Why America Has Become Infected With Rape Hysteria

This past weekend, I went to a movie theater for the first time in a few months.  Before the coming attractions rolled, there appeared on the screen a public service announcement in which the American president, vice-president, and assorted A-list actors (Daniel Craig, Benicio Del Toro, and Steve Carrell) lectured us solemnly and earnestly on the imaginary problem of “non-consensual sex” on college campuses.

What  a truly remarkable spectacle.  One would think that these political and cultural figures were speaking of a topic critical to the survival of the human species, so serious and grave were the tones.  I began to think more and more about this little announcement as I left the theater, and how incredible it was that the head of state and vice president of the world’s most powerful nation actually had taken the time and effort to advise the public—with all the other varied issues on their agendas—about a problem that was entirely imaginary.

Even I, jaded with long experience with American male groveling before the altar of feminine frivolity, was taken aback.  I could hardly believe it.  But I should have known better.  This is America, after all: where no effort is spared and no flight of fancy left unindulged to cater to female hysteria.

There are antecedents for such behavior from national leaders.  Delusion is of old date.  In 1597, King James I of England published a treatise, in the form of a Socratic dialogue, called Daemonologie.  Although we may chuckle today in smug superiority at James’s credulity, witchcraft was no laughing matter in the sixteenth century.  Thousands of men and women were persecuted—many horrifically so—for a “problem” that was entirely imaginary.  James’s book delves into the subjects of necromancy, ghosts, demons, and witchcraft with great enthusiasm, and makes his case that demonology not only exists, but that not believing in these sinister bugbears is itself a sin.

Has human nature advanced at all since 1597?  Or have we only shifted our prejudices and delusions from witchcraft to other fantasies, like “rape culture”?  I wonder what our remote descendants will make of our delusions, and whether they will scratch their heads at our belief in imaginary rapes, just as we scratch our heads at James’s devils, demons, and fairies.


James I’s delusions in the service of power

James I was an intelligent and educated man.  How could he allow himself to be sucked in to such delusions as belief in witchcraft and demons?  The answer to this question lies in an understanding of human nature and the requirements of power.  He was a king, and kings need to keep their thrones.  Human nature needs obsessions and fixations, in the same way that a dog needs to gnaw on bones; and systems of power and control thrive on creating and maintaining imaginary evils, so that their populations can be kept in a permanent state of turmoil.  An uneasy population is a compliant one.  Public service announcements in James’s day were a bit different from what we see now, but the purpose was still the same:  to whip up the public into a frenzy about an imaginary problem, so that they become more compliant and open to suggestion.  It is a tactic as old as government itself.

The alleged “problem” of endemic “rape” across the country is entirely imaginary.  Many authoritative studies have shown that crime of all types has been in steady decline for years.  Yet, these feminist apostles of doom continue to trumpet the approach of the Apocalypse.  Yet there are darker forces at work under the surface.  It is often forgotten that such Cassandras serve a useful purpose for the forces that hold the reins of power in America:  (1) they help to enforce cultural orthodoxy, and identify dissenting voices for persecution, and (2) they permit the power structure to solidify and perpetuate its hold on the population.  America’s rulers find it useful to deflect attention away from the real problems of society (vast income inequality, declining wages, sexual repression, masculinization of women, mediocre education and services, etc.) onto imaginary problems.  In such ways can the greed and theft of the American oligarchy be perpetuated at home and abroad.

I know a very sincere man who was infuriated by the public service announcement.  He asked how it was possible for men of obvious intelligence to believe such nonsense, and to permit themselves to make statements in the service of such stupidities.  It is an important question, but  a naïve one.  These political figures and big actors in question don’t really ask themselves whether they “believe” in rape culture or not, in the same way that a courtier of James I in 1600 would not have paused to reflect meaningfully on the “truth” of witches’s Sabbaths.  These are cynical, amoral people, who care only about their own positions.

Ultimately, it is not a question that concerns them.  What matters to them is power.  Feminism is the dominant religion of the day, and they must—if they want to work—toe the party line.  They know what they need to do in order to keep their salaries flowing, to get reelected, to keep their hold on their audience, and to maintain their thrones.  That is as far as the thinking goes.  On some subliminal level, of course, I think they convince themselves of the truth of their delusions.  Reason can justify any weakness or vice.  White knighting and mangina behavior is an expression of subservience to power.  It is the ultimate form of degradation.  And this is why I have more scorn and hostility to feminism’s male supplicators than to feminism itself.

In Europe’s religious wars of the sixteenth century, a principle emerged which summarizes the necessity of doctrinal orthodoxy among a ruler’s subjects:  cuius regio, eius religio.  This Latin phrase may be translated as:  whose region, his religion.  It was meant to convey the idea that the population under the control of a certain prince should accept that prince’s religious doctrine, or else they should move elsewhere.  In the modern era, princes find it useful to adhere to the same principle:  subscribe to my doctrine, or else.  In America, the prevailing religion is feminism, and the message conveyed the entirety of the culture is:  you’d better toe the line, and believe in its demonology, or you are going to be persecuted.  Not to believe is itself a sin.

There are other reasons, of course, for the propagation of the fake “rape culture.”  Some of these reasons have much to do with the idiosyncrasies of American society.  American is a society steeped in fear:  historically, fear of Indians, slaves, communism, terrorism, drugs, etc.  Our society is a sexually repressive one, compared with most others, and for a repressed person, there is a perverse cruelty in denying sexual satisfaction to someone else.  Most of the strident advocates of the “rape culture” (and their loyal league of manginas and white knights) are abnormal men and women.  Miserable and repressed themselves, they wish to make everyone else just as miserable.  There is also delight in being an accuser—it confers power and status, and is a form of attention-whoring.

Goering Eating

Goering at Nuremberg:  understanding the requirements of power

So the requirements of power dovetail with the perversities and attention-whoring of “rape culture” advocates.  It makes for a toxic mix.  I remember reading a comment that Hermann Goering once made to one of his interviewers during his incarceration at the Nuremburg war crimes trials.  The interviewer, a psychologist, asked him how he and his henchmen were able to seize and maintain control of the German government for so long.  Goering chuckled and said, with his unique mix of brutal cynicism and charm, “It’s easy, really.  If you want to control people, all you have to do is make them believe they are under attack from someone or something.  Then you can do whatever you want.”

I think James I would have agreed with this.

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312 thoughts on “Why America Has Become Infected With Rape Hysteria”

  1. Quote: “Has human nature advanced at all since 1597?  Or have we only shifted our prejudices and delusions from witchcraft to other fantasies, like “rape culture”?  ”
    Damned good question Quintas.

    1. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again. People are just as superstitious as they ever were. Our TYPES of superstitions have changed but we haven’t discarded superstition itself. It’s always funny to hear how arrogant people sound today. They think they’re so far above their ancestors but they’re not. They’re just as paranoid, superstitious and pathetic. Maybe even more so now.

  2. “Rape culture” huh? Read this –
    Q – Has anybody purposely put themselves in a position where rape could occur?
    Poster 1 – Yes I do this!
    Poster 2 – Only with people I actually WANT to be in that situation with. I definitely tease and provoke and then refuse just to get things headed down that path, but only when I am ready and willing to follow through.
    Poster 3 – Have jumped alone into cars with strange men when thumbing a lift, turned up at drunken parties in a mini skirt with no other girls there, deliberately teased two stalkers Ive had, and teasing one unstable guy I know currently. (that pisses my man off though so Ive had to stop but it so tempting)
    Poster 4 – As a young naive young teen couple we unwittingly placed ourselves in a situation that resulted in a rape…
    Months later and not so naive all our atempts to recreate or experience a similar event failed.
    Aint life a bitch sometimes
    Poster 5 – I have always hung out with nothing but guys. I used to go to alot of house parties. There would be maybe one or two other girls. One night I was the only girl left. I downed some pills infront of the guys (I knew them all well, went to school with them) and drank tons of vodka.
    The thing is the pill were not anything that would hurt me. But I let them think that they were. And I can drink anyone under a table. However I told them I did not feel well and I was going to go lay down. I went to the back bedroom hiked my skirt to where you could see what i was working with and pretended to be passed out.
    Many of my friends opened the door and looked in. only a few took what I was giving.
    And many, many more posts like these by women. Go figure.
    rapeboard. com/showthread.php?t=26954

        1. That’s feminism for ya. Hiding and shrouding the perverted nature of majority of women, and simultaneously vilifying men.
          You know, I almost had a heart attack reading this rapeboad’s thread. I had the exact reaction as you.
          Get this on page 8 – One of them posts – ‘There should be a country where rape was legal and only people with no STD’s are let in, would be easy to play rape fantasies in a relative safety’
          To which the other replies – I’d sign up for citizenship right away 😉 Of course, there should be a good “excuse” or incentive…like free healthcare, or whatever would allow women to move there for another reason 😉
          Mind- fucking blown. There is a reason behind the popularity of 50 shades of gray. Being raped is the most cherished fantasy of women. This is how twisted and perverted women are. But instead of feeling guilty about it and acknowledging their perversion, they turn the tables on men and create the “rape culture” bullshit, thereby shifting blame and guilt all on men.
          Nowadays, when women foist their sexuality upon men, they are deliberately exercising narcissism and control over men. Provoking us willy-nilly and then laughing on the inside saying ” Lol look, but you can’t touch. Because it is not free. I will give it to the highest bidder”.
          Prostitutes with fantasies of rape. Pathetic.

        2. do you really think a bunch of unbalanced women posting on the internet are representative of women as a whole? they’re about as representative of women as the douchebags who post on this blog are of men.

        3. False equivalence cunt. Regardless, google ‘Rape fantasy’ and stop trying to deny this painfully obvious fact. It is common knowledge that women have rape fantasies. Your manipulation won’t work here.

        4. think so? you’re only demonstrating your peculiar paranoia and hatred of women because you can’t get any. who am i trying to manipulate?

        5. “think so?” Nope, I know so. You’re demonstrating your man-hatred. I suggest you and your hatred leave this website. Thanks.

        6. you know so because? i am far from hating men. however, men like you and the others who post here disgust me.
          i will leave this website when i fucking feel like it.

        7. I know so because I have a magical little thing called ‘common sense’. You might not have heard about it.
          And yes, you are a man-hater. Your hatred is oozing out of you with every comment.

        8. do you really think a bunch of unbalanced women posting on the internet are representative of women as a whole?

          No, not at all but this website gets press whilst rapeboard.com isn’t mentioned; Which was my initial point. Why respond only to completely ignore what I just said?

        9. That’s feminism for ya. Hiding and shrouding the perverted nature of majority of women, and simultaneously vilifying men.

          No kidding. What astonishes me the most is the females trolls that are here, shaming commenters for being shocked but aren’t shocked themselves.
          I can see why a person would consider returnofkings.com subversive literature but rapeboard.com is straight up deviancy.
          I’d bet my house that if there were a website where men shared fantasies about raping women, there would be massive public outcry; jezebel would condemn the website, HuffPo would condemn the website; the website would be shut down within days and those men would be in danger of being arrested or at least having their identities revealed.
          The hypocrisy is disgusting.

        10. Precisely. It would then be included in the women’s gender studies curriculum and used to silence each and every opposition to the feminist ideology. It is very likely that the men would at the risk of being imprisoned by posting there. But since it is a female fantasy, obviously, it is completely OK. Women can do no wrong, you see.

        11. “”This is how twisted and perverted women are.””
          Not at all, it’s just the obvious reaction to the current weak Western male. I can’t even bring myself to call them men.

        12. So you’re saying female rape fantasy is also the fault of western men, and women as always are innocent little angels.
          You sure are a genius man.

