The War On Male Sexuality

The government and society is waging war on men’s sexuality. We are being attacked for being men. Everything that is perceived to be male or masculine is being attacked, put down, condemned, and criticized. The general idea is the attacks are simply the outgrowth of feminism; this is partially true. The attacks are from feminism’s parent ideology. The war on men’s sexuality are organized lies to reshape western reality, eliminate due process, and replace our constitution with a totalitarian rule.

Consider the organized lies of such things as mansplaining, manspreading, manterrupting, male privilege, toxic masculinity, rape culture, the patriarchy, etc. How many have considered these to be broader tactics for the regulation of men’s sexuality and the eventual regulation of men, and thus the population as a whole?

Most young people are not familiar with cultural war tactics. While the tactics can change, the general concepts are the same as general warfare. Many men in the west do not realize that Western society is at war with them. Male sexuality and masculinity are under attack from every progressive front. Progressives begin by corrupting children when they are young. SJWs hate it when children tell them the truth.

The Rewriting of History

Men like sex. Men want sex. Many women like sex and want sex. The sex drive in humans is powerful. Women have a powerful sex drive too. Men’s sex drive is typically more on display because men respond more to visual sexual stimuli while women respond more to emotional sexual stimuli.

Some of the most natural activities of men are now being regulated, made illegal, or redefined. Rape culture is one example of an attempt at redefining male sexuality. The advocates of rape culture claim the desire to rape is within every man and always lurking beneath the surface in every man and men “must be taught not to rape”.

In November 2017 New York Times columnist Stephen Marche published an article titled “The Unexamined Brutality of the Male Libido.” He compares the sexual libido in men to vampires and werewolves. The Obama Administration’s “Dear Colleagues” letter, a letter designed specifically to subvert U.S. law and due process as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution created the environment and framework for the regulation of sexual relations between men and women.

Over the last several years, media attention has exploded in coverage of transgender events and individuals. The media is widespread with articles about boys competing in women’s competitive sports. Naturally, the competitors that were born as boys defeat the women. In November 2017, the New York Times published an article titled, “His Makeup Is Way Better Than Yours”. The article praises young men that decide to wear makeup and their masterful application of makeup.

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Gay activist Daniel Villarreal wrote an article titled, “Can We Please Just Start Admitting That We Do Actually Want To Indoctrinate Kids” expressing frustration with gay community leaders in constantly reciting the lie that the gay community does not want to “indoctrinate” children.

A group at Claremont College call “5C Thrive” held a workshop discussing “the mental health problems caused by masculinity”. Several other colleges are offering “safe spaces” from “toxic masculinity.”

When progressives constantly call President Trump and his supporters “Nazis” this is a deception and attempt at rewriting history and painting the Nazis as something different from socialism. The Nazis were socialists. Fascists are a socialists. Hitler himself declared the party socialist. Hitler advocated for “a socially just state.”

The Creation of an Enemy

Many more examples could be given. Since the U.S. Constitution forbids the passage of Bills of Attainder, the current cultural tactic, organized lying tactic, being used is to paint all human vices as exclusively the result of “the patriarchy”, male, and male sexuality and thus any man as a perpetrator of said vice. It is no coincidence that most feminists are devout socialists.

Progressives will gladly accept a world with enforced poverty, will publicly decry totalitarian organized lies of “inequality”, all while accepting an extreme hierarchical order and rigid class structure as exists in China and existed in Soviet society.

SJWs cannot bear reality so everything becomes political. George Orwell stated in his article, The Prevention of Literature, how organized lying is part of the integral fabric of totalitarianism to shape and constantly reshape reality. Literature, art, music, science, knowledge, technology, and sex are heavily politicized to perpetuate and push the organized lies and fit the “correct” ideology and narrative. The Mainstream Media, the Deep State, and other organizations are part of a large apparatus of systematic lying to destabilize society, divide the people, and remove due process as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, and obtain political power. History is constantly rewritten to facilitate the reshaping of the present reality and the writing of the future.

kids science classification racism

In all societies that are socialist, or desire to be socialist, there has to be an enemy, usually fabricated, a group to receive blame for what socialists will label as “societal injustices”. The Chinese Communists, the Soviets, and the Nazis, all had people and groups that were used as initial lackeys and targets to promote and spread the organized lies and the war, the revolution in the progressive or socialist mind. Crimes committed by “protected classes” which are considered to be “victims” are explained away as the result of oppression and the “societal injustices” perpetuated by the “enemy of the people”.

Some of these people and groups were later targeted and labeled as “enemies of the people” and exterminated. Concentration camps and labor camps are common in communist countries. Hitler did not come up with the idea of concentration camps on his own. Hitler copied what was already being done in the Soviet Union.

