You’re A Monster If You Don’t Support The Welfare State

Fifty million Americans get government assistance every month to pay for groceries. The current population of the United States is 311 million, so that means that 16% of Americans cannot fully support themselves. The state of Georgia finds this to be unacceptable. Their policy-makers think welfare begets more welfare, and that providing too much for their citizens ensures that poverty levels will remain high.

Their conservative-led state house has crusaded against welfare, reducing their rolls to only 4,000 people in a population of nearly 10 million. This amazing statistic actually hides the fact that food welfare is provided by the federal government. Therefore Georgia provides other benefits like housing to those 4,000 citizens.

Slate magazine, which is owned by the most liberal newspaper in the country, The Washington Post, thinks that Georgia might as well be performing crimes against humanity. You can feel the hatred coming from its reporter, Neil deMause, as he pulls at our heart strings with bad-luck stories of women who are down on their luck and need help from you, the taxpayer…

It’s a state of affairs that’s left an increasing number of Georgians with nowhere to turn. Teresa, a single mom of a 2-year-old living in a domestic violence shelter, tells of how she broke down and applied for cash benefits after fleeing an abusive relationship—only to be chastised by state welfare officers who asked, “Wouldn’t you rather work?” Eventually, Teresa says, “I was sitting there crying—I just didn’t know what else to do. I said, you’ve gone from letting people sit on their butt and collect money to the very opposite of that.”

Ultimately, it didn’t matter. In the end, she was rejected for failing to fill out her paperwork correctly.

Do you have sympathy for Teresa? I don’t. I surely don’t want to pay for her food after she’s made the wrong decisions in life concerning her education, mate selection, and career choices.

One woman in her seventh month of pregnancy was ordered to take a waitressing job that would require her to be on her feet all day. Another was told that if she applied for TANF while living in a shelter her children would be taken away. Smith recalls, “Some of the stuff that was said to individuals was pretty awful—’If you can’t find a job, we’ll have you shoveling shit at the dog pound.’ “

A pregnant woman that has to stand all day is not cruelty. Next you know they’ll be designated parking spots for pregnant women that treat them like disabled people. What’s cruel is having to make us pay for her pregnancy mistake when she doesn’t have the income to support herself or her child.

The article quoted many more domestic abuse victims—all single moms—in what I think is an attempt to make you feel guilty. You’re a savage if you don’t want to help women who are beaten by men and have no money. The author is indignant that Georgia doesn’t let these women go instantly on the dole. Those who have money should give to those who don’t.

“Two hundred and thirty-five dollars, what the hell is that supposed to pay?” wonders Renea Buck, a Savannah grandmother caring for her daughter’s two children. [$200 a month can feed a family of four]

If anything, Neil’s article is a great argument against welfare. Georgians aren’t dying. No skeletons are being discovered in rancid apartments. No kids are going bald due to lack of protein in their diet. Instead, charities are filling the gap, funded by donations from those who have sympathy for these women. Who wins? The Georgian taxpayer. Let those with a soft heart provide food and shelter for the poor instead of all of us being forced to do so.

It could be said that I’m heartless and want to see my fellow Americans suffer without adequate food and shelter, but I believe that welfare beyond a few months enables poverty instead of solves it. People do suffer legitimate emergencies, but it’s not my responsibility to provide for someone for years on end. If you disagree with me, and think that your money should be given to the poor, I urge you to donate money to a reputable Georgian charity like Step Up Savannah via their Paypal button.

I won’t be donating.

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83 thoughts on “You’re A Monster If You Don’t Support The Welfare State”