        13. Thats why Roosh has a rule on the front page where we

        14. accusing others of your own faults, the oldest trick in the book since the dawn of mankind, still works to this day.
          makes you wonder how “evolved” we really are.

        15. >the comments on that HuffPo article

        16. Well u do, since youve responded. Those opinions must be ruffling some of your feathers.

        17. HA! u got me, i didn’t read that, but that only makes it funnier! This whole site is for people like you who are scared!!!??? Fuuuuny! aye thanx for letting me know. appreciate it. well since your probably gonna get me banned ( boohoo) let me say in advance, thanx for proving my point.
          So, So! Sincerely,
          The REAL OG (none of that pimp stuff, thats lazy)

        18. I am disgusted by the rape boards, but I also understand that it is PLAY, not real (in most cases). Even then, these women are in the tiny minority. Basing your view of women by them is like saying all Christians are like the Fred Phelps “Baptists”.
          The success of 50 Shades of Gray. I haven’t read, but did dabble in it (strictly online) then I realized the attraction and quit: I just wanted someone else to be in charge for a change. Not a full time thing I just wanted to let go for a moment. The other attraction is that the guy is taking time out to think about the girl. I know it’s perverse (50SOG-wise), but it’s what want, a little thought and focus.

        19. Well, at least I am in good company with the homosexuals. Seriously, can’t take the heat?!?

        20. That rule, right there. You read that. Think about it. Think long and hard about it. That, right there, is fear. Fear to hear the opposition. ear to feel the need to support your misogynistic point of view. Fear to actually discuss issues.
          You ‘men’ are all a bunch of cowards if you feel the need to hide behind such rules.
          But, to get back to the actual topic being discussed by the above article, we, as males (especially the heterosexual, masculine kind that we are), need do two simple, honorable things to combat this ‘fictional’ ‘rape culture’: realize the difference between consent and non-consent, and act accordingly.

      1. Dog I almost passed out reading this one too.
        Holy Jesus I might have to take a break from the sphere for a while. When you add stuff like this to the fifty shades of grey crap, the fucking tweet above about the girl wanting to date her rapist or something, these women that write letters to serial killers like James Holmes, the sheer number of them that are certifiably depressed or crazy. I mean this is just sick, sick stuff.
        Good lord I almost wish hadn’t swallowed the red pill.

      2. Why? This shit has been planned for a good 100 years. Google “Frankfort School or Cultural Marxism” which is the origin of Political Correctness. It explains it all.

      3. Many women are perverse beyond imagining. If men knew a fraction of their thoughts, they’d be 10 times more bold. Though I’m aware of this, the above stunned even me. The danger of ‘buyer’s remorse’ is EXTREAME!

    1. Stupid immature women knowing the consequences of their actions, yet making stupid choices anyway. Fuck em. Let them learn the hard way. Too bad they are protected by society in general.

    2. Jesus Christ, there are woman who purposely go out to try and get raped. There are hundreds of posters there
      Thread title is:
      Has anybody purposely put themselves in a position where rape could occur?
      Responses from women!
      “yeah,tons of times,lol”
      “Planned this when I was younger and almost went further. Slutty clothing and risky areas didnt end to rape,. Slutty clothing was pretty casual for me sometimes and shortcuts through woods in night time.”
      “I was told ahead of time that the pledges had been up there for over 24 hours already and were like animals. They hinted at the fact that they might resort to animalistic behavior. They continued to ask me if I understood what I was getting into. I completely did, the dark fetish side of my sexuality was hoping something happened.”
      Now this is a WOMAN WHO KNEW she could get raped and was HOPING TO GET RAPE, but it DIDN’T HAPPEN. bUT NOTHING DID. All that proves is the rape culture is entirely female because there are dozens of women complaing about not being able to get raped even when they go up to a pack of men who look like criminals.
      “When my parents used to go out on weekend nights, I would dress up in a thin t-shirt with no bra and shorts with no underwear and walk around the neighborhood and near the main streets of where I live.”
      “I have. I have done an extremely dangerous thing on several occasions. I would solicit men in my area on a chat site such as AFF or Alt.com. I would tell them of my rape fantasies and then ask them to meet me at a hotel, or sometime even my apartment. I have had several encounters this way and the danger of it makes it all the more thrilling. But I recognize this as kind of self-destructive behavior and don’t do that anymore, but god how I really really want to.I would love to share my experiences with anyone who is interested. It is fun to relive them.”
      “I agree with Sierra, I didn’t purposefully go out to get raped but I did when FR and I first met.
      I was petrified but when he wasn’t raping me, I loved his charm and he had something that made me addicted to him. But that really could have gone differently, if it was someone else.”
      “Only with people I actually WANT to be in that situation with. I definitely tease and provoke and then refuse just to get things headed down that path, but only when I am ready and willing to follow through.
      I never have put myself in that situation “out and about”.”
      “Actually, nobody knows what goes on in my head, and if I try to provoke something how do they know?
      And it turns me on when you say about a guy or guys taking my up on my invitation. Sounds sexy no?
      Anyways..I know yo think that fantasy sounds a lot nicer, and I know that i try to provoke guys in real life, but I pick them.
      I have tried it before, I try to make guys mad alot because it turns me on that they might snap on me and beat me up or something, I dont know why but it turns me on. A little fucked up, but whatever.
      But I do what I do because I like the way it makes me feel. Feeling vulnerable and in danger is very sexy.”

      1. Exactly! I was completely stunned. So many, so damn many cunts acting out on their rape fantasies, and most of the guys clueless about it. Female sexuality is indeed highly perverted.

        1. Agreed, most men have no clue that the woman dressing slutty is really hoping to get raped.

  3. Cultural Marxism is the dominant religion of the day. Feminism is just one prominent doctrinal branch. I actually saw something similar to this on a Sunday political show that I need to watch. I just rolled my eyes. The hamstering was strong there before.
    One correction, James didn’t become James I of England until 1603. Before then he was James VI of Scotland, which was when he wrote that work.

    1. Yes, this is true. He adopted the name James I after writing the book, but it was still the same person. Referring to him by his more commonly known name enhances clarity and doesn’t detract from the message.

      1. Interesting that you referred to James’ book as I just became aware of it yesterday while reading a biography of him. Rape Culture and what Moldbug calls “The Brown Scare” are indeed witchcraft in our time.

  4. Great article. Feminism has become a religion, where anyone speaking against it is punished by the mob, and possibly “excommunicated”

    1. Purged is more like it. Except instead of being executed or sent to a gulag they just make it so you will never be able to find a job.
      Welcome to the era of liberal purges.

    2. It has always been a religion. It’s only recently that some people are beginning to realize it.

    3. Religion doesn’t have to be theistic. It only needs to be an ideology like communism to function as one.

  5. A female’s regret and vitriol tints everything as a crime and everyone as a criminal. It turns consent in to duress and men into monsters.
    Women have been crying wolf since the beginning of time. The towns people used to ignore the discredited attention whores. Nowadays, they’re put on on a platforms with a microphones in hand and cameras in their faces to cry wolf over the slightest perceive wrong against her sensibilities. Today the townspeople, brainwashed to accept all female utterances as purity and truth, give full ear to her chargers.
    Only a few people in Massachusetts would even know of Salem if it hand’t have been for a few conniving female bitches who were able to set aside all moral authority and LET PEOPLE LITERALLY BURN rather than face the consequences of their own actions.
    Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. And here we are again.

    1. True. When they commit such acts they should be punished. Instead they’re rewarded. Very twisted.

    2. Aaaand this is why women should not get to vote.
      When you give big babies political power and largesse, don’t be surprised when everything goes to shit.

    1. The statistics thrown about (specifically the 1 in 5 “study”) don’t hold up to any kind of scrutiny. If 20% of the girls on college campuses were actually being sexually assaulted the National Guard would patrolling every school in the country. There’s NO WAY parents would let their girls go away to school, particularly our current bubble-wrap generation of Faberge egg children. Yet our colleges and universities are being flooded with women. Go figure.

      1. Right?! So many people quote the 1 in 5 (I’ve seen feminists start throwing out 1 in 4!) that it makes me want to clock them in the face!

  6. Men are raised to take responsibility for their actions. Alcohol induced sex regret (aka ‘Beer Goggles’) is considered personal stupidity. Women, on the other hand, are taught it’s rape.
    Imagine how many women would be in jail if we applied the female standard equally. Not that it’ll happen, ever.

    1. It would be nice to see the second sentence happen in an earlier point of my lifetime.
      Having taken a media class before, I told the professor after class how Rosie O’Donnell’s “ching chong” statement justified me into learning proper Gaelic just to cuss her out.
      Oh, since American white female feminism is pushing for Hillary Clinton for US president, even though she committed cuckoldry, long before Monica Lewinsky!

  7. I have a question: why is rape even considered a serious crime anymore? Back before our modern enlightend era where female virginity was a pre-req for marriage and without this she’s a spinster okay rape is pretty bad. You’ve just doomed someone to a life without a husband in a harsh world where a man is needed to help her to survive. She won’t marry, have children, or raise a family because she’s damaged goods.
    Now however if a girl doesn’t get her cherry popped by thirteen Oprah considers her abnormal and in need of therapy and a good gang bang. Any man who wants a virgin for a wife better call up Boko Haram and see if any are still for sale – you won’t find any in the U.S. of A… By the time the average girl hits college she’s had more experience than a full time brothel worker. So what’s the big deal? Is theft of sex (which is what rape is) so horrible if she’s given it away hundreds of times to guys she hardly knows? How much sympathy, honestly, do you feel for a prostitute who is raped but otherwise not physically injured? How is that different from a guy slipping out without paying? Here the girls are giving it away by the bucketfull but we are supposed to be sad and go in hysterics because one guy kept going when he should have known she’d change her mind while thinking about it in Starbucks the next day?
    I assume any woman troll on here is going to open up the comment by saying something like: “WOW just WOW OMG I can’t believe I am reading this!?! How can you say that???!!!!” then proceed to NOT answer my question. Why is theft of sex in an environment where it is so cheap as to be worth nothing even considered a crime?

    1. “Why is theft of sex in an environment where it is so cheap as to be worth nothing even considered a crime?”
      Because you’re taking something that isn’t yours to just take at your will. It’s a kind of theft.

      1. Yes agreed except that the punishment for this is on par with murder not theft. I’m not saying its wrong just in this environment its stupid to pretend that its on the same level as murder.

        1. Well, I agree that it shouldn’t be on par with murder. When you kill someone you take all they’ve got and all they’re ever going to have (if you’ll forgive the Clint Eastwood reference). This isn’t true of rape. That’s why I consider it a kind of theft not a form of murder.

        2. Since women determine the price of sex (in our society at least) and have deemed that it should extremely cheap it is not just to make the punishment harsh. In fact I would argue that this is just another example of them wanting their cake and eating it too. It’s valuable when she SAYS its valuable and not when she says it isn’t, based purely on her mood at any given time.

        3. Think about it like this, it’s blue collar crime. We punish blue collar more thoroughly than white collar because anyone can do it. Example i steal a dollar from a closed store, burgularly might get 7 years depending on the charge. I embezzle one million dollars and pay it back over time, I might get 2-3 years. We abhor common crimes, but don’t think much about the “classier” crimes. I think it’s less economic and more social personally. I don’t think rape has a white collar equivalent..

