Why Are Men Paying “New Car” Prices For Used Women?

Twenty-first century feminism teaches women that they are just as valuable (if not more) after every additional man they have sex with. Supposedly these women are like wine and cheese, not the vast majority of other products, from cars to Playstations, that either break down or go out of fashion the longer that they live or the more they are used. Of all the delusions women can have about themselves, this is the worst, aside from ones like “beauty at every size.”

Though many Return Of Kings readers are already practicing a similar, largely unconscious mindset, you should treat your selection of women like a prospective car buyer would. You should think in terms of prices, specifications, warranties, maintenance costs, service history, service requirements, customer reviews, and added extras.

Just as you would not listen to a used car salesman who said that more miles equals higher quality, you should never listen to a woman who implies that she has the same sexual value and potential at 10 or 30 notches as she did when she was a virgin. Sure, some promiscuous women might have lost weight or improved their appearance since their early sexual days, but they are far from the norm. And why not just find a good-looking girl with next to no mileage?

Used women marketing themselves to you often take the role of Danny DeVito’s used car salesman in the children’s film Matilda.

Saying “used” when describing is a very relative term. It does not necessarily correlate with age. For example, a number of 18 or 21-year-old women, regardless of their looks, can have more sexual mileage and the emotional baggage that goes with it than a woman aged 30 or 35. Whilst the central philosophy of Return Of Kings, including that women are judged on beauty, youth and fertility, stands firm, not every decent-looking young woman is going to be marriageable. Far from it.

Likewise, inasmuch as a virgin should be your first preference, the vast majority of marriageable girls are not going to be virgins. Like-new may not be new, but you will have a better warranty and peace of mind for a like-new girl than for the girl you know is a walking petri dish. Accepting a truly used woman in your life is tantamount to buying the deteriorated car that you know is going to break down and leave you stranded on the highway.

Learn the car-buying and woman-choosing lingo

Will a woman maintain herself willingly or reluctantly? Or will you have to do all the work for her? If so, you have a dud deal.

Price: Every woman has her price. This is what she expects, explicitly and implicitly, in the very first days of courtship. Maybe the price is your wit, your appearance, your attention, your job description, or a combination of all of them. She might expect you to fork out $100 for her cocktails. But this initial price isn’t just about the first meeting or the first date. It’s whatever it takes for you to establish a one-time or ongoing sexual relationship. Are you paying too much?

Specifications: Specifications are not just what you see the first time. They’re about test drives and trying out a girl for the first few weeks. How does her body hold up once her clothes are off? What’s her age, bearing in mind that most women suffer rapid physical slides after 30? Can you see cellulite? Do her DD’s stand proud in a bra but droop without one? Does a terrible tattoo on her bodywork show you that the inside parts are almost certainly damaged?

Warranties: Looking at her as if another man were dating her, how does her kind of girl usually act? The cover and the book match up 90% of the time and so, too, do the car bonnet and the engine or the girl and her body and mentality. Like with a girl’s specification, age is a critical factor. Barring superb genetics and/or a fantastic health regimen, a girl approaching or past 30 will give you few, if any of her best years. Try looking at her mother or other female relatives for a glimpse into the future. Few things are sure in life, so you should usually rely on the law of averages.

Maintenance costs: For new, like-new, and used women alike, the real price men pay is for ongoing maintenance. Whether in time, effort, or cash, sexual relationships cost you well after you’ve “paid” for the actual product. And if you’re putting in more for the upkeep of an asset than what you get out of it, it’s not an “asset.” Maintenance also refers to her ability to take care of herself, you, and the relationship.

When it comes to women you are fornicating or want to fornicate with, you need to be your own mechanic and run diagnostics on her.

Service history: So a woman is 26, has had eight sexual partners (the ones she’s told you about), and a few half-assed long-term relationships. Why didn’t she settle down? It may be flattering to think you can be the guy who causes her to take the plunge, but it’s unlikely all those previous guys were god-awful. And whilst this is a personal decision, is eight, twelve, fifteen, or even just five sexual partner too much for you to eventually make a married woman out of her?

Service requirements: A woman’s emotional stability or lack thereof is the critical component you need to be aware of. Sadly, like a hidden issue with a car, it can pop up at the worst possible time. If the girl you thought you had suddenly stops working for an extended period of time, spewing forth regular tantrums and moods, I’d suggest you might’ve been sold a clunker from the female car yard. A comparable problem can develop with a woman’s looks. Does she fall into a state of disrepair too frequently, her fit and fab body crumbling into pure flab? If so, it might be time for a trade-in.

Customer reviews: An ex-boyfriend or her old classmate could save you a world of trouble. Of course, a savage review of a woman could really just mean an old flame misses her or a guy who wanted her never got her. Nonetheless, it’s information to be added to your decision-making process. Equally, you should receptive to but not totally swayed by positive feedback about a girl.

Added extras: Are her friends either sluts or the kind of women who will enable and encourage any bad behavior? Is her family upstanding or traditional and capable of acting as a formal or informal brake on her acting out? Is she someone particularly worried about her social reputation (without needing to Instagram cleavage shots)? Can she cook? Does she offer to help you with no immediate expectation of a reward? These are just some of the positive and negative possibilities a woman has. Be aware of them. They all add up.

Women use a very comparable process with men

She’s found an appreciating asset, especially for when he dies.

The primary difference men and women is that men half-expect a mostly depreciating asset (a woman), whereas women hold out for a hopefully appreciating asset (a relationship with a male). A man’s evaluations are based on looks and fertility, as contrasted with a woman’s choice of earning capacity, physical prowess, and social status. But make no mistake, both men and women are purchasing a product each and every time.

What men outside this site of ours fail to understand is that the biggest used car salesmen in the world are really saleswomen selling themselves for relationships. A used car can either be an unattractive woman talked up as a hottie or a good-looking girl whose nice exterior hides beaten-up, unreliable parts. Yet even those of us who took the red pill long ago can benefit from assessing women like the man buying a car.

When it comes to women, you should only opt for a girl you can safely say is new or like-new. Anything less does not deserve your time, let alone cohabitation or a ring down the track.

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479 thoughts on “Why Are Men Paying “New Car” Prices For Used Women?”

  1. Unlike in previous generations, the supply of “new/like-new” is extremely low, therefore the demand is far greater than the supply. So most of us are left renting and leasing while looking to buy “new” if/when the opportunity arises.

    1. However a big part of the reason the supply is low is because the demand is also low. Most guys are cunts. Try to explain this to them and they will immediately start white knighting.

      1. The demand isn’t low. Ceteris paribus, men will default to the newest model available. The issue exists because men are more elastic on their demands as they age. Eventually many get to a point where it’s buy damaged goods or rent for life. Unfortunately, too many buy lemons so that women have an environment of zero consequences.

    2. “Unlike in previous generations, the supply of “new/like-new” is extremely low, therefore the demand is far greater than the supply.”
      This. Today, a girl with an N in the high single digits is considered a “good girl”. Not too long ago only prostitutes had counts that high.

      1. Just wait until antibiotic-resistant STDs find their way into the middle class. Virginity will be a virtue once again.

        1. Virginity isn’t a virtue or even an asset for highschool/college age girls. The virginity seekers here, as endearing as they are, don’t seem to understand this.

        2. In a crude way we can thank new world diseases such as syphilis for pushing the Victorians to become extremely cautious of slootz!

    3. The supply of virgins is constantly being replenished. Unless you suspect most girls are being raped before they’re old enough to marry you.

      1. Kids are having sex more often and at a younger age than generations before. So by the time the girl is legal, a lower percentage are virgins.

        1. Unless those girls are having sex with each other (tangent: Does that count as a notch?), it would mean other men are polluting your supply of virgins. Why would they do that if virgins are so precious?

        2. Because our society is encouraging more open sexual freedom. Particularly for women. So it isn’t viewed with the same negative connotations as it used to be. It’s the same as anything else, reduced personal accountability.

        3. Doesn’t that mean you have the personal accountability to only sleep with women you’ve married?

  2. Damn good article, so true.
    (Makes you wonder, in an era where millions of woman have devoted themselves to the religion of materialism, its only fair to objectify them with the moral standard they’ve chosen,)

  3. Another thing about mileage that some guys don’t get… that well-used chick you’re locking down has done all the nastiest things you can imagine with multiple Chads, and now she pretty much has it out of her system. Or she tells herself she is settling down and is a nice girl now, so she doesn’t do that nasty stuff anymore.
    So you’re getting missionary twice a month with her eyes closed, looking the other way, telling you to hurry up and get it over with. Meanwhile, she’s using your healthcare to get treated for that incontinence problem she has from taking double anal from more guys than the average porn star. Maybe you get a half-hearted blowjob once a year on your anniversary if you spend enough money on her present. But at least she’s still got a great complexion because the entire football team used her face as a cumrag throughout high school and college.

    1. I crack down on I don’t do that shit immediately it’s an automatic firing offense. I use to be a lot softer on it when I was young and dumb.

    2. Yep, and every time she isn’t “in the mood” or has a “headache,” be sure to keep in mind that you’re the one paying the bills and housing her ass while getting jack shit for your efforts; meanwhile, just a few short years ago, she spread her legs and had to take a Plan B emergency contraceptive because she let some dude whose first name she can’t remember, and whose last name she never knew, fire a nut up inside her within an hour of meeting him.
      It’s amazing how many guys never give that shit any kind of thought, whatsoever.
      When you wife up a whore and don’t get laid, you really fucked up your life.

      1. I still don’t get why, I mean how guys tolerate that “I’m not in the mood” or “I have a headache” nonsense..
        Alan Roger Currie has a great saying that girls don’t get married for sex as they can get it anytime they want to…
        Picking up the tab on used up girls has never made sense, even in my blue pill days

        1. “Picking up the tab on used up girls has never made sense.”
          Same. My definition of “used up” has tightened quite a bit since I was younger, though. It doesn’t take much for a girl to become completely useless as a girlfriend/wife.

        2. Yep, you got to have a strict screening process when searching for a gf/wife…used up girls are masters at rewriting history, I’ll admit I’ve been conned one too many times, the redflags become easier to spot with experience

        3. Yep. The wall tends to either peel back the pretense or obfuscate the truth.
          My non-judgemental approach has elicited several “I used to be a total slut” type comments.
          To your point, Ii our slut culture this is qualifying behavior. Pretty fucked up. Mostly for them when they realise they are only ever going to be a plate.
          Though it can get tedious to have to constantly triage these birds based on the severity of their multiple red flags. The last thing I need is some old wreck broken down in my driveway leaking oil all over the place.

        4. As a younger man, I’d have said that sounds harsh but now it just sounds like reality. After a couple of decades of terrible LTRs and a failed marriage with various damaged women, I finally found a virgin who just wants to be a homemaker and mom. We have a great marriage. She happily takes care of the kids and I get blow jobs on demand. Thing is, I had to go to the crime-ridden slums of Latin America to find her, and even then it wasn’t easy. I feel bad for guys nowadays who sincerely want to settle down and have a family. The pickings are very slim. God forbid I’d have had children with any of my exes.

        5. If she has as little as a FB account you shouldn’t marry her.
          Attentionwhores are not marriage material.

        6. This. I had some tinder whore (ONS) lamenting that she couldn’t lock a man down. When I told her that women, in general, have overplayed their hand, she agreed and we proceeded to do the nasty.

        7. I mentioned this before, but i have some close female friends my age (33.). I’ve heard at least a few of them tell me theyve been with close to 50 guys. These are career driven “respectable” girls!
          It makes basically no sense to go on dates or spend money and time on a woman like that, when you can just go to a bar and meet a younger woman who is hotter and just wants to have fun!

        8. Hey man Im working on something similar. Did you relocate, or just meet her vacationing and bring her here? Whats the age gap?

        9. Thanks! Does she miss her home and family? Are “american woman” traits starting to affect her or change her at all?

        10. Initially brought her back to the US, but then she wanted to come back to her country to take care of her ailing grandmother, and I managed to get my old job back so we’re back south of the border for now. It’s a rougher part of Central America, but if I can save up some good money and find a job and a place somewhere nice and close a beach where I can surf, I’d like to stay.

        11. I don’t think missing her family was a huge problem when we were back in the US. It’s easier nowadays with the Internet, Skype, etc. That said, we are back in her country now and she doesn’t seem too keen to leave.

        12. And what would You do if something comes up in her head, and all of a sudden she decide to “try” other men? She might think “there is only one life, maybe I’ll be happier with someone else.” Or “how it would be to sleep with other guys?”
          I have noticed that most commentators here prefer <20 years old, how will you feel when she pass 35 for instance?

        13. What about male who have slept with 50 girls? Why double standards? 🙂
          You can find a woman of your age that is “hot” and wants some fun, age have nothing to do with character… At least until we don’t speak about children.
          People with good genetics will look the same as they looked after high school for a long time…

        14. Fine, if she continues to eat well, lift weights, and do yoga and generally care about her appearance. One of the worst things about western women is that they are usually deeply offended at the idea that staying sexually attractive for their husbands should be a high priority. My wife is not like that.
          You’re exaggerating with “prefer <20″. The age after which women are worthless most often cited here is 25. Personally, I don’t get it either. I’ve seen women who take good care of themselves stay sexy well into their 40s and even beyond.

        15. Also, if she were unfaithful, I would divorce her. There is no point in trying to make it work with a women who’s cheated. I learned that the hard way as a younger man, too.
          Don’t see it happening though. She’s a devout Central American Catholic who sincerely believes she only gets one marriage and that adultery will send her to hell. Also, I’m tall, fit, and understand women and how to emotionally satisfy them. You do make a good point though. I’ve deflowered godless American and European virgins and found that they inevitably get curious and want to try other cocks. Then again, had I truly understood women back then, maybe I’d have done a better job at keeping them interested.

      2. I can honestly say the only happily married couples i know, were married with kids by 2004…pre-social media days. In all cases, the dude basically blew a load in a smoking hot religious girl and they got married due to family pressure.