  1. i agree with your premise that the welfare state becomes more dependency seeking the more it is used. unless you live in a small, socially homogenous population where people all have similar ideas of what the state should and should not provide (see: scandinavia). irony is the most liberal states are the ones that are most socially homogenous with swpl types (northwest) or the centre of mainstream media (west coast)
    my personal view is this:
    there is a place for a welfare state (part of the benefits of the growth of civilisation is that we pool together for resources to avoid and mitigate high impact events, droughts, extreme weather conditions etc), but to be honest, as the numbers grow the abuse it’s open too also grows exponentially. people get hooked onto a tradition of dependency and can’t think of a way to get out of it.
    is the US better than the lawless west that it used to be? as an average answer i would have to say yes, but culturally, some of the most important traits and traditions of man has been lost (self reliance, independence, the superiority of men to women in skills of craft, and trade, invention and commerce), in favour of uncrushable generic equalism and entitlement regardless of merit.
    i don’t even blame the welfare scroungers, if they are content sucking off the state’s teet why shouldn’t they? in a world of hyper individualism, breakdown of traditions and patriarchial family values, it becomes dog eat dog, woman against husband, children against parents, self interest becomes the order of the day.
    we can’t tackle this as a whole, but what we can do is take ourselves out of the grid as much as possible. cut out all dependencies (as far as possible) and work on ourselves, our own, and what we care about. then, from a position of strength we can afford to be generous and giving.
    but forced welfare, a country ruled by mediocrity and averageness rather than extremes of behaviour (some really good, some really bad) doesnt sound like a very good idea.
    i like arnolds rules/lessons for success in this respect

    and his lifestory which serves as a living example for not settling for the conditions and environment upon which you’re placed and a never ending focus upon achieving your lifes dream:

    1. The “sleep faster” comment is pure Arnold. Inspiring.
      I’ve always followed his rule #1, but I say it slightly differently – “Always bet on yourself” (try out for that team, start that business, apply to that school, etc)

  2. Roosh – another breath of fresh air. Govt policy on redistribution (a core tenant of communism) simply isnt sustainable longterm (would 50 MILLION Americans STARVE if they don’t have food stamps…give me a fucking break).
    Decades ago, govt policy was to have its citizens figure it out for themselves while the govt would pitch in (subsidize) via tax deductions. So govt policy was the following –
    – Our citizens can make better, local decisions about helping the poor vs a central leviathan bureaucracy
    – Charities can compete against each other to ensure efficiency
    – The govt will “match” (about 1/3) via the tax deduction
    Seems reasonable to me as the incentives are properly aligned. But now they want it both ways – the tax deduction AND govt programs that grow and grow and grow and grow. Unsustainable. Roosh makes a great point – why do we have to pay for someone else’s bad decisions? And worse, pay for programs that incentivize people TO MAKE the bad decision. As for me, as the username implies, I no longer contribute my tax dollars for this crime.

    1. “And worse, pay for programs that incentivize people TO MAKE the bad decision.”
      This is by far the worst part of welfare. The more we help them out the more of them there are. Funny how it works.

  3. holy shit, i saw a god damn parking spot the other day for pregnant women (not that it fully relates the article, but still)

  4. preggers parking haha i dont doubt it.
    i feel for them gals i really do. life can suck sometimes. we make bad choices and then its not easy.
    but thats not my problem. its theirs. and welfare is an enabler for that behavior that led them to that shitty circumstance. i gotta pay for my own bad choices. aint nobody about to shell out cash to get me out of a bind.

  5. Unless women suffer for being sluts then they will never stop being sluts. Good for Georgia.

      1. It is not so much that we wish them to stop being sluts as much as we wish to stop paying the wages of their sluttitude. Let them reap what has been sown into their bodies.

  6. Oh sweet gentle Roosh Fucking V, you are indeed a harsh and cruel warrior of life. The belief that life is is struggle and only through struggle can we overcome our weaknesses runs deep in your battle hardened veins. After thousands of rejections, you have become the coldest-hearted of men. If you were a King, you would be Conan the Barbarian. Ready to slash down the jesters, fools, and flatterers with your mighty blood stained goblin cleaver. Your once virgin pure eyes are now filtered with the lenses of cruelty and malice. Like the Maiar Annatar, you were once a an angelic vassal of goodness. Now you are SAURON DARK LORD OF THE EARTH GIVER OF RINGS OF POWER AND SEDUCER OF RIPE WOMEN.
    And for that we love you for it.
    But let us go a step further, Dark Lord. Let us suggest that merely cutting off the Morlock from their stream of stolen food stamps is not a cruel enough punishment. Indeed their fate must be INFINITELY WORSE. FOR THE PARASITIC SACKS OF HUMANS DEBRIS ARE INDEED VAMPIRES ON OUR FAIR AND ONCE NOBLE LAND.
    Let us simply push the Vampires into the great vat of human acid, there their flesh and bones will be bio-degraded into an alternative and clean fuel source.
    And the law was passed and signed by the Dark Lord Roosh and the millions of Vampires were cleansed from the Earth. Darth Roosh rises from his dark throne and declares “It is good.” And the SWPLs shuddered in horror but immediately spake in one voice: “Amen. Amen. Amen.”

