The True Meaning Of Diversity Is Discrimination

Diversity is a buzz word we keep hearing more and more, especially in the workplace. On the surface the concept appears warm and fuzzy, conjuring up images of all colours, creeds and sexualities linking arms, dancing and singing Kumbaya as productivity and sales skyrocket thanks to all that tolerance and understanding.

But what does diversity actually mean in practice?

A complete dismantling of the meritocracy in order to appear politically correct.

Originally introduced to assist potentially underserved black people, diversity now commonly manifests itself as promoting women at all costs. Targets and quotas are set for female representation with little or no thought given to whether deliberately not hiring on ability, qualifications, experience and even personality is actually in an organisation’s best interests, or fair to prospective candidates. Chief advocates of diversity are left-wing politicians and government departments, although we’ve reached the stage where most private sector organisations at the very minimum pay lip service to the idea.

Everybody deserves a fair go. However, diversity has become all about wherever possible ensuring anybody besides a heterosexual white male is given preference for a job, promotion or other opportunity. This isn’t progressive thinking, it’s blatant discrimination. Quotas, affirmative action, government and corporate policies are all designed to remove a level playing field. They also seek to limit individual freedom, and are therefore yet another extension of the ever-growing Nanny State.


HR feminists are rarely this hot, but you get the picture…

The chief beneficiaries of diversity programs are white, middle-class women. This is not a coincidence. The vast majority of Human Resource departments are run by feminist women (typically white, middle-class women) who intervene unnecessarily in the recruitment process, more often than not to justify their own existence. Many harbour ill feeling against not just the man who rejected them years ago, but all men. If you are a man and applying for a job, you are guilty by association. ‘Diversity’ is predicated on the notion of “privilege,” a central tenet of the Social Justice Warrior cult, and ruthlessly enforced by HR.


The HR woman’s “expert” opinion and single-minded determination to follow diversity principles, targets and quotas has more weight than a person’s qualifications, experience and even whether senior people in the organisation know a candidate personally and they have great mutual respect based on prior successful business relationships. Even if a garden gnome (HR worker) isn’t obstructive and doesn’t have an agenda, can they really know if you are the best candidate for a job because they were attracted to the way your CV was formatted, or because they asked you to describe your greatest weakness and liked your answer?


If you do get the job, you’ll soon realise merely opening a door for a female colleague risks drawing the ire of HR, and possible punitive consequences. In my experience you have to tiptoe around most women in the workplace. You have to be extremely careful not to hurt their feelings or offend them, and therefore it is harder to have full and open debate about issues. Forget any kind of humorous banter that might make spending 40+ hours a week in an office slightly tolerable. Even innocent comments without a hint of malice risk landing you in hot water.

This video demonstrates how feminised a workplace becomes when diversity principles are put front and centre. A “Girls’ Club” with tonnes of rules and guidelines inevitably stifles creativity and productivity, and most men go crazy working in such a sterile environment. It is in our nature to yearn for freedom, and many of us have a problem with authority. Most women on the other hand prefer rules, structure and organisation. This explains why a majority of men vote for conservative parties that value freedom and self-reliance, whilst most women vote for left-wing parties and Big Daddy Government.


The Huffington Post is a strong advocate of diversity, but check out how diverse their meetings are…

When women exceed 50% of university enrollments or government departments, they never feel sorry for men and demand they get 50% representation. Promoting diversity is only considered necessary when women are the minority. That is why we see calls for quotas for masculine jobs like the police, but not female dominated professions like teaching and nursing. Some police forces have deliberately lowered recruitment standards to enable more women into the ranks. How does that deliver a safer society? They reckon the old tests were discriminatory against women. Where else in life would not being good enough be considered discrimination? If I tried out for my local football club, and I did poorly in the sprints and time trial, do you reckon I could successfully blame discrimination for not making the team?

Common sense has gone out the window in the West

Organisations are at their best not when virtue signalling, but when seeking out the best possible talent. Think how ridiculous it would be if a professional basketball team announced quotas for White and Asian players. I don’t see any difference between that and diversity programs favouring policewomen. After all, it’s not the fault of White and Asian players they weren’t born as tall, fast and athletic! These black athletes were born with privilege! It’s so unfair! Don’t we need to reduce the number of black players so teams are more diverse? Of course not, because that would lower the standard of the competition. Nobody wants to see that.


True equality means equality of opportunity, not outcome. Everybody should have the right to put their hand up for a job, but they should be judged on merit, not the trendy left-wing cause of the day. As things currently stand, we frequently have one person in the fight with both arms tied behind their back, and as a result the lesser fighter is often winning. That’s not right. It goes to show how far we’ve gone down the rabbit hole that someone who argues for rewards to be based on merit is seen as sexist, but someone who argues rewards should come solely due to a person’s sex is considered to be fair and reasonable.

Irrationality creates opportunities for those who resist it

There’s a massive competitive advantage to be gained by hiring on merit, not diversity. I am good friends with a Senior Manager at a well-known public company. The economy has been flat for some time now, and they had to make some savings. The first thing they did was get rid of their HR Manager, and the company now handles all recruitment directly. My friend tells me they don’t really even notice she is gone, other than at the end of the financial year when they have an extra $100,000 in their accounts.

So if diversity actually reduces productivity, why is there such a big push towards it? Why is it eagerly swallowed up by everybody from banks, media, defence companies to the AFL? The answer is they feel they have to, or left-wing governments, media and SJWs will come after them, threatening their livelihoods. For many industries, government contracts and grants can make or break a company. Governments are also trying to muscle in on the private sector by implementing draconian laws on board composition.

If I am able to successfully run a profitable company, why should I listen to the government tell me who I should employ, or who I should put on my Board? Have you seen how bad governments are at managing money? If diversity is so great, I will be left behind, forced to change my ways or go broke. That is something I am prepared to accept. If women don’t like the status quo, there’s nothing preventing them from starting their own companies. I suspect most high calibre women do exactly that, whilst the ones that whine about sexism are simply entitled and think the world owes them a living simply because they have a vagina.

You should be extremely skeptical of other left-wing propaganda on workplace relations, and consider what is driving it. The pay gap myth is an excellent example. If women really earned 78 cents for every dollar a man earns for doing exactly the same work, companies would have stopped hiring men years ago. You don’t seriously believe The Patriarchy is sacrificing billions in profits just to keep those pesky women down do you?


