In Defence Of The London Ultra-Orthodox Jews Who Banned Women From Driving

The scandal emerged a fortnight ago that the Belz Hasidim, an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect with heavy numbers in London’s Stamford Hill, had banned all female members of the community from driving motor vehicles. The group belong to the wider movement and practice of Hasidism, a stream of Ultra-Orthodox Judaism with mystical and messianic overtones.

Hasidim, and especially the Belz, so named after the Ukrainian town they originate from, are known for their kaftans, curly sidelocks and utter restraint and conservatism in their social practices. Coming from such an eccentric quarter, the edict issued by community leaders banning Belz women from driving was sure to stir the pot of the “tolerance” lobby in Britain.

“Not the done thing for a lady to drive”

The essence of the diktat was that women should not drive, for fear of compromising “rules of modesty” as enforced by Belzer rabbis. Kids dropped of by mothers in their cars would not be allowed to come to school for the day, as an enforcement mechanism.

Rabbis provided justification for this in terms of  “It’s always been regarded as not the done thing for a lady to drive.” They also did, however provide for a special process by which mothers who had no other choice but to drive could appeal to a committee to do so. Sounds eminently reasonable when you consider that the Belz are a private group of people organising relations between themselves


Roadside poster in Stamford Hill prohibiting women from walking.

The lobby of the Perpetually Aggrieved awakens

The first reaction of rank feminist disapproval came within the fortress. Dina Brawer, the UK ambassador of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, said: “What this is really about is the curtailing of women’s freedom of movement rendering them dependent on men. It’s an issue of power and control not one of religious sensibility.

Or, translated from sociology-speak:

Muh patriarchy

Another Jewish critic, Ella Marks of the “League of Jewish Women” said “I can see no question of it being immodest and I would not want a repeat of the situation in Saudi Arabia which is certainly a patriarchal society.”

Saudi Arabia. Because the degradation of not being allowed to drive is concomitant with the degradation of having an Sheikh use you as a personal shitter for $10,000 a night.

After this, as if like clockwork, the government piled in. Nicky Morgan, one of David Cameron’s government appointments on the basis that the appointee has a vagina, the cabinet’s Education Secretary, raised her quota-hire head above the parapet to say that such a ban was “unacceptable.”


Nicky Morgan is a Tory lickspittle keen to be seen to look good before the Feminist lobby

Gloria De Piero MP, perennial bag of useless and Labour Party politician, even wrote to the chief Quango in charge of Human Rights, the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, to ask them to investigate the Belzers. A private group arranging their own affairs! Her complaints were based on Labour’s freedom-destroying Equality Act legislation.

The complaint precipitated more pompous letter-writing between the nonentities at the EHRC and the nonentities in the Labour Party, until the following statement was issued by a “spokesperson” at the EHRC:

This sort of discrimination has no place in our society and we will be writing to leaders of Hasidic Belz educational institutions to underline their legal obligations.

“Our society” by which the mean of course the society of humourless, lawbook-waving turds in suits who profess to build the progressive utopia that Lenin and Stalin didn’t quite manage to.

By nannying and mollycoddling everyone from cradle to grave.

For the greater good.

What the Ultra Orthodox Jews had to say for themselves

A reactionary writing in the Jewish press and defending the ban posed the requisite question: “is there nothing else [apart from the ban] to talk about right now? Are England’s schools filled to the brim with stable, well-adjusted thriving children?”

As if to vindicate the rhetoric of the complainant, an adherent of Hasidism himself, two weeks later in a separate case, a 14-year old in Bradford stabbed his teacher. He was remanded in custody at Bradford Magistrates’ Court for attempted murder.


Stamford Hill Jews celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim

Moreover, these terribly oppressed Belz women, who are so incapable of articulating a thought that they need a raft of self-appointed moral protectors to speak on their behalf through the intermediary of the British Quangocracy, even issued a statement. They said they felt “extremely privileged and valued to be part of a community where the highest standards of refinement, morality and dignity are respected.”

“We believe that driving a vehicle is a high pressured activity where our values may be compromised by exposure to selfishness, road-rage, bad language and other inappropriate behaviour,” they went on

“We do, however, understand that there are many who conduct lifestyles that are different to ours, and we do not, in any way, disrespect them or the decisions they make.”

