British Media Doxes Small-Time Youtuber For Having Nationalist Views

Media outlets in Great Britain have published the location of a right-wing anti-immigration YouTube vlogger, attempting to incite a mob against him. Because he lives in a small community in Scotland, including an image of Colin Robertson’s house in particular opens him up to violent antifa attacks.

The Scots racist whose ­hate-filled videos have made him a global YouTube star can be unmasked by the Record today as a jobless ex-student who lives with his dad.

He found notoriety with his ­Millennial Woes blog and gave a speech at a US rally where far-right ­extremists shouted, “Hail Trump” and made Nazi salutes. He has gone to great lengths to hide his identity.

Robertson’s YouTube channel, Millennial Woes, has less than 25,000 subscribers, making him far from a “global Youtube star” that the Daily Record portrays him as for justification of their dox. While explicitly condemning violence, Robertson argues that Scotland and Great Britain, not to mention Europe and the Western world, are being inundated with migrants and that local European or European-derived cultures are subsequently being swallowed up without any proper intervention by the government or media.

Just like the character assassination of Kenneth Bone, the cherubic audience member at the US Presidential debate in St. Louis, the media’s targeting of Colin Robertson highlights how comparatively unknown, even fully unknown people with right-wing or other unacceptable views are being harassed and punished for their beliefs. The purpose is to scare off other Average Joes with the same or similar political outlooks and prevent them from organizing and speaking out.

Kenneth Bone knows what Colin Robertson is feeling at the moment.

Along with the doxxing, various British newspapers fired plain unnecessary or woefully incorrect broadsides at Robertson’s character. He was described as an “ex-student” (isn’t everybody?) living with his father, as if living with one’s parent/s to save money for a house or as a temporary arrangement after a move is deserving of scorn. The “living in mom’s basement” attack has previously been used against Roosh by The Daily Mail and other media outlets. Despite the fact that he was briefly visiting family due to years spent overseas, pseudo-journalists described the proprietor of Return Of Kings with the kind of false terms that directly mimic leftist talking points about those with contrarian political and social opinions.

In the same vein as Roosh’s 2016 ordeal and the extreme harassment of his family by The Daily MailThe Daily Record in Scotland and The Mirror in England published images of Robertson’s father’s home. England’s The Sun does not seem to have gone as far, but their intention to make him unsafe in his own town is more or less identical to what the other outlets have tried to do. Although Robertson has nearly 25,000 YouTube subscribers, this is hardly the threshold for deciding to publish details of where someone lives. When newspapers or magazines pinpoint where a celebrity lives, that celebrity invariably has the money to afford extensive private security, including by residing in gated communities and erecting walls. Robertson lacks this largesse and the media knows it.

Robertson has not been “unmasked”; he has been showing his face for years

Colin Robertson spoke at the National Policy Institute’s Washington D.C. conference last year.

Another tired old lie being spruiked by the newspapers attacking Colin Robertson is that he has finally been “revealed” and “unmasked.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Notwithstanding that Robertson has never published where he lives (and why would he?), he has made his video presentations on camera for an extended period of time and attended the recent NPI conference in Washington D.C. to deliver a speech. This was the same conference that led to a media witch hunt against Richard Spencer and Roosh’s refusal to disavow him.

Again, this example of falsehood harks back to Roosh’s experiences, this time with The Dr. Oz Show. Dr. Oz erroneously claimed that Roosh had come out from behind his keyboard, even though his name and face had been in the public domain for years. Yet the most cursory glance at Roosh’s personal website or Return Of Kings by Dr. Oz’s assistants and handlers would have confirmed this. Or, amazingly, the television host and celebrity doctor could have bothered to do his own research before pontificating.

And if a right-wing figure running his or her own website or platform were to hide their name and location, who could blame them? After all, Roosh and his family both faced serious threats requiring police intervention. I am sure Colin Robertson, both his parents, and his wider family and social circles are under the same vicious bombardment currently. Interestingly, reporting on the content of these vile threats will not pique the media’s interest even slightly, irrespective of the inspiration they gave those who are threatening.

People whose homes or addresses are not published? They’re called leftists

Guess who hasn’t been doxed by the media?

Journalists do not dox militant leftists and when they do they’re fired for it. Just ask Michael Tracey. Vice showed Tracey the door for ostensibly doxing Lena Dunham on Twitter, after he claimed that she was lying about having voted in the 2016 New York Democratic primary. As much as it pains me to admit this, Lena Dunham is a much more high-profile (but definitely not high-brow) figure than Colin Robertson. But I cannot remember a time when the media dutifully and gleefully doxed her or those like her, especially following her disgusting book revelations about digitally penetrating her sister. It is doubtful she received any threats from being indirectly doxed by Michael Tracey and if she did, she has both the means to protect herself and an obliging media to portray her as the century’s biggest victim.

