Good Game Is The New Rape

A New Jersey lawmaker has introduced a bill which would criminalize “acts of lying” to obtain sex.  Such “sexual assault by fraud” would be treated as rape, and therefore subject men to punishments of up to 20 years in prison for such rapey statements as “Of course I’ll respect you in the morning,” or “I promise to call you tomorrow.”

Imprisonment under such circumstances is not a ridiculous result. According to Salon:

[f]raud invalidates any semblance of consent just as forcible sexual contact does… As written, the bill doesn’t consider sexual assault by fraud any less serious than other types of sexual assault that are already on the books.

Imagine that—20 years incarceration for reassuring, “Let’s go out this weekend,” when you had absolutely no intention of following through on that promise, or maybe you got called in to work at the last minute.  Other “lies” which could guarantee you jail time:

 “No, I’m not married.”

 “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“You’re hair looks amazing.”

“Sure, this means we’re going steady.”

“No, I don’t find your sister attractive.”

“I’m a millionaire, I just forgot my wallet.”

“You’re the type of woman I could marry.”

“You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met.”

Basically, the proposed law criminalizes “good game.” Remember in Swingers when Vince Vaughn advised Jon Favreau to tells girls that he was a “producer” when he was actually a struggling comedian? Well, unless you have ample credits on IMDB to back it up, that claim would be considered “sexual assault by fraud” in New Jersey.

This legislation is yet another attack on men’s rights, and more ominously, a not-so-veiled attempt to give jilted or otherwise unhappy women any reason whatsoever to punish those evil men. Break up with a girl without her consent? Prepare to be accused of lying about “wanting to settle down” and therefore, subject to prosecution.

Or worse, tell her she “doesn’t look fat” in those pants, when she actually looks like a water buffalo—off to the big house with you. A law that criminalizes your thoughts is the ultimate weapon of a vindictive female, literally a “he said, she didn’t like it” crime.

So what does this mean to you, as a normal guy, just trying to enjoy life, meet some ladies and have a good time? It means that “affirmative consent” is not enough. The proliferation of affirmative consent laws have made prosecutions that much easier because engaging in a sex act voluntarily is no longer enough to prevent a female from accusing you of assault.

And it gets worse. Quite literally, this new law means that every woman you meet is a ticking time bomb, and every statement you utter holds the potential to imprison you. No more playful innuendo or hyperbole. If you say something, buster, you better mean it. Consider the lyrics of that epic 70’s love ballad “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”:

Do you love me?  Will you love me forever?

Do you need me?  Will you never leave me?

Will you make me so happy for the rest of my life?

Will you take me away, and will you make me your wife?

Let’s be honest, when a guy’s about to get laid, he’ll promise all sorts of stuff, from long term commitment to finding a cure for ebola—and both of those would be considered rape under the new law. Your answer to any questions resembling those Meat Loaf lyrics should be, “Let me discuss that with my lawyer and get back to you. In the meantime, can you please sign and notarize this Statement of Affirmative Consent and have it reviewed by your independent counsel?”

In order to counter such blatant violations of our constitutional and human rights, men must not cower under the threat of such charges. Instead, men must fight back and expose the hypocrisy of such silly legislation, which, ironically, takes away resources and attention from legitimate crimes.

Women must also be subjected to prosecution when they obtain sex by “fraud.” For example, men should pursue charges if a partner lies about being on birth control or having a boyfriend. And most importantly, watch your back and use a survival tactic made famous by Sergeant Schultz in that classic sitcom.


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266 thoughts on “Good Game Is The New Rape”

  1. I’ve never really lied during game; but you’re right OP, it’s a slippery slope. Can changing your mind about priorities in life (settling down vs. having fun) be deemed a lie? Who knows how this would be enforced if it were to pass.
    Regardless, the march towards Peak Feminism continues. Another straw on the camel’s back.

  2. Good.
    Fake blondes, silicon tits, women who claim they are single when they are not, who lied about not having kids when they do, who lied about their age, who told us they could cook, who lied about the number of men they had previously slept with, who said they were okay with this being a one night thing but weren’t, and who said money wasn’t important to them, can all proceed to go to jail now.

    1. Dude, no way will this be applied equally. Do you think women need to ask if they can proceed and escalate with the “Yes Means Yes” law? No. Do you think that fake tits and eyelashes will constitute rape by fraud? No way.

      1. Totally agree. If you want further proof, look at the family courts and see how everything is almost in favor of the women- and how most of the times, the man will lose everything.

        1. Read their own rule book and apply Rule 4.
          No, it won’t be easy. Yes, there will be casualties, many of them. But if you doubt it can be done, remember, it’s how they came to power in the first place.

        2. “If you want further proof, look at the family courts and see how everything is almost in favor of the women- and how most of the times, the man will lose everything”
          Quoted For Truth.

      2. What Jams said. This new law is set up to throw men in jail, or extort money from them, but not the other way around.

      3. It might work if we start shouting “rape”, now. Get the feminists crying we’re abusing the idea until it becomes a total joke. Did a girl ever ask for your continuous consent while you were doing her doggy style? No? Then, my friend. You were raped. Did you somehow while doing her look at her belly and thought it’s a bit flabby and regretted she’s not perfect looking? Then, my friend. You were raped. Did she lead you on thinking she could give the best blowjobs but in reality her teeth made your hardon flabby faster than you can stare at her tits? Then, my friend. You were raped.
        It’s time we start speaking out about these abuses men experience. The law allows us.

      4. Like some guys on here are saying, there’s no way in hell this would be applied to women. Or trannies for that matter. How long is it gonna take for people to realize that the gay agenda is REAL and that its proponents are doing their damndest to screw up men/women relationships so that the gays can have what they deem to be “easy pickings” amongst a bunch of unwary, confused, sexually frustrated, lonely men?
        What’s ironic here is that the guy who’s pushing for it is Troy Singleton, who happens to be an African American Democrat. I would’ve expected a female representative or a WASP to push for something like this, but not him. Especially when he happens to be a member of the main demographic that a law like this would be used against. Remember that street harassment video? Women only cry “rape” or “harassment” when men they’re not attracted to–who a majority of the time are African Americans, whom society has deemed to be the “low men” on the totem pole in the sexual marketplace–try to talk to them. Funny how this dude claims to be a member of the Catholic church (which is supposed to be a shining beacon of patriarchy) yet he supports same sex marriage and laws that get men thrown in prison for the crime of being attracted to and hitting on women. The only thing I can think of is that, since it appears that he’s single, he’s trying to earn some brownie points with the ladies. He hasn’t learned that ass-kissing gets you nowhere in the dating world. Maybe that’s not his motive, but whatever the reason, something just doesn’t smell right…

    2. It literally can not be used for black knighting. It specifically calls out fraud for the purpose of penetration.

        1. It is the same; It won’t be enforced the same. Take all these female teachers who rape their juvenile students for example. What do they get? Nothing? Thirty days? Male teachers 20+ years. Don’t get me wrong…I don’t advocate either. These are terrible crimes against innocent kids.