So, in other words, very good reasons for not allowing women to drive, and utter acceptance on their part. With a sprinkling of “leave us be if you claim yourself so ‘tolerant’.”

Perhaps these Belzer folk are onto something. The mainstream British majority, a morass of iPhone-addicted worshipers at the altar of Jade Goody, have little to offer as far “refinement, morality and dignity” are concerned. Just look at this 14 year old girl, who recently appeared in court charged with beating up the boy in the picture. Not many similar cases in the “Belzer” community, I bet.


The state should stay out of regulating the affairs of private individuals

Bar the occasional murmurs of concealed paedophilia, the Hasidic Jewish community appear to be a model of morality in the sea of East London’s degeneracy. Just down the road in Hoxton and Shoreditch, every Friday night the town becomes a sea of degeneracy as mandied-up sluts cavort, covered in tattoos and smoking cigarettes and pot, with name-dropping hipster retards from the fashion and entertainment industry and other assorted decadent filth.

Every one of them, to a man, will be readers of the Guardian, and every one will hold the same cookie cutter progressive political positions, and will find themselves disgusted, nay,  physically repulsed  by the thought that somewhere on their progressive earth, a group of people dares to divide and organise themselves on lines of gender.

Further out into central and north London, we find the leftist intelligentsia who pour their intellectual dross into the vapid empty brains of the hip and fashionable. Sitting in their leafy Islington townhouses, or in their air-conditioned NGOs, these ministers of Secular Good live a life of militant opposition to the very notion of self-determination.

Everybody must subscribe to the same bland, generic list of “human rights.” Deviation is impermissible, even when harmless. Cases like the present, as well as cases like the cake shop which was fined for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding, are treated as if they were the most abject transgressions against common morality, akin to murder or torture.


Analysts predict the “ironic anti-Semitism” bubble will burst this year.

And in any case, Hasidic Belzers are doing their women a favour by banning them from driving. In the banana state of UK, driving is a liability, and carries a large chance of death under the wheels of some Khat-chewing migrant with no insurance, or slag on her way to a hair appointment who thinks her empowered multitasking capabilities extend to pursuing text message conversations at the wheel of a motor vehicle.

A close look at the Hasidim will reveal that, while the community has its own problems, they have been admirably resistant for the modern malaise of change for the sake of change, and have maintained a harmonious division of the community on gender lines, as well as sky-high birthrates.

Their women are, it should be noted, utterly lacking in shit tattoos, Skrillex haircuts, and sociology degrees. Moreover, much like our own community, they have come and continue to come under sustained assault from the degenerate liberal intelligentsia. For that they deserve a hat-tip, even from the Jew-baiters.

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89 thoughts on “In Defence Of The London Ultra-Orthodox Jews Who Banned Women From Driving”

  1. Jews are our older brothers in both faith and western civilization, not to mention probably the single most productive group on the planet. We in the west should have a more weary respect for Jews, though I dislike the reformed Jews for their tendencies to be ultra liberal or outright communist.

    1. What planet do you live on?
      Jews are the single most destructive group on the planet, bolshevik massmurder of tens of millions of russians and ukrainans, world war 2, feminism, cultural marxism, mass immigration, degeneracy, wars for Israel in the middle east, the list goes on.
      “We in the west should have a more weary respect for Jews” It’s the complete fucking opposite you stupid goy. oh,, who am i calling goy, you are probably jewish yourself.

      1. Jews will be the death of civilization. Mark my words. It’s coming and soon.

      2. It was also Zionists who push the UK and later the USA into WW1, in the hope that when Britain replaced Turkey as the major colonial power in the Middle East the Brits would create a Jewish state in Palestine.

        1. People still believe the Hitler Alien, UFO, Spear of Destiny, Super Weapons, Occult shit they got bombarded with on Cable TV.
          CableTV. The bastion of comically outrageous and insane “documentaries.” I think they are working on the perfect show.
          “Incorperal Cajun Nazi Alien Pawn Stars that are Ice Road Warriors, that use the occult to find the best storage finds and travel across the country “digging” old cars and antiques to finance their fucking tattoos and custom flying choppers.” They are also fat “little people” and compete in beauty pageants. Something for everyone!
          Get with the fucking program Marco! HA!