        4. I generally agree with your sentiments, and on top of that, many women aren’t virgins when they’re raped. While I don’t think rape is on the same level as murder, here’s why I believe it’s such a significant event to some even in the absence of violence:
          The average human being, perhaps more so in western societies, tends to believe their life is worth more than it is. There’s a constant struggle to get everyone to see you as you see yourself, as a subject rather than an object. While most men realize and accept the subject object split (because we recognize our desires are stronger than women’s, because for most of our lives we’ve had to fend for ourselves in a way women haven’t, because we are, generally speaking, the lovers rather than the loved, etc.), and allow others to see us as objects even as we see ourselves as subjects and the other as object (assuming we are a man in every sense of the word since there are many girly men these days), women not only do not recognize this split (i.e. they have boundary issues both in their inner and outer worlds), they actively force their subjectivity on to others (which if you are curious, results in a tendency for women to need to have power over others, whereas men express their power by doing what they will regardless of the consequences). Given this powerful need in women (born out of inferiority and inadequacy, and perhaps an evolutionary by-product to motherhood) to want to be “absolute subject ” or “god” of “this world”, when that subjectivity is eradicated through any act (not just rape), the wound to a woman’s narcissism is great. To say it another way, if you reduce a woman to the status of an object, she will experience this act as though it were a kind of psychic death, one which she by being born woman is wholly unprepared for. Nothing is worse to a woman than being an object. This is especially true because she has boundary issues so if you see her as an object, she in turn must see herself as an object. This, if you were curious, is one of the reasons women are so obsessed with how they are portrayed and viewed by others. If you’re sadistic, go ahead and treat a women like she doesn’t matter; marvel at the great lengths she’ll go to to prove she is in fact subject (even becoming a shadow/slave for you and thus an object!!) Yup. Lol…

      2. Sure, but if you steal gum from Circle K they slap you on the wrist and tell you to stay out of their store. They don’t convene senate hearings.
        That’s the point, if we still considered rape from the “sexual market value perspective,” it would be the equivalent of swiping bubble gum from Circle K. But look how they treated the Duke Lacrosse boys, and they weren’t even guilty of the crime! It’s indicative of the fact that we now oppose rape for a very different reason: it is the incarnation of opposition to the gynocracy.

        1. Like I said earlier though it’s theft AND assault. Violating someone’s body is far worse than stealing a stick of gum.
          The Duke case was a problem because of feminist culture. They’re declared guilty before any evidence was even presented. Feminism is a religion. And its high fempriests use weak beta-males to enforce it. Without male enforcement feminism would have absolutely no power of any kind.

        2. Duke boys were Great White Defendants.
          Bored prosecutor wanted white scalps.

        3. Duke boys were Great White Defendants.
          Bored prosecutor wanted white scalps.

        4. do you really think they were innocent? their parents had a lot of money…..

        5. The trash girl is in jail for murder or attempted murder.
          She almost won the TNB lottery.

        6. Right. But I think Remo’s point, was that when a woman is regularly violated on a constant basis – for, even with her consent, she is still being violated constantly (even self-violated) – the seriousness of the crime of violating her further is vastly diminished.
          I’m not saying I agree with him; I’m just trying to express his view as I think he meant it. He wasn’t saying that rape wasn’t a violation; just that, since these girls are riding the expressway to violationville three, maybe four times a day, who really cares all that much?

        7. And to think that if she had been punished for her original false accusation the guy she killed might still be alive.

    2. Because you’re causing bodily harm to another individual? I don’t know, but in a civilized society I always thought you weren’t supposed to do that. It goes beyond mere theft of sex. A well-orchestrated theft should have as its goal not to cause any physical harm to the person you’re thieving from, because that is not the goal.
      Look, “rape culture” is a collective delusion every bit as idiotic as the witch hunts of the past, but comments like yours are so stupid that the typical “OMG, WOW JUST WOW!” nonsense that’s often seen would be forgiven from me as a response, because it is that manifestly stupid.

      1. I’m looking at from an economic perspective which is why I asked the question. In the bible the question of rape was an economic question – the man who did this defiled something that belonged to the father and had to pay him and take care of the girl (who would otherwise be burden now because she couldn’t be married off).
        While I agree it is wrong the question is valid only because the price of sex is so low now that the question bears asking. You are choosing to answer it from an emotional perspective and deem me stupid from being able to view it from the classic male pespective. So one can conclude from your answer that you either are a woman, or if a man you are basically one of many castrated morons who can’t think out side of the egg container of panty hose they are trapped in.

        1. Because you do not value women and think they should not be given a choice in the matter. It’s barbaric to say the least. Your rights and interests end where my flesh begins. That’s what a civilized society should offer ALL it’s citizens.

      2. degrees of hell, degrees of hell. omg wow just wow is never acceptable. That sentence just shows that you’re still clinging to the blue pill. You’re main weapon is still shock and dismay. Until you realize you cant shame other people into being gentle you’re still a beta.

      3. Because you’re causing bodily harm to another individual?
        Causing bodily harm is adequately covered by other laws, e.g. assault, and a rape does not necessarily require that noticable bodily harm be done. Theft via violence is robbery. You didn’t specifically mention causing psychological damage, but there are laws that cover that too. So why have a special class of crime for “rape” when the damages you’re referring to are already covered by other crimes?
        Since you believe the question was “manifestly stupid”, it should be a simple task for you to explain logically why rape specifically still deserves to be a special class of crime in this modern era. Serious challenge, Id really like to see this argument made, because the arguments I can think of for this all hark back to the bad old days of “the Patriarchy” that modern women so love to complain about.
        Rape laws (which for all intents and purposes protect women despite the technicalities) suggest that women need special protections that men dont, they suggest that access to a womens reproductive system has a value that access to mens doesnt – it basically puts a lie to the idea that men and women are equal.
        Its OK for someone like me, who believes that men and women are different and should be treated as such, to have a problem with rape. However, it seems to be enormous hypocrisy for a society that operates under the assumption that men and women are equal to do so, and this is the society we live in. So, why still have rape laws? We have torn up so much else of our tradition when it comes to how men and women are treated differently, why not this too?

        1. So it’s okay if I rape you – using a dildo and not so much K-Y? My body, and everybody else’s, is a sovereign state. You have no right to it, neither does anybody else.

    3. Female virgins in the US rarely reveal their status because it makes them a target of perverts and slutty mean girls. Most of those women tend to be quite religious as well.
      By the way, actual virgins consider anal and oral as sex, especially the ones who save their first kiss for marriage

      1. Rubies among rubbish exist. I spent many years in church and I am a Christian but I have encountered exactly none of the women you have described sadly enough.

      2. Google “The Loophole”. It is a music video where the chorus starts with “F*uck me in the ass because I love Jesus.”

    4. The answer, is that we no longer oppose rape because it is an horrible destruction of something of great value. We now oppose rape because a woman’s choice and prerogative is the most important thing, and the ruling principle of our society. Rape is the quintessential embodiment of opposition to this principle.

    5. Because it’s a violent and degrading thing to do to anyone regardless of their sexual history, you disgusting creep.

    6. your comment is so full of hyperbole i don’t know how anyone could take it seriously.

    7. If you went up to her place and didn’t threaten physical harm and had sex… Few juries would convict.

    8. BITCH, Walmart is cheap but i bet you will still get arrested if youre caught stealing. How idiotic can you be? The answer lies within the question; THEFT of sex. Hellooooooo! Theft? Your comment is ridiculous. And i hoped youve memorized it so u can repeat it verbatim if your wife or daughter ever gets raped, so u can tell them its NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL. You know since they were going to or had already given it up anyway, who cares, thats old news right? No big deal if a man holds them down, maybe even rough them up, forces their legs apart and shoves his possibly disease ridden dick into their all too unwilling vagina. Doesnt matter if it tears and bleeds, you dont even care if it hurts. Theyre crying, maybe even screaming. but for what? they were gonna have sex sooner or later anyway. It doesnt matter that she can never erase this from her mind and she may feel that her body will always be stained by him. She might get an std and become infertile and never be able to bear children or hey who knows she might get pregnant from the rape itself, and if she doesnt want it, well, thats what abortions are for right? Am i right fellas or am i right?
      I wouldnt even wish this on an immoral asshole like you. Its too horrible. I hope this never happens to anyone you know because itd be just as painful as the rape to only have your words for comfort. U and everyone else who thinks like you,u fucking cruel, slimy, worthless excuses for human beings.

    9. Hm… I don’t know, because women are …. human beings! It is not a “theft of sex” it is about human dignity. Just try to imagine a man raping you (I hear you “OMG no I am such a manly man, this can’t happen”, I don’t care, if you can’t just imagine it is happening to your mother), is it ok because you already had a lot of sexual relationships? When you rape someone you deprive them of their free will, of their humanity, make them feel their body is not theirs, reducing them to objects, deny them their dignity, force them to live in shame and with the painful memories, destroy their lives. If you still think it is not that bad I hope you will get raped one day. And a rape on a prostitute is still a rape, because she is still a human being and should be considered and respected as one. Sex is not a market or an object, you can’t steal it, it is a relationship, someone is going into someone else, it is not the same as someone taking something to someone else.

  8. I must have mentioned this before somewhere but feminazis strongly remind me of female bonobos. For the benefit of those who don’t know, bonobos are one of the great ape species who, like chimpanzees, share a very close genetic link to humans. Bonobo society is matriarchal. One female bonobo can’t do much against a strong male one but a whole horde of them screaming, jumping and gibbering away makes quite a formidable force. All these rape hysteria ranting and raving remind me strongly of female bonobos. Feminazis are like that. Screaming wild animals and beasts.

    1. Feminazi never made sense as a term.
      The Russian Revolution started on International Women’s Day 1917.
      The Nazi kept women in the kitchen and minding kinder.

      1. Haha…very true. I guess even female bonobos are a tad better than human females.
        Not that I’m going to start chasing after female bonobos of course…lol

  9. Confucius say…
    “Rape impossible, because woman with skirts up runs faster than man with pants down”

  10. Comparing modern rape hysteria to witchcraft and demonology is interesting because there WAS a physical reason for the accusations that occurred during the inquisition.
    There was a mold that grew on barley and grain stores that caused psychedelic visions. Accusations of witchcraft in Medieval Europe usually occurred 1-2 years after the damp weather conditions necessary for this mold to grow. Whole towns would eat a contaminated food supply, and trip balls. Without a scientific knowledge of mind altering substances, what could one assume other than these visions were the work of black magic?
    The question is, what mold has our modern society eaten and how did it get there?

    1. “There was a mold that grew on barley and grain stores that caused psychedelic visions.”
      Also known as LSD.

  11. another source to prove how flawed these statistics are:
    “The study cited by Ali used an online survey, conducted under a grant from the Justice Department, in which college women were asked about their sexual experiences, on campus and off, and the researchers—not the women themselves—decided whether they had been assaulted. The researchers employed an expansive definition of sexual assault that included “forced kissing” and even “attempted” forced kissing. The survey also asked subjects if they had sexual contact with someone when they were unable to give consent because they were drunk. A “yes” answer was automatically counted as a rape or assault.”

    1. The only stats that make sense are stranger rape, incestual rape. Possibly anything that involves an under 16.
      Public lewdness like dogging too perhaps and anything that results in a black eye or required a weapon for coercion.
      Seduction doesn’t count.
      The rest is a load of bollocks.

    2. I have reviewed studies like these and this is always the case. I worked/taught at an university that publish a study in the student newspaper that said 80% of the females and 60% of the males on campus had been sexually assaulted, I looked at the raw data and the methodology and what was said above was true there. They defined being looked at on the intra campus bus (among many many other trivial incidents) as being sexually assaulted. I wondered where they found the 20% of females that were so ugly that no one had ever even looked at them.
      When I followed up by reviewing and looking into the basis for other studies I found the same systematic biases done in the same exact way. When the same very questionable methodologies is used across many disparate studies one can assume that the bias is intentional and designed in, and not the random error of an individual researcher.

    3. I made an online survey and can prove, that in my country over 90 % became a victim of violent assaults by the police in a daily manner: ’cause the cops are wearing guns in public and looking at people seriously. In my study I consider this a clear case of violence. Non-violent people don’t wear guns and look friendly at you.