        2. Go read the draft. It is worded to be the person penentrating can’t lie not the other way around

        3. that’s ok, because when she puts her tongue in my ass, then she’s also doing some penetrating…. just the way i like it too….

        4. Make every interaction start with her putting her finger in your mouth. 1st penetration. Tell her you “Like a finger in your mouth,” NOT that you want a finger in your mouth. Once she does it, well she’s the first penetrater.

    3. The single most sickening aspect to ALL of this is sluttiness, sex positivity and whorish behavior is all A-OK for women, yet men being slutty and sex positive (ie using game) is criminalized and shamed and shunned by society.
      Fuck this bullshit. Plough. On.

    4. the whole thing is daft and a result only of bored lawyers dreaming up rules to get keep themselves on the government pay role.
      it proves my point that any time a lawyer is involved you already have a conflict of interest.
      lawyers thrive on dreaming up bullshit, embellishing truth, tying up basic communication into incomprehensible knots and generally inserting themselves into any basic human interaction, with the end result that only they get rich while everyone else goes to the wall, insane with frustration that such trivial matters needs 500 page contracts.

      1. “bored lawyers dreaming up rules to get keep themselves on the government pay role”
        If only it were a case of bored lawyers that wouldn’t be so bad but this shit stinks of Andrea Dworkin’s vag. This is some insidious shit right here and I’m so fucking glad we’ve got ROK to highlight this. Any other time in history, this shit would pass right by us cause rape is bad and women are good and men are lying liars.

    5. There’s game that will counteract these Orwellian measures against male sex positivity: Aloof game. “I dunno what my feelings are yet; still trying to decide” It’s like crack for women anyways so again. Plough on.

      1. I can’t talk about myself, where I am from or what I do for a living, as I signed a non disclosure agreement. – but I would like a quick fuck.

        1. One last thought on this: I now realise why I made the connection between Seeking Arrangement and this “misrepresenting yourself is rape” legislation.
          Why are girls so eager to control what we disclose about ourselves? I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the main thing a guy lies about is his earning capacity. Corollary; girls be gold diggers; they now want legislation to make gold digging easier; they now want legislation which ensures you’ll be breaking the law if you lie.
          The second biggest thing we’ll lie about is if we are seeing someone else. Corollary; it’s okay to be a slut/cheat except when the cheating slut happens to be a guy.
          This has nothing to do with male rape and everything to do with female power. It is sick. Sick i tell ya.

        2. Yea, they want gold diggers to have it easier because they realize that having 100% of all women funded by the government itself will be too much debt, the male population will be forced into triple taxation to even play the game.

        3. Exactly. The feminist overlords are afraid. They are doubling down on legislation, media and political lobbying, but so far they haven’t been able to silence us.
          Legislate away bitches!

      2. Absolutely. Lying is scummy and basically means that you have no perception of self-value. In no way should it be constitued as “game”. Most of the authors on this site are scumbags or losers anyway, so it kind of makes sense. There’s no need to lie, just don’t feed the bitch all the answers.

        1. This bill is so broad that it also includes stuff like:
          Her: So what do you do? (i see this is gold digging)
          Me: Oh, i’m a bucket tester.
          ^ instant jail time. Should anyone be seen as scummy for not indulging a bitches hypergamy?

      3. True, answer every question “Not Sure.” But you see, this law essentially becomes one person’s word, with or without evidence over the other’s. Why do you think women wanna text so much? WRITTEN EVIDENCE. Plus call recorder apps and voice recording apps could fuck you in this case as well. We never should let bitch’s have smart phones.

        1. ha ha “We never should let bitch’s have smart phones.” You’re right… I’ll use that fucking smart phone to the end of the earth and back ;)P

        2. Collecting Likes with your selfies from every two-dollar schmuck under The Sun is the most important part of a woman’s day, after all.

        3. Not the MOST important… applying my lip gloss and picking the perfect pair of shoes for an outfit are far an above more important than “selfie time” 😉

    6. And sorry if I’m derailling this thread but this has really gotten me wound up…what if you genuinely like a girl but she does things like flirting with other dudes in front of you, or maybe she’s just crazy, or maybe she’s one of those “sweet but gets real annoying real fast” types (aren’t they all?)
      So if i decided to end it for those reasons, I could conceivably be arrested for “leading her on”. Goddam this is really sickening. If this law passes it could practically make it illegal to hurt a girls feelings.

      1. The best thing to do I suppose is to walk away. Don’t say a thing. Anything you say can and will be used against you. Truer now more than ever.

        1. the best thing to do would be just to dispose of any/all future dates in hydrochloric acid. Problem solved. Misogynist!!!

      2. Hi, My name’s Ray,
        I’d like a fuck, but I can’t talk to you in case I misrepresent myself and you sue me for rape by fraud.
        Your place or mine ?
        Let’s go.

        1. Great point: Men as primary instigators of everything to do with dating will naturally leave ourselves open to…..being arrested. I cannot believe we’re even having a conversation bout this. Nayyy, I can.

      3. No way this could pass.
        At least, so I’m trying to tell myself. Though a part of me kinda hopes it does. The femcunts have been overplaying their hand for a while, and absurd laws like this–in conjunction w/ all the rape hoaxes popping up–could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.
        Then again, I’ve not heard a thing about the UVM rape hoax in the MSM, so perhaps we are all doomed already

        1. Yeah, it almost feels like trolling doesn’t it? The black congressman wants to make a name for himself.. quickest and easiest and safest path; pick on whitey; get femcunts on board……winning.

        2. The positive side of shit like that passing would be more and more male awareness and finally a reaction that checks out local government and fix these issues. I can imagine more moms coming out against this because their sons said something that was true, but the bitch perceived it as false especially in cases where it can’t be proved.
          Example: Fred texts a bitch from NJ saying she should come over to chill. She gets there. Fred whips it out. She doesn’t think he’s big enough, so she files a suit. Fred goes to jail because the fraud is solely based upon her expectations.

