Is Genocide On The Elite Agenda?

Those blue-eyed devils. The world would be better off without them, right?

One only need subject themselves to mainstream media for a few short minutes to see white people being labeled racists for everything from looking out for their own self-interest by electing President Trump, to not supplicating enough when they see a person of color on the street. A narrative has been established that white people can be nothing but oppressors, while those of any other ethnic group can only be victims.

The failing but still very powerful mainstream media thrives on sowing racial discord and division. This not only helps the power structure maintain its chokehold over Western politics in a classic divide and conquer strategy, it helps set up the narrative for a much bigger undertaking: making the very existence of white people unacceptable.

With all the race-baiting and scapegoating of whites for all the past, present, and future problems of the world, one has to wonder if soft and slow genocide is an agenda item for diabolical elites. A new Bolshevism based on race has descended on the West in the early 21st century as leftists and their marionettes in the media target Europeans and Americans of European descent in a magnificently diabolical design.

One of the dirtiest tricks in politics is to accuse your opposition of your own crimes. The left incessantly yells “racist” at white people without ever realizing the supreme irony that exists in stereotyping an entire race of people with a pejorative term. In modern times, whites must take sides and be either loathful oppressors or supplicating submissives to other ethnic groups. There is no in between.

The insanity of scapegoating a group of people as villains has precedent, although targeting an entire race certainly is a new twist on an old game.

In 1918, the masses of useful idiots directed mass killings, torture and systematic oppression at the Bourgeoisie. In 2017, forces are at work to direct the same evil at those of European descent. Not since the original Bolsheviks conducted the Red Terror have we seen such a storm gathering, directed squarely at one group of people.

Dr. Evil

Under the guise of an “Open Society” Soros funds far left, Communist groups

One of those at the forefront pushing an agenda of racial scapegoating is Dr. Evil himself, George Soros. Soros has been funding leftist mobs on both sides of the pond in an attempt to spark a new Socialist revolution that has eerie similarities to the conditions leading up to the Red Terror.

Rather than targeting the middle class in general as was the case in Russia a century ago, the mobs Soros funds today are largely aimed at targeting white people.

Reports have surfaced far and wide that Soros funded the race-based riots that took place last summer in cities across America, sending at least $650,000 to the racially motivated group Black Lives Matter. Now, he is now being investigated for funding Socialist groups in Europe under his Open Society front. Fox News reported on his latest alleged misdeeds:

George Soros’ alleged meddling in European politics has caught the attention of Congress. Concerns about Soros’ involvement most recently were raised by the Hungarian prime minister, who last week lashed out at the Soros “empire” and accused it of deploying “tons of money and international heavy artillery.”

Among this “international heavy artillery” are so-called “rent-a-mobs” or protestors for hire paid for by Soros-linked groups, intended to marginalize Trump and push back against the West’s recent moves against New World Order globalism. According to World Net Daily:

An ABC News producer tweeted a photo of protesters burning a “Make America Great Again” hat, stolen off the head of a Trump supporter. It turns out [the woman in the photo,] Maile Hampton was profiled as someone who appears to be professional protester, in a story published in WND two weeks ago.

Hampton, who goes by the name Kwame Kahlo on Twitter, is a self-described “Marxist Leninist.” She has been seen and photographed at protests all over California recently, and even in Mexico.

In the span of only 10 days, Hampton appeared at multiple protests.

Of course, the press gives these fake protestors center stage on their heavily propagandized newscasts. The narrative is always the same: black and brown people fighting back against oppression by evil white people – those carrying the banner of what Bertrand Russell called “The Fallacy of the Superior Virtue of the Oppressed.” People of color are not to be questioned about their motives, even when they become violent.

This attitude led to the successful destruction of several inner cities in 2016. Soros is not alone. Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and other billionaires actively push an agenda of globalism which is destructive to white communities.

If you think there’s no immediate threat to those of European descent, realize how far the agenda has already advanced while the media and globalists push the envelope even further.


Ask yourself what would happen if a group called “White Lives Matter” did this in cities across America to see how far down the path of Racial Bolshevism we’ve already gone

Imagine if white nationalists burned cities down nationwide. We all know the groups would be targeted for destruction, in much the same way LaVoy Finicum was mowed down by authorities in Oregon for protesting a government land grab linked to a Clinton family uranium deal with Russia.

The media continue badgering Trump over Russia while developing collective amnesia when it comes to that explosive story.

Additionally, the press would be screaming, flopping on the floor, and foaming at the mouth if billionaires were funding a group called White Lives Matter that called blacks “defects” who should be wiped off the face of the planet. But they haven’t brought this bombshell that surfaced last week to the attention of the masses:

The co-founder of Toronto’s Black Lives Matter chapter believes white people are “recessive genetic defects” who should be “wiped out.”

“Whiteness is not humaness,” Yusra Khogali wrote in a just-discovered Facebook post from December 2015, according to the Toronto Sun. “in fact, white skin is sub-human.” From there, Khogali…made her case against the Caucasian race by arguing that more melanin is better.

After making several similar statements, Khogali concluded that white people “are recessive genetic defects.” She said the Caucasian race “need white supremacy as a mechanism to protect their survival as a people because all they can do is produce themselves.”

This hateful rhetoric predictably likely would never have seen the light of day if it weren’t for the Internet.

Indeed, the prevailing view among mediaites and government policy makers is that every culture deserves to preserve itself except European culture, and every race of people can have pride in itself and its accomplishments except those of European descent.

This is exactly how Cultural Marxism works. Destroy the family, destroy the history of the nation, then destroy the nation itself. Andrew Jackson being removed from the most common denomination of American currency is only the first volley in what will surely be many more moves to destroy Caucasian history and humiliate white people. Look for the Founding Fathers to be targeted soon, as Communists move to rewrite history and collectively lobotomize Westerners with the goal of making them forget their history and shun their culture.

But it won’t be enough to shame and debase white people. That’s not how Communism works. The end goal will be to bring about an end to the very existence of those of European descent, just as the Bolsheviks once attempted to eliminate the “evil” Kulaks. Bolder moves will come. Perhaps one dark day we will see the narrative that white people reproducing with each other is racist.

Or, perhaps we will see another bloodbath resulting from the encroaching insanity of leftists.

History Echoes

21st century Bolshevik-style scapegoating is directed at Caucasians – could we see a new Red Terror in the coming decades?

It’s been said history may not repeat itself, but it does echo.

We have entered a dangerous period in history as the current situation in the West echoes the social situation leading up to the Red Terror a century ago.

Looking back to 1918, Trotsky spoke of the Bourgeoisie being estranged from the masses of people. As demographic displacement quickly proceeds as planned in Europe and America with whites going from 92% of the population in the U.S. to about one-third of the population by mid-century, it won’t be too many more decades before white people will find themselves estranged in their own lands, echoing these chilling words written by none other than Leon Trotsky:

The Russian bourgeoisie found itself to such a degree estranged from the masses of the people, so internally helpless, so compromised by the course and the result of the war, so demoralized by the regime of Kerensky, that it scarcely dared show any resistance.

Isn’t that the agenda? Demoralize, debase, and dehumanize white people day in and day out until they don’t show any resistance? This has already happened in liberal cities across the nation as a man only needs visit these areas to realize how self-loathing most of the white people there have become.

We’ve already seen sparks of revolution with “virtuous” mobs of color rising up against Whitey nationwide in recent years with the full support of the press and a Socialist government. Always remember, a Socialist is a Communist who doesn’t have a gun. Yet.

Meanwhile, globalists continue pushing an agenda of racial division and white marginalization in the West even in the face of populist uprisings on both sides of the pond.

Why are they doing this?

It’s not too much of a stretch of the imagination to wonder if genocide is on the elite agenda. The power structure surely is not trying to build white people up, but it is actively trying to tear them down. It would be convenient for social engineers if one group of people who have proven problematic when it comes to elite plans for world domination in the past just up and disappeared.

An amalgamated humanity is easier to manage for central planners than a truly diverse planet, with diverse people and cultures. A world monoculture of people with no identity or beliefs, a mass of compulsive shoppers and eaters is what the elites desire. Is that somewhere you want to be taken?

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522 thoughts on “Is Genocide On The Elite Agenda?”

    1. what’s the queen got to do with it?
      Even Larouche doesn’t blame her for the Brixton riots

      1. Great Britain has a long and bloody history of usurping lands and murdering their inhabitants. You can research it if you want. Either you know it’s true, or you don’t. Kind of like either you know the media is fomenting racial polarity, for genocidal purposes, or you don’t. Ignorance truly is bliss. I still hate the guy who woke me up…it was so much easier when I was blissfully asleep, chasing women, believing what I read in the newspaper, buying nice clothes, driving nice cars, and watching sportsball and episodic television…those were the days.
        (I should have put the Pope in there, too, and a bunch of other people. Not enough room to fit all the players into one image…)

        1. And? Any nation that’s made it past 200 years ends up doing bad shit. Elizabeth is *pro-Britain” and was for the Brexit openly, so I don’t really count her as among the opposition.

        2. There are lots of perspectives, regarding anything we look at, for sure. Who am I to tell somebody else their perspective is wrong. They just don’t see what I see, or interpret it the way I interpret it. Of course, I interpret it correctly (heh), but that’s a different story…all men are sure of their perspectives. Until they get hit in the face with a two-by-four with evidence that proves them wrong. Then, most of them just say, “Yeah, of course, I always knew it was that way…” We’re demented creatures, man.

        3. Our German inbred monarch pro-Brexit? So that’s why she spoke out about it during the referendum campaign? Not.
          The Queen and our UK elites have a vested interest in staying in the EU. It’s called the Common Agricultural Policy and is possibly the largest redistribution of wealth – from the peasantry to the vast-land-owning elites -the world has ever seen. It could be argued that if they allow us to leave the EU, it’s a strategic move that won’t hurt their long term money grab. My theory: it has to do with WW3 prep. There’s a jaw-dropping book on this subject; well, two actually:
          1. Who Owns Britain by K Cahill, and,
          2. The Secret State by P Hennessy.
          The former reveals the EU scam; the latter the lengths the UK government – and by inference, other NATO governments – go to in the build-up to war. If you ever wondered what NSA data collection was about, this will give you some serious pointers.

        4. Most countries and people have that kind of bloody story. England was just able to do it on a far greater scale because technology had advanced. You are naive if you believe for example the arab counties wouldnt have done just the same, if they could.

        5. Id rather the English hacked and slashed their way across the globe than some vile muslim or other non western culture.
          Theres no shame in conquest. Im quite proud of my ancestors being lonely at the top.

        6. Exactly, this idiot would rather bone through nose tribes had the upper hand on Western society?
          If so, he is untrustworthy to the very core.

  1. Great article Relampago…But you fail to mention the chief financiers and beneficiaries in instigating racial Bolshevism. Every. Single. Time

    1. Jew already know who he’s talking about.
      EDIT: Damned typo is incorrectable by autocorrect at this time. Jew see this madness? UN-Jew-lievable!!

    2. It’s much more effective to name them as individuals. Let the listener come to their own conclusion when they realize they all belong to the same tribe.
      That way they can’t dismiss your argument as being biased or paranoid.

      1. Most people are too retarded to connect the dots. Look at all the shit they shoveled down our throats all through the innocent eighties. People actually believed George Michael, Rob Halford, and Boy George were straight, and they had no idea that nearly the entire cast of “Roseanne” was Jewish. They had no idea that every single talk show host and television pundit was a Jew. You have to hammer the truth home as if you are dealing with complete morons, because you are.
        Though I agree with you: people are so conditioned and brainwashed, that merely saying the word “Jew” is highly offensive to them, unless in the context of heaping gushing praise upon Jews.

        1. People actually believed George Michael, Rob Halford, and Boy George were straight,

          Oh the hell we did, lol! I can tell you for a fact that there was no mistaking George Michael or Boy George for straights at the time. It wasn’t even assumed otherwise. I recall the first time I ever saw a George Michael video, was around 1986 I think(?) and my first words were “Who is the faggot” and I got the answer from some chick “Oh, he’s George Michael. I just love his music, I don’t care if he’s gay”. And Boy George? Christ, one look at the man and if your gaydar didn’t ping on 10 then you probably needed to get it to the shop for some dire maintenance.
          True on Rosanne, etc. The awareness of Jews basically owning media really didn’t start to get any air outside of small circles until the early 21st century.

        2. I was sure Adam Ant was gay. I had no idea about George Michael (or Freddie Mercury). It was always clear Boy George was Elton John level gay. Quentin Crisp though, he surprised me

        3. Sorry bro, but I did NOT believe Rob Halford was straight!
          My first exposure to the gay was the Blue Oyster Bar scenes from police academy.
          Very scarring.
          Its undeniable Rob Halford dressed exactly like that at all times.
          Really, the other two as well, no damn way that I was ‘convinced’ they werent puffers and lying about it.

        4. “people are so conditioned and brainwashed, that merely saying the word “Jew” is highly offensive to them, unless in the context of heaping gushing praise upon Jews”
          That nazi/literally Hitler hair trigger we’re all vaccinated and indoctrinated with at the slightest criticism of the ‘chosen ones’
          Even the so called alpha’s and ‘I don’t give a fuck types’ are compelled to cower and grovel prefacing any possible negative talk of the Jew with “I like Jews….” or “I’m not a jew hater/nazi but…”

        5. haha I think you’re slightly older than me, I was young and naive when George Michael shot to fame. Most kids my age (around 14 or so) had no idea what gay even meant back then. Nowadays I’m sure a 10-year-old could tell me more about trannies than I ever wanted to know.

