5 Things The Corporate World Taught Me

When I graduated college I was going thru a bit of an identity crisis, feeling neither Colombian nor American. It was then that I realized a much-needed time at home was in order. I rejected some work offers in the states, packed my bags and left for Colombia. When I arrived I had a cultural shock, but nonetheless I managed to handle it by dividing my time between getting with girls, strenuous workouts, horse back riding and catching up with the family business.

Once settled home, my father offered me an executive position that I quickly filled and where I have worked for the last year. My father was as eager to teach me, as I was to learn, thus, I soaked up as much knowledge as I could from a man who built a leading company from scratch.

During this time I have learned invaluable lessons that will last for the rest of my life. I am still a young man with lots of things to learn, places to visit and girls to sleep with. I want to share what I have learned so far…

1. Respect is earned, not demanded.

Holding an executive position has levels of respect and even reverence that are intrinsic to it. I am often looked after and praised. But much like in the military you salute the rank and not the man. In the corporate world often time it is very much like this—people care about the position you hold instead of you.

This is particularly evident in the lower ranks of a company. They will salute you and call you sir, but when you give them your back they will mumble about how you are a lucky son of a bitch and how things were just handed to you. This is why it’s far more important to earn the respect of your subordinates than to just demand it by way of your position.

I work in a mining company, where evidently there is a lot of physically demanding jobs. Being able to take your shirt off and get down to the level of an ordinary miner, helping hand to hand and not being scared of getting your hands dirty is a certain way to earn respect.

2. You are only valuable for what you can provide.

Even though this is my family’s company, I would be sacked faster than I could say sorry if I made gross mistakes that constituted a loss for the company and its interests. I am only valuable as long as I can produce something, as long as I can bring something else to the table. The more rare what you provide is, the more valuable you are. This is applicable for many other fields in life, personal relations, friendships and yes, girls.

Here at ROK we have covered this issue extensively. Girls only value you for what you can provide. If you can give them a strong figure that can be solid and stable support in her life she will truly respect you. Moreover, if you can do things that she is unable to do she will be in a situation of dependency, and we all know how much feminists hate this.

A company is very similar, my subordinates respect me because I posses abilities that they do not, do the things that they can in less time and can perform under pressure in a way that many of them cannot.

3. It takes an alpha to lead.

Being a strong leader is perhaps one of the most important characteristics you can have in the corporate world. This is why star CEO’s get paid so much—it’s a very hard trait to find. A true alpha can be distinguished without effort. He is immediately recognized as a leader, looked up to and looked after. The genuine alpha exudes an unmistakable confidence that transmits calm and comfort to others.

To do this in convincing fashion you will need to know your value. Knowing your value will definitely help you have and express true confidence. I don’t think I need to cover the effects this will have in your daily life, your social interactions, and in your ability to impress and get girls.

4. You need game in the corporate world.

Whether you are trying to seduce a client, get better prices on tools, or a better interest rate for short-term money, you will need game. Same goes for that job interview for the job you want, or in some cases for the one you need. Confidence is a powerful tool that can open many doors, and many legs. Unsurprisingly, people in positions of power often have a great deal of confidence; this means that they can easily recognize when confidence is genuine and when it is posed. This same advice applies to girls; you are far better off being genuinely confident, thus projecting a natural vibe of superiority that no faking can attain.

5. At some point you are going to need to work very hard.

Although having an executive position is a fantastic way to earn a living, (and way better than being so corporate slave trapped in a cubicle all day, 6 days a week, 4 weeks a month), it is hard work.

I am not saying it’s easier than being a miner, but when you are working a mine your only preoccupation is to break out the mineral, nothing else. In contrast an executive’s normal day will involve over 200 emails, more than 100 calls and multiple unexpected issues that need immediate solving. These are all factors that add up to your stress threshold and that can make you miserable if you don’t know how to handle it. It’s hard work, and like everything else in life you need to get it done.

It’s the same if you are trying to get in tip-top physical shape, earn a degree, or pick up a girl at a bar. You will need to work out hard and diet properly, study hard, and drop serious game. Everything worthwhile in life takes hard work, and no one else is going to get it done for you because no one cares. You are the only controlling factor of your own life and the only one capable of taking charge of it.

This is what I’ve learned from corporate life thus far, things that have shaped who I am and who I will become in the future. I hope this is useful to you and that it makes you a better man.

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22 thoughts on “5 Things The Corporate World Taught Me”

  1. I think mining was the first human industry, and one of the few that will be somewhat immune to the economic depression soon to come to the western world.

    1. Be careful. An economic depression may mean much lower commodity prices. Even gold-miners are not immune to a depression

      1. Agree. Mining is one of the biggest boom/bust industries there is. Commodities are just volatile. There was a time when the price of gold almost fell below the cost of getting it out of the ground. There is rarely a healthy middle ground.
        I remember the mining engineers at my university were essentially gambling that commodity prices would be up when they graduated. Then the Asian Crisis hit. In the end, I think they all ended up alright, but not necessarily working in mining.