        3. Yup….basing laws entirely upon a woman’s **feels** is just plain silly….yet if too few men fight it, the law will pass. It sucks for the few wise modern women in the west, but their emotionally unstable sisters have shown the folly of female suffrage

        4. the new jersey legislature is a mess of whiny glurge addicted estrogen soaked control freak wet blanket feminazi white knights.

      4. I wouldn’t move to New Jersey. Sounds like it have only bitter, jilted woman and beta men soon enough if this law passes.

      5. This also brings into play the ol’ he said she said. My guess is the NJ asshat who bought this up is anti-GG and is now going overboard.

      6. If the only girls you are able to attract are ones that may or may not want to have sex or may call rape because of hurt feelings, you suck at attracting *quality women.* That’s your own damn fault, not theirs.
        There are plenty of alphas that get laid on an almost daily basis with no false rape problems. Maybe go to the gym, get a decent job, buy some decent clothes, move out of your mom’s basement, and stop putting out pathetic/creepy vibes and you’ll attract better quality women. The problem is you, fix yourself.

    7. This has been the common law since biblical times. It merely recognizes that sexual relations are a contract for goods. If a woman lies about her virginity or a man sleeps with a woman on false promises of support/ marriage they are responsible for fraud.

    8. I say I keep my fake blond hair and fake eyelashes and you guys just keep telling me I’m amazing… I don’t care if you’re lying or not 😉 LOL

    9. Like some guys on here are saying, there’s no way in hell this would be applied to women. What’s ironic here is that the guy who’s pushing for it is Troy Singleton, who happens to be an African American Democrat. I would’ve expected a female representative or a WASP to push for something like this, but not him. Especially when he happens to be a member of the main demographic that a law like this would be used against. Remember that street harassment video? Women only cry “rape” or “harassment” when men they’re not attracted to–who a majority of the time are African Americans, whom society has deemed to be the “low men” on the totem pole in the sexual marketplace–try to talk to them. Funny how this dude claims to be a member of the Catholic church (which is supposed to be a shining beacon of patriarchy) yet he supports same sex marriage and laws that get men thrown in prison for the crime of being attracted to and hitting on women. Something doesn’t smell right…

    10. If you aren’t sure whether she’s consenting to sex, don’t put your penis in her. It really isn’t that difficult, guys.

  3. Notice how all of these are either out West or up North. Come down South. We love subjugating women down here, and you can still find plenty of traditional-minded broads (although you might have to become a Baptist).

      1. Trust your gut and you won’t be disappointed. I am from the south and while the witches tend to be friendlier they are just as slutty, dim witted, crass, and disgusting as witches anywhere else in these united states of turds.
        And that’s exactly what women are these days, witches that are under a spell.
        They are all gonna burn.

    1. Baptist you say? I’m not sure one could find another group of absolute retards in such gross numbers. I take that back…..insert here any mainstream christian denomination these days.
      You do know the southern baptist convention is now accepting of faggots?
      Not long before Billy and Bob can get married in any local baptist church. Maybe soon they will pass around double headed dildos at church so all these faggots and phonies can go fuck each other.

  4. You know, this could backfire in New Jersey. There will be a man who presses charges against a transgender man for misrepresenting himself during a sexual encounter.
    Count on it.

    1. nope. you’d prolly get a bigot/transphobic accusation in the face of such an already unfortunate situation.
      there are good days for me and bad days. this is one of those bad days when i feel like we can’t win. it’s too late. the machines have taken over.

      1. “there are good days for me and bad days. this is one of those bad days when i feel like we can’t win. it’s too late. the machines have taken over”
        I’m very inclined to agree with you.

      2. Oh, indeed we’re past the tipping point. When this and Yes Means Yes becomes law of the land, it’s time to leave the country. It makes me sad.

        1. If we are not yet at the tipping point, we are moving rapidly towards it. The ridiculous anti-male laws that have been proposed in just the last year alone should serve as a massive wake up call for men. It truly is becoming Orwellian.

        2. i already left. If you guys know whats good for you, youll get up and leave too. Best of luck. Fuck this shit

    2. I’m just amazed that anybody from New Jersey would want to have sex with anybody else from New Jersey.
      I guess it happens. But I’d rather not be reminded of it.

  5. I’m inclined to think that that New Jersey lawmaker got sponsored by some feminist movement/organization/SJW stuff or he realized he has a feminine side that must be protected. Nonetheless, it’s some crazy shit he tries to pull against his own kind. Damn. I bet girls/chicks/women etc. will feel safer and more the boss.

    1. It doesn’t really matter to him whether the bill passes or not. Either way he builds a voter base of SJWs just for proposing it. It’s a marketing stunt.
      The danger is that the more such marketing stunts work, the more attractive they become, the more likely they are to actually pass as everybody rushes to get aboard the train.

  6. We are living in dangerous times.
    Bills like “Yes Means Yes” and “Rape By Fraud” create a very dangerous situation for all men because it gives women more power to use and abuse the system to destroy men. At this rate, the whole legal system is stacked up against men and is proof that society is collapsing.
    But for the feminists, collapse means progress. Which goes to show you that women are very delusional and out of touch with reality. Men need to really protect themselves and to make sure that they cannot be harmed from the system.

    1. Yup. The feminists, in their infinite idiocy, assume that they will be given the reigns of power when society collapses; it is the driving force behind their entire marxist ideology. They think that they will destroy society, then rebuild it as a matriarchy.
      But that thinking is, as you say, just delusional. The men behind the marxists will be the ones who seize power, and the wimmins will be relegated to slavery alongside the rest of us. Let’s see how they like THAT patriarchy, over the ‘patriarchy’ that loved and respected them, and tried to embrace them as equals

  7. Here is a link… I didn’t actually believe this was real at first.
    Here is the first paragraph… Note the explicit mention of “pick-up”.
    “Assemblyman Troy Singleton (D-Mount Laurel) has introduced a controversial measure that would change the law in New Jersey to criminalize lies used to get someone to have sex. While such lies are notorious but common elements in many pickup situations, Singleton calls such acts as “rape by fraud.””
    I used to come on RoK to read about Game… but honestly now I come onto RoK to learn about the changing laws, cultural attitudes, and witch-hunts. wtf.

    1. hi looks like a pedophile, so he’s probably not worried about pickup… he just bundles small kids into the back of a mini van after giving them drugged candies…

    2. I was going to call him out by name, as well as point out (as done below) that he’s black.
      It is truly appalling that a black man would be such a mangina and propose this kind of idiocy for which black men might suffer a “disparate impact”.
      And while I’m at it, let me also call out Zerlina Maxwell, whose contribution in the Washington Post the other day calling for any rape accusation to be assumed to be the truth went viral. Zerlina, does your principle apply in cases of black men accused by white women? Because we all know how that turned out (cf. Emmett Till, the Scottsboro Boys).