  12. Here’s some useful facts to use when arguing about rape.
    Female chicken (hens) have the ability to eject sperm from their reproductive tracts. Hens are much more likely to eject the semen of low ranking “forced copulators” than the rapists at the top of the social hierarchy who presumably have better genes. Female spiders also have developed the mechanism to dump sperm.
    Is there any evidence that a similar mechanism exists in human females?
    Yes. Studies show that rape often leads to conception. The evidence:
    In short, women are at least twice as likely to conceive as a result of rape than by consensual sex.

    1. BOSTON – A new study to be published in next month’s Journal of Clinical Psychiatry is causing controversy in the psychiatric community for some of its unexpected findings. The study, titled “Shame and Guilt in the Aftermath of Sexual Attack”, verifies much of what we know about the mental health of rape victims. However, one observation in particular is raising eyebrows. After analyzing the anonymous transcripts of over 5,000 post-rape counseling sessions, the authors point out that almost all female rape victims experience orgasm during the attack.
      Asked for comment, Dr. Herschel Liebowitz, one of the authors of the study, said, “Millions of years of evolution has hard-wired women to be attracted to strong, dominant, and aggressive men. Unfortunately, rapists exhibit an extreme form of these characteristics, even if only temporarily, and this causes an unexpected and involuntary physiological response in the victim.”
      Orgasm increases the chance of pregnancy.

      1. Rape fantasies (often given cover in the media as “ravishing fantasies”) are the single most common fantasy among women:
        This should come as no surprise to any man who’s heard a woman’s fantasies: women always dream bout being sexually coerced: hair pulled, or hands tied, or spanked, or even beaten outright. Of course, they always want to be called “sluts” and “whores”, too.
        Meanwhile, the percentage of women who fantasize about niceguy hipster Apple employees who hold up “I NEED FEMINISM BECAUSE —” signs and ask girls permission before kissing < .01%. (And that one in ten thousand girl is dreaming simply of wincing through his timid sex then running off with his money to get fucked by an alpha.)

        1. Why is why the powers promote this hysteria about rape.
          It’s just another way of making men behave in the way that women actually hate and thus create even more tension between sexes.

    1. You think that’s bad? Take a look at this. And remember, this was back in 1981, back when the world still kinda made sense:
      Also, this abstract of a 1988 study bore the above-referenced story out (I couldn’t find the whole study):
      It’s one thing for some anonymous chick to think this, but when COURT OFFICIALS start thinking it, it’s time to pack it in. This just goes to show that feminism had its claws in the court system long before many of the guys who come to this site were even born.

    2. She’s being brutally honest about how their instincts work. I don’t blame her, blame the powers that give her the rights and the privileges.
      Women are usually very honest when it comes to their sexuality if you care to listen to them.

    3. You have no idea how many times women have told me that their rape fantasies are completely ok because they only involve attractive guys. Alpha seed + physical dominance. I think on this site guys are completely aware of the realities of women’s sexual desire and motivation. Any behavior is acceptable as long as it comes from high status males, there is no such thing as morals involved in sexual selection. This is why all pandering betas will be detested and rejected regardless of the moral quality of their actions and attitudes.

    4. That tweet supports my observation that women usually follow their feelings and logic is wasted on them. It shows that there’s no use using logic to combat emotional campaigns like “ban bossy” and “1 is 2 many.” The hysteria is unreasoning and ridiculous. We should respond to the ridiculous with ridicule, not reason.
      I propose two hashtags:
      Example tweets:
      – Firemen die rescuing schoolgirls. #AllMenAreRapists
      – Overeating makes people fat. #BecauseMisogyny
      – Men more attracted to younger women. #BecauseMisogyny
      – Miami Heat win game 2. #AllMenAreRapists
      – Where have all the good men gone? #AllMenAreRapists
      – Is Daniel Craig the rapiest James Bond? Yes. #AllMenAreRapists
      – Women outnumber men in college #BecauseMisogyny

      1. How can anyone take this tweet seriously? The spelling alone says it’s either completely phony or the insane.

    5. A bit like, if he’s ugly and old, I’m reporting him to HR if he looks in my direction. If he’s good looking, I’m going to try and give him my number. Never look sideways at any female in the workplace unless you love grief and being accused of being a sexual predator. Pay them as much attention as a chair.

    6. Funny, imagine if you regret sleeping with an ugly woman and you had the option to toss her in jail just because you feel like it

  13. In britain the new religion is based on calling anyone, who does not follow the allowed beliefs, racist or islamophobic. This way no one dares criticise immigration, inner city issues etc.

  14. Impressive. I was just thinking about this this morning. I love ROK, thank you guys. Seriously.
    Signed: an international student who came to the US two years ago and that he is very, very tired of all this gender shit he has to swallow every day. This is 1984.

      1. I am from Spain. There we don‘t have “rape culture” yet, but we have “male violence” culture. Reasoning patterns behind it are identical though.

        1. Spain sort of lost its way in the past 30 years. Maybe the after-effects of Francoism.
          Most of Europe just seems so exhausted, defeated, and broken.

        2. Spain’s ways in political terms have always been wrong. It is a country that did not pass even the enlightment at its time.
          But in social/sentimental relationships we were doing pretty well until all this “liberal” American gender/identity theory agenda started being implemented like around 10 years ago. The consequences are catastrophic.
          And yes, non-leftoid Europeans we are exhausted, defeated and broken. We are literally living the second fall of Rome.

        3. One correction — Islamic Spain was an incredible place of art, scholarship and religious tolerance. Modern Spain is the result of Isabella and the Inquisition expelling Jews and Muslims and stifling knowledge. Islamic Spain was where Plato and Aristotle were preserved whe they were banned in Europe as heresy. It was the transmission of knowledge from Islamic Spain to Europe that served to ignite the Renassiance. Ironic isn’t it?

        4. Bullshit.
          The Spanish flourished after kicking out the Muslims and the Jews. They discovered the Americas the year that they sacked Granada. This is the biggest scientific discovery of the last three millenia the Muslims were too busy arselifting toward Mecca and the Jews too busy ripping off the Christians and enslaving them for their Muslim Master.

        5. “Islamic Spain” was not Spain, was Al-Andalus. You are talking about people from which we are not descendants. They lived in the same place as us but have nothing to do with modern Spain.

        6. See and listen to Joseph Hogarty’s Europe From Its Origins.
          Islam practically wiped out Roman and Greek civilization. North Africa used to be a breadbasket up until the 600s AD within 50 years of the grazing ignorant nomads arriving the entire agricultural landscape of Roman/Visigoth/Vandal/Byzantine abundance was blown into a dustbowl. The Arabs simply occupied the old villas until the roof fell in and then made up stories about cities they built with 600,000 residents. The archeology suggests that the period 630-800 was nearly devoid of new construction.

        7. I’m half Spanish half Italian and grew up in Toronto, Canada.
          What I see here is the desolation of traditional values among European families…
          I’d say overall European/Spanish girls here are less obsessed with “rape culture” but are mad driven in their careers and just kind of lost overall… they care more about fashion than the average women and look great… but they realize the wall has hit before reaching 30… and just keep pursuing careers…
          These are “feminist” women who know how to take care of themselves… not so much victim wannabe types. These are capable girls.
          Nothing wrong with working hard but these girls miss their chance at starting families and forming community and then work double-time to avoid having to think about it. Not to mention that most men don’t want to marry other men (aka career women).
          They laugh and laugh in public and cry alone at home…
          It really really saddens me because I think these are beautiful and talented women but they squander their marriageable years on careers and dating that goes nowhere…
          I detest feminist women (Seems like here they are mostly white)… They have no culture… They are followers…

        8. “Islam practically wiped out Roman and Greek civilization.”
          “If I say things that are blatantly contrary to reality, people will see me as successful.”
          Greeks and Romans were wiped out by the barbarian Germanics. Muslims preserved the writings of Plato and Aristotle.

        9. “This is the biggest scientific discovery”
          It wasn’t a scientific discovery you idiot. Furthermore, why would they try to find alternate routes to India? they occupied the main route, remember?
          Also, what does Muslims praying have to do with anything? Christians prayed too.

        10. The Pirenne Thesis contains a great deal of truth. Had Islam not shown up Istanbul would still be called Constantinople and Anatolia would still be speaking a similar Greek to Aristotle and Plato. The north shore of Africa would still be speaking Latin and Greek and agricultural abundance instead of desertification would characterize the region.

        11. The most dramatic voyage of scientific discovery then.
          One reason for a Muslim in Al Andalus to head west:
          Discovery, enquiry, balls, for the hell of it, to aggrandize power, cut out the middle men, guts, empirical curiousity.
          They had Iberia for hundreds of years and showed no interest in anything intrepid. Case closed on the enlightened Al Andalus. It was designed to enslave Christians and exploit and oppress Europeans. It was no golden age. Pandering to ignorant Muzzies and their bruised ego will get you nowhere.

        12. See Bergdahl’s story and the release of the 5 Taliban. A Kenyan President bartering over a German with some Arab/Pashtun.
          This is how civilizations fall.

  15. I think is time for US men to turn the tables and re-define the discussion on rape:
    I have NO problem with women seeing me as a “POTENTIAL RAPIST” simply because I am a man….as long as they have no problem for me to see them as a “POTENTIAL FALSE RAPE ACCUSER” simply because they are women….

    1. Yeah it was fun being held hostage by a woman who flatly stated if I left her she’d accuse me of rape. Back then there were no cell phones with cameras and such. Still, even now, getting a SWAT raid, possibly killed during that, getting the dog or any pets killed, and the lost work and time would still suck right along with the icing on on the cake of her not getting charged with a felony for filing false charges (and other civilization-ending results).