The pay for being a tradie is solid these days, plus you get to be your own boss and feel like a man

All this evidence isn’t worth losing your job over – and that is a definite risk if you question the diversity agenda publicly. However, it highlights why entrepreneurship or learning a trade is a far better option for young men today than working in the corporate or government sectors where even if they land a job, they will be constantly running the gauntlet of HR feminazis. Most men with blood running through their veins will feel like caged animals in a modern PC office environment. If you value freedom and don’t want to be a slave, why not be the master or your own destiny instead? In most jurisdictions, quotas can’t be forced on small companies and start-ups.

Next time you hear about the merits of diversity, remember what it really means: deliberately not hiring the best person for the job, just to look politically correct. If you haven’t already done so, think about what you can do to set yourself up in a way where you can maintain autonomy in your life and be the master of your own destiny. We only live once. Do you really want to live like a prisoner?

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337 thoughts on “The True Meaning Of Diversity Is Discrimination”

  1. Age and experience in a chosen field while looking for employment mean nothing to these HR witches just looking to fill an EOE quota who want to pay a low-ball $ amount to what essentially is a faceless warm body filler to them. The next time one of them asks a job seeker what rate of pay is sought tell them “what’s comparable to the experience level”. Probably won’t get a face to face interview with a real manager with an answer like that but will probably force the HR witch to rethink their question and go off script?

  2. Apollo Program – Achieved the Moon landing, arguably the greatest feat of technology, ingenuity, and skills in human history. Accomplished almost entirely by White Males.
    Samsung Corporation – A major smartphone manufacturer and a world leader of digital technologies. Founded and based in South Korea (about 99% Korean).
    Diversity for the sake of diversity has NO INHERENT VALUE, and placing such emphasis on it is one of the biggest wastes of time and oxygen in the PC West.
    If diversity was such a “strength” as we are always told, shouldn’t the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986 have been a resounding success with a black, Asian, and two women (one of whom Jewish) on board? Nope, it disintegrated. Nature, science, and reality doesn’t care about “diversity”.

    1. How did they know Christie McAuliffe had dandruff?
      They found her head and shoulders on the beach.
      Been a long time since I could tell that one.

        1. Christie McAuliffes final words to her husband, “You feed the dog, I’ll feed the fish”

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      1. My astronomy teacher in hs had a joke: What color were Christa McAuliffe’s eyes? Blue. One blew this way and the other blew that way.

        1. In all seriousness, the reason there are so many jokes about that is how overboard the media went on their death. For months, they analyzed and reanalyzed it until those jokes started popping up. If the media coverage ended with the funeral, it would have been a sad note in history, but not what it turned into.

    2. On the Appollo program – get ready for a new Hollywood movie to revise history to tell you about how it was really all due to three southern black women:

      Not to diminish their involvement, but they were not the central cast, as Hollywood would now have us believe.

      1. It would be nice if they didnt take creative liberties with actual history.
        Case in point: in this movie, the women has a few minutes to solve a complex problem. In reality, she had three days to solve it

        1. Fuck the movie.
          In real life one of those ladies fact checked nasa’s computer calculations.
          That story deserves to be told, just not the way the faggots in hwood will do it.

        2. Correct, and they were respectful professional individuals that took their jobs seriously and knew their place in the workplace hierarchy. They were not sassy attitude flinging pompous assholes.

        3. She only needed three minutes. The other 71 hours and 57 minutes was spent doing laundry, washing dishes and making sammiches for the men.

        4. Dems ladies invented the space program, racist cracka. And peanut butter. And stop lights. And the wheel. All why yous pig-skins wuz livin in caves!

        5. Wee wuz kangz, right boy?
          You certainly arent now!!!!😂😂
          Its well known that your kind is very adaptable to primitive caveman societies, not so much with the modern world, though huh?😂😂😂

      2. I like weird and quirky history, so I actually want to see this movie. Sure it will be sensationalized and made dramatic for the screen, but let’s not act like any historical movie is actually accurate.

      3. “Politically Correct history is a marvelous thing. You never know what’s going to happen yesterday.”
        And here I though It was von Braun who put the white man on the moon; but of course not, it was some colored genius, just like this one:

        1. Can Nigeria’s first ever locally-built helicopter fly?
          “Why not?” says ‘helicopter jet’ inventor.

      4. My mom and female relatives tried to rope me into seeing this over the holidays. I laughed so hard. I kind of wanted to go just to see the quality of males there as I am sure they are all whipped.

      5. We wuz space queenz. It’s not enough that the media steal our time, our most basic morals, or our right to exist. They have to take our history too. My grandfather actually worked in the early Apollo program with experimental metals and extrusion (developing tiny tough wires). Fuck this movie.

    3. How many astronauts can they fit in a Volkswagon?
      11 – 2 in the front seat, 2 in the back seat, and 7 in the ash tray.

      1. NASA need another seven astronauts.
        I do remember watching this live in school in the auditorium

        1. I was at DLI at the time (Defense Language Institute). A teacher (a Basque actually) came into the class and told us that the shuttle had exploded. The man was normally one to crack wise about everything and had this really strange sense of humor so some of the class even laughed a little, waiting for the punchline.
          Turns out, he wasn’t joking.

        2. Can’t always be one to crack jokes. It is like a Spanish traffic jam. All the Basques on one Exit.
          My school rolled out a big (which now would be considered a comically small) tv and we all stood there watching. So odd

        3. I watched it too at school. Sucks how much it set the space program back. 30 years earlier, they wouldn’t have batted an eye and kept charging forward.

        4. I was in SERE training, they told us when the training ended. They had raised the flag then immediately lowered it to half mast and told us why.

        5. For that one I was in Darwin Australia with the PELELIU ARG, and was the Senior Shore Patrol Officer responsible for executing the recall of the personnel on liberty. It was evening in Darwin when it occurred.
          Didn’t really need to do a formal recall– the clubs/bars shifted their TVs over to live coverage of what was happening. All the Sailors and Marines headed back to the ships on their own, only had to tell a couple of stragglers the recall was official. Young men and women knowing they’d be doing what they’d signed up to do.