    3. “Singleton” … next they’ll be called “Manginowski” and nobody will notice it’s funny.

  8. WTF! Was this a script from a Twilight Zone episode that didn’t make it? It is so absurd yet it is becoming a reality?

    1. “Idiotic bills get introduced all the time. This will not pass.”
      Given the current state of affairs in the USSA, there is a very high likely hood it will pass.

    2. That’s what my buddies said when I talked about Yes Means Yes. That, of course, was signed into law by our esteemed governor.

  9. The noose is getting tighter and tighter to give women enough legal power to effectively destroy any man that has even a date with her. The feminine imperative reaches ever greater legal powers – she can lie, she can cheat, she can get wasted and fuck whoever she wants, she can claim whatever she wants to, she can get you in prison whenever it strikes her fancy – even if her claims are proven false she usually walks free. She can have you pay for any cuckold child she wishes. We have to be saints while they can be serial-murdering sluts. Feminism is for everyone – my ass!
    I feel that this picture adequately represents what is currently happening to men all around the world:

    1. The enemy of redpill men are manginas like the assemblymen who wrote this shit. If we want to cause change our focus should not be the feminists but the enablers and enforcers, the manginas and the white knights. We need to send Little Dark loose on the assemblymen.
      On a more serious note can we start something to remove the mangina assemblymen from office. Any suggestions? How about trolling him? anything?

      1. Some may disagree with me on that, but I actually believe that feminism was and is top-down financed. Women alone would not be able to wreak so much havoc without the support of the elite. If that support falls away, so will feminism. And the politicians are not the ones who call the shots. If the law does not pass now, they will try again in a few years.

        1. I agree with you, but caution that what is being financed is what women want, that’s why they accept it. The financing merely brings leverage to the desire.
          The desire is innate, the foundation. The top of the keep is only as solid as the foundation it stands on. The sappers are at least as important as the siege towers.

        2. I agree with you Zel. Gloria steinem was cia, ms magazine was run by the cia. The plan to use feminism to destroy the west was made by the tavistock institute in england who based their plan of control of the genders on roman slave training manuels where the women become the houseslaves(corporate drones) “married to the slave owner”(the state/corporations) with more rights and freedom and the men are dumbed down(ritalin, less men in college) slaves with a lot of restrictions who need the houseslaves approval to function or be punished severely. And we know how hypergamy works, what disdain women have for men who are below their station so you can imagine how the houseslaves treated the “lesser” slaves. History doesn’t repeat itself but it always resonates.

        3. @Zelcorpion & Manmax
          Yes it is definitely financed by the “elite”, and we all know who the “elite” are, the parasites who at least since ancient Egypt have engaged in setting naturally allied groups against each other. CIA is a front for “them”, as are similar institutions elsewhere. Hint: STEINem.
          Remember that feminism ist a phenomenon that affects all the “West” and also increasingly other countries.

        4. You’re right, logical people will disagree with you. The law is stupid, no doubt, but feminism is not some top-down mega scheme to destroy men. What a load of bullshit.

        5. Heh – it was not designed to destroy men. Tax 50% of the non-working population, decrease wages and destroy families – telling women to “let loose” would wreak havoc. Brave New World kind of world of constant fornication with no attachment to children or partners is the goal. In the end both genders lose via feminism. But women think that gives them power at first just like the average low-level communists thought that such a regime would create a utopia for them. It did the opposite. So bitches – enjoy your decline.
          By the way – you are not allowed to comment here woman!

        6. First of all, I’m not a woman.
          Second, you’re using the disqus platform, which doesn’t have bans on who can comment or not, so you can suck it.
          Don’t be one of them man. “Feminists” have a dogma, and they stand by it unflinchingly, even with logic in the way. Don’t be like them. If you’re just going to ignore all points against you, then how are you better?
          Third, and most importantly, that was a huge stream of consciousness there. I’m going to need at least some evidence.
          Tax 50% of the non-working population? What country are you from? If you are non-working, you don’t get income taxed at all, unless you live in a country where there is flat tax. Do you? Or are you referring to males in that 50%? In that case, what do you mean by non-working? Your point is not clear.
          Destroy families? What data is there of that? From the data I’ve seen, there are as many families now as there ever were. If you find data to the contrary, I would love to read it. Perhaps you can convince me.

      2. One way is to track down all of his past sexual conquests and get them to divulge how he seduced them. I guarantee he wasn’t exactly truthful in his courtships.

    2. ” She can have you pay for any cuckold child she wishes. We have to be saints while..”
      I hear ya. We need civil war, and we need it NOW! Any man who thinks otherwise is either an idiot, or pro tyranny, or both.

      1. Classical “anyone who doesn’t agree with me is an idiot” line. What makes you different than any other feminist exactly?

    3. Does the women even have to date a guy to ruin him? Simply invite the stooge over for coffee, CCTV catches him entering the apartment and make up ANY CLAIM whatsoever later on and the guy’s guilty. What if some college girl has a girlfriend competing with the stooge for some schollie? It is SO EASY to get the guy booted from campus.
      One thing that people discuss is whether or not the ‘victim’ had any physical marks of a struggle. Okay, makes sense but then it’s held up as gospel truth. “Oh she had a bruise on her cheek so it’s not a frivolous claim.” Do you know how easy it is to bruise yourself? Bash up your own eye socket, finger bruise your own arm, tap your own cheekbone on the edge of a counter until it’s a bit swollen. These things are not even that painful and you can easily DIY. If you really wanted to destroy a life and could endure some real pain then you could massacre yourself, bruise your own ribs or have an accomplice do it. Show up at the police station maimed all over the place by your own hand and totally wreck another life. As long as they have been seen entering your apartment. This is getting so weird.

      1. Jackie did not want to ruin him, but get Randall/Ryan interested in her by inventing a fake rape complete with fake number, fake text exchange, fake pic & fake name.
        As far as fake rape claims go – yes, women can be devious and smart about it. That’s why men nowadays in colleges have to resort to recording all dates & have to even wire their room with cameras. It makes for great amateur porn, but also gets you out of trouble. Even in your extreme case of well-planned faked beat-up, you can set your surveillance equipment on night-mode which makes a pic of your room as you were sleeping every 15 minutes. That stuff does not cost much nowadays. She can beat herself up all she wants while you have evidence of you slumbering.
        Fuck enthusiastic consent, written consent and crap like that. If do it that way, you will hardly get laid at all. Also young men should never drink too much on dates and never fuck a girl that is too inebriated. But all Red Pill men with Game know that – she should be drunk, but not too drunk. Otherwise let her sleep out and try later.
        Red Pill men with Game should treat the new 37%-male/63%-female colleges as a private poon-do-rado and extensive private porn shoot. Only the unaware Blue Pill buggers will be squeezed out of the sexual market place by their fake rape hysteria.