        1. I’ve said for years that every woman is carrying a dangerous weapon in her purse.
          It’s not mace.
          It’s not a .22.
          It’s the little rectangle of circuitry with which she can destroy her marriage, family, and (by proxy) civilization.
          Her phone.

        2. Yep. Biggest mistake in the history of mankind was putting a iphone in every womans hands.
          Honestly, you would have a better chance for a lifelong relationship by dropping a load in the typical hot stripper i associated with in 2002, rather than deal with the modern millennial woman of 2017. No bs man, it is unreal.

        3. You know how weird this conversation would sound to a man in, say, the 1920s? We must be the first generation of men to complain that the young women of our society are unattractive.
          A year and half ago I was fuck buddies with a woman who was 48 yrs old. (I’m 40.) Why so old? She was nicer, sexier, and more accomodating than almost all millennial women I’d been meeting. She also still had a really nice hourglass figure, an unaged face, and was submissive in bed. The wall was nowhere in sight, miraculously.
          Of course, this broad ended up being batshit crazy later, but at least she put up a ***facade*** of decency. She knew how to catch a man’s interest. Most millennial women don’t even know how to put up a facade that will please a man. They’re all borderline autistic or crude or both.

        4. yep. once that platform was opened up around 2006 I learned alot about what was going on- a bunch of “only if we got together in HS”- type hookups which wrecked marriages. Some guys on this site think going abroad for a broad will spare them, it wont. Women all over the world have a wireless mini computer in their back pockets, allowing them access to Tinder, the Kardashians, and all of the real housewives episodes…

        5. “I learned alot about what was going on- a bunch of “only if we got together in HS”- type hookups which wrecked marriages”
          PRECISELY what happened to a friend of mine.
          And – PRECISELY why I don’t have Facebook.

        6. The zombies have arrived.
          I’m doing more knee damage dodging vapid hos on the street, than football.
          I also don’t ride anymore – cause just too dangerous with the “driving while fabulous” crowd.

        7. this can only be America.. or California surely.. Can certainly imagine the glitzy places with girls half crashing into things while they text..

        8. That’s just it: it wasn’t a mistake at all, but rather a very cunning plan that’s probably worked even better than anticipated at destroying families, and by proxy, our culture.

        9. Funny thing. I just watched a couple of episodes of the Lardassians this morning. All the hair, makeup and purses is purely for show.

        10. Borderline autistic… I’ve thought that more than a few times in the last couple of years!

        11. Did you have to have a barf bucket by? How did you stomach those awful people? I can’t stand any of them.

        12. Thus, why we’ve devalued women. Not a hate-stance, just an automated valuation. They do it to themselves.

        13. My father is in his 70s and i showed him instagram. Showed how a average looking chick I banged had 20k followers and got 2.4k likes for taking a pic of her shoes. Then i showed my dad a navy seals instagram, a picture of the seal working out and the guy had 9 likes. He was very dissapointed and mad that 2.4k men would like and follow a 30 year old single woman, boosting her ego, while ignoring a great navy seal.
          My father said nobody would date a 30 year old woman back in his day. If the girl was 30 and not married, she probably had a serious mental illness like mental retardation or down syndrome. My father also said, he never saw fat girls when he was a young man. My dad was 30 and married and 20 year old that wasn’t fat, this was normal.
          We truly are the first generation to have meaningless relationships. Even my father agrees, just pump and dump.

        14. I am in my early 30s and dated a 52 year old, took care of her skin, she cooked for me, made me the best meatloaf ever, she had implants and worked out daily. She was Christian and Conservative and Kind. Intelligent, educated, sophisticated and feisty. She was generous, considerate and wise. She was truly a testimonial to what american women once were, and we argued tooth and nail and were able to hug it out. I changed cities and we peacefully ended it. That type of American Woman and the skills she had are missing from todays women, I will not find that 2nd wave feminist with classy old school woman likely ever again. The sex was awesome, the cooking was great, she is the standard bearer, and so far everyone else has failed to measure up. Sucks I wasn’t born in the 60s 70s

        15. The crazy comes out after the age of 40, possibly even younger, but AWALT by the age of 45…..

        16. I remember reading an article somewhere before about how men in India wouldn’t allow their wives to own smartphones. LOL. The article portrayed the men as being so “oppressive and terrible”. The men in these third world countries at least have the women-thing figured out. They simply know that females just cannot be trusted. All it takes is a simple argument or spat with your wife, and another penis is literally a 5-second tinder click away on her phone. Instantaneously.

        17. I went out with a 36 year old single mom a few years ago. I just did so because I was bored. All I did was buy her a beer at the place we met up, and she ended up giving me a blowjob in the parking lot afterwards. I didn’t even initiate anything, it was all her. She pulled her head up and laughed and said “i watch a lot of porn..ha ha”. So after that, we talked for a little while hanging out in the parking lot while she went down on me periodically during conversation. That’s when she told me use to be a stripper back in the late 90s early 2000s and one of her club regulars paid her to go into the bathroom with him and stick a thermometer up his butt and then kick in the balls. I’m not making this shit up. This chick actually ended up contacting me a few days later wanting to go out again. LOL. She actually thought I’d want to date her LOL. How stupid can these bitches be today.

        18. Grown men “liking” attention whores’ shoe pics? God! We are all trapped in an issue of Bob Smith’s modern beta magazine.

        19. As a Southern judge once told a friend of mine, “Half the cases that come before me are because of pussy”.

        20. I’ve read so many disheartening posts on this site over the past few months but that little story might be the worst of them.

        21. Yep. I talk to coworkers of mine who grew up partying in the 1980s. All the older men tell me the same thing, they just listened to motley crue, did drugs, asked a girl if she wanted to bang, and if the girl said no they would just find another girl and repeat the process.
          How we went from that, to guys liking a womans pics of crap they bought at the mall, I will never understand. But if i had to guess, its Hollywood and tv that turned men into losers. Watch all those old movies from the 80s. Arnold Schwarzenegger would care less about the girl, make fun of her half the time, kill a bunch of bad guys, say a bunch of one liner jokes, then bang the girl at the end of the film.
          By 1990, all the movies turned into some pro woman beta male forrest gump garbage that promotes a man being a bitch, and getting rewarded.

        22. It’s very occasional viewing I can assure you. Kind of like seeing a terrible accident and not being able to look away.

        23. Women’s nature is the gun, technology is the trigger.
          It’s a terrible idea that you can have a (you think very good) LTR and after you said goodnight she’s going to chat some more with some colleague/classmate/guy who was brave enough to ask her number. I guess you don’t have to be suspicious to understand that more than half of all young women at one moment in a LTR do this. It’s the equivalent of us men actively going out to chat up girls in the street. It’s non-physical cheating.

        24. Women who upload pictures to facebook and instagram have little selfrespect, self esteem and are probably raised with little or non parental limitations. I’ve seen the attentionwhoring fitnesschicks from my gym whoring for likes on there. When confronting them they say it’s just to “keep in contact with friends and family”. Uhu

        25. But if/when they fuck it up their government won’t bail them out with free money and housing for the rest of their lives …… so they gotta be a bit more careful.

        26. What you don’t understand is that you hold very little value to a millennial woman as well. You’re good for bedding but not much more.

        27. A 40-yr-old man is “good for bedding but not much more?” I appreciate the compliment — and I do look extremely good — but you don’t seem to understand how things work.

        28. Yeah no woman would want you then because you probably have little to no skills to take care of her. That’s a huge problem in our generation, men don’t know how to be men and women don’t know how to be women. And the past generation just knew how to fake it.

        29. I see a lot of blaming Facebook for men not being able to maintain a relationship with their woman. What was the excuse in the 70s, 80s and 90s? Most men are shit and most women are shit. No one is taught how to keep a relationship going anymore.

        30. Your blanket statements are unassailable but what are women doing to make themselves appealing? Charm school? Anything of the sort is labeled misogynistic or patriarchy. But what men do is we problem solve. The way we are battling the hive mind and trying to create quality men? You’re bitchin in it.

        31. No, you’re trying to keep women sheltered in an attempt to mold her into what you want. Not every woman is for you, I dont keep myself nice and cook good meals for anyone other than my husband. If another man doesn’t like something about me, he can go fuck himself. I agree that women need to change, but so do men.

        32. At least we agree on that. Women are highly moldable by their environment. You’re right we do want to shelter them from this toxic culture thats formed. The first task at hand is always to stop the bleeding. Again your blanket statements of “everyone has something wrong with them” is unassailable but not useful.

        33. “My father said nobody would date a 30 year old woman back in his day. If the girl was 30 and not married, she probably had a serious mental illness like mental retardation or down syndrome. ”
          That was a funny period.
          But the fact is that nowadays 20y.o. girls looks older than 30y.o. girls from that time.
          People are full of prejudice.

        34. she was a divorcee whose ex husband made less money than her and chose not to be a leader; he was upset he made less than her, then he had no ballz he always wanted her to be leader then when her health was an issue he was cheapa$$. he also intentionally chose not to fulfill role any normal guy would die to fulfill. his emotional weakness destroyed her marriage; my ballsy attititude and willingness to use my balls made for a magical 9 months while i was doing my personal/professional development. it was amazing to meet and spend time with what women once were. words are indescribeable. if the twilight zone were a real thing my episode would be to end up with her in another reality and dimension. and for the record i gave her red pill attitude when necessary, there just was more adoration than conflict. she still cooks for me when i visit and still takes the time to gift me meatloaf which i love.

      3. Reminds me of ex-fling I had try to get back with me for something more “permanent.” She wanted me to essentially start our little courting process all over again. My response:”You take me for some faggot that pays his dues twice with a girl? You’re out of your fucking mind.”
        Her Response: “Ok.” — nexted.

        1. I’ve tried it. After some ex (2.5 y LTR) dumped me we talked it over. She agreed to take it slow. reboot. But, to her I wasn’t good enough anymore. Everything I did was wrong. She went from serving and kind to a bossy broad. There was a lot of resentment. Reboots never work. Period. Always next it.
          You know what happened to this broad? She went to London on her own. Sleeping in a hostel. Traveling alone was the best thing she did she told me. Well, we all know what traveling alone and sleeping in hostels is about for women. She did text me a couple of times later on. Probably trying to make me an orbiter and keep things warm. Hoping she can go back when you are more financial of in a couple of years. That is the woman’s scheme we red pill men are intelligent enough for to see trough.
          Didn’t fall for it. Blocked her. No sex = no contact.
          The good thing is: something better will probably arrive. It’s like the universe is rewarding you for looking forward. And it did happen. The girls who followed up were just as hot and one was even prettier.
          I am however curious to see what will happen with her in 10-15 years from now. We’ve all laughed about the hotties from highschool who turned into blocks of lard haven’t we?
          And when a woman’s golden years (15-30) are over, the next 50 years look pretty grim compared to that.
          It’s like being a rockstar and ten years later nobody wants your autograph anymore.
          No wonder women who hit the wall hard start hating life. They experience how it is to get almost zero attention from the other sex. No more favors from suitors, that cop isn’t going to let the ticket slide, no guy will help you move for free anymore, your computer is broken? Pull your wallet old lady!
          Women start experiencing how we men have it for our whole lives.

        2. Here Here! Had the very same exact situation play out myself back in 2014. Reboot right into everything being done wrong. Nothing was ever good enough.
          LTRs are toxic enough. Going back for a 2nd bite at the apple….might as well drink a big gulp of hemlock!

        3. I have a new LTR now (like 8 months now) and it’s the most intense and best I’ve ever had. Surely I’m riding the not so red pill wave now and could be pulled under water any time, but for now it feels damn good. But with love also comes suspicion. For me at least. I know to much about female nature. And that’s the downside. That hunterfeel you have when you are single is absent when in a relationship. On a biochemical level your testosterone is probably also lower. And you have a lot more time (unless hunting for puss)

      4. “When you wife up a whore and don’t get laid, you really fucked up your life.”
        Another succinct dagger of truth from A.V. Yader. I miss gems like this. We need some articles from you here again.

        1. I have been married for more than 10 years, wife was getting fat and not taking care of herself, I started some serious dirty talk on line with some older chicks 40-50, sent them some dic pics, wife found them and now she is working on that fat ass!

    3. I see this all the time, dudes are falling over themselves to hook up with that over the hill/used up high school/college girl…Its the funniest thing, the same girl that wouldn’t have ever given these guys play during high school/college, its as if these guys think that the girl somehow changed, not realizing that they are the beta bucks.
      I remember meeting an old fuck buddy thats married now, could barely recognize her when I saw her working at this mall I frequented. Overweight and clear signs of wear and tear…this girl used to be one bad bitch, tight body, a face that could charm the devil and one hell of a freak in the sheets….during our small talk/catch up she’s telling me how she’s engaged with a kid…dude has no idea what she used to get up to…heard stories of how dudes would run a train on her(pre engagement)…Its one thing to rocks off on used up girls, but putting a ring on that? nah I’m good

      1. Starting both at age 19, I spent two wonderful years living with a chick like you mentioned. I was already her 4th. 25 years later, she’s on her second marriage and I’d say he’s number 15? I assume he has no clue of the back roads she’s traveled… the poor, sorry SOB.

      2. Would be honorable to inform her husband. Destroy her life with 1000 words of honesty. Maybe a pic or two

    4. I’m divorced today, but the bitch I was married to years ago casually told me one day just out of regular conversation about some guy she was friends with in college and how they would meet up with each other just for sex. She mentioned another time one of her ex-bf’s enjoyed shaving her pussy for her. Back then, I just thought of it as “tit for tat” since I had been with quite a few girls before her. I’m no big stud and not even that great looking of a guy, but there are women out there today that are married whose husbands have no idea that my cock has been jammed in their wive’s throats at one time.
      Unless you meet some girl when you are both teens and you are her “first”, you can definitely assume any chick you are with has been fucked numerous times every which way. It’s gotten to the point today where it’s no different than finding out that the girl you are dating use to be a backpage prostitute.
      And I wonder why females today that do get married wear white dresses. Isn’t white supposed to signify pureness/virgin? What a joke. A girl that’s been fucked in high school and in her college dorm room a 1000 times, wears a white dress on her wedding day. LOL.

