4 Leftist Propaganda Videos That Had Their False Narrative Called Out

Virtue-signaling leftist corporations frequently use the Youtube platform to bombard our eyes and ears with an endless assault of painfully bad propaganda. In many cases, we are forced to sit through at least a couple of seconds of these cry-me-a-river garbage videos, precisely because these moneyed corporations have purchased far-reaching and expensive advertising campaigns we are compelled to (partially) sit through.

Some irredeemable leftist idiots buy into all this propaganda hook, line, and sinker. However, the red pill is growing ever stronger with the general public, and the voices of reason and logic are speaking louder than globalist narratives and “feewings” (feelings).

Here are four examples of videos which were designed to “move” people towards a leftist narrative, but utterly failed in the process. (Note: Apologies if the text copy comes out too small for mobile devices, it should be a little better on desktops).

1. “Raising An Olympian: Ashton Eaton”

Narratives: White “racism” & promotion of white guilt, Black/mixed race victimization and overcoming white “oppression”, promotion of single mothers as virtuous and noble

Raising An Olympian - Ashton Eaton II

2. “Always #LikeAGirl – Keep Playing”

Narratives: Male shaming, Female “empowerment”

Always Like A Girl

3. “79% Work Clock: The Daily Reminder That The Wage Gap Is Real”

Narrative: Female workplace oppression / the “gender wage gap”

Gender Wage Gap 4. “#ProudToBe: Coming Together To Celebrate Identity”

Narratives: Promoting homosexuality & transgenderism, promoting acceptance of perverse mental illness, promoting the destruction of traditional values and family units

Comments Disabled

Too many high-ranking comments of “D-E-G-E-N-E-R-A-T-E!” and those coming out overwhelmingly in favor of traditional (ie. non mental patient) values, identities, and family units was simply too much to bear for Youtube.


We’re winning. Slowly but surely.

The power and scope of leftist corporations, globalists, and their nefarious agendas can seem absolutely daunting to the casual observer, let alone just a regular reader of Return Of Kings. However, the common man has clearly had enough with progressive agendas which have been disproved time and time again (gender wage gap, rape culture, systemic white racism, etc.) and are rebelling against disgusting globalist agendas which seek to promote sterility and the destruction of the traditional family unit in developed countries (deifying homosexuality, transgenderism, female careerism, etc).

We have much work to do yet, but the left is clearly being put on ever more intensive damage control, not to mention incredible embarrassment. The recent hacks of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations will only amplify the revolt against all this progressive and globalist vomit. So keep your heads held high boys, we’re on the truth rampage.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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200 thoughts on “4 Leftist Propaganda Videos That Had Their False Narrative Called Out”

  1. ““#ProudToBe: Narratives: Promoting homosexuality & transgenderism, promoting acceptance of perverse mental illness, promoting the destruction of traditional values and family units” – please explain

      1. please explain how “Promoting homosexuality & transgenderism” equates to the acceptance of a “perverse mental illness” (which homosexuality like all sexuality cannot be an illness merely a state of being), is the reason for promoting the destruction of traditional values and family units? – When the stats show for themselves that “traditional” hetero couples diverse rates and damaged homes far out weigh in scale to those of homosexual pairings.
        I am only curious and wish to understand. Thank yo for any reply.

        1. Homosexuality as a whole paired with Transgender and other perversions are a mental illness. It can be upgraded to a state of being for some possibly but the over all acceptance of ridiculous perversion such as cross dressing, believing ones self to be the opposite sex, Acting over the top female as a gay man or over the top male and a woman are in fact perversions of way we are put on this earth to act. Scientifically speaking Men and Women are meant to be together, the man as the protector and the woman as the nurturer. This is easily visible by the difference and complimentary fashion of the male and female anatomy. As far as the destruction of traditional values, the acceptance of Perversion in society and the plastering of such in a way that makes it difficult to shield are kids from it does a few things. It gives them the LGTB option to their lives, with it being romanticized in all of media, all the time. Feminism which is tied into this, and more over the rights of women and the push of women to work and try to be equal to men leaves not only marriages to be seen as a secondary or even lower priority but it leaves the raising of children, by default, up people who often don’t have kids of their own or even know how to raise kids (day cares etc). Instead of the children being raised they are baby sat by a combination of degenerate teenagers, day care caregivers, Television, Ipads, twitter, facebook, instagram etc. This all degenerates tradition and traditional families. Furthermore the LGBT lifestyle is one of extreme hedonism and feminist values that allow people to sleep with whomever they want whenever they want.. Everyone gets this pass except Heterosexual Males. ( You don’t see Rape accusations in the Homosexual community nor do you see rape accusations against women to other adults. ) There is also the case of other perversions such as Teachers getting knocked up by there students. The list goes on. Promoting Homosexuality and Transgenderism as a state of being is awfully dangerous. They are both perversions of sexuality and if kept private and frowned upon by society you would have less instances of it, I mean you have parents allowing kids as young as 5 being pushed to identify as trans or homosexual. Its pretty insane. The sample of hetero versus homo pairings is so insanely skewed that’s not even a viable stat. Hetero divorce rate is so high because women are rewarded for being single and even more so for being single parents. The homosexual community doesn’t have the same incentives to get divorced and the ability of child custody being a factor and child support and alimony is under 1% id be willing to bet, for the obvious reason that 2 women and 2 men are not able to reproduce. I hope that answered your question.

  2. I’ve noticed Secrets deodorant is now really pushing the feminist narratives in their new commercials. In the same night, I saw one pushing the wage gap myth and another pushing the whole whatever a man can do, a woman can do just as well. It was laughable pathetic, but goes to show big companies are still willing to push these failed narratives because they think it will earn them sales.

    1. My favorite is when they have the child sang “whatever you can do” song playing and its some sort of sporting type of narrative to the commercial. The one aspect of life that women are the furthest from men. Physical Activity, and they get women so hype it blows my mind.. lol
      Women think they can match men at things… Hilarity ensues.

      1. Also noticed a bunch of Nike/Olympic commercials all focused on females and trans people. Even under armor has a women brand ambassador sponsorship for their hunting division.