    4. Holy shit! People have been murdered in cold blood for much less than what that nasty bitch did.

    5. If she did this after he cheated on her, I wonder what kind of erratic lunatic behavior she displayed before he cheated on her? Hmm???

  10. Notice in the language,
    “an act of sexual penetration to which a person has given consent because the actor has misrepresented the purpose of the act or has represented he is someone he is not.”
    The actor is a “he”, instead of “he/she”. Right there in the language, men are already the evil villains. She is the innocent victim. So much for equality.

    1. And that first sentence “act of penetration” obviously implies the law is against men. The only way this law could be used against a woman is if the couple did something freaky, like if instead of the guy fucking her, the chick fucked the guy in ass with a strap on or dildo, or some other object (butcher knife, broken bottle).

      1. Schultz, just imagine showing up at your local cop shop, distraught, disheveled and humiliated, and attempting to report to the cops that some broad just duplicitously and fraudulently induced you to get pegged by her, on top of which it now appears after the fact that either you have an horrific allergy to the lube or, she spiked the lube with Tabasco.
        The might do something about it in three days when they get out of the hospital after breaking their asses laughing at you.

    2. First, let me disclaim that I haven’t read the statute. Second, please know I’m not disagreeing that the law will practically be applied only to men. But, typically, there’s language in the definitions portion of an overall act, or in an explanatory sub-section, stating something to the effect of “the use in this section (x) of one gender includes the other, and the singular includes the plural.”
      It makes for more convenient drafting and is used in wills, contracts, statutes, etc.

    3. Again. Beyond the ridiculous unfairness of this. What about a woman simply putting the lie into the man’s mouth later? If it’s all he said/she said then what’s stopping her from lying about his ‘lie’?

      1. Absolutely nothing, melmoth. They do it all the time (ask any of your married or formerly married friends or acquaintances).
        The only difference is, now the lie she put in your mouth magically turns into a painfully fat and stinky cock in your bunghole.

  11. Could you face prosecution under this law if you lie to a chick about believing in god because she doesn’t want to bang atheists?

    1. Yes, the “rape by fraud” concept was inspired by a case where a guy pretended to be Jewish to get laid.

  12. Given the ever-multiplying legal hazards involved in any and every kind of sexual pursuit and contact — of men with women, that is — that New Jersey bill constitutes a huge inducement to celibacy.

  13. This bill could never pass….Snookie would be arrested and charged with this new law 7 times over…and every other reality tv personality..

  14. Since women live in a sexual fantasy world rape by fraud would cover all sex.
    Interesting that its a guy introducing this (a black democrat too … what are they like) because some scam artist couldn’t be convicted of coercive sex on account of his words alone. If this does get passed it will be a good opportunity as other’s are pointing out to test the limits of logic here.
    This could be a massive own goal for social justice warriors. Only thing is real people, both men and women, will suffer before the whole thing collapses

  15. Another bolshie marxist attempt to destroy any attempt by American men to create a family.

  16. some people on Salon have pointed out there is already legislation criminalising sex fraud in sweden and israel, where a palestianian man was charged with rape for pretending to be jewish

  17. Why simply limit it to sex? Are not lies about virtually anything a form of “fraud”? The United States would be home to approximately 330 million jailbirds. This type of law, should it be passed, is part of the growing totalitarianism that Americans are strangely tolerating. However, were this law aimed at women as opposed to men the national outrage would likely be acute.

    1. you mean like make-up, fake boobs and butts, push-up bras, high heels, and various other things a woman uses to lie to a man about herself.

    2. There’s nothing strange about Americans tolerating this type of thing; it all spins around female suffrage. Women want safety, so will always vote for security over freedom. Giving women the vote ensures totalitarianism. It is sad but true. It’s why bitches should not be allowed to vote in any country that seeks to remain free and productive. #patriarchandproudofit

      1. Unfortunately, women’s voting privileges do indeed appear to have had a significant impact upon the growth of government:
        This is not being posted in an attempt to be malicious but rather simply to acknowledge uncomfortable realities that most individuals are unwilling to acknowledge due to the current politico-cultural environment. Perhaps it comes down to a simple choice. Do we wish to increase the state indefinitely at the expense of everyone or do we make difficult choices that are otherwise feel quite uncomfortable in an attempt to contribute to correcting the problem?

    1. If so pray for a “person on person” civil war and not some “remote armies somewhere” civil war.
      In the former, too many people will, if they lose, say “oopsie my bad” but they will not suffer personal consequences for their votes.

    2. Unfortunately, the government is on the side of SJW’s; if we engaged in a civil war, we would be torn apart by drones before the first engagement

  18. Only fat chicks and feminists would even think of applying this…
    Hot chicks are too busy having fun sex to be bothered by this horseshit

    1. Fun sex for a hot chick is sex with an alpha. If she later suspects you were a beta pretending to be alpha, you’re a rapist.

  19. Seriously, what’s next, Assemblyman Singleton to make a bill that gives Snooki a free pass throughout New Jersey?
    Gimme a break.

    1. and by that i mean you have to allude to your status by things other than words. I use social media for example, i have a fairly nice car 2001 3series BMW and the shop i take it too specializes in higher end euro cars. Every time i go to the shop i take a picture with one of the new used cars that tickles my fancy. I post said picture on social media. Dont say whether or not that the car is mine. Just that i like. Be vague and let girls fill in the rest. Give them ammo to paint a pretty picture of you and the rest is in the bag

        1. Some how i doubt posting a picture of a nice car and saying “I like this” could be a lie by omission. This method works quite well btw.

        2. Until she claims that you said “I own thirty of these cars and own ten million dollars of stock in BMW” which you of course didn’t say. But she says you said it, is believed, and you are deemed a fraudster and go to jail. I can’t believe no is addressing the woman’s freedom to lie in this situation.

      1. Cute, but given how unstable it appears to be flying (maybe operator) AND how many shots he needed to get on target, I highly doubt that it would do much good against actual *moving* targets. Spray and pray, yes, ok, but for that expense and talent requirement, I’d rather just have a nice Remington 700 in .308 and a nice scope.

  20. A New Jersey lawmaker has introduced a bill which would criminalize “acts of lying” to obtain sex.
    This is disturbing…. but I’m hoping the same standards will apply to women- in which case ALL of them are rapists for lying about their age.