  16. A bit disappointing, Quintus; you are normally very clear-thinking, but I think you missed some important things, here.
    Only a man who has accepted the premises of feminist thought, could think that our country is sexually “repressed.” Throughout most of human history, people would have been killed for engaging in even the milder forms of sexual activity tolerable to our culture. Now you can go online and look for granny-trannies who may be down for underage, interspecies action. We are not repressed. We have exactly as much sex as we think we want, and it has made us sick. Feminism is itself the product of women whose sexuality has been damaged – a damage they generally accept and amplify with subsequent actions.
    The principle “cuius regio, eius religio,” obviously does not demonstrate the importance of doctrinal orthodoxy; rather, it demonstrates precisely the *unimportance* of doctrinal orthodoxy. It is the morally relativistic principle that began modern society’s wholesale abandonment of sound philosophy and orthodoxy in favour of heresy and arbitrary assertions enthroned in law. People who care about orthodoxy and rational thought do not change their principles from one geographic locale to the next. It is certainly true that rulers want us to subscribe to their worldview, however, and thus relativism is essential for them. It is essential for them that *you* don’t have any private principles, because that may conflict with their goals; it is essential for them that the only principle guiding your life, is the relativism that fosters an accommodating willingness to believe whatever you’re told today.
    Not every ruler is so calculating as you describe, though; some of them believe the relativism themselves; some don’t. The historical record shows us that many Protestants dabbled in the occult, and that interest in the occult was generally high around the time of the Protestant crisis. It is widely surmised that Shakespeare wrote Macbeth with the specific intent of indulging James I’s interest in the occult, for example, and it is known that he and Queen Elizabeth consulted astrologers. So, in his case, the interest in eradicating the occult was probably a bit of “projecting,” and not so much a calculating attempt to weave imaginary problems for the express purpose of controlling the populace. Protestantism was already fulfilling that role.
    But in any case, this brings us to the connection I would draw between the time period you chose for your illustrative purposes, and modernity. It is not possible, obviously, to have a governing philosophy or methodology without some kind of ideology. To the extent that the ideology is rooted in sound thinking and correct principles, that’s not a problem. I would make the argument that before the Modern Era, the Catholic worldview did make a real attempt at valuing the truth more than pragmatism in ideology. You may disagree with Catholicism, but I think it shines through in the great Catholic thinkers, that they were not reserve-engineering a theology to justify their passions and whims; contrarily, in the ideologies that emerged afterwards, there is very often a vested political or self-pandering reason for the change in doctrine. (And let’s not resurrect arguments about Galileo; if you study the actual history of those events, it becomes clear that things were quite otherwise than in the popular presentation.) Contrary to popular belief, it was precisely the Church, which was saying that it was an heresy to believe that people could be given fantastical powers by demons, or could conjure them up at will. It was the secular rulers who wanted to have this excuse for terrorizing and eliminating folk at will, who pursued “witches” contrary to Catholic dogma and law. Papal bulls anathematized those who believed in witches flying around on demon-powered besoms. This was the beginning of liberal idiocy by apostates and secularists – in the case of the Protestants ( the first ‘true believer’ liberals), witchcraft was believed in earnestly, just like modern liberals believe in global warming and jamba juice; in the case of secularists, it was not believed so much as seized upon as a political convenience, just like Al Gore doesn’t believe in global warming but is ready to sell you a carbon credit. To this very day, the liberal-progressive has a marked tendency to believe in insane theories, precisely because they have castrated themselves, as regards a concern for doctrinal orthodoxy and right reason. As St. Augustine would put it, there is a city of God and a city of man. Each follows its own logic to its inevitable end.
    So, what we see in the witch hunts led by secular humanists and Protestants, is not so much an attempt to *enforce* doctrinal orthodoxy, as an attempt to reject orthodoxy in favour of the ability to impose their arbitrary will on relativistic grounds. That has been the defining characteristic of the modern world – relativism enforced by the state, with the necessary suppression of right reason and doctrine, resulting in a peculiar kind of stupidity which is called “progressivism,” and which has always cried out “liberté, égalité, fraternité,” in an ironic, Orwellian manner. Things go bad from the head, down. The defection from right reason began at the top, with the explicitly supernatural truths of authentic Christendom, and has worked its way down to embrace every kind of lie about every kind of subject.
    Now, many in the “manosphere” are starting to recover some of the most obvious natural truths about sex, gender, etc. But the fact that so many continue to embrace the relativistic assumptions, and the wholesale spiritual apostasy of our culture, indicates that they have not yet seen how thoroughly the rot has spread through the whole system. If you avail yourselves of the truths of the red pill for the sole purpose of degrading yourself and exploiting women, then your “truth” is still being used in the service of the errors that promote feminism and the decadence of Western civilization. If you use them, however, to insist upon a return to healthy sexual dynamics in a relationship, and discipline yourself not to be a parasite upon the truth, then you are participating in a return to authentic Patriarchy… i.e., a true “Return of Kings.” What kind of King wastes his time with an whore? And if he finds no worthy woman, he maintains his dignity.
    It is disappointing to see somebody with your historical and philosophical knowledge, making only superficial connections between the demonology of James I (VI) and modern feminism, or, in the same article, speaking of the errors of feminism while still spouting the feminist lie that our culture is sexually repressed. There is indeed a connection between King James’ demonology and modern feminism. That connection is not a concern *for* doctrinal orthodoxy, as you said, but is precisely the opposite: a desire to eliminate the very idea of doctrinal orthodoxy for the rulers’ convenience, allowing us to scream without compassion for compassion, or to irrationally avow our rationality. This single process, beginning with an apostasy from sublime truths initially, has now descended so low as to have university freshmen lectured on pronoun preferences at tranny-sensitivity orientation. The idea that we are “sexually repressed” is a sixty-year-old phase of this process, nearly coincident with the rise of first-wave feminism. A thoughtful man should see the connections and the process as an whole. You’re only a third of the way there.

    1. I appreciate your long comment, but I think you’re jumbling together many different threads here.
      American culture, by my reckoning, a sexually repressed one. I’m not the only one who says this. It’s all relative, and I’m comparing the American views of sex with those I’ve experienced in Europe, Brazil, and Japan. And in comparison, Americans make a big deal about sex, and spend far too much time talking about it, and not enough time doing it. Don’t confuse talk with action.
      Drunken, vomitous hookups by ignorant dipshits here in their 20s is not sex of a high quality. In Japan and Brazil, for example, sex is no big deal, and people treat it as a natural thing to be enjoyed. This was what I meant when I said we were “repressed.” It’s about the overall attitude and perspective of the culture, and how people behave. Repression does not necessarily mean quantity: it also refers to quality.
      Here, women often behave like their doing you a big favor, for which you have to jump through numerous hoops.
      Most of the fatties and nerds you see walking around are not getting laid, period. And this sense of repression manifests itself in neuroses, fears, and binge-type behavior.
      Perspective is everything. Travel abroad and live in some of the regions I’ve mentioned, and you will see what I mean.

      1. What you’re perhaps trying to say is that american culture is over saturated with sex which is a way of repressing it.

      2. I see your point and concede the verisimilitude of your illustrative examples. I guess my response, would be that these American attitudes seem to be rooted less in a reticence about sex, per se (since there certainly is plenty of it!), and more in that particular lifestyle of Americans, where a cultural vacuum and a narcissistic worldview encourage people to live lives almost entirely through the lens of their public “persona,” rather than as authentic people. For such people, everything is about signalling that one is a bien pensant. In some ways, this leads to very lax attitudes about sex (since leftism and feminism seek to deracinate society by slandering modesty as a “negative” or “prudish” attitude towards sex); in some other ways, it leads to very uptight attitudes about sex (since it’s necessary to ejaculate all over women to prove that “sex is positive and this is nothing to be ashamed of,” but doing it right in the eyes may communicate that one disrespects women in some hidden chamber of the heart; that would be a faux pas!).
        I don’t have much experience traveling around the world. But I do know that Brazil, for example, has a very degraded sexual culture – the gay movement is everywhere, plastic surgery is out of control, the Pope recently had to ask them not to have a gigantic orgy on the beach in front of the statue of Christ, etc. I can easily believe that other places have less of our narcissism-based anxieties and complexes surrounding intimacy, and surrounding the inevitable schizophrenia of exploiting others while trying hard to signal our forward-thinking abhorrence of exploitation… just as I have seen that these other cultures seem not to fear the open expression of authentically masculine and feminine traits. But in the end, I still think that sexual permissiveness is a key plank in the relativist/feminist programme for society.
        And, more importantly, I still think that the principle of cuius regio, eius religio, far from demonstrating the importance of orthodoxy, is an obvious admission of the complete apostasy into relativism. The old phrase, “you’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything,” perfectly illustrates what has happened in the West since “cuius regio” indicated that we had stopped standing for anything: beginning with witch hunts, and then Protestantism, and then the age of secular revolution, on to socialism, progressivism, the New Age, feminism and now the tranny cult, we’ve been falling for one “anything” after another.

        1. “But I do know that Brazil, for example, has a very degraded sexual culture – the gay movement is everywhere”
          Toxoplasma gondii is a bitch.

    2. If you avail yourselves of the truths of the red pill for the sole purpose of degrading yourself and exploiting women, then your “truth” is still being used in the service of the errors that promote feminism and the decadence of Western civilization. If you use them, however, to insist upon a return to healthy sexual dynamics in a relationship, and discipline yourself not to be a parasite upon the truth, then you are participating in a return to authentic Patriarchy… i.e., a true “Return of Kings.” What kind of King wastes his time with an whore? And if he finds no worthy woman, he maintains his dignity.
      Thank you, sir for putting it so eloquently!
      I’ve always maintained the view that PUA and their fascination with sluts and random sex is part of the problem and a bad representation of the manosphere.
      Hope you stay around, I’ll be checking your posts.

      1. I liked that part of his comment too
        But for the rest, geez – to learn to be cogent, concise and succinct. The definitions of these words would be great additions to his vocabulary.

    3. Protestantism leads to a stronger society though. The lords of the world aren’t Catholic, nor Orthodox for that matter.

      1. What are you talking about? Protestant nations became ground-zero for liberal-progressivism within a century of the Reformation, and all of the Puritan Universities are now beacons of liberal indoctrination. Liberal progressivism is simply the logical conclusion of Protestantism, which embraced moral relativism and private judgment when it made each believer the judge of truth. Liberalism is consists of this principle; Protestantism is the narrow scope, secular humanism and “progressivism” is the broad scope.
        When Europe was ascendant, it was Catholic. When it hit the peak, the Reformation introduced the period of decadence. Though technology continued to flourish for a time, philosophy and morality has been in continuous decay. Great Britain, and then the USA, have presided over the decline and gotten us to where we are today. And all the other, hard-left nations in Northern Europe, are the ones that were Catholic for the least time and went Protestant most quickly, France being the lone exception (for interesting reasons that would be too time-consuming to discuss here). Almost all the great art and music, all the great philosophy and literature, is Catholic. And today, the only sane theology, moral philosophy, etc., is coming from the Catholic Church. Protestantism doesn’t even have a voice, and often condones the moral evils that have contributed to the rise of Progressivism in the first place.

  17. Having leverage in a relationship means that you don’t need to become angry or agitated to get what you want. The Godfather was the classic example where he would talk softly but everybody listened. To me this is a sign that feminism is weak not strong. “rape” is their nuclear option and the fact that they throw it around 24/7 tells me that they have run out of more measured ways to get what they want.

  18. It seems that the more over-exposed to and enticed by sex we are, it’s become simultaneously harder to get, as well as more dangerous to pursue, thanks to our misandrist legal system and how it enables women to destroy our lives and reputations on nothing more than a whim. I can not pursue sex without the thought of prison looming in the back of my mind. Perhaps I am paranoid, but given what I’ve seen happen to so many other men, I’m inclined to think my concern is entirely rational.
    I have to be honest…I have given up on sex altogether, at least here in the U.S. I do plan to travel abroad in the next few years, a la Roosh, and get my first “flag”, but as for here stateside, I concede defeat.
    This site and others have helped transform me and transcend to reach heights I never thought I could, physically, intellectually and mentally. I’ve cultivated my cocky, quick witted, smart ass persona, wrapped around my more beta-like core. But I just can’t keep going in a sexual market in which even a victory, in the form of busting a nut in/on a decent looking woman, could ruin my life whether via false rape accusations or a baby (aka “living annuity”). Add to that, if I wanted a LTR I’m even more shit-out-of-luck, considering the pickings out there.
    Plus, that screen-capped tweet about being raped by an ugly guy vs a dime is unsettling as well.
    I guess I’m just a dud in terms of racking up notches, but still, the Manosphere and its myriad authors have helped make my life better than I would have thought possible 5 years ago.
    The risk/reward ratio is just too skewed for me to bother anymore. I’ve had some victories in the pussy department, but as for ‘MURICA, I’m taking my ball(s) and going home.

    1. I very much like your first sentence:
      “It seems that the more over-exposed to and enticed by sex we are, it’s become simultaneously harder to get, as well as more dangerous to pursue, thanks to our misandrist legal system and how it enables women to destroy our lives and reputations on nothing more than a whim.”
      Totally true. Very good observation.
      I do think you are being overly negative in the rest of your comment. Never throw in the towel, never close the door completely. Yes, foreign women are better, but it’s still a mistake to slam the door completely to opportunities here.

      1. Yes throw in the towel. Yes slam the door, and bolt it, and bar it, and weld it shut. Any opportunities you have here are illusory; like any woman’s promises. The risk is huge the reward is slight. As noted up thread, the value of pussy in the Anglosphere is nearly zero and the risk of public humiliation, ridicule, prison time, and STDs is very high.
        So, Quintus, just how bad does it have to get before you decide for us that we should slam the door?

