound uneducated.

        1. They’re all welcome. Like Elvis look a likes; Jailhouse Rock or Aloha from Hawaii. Come one, come all.

        1. If he’s in a gay pride march doing this shit, I’ll bet you a lot of money he is the adopted kid of some gay male couple.

      1. like the way the rainbow colored guy comes near the child (for what purpose ?) and the women push him away… like “leave him alone pervert”

      2. With all the shame I can have, I have to say that fucking disgrace there is in Brazil. This country is ground zero for all sorts of perversion and filthy behavior. As a Brazilian, I hope this country is razed by a natural disaster of some sort. Place makes Sodom and Gomorra look like conservative cities.

  3. its not the act, or the person. its the politics.
    Anyone right of Trotsky’s left nut – is the enemy.
    And the MSM-pravda will eviscerate anyone not on the Ateam.
    They often use sex, deviant or otherwise (which they peddle) to take them down.
    As my leftist girlfriend said – men just need to stand up and speak like Milo*. And reject all feminist/Marxist nonsense – debate is over…
    *Facts, not gayness

  4. Just an observation – Takei is more famous for being gay than anything else, including his role in Star Trek. But you are supposed to believe that homos have it so hard. Continue your grueling work, earning money that can be taxed to fund fag pride parades and free clinics for the diseases of degeneracy. – Message courtesy of Feminist Non-Logic ‘Muh Feelz Bureau.

  5. “People frequently say liberals and SJWs are grossly inconsistent. On one front, however, I disagree. Let’s face it: they will consistently defend their own, no matter what they say.”
    I agree.
    Milo stretched the overton window wide open in the MSM and made the right wing appear inclusive to the average young person.
    If the people abandoned Donald Trump for not being the absolute republican conservative ideal (which he is not), we’d be complaining about Hillary Clinton right now.

    1. Of course, Takei is just another useful “acceptable” tool when it really comes down to it. Look at how little the Leftists were interested in what he had to say when he was against making the Sulu character gay, they basically told him to shut up and did it anyway.
      Their narrative is all that matters and they’ll push it with or without help. Ever wonder why there seem to be so many “activists” supporting gays that far outnumber the amount of gays in existence? Tools are needed for destruction and construction especially for a job the size of bringing down all of Western civilization.

      1. “activists supporting gays that far outnumber the amount of gays in existence”
        Those SJW talking in behalf of [insert minority here] are the worst, they are usually white. They even decide what should or should not be offensive in behalf of the minorities, When a white girl made a photoshoot in Japanese kimono SJW went crazy, but Japanese praise the photos, they see it as artistic and well made, they did not care about the race of the model. When SJW went full bat shit crazy about the Speedy Gonzales from WB looney tunes being racial insensitive they remove all speedy episode from WB , Mexicans really like the character and made a petition to return speedy to TV. Is the liberal crazy snowflakes the ones triggered not the minorities (unless you are black)

        1. How could anybody not like Speedy Gonzales and at a minimum find him to be a miniature ass kicker and smart fellow? SJW’s are really unhinged.

        2. I have a professor that won’t call African mud homes “mud” because of the “negative connotations of mud” srsly. We must use the term “earthen”. Oy.

        3. your not allowed to use the name of the color Black because of negative racial connotations. I wanna buy a black car. FUCKING RACIST! Call it African American Automobile. When you use the name of the color to describe something they want you to apologize for it, if you forgot to made the distinction. that is microaggression you need to say This is my black Shirt, the color not the race, because for them it would imply that there is a shirt for African Americans and not the color, Yes they are that retards.

        4. Wow…When I was in Kenya we visited the Maasii and we visited their cow dung huts… I guess your professor would have an apoplectic fit trying to come up with a PC term for that 😂

    2. “Milo stretched the overton window wide open”
      So “overton window” is what we are calling the anus these days?

      1. Yeah but wasn’t he caught actually sexting a 15 year old?
        Milo was questioning social and legal convention, whereas Weiner actually broke social and legal convention while serving as a public representative.