      2. Its like that always ad above. Teen girls confidence plummets, but its not because they are being prevented from playing sports and its not because men are shaming them for playing a sport and the examples they use are extreme – rugby and powerlifting sheesh.. Creating an issue when its not imo. There are many other sports that young women can participate in, volleyball, tennis, cycling, ice skating, swimming that would suit them better. 90+% of the women at my gym, dont lift and it not because the guys or PTs wont support them, its because they don’t want to make the effort or because its not a feminine past time (from their own perspective).

        1. Did anyone else notice how when they pointed out that 1/2 of girls quit playing sports when they hit high school, how they didn’t seem to mention how a large number of males quit playing sports at that same time in their lives? In fact a lot higher percentage of males seem to get cut from team try-outs than I’ve ever seen females suffer. Dear gawd imagine the self-esteem destruction to the boys! Someone quick make a Mantex commercial!

      3. Anytime women want equality on the field or courts versus men…then I would love it if all of these leagues would combine (i.e. NBA and WNBA).
        You know how many men would tune in just to watch women get pounded on the court or on the field by men playing basketball or football?
        Women only want true equality when they are safe. Men and women are not equal. Women would get pounded if we ever truly got rid of the two separate leagues and we showed women who was truly superior.

        1. Tell me about it. I’m still scouring the internet for video of the Chris Brown vs Rhianna bout!

        1. Well, the late, great Bill Hicks had a few words about sales and advertising pukes, that still ring true today.
          “By the way, if anyone here is in marketing or advertising…kill
          yourself. Thank you. Just planting seeds, planting seeds is all I’m doing. No joke here, really. Seriously, kill yourself, you have no rationalization for what you do, you are Satan’s little helpers. Kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself now. Now, back to the show.
          Seriously, I know the marketing people: ‘There’s gonna be a joke comin’ up.’ There’s no fuckin’ joke. Suck a tail pipe, hang yourself…borrow a pistol from an NRA buddy, do something…rid the world of your evil fuckin’ presence.”

        2. I was referring to the zio control conspiracy and how the synagogue of Satan operates on their devotion to their master. Profits are just a means. But ultimately confusion and destruction is what they want to cause.

  3. The comment sections are indicative of where the culture is headed. I used to look at youtube comments and they’d all be SJW. As of a few years ago the trend has reversed.

      1. Good point. Also, remember a few years back when youtube comments were “re organized” from simply being the top voted to….something else?

        1. actually I didn’t even realise that had happened. I’ve never been able to work out how youtube comments work to be honest, but that makes sense

        2. it used to be straight forward. Top voted = placed at the top. Now it’s some convoluted bullshit. Coincidentally right around the time commenters shifted rightward

        3. I’ve noticed the same thing. Just yesterday I was watching some videos about the new ghost in the shell movie casting scarlet Johansson and people were calling it Hollywood whitewashing then you look at the comments and you notice that many are in agreement, until you see more and scroll down and then you see the top voted comments calling Bullshit on the whole narrative being buried.

    1. I thought I was the only one noticing it. At first, I thought it could be due to my personal bias as to which videos to watch. But then, even leftist videos are now comented from a different angle.
      And there is also that case of Cortana, I think, which reflected common language it learned online and ended up… “racist”, as I remember reading on the news…

    2. My concern is that we’re going to have a lot of people come over to our side that don’t think for themselves.
      The SJWs might realize that being a loser isn’t cool anymore and imitate right-wing thought, but remain just as fanatical and easy to manipulate.
      What I like about this nook of the internet as it developed the last few years is that it seemed to grow and evolve organically.
      While I’m against the borderless world that Soros and SJWs want but don’t realize is only possible through incredible suffering, I don’t want the opposite where people are border obsessed and virtue-signal in the opposite direction. Psychopaths and their enablers can take many forms.

      1. “The SJWs might realize that being a loser isn’t cool anymore and imitate right-wing thought, but remain just as fanatical and easy to manipulate.”
        They have…it’s called the alt right.
        edit: that is to say, the meme-centric / shitpoasting WN poser spergs that call themselves alt right.

      2. You are right of course, but it is inevitable.
        Any movement starts organically and with original thinkers, but once it reaches a certain mass you’ll get the ‘belief-system-shoppers’ start showing up.
        Just hope the intellectual underpinnings are sound, and that not too much collateral damage is done by the shoppers…

    3. I wonder if we’ll live to see the re-marginalization of degenerate lifestyles and the reclassification of degenerate urges as mental illness. (Of course, the real condition is moral defect and sin, but good luck putting that in a psychology book.)

      1. Ive pondered this and think when the current gen of kids raised by single moms have their own families….while working for slave wages-they arent going to be buying the BS.

        1. The Muslim immigrants with their intact family structures will be mocking the natives.

        1. If I paint white stripes on a black horse, is it a zebra? Growing a beard and dressing like a man does not make you one.

  4. When comments are disabled I don’t have to know any more. I’m not watching videos or reading articles that cower from rebuttal.

    1. Bingo!
      If we boycott these sites then advertisers will flee as well and they’ll die a slow painful death befitting these anti free spreech/thought POS’s that they are!

      1. Nah, they can afford not to make any money as they often are pet projects for ideolouges with deep wallets. What is needed are examples like Gawker.

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    2. It’s got way more dislikes than likes, too. That tells you everything right there.

    3. Rolling Stone just closed up their comment section. They were getting a lot of people calling bullshit on their leftist nonsense.

    4. Indeed. Whenever you see comments disabled then it means that the conversation is over (similar to a leftist yelling “racist”). It means there is no debate because the other side has no real evidence, facts, stats, etc…to back up their claim.
      It’s all about feelings (and then there is the new one if you don’t understand….white privilege).
      On white privilege: I sure wish that white privilege was working for me. I would like to use it to stop paying taxes (I’m tired of supporting all of the useless people who don’t want to work).

    5. That mirrors real life when talking to a progressive. When confronted they prefer to run away and avoid any mention of facts.
      Also, I find it interesting that in the videos, there is a coalition of vatious identity groups (women, black males, homosexuals) that are brought together to shame the evil White man. You wonder what is keeping this coalition together and will they continue to stay united once White men have been removed from positions of influence in society.

        1. The Pan flute or the Syrinx, is actually named for the goat god Pan who chased a water nymph named syrinx in the attempt to rape her. She magically changed herself into some reeds and instead of slipping her the old goat god he turned her into a flute.
          Interesting fact about Pan, he was known to sleep for very long periods of time and would become incredibly irate and get all rape and murdery if you woke him up. Hence the greek word Panikos which eventually becomes our word Panic.
          And that is all for today boys and girls.