      1. And the hypocrites women are; if you point out that wearing white is for virgins they get upset. No virgin = no wearing white. period.

    5. If a girl can give a fantastic blowjob chances are she isn’t wife material. That shit is like playing a violin, there are few naturals, proficiency comes with practice.

    6. SlutFax(TM) results: Salvage Title.
      She was factory clean until she spent four years getting lubed and turning donuts around the quad by a rugby squad of Mario Chads. No service records.
      After being leased to a corporate delivery service where she would spend the next ten years being redlined by skinnyfat adderol jockeys and mollied-up EDM DJ’s she was put up on blocks.
      Her O rings were shot and she backfired on the regular. Some years back, she had apparently been run out of oil while laying treads all over South Padre Island. Though there was no official record of that. Just a handful of photos in a shoebox beneath the spare tire. Yeah.
      Luckily the Epiphany Auto Reclamation Ltd. did a total overhaul. Unfortunately, the odometer mysteriously broke. Probably due to the totally no-big deal those days are behind me collision with the Wall. In any case, she was off the road for three months. Which means now she is all short-haul highway miles, just between offramps to the suburb with the good schools and walkable Whole Foods.
      The good news is that she can be cold-started and double-clutch shifted and has that thousand-mile patina like a classic sportster. The bad news is she costs $65k, stalls regularly, and handles like a minivan full of misunderstood pitbull puppies. Plus she’s now a vegan. WTF?

      1. You sir, win the internets for today. That’s the best write-up I’ve ever seen. You’re not a used car salesman are you??? lol 🙂

    7. Oddly enough, this was reflected in CBS’ The Big Bang Theory (back before the show became totally meritless).

    8. I think Prager U on YouTube had a video about men “manning up” and getting married.
      The comment section was a joy watching MRAs and MGTOWs and ROKs tear them a new one.

    1. Just thirsty dudes living in the past, a used woman should be begging you for dick/attention etc

    2. Because the kids they are looking for are usually dating their coevals…

  4. Why? It’s very simple. 80% of men are betas. The only women who give them the time of day are the used up, post carousel whores who suddenly learned that Chad Thundercock doesn’t want them anymore.
    Imagine if you went to a car dealership, with a fistful of dollars, and the new car salesman refused to talk to you and sent you to the used car department, and that all dealerships behaved the same way and would only sell new cars to preferred customers.

    1. Even Chad gets second hand used car, Hollywood actors and other celebrities are not betas yet how many of them got virgin girl? None, they swapping used up ones.
      Become muslim and you ll enjoy virgin girl in this life and you have a chance to bang 72 virgins afterlife

      1. 1) Chad isn’t buying the car. He’s too smart for that.
        2) Hollywood celebs are for the most part, idiots. There are exceptions, but they are few and far between.
        The problem, of course, is that there are virtually no girls with low or zero N counts. So either you marry a slut, or you go your own way.

        1. yea, I just don’t get that. One actor gets done with one girl and then meets up with the new BF at some awards and they are ok looking at each other knowing both their dicks have been in the same place of some actor before them!
          As Dave Chappelle would say, “That’s gross, IT’S GROSS!!”

      2. Your first paragraph: true.
        Your second paragraph. Not quiet. In order to get virgins, you have to be born a Muslim. As a male convert to Islam, no Muslim father will give you her virgin daughter. As a convert, you will be expected to marry another convert. And most Western female converts to Islam are the ones who rode the cock-carousel before “accepting Islam”.
        Don`t change your religion – especially if you would only do so to get women.

        1. Maybe some. Some Muslims have the idea that converts are better because they actively made a decision and it changed them, rather than being born into it. It all depends.

        2. Odd… I worked with a guy (two decades ago) who married a muslim woman and then converted or converted to marry her or something like that.

  5. I had some cuck ask me about a girl I knew in high school he was smashing (she has a kid too). Like she was the most amazing girl he ever met. I just lie I don’t ever offer red pill advice because of all the pushback I get now I just smile “she was a really outgoing girl.”

  6. Of course, there is a problem with the analogy. There is a virtually unlimited supply of new cars to purchase. Good luck finding a young woman with a low N count, never mind finding a virgin. You’ll have to go to a convent to find one, and I’ll bet the majority of the nuns aren’t virgins.

  7. “When it comes to women, you should only opt for a girl you can safely say is new or like-new”
    The only problem is that it is mathematically impossible, most girls get fucked before reaching so called “age of consent” age, 15 or 17 in most places, too risky to get involved, by the time they are 25 their notch count is hopefully still in double digits.
    Single digits dick count is a new virgin, even double is ok nowadays
    There is no point askin non virgin girl about number of sexual partners, they lie 100 pc of time, there is no wY of knowing but i use the following formula, i always ask at what age they had sex for the first time then i just add between 2 to 20 dicks per year.
    Example, If she is 25, started fucking at 15, that is 10 years of active sex x 2 dicks per year=20 cocks (very conservative), but as you can see this figure can be much higher, you have to asses her, gauge her before assigning no of dicks per year. Not exact science but much closer to real number then what she gonna admit to.
    If she is on tinder add bonus 10 to 100 bananas per year😂
    Its is not hard for them to fuck 100s of guys on tindetr, it goes fast, when i was in asia i did 20 girls on tindr in less yhan 2 months and i cld ve done more if not for flakes but guys never flake so yea, these numbers are not unrealistic

    1. So others also go to Asia to find their virgins as well.
      Sounds like thats going to last with an easy swipe on tinder

  8. I used a similar analogy with my younger brother when he started getting attached to an older woman who was good looking but showed signs of collision damage.
    Basically told him he would enjoy the feeling of driving a prestige brand but was likely to encounter some electrical problem that was so expensive to fix as to make a trip to the wreckers yard the only option. Not reliable transportation.
    My full swallowing of the red pill came too late to fully inform my own marriage, but does help me manage it, and my wife is a good mother who pays her way, which is better than most guys get.
    When I was 24 I left a 19yo n=1 with a perfect rack because I thought there were lots more where she came from, and went around the world and fucked a few hundred women. Not true. Found a doppelgänger pic of her the other day as attached. My sister offered some sage advice when I lamented leaving her: “You would have just ended up working like a dog to buy her brushed stainless steel fridges”.
    For all the money I subsequently spent on skanks I could have bought plenty.IMG_8487.jpeg

      1. Again that’s not her but looks like she did at 19. She assures me she doesn’t look like that now. She married the next guy who she saw, who is a prick, and developed a meth habit. A shame; she was highly orgasmic and cried every time we had sex. I counsel young guys about quality vs quantity but cant regret any of the quantity myself.

    1. Told a few similar stories to some younger guys I used to work with. I mentioned that if you want to get with easy, broken in models than go for older chicks out single mothers. Never, ever, wife up any of the bitches; I don’t care how well she can make your toes curl.

      1. As you get older you forget how irrational those first good fucks make you. You cling to those moments when you see a burned out whore in half-light and see what all the fuss used to be about, without needing the A1 game you don’t have yet.

        1. If you’re lucky, you get that same irrational drugged-out feeling later in your life too. I experienced it again, age 38, with a girl so hot, so submissive, so pliable that… oh, man. She was a former bikini model with a literally perfect ass. I’m not a drug user, but sex with her was affecting my dopamine the same way a snort of coke would. I messed around and got addicted.

        2. Nice.
          I have to say, I get that drugged out dopamine high most days now through my wife of almost ten years, but not from her. I get it as our children put their arms around my neck and snuggle up to me.
          I had the first of three at 39 years old.
          It’s a beautiful thing, and not enough men admit it. Got to maintain discipline on mum though, and make sure she admits she’d hate you if you let her be as much of a cunt as she would naturally be.

  9. Yes, but what about trade-in value? Or do you just drive it until the wheels fall off and junk it?

    1. Oh the trade in value on these are not good. Hell once you own one, you will have to write a check to get rid of it. It’s the worst kind of loan, the only way you pay it off is if you or it dies otherwise you have a 50-75% penalty for trying to sell it.

        1. They only come with a guarantee: that there is a minimum 60% chance that IT will try to get rid of YOU, yet YOU will pay a massive penalty for IT to be able to leave.

        2. Well there is a warranty of sorts, we call it a pre-nup. But it is pretty limited and the conditions are often pretty narrow and sometimes it’s just completely disregarded. But it does make you feel better about buying a depreciating ass-et.

  10. Being an old fart, I get to see car lots of nothing but late 80’s early 90’s models with high mileage and all manner of condition issues — the engine is worn, the electrical and computers flaky, the interior ragged out, the tires bald and cracked, and the paint scratched and faded. You have to be diligent to find the rust spots covered over by layers of amateurish Bondo body work.
    Just because these vehicles get a wash, wax and detail before cruising the avenue on Saturday night (ittle black dress, heels, layers of makeup) you still can’t justify an asking price which 10 times the price of the newer models. And, who would even consider renting a car 20 years past her prime, especially at a premium price?
    I find that two types of men buy these old used models: vintage collectors, and busted dudes who need cheap transportation because they don’t own a car.
    If you’re smart, you find that rare vintage girl and take her for a test drive. But under no circumstance would you buy that old thing.
    There are some guys who’d plunk down serious money for a rare collectible, expecting that their investment would increase in value over time. But that’s the exception, not the rule, and is speculation at best.
    As for me, I like that new car smell and the thrill of driving her for the first time. I’ll head to countries where the factories are located — the ones producing hot, sexy driving machines at a reasonable price.

  11. There needs to be more President’s Days. These comments are so top notch I can’t stop reading and enjoying all of them

      1. still better than his last model, rinse and repeat albiet he’s too old now but he mastered replacing girls with minimum effect on his net worth

      2. Noticed how she keeps her yap closed? Doesn’t say a peep unless she is given permission to.

      1. Skin: Leathery
        Pussy Lips: Dark Purple
        Hemorrhoids: Abundant
        Tongue: Fissures & Cracks
        Addictions: Cock, Sperm, Divorce-Rape, Vicodin, Tequila, Meth

    1. I think I booked her in to the local jail when I working last Friday. Pretty sure she came through intake. Maybe they just all look the same.

  12. I confront my guys that are single or dating a woman that has children if they would be okay taking on someone else credit card debt of $250,000 along with that person telling you what you will and won’t do everyday for pleasure or friends. Because that is what it takes to raise a child until 18 yrs of age. And if you did, that person has no right to bitch yet these women think everything that was yours up to that point is now theirs and they are the boss and dictate to you how it’s going to be even when they are used up and lucky if a man looks at them.

      1. Most men probably already know red pill information from instinct but suppress it with the willingness to be a good provider/familyman. In the end it comes down to evading conflict. I’ve made myself not so popular talking about the societal values women (and a lot of men) go by nowadays. Yet, it’s all in the open. The belittling commercials, manhating talkshows, the Marxism, feminism etc. Ignorance is bliss.

    1. It seems to me the government and society at large will attach whatever man’s wallet they can to a child. I may be wrong but I am not taking the chance. When I got into my 30s I started attracting single mothers with kids getting close to starting college… gee I wonder why?

    2. I’ve paid to bring up my wife’s younger sister, from age 11 to now age 18. The first 4 years cost almost nothing, school was free food is cheap. From 15-18 has cost me around $1000 a year. Let’s call in $4000 all in, not all that expensive.

        1. I would have all that if I were alone. Health care is free, I’m retired, I have plenty of time.

        2. Nothing is free. Time and effort has a price. There is value to your efforts. That is why you can afford to be retired, an entity gave you value for your time and effort and it was converted to money. Children are not free, teaching them principles and morals which turn into dollars when they execute wise decisions to support themselves.

        3. I’m not all that bothered about teaching them stuff, they go to school for that. Teaching your kids, modern, lefty, feminist, mangina bullshit. Real dads were too busy working to spend any time with their children.

      1. Or, why sell your soul to the devil when you can just mortgage it for a few years? This works on the same principle with women.

  13. Instead of buying an used car, you may rent it for a week and try a new one the next weekend, no hassle, no worries, no more expences, if you are smart enought, you may even try before buy for a day!

    1. Nowadays, You have to go to elementary school to find a “new girl”, unfortunately…

  14. It’s really sad that women’s cynical attitudes to men have forced men into such cynical attitudes to women.
    There needs to be that 1929-like blow-out in sexual market value, and then savvy men can identify the stocks that have some vestige of real value remaining.

    1. We’re going to slowly be replaced by immigrants, who still have real familial and social ties. No blowout; we’ll just peter out, like the Japanese.

  15. Just a few dents… that will buff right out, if you can stand the smell LOL oof even many the young gals snatches smell like the bottom of a dumpster these days, but a wall approacher… better add a layer to the condom with a lysol wipe.

    1. “You know you’re not the first, but do you really care?”
      That depends on if I’m planning on renting or buying.

  16. Reason is simple: women loves luxury signs. As they’re not very bright about it, the signs have to be explicit and shiny.
    The thing is: the luxury sign should not be just expansive, but LOOKS expansive.
    Most men would prefer practical cars, but adapt to the taste of women to catch some.
    It’s a comon strategy to have choices. In normal time, women have multiple choices, and get chased. It reverse the process.
    The only problem is: it attracts the type of person you would fuck, but should NOT lives with. Nothing is perfect…

  17. I have only had 2 sexual partners before I got married which is something Iam not proud of. Is that too high?

    1. You’re a man, right? No, it’s absurdly low for a man. I wouldn’t be proud if I were you either.

        1. Oh then you a total slut, babe. No hope whatsoever. LOL
          Honestly, the truth is – and RoK followers don’t know it – that sex partners prior to finding a permanent partner are detrimental and the more the worse (though 2 isn’t heaps), but at the same time a lot depends on the man you end up with and what he’s capable of making out of you. I could turn a fucking prostitute into a loyal, chaste wife if I wanted to. It’s not hard for the right man

        2. Maybe you could, maybe you couldn’t. It would depend on her reason for being a prostitute. If it was because of her desire for sex with different men (about 33% of hookers), no chance. If it was because she was a drunk/druggie maybe, but you would need to keep her supplied (another 33%) and relationships with addict types are fucking hard. If she were just doing it for the money, sure you could just pay her for all her possible income and likely she’d be happy with that..