    2. I don’t know much but I do know that most ultra-left organizations on the planet are headed by Jews (NGO and GO). I do agree that they have some solid values – especially with regard to the value of education. A rose with many thorns. Deep down, I feel they only have loyalty to their own.

        1. Accordikng to Halakha, you can never cease to be a Jew. It’s a club you join but can’t leave.

    3. You mean that when they were wandering around the desert there wasn’t a Rome? lol

    4. Religiously conservative or orthodox Jews definitely.
      But secular leftist Jews who aren’t religious are no different than any other leftist, definitely not.

    5. No, non-leftist Jews are our allies
      It’s important to distinguish and separate the two so we gather allies instead of alienating everybody
      If every Jew was orthodox leftism would not be what it is today

      1. You need to stop thinking in terms of left and right when it comes to jews..
        They are tribalists, a “right-wing” jew will value a leftist jew above a right-wing goy everyday of the week. They can never be your ally, they will only try to change your “movement” , views to fit their ethnic interests.
        “good is what’s good for the jews”

  2. You repeated “that they deserve” in the last sentence.
    Good article, people attack others through the government to limit their accountability and maximize their power, which is why the state should be limited.

  3. Idk, I compare a sect of society like this to islamic populations in America using sharia law, which is highly illegal. However, they don’t wish to convert everyone to their religion, aren’t murdering people, and are allowing people to leave. So maybe I find it ok.

    1. Yeah, you’ll never hear of an armed Yankel Pipik seizing a commercial 747 for rerouting to Bnei Brak

  4. “Because the degradation of not being allowed to drive is concomitant with the degradation of having an Sheikh use you as a personal shitter for $10,000 a night.”
    I had to look up the word “concomitant” (naturally accompanying or associated.)

  5. “Women want their men to be cops, to be their fathers… to tell them what
    the limits are …. When they push, what they’re waiting for you to say
    is, ‘This is Checkpoint Charlie, don’t go any further’ …. Men in America
    have fallen apart. The country is gasping for breath …. And the women
    are angry because there are no real men anymore.”
    ~Mort Sahl
    I can barely remember this comedian. btw, for you young ‘uns Checkpoint Charlie was the American checkpoint at the Berlin Wall.

  6. The reasons for these restrictions all come down to sex not the fact that a female is driving a car.
    Horses and carriages have limitations and are hard for a female to handle unpredictable horses. You can’t go too far and have to stop to water or feed horses. When the motor car was invented even those primitive vehicles from the early 1900’s you could go much further and into the country or some isolated area mush easier and a man with a car (or even a rare female driver) could get to a place where they could have sex without notice and at the time you can be sure that father’s knew this. A girl going for a drive with a man would lead to sex. In fact, I think that when the subways were invented it also helped females to travel much further and faster from home and also gave her freedom which at the time people knew what it would lead to. And it is pretty true that cars did give females a lot of freedom (to have sex)I’ve shagged females in my car(and theirs) many times :o)

  7. Very inbred – imagine the burden on the national health service. Plus, they treat non-Jews as if they didn’t exist.

    1. Jews have extraordinary healthy lives and life expectancies. Try again, West Virginia.

      1. RIdiculous — there are entire JEWISH sites geared at Jewish genetic diseases. It’s a fact, not an opinion.

  8. This is only the first salvo in a campaign against orthodox jews by secular zionists. Over the next few years you’ll see them criticized and vilified, the big reason being is the ultra-orthodox jews aren’t 100% on the Israel ship and those that live in Israel have been exempt from military service on the grounds of personal belief (until two years ago) while also receiving a disproportionate amount of Israeli social benefits. They have also been the group most critical of Israel from within the jewish community.
    Today, with fewer and fewer people looking the other way on Israel’s expansion, to include punitive boycotts, it seems the time has come for the secular zionist to circle the wagons and ensure that the zionism = jew narrative becomes gospel, so any criticism of Israel can be deflected with cries of antisemitism.
    Kudos to the author for bringing this up. All the mass media outlets are going to report is that the hasidics are ignorant people, irrelevant to the modern world, while also neglecting to inform their audience that these mother’s, as English citizens, are free to drive their children to a different school

