Why The Hindu Concept Of Dharma Is Relevant To Us Today

History of ideas is barely the kind of field that pays big bucks, but as long as it is not approached through an excessively biased perspective, one stands good chances to find hidden gems there. By exposing oneself to various schools of thinking, or reading important essays written long ago, one meets with possibilities that couldn’t be imagined or understood from today’s literature.

The idea of dharma struck me after I met with it both in history and today. First, it plays an important role in the views of two of the most important thinkers of the twentieth century, René Guénon and Julius Evola. Both aimed at expressing what they called the Primordial Tradition, purported source of all religions, and both considered the concept of dharma as referring to something immensely important to social life.

Second, the dharma was briefly, but not unimportantly, alluded to by an unexpected sympathizer of the red pill. A long-time “antifascist skinhead hunter” of Asian descent, who went by the name “Original Gangster Kim”, switched sides in 2014 by joining the Third Position movement Égalité & Réconciliation. Asked about the System’s push for gay marriage, Kim answered:

A man and a woman get together and have a baby. That’s it. That’s nature. Now, why insisting on adoption? Why should gay couples be allowed to adopt children? Such a thing is anomalous, or, as my culture would say, adharmic… That isn’t dharmic, that isn’t normal. (Here, 25:15)

Though bottle-fed “antifascism” and gangsta-rap, Kim also undertook the study of his ancestors’ traditions. These widely different pieces of culture must have forced him into a state of cognitive dissonance he was strong enough to break on top. Then, when facing the redefinition of marriage, the industrialization of child-making and rearing, the public encouragement to open homosexuality, he didn’t accept it but recoiled in horror. Needless to say, he got a lot of heat from his (now ex) “friends” from the so-called antifascist movement.

He did this because he gained a sense of dharma. My aim here is to provide the reader with a sense of it as well.

The meaning of dharma


The thinking from ancient civilizations stands out as highly synthetic and dense. Greek authors such as Hesiod or Heraclitus were able to encapsulate complex, sometimes esoteric ideas into fragmentary sentences or rather small poems. Philosophy, as we understand it now, only came later through Socrates et al. as the analytical breakdown of what had been intuitively understood but was starting to darken.

The concept of dharma is exactly like that. It is so dense, so loaded with intrinsically related but different meanings, that it doesn’t have any exact translation in contemporary Western languages.

According to René Guénon, the word “dharma” can be more or less translated—depending on the precise use of the word—by “law”, “order”, “justice”, “harmony” or “nature.” It stems from the Sanskrit root dhri which refers to “supporting, holding, maintaining.” In the widest sense, dharma is “a principle of conservation of lively beings, and hereafter of stability”, related to higher, non-perceivable, planes of being; it is “what makes the becoming of the world more than perpetual change.”

This idea can be applied to any being, group of beings, era, and even to the whole universe at a particular moment. It becomes relevant when specifically applied to human individuals, types, countries and so on. Then…

one can speak of the proper Dharma of a particular being (called Swadharma) or group, such as a human collective… The word “justice” is sometimes a convenient translation of Dharma in the sense that, here, justice is a human expression of harmony and equilibrium, that is, an aspect of the conservation of cosmic stability. The word “virtue” can be used as well in the sense that someone’s actions are in line with his own nature.

The basic idea is that everyone has his or her own vocation, own destiny, and one’s proper destiny is actually integrated into a wider order whose respect is synonymous with what ought to be.

Of course, the very idea that someone’s dharma can be very different from his neighbour’s clashes with the “progressive” view that perceives individuals as “equal”, i.e. identical and interchangeable. People were born different, hence unequal. Everyone has a finite set of roles to play according to his or her own nature. Fulfilling your proper function and vocation means both thriving and living as you ought to.

Casts and guilds


What matters, then, is having individuals whose vocations can be clearly identified. Each one should be able to develop his dharma, in accordance, of course, with the wider dharma of one’s society, and no one should either have his dharma trampled by concurrence or lack of social clarity, nor rejected according to one’s whims. Then, it makes sense to both identify the individuals’ particular nature and support differentiated reproduction so that different groups and functions don’t mix confusingly.

Through dharma the traditional world, just like every living thing and every being, is upheld; the dams holding back the sea of pure contingency and temporality stand firm; living beings partake of stability. It is therefore clear why leaving one’s caste and mixing castes or even the rights, the duties, the morality, and the cults of each caste was considered a sacrilege that destroys the efficacy of every rite and leads those who are guilty of it to “hell”… nobody felt humiliated by his own caste and even a Sudra was as proud of and as committed to his own caste as a Brahman of the highest station… The ancient German peasant, for instance, experienced his cultivating the land as a title of nobility. (Julius Evola, Revolt against the Modern World, part 1, chap.14)

At a time where being a farmer is almost automatically derided upon as backward, “uneducated”, far from the “vibrant” cosmopolitan cities, a perspective which re-establishes the merit of toiling the land—or performing other tradesman work—, not only as useful and necessary, but also as endowed with a proper moral value and spiritual significance, should be esteemed worthy of interest.

In the world of Tradition, casts and guilds exist naturally as to “put the right man at the right place” and as to preserve each one’s place from prevarication, confusion, or from the flows of concurrence and speculation. The world of Tradition is definitely not socialist: its social order is hierarchic, it admits empires but no bloated bureaucratic State. It admits trade and capitalism completed by morality. The third caste, called Vaisya in India and Tiers état in the European Middle Ages, is made of free men, who know their trade, own their tools, are free to contract, buy, and sell, as long as they don’t try to outmaneuver or enslave each other.