  7. I don’t care what anybody says, welfare states are unfair to the productive class. Life is already unfair, but governments buy votes by pandering to the poor. Welfare is unsustainable and all these countries will be finding out in the next 20 years as the baby boomer generation retires under a mountain of debt.
    So by taking an unfair life and trying to even it up by soaking the rich and middle class, governments around the world will be collapsing as well as society in the next 20 years as they try to buy votes with bribes. I hope ROK is around in 20 years and we can re visit this topic as I know I will be proven right among many others.

  8. Twelve years ago I decided to leave corporate life and become a documentary filmmaker. For the first six years I saw my pay decrease to about 1/10 – 1/15 of what I was accustomed to making….welfare wages.
    During this time I was commissioned to make a sympathetic doc on the trials and tribulations of female welfare recipients. For the next four months I spent a considerable amount of time interviewing them and following these women during the course of their days. What I found astounding was all these women actually had a greater income than me, had newer mobiles ( smart phones vs my clam shell), cars that were five years old or newer ( I was driving a 15 years old Mercedes). In spite of their advantages the lifestyle they maintained was vastly inferior to mine. Why? The same reason the manosphere exists, faulty thinking. Even though my income was small I never thought or acted like I am poor, in fact I’m rich, I measure my successes by my own metric and not by the norms of society.
    I could talk about this forever but instead I’ll boil my experiences down to one line : ” These people do not have life game and it will take years of trial and error to pick it up”

  9. In a healthy society the welfare state is not needed, as either the extended family or charity will look after that vast majority of people who fall on hard times.
    It is no coincidence that the rise in the welfare state corresponds with the destruction of the family unit and societal co-operation in general. Divide and conquer, bitches.

  10. The welfare scum sleep all day and play all night; they have the sleeping habits of VAMPIRES! No kidding. I know them quite well, and I despise them. Welfare was an incredibly evil policy started by FDR.

  11. Come to NYC…..Free medicaid and Food Stamps for EVERYONE!! My uncle, who has a cocaine problem, gets $1200 a month in welfare, free medical, and a cell phone with 100 minutes.
    This is the only country where poor people have an obesity problem. At some point it has to end, and end badly….

  12. If you are interested in a few stats then Arthur Brooks’ The Road to Freedom has the stats to show that when the government takes over welfare people who would otherwise donate to charities and volunteer think, “my taxes already pay for the poor, so I don’t need to donate or volunteer.”
    His book is flawed where he looks at the places where the government should do things, because the government always makes things worse.

  13. I live in Oregon and it’s amazing the number of attractive young women who are on food stamps and have worthless “bad boy” men. In prior generations these women would have married beta providers who would have made it their life’s mission to provide for them and their kids. Men are still providers, but the state has gotten in the middle of the arrangement, and the men who provide get nothing in return. How do we reverse this miserable trend?

    1. Probably only solution is to quit your job and become a bad boy. Won’t be long before monthly food stamps aren’t even enough to pay for one loaf of bread, and at that point it is safe to work again, assuming they are offering a 7-figure salary.

    2. Do what we can to make the enablers of this idiocy (the “betas” you refer to) realize that there is absolutely nothing positive resulting from it. Not one sliver. As in, Ahmadinejad with plenty of nukes is a great improvement.
      And, perhaps even more importantly, realize that there is no such thing as “we.” That they, the “betas”, have absolutely nothing in common with the leeches (that’d be the badboys and the whores). Ideally going so far as to require self sufficiency as a prerequisite for inclusion in humanity, with all that that entails as far as how one can morally treat them. If some non human pest is facilitating robbing you of your ability to provide for yourself and your children, what do you do again….?
      As long as those getting the short end of the stick, even those few who pretend to “swallow red pills”, can always be counted on to bend over again as soon as the scumbags in charge claim doing something meaningful to alter things means someone will suffer or die, nothing will ever happen; since said scumbags will always have sufficient media access to be able to tell such silly horror stories.