“Enemy of the people” is a broad and fluid term used to attack anyone that is a potential ideological opponent, anyone who is a potential threat to the regime, or anyone considered to be subpar, weak, ideologically impure, or undesirable. As Augusto Zimmermann stated in his article “Adolf Hitler’s Debt to Karl Marx” these “enemies of the people” were arrested and executed for what they were and not any specific crime and the repressive machinery created by Marxists is then used to “hunt people down, to destroy their lives not for what such people have done but because of their social ‘category’”. Targeting a social class for extermination or enslavement is not any different than exterminating or enslaving a race or demographic group.

ministry truth government organized lies.

Socialists want to force people into what they think is a perfect society. This society would be amoral and have no rights since, according to Marx, morality and natural, civil, or human rights are oppressive tools used to suppress others. Male Privilege, White Privilege, or Asian Privilege are concocted terms and concocted crimes used to mask the elimination of the natural, God given rights, of a person or group of people, and the subsequent elimination of due process. The socialists in the Western world have chosen men as the current “enemy of the people”. These terms pave the way for imprisonment or death of men and white and Asian people for what they are and not any real crime and eventually anyone else that disagrees with them. Socialism wears the mask of benevolence and uses colorful language to disguise its inherent racism, genocide, theft, misandry, misogyny, and rot.

What You Can Do

I like being a man. I love sex. I love women. I will not apologize for being a man, nor should you. The male sex drive, male sexuality, and sex are not vices any more than the female sex drive and female sexuality are virtues. Masculinity is not any more toxic than femininity. There are toxic people, both men and women. Do not tolerate and accept the ideology of progressives or accept that human vices are exclusively male and masculine. Reject the organized lies and realize you are at war.

Cleon Skousen summed up what Marx, and thus socialists, really want.

He visualized a regimented breed of Pavlovian men [people] whose minds could be triggered into immediate action by signals from their masters. He wanted a race of men who would no longer depend upon free will, ethics, morals or conscience for guidance. Perhaps, without quite realizing it, Marx was setting out to create a race of human beings conditioned to think like criminals.

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60 thoughts on “The War On Male Sexuality”

  1. Title mistake,
    You’re being attacked for being white men, men outside the white world don’t have that many problems.

    1. Exactly correct. It’s all part of the war on Whites. Just as it is only White countries that are being targeted with all the diversity and multicultural BS.

      1. Trinidad & Tobago is being attacked at all fronts by the feminists and gay communities from Canada and USA! This is a war on all men, not only whites. Trinidad and Tobago is only like 10% white.

    2. jd
      The first thing that crossed my mind as I read the article.
      But then the author would have problems including the Nazis in the classification of the forces attacking men.
      Put it this way:
      The Nazis set up at structure that glorified their own people, with masculine roles for men and feminine roles for women. The rest of the world could not stand it and had to crush them in a war.
      The US comes from a laizzes faire capitalist system, and is overtaken by marxist and degenerates. The rest of the world just have to wait for the collapse.
      Maybe Trump is awakening something that will prevent the latter.

      1. The thing is that half of Trump’s presidency is over and there’s only been a deeper spiral into extreme feminism and immigration of degenerates. Even when he’s fighting with the system, he can’t win. No president is truly “in charge” of the USA. Even Reagan answered to (((the banks))), and (((the banks))) want a complete world of debtor underclass. Who better than the most irresponsible spenders in the world (women and nigs) to hand over all social privileges? They compete in your narrow job market for lower wages. They work for these lower wages and finance nearly everything. White men typically desire to work for a good wage and save money, financing only the important items. Nigs go out and finance things like rims and shoes. Women also finance things like cheap American sports cars and a Master’s degree (even though they haven’t actually mastered the trade).
        This is what he’s fighting, and face it, he’s not going to beat it. White guys are too scared to do anything about it, so this underclass will continue to grow until it eats them alive.

        1. Damn you. You are a heretic! Trump is like a God and all REAL men worship Him, Law Enforcement and the Military. There is nothing more holy than the American Government and its Leader. Nothing more sublime than the sacred violence of the state.
          God is Trump!
          Trump is God!

      2. “The Nazis set up at structure that glorified their own people, with masculine roles for men and feminine roles for women. The rest of the world could not stand it and had to crush them in a war.”
        I think you might be missing the causes of the Second World War a bit. Plenty of other countries and cultures have maintained traditionally masculine/feminine roles, without war as a result. I’m not going to bash on Hitler – if you look at him objectively (if that’s even possible anymore), he actually had some decent ideas. He had a positive vision for his land and people and obviously enjoyed the support of most of his countrymen. But it was monumentally stupid for him to go to war with most of the civilized world.
        (((They))) always fantasize about going back in time and killing him. I always wonder, what would the world be like if you could go back in time and convince him to stop! and figure out a way to get where you want to go without rolling tanks.