Unfortunately, Roosh’s dire discussion of how the media assassinates people is ringing more and more true as time goes by. “News” outlets are banking on inflaming the anger of leftists and other easily aroused people so they can act as the elites’ “cat’s paw,” frightening, injuring, or even killing political freethinkers. They want anyone who excoriates the leftist narrative to lose their jobs, general livelihoods, and social reputations. In the case of Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, and Geert Wilders, they cannot do this. So they have turned their focus onto regular people who feel the compulsion to speak up.

So how long will it be until Return Of Kings has to start reporting on media-inspired deaths instead of “mere” media-inspired harassment and doxing?

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  1. The liberal media is an evil entity. Including social network. In places where freedom of speech has been killed, like Brazil, calling a black person “black” in a discussion will put you in jail. Over here, you can’t say ANYTHING that goes against the PC agenda or you get the risk of being doxed. Read the case of the soccer fan who called a soccer goalie “monkey” in allusion to her team’s biggest rival mascot. She is a girl named Patricia, the media splashed her face, her house, her family, everything on TV. She had to go hide, they try to burn her house, numerous death threats. The media NEVER published her explanation. The PC crowd + media has become a duo that has to be dealt with. People can’t have their lives destroyed for having different opinions.

  2. “So how long will it be until Return Of Kings has to start reporting on media-inspired deaths instead of “mere” media-inspired harassment and doxing?”
    pretty soon IMO.
    Plus — , , Disqus, etc, track us when we comment – and know us…not long before institutional doxxing occurs…
    Unless MAGA occurs

  3. Oh shit somebody created fake okcupid profile with his pic saying he’s into fat black women.

  4. I don’t know, man. This could be one of those made-up MSM stories to incite hatred and random violence. Look at it this way. If you were singled out in such a manner, you’d have a damned good case to sue the ever-loving shit out of the media outlet in question, perhaps even bring criminal charges. If it happened to me, I’d muster every shred of my resources and connections and attempt to take the reporter down, along with his newspaper.
    So I’m leaning toward yet another story that has been made up, in order to incite passions in the card-carrying members on both sides of the argument. The pricks do this shit all the time…intelligence assets do a hell of a lot more than eavesdrop on phone calls. There are a ton of actors/assets who can be utilized in staged dramas.
    If people willingly believe whatever you print (and most of them do), it sure makes things a lot easier. This just doesn’t make any sense, unless it’s a charade. We know they lie, right? Everybody knows that. So the question is, to what extent. And that rabbit hole runs deep.
    The way things are going these days for the MSM, only a fool would take anything they report at face value. There’s always an agenda. That’s my two cents’ anyway…

    1. I guess you’ve never heard of gawker. Stop defending the media. These fuckers do not care!

    2. It’s possible I suppose.
      So do you think Roosh should have sued?
      Or could that have just made his situation worse, as in punishment by protocol?

      1. It could make it worse. I mean, let’s say Roosh is a target. He tries to sue. Maybe it was all orchestrated to cause him problems. He would likely get the runaround, maybe incur more accusations and attention, etc., and they’d stretch it out and make him incur legal expenses out the wazoo. Pile the shit up high, as it were.
        A lot of these so-called “journalists” in MSM publications are intelligence assets. I mean, that’s been admitted. Operation Mockingbird, etc. Here’s what Wikipedia says about Operation Mockingbird:
        “Operation Mockingbird was a secret campaign by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to influence media. Begun in the 1950s, it was initially organized by Cord Meyer and Allen W. Dulles, and was later led by Frank Wisner after Dulles became the head of the CIA.”
        Of course, they claim that the program is no longer in existence, but a jackrabbit with the IQ of a grapefruit could take a look at how tightly controlled the media is today, and realize that’s bullshit. They didn’t stop it, they just changed the name and ramped it up.
        I don’t know if you’ve ever checked out Miles Mathis’s work or not. He’s definitely out there. I don’t believe everything he claims. But he makes a great case for the elite controlling events, to the point where they manufacture them, and use their lapdog media people to sell the fake story. Since the elite own the entire MSM, uh, that would make sense.
        Here’s a quick 10-page paper he wrote on Sandy Hook; it’s a PDF file, an easy read. If that tickles your fancy you might want to check out his other research papers on various bullshit stories that have been sold to the public –

        1. I guess I’m just saying that this blogger guy wouldn’t necessarily sue kuz it would make his life worse. Therefore I don’t read into it that he is a part of controlled opposition.
          And I haven’t heard of Miles Mathis but after the events surrounding Roosh’s meetup, conference, and the Dr. Oz bs, I’m a lot more willing to believe that some people might go to those lengths. The only alternative is that people are simply dumb.
          Thanks for the link. If I get a chance to read it I’ll let you know what I think.