        1. yeah, but apparently he had alot of his wife’s email on that computer- I think the cops were more interested in that. I think the folder was entitled “insurance”, so read into that if you want

  6. On a related note, RIP Stern Show. Now it’s basically just a showcase for misguided, misunderstood liberal mincing and the glorification of fat disgusting pigs (Dunham, Schumer, Megan Trainor et al). It’s so sad trying to listen every day on my commute or at my soul-killing desk job…Trying to tune in for the few minutes of Ronnie, Richard, Sal or even Mehmet to get into the more manly, amusing shit, and instead you just get flooded with leftist groupthink. It’s especially bad bc Howard himself is such an interesting guy, with some really diverse thoughts — many from the left but just as many from the right. He’s totally sold himself out and it is a very depressing thought when you consider what an edgelord he once was.
    At any rate there’s probably a subreddit I should be posting this rant to instead. So yeah, fuck George Takei as well. He’s a great example of how someone with literally ZERO talent can become a relatively wealthy, famous person in today’s America. Piss on him.

    1. Yea, lesbian dating game in the early 90’s to dog/cat issues from his hot, but barren wife. And fat insane LBQBEEGEE nonsense from leftist friends Shumer and Shumer. Then incessant inane adds for a monthly fee.
      I turned it off.
      off course Mr Limousine Liberal is armed in NYC and advocates the peasants aren’t…

      1. Like most all of these things, it’s a bait and switch. Made a fortune giving the average Joe what he wanted, then used the money to do what was really intended. No different than Google, Facebook, Amazon, Disney, etc. etc…they get our money and then use it against us.

        1. “Make a fortune giving the average Joe what he wanted, then used the money to do what was really intended.”
          They don’t even do this anymore, look at Bioware for example, the same thing happened to NFL. These motherfuckers won’t stop until someone really takes a stand against them.

        2. Oh lawd Bioware…I was such a big Mass Effect fan when I was younger, but they’re going to absolutely soil it with this new game. I can’t even look at it. The only good news is that it looks positively mediocre and might kill their biggest virtue-signalling franchise for good.

        3. The gameplay was never the franchise’s forte, it was always the story. Even if the games’ romance options were fuck krogans, gray aliens & reptilians it still wouldn’t have bothered me, but something really pisses me off about a game that has male characters that look like models while the women are cgi anita sarkeesians.
          May their agenda burn to the ground!

        4. I noticed that the new female characters were a couple weird-looking aliens and some ugly chick with a Skrillex-cut. Oh and the new protagonist looks like the most metrosexual frat boy ever imagined. Yeah, I’m pulling the ejection lever on so many games right now just because of how rampant SJWs are getting in that industry. That, and I expect it to be an obsolete hobby for me in a year or so.

        1. Artie and Eric the Midget kept the show alive and kicking for a long time. I remember when fat disgusting drunken Artie beat that WNBA chick in a game of one on one….Fucking classic.
          Also I thought I saw somebody reply with an ack ack but it’s gone now. Whoever that was gets 2 thumbs up.

        2. Artie beat a womens basketball player? This I gotta see. Check him out as the “little league bookie” from madtv. Classic.

        3. I watched it on YouTube last night and it turns out I mis-remembered that. Artie ended up losing 16-14…But only bc he was in such poor physical condition. At the outset he crushed her, went up like 12 – 4…Then he bonked. Poor guy, he’s in far far worse shape now.

        4. Considering the fact that his diet was probably cocaine, alcohol, and fast food (and probably still is), I consider it a win for him.

        5. That wouldn’t surprise me. He’s an awesome train wreck to watch but he seems like a good guy so its bittersweet.

    2. Pretty much sums up why I stopped paying attention to pop culture. Every fucking thing has to be so over politicized today.
      I remember when I used to laugh at the Tim And Eric show back in high school, and now Tim Heidecker is making a song about punching “nazis”.

    3. Trying to tune in for the few minutes of Ronnie, Richard, Sal or even Mehmet to get into the more manly, amusing shit

      Seems that those two permanently “unmanned” themselves last year.