    1. Shame beta males with the rape culture narrative if they don’t use feminist approved speech? I don’t know. Is that like the subway in london banning ads showing a female model in a swimsuit because some train passenger got groped? Beta males end up going along with the narrative so they don’t get blamed for “enabling” somebody else’s negative behavior. Looks like feminists trying to collectively shame all men.

      1. Actually the new muslim mayor banned all the ‘Beachbody Ready’ adds because – SHARIA.

        1. Yeah, yeah, yeah…rock the Casbah, and all that! 😉 Seriously, DeCode has a point: There is going to be a YUUUUUGGE case of buyers’ remorse on the part of London voters, sooner than later, when their illustrious mayor starts…ahem…”banning” other things, under the guise of equality.

        2. and that’s just the start. It always starts with a trickle and then there is the take over.
          People in the UK better wake up. They are currently turning into the Middle East and they’ll soon be leaving for a new country (if they don’t take their country back)…with Sharia being the new “law of the land”.

  5. Left indoctrination / propaganda is certainly being challenged these days in a way that never used to happen. This does seem to be resulting in many MSM companies doing away with free comment systems like Disqus either completely or through channelling comments onto social media like facebook or similar (real identities, hence the need to be careful what you say. This effectively acts us censorship, and that is clearly the purpose. It is highly likely this will get worse in years to come, as the indoctrinators seek to stay on top of the message. I do think the only way to challenge this is to get the idea out that any kind of online media without a free comments system should automatically be regarded as propaganda and disregarded.
    No comments = propaganda

    1. I’ve had my comments erased from mainstream media articles without notification. No “deleted” breadcrumb either. Anything that goes against the narrative just doesn’t exist.

      1. tell me about it. The moderators at guardian online’s ‘comment is free’ simply “disappear” your comments if they really don’t like what you say. Only takes a few minutes too

        1. NPR somehow preemptively banned me from commenting on any articles about race. I would click to post and it would say “you are not authorized to comment on this article” or something like that. I could comment on everything else, allthough they’d still delete half of what I post.

        2. Notice that VOX media articles (www.vox.com) doesn’t even have a comment section at all! It’s their right, though, but some (*cough* most *cough) of their stories have to be taken to task.

        3. and it’s why the word will spread on which of these sites to avoid…they’ll fall to the wayside just like the mainstream media.
          People will simply start to avoid “the news” if the news is propaganda. The mainstream media has a 6 percent approval rating…that’s bad. It can happen online, as well, if these sites aren’t careful. We’ll start to see “echo chambers” or people will start to avoid them.

      2. Ive noticed how local news sites have been quick to rid their articles of a comments section.

    2. The Guardian loves to cherry pick the articles on which people could comment. Mainly terror attacks or anything controversial Muslim news.

      1. I’ve noticed this too. Also just because an article has a comments section, don’t assume your post wont be deleted if it goes against the theme of the article. I have had a number of my comments not appear or disappear and I take care when I write them to not be inflammatory or abusive, but call out the BS. I don’t know if the journo or some flunky at the media outlet who’s job it is to monitor any posts that might upset other readers/sponsors, who decides what stays/goes.

        1. And don’t assume that it’s only Leftist media deleting opposing views. Heartiste seems to block anything that goes against his ‘Behold and Honor Thine White Goddess’ narrative. Trad-cons are so brainwashed into pedestalization of females and the Disney narrative of life that they are essentially the lap -dogs of feminists without knowing it. Ironically, I learned that from Heartiste too, so he’s not all bad.

        2. Sometimes if the response is negative the comments section is shut down after 30-40 comments.

    3. Thats why you create a psuedo facebook account, cuz apparently exrrcising your right to free speech requires it in 2016.
      You think my name ie really Howard.?
      *nyuk nyuk nyuk har har har

    4. I’ve made comments on Military.com, that went against female empowerment about women in Frontline combat positions, some of my comments were deleted.

      1. Well female army moderators are kind of engaged in frontline combat. Purple heart for engaging with enemy sexist comments?

        1. Some wook got an award for whining about comments negging disgusting military spouses. Knew a couple people that worked with her, confirmed as a real cunt-punt.

      2. I read an article on why women aren’t signing up for the military (in droves) since they opened up all positions (including combat roles) to women.
        I thought women want to be free, to be equal and to be able to do anything that men could do?
        I laughed because it goes with everything else that we’ve discussed on here. Women will gladly use the “equality” excuse for all of the good stuff (the benefits). They don’t want to do the dirty, nasty jobs that are out in the heat or cold. They all want high pay in a secure environment that is clean.
        The sad part is that many women had all of that….when they were at home taking care of kids. And many women were much happier…back when.

        1. They just want to be able to have the option; not to actually partake. It makes them feel better.

    5. I started shit poasting in 2005. Back then it was nothing but liberals. Liberals controlled the internet, every site was full of liberals talking shit about Bush. All day every day. Then Obama capitalized on the liberal lockhold on the internet to some degree. I always complained the conservatives were behind the powercurve. They still are. They have jobs and family to care about. Not shit poasting.
      Now we have a new breed of young non-liberal that has overtaken the internet. Anti-liberals are shitting up the place. I love it.
      Shit post on!

    6. The Daily Telegraph did away with commenting altogether, now no-one reads it anymore, all their readers went to Breitbart, how they’re surviving financially god only knows ..

    7. I don’t even read this stuff let alone comment on it. Honestly I don’t care. These people make me sick.
      Interestingly, there was a recent agreement between Twitter, Microsoft, FB and the EU, in which they would monitor people for “hate speech”. That is one reason I am glad Britain is out but also, I don’t really use those services anyway.
      The only concern is by extension. Will MS and Google be monitoring what you say on RoK by monitoring your comments if made using their browser? Its a concern.

    8. Any article that comes out and doesn’t want to have comments (or a conversation) is nothing but propaganda.
      Everyone has seen that with the help of technology these conversations can take place. If they don’t want the conversations to take place it’s because they are pushing a narrative (and they don’t want push back).
      People should simply avoid these sites who don’t want to have those conversations or comments.

  6. You forgot VICE’s take on Zoe Quinn’s “moving on” from her “personal hell” with her new game. Comments were disabled within the hour after commentators rightly pointed out the bullshit.