        6. The mood must have been quite sombre. Something like “Ah what in the fuck. Here we go again” mixed with war-cries. You catch my drift.
          I was in Maui doing my morning laps when I heard a big commotion coming from the pool bar. I saw people in hysterics, people sitting in stone silence, people shouting and cussing. Then when the towers imploded, it was like everybody was waiting for the world to end at any second. Cold silence with quiet and hushed gasps and cries.

        7. I was on my second career and bottle feeding my infant daughter while watching Challenger explode on TV.

      1. I know Google is just terrible! Saying MERRY CHRISTMAS for them is Nazism! They are dead beat liberals/marxists.

    4. It is a very odd coincidence that two NASA missions with kikes on board ended in fire:
      Challenger with Judith Resnik.
      Columbia with Ilan Ramon.
      A signal from the Universe?

        1. Nothing is perfect….but hey, 2 burned jews in the sky is better than no burned jews in the sky. It is a shame the ‘holocaust’ didn’t happen, just imagine all those beautiful ovens burning all those jews! It really is a wet dream, or better, a hot dream!

        2. Considering a Jew’s corpse can apparently go wet from the showers to having even the bones incinerated to ash in only 20 minutes, I’m surprised we don’t just use them for fuel. They burn with an atomic flame.
          Compress a few hundred dead Jews into a SRB and we could make Mars in 30 days, assuming we could build an engine to contain such raw power, or a ship that could handle such massive acceleration.

        3. I just explained it to you. You can FUCK OFF.
          Google that shit if you need help, dumbass.

        4. Wow, you such a badass! Please forgive and let me be your friend, please? I will behave.

        5. Actually… both shuttles that exploded had a Jew on board. Maybe there is a cover-up on the investigation? It wasn’t a bad o-ring that caused the fire. One of the Jews on board caught a spark from static discharge and their immensely flammable bodies went up like a bomb. Oi vey!

    5. Not just white men but rather German men: Wernher von Braun, Hermann Oberth, Walter Dornberger, Gunther Wendt etc

    6. Hopefully the PC culture will be ridiculed and thrown in the trash as its rightful place.
      When Trump goes on saying “You can grab them by the pussy”, and get elected, it means a lot of people were already hating or not giving a shit about the PC culture. We just didn’t know there were so many out there. Now we know and the tide is turning. Knowing we were not only not alone but in great numbers is very powerful. Fuck diversity and the PC culture.

      1. I was watching the usual right-wing European youtube channels and saw some stuff which brought me some cheer along these lines, namely that the anger and growing dissent in Germany and Europe against PC and diversity is a lot stronger and healthier than I thought, there’s hope for us yet! Large, angry rallies that are completely unreported by the MSM..

      2. Funny thing was, NOW made the attacks based on crude remarks ineffective years ago. They did it by refusing to condemn/attack Clinton over his sexual misconduct. (only a belated an half-hearted criticism) It clearly showed that there was no actual principal involved for NOW/feminists– just political maneuvering. You can ignore the behavior if it’s one of ‘your guys’.
        So the public followed that standard that was actually set, vice the rhetoric. They ignored the crude comments by ‘their guy’ as it didn’t violate you know, an actual principal the feminists really cared about…

    7. That one was not the crews fault man. At all.
      I understand the need to make a point, but this is not the way.

      1. True. But if the crew arguably doing the most dangerous job on or above earth was “more diverse”, then it’s very likely that “diversity is our strength” was also implemented in the unseen maintenance workforce.

    8. The Challenger was empty; all of those Astro-nots are still alive: NASA is pure fakery. There are videos of astro-nots in lower orbit, allegedly, and the astro-nots fuck up their lines on the line feed, giving away that they aren’t in space, as well as thousands of greenscreen clitches. They film zero gravity on the NASA 747 Zero G.

        1. They might have gone to the moon, but the footage they showed was undeniably faked. Stanley Kubrick filmed it, and even coded it into The Shining.

    9. To be fair, the Moon landing was conducted during a somewhat artificial period of labour restriction. Possibly the Americans would have beaten the Russians to Space if they hadn’t restricted a significant part of their workforce and intelligencia for so long.

    10. Nazi scientists blew up the Challenger because they would rather see their work destroyed than a Jewish women in space…

  3. Good article. It ticks me off how these pundits of “diversity” are the first to ask what ethnicity you are on job applications, tax forms, or other bureaucratic forms.

      1. Depends. Do they wear tights with their underwear on the outside and also do they sport capes? Because that would make sense.

        1. It is, as long as you are not assigned the job of Wonder Twin.

    1. I self identify as a black lesbian. PRoblem solved.
      If race doesnt matter, why is it on such forms at all.

    2. Oh, mandatory diversity form? No problem.
      “Native American.” Check.
      You question my heritage by demanding proof, pale-skin? My lawyer will take it up with your HR department.
      I’m biased, but I’m still convinced lying on those forms has helped me. Not as much as Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, but I lack her political connections.
      To defeat the Jew one must become the Jew.

  4. Annually I’m compelled to take a slew of training in order to remain “in compliance” (I loathe the corporate world, have I mentioned that lately). The training consists of lots of “modules” which are more or less web based slideshows with drippingly condescending content and big pretty pictures “It’s always proper to keep a clean and tidy workspace!” etc. There are usually around 20 “pages” or so for each module. This year I completed 15 modules.
    Each and every photo that featured human beings in them, had this characteristic. Team Diversity was omnipresent (all of the professionals pictured were either black males or white/Asian females), there were no white males pictured unless it was *specifically* in the role of a “bad guy” (thief, swindler, etc), even going to absurd lengths to ensure that you knew he was “evil” such as black and white stripped shirts and wearing a mask. There was not *one*, not *one* positive photo with a white male in it and there was not *one* negative photo that did not feature the white male as the perpetrator of evil. Not *one*.
    I screen captured some of these but I’m loathe to post them because I don’t know if the modules are proprietary to my company (and thus could be used to doxx me) or if they’re more generic. I did show them to lolknee and Unabashed offline however. It was shameful and I really, really thought about filing a complaint, but believed that it would
    a) amount to nothing
    b) be a waste of time on my part
    c) Mark me for harassment once it was discovered that I wasn’t down with Team Diversity making me into a villain
    d) Make me into a whiny little bitch who “files complaints”, you know the type

    1. The best thing to do here is save this evidence for a counter-barrage if necessary. If you ever find yourself on the receiving end of a harassment/discrimination complaint, broadside them with this and turn it to show that the “complaint” is in actuality just more evidence of their systemic bias against white males.
      You are correct about points a-d. Unless you are willing to pretend to be a member of a victim class, your complaints are probably pointless. But this info is good to have in the right circumstances.