    1. I’d like to have a one-on-one conversation with Tim Wise in alley. Just him and me. Give me 60 seconds with him. That’s all I ask; 60 measly seconds…

      1. I hear ya, Bob. I had a very brief email exchange with this white-hating jewboy a while back. He is arrogant as hell (big surprise), and needs an attitude adjustment to the max. The same sort of attitude adjustment you gave that meth head who was hassling you for money one night. Great story, btw.

        1. Wow, you actually interact with the creep. Ask him if we can have a sit-down, will you. If we offered him money to meet with us, he’d probably go for it, because…that’s how they roll.

        2. Naw… we just had a couple of emails back and forth. I was trying to get into his head, and find out what makes so many white Ashkenazic jews like him so anti-white. I just came to the conclusion that he is an arrogant punk like most of his tribe, and mentally ill from centuries of in-breeding.
          I think he said something to the effect that guys like you and me (white, racially-conscious, believe in western civilization) were “finished.”
          I told him “Don’t count on it, bagel boy.”
          But that comment of his put him solidly on my list of “top 5 peeps I’d really love to work over.”

    2. Whenever I see someone with that much self loathing I always ask, “If you hate whites so much and want them to die off, why don’t you start with yourself?”

        1. Its almost as if they wanna start a race war, break up the country into smaller more manageable ones…nah

        2. they ALREADY started this agenda, Italy divorce rate is skyrocketing, baby rate is almost 1.0, a lot of refugees in main cities for the fun of the enpowered females, no work, young italians went abroad for a job, there are more elder people than youngers, no work regulations, etc etc. it’s just a matter of 20/30 years and all will be over.

        3. A few years ago, I was skimming the paper while riding the subway. Got to the gossip page, had a blind item. A powerful, politically connected businessman said he wouldnt be surprised if the US broke up into smaller pieces. He was okay with it, as he saw it as a business opportunity. This paragraph was buried in the middle of the paper, you’d think it would merit a front page story…

        4. You are an Italy Italian? I heard the Sicilian mob is taking matters into their own hands regarding all of the refugees- true?

        5. You’d think it would have made the front page, yep. But who owns the newspapers – globalist billionaires.
          They have the blueprint in place already. On other continents, nations have been fragmented into smaller ones. Smaller nations are easier to control. The globalists try new shit out in one location first. If it works, then they export it. Banning guns, etc. (See Australia, Great Britain, Canada, et al.)
          It’s simple. But their political, educational, and journalistic lackeys varnish it with these deep, socio-political overtones and call it complex. It isn’t.

        6. due local Mafia, this is “partially true” as long as they are useful for them, they won’t give a fuck, they still use refugees for low wage work, to get money from humanitarian ORG and as drug dealers. Actually People have few options left, many try to defend the remains of their cities without any real results. The ones who understood the situation leave for a better future since there are no work options either.

        7. I know what you mean. About 25 years ago I was watching this Public Access TV show. It was about how the elite wanted to do away with cash. Inventing credit cards and debit cards was the first step. Then, they planned on microchipping the population. Boy did I laugh back then…I’m not laughing now.

        8. I’m not the religious type, but that shit sounds like something out of Revelation and Mark of the Beast.

        9. true, however they don’t need microchip, for now, as long as people behave well with refugees, are willing to have cameras even in the bathroom, buy their expensive ispyphone and use facebook for everythings.

        10. they floated that trial balloon in the early 2000s, fish werent bitin’ on that. Floating chipping again, saw a segment on tv where tech geeks chipped themselves, they can open the house and garage doors without keys! Sweet!! sign me up lol

        11. One was stupid enough to reply. So I showed them the Budd Dwyer clip on how to make it quick and easy.

        12. Haha! Lemmings, man. Remember when Hillary was going to be the First Lady of Health Care, back when Bill was president? They floated that universal health care shit back then, and it didn’t fly, either. So they just waited and Obama came along. Obamacare is Rockefellercare. They’ve been trying to get that shit in the door for decades – mission accomplished.

        13. “some people are more equal that others”
          a major tenet of collectivism.
          Orwell so aptly called out that inherent contradiction in their ‘system’.

        14. Orwell the Freemason. He wrote screenplays for Hollywood. That’s about all a guy has to know about Orwell. He softened people up for the “inevitability” of the bizarre shit we are seeing right now…

        15. Inapplicable. Everything in history is both the same, and yet unique. One movement may fail or get beaten 100 years ago but succeed today. It comes down to cultural dynamics I think.

        16. Most Masons are guys who sit around at dinners and play make believe one night a week. Guilt by association doesn’t discredit Orwell’s very prescient predictions about how language manipulation would be used to enslave people. If he was “softening” us, he wouldn’t be used as a constant source against our enemies on a nearly daily basis.

        17. How inapplicable?
          In the schematic sense had one large country, then certain forces though that two smaller countries would be a better idea. That’s the only parallel I’m drawing here; real broad-brush like.

        18. Oh I won’t even debate that one. It would take way too much time. But I can see your point.
          By inference, you are a Freemason…or did I miss that one.

        19. To appreciate Orwell one has to go beyond his cute fiction stories and get into the meat of his analysis of language and it’s use and manipulation.
          I’ve known way too many Masons who are middle class guys who barely eke out a business connection or two from their Lodge, and many times, don’t even get that far.

        20. I was a Demolay as a kid.
          You’d think that if the Masons were this huge big fixer-upper type organization that gave its members sinister magical powers, that the membership would fare better than most of them fared in life.
          All of the “Freemasons be evil” stuff comes from the Enlightenment era and the petty fighting that went on between various groups. At best the Masons were a good old boys networking club, just like Moose Lodge or the AmVets (but with different reasons for gathering). When I read the whole nefarious conspiracy stuff about them I’m put in the same frame of mind as I am when I hear some Protestant go off on Catholics using arguments from 1801 almost verbatim.
          End of the day, people form social groups and network. Part of being a social species. Some groups are formed with clearly bad designs (KKK, etc) while others are supper clubs or cigar and Scotch affairs (I’m looking into a men only Scotch and cigar affair actually here locally).

        21. That’s where I am on him as well. In fact, that’s how I am with regard to basically any truth I encounter. I don’t give a flying toot who said it, my concern is “Is it the truth” and “does it help me learn and advance in life”. Orwell fills both of those slots, so he could have been a kid diddling necrophiliac demon worshiper for all I care, it plays no part in my evaluation of the truth of his catalogue of work.

        22. It’s a shame. Italy is a beautiful country with rich tradition and world-class craftsmanship. It will be a terrible loss to see it succumb to the dark hordes who never even developed a written language. Time to summon your gladiator blood.

        23. All Freemasons are obviously not evil. Neither are all Republicans. (Democrats, well…never mind.) But that doesn’t mean all of them are saints, either. And the more organized a group is, and the more secret they are (as in secret society), the higher the probability that there are long-term designs involved. But if you want to make them all out to be clueless networkers, hey, that’s up to you. I won’t jump up and down on you, for voicing your opinion, or dissuade you from having it. What you might do in that regard (dissuading others), well…to each their own. C’est la vie. Etc. Everybody has their own style.

        24. sadly, no more gladiators left, but we have lots of manginas here waiting for the next soccer sunday!

        25. All Freemasons are obviously not evil.

          Ergo, my original point about Orwell. The man’s works stand on their intellectual merit alone. His being, or not being, a Mason would influence the merit of his work in linguistic analysis 0.0%. If he was “softening” us then his goal was never achieved and in fact caused an opposite result.
          You’re misframing what I’m stating. I nowhere said “all” or “none” which, as you may notice, are words I rarely if ever use to describe human beings and their social/cultural attitudes. There are no doubt bad Masons, good Masons and Masons who are neutral parties with no real clue about really anything in life.

        26. “Orwell the Freemason”
          Seems like nothing is pure. When I was a kid I had a copy of Orwell’s classic radio broadcast “War Of The Worlds” – really enjoyed it.
          Another freemason: Mel Blanc – known for doing the voices for almost all the famous Warner Brothers characters including Bugs Bunny.
          And he also voiced the original Barney Rubble from the Flinstones series from 1960-1966.
          Yup – Barney fuckin’ Rubble – a fuckin’ Freemason!

        27. Masons dominate the landscape in prominent fields. That’s a fact. The tricky part is, you never know exactly who is one. They don’t broadcast a list of Craft members. Usually, that is done posthumously. And even then it’s only a partial list. You can see the extent of their influence online, too. Oh boy…some guys will get all riled up if you badmouth the Masons. They aren’t all bad. But they aren’t all good, either. And they’re organized. As fuck.

        28. I agree with that one. And I did write, “But if you want to make them all out to be clueless networkers, hey, that’s up to you.” As soon as I wrote it, I hit edit, in order to change it to “make most of them out to be clueless networkers”. But I decided not to. So it will hang there, forever, in cyberspace, as a testament to my penchant for making broad-brush, absolute statements that lump everybody into the same boat…but yeah I gotcha.

        29. H G Wells wrote the book and Orson Wells did the broadcast on the radio. Lots of Wells to mix up here.

        30. “. Oh boy…some guys will get all riled up if you badmouth the Masons. They aren’t all bad. But they aren’t all good, either. And they’re organized. As fuck”
          I think the whole point of organization such as freemasons is to leverage power. And I’m sure too there are many freemasons among the lower ranks who are just enjoying being in the club and not actually pushing for advancement.
          Among other freemasons:
          comedian Michael Richards (from Seinfeld) and Buzz Aldrin.

        31. DeMolay is the junior branch of Masonry. They recruit kids in high school. College fraternities are the next step up in the recruiting operation. So, with those two elements in place already (every high school and college campus), anybody who claims Freemasonry isn’t absolutely pervasive and massively influential is disproving their argument.
          Can we start a DeROK for the high school set. Can we set up ROK fraternities on college campuses. Uh…I don’t think so.
          But Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble were cool, and I’d join the Water Buffaloes, yeah man…
          By the way, from Wikipedia –
          DeMolay International: The organization was named for Jacques DeMolay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, who was burned at the stake by King Philip of France on March 18, 1314, as a martyr to loyalty and toleration.
          Now part of this is bullshit, because my grandfather was a Knight Templar (the Templars still exist). But DeMolay was burned at the stake.
          Apparently, Templarism/Freemasonry pissed off kings to the point where they wanted to wipe the organizations out. The Masons were completely run out of Europe at one point, and went underground. I’m sure this wasn’t done because they were saints and martyrs, for the most part. (But in any event, the Masons have no clout, nope, not a lick of it…)

        32. All I could find is a reference to Orwell’s dad being a scottish rite mason or something. Was he definitely a mason or just a fabian. It’s clear he was part of the british fabian / socialist establishment – I’m not sure how fabianism linked to masonry if at all.
          The below is somebody’s else’s musings on Orwell’s relationship to Fabianism as a socialist wolf in sheeps clothing.
          Basically the Fabian Society which has ‘a wolf is sheep’s clothing’ on its shield, began in 1884. Perhaps Orwell /Blair chose the title 1984 because he wanted to harken back to that date as the founding of a pernicious belief, one that would plod along until it achieved its socialist end. “…a mirror held up to the totalitarian face of the left-wing intelligentsia.” We know this today as political correctness. The British Labour Party took many of the Fabian Society’s tenets.
          “Fabians believed they could be successful in taking over national governments incrementally even if it took 100 years.
          “What gives pause is that the book clearly satirizes the consequences of Fabian socialism exactly 100 years after its birth in the salons of London.”
          “When asked about the world he had described in 1984, Orwell responded that he was not saying such a future would occur, but that a future something like it could happen because that was the direction in which the world was going.
          So why would this Swiftian satire be unleashed against the gentle Fabian socialists? One reason is that they weren’t all that gentle. The redoubtable Webbs had traveled in 1932 to Stalin’s Soviet Union with Fabian playwright George Bernard Shaw to see socialism at work, and they were Potemkinized if not directly recruited by the NKVD, the Soviet secret police that preceded the KGB. The gushing Webbs claimed to have seen no evidence of famine, hardship or slave camps.
          In 1933 they published an account of their trip titled Soviet Russia: A New Civilization. Two years later they put out a revised edition even more obsequious, to which they added an exclamation point, as in Soviet Russia: A New Civilization! According to the archives of the Soviet intelligence services, the book was entirely written by the NKVD. The aging Webbs now were working to create in England a replica of the Soviet Union, and Orwell was watching them.”
          “All of which suggests that Orwell’s 1984 was written as a forecast scenario for the year 2000, but titled 1984 to bring to mind the centenary of the Fabian Society. Orwell’s satirical approach assumes that the leaders of future governments would be Fabian successors of Beatrice and Sidney Webb, whom H.G. Wells with arcane foresight referred to as the global “New Machiavellians.”
          Is that getting close, or is there another rabbit hole to go down here, LS?