    1. There is some kinky subtext. Quinn is feminist who really wants to do porn but is too ugly so she is finding an alternative outlet to get her freak on.

    2. So what’s the game exactly?
      After two minutes it just becomes about her complaining…

      1. One of the shittier games ever released. Depression Quest. But if you don’t like it, you’re a misogynist shitlord.

    3. gave up at 1:25. I don’t know who this bitch is, what she is talking about or why she exists. All I know is that I wouldn’t fuck her with Forney’s dick and thats enough for me to remain happily ignorant.

      1. Isn’t she the one that got naked and published a spread? Didn’t she have a blue bush too?

        1. No idea. I can comfortably saying that that is knowledge I can comfortably die without

      2. Shit, I lasted to 2:46, until I realized it was about gamers and other bull-fuck and said, like that one judge, “Aaaadios”.

    4. Vice calls anything that goes against the leftist narrative as “hate”. You’re no longer allowed to question these things or have a debate because if you do, then it’s labeled as “hate speech”.
      I guess I’m a racist, a sexist and now a hater because I’ll always talk about it. In this country, we have freedom of speech so I’ll continue asking the questions…especially when it’s about this type of nonsense.
      That woman needs to be locked up with a few others. They have real needs that only a mental hospital can fix.

    5. Yeah Gamergate had an impact in her life, in as much as she has received far more attention and SJW money sources being sent into her pockets, than she would have ever achieved on her own merits. Like a Fucking game that does things with gary Busey’s face? are you kidding me! There are 10 year code kids who can shit that stuff in 10 minutes or less!. Someone has actually paid money for this moron’s stuff!

  7. There is an exodus of SJWs from any remotely neutral platform like YouTube. They have retreated to their Twitter and Tumblr strongholds. The no mans land is ours.

    1. I think they own Facebook as well. That’s pretty much a circle jerk for fat chicks, from what I can tell.

      1. And people trying SOOOO hard to pump up the greatness of their children. You can just see them straining to convince themselves that it was all worth it.

        1. If I am going to applaud anyone’s children, it will be because they accomplish something of significance. I won’t cheer because little Susie said something funny at the dinner table.

  8. Im only posting this comment because I read 5 articles today on major outlets and there was no comment section. Its getting a bit annoying, and of course its the most asinine shit. THIS IS WHY we get so many trolls, the places they go to read shit they align with don’t have a comments section. lmao.

    1. Journalists were being destroyed and called out…they cried, and got their way.
      Journalism is a dead vocation anyways…alternative news sites are the only way to go.
      I laugh at anything written or said by the big News channels and sites…comic relief.

      1. The credentials of journalists writing for major outlets says it all…they are on par with a fast food worker interms of pay and expandability.

  9. They are trying to sell leftist propaganda and many have wised up and aren’t buying

  10. ” You can use the calculator at our website to find the correct setting for your 79% clock for your work schedule & race.”
    You want to run the fucking show yet can’t perform simple math to figure out what 79% of an eight-hour workday is? And what the hell does race have to do with anything? Oh wait– stupid me. Let’s consider the source.

    1. Thank you for highlighting this. I skipped the videos, thinking there wasn’t going to be anything in them worthwhile. Of course, doing so means this gem might have gone undiscovered.
      I went to go find this calculator, and yes indeed, it faithfully computes 79% of a number, and then appears to further de-rate that result based on skin tone. Rather anticlimactic. I had much more fun on a different website I stumbled across during the search. It is an article aimed at the millennial feminist type talking about this clock:
      “It’s time to pay women equally, and now there is a clock to prove it.”
      The existence of the clock “proves” … a wholly subjective call to action?
      “Ladies, you can officially not feel bad for those long lunches or that extra Facebook break.”
      Demonstrating a complete inability to discern cause and effect.
      This is what passes for intellect among millennial feminists. And those are just the headlines! Bonus: A Disqus comment section that hasn’t been excessively policed.

      1. My moment of revelation was during the 2012 election run of Romney. I am a long term expat and didn’t really do the culture war until the last two or three years. Do you remember when Romney was accused of not hiring women? Then his response was something like; “That’s completely wrong. We took countless female applications. We had resume binders full of women.” It would have been clear to any four year old that he simply meant “We had binders full of females resumes.” No problem. Whether you like Romney or not, it’s easy to understand what he meant and there is no way to twist those words into something offensive or controversial. No way. But the reaction of millenial feminists and Gen X feminists was the most apocalyptically stupid thing I’ve ever seen. “I’m not a binder!” “He’s calling us binders! Grrrrr!” It was the most incoherent reaction. The brainlessness displayed at that moment was so stunning to me. Like I said, I hadn’t really been around. I was staying with my mother who agreed that the stupidity on display was staggering. Young females are worthlessly stupid these days. I went upstairs and caressed my passport lovingly, like “Thank you my only lover. I will always love you only.” I have oneitis for my passport.

      2. That’s funny. Does that 79 percent clock, also, have the adjustment for women when they take off work due to (pick a reason)?
        Again, women want to work but they want to only work under certain conditions. Most of them (if not all) want a nice, clean safe environment where they can take time off (as needed) but still get paid the same as a man.
        They don’t want to do any of that dirty, dangerous work that men do (the type that keeps our society ticking along)…but they’ll gladly take the 100 percent of the pay regardless.

        1. These types seem to think sewage systems clean themselves, power grids that go offline in the middle of nowhere at night fix themselves, border & national security takes care of itself & that there’ll always be some stooge with a penis who will help them when shit happens.
          Which is why I don’t worry when these creatures tell me I’m going to be obsolete existing as a man anytime soon.

      1. I don’t know if I can up vote this for being funny while down voting it for being fucking disgusting simultaneously. Possibly ROK comments section needs to be more like women and have three options.

        1. yeah with silver fur. smelling like sardines and copenhagen with a little body must.

        2. I don’t know what copenhagen smells like but my brain filled it in. Thanks for ruining my night.

        3. Professor Knee! Will you, once again, be heeding the call of crazy pussy and lay siege upon her crusty Reichstag? 😉

  11. A Hillary win? Watch what happens to the internet…..you think “no comments” is bad…..???

        1. Maybe it wouldn’t matter, but she has no chance. People only say they support her to avoid retaliation from SJWs.

        2. maybe. Lord knows I don’t want to see that mug every time I accidently glimpse the news at the gym for the next 4 years. That said….I don’t know…I see her in a near Reagan sized landslide. Hope I am wrong.