        1. Hitler was between a rock and a hard place. The filthy Bolshevik scum were trying to take over Germany, the Poles were encouraged to commit atrocities against ethnic Germans in formally German lands. If he ignored the atrocities the Bolsheviks would have used it against him to gain power. He chose to protect his people. It was probably the only real choice he had. If saner minds in England had prevailed over the drunken sodomite Churchill the choice may very well have been a good one. If he had ignored the atrocities then surely the Bolsheviks would have deposed him.

        2. Hitler did not declare war on England or France. He invaded Poland because of atrocities committed by the Polish against ethnic Germans. If he hadn’t done so the Communists that were trying to take over Germany would have used it against him. Of course they were the ones encouraging the Poles in the first place.

      3. I might add to Bjorn’s comment that the ethos of Hitlers national socialist party is a far cry from Marxism and socialisms current incarnations (Hitler vehemently opposed Marxism and communism). I would take a competent socialist government with a strong dictator over democracy any day of the week.

    3. My only problem is whether to fuck the blonde with blue eyes or the brunette with green eyes

      1. I think your main problem is that you are actually a white SJW/feminist or (((j))) trolling here, which is pretty lame.

    4. Exactly. Muslims aren’t dealing with this. Africans aren’t dealing with this. In fact, they’re being invited to the West in droves. They’re brutally sexual people. it’s a complete ruse because white guys are easy to manipulate with. (((Somebody))) figured this out and it’s being exploited. This is what white guys get for being nice and inventing everything for the world to use.

    5. White feminists are in Trinidad & Tobago pressing the corrupt government to enact pro-gay laws. They already decriminalized the crime of “buggery”, which includes buggery of a child under 14. OH WAIT! Feminists raised the AOC in T&T from 16 to 18, and plans to increase to 19 or 21. BUT ONLY FOR GIRLS.
      White feminists from especially NYC and Toronto have corrupted our women that many men are not finding gfs and instead traveling to ISIS territories to vent their anger.

    6. it is not just a war on whitemen,even here in Africa,which many think is so male dominated,men are constantly attacked and feminism is intensive

      1. But Africans can say fuck it and can survive and African tradition is still there if a woman want to get married she behaves she cant have blue hair and a noise ring and expect to find a husband man who can still marry 2 to 7 wives

    7. Men, and their masculinity, are at risk due to socialist ideologies. Racism isn’t wanted at this precise moment of time.

  2. You are correct John. I am Hispanic myself but am often confused with being white. When discovered I am Hispanic people act much nicer to me, to which I respond with “go fuck yourself”. White hatred is typical Liberal tolerance. Feminism is a disease, and any man who supports it are an enemy to man.

  3. 40 plus years of brainwashing….but the most damaging brainwashing has been the last 5 years. The only way to counter the cultural Marxists at this point is to violently hunt them down and execute them…but mankind has no spine for self preservation and simply will not do what it must to save itself as a species. Cultural Marxism will end up being cultural suicide. We know what has exterminated previous incarnations of humanity societies that came before and suddenly vanished, is that they fell to this insidious evil of failing to counter the very real dangers in their midst.; Self preservation failed to recognize and react to them, and as such they imploded and died out. Humanity is living on this planet, this petri dish, a recurring science project that keeps on being repeated and burning out in flashes like a virus killing the host, because it cannot understand its own nature enough to adapt and overcome its suicidal behavior that lies in a mental blindspot, until now, we can see it but cannot comprehend it to change course, so off to societal burn out we go, the cycle continues.

    1. Funny you said that because n Trinidad& Tobago anyone can hire assassins and criminals to kidnap and murder someone they don’t like, but these Canadian and American nonprofits, fags, feminists and trannies are allowed into Trinidad and no one dares even pen a letter to the Trinidad newspapers criticizing their pro-feminist, pro-buggery and pro-pedophilia activism.
      We have an elderly Islamic cleric who was born and raised in Trinidad for 76 years, but he has declared that he’s considered an enemy in his own country for recording a video of the Feminist Revolution. Before he was a diplomat to Trinidad, and then 20 years ago he turned into an Islamic cleric.
      I pray for the day that oil prices collapse so that Trinidad’s government will not have enough money to protect those foreign fags from destroying our culture. It seems like these feminists and bugger batty men flock to countries that have oil wealth and high GDP per capita. These fags aren’t at low-income countries like Haiti.