        1. That’s the question that confounds me. I truly don’t know. I don’t think any one of us really knows. The answer to this is the major issue of our lives.

    2. Lots of us men feel the same way. Personally I focus on my health, mental and physical, nutrition, career, hobbies. I’m happier single.

    3. Lucid comment. I’m sincerely indebted to the manosphere, having been mysef and seen friends, neighbors, relatives and my father victimized by the propagandized misandrist culture in the US. I’ve tried to find peace with it and work the system to ‘enjoy the decline’ but for my particular constitution, it feel myself with a great big NO in my gut.
      Having spent two months in Europe last year, 7 weeks spontaneously living with an EE woman, I really was fortunate to see more . If we show up as ‘what can I TAKE from this place’ people will hate you. I arrived curious and open. Overall I was well-received and feel whether or not EE is still a poosy paradise (which smacks a lot of being a taker), I think an enterprising guy can find a way to make it a home if it really sticks.
      I didn’t expect to become strongly attached to the place I stayed, but it happened. More than a woman, I felt the challenge and rewards of this new environment that would reward me for putting in the time and improving myself. If I was a millionaire yeah I could probably get any woman I wanted. So I’m not a 1%er – most of us here probably aren’t. But we’re not loser blanket boys – any man reading this site with an intent to improve himself deserves a pat on the back. Whatever your own conclusions – whether to enjoy the decline or leave you will come to on your own. It will take root.
      Find your own paradise, follow your bliss – the earlier you can step outside the country and explore, the faster your eyes will be opened. Visiting Turkey as an 18 y.o. right after high school was a gift my Dad gave our whole family and that definitely opened my eyes.
      If anything, you will gain confidence and clarity on your goal (as the current excellent article says) and that will MOTIVATE the hell out of you! Working out, developing confidence, approaching without giving a shit – we are GODDAMN MEN! We built the world and have each other’s backs on the field of battle. We’re more fluid than water (nod to Bruce Lee) because we can flow UPHILL by our force of will. It is our agency that the world needs and the Marxists fear. Don’t let anyone break your spirit. I’ve been there, trust me.
      TL;DR – Yes, by all means go visit another country. Your eyes (like mine and many others) will open upon a wider horizon and you’ll make clearer long-term decisions.

  19. I’ve never come across a bigger group of idiots. The mountain of bullshit that is this website is fortunately hidden by facts and actual intellect. Return of kings? Kings were nothing but inbred tyrants who did nothing to receive power but be born. Real mean don’t have to condone rape to be men. Obviously you’re all severely lonely. You should change the name of the site to onlinecirclejerk.com

    1. >debunk rape myths
      >condoning rape
      You’re good at this whole “strawman” thing.

      1. No, the writing sounds masculine to me. White knight. I spend enough time on the forum running newbies’ posts through GenderHacker to spot these things.

    2. Why are you generalizing so much? Typical way of arguing for a woman. Not all men are like that, but AWALT!

    3. Not one word of this article “condones” rape. It looks at what’s caused all the interest in it since statistics (linked in the article) show it’s become less commonplace. Sounds like something that needed to be looked at to me.

    4. The King was often an elected or an elector. Most medieval kings were usurpers too. The inbreeding only picked up when the post became honorific. Also genealogical care was needed to prevent Jewish blood and Jewish interbreeding in the royal lines.

  20. I see that any post that points out the ignorance and historical inaccuracies of your commentary gets taken down. Masculine enough to defend rape but not your factual inaccuracies. Douchebags.

  21. Hey Quintus:
    “There are other reasons, of course, for the propagation of the fake “rape culture.” Some of these reasons have much to do with the idiosyncrasies of American society. American is a society steeped in fear: historically, fear of Indians, slaves, communism, terrorism, drugs, etc. Our society is a sexually repressive one, compared with most others, and for a repressed person, there is a perverse cruelty in denying sexual satisfaction to someone else. Most of the strident advocates of the “rape culture” (and their loyal league of manginas and white knights) are abnormal men and women. Miserable and repressed themselves, they wish to make everyone else just as miserable. There is also delight in being an accuser—it confers power and status, and is a form of attention-whoring.”
    Look up “Prussian system”. The whole thing is geared towards churning out obedient INFANTry.

  22. Goering chuckled and said, with his unique mix of brutal cynicism and charm, “It’s easy, really. If you want to control people, all you have to do is make them believe they are under attack from someone or something. Then you can do whatever you want.”
    War on terror anyone?
    We need extra surveillance… on our own citizens… to fight terrorism!

  23. In many ways, the fears of witchcraft were actually a baseless fear of female sexuality running rampant, basically the converse of our modern rape hysteria.

    1. Often the accusers are ugly or frumpy women. Just another iteration of female jealousy in those days.

  24. Rape Culture= more prizes for ugly women, especially loud mouth ugly women.

  25. Isn’t “rape” something only a white male can do
    when he becomes to “forward” with a woman?
    And YOU expect ME to approach THEM?

    1. The Powers That Be in the Gynocracy would like rape to be White Cubenuchs. In reality the worst forms of it are Incest, Black Muh Dik, Black incest (see teen pregnancy) and Paedophiles. Also Prison rape.
      Date rape is a load of shite and so on and so forth. If it ocurs in either the man’s pad or the woman’s pad there ought be clear evidence of violence.

  26. The current “rape hysteria” merely a manifestation of the PC Monster created by the Frankfort School (of Cultural Marxism) 100 years ago.
    Here are the tactics they used to achieve their aims (which was essentially the breakdown of society using the promotion of “oppressed” minority interests and expanding of the power of the state). Note the BOTTOM TWO bullet points:
    • attack the authority of the father, deny the specific roles of father
    and mother, and wrest away from families their rights as primary
    educators of their children.
    • abolish differences in the education of boys and girls
    • abolish all forms of male dominance – hence the presence of women in the armed forces
    • declare women to be an ‘oppressed class’ and men as ‘oppressors’
    Source: http://libertarianalliance.wordpress.com/2013/01/18/the-frankfurt-school-conspiracy-to-corrupt/

  27. Moral panics have always been with us. Whether it is burning witches, slaughtering Jews, harassing DnD players, gun control and the rape panic, it all has a common thread:
    An imaginary hysteria, and one that has done horrific damage throughout time…

    1. Burning witches? Rare. Only witches accused of evil spells. Witches who helped to find lost keys or help with the crops were sought after and paid well.
      Jews? If my folk had been ejected by 120 or so nations and states over the millenium I’d examine the behaviour of my folk scrupulously. in the medieval period they were expelled by Edward I, St Louis and Ferdinand… All of these expulsions were justified if you look at the native complaints about the Jewish population. The expulsions also ushered in the growth of a native middle class.
      What was your third point? I forget. Btw almost all feminist clap trap is spouted by Jewesses anyway.

      1. Funny. I just mention the “J-word” and you respond in a very Pavlovian way with a rant. Do you realize how foolish that makes you look?
        I’ll also tell you the real reason why Edward I of England also did his pogrom: Money.
        At the time, England was embroiled in a war with Scotland under Robert the Bruce’s rebellion, and Edward got himself deep in debt with several Jewish money lenders to finance the English war effort. When he begged the money lenders for more loans, they basically told him that they were not going to loan him any more money until he paid back at least of some of what he borrowed. Edward responded by robbing them, and then covered it up under a religious pogrom.
        In end though, it didn’t do him any good, for he succumbed to dysentery while on yet another counter-insurgency campaign against Robert the Bruce, and his son, Edward II was ultimately defeated at the Battle of Bannockburn.

        1. You associated Jews with imaginary hysteria. Which is one of the things they promulgate. Israel is waiting for you.

        2. Did I offend you with my grasp of history?
          Too bad.
          You also sound like a paranoid fool as well.

        3. No, just your ignorance enabling the further erosion of my freedoms, economic opportunity, and societal enjoyment.
          You can only make so much out of a pile of shit.
          But then again, you’re the college student paying 50 grand for to get dumber and waster 4 years of your youth. Sucks to be you.

        4. You make a whole bunch of assumptions, and you never even met me. The Protocols is NOT an accurate depiction of life. They are a propaganda tool that was shabbed together by a dying monarchy’s secret police, and the fact that schmucks like you insist on believing it is frankly, quite pathetic.
          You are like a schizophrenic homeless guy who accuses passerbys of being members of the illuminati. Something to not be taken seriously and ultimately ignored.

        5. I know more about history than you clearly do as well, and unfortunately, it does not support your narrative.
          I know how you antisemites operate, and you constantly recycle tired old lies that have been debunked over and over by numerous scholars over the decades, and have to resort to fabrication because the facts NEVER support your narratives.
          If I was a dumb college student, I would be agreeing on you with Israel being the “source of ultimate evil”, but I am not. See also: BDS on campus
          Therefore, you have a problem with reality, and that makes you no better than the feminists you claim to hate.

        6. The ejection of Jews from England was a very good thing for the well being of the English. Same for the French and same for the Spanish. You can’t argue your way around it. You can’t squirm your way around it. Jews are unpopular for very real reasons. Edward I, St Louis and Ferdinand represent models of powerful kingship. The emergence of the West from the detritus of history.

        7. Although you were not replying to me I’ll answer that Israel question.
          Jews reserve the right to act as nationalists in Israel while denying nationalists elsewhere the right to behave as nationalists elsewhere. I don’t begrudge Israeli nationalists their belligerence or whatnot in Israel. I do detest the Jews in the diaspora who promote multi cult multi racial society. It’s called nation wrecking. It’s fucking hardwired into your people’s DNA. It’s also a double standard of epic proportions. You get the right to have protected status as a minority in my country? Then turn around an exclude non Jews from migration to Israel? Chutzpah.

        8. You make my argument for me. Edward ejected them for reasons of state. The expulsion was a net benefit for the English. Ejecting a hostile minority like the Jews made room for England to create a native middleclass that could compete in finance. Is your name Simon Schama Jr or something?

        9. And yet England reversed their decision numerous times.
          Save your drivel and paranoia for whatever conspiracy site you lollygag on. And use one handle when talking to me.

        10. And yet Edward and his son ultimately lost Scotland to Robert the Bruce.
          Sure did him a lot of good.

        11. “I do detest the Jews in the diaspora who promote multi cult multi racial society. It’s called nation wrecking. It’s fucking hardwired into your people’s DNA.”
          I love how you resort to vulgarities, racial hatred and worn out old conspiracy theories in a pathetic attempt to argue with me. It’s no wonder antisemites like you have always ended up losing in the end.
          I’ll give you a hint: The truth is not on your side. Hardly any Jewish conspiracy there.

        12. 1.6 billion round of hollow-point ammunition purchased clandestinely by gov’t agencies completely unrelated to defense or national security.
          What’s your response to that Einstein?

        13. What the hell are you talking about?
          Edward III controlled most of France. The wheel of fortune goes up and it goes down.
          You lads are a funny funny lot.

        14. Use one Handle?
          Who’s paranoid now?
          The sputtering about Edward I is hilarious. The various Plantagenets more or less created a Jew Free West.

        15. Edward II was ultimately murdered by his wife. Edward III OTOH conquered France.
          Your ditty about Robert Bruce is pretty funny. It’s like you are channeling Mel Gibson’s Braveheart.
          The expulsion of the Jews got rid of a hostile alien minority in England. The Scots were largely irrelevant to the point being made.
          Perhaps you ought to apply for Scottish citizenship? It seems such a point of pride for you.
          We can look at Spain. They boot the Jews out and inherit half the new world for their language and bloodlines.

        16. What have you got against the Plantagenet kings? Edward I direct male line ruled for another 7 generations of Kings. I’d say the expulsion worked out well for his Dynasty.