        33. “H G Wells wrote it and Orson Wells did the broadcast on the radio. Lots of Wells to mix up here”
          You’re correct! My bad. Wells did do an amazing adaptation to radio version that the listeners thought that there was a real invasion – though this was before FCC regulations require that stations make regular announcements that the production is fiction.

        34. “All of the “Freemasons be evil” stuff comes from the Enlightenment era and the petty fighting that went on between various groups.”
          But you’re always anti-conspiracy stuff. Sure people often think the worst about anything not happening in front of their eyes, but masonry has been enormously influential over the years. The conspiracy stuff tends to come from certain claims that masonry was to blame for the french revolution. There is some evidence I think that (french – german? austrian?) masonic / jacobin clubs were involved in the french revolution, and that probably needs to be distinguished from the more avuncular British type, but there were also continuing controversies in the 19th century and beyond, above all that which related to the writings of Albert Pike (and certain possibly apocryphal letters) which relate a) to Satan being the God of freemasonry (i.e. in the innermost circles) and the prediction that there world wars planned (obviously, this is hugely controversial but entirely disputed). There was also the subsequent and very strange Leo Taxil affair, which I suspect was designed to exonerate masonry of those types of allegation.

        35. “People freaked out and shot their water towers in some places thinking they were space ships”
          Yes – I recall a documentary about how Groversville NJ went apeshit – kinda of a real episode of the original Twilight Zone episode “The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street”

        36. No, no I’m not. BUT, some people here have said that I am. There have been plenty of real life conspiracies. But that doesn’t mean that everything under the blinking sun is some kind of nefarious conspiracy.
          I’ve no doubt that there was probably some Masonic influence on the French Revolution.

        37. Then you have the Captain William Morgan affair. (He was supposedly kidnapped and “disappeared” by Masons.)
          Edgar Allan Poe wrote about the Masons in his short story, “The Cask of the Amontillado”.
          In this story, the main character (an extension of Poe himself, most likely, who was not a Mason and was held down by them, due to their influence in the literary field via the myriad publishing houses they owned), is disrespected by a Freemason, and decides to kill him.
          Interesting stuff, you can read the whole story here, if anybody is interested –

        38. “I’ve no doubt that there was probably some Masonic influence on the French Revolution.”
          But generally mainstream historians won’t touch that sort of thing to try to establish the extent of the influence. When you have a situation where real scholars are incentivised against ‘going’ somewhere then you’re handing over the reins to conspiracy theorists who are going to argue the worst case they can. Conspiracy theory exists because we have an abdication of responsibility by mainstream historians / intellectuals, just as we have so-called ‘fake-news’ and alternative media outlets substituting for the mainstream media because they too are correctly seen as paid hacks jumping to their paymasters tunes.

        39. DeMolay is the junior branch of Masonry. They recruit kids in high school. College fraternities are the next step up in the recruiting operation. So, with those two elements in place already (every high school and college campus), anybody who claims Freemasonry isn’t absolutely pervasive and massively influential is disproving their argument.

        40. That’s true, and completely documented I believe. I think it’s true that masonic initiation rituals include oaths to the effect that the candidate forfeits his life should he speak with a loose tongue. Masons always insist that that isn’t meant literally, but in that case it was taken literally, however long ago that might have been

        41. I didn’t know that. I actually think its appalling that they should be permitted to recruit in schools etc. – leaving aside the lurid history that name refers to

        42. John Wayne, Neil Armstrong, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (although it’s denied in most Masonic quarters; MLK’s final speech was given at a Masonic Temple the night before he was allegedly killed), Ty Cobb…and pretty much every president in history.
          Here’s a site that allegedly lists a whole slew of famous Freemasons; but who knows, it’s a secret society, and I can’t imagine anything “secret” is going to play it straight with outsiders, but hey, it could happen, I guess –

        43. They’re powerful. Their entrenchment in the education system proves it. Hell, I suspect many (if not most) of all male teachers and coaches at the high school and collegiate level are Masons. It’s a pretty sure thing. A lot of the male teachers from my high school days, who taught me, are dead or dying off. It’s amazing how many of them were Masons, according to their obituaries.
          I know several Masons in prominent positions with whom I attended school, they were classmates of mine, and guys I ran around with to some degree. One is the City Attorney for the major college town where I grew up. Another is the Chief of Emergency Medicine at a large hospital in a big Midwestern city. Another is a partner and a major shareholder of the largest law firm in the world. All three of them are as bright as box of rusty nails. Heh. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know…
          But, just like it is with almost every organization, there are others that supercede it. Masons are useful tools, in the grand scheme of things.

        44. I recall that one of Tolstoy’s charchters in “War and Peace” joined the freemasons. They’ve been around awhile.

        45. “Here’s a site that allegedly lists a whole slew of famous Freemasons; but who knows, it’s a secret society, and I can’t imagine anything “secret” is going to play it straight with outsiders, but hey, it could happen, I guess ”
          Bob what’s your take on the Freemasons? My admiration famous folks like Buzz Aldrin who are among men I admire my whole life is getting overshadowed by the fact he is a member.

        46. I remember someone here who was saying that most of our judges are masons. I actually find that quite disturbing. Yes, it is certainly about who you know

        47. think War of the Worlds was HG Wells / Orson Welles. Sounds very similar to Or…Well actually

        48. I’m not going to offer my complete and unvarnished take on the Masons here, mostly because my family is riddled with them. But I’d suggest reading “Wagging the Moondoggie”, by Dave McGowan, in terms of trying to resolve your struggle with your feelings about Buzz Aldrin. It’s very entertaining and funny as hell, as well as being informative –

        49. What about LEOs? Ive heard many are masons, friend was approached to become one by a coworker, but he declined. Did this hurt his career advancement in your opinion?

        50. I got into some pretty serious trouble one time, back in college. It stemmed from a dispute I had with this fraternity guy who tried to fuck my girlfriend while she was drunk. My crew and I took exception to this, and we went over, and did some serious damage to the assholes, which included stealing some shit from them (and kicking their asses). The law got involved, and a cop came to my dorm and caught me with stolen property – I mean, I was toast. Or so I thought.
          My old man (a Mason) took me to the see the judge. On the way over, he said he was going to have to give the judge a bottle of Scotch to smooth it over, but I shouldn’t worry, because it would all get swept aside. We walked into the court room and stood at the back, so the judge could see us. The judge looked up, saw my dad, made a sign with his hand, and we turned and walked away, and that was the end of it. No ramifications, nothing. I was like…WTF?
          Yes, a lot of judges are Masons, that’s a sure bet.

        51. No prob, man. I gotta shut up about this shit for now, as I’m getting some heat. But just to make it even murkier, I am actually an NWO/Masonic sympathizer (go figure). Good luck with your research.

        52. All those frivolous lawsuits woulda just been dismissed eh? Oh well, he said their was something spooky about the low key pitch he got, but hey, its history now

        53. Yeah, not much he can do. Although, it isn’t too late to join up. I mean, the Masons. It’s a good way to fast-track your career. I’m not anti-Mason, I just have a habit of pointing things out so a guy can see the lay of the land. Actually, I admire any group that is that organized. It takes focus, planning, and balls. Love it or hate it, it’s admirable to a large degree, IMHO.

        54. well I presume that wouldn’t have worked if you’d shot the guy, but no doubt the sentence would have reflected your dad’s status. I seem to remember though your dad was connected in other ways too, so maybe there were other factors too? I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume that masonry and other forms of networking work similarly, i.e. that much of the world is run from behind the scenes (I’m sure you won’t disagree), but when it comes to freemasonry and conspiracy there’s two sides to things, the management side, the machinery behind the scenes which powers the visible world, and then the more controversial suggestion that there may be a degree of project management built into that kind of organisation, namely an agenda being played out, with specific goals for changing society and indeed the world. With hard core conspiracy theory the suggestion is that masonry may be implicated a) satanist at its core (whatever that may mean) and b) intimately associated with political / revolutionary movements, including the french, russian revolutions and many more. Your dad doesn’t sound like a communist, but maybe he wouldn’t have scoffed at the idea that there was something like a globalist new world order in the oven

        55. he randomly watched a movie about LEOs and masons a few months before he was approached. The plot of the movie freaked him out, so much so he didnt wanna be bothered with joining…

        56. Was it, “The Brotherhood of the Bell” (1970)….with Glenn Ford.
          Good film. Anybody who is interested can watch it for free, at the following link (until they take it down – heh):

        57. 1919 Britain’s Year of Revolution seems an interesting book! We nearly went the way of Germany and Russia in 1919.

        58. Now we know why the christian monarchy in europe was constantly killing and or driving out Jews. They were protecting humanity from the evil we see today

        59. Bob I glanced over the article and I am a little familiar with the author. He wrote a book “Strange Scenes” about the Laural Canyon life during the hippy era. He made a lot of assertions in that book without really backing it up. I’m not saying this guy is wrong, but really one needs to make claims that can be crossed checked.
          Likewise the article about Aldrin – the title is a play on the movie “Wag the Dog” which I saw years ago and is a highly under-rated movie. I expect that film to get the respect it deserves one day.
          As fat as the Masons – I’m still on the fence because I do know it is Human nature to allay up / organize with people and get something out of it. And any organization can get corrupted. So you’ll get no judgements from me to you, FYI.

        60. Interesting. I’d not heard of this. It was centred in Liverpool, so may have been hard to distinguish from the ordinary run of things. I’d be interested to know if it was ‘spontaneous’ or whether there were professional revolutionaries / agitators trying to foment trotskyist international revolution. It’s never really spontaneous so I imagine there were.

        61. “Morrison, not to nit pick here, but War of the World was by H.G. Wells, not George Orwell”
          No worries – I was corrected in this discussion here as well.

      1. Unprincipled Exceptionalism is the hamster feed of choice.
        The closer liberal progs get to consistency with the actual principles of their religion, the closer the whole thing gets to self-destruction. When taken to their logical conclusions, the result is always death.
        Thus, a multitude of exceptions must be meticulously maintained to buffer the True Believer from their self-contradictory positions – or else the inevitable instability cascades into destruction and death, which of course is the inevitable outcome of the belief system in the first place.
        The architecture is a social guillotine. Heads must roll. Just not theirs. Not yet at least.
        This happens to be brutally obvious to the rational observer who is lucky enough to have escaped the indoctrination or otherwise been given a dose of reality – any matter of which are visceral reminders of the contradictions.
        The mass cognitive dissonance is a rising tide that can only lift the ships that are not full of holes.
        So the True Believers combat their dissonance with ever-increasing signaling of their holiness. These spirals of virtue-signaling will, of course, lead to their demise just the same, but by then they will be so holy as to be martyrs.
        These are the people who end up embracing the savages who rape and machete their daughters in the streets while shaming and castigating those who would dare to invite Truth into such a holy place.

    3. i still remember those youger days when i was studying and i wished to become a citizen of America, i try different time to get the green card, even talk with some American Corporation for a job, without any results. fair enought, it’s Your Country and you made Your rules, thanks anyway.
      20 years later, i see this refugees that are allowed to storm the
      United States, have support from most Americans, welfare and so on.. it’s a strange world indeed..
      oh wait, at least i won’t deserve a “fuck whiteness” welcome from locals.

      1. If refugees storming us had full support of most Americans, Trump wouldn’t be in the White House.
        Don’t buy into what your socialist media is selling you. Most people here resent the living hell out of these illegals, openly.

  2. @Relampago Furioso
    of course, i agree with you, few days ago me and a few friends have a talk about it and i said” where is the difference between a bombed factory and his relocation abroad? where are the differences between killed people in a war and do not permit to the people to have a family? where are the differences between lack of work since all factories are bombed or delocalization of factories?and so on.. fact is that we are ALREADY in ww3, however is a shadow war, a dirty one indeed, you can’t see your enemy, he haven’t an uniform, you are just fucked up with the same results found in any war.
    The shadow state manipulated every field, from the media to Governments, politicians are only puppets who obey their masters, and it doesn’t matter what you do, they already won! why?
    1) you don’t marry? they won! your good DNA won’t past to the future;
    2) you marry? then be a slut’s slave for the rest of your sorry life! your kids will be manipulated by nazifemminist, sjw and societies to become slaves without any options (boys) or nazifemen (GRRRls) and you must be a good slave or you not get a landwhale slut pussy juice and get your sorry ass raped in divorce, and even jailed.
    They already won the genetic genocide, look at the divorce rates in America, Europe and wherever feminism is rampart! the only solution is – for those who still want a family – to go abroad, in those few nation left where femminism cancer is not “YET” present and stay there,
    If you decide to stay in your country, be prepared to live your life disconnected by this creepy hugly society agaisnt men, filled of stupid rules of engagements with such sluts who doesn’t deserve your time and money.
    fuck elite hookers, earn money, travel, stay fit and enjoy the decline!

    1. “fuck elite hookers, earn money, travel, stay fit and enjoy the decline!”
      This. Watch out for your own ass, because it’s every man for himself now…

      1. Every man for himself?
        Isn’t that the kind of individualism among whites that got us into this mess?
        Too many whites won’t fight because it’s “not their problem”.

        1. That’s not individualism. Americans in 1860 were highly individualistic but also had a community spirit. What we have today is “atomism” for the most part.

