5 Universal Truths About Perfect 10s Every Man Should Know

I was very fortunate to have found the red pill community shortly after the dawn of my sexual prime because it’s allowed me to maximize my SMV, which has given me more options than I’ve ever had at any other time in my life as far as work, women, and [semi] location independence go.

I’m even more fortunate to have slithered my way into the panties of a fair amount of females that most men would consider to be a “10.” Granted, game had a lot to do with it, but any man who’s fucked more than one super hot chick knows that luck sometimes plays as much a role as game does in these situations.

I’m not going to get into what qualifies as a 10 because every man’s preference in female beauty is highly subjective. But we all know a woman who would draw the sexual interest of 99% of men when we see one, so we’ll use that as our barometer.

Having mingled with a handful of these females over the years, here are five things I’ve learned about them that seem to be pretty consistent across the board, and can come in handy when running game on them.

5. They don’t get hit on as often

Don’t rush to judgment. She probably hasn’t been approached in a few days.

No, I’m not talking about some beta schlub giving her his seat on the subway, or the perverted old janitor who jokes with her about going on a date with him. I’m talking about the man who walks up, introduces himself and makes no bones about what he’s angling for.

The truth is, extremely attractive women quite literally scare most men away from even talking to them. Sure, they’ll say hi or make a stupid comment about the weather but that’s where it ends. 95% of men don’t take it any further than that because they lack game and confidence.

Just because they turn heads wherever they go doesn’t mean the heads on those swivels have the balls attached to them to act. Most of the time they just oggle and drool as she strolls by. This leaves the door wide open for you to walk up and start generating those much-needed tingles she’s been dying to feel for a lot longer than you might think.

4. They’re much more pleasant than you think


Beautiful women want to fuck, go on dates, and have relationships as much as any other female out there. But between the lack of quality men bold enough to approach them, then dealing with betas who are constantly running terrible game on them, their frustration level is almost always at critical mass.

But when a man in demand like yourself has the kahunas to step to her, swat away the shit test she deploys, and make clear that you’re not looking for a non-sexual relationship with her, she becomes quite pleasant—if your game is on point.

Sure, you’ll have to cut through the bitch shield when you approach her, but similar to Latinas (who can be notoriously difficult to open) they always soften up once you’ve established your high value and shown fearlessness in the face of her beauty.

There are very few exceptions to this rule.

3. They are extremely insecure

Yeah you look alright…except for that crazy ass watch you got on

Any man who has experience with high SMV females know they don’t compare themselves to average looking girls. They compare themselves to other 10s which makes them very insecure.

The constant preening and mirror checking (or any surface with a reflection) to make sure everything is in its place can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but it comes with the territory.

Use this to your advantage by teasing the fuck out of her. Tease her about her nose, make fun of her hair, or pick on her about her bejeweled phone case—anything you can think of.

Nothing makes hot girls hotter for you than teasing them…trust me. Be careful not to overdo it. But definitely make certain she understands you’re not afraid to tease and pick fun at her. This will let her know in no uncertain terms that her beauty is something you’d be just fine without.

2. They’re so-so in bed

Girls who look like this will engage in whatever debauchery you an dream up

Women in the upper aesthetic echelon don’t have to do much to impress men these days. The combination of thirsty dudes and having just about everything handed to them on account of their great looks saps their motivation to do much of anything (keeping in shape notwithstanding).

Their lack of need to please crosses over into the bedroom as well. Don’t get me wrong, we all want to fuck 10s because…well…they’re 10s. But the sex is often lackluster, again, because good looking girls usually aren’t required or compelled to exert much effort to elicit a favorable response from a male, sexually or otherwise.

I can personally attest that sex with 7s and 8s is almost always better than sex with 9s and 10s. 7s and 8s rarely hesitate to give you toe-curling blow jobs and will let you stick your dick in any hole you damn well please, much more often than not. They’ve got to make up for their SMV deficiencies somehow, and draining your balls by any means necessary is how they accomplish this.

This isn’t to say that sex with super hot girls is bad. But if you’re expecting a 10 to fuck you like a porn star, understand that it’s going to take much more than just being naked in the same room with you to motivate her to do so. Even if your game is air tight, it normally takes a little longer for her to loosen up in the bedroom and turn into that vivacious vixen you need her to be.

1. 10s are people too

It is very easy to get caught in the trance of an extremely beautiful woman. Everything about them seems to hypnotize us when we lay our eyes on one, and there’s little we can do about it.

But it’s important to understand that hot girls are people too. That is, when they don’t shower they stink. When they get hot, they sweat. They shit, fart, and burp just like the rest of us.

“Well duh! Everybody knows that!”

Of course we do. But a woman’s physical beauty stupefies the male mind to the point where all of these things are blocked out. When we daydream about a relationship with a pretty girl we never think about her sitting on the toilet pushing out a foot long log that smells like putrid death.

We subconsciously believe that she’s always going to look great, she’s always going to smell nice, and that the only reason she uses the bathroom is to tinkle.

Stuff like this never creeps into our fantasies

But if you consciously humanize beautiful girls by visualizing them ripping a loud long fart or having terrible morning breath it almost involuntarily triggers your mind into de-pedestalizing them which snaps you out of that spell her beauty has you under.


Applying this knowledge is simple but it takes practice.

Understanding that a 10 sitting alone at a coffee shop or shopping for groceries likely hasn’t been approached by a man with game in a while, and that when you introduce yourself to her and strike up conversation, means she’ll likely be quite receptive.

When you number close her be unafraid to call her out on her bullshit, playfully tease her, and instruct her on where and what you’ll be doing when you meet up.

If you get her naked later on, don’t expect to have the best sex of your life that night. It’s certainly possible, but it’s on you to bring the freak out of a 10 because most of the time because she’s not going to just drop to her knees and demand to suck your cock just because she agreed to fuck you.

At the end of the day 10s can sometimes be difficult to fuck, but they’re much easier to game than you think. Remember, they’re choosy about who they let penetrate them. On the flip side 5s and 6s are very hard to game on account of all the offers, they get but their legs involuntarily fly open with a heavy dose of asshole game.

Every man has different strategies and techniques to maximize his changes with the fantasized and fabled “10.” So long as you keep these five things in mind and apply your game accordingly, you may very well find yourself balls deep in a woman most men don’t have the stones to even talk to.

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242 thoughts on “5 Universal Truths About Perfect 10s Every Man Should Know”

  1. Damn good article, Sharpe. Perfect timing as the summer brings out a bunch of 10s to day game. You touched on something that I wonder if you will address in the future; consistency. 7-8s get one set of game whereas 9-10s get another. And 5-6s have their own subsection of game. Does their game work in accord with the male rating system? As in, how do you know when you are over gaming or under gaming?
    Obviously when you game a lot of women, a good bit of behavior becomes unconsciously correct, but when out of the game, or when the season brings less women out, your game needs to be more on point than usual. Maybe an article already came out addressing this matter and I missed it but it would be phenomenal if it was brought up as I think many bachelor’s, including myself, could benefit from this information. Keep up the good work!

    1. I’d say 9 and 10s still need alpha-ness but are much more appreciating of general decency and intelligence in men.
      Whilst 6s and 7s need over-the-top and pretty constant demonstrations of status, toughness, wealth etc etc

      1. I actually agree with this.
        The hotter girls I’ve dated had more appreciation for bringing some imagination and wit to the encounter.
        For lower status girls I’ve had to pretend to be the next Genghis Khan.
        Maybe more attractive girls aren’t as insecure about their place in society so they don’t look for the stereotypical alpha?

        1. That’s exactly it.
          The very hottest (if they have a touch of genuine class) are above a lot of the gestures 6s and 7s demand
          The first 10 I dated didn’t even care much about looks, just money.
          The second wanted money also but was also very status conscious. Status for status sake.

        2. I have a hard time believing most Toronto girls even know who Genghis Khan was, Kal.

        3. Ricardo Montalban sure had some handsome pecs for a senior citizen.

        4. Yes I notice that too, plus a really hot girl knows she could attract a stereotypical alpha so unlike the lower status girl it’s not as much of a turn on

        1. I’m more of a 2’s and 3’s man…with them you just say ‘ You know your moist you dirty ho’ flop your cock out and tell them its their lucky day…or failing that buying them a McDonalds usually unlocks their extremely wide and stretchy knicker elastic.

