Helpful Tips For Men Who Want To Take Their First Overseas Trip

It has now been more than a month since I returned to the United States from my trip around Europe.  In that time, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on it and where I’m going with my life.  I’ve written about it in great detail, laid out a plan to leave California, and am taking steps towards building income sources that will give me more freedom.

Hopefully, the posts here at ROK and at my personal blog have inspired you to want to take your own trip around the globe.  Since releasing this blog series, I have received numerous comments and emails asking me how I did it.  Common questions include:

  • How did I get the time off of work?
  • Why the countries I chose?
  • How much did I spend?
  • What are the best resources for cheap shit?
  • What are your general tips?
  • Does it get lonely?
  • What would I do different?

I’m going to answer all of these questions once and for all.

How did I get the time off of work?

I am fortunate enough to work for a company that gives me three weeks (nearly four after other holidays we are given off, such as founder’s day and our own birthday) of paid vacation off of a year.  For the record, I work as a data systems engineer for a large company.  I understand that it will not be that easy for everyone.  Firstly, three weeks of vacation is nearly unheard of in today’s world.  Most people consider it good if they get two weeks off, much less close to four.  I’m also lucky enough to have a cool boss who let me take such a large chunk of time off in total.

If your situation is not as good as mine, don’t fret.  You can still make a world trip possible, but understand that it may just be shorter.  Even if your first trip is only a week long, it will at least whet your appetite for more.  If you really enjoy it, and want to start traveling more; well, you may have to consider a job move within sectors or perhaps an entire career change.

Why the countries I chose?

Well, when I first planned the trip, I didn’t have a girlfriend.

I am very much attracted to white girls, especially the girls of Europe.  I find their accents sexy, their generally slim bodies irresistible, and their mannerisms impeccable.  My initial plan was to spend a week in Wroclaw and Prague and just try to nail as many chicks as I could during that time frame.  My plan was to arrive on Thursday, go out Thursday-Saturday nights, and then try to line up dates for the following week.  I had also planned to daygame every day and see where that led me.

Then, though, I decided to be exclusive with one girl of my small harem – and I am still very happy with her.  Once we got together, I decided I would shift the focus of trying to bang European sluts and check out a few tourist spots that I had always wanted to see.

So, how should you choose a country?  It depends what you want to do.  Do you want to nail a bunch of chicks?  Well, pick countries that have women you’re attractive to.  From there, do research on sites like the Roosh V forum,  and other expat websites and see what cities have the best situation for your preferences.  Only after you have done this should you even consider booking a flight.

How much did I spend?

Here is a breakdown:

  • Round trip from California to Europe = $1,300
  • Apartments – $50/night (rough estimate) for 14 nights in Europe (I’m excluding NYC because I splurged for a nice hotel) = $700.  Note: I had private rooms in every country, but shared an apartment or B&B in Poland, London, and Rome)
  • Flights within European countries = $200 (average $50/flight)
  • Everything else (food, drinks, public transit, souvenirs, etc.) = $1,200

Grand total = $3,400

That’s for two entire weeks.  Understand, these are rough estimates.  This should show though, that it is really not that expensive to travel overseas for a brief period of time.  It is also important to note that I was not trying to budget at all – I was using my credit card very willingly, eating out constantly, spending a lot of money on tour bus passes, souvenirs, and more. In addition, I also waited until the last minute to book some of the flights and apartments.

The $1,200 I spent on “everything else” could easily have been reduced had I given a crap.  But I make good money and wanted to enjoy myself, but I recognize not everyone is in the same situation.

Look at it this way, if you can save a couple hundred bucks a month you could easily save enough to take a trip in a year.

You have no excuses not to.

What are the best resources?

  • For flights, see or – these apply to transcontinental flights, as well inner-Europe flights.  I would imagine they are the best resources for flights within other continents, too.
  • For apartments, see or if you prefer,
  • For picking a city, check out the Roosh forum for detailed logistics and field reports.

What are your general tips?

Firstly, pick a place that you are genuinely excited to see – don’t just go somewhere because some other people tell you that you should go there due to the ease of women, nightlife, etc.  I had always wanted to go to Europe, much more so than South America or Asia.  So, I went.

