Can A Flaky Chick Be Fixed?

From my and many other people’s observations of the world today, it would seem that the full-blown flaky chick has become widespread in the female population — an accepted way of being, on an ever-increasing basis over the past couple of decades. You can now even download an ‘app’ questionnaire from iTunes called “Is she a flake?” as a litmus test to apply when you meet a girl. So why the huge rise in the Flaky Chick Phenomenon? There are many reasons for this — social, psychological and historical. These aspects are developed in full in the unabridged version of this article (link given below). But here in this extract I want to ask the question: Can a flaky chick be fixed?

Flaky Plasters

Many men think that they can “fix” a flaky chick. This is a huge illusion. Any man who becomes emotionally involved with a flaky chick is setting himself up for a great deal of misery. The flaky chick can make herself seem very appealing at first. She is often intelligent, attractive, creative and engaging and manages to seduce many people into being friends with her and admiring her. But if a man becomes intimate with her, he will begin to notice little things which ring alarm bells. This will increase until he realises that he has become involved with a monster from whom he cannot walk away unscathed. If he is a very weak character, the two of them can get stuck in a relationship of co-dependency and feed off each other’s destructive pathological patterns. Many marriages and partnerships exist in that “flaky chick/weak male” state for years.

Flaky Chicks Fear The Alpha Type

An interesting observation is that flaky chicks can hardly bring themselves even to catch the eye of the more alpha type of male — the very one who would most likely be able to “fix” her in the best kind of a way. They find such a man so catastrophically threatening that flaky chicks almost pretend that those men don’t exist. This is because of the possibility of rejection or abandonment either due to his ability to see through them (which he does) or because they fear that such a man will not be interested in them (which he won’t) or, if they were to embark on a relationship with him, he would soon reject and abandon them for another (which he most certainly would!). Flaky chicks will look right through such men. They will even cross the street to avoid them.

Some of the more new-agey type of flaky chicks will say such trendily amusing lines as: “That guy’s got really dark energy” to conceal their fear. What they really mean is that they are frightened stiff of him because he’s no fool. It is interesting that many flaky chicks are attracted to the new-age scene, mainly because they can disguise their inner terrors behind a smorgasbord of “spiritual” jargon, hypnotic chanting, “transformational energies” and supposedly “higher consciousness activities”. I know quite a few Reiki Masters, Aura Therapists, Life Coaches, etc., who are among the most flaky chicks of all in their personal lives — who’ve left a mountain of abused male wreckage in their wake — yet who manage to pass themselves off to the public as enlightened beings! The perfect cover.

The more conventional, less hippy type of flaky chick will hide her fear behind an assertion to her friends and anyone who will listen that the more alpha type of male in her vicinity is a shallow womanizer and therefore should be shunned. Whether or not this is true is completely irrelevant to the flaky chick. She is not interested in truth —only in surviving intact from threats to her ego; so she will invent any story which assists that goal. The reality of course is that she is frightened to death (literally) of anyone who she feels will see beyond the external image she presents to the world and right into her secretly broken, messed-up, strung-out little heart.

Flaky Chicks Exist As A Bid For “Girl Power”

Flaky chicks are massively on the increase in the present era. This is due to a number of social and psychological causes. It has almost become the norm for a girl to be flaky in some circles — something to be cultivated, a sign of some sort of zany “Girl Power” and a way of “resisting the patriarchy” in a social setting. The female must always be seen to have the upper hand to right the balance which has allegedly gone all the way of men for thousands of years, etc. This kind of skewed thinking has made a contribution to the flaky chick phenomenon, and she is construed by many women as an independent and liberated example of women who don’t need men.

Most women will not tolerate any criticism of a woman or groups/categories of women. Indeed, there is almost a conspiracy to keep this behaviour out of view or shove it under the carpet and claim it doesn’t exist because to discuss the very idea of flaky chicks is deemed by them to be “sexist”, offensive to women and patronising — misogynist even, a symptom of patriarchy putting down women — even though many of those same women would have no problem spending their time putting down men.

Every year dozens of articles and books are written about the rise of the sociopathic male which, in many ways, is true. Yet no one denounces those works as sexist, offensive or misandrist. It seems today that one can say anything derogatory about men (even if it is patently untrue); but to make reference to unwholesome developments in the realm of women is anathema and must be airbrushed instantly from the world of letters. This is reminiscent of totalitarian dictatorships such as one finds in George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, where to criticise the regime even in the most constructive of ways means instant denunciation and ostracism by “the Party”. Whatever happened to the equality allegedly sought by women today?

Is The Flaky Chick Concept “Sexist”?

Many women would go so far as to deny that there is an issue at all, claiming that the flaky chick phenomenon doesn’t exist and that it is a sexist concept. The issue, however, is not whether the idea of the flaky chick is “sexist” but whether or not it is true. Obviously, it would be wrong to malign women in totality, or any gender/social/racial grouping. But it is not wrong to expose behaviour or phenomena — regardless of what grouping it is in — which undermine social cohesion and good relationships.

We don’t expose flaky chicks because they are women but because they are flaky. It just so happens that by far the majority of flakes are female. (The same is true of Borderline Personality Disorder, where it is officially recognised that about 75% of sufferers are women). I love women as women, when they behave like real women, but the huge and growing number of flaky chicks out there — ranging from teens to forty-somethings — are a blot on the map of life today and are letting down their gender, not to mention the wrecked relationships and vast number of men who have been damaged by them.

Flaky Chicks Exist Because Many Women Do Not Value Men

Another factor in the rise of the flaky chick phenomenon has been because a very large number of women simply do not value men anymore. Men are seen as the enemy, the competition, potential rapists to be used for sex or money and even abused and ignored but never respected, admired or adored. This is not an exaggeration. As proof that men are not valued in society to the same degree as women, consider this: how often, in media advertising, do you see the men portrayed as incompetent, subservient idiots and the women as calm, in-control problem-solvers? This is a way of devaluing men by social engineering.

As another example of the way that men are no longer valued, if a woman cuts off a man’s penis and throws it in the garbage it is treated as a huge joke. Snickers all round. He must have done something to deserve it. The woman is almost celebrated as a courageous heroine who has acted out what many women secretly desire to do while the man is shamed forever. Newspapers write jokey columns about it and they compete with each other to create the wittiest headline. Videos about it become a viral frolic on social media with many women cheering them on. However, if a man cuts off a woman’s breast and throws it on the fire, there would be international outrage. A day of mourning would be declared. Minutes of silence would be held everywhere. Special ribbons in honor of the mutilated victim would be designed and worn across the world. Newscasters would feel obliged to wear one. Using a specially-supplied educational kit containing a picture of the amputee, schoolteachers would hold sessions for their classes on women as the victims of male violence.

The same kind of process happens if a woman kicks a man in his testicles. In spite of the potential for serious injury, it is treated as something to be snickered at. Not very serious. Bit of a joke really. Guffaw, guffaw. She is congratulated (“You kick ass, go girl!”) and there is a sense of victory and payback among many women. Yet if a man kicks a woman in the crotch, he would be immediately arrested for serious assault and held up before the world as a disgraceful example of male violence and part of a “rape culture mentality” by attacking a woman in the most sacred area of her anatomy. One can say anything about men today and it is completely acceptable. But to make any kind of criticism of a woman is deemed to be sexist and misogynist. It is this kind of imbalance in the failure to value men to the same degree as women in society today which has prepared the ground for flaky chicks to feel that they can abuse men with impunity because they “kick ass” too. Kicking men’s ass today is the new cool. Whatever happened to the oft professed notion that all women want is equality with men? (Rhetorical question, no need to respond).

Flaky Chicks Exist Because Of A Downgrade In Politesse

Coupled with that, there has been a general downgrading in politesse during the last couple decades. People in general just do not feel the same desire to be courteous and respectful to others, or to have a sense of duty and honour (remember duty and honour?). This has had fallout in the sphere of man-woman relations, as gallantry or courtliness are frowned upon as prehistoric, while showing favour or courtesy to a woman are often perceived as being the signs of a philanderer, or “grooming”, or even as a case for a sexual harassment lawsuit!


