Every Man Should Have A Best Friend

I will never forget the day that we picked you out from your litter.  Amidst 9 yellow Labrador retriever puppies, you were the one marked with the hint of light blue on your tail.  Your two brothers were marked with red and black tails.

Your red-tailed brother was terrified of my family and would hardly come near us.  The black-tailed one was quite the explorer – as soon as he was let loose in the entire yard he was off like a bullet.  He hardly greeted us.  You, though, were the perfect mix.  You were happy to play and socialize with us, but also spent a little time off exploring.  Mom, Dad, Sis, and I made the unanimous decision that you were the one.

We decided to call you Toby.

Toby became a part of my life as an 8-week-old rambunctious puppy when I was about nine years old.

He passed away due to cancer last week.

In the week since then, I’ve had time to reflect on all of the great times I had growing up with him.  The pain of losing my childhood dog is undoubtedly one of the saddest things I’ve gone through in my life; far worse than a girl not texting me back or flaking on our date.  I guess his last lesson to me was to make me look at things from a big-picture standpoint.

Thanks, boy.

Having a dog in your life can be one of the most underrated joys in life.  Every man, circumstances permitting, should have man’s longtime best friend by his side.  They will be there through thick and thin.

Discipline and Responsibility

girl training dog.gif

If you want children someday, I’ve heard a dog is a great way to get your feet wet.  Truthfully, if you can’t take good care and keep a four-legged friend happy, you probably are not fit for a child.

With that being said, watching your dog progress from hyperactive, pillow-eating terror to well-trained loyal friend is extremely rewarding.  You, as the owner, are solely responsible for their upbringing, social skills, and lifestyle.  Doing a good job of it demonstrates that you are a responsible human being yourself.

A man can take a lot of pride in a well-behaved and well-trained companion by his side.  It makes you feel good about yourself, as well as impressing other people in your life.

An Undying Loyalty And Selflessness

I think the story that most touches me about Toby is when I was 17, and my family’s house burned down.  When my mom screamed at me to get downstairs, I expected there to be a small BBQ fire I could take care of.  Instead, the entire window was ablaze.  I remember grabbing Toby by the neck and dragging him out of the house while pushing Mom ahead.  I remember Mom sobbing into my arms as we waited for the firetrucks to come, watching the home I had grown up in burn to the ground, as well as all of the memories with it.

Toby just sat there wagging his tail and wiggling around in any attempt to do what he could to help.  He looked up at us with big brown eyes.  He knew there was nothing that could be done, but that he would do anything for us if it came down to it.

Understand that once a dog has bonded to you, and you have been there for them, they will do anything for you.  They will follow you right off that cliff, if you so chose.  I hate to say it, but in today’s world of pettiness, a dog is by far the best friend you will ever have.

They will never stab you in the back, will always listen (and therefore, won’t talk too much like some bitches), and if they’re really good; they will even bring you a beer at the end of a hard day.

Alas, Toby never mastered the fetching beer from the fridge trick.

Canine Fisherman


As said before, a dog will follow you to the end of the Earth and back if that’s where you lead them.  This also means they are more than happy to do whatever you want to do, or participate in any hobbies you have, without complaint.

Do you like to surf?  Find a dog that loves to swim.

Do you like to mountain bike or hike?  Find a dog that likes to run.

Do you like to sit on your ass and watch TV all day?  Well, there’s a breed for that, too.

A loyal furry friend will cherish each and every moment with you, no matter what you are partaking in; whether it be playing Call of Duty or lounging on the beach with crystal clear waters.



When I moved to San Diego at 18 you had slowed down considerably, but still had some youth left in you.  Every time I came home, you’d greet me with a wag of the tail and look at me like I owed you a surplus of treats for all of the months that I had missed.  As the years moved on and I visited less and less, I could tell that I was becoming more and more of a distant memory to you.  You become more senile and…kookier.  I realized I couldn’t fault you for this, as memories get harder to recall as time moves on for humans and dogs alike.  It made me so happy though, when I stepped into the door for Christmas just over a month ago, when you wiggled up to me and looked at me…your way of demanding that I feed you a biscuit.

I just knew though, that was the last time I was going to come home for a visit and you would be there to greet me.  I just knew.

My last night home, you remember I laid next to you for a good half hour, feeding you multiple treats and petting your head.  I was so sad.  At one point, you looked at me.  It seemed like there was a sadness in your eyes, too.  I can’t really explain it, and people may think I’m crazy, but there was a moment where I think we both understood that this was our last goodbye.  That you wouldn’t be there to greet me the next time I walked in the door from San Diego.

I remember nearly crying, like I am now as I write this.

It was like you knew.

Some dogs (breed dependent) are incredibly smart.  Toby was one of them.  The day before he died, he was in bad shape.  He was unable to get up without help from my parents.  He wouldn’t eat, or drink.  My mom told me how she sat in the backyard with him for two hours in pitch-black darkness, telling him over and over again that my sister was on the way home from college to see him.

He held on until she made it home and then passed away in his sleep that night.

I’ve had several friends, the day after they returned home for spring break from college, who had their dogs die.  There is no doubt in my mind that you held on just long enough to see her, and give her closure on that part of her childhood.