  14. single mothers are the biggest users of welfare.if thats not ehough they get alot of money from child support and yet their kids still get into trouble,dont finish high school,likly mess up the kid mentally an have high chances of bein obese.
    Woman makes mistake an is pampered for it.thats just pathetic….what kinda female empowerment is this?
    Society needs to shame these women so they wont make these stupid mistakes an be a burden on society….

  15. “It’s a state of affairs that’s left an increasing number of Georgians with nowhere to turn.”
    Heh, you can drag your dumb lazy ass to a do-gooder state that gives a shit. Like California, which has one third of the nation’s welfare recipients.

    1. Georgia welfare: a greyhound ticket to San Francisco and an officer to see you off. Think about it.

  16. The RooshV Turbo Time Machine
    I thought welfare was ridiculous for about a month when I was a Libertarian but that was just a stage in my education.
    There is a place for some welfare and it should be mandatory to pay into the system. ( I don’t like it either & will try to minimize my tax liability)
    It needs to be drastically improved so it doesn’t cause more problems than it solves & isn’t used to buy votes & headed-up by jack-asses.
    I don’t believe this for some girlie feel good fru-fru reason.
    It’s right…logically.
    If you really study Freewill vs Determinism you’ll come to see that there is no Freewill. Some great essays debating the subject are in this book: “Agents, Causes & Events”
    Without Freewill, a person is not truly responsible for their “bad decisions”, circumstances lead a person to where they are. And because of this, the person that did get lucky and has $1 billion in the bank should have to help the person that didn’t get lucky.
    They could have made better decisions you say?
    Think of a decision you made in the past where you think you had the Freewill to make that decision. Not just something random, something that you really thought about and weighed the evidence, then “decided”.
    You think you had Freewill here right?
    You think you could have made a different choice other than the one you made?
    Let’s test that.
    Hypothetically, let’s say you jump in the RooshV Turbo time machine and you end up back at this exact moment when you were going to make this decision but you only know what you knew then.
    The moment is exactly the same. All the evidence is the same which is the sum total of your life. The wind is blowing the same way. You neurons are firing the exact same way. It IS the same moment. If this is the case (and it is) then you would always make the same exact decision. So if the only decision you can ever make, is the one you actually make then you are not free to make any other decision.

      1. Radio Wright
        Unable to directly respond to your post ( your post has no “reply” option so responding here)
        You ask: you have an example of free will?
        Response: yes, an example is you choosing to ask this question.

    1. “Without Freewill, a person is not truly responsible for their “bad decisions”, circumstances lead a person to where they are.”
      So if one is not responsible for his instance in life, obviously other one who even don’t know him should be. Seems legit.

      1. @Daniel
        It’s just my opinion that the person that got lucky and made a billion should have to put back into the system where the circumstances were such that he flourished.
        I’m not talking about a complete redistribution of wealth, nothing more than the low taxes we already have in the US. I agree, It sucks that they are used in fu#ked up ways; to bail out banks & support lazy jack-asses but it is also use in some good ways.

      2. Can’t reply to radio wright below so I’ll do it up here- nobody gets luck and makes a billion dollars, apparently you’ve been reading Slate a little too much if you believe that bullshit. A billionaire becomes that way from focusing on very little else but what made him that large sum of money, putting all other things in life as a lesser priority for many years. They have to take risks that very few people are willing to take and they deserve the rewards for what they accomplish. People like you think wealthy people became that way because money was just magically shit into their bank accounts and they should in turn let a bunch on invalids suck off their teet until it’s empty or they can find a new host to latch onto. I know you are trying to tame your liberalism down given the audience you are preaching to but you are in the right country for your value system. I’ve had part time employees who were constantly worried about making too much money because they still had one year before their unemployment benefits ran out & they would lose them all together. The fact that those rich bastards have to provide benefits for the young ladies who can get knocked up and not have to carry the burden of their life choices allows them to not make very good choices in the first place. Without that safety net, the consequences of such poor judgement would be much harsher and people would fear the outcome a little more, making for a much healthier & productive society altogether through natural selection and evolution (of the mind). welfare cripples society but empowers the worthless governers of the state- fastest way to rise up the ranks in politics is to promise a bunch of shit somebody else has to pay for (see greece, spain, Italy etc.)