    1. good post. Not to mention that as the ‘shut it down’ picture-meme shows its the ultra-orthodox who bear the brunt of anti-semitic feeling because of their absolute visibility, yet it is far more likely to be secularised, even assimilationist jews who have most ‘progressive’ views even to the point of being deliberately designed to violate traditional jewish morality. In a sense this is an
      internal internecine anti-semitism of the non-religious towards the genuinely religious jew, and the fact that anti-semitism has come to be defined as something that affects all jews regardless of religious belief serves to conceal the fact that modern progressive jewishness may be antagonistic towards orthodoxy. Oddly perhaps this reflects the sabbatean derived messianic tradition which replaced traditional jewish observance of religious law with a focus on the return to israel, and with it oddly enough moved the focus away from the religious towards the material. That’s my take anyway on a subject I’m still learning about

    2. Most religious Jews do support israel. Its only a small minority of lunatics that dont.

  9. “In the banana state of UK, driving is a liability, and carries a large
    chance of death under the wheels of some Khat-chewing migrant with no
    insurance, or slag on her way to a hair appointment who thinks her
    empowered multitasking capabilities extend to pursuing text message
    conversations at the wheel of a motor vehicle.”
    I’ll say it. The one and true reason women can’t drive is because they don’t understand the machine they’re in control of. If you don’t know how it works, I don’t care how simple they try to make it, you won’t know how to control it.

    1. Do you really think men these days know more about cars than girls? Plus, they don’t know how a washing machine works but they know how to control it.
      I think it has more to do with spatial awareness, not the machine itself.

      1. I believe it is more their assumption that the social invulnerability they currently enjoy equates to invulnerability on the road. I know of at least one woman that has stated outright that she doesn’t need to look before changing lanes as, “No one would dare hit me.” Another merges into traffic from on ramps without looking because, “As long as I am riding along the right hand white line, I have right of way and everyone has to move over to let me in.” Because they can walk down the sidewalk and have men jump out of their way, they believe everyone in cars will do the same. Because they can do anything to a man, including assault with a deadly weapon, and the man has no choice but to stand there and take it or flee, women believe the same holds true while driving.

      2. Yes, they do and men still talk about cars with each other:, and men also have much better spatial perception.

      3. For as much as women talk about how they can multitask, they sure do a shitty job at talking on the phone and driving.
        I think it comes down to men respect (and cherish) their cars a little more versus a woman. A woman could bang up her car (no problem) but don’t let her drop her iPhone.

    2. So true! When I drive, I have an unconscious visualization of what’s happening under the hood, inertial forces, weight distribution, etc. If I try, I can stop the car so lightly you can’t even tell it stopped. Not trying to toot my own horn too hard, I’m just pointing out how as men, machines become an extension of our bodies more easily. Riding shotgun with women makes me very uncomfortable, like I’m ready to grab the steering wheel at a moment’s notice lol.

  10. Oh, I somehow doubt that they are lacking in sociology degrees.
    In any case, can’t these people tell the busybodies to go take it up with Jehovah?

  11. The Hasidic Jews choose to live the way they do. I don’t think anyone physically forces anyone to be a member of their group. They will just live the way they want. I think it will be very hard for government to force them to conform. Their women want to be good Jews and will therefore choose not to drive. Is some official going to commute in each day and force women to sit behind the wheel? It’s a nonsense.
    Something I’ve noticed about leftoids is that they are incapable of imagining that someone would want to live a different lifestyle or have different values than they do. It goes beyond mere intolerance of diversity and is almost a mental illness in its level of egoism and solipsism.
    This attitude is also behind multiculturalism. The underlying view of the leftoid is that either the progressive consensus is the only real worldview, and therefore everyone is basically the same apart from a few superficial cosmetic differences, or else that the leftist creed is so obviously superior and right that as soon as ignorant immigrants are sufficiently exposed to it they will promptly convert.
    The failure to understand and confront militant Islam is a good example of this. Every time there is another suicide bombing the media desperately attempts to make sense of it. The perpetrators were obviously mentally ill (except they were clearly in full command of their faculties), or in poverty (except they are invariably middle class), or profoundly ignorant (except they are often rather well educated). They just can’t comprehend that someone might genuinely believe that there really is an Allah, that he sent His Prophet to call all people to the true faith, and that this is so important that any and all means are acceptable and necessary to spread Islam. If you really believe that a martyr’s paradise awaits you, and that Western culture is decadent and inherently inimical to God’s ordained way of living, then suicide bombing makes sense.