Think of it this way: do you prefer living under the so-called rights of man, spending 8+ hours a day in a cubicle, trying to please the HR and making money for greedy bosses and shadowy shareholders, completely dependent from your wage, or wouldn’t it be better to do a trade you love, master your own tools and contracts, belong to a guild with a special dignity and privileges, and be the king of your home?

It could be objected that classical liberalism, the ideological hotbed of what was later dubbed capitalism, aimed at protecting the people from the abuses of absolute monarchy. This is what we’re taught in academia, but this view entails a considerable twist of history. In truth, for thousands of years, kings and nobles were endowed with major responsibilities: they had to fix the prices so that no one could ruthlessly speculate at the expense of his neighbour, they rendered justice inside their own jurisdiction, and if they did their job right, they had even less power than a modern State.

Problems came when kings, instead of accepting their proper role, started cunning against the church and robbing the nobles of their power with the help of the nascent bourgeoisie. Ultimately, these degenerated monarchies, who denied the priests’ and nobles’ respective dharmas out of hubris, got overthrown, and we mistake them for monarchy in general, forgetting the countless times and places when proper cast societies worked and lasted.

The women’s dharma


The notion of dharma, that is, someone’s proper vocation, nature and destiny within a wider order, fits nicely with something we spent much time talking about: women. Progressives try to push for a purely abstract view of individuals, as if individuals had no proper features, innate abilities, character, biological impulses, and so on. Feminism follows this trend by denying how biology makes people, trying to cast womanhood and femininity as pure “social constructions.” What they’re doing consists in rejecting their own womanly dharma—and trying to grab some victimhood points in the process.

Are the women who reject femininity happy? Perhaps they manage to take advantage of their inflated SMV to collect beta orbiters, benefit from “affirmative action”, get invited to every party, and derive an immense pride from their effortless seduction power. But even then, by refusing to commit to a man and to have children, these women are not listening to their own deep-wired desires. At the end, they may manage to settle down with beta males, yet remain bored and constantly frustrated—or become cat ladies.

Traditional women, on the other hand, are much happier. A woman who enjoys and takes pride from pleasing her husband and caring about children and home is happy. What she’s doing is in line with her deepest needs. The womanly woman fulfills her destiny. Those who believe they are better off with a life of diversions and working for GloboCorp are blinded by a false view of dignity (as if being a proper woman meant having no dignity or pride) and out of touch with their own needs.

It is a classical idea that perfection cannot be defined by any materialistic criteria, but only as the accomplishment of one’s own nature… The trend towards indifferentiation, towards fleeing mobility, leads the affected thing or being into a state of self-incompleteness, makes it lack correspondence to its own norm or “idea”, or, more precisely, to its dharma. (Evola, Revolt against the Modern World, I, 14)

A final note

The traditional Christian world modelled its economy on the idea of subsistence: anyone bound to free trade or production, i.e. belonging to the caste of merchants, craftsmen and free farmers, had to have his own place somewhere so that he could subsist and fulfill his dharma. He was, then, protected from his neighbour’s greed and potential violence by the nobility or king. He might be a poor vaisya, but was no less the chief of his business and family.

One of the main factors that have upset this order, besides the degeneration of monarchies, could be find in a peculiar community: Jews. It has been shown that Jewish merchants often lessened their prices, used underhanded techniques such as selling used stuff as if it was new, and even pioneered advertisement—at a time when it was considered as encroaching on other people’s businesses. Sustained Jewish efforts greatly contributed to push the Western world towards “freer” and “freer” market relationships, that is, towards a world where the most cunning asserts his interest at the expense of the others’ legitimate ones.

If one follows purely economic considerations, one should soon fine that resources are always limited and that one’s narrowly individual economic interest always entails screwing someone else. Producers are interested into stable conditions, so that they can work stress-free and assured to sell their products, whereas merchants earn significantly more when they can squeeze the producers before selling their products at a high price. Economic interests alone lead to endless disputes.

Likewise, if one believes too much into the “equality”—identity—of individuals and daydreams about “progress” or “emancipation”, one’s mindset will bear impossible hopes and deluded aspirations. When the impossibility of said hopes or how much they imply the ruthless exploitation of someone else—for example, how the businesswoman’s comfort lies on pushing men down the sewers of silence and cheap employment—, here comes the existential crisis.

Both problems stem from the same root: the refusal to acknowledge limits to one’s rights and duties. No one can do everything and no one should ever want to. Women should want to be feminine and not to be masculine, just like men should pursue masculinity and refuse to indulge into feminization.

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150 thoughts on “Why The Hindu Concept Of Dharma Is Relevant To Us Today”

  1. I dated a Hindu.
    She was shitty in bed, a 7 at best, got real serious with me and sucked me in a little bit, and then she told me she wanted space. Her femininity was mostly an act. She barely cooked/cleaned even after I paid for a good amount of gifts for her. She was a snapchat/iphone whore, and had packs of liberal white women indoctrinating her with YOLO and feminist liberal atrocities. It was doomed from the start.
    We were spending 2-4 days a week but probably closer to the former. She wanted to scale it back for more time with her friends and being alone after I had dedicated enormous time and resources during the relationship.
    I was proud to tell her to take a hike, take her stuff and pay for a cab back to her house. I respect the hell out of myself for having the ability to walk. It makes it much easier when I have a couple prospects, with one fuck session into another Indian who is 2 points hotter, more mature, a pipeline, etc, but either way I’d be to proud to accept anything less. She had to put up with some of my flaws.
    In terms of the white race worship, she was disgusting, having fucked every single race multiple times. Partner count was just too high and gross for me. I only liked her because I thought she was obsessed with me.
    I expect she’ll be back for seconds, but I don’t give a fuck if she does. It would only be for an occasional fuck.
    There’s my daily dose of race-realist misogyny.