        3. In any of those cases, just rip her out of her world and chain her up in mine. End her life and reshape her anew. Fill her belly with children and burden her with obligation so she cannot leave.
          I can do it. Any whore, be she manic or druggy. Only Asian ones but. I wouldn’t touch Western whores with… anything.
          Not that I’m chasing Asian whores. I’m just saying. It’s easy enough for me to find honest girls right now.

    2. No, it was the same for me. Marriage made my 3rd which lasted until she divorced me when I was 52.

  18. My rule of thumb is to spend as little on a woman as possible in the early stages (Or ever). This way you can figure out if she’s really into you for you or if she’s just using you for drinks. Besides, it’s better to make a girl pay and have her get pissed off at you and not fuck you if she wouldn’t fuck you anyway if you paid.
    With that being said, you can usually tell a guy’s level of thirst based on how much he shells out for a girl. I briefly dated a girl a while back, and immediately after things went bad a friend of mine swooped in and became her emotional pincushion and they’ve been together ever since. The thing is I realize now, in hindsight, she had all the characteristics of BPD and had so many slut tells that I’m surprised I didn’t catch anything from her.
    I didn’t really pick up on these red flags at first, but as a rule I went easy on our first date, which was a free concert where we each bought our own drinks, so I didn’t spend a dime on her. The next night she came over and we fucked. What was my friend’s first date with her? An NFL game. I was able to fuck her for free, while he shelled out the big bucks on what I assumed were good seats and $10 hot dogs. This is even after I told him all the nasty things she did to me, and he even warned me when I met her that she was a slut. So while it sucked to have a friend throw me under the bus for a whiff of pussy, in the end it all worked out – He’s paying top dollar at fancy restaurants for a girl his friend fucked a few weeks prior for free.

    1. The thing is, girls are attracted to wealth. If you want to MAKE a girl like you then you NEED to spend on her. Not showing off your income might be putting girls off you. Of course, you don’t want to waste money, which is why you need to choose your pick carefully

      1. Definitely, evolutionarily speaking women need security through male resources and protection. But you also run the risk of just being a meal ticket for the girl, especially if you have a ton of money.
        The thing is in the modern age, though, women make their own money and really don’t need yours. As we see on game sites, a broke guy with a magnetic personality will bang more chicks than a guy whose only good quality is throwing money around. I’ve personally been able to bang lots of girls without spending a dime on them. My hottest lay was with a model, and it cost me only $1.25 for a bottle of water at a deli we passed on the way back to my place after she already told me she wanted to go home with me. I was even in a relationship for 3 years with a girl who had a rich dad who paid for all our dates.

        1. Yes, but women are always attracted to men with HIGHER incomes than themselves, no matter what their own income. This is statistically proven. If you date girls with equal incomes than yourselves then yes, they are probably going to get pumped and dump you. The trick is to date poorer women if you want a long-term relationship, but the only way to get them to commit is to spend a little and show them you’re a competent and generous provider.

        2. For better or worse, yes. A lot of women are making their own money and are looking for handsome and charming, someone to give them butterflies and feelings like those in crappy rom coms. It’s delusional but that’s how it is. Those smart career type women that everyone here hates, that’s what they want. They don’t need to settle for what they think is average just for ecomonic stability because they have that already. They want the attractive in shape guy that their friends want to sleep with. If he’s rich that’s a bonus but it’s not necessary. A lot of women are into eye candy now, something pretty to hold hands with. I notice that more and more women are sexually objectifying men in the same way men sexually objectify women.

        3. I can think of three women I personally know who adore men who make less than them ( mind you two of these women are doctors and the other has a cushy gov’t job). I think, generally, women want men who have stable jobs and decent money but it’s not a deal breaker if they make less (esp if they have other qualities like good looks and a nice personality). Dating a poorer woman does not guarantee a LTR just like dating a woman who makes the same money as you does not lead to you being dumped. Those are big generalizations.
          Also, if the basis of the likelihood of a LTR is whether or not you can financially provide, can you be certain that her commitment to you is genuine? Or based on your wallet? Basing your investment in a girl on whether or not she needs your financial support is just setting yourself up to be used.

        4. Yes, they’re generalisations. There’s lots of parameters involved, and if you explained the situations of those 3 you mentioned I might be able to explain why the typical finance differences was bypassed.
          Yet your second paragraph… why should any woman commit to you if you’ve not got a wallet like you say. You’re dreaming, buddy. You need to be a provider or why SHOULD she stay with you? There’s better options out there (or so she hopes LOL)

        5. I’m a female FYI and I’m coming from that perspective. Women don’t want bums of course but it’s not a deal breaker if the guy makes less than her if there are other qualities she likes. Now, by women, I’m not referring instragam/tinder sluts who expect princess treatment. Yes there are a lot of them but I’m referring to those non nazi fem females who have some intelligence and means to provide for themselves. They want the tingly feelings because they don’t need your money. To them that’s more genuine than being with someone they have luke warm feelings for who has money to spend. Everyone here always says women base their actions on feelings and they are right. Those tingly giddy feelings are far more sustainable than putting up (and putting out) with some so so dude buying her dinner and gifts.
          If you really feel that a women shouldn’t stay with a man who doesn’t provide ( as you’re implying) then don’t put yourself in a situation where you are expected to guarantee financially stability forever and ever because life is messy and anything can happen. Why stress out like that? Wouldn’t it be better to be with someone who you don’t feel like you have to carry and who doesn’t expect it?

        6. “Those tingly giddy feelings are far more sustainable”
          No, the problem is that those tingles are NOT sustainable. They ALWAYS disappear. Hence, frivorce.

        7. This is the age of cheap credit. It doesn’t take much to put on a display of spending on women. The only way it even becomes impressive is to go beyond what most men can borrow.

        8. Those feelings are not sustainable. The man is expected to work at creating them. Eventually he won’t be able to.

        9. Sexual desire for your wife/ltr is not sustainable. The woman is expected to work at creating this. Eventually she won’t be able to.

        10. For a successful, middle aged women with money to burn a house husband is the way to go. Someone with a less competitive, less demanding job who can make the school run, drop off the dry cleaning, fix dinner, get the kids to bed when you’re running late. As has been noted here at RoK many times, women are doing their best to become men. Naturally theyve come to want in a mate what men have traditionally desired – a pretty helper available for sex and adept at giving them the tingles after a long day at the office.

        11. Is it 2017? Of course men want this. Comments all over this site … why marry if she’s going to get fat, bitchy, old, etc

        12. What men want and what the social expectations are, are two different things. The former is irrelevant and the later is non-existent in the current era.
          Furthermore the man has no recourse if she doesn’t. If he doesn’t keep the “tingles” going he pays the divorce penalty. If he doesn’t put up with her getting “fat, bitchy, etc” he pays the divorce penalty.

        13. Why is what you want irrelevant? At minimum it directs your actions. If your women doesn’t interest you, you find another women.

        14. And please don’t misunderstand. I’m not suggesting any of this is easy on men and difficult only for a women, but rather that both marriage and the virginity issue is a quagmire for both. I’m marrying in May and seriously considering returning the ring because Im coming to see maybe you are all correct and committed relationships really are an impossible venture.

        15. I wrote that what men want is irrelevant to society. Always has been to some degree but there used to be some societal enforced expectations/obligations on women that allowed men some of their wants. Those have essentially fallen away over the last century.
          Once married finding another woman often means financial ruination of the man. It didn’t used to, but it does now.

        16. Men have always wanted more promiscuous women and now you have them. Sluts far outnumber virgins or even women with low notch counts. Also, it’s easy enough to keep mistresses. Many men do. Many here do.

        17. Again what men want and societal expectations are two different things. Wealthy and powerful men have paid enormous penalties when their flings and mistresses were made public. If society cared about men’s wants that would not be.

        18. Bernd, men wanted promiscuous women. Societal expectations have confromed to their wishes. Sluts are now celebrated and virgins are shamed. That’s a 90 degree turn in your favor.
          Men are punished for their carelessness. Be careful, don’t get caught. Ask your friends how they do it. Or find a girl who accepts it. It’s not that difficult.

        19. “Bernd, men wanted promiscuous women. ”
          Says who? This thread is about not paying up for promiscuous women.
          “Sluts are now celebrated and virgins are shamed. ”
          By who? Feminists? I didn’t see any virgin shaming from men.
          “Be careful, don’t get caught.”
          Exactly. Men are still expected to be faithful and live up their societal obligations or else.
          “Ask your friends how they do it. Or find a girl who accepts it. It’s not that difficult.”
          This isn’t about me. It’s also not applicable.

        20. “They want the attractive in shape guy that their friends want to sleep with. If he’s rich that’s a bonus but it’s not necessary. A lot of women are into eye candy now, something pretty to hold hands with.”
          Truer words have (almost) never been spoken. Dude I see this so frequently around me…almost all girls in their 20s, and you know they will eventually break up, she’ll be late 20s/early 30s unmarried having given her best years to Mr eye candy

        21. Problem with western counries is that its extremely hard to stand out financially, minimum wage hard worker can afford brand new car, house, buy nice clothes etc…So having all these things gives you no edge over competition and even women as they can afford all of these things. You can work yourself to death but its a long road and thwn what, do you wanna flash your cash and turn into a magnet for gold diggers?
          Your best bet is to be perceived as hot, handsome, bangable guy in theirr eyes… You will be miles ahead over rich average dude who gets milked by one hoe

        22. Who the fuck wants a middle aged woman?
          18-25 is all anyone wants ….. and if we were being REALLY truthful 15-20.
          I have never started a relationship with any woman over age 34 ……… and I’m 61.

        23. A vibrator is guaranteed to give you tingly feelings, you should try it.
          PS. How old are you? You sound well past your ‘sell by’ date.

        24. And another house!
          A man’s best option is generally to murder her and hide the body, if he doesn’t want her any more. Even if he does get caught, his house and pension will still be his when he gets out of jail.

        25. “I’m referring to those non nazi fem females who have some intelligence and means to provide for themselves”
          You’re referring to the demographic of females with the highest divorce rate in society and asking me to believe they’re happy with their relationship circumstances. That’s nonsense.
          The mistake you’re making is believing what these women say they want instead of looking at the physical statistics that express the truth, which is that biological desires differ from conscious ideals.
          “If you really feel that a women shouldn’t stay with a man who doesn’t provide ( as you’re implying)”
          I don’t feel anything either way. I’m merely referencing the facts.
          “then don’t put yourself in a situation where you are expected to guarantee financially stability forever and ever because life is messy and anything can happen”
          That’s why I’m a man and you’re a woman. Countless men fail and get dumped or divorced every day. This is the burden of manhood. Pussies will whine about it, but real men will confront reality and work hard

        26. The entire pua movement is built around chasing sluts. You want them. This isn’t a criticism. I accept it as the inevitable result of your biological make up. I’m not sure why you would argue.
          I’ve been shamed by both men and women. I’ve seen many other girls shamed. Our culture shames virginity. A 35 year old man with years of experience might see the value, but a 19 year old doesn’t. And those are the men girls are losing their virginity to. Even then, the 35 *might* prefer the virgin for marriage because she’s assumed to be safe – less likely to divorce, a good mother, a good sandwich maker. But he stills wants the slut for sex.
          In the US people generally still expect fidelity, yes. That’s changing though, especially in my generation. The idea that monogamy is false unnatural social construct is gaining converts. So there’s hope.

        27. They are more sustainable than a woman using someone for his money because there are no feelings in that and women like that are more likely to dump you for a richer man. That’s what I’m trying to point out here. Tingly because she likes the guy vs she just likes his money. But you’re right, even those tingly feelings aren’t forever for both people in the relationship. Sustaining a connection takes work from both people, with a healthy dose of realistic expectations from both.

        28. Pj, I’m 25. It’s a brave new world out here. Betas want to be kept. They enjoy playing house husband. Theyve been trained to want strong independent empowered women. Also, middle aged as in 30+

        29. I can’t be fucked digging them up. It’s buried in the evolutionary psychology books I read long ago. It’s well understood that the wealthier a woman becomes then the greater expectations in her husband’s wealth becomes if she’s to remain with him or show interest in him from the start. In any case, it isn’t difficult to see that the women you’re talking about ARE the higher divorce rate demographic. The content house-wives with no income of their own aren’t the ones dumping their husbands. It’s the working women who simply can’t find happiness – “career girls” – and they usually end up alone in life with nothing but a cat for company.

        30. Why do you keep trying to make this personal and go into tangents? I am not part of the “PUA movement”. I do not practice their behaviors. I am an observer. The simple fact remains that men have expectations and obligations in the modern era, women do not. The last century has seen women freed of such things while men have not. In some respects it has gone the opposite way for men. For instance, the state now takes from men to give to women.
          In the second paragraph you are straining believably. Where is this universe where 19 year old virgin women and 35 year old men are thing in the USA? It’s certainly not the reality I’m living in.
          “In the US people generally still expect fidelity, yes.”
          And finally you admit what I have stated from the start.