      1. Oh yeah man, they’re super duper gay for each other. But I find that amusing, personally. I love those 2 guys and their borderline gaeity.
        They had that old lie-detector test guy on a couple months ago to ask them if they were straight. They both failed. It was a pretty good bit.
        Here it is actually if you’d like to hear it.

  7. At least Takei is rapidly being discredited. I remember in college when all the leftists I knew would repost his snarky, foppish remarks on Facebook as if he were a god.

  8. he is very high frequency with the anti-trump snark on social media.
    I have plenty of crazy-cat lady liberals sharing his snark.
    Would love to share this ROK story —but I am still scared to put my head above the parapet…

        1. Ill tell you what happens- he will recieve a one-week ban for posting something hostile on another person’s page

  9. Takei is the typical degenerate fa66it, the type of garbage that has no upstanding morals on just about anything that matters in life. You can notice his perversity in his nasty face alone. Someone should have shot that piece of worthless trash on the face a long time ago. The type of pathetic individual, a weak maggot who got a prostate addiction and thinks the whole world should have his disease.

  10. The tragic truth of the matter is that literally (Hitler) anything you say can be turned into a media spectacle if presented properly and in a certain order. The elite’s MSM stooges more than likely have millions of hours of video and audio footage on all of their enemies ready to unleash it whenever one enemy in particular gains too much power. It’s just too bad the general public can’t see through this completely transparent idiocy even though it’s been going on in one way or another since the beginning of civilization.

  11. This is why its pointless when conservatives try to brag abut having a gay, black, or female spokesperson in a way to sort of virtue signal against liberal shaming tactics. Its not going to work if you’re not advancing their ideology.

  12. Well, if you are a leftist fag, nothing you say can cause harm; now if you are a conservative fag, then anything you say is mean and intolerant!

    1. George Takei: “I was tortured every day by the japanese guards who beat and humiliated me….it was delicious”

  13. One can only assume Takei wasn’t the first or the last to be molested by this camp counselor. What about all the others who didn’t find that experience so “delicious” there, George?

  14. Seriously, as a Baby Boomer nerd, I feel betrayed by realizing late in life that the whole Star Trek franchise had an agenda to sabotage American society, with its messages about diversity, race-mixing (Spock, then Counselor Troi in The Next Generation), feminism and normalizing broken sexuality by featuring a gay actor as a supporting character who later revealed his degeneracy to the whole world.
    I can’t stand to watch episodes in the original series any more because of my Red-Pilling about this.

    1. Yup, I loved that show as a kid, but now I see the Scotsman, the black receptionist, the Russian, the…… all put together like some “diversity matters” group. At least Kirk was a white man.

      1. At least TOS had the decency to use the Russian to call out “fake news”.
        Unfortunately, as the oft-misinterpreted MLK/Nichols interaction showed, the black receptionist was just there to push SJW reform.

        1. At least she was a sexy classy 60s black chic and not an obnoxious loud ghetto modern one. TOS got shut down because Kirk got jungle fever! Whats the big deal he slayed legions of alien pussy but he cant bang a black human female? Thats speciesist! heh

      2. Bro you are playing into your own fall. America is a land. The united states of America is the name of the union on that land. Why the hell would a white country necessitate a union? Notice how all the white European nations aren’t unions but nations? That’s because they are white countries. Notice how they all use parliamentary style politics and yet the union doesn’t?
        If you are unable or unwilling to reach at the only logical conclusion that the US of A is not a white nation than you are doomed. The future is in the making and your’s is of your own doing. You have been warned.

    2. Successful social-engineering campaigns take time and planning. And scripts. Lots of scripts…

    3. The plot of Childhood’s End by Arthur C Clarke was very disturbing too- SciFi channel did a miniseries a few years ago…

      1. Big time. I read that book when I was way too young. Explains a lot really.
        The miniseries wasn’t too bad.

        1. The fact he liked young boys, and the kids are all stolen at the end…chilling

        2. That and the whole devil thing, the disproving of God, the marginalization of every belief system our species ever had – o yeah and the planet disappears at the end.
          I had to pop Solyent Green in the VCR for a pick-me-up.