      1. Yes, I did save them with some redundancy (hard drive and USB thumb drive). I’ve actually been on the receiving end of actual discrimination before in the work place but never really saved things to compile a counter suit against the company, as I was rather naive about the whole thing at the time. Now, I know better.
        I was actually turned down for an internal interview for a management position around 2010 because, and I’m quoting my supervisor (a woman) directly “You’re the wrong gender”. I tried to get her to say it again later when I had a voice recorder hidden on me, but she wouldn’t. This company had a good 90% of its management owning vaginas, they openly discriminated against men and seemed pretty nonchalant about it. I left there fairly soon afterward.

        1. I wonder if one day down the road people will look back at this stuff and wonder wtf we were doing the way we look back at bell bottoms and side burns and wonder how it possibly became popular

        2. Side burns became popular in the military due to some early advancements in the use of gunpowder: moustaches got burned, side burns did not, hence young men coming back home after their service kept the style. When nobility did this many people started coping it.
          No idea for bell bottoms.
          But do not worry the people won’t think how we believed once in equality, multicultural and diversity. In fact the people did not think in the first place on many issues…

        3. “You’re the wrong gender.” Friend, that is the veritable “smoking gun” evidence in a discrimination case that is well neigh impossible to find.
          Having done a deal of employment discrimination litigation (always on the defense side), I have been universally surprised at how flimsy most claims are. I have never seen a case that had any merit at all – everything I have seen was some malingering shitbag trying to outflank the company to cover their own incompetence and prevent their own termination. I try to keep my own biases in mind, but I have never seen anything even approaching that type of statement.
          It is kind of shocking that, in this age where we counsel employers to be very careful about what they say to employees precisely because they can be sued over it, that someone would so casually admit this to you. Well, not really shocking considering the characteristics of the speaker and recipient.

        4. She was a strangely frank woman. I really wish I could have gotten that on a recording. On the flip side, whenever I go into a meeting alone with any kind of management now, I carry a voice recorder turned on and hidden on my person (perfectly legal in Ohio to do this). That kind of thing is not going to catch me flat footed again.
          She was also pretty open about ogling me and one other guy there too. We had a “holiday off site meeting” aka “let’s all meet at the bar after work” thing. It was 90% women and me and two other guys (and one of the guys was gay). One of the women called my supervisor to get her to put down her work and come to the event, and one of the other girls there yelled out “Tell her GOJ is taking off his shirt and dancing on the tables! That will get her down here!” and the rest of the girls cheered with that annoying loud American girl shriek thing that they do now. Can you imagine any group of guys getting by with that, even in an informal “off site meeting” environment?
          The place was a veritable nightmare to work at, so like I said, I cut my time there short pretty quickly.

        5. Actually bell bottoms could be pretty hot on a cute girl, as I recall, because they were very tight fitting above the knees and hung real low at the waist line.
          Men wearing them, on the other hand, deserved the immediate dispensing of justice via handgun to the face.

        6. That hippie cute never worked for me, even on legit hotties of the day. But yes, I was thinking of guys like Andy Gibb. At some point in time someone thought that that was a good idea. I like to think that people will look at diversity that way someday

        7. The only people who I have found actually feel entitled to sex or affection are white women. Everyone else has been professional. It’s creepy ass older white women who try to flirt with me at work or touch me (my back, shoulders etc).

        8. In corporate America, the mere accusation of whatever type makes you a pariah to your peers, pretty much kills your chances at promotions, and erodes your ability to lead. I know this personally and ejected when I realized the culture of the company I had been with for 12 years had become afraid of SJWs / feminists / racialists / et al. at the expense of objective facts.

        9. Long ago I had an HR interviewer ask me if I was married. when I replied that I was engaged she said, “Good. Because we don’t hire single men.” It was their stated policy. Years later I asked a female business law professor (PhD, law degree, Administrative Court judge) if I would have had any case for discrimination. She said if I was a woman their asking my marital status would have been sufficient to sue. But since I was a white male, and therefore not in a protected class, I had no case. She said it was stupid and evil, but it was where we were at as a culture.

        10. Bell bottoms were the uniform of the enlisted Navy men for a long, long time. Women go ape for the old jumper sailor uniform. It was also very easy to keep in good order stuffed in the bottom of a sea bag.

    2. Watch out for gangs of marauding white men.
      They roam the night wearing black masks and black clothing.
      They carry big bags of cash over their shoulders.
      They’ll even rob your main chick.
      And if you thought that wasn’t bad enough, they’ll steal your groceries. Your next EBT card doesn’t arrive for two weeks!!!

      1. Those are exactly the kind of photos that were in all of these presentations. It was highly insulting.

        1. You will NEVER find a home security company doing an infomercial where the intruders are clearly Black.

        2. It’s amazing how much porn I had to filter through when I yahoo image-searched “white man robber” to get these photos. But I digress. I remember seeing the same shit during training when I worked security at a high rise in a busy metro area. The funny thing is, I was in Denver, which is mostly white, but the majority of people I ran off site weren’t white.
          By the way, WB the chick getting her purse stolen.

        3. But they’re still plenty diverse. The Asian chick sells you the security system, and the black guy installs it.

        4. It’s so the black guy can tell his accomplices how to disarm it later. Especially if the installation guy spotted some nice Vases, Artwork, and fine China around the place 😛

        5. Yeah, purse-snatched girl is fairly easy on the eyes.

        6. Haha that’s like how those ads for the absorbency of sanitary pads and tampons are always demonstrated with a blue liquid rather than a red one!

      2. The photo used in this article showing the white women in a boardroom has been used more than enough times. I’m sick of seeing it now…. Kinda like my ex-gfs, ZING!