    1. “Something I’ve noticed about leftoids is that they are incapable of imagining that someone would want to live a different lifestyle or have different values than they do.”
      Your post is great, but I think Progressives are very capable of imagining that someone would want to live a different lifestyle than them–most Progressives aren’t transexuals or in gay marriages, for instance. Progressives argue vehemently for everyone’s right to live any way they choose… and then they argue indignantly against some people’s right to live any way they choose. Progressives aren’t even hypocrites–that requires self awareness. They are textbook examples of what Orwell was talking about when he coined the phrase Doublethink.

      1. and that’s how fucked up they are…and they don’t even know it.
        Yes, everyone should be free and live how they choose (as long as they believe in it). If they don’t believe in it or its ways, then look out because there will be hell to pay or at least screeching about it.

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    2. ”They will just live the way they want. I think it will be very hard for government to force them to conform.”
      They will try all sort of tactics mark my words. It remains to be seen how they survive.

      1. The government will force this group to change or drive them out (through changes in their local or federal policies). We’re seeing it happen, today, against men to keep men down or to keep men paying into the system.
        The government will change a policy (probably in the form of tax collecting, non tax shelter, etc..) to force this group to “comply”. It’s how they work to make changes in a so called “democracy” while appearing not to step on their religious freedom.

    3. Spot on. And remember, most of these leftists are pussies who need to avoid confrontation at all costs. So trying to rationalize conflict by assuming that there is something wrong with the other person allows you to be a pacifist pussy. This isn’t an ideology that threatens you and therefore must be confronted and destroyed, it’s just a few harmless misfits who fo whatever reason didn’t get with the program. All we really need is to export more reality TV shows to the Middle East and they’ll see how awesome we are!

      1. Leftists… Leftists leftists, leftist! Leftist leftist leftist leftist: LEFTISTS!
        … Leftists leftists leftists leftists, leftists leftists leftists.

    4. The deeper cause is that many people believe what sounds nice or compassionate equals what is logically right, or that compassion overrides reasoning – Without this assumption, leftism cannot stand as an ideology
      The disease is ultimately caused by improper upbringing, a lack of discipline and emotional restraint at a young age and an education system that encourages feelz over realz
      Give me a child before the age of 10 and I will make sure he never believes in equality

      1. It’s a shame because that’s how it used to be here. It used to be taught that hard work equals reward (so work hard to gain greater rewards, recognition, etc…).
        Not today. Today we all have to strive to be average and everyone gets the same piece (for the good of the motherland).

    5. I agree BUT I disagree with giving non-Brits self determination in Britain.
      Sorry, but that just results in parallel societies and parasitism.

    6. “is there nothing else [apart from the ban] to talk about right now?
      Are England’s schools filled to the brim with stable, well-adjusted
      thriving children?”
      I thought that this question (answer) in the Jewish press to the extreme left’s question was pretty spot on. It highlighted just how fucked up their (mainstream) world is compared to this smaller community which has rules and regulations that everyone must follow (or be punished).
      That’s how it used to be – out here – way back when until equality and the FI fucked everything up with ranting about ‘Muh patriarchy’.

    7. Except that all the white guys who go on shooting sprees are called “mentally ill” as well. If you ask me, both white supremacists or white guys who go on shooting sprees b/c they can’t handle their anger AND islamic suicide bombers are responsible for their actions.

  12. ”The state should stay out of regulating the affairs of private individuals”
    The state will try to regulate anyway. Wonder how the Jews will deal with this kind of persecution.

  13. This proud antisemite and jewbaiter gives the portrayed gaggle of pinguinim a hat-tip.

  14. I think I recall it mentioned above that the female ‘members’ are free to leave as they wish?? Well don’t you know that the oxen that pull the hardest are ye ones on leashes?? Now on to the CIRCUMCISION!! That’s right, I said CIRCUM- FRIGGIN’-WHACKIN’-CISION . . Whaat? It’s too ‘touchy’ to discuss? But of course it’s TOUCHEEE
    And ‘Something About Mary’ would have turned out completely different if the Jew with the zipper incident in the beginning had a foreskin. The foreskin gives a fresh albeit probated ‘second chance’ for mishaps like that does it not?