      2. The problem with suing is that the other part gets your data. If you move to protect your ass, you must give your new address.
        Karen Straughan talked once about how she was sued just to get the needed data to harass her.

        1. Of course, laws in every country can differ. She’s canadian, if I’m not wrong, and that could very well not apply to other countries. However, it’s something to take into consideration and check. Just in case. As they say in my country “a cautious man is worthy as two”, our version of “forewarned is forearmed”.

      1. I must have stared at this for a full minute before I realized there were three people sitting there. The guy on the far left blends in to the surroundings just a bit.

      2. guiliani shipped those guys off somewhere in cattle cars…
        seems they’ve found their way back…
        and a new subway line to piss in as well…

        1. They didn’t find their way back, DiBlasio sent a limo and that chia pet son he has to pick them up. Hopefully the next guy will get the cattle cars running again.

      3. They seem to have a Big Gulp, a can of Pringles, an orange, and a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. So they have plenty of food and heat.

        1. They are actually on top of a grating so they are getting eat from below.

        2. It is wonderful. Right there on Madison avenue while the masters of the universe, the wealth elite, walk by them without even noticing. I love it.

    3. suing the suers?
      not so easy.
      losing job, reputation, ostracized from social club, threatened, harassed,,, spat on by sjw psychos is real and immediate…
      Isn’t there a picture of Roosh at his mother’s house?

      1. I don’t know if you’re playing or agreeing, but this path leads straight down the rabbit hole to actual paranoid insanity.

        1. Speaking from understanding the underpinnings of basic psychology. That you need to ad hominem tells me that I’m hitting something pretty tender with you.

    4. bob, nothing on the picture? comeon man, its my submission for beta magazine!

        1. not bad at all. I think I am going to print it, frame it and give it to my cousin with three daughters reading “This Is Where Interracial Relationships Lead” ALso, I am pretty sure that even in the bum world the guy sitting outside the box is being cucked.

        2. Not my best work but I’m juggling nine plates with eight hands. You know what, I thought that guy to the right looked cucked, too. Or he’s a cock-blocker. Hell, maybe it’s the guy’s brother and they are sharing that special snowflake…lice, crabs and all.

        3. not a cock blocker because the blak guy and the white girl live in that box with their dog

        4. see, I could have used you for these. I was very proud of my pics and quote selection

        5. You should be proud, man. Those are very touching, even if a person has a heart of ice…excellent job.

        6. Thanks. A while back, for no reason I have been able to think of, I just stopped sleeping. This was maybe 3 years ago. I did not sleep for 3 full weeks. Did everything. Meditation. Nothing. Medication….turned up cross town not sure how I got there. Sensory deprivation. Therapy. I did everything. I really started to go batty. The thought of homeless people sleeping peacefully on the street consumed me and became a total full time obsession. Then, one day, I fell asleep and the problem didn’t return. Odd.

        7. Wow. Truth is a weird thing. Three weeks without sleep…you must have been losing it. But something creative came out of it. Just wondering…when you were little, did you get spontaneous nosebleeds, for no apparent reason. Some guys who go long periods without sleep like that, have that in their background.

        8. I got nose bleeds but usually there was a fist on the other end of them. Nothing spontaneous. Also, I have zero history of insomnia (cocaine weekends in my youth aside). I really did lose it. About half way through the second week of no sleep I told them at work that I needed to take a few days off. I tried really hard. Wound up roaming the streets at all crazy times. 2 am. 1 in the after noon. Taking buses up through harlem and into the Bronx. walking around more. Taking the train from there all the way down town to the financial district. It was really fucking nuts. ANd just like it came it went away. I saw several medical doctors, several shrinks, I was even sitting with some meditation guru there was no remedy I wasn’t willing to pursue. And then one night I just fell asleep. I think one day I will take these pictures and quotes and frame them. Here is the funny thing. I remember exactly where every one of them was and remember every single picture I took, standing over them, getting the right angle, I remember the people staring at me like I was a dick while I did it. Who the fuck knows.