  2. I’ve had 2 what I would call 10s in my life (obviously subjective but they were both comfortably model material) and both were very different.
    The first was awesomnly red pill and knew exactly her worth. Even while we were together (for a month) she said “this is a fling, I’ll ditch you for someone with money soon” (and she did). This was 12 years ago, we’re still “friends” on Social Network. She married a millionaire’s son, had 2 kids then ditched his ass. A bitch yes, but I loved her honesty.
    The second went to an all-girls school and was unbelievably naive and just fell for my laddish, up-front charm.
    Again it lasted a month. Different girls – but the same outcome. They were wildly different but their unifying features were their 10-ness.
    Every man needs to date a 10 just once. You’ll learn more about women and yourself in those few weeks than in a decade of dating average chicks

        1. lol! Just like that. I have had a similar experience. I thought I was going to have to bite my arm off in the morning to escape…

    1. a few days ago, i saw a live show near where i live. around ten girls on the stage competed for some kind of title by showing off their sexy moves over chairs and whatnot.
      the girls were all young, thin and fit. 7s and 8s. among them, though, was this one blonde american beauty cheerleader type. one look at her and it was obvious that any honest guy would always choose her from all the girls. and she knew it, you could see it in the way she had masterfully prepped her hair and you could see it in her pose.
      i personally think a lot of it comes down to the face. i fucked a girl with a lovely body, but a horrible face. nice bodies are somewhat common. really beautiful faces, that is rare. even a slight fatty can look gorgeous in her face if she has the right genes.
      still, seeing them beside each other made the difference obvious. with her on stage, it was not a contest. i can only imagine another girl winning if the judges have some kind of underdog complex. unfortunately, that is not very unprobable nowadays. prizes for participation and all. and hey, that beautiful girl gets her affirmation all the time, would it not be fair to give it to a less beautiful girl. puke.

      1. Yeah. Tens (or 9.9s) are HARD CODED to know they are tens
        Even if they have no self esteem or have never even met a guy – they just know

    2. Absolutely true. I’ve been lucky as most girls in this league I’ve scored with approached me. (I usually write 10s off as being completely uninterested in me so don’t approach them.) But I was always in a very good place in myself and usually had other action going on. However, this article has inspired me.

      1. I first summised 15 years ago that the most attractive girls were far more open to approach than the middle ranked ones
        Most people agree and continue to. They have less to prove and less attitude

    1. i disapprove of these. it seems classless and meanspirited. am i being a white knight? i don’t know. if there were a FHRITA for male reporters i’d be against that too.

      1. I’m not supportive of this behaviour… like you said it’s completely classless.
        I posted it is because I wonder if it’s related to the social divide between men and women that’s growing in the West. I’m wondering if men are just beginning to not care about women and what they think. Perhaps men playing out this meme is no different than acting out frustration (that they may not even be consciously aware of).
        It could just be that these dudes are plain stupid sheeple and think it’s cool. But the shamelessness about it caught my attention.
        It also begs the question of whether or not this should count as free speech. The police want to identify this guy and most likely punish him. Should they?

        1. “I wonder if it’s related to the social divide between men and women that’s growing in the West.”
          that’s an interesting idea. i feel like i know so little about how your average north american guy thinks. i have one good friend in town who is politically conservative, into game, and does well with women. other than that, the vast majority of guys i know have boobs bigger than my wife’s, are married to obnoxious landwhales, and care way too much about pro sports. there’s a younger guy i work with who has some potential: fat, but he’s single, has money, and vaguely wants to do something different with his life. i try to feed him bits and pieces of neomasculinity, but i have to be careful of course, can’t say too much at work.
          for the most part though, it seems like it would simultaneously too boring and horrifying to really try to figure out most of the guys out there.

        2. Agree. I think it’s “cause and effect” of what’s going on in society today. You’re starting to see this stuff bubble to the surface.
          Women always talk about how tough they have it in the field (and in life) compared to men. Men have been doing this shit for a long time and dealing with everything that has been thrown at them (including coverage during wars). If women can’t take it, then they shouldn’t be out there in the field. The field isn’t going to be “equal” or nice to her just because she’s a woman…the field doesn’t care.
          Deal with it or find another job.

        3. Fuck no. What crime was committed? I’m an American and not too up on Canadian law but to me the striking thing about this video isn’t the so called misogyny aspect but the fact that four cops are wasting tax money trying to prosecute a non-crime (the idiots standing around the tv). 1984 here we are. Are their speech laws in Canada?

    2. Well, I’m not very fond of dudes who mess with reportes live, but we have to admit that this was a rather poetic moment. There was the reporter spilling the usual feminist BS* and then “FHRITP” LOL
      *Seriously?? She was talking about “how strong the Canadian women were” I mean, if they won gold medals, then they were strong and competent, like any other woman who won any other gold medal in any other competition ever, so I don’t know what’s the point here…. oh yeah right, cause Canadian female athletes got it so hard with all the misogyny they had to deal with during this PanAm games in such a misogynistic country like Canada … reason #2847 why feminism is about putting women on a pedestal instead of equality.

      1. Agree. It’s more “programming” and bullshit. These reporters (female) should talk about how proud they are when winners win not when women just show up and “place”. That’s the problem with society (and women). They want recognition just for showing up for shit.
        I thought this move was classic and a great way to end the bullshit report. We need more people calling out this bullshit “feel good” reporting.
        When you lose, you lose…try harder next time.

        1. “They want recognition just for showing up for shit.”
          Exactly, my friend.. and I can’t believe how they can’t see how sexist they are being here… any little thing that women do like “just showing up and shit” is praised like some damn fucking achievement. It’s like women are little children and need constant validation for every little thing, completely defeating the “strong, independent” narrative.

        2. It’s laughable how the whole thing is right in your face, everyday. The bullshit, one way street with women trying to “strong and independent” one minute and expecting the man to pander to them the next minute.
          They don’t want equality, they want power and control (or at least payback).

      1. You’re right.
        Apparently another guy said it as that dude walked across the camera.

        1. Didn’t consider that but it’s possible.
          A strange coincidence that the reporter was talking about strong independent women.

    3. I saw that and also read that there is a warrant for his arrest for doing this. A fucking arrest warrant. I have always been told things are getting bad in Canada, but fuck if that country is not becoming more Sovietized than the States.

    1. there’s almost always something you can criticize about a woman physically, if you look hard enough. i use the 1-10 scale to describe women to friends, but my personal scale is something more like unacceptable, acceptable, and wow.

      1. I use the “gnaw my arm off”, “I wouldn’t lie about it”, and “I’d fuck her stone cold sober”. Can’t really find anything higher than “fuck her sober”. 😉

        1. heh. that last one is probably roughly equivalent to my “acceptable.” if she passes the boner test, all is good.

    2. 10’s are contextual and fleeting. Monica Bellucci in Brotherhood of the Wolf in the bordello scene? That’s a 10.

        1. Like I said, contextual and fleeting. She’s a ten for that scene and that scene only.

      1. Holy Mackeral- nice reference. She was also a backup vamp in Coppola’s “Dracula”.

      2. Or in Shoot ‘Em Up as a lactating hooker, or even in the Matrix movies, although there were no sex scenes. She qualifies as “damn hot” in the curvy and stacked sort of way. Of course, at this point she is 50 years old and I’ve seen a few pictures of her without makeup and her age is showing.

  3. [Dials up the WAYBAC Machine]
    A couple of years ago, I was out on a blind date with a 5’10 smoke show who was a model and also a chess master. Even other unicorns thought she was a unicorn.
    We got set up by friends b/c she was so depressed about the quality of guys she was seeing and, although I look like I break legs for a living, I could keep up with her, intellectually. Anyway, right off on our first date, she asked me if I like to read, and of course I do, and that led to a discussion of her preferences (WWI historical fiction) vs mine (narrative history), Remarque vs. Manchester, and a discussion of literature against the background of the World Wars.
    I was half-way through explaining the Battle of Midway to her when I stopped and asked “Is this really boring for you?” and she replied, “God, no! I thought we were going to talk about ‘What kind of dog do you like?’. This is great!” So, “Girl Nerd”, I thought. I have a real shot at this. *grins*
    So it was a great ride through the autumn and winter. My friends would openly (like in front of her, eventually), refer to her as “The Hotness”. Like “Hey, Mistral, are you bringing the Hotness with you?”. Eventually, this happened in front of her, but she was actually pretty blasé/nonchalant about it, which was simultaneously pretty funny and pretty cool.
    Anyway, spring came and she left for the season, and I let her go, b/c the last thing you want to be is that pathetic old guy who can’t let go. She met some actor in France who turned her into a drug whore. [Crash/Burn]
    If only she’d stayed under my jurisdiction….
    [/WAYBAC Machine]
    So, to pull a ten (or really a 9.9, b/c 10s only exist in theory or under laboratory conditions), you need to:
    1. Be willing to swing for the fences.
    2. Stay loose.
    3. Have Level 99 Balls – basically every guy–and a lot of girls–wants to bang her. You must simultaneously maintain your composure and Exert Your Dominance.
    4. Treat her like a regular girl. Don’t kiss her ass or put up with ANY of her shit. She will respect you for it.
    5. Enjoy the ride. It’s going to be over before you know it.
    À bientôt,