      1. Nah, man that’s (((racist))).
        Go watch some interracial porn which happens to be produced by 100% jews. Oy vey.
        Is it just me or is there a collecitve awakening going on?
        In 2014 I’ve been a liberal.
        In 2015 I blamed the muzzies and feminists.
        In 2016 I awakened to (((the real threat))).
        And it seems like I’m not the only one making this transformation.
        That’s one of the reason the fake news narrative is spreading.
        Just like this meme says, they are like ‘OY VEY, SHUT IT DOWN!’ just that they say ‘OH MY GOD, ITS FAKE NEWS, SHUT IT DOWN!’.
        Too bad Trump took the fake news term on his side in the press conference and now it’s just a better and less stigmatized version of Lügenpresse.

        1. Your journey is not unusual; and I hope more people is awakening; but awakening is not enough, we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

        2. Three of my great grandfathers died fighting for nazi germany.
          Unlike anyone else around me I’m not blind to know what they fought and died for. I am the only male in my whole family younger than 60 (I’m 23).
          If I fuck up I destroy the whole line of my ancestors and anything they stood for. Failing is not an option.

        3. I’m curious what you fellas think about how closely related Germanic and Hindu peoples are. We know it’s a very close relation because of the great similarities between Old German and Sanskrit. So, I’m of German lineage. Say I dated a Hungarian with light skin, similar in color to my own. Hungarians are very distant in terms of their genetic lineage. But her skin is lighter than a Hindu girl who genetically is much closer to me, although her skin tone is not. Which similarity would be preferable, if you were in that position?

        4. I would take the Hungarian because there is a relation between skin color and IQ and I don’t want my kids to be stupid.

        5. “I don’t want my kids to be stupid.”
          It’s pretty clear that it’s already too late for you.
          You really want to help the “white race?” Don’t breed.

        6. The original hindu people were Aryan invaders. Sadly, they mixed with the local Dravidian, and almost disappeared. They eventually realized that the mixing was killing them so they created a caste system (the famous Manu laws) in order to prevent the miscegenation, but it was too late. That’s the reason you can find Hindus of the upper classes (Brahmans) whose features are aryan but their skin color is dark.
          About the specific case you mention, and if I were you, I’ll go for the most white, that is the hungarian. Hungarians as a whole have a lot of genetic ‘diversity’ but without doubts, they are less miscegenated than Hindus.

        7. The Aryans were a dark eyed, dark-skinned people. They looked more like Roosh or modern sub-continental Indians rather than Hitler’s lie.
          You do know this, right?

        8. Yeah, thats what you wish for, kike.
          Now take your ass and get out of my planet.

        9. No, they were not. Check any anthropology book prior the 20’s. As you must know, (((boasian anthropology))) is not a science but a political ideology with a clear agenda.

        10. Someone start the train and pre-heat the ovens, jz95 is going straight to Buchenwald to know how it feels being turned into a piece of soap.

        11. I can show you complete books refuting that theory with facts, but you are not going to believe a word; so why discussing?

        12. Germany is at the geographic crossroads of europe, making germans a mongrel culture, as a race realist that is your reality.

        13. That’s a fair answer, and accurate in terms of your description of all those Vedic peoples. Alas though I just don’t think I’ll ever be too much into the whole idea of nationalism as a function of genotype.

        14. Lol. Pink Swastika impotent, closet homosexual fear becoming hate. Classic reaction formation. Don’t bother

        15. “I’m curious what you fellas think about how closely related Germanic and Hindu peoples are. We know it’s a very close relation because of the great similarities between Old German and Sanskrit.”
          It’s not just old Germanic, its all native European languages. It’s pretty well established. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indo-European_languages
          Sanskrit wasn’t a Hindu invention, it was brought by a group of people called the Aryans who migrated onto the subcontinent.
          As for Hungarians, they are culturally derived from the ancient Magyars who migrated into their modern homeland in the 9th century, linguistically, the Magyars speak a language related to Finnish. Ultimately if you are talking about genetics though, they are the exact same thing as any other group of Europeans, as shown here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Y-DNA_haplogroups_in_European_populations

        16. Sorry to burst your bubble, but what evidence do either of you have? Neither of these groups existed within recorded history, we know fuck all about them.

        17. “Three of my great grandfathers died fighting for nazi germany.
          Unlike anyone else around me I’m not blind to know what they fought and died for”
          It seems that the Human race consists of sub tribes trying to conquer each other for land and resources. Almost every human tribe (all the tribes with expansionist tendencies) is guilty of war mongering and genocide, but it’s just lately there’s an anti white agenda.

        18. Yeah this is super true, I totally danced around it iny first little hypothetical up there. I mean, it’s true if the Kurgan hypothesis is accurate — and at this time it definitely seems to be. Granted I can’t think of many famous Hungarians, but it seems to me that they look very European now, despite the fact that the language the Magyars (Huns) spoke originated in western Siberia somewhere. Sami people in Finland really retain a lot of those Siberian phenotypic expression, however.
          Nonetheless, all the talk about genetic purity seems pretty retarded to me. I’ve yet to see any of it presented in a way that isn’t designed to fool the weak of mind. It’s exactly the same as these retarded feminists who shout about the evil patriarchy. It’s all horse shit. The 1488ers are the same thing as the feminists are the same thing as the hippies are the same thing as the radical Muslims are the same thing as…You get this idea. The only difference is whom they select as their Boogeyman of choice.