  15. Any attempt to disqualify or villify a self-governed community is nothing more than a feminist fart up in the air. If I want to form a community house, I set my rules as to who is allowed and who is not. I can choose to only allow men, just as there are many community centres and leisure centres that only allow women on certain days. Those who disagree need not be part of such community. The world is big enough to tolerate different ways and styles in which one to choose how to live his/her life. In denouncing such things, those feminists and leftists are themselves becoming intolerant racists

  16. I wonder why ROK has not covered feminism in the east
    last week HDP won big in Turkey
    they want to eliminate the role of men and women in society
    they even have Gender quotas in their party
    Turkish men, especially young men want to submit to women
    they want to be weak
    while the older men are laughed and mocked for wanting to preserve traditions etc
    same in India
    feminism is everywhere, younger men want feminism and submission to women
    Older men and Women are laughed for it
    these Orthodox jews will be kicked out soon
    the world all over is trying to eradicate the role of men….

    1. Wikipedia: Left wing anti nationalist socialist anti capitalist party. Holy christ and I thought muslim countries were immune.

    2. Agreed. I have a lot of friends in India and feminism is sweeping the nation by storm. Before last year, I wouldn’t hear a peep from them about the subject. Now it’s almost all they talk about (aside from politics). Some are speaking out against it, and I see the same types of ad homonim’s used in response (women-hater, etc.).

    3. a second secular revolution in Turkey? Turkey’s politics are fascinating

  17. Jews are either ultra-conservative or ultra-liberal, all and all, most are all degenerates as you can see on the pictures. I would not hold them up as an example of masculinity.

    1. Kinda like the city version of the Amish? The Amish actually build stuff, which kicks ass. Oh, I forgot about the “Amish Mafia” on the Discovery Channel. I wonder if Discovery will have a show about the “Hasidic Mafia.”
      “Some scenes are re-enactments of earlier purported events.”

  18. The UK is being overrun by Moslem Asian savages. Perhaps their government should look into dealing with that problem instead of bothering a group of people who keeps to themselves and doesn’t impose their views on others.

    1. It wouldn’t be so bad if those Asians are Filipinos, Japs, Koreans, or Chinese…….

  19. Here’s what I don’t get, would any of these SJWs even sit down for coffee with one of these Jewish women? The answer is obviously no – the Jewish women are religious, pious, and most hatedly of all, feminine. So why all this concern over how they live? Given that they hate these women, they shouldn’t really be concerned with trivial details of how they live their lives that have no impact on themselves. The only thing I can think is that it provides a point of moral comparison to their own behavior that they don’t want men to see. Therefore, it must be crushed.

    1. You should retract that statement. Sjw’s worship these fake jews and talk to them all the time. The majority are actors, actresses and in every single high level position are khazars jews.

  20. Not sure anyone has stated the obvious, but I’m inclined to think that the focus should be on the more Fundamentalist followers of Islam, not Judaism.

      1. Why?! How often do you hear of Orthodox Jews suicide-bombing or beheading “infidels”?

  21. You know, if I didn’t have any experience that says otherwise, I’d say that barring women from driving might be taking it a little too far. Unfortunately, I have had the unpleasant experience of dealing with women drivers, having nearly been killed on my motorcycle several times by women who climb into a car and do everything except pay attention to the road.
    Among the more memorable encounters, I recall passing a woman in a BMW who was using that silly eye liner pencil. Her face was stuck in her visor mirror and she was driving with her knees on the wheel. As I passed her I chuckled to myself and just shook my head. She must have seen this because her response was to floor it and try to run me off the road by cutting into my lane.
    I also remeber another incident where I was forced off the freeway onto an exit ramp because the woman driving the sedan in the lane next to mine couldn’t be bothered to tear her eyes away from her copy of Cosmopolitan that she had spread out over her steering wheel to check her surroundings before moving over a lane.
    Between incidents like these and the countless times I’ve watched them yammer away on their phones or text while driving, it’s a wonder why women aren’t paying more for insurance than men. They’re certainly more dangerous than we are.

  22. I’m no longer going to read visit RoK anymore. The number of shit spam posts is getting near equal to the actual articles. If I want bullshit articles, I’ll go to “The Guardian”. At least they don’t suggest that drugs are good for my life.

