4 Ways That Men And Women Are Different

It’s said that Abraham Lincoln once asked some people how many legs a horse would have if you called its tail a leg. They answered five. Abe corrected their foolishness by pointing out that you can call the tail anything you want, horses still have only four legs.

Today’s pop culture now says that women are the same as men. That women are best able to lead because… whatever the babble of the day is. And men are brute beasts who only rule because they are bigger than women. And there are no differences between men and women except some easily changed plumbing details.

They can say whatever they want but the fact still remains that men and women are very different and were created for very different roles. If you want a wonderful and long relationship with your woman, you need to understand these differences and how they play out in the real world. Here are a few important ones.

1. Leadership

Let’s look at leadership first. Everyone knows you can’t herd cats. Cats aren’t herd animals. They don’t stick together and they won’t go where you want. But you can easily control groups of cats and take them wherever you want. The next time you’re in cat country, open a can of cat food or grab an old fish and walk down the road. You got cats. Lot’s of cats. Underfoot and fighting each other but going right where you want.

The take-away is this: you don’t drive your woman, you lead her. She wants you to lead and she will follow you. Women are like that. They were created that way.

2. Emotional Needs

She doesn’t want to hang out with a bunch of women nearly as much as she wants to cuddle with you.
Women need to be protected, loved and cared for and they will look to their man for this. That’s you! That’s your role if you want your women to follow you. Provide her what she needs and lead her. Just don’t be trying to drive her.

3. Teamwork

Men aren’t herd animals—we’re team players. There’s a big difference. When a bunch of guys find themselves in a bad situation, they automatically begin working as a team. They’ll recognize and follow a qualified leader, discuss and listen, divide up the tasks, work together, and get the job done, usually without shouting, arguing, complaining or slacking off. When there’s a job to do, men work together and do it. That’s how we make a living.

Women will also work together but they tend to take a long time and usually end up being either over-organized or under-organized. They don’t just naturally work together as a team like men do, but they do one-to-one really well. Women easily form strong emotional bonds with individual persons, such as a BFF or husband. They also bond with their children. This makes women ideally suited for forming and caring for their families.

So men, your women wants and needs to form a strong emotional bond with you. She knows how to do this. So give her what she needs, then lead. She will follow.

4. Mental Ability

Now let’s shove our pride under a rock for a while and consider memory. It’s my considered opinion that men and women are more or less equally smart. We’re good at different things but overall men and women start out about equally good at thinking. But men end up out-thinking women in the long run because our deficiency in memory forces us to be thinking all the time.

Women don’t have to think like that. They remember everything! Birthdays, anniversaries, your clothing sizes, appointments, specific conversations… they are remembering machines. They don’t have to think a lot. They remember what worked the last time and do it again. Women are really good at sticking with what works and doing the same thing over and over again.

We can’t do that. We have to figure it out again. And often come up with different solutions. Think about the many times you’ve been around an older married couple and he can’t remember something simple, like what kind of margarine they buy. She gently reminds him.

Then they get in the car and he drives. Driving is more than remembering. You have to be looking out and making decisions. You have to be thinking. As soon as you start zoning out and following the lines, you’ll get honked at and cussed at, by the guy driving the other car. Driving requires thinking, and men are really good at it. Because we’ve been forced to think all of our lives.


All of these differences between men and women aren’t based on some stuffy academic research. Nobody’s going to grant me a degree for figuring this out. You can see it all around you if you just open your eyes and see.
Men and women were created different, and we’re good at different things.

Nowhere in my Bible does it say that men should be the head of the family; it simply acknowledges that men are the head of the family. Men lead, women follow… and often pick up the pieces. Men think, women know… or think they do. Women want to be loved, protected and provided for, and men must love, protect and provide for them.

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55 thoughts on “4 Ways That Men And Women Are Different”

    1. 4 ways men are different to women?
      Honesty, Loyalty, Duty, Responsibility
      Most men have those attributes, most women don’t have those attributes.