    1. I cant believe this. You should write for “All My Children” or “General Hospital”

      1. Young Guy: “I don’t believe it!”
        Mistral: “That….is why you fail…”
        The problem with writing fiction is that it is constrained by “believability” whereas things that actually happened are not. As a never-married older guy with an interesting life*, and who doesn’t discard people**—because you never know when you’re going to need to play the “I know a guy who
        knows a guy”
        , card from the deck.
        Similarly, when people I know are trying to set up a girl they know who
        is an outlier in some exceptional way, i.e. smarty, superhot, they know I’m going to have the gray matter to keep up with her or dazzle her with my scintillating wit, as need be.
        And so it goes. Put yourself in position for Good Things to Happen, and it’s surprising how often they will.
        À bientôt
        *Sometime it pays to be that guy who didn’t get locked down
        to just-this-side-of-The-Wall wife in his late 20s. Actually, that pays of Every.Single.Day.
        **This is actually good advice: As you go through life, keep
        track of the Cool People, and shred the aholes.

      1. There’s always some flaw, somewhere.
        Slowly the poison the whole blood stream fills.
        The waste remains, the waste remains and kills.


        1. I’ve been in the presence of near perfect women and their beauty presence radiates, neuters, draws and repells inferiors and makes them weakened like a bug light. The near 10’s are too powerful smv in passing and the ordinary onlooker is blown to the side of the road. You have to pin them, get their attention for a sec one on one. Look at them straight on if you can get one on one IOI and maybe it’s a zap look at her third eye and her one tiny flaw is visible. Once you can see ‘that’, then the real ‘her’ that is familial, that her own blood tribe sees, the way they know her and see her as, is for an instant seen by you. You ‘peek’ into her for a second before she puts any walls up, (It is like the surprise smile on a girl before the scream when you accidentally look into the wrong shower stall in the wrong changing room at gold’s gym. Woooops, lol.) Don’t pick bones with it, consider it a window to stealth entry into her own home, but respect her tribe.
          Then YOU’RE IN like a family member knows of her but your pua isn’t family. Your pua or game isn’t deceptive or dishonest after all. It has a true and righteous purpose now. To mount the finest. You know you have a king’s harem awaiting when you see it’s few and far between candidates and the ultra smooth and confident game kicks in.
          No chick is perfect but her one tiny pecularity is leverage to open her and open her up (gates).
          THE NEXT LEVEL is inter harem diplomacy, mastering control of your harem. Each ‘cat’ is wild but the uniqueness you see in each one you use to unite them like territory states in a union where you are emperor. A bit allegorical but it’s my best description.

        2. that’s because beauty is a lie. people aren’t meant to be beautiful. if they were then it wouldn’t require all sorts of cosmetics, lighting, hairstyles, clothing, photoshopping, etc. when a beautiful woman looks up close in one of those horribly lit bathroom mirrors she sees the truth that it’s an illusion and yet it has her in bondage. its important never to tell a girl she’s a beautiful or pretty for two reasons. first one is it gives you your power, but second by calling a girl beautiful you are giving her a disorder, because within it is the insecurity. that’s why 10s are so insecure because they have to maintain this lie that is perpetuated and expected.

      2. that’s because beauty is a lie. people aren’t meant to be beautiful. if they were then it wouldn’t require all sorts of cosmetics, lighting, hairstyles, clothing, photoshopping, etc. when a beautiful woman looks up close in one of those horribly lit bathroom mirrors she sees the truth that it’s an illusion and yet it has her in bondage. its important never to tell a girl she’s a beautiful or pretty for two reasons. first one is it gives you your power, but second by calling a girl beautiful you are giving her a disorder, because within it is the insecurity. that’s why 10s are so insecure because they have to maintain this lie that is perpetuated and expected

    2. I’m still not jaded enough to not want to crush under my boot the kind of guys that ruin women like that. I know it’s blue pill and that they have to let it happen to them but it is enraging to me. How did you feel about learning her fate?

      1. Well, up until that point, I had left the cage door open, in case the bird returned. The couple that introduced us was shocked that it had happened–they described her as “living a double life” at one point, i.e. maintaining the facade that everything was cool, all while it was circling the drain–but sometimes those thing are environmental, unless you have solid steel frame…and remember, she was young. Like I said, if she’d stayed in the States, under my jurisdiction, she’d have (likely) kept clean, but so it goes. #SpiltMilk #UsedUpModels. /Shrugs
        My view is that you have to go in with the idea that there’s a Beginning, a Middle, and an End, otherwise, you’re going to lose frame and wind up getting cast/fall into the abyss, as it were. Have to land on your feet.

        1. You just reminded me that I did have that beginning/middle/end mentality when I was in a LTR with one of the hottest girls I’ve been with. It definitely helped me for the duration and will help me again in the future. Thank you my friend.

        2. Thx. If they do have any wisdom, it’s the product of Long and Difficult Experience….
          ….But for you guys, it’s free. 😉

      2. Men don’t ruin women who aren’t weak-willed enough to be ruined in the first place. Women do it to themselves, especially in this day and age when they are so educated, enlightened and empowered. You’d think that rather than crash & burn at the rate they do, it would be much harder for men to “ruin” them.
        Nah, they changed the rules that we men laid down for their behavior so they wouldn’t ruin themselves. That’s why I don’t pity any woman who crashes and burns, and I certainly don’t blame the man for it — unless he literally rapes and/or drugs her so she’s not making her own choices.

        1. You notice he did not get angry about all the “betas not like him” who go to hell in the courts because of women like the seductress above right?

      3. All sympathy goes out the window when you see how she treats men that she thinks are below her. If she’s a genuine 10, she’s probably ruined dozens of young men with lies, cheating, and hypergamous behavior. I used to hate those guys too, but girls choose them 7/10 times because he’s a challenge. When she loses, she wants sympathy and consolation, if she wins she discards him and finds another target.

        1. If you want to find out whether a woman is worthy of your attention (i.e. STR or LTR), then find out how she treats people who can do absolutely NOTHING for her. Otherwise stick to the pump and dumping. And yeah, feeling sorry for these hoes is blue pill as fuck. Essentially you’re handing them the pussy puss, holding them accountable for nothing once again, even though you should know better.

        1. There’s a difference between white knighting and not enjoying seeing someone you once cared about wreck their lives. Furthermore one of the duties of the virtuous man used to be to hunt down the type of men that would do these type of things to his people and smite them for the benefit of their community. If there’s one thing I feel when this sort of thing happens it’s not a desire to save that woman from herself, It’s righteous fury to purge the scum.

        2. It’s their business what they allow to happen to themselves (and the scum involved along the way). You might be better off distancing yourself from all the scum AND past memories unless they cross you personally at any point in the present. And that’s probably the only time your mind should entertain any thoughts of “purging”.

        3. I understand how you feel and I can see that you are not”white knighting.” It offends the sensibilities of a better man to see the downword spiral of a woman we know who has something others don’t. However in every case I’ve known of such women (whether it involved drugs, unstable relationships and/or being with abusive men, or having a secret life) these women were already broken inside snd inevitably gravitated towards men who provided the path to their own self-destruction. You’re right that these kinds deserve an ass-whipping. However people like that just dig their own hole deeper and deeper. Given the chance I too would welcome the entertainment of doing so but I understand now that I dont even want to taint myself by coming close to them.

        4. I think I have read your comments before. So, I know you have been around. I think I have up voted you a few times. But I have to agree with above. You sound like you are white knighting for a welfare queen.
          At least how it sounds to me! IMHO.

        5. I can see how it may be interpreted that way. However, for me to be white knighting I would be actively trying to save these women. I am not. I simply feel sympathy for them. Though, as a few have accurately stated in this thread, they let it happen to them. The woman is simply the object in which the degenerates rot has manifested and that is the true source of my anger. I have no tolerance for trash like that.

    3. “She met some actor in France who turned her into a drug whore. [Crash/Burn]”
      I always marveled over time when you here about the low level dirt bag some of these (fomer) beuatiful women end up with. I know of one who ended up a stripper to support her crack addiction. Pathetic.