  23. You should be condemning this religious idiocy, even if you don’t care to put a stop to it.

  24. wow the jews actually managed to convince the goyim to pass that law. either they are very smart n convincing or they got speacial treatment or both….cuz no way in hell woulda muslim be able to pull this off even the attempt would be a huge shitstorm.
    leftists love multicult only when its progressive if it aint theyll influence their kids at school causing a rift with the family and doin a crusade against them

  25. This is what I never understand about antisemites. The religious Jews stand up for civilization. The secular apostates are the ones that cause Marxist trouble. Its not a Jew thing to promote Marxism; its a secular thing. Jews just happen to be more secular than other groups.

  26. There are a few groups in upstate NY like this. Look up Kiryas Joel. They also ban women from driving.

  27. A very good article.
    “Gloria De Piero MP, perennial bag of useless and Labour Party
    politician, even wrote to the chief Quango in charge of Human Rights,
    the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, to ask them to investigate
    the Belzers. A private group arranging their own affairs! Her
    complaints were based on Labour’s freedom-destroying Equality Act
    Feminists are nearly always totalitarian in nature and this is a good example. Piero is a sinister extremist who would have no trouble working in a socialist tyranny reporting members of the public for thought crimes.
    Given that the Tories are now controlled by extreme feminists too and openly appoint members of the cabinet solely on account of them being women, I don’t know what hope there is.
    No successful civilisation has ever existed with feminism influencing it. And it’s no coincidence that the west started to decline from the 1960s. Feminism rots away at many things such as educational standards and the rule of law, they work to undermine free society and family life. The push hardest on the latter which is why they always want to encourage 13 year old girls to be promiscuous and disobey their fathers who might protect them since it makes it far harder, often impossible, for them to ever get married and live a stable happy life where they have the love and support of a husband. They will then be more receptive to being told they are being oppressed and deserve state handouts instead of a husband.

  28. You can watch bitch fights with errant white knights attempting to provide “assistance” on the London Overground route through Seven Sisters, near Stamford Hill — wait for the weekend when some of them will get more than a bit knackered and watch them go …
    But I’ve never seen even so much as a loud argument on the Tube and Overground that involved the Jewish community there. It’s as if they understand that TfL property is not the place for that sort of thing — how shockingly civilised.
    As for using Bradford as an example of Failed Britain, it’s such a bleak town that they probably use the occasional stabbing just to say hello to each other …
    Moving to Hull might even be an upward move.

  29. Implying that maintaining modesty, morality, and refinement, and say that our society is extremely decadent means not letting the women drive. I hate feminism as much as masclism and some of what you dudes write in the forum is quite interesting and helping. And that muh patriarchy things like “yeap I already heard that lel”

  30. Oh, you mean, follow the same racist khazar (synagogue of satan) Talmudic jews who have destroyed every single nation on Earth. You claim to be against Marxism, feminism (both khazar jew inventions) and still create an article praising the enemy. Here are some quotes exposing their hatred: If a ‘goy’ (Gentile) hits a Jew he must be killed. (Sanhedrin 58b) If a Jew finds an object lost by a ‘goy’ (Gentile) it does not have to be returned. (Baba Mezia 24a)
    If a Jew murders a ‘goy’ (Gentile) there will be no death penalty. (Sanhedrin 57a) What a Jew steals from a ‘goy’ (Gentile) he may keep it. (Sanhedrin 57a) Jews may use subterfuges to circumvent a ‘goy (Gentile). (Baba Kamma 113a)
    All children of the ‘goyim’ (Gentiles) are animals. (Yebamoth 98a)

    1. Luckily a Jew named Yeshua came around and started something that defied Sanhedrin law. Kind of became a big deal…

  31. Have you ever walked through a Hasid neighborhood or been around them? No one smiles, no one laughs, and they just look unhappy in general. Don’t know if we should be looking at them for guidance on masculinity – doesn’t seem like the men are even enjoying getting laid.

  32. I wonder what the Libs and Progressive would do, if a MUSLIM/ISLAMIC Sect Did this…. Typical Lib/Progressive will do F*ck all….. Just leave the Hasidics Alones, at least unlike the Muzzies, they are not trying to blow up the west and kill us…

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