Secondly, try to get in a position where money is not a huge object.  I’m not saying you should be racking up massive bar tabs every night of the week, but you shouldn’t feel bad about splurging for a couple of nice meals out or a ticket to see something you are passionate about.  Understand, too, that the American dollar goes very far in a lot of places.  For example, a three course meal with beers, soups, and wild boar was a $27 for two people in Poland.

Lastly, try to find someone to go with, at least part of the time.  It is critical to find someone who has similar interests as you.  If you want to game, bring a wingman.  If you want to do tourist stuff, bring someone interested in history.  While spending time alone on a trip is awesome, it can get lonely and take you into a negative state.

Does it get lonely?

It absolutely does, and anyone who tells you otherwise is simply a liar.  Like I said in the previous paragraphs, bring a wingman to help with this.  On a positive note, being alone gives you time to self-reflect and to push yourself to the limits.

What would I do different?

There is no way in hell I would visit as many countries as I did in the short period of time.  I would be much more inclined to visit a country for at least a week, maybe two.  It takes at least that long to get familiar with the people, to learn the nightlife spots, and to start to feel comfortable.

After all, the whole point of travelling is to push you out of your personal comfort zone and to immerse yourself into other cultures.  It is quite literally, a culture shock.  This takes time to adapt to, so you won’t get a true impression of a country, and whether you’d like to come back, without adequate time to do so.

I would also take trains to opposite countries as opposed to flying.  The reason?  If you want cheap flights, you better be prepared to be taking off at 6:00am.  This means you have to be at the airport by 5:00am, meaning you have to leave for the airport from the city center by 4:00am.  The problem is, most public transit doesn’t run then.  So you’re stuck with taxis or shuttles, which can get expensive.

Plus, the time saved is not all that:

  • Time to the airport from city center: 1 hour
  • Time waiting for flight in the airport: 1 hour
  • Time in flight: 2 hours
  • Time to get off plane, get baggage, and get to shuttle/taxi/train: 1 hour
  • Travel from airport to city center: 1 hour

Total: 6 hours, assuming no delays

You can take a train, which has far less bullshit than flying.  You can show up ten minutes beforehand, don’t have security to deal with, you’ll have plenty of room in your seat, and most trains stations are right in the middle of the city – meaning you’re often within walking distance to your apartment or hotel.  On top of that, trains are less likely to be delayed than flights, and you aren’t forced into taking early times due to price.  I definitely would have taken trains from country to country rather than flying, in hindsight.

The website is excellent for train information throughout Europe.

Other than those two points that I mentioned, I wouldn’t change a damn thing.

You can get my new memoir, Trouble’s Travels, A Memoir Of Global Debauchery for free by going here.  The memoir is all posts of my travels series, as well as a few more chapters about planning a trip and more.

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99 thoughts on “Helpful Tips For Men Who Want To Take Their First Overseas Trip”

  1. being on your own is lonely if you are not used to it and not much of a man, but in time it’s extremely liberating… does James Bond ever look lonely as he picks he the next hottie he wanders into ?
    as a side note…. trains actually seem to work out very expensive in europe, unless you
    buy a flat rate all you can eat pass…. and use it like a homeless every night….
    easyjet and co. have killed the prices, especially if you book 3-4 weeks in advance… beware their cookies ramp of the prices as you visit and revisit without booking…. clean the cache on your browser….

    1. Bond is a civil servant there to do a job. Of course the films have to make him look more interesting so he’s always shagging some hot girl. I can see why he’d need an expensive car and how it would fit in if he’s at Casino Royalle trying to destroy Le Chiffe in some card game but in reality most of the time you’d want an inconspicuous vehicle.You’d also want to look as ordinary as possible sort of like Smiley.

  2. First, get a passport. An astounding percentage of Americans have never applied for a passport.
    Next, take a cheap trip on a three-day weekend. Don’t let that passport sit unused. Get some travel practice so next time you’ll travel like a pro.
    Next, take a longer trip to a place that does not have “resorts”. Soon, you will be learn how to travel to expensive places inexpensive.
    Get the travel bug and you will have to travel regularly; this is a good thing. The red pill requires perspective which benefits from distance. Don’t be an ugly American, leave any arrogance and attitude stateside.

    1. THIS. I learned this the hard way when I wanted to go to South Africa for the World Cup.

      1. Who takes an American girl to Europe? Kinda like getting McDonald’s and eating it at whole foods… Sounds like beta buck$$

        1. I wouldn’t, but I’m not American. My advice is to leave, not come back, settle elsewhere, marry, and be fruitful and multiply. The USA is going down the drain.