        3. Unfortunately I do see her winning. But…
          To quote Fight Club:
          ( Look, the people you are after are the people you depend on. We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep. Do not… fuck with us.)

  12. The “wage gap” myth would be a great source for a red pill article, if it hasn’t been done yet. What a bunch of bullshit. They never tell you that they simply survey x number of people, men and women, and compare the average earnings, without accounting for overtime, mat leave, individual productivity etc.
    How about telling us the proportion of females getting killed, maimed, overexposed to chemicals during a working career, suffering in the elements in hazardous/dangerous jobs, compared to men?
    Somehow I doubt we’ll see that from the SJW propaganda machine.

    1. You got that right, engineering (construction specifically) is a disaster when women are involved. I’m sorry they don’t have the thought processes men do for it. Then look at the trades, boilermakers, pipefitters, millwrights….I have seen a few women here and there, but it never works out or well. “Jessica is out sick again…sorry guys, you got the same workload and deadline. Get that pipe to the top of the boiler and weld it in”. They look at you like she mattered anyway to the success of the crew working on the project.

      1. Whenever I see these “women only make x% of the male dollar” articles, I can’t help but fantasize about a futuristic government forcing these media social justice wanker talking heads to use equity in their selection of tradespersons to subcontract work on their own homes.
        Wouldn’t you love to see an all-female crew up on the roof on a scorching hot summer day, proving that they can strip old shingles and lay down a new roof just as well as the men?

        1. A whole crew of 180 to 280 pound mexican chicks with fifty kids sitting in a play pen by the truck

        2. I would love to see that along with a female driving a service truck on the way to change a couple of blown out tractor trailer tires.

    2. That’s just it. It is such a demonstratively bullshit “issue” with such a huge mountain of both data and common sense to prove it wrong that writing an article about how stupid it is is like writing a bad review of a 1983 Yugo. You come off as a jack hole for beating up on something that doesn’t need a beating and the people who swear by it won’t be swayed because they are fucking idiots.

    3. We’re being fed so much bullshit from the mainstream media nowadays that I don’t even bat an eyelash to the “latest scientific study” on the news stations. Fuck all that.

    4. It just gets replace by some other dumb shit. Remember “women have better lower body strength than men” “women have better reflexes than men” and “women multitask better than men”?
      Always something new

    5. Women: literally “taking the hill”
      Men: actually “taking the hill”
      It’s that simple.

  13. You know it’s a lib video when you hear the derpy background music, like their reasoning is common sense and innocent.

    1. This sounds like total bullshit
      Yeah! But listen to how sad the music is.
      You’re right. We should send money and hate ourselves now.

      1. I had a coworker who would show me progressive dumbass vids, all had to play trivial music in background with lots of visual effects as they tried to state a point. In effect, a large heap of bullshit.

      2. Just like this approach, fuckwad music and lots of graphicshttps://youtu.be/X-IDdRvSF8U

        1. That’s one of those “here’s our opinion and it’s based on these facts” videos, but the facts are not entirely true.

        2. “the issue is very complicated…”
          It wasn’t that complicated in the former Soviet Union. They put up a wall (fence) and they put men on it to guard it. Once you crossed the wall or fence (either way) then they shot at you.
          We have borders and fences all over the world, with people guarding it for a reason. Try to cross into North Korea from South Korea (today) and see how far you get illegally crossing it.

    2. The word ‘derpy’ itself sounds vaguely liberal/millenial, like overuse of ‘a-MAY-zing!’

    3. Yep when you hear that slow tinkley piano music at the start of an ad, you can bet they are trying to sell you something by tapping into your emotions. Apple/Nike does this to try an elevate their product as more than just a consumable product made by low paid chinese workers but try give the impression its an experience that will elevate your life and open the door to your dreams. whatever. I personally dislike this style of marketing (unless its for a charity). I’d be very surprised if Gillette’s sales go up because of an ad like that, but some ponytail ad agency exec sold them on it.

  14. In my teen days I fucked around and made a Meetme profile(if you’re into the whole online dating thing, this site is no place for a real man). That site is the Tumblr of dating sites. There was so much pussified bullshit that people on there, even guys, would post on their status feed for the world to see. So naturally I had to troll. I had many of my comments deleted. I received a lot of uhh..angry responses, and received many warnings from the administration about my rude comments. Finally I got banned. Fun times though.

  15. Those videos were all disgusting, but the last one was particularly foul and vile. I will never be able to look at a male-to-“female” tranny without gagging (that first black one was particularly sickening). And I also refuse to use female pronouns on them.

  16. What became of the good old days when red-blooded Americans hated leftism and were ready to either fuck commies over or hunt them down and kill them instead of voting for them?
    I love the scene in Dr Stranglove where the soviet ambassador is in the war room and demands a Cuban cigar. A U.S. military officer says “how about a Jamacian cigar? They are pretty good”.Ambassador says ” I do not support the work of capitalist stooges!”. The military officer retorts ” only commie stooges huh?”.
    I realize Dr Strangelove had deeper meaning than that but, for us simple country folk the various references to the dirty commies was quite humorous.
    I really hate those evil motherfuckers.

  17. If the wage gap were true, that would mean all men who run companies are a part of a vast conspiracy to pay women less. You can’t make this stuff up

    1. I can’t understand why all companies don’t hire women if they are paying them less.
      That’s right…because the company wouldn’t exist in the first place if left to all women.

      1. Exactly. It would give women an advantage in the job market and firms would surely exploit that. No top 500 companies or top 100 professional firms are ever named and shamed who pay their female equivalent roles markedly less salary.

    1. must have been more accurate with a skrillex neon colored haircut fat feminist with piercings and tats

    2. In a more sensible time, the last frame would’ve shown that pony-tailed ex-hippie in a straitjacket being tossed into an awaiting ambulance for a swift trip to the nearest mental hospital.

  18. Anyone see the new Ben-Hur movie? I heard it totally bombed.
    Perhaps Americans have just had enough propaganda about how evil white men (Romans, in Ben-Hur’s case) persecute harmless Jews.