For that, thank you.

Are dogs going to cure world hunger and solve our economic problems?  No – but if you look close enough at your furry friend, they might have some of the answers within them.

For an intelligent dog, I think it’s sound general advice to stay away from teacup or purse sized dogs.  Be a man.

Goodbye, Toby

I have nothing more to say other than I can’t say enough as to how much you enriched my life and meant to me from the time I was 9.  I’m approaching birthday #23 now.  When I had no friends in elementary and middle school, you didn’t care.  When I was fat, overweight, and pathetic, you didn’t care.  It didn’t matter what problem I was dealing with at that point in my life; it was all the same to you.  Always the same wiggle, wag of the tail, and biscuit-demanding face.

Thank you for everything, Toby.  I will miss you and always cherish my childhood growing up with you.

If I have kids one day, I can only hope they get to grow up with a dog like you.

I love you bud.


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    1. Oh hey guys, check it out- it’s the chick that shows up and says something snarky and completely devoid of any originality. She then celebrates her insolence with her high and tight crew cut sporting bull dyke buddies by engaging in shitty girl-style uncoordinated high-fives. This is followed up with some squawking about how “we sure showed them!” as their annoying voices all work in perfect harmony to create a noise that can only be loosely replicated by a herd of rhinos simultaneously farting through a trombone.
      Thank you so much for stopping by…

    2. Quick, run back to your queen and ask her if she needs anything before she heads out on her girls-only ventures, leaving you home to just troll this site and do the dishes.

    3. I’ll be honest. I’m a feminist who occasionally hate-reads this site, but this was a very touching article. I know how terrible losing a family pet is. I’m genuinely sorry for the author’s loss.

      1. We wont be sorry when the world loses you and your ilk.
        The sooner the better.
        Go “hate-read” someone else’s site you bored, useless fatty.

    4. I see no future for trolling assholes, other than living in momma’s basement and jerking it to gay porn.

  1. This hit me like a truckload of bricks, and my childhood dog died over 6 years ago at 16 years of age. After reading this, it feels like yesterday.
    I have a Labrador now, almost a year old, who I’m training to hunt with me. You simply cannot find a more loyal, honourable companion. Great article.

  2. I like and appreciate dogs but would never own one – I can’t stand the idea of animals in my home. Maybe if I lived on a farm.

      1. Pets aren’t my cup of tea, that’s all. I don’t mind other people’s pets, just don’t want fur, slobber, and the constant smell of piss and shit in my home. I don’t get the vitriol or how that makes me gay, or Asian.

        1. I can understand the shedding of fur which is a problem with most dogs. But there is no slobber with most dogs and no constant smell of piss and shit, after the puppy stage. And you can always adopt an older, housebroken dog. But, whatever, don’t get a dog.

  3. Dogs are much better companions than cats. Dogs want to serve you, while cats want you to serve them!

    1. Women are exactly like cats….they come around only if you have food for them (money).
      And here’s the kicker….if the neighbor starts feeding your cat, she’s a goner.
      If you don’t listen to nature, you are doomed.

      1. Question: what if a woman has a dog as a pet? Does this mean the same as having a cat? I mean the cat thing is often true, so does the same apply for other animals – like pets are child substitutes and are a bad omen?

        1. “what if a woman has a dog as a pet? Does this mean the same as having a cat? ”
          That makes no sense to me.
          ” like pets are child substitutes and are a bad omen?”
          I believe pets are a great substitute for kids…

        2. Pets are substitutes for children and husbands. Since Western female dont wont neither (until they’ve hit the wall) they give their “love” to a pet instead. Now tell me why that is a good thing ?
          Get married, have kids, take care of you family..THEN get a dog if you want to.

      2. from what ive noticed, chicks with (larger) dogs are generally upbeat and friendly, but quite messy at home. it takes a special kind of girl to keep a dog at home when she has no man taking care of it. like i said generally responsible, but quite messy.
        now i dated a couple chicks that had small dogs, one chihuahua and one pomeranian. i also have known ones with other various little dogs. god i hate them, they are like rats. anyway they seem to be along the same lines but with an extra helping of bitchiness. im a little weary of a woman with a little dog.
        side note, dachshunds, though small, have a good temperment like a large breed and are pretty smart.

        1. Dogs want to serve u while cats want to be served. I’ve found this very useful to understand a women’s true personality. A dog usually means she is more muscular while a cat means she is more feminine. Hence a woman with dogs is usually a slut while cat women are better for relationships!

        2. Uh huh..so all jezebel women are the better ones for relationships? My Experience With Dogs(Cats) Women actually show quite the opposite. While Cat owner usually like the freeloading behavior of cats, those with dogs normally cherish loyalty. The women I had, with dogs, where at least raised with good values.

      3. Don’t give hate to cats, cats have a nice
        purpose and don’t annoy you like those stupid yappy dogs do. Got them all over the neighbourhood, the dogs are freaks of recent human over-breeding and really get in your face. Big dogs are fine and have a purpose, small dogs are just annoying.