      3. I was stuck in an office for about a year doing shitty promotional materials and fliers, and was locked into a massive stock art collection for reasons above my pay grade. (High-ups were up their own asses about never taking our own photographs of actual people at actual events. Because usage rights and fear of lawsuits. I can’t explain it.) Finding straight white men doing anything but stealing or driving a wheelchair was hard. Real hard.
        All the criminals and carjackers are white. The vast majority of the stock photos and clip art of “families” are black or asian. (Or gay with a kid in a wheelchair.) All the stock photos of doctors or construction workers are women. Basically take any reality you can think of and flip the races and/or genders.
        This was before the “hipster dick-sucking lumberjack in problem glasses” became the favored look of emasculation. I’d imagine modern stock collections do feature more white “men” now. Probably on their knees, or having their ties cut off by their women bosses.

    3. I do technical for a living as well I know exactly what you’re talking about. I once had a bad run with a global company just minding my own business. Nepotism and PC religion was used to discriminate against me and the corruption went all the way to the top. I learned the hard way it is better to quit than count on a chain of command to do the right thing for an employee whether they like it or not. From my experience, Columbus is full of lefties and PC adherents. Cuckservatives were as close as it seemed to get to “conservative” there.

      1. Downtown, yeah. The suburbs are pretty right wing, and once you get to my neck of the woods, you get into heavily little “L” libertarian country. Where I live is where the news comes when they want a quote of somebody saying that the income tax needs to be repealed (seriously). Heh.

    4. Same here, I Have a load of those same bull shit modules that you are referring to in my company also. The funny thing about it is that, I work in a facility that has a 90/10 ration of men to women, and the company still wastes resources on this useless crap. The scary thing about it is that I asked my boss what would happen if I or other employees in my division did not complete the modules and he stated that, it could cause a huge problem in HR. These are strange times in the west that we are currently experiencing.

      1. CYA for lawsuits. Anybody does anything wrong, they point to the documentation showing they made the effort providing training.
        I go through the same mandatory training every year. No different then the training I received on initially reporting to the Navy decades ago.

    5. I have the same crap imposed on me at work – sounds like the exact same “learning” modules. I work in the public sector in Ontario, they might have even brought in U.S. material. America is ahead of Canada in diversity, don’t you know. I guess the Great White North is too white.
      The latest IT security training video was used to train people not to open fake email phishing scams, don’t click on attachments from unknown senders, lock you computer, don’t leave your cell phone lying around, etc.
      The characters were cartoon images of people in work environments performing safe and unsafe computer/tech tasks.
      Guess what race/gender the loser, goofball know-nothing main character was? Always asking the women/minority to solve his problems. I’ll save the suspense: he had a penis, mustache and light skin.
      A co-worker and I had the same reaction as you, and reached the same conclusion. What a bunch of lib-left horseshit, and what’s the point of being a whiny complaining little bitch.

    6. That shit is the Super Bowl of absurdity. The last American company I worked for a few years back, while on a tight project deadline – got a call from corp. HR while at one of their European subs about not fulfilling that shit. The CFO demanded I make time.
      Finished the project and ran from that.

    7. Team Diversity. That’s a joke. This really is 2+2=5 stuff. Ironically people thought that voting for Trump would make a “difference” but until you delouse the whole corporate, academic and media worlds of these anti white male self loathing, you’d not see many changes and it will take at least a generation.
      And Trump has always been a centrally player in these worlds, so, I can’t see him doing much here unfortunately.

      1. This shit took a bit over a century to implement, it’s not going to disappear in a term or two. The best we can do is start down that path now and pray for our great grandchildren.

    8. Wait till you want to leave the company (better job lined up or ready to retire) then sue your company for a hostile workplace. That sort of evidence would make the lawyers drool

      1. As a programmer and an engineer, I take absolutely no offense. The fact is, you’re pretty much right about “coders”, especially those who call themselves coders.
        I see less of this phenomenon among computer engineers, because our world is different from that of the computer scientist. In their world, much like the world of the mathematician, everything works exactly as you expect, and anything that makes your job “easier” is inherently better.
        These are the people who ignore things like how Object Oriented Programming is fundamentally more difficult for the human mind to employ because, on its face, it actually mirrors natural thought processes. They’ll ignore the fatal issues inherent to Java (memory leaks, outrageously slow performance, huge resource drain, etc.) because it’s “the future” and “risk-free” (in their minds, anyway). They’ll teach young programmers to fear useful languages and techniques because there’s more risk if the programmer doesn’t know what he’s doing.
        This “everything works exactly as I expect it to” mindset lends itself to all kinds of utopic thinking. I find most programmers still expect technology to improve at an exponential rate forever, still believe everyone is basically the same in all things (except fitness – they’re just not meant to be healthy and fit), and think socialist utopia is an achievable ideal.

    1. Just asking, what exactly has Jared Taylor done in the past 20-30 years that has actually been of any consequence?
      Amren just seems to be him blaming blacks for his personal problems in life. He is undoubtedly one of the most impotent and ineffectual political leaders in history.
      I respect him more than his “friend” John Derbyshire, though. Taylor is at least consistent, unlike the Derb.

      1. None of the white nationalist leaders were “successful.” Not Ben Klassen. Not William Pierce. Not George Lincoln Rockwell.

  5. How come it is only majority white countries which supposedly need diversity? How come no one says the same about countries in Africa needing more non-Africans, or countries in eastern Asia needing more non-Asians?

    1. (((they))) will get onto the East Asian countries after (((they))) are finished with the white countries first.

      1. I’m not so sure about that. Countries like Japan, China and the like have a very strong “we seriously don’t give a fuck” attitude towards such things.
        I’m pretty sure that in every eastern Asian country, it is next to impossible as a foreigner to become a naturalized citizen, and even if you do, you’re still not able to enjoy the privileges that come along with being a native.

    2. “How come no one says the same about countries in Africa needing more non-Africans?” Easy – this would obviously mean that white liberals may have to move there. Fat fucking chance, that.

      1. Third world countries exist for photo-ops for young idiots. If you don’t have a picture of your smug white face among a bunch of skinny African tribals, you clearly hate poor/black/sick/etc. people.
        Then you get your “This little girl, Shaq’e’nn’ia, was so sweet. She said the five english words she knows to me: ‘Thank you, White Jesus Lady.’”