      1. They are used to getting a free ride. When there looks are burned up from chemical abuse, a 9.9 can slide a long way. To get the next fix they end up with whatever will give it.

      2. Imagine how much validation a superhot girl gets on a daily basis. She’s basically a celebrity. Now imagine when the wall approaches and the attention dies down. Stripper, model, porn hoe, bar hoe, etc. are just avenues for more validation. The drugs numb the pain.

    4. That’s my experience.
      Back in Hawaii, I met these two tens from the Middle East. Both had boyfriends at the time, and both were just dropping shit bomb after shit bomb my way.
      Things like “So, what’s it like being in the military and murdering thousands of our people?”
      To which I replied “Well, let’s go over the thousands killed in smoking towers, and Christian pilgrimages pre-crusade shall we?”
      The object of my testicular affection replied “let’s not!” As she held her finger over her mouth with a sheepish grin.
      “So, what do you do for a living?’
      To which your humble braggadoccio of massive swinging fortitude replied “Grabbing smart-ass Persian women by the hair and having my way with them. AKA I’m in the military like I said.” She had the most sensual laugh I discovered.
      Right there, the proverbial cat was ready to come out of the very expensive, and very revealing bikini back to my place.
      Whenever a uber hot woman asks a boring question, be careful to not give her a boring, non-humorous reply!
      This back and forth went on for ten minutes before she started talking to me about her boyfriend for all of like ten seconds. Apparently, it was not going well, and the thought of my jacuzzi at my place was sounding really good.
      Anyways, when being verbally accosted by really hot women, hold frame, be humourous, and possess a devil may care attitude that won’t put up with any shit. And don’t be offended.
      Just be advised, out of the much sought after “tens’ I have layed, they can easily get men whenever they want. One was a titanic whore. Fortunately, I was not one of the very rich suckers she preyed upon.
      If she could get you with that much effort ON YOUR PART, she can get guys with very little effort on her part.
      If you are down to bang, strap up! Ye have no idea what be in her piratess hold. On the other hand, you might have genetically great looking kids who hate you, and burn and pillage local villages if you wife that whore up.
      Don’t be surprised. Many a man has been smitten by their looks.
      Never fail to punish bad behavior!

      1. “Never fail to punish bad behavior!”
        This cannot be repeated enough. One of my fave move is “Keep it up and I will spank that ‘attitude’ right out of you.”
        So far, that has erupted into hawt sex way more often than restraining orders (zero, so far). Have to give one clear warning, and then match deed to word.

        1. Exactly. One clear warning, then over the knee she goes, which is what she wants 90% of the time, anyway.

        2. You’re exactly like the clingy stench of curry that hangs on your clothes. I’m annoyed that you won’t do something about your continuous urge to pop up in my inbox so you can let me in on how much time you spend thinking about me and making assumptions based on my comments which I’ve kept on private to stop losers like you from hitting me up but it seems that doesn’t do anything in the way of keeping the smell away. Just stick to talking about me and not to me, I’d rather smell curry from afar than up close.

        3. Wait what? This is the first time I’ve been on this site. I happened to see your nasty comment. Dude chill, I will refrain from further bothering you further.

        4. I know the bitch is super into herself. Even more than me.
          Like please, I never read your comments unless it’s on the shit I’m commenting on. Sheesh.

        5. I even downloaded a gold star with “You get a gold star for that shi+” on it lol
          It wouldn’t let me post it though 🙁

      2. there are no such thing as a persian 10 as persians are ugly as fuck.youre full of shit as usual.your standards for 10s must be extremely low or you just dont know how a real 10 looks like.

        1. Johnny – I worked for a tool manufacturer in City of Industry, CA. The business was run by Armenians, their were hot females there!! Degreed professional, not stuck up!

        2. Dude, I’ll have to disagree. After the Iranian Revolution a lot of Iranians emigrated to my city. There are some incredibly hot Persian women. You might be confusing them with the average Arabs, I don’t know. And most are the Ba’hai religion, which drills into them to be submissive, honest, and nice to people.

        3. I served in Afghanistan and I concur: Persian women are REALLY hot even in rags. Probably the hottest Caucasian women.

        4. LOL.
          These two women, one arab, one persian, were from well to do families that could fund their Hawaiian college degree (read full paid muslim restriction free sex vacation). The Jamaican land whale they kept as a vicarious better-then mirror, complimented me on the amount of shit I put up with for literally ten minutes.
          They were tens, and in my travels over there, I saw some very, very fine Middle Eastern women. I have no clue WTF you’re smoking other than your boyfriends dick, and the puff of “I don’t get out much” weed.
          Go back to your mastabatorium cup cake. And for your consolation prize, I don’t give a fuck.

        5. And not cum receptacles like the Kardashians who hail from there, but they don’t advertise on purpose.
          They would prefer to be known for something more than Kim’s porn vid shaft ride to Hollywood slutdom.

        6. hot is extremely subjective esepcially when it comes to white gus who overrate anything and everything from the exotic”middle east”….sure there are hot MENA women…my gf was one of them(im not mena btw)..but 10s?do you know what a 10 looks like?li ying zhi is a 10.brooke shields a 10.silvia saint can be considered a 10.katya sambuca ,rose bryne in troy etc while not all real 10s these women have features that are cute,button like and very exquisite….persian women just dont have those feminine small features…never said they cant be pretty at all but a 10 a very bold statement..I dont give that out easily whatsoever especially because ive seen 1000s of hot women as I live in a major capital.you gys exoticize middle east women when they are plain as fuck and nothing special about them but the forbidden fruit factor..truly pretty women are very rare in that region period.if op said they were asian women I could even believe his claims…but persians?they dont have feminine features at all to be considered tens even their pretty ones

        7. had afghan friends growing up,pretty females but tens…nah Tajiks have tons of asian influence anyway..its amazing they are still farsi speaking seeing how mixed they are with centralasians.

        8. These “Women” were not skanks like those KD tramps, I believe they were honestly repulsed by the trampiness of the whole parasite family”.

        9. I lived in Japan, Okinawa, Guam, Philliphines, Korea while in the Air Force. The philliphinas were hot, luved American dick and had not much desire to hypergame!!! Some tried to get that American ID card, no way. The bad part is that you really never knew the age of these women. I know I did some 14 or 15 year olds which lied about their age and told me they were escorts. Especailly the ones that lived in the jungles!!

        10. Tajiks are just a Persian ethnic group. In Afghanistan, they are a minority compared to Pashtu.
          Tajik are not very beautiful. However, in Afghanistan, you can see plenty of beauties despite having an unhygienic lifestyle and dressed in rags.

        11. lol. The afghani girls we get in my city are typically Daris and they look kinda manish(like irish girl manface) and quite hairy. Pashtuns are limited here but would group as same here,
          Think you got hit by the peruvian or bolivian effect where kyou get use to the local standard and suddenly that 4 becomes a 6.
          Persian women ID say are hit and miss. All you guys are right (the hammer,JJ,Joe and Johnny)though about them.
          When you see hot ones they are either among the few rich ones or born here in the west. The ugly ones tend to be more common. The middle eastern beauty thing is exaggerated but striking when they do.
          Oh keep in mind persians are arguably the hottest along with Lebanese(best in south brazil) and isrealis but they are big on plastic surgery, nose jobs in particular they like the korea of middle east. So Id say they are alil overhyped.

        12. persian women are conistently thought of as some of the most beautiful on earth. not like they are all hot, but the hot ones are especially hot

        13. I doubt Afghan women can afford plastic surgery.
          I’ve been around so I don’t think I am suffering from Bolivian effect. Most men want Slavic or Scandinavian girls but they forget that these girls are a poor long term investment. Fair skinned girls age faster.
          Since most guys want white girls, they’d better focus on middle-eastern girls who age slower.

        14. interesting.
          true they are a bad investment, well Scandinavians but least the slavic is traditional. But yes they do age quicker but I think its their drinking is the problem. Like Ive seen asians that are really pale like them and aged well but they dont drink like them. Melanin is the same but lifestyle is different.
          You gotta keep them sober for them to age well.
          Middle east girls aging slower , Im not to sure about them since weight gain is a major problem for them(so is hair but thats another thing), but Ive seen the fair skinned persians with lines on their face but granted they mustve partied like their white counterparts.
          Its a hard say but ya their skin holds a up lil better but the weight is a bigger issue for them. Think keeping a russian girl sober is easier then getting a middle east girl to stay on their diet.