        9. As you know, the world is a mysterious place. When I was 16, I was sleeping in my grandmother’s living room after reading this book titled, “Unknown But Known” by a guy named Arthur C. Ford. In the book there’s a chapter dedicated to Edgar Cayce, who allegedly went into trances and healed people’s illnesses by reciting the remedy while in an altered state. He allegedly could read entire books by placing them under his pillow. Well, being a kid, I thought I’d try that. So I put the “Unknown But Known” book under my pillow and drifted off. A few moments later, my pillow shot out from underneath my head, and slammed into the wall across the room, knocking a lamp over. I woke up, and my arms were underneath my stomach, I was sleeping on this little cot. So I sat there trying to figure out what the hell had happened, and my grandmother walks out into the living room. It was like 1:00 a.m., she’d been asleep. She asked me what had happened and I reluctantly told her, thinking that she would think I was nuts. She just nodded and told me not to worry. She said the world was a mysterious place and we will never know everything about it, but some people experience parts of it that others don’t. Then she told me the night her own mother died, she woke up, middle of the night, woke up my grandfather and said, “We have to go to the hospital, my mother just died.” My grandfather looked at her like she was…you guessed it…nuts. Then the phone rang. It was the hospital, and they told my grandmother that her mother had just died. Whatever you went though, it was something that others have experienced. Getting through it makes you a different person. And probably stronger, more evolved. Was this around the time you broke up with that girl you made the mistake of living with…

        10. Tried it. Didn’t work. I mean, I don’t really need it. I have zero issues sleeping. I Have deep, dreamless peaceful sleep and wake up feeling rested. It was just this one 3 week period. Nothing worked. I was drinking Benedryl, Nyquil and Gin mixed in a shaker poured into a martini glass and using it to wash down ambien at one point.

        11. You never dream…not even to the point where you might wake up and remember a fragment of a dream…

        12. I have never met anyone who never dreamed. Hmm. Well you know what they say. Some people are dreamers, and some have their feet on the ground. So do you have any sluts lined up for the weekend. I am laying low until I split here for my Nevada venture. Still nervous, but confident.

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          I bet she grunts good. She reminds me of a quote from Bukowski:
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        14. Heh. Sounds great, man. I expect a full report come Monday, because as you know, I am laying low and living through your sexploits. That Bukowski quote was epic.
          Changing gears back to our last gear-change. Did you ever see “The Machinist” with Christian Bale. Freaky movie. It’s about a guy who hasn’t slept in over a year. I found a link where people can watch it for free if they want; it’s really good. The first 20 seconds or so it looks kind of blurry, but it clears up after that. You can watch on your computer –

        15. Yeah, I saw machinist when it came out and then another time at home. I really like Christian Bale. It actually reminds me of a very cool movie that I think you might like called Pi about a jewish math genius who is being hunted down by people in finance and government to work out algorithms to predict future stock prices and also being hunted down by Hasidic jews who are trying to get him to decode the name of god.

        16. Cripes. Happened to me around the age of 38. It took 2 months, but I ended up simply doing heavy lifting at the gym with walking at night.. .the exhaustion eventually made it fade away. Insomnia is a bitch who won’t leave.

        17. I would recommend it. If anyone has ever had insomnia, they could relate to the main charachter at times.

  5. The government doesn’t even have to bother censoring us… because we are censoring ourselves.

    1. Same with search warrants. They don’t need them a lot of times any longer, because people post the stupidest shit in the world online, including themselves committing crimes.

      1. Christmas Facebook Post: JUST GOT NEW 72 INCH TV!!!!! WOOOO!!!!!!!
        Jan 10 Post: GOING TO CANCUN FOR 10 DAYS!!!!!!!!!

        1. funny.
          had to read twice++
          news story yesterday – robberies of amazon delivery vehicles– great idea loaded with cool shit…

        2. Foursquare was renamed “Please rob me” back in 2009 or so; did peeps stop using it? Nope. You cant fix stupid

        3. Even non-crime related information that people give away is utterly stupid. It’s like people have forgotten the real value to be found in privacy. We’ve entered a voyeur culture, all voluntarily of course, where people simply have no idea how much better it is to keep some things to oneself.

        4. Yup. It was predicted by Foucault with his panopticism. It was way too early for him to understand the impact of the internet, let alone the internet as it is today, but he really was on to something. I think you would find it interesting how he defines and applies the ideas.

          “[The] peculiarity of the disciplines [elements of Panopticism] is that they try to define in relation to the multiplicities a tactics of power that fulfils three criteria: firstly, to obtain the exercise of power at the lowest possible cost (economically, by the low expenditure it involves; politically, by its discretion, its low exteriorization, its relative invisibility, the little resistance it arouses); secondly, to bring the effects of this social power to their maximum intensity and to extend them as far as possible, without either failure or interval; thirdly, to link this ‘economic’ growth of power with the output of the apparatuses (educational, military, industrial or medical) within which it is exercised; in short, to increase both the docility and the utility of all elements of the system

        5. When we finally sit down face to face and have a conversation, I deem that it should include a couple of fifths of fine single malt Scotch, two seats, a dry erase board, some pencils and paper, and a tape recorder/video app running. I suspect that the constant bouncing from topic to topic combined with a lot of learned knowledge and theory inside both of our heads would make for some fine viewing for future generations.
          At least until we cracked open the second bottle of Scotch.
          “Ahhhhh…ahhhh..ahhh shaid Fooool…………….cult….motherfuhker!”