      1. JOHN
        Women do not have to, on a biological level. They have a limited supply of eggs and men have loads of semen. If you do the math this makes women a commodity on a biological level.
        However, over the age of 50 women have no SMV (Except by young males who fancy a blowjob from decades of experience) and males do.
        Take REMINGTON STEELE. Brosnan was a young ex London cab driver and the big star was Stephanie Zimbalist was the star. But nobody remembers her and Brosnan is still a ticket-seller.
        Its the same with female leads of the 1990’s. Who remembers Juliette Lewis or the Gen X pouty bad girls of the 90’s? Nobody.
        Yet the male leads of that era are still huge drawers at the BO. Wahlberg etc.
        It is one reason that women want to have children. They need them in old age when they no longer have SMV.

        1. “but the biggest one we men tend to underestimate is the sheer amount of pain and suffering women go through”
          White knight bullshit of the highest order.
          How often does a woman lose her house to her husband?
          How often does a woman lose her children to her husband?
          Not to mention her pension, savings, dog, and any other assets.
          Women have the easiest life in the world compared to men. Never any need to work or strive for anything, they can all live off the back of a man, if they can control their eating and not become ham planets.
          Not to mention I’ve raised two daughters (different mothers), and neither ever had any screaming arguments with their mothers (or me), that’s Hollywood BS about dysfunctional families. It isn’t the norm. The guy writing that story needs a bullet in the head.

        2. Weird article. Menstrual cycles and childbearing aren’t fun but the little ones are worth it.
          I guess I need to practice more gratitude. I was spared most of that because I married a good man. I’ve been with him nearly half my life but couldn’t be farther from bored.

      2. Honesty is the big one. Proven time and again we’re the more honest of the sexes; less likely to cheat and lie about it, less likely to bump a car parking and drive off without leaving a note, etc. That’s also, I suppose, partly due to social programming, as we don’t get away with shit in comparison to women.
        I think all other factors are irrelevant.

        1. When it comes to honesty, would it also be contributed to courage? I wonder if men are more honest because we have more courage. Whereas others continue to lie, more or less fabricating a wall by which they can hide from the truth.

  1. Women doesn’t have better memory. They sux at chess. Equality is a big fat lie, women are weaker at everything.

    1. Women aren’t even good at making babies, The job I can get over in 2 minutes, she takes 9 months to finish.

    2. It really is amazing how badly women suck at Chess, certainly compared to the masters of the craft. At any one point of the top 1,000 players globally, there will be like three women, and routinely in the bottom half of that 1000.

      1. @ Reality, that’s absolutely not true. There’s one strong, independent, Asian female in the top 100 best chess players in the world. Proof that all women could be world class chess players if men weren’t oppressing them.

  2. True. they always need guidance and attention.
    show me the toughest woman on earth and ask her what kind of a man she wants. she would say a tougher one than me.

  3. Men make decisions based off logic, reasoning, and facts. Women make decisions based off emotions, they are slaves to their emotions, which is why they make bettter house wives then they do STEM professionals. Stress managment and critical thinking are not strong charcterisitics for women. When faced with things like that they respond with crying, quitting, and temper tantrums. If put in a leadership role they are destined to fail simply from their own genetics.

  4. Women are less affected by stress than men. It’s a proven biological fact. It doesn’t mean that they are better for finding the way out of stress

  5. Their tantrums, mood swings are the mechanisms of survival when exposed to stress.
    Men don’t have it, that’s why the suicide rate is 5-6 times higher

      A pussy is an ace in the hole. Visit Southeast Asia or Eastern Europe-you think Melania Trump would not be back in her rundown Eastern Bloc village if she did not have a vagina?
      You can be the hardest, toughest male around but anybody with a vagina can be much more upworldly mobile-the hot girls in the Philippines marry a GI and end up doing quite well in America while the males in their squat are wandering around penniless.
      This is why the suicide rate GOES UP for women after age 40. By then having a vagina is no longer such a bread-winner and you cannot get by on your looks.