        2. You make a great point. My experience tells me the masses cannot be awakened, the bulk of them. If I am not a better version of myself, due to making more of myself in every way possible, until the shit really hits the fan, then what good am I to anyone else. If I live in a crate on the sidewalk, of what use am I to others, how can I help them. It all depends on how you look at it, but as I said, I think you made a superb point…

        3. In 1860 “going your own way” more often than not meant starving to death in the cold.
          Technology since then has given us the illusion of self-sufficiency, but a certain level of community was and will remain a requirement for civilization.
          What is NOT required is a top-down application of same.

        4. In 1860 “going your own way” more often than not meant starving to death in the cold.

          Actually not really, no. It means that you hopped on board with Manifest Destiny and ventured out west and set up shop away from the rest of society, generally speaking. The whole reason we have places named “Wyoming” and “Montana” and “Utah” was people flipping off civilized life and traipsing somewhere new. They were far more truly self sufficient as individuals than we are today by necessity.

        5. So its gonna be that kinda day….
          What I’m saying is that people on the frontier had to work together; at least on the family/tribe level.
          If I’m the one Ingals son you never hear about who said fuk this, I’m sleeping late I don’t want to do farm stuff I would DIE on my own.
          Now, a system exists where I can do nothing and still be sustained, all the while calling myself an individualist.

        6. We’re not disagreeing here. I’m stating that they were individualists (and clearly, they were, probably moreso than most people today in a real sense) but today people are usually atomist. That’s the high and low of it. The “why” is what you’re talking about I believe.

        7. Great call, stand together and lambaste whites who are liberal, ignorant, traitorous, cowardly, or too cheeky to stand their grown in the face of the orc hordes.

  3. I found Trump’s recent gaffe about Sweden to be breaking new ground in the mainstream public discourse.
    He said something along the lines of “Do you see wtf is happening in Sweden???” He is speaking in terms of terrorism, increased crime, and economic problems. But to me, and I believe to many of his supporters, the real issue is the demotion of Westerners in their own countries to second-class citizens (or outright tax-slaves), and as Relampago points out, potentially their long-term extinction.
    The (((media))) is insisting that there are no problems in Europe related to immigration, and that things could not be going better. They are attacking Trump on the grounds that he is not 100% precise and accurate on every little detail of what he is saying, but they completely overlook the broad range issue.
    No one questions why China is filled with Chinese people or that Africa is filled with African people, no one wonders why there are Russians in Russia or Somalis in Somalia, and yet for some bizarre reason everyone thinks the West would be better off with fewer white people.
    Is this not grounds for war?

    1. Immigrants raped a woman in a wheelchair. The judge actually BLAMED THE VICTIM- she shouldve fought back more. Sweden is in its final days…

      1. Do you have a link to that story?
        Sounds too insane to be true.
        But I’m pretty open at this point I guess…

        1. “The news about a gang rape in Visby last year aroused strong feelings. A wheelchair-bound woman could borrow a toilet, but once there, she was raped in installments of her strange men. Initially arrested the suspected men, but they were later released on the loose. The reason, according to the woman’s courtroom counsel Staffan Fredriksson, was she because of his disability could not do enough resistance.”
          I don’t know how to respond to this.

        2. The point I get is that apparently “no” doesn’t necessarily mean “no” in this case.
          So to review:
          College athlete drunkenly banging his girlfriend=rape
          Refugee(s) fukking a cripple=not rape.
          Alrighty then.

        3. This is self-genocide. It’s not a blip of the court system– it carries signature significance. As a people, they must no longer wish to exist. If not, the level of impotent rage seething below the surface of the men of Sweden must be unthinkable.

        4. The word “rape” is rapidly being leeched of all meaning. And this is a serious fucking problem.

        5. Even for Sweden that is insane. She said no, but didn’t fight back, so there is no need to do anything??? I’m guessing the men were not ethnic swedes.

        6. spare a thought for poor Julian Assange, and the service he has done society, holed up in the embassy in London because of some “rape” in Sweden that surely would have involved no resistance, just probably drunkenness and regret the next day yes a line has been crossed

      2. The traitorous policies of the system is no longer limited to Sweden, but rather all of europe. What europeans do not understand is that the police and the judges and all those involved in law enforcement are there to protect the migrant insurgents brought in – NOT the native europeans. Should one be a victim of a crime at the hands of the apes it is an absolute waste of time to even call the police or file any kind of report. In fact, pursuing this could mean one gets fined for “inciting racism” I swear one cannot make this shit up.

        1. Whats to stop someone from going vigilante and killing a bunch of the invasive migrant thugs? Are the police actually going to go after the native europeans? Once this is exposed in true light and people know the police are working against them then there will be a war in the streets, unmitigated.

        2. “Whats to stop someone from going vigilante and killing a bunch of the invasive migrant thugs? Are the police actually going to go after the native europeans?”
          I hear ya, man – but right now the average european is a cucked idiot who still believes in doing things the old fashioned ‘civilized’ way – he still is not aware that war in eurupe has begun, because he has not yet accepted in his heart the fact that the political elites have outright betrayed him and europe.
          If a native european acts alone agsinst the current state of affairs then he will be labeled a “Breivik” and the cops will go after one european man, no worries. It will probably take an organized larger group of europeans to take together in sync to fight. And at that point one would be officially witnessing civil war.
          But at the moment, most european men are too chicken-shit.

        3. They’ve long been disarmed in most of Europe…one hears none of this nonsense occurring in Switzerland where the population is heavily armed.

        4. been seeing more and more dodgy newcomers on the public transport in my city saw one in the building today I hope it doesn’t get like France here..

        5. Youve mistaken swedes for real people.
          Let them suffer. All children have to burn to learn from it.
          This war is ancient and never ending and the swedes must pay for their atheism and liberalism.
          Locusts are brought forth for a reason.

      3. As in Rotherham UK, a man attempting to rescue young girls being pimped by Pakistanis was arrested.

        1. The whole neighborhood should lynch the prosecutor and then go after the cops.
          The government is in OPEN WAR against White SUPPORT of the illegal aliens, all by neoliberal design.
          They were warned, now they have to EARN it back.

      4. Don´t forget the father of a girl killed and raped asking for donation for the rapefuges in the funeral.

      5. I heard some police shot guns in the air I think they’re scared and kind of know if they actually shoot someone it will unleash a civil war

    2. nice point, if you are interested in further infos, even in Italy the same shits from the media, mostly driven by empowered females and manginas, all against Trump!

    3. “He said something along the lines of “Do you see wtf is happening in Sweden???”
      I heard that one driving to work on a German radio station with the disc jockey stating “Nothing is happening in Sweden!” Heh. Sure pal.

    4. “No one questions why China is filled with Chinese people”
      Ironically China has a growing number of blacks in the south near hong kong. They aren’t permanent residents, though. They come in on tourist visas and overstay. The government tolerates them for now, but the local chinese are getting very angry at having so many blacks.

        1. Who have learned to live together..introducing new ethnic groups at an alarming rate doesnt make sense to any country.

    5. Don’t forget that Sweden is run by women . It’s feminism is virulent which is explains their insane immigration policies. Feminism and liberalism and marxism are all one in the same….

  4. History (((echoes))) indeed. If you don’t understand the Jewish Question, you don’t understand anything at all. Many smug armchair pundits believe they are of the intellectual elite, and yet get all wishy-washy and vague when it comes to identifying who is pulling the strings and why. If you don’t study the JQ, there is such a massive and critical piece of the puzzle missing from your worldview, that you’re no better than the frauds who call themselves progressives.

    1. I’m not sure that’s a helpful approach. if a problem relates to behaviour then surely it’s the behaviour you target not ‘the person’ (or people)?. It may be intellectually lazy not to look at every aspect of a problem (or patterns etc.) but it may also be intellectually lazy to lean towards single factor explanations

      1. You’re right, but I find discussion of Jewish cultural traits to be scrupulously avoided while all other groups are exposed to relentless deconstruction. For this reason alone, there should be a brighter spotlight shone on Jewish Ethnic Evolutionary Strategy.

        1. well that assumes there is a jewish ethnic evolutionary strategy. There may or may not be. White nationalists like mcdonald argue there is, but simply assuming that is a mistake. I believe there are jewish salient issues, and these should be spoken of along side all other group-salient issues: white-salient; muslim salient etc. etc. Many groups share interests and ‘vote’ the same so to speak, and perhaps they may have something like collective survival / success strategies but when you speak of something like a jewish ethnic evolutionary strategy you’re going to be doing a certain violence to the detail of the thing, not to mention the fact that the existence of such an ‘evolutionary strategy’ is almost certainly going to be news to a great many jews, probably to the majority of jews. You might call that NAJALT perhaps but for me it’s about the minimum conditions of being able to say something intelligibly and responsibly, within a historical context that makes it very difficult to speak frankly about jewish issues for fairly obvious reasons. I don’t think the JQ can ever be the right way of addressing concerns – it simply reprises the discourse of the 1930s. My belief is that all individuals and peoples have a right to speak responsibly about genuine concerns and genuine interests, but it’s a question of the way in which that can happen

  5. Just ask yourself:
    What is the ONE demographic in the world that is capable of making a stand against one-world government by the elite banksters? What is the one demographic that has all the smarts, toughness, and experience to really throw a wrench in their plans? The one demographic that has already proven all through history that they can win wars against all odds.
    Is it the Mexicans? The Brazilians? The Vietnamese? The Africans? The Jews? The Muslims?
    You know god damned well who it is.
    The White man is slated for elimination because he is part of the only demographic who:
    A) Cares about liberty and freedom
    B) Has the means to fight and win, to secure his liberty
    C) Has the mental determination necessary to follow through and fight
    It’s not that complicated at all. Figure out exactly who the banksters are and you have identified the enemy that wants you dead.
    Non-whites that believe they will fare better after the Mighty White Male has been subjugated are delusional. Life will become hell on earth for them.

    1. Just look at what the “Literally Hitler” nonsense really says. Despite all the propaganda about “equality,” no one worries that some Mexican girl born as an anchor baby and now in the 6th grade in an American public school has the potential to become Literally Hitler in the U.S. in 30 years and terrorize the world. Instead we see her future as a motel maid or someone comparably insignificant and unthreatening.
      Only an uncommonly gifted white man can become Literally Hitler because every other demographic just doesn’t have what it takes.

      1. The left is so subconsciously racist it is hilarious, as you illustrated. Their entire worldview is predicated on the belief that women and non-Whites are inherently inferior – and yet they are blind to that basic assumption.

        1. Exactly this. Can someone please explain to me how this double standard that my 6-year-old nephew could point out is lost on straight-A+ university students? Like it’s fucking baffling…

      2. Mugabe had to beg the UN for all he got.
        They really are quite pathetic when they try to strike out on their own.
        Always a tragic and stupid disaster.

      3. Hitler did nothing wrong, the holocaust is the biggest lie in human history and had the good guys won WW2, we wouldn’t be living in this bizarro world we endure today

    2. Your last paragraph perfectly encapsulates what I find so perplexing with all this anti-white down-with-the-patriarchy bullshit. Point to one other place on the planet, at any time in history, where non-whites have had it better on the whole, on any metric – wealth, education, security, freedom, etc… It’s really hard, if not impossible. Perhaps there is some short lived example out there, but I am unaware of it.
      I have always believed that a rising tide lifts all boats. These morons today believe that by making me worse off that’s going to make them happy. It’s fucking retarded. Instead of aspiring to be like me, they want me to be as miserable as them. They are basically trying to engineer Idiocracy. Well fuck them. I’m not going down without a fight.

      1. Crab bucket mentality. Most people are unaware of the past inconveniences and are innately lazy so it’s easier to pull you down than build themselves up.
        Live well and ignore them. Drives them nuts.

        1. Even better than that is to live well and make fun of them to their faces – they can’t handle that! See the YouTube videos about the merciless trolling of the leftist “He Will Not Divide Us! ” project for an excellent example of this.

      2. The fact is, White Men are the only people in world history who bothered to end slavery, enact women’s rights (for good or ill), embrace religious freedom, promote self-sufficiency, come to the aid of neighbors, act as a protector of the weak, stand up for the environment, stand up for children, stand up for animals, and provide huge amounts of charitable aid and volunteerism.
        If you can name another race that has done all that, I’m all ears.
        There is a small but growing minority of non-Whites who understand this, and have joined the fight on our side. I welcome them with open arms.

        1. Yes, this is a point I often make. Another variation of it is to not only point out that white men did these things, but that these things continue only so long as white men are willing to allow them.

        2. Your historical perspectives is comical in its self-aggrandizing buffoonery. You are a child with the IQ of an ape. I suppose your delusional fantasies make up for your personal failures though so keep them up chump, if they help you get through the day without openly calling others “nigger” or subjugating people in public like your white male ancestors did. The very fact that you self involved narcissists believe you are being genocided while you are actively slaughtering countless millions in your on going ravaging of mankind, your drone wars, imperialist thievery and systematized racism is comedy in itself. Now not only are you bozos raging hate filled vicious genocidal racists but deranged and suffering from narcissistic paranoia. It appears the deranged white man has reached the end stage of his malignant madness now.