        6. lol. I suspect you are right. I further add that as the evening progresses it will get worse and worse….with scotch consumption. May I suggest we drink Laphroiag? After all, it is on their lands that we have our empire.

        7. It is only proper that we consume the drink proper to our respective holdings as Lairds in the land of the Scots.

        8. A new Lairdship will be opening this weekend and our alliance will grow another foot.

        9. So I’ve been following. Soon it will be like Game of Thrones, except with substantially less acreage on the line.

        10. If you can find it, the first season of Drunk History is fantastic. It was “new” so it seems like it was pretty authentic and I think that they clearly believed that they’d fail out of the gate, so they made it really stupid fun. It’s a great watch, first season.
          After that you can kind of tell that nobody is actually drunk and just trying to put out the best “lines”, which basically killed the show in my eyes.

        11. There is a lot of good and a lot of bad in Foucault. Digging through his bullshit takes a lot of time and effort so most people (smartly) just avoid. I happen to have been in the business though so I did some heavy lifting with him and some others who are largely avoided because of one reason or another but who usually have a lot of good buried in them. For instance, I am an enormous fan of Derrida.

  6. One, the people in the media that pull this are literal pieces of #*$&#. They need to be removed.
    Two, since that’s unlikely given the present state of the UK (and elsewhere), another precaution needs to be taken by anyone fighting against the insanity: speak out without revealing who you are.
    He could very well speak his mind without plastering his face all over the net. If you live in a place with little free speech (Germany, UK…) you’ve GOT to be using methods to protect your IP address online. This is a good idea even in the US. (Roosh at Return of Kings is an excellent example.) <— Erm… right. I’m commenting at ROK. HAHA! Sometimes it’s helpful to know what site you’re commenting on…. 😀
    No, it isn’t fair. No it’s not right. But we’re up against fascism folks. This is what it looks like. When you diverge from The Narrative, they pull crap like this. Be ready for it, and expect it. It’s not a battle of ideology, it’s good vs evil.

  7. as with the communism of yesteryear power today works through ideological control (political correctness etc). Shaming those who deviate from correct thinking is the compassionate alternative to killing or imprisoning ideological reprobates, but it can’t be too compassionate: there have to be social and economic consequences for thinking wrong thoughts, performing wrong actions.

    1. This guy has been treated to the modern Gulag. All dissidents must be destroyed. There can be no safe havens for counter revolutionaries.

  8. Fascinating, well and truly fascinating. I’ve always been intrigued by this idea that words, simple words would cause such an outrage response. We as a society can never hope to move forward unless we share our opinions openly and safely without fear of ridicule or condemnation. I firmly believe once those opinions are shared no matter their context or malicious nature we can move beyond that. Miracles happen when we work with facts as oppose to censoring one another. All that achieves is more hostility and resentment. I don’t agree with anything this person preaches on their YouTube channel. Yet that is his right and life to do with as he pleases.
    Thank you for this example in censorship on your article. Much appreciated.

    1. I think what you are referring to is democracy.
      But these are 2017 SJWs we are dealing with.

      1. Hmm I’m not too sure. I would be hesitant to classify this simply as ‘oh SJW nonsense’. From the cursory knowledge I have the individual mentioned in this article and the few videos I’ve subsequently watched. He isint working with any real data or evidence to support his claims and assertions. Speaking in factual terminology on subjects too diverse for anyone to confidently close in on.
        The fact remains however – opinions and speaking them should not lead to such actions. The real problem comes from when all we do is point fingers at one another. I pray for a day when people listen and pay attention more than they simply wait for their turn to talk.

        1. “The fact remains however – opinions and speaking them should not lead to such actions. The real problem comes from when all we do is point fingers at one another. I pray for a day when people listen and pay attention more than they simply wait for their turn to talk.”
          That’s what I mean by SJWs. If these people can’t get the state to punish crime-thinkers, then they use the media to defame and expose people to radicals. I think it is absurd that an Englishman cannot discuss the negative effects of British immigration in his own country.