  4. Guys diversity is our strength.
    We need to open our hearts, minds and buttocks to the immigrant cultures
    We are pale and stale. Our culture has faltered. They will show us the way
    I have allowed my darling wife Annie to sleep with an ethnic gentleman every weekend, and our relationship couldn’t be better. We don’t have sex but she let’s me rub her feet every night after work.
    I’m lucky!

    1. There’s “diversity” and then there’s getting along with people, finding what you have in common, working together.

  5. “Men like sex. Men want sex. Many women like sex and want sex. The sex drive in humans is powerful. Women have a powerful sex drive too.”
    That’s so wrong I don’t even know where to start.
    Roosh needs to abandon this site’s business model as based on sex or it will die out and it’s already showing the signs.

  6. “Compares men’s sexuality to vampires and werewolves”.
    No shit, was he living under a rock when Twilight happened?

  7. Man, what is it with the ads on this site. I see two penis ads, some freakshow with a massive ass, and Van Damme’s daughter. WTF. Switch the ads seriously and put them outside the posts. Ridiculous.

    1. Ghostery blocked 10 items, including everything you mentioned…smooth sailing. I don’t think we need to support every single one of Roosh’s income streams, though sincerely believe he deserves something for the effort. (endorsing not shilling.)

    2. Hate to break it to you, but they are smart ads and target you based on searches and browsing history. Apparently you’re into penis enlargement, big asses, and you got a thing for Van Damme’ s daughter.

  8. Just my 2 cents here.
    The great problem is that male/female dynamics were artificially changed on the 60s and 70s. Since the industrial revolution, intelligent, hardworking, educated providers were the most sought after men. They got the best (youngest and prettiest) females. Thugs, criminals and other dark triad badboys settled for the leftovers. Giving females the vote led us down the path to the 60s and now things are reversed. And the west may never recover.
    I will say that I think I would be much happier if I had a hot young girl living with me for cooking, cleaning and sex. And to take to dinner and go on weekend getaways and vacations. But I’ll settle for escorts by the hour. I will NEVER settle for the badboys’ leftovers.

    1. You’re wrong – Girls never liked boring white picket fence house owners. the bad boy image was huge in the 60s and 70s.
      Most girls went after thugs and criminals because they were bored

      1. No you are wrong. Prior to female “empowerment” they would starve if they picked a “bad boy”.

      2. While it may be true that women have always had a fascination with the bad boy, prior to female “empowerment” societal pressure from other women and the need to have financial support from a man caused women to shun the bad boy. They may have secretly fantasized but would never act on it.

        1. I’ve seen what happens to bad boys in their 30s and 40s . They get fatties because they are useless to hot females . Women’s fantasies are just that . Women need to be controlled period

  9. Are there any English-speaking safe havens in the entire world that aren’t completely overrun with the filth that the Western countries all seem to be gladly welcoming from Africa, S. America, and the mostly Islamic region sandwiched in between Africa, W. Europe and Russia? I’m making a medium- to long-term exit plan for just before the shit hits the fan here and America as we used to know it completely shrivels up and dies.

    1. CM,
      The Philippines is totally English speaking, Vietnam has a surprisingly large number of English speakers. If you marry a local, these countries provide very cheap and easy long-term VISAs.

    1. 5’4 indian guy getting laid with the only feminine white women on the planet- Eastern European girls- more than the white dudes commenting on these articles.
      These guys triggered!

  10. Who does most violent armed robberies? Assassinations (e.g. of Martin Luther king), mass shootings, gang rivalry, rape and sexual assault? Most acid attacks? 90+% in prisons for violent crime? TOXIC MASCULINITY!!!

    1. Yeah, but we also invented, designed and built all your stuff.
      Without white men you’d be living in a mud hut, burning candles at night and walking everywhere.

      1. This borders on white privilege and white supremacy; this popular lie is not true. Europeans like to credit many inventions to themselves to believe they are superior; and at the same time say “Africans or blacks have no inventions”; also many whites bully others out of credit/ recognition for inventions. Feeding of these lies begins in school. A good example, the wright brothers did not invent the airplane. Research has gone into that for a while by black, white japanese and middle eastern men. Yet Wright Brothers are generally credited wiv it’s invention due to white privilege and white supremacy. I refer you to:

        1. Also bear in mind these so called inventions were at the peak of the partriarchy; today more women are entering STEM and so no there are women inventors too and women offer inventions WITH LITTLE TO NO VIOLENCE.

  11. it’s simple.
    Nobody can
    do anything
    to stop the
    because the
    very first talk
    about what to do
    would get banned
    as hate speech,
    law enforcement
    would eventually
    find and violently
    end those people.
    Even if you gained
    control of the police
    The banking tribe
    will cut off your
    nation’s funds,
    then get the
    entire globe
    to destroy
    you once
    and for
    all !!

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