    2. I like cats better..because they dont just like any fool who feeds them like dogs do. You can still be friends with cats but they will never be your slave. Dogs are beta, cats are alpha.

        1. I guess so..but if you really start thinking about if YOU are beta compared to an ANIMAL !?..the you should get your head examined.

        1. Damn dude, there’s no need to trip a fucking brain wire over a discussion about domesticated house pets.

      1. Don’t kid yourself. Cat’s don’t “like” ANYBODY.
        —>> Including the person who feeds them.
        Leave your house in the morning and your dog will look up at you as if to say “Have a great day today!! Drive safely!! I will be right here waiting!! And Thanks for the bacon yesterday!!!”.
        Your cat will be coldly gazing out the window, as if to say: “You’d better get going, or you’re gonna be late.”
        You cunt even teach a cat anything worth telling your friends about!
        Cats are stupid worthless cunts, who – as soon as you feed them – will retreat to the corner to begin licking themselves.

        1. “Cats are stupid worthless cunts, who – as soon as you feed them – will retreat to the corner to begin licking themselves.”
          Just like a woman getting ‘Likes’ on FB to validate her vacuous life…

        2. Exactly. I swear to everything natural under the Sun…. the Dogs = Men & Cats = Women is nature’s way of point and laughing its sick fucking ass off.
          I don’t believe in “God” in the cheesy man-with-a-white-beard-in-the-sky way….. but if God really was that guy, I would say he has an outstanding sense of humor.

        3. Why are you doubting anything nature produces ? there’s a reason for everything, no creature is good or bad, it just is.

        4. I wasn’t “doubting” it, dummy. In fact, I was clear I am greatly amused and entertained by it’s existence.
          But “There is a reason for everything” is the kind of thing morons and lazy people say because they don’t believe they are in control of the direction of their own lives – or their choices.
          And, “it just is” (also often phrased as “It is what it is”) is an implication that everything must be tolerated simply because it exists.
          Boy, are you ever fucked up.
          So now it should be more obvious to you how one should doubt anything nature produces. Beginning with you. Because if others don’t doubt you, you would just blindly carry on as if you have something worthwhile to contribute.

        5. Maybe that’s why I don’t own a dog.
          Only part of the reason I am in a position to comment on this topic is because of my uncle’s 5 German Shepherds. And I guess by your math, that would make him really, really, really, really, really…… beta?
          You never said you were funny.

      2. I actually like both, cats I respect for their best feature which is their an apologetic selfishness. Cats will tolerate people with a certain kind of dark amusement. And they can slip into stone cold killer mode like a man ditching a jacket.
        Dogs could be seen as beta, but they are the beta who will totally have your back and give up their life to protect yours without any equivocation.In short the most devoted friend you will ever have, bar none.

        1. I do envy their ability to like their own nuts….And being able to sniff out a woman in heat would be a plus too.

        1. I dont know. I dont like the supplicating personality that dog have. At least cats dont like you just for being you.

        2. • “I just don’t like any creature that don’t care if it guards concentration camps or hunt ducks.”.
          Why would say that(?) when you already know that dog would also wag it’s tail when you’re in tears watching your house burn down. A dog I loved scratched up my back while we were swimming. My back looked like Jesus Christ’s just before the crucifiction but he had no idea he was hurting me either.
          “At least cats dont like you just for being you.”
          Oh yeah kick a dog 20 times and see if still “likes you for just being you”. Don’t be ridiculous. A dog’s loyalty is only on par that of a man who runs into a burning building to save a stranger’s life at the cost of his own. He doesn’t know she is a fucking feminist cunt. By your standards, you would criticize the fireman for saving your ass because of his “supplicating personality”.
          One thing is CERTAIN, give every human a little more of what every dog has and the world will be a better place.
          Enjoyed this article. Salutations to the Kings for no Valentine’s Day mention.

        3. Will leave this thread. I know theres nothing worse than butthurt dog lovers.
          They are insane. They love dogs more than people. The male version of cat lady spinsters.

        4. I’m afraid that argument falls flat on it ass and fails miserably too. I have already posted a lengthy comment(s) in another thread about why women are MENTALLY SICK for being kinder to pets than to other people.
          But have an excellent weekend anyway.
          Take care now.

        5. Seriously you are right. They are just fucking dogs. Who gives a fuck. But if it gets down to it, Id prefer to run over a cat.

        6. Idk, dogs have every bad thing that we have. They are territorial, make “wars” with other dog packs, kill each other over food..but yea they dont have the brains to make nuclear war.

        7. Do you really have to be such an ass to a guy who just lost his childhood pet? Dogs are great, stfu.

        8. Go back to arab land you sheep shagger.
          You’re butthurt because you take it up the arse cellar boy.

      1. As a general rule, I don’t trust people that don’t like dogs. As a very hard rule, I don’t trust anyone that dogs don’t like. They are an impeccable judge of character.

        1. That you let an animal have any say at all in your life says it all..
          I bet you believe in astrology and hand reading as well ?

        2. I might care about my trollery (even though I dont troll). But what this guys dog thinks about me ? LOL !

        3. There’s one exception to that. Dogs can tell if someone is ill and may shy away from them. They can detect diseases like cancer.