        19. I am related to King David so that makes me far more jewish than those shit heel Kazhars.
          If I took power in Israel I would just tell everyone the party is over…we had a good run…lets lets the pals have it all…..
          Then I would flip the lights back on and say just kidding!
          LOOK! the palys are crossing the border shoot them!

        20. I’m Jewish and this makes me laugh though cause I have a sense of humor about how farked this country is being made out in reality.

        21. Lies? This is one of the most well understood groups of languages in history. We know for a fact that Sanskrit, Persian, and European languages families are all related. There are literally no Linguists who will dispute this. So please, enlighten me and the every linguist on the planet, what groundbreaking evidence do you have that these languages are not related?

        22. All those languages are related but came out of the mother language Sanskrit. After 30,000 yrs of oral traditions including vedas, those were penned down in 3000 bc . Greeks and Arabs pretty much stolen knowledge from Bharat and spread to Europe. Sanskrit has produced so much research in Bharat over 100,000 yrs and still can be found in many quarters of scholars though highly discriminated during Islamic occupation and Eurpean rules. Most of Europe tribe were killing each other during Bharat’ glory days! Arya in Sanskrit means the learned one not blue eyed European. Arya and Dravid are not races but scholarly teams only.

        23. If you’re intelligent enough to understand that isn’t an English phrase, I assume you’ll understand that things such as “typos” occur especially when typing on a mobile device whilst on a speeding train. Any other enlightening responses you have?

        24. Well if you are trying to say that most Europeans are of Hunnic origin, sorry to tell you but you are full of shit.

        25. That is also a false ARYAN INVASION theory made by the british to divide “Indus Valley” folks against themselves.

      2. “I don’t date outside my race. AWALT, but at least white women are more beautiful”
        I hear ya. The only reason I thought of dating outside my race was for pursuit of a more all-around pleasent female to be with; starting with mexican women. But since the toxic-loser feminist mentality is spreading to every hormonal driven beast world wide, one may as well date within their race. Indeed white chycks are prettier, but with a higher degree of STDs.

        1. Many people here think that ‘latinas’ (women from any country south of the Rio Grande) are more traditional, more feminine, and less promiscuous than your typical euroslut or amerislut, and that’s a very dangerous misconception. I was born and currently I’m living in Colombia, and I can tell you that they are exactly the same. The difference is that ‘latinas’ are good in the art of deception and disguise. South American societies are still Catholic and somehow prude about sexual matters (including a healthy dose of slut-shaming) so the sluts work hard in keep the appearances.

        2. This is my experience too. I would also add that latinas who are from places that still value machismo are likely to have stronger fathers. AWALT all the way, but as it always has been–strong men can train women if they are willing to put in the work.
          Between this and the deception aspect you speak if, latinas often seem something they are not. Men who pedastalize them (or any woman for that matter) will learn a very hard lesson.

        3. Which is strange, because Filipinos are Catholic and not at all prudish. They bang like it’s their last day on earth.

        4. Dude you hit the nail right on the head when you said “strong men can train women if they are willing to put in the wor(k).”
          Actually, you hit the nail right on the head 3 times there but I only have time to type this much now…

        5. You know he intended to write a BK2 before he croaked? It always bothered me that it didn’t happen. And I can’t believe some shitrat American hasn’t had the hubris to step up and write it for him, like those sequels to the wizard of Oz or Jane Eyre orrrrr that one movie my mom liked

        6. Lol!!!! Yes I did know but great comment about the shitrat! Have you read Mikhail Bahktin’s problems of Dostoyevsky’s poetics? If not you should awesome. Huge Fydor fan

        7. I have not…but I did just quit my job so what the hell else do I have to do for a few weeks? it’s now on the list.

        8. do you remember when Dmitri is going to Mokroe (sp?) and stops by the general store and buys all these great foods and wines and shit? I went to a Russian neighborhood years ago with that chapter as a grocery list bought everything on it and threw a party for a few friends who were big Russian lit fans. Ha. Hadn’t thought about that in forever. Good memories

        9. I don’t, I’m afraid. It’s been a good 10 years since I read that monster and many of the bits and pieces have slipped out of permanent storage by now. Such a shame. Still, sounds like a fun idea. I think that’s how/why mojitos became a big fad here in the states a few years back, honestly. A bunch of hipster faget-slash- lit nerds wished that they were real men so they started drinking the favorite libation of the only real man most of them knew. Fast forward a couple years and even Wrigley’s is making mojito flavored chewing gum. It’s AOK with me though bc those little fuckers are tasty on a hot summer afternoon.

        10. That sounds about right. This was cool because in the scene mitya is all chaotic and slipping into insanity and has a crazy Amojnt of cash on him so he runs into a store and just starts yelling everything he wants, this kind of fish. And these dried fruits, and that caviar, and ancase of this wine, and these pickles and those herring and these fruit blah blah blah. It goes on for like 3 pages. I was standing in this awesome Russian market called Misha and Monya demanding Hungarian salami.

        11. No wonder the white race population is dying. Too many white dudes mating with controlling Asian, Latina women and producing terrible offsprings that can’t figure out what culture or race they belong to.

