Two Ways To Get Out Of A Sex Slump

I’ve had my share of slumps, which I consider to be a lack of sex for a month or longer. They are usually due to four reasons:

1. You live in a seasonal city that empties out for a month or two at a time

2. You live in a small town and don’t have new prospects to approach

3. You’ve fallen ill (hepatitis, mono, HIV, etc.)

4. The law of averages

The last one will be the cause for the bulk of your slumps, where your bangs will bunch instead of being equally spaced. Unless you’re a full-time player, it will be extremely common for crickets to chirp in your bedroom if you’re not a fan of relationships. But let’s say that you’re playing full time but still not getting laid. Here are two ways to get out of a slump:

1. Lower your standards

2. Approach more girls than your baseline rate

There are no other ways. You can learn new moves or routines but you’ll still have to do one of the two in order to get laid again.

The issue with lowering your standards is that you have to still want to bang the girl you approach. You can approach a fatty, think it’s going to be easy, put low effort, and then get handed a rejection that shatters your confidence. Instead, you must give the lower standard girls your regular game and make an honest go of it. As long as you use the boner test, there is no reason to feel shame upon a rejection. You should give it your all for every approach you make assuming you want to have sex with the girl.

There’s no way to completely avoid slumps. They are a fact of every player’s life that serve the benefit of allowing him to reflect on his most recent bangs and what he did right with them. As long as you don’t freak out or totally re-shape your game, it’s just a matter of time until experience vagina again.

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18 thoughts on “Two Ways To Get Out Of A Sex Slump”

    1. My sentiments exactly. I’d much rather go without than to plug a fat cow or some old chick that only betas can get with. Being truly alpha means having dignity and self respect and not being ruled by one’s libido all the time.

      1. Lowering standards doesn’t mean going for the fatty. There is a vast mass of girls between hot and ugly, they all usually pass the boner test for me unless they behave like dudes.

  1. No other ways? How about changing tactics/strategy…? Dressing better, developing your own material?

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Or even, just a change of scene. New, for you, clubs, bars, even towns.

  2. Wrote an alternative Blog that covers something similar. Rejects in Small Towns virtually have better game due to constant rejection. its over at
    in further contrast to this article, you have to adapt to your surroundings. In college we had the “SMU Scale” which was an altered scale according to the less attractive women on campus. once developed it had great success as you no longer got ridiculed for that woman who was a 6. people quickly realized on campus she was a 7.5-8

  3. two months and counting…5s are starting to look good and I find myself thinking things like “well her face isn’t that bad”… haha
    the good thing is that with every week my approach count is going up. Desperation isn’t ideal but it is one way to crush your approach anxiety.

  4. AGREED. you have 2 groups of fuckable broads. your first is girls you would approach and try to fuck and the second is girls you wouldnt approach but would fuck if they saw fit to come try to fuck you.
    so our standards generally allow only for the first group. almost every man worth his salt sets his standards higher deliberately than “every single girl id fuck”. i can sometimes be caught checking out a girl i would never approach.
    so lowering your standards simply means allowing some of those 2nd tier fuckables into your “worth the work” group. at least temporarily.
    in no way does it mean to fuck dogs or spend effort on women you wouldnt fuck with my dick.

  5. So, we have to the standards of most black men until the slumps end.
    Who will the black fellas fuck in the meantime? Cause once the uggos get attention (though temporary)from selective white and Latino men, they won’t even THINK to look back at the black guys.
    This, btw, is not meant to be racist towards the black dudes, but it is a fact that most non black women who are either ugly or way passed their prime, date black men, cause they’re the only one’s who’ll have them. You also severely risk doing some irreparable damage to your high value for future lays if you take this route. Unless, of course what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, savvy?

    1. “This, btw, is not meant to be racist towards the black dudes . . .”
      I applaud your hilariously ridiculous caveat. Well played, sir, well played.

  6. I have to echo what Cicero said. Wouldn’t a choice be to up your game? Making more approaches is a change, but it applies to both #1 and #2. It’s also not the only change you could make. I might phrase the choices as:
    1.) Lower your standards
    2.) Raise your game
    For number one, this means approaching women you might not otherwise approach if you are already have enough dates. What’s the juggling analogy? Spinning plates? Lowering your standards does not mean eliminating them. She may be an average looking girl but the two of you may have great chemistry. You never know.
    For number two, making more approaches is raising your game, but so is working on everything else. If you have a little extra time because you’re not dating as much, take the opportunity to work on yourself. Dial in your diet or add an extra exercise session. Work on your wardrobe or your place. Go to new places you haven’t been or do things you haven’t done before. This is about raising your own value.

  7. I’m black and I only date women who are slim or of average build. I don’t like overweight women because I value fitness. Nor do I settle for non black women who may be the less attractive ones among their race. I personally prefer black women, though I am open to dating women of other races. I’ve seen redneck guys take one for the team, and get a fat or mannish looking girlfriend. It’s just how some guys are. I’ve seen brothas do it too, I don’t understand it. To each his own. I digress, I feel that if you live in a small town where you bump into old folks more than women your age…it’s time for a move bruh. Get out of there before your youth is drained.
    Work on your body, join toast masters, pursue your life’s passions. Whether that’s DJing,playing in a band, community service, mma, hunting, whatever. Just do it. And dress well too, go to a clothing store and get the female workers to choose outfits for you. Regarding game, approaching women who return favorable eye contact is the best way to go. You need to market yourself to women who are attracted to you. Don’t chase them reverse the game.

  8. OP forgot one other thing you can do. Go to the next city closest to you. The city I live in is a pop of 600,000. The scene gets stagnant a lot of the time. Everyone that hits the bars and clubs know each other. If I take a break from the local scene and branch out, I get mauled because Im a fresh face in a new scene. Not to mention I’ll meet new people and keep my prospects fresh. By the time I decide to go back to places in my city, everyones wondering where I’ve been and girls I didn’t game will be coming at me, and there will also be new faces popping up in the scene. Don’t be afraid to branch out. Sometimes you gotta go shit in someone else’s yard and see if the grass is greener.

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