        3. With globalization which is in the interest of fat white westerners and is imposed by them, all people are being erased, the very fact that you believe white genocide can happen without a genocide on others suggests that you are deranged or stupid, probably both. As a bozo you see no irony in suggesting that white men ended slavery because you suffer a cognitive dissonance regarding the fact that your ancestors were vicious slave mongers, lynchers and segregationists respectively, who built their world on the backs of slaves. See it is an absurdity to make a self aggrandizing claim that you are the ender of a situation when in fact you were the one who created the problem in the first place. Get it? Of course there is the added irony of a a racist such as yourself patting your own ass about the end of slavery when it is clear that if you had it your way you would have a slave to this day. The only people who ended slavery were the slaves themselves. They were not freed because they loved being slaves and would have liked to continue, but I see how that is not obvious to an ape like you as you are not interested in reason or facts but in infantile fantasy for self aggrandizing purposes. You and your child like self concept exemplifies why men like you are obsolete today. The world is moving on, recognizing the value in individuals while you cling for dear life to a past that has nothing to do with you and demand that others recognize your perceived importance. Nobody cares about you or your sense of grandiosity chump, so move on or sit in your room feeling slighted wringing your hands about phantom menaces and the glory days when you were afforded the “right” to deride others openly. Do as you please, while the rest of mankind moves on without you. Oh, and then there is the fact that today there are 20 million slaves across the globe, mostly women and children trafficked by white men to other whites who can afford their various services.

        4. Only someone steeped in (((marxist indoctrination))) from birth could believe this idiocy. Rework your entire comment based on the fact that Arabs and Africans invented the slave trade, and Jews brought many of them to America, and maybe we can go from there. The original slaves were Eastern Europeans, kidnapped by brutal Jews and Muslim traders.

    3. Most of the top elitists are white men. Most of the top globalists are white men. They want to eliminate the competition, because they know white men (just like them) are the only people who could topple them. Yep. It all makes sense.

        1. Maybe. But their mindsets are pretty much the same:
          God is on their side, especially when they kill others. It is just your fate you know, when you are so ‘unfortunate’ as to be born the chosen people.

        2. Jews are jews..they come from Israel. They own 100% of the media and 100% of the banks. They are behind much of this bullshit going on now. Even Soros is jew.

      1. Depends how you define white. How many heads of the US federal reserve have been gentiles in the last 50 years?

    4. The white man is the reason all this shit is happening in the earth. Don’t even kid yourself

        1. moon landing is a hoax.
          black man brought you the alphabet, science, religion, and the notion of civilization itself.

        2. Hmm who knows moon landing was a hoax..or maybe not. But please tell me about the last time African tribes put satellites into space. The technical gap between whites and any other race is ridiculous. Hell even 1820 technology is lightyears ahead of everything produced in any of the brown cultures you love so much. Hey I’m not hating on them because of that. Just lets call a spade a spade ok ?

        3. I love how the notion of the “White mans” achievements mostly boils down to Germans and Britons

        4. the alphabet u wrote in comes from African originally.
          Literacy itself is an African concept.
          no satellites without an alphabet or math.

        5. Greco-Romans can be better conidered to be mulattoes.
          even today, they are both barely white.

        6. We have a LATIN alphabet.
          The ‘we wuz kangz’ philosophy is discredited.
          Black people need to stop appropriating Egyptian culture as their own, we all know what youve contributed all too well.

        7. You say the dumbest stuff.
          Tell me more of this moon landing, the original conspiracy theory.
          It will showcase your lunacy to put all your other posts in perspective to someone who just got here and wondered about you.

        8. Blamed?
          We took proud credit for being able to expand while all others have their hats in their hands asking to come along for the ride.

        9. Yeah, NORTH AFRICANS who ARENT BLACK.
          Youve chosen an odd place to post discredited ‘we wuz kangz’ theory.

        10. yes blamed, you see this those guy complaining but enjoying all the freedom and advance technology of the western civilization. Like those rich spoiled kids loving socialism but enjoying the luxury life and money that their fathers made in capitalism. Wearing Che Guevara shirt and using overpriced iPhone, they don´t see the contradiction, you are not allowed to have luxury in communism/socialism, you will have the same phone as everyone else if they let you have a phone. That is called double thinking in the book 1984 by George Orwell.

      1. I can agree in the sense that we should just have left them alone to be hunter-gatherers, would have been best for all parties.

        1. Being the more civilized has backfired. You can only be that way with similar people.
          Savages should have had no corner of the earth to hide and wouldnt have if anyone could tell the future.

      2. Yes, everything good is White peoples doing.
        You sitting on your fat stupidass is also you riding those coat tails, genius.
        We built this world. You only live in it.

        1. You white people are just a bunch of narcissist, and you don’t built anything you only steal. All you ever did was go around the earth fucking with everybody. Because of that you’ve been marked with destruction. White people pollute the water, the food and the air. The earth will rejoice when the only place to see a white person will be in a museum.

        2. Careful what you wish for. The new imposter ‘white man’, the Jew has an interesting set of plans for its engineered, mulatto/hybrid, globalized utopia.
          They will probably pin the holocaust of Europeans on your ilk and ride out and play the ultimate ‘white’ victim expertly as they do from their ruling throne.

          Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.
          -Rabbi Ovadia Josef

        3. You white people and jews as far as I’m concerned you’re all the fucking scum of earth and you all should be wiped out. I find it absolutely hilarious all these cromag troglodyte homosexuals on this board complaining about white genocide. I’m not going to pontificate but you reap what you sow

        4. Blah blah blah, go back to your mud hut, illiterate pig.
          You wouldnt be ‘oppressed’ if you werent INFERIOR.

        5. You claim a wimpy Jew is keeping you from reproducing you fucking homosexual troglodyte. Go overdose on heroin devil

        6. Wtf are you talking about, invalid?
          Your seperation from reality is a severe mental illness.

    5. Lol that’s very true and I may add males to your white. The constant blaming of young white men is aiming to make them question their masculinity. The weak might even go feminist or chop their sausage off. There’s a new minority chipped from the group of whites. Women are taught that as if they are their own ethnicity nowadays (BDTR knows this).
      Little do the non whites known that when the white male leadership of traditionally white countries go the Asians will rise and then they’ll find themselves a whole new shade of black/brown. Walder Pabst is no idiot when he said that the new overlords will be yellow.

      1. Genghis Khan definitely in the top 3. While the correlation rings true, perhaps we should link the “individuality” characteristic not necessarily to colour but to geographic origins. Long live the North.

        1. Likewise on your Death Star. Nothing like a little empire building to maintain a healthy sense of devine enlightenment.

      1. American and to a lesser extent Canadian whites do, in any event.
        It’s what keeps BLM in their zoos and away from “outside of the zoo” which, I’m fairly certain, is a hypothetical concept with them anyway.

    6. Notice also the inherent racism and sexism of the anti-racism and anti-sexism movements:
      “Colored folks can’t take a joke, merit a job, handle disagreement, or stay away from a life of crime like us whities. We have to protect them.”
      “Women aren’t cunning or vindictive enough to file false rape accusations, and they’re too weak and powerless to threaten men. They’re too fragile to work 40+ hours a week, then come home and do chores, so they need our help to do what bachelors do. They just can’t be held to the same standards as us men!”
      Said movements are consistently spearheaded by Whites (and Jews, but there’s usually a blend). One has only to look at how many fall under these movements to realize how easily people are manipulated. The only appreciable resistance to these movements have been predominantly white and almost 100% male, which helps explain why these are their primary targets.

    7. The Chinese can do it. They’ve been importing tons of gold, and banned gold exports, as well as various other financial methods to gain power over the long run.

    8. Actually I give the Chinese the best chance. High IQ, ethnocentricity, and highly aware of Jewish power.

      1. Chinese ? do you know anything about their history ?
        tons of ethnic groups and sub ethnic groups …. there is no real such thing as “Chinese” – — dynasty after dynasty after dynasty – civil insurrection.

      2. Achilles heal–communists and dog eaters.
        The Weak men of the East arent the future ‘overlords’.
        They backstab each other all the time.

      1. You must become Jew wise or you will never keep up. Spend some time researching why it’s the Jews and always leads to the Jew. We’ve all been there

    9. John, people of Christian European descent are the most tolerant, equitable, charitable group in the world…until we feel backed into a corner, then we’re capable of unleashing Hell.

      1. well this unleashing is suppressed into dormancy and is taking a long while to shine through.. when will it tip?

        1. Look to history.
          Nothing new under the sun.
          White genocide wasnt long ago.
          The ottoman muslim scum hung Christians from crosses.
          Rhodesia and South Africa are the most recent.
          It will stop when we make it stop.

    10. They hated when the western civilization aka the whites end slavery. Every culture in history had slaves but whites was the one who end it. So whites end slavery but are blame for it.

    11. And this gentleman is how brazen it is getting, Bolshevik storm troopers out in full force in good old England, who abolished slavery of these people, by the way…
      ‘White people shouldn’t breed’: Racist attacker spits in baby’s face
      “A racially-motivated attacker spat into the face of a nine-month-old baby, shouting “white people shouldn’t breed” at her mother, a court has heard.
      Rezzas Abdulla approached Rebecca Telford while she was taking her baby
      Layla-Jean for a stroll in a pram in South Shields last January.
      Prosecutor Emma Dowling told Newcastle Crown Court: “He lent into the pushchair and spat into the face of her daughter. As he did so, he shouted or said ‘white people shouldn’t breed.’”

    12. This is so true.
      The white men are the only ones capable ot defeating slavery, as they did in the past…

    13. I don’t see why “bankers” is the problem though, it has always been Jews, of which many are bankers sure, but I see no co-ordinated bank effort lol.

  6. Nearly all of the machinations of the world are part of the contest to control the hearts and minds of White Beta Males. They are the force that drives all of civilization. With enough beta white knights on your team, you can do anything. Just look at what they’ve accomplished so far.

  7. Just ask the progressive utopian goofs: If “equality” is real, why does it need this huge machinery of coercion, propaganda, indoctrination, shaming, gaslighting and protesting against its critics to enforce compliance to the idea?
    Progressives’ public panic attacks in response to the ascendancy of the God Emperor show that they realize on some level they have based their lives on a fantasy; they know that they have been busted by the reality cops.

  8. Genocide ? I don’t know. but it is sure than most of us could die without geting a blink from most leftsists, Sjws and feminists. And their sponsors…

  9. I’ve asked you this question before, RF. I’ll ask it again.
    Have you had your brood of white children?
    You seem to be so concerned about the supposed “genocide” of white people, yet you’re running around Latin America. You can’t have things both ways, now can you?
    Will you continue to run away, or will you do your part for the good of the race? Put up or shut up.

    1. Shut your bagel hole, Chaim. We don’t need to have a childbirth contest with third-world, low-IQ, r-selected peasants. We simply need to cut off welfare and close our borders.

      1. In your own poetic way, you really hit the nail on the head here……perfectly. Trying to out breed savages is like trying to change the current of the Mississippi with a broom. You can’t do it and even if you could it wouldn’t really matter. The problem isn’t that there are more of them. The top 20% have always been outnumbered by the bottom 80%. The problem is that the money that I work for and you work for and all of us work for is being involuntarily redistributed to these fuckers.

        1. Agree with that. Stop the welfare state and the progressive freight train, and most of these problems right themselves without the need for ugly racism or civil discord. We CAN all get along – but not if we are all held to uneven standards. Not if you pick Peter’s pocket to pay Pablo. (say that three times fast)

        2. Yup. There is a right way and a wrong way to do it too. I mean, look, we want to make sure that the urchins have enough gruel not to turn feral. I get that. But you are 100% correct, if we just stop financing a ridiculous social engineering program based on bullshit and let the world sort itself out things should get a lot better. The funny thing is that the solution is to “not do anything” Just fucking stop doing shit.

        3. But the main condition of gaining a green card to the USA is that you cannot take government assistance for ten years. I don’t get the connection between immigrants and welfare. All the Muslims I know are in IT or medicine, at least in America they pay way more taxes than most. I understand that Europe is another story. I can’t stand people who demand things without contributing.

        4. I didn’t say the word immigration at all. I am not really a political person and am fairly apathetic to most things. What does burn my ass is when money goes from me to fuckers who contribute fuck all. The rest of the nuance you have to talk to someone else about. afaic, any motherfucker who is living on handouts that are funded with money they take from me can starve to death.

        5. What about social security recipients? Us millennials are paying it but we won’t see a dime when we’re 65. Baby boomers have no moral qualms taking from us and then shutting the door behind them. Everyone’s a parasite!!

        6. we won’t see a dime of SS is right. To be honest, I don’t know enough about It to suggest how to fix it. I do know that we are paying for the old generation to retire and the millennials won’t be doing dick for me. I have always assumed SS as simply a tax and that I will never see any of it.

        7. I believe the same. We will never see a dime and that goes for the guys in Europe as well (state pensions). Tack on disability and the welfare rolls, EBT, WIC, etc.. and you know where this is heading.
          After LBJ rolled the SS into the US federal general fund back in 65′ and promptly spent it on the Great Societal con– it was over. Funny how that happens when you leave money on the books around grifters.
          Boomers will bequeath nothing but debt to the next generation and most are too dim to realize jsut how bad it is.

        8. yup. SS is pretty much the cost of doing business. You can’t not pay it so you just factor it into expenses.