Flaky Chicks Exist Because Of Poor Parenting

Another cause of the rise in the flaky chick phenomenon is that we are now reaping the result of at least one whole generation of poor parenting. Girls who have been “spoiled to death” and/or “princessed” by their parents (especially the father) during childhood are almost destined for the role of “Entitlement Princess” in teenage years and adulthood. That, coupled with other forms of defective parenting, such as sexual and physical abuse or abandonment and rejection, often generates that heady mix of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder — the foundation of the full-blown flaky chick.

Flaky Chicks Are Inwardly Terrified Of Rejection And Abandonment

What is it that lies at the heart of the full-blown flaky chick’s pathology? What is it that fuels her shockingly selfish behaviour and feelings of entitlement? My own researches have shown me that a very high percentage of flaky chicks have been in repeated abandonment/rejection scenarios at a sensitive age or they have been physically or sexually abused. One of the principal motivations for the flaky chick’s comportment is a fear of rejection or abandonment. Her whole world is concentrated on keeping these two elements out of her life.

The ordinary way of dealing with those things is to take action after they have happened. But the flaky chick lives in such a state of subliminal terror that she takes action before they have taken place — and in very drastic ways. This is one of the reasons for her huge anger if her strategies are uncovered. The façade must be maintained at all costs. The front must be preserved, whatever it takes. For the flaky chick cannot ever fully give herself to a relationship for fear of being rejected or abandoned. Most people know that rejection or abandonment is possible in a relationship but they still take the risk anyway. They reckon it’s worth it.

For the flaky chick, however, any notion of rejection or abandonment is akin to death. Her game is control and she has mastered the art. That is why she breaks off suddenly and inexplicably during text messaging. That is why she will disappear for days on end. That is why she reneges on appointments. That is why she tells lies to put people off the scent. These are all strategies to avoid commitment, to avoid being there for the other person. They are all strategies to deny love — to obstruct relationships.

She cannot give herself completely to anything or anyone for fear of rejection or abandonment. So her scattiness and unreachableness, in her own mind, keep her safe. She is “all over the place” so she doesn’t have to commit herself to one place alone. She manages to garner enough admiration from casual observers, general friends and acquaintances, so she doesn’t need to act out with them. Therefore they are often fooled by that façade and will never believe that she is the wife or lover from hell. But those who have been most intimate with her have tasted her terror and the bloody wrath which results from it.

So when you bring together that acute terror of abandonment or rejection with the narcissistic elements of being unable to withstand even a hint of criticism and an obsessive horror of being put down or having the narcissistic bubble burst, you can begin to understand the desperate interior pathology of the flaky chick, disguised behind her cool and engaging exterior.

Flaky Chicks Are Actually Rapists

The flaky chick is not some relatively harmless womanly aberration about which we can have a playful chuckle. The full-blown flaky chick is the female equivalent of the male rapist. Rape of any kind is an appalling crime. It is a violation of the whole human being in all senses. But if we think of rape merely in its physical aspect, then we are failing to understand the meaning of violation. Even a woman who has been raped will tell you that the experience was a blow to much more than merely her body.

The flaky chick violates men. It may not be rape in the technical sense of the law or in how most people think of it; but it is the equivalent. To deny this would be a staggering act of willful ignorance. A man who has suffered at the hands of a flaky chick in a lengthy relationship will feel just as violated as a woman who has been raped. In fact, such a man will feel as if he has been repeatedly violated rather than having had just a one-time experience in a park or alleyway. Many men have been completely broken and permanently traumatized by the women referred to in this paper as flaky chicks. I have spoken to many of them and much has been documented elsewhere too (see here for example). These are urgent words and are not to be taken lightly.

Epilogue: Flaky Chicks Cannot Be Rescued

Knight on Knee

Please do not imagine that you can play the dashing Knight and rescue the full-blown flaky chick. No matter how much compassion you may feel for her, no matter how much you think you understand her or can help her or redeem her, she is a law unto herself and she will never let you get near enough for her to be helped. She has no conception (or, rather, cannot allow herself to have any conception) of the full extent of her condition and will do everything she can to convince you and everyone else that it is you who is the deranged one.

Walk away and preserve your sanity, your integrity and your dignity. That is the only counsel I can give. This woman is beyond help or redemption, as too many men have discovered to their cost.

(This article was extracted from “The Flaky Chick Phenomenon or Entitlement Princess Syndrome”, by Alan Morrison. Click here for the complete article)

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183 thoughts on “Can A Flaky Chick Be Fixed?”

    Anal sex ‘fixes’ the the flakiest of flaky girls.

  2. Whenever you feel horny enough that even crazy chick starts to look like a good bang… Fatal Attraction once again….No pussy is worth it….I value my sanity and my No drama lifestyle way too much for this shit.
    No fatties…No single mothers and No feminists and No crazy chicks.

    1. “No single mothers and no feminist and no crazy chicks.”
      I agree. Just means you’ll have to leave the country to find a girl even worth the effort to get a ONS.

    2. You know how to prevent that?
      Date around. If you aren’t dependant on any one girl, you will be able to look at an individual’s qualities more objectively.

    3. I’ve had all four of those on more than one occasion. They all have their charms even if its only for a short period.

      1. I’m sure playing Russian roulette or getting a blowjob from Jodi Arias can also be exciting….for a short period.
        For me….any signs of mental instability from a chick is a red flag….

    4. Well, that eliminates pretty much everyone. The problem, of course, is that good quality women (by definition) are married and have stayed married.

      1. Surely there’s a period before they get married that you can meet them?

        1. It’s called “marrying your highschool sweetheart”. It’s the only method that works, but it’s luck of the draw.
          Actually – not entirely. You can get better odds than chance if you *pay attention to your parents*. If mum & dad say a girl is trash – guess what? She probably is.

  3. Agreement about the bad parenting point. Women who come from a stable, two-parent environment with both a good father and mother as role models tend to be exponentially more stable than those who do not (bad role models, absentee parent, instability in the home, all of the above and more).
    With all the problems that Western culture has, you’d think that more men in the manosphere would be focused on creating decent families and raising well-behaved, stable children. Unfortunately, though, it’s flaky chicks who will ultimately having a number of children and raising them herself, producing more children with similar issues.

  4. Women flake because they’re fucking cowards. For whatever reason, instead of just sending a text that says, “hey, this isn’t working for me.” or “I’m interested in someone else”, they have to turn it into some long drawn out process where the outcome results in them still looking like a good person. That’s it. She may have cancelled your evening together to go lick some dude’s asshole in an abandoned warehouse for an hour and a half, but she’s going to tell you that she was helping baby ducks cross the fucking street while juggling and doing a tap dance number for some orphan children with terminal cancer.
    If they flake once – fuck’em. It’s not worth the time. If a chick is truly feeling you, then she’ll stop at nothing to see you under any circumstances. If a woman says “I’ve been sooooooo busy.” She’s full of shit. I’ve been on both sides of it, women sending me texts saying they’re busy, and sitting next to women while they stroke my cock with one hand and shoot off a text to the other guy saying she’s busy. Women are boring, unless she’s putting in 70 hour weeks and caring for a dying relative – she ain’t busy. Don’t buy into that horse shit.

    1. ^This is the absolute truth. Nothing more and nothing less. Couldn’t have said it any better.

    2. Yep, men have to stop rewarding the behavior. Any flaking out on you is grounds for never speaking to that woman again. I’ve done this to women myself, they flake on me once and I treat them as if they don’t exist. Believe me, they notice when you do this. While giving them the silent treatment for this behavior does allow them to retain the ability to plausibly deny what happened, they know exactly what they did wrong, and they do feel bad for doing it. It’s worse for them if they and their friends know you are a good-quality man, harder for them to come out looking like a worthy woman if you’re suddenly not talking to them.

      1. Well said. Plus if every man treated their lack of respect with stone cold silence a lot less women would behave this way.