        12. I agree with your assertions – they are definitely congruent with my experiences.
          Argentina for example, has the prettiest women in south america and they are the haughtiest stuck up of latin bitches despite the fact that in Argentina people struggle financially. It’s bizzare to see so much fashion culture and expensive stupid shit connected to it in a country where it is hard to survive and make a living for the average man.
          And it is also true that that the prettier they are, the cuntier they are. So it has been said that it is best to get with a not-so-pretty chick. I know a dude who met a sweet angel of a female in Peru – sent me her photo:

        1. Not too bad…but her head seems more like an Orangutan than I usually like.
          Give me an Icelander any day. Much heartier stock in my eyes.

    1. “I only liked her because I thought she was obsessed with me.”
      I’ve been there. Very weird feeling.

      1. “”I only liked her because I thought she was obsessed with me.”
        I’ve been there. Very weird feeling.”
        Me too – something about it when a skank worships my ass.

    2. As a Hindu Indian I would like to say pal don’t expect a Hindu girl to be good if she was raised anywhere near feminists (Anglo sphere). These kids can be expected to have a bit of problems more than typical americunt bitch because they were raised far from their culture with no identity and of course the half retarded and half bitchy concept of feminism

      1. Jew-sphere, not Anglo. There was little degeneracy in the Anglos until jews won WW2 and imposed their values onto the dominant culture.

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      3. Oh God, we got Curry heads visiting this website. They show up everywhere don’t they?

    3. Most Indian women don’t date outside their race, the ones that do are usually hoes. Same with Middle Eastern women. These women have almost always bought the whole feminist screed, thats why they are f***in you. They want to be with a western guy who is beta and doesn’t expect them to cook or be obedient. Indian and Middle Eastern men typically expect their women to be subservient unlike Asians or Euros.

      1. Exactly! Most Indian or Asian women that I have seen chase white men tend to go after the nerdy, socially awkward, beta type. I always play a game with my friends when we spot Asians with beta white males. Keep a look out for this phenomena next time. It’s funny to find these traditional Indian women on western dating sites like Okcupid. Under Okcupid’s questionnaire section which asks “Would you date someone who is not the same ethnicity as yours?”, they tend to answer “Yes”.

    4. I mean, aren’t Indian men on the majority beta cucks, white knights, and hold women on a pedestal? Aren’t they the creepy, horny, rapists as well that it’s made any good looking woman to travel to India alone a high threat? I mean this video sums it up:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4akMaeZ0-k

    5. YOLO? I thought Hindus believe in reincarnation. Isn’t she worried about being reborn as a lower life form for being such a bitch is this life?

  2. Dharma is a good topic. We’d all be wise to better understand what it it’s all about, how it relates to the concept of karma, and also how the Jews are always fucking everything up for everybody everywhere with their evil Jew nature.
    EDIT: I seriously can’t say enough about how important the idea of Dharma is. I’d like to see 20 more articles here about it and how it relates to what we’re trying to do (well, most of us). I’d also like to point out that it’s not necessarily a Hindu idea, it’s just most commonly known today by that Hindu term. It is, however, present in just about all the major religions of both the east and the west — which, really, all owe bits and pieces to one another. The world wasn’t really that big 2500 years ago. People still shared their most important concepts, even back then.
    Big ups to ROK for venturing back into philosophy/theology land now that the election is over.

        1. I don’t hate Jews, I was merely making a point about how and why that needed to be tacked onto an article to which the old JQ bears no relevance. Meaning that it didn’t. However, I do agree that she’s got nice fat titties.

        2. Difference between big tits and fat tits. You will learn the difference in time. Do so before a fattits ropes you in

        3. Tits are kind of the corvette of body parts…fancy for white trash but really not a great commodity 90% of the time with the rare 10% being real classics

        4. Plus gravity wins out over time. Have yet to meet a set of tits that has defeated gravity in the long game.

        5. Yup. Moderate to small sized tits are the way to go me thinks. And every single woman by the age of 35 should have a boob job.

    1. What’s your problem against Jews? #askingrespectfully CH is a Jew and he’s helped all you PUA/RP people. Unless you’re not one of them. But if I were you, I would be grateful! Again, not saying this in a patronising way.

      1. First of all, don’t apologize for having thoughts. This isn’t work. Second, I myself don’t have any problem with Jewish people. In my mind that’s just another imaginary oppressor/oppressed dichotomy and I’m not into victimhood cults, I prefer the idea of personal autonomy. I only made that comment bc this article had a ton of potential and ended up just wandering off on some bullshit anti-Jew tangent rather than finishing strong. Some folks love that stuff but it’s not my cup of tea. And also, I can’t figure out who CH is. I only come here for the tittie pics.

        1. Jesus. I didn’t even know that sort of material was available here. GL with that. (CH is Chateau Heartiste, a PUA blog.)

        2. Well, every movement contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction, and this one is certainly no different.