        3. I have fond memories of watching Soylent Green with my family on Christmas morn

      2. Clarke in the novel says that humans developed better contraception under the Overlords’ rule, and Earth became a free-love utopia. The Overlords had nothing to do with that technology as such, and they didn’t interfere in humans’ private lives.
        Clarke apparently moved to Sri Lanka for a number of reasons: it offered good places for scuba diving; its tropical climate agreed with him better than England’s; his money would go farther there; it already had amenities in place to cater to British residents from its days as a British colony; and he figured out how to game its tax laws to save a fortune, like a lot of libertarians advocate doing, despite his otherwise liberal political beliefs.
        But Sri Lanka’s laws and culture also tolerated man/boy buggery, which Clarke apparently took advantage of. Clarke actually portrays a gay relationship between two teenage boys in his novel Imperial Earth, published in 1976.

        1. Ted and Laura bush racing cross country would rack up a body count similar to a year in the Darien gap

        2. again, I am not going to blame the guy. She was probably a total cunt.

        3. by the way, when I call ROK Pro Rape I do not mean to suggest it is in favor of rape, but rather that every single person in the comments section as well as everyone who writes articles are professional rapists.

        4. I had to send my business cards back because they said, “Honey Badger, Therapist.” They were supposed to say, “Honey Badger, the rapist.”

        5. I was doing a job assignment out in LA and I went to pick up my sister at LAX and Shatner was on the same flight. He definitely loved his cocktails.

        6. “Drowning your wife in a swimming pool does that”
          Was it homicide? I always assumed she died by accident. Any evidence Shatner killed her? That would suck, I’m a fan of that campy captain.

        7. He was a suspect in his wife’s death. He had her body cremated the day after she died, which prevented an autopsy. He first said that he was home when his wife “drowned”; then he changed his story and said he wasn’t home, and he came home and found her floating in the pool. She allegedly had a neck injury, along with bruises and abrasions, when she was found in the pool by first responders. But that turned out not to matter, due to the rapid cremation of her body the next day. Despite the cremation, based on the report of the first responders, her cause of death was listed as “neck injuries and accidental drowning”. She was a very strong swimmer – and yet, she “drowned”. His 911 call was the worst acting performance of his life; he cried out, “My poor wife!”, in a totally unbelievable manner, and then he hung up on the 911 operator. Plus, Shatner is Jewish, and Jews don’t do the cremation thing. There’s a lot more to it than this, but add it all up and it looks like Captain Kirk got away with murder…
          Here’s an interesting online debate on the matter, discussing the evidence, etc. –

        8. “He was a suspect in his wife’s death. He had her body cremated the day after she died, which prevented an autopsy”
          Interesting. Still, the police would have to determine if there was foul play done before she could be cremated.
          If Shatner did kill her, that would suck. I suppose Leonard Nimoy would be the only “normal” cast member on original star trek. But I also can say I have heard nothing scandolous about DeForest Kelly or James Doohan (Scotty).

        9. “Interesting. Still, the police would have to determine if there was foul play done before she could be cremated.”
          Doesn’t work like that for the rich and famous. They play by different rules and the police are their friends…

    4. Now there are sjw’s who hate the original show because it wasn’t diverse enough for them. Plus the nonwhite characters did their jobs and never told their white coworkers to check their privilege.

      1. After the Klingon Emperor and Captain Kirk spit-roasted her, the Klingons and the humans signed a peace treaty, and then all these slutty human bitches started screwing every Klingon they could find, making tons of ugly little half-Klingon babies. All because of Troi.

    5. Star Trek’s message of race-mixing in DS9 was extremely anti-feminist, so that’s a “silver lining”. DS9 also arguably railed against the “diversity is our strength” mantra.
      Voyager took a non-PC, more realistic stance on race-mixing as Torres had issues caused by her genetics that not even the advanced technology of the far-flung future could resolve.
      Counselor Troi herself serves to knock down a few feminist narratives as there’s no way that her mother could have been “coerced” or “tricked” into bumping uglies with the human who sired her daughter.