        4. I didn’t say just because someone likes dogs, that I trust them.
          You apparently don’t like dogs or logic.

        5. Shut up, tom.
          Dogs have detected cancer, and are used to guide the blind and assist those with disabilities. They are also used by authorities to alert their handlers for drugs, weapons, and to attack and even temporarily incapacitate criminals. Dogs are fucking useful, when properly trained.

    3. Of course. If you die, your dog will go into a depression without you, while your cat will probably pounce on your corpse and start eating it. Also, why would anyone want an animal that is going to poop in a box in your house, and then track that shit all over the place?
      I really don’t understand people who prefer cats to dogs, even though one of my best friends is a cat person. I just don’t see how anyone can really think that cats are better. Dogs are just objectively better. I also don’t understand the stereotype that single women surround themselves with cats – I’m single, and I don’t like cats. I have an awesome dog.

      1. Ur a moron. How can you say one is “better” ? you compare oranges and apples. They are completely different animals !
        Yea of course you have a dog. All dog people HATE cats, for some weird reason. Its almost feminists like hate.
        And I bet you never even had a cat..

        1. No, you’re completely wrong. I was just being facetious when saying that dogs are objectively better. And I have had cats before – I definitely don’t hate them, but their love just doesn’t feel as real as a dog’s does.
          Look at your language. Who’s the one being hateful here?

        2. U define dogs idiotic drooling snotface in your head as “love” ? LOL. It will love everyone !
          Cats on the other hand, you will have to earn their love. It requires that you yourself have some kind of personality. Something dog owners rarely have. Maybe thats why u never felt any love from them. They knew you were a dumbass dog person.
          I think its idiotic spending so much time and effort in a dog. Its just a surrogate baby. Get a real baby instead.

        3. This is David Fartrelle posting here. He runs the manboob blog and he’s a freak and probably insane. The blog is populated by freakazoid females who are either obese, mentally deranged, living on benefits, or can’t figure out what sex they are when they look at their flabby pussies. They invent these insane terms like cis or can believe something as crazy as a person looking like a man but is really a female lesbian lol They all love cats, one of them even claimed she was writing a “thesis” on cat videos lol. You never see this stupidity with dog lovers.And btw, I’ve had all sorts of pets from dogs to cats to parrots to fish etc

        4. They all love cats because cats are alpha and dont take shit.
          Btw I dont have a cat or pet myself. Think its perverse.

        5. Animal belong in the nature or on the dining table. Not something we keep in our homes for amusement.

        6. Yea im not David Fucktrelle, considering im calling everyone beta and white knights and ugly feminists you dont need to be sherlock to figure that out

        7. Unless you have invested time in having human babies first, you have no business spending any time on a dog.
          I hate these fucking snob girls walking around with their dog..they cant take a second glance at their surroundings but their dog they all but make love to.
          Western People need to get their priorities straight.

        8. In the west we dont have time for our family, our kids, our husband/wife…in short..PEOPLE. But oh no, no matter what I will make time for my DOG !
          Yea because that is so important. Sick.

        9. You’re an arab omega pyjama boy who should be deported from the US as a dog hater. We don’t like your kind around here

  4. I generally think the articles on this site are garbage, but this was a good one. I love my dog and can’t imagine how I’m going to deal with it when it’s his time to go. I am very sorry for your loss, and at least you can be happy that you got to spend a good amount of time with him.

    1. You love your dog.
      But hate men. Now that you have voiced your opinion, please go away.
      Nobody really cares about what you have to say manhater.

      1. When did I ever say I hate men? You’re just projecting your own anger, bitterness, and hatred of women onto them.
        I don’t even hate the sociopaths on the site, I just feel sorry for them. I think that people who are full of hate, like you, are miserable and unhappy, and I would never want to be like that. What a horrible life that would be.

    2. Hope your fucking dog dies. Anyone that puts filthy animals up on pedestals over human beings are perfect examples of how fucked up and withdrawn our society has gotten.
      Beware any chick with any pet . They are deranged females.

      1. No one was putting animals above humans – it is possible to appreciate and love animals and not put them above humans.
        Although – when people see your posts, it would be understandable if they would. Any animal, even a cockroach, has more value than someone like you.
        It’s absolutely hilarious that you call girls with pets “deranged,” when you are the one wishing death on a stranger’s dog for no reason. You really think YOU’RE sane and healthy?
        I have plenty of compassion for humans, both women and men. And it is out of that compassion that I am saying that you need to get some help.

  5. I feel like the girl-counterpart to ROK is betcheslovethis. You are the same, except betcheslovethis is slightly more sarcastic = funny and less hateful to the opposite gender, which ROK is.

  6. Wow I see the end of manossphere..they went into a full civil war because of a thread about cats and dogs. Now they fighting over what animal is best and have forgotten all about feminists.

    1. Tom,
      I read your comments – every pathetic one. (Real) men don’t jump on stories about other men and their dogs.
      What was in it for you? I will tell you.
      You want to be a snowflake. You are different.
      You are discriminating, ironic, smarter than everyone else. Because you can see through the bullshet.
      Actually you are quite small. You invested much to tear down the foundations of this post. And for what? Your small sense of self.
      The author lost something for which he publicly grieved. Only a damaged man would choose this time to stroke their own ego at the expense of others. A small life you lead. Better said, a small life you have and a small man Tom Dane you are.
      I would feel sorry for you, but you are a disgusting thing beyond my pity.
      Seek help.