        31. Bernd, please don’t take any of this personally. It’s a collective ‘you.’ RoK is a pua site, yes? I understand there are exceptions. What I can’t understand is the suggestion that men don’t want promiscuous women. This site is overwhelmed with articles exploring the ways and means of acquiring them. On this post alone I find multiple commentators waxing nostalgic for long lost sluts. It’s genuinely heartbeaking. It’s also the social standard. I’m trying, but I can’t see this as debatable.
          Otherwise, I apologize for being unclear. To hopefully clarify: an older man, say, 35+, may see the value in a virgin. Perhaps he wouldn’t shame a young girl for being so. But a highschool/college age boy does not see the value and he will shame her. An 18 year old girl doesn’t know or care what the 35 year old thinks. She cares about her peers, and and almost always she’ll succumb to her peer’s shaming and pressure. So, yes, I’m afraid men – the men that matter – do shame virginity. Further, it’s cultural. Young girls are encouraged to lose their virginity because it’s empowering, sex positive, because they should own their sexuality. On a post about used up women I don’t see how this is tangential?
          Which reality are you living in?

        32. ” please don’t take any of this personally. It’s a collective ‘you.’”
          Except it was clearly personal in prior post about asking friends on how to keep a mistress. Switching back and forth is troublesome for understanding.
          “What I can’t understand is the suggestion that men don’t want promiscuous women. ”
          Distributions, statistics. If the data were to be gathered and plotted I suspect that the degree of promiscuous behavior desired is very different than you imagine. At worst a rather flat distribution centered around a low ‘notch count’ mean. This site is run by those at right end of this distribution, but there’s a left end. Any one on the left side of that is shamed here as MGTOW. I also attempted to observe & participate on those sites but because of this shaming they tend to want personal information to vet those they let in. As such I politely excused myself as it is none of their business.
          “But a highschool/college age boy does not see the value”
          You’re not talking about grown men and women then, you’re talking about teenagers and modern artificially extended childhood/adolescence years. This of course coupled with media, those who control it, social engineering, feminist agendas, and so on.
          Yes they promote sexual empowerment for women and they promote life ruining punishment for men who fail to live up to arbitrary and often after the fact demands of women and/or fail to maintain their feelings. Again, obligations of men to meet the expectations and desires of women or else. While it may push some/many/most girls to slutdom for boys many are pushed out of the sexual marketplace entirely. It’s designed to work this way. To break social structures and push the human race back to the animal state of 80% of the women going for 20% of the men. Possibly something even more extreme.
          That is a sorting for men on the extreme right side of the distribution. This site is largely about teaching men one standard deviation right and left of there how to pretend to be on the extreme right of the distribution to simply get by or even have a shot at marriage to one woman under these conditions.
          “On a post about used up women I don’t see how this is tangential?”
          This thread branch was on maintaining a woman’s feelings for a man. That is what I commented on. That’s what you replied to. As your argument there fell apart you decided to dive into a tangent on virginity.

        33. What I can’t understand is the suggestion that men don’t want promiscuous women. This site is overwhelmed with articles exploring the ways and means of acquiring them.

          Well, this is a PUA site (as you’ve already noted). There are plenty of men (non-PUAs) who would be only too happy to settle down with a virgin, and many who lament being unable to find a chaste woman for marriage. Many of them may even have saved sex for marriage themselves (like that Tim Tebow fellow did — I’m sure he had plenty of opportunity for sex, but stayed chaste). Granted, few such men will be the alpha stud you are perhaps dreaming of, but they’d be happy to have you and wouldn’t shame you for being a virgin — indeed they’d probably be very grateful.
          You appear to be straying into the realms of the Apex Fallacy in reading the picaresque tales of the libidinous kings on this site, and thinking that they are representative of all men. They’re most certainly not.
          And you are a 25-year-old female virgin? Egad! In which country? (Here in the West you’d be on the endangered species list.)

        34. Was it Apex Fallacy?
          No, I’m not a virgin. I’m engaged, and tbh he’s a little too alpha for me sometimes. But I was on the virgin endangered species list for a long time and I know very well how common virgin shaming, thin shaming, religion shaming have become. Any desire to be a traditional wife and mother will get you all kinds of grief, from men and women alike. Seen it, lived it.

        35. virgin shaming, thin shaming, religion shaming

          Really?! Sounds like you’re surrounded by fat, godless sluts. Be thankful you’re not one of them.
          And what religion are we talking here? Your handle makes me think something Eastern… Shinto, is it?

        36. NYU. fat godless sluts as far as the eye can see. I’m Russian Orthodox but any Christian belief is routinely mocked. Were I a Shinto practitioner, I would have been better off.
          I’m still trying to figure out how apex fallacy applies here?

        37. Majority of divorces are initiated by women though. Vast majority. Men and women don’t divorce for the same reasons. Men usually only divorce women who become too old or fat to interest them and rarely because of money.

        38. Check the notch count of those girls though. They’re all sluts and aren’t looking for long term relationships, even if they say they are.

        39. Men – and not all men – “want” to have sex with sluts, but they don’t want to marry them unless they’re a loser who can’t do any better. What’s so hard for you to understand about this?

        40. Women file but that doesn’t always tell us who “initiated.” A know a woman who recently discovered she has herpes. Her husband neglected to tell her he had acquired a case of this from a young girl, a married girl, he’s been seeing on the side. She filed. But who really ended that marriage?
          I think the career women in question divorce their men for those same reasons you’ve listed … fat, old, lack of interest. A shortage of tingles they can afford to find elsewhere. The same reason the husband with herpes cheated … looking for tingles with a young girl married to much older Marine staff sergeant who, I suppose, was no longer giving her tingles. You’re divorced, yes? This is why?

        41. You’re fucken delusional. Most divorces involve women initiating it and running away with shitloads of money they didn’t earn and cars and houses and the kids too. Fuck off and look at some statistics. I’m not here to cater to idiots.

        42. This is accurate. Women don’t care about a stable provider until it’s too late-they are interested in short term gratification with personable and handsome men. Once they become jaded with the pump-and-dumps, they switch their strategies.

        43. “If the data were to be gathered and plotted I suspect that the degree of promiscuous behavior desired is very different than you imagine.”
          It’s possible. Not my personal experience or observation, but possible. I trust the data would change depending on the age group/generation studied. You and I are looking at this from very different angles, I think?
          “You’re not talking about grown men and women then”
          Arguable but beside the point? This is the age when most lose their virginity. Social standards and expectations within that age group can’t be disregarded if we’re wondering where all the virgins went.
          This is interesting about mgtow. I’ve not met one that I’m aware. I know no men who are outside the market … granted some are less successful than others, and I know some men have sworn off marriage or even ltrs .. I know women have as well… these are becoming archaic customs for many. But swearing off sex completely?? Do I understand that correctly? That I haven’t encountered. I’ll respect your privacy, of course, but I do wish you’d discuss this further.
          “Except it was clearly personal ”
          It truly was not. I would never suggest a man lie or cheat. It may be unavoidable, I may learn to accept it, but it is still tragic imo. My point was to say that it happens more often than not, many men do so without injury to their wallet or reputation, and there are not doubt some here and probably in your life to vouch for that.
          You claimed men are unable to maintain a women’s long term interest. I added that women are likewise unable to maintain a man’s long term interest. You observed men’s “needs”, whatever they may be, are not supported by common social expectation. I pointed out that social expectations of female chastity have changed, drastically so, to satisfy men’s need for promiscuous women. That seemed to me a reasonable example to cite given the op. As I said, I’m not suggesting men have the easy ride here. I’ve argued often and to my own detriment that they do not. To my mind the present situation is ugly all around and we’re all – man, women, and child – paying a dear price.
          Thank you, bernd 🙂 You were lovely to speak with.

        44. “Most divorces involve women initiating it and running away with shitloads of money they didn’t earn and cars and houses and the kids too.”
          Completely agree

        45. ” I know no men who are outside the market”
          It’s a matter of degree. At certain point that is the effective reality. The process of modern dating isn’t for everyone. But is anyone totally off the market? No, probably not. I’m not in the market for a Ferrari at current prices and hassles but if I found Daytona that’s been in a barn for 30 years and could get it for price I could afford that’s less than I could sell it for…
          “But swearing off sex completely”
          Not everyone finds it that compelling. As the effort, price, and risk increases more and more men drop out. Perhaps that’s the design of it.
          “to satisfy men’s need for promiscuous women. ”
          Traditional one man one woman served men’s needs and desires. Promiscuous women serve the needs of the 20% or less of men that are what are called “alpha males” here. Promiscuous women result when women have safety nets and social acceptance to indulge themselves. This results in most men not being “sponge worthy” to borrow a line from television. Re-introduce sexual risk and promiscuous behavior of women will drop and the desirability of other male characteristics will reassert themselves.
          As the market currently is those characteristics are only worth something once a woman finds she can’t get the attention of that 20% any longer.
          “You claimed men are unable to maintain a women’s long term interest.”
          I claimed that eventually a man will fail to maintain the feeling. I didn’t say how long that would take or even if it was only momentary. Simply that it will happen eventually. Often it is only momentary. A man goes through a difficult time and his attention slips and then it gets worse with a divorce. Could happen after 10 or 20 years of marriage. Today’s environment makes even the slightest lapse of ‘frame’ potentially relationship ending.
          “Thank you, bernd 🙂 You were lovely to speak with.”

        46. What doesn’t apply? Not all men want to fuck sluts, and few marry them unless they have no choice. That’s true

        47. You can get married at 15 with the parents permission where I live (13 with a judges written permission), many girls have babies by age 15.

        48. You are probably right on some of the girls. However I am referring to late teens/early 20s average to pretty girls who still have that innocence look on their face – low N count. They have been heavily influenced by Disney movies and in their minds are entitled to only good looking guys. Not all of them think this way but I’d say over 80% do

        49. The problem lies where you place the blame though – seemingly on the conscious decisions of girls. That isn’t right. Throughout history, the vast majority of girls who ever had children did it by their mid teens, and girls have become evolved to pair-bond and have children in these years. Those who fail to do this (now a majority thanks to social parameters) adopt a secondary reproductive strategy as a sort of emergency fail-safe – a casual sex and resource raking strategy – and this is what’s going on.
          It isn’t about “what girls want” and the changing factors of society that have changed things for good. Conscious thought isn’t connected to the genetically defined instincts that drive us. Girls have been doing throughout history what they’re doing now since before we were even human, but just at a much lower frequency. Most of the blame can be placed on contraception and abortion which enables irresponsible sex.

      2. Not if you’re hot with good social skills. Hot guys with personality don’t have to do much other than show up. It’s not fair but it’s the truth most of the time.

        1. I think we’re each referring to different kinds of girls. I don’t buy into AWALT. If you do then we’re probably wasting each other’s time debating this.

        2. There is only one type of girl. The type that wants your money. Only their payment plans differ.

        3. I agree. There are decent women out there who can treat a man well, just like there are decent men out there who don’t assume all women are whores who want their money. For men who see all women that way, well, of course, that’s all they will see because everything a woman does or says will be interpreted to feed into that belief. “She offered to buy me a coffee. UH OH…. She’s going to expect me to buy her something now.”
          Women who expect a guy to pay for everything is expecting you to put her on a pedestal, which goes against what many men here say not to do. Avoid women like that for LTR. Those are just casual hook ups.

        4. You misunderstand. The men here are primarily after casual sex. They’re predominantly losers who could never keep a female. It’s ingrained into their psychology to be as cheap as possible with each woman because they’re going to be chasing after a LOT of women before they find one that might actually fuck them. They say “putting women on a pedestal” only as an excuse to stop them looking like such fucking losers.
          When you find a man’s who’s actually looking for a long term relationship then he’s gonna spend and he’s gonna spend big, and he isn’t going to be interested in women who aren’t receptive to this and match his budget because it’ll signal to him that he’s not in her league. Men need to be above the league of their women. This is because when she’s pregnant with another kid every next year he’s gonna be the sole provider and both of them need to know he’s worth it. She will need his money/resources to get through this.
          It’s in our biology. You can come up with whatever ideal you please, but it won’t change what’s written in your blood.

        5. The men here are interested in casual sex … while bemoaning the lack of virgins?
          Six weeks off after birth, then baby into daycare, and mom back to work. No man needed. Either the mother makes enough to take care of it herself, or the government takes care of it for her.
          But you’re maybe sort of right about spending money. My bf bought me a car after he proposed. Paid for upfront but in his name of course

        6. Yes, they’re primarily interested in casua;l sex, but when thinking about marriage a chaste wife appeals to all sensible men. What’s hard to understand about that?
          Your second paragraph is unrealistic. Some women can raise children alone, most can’t and welfare is a burden on society. It shouldn’t be encouraged. In any case, Western prisons are full of men raised by single mothers. Men are always needed to raise stable children.

        7. It makes sense that a man would prefer his wife discontinue sleeping with other men once he’s married her. But even then, open marriages abound.
          Single mothers, rich or poor, delegating their parenting responsibilities to a team of ‘professionals” is I think a deplorable situation for all involved but I see it everyday. In that sense it is entirely realistic.

        8. Relationships which people are perpetually comfortable in and don’t feel the need to end, unlike equal income relationships

      3. I use to hangout with a guy years ago that would get approached by at least 2-3 girls per night at the bars. He was kind of a tall, lanky guy with the wide jaw, low body fat, blondish hair, and deep brown eyes. Girls would come up to him and tell him how hot he was or how hot their friend thought he was. I felt like complete shit hanging out with him because I realized girls really will hit on guys, but obviously I wasn’t good looking enough myself. My ego was very bruised. This guy would get the hottest chics, that would always end up dumping him. Which is why he was always single. He drove a pepsi truck for $9 an hour and owned a beat up piece of shit car. Wore the same shirt and jeans every single weekend. So yea, his looks always got women, but once they got tired of being with a dopey loser that drove a pepsi truck, they dumped him.

      4. I only need 2000 pesos for a young woman to ‘like’ me, no need to spend any more money on her unless I want her to ‘like’ me again.