        1. The being clothed=obscenity bit was rather creative.
          Quark’s radical, “Evelyn Harper” style mother also, ironically, sabotages feminism.

        2. Fun fact: Unlike the other actors, Armin Shimerman required no makeup to portray a Ferengi. He simply flared his nostrils a bit.

        3. I’d like to believe that when he shilled 0bamacare he was playing upon Quark’s reputation as a snake-oil salesman to do so “ironically”.
          Star Trek (albeit Voyager) did show that socialized medicine was inhumane and a disaster.
          …it’s either that, or the guy was dense enough to play roles that were “heroes of capitalism” and learn nothing from them.

      1. I liked Sisko. Instead of welcoming the invasion of murderous space muslims (the “Dominion”) with open arms like modern Germans would, he had the balls to mine the entrance to the wormhole and blew their ships away at the first chance he got.
        Even the Federation wasn’t so stupid as to put notions of “diversity” and “tolerance” above all else.

        1. For a crazy guy who was literally abducted by aliens (who also “pulled a Zeus” when it came to conceiving him), he was a fairly solid (ha) character.
          Sisko was also always able to keep his diversity-mandated, hysterical female “VP” in check. Space Patriarchy.
          He was a far cry better than the “post retcon” Janeway who spewed liberal drivel like the greatest moment of her career being when she risked her life to crawl out into “No man’s land” to save the enemy that she’d mortally wounded.

      2. It’s funny to read what Marina Sirtis has to say about Troi’s costumes vs her character’s role in the show. She started out in the TNG uniform short dress style, then went to the low cut coveralls, then went to a normal uniform the last couple years, but the character’s lines and presence changed at the same times.

    6. Yeah, and they also neglected to explain alot of fundamental questions like why all characters where ethnic and seemed to have national identities yet were constantly race and interspecies mixing. Why they had a major non-interference clause in interactions with non-federation planets/cultures yet broke them in every single episode. Why almost every non-federation species used goldpressed latinum as currency but the Communist utopia, sorry federation didn’t need any because every citizen was somehow content with their assigned jobs.

  15. Just wait…eventually we’ll start seeing leftist demonstrators chanting, “My body, my choice! Man-boy-love!” right out in the streets. On a more positive note, a Federal judge has ruled that women in Colorado can go topless in public, whenever they want. Yeah! Empower yourselves, bitches, while I dump a load on your tits, right outside Starbucks; you can talk about how cool George Takei is, while I improve the visual appearance and overall health of your skin. And I’ll chant right along with you, “Your titties, my choice! My semen has a voice!” Batter up…

  16. Liberals are by nature hypocrites but then again they always embrace perverts unless it suits their goals of the moment.

    1. What the useless idiots of the left (their minority groups) fail to realize is that inside their little cabal, away from the cameras and reporters, the leftist powers-that-be really talk shit about LGBT, blacks, hispanics, etc. In secret, the power-brokers despise them, but in public, they spout the SJW nonsense and keep fooling the fools who are stupid enough to follow them.

  17. Democrat George Takei Starts a New # PizzaGate By Calling Child Molestation “Delightful” And “Delicious”

  18. I wonder how quickly pizza hut would drop george if the hashtag #pizzahut were to become joined with the hashtag #pizzagate: – #PizzaHutGate
    13 year old George Takei’s abuser went where no man had gone before, and now he ought to go to prison

        1. ya know bob, you were pitched a gimme right down the middle but, that said, you fucking whaled it so out of the park it is still astonishing.

  19. This is a classic piece of whataboutery. Milo is fucked. Yes but what about George Takei! Milo isn’t fucked because of leftists, or indeed the Regan Batallion whoever they are. He is fucked because of his own big stupid mouth. Just remember who threw him under the bus – CPAC. And listen to those who were so vocal about the demonstrations at Berkeley, listen to them rushing to support him now. Oh wait I can’t hear a fucking thing. For what it’s worth I’ve never liked Star Trek or George Takei, but then who really cares about George Takei? Equally the sight of Milo in his pearls with his phony upper class English accent always made me want to puke.