        2. The US appears to be the clog stuck in the sink trap that just won’t budle loose with ol’ liquid Drano. It gonna need a good high-pressure enema to clear out the last centruy of crap that’s accumulated and coagulated into a rotted, sinking grease ball.

        3. The US is is going down, and when the dollar crashes, it will take most of the west down with it. Brace for impact.

          And stack precious metal, dammit.

      2. Traveling takes training. The hardest thing to learn is to only bring one small carry-on, followed by not trying to see seven cities in seven days.

    1. Try giving him advice about improving himself so he can get some companionship, instead of just tearing him down.
      That kind of bullcrap belongs on sites like PUAHate, that cater to destructive losers like Elliot Roger.

  3. 2 week vacations seem like a dream to most Americans, especially in regard to the pitiful vacation benefits most U.S. people receive from their employers. By comparison, Most Europeans and Aussies get noticeably more time allowed off.
    There is also unfortunately a very weak backpacker culture among 20-something Americans, especially when compared to people from other Germanic-derived countries (UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, etc)
    It is very common in those countries for people at various stages of their 20s to go traveling for a whole year, if not TWO WHOLE YEARS to see the world and shag themselves to their hearts content.
    It really blew my mind travelling around Mexico a few years ago, and meeting about 10 Australians for every 1 American in hostels and even some cheap hotels.
    Honestly, young Americans really live quite uninteresting lives compared to their Aussie and Northern European compatriots. The insane student debt culture only makes things 10x worse.

    1. You can get more time off if you do this thing called save up. If you arent saving money, youre already doing life wrong. If squirrels can do it, you can too.

    2. Two weeks vacation don’t seem like anything… I just started my first job as an engieer in Sweden and i got 5 weeks + overtime. I could choose 6 weeks and no overtime compensation but apparently that deal was not as good according to some future coworkers. How are you supposed to be able to experience anything if you only have two weeks of? Is unpaid leave something that works in the US?

      1. “How are you supposed to be able to experience anything if you only have two weeks of?”
        Very quickly.
        “Is unpaid leave something that works in the US?”
        Yes, although it’ll vary by employer.

      2. If you’re an engineer named Linus in Silicon Valley, you pretty much get to dictate terms as far as time off goes……
        Honesty, in the Bay Area, if you’re even half good, employers will go to quite some lengths to accommodate you. 5 weeks off, or even more if you take it between projects, is no way unheard off. if you want two years, you’ll probably just be asked to quit and reapply upon return. Which I assume if what those Aussies are doing as well.
        A bigger detriment to vacation time in the US than the rules themselves, is that there is the (possibly true) perception that one needs to work harder than the next guy, in order not to be bypassed come promotion time. So even if people can take more time off, they don’t want to, for fear of falling behind. From what I hear, this is an even bigger issue in Japan. While, from what I gather, in Europe it is illegal not to give all employees 5 weeks, so there is less of a laziness stigma attached to taking it.

    3. It’s probably BECAUSE of the insane student debt that ‘Muricans can’t enjoy more interesting lives like their Aussie and Northern European counterparts.

    4. You left out Canada. A place very similar to 90% of the USA where it is extremely easy for US citizen professionals to obtain a work visa. Most Canadian professionals typically receive 4-8 weeks of paid vacation per year and that does not include statutory holidays and other types of days like family emerg, sick leave, etc. If max vacation time is a priority, what you really want is to get into Canadian, Australian, or EU government jobs.
      When I travel it’s fucked up how many Aussies and Canadians I meet. Together we number maybe 60 million but abroad we are everywhere it seems. Good thing Canucks and Dingoes are brothers in arms at all liquor serving establishments!

  4. For a choice of country here are 3 easy beginner criteria, Women, food and weather. Pick the countries that has the best combination of women, food and weather. You will get lonely but you don’t need to bring a wing man but you should be able to count on meeting men doing the exact same thing you’re doing for the same reason. Don’t be overly afraid to get lost, obviously avoid the ghettos / barrios, it should be a adventure not a task.