        2. I can see your point and you have every right to be as passionate about it as you clearly are. However name calling serves little purpose. We should strive to understand one another and our motivations. An Englishman has every right along with every other naturalized citizen to speak on the effects their individual countries are going through. I believe the problem rests in when the information being shared is used to propagate a false narrative or more insidiously to insight violence as well.
          In the end I believe there is a better way to do things than hurling insults at one another on both sides. We should work with the facts of any given situation.
          Thank you for the discussion

  9. Curious, what’s stopping us from doxing these sneering goats back, precisely?
    A reporter’s name is on an article, so, hey, Dox her and publish it on the interwebs and then we get to play the same game as they do.

      1. Ok. Counter point. We have lots of IT savvy guys here. Why can’t some of our own DDOS places that DOX our own?
        I don’t see this as a one way street. Whatever they can do, we can do, and likely better than them.

        1. Of course we can one up them, but They have the establishment on their side. Which means the law overlooks them and oversees us.

        2. For normal people yes. IT people in network security don’t have to worry about that if they’re competent however.

        3. Oh the feds have shit. People imbue them with way too much power that is mostly all mythical. I was in Intelligence, half the shit you think they know, they don’t. But they like to keep you thinking that they’re nearly omnipotent. Truth be told, they’re a group of dick holding fuck ups whose only saving grace is that they are a little less incompetent than the governments of other nations.

        4. I worked with them too. They are a Keystones Cop escapade that takes itself way too seriously.

        5. Disagree. Despite competence, the feds have time, an infinite supply of others people’s money and a lot of sway regarding how fed statutes are interpruted on judiciary issues (with plenty of tax payer supplied attornies).
          Talk to tea Party members who made denotations just to get audited by the IRS the same year (Tea Party members were 10 times more likely to get audited than the rest of the general population). The process is the punishment.

        6. I once read somewhere that the NSA has the private keys of most root CAs thereby compromising the entire pkcs infrastructure. Is that all overrated paranoia?

        7. All you need is the High Orbit Ion Cannon, and better tools that are just as simple have certainly come out since 2012.

      2. No reason it needs to be done directly from ROK. Actually, having an onion site for this kind of thing would be useful. I wonder if there is one already?

      3. Anonymous seems pretty diverse in its opinions (at least the parts that aren’t an FBI sting operation). Are there any Anons that are friendly to the ‘Sphere?

      4. I always assumed “Anonymous” (or the better part of it)was absorbed a long time ago and act as provactuers.

      1. or worse than the island…when the island is over crowded and you spend a night on the boat.

        1. I travel past that barge occasionally,,, really fucking sad, forlorn looks from the guests…
          I encourage my women to show some skin…
          humanitarian reasons

    1. Even if these “reporters’” info is published, it does not carry the same kind of threat, because only their side uses mob violence.

      1. “Even if these “reporters’” info is published, it does not carry the same kind of threat, because only their side uses mob violence”
        Precisely. And if our side uses violence as well – it becomes something known as a civil war, and it could very well be doxing that triggers one.

      2. because only their side uses mob violence. ?? Maybe that’s what is wrong with our side ?? Maybe we have to follow the Talmud & an eye for an eye ?? Nah.. Both eyes for one eye ??

        1. Umm… no. But a nice civil lawsuit for invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and tortious interference with this individual’s livelihood does seem in order.

        1. Don’t know if I consider Muslims leftist, but they sure do take advantage of leftist oppressed classification.

    2. I don’t think Roosh is smart enough to organise a dox. He’s Middle Eastern, remember? Those cunts who invading Europe. We gonna need a white man to organise that shit

      1. You’re making some seriously dickheady comments today mate but going into someones house and insulting the owner is a bit rough.
        I’m guessing you’ve had a few drinks already or your mrs is on the rags and you’re taking it out on the internets.

        1. LOL Right about the drinks, bro! But my mama never taught me to respect nobody’s house anyway. She was a proper feminist. Taught me good.
          But seriously, don’t you think it’s odd a bunch of alt-righters and white supremacists and whatever the fuck ends up on RoK is following some Middle Eastern tosser with pubic hair all over his face?

        2. Most white Nationalists don’t like Roosh, some even hate him. People like Roosh and the alt-right often share enemies, so talking about stuff like this is still relevant.

  10. That’s why i think that a true leftist isn’t complete until he got an inscription the NAMBLA bulletin.

  11. Targeting political opponents for physical harm? These leftists are digital Brown Shirts.

  12. My guess is they singled out Millennial Woes as he was an easy target. I don’t see anything he said in any of his videos being any different from Stefan Molyneux, Mark Dice, Paul Joseph Watson, etc., etc. There are so many vloggers out there talking about the invasion from the 3rd world why did this “journalist” target Millennial Woes? Because he is Scottish and the journalist in question is a Scottish sjw of the highest order. He wanted to make an example of MW and it backfired on him big time. The comments section on the article were suspended as so many people criticised the journalist and his article. People are not blind to this shit any longer. The msm are censoring any information that does not agree with the “refugee” narrative.
    For example a few weeks ago in Ireland the national TV channel RTE carried out a poll asking if people wanted 4,000 Syrian refugees in Ireland. 58% of those polled did not want to take them in, 32% wanted to accept them, the rest didn’t know. RTE buried the poll.