    2. I’m predetermined not to help those predetermined to make bad decisions. So no can do, I’m sure you understand.

      1. Radio Wright is a jackass whose philosophy invariably leads to totalitarianism. Everything he says is pure sophistry.
        I chose to write that.

      2. @Martel No you didn’t, it was caused by me.
        I’m not someone that get’s all upset when their views are threatened. I welcome new evidence so I can make better “decisions.”
        Just searching for truth Martel and a different view point.

    3. @ Radio Wright
      If you’re right (which you’re not), then, of course, there are no should’s, no “it’s right, logically”, no morality, no argument to persuade anyone, nothing but brute “whatever happens happens”, like when a stone rolls down a hill.
      I do what I happen to do, and you do what you happen to do.
      That’s why it’s so hilarious to read guys like you suddenly pulling forth morality (“the person that did get lucky and has $1 billion in the bank should have to help the person that didn’t get lucky”) out of the blue.
      As if the “lucky” guy could do anything other than what he, in fact, does (whatever that is)!
      As if only the “lucky” producers have free will, and not the “unlucky” parasites…

      1. @Ulf Elfvin
        Sure there is, there is what is real, what is observed, proved or just makes logical sense. The morality part is subjective.
        I just can’t wrap my head around Freewill when I read the essay’s debating the subject.
        The most flawlessly logical essay on the subject is called: “When is the Will free?” by Peter Van Inwagen 10 pages long
        Not sure I follow what you mean by producers having freewill and not other people. I’m saying that’s the only thing the guy that made a Billion could do based on his total life experiences. He doesn’t have Freewill either.
        I’m just like the guy with a billion.
        I worked hard for my degree, and I work hard for my money.
        I can’t not be driven. I can’t not kick ass.
        Now I don’t want my money taken and misspent anymore than the next guy.
        I think I got lucky. I was born to a caring family, went to a public school and because I was super poor the govt paid for my engineering degree. Paying a small income tax as I do into a system that helped me seems “right” to me but that’s subjective.
        People that abuse social programs whether some chic with 10 kids or banks that are too big to fail sucks but no govt is perfect.

      2. Ufl: You’ve hit upon one of the great dichotomies of leftism. The poor welfare mom was made into being what she is, and is therefore given less credit for being human than she actually merits. She is less than an individual.
        However, the Anointed know how we should take care of other people and therefore have the right to remake society. They are more than individuals.
        Western Civ is based on individual freedom and accountability. No man has the right to the time, effort, or resources of another. The purpose of government is to preserve individual rights. We’re obviously not equal in terms of ability or background, but we are equal before the law and before God.

      3. @ Radio Wright
        No, if you’re right everything – and I mean e v e r y t h i n g – is subjective.
        Think about it. How do you prove something to someone who doesn’t control his mind? It’s impossible. You think the way you are caused to think, and I think the way that I am caused to think.
        As I said, on your premise, you roll down the hill like that, and I roll down like this. I can’t blame you for that, and you can’t blame me, since we have no control over the way we move. So everything is subjective.
        Determinism doesn’t just kill morality, as is commonly thought. It kills knowledge, too.
        Which means that determinism is self-refuting.
        I recommend “Volition as cognitive self-regulation” by Harry Binswanger, if you can get it.

  17. What do they do with women in Eastern Europe? If they get knocked up by an alpha bad boy, how does their welfare state differ?
    This isn’t meant to be an attack. I completely agree with your article. It would be interesting to see however if there is a big difference between, say, Poland and New York State and that maybe helps Polish women be more attractive and feminine.
    As a half-dane, I’ve always suspected that Danish womens’ horrible attitudes is caused directly by the absurdly generous Danish welfare state.

