We Are Now Accepting Your Gracious Donations

A couple weeks ago we announced a sponsorship program so businesses can reserve a month of space to advertise their web site. For everyone else, we now have a tip jar, where you can donate money either on a monthly basis (e.g. $3) or via a one-time donation. If you donate at least $1 today, you get the following benefits…

  • Picture of a hot Ukrainian girl holding a placard that says “I love *your name*”
  • All of my books, both in ebook and paperback form
  • Drake’s upcoming new album in MP3 format
  • One-hour telephone consultation with each member of the ROK staff
  • 100 non-lubricated condoms

So head to the tip jar page now and make your donation. All proceeds will help ensure that ROK ejaculates its red pill wisdom upon the masses for some time to come. Thanks.

26 thoughts on “We Are Now Accepting Your Gracious Donations”

    1. Well you get to support the site, which is the point of donating. Do you expect benefits in return for donating to a charity?
      On the other hand, a cool icon (like a gold star or a diamond) beside your name for donating at least $5 or whatever would be sweet IMO.

    1. The list of benefits was (sadly) obviously too generous to be serious.
      But why not get some nice premiums of various levels and make it a serious pledge drive?
      Tote-bags might not do it, but a limited edition ROK Players Kit® might pry some loose change out of us. Make it something you can’t otherwise just easily buy.
      Look at all the money people spend for Kickstarter crap.
      I’m certain fellas here aren’t interested in the expired Ukrainian Army surplus condoms.
      Something special officially licensed and endorsed by ROK?
      You know?

  1. That Ukrainian girl misspelled my name. It says “Raw Dogger” by mistake. Or maybe she is trying to hint at something…

  2. you might want to be more clear that the benefits are a joke. this web site pisses off a lot of people, and I wouldn’t be surprised if one donated a dollar just so that they could sue ( or other annoying actions) for not delivering on it.

  3. Bit sad, really. Does Chateau Heartiste beg like this? Yeah, I know, you want to move out of your mothers basement but you won’t get more than $50 total (if that). I suppose I’d be more supportive if you actually wrote worthwhile articles rather than just book reviews. If I wanted book reviews I’d log onto Oprah’s Book Club.

    1. I agree, this kinda formula doesn’t work. There is too much info on the internet for free.
      what do you mean with: Return Of Kings operates at a loss?

    2. PUAs don’t beg for money,neither do guys as heartiste.It’s all self-driven and altruistic in a way.
      Return of betas is basically anti-game resource, teaches men that being a beta is normal.Meanwhile roosh tries to extract pennies from the poor sods.

    3. Maybe you should stop reading the book reviews, and then you’d notice there are plenty of other articles.

  4. He begs for pussy,he is begging for money now.
    How low can a man fall?
    At least he has finally admitted that he could not get laid in Ukraine, the next revellation will be that he lives on money his mommy sends him.

  5. Happy to make a small donation – planning on buying an ad banner. LOVE the content, great job to all.

  6. It seems like some degree of editorial should be an option for the right price. I’d risk my shirt to turn this into, primarily, a skin mag.

  7. A fair question would be: what’s in for the paying readers? I would personally not mind having privileges over the non-paying readership, so long as Roosh pledges to make improvements to the blog. Better contents, maybe, perhaps more authors altogether. Faster hosting. That kind of stuff.

  8. Roosh,
    I have an opinion and I’m going to force it upon you.
    I think that you should have a better rewards system for the people reading your site.
    The ‘bonus’s’ that are fake actually had some ok ideas.
    Look at how kickstarter works – you get rewarded for your contributions hence A LOT of people contribute.
    If I was you:
    Every donation of x amount gives you:
    $1: Your (The Donator) name listed on the ‘ROK Supports Hall of Fame’
    $5: A short story by roosh himself (you’re a writer and I’m sure you have some funny story kicking around you could throw at this so it’s probably no extra effort).
    $19: A hour long video with you breaking down some of your ‘Game’ secrets/advice/whatever you wanted to say.
    $59 An hour phone consult with you.
    Now i realize you may not wanna do any of this and it may have all been a waste of time to write it for you, but either way, i hope it helps somehow.
    I am also unsure if this messes up any donation thingy by you providing services for donation.
    I personally quite like your website and read 98% of the articles, at some point I would be happy to donate some money….I would be much more motivated if donating was making me feel like I was pimpin as part of ROK rather than just one of it’s ho’s, if you get my weird example.

  9. Soliciting donations in this way belies your of-repeated claims of financial success. Also, what company would want to buy a banner here, and thereby ally itself with you? Does anyone besides Matt Forney even post here under a traceable identity? I expect most of your readership are angry adolescents who have little cash to spare, however much they vicariously enjoy your rants and fantasies…

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