    1. It just looked bad (acting was weak, CGI sullied all the action sequences) and casting Morgan Freeman alienated waht was presumably its core audience.
      Might as well have cast Alec Baldwin and the rest of the “Film Actors Guild”.

    2. I can’t believe they attempted a remake of Ben-Hur. Charleton Heston already perfected the role in 1959. It was as ill-advised a move as that abominable remake of Ghostbusters.

      1. I fully agree. I was stunned when I read they were remaking that. The movie was a cinematic masterpiece. How can you improve on that. CGI will make it a little better but its not like its budget was one of its shortcomings. Some movies from the past with a great story can be re-interpreted for today’s era for a new generation (ie remake a 1940s film noir private eye movie), but not when its remake of an ‘historical’ movie plus you are going to be benchmarked against one of the best movies made…yeah as you say file it under ghostbusters logic. They had box office figures from the moses movie Exodus a few yrs back to give them a heads up. Maybe it was decision by studio committee so no one loses their job if it doesn’t make a profit.

  19. Off topic … Can someone tell me about this speech that Hillary is apparently giving about the alt right?
    Has she head of the Streisand effect?

  20. Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like if the world were at war again. All this narcissistic garbage would be shelved in lieu of true masculine motivation to survive, win and rebuild a new world. Then perhaps these deviants would realize how little they truly mean to a healthy society.

  21. i know this isnt related but i felt the need to post this. I was searching for something else and found this wonderful blog. It is feminism in its full uncensored glory. it is a rare thing to see it so unglued and so uncensored. make no mistake men….feminism is out to kill you. some gems from the article:
    also note she has 117 comments(comments closed now) so she is far from alone in this thinking
    “I often muse about all the things that we’d need to change about patriarchy if we abolished men’s rule over women and the earth. Everything and every single aspect of social organisation is so much the opposite of how it should be”
    “Mostly it’s about men stopping from doing harm. But stopping men isn’t enough because beyond that there is the entire world to relearn, to heal, and our entire society to rebuild. We would be faced with the immense task of replacing all the misogynist, genocidal, biocidal practices men have ordered our society with for eons.”
    “If we managed to overcome men’s tyranny over us, how would we rebuild our world?”
    “I dream for concrete, down-to-earth, simple and easily applicable measures of stepping out of patriarchy into a female-loving, biophilic world. This isn’t by any means a realistic plan of how to achieve it, but just reading it makes me feel happy. It makes it feel more real,”
    “Before we do anything, the very first measure to adopt is to take all men out of all positions of decision-making immediately, and actually out of any kind of social, professional position whatsoever.”
    “All of men’s (alive and euthanised) belongings, property, resources and land will be confiscated from men and handed back to female care and supervision – property rights over land will be abolished. You can’t own land!”
    “So it would also be illegal for male adults to impose their presence on females, girls and children. Men would have to care for themselves on their own: food, laundry, etc. No male above his age of puberty would be allowed to receive any kind of service from a female.”
    “Their life expectancy would probably drop to the age of 40, but that’s how things should be. Women’s life expectancy without men would rise to 130 years at least.”
    “I’m not sure what to do about boy children. Obviously you know my opinion, but let’s say that’s up to the mother to decide”
    “Fathers’ rights will cease to exist. There is no such thing as fatherhood — as we all know, it’s a myth. ”
    one of my favorites….
    “”It’s the inalienable right of each woman to control every phase of her reproduction and life creation. Abortion will be possible at any stage of pregnancy, however there will hardly be such a thing as undesired pregnancy since there won’t be any men forcing pregnancies on us any more. Abortion will nonetheless be recognised for the trauma, mutilation and loss of life that it is. The number of children and human population will naturally decrease to sustainable levels, so will the number of males born. Women will be free to experiment parthenogenesis or procreation with two female eggs.”
    “The nuclear family will be abolished”
    “And obviously no adult male would be allowed near children.”
    “There will be no such thing as “teachers”….We’d learn anything we’d want from languages to sciences to art to music to medicine to building to witchcraft to swimming”
    “non-patriarchal learning is truly riveting.”
    All oppressive male institutions will be abolished after men have been retrieved from them. We obviously won’t keep these institutions. They will return to the nothingness that they belong, just as a distant, bad memory.”
    “It would be illegal for men to hold weapons….For the remaining weapons such as guns or blades, women will hold exclusive right of use over them in order to defend ourselves from men, from the risk of them taking power over us again.”
    “Women would be able to move freely.”
    “Men would be permanently banned from any kind of medical practice. All woman-hating, genocidal institutions such as gynecology, psychiatry, obstetrics, big pharma, the torture of living beings in the name of “scientific experimentation” will be banned.”
    “Perfect health would be the normal state of women anyway, as we will learn by experience and observation what we should eat and do to stay healthy at all seasons and times. Most women will have rediscovered our healing, divination and extra-sensory communication powers.”
    “In order to keep all men and post-pubescent boys busy, we’d send them to clean up the vast amounts of detritus, pollution and toxic wastes men have littered and almost killed the world with….No man will be allowed to take any decision without female guidance. ”
    ….the grand finale her last comment:
    “And seriously, killing animals you’ve raised yourself in a farm or keeping animals enclosed is cruel. I’m for the liberation of all farm and domestic animals. It’s up to them to decide whether they want to live with us or not, and they should be able to come and go freely. Maybe after a few decades, after the human population has stalled, male population has decreased, and after we’ve made serious efforts for reforestation and restoration of wildlife on the earth, it would probably be fairer to hunt animals occasionally. Right now, given the extinction rate of animal species, I find it criminal to hunt or fish. We don’t need to eat that much meat anyway.”
    the whole article has many more just wow moments.
    folks it is feminism in its raw uncensored form….do not be fooled. they want us dead. This is war.

    1. So I went on the link you provided and you weren’t exaggerating when you said it only got worse. On a positive note though the 117 comments you mentioned, over half of them were from the author, and the remaining few were from a total of 13 accounts, of which one admitted to being the 2nd account of one of the previous posts. So in reality only 13 people counting the blogger were in the echo chamber sniffing each others’ flatulence. And by the blogger’s own admission she had deleted more than 50 comments pointing out she was batshit insane.