      2. Never speak to the bitches friends again either.
        Friends of flakes are flakes themselves.

        1. Agreed, unless those friendly flakes want to stop by sometime and fuck, they should be disregarded.

        2. Usually, these “friends” are really enemies, seeking to destroy the life of their more attractive gal pal.

    3. “If they flake once – fuck’em. It’s not worth the time.”
      Exactly. Waste my time once, and you won’t get a second chance. Unless there is some legitimate, verifiable reason (there seldomly is). Many women seem to believe they have a golden pussy which allows them to be discourteous.
      “Being busy” for a women is often an euphemism for chasing alpha cock or some form of attention whoring.

    4. They don’t tell you the truth because they want to keep you around “just in case”. They know that if they say they are getting reamed by Tom, Dick and Hank tonight you will never, ever, entertain the thought of being with them. Its very selfish behaviour in fact since you deserve to know so that you can mentally draw a line through their name.

    5. You’re right on so many counts. But I believe it’s more than just a lack of decent courtesy. I would say apathy, laziness, and/or personality issues cause a lot of it as well.
      My female neighbor (30 yrs old, white, somewhat nerdy, not married) I offered to fix the car window on her old Camry–it is jammed open—it was raining and for sure a lot of water will pile up in her car causing mildew & the smell. I have all the tools I need & I’m good with my hands…as a man should be.
      I sent a text offering to take a look at the window while working on my car and never got a reply. Then later I sent a “I’ll take that as a “no” ” text and got some excuse why she didn’t reply. Then basically nothing else.
      It dawned on me why women like that are still unmarried/single/issues at her age. Can’t even be fucking bothered to respond like an adult woman when offered free help to keep water out of her car interior. RIDICULOUS!
      I understand things can happen, and I’ll allow for that, but can’t reply in 9 hrs? Yeah…
      Thank goodness for the manosphere & realizing the need to “next” them and not give a damn. Fuck it, always have something else you want to do, DO NOT CARE.

      1. She would have responded positively within a matter of seconds if you looked like a 6’4″ ripped, square-jawed, Calvin Klein underwear model.

        1. I’m not that, but I’m not unattractive either.
          I really have to wonder sometimes.

        2. If they don’t perceive you as the jackpot, they often don’t bother.

        3. So true… guys think women are ‘flaky’ just like ugly women think men are ‘uninterested in women’. If your value is high enough women WILL be interested in you. HOWEVER, even top alpha males get flaked on in the real world occassionally.

        4. Yes, the dating game is brutal. It’s zero sum. Gotta have a thick skin for it.

      2. Yeah she was afraid that your offer to repair her window would place an obligation upon her. Of course it didn’t but some women will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid the psychic burden of imaginary obligations instead of taking the adult step of making their feelings plain.
        This is why I call the modern myth of women being more mature than men exactly what it is. Bullshit.

        1. Due to the perverse environment they are raised in, many modern women are emotionally and psychologically stunted adult children. They represent a major liability to the average man.

        2. I absolutely now believe this. Absolutely.
          It seems so many women are somewhat “socially retarded” as I like to say.

      3. Interesting, I do think it boils right back down to the fact that you’re neighbor is a coward though – and a dumb ass. Here’s why.
        In today’s world people can’t really accept that someone would just do something nice for them, just for the sake of doing something nice – especially women. She most likely felt like she would owe you in some way, and probably thought you would want some kind of sexual favor or something of that nature in return. In short – she didn’t want to feel like she owed you.
        Women have been brainwashed into thinking that men can’t actually be decent guys, just for the sake of being decent. Your altruistic nature was, sadly, most likely viewed as creepy to her. You know your reasons for wanting to help out, and anyone that’s not conditioned into thinking that everyone is a rapist, child molester, or an ax murderer knows it too.
        Your neighbor would rather her car get flooded out and stink like shit for the next several months than to accept a generous offer – from her neighbor no less. All of that just because she’s been conditioned to assume the worst out men and people in general.

        1. Here’s the deal with that: There are a lot of beta chumps who do favors for women with the overt expectation that it leads to sex. It repulses women. When you try be kind just for the sake of it, it comes off wrong to most women. Sad, but that’s where we are as a society in the modern world. This is not 1950 anymore. Got to accept that and behave accordingly. Don’t go so far out of your way to help strangers, even neighbors. If they wanted help, they would ask for it. If they ask for help, give it to them.

        2. Yeah…and I make sure to not come across as needy or offering help for said reasons (alterior motives). I realize women can sense it right away.
          I’m one of those small-town guys who’ll help you out because it’s right thing to do.
          I guess now I can add these women to the list of people I no longer will bother to offer to help.

    6. Damn straight – one strike and you’re out. Finished.
      I had a 30-ish single mother offer me her # last week, I took it (she’s purely pump & dump by definition). Texted her the next day got a reply within 30 seconds. Replied ~10 minutes later…nothing and nothing else since.
      She’s been eliminated. Next time I see her (she works at one of my coffee shop hangouts), I’ll ignore her. If she tries to “fix” the situation, I’ll dismiss her with “I have no time for games.”

      1. Thing is she won’t learn a lesson by you nexting her. Even a chubby single mom has 50 thirsty guys hitting her up on a daily basis so she won’t even notice you’re ignoring her.

        1. Good points. Notice or no notice, she doesn’t exist to me. Let the thirstys have her…

        2. I have a “one and you’re done” policy. She messes up, done. 3 billion other women out there no sense wasting time.

      2. “I have no time for games” sounds a little bitter and butthurt. Just ignore her and be aloof. She’s been nexted anyway. It’s a better strategy for maintaining your personal dignity.

        1. I agree. I plan on shunning. If and only if she attempts any communication, I retort. Otherwise, complete silence.

      3. Do not be perceived as the guy who’s bitter. In fact go in, smile, even hug and then get your coffee, take a seat and ignore “graciously” her many overtures to start a conversation with you. Secretly, chicks know when they’ve pissed a guy off and they love it, because in the West, men can’t do shit about it. It’s like watching a lion go crazy in a cage whilst dangling a piece of prime fed beef over his cage. But, if you approach the situation, like she could matter less, but hey you’re still the worthless barista serving me coffee, then go for it. Smile… she’ll be thrown for a loop.

        1. This has always been my way. Maintain your dignity and act like you didn’t even notice her flakiness, its beneath your contempt. I had a girl in the office flake on me (years ago). Every day in the office I would great her with a big smile and a “hi”. I could see it was driving her crazy!
          But if she asks you out again, tell her you don’t have time for people who waste your time.

        2. Exactly, it’s a no-win situation if you let someone else’s bullshit ruin your frame. And for sure for those who feed off of validation, denying it is the right medicine, or so I’ve come to believe after what I’ve read here & similar.

      4. Damn I am so glad to see so many other guys here with a “1 flake you’re out” rule.

        1. Amen! I am amused at how the most average (or less than) Americunt really has the “I’m a princess” mentality. Like the one I referred to: slightly above average looking, but a single mother (and has at least one visible tat). IOW, very damaged used “goods”.
          These chicks all think “Pretty Woman” is gonna happen to them. What’s sad is some parched and thirsty beta turd will probably try.

        2. Their mind change at a whim. This is why it’s best to have multiple girls lined up so if this bitch flaked, you can have a backup from other girls wanting you. I never take their words seriously anyways.

      5. That is absurd, but not at all surprising anymore.
        Went through similar things before.
        Some of these women are seriously messed up. And a women with kids STILL can’t be bothered to stay in touch with a man?

      6. Since your only intention was to pump and dump her, your anecdote just makes you look like a desperate loser who casts lines for desperate women and then gets offended when he can’t land one.

    7. Flake first and flake often. This works if you have several girls in rotation. Preemptive flaking takes the hottest girls down to terra firma and fixes you in their tiny, overflowing brains. Chicks love drama, give it to them.

    8. Widespread social media accounts are also responsible for the flaking explosion. 6-10 years ago an average woman had a limited number of simultaneous suitors, so flaking on one meant social shame and loosing the guy. Nowadays, even a 6 has multiple, simultaneous suitors obtained from several apps.
      Many women treat men as disposable, readily available stimulus. Men would be wise to treat them the same.

    9. I seriously could NOT be bothered with these sorts of bitches. No way in hell… If she flakes even once, she’s out. Period !!. Guys that put up with her shit, deserve all the misery they get.