    1. but I’m hoping the same standards will apply to women- in which case ALL of them are rapists for lying about their age.

      Won’t happen. This law is targeted specifically at persons with XY chromosomes who live as men.

      1. Fuckin hell; that is truly scary stuff. There are deafening alarm bells going off in my head right now and for some reason it’s making the connection between sites like Seeking Arrangement: a “dating” site where girls charge for their services and men lie about how much money they earn or are willing to pay the girls.
        Seeking arrangement is a new “thing” amongst progressive women in which they are basically whores but NOT REALLY because something something sex positivity something (or something).
        I see dating in the future closely resembling that whorey pattern. If bills such as the one described above are passed, men will no longer be allowed to dupe the whores…i mean girls… into sleeping with them by lying about their earning potential. (which i feel is only fair game in a site where the girls are only on it for one thing.
        Anyways connections like that generally only ring out so loudly when there is something really sinister going on. This bill stinks and will enable even more whoredom imho.

        1. Men and boys should avoid ‘dating sites’ like the Plague they are. . . creations of the gynarchy. Avoid self-styled ‘relationship experts’. Just more predators looking to profit from the inexperience and naivete of young men.

  21. Hey I wonder how many people were like “I don’t give a shit about the gun laws here in New Jersey. What are you, some kind of militia nutjob? All I care about is getting laid!”
    Out of control government eventually gets to you or something you care about.

    1. As the saying goes, “You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you.”

    2. Yes. I read somewhere “the government that does everything for you can also do anything to you.”

      1. A stupid right-wing talking point. The ability of the government to do anything to you comes from the fact that it has an army and you don’t. Which would be the case even under the most minimalistic small-government paradigm possible.

        1. Not, not actually. A very small government in a heavily armed society loses a lot of its ability to push you around.

        2. Perhaps, if the government has an utterly minimal military. In which case, say hello to your new feudal overlord, which is whoever decided to outfit a private army. Or the Wehrmacht or the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army.
          Anyway, be that as it may, the talking point in question still fails. In 99% of all cases when it’s used, it’s used to agitate against expansions of government that do nothing to increase its capability for violent coercion.

  22. This law is a good thing. It’s the logical conclusion to the madness that has consumed the Feminist and SJW movement, and will be the final nail in the coffin for male/female relationships. What happens next is men in waves completely ignoring women and ceasing all attempts to approach for sex due to this law. Women, with this law, are now slamming the final nail in their coffin. Before this law: Men were withdrawing steadily from the madness. After this law: Men sprint exponentially away from women in this country due to the risks becoming even WORSE than the reward than they were before this law.
    Cougars will be the first to perish. Next, the sexual prime of a nubile college girl is reduced dramatically as men in college will hesitate to approach for sex. Which means when the college girl hits the Wall, she gets even MORE desperate which accelerates the Decline at warp speed. Sit back, have a drink, and watch it burn.

    1. Don’t be so sure this is a good thing. When it fails, the powers that be will resort to even more Draconian measures to force men back into the system against their. Bachelor taxes come to mind.

      1. Senator Fucktard introduced a new bill to congress to require a man to have sex with any woman who requests it…. if he fails to satisfy her, fines will be levied.

      2. I agree with this point.
        Such a claim right now sounds like “conspiracy talk.”
        But how long ago would the Yes Means Yes situation sound like “conspiracy talk”. How long ago would “gender bias in the courts” sound like “conspiracy talk.”
        This obviously slides down gradually… People can accept little changes here and there thinking “Oh thats not such a big deal… whatever…” but eventually that final straw will break the camel’s back.
        I doubt they will just let the men walk away with their money clean.

      3. Bachelor tax? I already pay one since I get NO tax incentives while my married friends get massive subsidies.

      4. Bachelor taxes. Restrictions on foreign travel. Incredibly cumbersome regulations put into place for foreign marriage certificates. US state department interfering with international sex work zones, regulating who visits Amsterdam, Bangkok, Phils, Rio etc. Maybe some public shaming based on travel habits. I imagine it will be very difficult, if not impossible to relocate to the Phillipines or Brazil for years on end without your US citizenhood coming under legal threat.

      5. The mentioning of America being a ”Free Country” is soon going to induce not just laughs, but guffaws and the kind of hilarious laughing spasms that nearly asphyxiate. Vomit, guys laughing so hard that they stumble into oncoming traffic and die. Just saying that America is “The land of the free” will actually kill people because they will laugh so hard at how ridiculous that idea is.

    2. Looking at inner city zoos which are the direct result of experimentation with feminism and socialism, I don’t think “this is a good thing” really applies.

  23. It’s shit like this that I implore all of you to listen to and contribute to Tom’s show. He’s our voice that reaches a worldwide audience 24×7. No, I don’t work for the show. Just a fan since the 90’s.

  24. The first rule of the GAME is this = Never try to play that game in America/Canada. American woman are too much dangerous. They screw up the american economie. China is about to take over USA.

    1. Western men are not able to breed right now without huge risks.
      Immigrant groups come here and breed because they still have a semblance of family orientation when they get here. They have each other as a group in a foreign land and value that at least to some extent.
      Even they however might get chewed up in the materialism of the west just like everyone else… but right now they are the ones with some common sense.

    2. The communists in China won’t actually overtake the USA for a while yet. Their population is four times larger, so their economy would also have to be four times larger to actually pass us.

  25. In that case men that get cuckolded by cheating wives that claim they love them can also claim rape, since they lie

  26. I realize this may be asking too much but… Why would girls believe random guys?
    Again, growing up in a very conservative community the women there taught their daughters that…. Oh wait, answered my own question. We destroyed families so now the law has to bluntly administer life lessons

    1. This isn’t for women who were “deceived”. It’s for women who get mad that the alpha she fucked Saturday night doesn’t call her back.

  27. No wonder MGTOW is getting larger and larger. The west is just destroying itself with these insane laws that demonize men and makes all women as perfect angels that need protection 100% of the time.
    A long time ago, I recall a PUA instructor named David X who said that the women a guy is approaching is likely to be the devil while the guy is in reality, the angel. Now with such a law in place, women are allowed to unleash their devil like nature on men with little restrain.
    The west is looking like it’s doomed due to it’s own stupidity. No need for ISIS to come and destroy it.

    1. “A woman’s soul was created below…”
      They aren’t necessarily evil, but their nature is certainly more evil (i.e., chaotic) than that of men.
      There’s a reason the serpent in the garden talked to Eve rather than to Adam. And there’s a reason why Jesus Christ insisted on only men serving as His apostles.