        17. No he’s just an ethnocentric Jew who can’t see the nose on his face. The hate he has for Edward I is almost tangible. They forget nothing and learn nothing, the paranoia and host hatred is hardwired.

        18. Always shoving your snout into other people’s troughs. Oink Oink. Your lack of self awareness is staggering.

        19. If that is the best you have, you lost a long time ago.
          Besides, someone’s sexual orientation (real or perceived) has no bearing on the merit of their argument…

        20. If you were a competent historian you might have gotten your geography dates and statutes right.
          Edward had spent his money on castles in Gascony and Wales. The wars in Scotland…laters! Your chronology is off. Wales was successfully subdued.
          Edward called for a Parliament. The Barons and Squires were asked by Edward to raise a tax to pay for building more castles. The Parliament said yes on one condition: kick out the Jews. Edward went along with the demand and had the debts owed to the Jews transfered to his Exchequer.
          You got a lot of the history wrong. The expulsion was a populist demand required by the subjects of the King in exchange for a general tax on the subjects. This event is one of the foundations of Parliamentary democracy btw. Quid Pro Quo. The presence of Jews in England was introduced by William The Bastard (slavers from Rouen) and the Jews were introduced as tax collectors in effect. They were unpopular because they were the agents of expropriation for their Royal sponsors. There’s a clear case that the expulsion was the product of a widespread distaste for the banksters among the people. Your historical perspective is highly distorted by your enthnocentric bias. Your dates are all wrong and your characterization of Edward’s motives are amateur history.

        21. You might want to actually read a book about the period. Your chronology is all wrong and you appear to have put idea for the expulsion at the foot of Edward. The idea was actually suggested by the Parliament (Barons and Squires).
          What is Der Sturmer? We are discussing medieval history not the twentieth century. If you look at the discussion in Parliament you’d have noticed that this was a ground up popular attempt to expel a population that an invading King had brought with him in his baggage train.

        22. I am not here to argue with you as an equal. You are beneath me, simply because you are a hate-filled little excuse for a man. You are no different than a feminist.
          Yes, I know, you hate Jews. It was clear from the start. Some free advice: Ignore my comments next time, and you won’t be a subject of mockery and ridicule.

        23. You can’t reply because you suck sweaty jock bollocks.
          You fucked up your argument about Edward I because, Mel Gibson.

        24. What a pathetic cunt.
          Edward expelled the Jews and laid the foundation for the UK and the Anglosphere.

        25. At the time, England was embroiled in a war with Scotland under Robert the Bruce’s rebellion, and Edward got himself deep in debt with several Jewish money lenders to finance the English war effort. When he begged the money lenders for more loans, they basically told him that they were not going to loan him any more money until he paid back at least of some of what he borrowed. Edward responded by robbing them, and then covered it up under a religious pogrom.
          This is all wrong. You need to actually read about the sequence of events. Ironically you appear to have filtered your medieval history through a Mel Gibson shaped bendy straw. The expulsion preceded the squabbles in Scotland. The expulsion was a condition laid down by a representative body in exchange for a new tax to pay for castle construction. You’ve been had.

        26. That’s right, keep wasting your time.
          Probably getting paid five pence per post, I wager…

        27. And in case you haven’t noticed, I have been taking great delight in making you rant, holler, spew insults and make a complete tard of yourself just because I mentioned the word “Jew” in a post.
          You act like a Pavlovian dog, where instead of salivating at the sound of a bell, you go into a raving fit of rage at the word “Jew”.
          So keep wasting your time. I’m more than happy to oblige…

        28. “Funny. I just mention the “J-word” and you respond in a very Pavlovian way with a rant. Do you realize how foolish that makes you look?”
          Oh shut up you turd.
          He stated that animosity against Jews was mostly justified. That was a response ON TOPIC. Don’t think that because you know what “pavlovian” means, you’re actually smart.

        29. “You are like a schizophrenic homeless guy who accuses passerbys of being members of the illuminati. Something to not be taken seriously and ultimately ignored.”
          You know what’s worse than a foaming fool? A foaming fool that is blind and thinks he is smart because he can type complete sentences.
          You would have to be a genuine retard to not believe that Jews are responsible for many ills of the Western world. Willfully blind.
          Being a politically correct turd won’t get you daily blowjobs from pornstars you shitstain.

        30. One more time: just because you have above average writing ability, doesn’t mean you aren’t a turd of shit you degenerate loon.
          “I know more about history than you clearly do as well, and unfortunately, it does not support your narrative.”
          Oh well then. I guess we should all stop arguing right now. After all, he SAID he knows more about history than we do. I mean what can WE hope to be after that. :sadface
          “I know how you antisemites operate,”
          “and you constantly recycle tired old lies”
          See if you notice something.
          “been debunked over and over by numerous scholars”
          The same “scholars” that claim there is no such thing as race, that blacks are equally intelligent as whites, that IQ is meaningless (but Jews’ disproportionate part in civ destroying ideologies is due to higher mean IQ). Yawn.
          “If I was a dumb college student, I would be agreeing with you on Israel being the “source of ultimate evil”, but I am not.”
          Your strawmen are pitiful. Lol.

        31. “If that is the best you have, you lost a long time ago.
          Besides, someone’s sexual orientation (real or perceived) has no bearing on the merit of their argument…”
          Remember this everytime when you cannot understand why someone like HItler could possibly hate Jews enough to put them into gaschambers.
          Do us a favor and stop commenting on this site you odious cockroach.

        32. “I am not here to argue with you as an equal. You are beneath me, simply because you are a hate-filled little excuse for a man.”
          The nose knows.

        33. “When you resort to childish and homophobic insults, you lose.”
          Do you even know where you are Shlomo?
          If you give a shit about “homophobic” insults, you’re clearly at the wrong place.
          Also, style over substance fallcy.

        34. I’m not going anywhere, squarehead.
          I’m staying right here, and there is nothing you can do about it.

        35. Now you are showing your true nature. Too bad for you, the holocaust failed miserably, but the use of holocaust denial is merely a way to avoid having to admit it…

        36. Once you resort to vulgarity, threats of genocide and using old laughable stereotypes, you reveal that all you do is project.
          I stand my ground, and you clearly find it offensive…

        37. I know exactly what “Pavlovian” means, and you and your fellow trash are the definition of it.
          Like I said, I am here to stay, and there is no way you can silence me.

        38. I know exactly where I am, and I am taking great delight in making squareheads like you foam at the mouth.

  28. This is another reason why it doesn’t make sense to me that men are supposed to approach women. If women are clearly the ones with the choice of yes or no and are liable to claim rape or creepiness, shouldn’t they approach men?

      1. Thats the thing.
        I’ve always suggested that chicks are more likely to put out when they’re drunk not only because of “lack of judgement” but rather because it gives them a way to say they weren’t responsible for their actions.
        They were drunk… it doesn’t count.

        1. Absolutely. I’ve heard women into BDSM or who enjoy ‘play rape’ say that having sex ‘forced’ on them allows them just that. “It’s not my fault, I was forced into it .. so I can enjoy it without feeling guilty”. Yeah, they can be pretty fucked up, as we know .. lolz

  29. The man-hating hysteria is everywhere. In the US, it’s “rape culture”. In the UK it’s paedo-hysteria, with harmless elderly celebrities paraded before the courts and demonized in the British press because they may or may not have scored with nubile hotties back in their prime (with “victims” actually being PAID to come forward with utterly unproveable (and often quite absurd) allegations. The witch hunt parallel is 100%, as more and more people are slowly starting to realize (though this seems not to stop them).
    It is a terrifying time to be a normal heterosexual man in the West.

  30. The man-hating hysteria is everywhere. In the US, it’s “rape culture”. In the UK it’s paedo-hysteria, with harmless elderly celebrities paraded before the courts and demonized in the British press because they may or may not have scored with nubile hotties back in their prime (with “victims” actually being PAID to come forward with utterly unproveable (and often quite absurd) allegations. The witch hunt parallel is 100%, as more and more people are slowly starting to realize (though this seems not to stop them).
    It is a terrifying time to be a normal heterosexual man in the West.

    1. The intent of the people (I use the term loosely) that are behind this type of program are not interested in protecting women from rape, reducing the amount of rape (it is already rapidly declining and was never frequent anyway), or in changing the attitudes of rapists. The intent is and always has been to shame and humiliate heterosexual men. Make no mistake the feminists care nothing for the protection of women.

  31. The quote by Goering is an eye-opener. The #Waronblahblah hash-tag-waronbullshit is everywhere these days.
    Yes there have always been moral panics but it seems the one mentioned about rape-culture is part of a larger moral-panic.
    I remember there were PSA’s asking men to not hit women on Super Bowl Sunday because “studies have shown domestic violence is highest….blah blah” and you shouldnt hit your wife/girlfriend.
    I think feminism as a whole has been a moral-panic for about 40 years.

  32. Your average, homely looking white feminist is does not actually walk around in fear of being raped, despite claims like 16% of women will experience attempted rape, or 1 out of 5 women will be raped on college campus.
    No, it’s obvious this is another angle of victimhood these people use to make themselves feel morally indignant, pitied by others, and pitying each other out of altruism. In other words, it’s a lot like most left wing causes in the modern world.
    Activism is their hobby, and victims are the commodity.

  33. ” Our society is a sexually repressive one, compared with most others”
    If America is sexually repressive, I don’t want to know what libertine societies are like.

  34. I had a woman say I took advantage of her once
    ..my sisters friend bj….huge tits ..begged me to fuck her…so I left the toliet door open and my sisters four friends peeked and laughed …later when bj said I had raped herall the witnesses threw down on.her and told everyone that bj had AGGGRESSIVELY DEMANDED SEX from.me.
    .woman are nuts…..I.had an.ex girl.friend call the cops on.me because the washing.machine over flowed…..they cops told her…..dont call.us again…..dumb big titted long legged blond
    ..get fuck.but an.imbecile ..most.women.worth fucking are stupid…the smart ones are always short ugly.trolls….a degree dont.mean squat…I.know woman doctors that are helpless outside of their narrow speciality same as women lawyers/judges clueless about the real world

    1. “The smart ones are always short, ugly trolls..” -Oh really, so what is so wrong if you are short??? I forexample am short, but I cannot help it, since my mother was short and it is said that daughters often end up being around same height as their mothers. So keep on dreaming to find your 6 ft dream girl.

  35. I would say that “terrorism” is a closer analogue to the Witch Hunts of the early modern period rather than “rape culture”. The sheer resources devoted to this largely imaginary threat are staggering not to mention the significant restrictions of liberty as a result. Not only that, similarly to accusations of witchcraft, an accusation of terrorism today can have you locked up indefinitely or summarily executed without trial. Next to this, concerns about “rape culture” pale into insignificance.

    1. Terrorism is a statistically insignificant problem. But populations do have very real conflicts. 9/11 was just the forward edge of mass migration of Muslims (Arabs, Pakis, Africans mainly) into North America. The deal is sealed in France, Holland and the UK three states that will experiecne civil war within 100 years by Islamic separatists. Belgium is practically an Islamic state waiting to occur.
      There is a very real threat of complete destruction by our Brown chums via demographics, the act of terror we see now and again are just a foretaste of the displacement of our people.

  36. The greatest firm if rape culture has happened against men and has been largely covered up in the form of the Roman Catholic Church and young boys, Islam and young boys, Judiasm and young boys and the penitentiary system where rape is the central form of governance and control.These groups have all had great abuse to young men or boys and have used it as a method of great suppression! Do we hear much about this as a great crime of course not.will justice be served? Of course not!

  37. @Quintus Curtius: “Yet, these feminist apostles of doom continue to trumpet the approach of the Apocalypse. Yet there are darker forces at work under the surface. It is often forgotten that such Cassandras serve a useful purpose for the forces that hold the reins of power in America.”
    Cassandras speak truths that no one believes.
    Not lies that (almost) everybody swallow.