    1. Usually single moms are a result of failed marriages, not a result of an alpha pump and dump. They get help from their family and social network. She also lowers her standards drastically to get another man.

    2. i dont know much about the welfare in eastern europe, but im pretty sure in russia it amounts to essentially nothing. my russian teacher in petersburg was a university professor earing 15000 roubles a month ($486 canadian). i think if you are on pension or welfare, you pretty much die without the support of your family. a lot of my friends had their grandparents living with them

  18. i live in california, pay more in income taxes than the average american makes in salary and still would rather live here than a shithole like georgia.
    if you love it so much why dont you move there?

  19. Ugh, I just got back from the White Oak grocery store. An African couple held up the line for ten minutes because their welfare card only had $40, and they didn’t want to pay cash for $100 of expensive convenience food they selected. These dummies can’t do basic budget arithmetic. So they bought some and left the rest at the register. Stupid and selfish.

    1. Why do you need to highlight the fact that they are Africans? I like the manosphere concept as a whole but sometimes I feel those who accuses it of racism have a point.

  20. Nobody’s a monster for not supporting the welfare state. Quite the reverse. I give charitably. Quite a bit. But I’m discerning about how and to whom. And I know it’s immoral to force someone else to do likewise.
    I’m going to spell out the principles here. It seems to me too few people know and are able to state them adequately. So few, in fact, that I’m going to do it in detail. So stick with me, it’ll take a bit….
    People have certain intrinsic unalienable rights. Among them, famously, are life, liberty, and property. Among them are also (if not so famously) the right to hire employees, to form political/civil societies and associations, to delegate one’s own just authority to those employees, and the right (sometimes the moral obligation) to forcibly defend innocent persons (including oneself) against wrongful attack by criminals, invaders, and other kinds of aggressors.
    Now if one has the right to defend innocent persons against wrongful attack and the right to form political/civil society it follows that (if found in some lawless land) one can unite with others to form a mutual defense pact: “We’ll all defend one another against wrongful attack.”
    And if one has the right to defend innocent persons against wrongful attack, and the right to hire employees, and if one may delegate one’s own just authority, it follows that one may hire other persons to defend oneself against wrongful attacks: Bodyguards, private defense forces, and the like.
    And if one combines that with the right to form a political/civil society, it follows that one may hire persons from amongst oneselves to defend the society against wrongful attacks: A police force, and armed forces.
    And if one combines that with the right to hire employees for administrative tasks (e.g. the proper regulation of the police force and armed forces), it follows that one may create a government.
    Thus we get government: That unique entity in society to which we grant a monopoly on the use of force to achieve its ends. General Motors cannot…okay, wait, bad example. WAL MART cannot come to your doorstep, point a gun at you, and say, “Pay for our products.” Only government may do that.
    But notice that the authority of government is merely that of an employee doing his job. And the authority of an employee in doing his job is exactly limited to the authority his employer delegated to him. And THAT authority is also limited; namely, to the authority the employer had to start with. (You can’t delegate authority you don’t even have.)
    So, yes, government may use force. We The People formed it and delegated that power to it. We could do so, because we had that power ourselves, to start with.
    But we ourselves never had just authority to use force for just ANY OLD REASON. If we’re miles from nowhere (or the nearest cop) and I’m armed and I happen upon some thug raping a woman or choking a man, I have an unalienable right (and generally a moral obligation) to intervene forcibly to halt that crime. I can, in short, use force for the defense of the innocent against those who would wrongfully injure their rights. But I do NOT have a right to use force however I like. I do not, for example, have an unalienable right to point a gun at a man and force him to practice my religion, or to stop listening to bad music, or…to force him to give charitable contributions to his needy neighbors.
    Oh sure, I hope he does. I may even exhort him to do it: “Harry’s having a tough time with his bills, Tom. C’mon, be a mensch and chip in. Let’s help him out.” But I do not have any right to point a gun in Tom’s face and say, “Take a $20 from your wallet and give it to Harry.” That’s not just being a dick; it’s going way outside my rights. It’s a wrongful attack on Tom. Some other dude would be within HIS rights to forcibly prevent me from doing that.
    Still with me?
    Okay, so here’s the deal:
    1. Government gets all its just authority from us; they are our employees.
    2. We delegate to government their authority to use force.
    3. We don’t have, in ourselves, just authority to compel others to give to charity; we only have just authority to defend innocent people against wrongful attack.
    4. You can’t delegate to your employee authority that you don’t even have.
    5. Therefore, we did not, and in fact CAN not, delegate authority to government to compel almsgiving. The government lacks that authority. Like any crowd of armed men, they can impose their will on us unless we’re willing to fight them…but that doesn’t make it right; it just makes it a mob-style protection racket.
    6. Those who argue otherwise are, knowingly or not, arguing from the premise that government owns the people and may treat them as objects to be manipulated. But this is a faulty premise; the correct understanding is that government is a group of employees with limited, delegated authority.
    7. Therefore those who support the welfare state, while perhaps ignorant of the implications of their policy, are the ones who have morally monstrous views. They may not, themselves, be moral monsters, but that’s only because they don’t understand or live the full implications of their own ill-thought philosophy.