    1. Brazil, Colombia, Poland, Ukraine. The 4 best love tourism destinations in the world.
      Colombia is probably the most consistent with good women, weather, moderately priced, and adequate food options (Medellin hands down). But Brazil probably is the easiest, sexiest, and has great beaches (unfortunately Brazil is fucking expensive and can be real sketchy).
      Poland has great women, food, and decently priced, but weather is shite for half the year. Ditto with Ukraine, except Ukraine girls are terrible with English (young Polish women are quite good)

      1. Nah, SIngapore as baby steps, then Vietnam, Thailand, India, China, Japan and Pacific Russia. Great culture and food as well as pretty women — and if you are a PUA (I’m not) the the key is one word expatriate
        Disclosure: I live in NZ and most women I know have no time for Yanks: to whiney.

        1. I’m sure you can find PB&J, eggs and tuna fish in Wroclaw. What else does a man need?

      2. Good call on locations.
        I just can’t for the life of me understand why Mexico is no longer a viable spot for the things you mentioned — specifically the Mayan Riviera areas and the Baja areas.
        Other than being beaten into submission by the USA and a little too cozy with the guberment, what’s up with Mexico?

        1. I hope American men continue to think Mexico is not a viable spot. In truth, Mexico City is no so great. Amazingly, for such a large city, there just are not that many good looking women.
          But Guadalajara is a different matter all together. Lots of attractive women there. They are sort of into their clan, though, so breaking the ice requires some game. My tactic is to ask for help with something. Of course, I speak Spanish, which makes it a little easier.
          The Mayan Riviera is full of Americans and Europeans, plus it is expensive. If you want to be around Europeans and some wild shit, go to Zipolita on the West Coast. Half nudist, half bohemian, pot everywhere. Lot’s of youngish people that hang out there for an entire year, thinking they will become artists and so forth. It’s fun.
          There are other less known spots too. But I’m keeping those a secret.

        2. Went to Mexico once. The beaner bitches just dont seem to be into white guys.
          And like you said, they are not that attractive. There were a few hot ones, but very rare.
          Would not waste time in Mexico.

        3. Thanks for the tips.
          I’m fully up for trolling he tourist spots and getting flags from the temporary immigrants that visit for a few days, a week, or two.
          Aw, you have to leave to go back to work/school/boyfriend? That’s just too bad. Oh well, I guess I’ll just find someone else to play with when you’re gone.

      3. I don’t know much about that far east Europe. I went to cali , Colombia and I thought it was over rater personally

  5. Don’t take anything beyond a couple changes of clothes, a toothbrush and maybe some reading material. You can get whatever you need over there easily. Have seen so many tourists on 2-week vacation loaded down with huge backpack and matching belly bag as if they are going on a lunar expedition. Made this mistake myself after reading “Lonely Planet” guide and getting damn near every item on their “must have” list, which I never used but hauled all over China. Not to mention trying to leave your hotel and repacking all that useless crap. Minimalism = freedom. Oh yeah, get a roller bag not a backpack. Even a few pounds will weigh you down horribly if you have to walk any distance.

    1. Agree. Pack one small carryon bag, with wheels. You don’t need that great camera — I used a Nikon One on my last trip and an old rangefinder, and photography is my hobby.
      You want to experience things, not photograph them.
      You don’t need much. And use the trains. You see more, and avoiding airports is good. If you can, fly in via Germany or Holland: Frankfurt is one of the most efficient airports in the world.

      1. Take 2 carryons of high quality with wheels that swivel. I wouldn’t use any of the old film cameras like my old Leica because the airport exrays will ruin the undeveloped film and besides it’s probably better to just use a cellphone camera.

        1. I put them on my seat in 1st class I always buy 2 tickets so that no one can sit next to me when I’m forced to fly on a commercial plane. Usually go private if someone I know is flying to where I’m going.

    2. This is superb advice.
      I’ve been traveling ultralight ala Tynan, prepared to stop, stay, and even live should in a place indefinitely should the mood strike me.
      However, even a 13lb, 25 liter backpack is getting to be too much of a burden to drag around. I’m working on the no bag travel method ala regevelya and loving the challenge of really getting rid of things that don’t comfortably travel in my pockets. It’s tough letting go of even a minimalist packing list, but absolutely liberating. I’m practicing here at home and finding very creative solutions along the way.
      I’m starting to think the bulkiest item in my pockets may well turn out to be my Passport!