        1. ‘Like’. Exactly Hahahaha. For prosititues that’s how it goes and if that’s what you’re into that’s fine, but for men looking for women to date or have relationships, 2000 pesos will add up after a while.

      5. I disagree. You need to show that you are ambitious. Willing to work, study, start a company. Being creative with ideas for products and services. Women will notice if you are not that kind of person by looking at your grooming, your cleanliness in your home, your physique is also a part of this (willingness to maintain something). Letting her pay (making it more or less 50/50) is a good thing. She also needs to feel she is financially investing in the relationship! If you bring it so that she believes you are in favor of emancipation she will fall for it.
        I’ve heard a friend say men need to pay for things in a relationship. ‘The man needs to pay blablabla” I disagreed with him in front of the whole friendgroup. No woman said I was backwards. I didn’t look at a cheapskate, he looked like a sorry ass guy who needs to pay a relationship fee. My GF also laughed at the whole charade after I told her why mutual investment in a LTR is completely logical.
        What is worth more: a BMW you saved for, for over 8 years.
        A BMW that was given to you because it was February 14th.

        1. Yeah, all that other shit is important too. But in all honesty if the woman can AFFORD to pay 50% then why is she with you to begin with? Women prefer wealthier men, and if the partner is of equal income then you’re not the kind of man she prefers to be with and that bodes ill. Women also prefer older men, meaning his career is likely much more developed and higher paid and this goes down the same road – that she’s leaning towards a man more capable than her, and he’s probably going to take her on a date that she couldn’t afford herself.
          Why does she need to financially invest in the relationship? That’s a silly ideal you just pulled out of your head.
          I don’t need to justify myself whilst the demographic you refer to is divorcing each other and tearing their lives apart in fights anyway. You’re talking about people who are known to be completely romantically incompetent and trying to use them as a role model for a good relationship. It’s nonsense.

        2. You want to play providergame. It really won’t prevent her from leaving you nowadays. Or are you so amazingly wealthy that it would be stupid for her to do? Probably not, so it’s pointless. Who spoke about marriage btw.

        3. 20 – 30% or so of men never get divorced. I belong to that demographic. I’ve already been through 10 years of marriage and it was me who divorced her in the end. Kind of proves what I’m talking about. Your insecurity is only relevant to yourself because you’re a loser who would likely get divorced so your wife can cash in.

        4. Pay for what? What the fuck are you talking about? What is it you think I’m insecure about? I left one successful marriage with no regrets and the only child support I pay is what I choose to give her, and now I’m engaged to a sexy 18 year old. Pay what? Delusional cunt

        5. No need to curse. But looking at your posthistory it’s clear you don’t belong on this website. I only see you cursing at others and disagreeing with the majority. You sir, are a troll with a sorry ass upbringing. Do us a favor and jump of a building.

        6. So you can’t answer the question. You’re just talking shit. And you wonder why so many dumb assed cunts like you get trolled by me?!

  19. A different parallel analogy (which I thought was more appropriate) for this “Used Women Are Like Used Cars” parallel analogy is one that I thought of a few years ago: “Used Women are Like ‘Used’ Wine (aka, ‘Urine’)”.
    Slutty American women who are trying to persuade men that they make just as good (or better) wives are just trying to get men to ‘buy a bottle of urine’ for the price of a bottle of vintage wine — simply because the urine once WAS vintage wine, and these women believe that the wine and the urine are worth the same.

    1. Well, wine and urine look similar when written, so one can understand the confusion.
      Then again, I’m not much of a drinker, but I never understood the need to spend hundreds on a bottle of wine, especially if you’re just going to get wasted. A bottle of Everclear will do the trick.

  20. And the value of a brand new car drops by about 15% the very moment you take legal ownership of it and drive it off the lot.

      1. One day, Adam was walking in the Garden of Eden. He walks up to God…….
        Adam – “God, this garden you planted is swell and all, but I am kind of lonely all here by myself”
        God – “Well Adam, why didn’t you say so? I have this perfect thing for you. Sweet, good natured, sexy, helpful……”
        Adam – “That sounds great! Is there a catch?”
        God – “Well, it will cost you an arm and a leg.”
        Adam – “Sheesh, sounds expensive…..What would you give me for say….a rib?”

      2. dee, why not? With alimony and mommy support, men are property of women. Also, military conscription proves this. Men have many male gender roles enforced on them, women have ZERO. Men are the possessions in this society, not women, they have choice.
        Acknowledging that the enslavement of men is the foundation of society is forbidden. Society would sooner discuss the option of not breathing to stop CO2 emissions before broaching the topic of male enslavement to women.

        1. You’re delusional, but, as evidenced by your being female and trolling on a man’s site, that’s obvious.

        2. Ad hominem is not an argument. Can you refute my assertions? I didn’t think so, hence the personal attack, obviously.

        3. also i find it so hilarious when men who think they’re so much smarter than they actually are try and guilt me because i don’t want to dignify their (obviously!!!) crazy opinions with a thought out educated response. if you want serious discourse, dm me or something dont just try to roast me on the internet for trolling lmao

        4. Trolls, especially self admitted trolls, as you just stated, deserve the roasting they ask for.
          If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

        5. dee, at least Sulu has a dick. Something you are obviously envious of. No, a strap-on doesn’t count.

    1. Bench seats in the front is what I miss. Nothing is better than driving around with your woman right beside you.

  21. I’m in my early 30’s and it’s still a surreal feeling when (via s/m) I see girls I used to fuck around with are now married and pushing out babies. Like if I ever meet their kid, all I’ll be thinking is “I wonder if you’ve got a clue what a slut your mother was for me once upon a time?” I don’t pity their husbands. Why should I feel sorry for a guy who lacks astute judgment or self-respect?
    Personally I’d rather keep on walking, bettering myself so I can buy a brand/ near-new Ferrari in a few years rather than waste my time on an old family saloon that’s been thrashed with high k’s on the odometer and a new paint job to try and fool suckers…

    1. Just don’t get trapped late in life the longer you wait the bigger the fish you come across. I’ve seen some serious players I respected start families late when they got ten times more shit to lose.

    2. No doubt. I see it all the time on my Facebook. I think all the women from my 20s are all married with multiple kids now. Some of them are even going through divorce already. Most have gained some good weight except for one, who seems to only become more beautiful with age. She is…the one I could have kept long term but left when she wanted marriage. Hey, I was in my 20s…didnt want it. Now mid 30s…
      Anyway, some women who I knew back in high school who were the biggest sluts in the class are married with happy little family photos. Some husband smiling in the pictures who has no clue whatsoever what his wife was like sexually. Blech…gross. Poor guy

      1. It is really astounding to me how some women can age so quickly. I’ve seen a girl I worked with at age 19 being a real hottie. Lately I saw her Facebook photo at age 26, she had crowsfeet like no tomorrow. In 10 years her skin will look like my grandfathers leather couch. But I’ve not seen a girl I banged pooping out a kid. Maybe that will be a real shock to me: “I too blowed my load against her cervix”. But all the women I banged were not ‘mother-worthy’ material, otherwise I still would be with her. So I pity the sucker who impregnated her. Med taking broads (depression, boarderliners), mediocre looking women. Stupid chicks who were hot back then but old and stupid now. Who needs those.

        1. That is the main reason to avoid prejudice!
          Genetics are the #1, not the age.
          I am 27/28 male and I do not look a day older than when I was 22. I even look younger because I’m in better shape now…
          It is the same for some women. Over time, some of them will start to work on their look and image, begins to treat themselves well to eventually become successful woman.
          Good genetics is crucial. Someone will look old in 20, other will look young at 40
          Paul Walker for example…

    3. And what You will do when that Ferrari get old? You will just “replace” it?
      You are young in early 30s, but your exes are old?
      If You follow that logic, You will have to “change” the “car” every 5 years. And after few decades people will think “he has a nice granddaughter”…
      If that girl loved You, there is no need for insulting. Otherwise, You are slut as much as she is.

  22. Reminds me of Carlos Mencia’s skit:
    Crazy Punji’s Used Wife Emporium
    “This one has been rear-ended, but there is no damage, I guarantee it!”
    “Don’t worry, this one has passed my 69-point inspection!”

  23. How could you possibly tell how much use she’s previously had, women don’t have tripmeters, and they lie a lot. I’m thinking you have to get them when they’re young, 18-20 years old and they have a fair chance of being relatively fresh.

    1. Some of them are up front about it. I work around attractive women between 20 & 30, there are a few on the cock carousel (made easy with apps like Tinder), & they make no effort to hide it. It’s like being around a bunch of guys. They talk about banging all these dudes, but yet they say there are no good ones out there. This one customer walked in the other day, clearly in her 40s, not even that attractive, a 5 at best, talked to my coworkers about wanting to find a nice guy & that she is getting bored of banging 2 or 3 guys at the same time….she’s ‘ready for a relationship’. I’m thinking to myself this trash bag actually thinks she has something to offer besides a hole to stick your dick in after a night of hard drinking. The dating scene in LA is probably not a good example but here it’s attention whoring at the highest degree. So many guys with more money than they know what to do with, feeding these chicks egos, artificially inflating their stock value…pretty fucked up.

      1. This one customer walked in the other day, clearly in her 40s, not even that attractive, a 5 at best, talked to my coworkers about wanting to find a nice guy & that she is getting bored of banging 2 or 3 guys at the same time….she’s ‘ready for a relationship’

        …Ready for the scrapheap, more like.
        What a deluded degenerate.

  24. See what I don’t understand is you “red pill” men complaining about the lack of good relationship women out there, when all you do is still sleep around with them and then throw them to the curb and expect to marry a virgin and then settle down with her. Guess what boys, men are competitive, it’s in our nature, and when it comes down to women we are hyper competitive. The only ones that should be marrying virgins, is virgin men that also waited for it. All the rest of us are selfish and disgraced and we deserve to dwell in our sorrows. You will attract what you are remember, if you are a cheater and liar, you will attract cheaters and liars into your life. Nothing happens for no reason, if you are oblivious and completely head over heals in love with your girlfriend thats lying and cheating behind you back, I figure out thats your problem, for not taking preventive measures and looking at things objectively. I don’t see myself as an ideal person, I’ve made mistakes it’s ok, and I will continue making mistakes. The takeaway here should be learning from your mistakes and not making the same ones again. I would gladly go MGTOW, but I can’t MGTOW is a dead end, it’s collapse of civilization. MGTOW men have accepted that fate, I refuse to accept it.

    1. Wow, what an original critique! So new, so fresh, so edgy! So totally out of touch with what’s actually going on!

  25. I like the analogy. There are many things to consider when making your “purchase”. Virtue comes on top of the list for me. It shows whether or not they are honest, and are trustworthy.
    I think with women, there is a stark difference between relationship material, and those who would be a good bang. Problem is, many women don’t see the separation. They can get all the sex they want (and more) clear into their 30’s and all they have to do is wear a low cut dress with high heels. They have no idea that they lost the ability to be relationship material long ago. Once they lost their virtue and gotten past 25, their relationship prospects have diminished significantly.

    1. And when they are scooped up by some beta in their thirties or forties he is going to be the standard on which all men are measured. A sucker with a weak body, unable to verbally and physically protect himself, her and his children, but he has a steady income and won’t cheat.
      What is the oldest woman you have dated? As in serious relationship.

      1. 22 was the oldest I dated for a relationship. I married her at 23. I was 28. She is now in her late 30’s.

        1. Nice Jim! Ah that’s good. I’m so happy for you that you found a good wife.
          I have a 23 cute, shy one now and I’m 30. Hope it will stick. Don’t know if I should marry though. But I’m rubbing it in that she will be a mother before 28 if she stays with me. Jokingly but she doesn’t disagree. I’m only having problems with her social media behavior still. She deleted her Instagram but I really hate facebook for the obvious reasons. You have any tips on settling a woman down?
          It’s so strange, at 29 I started to be more calmer. I’m really tired of doing daygame and finding new women all the time. Probably time for me to buy a house and start working at my career.

        2. “You have any tips?”
          One thing I would do is have a set routine in reading religion based marriage literature. Read aloud with your girl about 15 minutes every day. Doing so will help you discuss and correct any issues as they come up. Have a wide variety of topics from finances, integrity, sex….etc. That, and read the Bible as a couple for another 15 minutes.

        3. If she’s wife material I’d address her social media behavior directly. What I mean is explaining to her exactly what you don’t like, why, and that its behavior you’d find unacceptable in a wife.
          After that the ball is in her court, see how she responds and take it from there.
          If she blows up over it, she will never be wife material anyway.
          I explained to my now wife exactly what I expect and what I offer in return before I even met her in person, I had no interest in wasting time and money on bullshit.

        1. And You do not feel unpleasantly?
          They are almost kids!
          They can be your granddaughters…

        2. My oldest white daughter is 30, my youngest son is 5.
          I did feel bad one time when I was in bed with a young lady, we were watching TV and her feet were level with my knees. I got over it though (she was 27, 4’8″ and 38Kg ….. I’m 61, 6′ and 75Kg).

        3. I was sitting with a 43Kg 22 year old last month, she was a mother of four ……. hardly a child.

        4. Oh, God! She started at very young age, that is brutal…
          Nevertheless, that is her life.

        5. You are not married?
          My girlfriend and I are both 28, I would like to live with her…
          My personal preferences is to be with a coeval, eventually a year to 3 difference.

        6. Yeah, I’m married. But the culture and religion here allows sexual freedom within marriage. Everyone fucks around, you’re just required to be (slightly) discreet about it. My wife has even had a go picking out women for me, but she’s useless at it …. they think very young (15ish) with ultra-white skin is what guys want.

        7. Haha, that is quite interesting! Where are You from, If I may ask? In Germany and central-southern Europe people are much more conservative…

        8. When you get to my age (60), you won’t be wanting to live with a 60 year old woman. I don’t think it matters how old a person is, they will always prefer to sleep with a partner under 30 years old.