  13. You can support millenial woes with a couple of pounds or dollars into his paypal account if you visit his youtube channel. We really really really need to start putting our money where our mouth is. I have sent a few pounds.

    1. PayPal will now turn over your information because you are an alt righ supporter. Don’t use leftist infrastructure if you can avoid it

  14. Although migration is a problem for host nations, don’t forget that it was the host nations (primarily the US however) which were the cause of the displacement in the first place.

    1. The common folk of the host nations did not want to distabilize the middle east. Our so called leaders then foist them upon us like it’s morally good to do so? Fuck that. The majority are economic migrants. Fuck them all. I want my culture and heritage to stay homogenous. Fuck diversity and fuck multicultural SCUM.

      1. I agree but at the same time, the common folk were the ones that chose those leaders. Not just Bush/Obama but US interventionism in the Middle East that has lasted decades. The 2 party system where the lesser of the 2 evils must be chosen is one of the big problems which contributed, but I wouldn’t give credit up to the point of saying the commoners were averse to it; the majority simply believed the Narrative and are increasingly paying the price.

        1. You’re preaching to the choir. What I am saying is fuck diversity and fuck the refugees and we reject human garbage flow into western countries.

      2. I’d like to reply, but I’m a white Christian economic refugee living in a brown Buddhist/Muslim country and banging my way through the local female population.
        So really all I can say is, Yay for diversity!

        1. I suspect my local ladyboys are slimmer and more attractive than your locally available white women. And probably less body hair.

        2. LOL I suspect you 100% right, bro. Fuck these ugly sluts in Invercargill. I vomit when I see them. I’d rather fuck an Asian man, in all honesty. Luckily there’s no shortage of Asian women but

    2. Fuck off, leftist apologist cunt. I can do whatever I want. Blow up the fucken Middle East and slam the door in the face of refugees. I was raised by a fucken feminist. Get to the part where I owe anybody responsibility for my actions

      1. I never said that. I simply pointed out the reality of the situation. I don’t support migrants entering various other nations. If you do what you want, fine, but if you think there is no consequences for baiting a mad dog, you may just get bit.

        1. Reality is defined by the individual, you hetropatriarchal cis-gendered white male scum

        2. That’s not what mama taught me. Doors are slamming in refugees faces. Deal with reality, cunt

        3. No, that’s like the barbie dolls I used to play with. Not my fucken fault I was raised by a feminist and turned out to be a sociopath, bro. You wanna fix the problem of me then you gotta anhiliate feminists

        4. To do so simply by insistence won’t work. Understanding both sides of the issue is critical as far as current foreign policy goes. Closing the door on migrants is important, but resolving the root of the problem which gave birth to them in the first place is moreso.

        5. No, I think if we hadn’t gave rebels/ISIS a bunch of money taken from Libya, the revolution wouldn’t have happened, nor the migrant crisis. They still would have lived under a tyrant like Assad, but at least it wasn’t have been a civil war like now, with people running away to avoid the whole thing.

    3. No, but mostly yes. Europe had it’s own aims and promptly started something they couldn’t finish in Libya. Obama undermining Egypt and trying to insall the Muslim Brotherhood and backing forces trying to overthrow Assad in Syria, pulling all US troops out of Iraq in 2011 in order to win reelection (and quietly sending them back), Bengahzi, giving Iran nuclear material, etc…
      Obama was clearly unqualified to be POTUS (despite the hype) and the US, and the rest of the world, will be paying for that fuck up for a very long time.

      1. At this point, it’s pretty much unsalvageable. Trump’s best bet would be to pop the current bubble economy ASAP and let things reset (and shut the Fed) or else he’ll get blamed later down the line. It’ll be interesting to see the power dynamics shift, if he really can deliver. But too much happened to reverse the last few years.

        1. Cut fed spending and fire half of of the fed work force. Let people under 30 be exempt from making SS payments (and let them keep thier and their employers contribution for a private pension plan that they control). As over 60% of the fed budget is welfare (both private and corporate), there is plenty of room for cutting.
          That won’t happen though. To many sacred cows would need to be goured to save the Republic (in my life time anyway).