      1. And you invested quite a long comment to tear down Tom Danes posts.
        I agree with Tom. Pets are for beta faggots and manhating cunts.
        Real men dont need lowly filthy animals as “friends’. Thats fucking the gayest shit I have ever heard.
        And writing an article on RoK about “Toby” the dog that passed away?
        Faggot Factor x1000

      2. If you traced my original comment it wasnt a response to anything the author read.Try read like a man, and not a feminist with a 2 second attention span.

  7. Very touching article. I’ve been waterfowl hunting since I was old enough to do so, and the bond between a hunter and his bird dog is unbreakable. I had to put down my girl in December 2011 and I admit to crying more there then I did at family funerals. My current Chesapeake Bay Retriever just turned 2 and is lying obediently at my feet as I type this. Any commenter below who takes shots at the author has either never had a dog or if they had, is heartless sociopath.

  8. Yeah man. My cat just died. Had her for ten years, since I was twelve. I know people get on about dogs, but that cat was part of my family. In some ways closer than human parts of my family. I’d talk to her a lot and she’d always rub up against me or lick my hand. When I’d go out on the porch and sit down she’d always get up so she could sleep near me. I don’t have hate for dogs, so don’t go dissing cats either. They treat you like family as well. Sure, she attacked me a few times, but I knew it was just a game to her. We were always cool the next day.

    1. True. I’ve grown up with cats throughout my childhood, and each cat was loyal and was part of our family. The times I was very upset, my cat was there with me, looking at me with an expression on her face as if to say, “What’s wrong? How can I help?”. Throughout my life, every moment spent with my cats was a blessing, as they were always there to brighten my day. Cats are not the cold, uncaring psychopaths that many people like to stereotype them as (which is utterly ridiculous).
      All these cat-hating comments are childish and petty – reminiscent of the mentality of the popular girls from high school. If something’s “not cool” – better start dissing it and follow along with the trend/herd mentality. I don’t go around hating dogs either. All animals have value and worth.

  9. You can tell a lot about men by their treatment of their women and their dogs. Neither fare very well in the Middle East.

  10. Condolences, man. I’ve had dogs since I was six, and it’s never easy to lose one. Don’t sweat the haters. At least you didn’t break out all the “rainbow bridge” crap.

  11. “Are dogs going to cure world hunger and solve our economic problems?”
    Why do you think they call them German Shepherds?

    1. Right? I have two Catahoula Curs, and I guarantee you if shit popped off I wouldn’t go hungry.

  12. Mankind would probably not have survived -at least not in certain parts of the earth- without both cats and dogs. Dogs for protection (from wild animals, not just burglars of the human kind), rescue and herding cattle. Cats for catching mice and rats which would otherwise have eaten all them vegetables, fruits, cheeses, grains, and what you have. Both types of creatures are to be treasured for what they were bred for by our ancestors. It is cats AND dogs. Don’t ever get caught up in the dialectic!

    1. My neighbor’s Cairn Terrier disagrees that you need a cat. Terriers, in general, are rodent hunters. Cairn Terriers (think Toto) in particular are bred to kill anything up to foxes, in small spaces like cairns.
      My neighbor didn’t have a tubular rodent problem very long, or any mice for that matter, rabbits went away. Cairn Terriers are fast (I’ve seen the neighbors outrun larger dogs with ease), vicious to prey (cats toy around, Cairns don’t), and completely bonkers about chasing things even if they dig into the ground. Seriously, you’ll see dirt flying in the air as they chase whatever it is into it’s lair. They are fucking fearless too. I saw a video if his old pooch take out a freaking badger. Hunted the big fucker down and tore it to shreds, and dropped the carcass on the back porch with a shit-eating grin ‘Where’s my fucking treat big guy?’
      Even my big mutt hates rodents, but she wasn’t specially bred to kill them. She’s more of a cattle dog.
      My two pence mate.

      1. I bet they are better at hunting rats. For sure. I doubt cats dare take on some of the bigger rats. Cats are better for the small mice, which is the main threat to corn crops.

    2. Here’s a piece of biology trivia I find fascinating:
      Cats and dogs are representatives of the cat-likes and the dog-likes. Those two suborders form the order of carnivora (flesh eaters).
      Even though of course they’re not the only flesh eating animals, they represent a huge amount of predatory land animals such as bears (dogs), meerkats (cats), sea lions (dogs), hyenas (cats), weasels (dogs), binturongs (cats) and racoons (dogs).
      Those two distinct evolutionary branches formed about 40 million years ago, and much later the human race domesticated one species of each branch to form the two most important animals to live in symbiosis with him.

    3. Cats for catching mice and rats
      Yes but cats were only attracted to men when men began farming and storing grain which attracted rats etc The cats were only attracted to their food because the grain attracted their prey. The cats weren’t doing this for man’s benefit and it was just a coincidence. Dogs are a pack animal and like being in a family, cats are loners in general.