        15. “[at] least the slavic is traditional”
          East Slavic girls are the only ones who are relatively traditional. Polish, Czech, Slovaks, etc. are already modernized
          “I think its their drinking is the problem”
          I’m not sure it’s only about the drinking. Melanin protects against U.V. beams so fair skinned people age faster. Asian have a special kind of melanin but they still have more than caucasian.
          The only reason you should prefer a Russian girl over a Persian one is because she’s culturally closer to you.

        16. pretty much i suppose. But the princess jasmine syndrome can be much if you are western raised. If you wear your emotions on a sleeve then you can hang with a persian girl but if youre logical then youre best with russian.
          There is no speacial melanin, like Ive seen asians typically japanese and koreans whiter then the irish. But they dont drink as much since they get the asian flush. European or white culture has a strong drinking culture. Ive seen some that looked young for their age but they didnt drink and ate well.
          modernized is the wrong word, americanized or feminized would be the right term. So many seem to consider adopting western thinking as modernizing. But modernising is when you adopt new tech not values. Modern is anything that exists today, even if its a million yrs old.
          dam didnt know czechs and slovaks have been caught, heard poland is falling suite…..its spreading like a virus

        17. ‘modernized is the wrong word, americanized or feminized would be the right term.’
          I beg to differ. Technological progress is the main agent in mofication of moral and social behavior. Polish girls act like US girls because they have access to smartphones and so on.
          ‘dam didnt know czechs and slovaks have been caught, heard poland is falling suite…..its spreading like a virus’
          Brazil is following and from whhat I hear so is Mexico. Within 20-30 years, you won’t find any fair-skinned non muslim woman worthy of even being fucked. That’s when the standards of beauty will change and you will see White men going to Ethiopia or Congo for ‘spring breaks’.

        18. oh yeah brazil too, I remember meeting a brazilian feminist 2yrs back, figure mexico would get caught. WOnder how asia and eastern europe is keeping it out.
          True tech can change your habits but the values only change when they get influenced by our culture when they log into our sites or watch or shows, thats where they start changing. Like Japan is way more advanced but they dont have to deal with fat neon hair colored hoes.

        19. ‘WOnder how asia and eastern europe is keeping it out.’
          1. Asian males are inherently beta so their women are as bitchy to them as Western women. I think 40% of Japanese women are becoming asexual for a reason.
          The thing is that Asian women have a fetish for White men so they will probably treeat you better.
          2. With the exception of Russia – which feels besieged by NATO – Eastern Eurpe has more or less caught up with the West. There is not so much difference between Germany and Poland or Finland and Estonia.

        20. 1) its a possibility since men no longer approach and females dont have the balls to do it. Picturing the west will be like that after the whole street harrasment deal. But when they marry the man leads, so I wouldnt say beta totally, since in the west we really let go with our women that we have to do alpha posturing and clown game to entertain them to get with them. Literally like a seal doing tricks, in that sense its kinda beta. But end of the day shame and tradition is alive an well there ,here it aint.
          But treating us better not quite, they see us as a parachute, since we have lower standards then the local men.
          2. So the count down has begun, basically finland and east of poland still has some dodos left, get em while u can

      3. dam, so did you get the bang?
        I take it they are from well off families and pretty westernized hence the bikini. Im surprised you were to give them standard asshole game and they ate it up, then a gain they are westernized. Ive tried that and they get mad, not hard to piss them off. But I tried a more “traditional game” mixed with “bad muzzy game” without apology on this one afghani girl from saudi and she ate it up. Though it did help that I was part middle eastern.
        Question though those uber hot women werent wearing make up? Cause middle east girls really cake make up, espicaelly around eyes for some reason?
        On a side note Im big on history, those pre crusades those pilgrims were usually killed by random bandits in the bedoiun areas wasnt it.

    5. * the way to have “99 level” balls is to stop acting like she is an angel come down from heaven. Yeah she’s gorgeous, and yeah you feel all fuzzy inside when your around her, but she’s a bitch just like every other bitch that ever lived. No different.

      1. Or as I put it, maintaining solid steel frame.
        Sometimes, you run up against a Worthy Opponent, but there’s how I talk about it here, and then how the relationship was conducted, which was me keeping er a bit off-balance most of the time, which she lapped up and asked for seconds.
        It was a real test, b/c she was super bright, and so anything too obvious wouldn’t have worked. Luckily, I got her young, so I had that going for me.
        But hey, it was a fun ride, but as with all things, it had a beginning, a middle, and an end.

        1. I dunno about “idol worship”….I just like banging hot chicks. I think that falls more under “fornication”, to which I happily admit.

        2. it’s deathly boring. instead, knock her off the pedestal society has placed under her ass

        3. I didn’t mean you worship idols. What I’m saying is, you can’t look at the way society acts towards beautiful women and not see it as a sickness. The estimation of their worth is WAY too high.

    6. The key to dealing with any woman really, is to not put up with a single bit of her shit.

    7. This was a really helpful and frank post. Thanks my friend. Sorry that you had to see her destroy her life after leaving you. There are very few things I have seen more depressing and unnecessary than a very special person destroying themselves.

    8. How tall are you?
      Personally I’m 6″ And I have better sex with girls under 5″7.
      I think men are too obsessed with beauty. A 5-7 girl will bring more to your life than most 8+.

      1. I am 6’1″ and change. Closer to 6’2″, but not quite there. I usually date 5’9″ and up b/c I have a built in advantage over most guys in that way. My current plates are 5’6 to 5’10”.
        Remember, this was a blind date that I hit it off with. Why would I turn down a smoke show who was (when I had her) a together chick?
        I like attractive women. So sue me. 😉

        1. No man would say no to free sex with most women.
          My point is that I don’t see why you guys are so attracted to women who have the measurements of teenage boys.
          Remember that the current standards of female beauty (tall, slim, etc.) were set by fashion designers in the 60s-70s. Most of them are gay and teenage boys are what they like.
          Personally, I prefer the Marilyn style: below 5’7″, reasonably thick, etc.

        2. It’s a free country. That said, the girl from the story was not a ‘coat hanger on legs’ with no tits, etc. She worked overseas a lot and did a lot of print work, and some European TV, so she wasn’t the typical anorexia victim. Believe me, if you saw her (in her ‘before’ phase) you’d have wanted to tap that ass also. Maybe you’d want to feed her a cheeseburger first, but still….

        3. Haha! Just like most men, I would tap the ass of any 5+ girl if there are no strings attached.
          Still, my points remains. Tall, non curvy girls are not feminine.
          If we want women to get back to femininity, let’s stop chasing girls who are as tall as us and have almost no tits or ass.

        4. long legs are feminine….although that has more to do with proportions than actual height.stubby women aint feminine brah.

        5. Maybe I’m not making myself clear enough: starting from the 1960s-70s, men have been brainwashed to prefer women who look like male teenagers or lady boys.
          Instead of bitching against feminism and gay agenda, let’s get back to real women: Marilyn Monroe over Kate Moss.

  4. Let’s not omit this: Beauty is a continually deteriorating currency. This has two corollaries:
    1. Maintaining beauty deep into one’s 30s and 40s is extremely difficult: for most women, impossible. It can result in great frustration, which will often culminate in a bitterness and loss of self-regard that bubbles over onto her man…if she has one.
    2. She who has the time, energy, resources, and inclination to remain beautiful deep into her life is often nothing more than beautiful, because that undertaking has displaced all other things from her agenda.

    1. Don’t marry a woman for looks, because the will diminish in your eyes over time even if they don’t for other men… and she will rely on their gaze for validation.
      Marry an ugly woman that can cook and she’ll get better at it as she ages and you’ll always be happy and not have to worry about her leaving! 🙂

        1. DIdn’t you read the newest studies about DNA? Women carry the DNA of every partner that’s ever “released” in them in their bodies and they effect the DNA. I’m sure even most 3s have been with some good looking alphas on the one night the alpha was desperate and options were low. Maybe the kid will turn out okay? It wouldn’t matter, ugly or not you won’t get to see the kids once the nine leaves you for a richer/better looking guy and trains them to call him daddy anyway.

        2. No, thats the first time ive ever heard such a thing, but it makes sense. Ima look it up. If its true, then it just strengthens my resolve to have kids with a virgin.

        3. Now there’s some hard evidence against feminism. +1 for the Bible. I guess GOD knew what He was talking about all along.
          I appreciate the links, Ima share this.