        9. Here is how the scam works: woman comes over with a few kids, says there is no husband. technically, I guess there isnt, because they werent married in this country in the first place. So she is a single mom with kids, even though he comes over later and lives in the apartment with his family. She will get certain goodies like food stamps. He isnt on the lease, but works an off the books job. Lotta ways to game the system, but you cant point that out because “the kids! the kids!”

        1. What are YOU doing besides squirting your Jewish squid ink all over every comment section in the manosphere? Are you paid by the hour, or by the comment?

        2. So reality is Jewish squid ink?

        3. Just use a yellow star of david as your avatar. That way, you’ll be more honest with the readers as to your true motives.

        4. Who is physically stopping white people from having children with other white people?
          Who is forcing white people at gunpoint to hate themselves and their history?

        5. He’s writing about it and putting his balls on the line by doing so. Globalists love infighting. Infighting…that’s what you are doing. It’s beta as hell, and ineffectual, but I’m not telling you to stop doing it. You tell people to stop doing shit, you’re a censor. That puts you a half a step away from being a fascist. It’s about free speech. Either you allow it and totally support it, even if you don’t like what’s being said – or you don’t. If a person doesn’t support it, I’m not getting behind anything else they say or do. But that’s just me…

        6. Not one person here denies that. This is why there is such a focused effort on identifying Leftism and its roots, because far too many Whites have had their natural altruism and good will weaponized against them. It is them choosing to not reproduce, but it’s not like this is on accident and identifying root causes in order to address the problem is a necessary first step towards reversing that trend.

        7. Guns don’t change beliefs. That lesson was learned a long time ago.
          Propaganda and setting the cultural agenda, that changes beliefs.

        8. Whites will never outbreed Africans, Chinese, Arabs, or Hispanics – many of whom believe in polygamy, and live in places with no child support laws. You know it, and I know it. That’s why you keep returning to this trope. Jewish mind games.

        9. And as I’ve said many times before, propaganda doesn’t work unless people believe it.
          This complete self-loathing is found only in western European people.

        10. I gave him the answers he deserved, read above. You must be new here: you assume he’s arguing in good faith. He’s nothing more than a zionist provocateur and he’s been doing this for a very long time.

        11. you are right, no one is stopping us to have kids with this average femminist sluts, lack of work, laws against men and so on, how’s the weather like in Mars?

        12. Oh come now. Of course propaganda doesn’t work unless people believe it, no shit. But, and this has been borne out pretty well by marketing and sales science, if you repeat things enough and steep people in a message on a constant basis then you can circumnavigate even the most stubborn reason. This is why commercials generally repeat their product name/message 3 or more times, for example.
          So…and the Soviets were well aware of this, if you assign a group of people to “re-education” camps and play movie after movie with a theme at them for a year, they’re *going* to come around to that point of view and, if Stockholm Syndrome takes hold, will end up sympathizing with and defending their enemy.
          Don’t give me the disingenuous “doesn’t work if you don’t believe it” that’s nothing but pap that even a first year marketing or psychology major would scoff at.
          Thus, to come back to the point, if you have a message constantly amped by all recognized “legitimate” sources of knowledge/media, eventually it’s going to become the new normal for most people (hence the entire premise behind the Overton Window).

        13. It’s not a “fair question” to basically say that you have no right to observe what’s happening in the world unless you have personally had a large number of children. It’s absurd from a rhetoric standpoint. It’s just baiting, arguing in bad faith. Jew shit.

        14. “Whites have had their natural altruism and good will weaponized against them” Brilliant.
          Just like the feminists, the so called leaders of minorities cannot see that their equal rights are a result of white men simply allowing it to happen.
          How good are we right?
          They take our kindness for a weakness!

        15. “White guilt” doesn’t seem to have influenced you, has it?
          If anything, all this does is confirm what I’ve always believed: that the majority of people, regardless of race or ethnicity, are complete morons. If people are too blind to see what’s happening around them, says a lot about that group, doesn’t it? And as you well know, this statement most certainly does not apply only to white people.

        16. “Propaganda doesn’t work unless people believe it!” LOL!!
          That has got to be a logical fallacy but I’m too lazy to look up which one it is.
          “Rape doesn’t work unless there are women walking around who can be raped!”.

        17. Ahh. I never noticed that about jz95, but I don’t read every article alas.
          Fathers tend to more concerned about the future than those who aren’t. Some may find a guy who is concerned about the future, doesn’t have kids and wants to enjoy the decline comes across slightly paradoxal.

        18. “It’s not a “fair question” to basically say that you have no right to observe what’s happening in the world unless you have personally had a large number of children.”
          When the hell did I say that?

        19. Local culture and traditions create rifts of individuality. However, if the bulk of the population is in tune with the mainstream, and by definition they are, then the effects of propaganda take effect. There is no 100% effective way to change 100% of the people to one monolithic view. There are even dissenters (short lived ones) in North Korea. We’re talking about on the whole. And on the whole, what I say applies.

          If people are too blind to see what’s happening around them, says a lot about that group, doesn’t it?

          Congratulations, you’ve just sneered at all of the Jews boarding the trains for concentration camps. Fuck them they were too stupid to see what’s happening around them. Right?
          See how that works?
          I strongly urge you to take some college level psychology and marketing courses. What you think is common sense, isn’t.

        20. ““If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating
          it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained
          only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political,
          economic and or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally
          important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent,
          for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension,
          the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

        21. And that’s what most of us have learned on an individual basis, as well, which is what drew us to the red pill. We learned that people will nearly always mistake kindness for weakness, and will respect nothing but superior strength.
          We tried a 60 year experiment of Equality Before God, in the Church of Universalism. It was a disappointing failure.
          Now it’s time for the White Man to become a barbarian again.

        22. I wouldn’t call for a complete revamp of the mentality, achieving free speech and the separation of church and state was a bloody and lengthy affair.
          The thing is that the west is relieving what the whole Weimar Republic scenario with two political sides fastlly growing apart.
          Is conflict affordable?

        23. We will find out in the next ten years. I’m for keeping most of the enlightenment values, but we will have to regress for a time, and become warriors, if we are to preserve those gains. This is the paradox. You cannot fight dark savagery with altruism and jurisprudence.

        24. One need only go back to WW1 mentality wise and get results. I’ve always strongly wondered that the exact moment that the Progressives were really starting to amp up power in the States and Europe, that a war was held that more or less destroyed the whole generation of men who were raised as staunch Classical Liberals (in the Founding Father sense, and I mean that even for Europeans).

        25. That is a good response and the solution seems obvious, fight fire with fire.
          However, the fight against feminism is being wonice by taking the high Road rather than kristalnachting their Statbucks.

        26. Oh come on. There are literally thousands of ingenious ways to make people believe statements and propaganda they would otherwise reject, especially if you have the will and the means to dominate the media and spew propaganda 24/7 for decades, for generations. And many people fall for a lot of things in less time….

        27. Sorry but it was done for centuries, for centuries whites, even nobles had to have families where birthrates were way above 5 children per women (anyone able to trace his ancestors with genealogical trees can attest to this fact). Moreover polygamous societies are no more fertile than monogamous ones, the real advantage of polygamy lies in the ability of one man to spread his seed. Unless you have way more women than men, polygamy will not get you higher growth rates.
          What changed that occurred in the 20th century and the invention of adolescence onwards…

        28. and maybe all the chemicals and sterilization agents that are floating around in our water supply and the processed foods everyone eats. This agenda was thought up a long time ago and been refined like a painting to the point where they believe white people will extinct themselves without even a fight. The BLM is just added seasoning in case those horrible whites need a reminder that if they dont extinct themselves soon, someone else will.
          It would be problematic to outbreed the orcs, because the government is not set up to help hundreds of thousands of homeless poor white people if they were suddenly to be born, only brown trolls and the mindless swarthy hordes. We have to cut off aid to these fucks before our numbers can truly replenish.

        29. So why are these chemicals and sterilization agents that are supposedly floating around the food and water supply affecting only whites (and Asians, I suppose as well) and not blacks and Hispanics? Blacks and Hispanics on average have a WORSE diet than whites, yet their numbers seem to be fine. Well, blacks anyway…
          I haven’t heard a whole lot from BLM lately, have you?
          And your white ancestors had broods of children in conditions far worse than what we have now. You have ZERO excuse for not having white children. There has never been a more safe, comfortable and prosperous time to be alive than now.

        30. Well yes you are right, but as whites we want our kids to not grow up in shit-infested suburbs or in such proximity to jewish-satanic pedophiles. I have children, if you must know. Do you? Don’t castigate other whites for not breeding, stress the importance of it, but the other commenters are right that we do not need to be infighting, for every argument you have with another white person, a jew rubs its hands with glee.

        31. Totally agree with you about jz95. He’s generally just a punk (non-white, I believe) who provides little of substance here, but lots of of white-baiting and pro-minority bullshit.

        32. evolution only cares about who breeds….therefore, maybe whites aren’t meant to exist…

        33. Black numbers are fine because Blacks are the original people. The Evolutionary ALPHA.
          all the rest of the so called races are merely defective versions of the original. The only way to be genetically healthy is to be Black or admixed with it.
          rain, sleet, snow, wealth, poverty, high tech, low tech, illness, health, free, enslaved, … doesn’t matter. The negro always breeds ….and breeds easily.
          Stop fighting what ur own science and eyes are telling you. The Negro is your superior.

        34. Come on man, are you an instigator or are you a brother-in-arms? There is a cause at stake here and I can’t sit out and let the world my ancestors helped to create fall to the hands of mindless animals.

        35. You have to be one of the silliest people I’ve seen on this site in a long time.
          You’d sneer at the Internet because newspapers were “the original!”. Typical.

        36. From what perspective? Intelligence Quotients are only measurements from standardized testing, which is now bastardized because of liberal academians. Are you here to criticize or to discuss?

    2. A brood of white children on behalf of me won’t magically solve the problem when the mentality and attitudes are geared and propagated towards hatred of a white majority.
      The problem is the USA because if it falls the feckers can exert a lot of power on others.

      1. You make a valid point.
        Follow up question:
        How then will a “white ethnostate” solve these problems?

        1. White ethnostate? Cannot be achieved in the US since blacks have been there since the beginning. Also, you have many other races who served in the forces and proudly call themselves United Statetians.
          The thing is that if the white populous drops significantly then the entire country changes in mentality.
          Demography is destiny.

        2. Why does it have to be one extreme or the other? If we’re not for self-extinction, that means that we want some Sweden (fifty years ago Sweden) ethnically pure state? Du fuq?
          How about, oh I don’t know, stopping welfare entirely. All of it. Period. Stop subsidizing hordes of people who hate us with our own money. And how about, say, closing the borders and sorting this shit out and ejecting the riff raff as we find them (as in Operation Wetback)?
          Why is it “If you don’t lay back and slow suicide, it means that you’re Hitler”, precisely?

        3. My point exactly, but try telling the Richard Spencers that.
          And you are correct about demography. We are better off if white people (in particular northern European/WASPS) remain the dominant ethnic group in the US. I hope that one thing Trump does is either cut off ALL immigration for a number of years, or at least reduce it to a trickle. But the thorny problem is, will this make a difference in birthrates?

        4. Welfare must be reformed, but we cannot eliminate it entirely.
          Perfectly fine with not subsidizing people who hate us. Also perfectly fine with closing the borders and deporting the illegals.
          And I’m calling out the extremes because that’s what I see. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground anymore in politics.

        5. Who cares about the birthrates? They will never be enough jobs again, why have even more kids? To waste their times going to shitty schools, going to shitty overpriced colleges, only to realize they are nothing more than debt slaves?

        6. “But the thorny problem is, will this make a difference in birthrates?”
          Cut all welfare for 3 years and reduce public sector jobs. Many of the illegals will leave on their own volution and it will cut off the biggest beneficiary of welfare– women from relying on that govenment check which is probably the biggest culture shift that would need to take place.

        7. I agree that all we really need to do to fix the immigration problem is to stop giving welfare benefits to immigrants/non-citizens. But cutting ALL welfare can’t be done. I wish it could, but too many people (particularly of a certain ethnic group) have become dependent on it, and they are simply not capable of doing better.

        8. Just like in 30s Germany the only thing that fuelled the Hitlerites was the incessant attacks from the Spartacists. Commies never rest and they never let a chance slip. They have to be silenced but America will have to do it in a way that won’t be labelled Nazi.
          As for Spencer I wouldn’t worry much about him as his following is rather small and Americans cannot be swayed to NS in just a few years.

        9. “I wish it could, but too many people (particularly of a certain ethnic group) have become dependent on it, and they are simply not capable of doing better.”
          You get more what you subidize and the longer you wait to correct the course, the bloodier it will be.

        10. Why can’t we eliminate it entirely? We did fine without Welfare for a long time. The reason it was instituted wasn’t because private charity was ineffective, but because private charity “means tested” and the socialists then, as now, hate things like “means testing” and “self responsibility”.

        11. Which is why welfare must be reformed.
          In order to collect benefits, you should be required to have some kind of employment. Also limit the number of children you can have while collecting benefits. You have more than one kid, benefits cut off.