    10. Oh yeah, about 3 years ago, I remember fucking this chick whose estranged boyfriend would call and text endlessly. The texts use to read as follows, “are you ok honey,” “let me know you’re safe,” “I’m so concerned about you.” To my uproarious laughter, post-ejaculation, I would literally hear this chick, straight up lie and say, “I’m safe, just tired” “I think I need a break, just call me tomorrow ok, I love you.” She would say this without a look of guilt. The number one mistake men can make, is believing that women as a species ( I like to consider them separate) possess noble characteristics.

      1. “The number one mistake men can make, is believing that women as a
        species ( I like to consider them separate) possess noble
        Spot on. And women say that they are morally superior to men. HA

      2. If a woman does possess noble characteristics, it is most likely because she is the product of an authoritarian, patriarchial, theocracy. Anything else than this is a serious role of the dice.
        Feminists are myopic idiots when it comes to history. They act like nobody ever analyzed gender relations before they arrived on the scene. But their attempts at matriarchy rule fail on a global and local level. Just look at the majority of offices dominated by women. They stab each other in the back and mercilessly torture one another.

    11. “she may have cancelled your evening together to go lick some dude’s asshole in an abandoned warehouse for an hour and a half,”
      hahahahha….. ain’t that the truth…..
      but mainly women don’t flake on dates for these kinds of reasons, they do it because they got all the validation they need predate and don’t need your hairy cock anywhere near them….. they do it because they can have a chuckle with their BFFs….. they do it because they can feel smug…. they do it because they freeze up and can’t just ping an SMS…..
      all this kind of flaking is fine by me…. men get frustrated because they aren’t getting any, and they imagine her in some torrid bisexual orgy that he’s missing out on….. but normally it’s not the case….
      the worse kind of flakey is a woman who appears together and is quite charming and engaging, but really she can’t even manage to keep her underwear draw in order. those are the ones to watch out for…..
      one flakes for validation, the other flakes because she’s fucking hopeless….

    12. Yesssss. And I finally found a way to deal with and eject flakes without letting her think she is a “good person”.
      Women will dump plans with a lame try like: “hey I can’t make it tonight! My girlfriend is going through a really bad break up and she needs me tonight”. That’s how a woman thinks she can flake and still get away with looking like a “good person”. Bullshit. Here is how you turn her into the thoughtless, inconsiderate piece of shit she really is.
      YOU: “OK. Friday at 9:30 it is then. Now wait, you’re definitely going to be there right? Because I don’t tolerate flakes under any circumstances. Ever. I have zero respect for them.”
      (she now HAS to commit, and she may even agree that flaking is totally not acceptable)
      SHE: “Oh yeah yeah!!! Definitely!! I will definitely be there. I can’t stand flakes either!!”
      Women are not expecting that. You just cornered her and put her in a position where if she flakes, she is a piece of shit. And she knows it. If she still has the nerve to text and offer an excuse, you don’t even reply to it. No matter how many times her grandmother died…… she is never to be talked to again. There will be NO reply from you. None. Not ever.
      With a 75% flake rate, a guy MUST force her to come out and admit that if she doesn’t do what she says she is going to do, she is a piece of shit and worth less than the gum under you shoe. This will also test YOUR character because it will be tempting to respond to her apology. If you so much as answer her , you will devalue your own authority on the spot and she will lose all respect for you. So you have to be prepared for that and not budge an inch.
      I’m telling you guys…. NO MORE FLAKEY CUNTS.
      We will not put up with that shit. They can eat cat food for all I care.

    13. Exactly right. Best thing is call them on their bullshit with something that seems to be prevalent in guys rather than women – logic.
      “I’ve been sooooooo busy” = you couldn’t send a 10 second text?
      What was said before is right if a girl is into you she won’t leave you hanging and she won’t flake. And if you use logic it’s pretty easy to spot a flaker. Sure their actions are abhorrent and illogical but looking at past actions vs. Present you can easily see a pattern and when it changes. For all their cunning and deflection they don’t see 5mins in either direction, leaving their bullshit up for scrutiny.

    14. They flake because of a lack of interest and are too passive aggressive to call it outright, because so many beta men lose their shit at girls and get angry or butthurt. Guys stop getting angry at flakes, cultivate the pause. Do not give in to that rage, stop practicing low conscious behaviors. The above article is intellectualizing something that doesn’t exist, there is no grand scheme of woman plotting out flakes

      1. I disagree, sometimes this could be the case but I genuinely believe some women just can’t handle the fear of future abandonment and rejection. This article has done a great job describing the situation that I am in.

  5. I went through the ringer with a girl like that… These girls have no clue how to respect themselves or other people.
    And the author is right… they will throw everyone’s lives under the bus so that she doesn’t have to take any responsibility for her own insane bullshit. They don’t understand etiquette whatsoever and if you treat them with any politeness they’ll use you for what you’re worth… and then they’ll FREAK OUT when you finally leave cuz you realize the whole thing is nonsense.
    If these zero-self esteem bitches really are the norm than I’m getting the fuck out of North America… I’d rather die alone than watch my kids suffer at the hands of some Kirby’s dreamland psycho-bitch.
    This article kinda hit a nerve…

    1. Yep…they’re the norm.
      Take hope though, there’s still a (very few) fixable ones left. You need one who is a non-conformist. I’m not talking a Hipster or Goth(and stay the fuck away from raging Feminist “gender nonconformist types), but one who instinctively looks down on mainstream agendas and peer pressure.
      It’s not easy because it requires you looking to women who aren’t what you’re used to. She’ll probably be a bit shy, not react well to PUA style game, and dress like they came out of a different era(good indicator, it means they value the tried and true over current fads).

    2. I’m currently building a life outside the Matrix (North America) myself. A couple more years and I’ll vanish like a fart in the wind from the United States of Sodom and Gomorrah.
      Once you’ve been off the plantation a few times, there’s no coming back to this cultural cesspool to join the other male worker drones.

      1. America and Western Europe truly are “cultural cesspools” where the lunatics are running the asylum. The destruction of a once proud, just, and productive civilization is a tough thing to handle.
        The disease is quickly spreading to all parts of the globe though. Soon there will be no place to hide; no greener grass to seek out.

        1. You got it. I’m not much of a back-down type anyway. I figure we got some rough times, a little culling of the weak and stupid and then a rebuilding period. I’d rather try to stop the spread of the cancer here and take the spoils, or die honorably and join my brothers in Valhalla. I’m less of a rabbit and more of a rattlesnake.

    3. Hot young chicks can get away with murder. Gotta accept it. They will eventually age out and lose their power over men. They will be even crazier and likely more dangerous by that point.

  6. I hate corn flakes. They’re so devoid of anything good. And don’t even get me started on frosted flakes!

  7. I wonder if there are women who cannot choose any other path but to flake. Like the mobius flake queen.

    1. I used to know one like that….she was a “glitch in the Matrix” in that she was obviously very sexually attracted to me, but would flake constantly. Her friends also said that she was an extremely flaky person. She also had a massive problem with procrastination in regards to her work obligations(like waiting until 8PM the day before to put lesson plans together).
      I don’t have a good explanation.

      1. So…if a girl flakes on me its because she is not attracted to me and I need to up my SMV, if a girl flakes on you she is obviously very sexually attracted to you and its a “glitch in the matrix”……Okay.

        1. Did you even read it? Other girls who’ve flaked on me it was obvious that they just weren’t that into me.
          In this one’s case it was present in every aspect of her life.

        2. Girls flake for a variety of reasons. I don’t even think the attraction issue is the most frequent one. Ultimately, I think it comes down to feelings of insecurity.

      1. Lot’s of time and money thrown at a depreciating asset, with not a lot of mileage left and liable to break down again. Perfect analogy.

  8. I agree with 99% of this article. I mean, being flaky sucks, and I don’t think anyone can fix that. The one part I don’t entirely agree with is the relating flakiness to raping. I’m sure there’s a better word for that. And, before you say that I’m a beta just wanting to help people, you’re wrong. I don’t think one should ‘tag your trigger words’. THEY ought to be more careful. I just don’t think that word works in the context we need it to.

  9. I dated a yoga instructor for a while. She used to insist on having to meditate at random times during our time together. Didn’t last.