      1. I’m not religious, but I do believe that religious lore holds important lessons for mankind, lessons that the ancients knew were the glue of civilization. We disregard them at our own peril.
        Yet ‘modern’ people (who are no different biologically than people were in ancient Egypt, or the Roman republic, or Victorian England) think they are so much more advanced than our ancestors. They assume that an ideology that is barely fifty years old somehow trumps the wisdom of all human history. THAT IS ARROGANCE of the highest level

  28. Reminds me of a wonderful quote from the Sexual Utopia and Power, “If only sufficiently draconian punishments can be meted out to villainous males, the reasoning seems to go, everything will be alright again. The fundamental error in such thinking is its failure to recognize that the female largely controls the mating process” (Devlin 23).
    Let me tell you, if male shaming was all that was necessary to fix the major social problems in America then let me tell you, they would ALREADY be fixed. Any new laws are not the “nails in the coffin”, with bills like this and the yes means yes bill they’re pulling out a dead body and filling it with more bullets.

  29. I bet the attorney pushing this law is some skinny fat beta who secretly hates human beings, because they didn’t kiss his ass when he was a child.

      1. Yep, baldheaded fatboy with third-rate looks and a fake pansy smile… and government power. Gee I just can’t understand why he’d want to destroy the potential relationships of OTHER men, while drawing a nice salary from Team Woman. It’s all such a tremendous Mystery.

        1. He’s from Joisey. He probably likes to think he looks like a wiseguy, but the glasses give away the fact that, deep down, he knows he looks like a punching clown.

        2. Well chicks don’t dig him so he’ll make sure they don’t get to dig you either. :O)
          Looks like Mommy raised him. Still selects his underwear every morning. Now he’s her hero. He’s his hero, too.

  30. So what is to stop a woman from saying that “he lied about X” after the fact? They already lie about rape, and now we have a scenario were she doesn’t even have to pretend the sex wasn’t consensual?
    After all, it was real in her mind…

  31. Over the decades, most of the damage I’ve seen U.S. women (and enablers) do to boys and men follows upon some type of rejection of the female. Calling the cops, changing locks, harassing calls, withholding children, false accusations, protective-orders used as weapons . . . every passive-aggressive trick in the book.
    Having placed all their pscyho-spiritual chips on their sexual attractiveness in youth, females cannot handle being rejected or ignored later in life. And that of course is what the vast majority of Rape Culture hysteria is about: punishing males collectively for NOT engaging females sexually and/or ‘romantically’. So, as usual, the true motivation is the exact opposite of the stated motivation (the ‘need’ to protect females from the vast Rape Machine of American campuses, from slavering U.S. men, etc.).
    Males, in self-preservation, are fleeing from interaction with females, as even a disagreement or a wrong word is now sufficient for the mancages. This enrages women even more. Full of pride and insecurity, and thus unable to admit the simple truth, the only (psychologically safe) response to rejection on the part of females is to deepen the matriarchy and punish males even more. Women who should be enjoying their grandchildren instead expect romantic and sexual interest from men — after all, that’s what their media and corporations and government and schools are telling them all the time: go kick ass as the Empowered Fem, buy lots of Useless Crapola, and then look for men/marriage in your thirties. Their disappointment is then as inevitable as their rage. A very useful rage, as we’ve seen in America.

    1. yeah it’s always the opposite with women… if she won’t sleep with you it’s because she really likes you… if she bangs on a first date you might never see her again….. if you bang her on a first date because you thought she was a slut and you’d never see her again, she’ll accuse you of rape to patch her broken heart….. and here i was thinking i was doing something wrong….

      1. Hi Ray. Well I’m not into the ‘bang’ thing, or even dating. I support father-led families. Monogamy. No divorce. Men at the head of society and marriage. Etc.
        It’d be challenging to be a young man nowdays, that’s for sure. Lots of temptations but also lots of opportunities. Cheers.

        1. Maybe. But some just does ONS. If one is religious however then incel is the best way of protecting yourself.

  32. There’s a segment of women who’ve always claimed encounters they don’t like as “rape”, it’s not that new

  33. I am going to take a different route on explaining what will happen here.
    It is already happening, it will just speed it up even faster. Those men with nothing to lose will still approach and constantly try to have sex with women. This will only drive out the men who have something to lose.
    In other words, this will only stop white middle class men from dating and pro-creating, much like all of the other anti-male laws happening. We see it already happening as the marriage and child-bearing rates of white couples decline rapidly. This only serves to speed up the process and further push out the white-male from creating more white males. All while the white women get scooped up by all of the immigrants who come from countries where misogyny exists in spades.

  34. If this law passes then I’ll see ways to make money and get the fucking hell out of NJ fuck this….its SK fustrating I always wanted a girlfriend I don’t have one..after reading this I’m killing this want. I’m going mgtow although it may hurt me a lot emotionally but I’d rather go through this then being in prison for being a man…. The hell with this

  35. This b.s. is just plain silly.. Well, then again, so was the Yes Means Yes Law. If this passes, they’d better legalize pot in every state to ease the pain, and quadruple the size of the courts and prisons. Literally half the population will be guilty. This is a perfect way to control the entire society on the large scale. Unless the virtual fuck-bots can roll off the assembly line to meet the projected demand this would cause.
    I’d expect the next law to pass would be “Fraudulent Robot Rape.” My right hand can sue my left hand for jerking me off the wrong way as well.

    1. There is no “yes means yes” law. There is a college campus policy in California. Not the same thing as an actual law.

  36. There’s a couple common sense ways I think to avoid getting into trouble with this law
    a) Avoid relationships with really crazy women
    b) Have some text or FB exchanges that are sexual in nature so you have paper trail of her intent
    c) Avoid sex when you or her are highly intoxicated
    Or you could, like me, just live in a country without these kinds of absurd laws.

    1. Or :
      1. film yourself having voluntary sex
      2. have a “sex contract” , in triplicate, with you at all times to be signed , under oath while being videotaped
      3. Have an on call lawyer to do all this paperwork above at all times

  37. I don’t agree with this proposed law but you’re really exaggerating. “An attack on men’s rights”? Really? What rights exactly? The right to lie and deceive women in order to coerce them into sex? No wonder no one takes you losers seriously.

    1. Be honest with the next woman you want to sleep with about her hair, thighs, or general appearance, and see how much they take you seriously as a sexual partner. Any mendacity with the truth on these subjects is now cause for a rape conviction.