        12. The ghetto dwellers stop getting their handouts, there will be a chimp-out of massive proportions.
          I suppose there would be a eugenic benefit after the ghettoes are cleansed (which would inevitably follow), but I would prefer to avoid having blood spilled if possible. There would be massive bloodshed on both sides if this happened.

        13. The ghetto dwellers stop getting their handouts, there will be a chimp-out of massive proportions.

          I don’t care. It would be short lived. A year later and they’ll straighten out and fly right, or they’ll be dead on the street, probably by their own hands. Either way I could give two shits, I’m tired of being held hostage to “Black Man’s Rage” crap. Let him rage.

        14. I have heard “welfare reform” to many times to not take it as a dubious claim, but agree. A gradual collapsing of public services and assitance would be a more structured route.

        15. “Why is it “If you don’t lay back and slow suicide, it means that you’re Hitler”, precisely?”
          Because extremists love a false-dichotomy.

        16. You could make a bagel with fried chicken and hummus….and then blow up a large building.

        17. 50 million people are dependent on ebt. of course this is not an accident. starving dogs rarely bites the hand that feeds them. drop welfare and watch the cities burn.. if you see it, know that it has been the plan all along.

        18. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You can’t get a green card unless you can prove that you won’t take government assistance for ten years. And if somehow you are in dire straits, you have to have a citizen as an assigned petitioner who will be legally obligated to reimburse any costs associated with you taking government assistance. The green card process is pretty decent as it is, the dumb thing about it is that it literally asks, ‘are you planning to carry out an attack in the USA?’ No joke

        19. Not if you shoot the looters as it was done for hundreds of years. If the State cannot impose order and protect its citizens from external and internal threats, then it’s completely useless and should be disbanded.

        20. simplistic problem solver..aka just kill everyone and let God sort them out..Tell me, what you going to do when your children are starving?

        21. Self sufficient people with decent real world skills rarely find themselves starving, even in the harshest environment.
          Fuck welfare and/or ebt/adc. Let them riot and let’s get it over with.

        22. I don’t live on welfare. What I stated is (or used to be) called law enforcement. If someone comes up and starts setting cars ablaze and beating up unarmed civilians is the responsibility of the state (policy/army) to stop him by all means necessary. You are the deluded one, you are too used to normalized lawlessness.

        23. LBJ started the war on poverty, ushered in welfare and said and i quote “we will have those niggers voting democrat for the next 100 years.” Directly after Nixon had to decouple the currency from precious metals and the fiat currency was born all b/c of the war on poverty. NOW you are cheer-leading the deaths of millions that is a direct result of the corruption from DC. Maybe you should turn your guns on the real problem?

        24. actually if you dig deep enough we all are dependent on gov subsidies. Eat wheat? have broadband? Drive on highways? Shop at grocery stores? Have any idea what jit inventory is and how dependent you are on a functioning society? Try reading some posts from a man named Selco.. you do the research and realize how quickly shit flies apart. You all better be careful of what you wish for.

        25. It actually Does right? There was a restaurant in queens, like the Russian part of forest hills, called Sushi Pizza Bagel on 108th street. I never went in so I don’t know if they sold those three items sperately or, Alla Mindbender, took the dna from different foods and made a Serpentor sandwich

        26. I couldn’t tell you if it will make a difference in birthrates but keep in mind that the vast majority of people are morons who tend to follow the current narrative. Perhaps if the narrative changes slightly more people will ditch their leftoid ways and we can only hope that will snowball into something bigger.

        27. I have to say, I do think Dr. Mindbender is behind most things these days. Also, there is his brother, Dr. Fruitbender who, after serpentoring some Pluots a few years back has been going totally nuts. I mean, the fruit combinations at this point are just fucking too insane for there not to be an evil genius behind it. And not just pluots, apriums and plumicots but tangelos, limequats, peacherines, pluerry, peacotums and all sorts of other portmanteau named fruits that he has been designing. I have a feeling that MindBender and Fruitbender are both in a mountain lair in Tennessee working furiously to distract people from Al Gore’s weather machine.

        28. lbj “we will have those niggers voting democrat for the next 100 years”
          all by design my friend

        29. What you seem to miss is that the very lawlessness you seem to support is one of the greatest risk vectors in all this. If the empire of law breaks down, all the fragility in the supply chain which you have described will come to the fore and those chickens will come home to roost as the Americans are wont to say. The very welfare state and things like retirement are huge destabilizing factors. Once you make those kind of promises, there is no way to wake up the people from their slumber and dreams, without enormous pain and even death. Either we all abide by the law and there is no law for anyone anymore. What I support is simple law enforcement, should the law be enforced, buffoons like the leaders of BLM would’ve been arrested and probably dispatched due to charges of treason.
          BTW those things (security, infrastructure) that you call subsidies, are the VERY DUTY of a government, those things are not optional, otherwise the government is to be disbanded. Not even health, let alone education are duties of the government.

        30. There’s dependent by choice, as opposed to having your money confiscated and given to other people against your will.
          WIthout government there would still be grocery stores, highways, broadband and wheat.

        31. Wait…so I’m LBJ or agreed with his policies then?
          Because otherwise your statement makes no sense.

        32. Well when 78% of the population is white, no shit. As a percentage of the demographic though, minorities have that wrapped up tight.

        33. DEFINITELY Tennessee….den of iniquity that place…
          But we should have seen these foul fruitations coming. It all started
          with flavored coffee. Suddenly everyone want a thing that tastes like
          another thing (rooted in feminine thought of course): all of a sudden it
          was vanilla flavored coffee, then hazelnut flavored coffee, chocolate flavored
          coffee, coffee-flavored chocolate! I’ll have you know I was among the
          first to speak out against this alarming trend.
          What next, I cried, banana-flavored apples!??!?
          And, regarding Gore, weather machine, or weather DOMINATOR?
          And now it has come to pass…

        34. WIthout government there would still be grocery stores, highways, broadband and wheat.

          Whether we like it or not, without government, a lot of our shared infrastructure (highways, sewer systems, etc) wouldn’t exist. The govt undertook those projects on a massive scale (beyond city cores or private villas) because no one else was willing to. The same with standardized measurement units. In all likelihood a unified system wouldn’t have arisen in a single country, let alone international ones. See my answer to 0.02.
          The problem is that the govt has become too big to perform its original role.

        35. WIthout government there would still be grocery stores, highways, broadband and wheat
          of course, but the tentacles of gov has twisted the “free” market to the point that to uncouple the manipulation will result into systematic collapse and the death of millions and possibly billions. just take the subsidy of electricity as an example.

        36. Protection of our borders and coasts is the ONLY job of the Feds. All others has resulted into catastrophic over each up to trying to label the bathrooms. governments always result in to hurting the very ones that take oaths to protect. So that said, the undoing of all this “protection” (welfare) is going to cause a shit storm of unpredictable magnitudes.. For you to say i support it is ridiculous, just pointing out it is GOV that is at fault and anyone that says the police and MORE GOV can fix it is insane. You don’t fix problems that are the cause of government with more of the same government.
          Am i taking crazy pills here?

        37. To be honest, I’m surprised the black welfare percentage is that low. I thought it was closer to 60%.

        38. Sorry but law enforcement is as well. But you are right, government overreach is the main culprit here. My point was that, should law be enforced, groups like BLM and company would never be able to arouse the flames of internal conflict.

        39. Sounds like a plan we just need to brace ourselves for months or years of unrest and violence while this happens, would be good if it did. I think the elites are possibly more worried about the disruption to the financial system of such unrest than the violence etc

        40. There is something increasingly useless about many states, I live in Germany and can easily imagine them one day allowing more obscene border breaches than have already happened

        41. the same for being held hostage to muslim man’s rage, it probably needs to happen, one nationalistic election win in Europe and it will probably start not long after

        42. ghetto dwellers ??? u mean those negroes in million dollars row houses and brownstowns which white folks are buying up and “gentrifying” ???
          gentrification = best thing that happened to negroes. making them millionaires. liquid.

        43. cut all welfare ….all those white people will starve.
          and public sector jobs ??? again ..all those white people will starve.

        44. Not percentage-wise. Most people in this country are white. How stupid does one have to be to not factor that in?

        45. Because people starved when welfare didn’t exist. Oh wait…
          A white person lives in your head rent free.

        46. Pretty sure that nobody is looking for anarchy here. Wanting to get rid of wheat subsidies does not mean “anarchy!” last check.

        47. Ah dang it, I need to aspire to higher goals next time. Only ranked LBJ? Fuck me…

        48. Dunno. I support stripping the very program from our nation entirely. So shove that in your pipe and smoke it.

        49. Me neither. Defense and vital shared infrastructure (private-public partnerships) are the roles of the Government. Nothing else.

        50. No shit. Yeah, fuck LBJ and his Great Society. What a bloody disaster that turned out to be.
          And this was a white guy, from Texas, in the 60’s. Who’dathunk someone from that background would be a nigger lover and a libtard before it was cool.

  10. The truth is if yt wanted to genocide everyone on this planet beside whites, they could. When BLM riot they burn a few cars and a biz or 2. when yt riot, they burn down continents.

  11. Ask yourself another question. What ethnic group is grotesquely overrepresented among the enmies of the white race. We all know who they are. The first stepis to challenge them when they try to identify themselves as “white” or speak for white people. They aren´t and they can´t. Shine the light on them.

  12. I’m not going to be a supplicating submissive so I guess that lands me in the loathful oppressors camp.
    Boy, I remember the first time someone called me a blue eyed devil…….lol.

  13. What I don’t understand is what the hell do they hope to achieve here. The elites get rid of all the white guys and they’re left with a bunch of murdering islamists who will go after them next, a bunch of lazy minorities not fond of actually creating useful things and feminists with rape fantasies. They can’t certainly be that stupid to believe that is an acceptable outcome?

    1. I dont think that’s the goal. They’ll just let us fight each other so we don’t fight them. No side will ever “win”.

    2. as intelligent as they might be there could be some animalistic behaviour behind it “like pigs who won’t stop eating till they reach the bottom of the barrel” they are addicted to seeing their bank balances go up the more they push these policies and don’t see anything else

    3. They figure that ruling over a brown muslim sludge is okay because they’re too dumb to figure out how not to get ripped off.
      Plus, the elites can simply pretend to be muslim themselves. No problem.

      1. LOL. Muslims are the only ones fully aware of the deleterious effects of usury aka interest rates. The American economy could hardly function without debt and interest. Baby boomer parents were so brain dead they let their kids go 100k in debt for liberal arts degrees. You don’t see practicing Muslims running around with 100k for an idiotic degree.

  14. I am non-white, and I continually have to remind the world that:
    -90% of significant scientific achievements have been done by whites.
    -90% of medical advances were discovered by whites.
    -The greatest generals in history were predominantly white.
    -In all major U.S. wars, more whites have died fighting for America than any other skin color.
    -The man (and later, traitor) who exposed the black genocide in the Belgian Congo was white (Roger Casement), where almost all the violence was black-on-black. 10 million blacks died at the hands of other blacks. (note: 12 million Africans were shipped as slaves over the course of a few hundred years. In the Belgian Congo, blacks murdered almost as many blacks in about 20 years.) Thanks to the heroic efforts of white people, Great Britain stopped the crimes in the Congo Free State.
    The only skin color/race that can claim a lower crime rate and higher education rate than whites is Asians. Even in Apartheid South Africa, Asians were considered “honorary whites”.
    In essence, stating historical fact is now considered “white supremacy.” Oddly enough, the SJW’s are correct: pretty much every luxury, scientific achievement or medical treatment you enjoy today are thanks to whites.
    Thank God (literally) for white people.

      1. Where were black people when Penicillin was discovered?

        1. Every race has highs and lows, its all a cycle, Ancient Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations predated the great Greek and Roman civilizations by thousands of years

        2. One achievement whites don’t have is the discovery of Kratom.

        3. Well, white people didn’t discover Kratom, so touche.

        4. They may have, but they certainly didn’t know it as they didn’t know what bacteria were. No doubt the ancient cavemen used simple machines such as the lever, but I doubt they were thinking about Newton and the laws of motion.

        5. You really have to go way back, don’t you ? Good for you you have that black invention called the internet. Oh wait..

        6. So you come up with one micro-thing and hope to convince us into something (and to what, really). If I post a list of white inventions I would crash this server ! You can come up with ONE dubious very old example after feverishly searching the internet for hours 🙂 LOL !

        7. Please kisse, wow us with a list of Black discoveries! In your own time, we’ll wait…

      1. King Leopold deserves most of the blame, and often (rightly) gets it. But lets not forget that thousands of blacks willingly slaughtered other blacks in the Belgian Congo.

        1. Wikipedia says “much of the violence perpetrated in the Congo was inflicted on Africans by other Africans.[35] There were, however, a number of notable examples of white colonial administrators known for particular sadism. These included individuals such as Léon Rom, Léon Fiévez (known as the “devil of Équateur”), and René de Permentier who collectively served as inspirations for the character of Kurtz in Joseph Conrad’s 1899 novella Heart of Darkness.”
          Blacks certainly killed blacks, and collaborated with white administrators, but this is probably the worst episode in the history of imperialism – do you have evidence that “almost all the violence was black on black”?. The British are probably the only europeans who come out of it relatively well. In the Congo it was not unknown to cut off the hands of the rubber workers’ children if targets weren’t met etc. The fact that some of the management was ‘remote’ – leopold never visited africa I understand – doesn’t really mitigate responsibility

        2. Most of the Force Publique was black. It was the Force Publique that enforced rubber quotas. They vastly outnumbered whites.
          Given this, it is safe to say that most of the killing was black on black.