    1. You should’ve buttfucked her. Anal sex awakens the kundalini stuff which female yoga instructors desperately try to awaken through meditation. She would never flake on you then.

  10. I disagree entirely with the premise of the article.
    Do you know why women flake? Because they aren’t attracted enough to you.
    Let me put it this way: If you were Channing Tatum, do you think that chick would flake on you? FUCK NO she’d be there 20 minutes, nervously scanning the door, checking her phone for messages from you, and playing with her hair to make sure you see her.

    1. Well, you’re aware that 99,999% of men aren’t Channing Tatum right? What do you suggest?

      1. You don’t have to be. The point is that women don’t treat men with that high a sexual value the way they treat ones with a perceived low value.
        What I suggest is simple….increase your perceived sexual value. There’s a ton written about how to do that.

    2. Here’s a suggestion, just reject the guy then. Don’t give him your number, text him, make dates with or anything else just to flake on him. Not attracted to the guy? Say no thank you and move on. This flaking crap is all for attention. They find some chump to dote all over them with no intention of dating him. I don’t make plans with a girl I’m not into just to no-show because something better came along. Its a byproduct of all the dating sites(tinder, okcupid…) and having endless options.

      1. It would make more sense, but let’s be real here: how often does the way people act make sense?
        Even then…..when you talk about a girl doing a “no-show because something better came along” is a tacit admission that I’m right.

      2. Yeah but some guys get violent after being rejected. Chicks gotta deal with a lot of unstable and over-invested dudes.

    3. Flaking occurs because of difference in perceived value and actual value. Either in the girl or the guy, if you pick up enough girls you’ll realize that girls are not smv geiger counters. There are all sorts of things that girls will do to rationalize themselves as hotter than they are, or the type of guys that give them the most attention as hotter than they actually are, or the type of guys that dont give them attention as less hot than they actually are. Channing Tatum has the advantage of massively agreed upon value. Even so, some girls I know of are so crazy they would turn down Channing Tatum. If Channing Tatum wasn’t a movie star, he just would be an average guy with a six pack, and trust me there are plenty of those

      1. There is some truth to that….but perceived value is what matters, hence why I say “perceived” in the other post.
        Also true is that every girl does have her own tastes. There is no such thing as a universal SMV….ie some will get turned on by outwards status symbols(real life example: military uniforms, class rings from elite schools, etc) while others don’t really give a shit what you do for a living and are just attracted to physical power.
        Think of it this way. If you line up an NFL athlete, a heavy-built lumberjack type, your penultimate “preppie” with degrees from West Point and Harvard, and the stereotypical “badass biker”….women aren’t going to have a consensus on which guy they want. Each one of these guys is powerful in a different way and which one is the most appealing comes down to personal preference.

        1. Yeah but some chicks perceived values (brain), are way off from what their vagina knows is actual value. Hence they fix their vagina craving by saying they try, by teasing and the like. But they flake because their brain wants to maintain it’s picture of value. This most often happens with girls that get too much attention, but aren’t world class hot. You can do all you can to pedal to the vagina with your game, and they may respond like they’re hooked, but some girls are still going to be fucked up in the head. And if you’re spinning plates you don’t have time to screen every girl for potential crazy. And ultimately it’s the girls that end up the most unhappy, cause they never let themselves fall in love.

      2. Lots of girls are stupid and vain enough to turn down Tatum Channing, just for the chance of saying they did. It really inflates their ego to reject men, hot or not.
        Even in their old age they will reminisce about the time they rejected the hot guy. It’s much like men in their old age reminisce about the conquest of a hot woman.

    4. I would agree with you prior to 2005, but with iZombie and social media always accessible as they stare, forever, into their dainty little paws, I’d wager that even looking up would strain their necks too much these days, let alone meeting up with somebody.
      Somebody on another thread here mentioned hitting some clubs recently and the girls spent the entire time staring into their iZombie device, not looking up even long enough for her to see him and show interest (may have been a bar and not a club now that I think back). This does seem to be quite a trend, I can’t imagine it’s producing good social skills in girls (let alone men). In short this is one area where I know my age puts me out of any serious consideration for giving practical advice, flaking girls just didn’t happen that often “back in the day” and the places I hang out now the women are there intentionally seeking alphas and tend to put their iZombies away at least for a little bit of time.

      1. I-phone technology has become the same Dopamine crutch to women as porn has become to men. Dysfunctional people will rely on technology to substitute human interaction. These people are likely aware of their inherent personal defects. Technology will not reject you like a human will.

      2. I’ve seen that and….both yes and no. I have seen a lot of the girls will come to the club, then wait a few minutes to get hit on or get asked to dance. Once they get bored out comes the phone and the rest of the evening proceeds the way you describe.

    5. I second this post. It may be sad, but it’s true. All a guy can really so is accept the truth, and work to improve his situation and value.

    6. iPhones, Facebook, Instagram ect. have exponentially multiplied the flake probability more so than anything. I could see some twat flaking on Channing a couple times as his booty call for bragging rights, so she can giggle about it with friends over sceen shots of the episodes. Under 30 crowd 99.9999% flakes.

        1. Fucking isn’t a cure for flaking… Fuck her Friday she could very well flake Tuesday or Flaked Friday looked past it and he fucked her Tuesday, then bonus points for her for fucking him after being flaky.

        2. What on earth are you talking about, and how does that have any relation to my comment?

        3. Why are you asking what I’m talking about, then go to say “after I figured it out”? Thing is, you know not enough to be so sure of yourself.

    7. There’s a bit of truth to that. To chicks dating is like an auction and the bidding starts at you. What can you offer her. Dinner and a movie? Oh wait a nicer car and a Broadway play. Hold on a weekend in the Bahamas. Sold!
      She doesn’t see it as flaking she just got a better offer. I’ve seen average chicks with dozens of guys chasing them so imagine the options of a 9.

      1. That’s always been the case though. Honestly, I even did that to a girl once whereI was flaking in and out of talking to her because i was chasing something that (in my mind at least) was better. I also rememember my old man talking about one night that he ditched his date to hang out with two cuter girls that were chatting him up.
        I do think two things have changed though. One thing is that nobody has any common decency: people in the past would at least give you the courtesy to call and cancel. The other thing is that the internet makes instant(and usually misleading) comparisons easy and frequent, so there’s a lot more temptation to flake.

        1. #1 on the integrity and it’s largely a female thing IMHO. Chick I dated for 6 months a few years ago simply vanished without a trace one day. Never heard from her again but got called a stalker because I went to her mom’s work just to see if she was still alive or in jail or something. Just one of many chicks I’ve dealt with like that.

  11. This flaky stuff has only increased with the usage of social media and texting. I don’t tolerate it though if it happens. Waiting too long to text. Always waiting for me to send something first. Saying you are going to do something and then making excuses.
    Doesn’t matter if it’s a girl I’m dating or want to fuck. Either way I don’t waste any further time

  12. In my lifetime I have been driven pillar to post by such damaged “flaky” chicks. God what a nightmare. The worst kind though is not the one that gives you her number and arranges a date (which doesn’t keep) but the one that actually meets you, then disappears, calls you frequently, meets you again, disappears etc. with a constant promise of more yet never following through. I learned my lesson now and of course never now get taken like this. Now its one flake and you’re gone.
    More recently I met up with a girl who had been calling me for a while, telling me I was handsome, great body, wanted a date with me blah, blah. She was eye-meltingly attractive and her looks took your tongue for hostage. We met up then she vanished and then I saw her with some guy pictured on FB. Turns out it was her ex and to be honest I actually felt sorry for the guy. Some guys you just look at and you can tell he’s a chump. Add to the fact I now knew she was a flake I could see trouble coming his way. I wasn’t mad at her though because she was already dead to me. And what should happen but two months later? She’s calling me again, trying to renew the flake merry-go-round. But short of her turning up at my door dressed in lingerie with a bottle of vodka in one hand and condoms in the other, nothing will ever happen between us.