  2. Even if they are happily married or MGTOW, think it’s basically mandatory that men learn some Game to deal in the corporate world, with so many workplaces being female-dominated.
    I refuse to date co-workers, but I consider it a survival skill to not be a doormat around women at work.

    1. Yes sir. Women will shit test you at work. If you pass their shit tests then they will rationalize a reason not to fuck with you.
      Be alpha, but learn to get along with everyone even if you have to fake it, and understand what makes girls tick. I.e. don’t flirt with the hot girl too much in front of the fat chicks. Jealousy makes women go nuts.

      1. I used to sit behind the best-looking girl in the office. (A bit flat-chested but otherwise could be a model.) I got her respect very quickly, and we always banter back and forth when we work on group projects. She is in a long-term relationship, and I have no romantic interest for her, but I use my rapport with her to show the other women in the office I am not one to be trifled with. The top alpha ball-buster females in the office have never messed with me, and I think it has a lot to do with this.

        1. it’s certainly true that some nasty little secretarial cunt has the ability to tear down a 10+ year career in one fell swoop…. but the question is what are they doing in a work environment in the first place ?
          work should be based on economic performance, not social performance.

        2. As long as women are treated as “equals” in the workforce according to American law, “social performance,” or your presentation, is going to be a huge part of how you’re judged. That’s not to say that it wouldn’t be important if there was only men in the workforce, but it always benefits you to learn game.

  3. Pretty generic yeih Im an alpha you should be one too advice. Here’s some more: Gotta point out that I’ve managed to succeed in life without working hard. I’ve worked out hard, and worked hard on menial jobs in my younger years. But my success comes with my brain. Got a Master’s in Economics without stressing one bit and never failed a job interview and I’ve taken two in Finland, one in Sweden, two in Germany and one in Japan. Never even studied English, just watched movies and played video games. Well, I suppose in the military I followed the author’s path to success.

  4. Yeah sure. The bosses son living in denial.
    Sorta like Donald Trump saying that he would STILL get the women he gets if he were a bellhop rather than OWN the hotel.
    Time to wake up paisa.

  5. “Girls only value you for what you can provide. If you can give them a strong figure that can be solid and stable support in her life she will truly respect you. Moreover, if you can do things that she is unable to do she will be in a situation of dependency, and we all know how much feminists hate this.”
    This is an incredibly naive statement from a guy that’s probably never had a solid live together LTR, never mind been married.
    Look out Mr. White Knight….before one bites you in the ass…….. Girls lean on your for what you can provide, whilst flattering you at the same time and making you think that’s what it’s all about.
    While doing that they slowly undermine your authority and stability and they never truly respect you, because they are always looking for the point of weakness.
    The more you do things for her, that she feigns she can’t do herself, the more co-dependent she will become and the more you’ll be a slave to her neediness.
    Girls are not that different to children. Long term, it’s more about saying no, and making them stand on their own two feet, and setting limits and boundaries, than it ever is about providing and supporting them in all their BS.

  6. It’s nice to work for your family. I wish I had that. I have to fight hard without blood relation backup.

  7. While I agree with a lot of the advice you offer, I find it ironic that you are drawing a distinction between having an executive position and working as a “corporate slave”. Regardless of how accomplished you are coming out of college, few have the luxury of going straight to an executive position. Even coming from a top-flight graduate program. Most people have to be a corporate drone for a long time before those executive positions become available.

  8. “In contrast an executive’s normal day will involve over 200 emails, more than 100 calls and multiple unexpected issues that need immediate solving.”
    200 emails + 100 calls = 300 activities. If you assume that each activity takes no more than 2 minutes, then “an executive” will have to spend 10 working hours (600 minutes) just handling his email/call load.
    That doesn’t sound quite right to me. (Furthermore, I’d argue that the value created with such microtasks is negligible.)

  9. Good job being smart and going to work with your father. Only a fool would throw that away. You will have to earn their respect though. Right now I myself look at your story as some one who had everything handed to them. Good luck facing your future challenges and the virus that is collectivist thinking seeking to destroy any one who does well.

  10. From the article that you’ve written, you have clarified to me that the corporate world is none other than a heartless game. What is the purpose of a business? What is the purpose of an organisation? It’s about providing products and/or services correct? This means the ultimate goal of a corporation is to help people. If you’re simply in the corporate world to ‘move up the ladder’ and gain respect, you have lost your humanity. You have lost your purpose. Ask yourself, ‘What am I doing here? Why am I doing this?’ Are you helping others or are you only helping yourself? Where do your true intentions lie?

  11. More than anything else, I feel bad for all the women that have had some sort of contact with you, most especially those you messed and played with. Oh, it’s actually even worse that to you, it sounds like the corporate world is only about climbing to the top. Tsk. Is everything only about quantity these days…

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