  20. This is how you know the Milo thing was a coordinated, deliberate hit job to destroy his career and delegitimize his voice. The comments from Takei, Bill Maher and other leftist celebs that were as bad or worse than what Milo said are getting zero attention in the mainstream media.
    It doesn’t matter if you like Milo or hate him, if you agree with him or not. The fact is that the leftist media decided he was a threat, and then attacked him and tore him apart. They punished him for daring to speak out against their agenda.
    If they can do it to him, with all of his protected class labels, they can do it to any one of us. And they will, if you dare to threaten them.

    1. The only reason Milo was broken was because he let the scandal get to him. He weakly allowed his history of abuse to make him lose his cool, when his cool was the only thing he had. Books can be published online by people far poorer than Milo, and if his brand were toxic then he could simply break off of Breitbart and do his own thing.
      Remember, the left can only break you if you let them.

  21. nothing suprising here.
    Gay card ? checked
    loud trump hater card ? checked
    non-white male card ? checked
    that’s 3 powerful cards in the game he could say all the shit he wants and will never be worried for that.
    who should really check their privileges now ?

  22. and you KNOW what this guy will do to your coke if you aren’t looking

      1. yes, all Chinese people think it is hilarious to make pee pee in your coke

    1. If there’s one thing you can trust a Japanese man to be, it’s a China man.

      1. I don’t have time for multiple Asians or Hispanics. There are Mexicans and Chinese. Their little individual soccer teams don’t matter to me.

        1. Sure, but in this case, they are utterly different people. Nothing about them is the same except the superficial and that the Japs borrowed the Chinese characters for their alphabet. Japan is one weird, weird little nation, it’s language is an Isolate in absolute terms and its history is bizarre compared to all other Asian countries. It’s like the Mothership dumped a bunch of weirdos on an island and said “Go, try to look like Chinese” and nothing more.
          I mean sure, the Finns are similar in regard to Scandinavians, but at least they share a language with other people and they didn’t just pop out of space and plop into Finlandia.

        2. nope. All Asians are Chinese. Everyone who speaks Spanish and is not from spain is Mexican. Everyone who speaks Spanish and is from Spain is French.

    1. lol, isnt gook vietnamese … ?
      Microwaves are more efficient then ovens … check out kick ass, in that film they used a lumber wood microwave & turned a guy into an instant tv dinner …
      Imagine the shoa with a lumber wood microwave oven … oi vey!!!

  23. DISGUSTING. If we put people in prison for so-called ‘hate speech’, then why shouldn’t this kind of statement be prosecuted as well?

  24. Probably this Reprobate would shag a Pizza. Milo said things he shouldn’t have known that he was ripe for Assassination of any kind as far as this Prick of a man Takei is concerned he just fits in really with the likes of Lena Dunham who are champions of the lefts cause. They have no morals,their beliefs,if they have any is Evil is Good and Good is Evil. When their leaders such as Soros.The Clintons and the Reprobate Obamas say anything backed up by awful women such as Whooping Cough Goldberg the company says it all.

  25. Fuckin’ A….. Takei is from a tv show, from an era that I always think fondly about – I wish the queers would just keep this shit to themselves. I can no longer look at a classic episode of Star Trek, or any of the star trek movies he was in the same way anymore.

  26. Child molestation is just as useless as lesbianism
    Prebuscent children literally have no reproductive organs, because theyre too under-developed, all you end up doing is causing the poor child extreme amounts of pain, or permanently damaging them …
    Lesbians too technically cant do anything but masturbate each other, or punch each other in the vagina …

  27. I don’t know if the author David will read this and give a quick reply, but I would really like anyone to confirm for me that Takei was sexually abused by a camp councilor at 13/14. Is this true? I could google it but I am just curious if others already have and then for replies because now we have two… two… well known faggots who were BOTH sexually abused and somehow told “it’s not the worst thing to happen to you” while finding “a safe space” in the gay community to “come out.”
    I am guessing Takei has hundreds of “clerical sexual abuse” jokes as Miilo hinted at in his presser? Wonder if he would care to do some standup for us cis norms. You know… about an hour of SEXUAL ABUSE jokes that “everyone has heard already” in every gay bar apparently.
    gay pedo abuse = homo
    That is the equation that is REALLY starting to become very clear to me and I suspect many others.