        1. I wonder how many liberal teenage girls are raped on their missionarys to Africa, and how many never tell anyone out of embarrassement.

      Dieversity for white countries accomplishes only the end of the greater civilizations in current existence.

      1. I have no problem with limited numbers of foreigners moving to countries like the USA or Canada, as long as they’re willing to assimilate, and leave the backwards ways of doing things that they fled at the door when they get here.

    4. In point of fact, white students are told to celebrate the independence movements in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. They are told Gandhi was a hero for resisting. We are told empires are bad. Only coloreds should have their own nations, the right to self-determination, the right to preserve their culture and heritage,
      White nations are just economic zones.

      1. Even worse. In almost all of these former colonies, independence made living standards worse.

      1. Most jet planes are built to last longer than 8 hours. Many of them do decades of service.

        1. I’m just implying that’s the maximum distance a White guy would have to go to find an abundance of brown and black skin toned women.

  6. If you ever want to see “diversity” at its finest, go work for a corporation that has federal contracts. That is my current situation and I’ve seen the most disgusting stomach dropping things happen. Yes, white females are the primary beneficiaries of “diversity”. Keep in mind, just about anyone can get an engineering degree these days. Anyone can get through an engineering program at college today because they do not weed students out any longer. So I’ve watched 20-something year old females receive $100,000+ salaries with promotions into managerial positions. They gave the vice president position to a woman of whom then turned around and created second level management positions ($120,000 – $140,000 base salary) for 4 female HR generalists. The 4 female HR generalists that were nothing but just HR cunts previously, continued to work their HR cunt generalist jobs but yet with a management title and pay band into the $ six figures which equates to more than any engineer at the company will ever make. 50% of the company has no function. It’s just creating big job titles and salaries for white females, minorities, and sons/daughter/friends/family to keep the federal gravy train of money rolling in.
    Its’ a very large complex. They even created a $100K+ Sr. “Communications” position. Gave it to a hispanic divorced single mom cunt of whom does nothing. We have a company intranet portal page that employees visit from their desktop computer to read company news/updates. They decided to post a story about a federal knigger security guard that worked there. The photo on the front of the portal page was the knigger security guard and his white wife. Basically, the feminist communication department wanted to taunt the white male engineers with a photo of a knigger and white wife and mud kids. The day Trump won, the communication cunts ran a story of a female engineer of whom got her masters degree in electrical engineering and how smart and accomplished she was. Lots of white guys have their masters degrees, but no story was ever posted about them getting their masters in engineering.
    I can’t wait to get out of that company. I’m trying. Today, the only way to escape discrimination against white males is to just go into business for yourself if you can start your own company and be successful doing it. Otherwise, you are stuck in the world of corporate “diversity”. I believe companies might also receive either some kind of federal funding or tax breaks for hiring females/minorities/former military which is why today all new hires and promotions always seem to go to females/minorities/former military. Granted, yes we do have white males that are talented and well connected that climb the corporate ladder as well. But more than 50% of the promotions and opportunities are strictly reserved for “diversity” candidates. 50% of the management titles where I work are held by minorities, yet the 50% grossly over-represents the demographics in the company itself. Females make up like 20% of the total workforce, but hold almost 50% of the high level management positions.

    1. I haven’t worked with them in a while, but I remember the SBA (Small Business Administration) giving lots of help and money specifically to women run businesses.

    2. A company I worked for had this female who totally fucked up a slew of shit on a fairly consistent basis. However, in order to maintain “diversity” they created a position for her out of whole cloth.
      She was promoted to “Vice President of Spreadsheets”. I shit you not, that was her actual title.

      1. Under the Peter Principle– a lateral promotion to get her out of the way as opposed to firing her, because the folks who put her there couldn’t admit they were wrong about her qualifications…

        1. I think it was that and also a way to keep “diversity” there, as otherwise it was a mostly white male company and they were treading pretty close to the line regarding not being “diverse” enough according to the law.

        2. That doesn’t explain why they didn’t just fire her and get another female who was actually somewhat more capable.

        3. Because she was a loud obnoxious type that, I believe, would have immediately filed a lawsuit. She was incompetent and, of course, rather arrogant.
          Or who knows? I do know that it was the stupidest thing I’d ever seen a business do at that point in my life.

        1. Could have been. It was the mid 90’s and women hadn’t become balloons yet, so she was thin and reasonably attractive as long as she kept her pie hole shut.

        2. Ah, the 90’s…that was about the end of the era when women had to actually please their boss to get ahead instead of complaining their way to the top.

      2. Guess they wanted to give her a chance to get good at spreading sheets to get promoted to President.

    3. If you can team up with a Service Disabled Vet when setting up your business, it allows you to be more competitive. Feds have a goal for a percentage of contracts going to Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business’s and it is hard to meet.

    4. But why don’t you get out and start small at something you are good at? You will realize that it is actually easy if your needs are few.

    5. Fucking insanity.
      Sickening to be an engineer, have studies something challenging only to be paid much less than some cunt who majored in sociology or communications.

      1. That’s me now. I am in labs or practicals and the chicks from the psychology department all talk about being in the military. Not as soldiers. They want to be in HR. I continue on with real science.

    6. You can bet they wouldn’t post a family photo of a white engineer and his asian wife.
      White women want to do everything possible to minimize and reduce white males’ mating options. Hence why they accuse white men who date asian women of having “yellow fever,” while no one can call white women with black male partners as having “jungle fever.”

      1. They use photos of white men with yellow midgets as well as black men defiling white women. White women aren’t the issue. The people pushing this on their TV shows, Hollywood films and advertising agencies, are all jews. They love the idea of white men breeding with a stumpy angry chubby yellow midget instead of one of their own. The amount of propaganda pushing white women to spread their legs for blacks – or be called racist – is off the charts; the fact that most white women date in their own group – MORE than any other ethnic group, as white men are #1, just shows that white women are loyal as fuck compared to others, and many are naturally repulsed by how vile, stupid and ugly the worthless-piece-of-shit nigger is. Just think, Billions are spent every year in brainwashing white women to date niggers, and they still aren’t taking the bait as the jewish cunts want – which means phase 2 will be coming, and that is the gulags for white men and forced sex slavery of white women.

    7. “Today, the only way to escape discrimination against white males is to
      just go into business for yourself if you can start your own company
      and be successful doing it.”
      Understatement of the century.