  13. This is so true. There are girls at my college that I have mutual friends with that when drunk are complete sluts towards me, but when sober are terrified of me., I’ve even heard the phrase “shallow womanizer”. But mostly they just chalk it up to alphas being jerks, since it’s easy to call the guy who’s in charge a jerk. Also here’s another reason they exist, the average attractive woman who’s not super hot gets more attention from betas than they could ever want, but not that much attention from alphas. So in order to keep believing that she is super hot, she has to believe that the guys she’s getting attention from are alphas. But her body knows the difference so she chases after real alphas, but since she believes she’s super hot she feels free to flake, because in her imagination she has other options.

  14. Good article! Regarding the rape section, I think that there is an equivalence between physical and psychological abuse, in that they are both forms of rape and both wrong. Mental abuse should be castigated just as much.
    I had an issue once with one of my lady friends. She was subtlety abusing me, torturing me, and just making my life a whirlwind of confusion and frustration with her very effective PSYOPS and selfish antics. So, in the spur of the right moment, I grabbed her, wrestled her down, and just sat on her butt, pinning her face down on the floor like the helpless, stupid little girl that she was. It was not an angry moment, but I wanted her to feel humiliated, and she did. She protested that it was abuse, and I countered back with, “How is physical abuse any more or less wrong than the psychological shit you’ve been attacking me with? I’m just using the tools available to me, much like you are.” She had no answer and so just ignored my question and continued to protest. I let her up and she was better behaved, for a while.

  15. There is no characteristic of modern western women that I despise more than flakiness. Which is unfortunate as flakiness has become so widespread. This assessment is brilliant and I could not agree more. Great article.

  16. Can A Flaky Chick Be Fixed?
    Sure, but you need to find a veterinarian who works for cash, and at least one other set of hands to hold her down while he administers anesthesia. He’ll probably charge a bit more than he would for a cat, but you might get lucky and he works for cheap.

    1. I’m a woman that somehow got sucked into reading this, and it’s comments…All of it was honestly just making me sad, but I LOLed so hard at this…just thought you should know.

  17. Great Post! I thinks you’re just about 100% right on all points. Even down to the hippie, yoga bullshit. Haha

  18. One paramount principle of Game, specially for beginners, is to always assume the flake. Always.
    Absolutely everytime you ask out a woman, you must have a plan B in place: multiple, simultaneous dates (once I planned 3 dates at the same day and hour, the 3 flaked), meeting with your pals near the date venue, or even movies at your place.
    If you suspect she will flake, never leave your place without text confirmation from her, and no less than 30 minutes beforehand.

  19. A big reason why flakes exist is because many of these women have a plethora of options. Therefore, if they flake and worst case scenario lose an option, it doesn’t really matter. Also, we as men tolerate flakiness because we don’t give up easily when trying to seal the deal

    1. And yet, men get called “pushy” by the very same women that pursue them. Lame. I know; my former boss called me out on that when I was in sales.

  20. Thankfully, I’ve never been stood up for a date/meet up. That is an instant disqualification. But I don’t think its possible to avoid other types of flaking like cancellations and sudden silence in a text exchange. Some women do this on purpose even when they’re interested. It’s part of their ever increasing arsenal. What we can do to combat this epidemic is to do some flaking of our own. Stop replying to messages abruptly, take hours/days to reply to messages etc. I haven’t tried a last minute cancellation yet but I will if the situation arises.

  21. Takes perception and trial and error to determine women who are still interested but flake and those who are just a waste of time. It’s a blurry line sometimes. But there is always a line to be drawn. If you have multiple options, trying to get a flaky chick out isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes the slow horse wins, you just can’t bet the farm on a flaky chick.

  22. Fuck all of this. The real reason why women are flaky, is because… they weigh their options. Her being deranged, or broken may be true but in all honesty this is woman, unleashed. To a woman, we are just an investment, a wallet or someone that can catch her fancy (latter type very rare even though most men imagine themselves to be). She may have given you her number, that suit you may have worn may have impressed her, it may have even alluded to you possessing money. In this day and era, with a Google or worse Facebook search, she’ll analyse whether you’re worth the puss in about, 2 seconds flat. This is why prostitution is so important, because all any woman ever does in the prime of her youth and fertility is to contract her vagina out on loan to the most fitting well-moneyed suitor whilst fucking who they want on the side.
    She may go through a period in her life pre-contract stage, where she’s fucking broke bad-boys. But make no mistake gentlemen, that well dressed slutty office worker with the nice ass, lends her services to those who’ll pay top dollar. In actuality, most women want to avoid attachments with most men, since most men make below the income she desires her vagina to generate. Even in the manosphere, most men have to convince themselves that it’s something wrong with modern woman, etc (even though they are the shittiest generation) where in all honesty, it’s just women without the mask. The role the father use to play in her daughter’s life once upon a time, wasn’t much different from the role she’s trying to play.
    Example, get a well moneyed man of good-repute and in essence barter my daughter off to him. Modern women: find a well moneyed chump, and barter my vagina off for his resources. Only difference is, back in the day, virginity was placed at a premium before marriage along with youth. These days, it’s just whatever fading attraction she may possess. Listen to this carefully, all flaking is, is just reneging on a probable investment. Woman’s nature is essentially that of a prostitute. I don’t care how adorable little whatever the fuck her name is, was when she was young, her nature will evolve into that of a prostitute. Never forget this.

    1. “Women’s nature is essentially that of a prostitute”.
      Boy, do you have mommy issues galore. You would be a psychologist’s wet dream.

        1. >A perspective from someone who knows what she’s talking about
          stopped reading

    2. I have to confess that I was happy to read your comments. Truth is, men can be so dishonest, so deceitful that is great to read that there are so many nice guys looking for women who are nice and respectful too. This way I do not feel so isolated being the few stupid schmuck out there. From what I learned, disrespectful people do not care the least if you are upset, sad, or angry and just manipulate your feelings if you let them, like the sociopaths they are. They laugh and think they are really so great (they do not understand that there are rules etc.). So it doesn’t make any difference what you respond to them and it is just not worth the while to waste your time trying to “teach them a lesson”, they do not have enough empathy to understand it anyway. Just do not waste your time. Move forward and find someone nice who do not see you through your bank account (or in the girls case, through the size of their bra), and are there for you no matter what. Good luck for all of you!

  23. Once I learn she’s a flake I don’t have to know any more.
    These are selfish inconsiderate assholes who are a complete waste of your time and money. Best to cut your losses short and move on.

    1. Time + Money, a great formulaic problem that can be applied to anything in finance, is something that men know instinctually from the lowest drug dealer on some street corner to the MIT grad working at J.P. Morgan. The amazing thing about this to me, is that men in the aggregate never ever apply this to women. It’s amazing, however women, being as idiotic as they on average always apply this to men. Simply put, in a man’s life, a woman is a money pit with a depreciating value every fucking second. She is an extreme liability. Depending upon the amount of infatuation with her, some women will have men taking lavish vacations on $40-50,000 salaries. He’ll work more to satiate her “needs.” A man in a woman’s life is a supreme net asset. He usually will garner more as he ages, men typically are savers, so any money saved, will go to her, allowing her to spend your income and hers (although not too much of hers). His devotion will cause him to take out life-insurance on himself and other laughable bullshit. A woman is not worth the time or money. An endless drain for money.

      1. Lance, that just reminded me of the time when a woman made a proposal to a bank executive; unfortunately, I am having a tip-of-the-tongue moment. To any other users that know this, please respond and share.

        1. Ha, I might as well go for the single father route, especially when divorce laws are lopsided. I had enough of being emotionally manipulated by females, even female relatives, to the point it caused me to stop trusting them altogether.
          Safe to say it’s cheaper to pay for a surrogate mother than a woman who would financially rape and pillage me for the rest of my life.

        2. The more and more the western woman exposes herself and thus the true nature of all women, the better Islam is looking by the day.

        3. Could have been written by a elementary school girl. “Lisa has shiny pink shoes, I also want them! Boo-hoo!”
          And not a single line on what she brings to the table. “I’m articulate and classy.”
          Yeah, everybody considers himself classy and educated nowadays for posting selfies in front of the Eiffel tower.

      2. Then turn fucking gay, already. Nearly every post is the same drivel. Here’s to you not propagating the species…or, if you do, you have a healthy baby girl. You’ll change your tune real quick.