        2. Don’t really want to start a Keynesian vs Austrian school of thought battle if it comes to it, but I think the Fed needs to be abolished and let free markets take over. They can’t hold back market forces for much longer, and this time, there won’t be enough for a bailout. That $22 trillion national debt’s interest alone is crippling. Real assets have real value, and the upcoming crash will send ripples and probably kill the already terminal nations around the world.
          I wonder what precious metals real worth is. A silver 1 troy oz coin can be had for well under $20 which seems ridiculously low. Price suppression apparently. China has been stocking up on em.

        3. Commiditiy values are being suppressed, but as long as the USD is the worlds reserve currency Americans won’t notice it. Russia has been stocking up on gold the last 8 years as well despite the drop in energy prices the last 2. Something is afoot.

  15. I’ve always found MW to be fairly moderate with his views tbh – there’s nothing vindictive in what he says
    It is my hope that all doxxers get the cancer they deserve
    Right in the fucking face

    1. It’d be much more hilarious and gratifying if it was colorectal and worked its way up to their brainstems eating them from the inside; family fun for everybody.

      1. He should, but we need to realize that we’re all in this together. The manosphere and alt-right needs to start working together as a unit – that’s the only way we can make our country great again.

  16. Can’t see anyone travelling to a ‘small community in Scotland’ to cause trouble, unless they provide a bus. Still someone should publish the journalists name and home address if they want to play that game.

  17. I’d like to reply, but I’m a white Christian economic refugee living in a brown Buddhist/Muslim country and banging my way through the local female population.
    So really all I can say is, Yay for diversity!

      1. When I was young a faggot was an elderly woman. “You silly old faggot”
        “Bumming a fag” means one thing in London and something completely different in New York.

        1. Movie carry on Cleo….. Shut up you silly old faggot!….. Talking to an elderly woman.

        2. Small point of information, generally the Ladyboys bugger you, they give, you receive.

  18. Those British monkeys are whining about immigration, but you don’t hear them when their fellow British monkeys and land whales migrate to other countries. If immigrants aren’t welcome in the UK, then Britains aren’t welcome in other countries.
    It’s easy as that. Play equal cards, just like Russia does. The EU implements economical sanctions against Russia, so Russia stops buying from EU companies and these companies will lose a lot of money. Are Russian ambassadors treated badly in a foreign country? Then the ambassadors of this country aren’t welcome either.

      1. Not to mention, as one of those British (not an immigrant, just on extended holidays), I pay my own way and pay for some of the young native women to be educated (two girls through high school, number 1 in her second year of university, number 2 is doing her uni applications right now).

    1. Not to mention, as one of those British (not an immigrant, just on extended holidays), I pay my own way and pay for some of the young native women to be educated (two girls through high school, number 1 in her second year of university, number 2 is doing her uni applications right now).
      You ain’t in Kansas now Toto!
      (and neither am I, thank God)

  19. All other race’s can be proud except the white race, all other races seem to want to segregate in their own areas
    the very thing that blacks fought for.
    We all self segregate, I’m white and bought my house in
    a white neighborhood, hell I moved to a town that is
    99% white in central pa but it doesn’t make me racist.

  20. If I was this kid, I think I would kinda “embrace” it. I would start making videos from the front porch with a shotgun in my lap. I think if people who get doxed by Leftists should make a show of how they are willing to defend themselves against these crazy, violent assholes. (Of course, they better be prepared to actually defend themselves if the situation presents itself).
    A thing to keep in mind is that these Leftists are afraid of guns. That is why they only want the government to have them. They might be more reluctant if they know they might get shot for their harassment. At some point, these people are going to escalate, and they need to be met with hard defensive response.

    1. Great point, it blows my mind how when I talk to them they are LEGIT SCARED of guns. I have had people to my face say ‘I can’t be trusted with a gun’. The propaganda is insane.

    2. He lives in Scotland. If he touched a shotgun the police would arrest him and he would go to prison for several years. And politicians have called for police to arrest him. In Scotland, you can go to prison for saying things. He is at actual risk of going to prison for having expressed himself on Youtube.

  21. This article needs way more views/comments. I think this is the biggest issue facing us these days. The media is COMPLETELY controlled by (((YKW))) and they are on constant witch hunts. Look at the dylan roof thing, he kills some blacks and its over the news EVERY NIGHT about the trial how racist he is, how the rebel flag needs to go etc, meanwhile blacks routinely shoot up whites (chiraq etc) and SILENCE.

  22. One other comment is how the leftists can SPEW shit all day long and never get ‘doxed’ because it all fits in the paradigm. It was like that story where people were turning in facebook posts wanting ass..a$si-nations of trump and they didn’t do anything about them.

  23. No different than what happened to Roosh. But describing him as a small timer is rather shitty….don’t you think? Especially as the only thing big about Yanks is their bellies and mouths.

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