        9. What happened with our previous chat? You have mentioned that in the country where do you live is “OK” to sleep with other people if yours partner doesn’t know or something…
          I respect your opinion. I turn 28 (born in 1989) this year and I am interested in girls 22-34
          For me, ideally, 25-29
          However, In my view look is far more important than age. Age is just the number, just as height and weight.
          Nowadays youth look far more older then people from a few decades ago…
          There are lots of people in 20s who look as nearly 40.
          Young girls especially. Bad nutrition and habits…
          I met a girl who is 22, I thought that she is at least 35.
          I am not even sure for how long will I live. If I get maried, at all…

    2. “Once they lost their virtue and gotten past 25, their relationship prospects have diminished significantly.”
      At 25, they just started to live. In Europe, majority of people of that age are still students.
      Prejudices based on age are basically wrong, because everyone is different and everyone has their own genetics.
      People who look young will look young until middle age. People who look old are “old” even in 20s
      There are numerous example.
      I am 27-28 and I would not consider girls under 25 for the serious relationship. I am looking for the same age or plus/mins 2,3

  26. Back in the day a women in her 20’s with more then 3 partners was on the verge of being a whore and not wife material. I cannot even imagine what that number is today and why a man would marry a woman who was banging at least two, three guys a year.

    1. Yup. I saw a survey which said that the average woman in the UK will now, throughout the course of her life, rack up not one or two (or even three), but eight sexual partners.
      …So the lucky hubby of the average British woman today gets to share his beloved with the local basketball team. Plus the coach.
      Welcome to Cuckistan.

      1. Hmmm, still not sure why it’s okay for a man to fuck as many women as possible but a woman has eight (oh my GOD, EIGHT) sexual partners and something is “wrong” with her. Hey, some couples swing- and your previous partner list goes up VERY fast. I get that it hurts some men’s egos that women want to control their own bodies and seek intimacy on their own terms, but that’s life. You don’t have to like, just like we don’t have to respect men with double standards. 😉

        1. I married my 3rd sexual partner and remained married and faithful for 30 years. Didn’t make any difference to the judge when she started fucking other guys and divorce raped me.
          You are all cunts with a me, me, me agenda. You have no standards ….. and now I don’t either. But I wasted 30 years finding that out.

        2. No sane man wants to share his wife with other men. Swingers are mentally ill degenerates. It’s not “ego” to want exclusivity. Most women do not want to share their husbands with other women.
          It’s only in this modern age that normal men with normal preferences are said to have an “ego” for not wanting their wives to be sluts.

        3. Ellen, it’s clear, you’re a man hater with extreme penis envy.
          Females play both sides of that issue, as you are doing. Females claim they have to have an emotional attachment to have sex with a man. Most men have no such proclivities. So, when a woman sleeps around it has much more meaning than if a man does it. A woman who sleeps around has no loyalty, that’s the issue. With men casual sex is a mechanical act. There’s your double standard.
          Any and all misconstrued double standards you think you understand about men PALE in comparison to the myriads of female double standards that you enjoy.
          Name one (oh my GOD, ONE) female gender role that is enforced on you at the end of a gun, as all laws are enforced. Men have many, women have zero (oh my GOD, ZERO).
          G00gle: “rights women have that men don’t”, then add 100 more to that list that the search won’t show. Watch videos on youtube to find even more, then there will still be more. But why would you care about the truth? You’re a narcissist man hater who can never be satisfied because you don’t have a penis.

        4. What is “clear” is that a) you know nothing about me and b) you think that whatever it is you claim to “know” about women makes you able to twist the message I am VERY CLEARLY sharing here, which is still amazingly unable to get through the thick skulls of men like you; that you cannot compare actual human beings to objects and that you cannot pigeonhole people into gender roles, because some people are interested in and talented at roles that do not necessarily fit into gender roles (myself included, as I both serve in the military and possess a warrior spirit, and I volunteer to care for abused and neglected children). And I hate to break it to you, but I would venture to guess that marrying a man ten years my senior and volunteering to work in an Air Force unit where I’m one of 12 women out of 500 would be really hard for me to do if I were a “man-hater.”
          And oh, I’m plenty satisfied with my life/by my husband. I’m truly sorry that some woman in your past has clearly ruined women for you, but that attitude is your choice, so you can stop your projecting now.
          I didn’t come here to suggest that “women don’t have rights;” I have worked inside the court system and have seen first hand the myriad ways men get screwed over. So unless you have something of substance to say to me, screw off.

        5. Your being female and trolling on this men’s site is all the proof I need. Your foul mouth is further proof. Keep talking, we all see you for what you are; an angry, arrogant, condescending American female with penis envy issues, that’s “clear”.

    2. I can’t decide if I wanted to live in these blue-pill days, or have grown up under the red pill and avoided the whole marriage trap.

      1. Midwest, early 90’s in the burbs. Back then a girl would have a high school boyfriend or two and then possibly another in College. This seemed pretty average and talked about. Now it is like numbers do not even matter but THEY DO.

        1. WOW. I was thinking 60’s or 70’s. It’s insane how much times have changed. What sort of man would even consider emotional investment in women at this point, much less lifetime financial investment? Every big city woman is acting like a strumpet.

        1. No, Jim’s Johnson. There is this thing called a question mark (?). Did you not see that? I asked a question. 😉

        2. Don’t talk to my Johnson. If you are cute you might be able to play with it, but don’t talk to it.

        1. That would be “whingeing”, with an “e”, then. Please learn to spell.
          BTW, it essentially has the same definition as “whining”, so you really didn’t change anything anyway. Or are you just whingeing again?

        2. You’re a dumbfuck American liberal what would you know about whinging ? LOL.

        3. Not a liberal, quite the opposite. You’re the one who can’t spell “dumbfuck”.

        4. You’re American, you know nothing about English.
          ” Errrr, say what ? Err one time , two time, Err Ebonics ”

        5. You also need to learn how to spell. “whingeing” IS the proper spelling, you belligerent moron libtard.

        6. Libt/rd freak, maybe in your diksionery, but in a real dictionary it is spelled with an ‘e’. Now go take your sister to the abortion clinic before your parents find out and make you marry her, you democRat.

  27. “It may be flattering to think you can be the guy who causes her to take the plunge, but it’s unlikely all those previous guys were god-awful”
    Men who fail to consider this observation cannot possibly be saved in my experience. They are beyond help. Far too many men have a strong ego investment in the idea that they are somehow ‘better’ and more noble than other men, which is very easy for women to exploit.
    The fact is that women choose you because you are the best option at a particular moment in time or at their current life phase. It really has nothing to do with how great of a man you are unless she has been physically abused constantly, and those women should be avoided at all costs because they are permanently damaged.
    I had a conversation recently with a complete simp about women’s ridiculously over the top and endless complaints about men and just out of curiosity posed the following question: “Is it really possible for there to be that many defective men out there?” His response? A resounding YES. He fully believes the problem is men in general, which of course means other men rather than him.
    He is a hopeless case and it’s a waste of time trying to convince him otherwise.

  28. “And why not just find a good-looking girl with next to no mileage?”
    I sense a lot of unicorn hunting in this article, and on this site. It might sound defeatist, but I’ve given up. I’ve fully embraced nihilism with the opposite gender. Finding a unicorn is next to impossible once she’s been through American HS/College. This article also implies “rings” or marriage, which I also find borderline (if not outright) suicidal.
    I’m sure some of the older cats on the site will disagree with me, but they have to understand that they came from a different era. We are now living in a polyamorous society with unchained hypergamy and limitless options for women. BlackDragon really has the best “game” blog on the web-the entire premise is keeping multiple women in a harem to reduce their natural boredom and betafication that comes with a relationship.
    Even if you find the hypothetical virgin at 20 y/o, what’s to guarantee that she doesn’t get Grass-Is-Greener syndrome, encouraged by Cosmo, Sex-and-theCity, her girlfriends, her mother, and other various forms of (((media)))?
    “Why didn’t she settle down? It may be flattering to think you can be the guy who causes her to take the plunge, but it’s unlikely all those previous guys were god-awful.”
    This is a great point. What’s her LTR history like? Why did the last relationships end? Were they immature men who refused commitment? Or were they stable, loving men that she got bored of? Huge red flag if it’s the latter.
    “Are her friends either sluts or the kind of women who will enable and encourage any bad behavior? Is her family upstanding or traditional and capable of acting as a formal or informal brake on her acting out?”
    I had both with an LTR. Race-realist, patriarchal immigrant parents, YOLO sluts as friends. Guess which ones got to her?
    Water takes the container it fills, and women are water. The container looks like a circular hole, with 10 crevices filles with phallic-shaped objects.

    1. Maybe you should get a girl from a country where she is expected be married by her early 20’s and cook and take care of a home. eg. Japan/Maldova
      America is a needle in a haystack… especially big cities, but the globe is huge and there are pockets of quality women.

      1. not as easy as it sounds. I’m a young guy, good career, no debt but I don’t have the cash/career status to just leave my job and dick around in a foreign country for a year, bring a wife back just to have her become indoctrinated by American culture. It’s something I’ve thought about for the future, just not something thats feasible.

        1. I’m not rich, but I did seek, and find, and then marry a Japanese traditional girl from the country side. Sure, it’s not as cheap as buying some slut a few tequila shots at the local dive bar, but you have to invest to get a return.
          Now she is a housewife taking care of our son virtually 24/7, when she isn’t cooking or cleaning. I think I actually save money at least on food with her, and I always have a spotless home and a happy well cared for wife and son greeting me happily when I come home in the evening.
          It took some time to weed out the bad ones online before homing in on one who fit the bill, then two trips to Japan, cost of wedding/paperwork, and that was it. Being traditional she came with a sort of dowry which would easily cover my outlay in procuring her.
          What you have to do in this to succeed is the same as in anything else, decide firmly what you want, set your mind to it, and then get to work. It won’t happen overnight but it doesn’t take 5yrs either unless something is off with you.

    2. Plenty of low mileage 18 year old’s in the Philippines. I’m sure S. America is equally well stocked. You can often buy direct from her parents.

  29. what the world need is a new world war that will crush the safety net people, and teach them the value of life and it’s little joyes. for now they are drunk of vanity.

    1. A world war is unlikely to solve things. A revolution will! World war is an old game played by the elite & we are it’s pawns. We need an informed public that will refuse elite orders and we need a strong leader to lead, not a deceitful rich clown that makes false promises.

  30. I was just pondering this last night while watching a Tommy Sotomayor video on youtube. I would rather have a homely wife, who can cook, manage the household and service my sexual needs, instead of going for the bitch who looks hot as hell, stupid, and is the typical trophy wife; here is why:
    In my 50+ years of life so far, I have met and mated with women who on a scale of 1 – 10 are mostly 7-8 in sexual appearance. I will admit I have slept with 10’s, but they are VERY expensive and unless I spent hundreds of dollars in dining and shows, I never even had a chance getting their panties off.
    The 7 and 8’s women we great values! They were not on the internet masturbating on a webcam for attention; instead they had jobs, careers, their own bank accounts, incomes and apartments/houses.
    I would sleep over their places for a week, great food, fantastic memorable sex, and no sexual disease or unwanted pregnancies! Average women DO have value!
    If there is anything that men should never forget is that average women do have a significant place in our male universe!
    Tommy Sotomayor was complaining that an instagram THOT (That Hoe over There) was now bad mouthing him on youtube after loaning her cash and getting head from her.
    It got me to thinking: While the women I saw were not spreading their legs for the world to see, they spread for me, did a fantastic and earnest job servicing me, and never screwed me over, never stole from me, never had the police put me in jail, and made my life very satisfactory!
    Reminds me of the song, ‘If you want to be happy’, by Jimmy Soul … no truer words have ever been spoken: GET AN UGLY GIRL TO MARRY YOU!!! You can always pay for the Barbie type side bitch, but the woman you wan to share your home with, make her plain Jane.
    I know for some of you younger guys you think I am just saying this as a cop out, but I am not! Average women will treat you better, better respect you, and appreciate the attention you give them!

    1. As funny as that song is, I think there is little correlation between the two. A gorgeous young woman who is obsessed over her looks can be almost as toxic as the ugly feminist. I think the best are those who are reasonably attractive, but are stellar in their morality and traditional roles. Those who are age very nicely. They stay away from the destructive nightlife AND from McDonalds. In 20 years, the moral woman will be the best looking in her age group and the best wife.
      “Yeah, an’ she’s ug-leeee!
      Yeah, she’s ugly, but she sure can cook, baby!
      Yeah, alright!”
      That right there is key. Not necessarily that she has the skills, but has the self discipline to make a house a home.

      1. That is the curve ball. We are trying t make generalizations. 9/10 from outside the United States [ARE] different than 9/10’s from within the U.S.. The song is a metaphor for what a man should focus on; not on the looks, but on the substance.

        1. Funny thing is, in 20 years the girl who is more substance will look better than the girl who was focused on her looks. Look at all the post wall hot messes on the tabloids.

  31. I feel bad for people dating these days. Men who know nothing of maintenance and always need a new car, women who weren’t built properly in the factory…

    1. There is a stiff competition from the jew media. Maintenance will go only so far for someone who exposes themselves to hours of “all men are stupid”, or “guys want independent women”…..etc. propaganda blared out from nearly every media outlet imaginable. Tinder, Facebook, YouTube, network media, tabloids…the list goes on and on.
      A guy needs to get his girlfriend/wife a simple flip phone, get rid of the TV, and make sure the media intake stays to a minimum. Otherwise, the routine maintenance does about as good as the guy who takes his pickup wheeling every weekend.

        1. So, you are saying that guys just magically stopped being effective in keeping women? Of course there are other causes, but you are blaming an individual for a systemic and statistically provable problem. AWALT and AMALT…..I have the same genetics as my grandfather. My circumstances are what have changed. From the time you are a child, girls are taught that they are special princesses and boys are taught that they are like Homer SImpson, and should be more like Ross from Friends.
          They are not excuses, they are reasons. Excuses apply to the individual, but when there is a documented shift among an entire population, you cannot dismiss them.