      All kids scream and have tantrums.
      The reason males have a higher suicide rate is that when you are 50 and no longer have your boyish looks nobody cares whether you live or die. You are just an older guy whose balls are dry-you are not even good as a stiff penis.
      Look at conquered civilizations. Aztec and Cherokee squaws could fuck the European conquerors but not many Spanish and British soldiers wanted to fuck Red Men in the ass so they died off while the squaw simply got married to conqueror and had his children.
      Blacks today are now cucking white males, for example.

  6. I am a woman who looks critically at herself and who doesn’t blame her shortcomings or suffering on men. I learned early on that I was small and weak, at least physically. At school, I was picked on frequently, to a point where I despised myself. I do not know what is worse, to realize you are weak, or to know that no one cares enough about you to help you rise.
    How do you find worth in yourself? I struggle with it still, even though I have done many good things, achieved several big goals in life. They don’t seem to penetrate inside and bolster me.
    Just this morning, I asked God why he made me this way. Why he didn’t make me stronger, tougher, less sensitive, less bloody intelligent. Because that is what he gave me, a clever mind. Clever enough to see what’s going on, but not clever enough to turn things around. I am my own enemy and I don’t want to be.
    After I lashed out at God, I felt ashamed. I asked him for forgiveness and thanked him for the many good things in my life. Chiefly, my family and good-enough health. I also thanked him for time, because every day that I am alive, I can attempt to be better. I do not want to be worthless or weak — quite the opposite.
    I am a woman. I was born with a small, delicate body. I am neurotic, emotional. I feel too much and I wish I didn’t. But that is the template I was given. I have no choice but to accept it, live with it, make the best of it. I never blamed men for it, why should I? You have your own problems.
    I just wanted to let you know that we women know exactly what we are like. We sometimes wish we were men and maybe that is the reason why so many modern women act like men and deny their femininity. I believe that when women are angry at men they are, in fact, angry at God or Mother Nature. From my own experience, the only way to assuage that anger is to find something or someone to love. I pity the women who choose not to marry and have children, for they will have nothing to love. Love redeems, that is what I know.
    I wish you all a good day.

      1. Does this count as “white knighting”, or does that term apply only when you DISAGREE with a man’s comment?

        1. Neither, white knighting is defending a woman who has made stupid choices and expects no consequences.

    1. Mimi
      what if God didn’t make you that way. What if God has a superior self worth for you greater than any achievements? do yourself a favor and read ‘telling yourself the truth’ by william backus. It will change your life, and is the ultimate in red pill thinking for the christian.
      If you like that try also ‘the lost art of thinking’ by neil nedley.
      you’ll be glad you did

    2. @Mimi,
      “Because that is what he gave me, a clever mind. Clever enough to see what’s going on, but not clever enough to turn things around”
      And, NOT clever enough to Invent, Innovate & Pioneer !! Did you used a PC/Laptop or Tablet or Smartphone to express yourself !? Then not only GOD, you should also be “Thankful” to the MEN.
      “I never blamed men for it, why should I?”
      Of course, why should you !? In fact, you/females should be “Grateful” to MEN; for all the entitlement, putting on pedestal, pampering, no consequences, no accountability. All of that, apart from the materialistic comforts (ass-wipes to tampon to dildo to smartphone) you “enjoy” !!
      “women act like men and deny their femininity.”
      Because, they are very much aware of (but not ready to accept & acknowledge) the fact that they are weak, pathetic & inferior to MEN !!
      They shamelessly satisfy their false ego by imitating MEN, but without any accountability & responsibility !!
      Just for your information, it is a MAN who pioneered GYNECOLOGY !! And this is just tip of the iceberg !!

      1. Actually, women as well as men pioneered GYNECOLOGY–back when it was called “midwifery”–or, by its detractors, “witchcraft”.