  28. I wouldn’t be surprised if Takei is the kind of guy to get Savile’d after he dies.

  29. Takei is completely given over to evil. He was molested unrightfully which set him on a path. He did not have to walk it but he ran down the path to hell and he is loving his evil sodomite lifestyle.

    1. These people need to get saved.
      Acts 16:31
      “And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.”

  30. This might rub people the wrong way, but aren’t Milo and George just stating facts that no SJW wants to admit to? I thought everyone knew that gay men were into young boys and love the idea of “turning out” straight men. It’s perverse. Which is where the word perverted comes from. But we can’t SAY that because SJW’S have made it akin to murder to state a fact.

  31. Well I am proud of the sexual relationship I has with 2 women while I was a minor and both were in their 30s. Funny how when I talk to others they do not consider it molestation. And many people including Republicans have applauded me for getting an older woman to teach me about sex. But oh my let a gay man enjoy having an older man teach them sex and it becomes horrible.

    1. You have convoluted the issue with word selection. You say;
      “But oh my let a gay man enjoy having an older man teach them sex and it becomes horrible”
      But that is not an accurate statement in the least.
      You should of said;
      “let an underage boy” or maybe “let a male child”
      You are a filthy and disgusting POS. If you tried to make that point in my proximity I would break some bones in your pedophile face.

  32. How do you take down the lgtiyhgdrdsxzaxdcfvd? Exposed the pedophilia. Homos have power because they got a lot of people to feel sorry for them. So you have to convince a lot of people to not do this. How you do that? Reveal to a lot of people the connection between homos and pedophilia.

    1. I find pity power quite humorous. All these leftist racing to the bottom to be the most notorious victim imaginable. They are jockeying to be in position for the good will of those in power to rescue them. Not exactly a position of power.

  33. “I get a pass because I’m gay, of the left, non-white, and I was locked up in a WW2 internment camp!”

  34. How about you admit to yourself that you believed Milo’s dumb shit and just start fresh hating all pedophiles? Don’t let your ego make you play this twisted game. These actors are on both sides of the spectrum wearing people like costumes so that they can get close to whomever and influence them in such a way.
    Milo is the world’s biggest shill right now. How can he be on your side? Because he’s conservative? What is he conserving when he sucks dick and dyes his hair blonde like some girl that just got dumped by her first boyfriend? Get real man. They’re all the same and the actual truthers are well aware. You water down our content with shit like this. C’mon man.

  35. The starship Enterprise had a diverse crew. And of course, all nationalities had their place on the bridge.
    Yet… there was a white male in the captain’s chair.
    The way it should be….

  36. I think the left is trying desperately to normalize pedophilia to save some butts when the arrest warrants start coming. I hope they all are exposed, and those guilty are sentenced to the max with no hope of seeing daylight again!

  37. George Takei apparently doesn’t think it’s child molestation as long as the … Does Pizza Hut Spokesman George Takei Advocate Pedophilia?

  38. Most of the comments I have read below really went down the Trekkie rabbit trail and got far off the topic.. Anybody going to write to Pizza Butt or Taco Hell and express outrage over Takei? Boycott their business?


    Daryush ‘Roosh’ Valizadeh, 36, calls himself the ‘King of Masculinity’ but has faced anger from around the world for his views on rape.
    He posted an article advocating legalization of rape on private land and has said women’s value is dependent on ‘fertility and beauty’
    This weekend he was planning ‘tribal meetings’ for his followers in 45 countries but called them off because of ‘death threats’
    Today Daily Mail Online found him at his mother’s cul-de-sac home in Silver Spring, Maryland – where he lives in the basement
    Valizadeh called police to complain about alleged threats and answered the door in stained t-shirt, geeky glasses and with a graying beard.
    It was posted more than a year ago and yesterday he decided to add a disclaimer that it should not be taken literally.

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