      1. If you want to write you can ditch your computer and get an AlphaSmart Neo, currently selling on ebay for about $40. Runs for a year on 3 penlite batteries. I wrote about it last year on the Spearhead with less than enthusiastic reviews; I get higher marks when I bash feminists.
        Scroll past my screed and check out the photos of travelers putting the Neo to work :

        1. Hey, thanks for the tip. I have heard about the AlphaSmart Neo before.
          I’m actually almost at the point where I can use my smartphone for 99% of my work, sans heavy duty video editing. I’m working on using a 7″ tablet as my soft keyboard as well as secondary device. Both fit nicely in my pants pocket. But I need to revisit speech to text apps and perhaps do my writing that way.

    3. I have to disagree about the camera thing. Its even said that people who take photos tend not to remember the events as well. Meanwhile, what Ive taken photos of, it reminds me of what happened, while what I have no photos of, I barely remember.
      Just dont overdo it. Find a good shot or two for each site. I used to take a load of pictures at concerts, now I just take a few to get the idea that I was there.

  6. There is absolutely no reason to leave the country.
    It is not material terrain that matters. It is the
    spiritual state of mind. The greater quality of your
    spritual comprehension, the higher quality female
    you attract.
    Get into a spiritual study group right here in the U.S.A
    like Eckart Tolle or something like that. To get quality
    BE quality.

    1. There are plenty of reasons to leave the country. One is just observing how the rest of the planet lives and how they solve everyday problems gives you a new perspective that you can apply to your own life. Getting out of this feminist hell-hole and experiencing a culture that has not succumbed to it is another.

      1. Until I left the country I never realized that
        A. I am not invisible
        B. Some parts of the world women actually like men.

        1. Co-signed. It’s so nice to be treated like a human rather than some pariah like most women treat me in the usa.
          Rest assured i will be traveling more & more.

        2. Im thinking of heading to the Pinas in about two months. I gotta get my passport renewed. Anyone wanna go let me know.

    2. that is nice in theory.
      The odds are though that spiritualism will bring a New Age western woman into your circle. She will use your search for enlightment as an opportunity to instill second wave feminist principles.
      Western women look at “spiritually centered” man like an African lion ponders an impala.

  7. I would much rather travel to europe than have nice pad/car in usa.
    Besides, betas like me don’t get a smile back in usa & every girl i say hello or hi to scowls at me (i’m just a 4.5 in looks & zero game).
    I went to england & the ppl were much friendlier (i don’t know why that is but the brits are reserved but friendly once they warm up).
    I hope to have more girls smiling back in poland (traveling there in oct). Deffo using roosh’s lost tourist routine to meet cute polish chicks. Wish me luck 🙂

    1. Comments like this make me wonder what the hell I am because its not that hard to get a girl to smile and Im not a real “looker” to quote one girl and my game has mixed application.
      However, regarding friendliness, most of the Eastern US is very unfriendly and has a go F yourself attitude. Out west its a lot different where you walk down the road and say hey. Oh and also New England outside cities people are friendly.

      1. Don’t forget about the Southern USA. There are a lot of pretty girls. And most people are very friendly and very helpful. Forget how the media and the movies paint the South. In many respects, it is truly the best part of the country. Plus, the girls want to please.

        1. College football season will be my traveling date if i go to the south.
          With that said, which is best for a guy who has very little game to at least meet some chicks? Auburn or LSU (all the tigers? All the tigers! – i’m partial to those two but i’d be willing to go any of the sec schools for a roadtrip

        2. Indeed. “Southern Hospitality” is a stereotype for good reason. People down there are indeed friendly and helpful.

      2. Midwest is very unfriendly and cold as well.
        Females here are on majority boring overweight drones with the same boring interests glued to their smartphones, anything over a 6 wont have any interest in you unless you are an 9 or above.

  8. “Lastly, try to find someone to go with, at least part of the time.
    It is critical to find someone who has similar interests as you. If you
    want to game, bring a wingman. If you want to do tourist stuff, bring
    someone interested in history. While spending time alone on a trip is
    awesome, it can get lonely and take you into a negative state.”
    This is probably the most important. I went away a few months ago, and it was so boring going around alone. I talked a bit to hostellers, but there was just no one to share the experience with.

  9. I strongly recommend travelling with your best wingman. I did 3 weeks in Europe with my friend in December and we got major play. We both knew what we were doing. And knowing foreign languages is a major plus. Opens up many possibilities.

  10. I need some advice.
    I am taking a break year, and have got into Georgia Southern College. (USA)
    Only thing I want to do with my life is entrepreneurship.
    Should I go for the party experience, or just get the fuck out of this failing country?