        3. What do you mean by that? 🙂 #intrigued
          I totally agree with you but why did you post that here?

        4. Sanatana Dharma isn’t about moving though. That’s why meditation is it’s bedrock. You’re not supposed to move.

        5. Dude that is a great question & I’ll be most pleased to explain it…but after the Steelers game.

        6. It’s hard to write this without it becoming a blog post of its own because I just want to go on and on and on, but I better keep it short and sweet for now. Maybe it’s time i stop pissing around and start writing again, and elaborate on all this horseshit in a more dedicated location.
          So, that comment is essentially just saying that the neo-nazis are going to do to our movement here (call it what you will) what the blue haired, face pierced, genderqueer slutwalkers have done to liberalism and the left. Dig it? We have seen nearly constant shortages at the red pill factory where i work for the last 3 to 5 years. Know why? It’s because normal people can’t listen to the ideas that now form the backbone of liberalism, and take those ideas seriously in any way. So gulp! they toss back that red pill and sooner or later, here we all are. Even though most liberals are probably not fucking insane, the loudest and craziest voices eventually took over the left, and then they got Trumped.
          Sadly, that’s the future i see for us here too. We’ll continue to build momentum and clout in the world, and we’ll win some very big victories going forward. But sooner or later, the neo nazis will end up shouting so much that people will just jump off this ship too.
          Actually, I shouldn’t really say that it’s sad. It’s not sad, it’s nature. Nature doesn’t give a shit if we think it’s sad or not. All systems just move from one opposite to the next, and then back again – just like a pendulum swinging back and forth and back and forth. And THAT ladies and gentlemen is what we call the Wheel of Dharma! See how that came full circle?? I’ll be damned!

        7. Ha, sadly, yes it is. I thought I’d come back and completed this thought….Guess not. It’s gonna have to wait until morning now though.
          Golf Wang

      1. Didnt his fuhrerness flip it horizontally? isnt the regular symbol rotating clockwise not counterclockwise? So whatever its Dharma was he inverted it

  3. Dharma could be better understood to the Western Mind with the term “Natural Law.”
    Societies that abandon Natural Law will be replaced by societies that cling to it.

  4. Dharma resembles what I’ve tried to articulate about the Alt-Right’s tragic view of man. We have inequality, hierarchy and patriarchy because of the obdurate nature of reality, and not because some mean white men hold power and enforce arbitrary rules. And you can’t will “social progress” into existence through politics, ideology or magical thinking, because man’s nature endures and it doesn’t mysteriously change in The Current Year.
    For example, feminism didn’t work a thousand years ago; it doesn’t work now; and it won’t work a thousand years hence, unless you invoke some transhumanist bullshit from science fiction that transforms man’s nature to make feminism practical.

    1. “Inequality, hierarchy…”
      And yet, you still don’t seem to acknowledge that whites will never be equal to Jews, and that Jews will always be at the top of the hierarchy.

      1. And the demon reveals his true form. I called you out months ago when you were trying to pass yourself off as Indian.
        Let me guess, You’re really an Irish/Italian catholic like Lolknee.

        1. I am neither Irish nor am I catholic. I come from an Italian family.
          This is going to be my last response to you because I have some New Years resolutions about not letting subhuman mongrels annoy me…but man, you are one sad little boy.

        2. You really are one to talk when you keep running from me.
          I had literally said that anything that tries to subvert our culture should be destroyed.
          What about this do you not understand?

        3. Why bring your rustled jimmies here. Do you feel outed?
          You argued gentiles deserve what they get because they allowed the Jew to deceive them. You pose that civilizations like ours just fail because that is what they inevitably do and the Jew cant be blamed for any influence on that outcome.
          I disagreed but you wouldn’t have it and kept badgering me in circular reasoning.
          What part of I’m done with you don’t you understand?

        4. What is this?
          “Why bring your rustled jimmies here.”
          Because I just hate to let delusional fools get away with their ignorance. Above all I can’t stand men with a victim mentality. Your kind is the primary cause for all this.
          “…can’t be blamed…” ?
          What is this bullshit?
          Anything that subverts our culture should be destroyed. Wether that be ideology or physical threat.
          How is this not making clear that subversive jewish influence should be destroyed?
          Logical conclusion being that jews have a part in this?
          Your fixation on singular causes is irrational and plain delusional. Aside from how it ignores causality.
          “…that is what they inevitably do…”
          Guess what? That’s how time works. That is how every civilization before us has fallen.
          We made this civilization, logically it is up to us when it falls too.
          Outward influences didn’t make our civilization as such they don’t have direct influence over it unless given.
          What is any virus when not given chance to spread?
          Get away from your pitiful mindset and then I am done with you.

        5. Funny how the alt-right claims to love facts, but only facts which put them in a good life.
          Face it chump, you’re not the master race.
          Get over it.

        6. Being cunning, manipulative and forced to mislead other people into legal slavery or doing your bidding does not seem very “master race” to me. You should read Otto Weininger’s /Sex and Character/. He shows that Jews are to Aryans what women are to men in Esther Vilar’s /Manipulated Man/: people who compensate for their weaknesses by an overemphasis on manipulation.

        7. Hey Andre, why are you hiding your face?
          From what I can see, you look rather kike-ish to me.
          Trying to compensate Mr. (((European?)))

        8. I never said I was ‘master race’ that’s just you trying to weasel out as per usual, yet you seem to place the Jews on that pedestal.

        9. Im white (lots of white) jewish(Davidic line), and .25 native american so I guess that makes me all kinds of oppressive huh.
          Don’t worry I am not mossad come to tickle your nuts with a poisoned feather.

        10. I’ve been asking for some reading materials & nobody’s responded, so I’m glad I caught this comment here.
          Still what immediately jumps out to me is that Vilar is a woman & Weininger sounds like a Germanic name. So you have one book where a woman is pointing out dirty shit that women do (an internal voice; a whistleblower, if you will). The other book sounds like an outsider writing about a foreign community (a blamer; a finger-pointer).
          Either way, I’m going to give it a read & see what he’s got to say.

  5. Progressives try to push for a purely abstract view of individuals, as if individuals had no proper features, innate abilities, character, biological impulses, and so on.