        2. The difference is in parenting. They started letting schools parent their kids, people started to forget a lot of skills. What’s the purpose of a traditional marriage if the wife can’t cook or clean and the husband is a workaholic who can’t fix a car or patch a hole in the wall? People dont need each other any more and it’s much easier to move on when the relationship gets stale these days. So it’s a cultural shift, not just a media shift and most Western men are as shitty at relationships as women, nothing to do with genetics.

        3. Agreed, having two working parents is another big issue. The mom is essentially dropping the ball in her traditional role as a wife and mother when she goes out to compete in the workforce. So, she comes home, understandably tired, the kids indoctrinated by our public school system, throws a package dinner into the oven and crashes in front of the couch with the kids, to be indoctrinated more. Husband comes home later, after his portion of dinner is in the fridge. They get up and do it again.
          Meanwhile, the size of houses is bigger than ever, the number of cars and electronics is more than ever, the time spent shuttling junior back and forth to baseball practice is more than ever. We are taught to want more and more crap.

        4. Yep. My husband and I have made some worthwhile sacrifices so I can stay home with the kids. Who cares about stuff anyway. But he also doesn’t work too long of hours. It’s a partnership.

        5. Same here, we also got rid of the TV and she home schools the kids while I am at work.
          Sometimes, long hours are required, and not everyone is fortunate to be able to afford to stay home as much as they would like. I wouldn’t knock the “workaholic” dad so much. It isn’t like they enjoy 60+ hours at the office. My last job was like that. It sucks when you are constantly under pressure at work, miss Saturdays, and you come home tired to an unappreciative wife because you are gone too much. If your husband has that happen to him, cut him some slack.

        6. It’s when it’s a pattern and a choice that it becomes an issue. The few times he works 70 hour weeks of course I don’t get mad. In fact, I cook him up casseroles to eat and take the kids to my in-laws, who live a few hours away, for those weeks so he can come home and relax and I don’t have to be frazzled. And we keep the TV. Again, that’s just an excuse. I put my smart phone down when he gets home. Getting rid of the phone and TV sounds controlling and borderline abusive to be honest.

        7. Without government intervention none of that would matter. 90% of women are too lazy to make their own money. Without preferential employment, welfare and divorce settlement they would marry a man and stick with him.
          That’s the only difference between you and your grandfather, your women get free money, his women didn’t.

        8. Women don’t need men for money any more.
          Don’t include us men in the problem, we have been replaced by our government as your source of income and provider. You would marry and stay with the nastiest wife beating bastard in a flash if he were the only food and housing source available.

        9. Man working and woman as housewife is the worst combination for divorce rape. She will get everything including 100% custody because he didn’t spend time with the kids.

        10. Fuck your fake degree …… nobody would employ you as an engineer over a man without government intervention.

        11. I wouldn’t know, I’ve always had a wife. It’s just now my wife is brown instead of white (and half my age). And has no rights to any earnings or assets I gained from my engineering degree. None of the money I earned was ever from some sort of affirmative action, I’m not a useless cunt who needs government intervention to find me employment or even a place on a STEM degree course.

        12. Women in todays west are married to their socialist goverment.
          Thats why they need no man. They already got one.

        13. no tv is the best choice you can do it frees up time and stops the indoctrination. It was a mutual choice prior to our marriage. If you thing forcing your wife to carry a flip phone instead of a smartphone is abusive, no wonder divorce rates are where they are.

        14. You’re awful quiet about those female gender quotas you have enjoyed being a “female engineer”, if that’s true. Female engineers enjoy 15-25% higher pay straight out of engineering school just for having a (). That’s a fact, a fact that Pjclark1 has been stating. Where would you be without all your special female treatment from the government?

        15. G00gle. Also, it was rubbed in my face all through school. I watched it happen as well. Men are just supposed to accept female supremacy and lack of personal responsibility.

      1. “A guy needs to get his girlfriend/wife a simple flip phone, get rid of the TV, and make sure the media intake stays to a minimum. Otherwise, the routine maintenance does about as good as the guy who takes his pickup wheeling every weekend.” In other words, control another adult human being. HAHAHAHA. If my husband tried to do this we’d be in marriage counseling the next day. How would you like it if your wife tried to do the same thing? And don’t dodge the question by saying “my wife would never do that” because that’s completely irrelevant.

        1. We don’t have a TV, haven’t since before we were married. She has a simple flip phone, computer is locked out after 10 PM. We mutually agreed on this prior to marriage. I honor the same code. It has made for a very good marriage.

        2. Going on fourteen years of marriage here. We don’t have a TV, only a simple flip phone, computer gets locked out after 10 pm. We mutually agreed on it prior to marriage. It has made for a very strong, happy marriage.

        3. Do you even know where you are posting?
          This is not some gender mainstreamed, hufpost SWPL dump site.
          So. Here is your answer:
          The man is the leader, the one who decides and the one in charge.
          She is like water, adjusting to his form and needs.
          If he decides she wears a skirt and heels, thats what she will do.
          If he decides to buy a black SUV, thats what they are going to do.
          If he decides to move to alaska, thats where they will live.
          If he decides she needs bigger boobs, thats what he will pay for.
          If he decides she quit her job and takes care of the children (plural) at home, thats whats going to happen.
          Now you stupid feminist troll; have you got any more stupid questions or are you scared enough by the universal truth of gender INequality?

        4. Of course I know where I am posting, you stupid misogynist dimwit. Obviously it’s not Huffington Post; I have never seen that site regularly, explicitly compare 50% of the population to objects or animals.
          “The man is the leader.” In some cases. My mentors and my boss consist of male captains, majors, and a lieutenant colonel, in addition to a female colonel. My husband and I met when he was brand new to my previous unit and I was his commander. I currenly lead a unit of 70 enlisted personnel, all men. If you (truly) know anything about leadership, you know that followership goes hand-in-hand. You can’t be a good leader unless you have been/concurrently are a good follower. So “the man is the leader” is actually more nuanced; unless the men I lead are E-3’s or below, they are both leaders and followers- they lead their troops and their sections, and they follow me. Now I’ve been in the military so long I can barely remember civilan life, but I understand it works more or less the same way in the civilian sector- a man always has a boss, no matter how high he rises. Sometimes, that boss is a woman who is senior, more accomplished, or has the experience and/or training to lead the organization or select numbers of personnel.
          So the same goes for marriage. I outrank my husband. He has more options right now as the lower-ranking officer, so when the Air Force decides where to send us, they prioritize MY job options. Sorry to rain on your domination fantasy!
          “… are you scared enough by the universal truth…” Bitch, PLEASE. If I were scared, I wouldn’t have joined the military. Hm, if I were “scared” would I be reading articles I didn’t agree with and challenging misogynisitc points of view? Gasp, the answer to that is “no.”

        5. That’s great for you guys, especially important to note that it is mutually agreed upon. Couples DO need to understand how to make time for each other, otherwise marriages can quickly become strained and unhealthy. But that’s not the same thing as “a man should do this, a man should decide that” FOR his wife. Marriage is about compromise. Most people would buck a partner trying to tell them what to do.
          As far as technology goes, that’s completely situationally dependent. I lead a unit of aircraft maintainers. People fall off aircraft, hit their heads, get cuts, and get sent to the hospital with some regularity, or buildings or aircraft get damaged. At any time of the day or night, I have to be able to communicate with the senior NCOs I rely on about situations like that. I have to have pictures, etc… basically as much data as I can get, because I have to answer to a lieutenant colonel, he has to answer to a colonel, and colonel has to answer to a general. If my hsuband didn’t like how much attention I was paying to my smartphone, that’s fine as a topic of discussion- but as I communicate with family over in Europe with it and use it for work, he absolutely would not get away with telling me I could or could not have it or anything else. I pay my own damn bills after all, lol.

        6. Haha that was funny Ellen.
          Well you write like a man, are you sure you are female?
          But ok, you did earn a more serious response at least.
          The man is the *NATURAL* leader. We are bigger, stronger and better fighters. We have more testosteron to make us more competitive, while you women do have boobs to better feed the babies. Thats the role mother nature has prepared you for. Thats what you can do best.
          You are part of the 2% rule – meaning your manliness and grit may not the representative for your gender.
          If it works for you to roleplay a tough guy, thats great.
          How your husband handles this role-reversal is another question.
          If you were married to me, we would most likely kill each other at some point.

        7. Ellen, your narcissism, arrogance, condescension, and gender role confusion is quite clear. You have been indoctrinated into feminism and the falsehood that being a
          man is the only real purpose for you. Why else would you be here at ROK, a men’s site? You are one of hundreds of
          millions of women who believe this lie. Women are less happy now then
          ever and next year will be worse. You are obviously not a happy and content woman, your anger is abundant and clear. The misery in store for you if you maintain this path will be the end of you, guaranteed.
          Denial doesn’t change reality.
          Ignore this fact at your own peril.

        8. HAHAHA it is hilarious to me that men STILL don’t understand that individual human beings are different. As far as I remember, that was a lesson I learned in preschool. Keep trying to pigeonhole women AND men at your own peril- see, I can levy threats anonymously online too!

        9. A woman officer. Quite the accomplishment. But before I thank you for your service, please answer three questions – 1: Did qualify for your position on the same basis as a man? Were you held to the same physical / mental standards as a man? Or did you qualify based on a “modification” (i.e. relaxation or elimination) of standards, since feminists insist on equal access to military jobs, notwithstanding the fact that most women cannot perform at the same level as men? and 2: Have you ever truly defended our country? Carried a gun into a hostile area? Or are you in one of the myriad “make work” jobs that the military has designed for women – safe behind the front lines – while the men do the real work? Finally 3: Are you going to lie about your service just so that so you can perpetuate the fiction that women are really as effective as men on the battlefield?

        10. Before I kindly answer your series a questions (questions I have received from civilian men hundreds of times and civilian men only) I neither expect nor want a “thank you.” 1) Yes- I typically outperform men on push-ups AND sit-ups, and my run time always falls within male passing standards. This tends to be true for most women I see test-problems with validating a human being’s fitness in modern combat roles aside. 2) I was a missile COMBAT crew commander, so yeah, I’d say my job was plenty dangerous. As a member of Global Strike, I (and my fellow officers, men included) were barred from overseas deployment. Missiles is critically manned. Now that I’m in aircraft maintenance, I’m actively fighting to get to the AOR. 3) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        11. Notice she said she outperforms the males. She did not say she was required to.
          Further, her using “typically” is probably an exaggeration.

        12. I don’t believe any of it. If most women could meet the original male physical standards we wouldn’t have had to dumb them down to accommodate women. Being a missile commander is not dangerous (unless you consider breaking a fingernail on the button a dangerous activity). Barred from overseas deployment? So you have never been in combat. “Actively fighting to get to the AOR?” Let’s see how well that fight goes. I’m sure the only reason is to prove to yourself that you can get there, just like a man. And even if you get there you won’t be on the front lines unless your missiles have a range of less than 100 meters. Also, I’m not surprised that you didn’t answer question three. And I’m wondering how do you know I’m a civilian??? All typical responses; pretty much what I expected. I know what makes you tick honey. you’re not being honest – with us or with yourself. Time for me to move on…..

        13. Lol because you obviously don’t know anything about the Air Force. There’s this thing called the AEF cycle, google it. 😉 You obviously didn’t read either- I’m a MAINTAINER now, not an operator. But please, if you’re comfortable being a potential target for an adversary’s ICBM and would love to risk being buried alive and starving to death, go ahead and pull alert. You’re so much braver than I am (not). I’m no longer going to defend myself against a man who feels better about twisting words instead of using actual reading comprehension. I have a job to do and some airmen to reenlist. I hope you have as great a day! 🙂

  32. Do NOT marry western women nor impregnate them GO ABROAD. It’s our tool against feminism. Once we accomplish this most American women will WAKE UP and you’ll see true change in our society.

    1. “We are divorced….he was abusive”
      So, is he behind bars?
      No, there wasn’t any evidence.
      No bruising or anything you could have shown to the police?
      Verbally abusive….
      Oh, so he called you names. I am sure you had no part of it.

  33. many studies show over and over that the number of “casual” sexual encounters a woman has before marriage directly correlate to her chance of getting divorced later in marriage. Other studies also show that the more partners a woman has had the more likely she is to be unfaithful to her committed partner. It’s hard to find a low count girl today, but you would have to be CRAZY to marry a high count one. If you can’t find an acceptable low count woman, just sleep with and court high count ones, but by no means go exclusive or marry one. Protect yourself with those types…. statistically, they are time bombs ticking down to ruining your life.

  34. By far one of the best articles I’ve ever read on ROK. Nice job David!

  35. Some previous generations cars age like a vine, and some new models are ugly from the start!
    In other words, the genetics is the #1!
    People who look young will look young until mid age, others will be “old” in 20s
    Everyone is different!
    In my opinion, it is the best to be with coeval, eventually plus/minus 2 or 3 years…
    Otherwise, You will need to “change yours car” every 5 years. That might be cool for someone until mid age, but after that you will look like a grandpa with his granddaughter…

  36. Comparing woman to cars shows why car service apps are useful as well. Instead of spending money on a new, or a used car in good condition, you can spend a little money and get service whenever you need it.

  37. Another reason NOT to marry a western woman.
    As I write this (May 21, 2017) feminists are celebrating the fact that Glennon Doyle Mellton, known on the web as “Christian Mommy blogger” has divorced her husband and married another woman. A formerly heterosexual, Christian, traditional woman, has joined the lesbian ranks. Why is this bad? A former advocate for traditional marriage has gone over to the dark side. She is telling women that if marriage becomes too painful, inconvenient and boring, just ditch your husband and chase your own pleasure.
    The people who have had the courage to criticize her are getting death threats from the lesbian mafia.

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