    1. Dump educational indentured servitude.
      Pick a good emerging country ( Cambodia, some places in Africa ), and just deal with something you consider an annoyance there. I know of one American who started an Internet dispatched cab service in Cambodia, simply because he had difficulty getting hired transport when he was there.

      1. Good advice. And the FACTCA problems are probably not on most guys radar.
        Uncle Sam is getting desperate to control every dollar on the planet by requiring sovereign foreign governments to submit to the jurisdiction of the illegitimate IRS. It can’t get much more desperate than that. It’s utter nonsense, but foreign institutions deciding not to deal with American’s and the bullshit hassle that comes with opening and maintaining accounts for them.
        I have solutions this growing problem, but they aren’t even worth mentioning on a forum like this.

    2. My advice young man (I’m early 30s so I’m old as balls lol) is to study abroad with an internship in a financial company overseas if you can manage to do both (ex. Santander in Spain, Credit Suisse in Switzerland, Deuschebank in Germany). That way you have all bases covered. If you need a corpo job, you have a degree, a financial background will help in your own business, & you get to leave the feminist world. Win-win-win no matter what-what-what
      This is what i would be doing if i was a college man today

    3. It will depend on what you want. Just make sure you maximize the amount of travel and learning experiences in the year. Get on a plane. Start somewhere easy as hell if you haven’t travelled much outside of Disneyland and Hawaii or other Yankee typical vacations. Thailand is the obvious choice for a young man in my view. It can be Bangkok high rolling or slumming it in hostels with hippies. Up to you 🙂

  11. Go off the beaten track! Does any man actually care about sightseeing? Don’t just go to paris and see the Eiffel tower, go places where tourists don’t normally go.. They are the places where you have the most fun and where girls actually are interested in foreigners, 90% of people who ‘travel’ jump on a plane and do a contikki tour or a cruise, only hang around people from their own country, then come home. I Cant believe americans only get 2 weeks paid leave per year! Aussies get 4 weeks minimum. If you want to truly experiance a country you need to spend months, not days exploring.

    1. Avg American gets about 3 weeks of vacation plus 1 1/2 weeks of sick time plus another 5 or 6 days of paid time off but certainly people working retail and other jobs like that typically get 2 or less (especially if they job hop). My company does 2 weeks 1st 5 years, 3 wks next 5, 4 wks then 5 weeks at 15 years (I’m at 4 weeks) plus 6 holiday days (July 4th, Thanksgiving, etc)

  12. 2 – 3 weeks doesn’t mean fucking shit, if you want something life changing… go long term. 6 month exchange or go for a year work placement, tourism is so overated.

    1. Yeah, and banging a girl for 2-3 weeks doesn’t mean shit. If you want something life changing, go long term – MARRY HER.

  13. “Firstly, three weeks of vacation is nearly unheard of in today’s world. Most people consider it good if they get two weeks off”
    Lmao! Americans are basically slaves to the Jew bankers and corporations. Stop sending half your tax dollars to the parasite known as Israel and maybe you guys could afford a better lifestyle.

    1. So your advice is to stop paying taxes? Why not to advice people to get education in order to increase their chances to have a well paid job?
      By the way, not all of them are jews. Your leaders are not jews. And US aids many other counries by far larger sums (including many muslim coutries).

  14. Good advice on the train travel. The cheap flights advertised everywhere are simply a con. When you add up all the cost and the inconvenience, the final cost is more or less the same as a train ticket.
    Plus it’s so much more civilised to travel on the ground rather than hanging in the air.

  15. Goes to safe Europe for two weeks, fancies himself a travel expert.
    If you want to read about a REAL traveler, read Around the world in 80 Girls.

  16. Thanks for this article! I had not heard of airbnb, and I’ve had some brain farts trying to plan my trip back to Europe. Your recommendation made a huge difference. Much appreciated, I feel much more confident about my travels!!!

    1. Co-signed. This site is a national treasure for men, all sorts of awesome resources.

    1. Har! Har! My thoughts exactly! All my companions would have done when I travel was cockblock me by interrupting my conversations with babes to ask stupid questions that could wait, so I leave them home. Less dead weight.