      1. brave soul reading the comments.
        yeah i noticed a lot from the author but i didnt actually read the comments. good job on the counting, i was wondering how many individual commenters there were.
        Im sure she has had many folks call her insane, though my point was this is the final wave, final form of feminism in all its uncensored “glory”. and men need to be aware of that fact. this is the end game purpose and point of it. only 13 people here but i wouldnt be shocked if on a secret part of the internet there is a larger gathering. sort of like furries….sure you see a few wild ones roaming free now and then but we all know there is a huge hidden culture of them somewhere.

        1. Well as I’m a psyche nurse I felt drawn to explore the insanity, but even I was shocked at how far down the rabbit hole it went. So the least I could do was quantify it.

        2. gots to quantify stuff you know? important business is what it is!!
          snark aside….i just decided to take a peak at some of the comments….it seems to only get worse.
          “Since you brought up Euthanasia, I would also bring up the Plague, and natural solutions to this devastating Overpopulation that men have caused and continue to cause by sticking their dicks into Women – this includes NTE activists obviously. Besides women Killing men, completely regardless to whether they deserve it (of course they do) or whether an uprising of this sort would adhere to natural law (it probably would, although our reluctance or aversion to actually doing it may have roots in our own natures) there are other ways that a Female Majority world might eventually happen.”
          theres a wonderful spot from the comments. this page is just beyond golden.
          makes me wonder how many actually are trying to pull something off this crazy.
          sure its only a few people on this blog, but as i said before a secret forum somewhere wouldnt be out of the question. and ruling parties and elites that like puppet master control things….well they certainly love to pull off crap like this. but there are men in the ruling classes….so makes me wonder.
          what strikes me the most is as crazy as this is, it is actually somewhat thought out rather well. its detailed and thorough.

        3. she claims this in her comments:
          “By the way, my blog has just exceeded a million viewers by 30,000. it’s been a bit more than a year now I think? I wonder why I don’t feel like celebrating it!”
          so disturbing to say the least

        4. one women links to this
          honestly this stuff is amazingly well thought out….and yet its so wrong
          Hi. Witchwind. I have offtop, so don’t need opening my comment.
          If you remember I asked you about translating some posts – Its done,
          Five parts of your intersectionality serial are available at our radfem website after renovation.

        5. my apologies for rapid fire replying….but i just found the best commenter ever:
          “I was just thinking to myself this morning “What was so frightening to men about the middle ages that they had to call it “the dark ages”…?”
          Well, obviously it was that women were freer! Everything in patriarchy is a reversal, so you just reverse everything back the other way to get to the truth.
          We can easily trace the history of men’s entrance into the birthing chambers, and it took place after the “dark ages” , which means that women had far more autonomy, and dare I say, “power” than they have today. They probably owned all the businesses too. I didn’t know that women simply left marriages back then, so that’s another one. I would absolutely love to know more about The Dark Ages.
          And what nasty fuckers they were to go around killing cats! Knowing that these were mainly old women’s companions. Fancy forcing old women to hand over their cats to be killed!
          I really really hate them.”

        6. I understand the rapid fire, the saddest comment I found was the one about “my worst half admitted to this” in regards that PIV, (which I believe means penis in vagina, apparently a form of rape according to another of the author’s blogs) is a form of patriarchy control. I mean fuck how much proof does one need of there being too many thirsty betas out there. As for her reaching over a million views, the reason she probably didn’t feel like celebrating is if her 117 comments are any example, then over 900,000 of those views were probably her continuously looking in on her own blog, 129,000 were people pointing out that she’s a moron/psycho, and the remaining views were her actual 12 followers having their regular echo chamber conversation.

        7. As for one of her followers linking to translations, she probably has nothing better to do then to learn Russian and translate the insane ramblings of her messiah, while even her own cats ignore her.

        8. I raise you this comment!!!
          “Some women actually making food grow, so THOSE women can be put in charge of the food. Other women can be put in charge of the babies.If nobody wants to be in charge of the babies, then we won’t have any more babies, obviously.
          If a woman wants to spend her life messing about swimming down in the river, that’s fine, but if she wants to eat the food I’ve grown she’d better offer me something appropriate in return– a pretty shell she found, for example. Or a good story.”

        9. i think i saw the sex is a form of patriarchy comment. that one was up there with the best of them. theres also one somewhere about the women of the blog taking the red pill which i found hilarious.
          this blog is comedy material for the next year.
          as for the russian thing….I have no idea….Im a little scared to read that. it sounds extremely intense from what i could glance. I’d need a compelling reason to digest that madness. at these comments are making me laugh but the russian research will probably be like reading the most liberal textbook ever aka the most boring and brainwashingly insane textbook ever. academic speak is rather dry and boring.
          personally Im still waiting to find a comment on how they intend to pull off this insane chaos. theres also a blog post that looks good on that thread….its about why women stay with abusive men. i expect nothing but great things from that post!!!!

        10. ok last comment on this one post….i just finished going over the comments….just amazing stuff
          “The internet is telling me a Japanese man called George Oshawa invented the macrobiotic diet during the 1950s.
          Knowing what I do about Japanese culture, the very idea that a Japanese man invented this diet is too ridiculous for words.”
          in this next one we learn men kill…not cancer.
          “Interestingly, and surprisingly, there are a lot of anti-macrobiotic articles on the internet. Some of them are really hateful and angry! One man wrote an article saying that “macrobiotics killed my wife”, because she had cancer and refused to be operated on. To me, this represents the woman’s personal belief about operations, which is not connected to the macrobiotic diet. However a woman who opts for a macrobiotic diet might also opt for not being treated for cancer.
          Reading between the lines of the article, the man seems to have separated from his wife for two years before she died. He had custody of her daughter. It seems to me that he was punishing her for having her own mind and her own opinions about her body. Very tellingly, he mentions that his wife’s doctor called *him* up to talk about her. He separated from her, and took custody of their
          daughter. It was probably this–losing custody of her daughter to this man–that killed her!!!”
          “And as we women know. If men are angry about something… then it’s probably good for women, and bad for men!
          The hate is probably coming from the fact that women are doing things, and having opinions on
          things… and men doing like that..”
          “Wordwoman, you wrote, “Some animals were “domesticated” and it is my understanding that they
          could not survive in the wild…..Because nature has been so messed up with we don’t have that many
          natural species.”
          I smiled sadly at this because I believe women were the very first natural species that men – who
          I consider a virus and parasite attached to us – domesticated. I have no problems acknowledging
          that humans (for lack of a better term) are animals.”
          seems one of the women there favored men just a tad to much(aka something about patriarchy science isnt bad) and got ousted
          “Likely the good ideas are women’s ideas, anyway, taken credit for by the men. Like Einstein, mentioned above. That was a shocker for me. I’d never heard about his wife.”
          coming up we learn that apparently women eat the wrong way because of men.
          “Male ways of eating are so distorted and defective, it’s hard to envision what the alternative would be.”
          you seen the movie sexmission? old polish movie i think it is….i think these people watched it and thought it was fact

        11. Then I’ll raise the stakes higher by pointing to the commentary on forcing the remaining males to “clean up the messes they made” of the environment, but somehow not in any groups, because males will not be allowed to associate with each other even one on one in case they would conspire to retake control. So apparently this entire new world order would be so fragile, it would only take 2 males to topple the whole thing. Come to think of it, that may be the sanest point the whole discussion board made!