    8. I was driving through Bristol (UK) once and the road was blocked with hundreds of massively obese niggers spewing out of a building and crossing the road. I thought it was some annual Seventh Day Adventist meeting. I looked online and it was a Bristol Council Office. They are trying to hide the nigger unemployment figures by employing them all in local government pseudo-jobs.

  7. The goal of the ‘Diversity’ movement has always been division/divisiveness. Breaking the population down into politically exploitable factions that could be turned against one another.
    Kind of backfired on the leftists this cycle as the largest faction they’d created as the bogeyman for others to be pitted against were working class males. Who finally voted as the faction they’d been created to be. Vice the dem leaning faction they used to be, prior to being made the bogeyman for the others.

    1. Yup, they peeled off all the groups one by one until all they had left are the white working males. That is too big of a force to exploit.

      1. Since they’d owned them prior, and they’d loyally voted dem, they just assumed they’d keep voting that way. Just like they count on African Americans in the inner city, despite the devastation.
        Interesting in that a lot of the minority vote for Trump came in the counties where there was a high percentage in the working class, that is, outside of the inner cities. Minority folks working in the rural counties tended to go for Trump just like the white working class.

        1. You see that every election cycle. Cities vote for the Democrats, rural and smaller towns vote for Republicans. It isn’t so much Red State vs Blue State so much as it is city vs small town. Consequently, you have liberals doing thing like turning vast amounts of acreage into national monuments, drying up mining, logging etc. in an effort to cause the people to move to cities and collect welfare.

      2. “…the white working males.”
        Some I know were life long democrats usually due to union membership or false understanding of what the dem party stands for these days.

        1. My wife’s grandma was like that until the day she died. She was one of those “Rosie the Riveters” during WW2. Continued to think that Democrats were for the working man and fairness and all that. I think the last of those naive people are dying off.

        2. Same for my grandfather. Life long Teamster (he retired and found they stole his pension).
          He was speechless when I told him I and his son were not back in 95′. Tried to tell him times change, but he wouldn’t hear of it.

    2. yes. and also control. if you get to diversity-police everything you’re in control of everything.

    3. I dont know why you and others here don’t think that working class males were manipulated the same way all the other demographics are. Trump’s “win” is just another trick up their sleeve.

      1. I don’t see working class males as being manipulated into being enthusiastic supporters of Trump, as much as rejecting the dem/leftists progressive path of them being increasingly demonized.
        Vote for the person claiming you’re evil or vote for the person saying your interests should be considered as equally as any other group.

        1. The people that planned Trump’s campaign had to know how positively white working class males would respond to anti-liberal, inflammatory rhetoric. They float SJW rhetoric for 8 years then bring in a candidate that opposes all of it. The people that run this country are always a few steps ahead of everyone. They know exactly how the masses will react to everything.

        2. I don’t know. There was real hatred of Trump, attempts on his life. I don’t think he was being used as a pawn.

        3. “I don’t think he was being used as a pawn.”
          The theory I’ve heard from some people is that the election of 2016 was a war between the factions of elites: the ones like Hillary who were willing to use megadeaths and nuclear war to advance the agenda [the majority], and the minority [Trump] who like indoor plumbing.
          It should be noted that Trump supports the surveillance state, as does his CIA pick.

        4. Yeah but Trump personifies everything the Left hates: an unabashed chauvinistic white male with a yuge family, making children into his 60s.
          If they had run race-mixing Jeb! or foam party fun times Rubio, that would have advanced the agenda.

        5. Everyone is used as a pawn. We’re just hoping Trump will be a useful sacrifice so we can capture an enemy queen.
          Getting the population very, very angry only works if you can keep them under control. (((They))) are also very, very good at controlling people. It’s a dangerous game.

        6. Finding a spreading cancer is very invasive, but it must be done if you plan to remove it before it kills you.

      2. Who would you suggest they have voted for? McMuffin who said: “If Vladimir Putin is creating an international white nationalist movement, there will need to be an international movement that opposes it.”

        1. Don’t vote at all. If a reality TV shmuck and a globalist sociopath are the only two options just don’t participate in it at all. Write in Tom Brady on the ballot.

        2. People could have said the same thing about Hitler: who does this failure of an artist turned corporal think he is?

        3. Patriots are going to win the Super Bowl again and unite the country! A true Patriot! The slogans are endless for his campaign.

    4. Total bullshit. The goal of Diversity is explicitly stated by many many jewish sociologists and elitists: it is the extemination of the white race, through dispossesion and miscegenation, and, as the jewish ex-President of France, Sarkozy, said, “If they don’t micegenenate, we will force them to”, ergo white sex slaves for niggers and ragheads. Jews know the only threat they have is organised white people. They have no fear of whites if whites accept blacks, at it will implode due to the worthlessness of black people and the burden they create. It is all genetic warfare against whites, so jews can become the only whites – which is why they have so many Ukrainian blonde sex slaves in Israel – they are gene hijacking Europeans, then trying to have us destroy our own genetic legacy by creating half Sapien half nigger children. Europe was almost 100% white prior to WW2. Jews won WW2 and are systematically destroying it, so it obviously isn’t about creating ‘divisions’. It is about getting rid of whites altogether. There will still be millions of worthless niggers if their plans go through. Look, there is only one shitskin on this forum, Bobwhatever – that is how much nigggers are into this truth movement. You look at Mohammed Ali and what he said about race mixing, then he got the memo that the goal of the civil rights movement wasn’t to mix blacks out of existence, but to get rid of whites, and then he accepts his family mixing with white women, and turning out low IQ groids. It is white women that are being targetted for defilement, and white men dispossesed and replaced in the workforce. What part of that do you not understand? There is no diversity – these are out lands and civilisations built by and for whites. The way we get rid of racial factions, is to stick a bullet in every niggers head and turn their corpse into dogfood – the highest value they’ll ever attain.