  24. There is a worse kind of flakey chick…. one that looks like she’s together and actively engages….. she will flatter you and woo you, rapidly be quite sexual…. she’s adult, she’s going places – this is her disguise…. later on you realise that she can’t hold down a job, gets manically depressed over a bad hair cut, and causes all manner of drama in her daily life…. at the same time she does nothing to fix these problems, in fact she feeds on them…..

  25. This article describes an ex of mine perfectly – flaky, new age, afraid of anything alpha.
    The sooner you know this information about women, the more time and money you will save.

  26. The article could have done without the hyperbole. Flaky chicks are rapists? Flaky chicks cross the street at the mere whiff of an alpha? Hahahaha.
    And some in the comments with unresolved issues are off on their angry “bitches ain’t shit” tangent.
    I would add a few reasons:
    1. Westernized (secularized) women feel no pressure to find a long term partner – career is more important. They want to play the field so if you don’t meet a high standards for looks, they will flake on you.
    2. Secularized women have likely had many sexual partners and they are used to alpha males deserting them – so why invest? Also, after many sexual partners they have lost excitement or intrigue that comes with romance – sex becomes mechanical.
    3. Secularized women are not educated on the reality of the biological clock – or they have convinced themselves they might not want kids anyway.

  27. There are actually a lot of men around who–though not famous–look just as good as Tatum and still get flaked on a lot. The only solution here is to go after women in volume and to not care and be aloof.

    1. Absolutely right. Many women find me attractive. I’m tall, with lean muscle frame, straight teeth, and a solid mug. I have the whole mixed race thing in the bag too, so I can always pull the “exotic” card. Needless to say, this all means shit. I’ll tell you a story, around my 16 or 17th birthdays, about 9 years ago. I was in my favorite coffee shop, when I saw two girls giggling, looking at me, one girl simply waved and said “hey cutie” and gestured on the napkin that she’d liked to give me her number. So being the young dumb 17 year old I was, I signaled and was “like ok,” all giddy eyed. Eventually I got to the cash register, and I misplaced whatever little cash I had, the lent coming from pockets was enough to make these girls run.
      They eventually erupted into laughter (the wrong kind), and headed straight for the door. In that single day, I knew what the female gender was all about. Brad Pitt used to be a delivery man and you used to dress up as a chicken for a fast food restaurant before he became big, trust me, despite his then youthful good looks, bitches wouldn’t dare be lining up at the door for Mr. Pitt without the Almighty Dollar. Looks for a guy is an additional asset to possess along with money, your career etc, looks for a woman is the ONLY asset they need to possess to land a guy. Men keep evaluating men on women’s criteria. Looks are important for us, but it’s not that important.

      1. The great irony is, what happens to these women once they hit 32 or so? How obscure and insignificant they then are! In general, female beauty is reducible to youth (and being in shape, of course), and a woman can hardly go from having shit handed to her from puberty on to suddenly compromising, working with and hanging in there with a quality man, even though that is her best option once she has hit the wall and can no longer ride the cock carousel. The former stunner who finally “settles” has not been conditioned for marriage. Hence the invariable divorce by year 3. In this context men who do not get a prenup are foolish indeed!

  28. I knew all about womyn, yet I was fooled again! I met a nice looking one at a party and thought we really hit it off. She was really sweet, able to hold a semi-interesting conversation for the hour that we spoke. I got her number and messaged that we should meet the next weekend. She responded enthusiastically and said saturday afternoon worked. I messaged on Friday, ask what time we should meet tomorrow and never heard back. Two weeks later I decided to give it one more go, maybe something happened I thought (LOL). She responded “I never got your text! I am busy with work tonight but would love to (go to the place I invited her to). I will be in touch soon.” I fell for this again! Fooled me twice, as of course I never heard from her again. Bottom line is, I did not meet her standards (most likely monetarily) and instead of telling me flat out no, she choose to just lead me on. Great experience.

    1. The point is, no matter how attractive said bitch may be, never affix expectations to them upon getting their number. You must approach every girl like a temporary investment, cash in, cash out, dick in, dick out. Move on. Most men, like to think they operate this way, but they don’t. When men attach serious expectations other getting his dick off about receiving a text from Ms. whatthefuckever, these men are looking for something serious and/or prone to falling in love. In this day and age, when so many millennial bitches are only concerned with their own vanity via selfies, twitter, vaginabook etc, means you care about number 1, yourself. Shoot her a text and if the cunt doesn’t respond in a day, delete and move on. Watch your favorite tv series, go workout, invest in another degree, start your own business etc. See what I’m getting at? On your totem pole in life, women have to be at the absolute bottom of it, if you want to be reasonably sane and successful.

      1. I am trying to place them there more and more, but I would like companionship and constant sex unfortunately. This girl that I was speaking of had an instagram with not one single picture of herself on it! I thought I had found an anomaly, but I was duped.
        I do focus on myself, but the biggest strides I have made are personal and not career and social status related, which is what is valued. To walk around seeing millions of these upscale bitches in their yoga pants, makes me want to attack one of them.

        1. Stop it. You’re trying to get companionship from someone who has an Instagram account. Yeah I also have to frequent these places and see these bitches walk around in their yoga pants, texting obliviously. However don’t look for companionship especially in America, are you mad? Do you ever plan on travelling? If so, abandon all thoughts and misplaced hopes and “companionship” with an American woman.

        2. I know and I have pretty much given up except for this one instance. What countries do you suggest? I am a 5’11 decent looking white man.

        3. I am concerned that I will run into the same problems wherever I am. Without the social status to entice a decent women. I am living in New York City though which is pretty much the worst place in the world in terms of women. There are 15 yoga panted iPhone addicts for every city street, and that’s no exaggeration. Makes my blood boil. I am considering the pacific north west lately. Maybe if I just get to an outdoor activity focused place? Anything is better than the New York City cafe/bar scene.

        4. It’s the same thing where I’m at. Bunch of iPhone texting, yoga pants wearing soulless career whores. I understand the rage, and no it will not be different in the Pacific Northwest. You literally will have to leave the country.

        5. Correction, Washington DC is the worst place for guys bar none. No city on earth besides a few feminist cesspools in Australia even comes close to DC. I kill in NYC everytime I go, it’s not that bad, a lot of people.

        6. The Pacific Northwest?! Oh my God no. You will find the same bull shit that you find in NYC, but the women are fat cows. 4’s and 5’s in Seattle act like they are 9’s and 10’s. They get away with it because there just are not any attractive women in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle is the pits, believe me.
          On top of these girls being ugly and fat, they are far left wing, radical feminists. A well kept secret is that Seattle has the highest percentage of dykes of any city in the country. If you are dumb enough to get into a relationship with a fat, ugly 4, she is disparage you, treat you like shit, and probably fuck around on you with some garbage hauling shithead with a lot of tattoos. Then, she will call the police on you and have you arrested for domestic violence just because she gets off on the power to do that.
          Then, if you have a child with one of these horror stories for a woman? Your life is over.
          Don’t move to the Pacific Northwest looking for women. You will be sadly disappointed.

        7. The Pacific Northwest is the WORST place to go to look for a decent woman!

        8. Nearly all the girlfriends I’ve had overseas have expressed shock or disgust at the behavior of Western women: the tattoos, the promiscuity, the gender bending, the lesbianism.
          American and British women are living in such a bubble, that it’s ridiculous.
          Every time I return to the states to visit family/friends, I feel it is my moral duty to shame these idiots.

        9. Where I live, 90% of the females between 16 and 40 are fat (varying degrees). Fortunately my wife of 18 years, at 45, is one of the better looking women in the community… healthy weight, fit, good diet, long hair, etc. Big fish/small pond.
          But I do notice these piglets constantly playing with their phones. Fat rolls hanging out of tight clothes, and not a care in the world about that because they think they’re ‘hot’. They give me IOIs and I just look away. As if I’d be interested in hogging. Nope.
          Even at the gym, there are very few fit women.
          It’s gotten to the point that when I see a female 16-45 who’s not fat, I’m noticing her.
          In a city, I probably wouldn’t because there are many attractive women.
          But out in the country, a good looking woman is a rare bird. Now, if some of these fatties would lose some weight, they would be 5-7 range.
          But that would take effort and they have plenty of fat men to orbit them so it doesn’t happen.