    This shows why progressive utopians (PU’s) have pushed race-mixing so insistently. Millennial Woes (may Kek protect him!) has stumbled across something when he points out how miscegenation results in lost children who have a void where an identity should have gone. Well, PU’s see identity-less people as their ideal for the New Man, and the Lost Children fill the requirements, hence the rush to breed more and more of them. These misfits try to fill their identity-void with drugs, alcohol, sexual hedonism and radical politics, only to discover that these substitutes don’t work.
    So many of these broken people have become public figures in recent years, from ex-president Obama on down, that I think Woes has identified an underappreciated disorder of modernity.

  6. Rational Male is a joke. He censored my comments on one of his posts after I started bringing up Sanatana Dharma. Thought police much.

  7. Western civilisation seeks (sought) rational understanding of and dominance of nature. Eastern civilisation seeks (sought) balance and harmony with nature. Native/aboriginal cultures are just about brutal survival.

    1. “Eastern civilisation seeks (sought) balance and harmony with nature. ”
      Really? How so? Last time I checked, Europeans were the only group that gave half a shit about protecting the environment.

    2. That just isn’t true at all. The East has been in the same battle between feudal oligarchys vs the people (rational civilisation) as we have. In the East, the oligarchy cloaked itself in pseudo-philosophies such as Taoism, whilst the forces of scientific progress were the likes of the Confucians (who were allied with many Catholic missionaires involved in the Italian Renaissance).
      There is no ‘balance with nature’; that concept is a scam pushed by oligarchy so the people abandon their natural creaivity (desire for economic growth). The human mind is either discovering the Universe and creating economic and cultural growth, or the feudal powers have control of peoples minds and civilisation collapses, which is why the elite are obsessed with population growth/ levels.
      A lot of the shit put into popular culture about the “East” is simply psy-war brought over by the Western elites kids and pushed into popular culture (circa 1960), essentially rebranding feudalism under the guise of Eastern philosophy.
      Chinese, Japanese and South Koreans economic growth is down to following the Confucian model, which is to say the same model/ philosophical outlook as what made the West an industrial power. Chinas battle vs the feudal slave state of Tibet is emblematic of the above.

  8. You guys always lose me when you start in with the anti-Jew stuff in your badlands in the border between the Red Pill and the alt-right. It’s a pity when the other content is good.

  9. “The notion of dharma, that is, someone’s proper vocation, nature and destiny within a wider order, fits nicely with something we spent much time talking about: women. Progressives try to push for a purely abstract view of individuals, as if individuals had no proper features, innate abilities, character, biological impulses, and so on. Feminism follows this trend by denying how biology makes people, trying to cast womanhood and femininity as pure “social constructions.” What they’re doing consists in rejecting their own womanly dharma—and trying to grab some victimhood points in the process.”
    The thing is, though, that both Guénon and Evola believed in essential ontological categories of hierarchy, in conjunction with spiritual initiation, such as for instance the Hindu concept dvija. This implies that they were against meritocracy, a structure which means that for instance a smart peasant (sudra) can become a rich entrepreneur (vaishya). They regarded biology as something tertiary, even though character was important. Dharma/svadharma and meritocracy are incompatible ideas.
    Some minor deviations occur, however, in this respect. Evola – himself from a lower Italian aristocratic family – was obsessed with aristocracy, but still he appreciated the Romanian military Christian nationalist, Corneliu Zelea Condreanu, whose family origins were peasant and middle class. According to his own analysis, he should regard a leader such as that as opposed to Traditional hierarchy.
    If one is somewhat flexible with the concepts and their meanings, one can still use some of their ideas in order to analyze our current society. If the Third estate, with its corresponding “caste character”, has too much power, then capitalism reigns, for instance. Right now he have a mixture of vaishya and sudra traits running the Western show and few are initiated anymore (besides maybe Skull & Bones and other quasi-occult groups).
    As for many earlier aristocracies in history, some of them have produced valuable science, arts and philosophy, but supressed the lower classes and middle classes. Only some Greek city-states have been largely good, as I see it.

    1. You’re right to point out Evola’s rejection of the very American ideal of moving up the socio-economic hierarchy.
      But I think what Evola was really getting at was that in a proper Empire, there is no anxiety about one’s station in life because all roles offer a life of purpose in their right place.
      In Evola’s worldview of empire, I interpret that people never truly felt alone in the isolated and disconnected sense that is so common in the modern materialistic world.

  10. Interesting piece on hinduism. I’ve too always found it interesting the difference between buddism and hinduism.
    That said, for quite some time I thought a “Dindu” was a black hindu – after all, these words ryhme. I’m learning…

    1. Buddhism has no god …………. . Hinduism has a god/s
      No need to think further.
      Unless you are a Thai Buddhist, who worship the Hindu gods as a facet of Buddha ……….. DOH!

  11. The caste system you see today in India is a corrupted version of the original ancient system. Belonging to a certain caste means you had a specific job and duty in society. Job skills were passed down from father to son, so you could only learn certain trades if you were born into a certain caste. You were trained from a young age, so at the age of 12/13 you were already an expert in your trade.
    That’s why you saw kids of 17 years old who already commanded big armies and won great battles. They were all born into the warrior caste and trained from a young age.
    The stuff you see today is all made up. Higher castes suppressing lower castes, people who are seen as untouchable, lower castes who have less rights etc.