    4. Men would have survived without any of these animals. A dog cant protect you from anything big like lions/tigers/bears, besides, I think group of men armed with spears and bows can protect themselves from anything.
      Animals are all scared and do not generally hunt anything not in the echo system and what they were taught to hunt by their mother. Yea once in a while a lion will get you, but nothing serious enough to threaten the human existence. Once the first human were born nothing could stop us, except disasters like meteorites etc. Even that will once day be under control.

      1. Dogs work in a pack like wolves and humans. And yes, they can chase a lion or bear away. A pack of dogs has its master the human as its Alpha. They can also warn you far in advance if there’s some predator in the area while you’re asleep.I’ve noticed that dogs will sleep with one eye open when its master is asleep as if they know that they are on guard duty which is probably what they do in their packs so it comes naturally to them. I’ve also noticed that when the human is awake that they will sleep more like they know you’re watching now.

      2. Perhaps Yet, dogs enhance man’s hunting capabilities in tracking down and chasing prey fundamentally. Even today with guns and binoculars, dogs are used often. Then, herding large herds of sheep and cattle without the use of dogs is possible but then you need another domesticated animal, the horse, and even then, using dogs makes it lots easier. Then, the point is not that your dog will kill a lion (domesticating dogs in Africa as far as I know has not been done as dogs descend from wolves and these do not live in Africa so…). But dogs can warn humans very early when say bears approach and several dogs together can chase a bear or even a pack of wolves away (some type of dogs can kill wolves). And as to ‘once in a while a lion will get you’ well, I sense you live in an era in which most people live in cities and and hold service jobs. Watch your back when you go on that once-in-a-lifetime safari adventure!!

  13. animals are for farmers…. stick to this rule and you will never have to tolerate some livestock soiling your premises…. unless of course you have a farm in which case there is a good reason to keep animals, including cats and dogs, which serve a purpose.

  14. This was well done. Being an older, established adult, I’ve had a half-dozen dogs, most of whom I cherished- Dogs have co-evolved into a companion animal to men, and the rapid pace at which this happened is testament to how well we interact, even, admittedly, in places like China and the Far East, where a too-old-to-work dog serves one last time, as dinner. Still counts.
    So, are men and dogs much like women and their cats? I say no, as the phrase “family dog’ is a thing, which means there’s more equality in the appeal to both sexes. There are good cats, and we’ve all known one or…well, one, anyhow, but they do serve a different niche, even as a pet. Although I found the comments of Tom Dane and his incipient neckbeard to be utterly dickish, he has a point about apples and oranges.
    My childhood dog was awesome, btb. I just had my mom’s dog put down a few months ago, too, and that was awful. She’s elderly, and he was her last one.

  15. As a dog person, yes, this is tough. May I please have the attention of the audience for one moment though.
    Ahem, I like dogs. They’re loyal, loving (in their pooch mindset), and want you to be happy. Consider one thing before you get ‘man’s best friend’ for yourself. Dogs need a LOT of attention. This varies a bit by breed, but trust me, cats don’t give a f#ck if they’ve got food and water, dogs need you (master) around.
    A dog is incomplete without its master.
    I volunteer for pilots and paws, a charity group that moves dogs from areas with too many to areas that have people wanting to find one. Too often we find the soccer moms getting a high energy dog for the kids, without realizing the time investment to keep one healthy. Too often I’ve seen bachelors want a pooch, without realizing how it affects free time.
    Be considerate, and don’t buy a puppy mill pooch. If you just have to have a specific breed, look the breeder up. Inspect their facilities. This is for your own safety and pocketbook: puppy mill dogs often have behavioral or health problems. Otherwise, go to a shelter and meet some of the pooches. You might be surprised who tugs that manly heart.
    For me it was a mom and the last pup of her litter. I no longer have Shy Ann, she passed about 2 years later. I still have Kaylee, and other than a little separation anxiety, she’s the best pooch I’ve ever had. She’s also been completely right about every ‘woman’ she’s met. She really hates mean bitches.
    Kaylee won’t live too much longer, another couple of years I’m guessing, but she has been the coolest companion I could hope for on 4 legs. She’s even better than any two legged bitch, at least she’s loyal!

  16. Been there bro. My family’s childhood dog died when I was 22 and in my last year of college. The good thing is that for the rest of your life, you will have fond memories of Toby, like I do of my dog. I don’t look back with sadness, I look back with joy that our dog lived on hell of a great “dog’s life.” She had everything, including 3 kids of different ages and lots and lots of space to run around in. She lived a very fulfilling life and I am sure that Toby did as well.
    Now, on to the larger them. You know the saying, “Man’s best friend.”
    When I see dogs that have been taken on as the “significant ‘other’” by a 30 plus year old woman, it makes me very, very sad. Those are miserable dogs. Dogs need a man as a master to be happy.
    Domesticated dogs are looking for an alpha. They might find themselves in a spot where they have to take on some alpha traits (like, if they are stuck with a woman), but that is not natural for a domesticated dog. Domesticated dogs do not bite, they are breed to know there place within a human family, the alpha was breed out of them.
    Meanwhile, a woman can never be a true alpha for a dog. A woman cannot even be an alpha for herself. So all these single women that are marrying their dogs, forcing the dog to live in a condo, forcing the dog to always be on a leash, forcing the dog to be “sociable” with other dogs at the “dog park” – these woman are incredibly cruel and selfish. Their dogs are in a perpetual state of insecurity because there is no true alpha for them to follow, which is the most secure situation for a domesticated dog. When a domesticated dog has a human that it can look up to as a real alpha, it finally relaxes and it can be itself. Dogs stuck with single women never have that opportunity.