        3. But surely the issue is responsibility rather than just who pulled the trigger / wielded the whip / axe.
          I’m not an expert in the area, but a cursory read about the Force Publique on wikipedia informs me that it was created by leopold and that “The officers of the Force Publique were entirely European. They comprised a mixture of Belgian regular soldiers and mercenaries from other countries who were drawn by the prospect of wealth or simply attracted to the adventure of service in Africa………..Serving under these European officers was an ethnically-mixed African soldiery……..”By the end of 1891, the force had 60 officers, 60 non-commissioned officers, and 3,500 black soldiers. Friendly tribes and militias were often used to help exert control over the outermost parts of the Free State”………..and by “In 1914 “the Force Publique, inclusive of the Katanga companies, totalled about 17,000 askaris with 178 white officers and 235 white NCOs”
          So yes, the majority of the soldiers / gendarmes were black but the people they were commanded by were exclusively white officers and NCOs. Only collaborating tribal chieftains would have had any kind of ‘executive’ authority. Moreover during the Free State period there were numerous mutinies, which presumably were put down.
          Don’t misunderstand me, the black soldiers who participated or ‘led on the ground’ the atrocities in question deserve to be condemned but from the article alone it suggests that their actions were condoned – e.g. “men and women were flogged or raped by soldiers of the Force Publique, unrestrained by their officers and NCOs. They also burned recalcitrant villages and there is evidence, including photographs, that FP soldiers cut off human hands either as trophies or to show that bullets had not been wasted.”
          If the black soldiers were cutting off the hands as trophies that might indicate black african savagery. If on the other hand they were doing to “show that bullets had not been wasted” then that would clearly suggest that the white officer class were effectively leading these abominable acts.
          I’m not usually rabidly anti-imperialist – there were pros and cons with regard to the British Raj for instance – but whatever responsibility black collaborators on the ground bear the main culprits here seem to me to be the white european adventurers and profiteers who presided over a genocidal regime

        4. Ummm, yeah. I already said Leopold is about 99% to blame for the whole affair. Let’s just not forget that blacks were culpable as well.

        5. well, you said “mostly”. The devil is in the detail. It’s not about letting anyone off the hook. The blacks here collaborated with those running the show and presumably did some of the nastiest stuff, but they had little to no part in creating the conditions of those atrocities

    1. Thankyou I’d upvote more if I could. They have this myth that ignores black on black violence and murder..

  15. no one has done more violence to whites than other whites…..
    English v. Irish
    Northern US whites v. Southern US whites
    German v. French various times
    English v. French
    French v. Russian
    Norsemen v. Every other white
    genocidal level violence.
    no negroes.

    1. Just saying, the overwhelming majority of armed conflict is between similar groups.
      Europeans vs. other Europeans.
      Arabs vs. other Arabs,
      Indians vs. other Indians (dot AND feather).

  16. One of the standard boilerplate responses I get from leftists when I explain to them my distaste with the left over anti-white politicis is their argument that “evil rich guys have sought to divide the nation and generate racial hatred!”
    In other words, projection. It’s the left that has done this (successfully) for years and then accuses their victims of being dupes or the villains and acts shocked when working and middle class whites flee the party.
    So now… their frontrunner Bernie Sanders couldn’t get enough remaining white men in his party to vote for him during the primaries because the Democrats have purged them from the party.

  17. Take a trip to the Mississippi Delta if you want to see what a world without white people is like…many of the communities there are becoming nearly unlivable.

    1. And they still elect the same people because they’re black as well. If you want to take a trip back to what blacks were like post Civil War just go there.

  18. YOU HAVE 4 YEARS TO NOT HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THIS! All Trump had to do is just BE……… and the left are truly showing how insane they have become. Towards the end of Obummer years it truly felt like living in the Twilight Zone. A Hillary win would of forced me to learn Russian and create a escape plan.

  19. White genocide dosen`t make sense.
    Why would the parasites kill the (best) hosts?
    The goal is to bring about a global “Babylon” with a malleable citizenry, and keep white people in check. Not to exterminate them completely.

    1. You’re making the mistake of assuming that the parasites are thinking logically.
      These are evil people we’re talking about.

      1. Yes, but they are also intelligent.
        They can`t play this game with the Chinese or Japanese, and they know it.

    2. Mixing superior genes with inferior genes, whatever label you want to apply to it, can and should be considered the gravest crime possible against the superior genes. You are correct but may I ask what point you are trying to make? If just an incorrect use of word fair enough

      1. I don`t believe miscegenation will happen on a large scale. People will divide mainly by their racial fault lines. We are tribal by nature. (US is a good example)
        My main point was a response to the possible agenda of white genocide by the elites, which I don`t think is a likely goal for them.

  20. “Imagine if white nationalists burned cities down nationwide.”
    We’d get the job done ahead of schedule and under budget.

  21. I’ve also had the worry that this is going to end one day with the elite going Hal in Space Odyssey 2001, one day it is definitely no longer benevolent at all and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Or like someone who one day turns and smothers an old relative with a pillow, making i look like a natural death. I don’t think they’ll get away with it but we need to make sure.
    Oh, and good to see Bertrand Russell mentioned, I read a bit of him but had never heard of that one..

  22. Anti-racist is code word for anti-white diversity= white genocide. Every time a white knight nationalists says this they’re proving the melanin theory
    that whites are recessive inbreed mutant albinos that fear genetic annihilation.

  23. Love how the Jews are at the forefront of all this anti-white & anti-Christian immigration we’ve been seeing in predominantly white countries.. Interesting also, that Jews consider themselves non-white minorities..Their goal of course, to divide & conquer these white Christian cultures.
    Pro-immigration, pro immigration, pro-immigration-except, when it comes to Israel ..and people still don’t understand why the Nazi’s wanted to annihilate these people.

  24. It was the extreme leftist bullshit program that flourished under Obama that in part enabled Trump to win this election. The liberals are unaware that it was they who set the stage for him to come into power. And they still haven’t learned a thing, their voices (now joined by the increasingly marginal mainstream media) just get shriller and more accusatory.
    If they had been less insistent on getting their way, like crybabies, on every single contentious sociocultural issue, from gay “marriage”, to transvestites using wrong bathrooms, to women/gays in the military, to elevating single motherhood to sainthood, to insisting every woman has the right to murder her unborn, to opening the borders to all those “undocumented” folks, and topped it all off with hubris and self-righteousness (along with an odd self-loathing) worthy of Greek tragedy, I reckon the conservative backlash may have been insufficient to prevent even a grating, nails on chalkboard candidate like Hillary from coming to power.
    It was their overplaying of their hand that resulted in propelling Mr. T to the presidency. And what do they do, instead of trying to understand conservative perspectives, the simpletons think that just by calling us narrow minded racists/misogynists even harder they will gain traction, even as the progressive movement goes right off the rails.

    1. It’s all about inertia, really. Even the leftist elite can’t just stop the movement they started as it now moves under its own power. Seeing how it would take more time and resources to recondition and repurpose their thralls, they decided to escalate instead. It’s a textbook decoy.
      Don’t worry about the riots and the protests. At best they are a distraction and at worst they will be later used to justify whatever else they’ll come up with.
      It’s the hand you don’t see you gotta worry about.

  25. You only need to look upon the evil face of mugabe to know the future global communism dreams of.

  26. Whites are still majority in USa, why not divide the country and create super white state, give jews and blacks NY and Cali, hispanics get a piece too and everyone lives in peace.
    What is the point debating this nonsense with no end in sight, in 50 years from now you guys will be the same shit except whites will be minority.
    It is noones fault that people dont get along, blaming ea is not gonna solve anything,system is wrong.
    See what happened in Balkans, division was God sent, now everyone lives in piece…they have other issues but you cant blame other races for your misfortune.
    Whites need to do something , time is not on their side this time, beterr do it now while still in good position, it will be much tougher 40 years down the track when whites are gonna be out of position

    1. Those are very good points. The problem is, parasites will die without their host. Despite all the phony complaints about how evil and racist the White man is, other races follow him all over the globe trying to take what he has built, never giving him a moment of peace.
      When Whites are allowed to separate, they do so, and they form demonstrably superior communities. We can’t be having that now can we? Whites are forced at gunpoint to open their neighborhoods up to darker races.
      Peaceful separation is the best possible outcome, with a fair division of land and assets. If we can’t do that, Civil War 2 becomes more likely, with the only question being the time line.

    2. The devil is in the details, and the details you left out is how exactly you plan to accomplish the sorting.

  27. A workforce of dumb brown zombie men and women has roughly the productivity of a workforce of racially distinct women. So why water down the creative genius of the dominant pure haplogroups? That’s the tradeoff. Intermarrying semitics reach a maximum cap which cannot be exceeded with ‘whites’. Then they advocate breeding down. A completely mongrelized semitic can appear and traverse in any mongrelized country. They can shoot up through the levels of government without a hitch.

  28. Excellent analysis, sir. I only have one (very slight but very important) nitpick.The Andrew Jackson fiasco is far from the first volley to be fired in this conflict. It is just that only recently have non-Southern whites begun to realize the agenda of the left. Southerners have been dealing with the destruction of our history, culture, and our identity as a people for many decades now. It is good to see that my fellow Americans are beginning to wake up to the reality of this insidious agenda. Dixie was just low hanging fruit. GREAT content from ROK as always. Keep up the good work.

  29. White people have a below replacement average reproduction rate, so a white genocide is a waste of energy. Now don’t get me wrong, irrational people don’t make rational plans, but there simply isn’t any need to kill white people, since they aren’t breeding. The other problem with this theory is the fact that most of the elite only wish to live in white communities. The SWPL type of white communities that have the most below replacement level reproduction.

  30. – Send young healthy white American males to die in Middle East (killing Middle Eastern muslim males) at the same time.
    – Mentally castrate white European males, replace them with sexually frustrated Muslim migrants, use Muslim migrants as human shields in possible war with Russia.
    Good job goyims. Kill two birds with one stone.
    — George Soros —

  31. What if an affiliation that is very crooked , and indicted that is , causing victims of illegal publishing like myself to have to struggle everyday to be what i am supposed to become proven and investigated for in anglo saxon court also . The constitution has laws that were made for American citizens to protect our privacy first then my intellectual property.
    fuck ascap fuck ascap fuck ascap fuck ascap Genocide is the morning meal

  32. Seeing as people like FDR and Churchill who laid the groundwork for the current state of things were hand in hand with Stalin & Pals, we can only assume the jewish killing machine has been headed our way the whole time.
    Personally I’m glad that every leftist from BLM to the Antifa(g)’s have taken up open violence; it means we can just get straight down to business.

  33. Race war and revolution are the only solutions! The only thing we owe to these cowardly, ugly, genetically, innately, inherently fucking evil non-white subhuman vermin is violent payback and retribution. And, these insane, evil, genocidal, anti-White diversity pushing political scum who have the blood of white human women and children on their hands need to be tortured to fucking death for what they have done and their jew puppet masters and their families along with them! 14/88!!!!
    Read more

  34. Here, on this forum, I see men united for the most part, but we tear each other apart when extreme’s are used such as labeling one political train of thought as evil. In fact, it would be relevant here to point out all political parties are inherently evil and care nothing for the people who put them in power. I have said this before, but those who place their faith in the current idea of democracy are doomed to see it fail each and every time. The rich who control everything continue to get more rich as normal people get poorer. You bring up Soros, I bring up Murdoch.
    There are three people who can break the evil political status quo, two are now retired. Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul and Bernie Saunders. We are screwed no matter who is in power. The reason I find Trump not to be the game changer is because if he wanted to break the elite power structure, he would need people from both parties to do it. Instead he has focused on extreme right. Finally, using Fox news as proof of anything, is not proving anything but doubt of source material.

  35. Here’s one man who is taking a stand for our people:

    His name is Steve McNallen and he is a friend of mine. Steve is a former U..S. Army Ranger officer, mercenary soldier and war correspondent. He is wearing a Thor’s Hammer pendant around his neck as an expression of his loyalty to his bloodline and the Gods of his Ancestors. He is very eloquently and powerfully calling upon us to resist here. I salute him!

  36. To sum it all up, look around the world at the leaders of each country. Which countries are the successful ones? Seems to me the most successful countries are run by white people. NOW, to point out the obvious is NOT racist. It’s just called a FACT.
    What countries are people from all around the world trying to migrate to? Again, countries run by white people.
    I’m so sick of minorities pulling out the race card for their own failures. America was started by white people. That is a fact. Therefore, all the success America has falls within the frame work of those who started it and are the Majority. Again, white people.
    So people need to recognize that if the white people are gone, the world goes back to how the other countries are run. The facts are the facts.
    Stop calling those who are successful, and bring great things to the world racist. I for one have NO white guilt, and neither should any white person who is a good person.
    Being a racist is a choice, and I know far more minorities who are racist than white people in todays world. Shame on ANYONE who is a racist.

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