        10. When I head back to Australia, I feel like I’m in a country full of nut cases. The men are to scared (act like beta slaves) to say anything. It gets worst every year but I try to stay In Eastern countries as much as possible. Feels good to be around normal people!

      2. Lot of truth dropped here. I’ve deleted every single number I’ve gotten from an Anglo-American girl in the past 4 months.
        Contrast this with a Hungarian girl I met briefly 2 years ago who still keeps in contact or the Serbian girl who apologizes for taking too long to respond and giving a detailed explanation as to what’s been on her mind.
        They say flaking is a feature not a bug; yes it’s a feature of a rigged game. At this point if I have an itch, I go for the same night lay. If I fail, I go home content, knowing I won’t have to send a restart text to a socially awkward woman who only texts her friends who she hates.
        I’ve learned more from Game of Thrones this past week than approaching 10 American doornails.

  29. Whenever I discuss my problems with women, the response is always, you must have mommy issues. I think the reverse is actually true! I have a great relationship with my mother and never learned how evil and manipulative they are. No one flippin told me! I remember as a teenager just being dragged through the mud by this one girl who I expressed an interest in. At first she was interested back, but then after my stupid stupid infatuation with her grew and I stupidly let it be known, she decided it was more beneficial to her to just lead me on for as long as she could and to place herself above me in the social order. I blame myself partly because I played the role, but I was young and insecure! She embarrassed me publicly for years and fucked with my mind, as did her friends. If I only knew!

    1. You are dating westernised women bro, start dating Eastern women and you can be yourself and talk in a general manner. Westernise people chat is usually superficial.

  30. I was a bit of an outcast in High School, so no poon for me there. I thought for some reason that when I got older my intelligence, comedic ability, and good nature, would matter more and more. HA. All that changed was the popular/socially valued drug dealers became the popular/socially valued moneyed men and I am still invisible.

  31. Girls flakiness is akin to men viewing porn on the internet. You just want to check out the next video, and then the next one and then the next one and you don’t to bust until you’re sure you’ve found the BEST possible video available. Before you know it you’ve got like 15 tabs open and it’s like wtf.

  32. From my own personal experiences with a sociopathic female, it has to be realised that there behaviour and aggressiveness on the most part is passive. They can only harm you really if you let them. Aside from if they get some beta male turned puppy to go and actually physically attack you. On the most part manoeuvres such as intentionally flaking, making the other guy jealous by having sex with his friends. They are easy for her to do, on top of that it gives her an external boost of satisfaction.
    Something I have come to conclude, is that feminism and so called female empowerment movements, have created an environment that fails to challenge women in anyway what so ever. In the process stunting many of them at an early adolescence stage. Becoming “strong” women in their eyes, is essentially keeping themselves like children. You are not allowed to say anything that criticises their behaviour, otherwise you will be met with the cliche hamstering.

  33. The very best indicator of a flaky chick is when she is into any sort of new age shit.
    You don’t have to get very deep with them to find this out. Ask her if she is religious. If she says, “I’m, like, more spiritual than I am like religious.” (That will be accompanied by her looking at you like you must be a right wing religious nut, per her definition of such). Well, that’s all you need to know: She is a flaky new age bitch.
    If you go further, you will find she is into yoga. Actually, worships yoga. Talks a lot about meditation (but never actually meditates). She probably thinks of herself as a Kabbalist (look up Kabballah). She goes for regular therapy with an “energy psychologist.” She has crystals under her bed.
    All of this nonsense boils down to extreme narcissism.
    I’d rather fuck a land whale with a good head on her shoulders then one of these bitches.

  34. I can only partially agree there. Rather than going into deep psychology I believe it’s a sense of entitlement combined with a lack of consequences. For most guys here you can recollect back to your childhoods and remember at least one time where you messed up – badly. For me I remember smoking in the house, and then getting my arse whooped and thrown out. Such consequences (in a metaphorical sense) don’t exist in the female gender these days. I can only guess at the attitudes of women if their actions (both good and bad) had their reactive consequences would there be an epidemic of flaking like we have today.
    Take a look at the attitudes women have; they cause a fight at the bar, white knights come to their aid. They flake on a guy and that poor sod can’t say diddly for fear of being labelled a creep or at worst have a restraining order against him. Instead they can hop from one guy to the next because betas will be throwing themselves at them willing to walk over broken glass barefoot just to get laid…..possibly. the social equivalents of Newton’s second law ceases to exist (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction).

    1. And to clarify – I was 16, in my parent’s house and my dad laid the beatdown. The perception that I had that makes me write this; I damn well deserved it, apologised to my parents and never did it again. There was no sense of unfair about it i knew exactly what I had done wrong and I didn’t flinch at copping the punishment. Cause and effect.

  35. If you’re spinning plates like you SHOULD be then it shouldn’t matter if she flakes… you also need to be doing low investment dates ie. just drinks in case she blows you off later on you haven’t wasted much money. EVEN if you are the most high value badass mofo you will still get flaked on sometimes.

  36. Sometimes flaking on a first date happens because she gets cold feet, which doesn’t make it right but that’s sometimes how it is. That’s why you have to start building emotional intimacy from the moment you first meet her. But if she has a habit of flaking and she’s still flaking deep into a relationship, then she’s just a bitch who gets a power rush from manipulating people.

    1. I tend to disagree there – most notably because a girl will have no problems going home with a guy after a few hours of meeting them, but will get cold feet at a first date?? I disagree, and in paraphrasing some of the other comments and articles on here if a girl is REALLY into you, you can bet your last buck she wont flake.
      as I said before, women can be illogical and flippant; but with experience and a cool head you can predict when/if she will flake.

  37. Outstanding article! I have to tried on numerous occasions to explain(in a rational logical way) the unhinge behaviours of flakey women to a buddy of mine, Help him understand why the girl he’s currently dating is a mindfuckingschitzobitch. Ive sent him the link to this.

  38. This article souned to me like a description of the typical “wanabe alpha male” who tries to act strong and superior, hiding his feelings by fear of rejection etc. Funny.

  39. Flakey chicks will never change. That being said: just because a girl makes an honest scheduling mistake once in a while, don’t cut her off. Flakey means, “I really don’t give a fuck one way or the other.” Run and don’t look back.

  40. This is misleading. Women flake because they are beautiful. Men allow them to get away with it because men, especially young ones, want to have sex with these girls and let the girls walk all over them. No fat girl flakes because no one will put up with it.
    Men, in general, need to step up and simply start cutting off, firing and tossing out flaky women. Beautiful girls who are used to getting away with murder are simply taking advantage of a superior (albeit short-lived) commodity to bargain for what they want: the upper hand and convenience. If we, as men, do not let them bargain for our time with their beauty, then they will stop. Other women won’t put up with that shit and neither should we.
    There isn’t anything as complex as a feminist power struggle. That is projecting inner angst onto the situation. It’s a simple economic model: girls have beauty which men want, so they get to bargain to waste our time if we let them. If their commodity loses its value, they will have to stop wasting our time.

  41. Clarey was right in that the MGTOW movement is being dominated by virgins who know nothing about how women actually think, other than what they can read on the Internet.
    All these guys are saying “yeah, fuck ’em, one flake and I’m dropping them.” Do you really think they care? That 45 other thirsty guys aren’t tripping over each other to take your place? The point of MGTOW is for men who have tried the system and been screwed by it to forge their own paths and futures. It’s not for Monday morning quarterbacks who are 20 and never accomplished anything in their lives to sit and pontificate about what to do while the real world is totally different.
    Until men, as a whole, reject flaky women, the behavior will never change. It doesn’t matter how much armchair quarterbacking is done here.

  42. Women flake because it’s in their nature. This is why majority of cultures around the world did their best to contain their women. They knew about this. It’s only that American and modern western culture that does not know the true nature of women.
    When women have so many choices and options, this is what they do. Flake. Flake because women’s mind change at a whim. This is why they can’t make decisions and will rely on and get turned on when a decisive man makes a decision. This is one of the reason why chicks hate guy who is indecisive.

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