    1. The dog which originally had its own species classification was reclassified a few years ago as a subspecies of wolf, which is what they are.We’ve bred them for size and temperament. They are pack animals and each one knows its place in the hierarchy and are content in that place and also only the alpha male and female breed. When you have a dog it accepts you(or family) as the alpha(s) and people only have problems with dogs when the dog believes it’s the alpha and must be boss of the pack. This of course is the owner’s fault because he didn’t behave as the alpha. All you have to do when you have a puppy is imitate the alpha dog and it will take its place below you.Since dogs don’t think as humans they’ll just accept you as top man by observing how you behave. You never yell or hit a dog.

      1. I agree Mr. Big. There is a saying in another country in which I spend a lot of time in Latin America: “The dog always follows the balls.” They do not worry about being politically correct there, so speak the truth. A dog is that is stuck with a woman as the master is perpetually insecure.
        I saw that first hand in that country. I had a GF that was given a Golden Retriever bitch by her mother. She could not handle the dog when it was a puppy. It was just too full of endless energy and it if the human did not guide that energy, the dog would decide on its own what to do. So, to make a long story short. I took the puppy in for 6 months. I trained her well. She learned to focus her energy on retrieving, which was what she was breed to do. She had 3 priorities in life: First, me. Second, the ball. Third, food. For a while, I am pretty sure she thought her name was “No!” A lot of “no” and an occasional pop in the snout with a small leather strap were needed.
        That dog bonded to me with super glue. Then, once I had her trained, my GF showed up and took “her dog” back. That poor dog was miserable at that point. Every time I came by, the dog latched onto me, followed me everywhere, slept below me next to the bed, and would try to go home with. She’d bark for about an hour (I was told) when I shut the door behind me and left.
        Part of that was bonding, of course. But I think if that dog had gone to a man, she would have done fine. The problem was that she knew what an alpha was and a woman just could not fill that role.

  17. If humans could be half as loyal and forgiving as dogs, the world would be a much better place. I had a dog that was truly man’s best friend, at least for me. I miss him more than any person I’ve lost contact with. Every human being will let you down eventually. Aside from shitting where he shouldn’t have, he never did.

  18. My neighbor loves his black lab.
    Cant wait for the fucking thing to die. Shits all over my fucking yard.

    1. guest: “I think RoK just jumped the shark”
      Let us know when you are sure, not just merely “think” about the shark jumping.
      It is a usually a sign of public education when a person provides a conclusion without a rendition of facts and reasoning.
      “I think RoK just jumped the shark with this gay ass article.”
      Because you have a keyboard connected to a semiconductor?
      Congratu f ing lations

      1. “It is usually a sign of public education when a person provides a conclusion without a rendition of facts and reasoning.”
        Lol. You are a Fucktard. You do realize that you — using your “Private School Education” — just came to a conclusion about my education without a “rendition of facts and reasoning” yourself dont you?
        I love how so many of these faggots here love spouting off their intellectual sounding comments — like some kind of validation for their wasted dollars spent on worthless college educations.

  19. There’s an old saying to men who complain about disloyal girls: “if you want a friend, get a dog.”

  20. Damn, this hit me hard. I just recently lost my bud too, he had been with me since I was 5 years old, he was wasting way and wasn’t able to walk, and wouldn’t eat or drink water. I remember we came home from church and found he had shit himself because he didn’t have the strength to get up, I knew then that it was his time and he needed to go. I told him he didn’t need to try anymore and the next day we had him put down. I miss him greatly, and think of him often. Only when you’ve owned a dog is when you realize how true the saying “Man’s best friend” is. People who say otherwise, probably haven’t owned a dog, or had one they liked. I’m sorry for your loss of Toby.

  21. My Dogs (and cats) > The world’s children
    I have a 12# Shia Tzu mix that I pulled out of a burning building. They say that 1/3 of the world lives on less than $1 per day and another 1/3 lives on less than $2. My dog and cats exceed that by far.
    My dogs food costs $45 per month. I pay ~$250 per year in Vet bills and I’ll low-ball the cost of treats and toys at ~$100 per year. That crimes out to $890. Kootna Kinta can die before it is 5 years old (as 1/2 of Afros do) yet my dog and cats will live to the end of their potential with proper medical care, nutrition, and a climate controlled environment.

    1. Get rid of the fucking pussy-dog and send the $250 a year to the people living on less than $1 a day.
      I guarantee you will feel more satisfaction and fulfillment than pandering to some furry pile of shit.