    3. Kudos to the your bout of modest introspection. Try being a man. Society is our eternal feedback loop. Every decision we make or don’t make ricochets back into our faces. We must constantly evaluate and reevaluate virtually everything we do or say…because there are consequences. So while being a ‘homemaker’ (not working yet living a bourgeois lifestyle) must be so tedious…you will never sincerely attempt to end your life over it. So my pity is lacking for the plight of the white female. Not one time did you mention how men have been affected by you or how they have given you a safe existence. You live in the gynocracy, so you’ll never have to think about anything outside of your solipsistic myopia.

  7. “Women are really good at sticking with what works and doing the same thing over and over again.“
    Ha ha ha

  8. The bible does say that the man is the head of the household.
    Ephesians 5:23
    New International Version
    For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior.

  9. “She doesn’t want to hang out with a bunch of women nearly as much as she wants to cuddle with you.”
    That’s nonsense. She’d much rather dress like a whore and go to a club with her whore friends so they can be surrounded by a bunch of new thirsty cocks. Wake up.

  10. “Nowhere in my Bible does it say that men should be the head of the family; it simply acknowledges that men are the head of the family.”
    You don’t need a god to tell you that, though many of today’s atheists think they can safely ignore men’s experience with women over thousands of years and signal that they believe in feminist speculations only a few decades old.

  11. I believe the fatter roughneck is wearing a regular man’s underwear over the thong. It has to be the alternative is unimaginable.

  12. #4 is pile of BS. Conclusion based on probably one data point, that of the author himself. The author has to get out more and find those walking, talking encyclopedias, mostly men. The difference is those encyclopedias contain technical or other useful information unlike the crap that women tend to remember.
    Some men are walking encyclopedias. Some women are walking Rolodexes.

  13. Can a woman even go 2-3 days without “having a good cry”? Thats one of the weakest times a human experiences. We all cry but for example the loss of a child is a lot diff from the love scene in Titanic. Anyone who claims females are emotionally stable hasnt been around the rollercoaster of menstral cycle. Derp.
    Natural born multiple personalities for every day of the week, all shrugged off as “I’m a Gemini, its just the way we are”.

    1. I love how ,”That’s just how I am” is used as an excuse fornshitty behavior and I am just supposed to accept it. Of course when I don’t, the look of entitled shock on their face is hilarious.

  14. Pete,
    I really enjoyed this article. I often agree with what is written on this website, but many articles on here have a negative undertone. This was truthful without being disrespectful, and I look forward to see more from you.

    1. You agree but don’t like the negative undertones? And it is disrespectful? Truth and logic is more important than tone and feelz. Welcome the the way of the men.

      1. And that’s why you’re here. You LOVE that feeling of ‘danger’ because men kiss your ass all day long. No man has ever told you no, starting from daddy, to grandpa and to your big brother. It got really old, being courted and protected from negativity all the time, didn’t it?

  15. Americans either don’t know or want to know that the US is collapsing or think that nothing can be done to save the USA. Any plans or ideas to slow or escape the decay are quickly shot down as unworkable.
    Instead of demanding that minimum wages be repealed or checkpoints be ended, Americans would rather beg for their chains by asking for more laws.

  16. In the words of the late Patrice O’Niel…
    My women only knows shit, because I tell her shit…

  17. I hear a lot of macho cunts with a mommy complex. The idiot who wrote this piece of shit is probably a wifebeating retard.

    1. I love how you stupid cunts always leave out the daddy complex and how the omnipresent BDSM itch magically disappears from your timeline when expressing female victimology. You should not be able to comment on sex issues if you have never had sex with a woman (i.e. conquered one)….toots. And no, pretending to do the lesbian thing does not count. Have you ever actually charmed one into bed?

  18. ‘They can say whatever they want but the fact still remains that men and women are very different and were created for very different roles.”
    Nope, they evolved and were selected for different roles

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