        12. Oh it’s not just a form of patriarchy, all sex is rape as it’s only function is to cause pregnancy, and pregnancy is horribly destructive to the female and anything that is meant to cause harm is rape, therefore ALL sex=Rape. The Russian is just translations of her previous blogs into Russian. I do recommend reading them in their English version as the hilarity only gets better. In fact I think I’ve found a better looney to read than all of http://www.IHateMen.com combined, although I do recommend those whiners too, especially the mega beta bluepiller who tries to come off red pill from time to time, but quickly reverts to his true self quite often.

        13. Yeah I saw witchwind got pissed because one of them wasn’t feminazi enough due to refusing to throw out science and believe instead of the magic powers that women would regain after men are gone!

        14. theres another poor soul who got yelled at for suggesting they read a book about radical feminism but because the author is a man they rejected it.
          i seriously have to wonder how one hits this level of insanity. this is why we need insane asylums back….find out your a liberal? lock them up i say.

        15. i was hoping for ihatemen.com to be a real functioning website….Im disappointed i admit.
          Im sure I’ll read the long russian paper eventually….was just venting….Im a bit worried at the madness….almost seems like mind poison to read….but we’re still here.
          and speaking of red pill. one of the commenters mentioned taking the “red pill” in relation to take their radical feminism views as fact.

        16. LOL
          didnt even think of that….nice catch
          maybe you missed it when i said it earlier but did you see the movie sexmission?
          its around on the internet for download somewhere if you cant buy it. at least it should still be. i know i’ve got a copy.
          it basically deals with this same premises….an all women world because of something something the men die off. but two men were preserved because of a science experiment but wake up much later after the fact. its quite hilarious and well done i must say. and extremely red pill. in fact it was one of the commenters here that mentioned the movie ages ago.

  22. I have to admit, that I have never seen, or even heard of that piece of excrements ??

  23. Not sure if this feminazi stinker from FuzzFeed has been featured before.. but you can’t beat it for sheer viewer backlash =)

  24. “Too many high-ranking comments of “D-E-G-E-N-E-R-A-T-E!” and those coming out overwhelmingly in favor of traditional (ie. non mental patient) values, identities, and family units was simply too much to bear for Youtube.”
    LOL #ProudToBe degenerate was exactly what I intended to type. Oh well, at least I added another thumb down to their large collection.

  25. My God. Is this what you actually get on television in the USA, or are these all from the internet? I haven’t watched TV (it’s for movies and good Blu-Ray TV series, nothing more) for years but the sheer blatancy of this inference is… disgusting. Young people in cars do doughnuts and make noise because you’re black? What?! Sounds like your mother has an internalised shame complex, Ashton, and is poisoning your young mind. Men stop women from playing sports? Ridiculous. We simply don’t care as long as you don’t get in our way. I don’t even have to say anything in regards to the ‘wage gap’ (why don’t they call it the ‘whinge gap’ or the ‘effort gap’?) and the final video doesn’t deserve an iota of attention. Too many special snowflakes crying for the camera. Be what you want to be, sure, but for fuck’s sake do it quietly. I don’t give a flying fuck about your 101 labels.
    On a side note, you will not find comment sections on any ‘narrative-related’ pieces of news, video or article, anymore. Realise that the news is no longer used to inform (it hasn’t been for decades); it is a method of soft influence. You can discuss Kim Kardashian’s cellulite to your heart’s content, but don’t you dare question the ethnicity or religion of the fruitcake that stabbed an innocent civilian while screaming Allahu Akbar, you hateful bigot.

  26. Just watched the first video…I want to puke, so, no more. At my limit of pathetic. Here is the thing…this “olympian”, um, needs my fucking sympathy? Fuck you asthon. How about this – how about you say I am a very thankful and grateful person to be born with incredible athletic abilities. What about that – just say thanks. Becausee, asthon, you are fucking lucky, period. Instead you make yourself out to be a fucking victim. You pathetic piece of shit…you know what asthon, if that’s how it is then try this on for size. Fuck your athletic ability. Seriously, fuck it. Because jumping and running over obstacles doesn’t cure disease, split atoms or put a man on the moon. Now go cry you spineless wimp.

  27. That rugby ad is really stupid on so many levels. The truth is, this girl probably can hang with the boys playing rugby at her age. Well, assuming she doesn’t start crying everytime it gets a bit rough, and that’s a HUGE assumption. However, in a few years, when the boys hit puberty, she will get utterly destroyed by the boys and it would be a terrible handicap to have her on your team. There is a reason why the only socially acceptable segregation by sex is in things in which women would lose against the men, like sports. In a few years, that little “empowered” girl will gladly accept this double standard, no matter how many Always ads she gets fed.

  28. To see how the battle of the sexes match up, You-tube
    ‘SCTV The Battle of the PBS stars Mr Rogers vs Julia Childs’

  29. I honestly cannot wait until “Women with a feminine penis…” becomes accepted in all sports, so we can watch female athletes be completely pushed out mentally ill men.
    Especially the Olympics. Remember when it used to be an international scandal when incredibly rare genetic conditions like Mosaicism or Klinefelter (XXY) was detected and forbidden from competing just due to higher levels of testosterone? Now (((they))) are arguing about just outright allowing biological XY men to compete as long as they promise to wear heels.
    If the world is going to burn, I’m going to at least enjoy the fires.

  30. Started watching the “transgender” video. Too disgusted to make it all the way through it.
    “I am tho proud to be mentally ill”

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