  17. The best website for looking for airfare is
    You can’t actually purchase the tickets there but in a given 30 day window and a fixed # of nights, you can quickly see where/when the cheapest flight is for you (very, very convenient if you have multiple airports you can fly in/out of). It’s how I bagged ~$320 flights R/T to MBJ later this year from CLT.
    Other point of note to keep costs down – a lot of the big cities will have street vendors with brats, etc for food. This will usually run you 2-5 euro for a meal–it’s pretty decent grub and much, much cheaper than a sit down restaurant. My wife and I usually do the free breakfast thing if available (pastry if not) (so 0-2 euro/pp), with a brat/fries for lunch from a street vendor (2-5 euro/pp), and then a sit down dinner with more authentic local food (7-25 euro/pp depending on the city).
    Also, where you go will make a big difference on food expense. Prague is very cheap to eat/drink in compared to say London, Dublin, Munich, Vienna, etc. A lot of the big cities also have a special tour card (like Munich, Dublin) that comes with free/discounted tours along with unlimited use of the cities public transportation at very reasonable rates for 3-5 days.

    1. Great.
      So there you have it guys.
      How to travel cheaply in Europe (with your wife)

      1. Hey guest–you do realize that nothing in my post is different whether you are married or go with a s/o or not, right? Unless you are dumb enough to believe that street food is more expensive for a single dude? Geeze. How about I edit my post and just say I and re-read it again and see if you can find anything that makes a difference.

  18. Learn conversational Spanish and your opportunities will grow exponentially.

  19. You can travel the world, but you’ll never get away
    from YOU. Roosh is Turkish. He knows about SUFI.
    Become a spritual being. It it NOT quanity that
    matters, it is QUALITY.
    If you scrape and claw for your “sex fix” you will
    always be unfulfilled. But if you elevate yourself
    spiritually with a like-minded soul mate you will be
    satisfied. A neverending search for carnalistic
    satisfaction will leave you yearning to fill the empty
    spot inside. If you could be REALLY HAPPY with one,
    or two women, wouldn’t that be worth it?

  20. Not that expensive? Your traveling costs 6800 per month. I travel for 1000 per month. Useless article.

  21. provides locations for people to travel and work for their room and board. Volunteer work such as farming or assistance in building are available worldwide. When I’m abroad I like to be productive so this appeals to me greatly.
    Couchsurfing is also a great resource and you can find very affordable ratea for room/bed/couch. You can also network with other couchsurfers at bars that host meetups. Slightly more expensive is AirBnb, often the owners will contact you directly and want to haggle the price so they don’t have to pay AirBnb the commission/rate (or so I remember from my experience in Paris).
    After studying and living abroad on and off for the past few years, I can say that staying in one area for a while rather than spreading yourself thin in many cities will offer you a better rapport with one city. You can take your time and appreciate it at your own pace. Also, the lighter you can travel the better. Don’t be the imbecile (me) who lugs a giant Samsonite through the crowded plaza to get to your new place. As stated in the preceding comments, minimalism is key.
    Regarding airfare, book in advance and go in the off season to some countries. Take into consideration that last second bookings for the euro rail will be expsenive so keep an eye out for specials from easyjet or Ryanair (although Ryanair will burn you on luggage).

  22. Ironıcally, I have found that my ”ıntroverted” characterıstıcs are an asset when I traveled overseas (I am now settled permanently ın Turkey, teachıng englısh). As an unapologetıc nerd, I never really fıt ınto the loudmouth alpha-male worshıppıng culture of the US when I was ın Hıgh School and college, but to my surprıse, when I dıd my FIRST study-abroad program ın Eastern Europe my sophmore year, my ”personalıty” THRIVED! All of the sudden, everythıng that made me socıally untouchable ( quıet, thoughtful, nıce guy, quırky humor, loner) ın the states was rewarded two-fold when I traved abroad eıther as a student or humanıtarıan volunteer, especıally countrıes ın the Medıteranean and Afrıca. The last semester of Junıor year, I dıd a program ın Madagascar, Afrıca. Three weeks ın I hook up wıth and fuck the most beautıful Malagasy chıck. The next day, as I sat by the beach, watchıng the sunset wıth other students ın the program, eatıng barbecued stıngray fıns, stıll rememberıng the prevıous nıghts event, I sılently broke down and crıed. I was MEANT to be overseas. I had fınally found a way to be happy cuz my lıfe was so fucked up and lonely untıl then. I really feel sorry for any guy who has never found a way to go abroad.

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