    1. 1. Priestly Caste – Highest motivation to lead life is attaining spirituality, wisdom in order to reach God.
      2. Aristocrats/Warrior Caste – Highest motivation to lead life is passion to win in order to protect tribes from foreign onslaught and win battles and wars.
      3. Entrepreneur/Businessmen Caste – Highest motivation to lead life is to gain riches so that a society/country can survive and meet its needs
      4. Worker Caste – Highest motivation to lead life is enjoy worldly pleasures like alcohol, sex etc.
      Nobody were oppressed, while the lower castes were allowed to eat meat and have sex before marriage the first 3 were not allowed. Why? because it clouds their judgement skills.
      These four castes worked together perfectly like a well oiled machinery. The kings ruled with advice from the priests, funded by the businessmen whose business were run with the help of workers.

    2. The caste system was a primitive form of social stratification based on one’s birth, not individual merit.
      It doesn’t take long for such a system to become corrupt, as any such system will quickly become exploitative and devolve into a primitive form of communism with a small and elite privileged class exploiting the lower caste masses.
      > That’s why you saw kids of 17 years old who already commanded big armies and won great battles. They were all born into the warrior caste and trained from a young age.
      Why didn’t this system get rid of the Mughals, whom had ruled and enslaved India for over 800+ years?
      I’m curious, can you name some 17 year old’s in medieval India who “won great battles” against the Mughuls?
      > The stuff you see today is all made up. Higher castes suppressing lower castes, people who are seen as untouchable, lower castes who have less rights etc.
      These are the results of a system based on flawed premises, accumulating through the ages.

      1. “Why didn’t this system get rid of the Mughals, whom had ruled and enslaved India for over 800+ years?”
        Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure the Mughal Empire only existed for about 300 years.

        1. Islamic rule in India goes back to the 8th century and spread rapidly in the 12th century after establishment of the Delhi Sultanate.
          From there, the Mughal Empire arose in the 16th century whom were even more zealous, but my point is still the same.

  12. Sloppy and self referential thinking here. I always find it interesting this stuff about the wisdom of the ancients. They don’t look all that wise to me. They believed a lot of idiotic crap, and life then was nasty brutish and short. They contributed little or nothing that has lasted. You pick a definition of dharma – a term so broad in meaning it could mean anything – and then choose to use it to legitimise your own particular contemporary view of the world. Your world view should stand or fall on its own merits – the fact that you construe it to be shared by some ancient Hindu adds not one whit to its validity.

  13. What a stupid article from someone who is dabbling with what he doesn’t understand.
    Guenon, Evola and Schuon are Perenialists. This is occultism, the belief that Lucifer’s light is behind all religions and can only be achieved by occult rituals and practices.
    This is Gnostic thinking, that only an elite of initiates and witches can have enlightenment. Since some are more evolved than others, there is a caste system, a hierachy and consequently fascism.
    There is no merit, no natural system of values. You are better than others because you are a better witch.
    What a load of crap.
    Unfortunately, there is a lot of false conservatives and libertarians playing with this poison these days, many of them funded by billionaires. Isn’t this occult doctrine perfect to justify in a metaphysical way the rule of the elite over us, the profane masses?
    Let’s bow down to our enlightened masters!
    Stay away from this poison.

    1. You’re right, this is fascist poison. (Using the word ‘fascist’ in its non-sophomoric sense.)

  14. Fuck these failed civilizations. Yes failed. Look at them now. The only advance they make is imitating the west.
    In India that castrate boys and dress them up as girls and then say they have magical powers. That’s right there means their entire system is shit. The British didn’t beat this shit out of them enough apparently. Gandhi can burn in hell.

  15. The weather in Texas is terrible tonight! There was even a tornado warning at DFW. The cowboys put up a good fight though.

  16. My advice….Start living as a bad mother fucker right now….do not delay.

    It’s what pleases god.

  17. Heres one more for you adventurous types….self control at all levels is your best way forward to completing Dharma if you buy into that sort of thing.
    I’ve master half the list of Tantric psychic skills. But then again I am just a natural.

  18. Hindus are demon worshipping pagans.
    Reference the Ghost Ship fire that killed the hippies in the Bay Area, the pics show all manner of pagan crap cobbled together as art. The first thing I noticed is the prevalence of hindu shit in the ‘artwork’.
    It was demonic to put all the pagan hindu shit up with a Christian cross to make them seem equivalent.
    Hinduism is demonic.

    1. Hardly I’ve seen a demon as a child….the ancient stories are not so far from the truth. They were slayers of demons more so than anything.
      I remote viewed many things and places I later learned were real. Ancient things. Future things. You name it. I have even talked to a cannabis plant psychic style. She contacted me in a dream she was being chopped down and I saw first person her getting cut.
      Next day I was told but I already knew. Open your mind son.

    2. I was raised christian and when my psychic abilities came about I was aware then that a narrow view of this world and it’s past is no view at all. But god remains and I have had to ask god for help 2 times when attacked on the astral plane by demons.
      God will help anyone who asks.

  19. Did you really have to add your anti-Semitism to this piece? It didn’t really add anything, and just made me question the value of the rest of it.

  20. You’ve got the caste thing wrong.
    “System of determining natural aptitude has degenerated into the caste system which resembles it now only in form.”
    Again, these are incomplete descriptions but will clarify that it was about “Figurind out a persons strenghts and aptitute and helping them take the relevant path of LEARNING and MASTERY”.
    Kind of similar to the DIVERGENT factions (the word faction is bad). And human beings are not UNI-Dimensional so people took up a MAJOR and then if their ability and scenario allowed them they could learn/ do a MINOR in their life.
    Just giving an analogy. It was about optimizing one’s talents and life.
    Ofcourse, people tend to be “selfish” when it comes to offspring, so one typically liked their kids to have what they had.

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