    2. “For just as the female ant loses its wings after mating, since they are then superfluous, indeed harmful to the business of raising the family, so the woman usually loses her beauty after one or two childbeds, and probably for the same reason”. – Schopenhauer

  5. So is the brunette in #2 supposed to be unattractive (“Girls who look like this will engage in whatever debauchery”)? Because gotta say, she may not be a 10 but she looks really good

  6. Guess it really depends. A lot of western regardless of attraction are little screwed up.

  7. I’ve got a little different perspective. Grew up next to a 10 and was like an older brother to her. She got asked out A LOT. A true 10 really does. She didn’t wear makeup, pulled her hair up under a ball cap and walked out the door wearing baggy sweats and guys would still ask her number. She always wanted me to go with her places to keep guys away.
    She had a $40k/yr receptionist job at a law firm at 19 (this was in the 80’s, like 70k/yr today). Basically her job was to look pretty. She didn’t date poor guys. Didn’t have to. Guys took her to Europe. This is what the life of a true 10 is like. Married a rich lawyer.

    1. “I’ve got a little different perspective…”
      Your experience is exactly as mine. Glad to see another realist chime in.

      1. Yeah, I think some of these guys are mistaking 8s and 9s who know how to “work it” with a true 10. There’s a difference.

        1. That what you said, and if we are talking women in wasteland usa then what the majority of men think are “10”s in the States could possibly rank as mere “7”s in places like eastern europe or south america.
          Most guys in america are staring at frumpy, garbage looking women for so long they have lost their sense of beauty aesthetic. It’s gotten to the point where the definition of “hottie” is the fat chick that doesn’t have cookie crumbs in her mustache. It will possible come to where finding the hottest chick in the club means finding the one that simply makes you throw up less.

        2. True. 10s do exist, but I only see one every few years. Even 9s are very rare, maybe 1 in 30 college-age girls. The difference between a 10 and a 9.5 is like the difference between lightning and a night-light. Even getting a glimpse of one in a crowd out of the corner of the eye causes full brainstem alert: “hot babe, 2’clock and closing!”. I had that exact reaction in a big, dressed-up crowd at my sister’s elite grad-school graduation. Literally jaw-dropping, involuntary head-turn – and then it turned out this beauty coming toward me was my 16 y.o. half-Thai cousin that I hadn’t seen in a few years, which was a little awkward. Just to rub it in to her competitors, besides being a magazine cover model, she’s also really nice, and has a math degree.

    2. A hot girl is like a really rich guy… the world is theirs….
      An ugly girl, well she’s like a guy, she’s going to have to get a job.

  8. I have to disagree with them not getting hit on as often. Women ugly or hot get attention from guys and are approached daily. Beta males put women on pedestals and have boosted the confidence of fat ugly chicks to an extreme to now they think they’re as attractive as a true 9-10. The hot chicks will date and mate with beta-males for a meal ticket and to boss them around while they go fucking in-shape Alpha males. The hot chicks know they’re attractive and walk around with a god like complex due to beta-males with manginas worshiping them. The hot women are mediocre in bed bc they feel as if you’re ‘blessed’ to be in their presence and should do all the work to keep them interested. Ugly chicks that know they’re ugly will do shit in bed hookers won’t bc they aren’t sure when they’ll get some action from an Alpha again.

    1. Very true its so many outlets for them to get attempts on getting with them nowadays. Unless you fine a woman that is so unattached to todays social media world.

    2. Exactly. This article promotes the myth of the lonely ten who rarely gets hit on by attractive men. In reality most men will be shut out before they can even attempt to run game on a ten who isn’t already in their social circle. If you really want to consistently fuck tens, save up an ongoing sex fund and you can regularly fly out to Nevada to fuck high class hookers. Sex is a commodity, and alpha males treat it as such. So should you

      1. “If you really want to consistently fuck tens, save up an ongoing sex fund and you can regularly fly out to Nevada to fuck high class hookers. Sex is a commodity, and alpha males treat it as such. So should you”

    3. “The hot chicks know they’re attractive and walk around with a god like complex due to beta-males with manginas worshiping them. The hot women are mediocre in bed”
      Quoted for truth.

    4. “Ugly chicks that know they’re ugly will do shit in bed hookers won’t bc
      they aren’t sure when they’ll get some action from an Alpha again.”
      Nailed it.

    5. Exactly. I think guys like “hope.”
      Very attractive women keep themselves insulated from average men. They tend to be the most aloof when out in public running errands.
      Some average guy walking up to a ten chatting her up doesn’t impress them. Calling them “insecure” really doesn’t mean much. They know they’re hotter than most women and that men everywhere are salivating themselves just looking at them.
      If you can get sex from a 10 then you are well above average in some way, shape or form and it ain’t “game.”

    6. Exactly.
      There are no lonely tens.
      There are “tens” who didn’t start out as tens. The typical case is that of a woman who was average and then at some point she “bloomed” or was “discovered”. These pseudo-tens might end up with average guys. The real tens who are always aware -or made aware- of their tenness will not tolerate approach from average guys..
      If you want to have an equal-footing relationship -the closest thing to a “love relationship”- with a ten, i.e. one where you are both humans and not one human and one utility, you must be on a par with her on looks. If you’re not, you must settle for “winning” her.
      Of course, there’s still the most cost-effective way: save money and pay for a ten. There’s as much “love” involved as with a ten “girlfriend” but the sex will be better because she at least will put some effort.

  9. Great article but a tad misleading, no such thing as perfect in this world. Therefore, 10s don’t exist.

  10. YES! This is so true, the girls who are actually mega hot are actually a lot easier to approach. It’s mostly a mental game you’ve got to overcome within yourself. Once I learned this everyone thought I had some amazing secret to my game but honestly I just treated the 10s like any other girl I’d talk to.

  11. Solid truth here. You should game ALL girls the same, in your own unique way. If they try acting like snowflakes you know to simply laugh. They are all copycats of one another at the end of the day, under the pretense of emulating what a hotter/thinner girl does will get her more attention. They all jump on this bandwagon.

  12. Tens are the girls that have the ability to make your heart stop…
    And then my winners mentality kicks in and I tell her to put away her cell phone when she is at the table without looking at her.

    1. Her looks are definitely 8+. To be a 10 you have to have the cool attitude to go with it though…
      I totally agree with your assessment of the article pics… they’re not ugly, but they’re not even close to 10s.

        1. Nope… but their looks alone mean even with the attitude they couldn’t be a 10.

    2. Tavarish, how can you tell she’s a 10 if you haven’t seen her naked (or have you)? She could have stretch marks, acne, spider veins, or cellulite (or all!) underneath that dress. To simply life images from Google of really attractive girls and label them a “10” seems rather spurious.

    3. a 10 is determined by her SMV or what kinda guys she hangs around with…..you can have a girl who is extremely pretty (10 beauty wise) but if she doesn’t have high status guys inn her social circle…its gonna be easy to game her.
      Either ways I dropped the rating system long back.It is there at the back of my mind when I am gaming girls but on the surface…I am just asking myself….is this chick bangable or not??

      1. I too have stripped the system down to the binary; want to fuck, don’t want to fuck. All women in the want to fuck ranks are the same. All grey cats are black in the dark.

  13. Our forefathers are looking down and shaking their heads in disapproval, seeing all the trauma and dilemma their descendants have to go through and all the game and trickery they have to master so they may get their dicks wet. Fuck all those who took part in creating the wreck of modern woman and this disfucntional society.

    1. But God himself is looking down, giving us the nod, for attempting to maintain at least some enjoyment for truth tellers, even if we’re all mercenaries at heart.

  14. Irrespective of your scale (i.e. do 10s exist or only 9s?), something I’ve found equal across all 9s (10s don’t exist in my book), is they’re impressed with applied knowledge, and even theoretical knowledge much more than less sexy women.
    They know their hotness, but exactly WHAT they’re insecure about, is often better hidden than your average 6-8. Ironically, it’s not always what you find as a flaw in her, but rather some odd ball thing you didn’t expect her insecurity to stem from. “My pinky toe curls too far under, I hate me feet.” Huh?
    I had a 9 who’d text me every few days and beg me to say something witty and ask shit like:
    “Right now, what thought is in your head.”
    “What’s something significant you’ve done that made you proud today.”
    “Tell me something intelligent I didn’t know, that’s so hot!”
    “Let me hear more of your vocabulary, I so look forward to hearing your words.”
    I was in court today for a child support hearing, and a smoke show female family lawyer I’ve seen in the courts a couple times (A solid 9, which I slyly hit on last time) arrived at the clerk’s desk, seemingly undone (very little make up, not dressed up really), which was a bit shocking. They’re just people.
    It’s the same reason whenever you’re in a bar, public setting, you hit on the hottest girl first. All the rest are downhill from there, and other’s take note of your braveness.