        1. Starving children in Africa are sub-humans? Why don’t you go and suck some cock you disgusting little piece of shit.

        2. It’s just nature taking its course. The more you feed them the more they breed and then you have an even bigger problem a generation later. Just send them birth control pills.

        3. Just because their parents should’ve used birth control it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t help their children. The misanthropy on this site never ceases to digust me.

  22. Men want women with the qualities that dogs possess and women want men with the qualities that cats possess.

  23. I feel this article. I got my lab when I was 8 and he is still kicking around but the I feel he might go soon

  24. Never posted on here before, but this is a great article. There is nothing more loyal and protective on this earth than a dog. I have a German Shepherd that has been by my side through some awful shit, and has even saved my life. Show me a cat that will do that, and I will buy one tomorrow. Also, Tom Dane is a real try hard. If you are going to troll, learn how to do it properly. Until then, fuck off back to your flabby, shapeless lesbian cat ladies and let the men talk. Thanks!

  25. If you have a farm where a dog serves some purpose, have at it.
    Apart from that, sick of these people with their fucking yappy, barking, shit everywhere, jump all over you-fuck your leg when you visit their house pet “family-members.” Urban living and dog ownership don’t mix.

  26. I’m really sorry about your loss. I lost my dog a while back ago too, and it feels like you’re never going to recover from it.

  27. I have 14 (hunting) dogs and 3 cats on my hobby farm. I enjoy them both equally. The dogs just cost me an arm and a leg in feed.

  28. Dog “lovers” are creepy. Its a fucking animal with pack instincts. its a wolf that has been bred through generations to desire human companionship. Its not a person. It doesn’t love you. Anybody who would write such a soliloquy about an animal is suspect.

  29. This dog thing as some kind of outward symbol of being “ready” to mate or breed is herd bullshit. Did Romeo buy and keep a dog before he met Juliet? No.

    1. Romeo had a dog and if you’ve ever seen the play, which I doubt, you would know that. The dog’s name was Fido and that was a popular name at one time for dogs-from Fidelus. Even in the Hamlet I saw he pets his dog on the head. These stage dogs are very docile and obedient.

  30. I prefer my cat,his name is scumbag.The difference between a cat and a dog is the difference between a Greek god and a christian god.A Greek god is someone the Greeks spoke to as their equals,the dog sees its owner as a christian style god i.e. something that must be grovelled to and obeyed.Scumbag would not tolerate my existence if I didn`t supply his food and show him affection on demand and then look at me like I`m something unpleasant he stepped in.Scumbag has taught me that he is the only thing I am prepared to take orders from,and any women in my life are to be treated like a dog for both our benefits.Please don`t tell scumbag his name is scumbag,I`ll never hear the end of it.

  31. I miss all my dogs that have passed on. I had a beautiful welsh springer spaniel who lived to age 18. She died in ’08 after 17 years in the same house and I still miss her.

  32. This is a beautiful tribute – really, it is. I am bonded with my dog Stella, a rescue, and I have no doubt she would do anything for me.

  33. A dog really needs a man as an owner, not a woman. A woman will typically not be able to discipline a dog properly – she might try once, and then see the “sad” look on the dogs face and think it’s too “mean.” But the dog needs to know that he is a beta, not alpha, so he needs a strong male owner.
    A friend of the family moved to an apartment recently, and she had to give up her dog. So my family took him in, and he’s been here almost a year. Yesterday, for the first time ever, he ran away. Usually he will stay in the yard, but this time he ran into the street and just kept going. We were all out looking for him, and the girl who used to own him came over to help.
    After about two hours, we were driving around, and opened up the door while he was running past, and he approached, and then jumped into the car. When we got home, I said this needs to be punished and was about to get the water bottle to squirt him, and his former owner said “no, don’t punish him!” She went up to him and very sweetly told him “you really scared me and you can’t do this again, okay little poo poo?” I was rolling my eyes at the stupid bitch.
    Does she really think she has a right to tell me how to discipline him? He is not her dog anymore! And I don’t want to punish him to make him suffer, I wanted to punish him because if we didn’t, he would think this is okay and do it again – and I just really don’t want him to get lost permanently or get hit by a car. To be perfectly honest, it is her failure to train and discipline him while she had him, and doing nothing further than calling him “little poo poo” whenever he misbehaves, that makes him think now that he doesn’t have to listen at times, like yesterday.
    So basically, a woman thinks it is “mean” to discipline a dog, but a man understands that that’s just what you have to do to train the dog.

    1. I’ve seen some women behave this way, however I have no problem disciplining a dog. Properly, of course.
      Baby talking them is just irritating. To see and to hear.
      Perhaps she needs to mother something? Idk.

  34. T.M – Truly sorry to hear about Toby. It’s inevitable, true, but that doesn’t make it any easier to go through.
    I’m 56 now and I still think about my dog, Lucky, from my childhood, and Snoopy, from my teens and early twenties. My mom told me after the fact, that when I’d come home on military leave, and go off again, Snoopy refused to eat for a couple of days and sat by the door waiting for me. I still miss those two dogs. They were both my most loyal friends at the time.
    You’ll be able to find another dog to get attached to, but there will never be another Toby.

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