    1. @ R.C.
      You loose me when you say “just” authority. We give government authority to enforce the laws. Some of those laws involve taxes “almsgiving.” So they do have the authority. I guess you’re saying it’s not just.
      Who says what is not just?

  21. “One woman in her seventh month of pregnancy was ordered to take a waitressing job that would require her to be on her feet all day.”
    It’s always the pregnant women they find for these stories, not the people gaming the system.

    1. Like my neighbor that was getting food stamps medicare ectect while taking home a minimum wage and then getting all their expensive paid as businesses expensive.

  22. Seems like in Ohio, the November 1st food stamp transfer included a special $200 per person “bonus.”
    Just in time for the election, wot?

    1. Democracies by their very nature become massive welfare states because citizens simply vote for the party or candidate that promises the most dole money.

  23. This same mentality in the news goes to the mis-labeled “tax cheats”. If you have worked your ass off for years and taken the liability of possible financially crippling loans to run a productive business, navigating around bullshit lawsuits and a host of other problems to become successful, why does the media vilify people for not wanting to contribute to the bloated mis-spent coffers of the state. these coffers are filled with confiscated money with no exposure to the risk people had to take to make it in the first place. And don’t give me the “you need to give back for your success” bullshit. In order to get wealthy in the first place you have to create something of value that people are willing to exchange their money for, as your business grows you also create jobs for other people to make a living. Welfare and government spending do nothing but destroy value. Why is it so bad that you want to keep what you have worked for and opt out of that system rather than supporting people who refuse to make their lives better. All these issues are relevant to the state of the western “civilized” world and why it is sinking fast.

  24. Isnt Georgia the land of Honey Boo Boo? The land where women who don’t want to work become morbidly obese and support themselves with child support — having children with different men to maximize the income stream?
    If the state doesn’t get you in one way, it gets you in another way?

  25. “If you disagree with me, and think that your money should be given to the poor, I urge you to donate money to a reputable Georgian charity like Step Up Savannah via their Paypal button.”
    That’s the crux of the matter right there.
    If people like the reporter feel that these women (or anyone) should get free stuff they didn’t earn, then the reporter is free to give them money or support a charity. It’s very easy.
    $100 says this reporter has never given to a charity that supports women like this. Ever.
    The real agenda for people like him is to not to use their own money, but use the state to forcibly extract money from other people and transfer it to people they feel “deserve it”. It is very generous of them, donating other peoples’ money. They get to feel all warm and snuggly and humanitarian on someone else’s dime.
    Government involvement lets everyone, including the lefties, off the hook from taking personal responsibility for fixing problems like this one. In effect, government involvement alienates people from their own communities.
    Like Ghandi said – “Be the change you want to see in the world.” See a problem you feel should be fixed? Take personal responsibility for doing your part.