  15. “They’re much more pleasant than you think”
    This is very true. Attractive people experience the world very differently from average and ugly people. IE, teachers are going to be nicer to a cute little girl. Attractive people very rarely have an axe to grind as a result.
    Despite this there’s a media stereotype of the beautiful ice queen. So you have all these 5-7’s trying to channel this mystique and going around acting like cunts thinking it raises their value.

  16. 5 Universal Truths About Perfect 10s Every Man Should Know
    Read next: Why There Are No 10s

    1. You can tell which authors are the betas of RoK. They post negative junk, and oft-times outright post the opposite of what an alpha just posted. Now I feel roasted, so toast it.

      1. We all know the articles are mainly an acumulation of peoples experience, which differs person to person. There are also click bait titles that seem to have similar opinion or experience, yet different titles.
        For these reasons your comment doesn’t make any sense…

  17. With 9s+ I’ve especially avoided revealing even a smidgen of how much work is put in behind the scenes to bag them. Naturally you want to do this with any girl 6.5+ to add to the mystique and maintain SMV, but with upper echelon I especially do so.
    My theory is they expect you to be on point 247, because to them, whether they were genetically blessed or worked some for it to gain that last point, a high level of perfection is simply part of the daily grind to them.
    Every time I’ve been with an 8+ I usually get the feeling I’m the best version of myself I’ve ever been, and the girl is simply a product of reaching that level.

  18. also don’t forget….her status as a 10 is temporary….
    a few extra pounds can make her a 6.
    I have seen girls packing 5-10 pounds at the wrong places turning them from hotties to notties.

    1. The scale is a man’s scale and feminism rebells against anything male. A 9.5 spouting feminism has her rating dropped significantly or even halved. No real man wants Barbarella on her terms. Genghis Kahn game will evolve to recapture the feminized women. Where there’s ‘wool’ there’s a way. Survival trumps all.

      1. Spouting feminist drivel drops any woman no matter what she looks like to a zero in my rating system. I recommend this system to one and all.

  19. It’s a mixed bag. Back in the early ’90s, before the internet took off, I decided to check out telephone dating: Telepersonals. By the dawn of the new millennium it had pretty much gone the way of the dodo and got supplanted by internet dating.
    You created a profile with some basic information and then created a voicemail greeting. Then you could search through and listen to other people’s greetings and if you liked one you could leave them a message at the cost of about one dollar. Subsequent messages and back and forth were free as you tried to number close and/or set up a meeting.
    My buddies gave me a lot of grief over entertaining the idea. In their minds it would all be fat, desperate, ugly chicks hiding behind voicemail to try and get a date. However, the very first woman I met was a fashion model – 5’10”, super slim, well-stacked, nice face – 10-ish or at least in striking range depending on your taste. We ended up having a one night stand on our first meeting and I was able to make off with one of her head shots from her portfolio.
    The next day my friends could not help but notice my shit-eating grin and the bounce in my step. They freaked out when they saw her picture and all of them signed up with Telepersonals that afternoon.
    Numbers 2 to 5 definitely applied to her, but we never spent enough time together to get around to #1.
    The other fashion model I dated was not insecure and was pretty damn good in bed. She was surprisingly pleasant (I just hit on her to have some arm candy while I visited Shanghai but she turned out to be a lot nicer than I expected).
    The third girl who might qualify as a 10 illustrates how YMMV. She was a 5-foot nothing, 98 pound sex machine. If being 5’10”, blonde and stacked are absolute prerequisites for 10 status (as I suspect is the case for a lot of guys) then she doesn’t make the cut. However, she had a beautiful face and a tight, toned, fit body, as well as great hair. She was confident, had lots of guys hitting on her and was a complete rocket in bed.
    All that being said, a lot of 10-ish girls don’t conform to any of these “universal” truths, except #1 and even then it may not apply as a practical matter. Many walk in social circles where they meet lots of people and are getting hit on all the time. I agree with the point that they won’t get as many cold approaches because your typical guy will be somewhat intimidated or simply assume that they’ll be blown off or that she already has a boyfriend. Data from OKCupid indicates the hottest looking women receive fewer messages than the sort-of hot looking ones.
    Let’s face it, lots of hot women are complete fucking bitches. Many are vapid and self-entitled, vain and even a bit annoying to be around. They have stupid opinions that they expect to be taken seriously because so few people will call them on their bullshit.
    For every insecure one there is another who knows they are good looking and not the least concerned about the opinions of lesser mortals. Similarly, the ones who are good in bed and know it have a certain additional confidence about them. As with looks, YMMV about bedroom performance. For me, the best sex ever was with 7s and 8s but you have to look at the sample sizes you are dealing with. Most guys can count on one hand the number of potential 10s they have banged while it would not be uncommon for one’s notch count of 7s and 8s to be in the dozens. It hasn’t been my experience that a typical is any way better than a 9+ on average.

    1. 《We ended up having a one night stand on our first meeting and I was able to make off with one of her head shots from her portfolio.
      The next day my friends could not help but notice my shit-eating grin and the bounce in my step. They freaked out when they saw her picture and all of them signed up with Telepersonals that afternoon.》
      This woman is clearly very good at her job.

      1. I highly doubt they were pimping out PR bunnies back in the early stages. Fake profiles online seem to be a pretty common phenomenon online these days but the odds of you actually fucking one of them are basically nil.

        1. I was hoping you would concede to me the smallest bit of wisdom into seeing that was not the case with this particular woman.
          Certainly, there was no information that the service could have gleaned that I was at all connected or could bring them riches by paying the going rate to get me laid by a fashion model.

        2. Nobody knows really… Maybe the publicity of you spreading the word to your friends (with convenient photo evidence) would work in the company’s favour and translate to more signups (which it did).
          Good work either way.

  20. Lower end 5’s and below, don’t even bother. They’re not used to compliments or approaches by anything other than homeless trashdiggers. They’re liable to think you’re trying to rob them. They’re more comfortable around broken or unthreatening men that THEY open.
    High number means higher smv retention over time, less aging and like intelligent creatures that mature more slowly than feeder fish, they can reach high levels of performance mentally and sexually compared to faster maturing flash in the pan types. Lindsay Lohan looks 40 now (feeder fish genes?) but Bo Derek is pushing 60 and has kama sutra written all over her sweaty self:
    Too bad there’s degenerate hollywood. In times past her ass would have been kept stuffed like a turkey with upwards of 12 kids sucking off those trophy jugs.

  21. Sorry man… but this article just sounds too flowery to make me think you have any experience with a perfect 10. The 5 “truths” is just nonsense. It reads like the same kind of blue pill horse shit that one would find in beta rag sheets like Men’s Health or askmen.com.
    I’ve heard this excrement already many times over the years. Give me a break already.

  22. A 10 who doesn’t know how to fark drops 2.5 points in my estimation.

  23. lol, this article.
    most 10’s(99%) i have known start dating rich older men before they even turn 20, and have had many of these:
    “hey babe you can have an easy life and enjoy the free ride”
    kinds of offers from 10/10 Quality alpha males before they turn 20
    Also a 10 does not turn into an 8 as fast as an 8 turns into a 6, with the aging process
    a 10 will still be an 8 compared to the rest of the market by the time she is 35 years old, her vanity is so abundant that it lasts an extra stretch of 5 years or so
    No joke.
    if you do get the attention of a 10 and your some average joe, as mistral said, the ride will be very very short,
    If you’re not a millionaire and can’t offer a 10 a life of leisure and selfies, you are invisisble

    1. “if you do get the attention of a 10 and your some average joe, as mistral said, the ride will be very very short”
      I’d prefer it that way anyhow. I never envy a guy who has a perfect 10 trophy wife. She is costing him not only money, but also life-force and adding annoyances in his life. Esther Vilar mentioned this in her book, The Manipulated Man. Going out and getting it on with a hot skag is great and an important part of being a man. But wifing up said hottie will result in much less Return On Investment (ROI), with the return becoming less and less.

  24. Don’t marry a woman for looks, because the will diminish in your eyes over time even if they don’t for other men… and she will rely on their gaze for validation.
    Marry an ugly woman that can cook and she’ll get better at it as she ages and you’ll always be happy and not have to worry about her leaving! 🙂
    BTW, why date a 9 when you can date three 3s?!

  25. Don’t marry a woman for looks, because they will diminish in your eyes over time even if they don’t for other men (you’ll get used to her)… and she will rely on their gaze for validation. Then she’ll of course not keep her looks as she ages anyway and you’ll be stuck with her.
    Marry an average looking woman that can cook and she’ll get better at cooking as she ages and you’ll always be happy and not have to worry about her leaving! 🙂
    BTW, why date a 9 when you can date three 3s?!