    1. Technically speaking, yes. But the word “Cassandra” has also been used in a literary context to mean any generic alarmist. It was in this sense that I was using the word.

  38. Very nice read, These two favourite comments that got stuck in my mind:
    “White knighting and mangina behavior is an expression of subservience to power. It is the ultimate form of degradation. And this is why I have more scorn and hostility to feminism’s male supplicators than to feminism itself.”
    Miserable and repressed themselves, they wish to make everyone else just as miserable. There is also delight in being an accuser—it confers power and status, and is a form of attention-whoring.
    This is the truth about what everybody including myself is a victim to everyday either indirectly or directly every day of my life.

  39. The analogy of “witchhunts” misses the mark in an otherwise good article, simply because feminism indeed comes from the devil.
    It is true.
    Feminism does come from Satan.
    Feminism is a variation of the lie The Serpent told Eve in The Garden of Eden.
    The Serpent promised Eve that if they ate from the tree of knowledge, they would become “Like God”.
    When that failed, he now promises women that “They will be like men”-
    So feminism comes from Satan.
    And if we had kept up the witchhunts, we would not have any feminism today, because we`d simply burn all the feminist-witches and be free from them.
    So instead of putting down King James I. we should all hail him, for his fight against witchcrafts- such as feminism.
    Long Live King James I.

  40. “We have a big problem and we need your help.
    It`s happening on college campuses, at bars, at parties, even in highschools.
    It`s happening to our sisters, our daughters, our wives and our friends.
    If she DOES consent, outside of marriage, then she is a whore and should be treated as such….”

  41. To believe that a high-status, public person, who lives and dies by their image would be telling the truth and sharing their honest opinion in public is naive and ignorant.
    Everybody has to keep up a public image, why do people always imagine those above them to be divine beings who would never tell a lie?

  42. That little clip got me so hot that I decided to finally stop patronizing the Hollywood sewer pipe. I’ll pirate a movie I want to see first.
    Why are these people so concerned with eliminating a crime that CANNOT go away no matter how much they want it to? The solutions are nothing more than bandages on shotgun wounds. Why not invest their energy into a bit of preventative medicine and actually find out how society creates these rapists (i.e. drugs, no outlets for masculine energy, lack of male role models)?
    You progressives will NEVER approach your 100% anythings, whether it be a rapeless culture, great health care for all, affordable housing for all. Even in nature chemical reactions don’t happen with 100% efficiency! Stop projecting your mental utopia onto everyone else. So why go after law abiding men who now have to look over their shoulder and rethink every glance, touch and word made/said with a female?
    But you never want to engage in a bit of preventative medicine of your own do you? You think it’s your right to walk down a street in the ghetto at 2 am drunk, stoned and in a skin tight dress then be horrifically surprised at the statistical probability of you being raped going up? We don’t live in a vacuum, so reread Newton’s third law and amend your damn behavior.
    It’s men who make outcome based decisions as opposed to feminine context based decisions. If we’re trying to go A->B, and keep getting undesirable result C, we’ll try pathways D,E, F… until we damn well get B. But you’ll keep trying pathway #misogyny a thousand times and still never get B! So just keep bending the rules and expanding the definition of rape to include hugging your grandma too tight and see where all the “good men” will go.
    For every judicial Procrustean bed you manufacture, we will always be ten steps ahead of you. If you don’t leave us alone, we’ll leave you alone and the largest demographic of females will eventually be cat-ladies. SO JUST LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE.
    Sorry for the long rant.

  43. ” It is often forgotten that such Cassandras serve a useful purpose ”
    These people are the opposite of Cassandra. Cassandra’s curse was that she would aways be right, but that no-one would believe her.

  44. I understand why Biden and Obama would get involved in such a nonsensical PSA, but what’s there to gain for Del Toro and Daniel Craig? More of these leftist dikes to go see their movies?

  45. Mmmmmmm………I’ve never been to a rape party. I’ve never been to a rape club. I’ve never attended any rape events or rape gathering. I don’t even own any rape books or rape manuals. I have never have have listened to rape music and I don’t own any rape paintings, nor have I ever been to any rape museums…..
    So where is this rape culture? Oh right, its everywhere. Just like the holy spirit.

  46. You have ABSOLUTELY no idea what you’re talking about. Why would the white house waste their time making that if it werent happening? You really should try being a girl for a MONTH of your life. Really. Go to a bar as a girl. Have a period. Feel what it feels like to be a girl. Does it hurt you that much as a guy that you had to see an ad to stop rapes, then write a sick article? That helps out half of the humans on this planet? A girl has a 1/134,900 chance of a shark attack, and a 1/5 chance of being raped! I’m sorry you’re such a sick, unhappy person.

  47. So you think there isn’t a problem?
    What about the many women who can’t walk anywhere without men making lewd comments at them, who then try to pass it off as “she was asking for it with that dress?”
    What about those women who resort to carrying pepper spray or other such things because their walk home is not safe from predator’s?
    I DARE you to say it isn’t a problem to the face of a woman who WAS raped. I don’t think you have the balls.
    It’s not hysteria. There is a real problem and yes, god damnit we KNOW it’s not every man. I don’t even understand why men feel the need to state that each and every time there is an incident. We KNOW it wasn’t you, but we’re going to get angry with that amount of bull crap coming out of your mouth. Instead of saying “It’s not every man,” how about’s you guys change your way of thinking and realize there is a problem and we’re trying to address it. I may not think it’s every man who will rape etc but there’s still enough assholes out there that yes, I will speak up when something happened.
    And yes, most women have a story or two or ten about sexual harassment all the way up to full rape and abuse. You can’t discredit that. You shouldn’t discredit any stories of violence and abuse no matter who it comes from.There should be empathy and willingness to help first off. And a search for truth because yes I know some people (a VERY small percentage…Like miniscule) will try to get others in trouble. Articles like this just advocate sweeping it under the rug, which is stupid, counter productive and will just make the voices crying out against abuse even louder so you guys will eventually hear us.

  48. The problem is that so many types of contact are being lumped together as “rape”. Accidentally bumping into a girl on the subway. Rape. Fictional account of sexual assault made up by a girl to get back at a guy for some reason. Rape. Consensual sex where she changes her mind about what is was a couple days later after her boyfriend finds out about it. Rape. Being held prisoner in a house in Cleveland for a decade and sexually assaulted on a weekly basis. Rape.
    The word rape should only be applicable to the last example in that group.

    1. Yeah, I see plenty of men getting put in jail for rape charges when all they did was bump into a girl on the subway.
      God, I knew internet users were generally pathetic, but not THIS pathetic.

  49. “How much sympathy, honestly, do you feel for a prostitute who is raped but otherwise not physically injured?”
    Honestly? Considerably more than I would feel for you if you were about to die in a fire and screaming for help as you started to burn.

  50. Why are people surprised by emasculation of males and so-called “female empowerment”? It is the natural order of enslaving humanity. Commies did the whole equalization thang and perhaps only because of Hitler they did not seceded in creating so-called “perfect society” The whole concept of controlling population, the real control, is fear. Fear is what drives humanity. Why are you surprised that some so-called “powerful people” seek to make you afraid of something. It is their goal to create fear. If there are hysterical feminists running around and yelling ‘RAPE!!!’ half of their job is done. They just gonna roll with that so they can take away more of your rights by offering security. Yanks seriously need to wake up. You’re heading on a dangerous path.

  51. Let me explain this with an analogy:
    You own your own home. It is indisputably yours and nobody else’s. Everything in it and everything about it is deeply personal to you. You decide who enters, you decide when they leave, and you decide what they can and cannot touch before you throw them out. You might brag about your sporting trophies and show them off at every opportunity, but damned if you’ll let somebody touch them who doesn’t respect them. You decide when somebody crashes on your couch, and you decide when they’ve overstayed their welcome. You may feel certain obligations as a host just as you expect certain things from a guest but ultimately your home is your castle and you reign supreme over it’s affairs.
    Does this all sound reasonable to you? Something you agree with?
    Now imagine you wake up to find somebody in your house. They haven’t taken anything, nothing’s broken, but they insist on pawing their greasy hands over everything you hold valuable. They might not be violent, overly hostile, or even particularly rude but they are nonetheless in your house without your permission and don’t much care for anything you tell them making lame justifications about how you invite people into your house all the time so there’s no reason to be mad they let themselves in. They might argue that you shouldn’t be so defensive about the things in your house since they’re all on display, in grabbing reach of any guest whether it’s the fridge or the urn containing your grandparent’s ashes. They might argue that you’re friends and any good friend would give up their couch without hesitation so it shouldn’t matter that they never asked. They might argue that asking them to leave makes you a terrible host so they have no reason to be a gracious guest. They might even have the gall to act offended themselves because you “owe” them for a time they gave you fifty bucks and shouldn’t complain how they want that paid back. No matter what they refuse to leave when you tell them to. They’re not doing anything in particular, but they aren’t leaving
    Answer me honestly, would you let that slide? Would you even let somebody do to that to your neighbour without telling somebody off?
    Well, your body is a whole lot more sacred than your house. If you’d show someone the door for tracking in mud and giving you lip, get angry that somebody’s passed out in a pool of vomit on the floor of your mysteriously trashed kitchen when you’re too hung over to remember inviting them over for drinks last night and were too wasted to show them out before your own whiskey induced coma, or give someone the business end of a boomstick for being in your living room unannounced at midnight, what do you think is an appropriate response for someone trying to fumble through your other back door and acting like you’re the jerkwad for having a problem with it?
    I don’t care if you’re a man, woman, sex symbol or the effin Pope. You disrespect me and my home that way you get run off at the tip of something sharp. You disrespect my body so grossly? You get run through with something dull instead. I don’t imagine women would feel much different.

    1. The only problem with that analogy being that I’m pretty sure that when someone enters your house and steals your stuff that you’d be calling the police, and calling them very shortly after the event.
      I doubt you’d refuse to report your burglary to the police and then wail several years after the event on an internet site that you were burgled.

  52. I’m just wondering where you guys are living that women have given you such a bad impression in terms of sexual proclivities, or if this idea of all women being easy is coming from social media and television/movies that represents a small portion of actual society that flaunts these things publicly. Where I’m from we do not have a ‘March break’ culture, nor are we so bored and uneducated that all we value is the sex. I’m betting also that because of your attitudes the only women that will actually sleep with you have to be so far gone mentally that it must seem this way.

  53. Nice article. But there is a mistake… “Witches” existed and still do: the word was a cypher for “feminist.” During the good ol’ times, those abnormalities were burned at stakes; now they rule…

  54. I dare you to say this to the face of a woman who has been raped. All you have to do is walk down the street. By the time you’ve seen 5 women, you’ve most likely seen a rape victim.
    I’m honestly just wondering how anyone can be this fucking moronic that you actually attack people who are against rape, instead of attacking the rapists. I am truly sorry that you’re so unhappy in your own life. All I can assume about you is that you can’t get laid and therefore you’re grumpy that rape is an illegal act.

    1. I dare you to say this to the face of a man who has been falsely accused of rape.
      But seeing as you’re an out-of-control harpy whose amydgala has been stoked by a few zingers of truth, I don’t doubt that you would. Maybe you should be asking yourself: what is it about yourself that makes you so threatened by masculine men?

  55. Rape is not a gendered issue. New studies are showing that men get raped equally if not more than women. Google 1 in 6 males are sexually abused for reliable research and stats. Why have feminists made rape a gendered issue? That only women get raped. It is bc rape culture is in reality a political tool that allows feminists to achieve greater power over men. When men are raped especially in the prison system, very few feminists have any concern. Rape is not a gender issue.

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