  26. I guess some sort of support by the government is necessary. For example if you lose your job you might be entitled to some kind of unemployment allowance but this can be managed privately ( unemployment insurance) with a government subsidy for example. But food stamps, single mom, child welfare babysitter allowance is just transfer of money from people who earn more to people with less resources. Of course in an imperialist state (such as most European countries and the US) it can be done without taxing the rich since the state attacks less powerful countries ( for example Latin American or African countries) and maintains a surplus to redistribute it to it’s poor. (Also possible in case of oil rich countries such as the gulf sultanates).
    But since the Western countries are basically Ologarchies and kleptocracies (while being imperialist as well) all this loot goes to multinationals or military-industrial complex.
    Result: productive class gets fucked hence the right-left divide and the pseudo-debate surrounding it.

  27. For those that oppose the welfare state what are your views on free education and health care ? What about mentally ill people ? The reason I ask is that in my opinion the welfare state in the USA is almost non existent when compared to the state benefits offered in Europe and I would say the relative lack of state support offered in the US is probably about right in comparison to the nanny state you see in the EU. Compared to most OECD countries the amount spent on welfare in the USA is tiny which explains why Americans have such low taxes. You could scrap social spending completely but the result would be a guaranteed disaster and a return to almost feudal levels of wealth distribution.

    1. You sound like you are very uninformed, misinformed and very confused. You should speak to a conservative about that.

  28. “Do you have sympathy for Teresa? I don’t.”‘
    Wow, what a braindead statement and lack of depth this article had. It’s not a question of whether you have sympathy for Teresa, it’s a question of whether you have sympathy for her 2-year old who has done NOTHING to put him/herself in a difficult situation.
    More importantly: From a socioeconomical viewpoint it is also a question of what benefits society the most, and that is where the real question lays.

    1. Why feel sorry for Teresa or her 2 year old future criminal boy or future unwed mother girl who will perpetuate the generational welfare dependency. Those people are a cancer on a healthy society. The more people who make stupid decisions are supporter and enabled, the sicker are more perverted the society becomes.
      Nothing smarted a person up quicker than hunger pangs and desperation. Humans are not meant to be molly coddled, they are meant to thrive. If not they become emotionally or mentally disturbed and that makes for a lot of problems for those of us who try to be self-reliant and free of the yoke of welfare.
      Wise up … you brain is shrinking and your heart is bleeding.

  29. “Next you know they’ll be designated parking spots for pregnant women that treat them like disabled people.” Those exist. Many stores and malls here in Canada have special parking spots, usually closer than actual handicap spots, for Pregnant and New mothers.

  30. Roosh, you were unemployed and lived with your mother for ages.
    If your mom didn’t give you welfare, then would you really want to see your safety net vanish?

    1. I lived with my dad for about 2 years in his basement, but to confuse parental help with governmental welfare that is funded by taxpayers is a retarded argument.

  31. Social security and medicare payments are the biggest part of the current federal budget, these two payments are received by older white men and women. If you look at the payments history, the above mentioned group receives 10 times more money than they contributed to social security and medicare during their working life. If a white woman reached 90 yrs now, her estimated payments from social security and medicare is equivalent to 25 times more than she contributed. The majority of the beneficiary of the current welfare state are older, richer white people since the group lives longer than any other. Blacks with shorter life expectancy never receives even their contribution back. How about a lump sum payout to all blacks from social security instead of annuity payouts?

  32. Meanwhile, Sir Darwin is turning in his grave as the welfare state has stopped natural selection by promoting the stupid and weak.

  33. You are a slave if you support the welfare state and indirect support Satan’s puppets in earth.

  34. As a property manager I once helped a 22 year old guy find a small apartment for him and his TWO sons, of which he had full custody. He seemed like a great father to them. He had just arrived in the city and applied for food stamps. I was SHOCKED to learn he was being given over $900 A MONTH in support!!!! His boys were just four and five yet he was “awarded” a benefit nearly 4X what I have heard is normal or average.
    P.S. He lost his job and couldn’t pay the rent after one month. Somehow he was able to move into a budget sweets with a couple of women?
    “No good deed goes unpunished. Do good deeds anyway.”

  35. ” Next you know they’ll be designated parking spots for pregnant women that treat them like disabled people. ”
    Where I live this has been a thing for a number of years. We’ve got them for veterans too, as if simply being a vet somehow makes you less capable, rather than more so. For those disabled vets we have…disabled parking, go figure.

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