    2. Ok dumbass; so you’re not allowed to wear makeup, or say ‘yes’ to a date then blow it off. Also, women in general cannot get breast implants, or ass implants, or plastic surgery to make them look younger, because those are all lies. In addition, women cannot lie about their age, or if they have children, or whether or not they took their birth control, or if they were married/had a boyfriend, or if they were just using you for money, or HOW MANY PARTNERS THEY’VE HAD; all of those things would be against the law, prosecutable w/ up to 20 years in prison (and a prison, no less, where you will probably face ACTUAL rape, not a knitting-circle wimmins prison).
      Most men do want an honest relationship w/ women; it is your scumbag sisters that have forced us to use game in order to have sex…since we all know women have no interest in ‘nice guys’…that is, until after they’ve hit the wall and are used up, leathery and loose. Being honest will get a man nowhere in the sexual marketplace, because so many women are shallow, selfish, hypergamous sluts who only care about social standing.
      A woman moralizing to men about being honest and truthful is so absurd that even Camus would find it hard to believe.

      1. Oh the irony. On a website dedicated to offering men tips on how to sleep with as many women as possible and how to cheat on their girlfriends/wives as well as touting how men should judge women largely by their appearance and only do things if there is something in it for them…you’re telling me that women are shallow, selfish and hypergamous?
        Besides I already said I don’t agree with the law. So I don’t know why you are arguing that.
        As an aside, makeup is not lying. If you can’t tell I don’t naturally have sparkly eyelids then its your own fault for being an idiot.

        1. “Makeup is not lying”
          Alive and well the hamster is in this one…….
          Altering your appearance to give a false impression is not lying. Stupid cunt.

  38. What if the woman simply lies about the man’s ‘lying’? Are we talking about recorded conversations or not? If the guy mutters something about having feelings about the girl then can’t he simply deny it later? “I never said that.” Sorry. Jail. In that case, women can simply make up a fraudulent statement whether the guy said it or not.
    “He told me he was a billionaire so I bent myself over the sofa. But he lied!”
    “I never said that. I said I wanted to bend you over my sofa. Only.”
    “10 years,”
    At any rate, this just makes me feel that much better about the expatriot life. I feel sorry for you all but in a burst of solipsism, I have to say that this eliminates any lingering questions I’ve always had about my life choices and it makes me happy in a way. The place is getting beyond ridiculous and here comes Hillary….

    1. Given the results of the mid terms this year, I don’t think that the dems are going to fare too well….
      Thank God if all they have is that bitch….

    2. The law will never make it you’ll need evidence and like you said it will be a he said she said mess..

  39. Yeah it’s pretty standard; a man lies to get a woman into bed? He needs to go to prison. A woman lies about who the father of her kid is, defrauding a man out of 18+ years of his life? When will we be seeing some kind of punishment for that, or even acknowledgement that it’s a bad thing in some way? Never, I presume?
    This stuff doesn’t even vaguely surprise me anymore, once you truly accept the fact that women simply do not possess an inherent sense of abstract justice, and furthermore; that only a minority of them are even capable to grasping the concept when it’s explained to them, this all makes perfect sense.
    Anything men do that women don’t like, they will leverage the state to punish men for. It’s just a weapon in the age old war of the sexes. A woman has no concept that there are things men have every right to do even if it should negatively impact a woman, their brains just cannot process that idea. All the dirty tricks they use in the mating game are fair play and you just should have been smart enough to detect them you dumb man. Anything you do, even if it’s not really a trick, if she doesn’t like it, then it should be illegal.

    1. Yeah, laws like these and the “yes means yes” laws are interesting. On the surface, it looks like we’re losing, but, underneath, it means we’re getting to them. The feminist powers that be have always used litigation to control men. They no doubt see the manosphere and want to push back. They can use the media and use the courts all they like, but they cannot seem to get to the hearts and minds of those who really matter the most here: us.

  40. Well if more and more western men won’t willingly commit their life savings to a western woman they will be compelled to do so. Let’s face it. Many of these jilted women are angry because they’re not “meeting” a guy they can brag to their married friends is so wonderful. Just because they’re using you, doesn’t mean you can use them.
    Or it seems like that’s how woman view it.

  41. The irony will surface similar to when members of mothers against drunk driving get busted for DUI/DWI with the kiddies in the car, somehow never thought that the law applied equally to them.

  42. Insanity. And the burden of proof falls on who? Oh, yes, the accused.
    This kind of “law” won’t survive long enough for the ink to dry. It makes hearsay with zero witnesses into a felony. That’s not just unconstitutional, that’s a complete repudiation of Western legal tradition dating back to at least the Magna Carta.

  43. Ok why are you so stupid. If you need to lie to get a girl first thats just a little pathetic. Second its not ridiculous because then the women is consenting to sex under false pretenses. And you lying cheating bastards deserve to be in jail.

  44. And I live in this fucking state….One more reason why I want to move out of New Jersey, it gives two fucks about the rights of men and boys.

  45. What about when women lie by wearing makeup, lying about her age, using a pushup bra or when they get cosmetic surgery?

  46. Come on! It’s not the “you don’t look fat” kind of lie that would be a crime. Something like lying on your identity to a blind person could be, I guess.

    1. To render this sort of judgment so convincingly you must be in possession of a time machine. What other wonders await us in the future, pray tell?

    2. It would be. A real situation of a woman saying she was raped because the man she got with lied about his job and the amount of money he made is being used to support this insanity.

  47. The act of lying to obtain sex would be the first notion of “I give a shit about your existence, female”. The lie being that if they aren’t going to grant you sexual release or the emotional release of a relationship, who cares if they’re alive or dead? The act of living life for and only for the petty bullshit of day to day living with insane “passions” and obsessions is wholeheartedly a woman thing. No male in his right mind would ever give two shits about what a woman does to amuse herself if not for the potential of sex. As far as I’m concerned, I live for constant improvement, constant resource/power gathering, looking for ways to improve my interactions with others to increase my success levels of previously named pursuits, and addressing my biological desires. Only a small part of that is spent dicking around with stress relieving hobbies. The real heart of the matter is women put NO EFFORT into dating, whereas many men have to make it an all out effort to build proper game. This leaves women with infinite free time to live for their vices and meaningless waste of time pursuits. Males should neither give a shit nor care one bit about any of their nonsensical activities, but they should most definitely smile and be knowledgeable enough to make them think they do. Women want entertainment in any way possible. The best lie you can come up with, and they don’t want to know it’s a lie. They expect the most interesting individuals on earth to just fall into their lap and be the love of their life. So it’s a man’s responsibility to make her think that’s exactly what he is. Morons who seek to tamper with this process might find themselves dead.

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