    1. Technically, unless you’re only talking about looks, a 9 looks better AND cooks better than a 3.

  26. “But if you consciously humanize beautiful girls by visualizing them ripping a loud long fart or having terrible morning breath it almost involuntarily triggers your mind into de-pedestalizing them which snaps you out of that spell her beauty has you under.”
    The most important bit in this article yet not one person has mentioned it, yes there are stunners, yes there are 10s and 5s what matters is you don’t let that beauty of perfection distract you from the real, once you open your eyes to it which is harder said than done due to extreme social conditioning we have.
    Once you calibrate this into your mind, you see women for who they really are and I believe that way you can see the real beauty of the 10s

    1. “But if you consciously humanize beautiful girls by visualizing them ripping a loud long fart or having terrible morning breath it almost involuntarily triggers your mind into de-pedestalizing them which snaps you out of that spell her beauty has you under.”
      All hot chicks are carousel riders so they de-pedestalize themselves:

    1. “And the truth every female should know about perfect 10s is: No, we don’t care that hot girls are dumb”
      This is true of what men seek in all women. Men dont care about a chicks grades in college, or her professional ambitions in life, or ‘witty jokes’ or her ‘personality’; that’s all feminist BS. It’s all about the T&A.

    1. Pretty much anything that attempts to put you on the back foot. Ignore them or power through them.

      1. My preference for penis has no bearing on the fact that black women are slightly more appealing than a Ron Jeremy chia pet.

  27. Bizarrely, when I was post-divorce dating about 10 years ago (early to mid 30s), I met a gal on a dating site, who had her shit together and was an absolute 10 by any guy’s standard. East Indian (fair) from Trinidad, huge, supple tits, beautiful ass, etc. We met at a outdoor eatery, and when she came up, I thought I was being pranked. We wound up making out that nite (oral all that), fucking over the next week and dating/sport fucking for about 6 months. Here’s what happened:
    1. She (same age) was eager to please, giving me foot washings/scrubbings (seriously!) and head, all that, cooking, etc. But was otherwise ‘so so” in bed. I fucked her mouth, pussy and ass, and she always had a sort of awkward sense about her. Not like she wasn’t INTO me per se (you know when you know that), more like, she had no soul. Hard to explain. She wasn’t “there”, even in other interactions.
    2. She was weird: She was one of those businesswomen who clearly was living on credit, had a huge SUV (brand new), all the finest things in her house, and pictures OF HERSELF everywhere, although in conversation she was not a narcissistic. It was more like a Twilight Zone, where she was like a fake person who had a room decorated for her or something. (Flag) She was weird in other ways, calling me “honey” and “dear” in that “zone” where we still were kinda just early-on fuck buddies, like she wanted to speed things up.
    3. Her first (white) husband, of a few years, was total Beta and from what I gathered, was probably closet gay. They were friends who married. She had dated (later learned) a black dude before that. (Flag). She had (later learned) shitloads of debt, and some bad business deals (was going to buy a franchise, fell through). She also used two first names, which isn’t unheard of, but along with her former husbands last name was known as (for example), Sarah Jones, but also went by Elizabeth Jones. This will be important later.
    4. Despite her looks and body, I just found myself less and less attracted to her (Chris Rock, “Somebody’s tired of fuckin’ her…”). I dumped her eventually for my foreign wife whom I’ve been with since, had kids, been happy.
    5. She went on to marry a semi-successful attorney, who I am CERTAIN (from subsequent minor contact she and I had via email), bought her out of all of her debt and mortgaged his entire future with her. He looks beta (schlubby), but has written a novel and done well as an attorney. I ran into him a few times on public transit and said nothing. But I have to Red Pill chuckle, if only he knew, after all that money he paid for her (has she opened her ass for HIM?).
    6. She got sued by a few former and almost business partners, but she left the state and moved to his state (right up the road), and started now going by Elizabeth HIS LAST NAME, and basically just recreated herself. Her home here was auctioned off (foreclosed) and she started some MLM stuff and calls herself a business woman. She popped out two kids with him and I am wondering when she will cash out.
    I only mention all this, because over the years, I’ve wondered if I did wrong, or perhaps was spared a bullet. She was genuinely nice, but seemed to have this secretive side that made me think she might have been doing escort work or something. Even with her debt, no pretty woman goes without, or has to pay for all the things she had. I DO miss banging her, just ‘cuz, and still can’t believe I was. I’m not ugly or anything, but she was WAY out of my league. She was like a model.

  28. Attraction scales are subjective. One man’s 10 is another man’s 2! 😛 Some men like fatties, others like skinniness, others like curvies. It’s all subjective. Point remains, NEVER PEDESTALIZE a woman you are attracted to.

  29. I don’t mess with 10s anymore, very easy to turn into one-itis. Got blind sided 4 years ago and almost didn’t make it out alive.

  30. “Use this to your advantage by teasing the fuck out of her. Tease her
    about her nose, make fun of her hair, or pick on her about her bejeweled
    phone case—anything you can think of.
    Nothing makes hot girls hotter for you than teasing them…trust me. Be careful not to overdo it. But definitely make certain she understands you’re not afraid to
    tease and pick fun at her. This will let her know in no uncertain terms
    that her beauty is something you’d be just fine without.”
    Aw, that’s cute. However, as nice as those intentions are, women don’t really see that as nice teasing. It’s more like a hateful bashing and tells them they aren’t good enough, which can totally destroy their self esteem and make them crazy. Really think you’d be better off being completely honest with them – that way when you say they’re crazy hot they’ll believe you.
    As easy as low self-esteem women can supposedly be, one that has high self-esteem will put herself out there to try new things like sucking cock and having it up her ass. Being nice and honest, instead of what comes across as demeaning (like calling them fat), makes them trust you and feel an emotional connection. This connection will open so many doors, even if you straight up tell them that all you want is sex and not a relationship. Many will see that as a challenge and you can use that.

  31. Im fucking a Brooke shields doppelganger prostitute for 50 $ ..its luck too..proponquity but I have no motivation to chase women as long as she is in business because the cost to benefit ratio is just too low.

  32. While in the Air Force in Italy, I banged some local Italian girls who were 8’s and 9’s and I banged some military wives who were mostly 7’s and some older. The married women loved dick and unfortunately for me I had to stop or loose a stripe. I’d much rather bang a nympho 7 then a stunning 9. Sometimes quantity over quality fits the bill!

    1. Are you saying that on demand quantity with high skill level sevens trumps high maintenance and unreliable nines each and every time providing they pass the boner test?

      1. TheHammer – Bro – On demand pussy with a reliable 7, a high skill level cock lover in my book trumps and unreliable 9 laying on her back twirling her hair, and wondering who texted her?? When the well is full of water, you never get thirsty! Capisce!

  33. I’ve noticed that a lot of guys here seem concerned – for legitimate reasons – about being in a long run relationship so they’re more focused on game. I’m sure though that many of you also truly do want a long term relationship and if it is something that you want, then don’t give up on it. Just judge each girl you meet carefully and maybe you will meet someone who is a 10 / 10 and who you want to spend the rest of your life with. I know that in modern society it may seem impossible, but trust me, nothing is ever impossible if you want it badly enough. Just don’t give up on what you want or settle for one night stands if you want something more.

    1. Game applies just as equally in long term relationships (or short term ones). But yes, I don’t think modern society is unique. Apart from the advanced communication and easier/faster travel, humans are probably still at the same level genetically as they have been for thousands of years. Still two arms and two legs…

  34. they already know you want to bang them……..they’re waiting to see if you have the balls to close the deal

  35. Overexposed photographs like the one in this article (green eyed ‘debauchery’ girl) are when girls want to photoshop out their own blemishes.
    A useful mental rule of thumb to have is, does the photo use non professionally done camera tricks to hide parts of the woman’s body or face, or blur out and smooth rough edges? Then she’s much uglier than her photograph.
    And ugly is not what you want to go for. Neither is insecure really, long term. I recognise that there is value to dread game, but it can get tiresome to manipulate a woman’s weaknesses then just find a better quality of woman. Sure you have to always keep on your toes, but clown game long term is tiresome

  36. Tens don’t exist, there’s no such thing as a woman with no flaws. Women are human, and by default have flaws weither it’s physical or psychological.

  37. One man’s 10 is another man’s 9. Other than that though, great article with great content!

        1. Unfortunately it’s on a whole other dimension. The 6th dimention, and no amount of metaphysical thinking will allow you to comprehend it’s remarkable existence. Sorry human.

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