  8. ‘Diversity’ serves two goals for globalists:
    a. it allows them to seize & regulate ALL aspects of association, including free association under the guise of ‘equality’ … so an all men’s club that’s mostly white can come under investigation from the city (as most Mens clubs did in New York) and be forced to admit women, more minorities- then that place is no longer a place where ideas can be exchanged freely.
    b. forced race mixing. It’s no secret that china is trying to demographically swamp tibet by a. importing han chinese, b. sending SINGLE tibet women to work in factories where there are ONLY chinese men and then offering a ‘bonus’ for race mixing. – and what do we do here? we put marriage/breeding age white females in environments where there are NO straight white males because the diversity quotas say it must be x% women & minorities. This is particularly prevalent in graduate school and government jobs… the only ‘eligible’ men around are minorities- which is why you’re seeing lots of white women with otherwise beta oriental guys.

    1. I’ve always wondered, under what law could any private club be prosecuted for only admitting a certain type of person? Seems to me that all of the private clubs that have succumbed to “diversity” from previously being male-only did so to “look good” and “progressive”. As I recall there was even a big golf tournament/event that didn’t admit women until a few years ago, and I believe that there was no way to force them to, they just did it on their own.

        1. Right. I’m just saying that using “private club” is a pass to do just about anything. It’s how the Boy Scouts evaded homos for a long while (although they to succumbed due to some grotesque leftist “scoutmasters” who wanted to look “progressive” and voted them in).

        2. Although I don’t know the whole story of why the BSA changed their stance on gays. I do know they were getting sued constantly from activists. I am not sure if our church will continue to support the BSA or not. I am a Scoutmaster, and I really could see it going either way. The church is private, so they don’t have to allow any adults in the local charter that they don’t want. You will not see women there (outside of Cub Scouts), neither gays, or anyone else who has questionable morality. I think as long as you stay away from the city troops, (or Progressive Church sponsored), your kids will be fine.

        3. they were also denied use of campgrounds in many states, they had funding pulled by corporations (selfish homos didn’t care the scout troops targeted were urban kids who could have used scouting most)

        4. Actually, just a few campgrounds and almost always from private parties. Most scouting went on without any hitch and had plenty of campgrounds. My son was a scout and I was heavily involved in the organization for a while.

      1. in NYC the NYAC ( new york athletic club ) was FORCED to admit women as were all men’s clubs. I don’t know the mechanics of how they did it but something to do with discrimination.
        “I believe that there was no way to force them to, they just did it on their own.”
        heh, you think they just did it on their own or were pressured by NGOs, boycutts, ‘soft’ government threats (your permit for this or that won’t be renewed) etc. I think you’re referring to where the masters was/is played.

        1. Of course they were pressured, but pressure is not the same thing as legal compulsion.
          A truly private club is exclusionary by definition. Whatever those “athletic clubs” were doing at the time probably crossed that line somewhere, opening them to legal challenges.

    2. Brilliant comment.
      Having been in academia for many years, I see tons of interracial couples between white females and Asian or Indian men.
      The intent behind Affirmative Action is to elevate the social / financial status of colored men at the expense of white men to make colored men seem like better prospects for family formation.
      Why would white women date white men? You think they care if their future child has squinty eyes or looks kinda brown? You think they’re racially aware? They know white men are actively discriminated against and will face barriers to education, employment, and advancement. Why do they want to hitch their wagon to a dead horse?

      1. I made a similar comment on here weeks ago and had commenters thinking I was exaggerating or making things up. There is a serious lack of straight white men in college, business school, med school, etc. In academia, you will almost never see white couples. The white scholars, professional students are alone and the white females are often with blacks, asians, or indians. FACT

      2. well to many its become a status symbol to have a black/interaccial child. It brings plenty of attention and praise to women which they otherewise wouldn’t get.
        I remember a few years ago one week NPR had a woman who was having children via danish sperm donors and they lambasted her and asked why she din’t adapt a black child.
        One week later they gave a cover page story to an otherwise mediocre looking, slightly overweight Minnesota woman posing in a Sari and had a gushy harlequin romance style story about how she married an indian man but it ‘turned heads’ in parts of minnesotta (presumably where there are not goodwhites but badwhites)

        1. There was some kooky Evangelical couple who had three black embryos implanted in the wife’s womb and gave birth to black triplets. Because otherwise the embryos would have been thrown out. Fucking insanity.

        2. Isn’t strange how white women who marry non-white men are always so eager to prove their worth to their in-laws. Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism, women who marry Indians dress in a Sari and put a dot on their forehead, they learn how to cook traditional ethnic meals.
          But a white man can’t demand a muslim woman renounce her religion and embrace Christianity, he can’t demand that she dress more Western.
          Why, it’s almost like there’s no such thing as White Supremacism at all. White are always willing to shed their culture and beliefs and traditions.

      3. Most white women date and marry white men. You’re myopic on this topic.

  9. Diversity. Discrimination in everything but name. Don’t worry if you don’t meet the standards, people. We’ll just lower them to meet you. Diversity. Come and experience some of that today at all participating outlets in your area. Good day people.

  10. The Huffpo picture is ironic on another level because diversity is measured in blacks vs non-blacks these days. Huffpo got zero credit for the 3 brown girls and 2 Asians in the picture.

  11. It’s about destroying merit based society and replacing it with political based society. In the later everyone is assigned to a group which then must fight the other groups for everything. This brings every last thing into politics and the state’s management.
    They cloak the notions in things like fairness and kindness but really it’s about putting people into easy to rule classes and cutting off any threat to the ruling class from below. Merit based society is very difficult to rule. People get ahead, they threaten the power structure.
    Also it’s difficult to control wages in a merit based society. People need to be made fungible, replaceable, only differentiated by their assigned groups. This way people can be paid the absolute minimum because that other guy over there is just as good as you and will replace you for less. Why is he just as good? He has the same degrees and certifications and all the other paper nonsense these people believe in. Who cares if it is from some 4th rate school in China and he lacks any of your accomplishments?
    Everyone fights everyone else and the rulers rule. Everyone but the ruling class is poor. That’s what diversity is for. That’s what it’s been since the days of the company town. But now the company town is a nation and eventually the world.

  12. You white collar faggots crack me up.
    This all happened on YOUR WATCH at YOUR BUSINESSES.
    Take responsibility now or pick up an automatic rifle and grenade later. When you are older and less agile.
    Fucking punks.
    Its only taken you cocksuckers 30 fucking years to smell the coffee.

    1. White collar workers never unionized, that’s the problem. IT and STEM guys wanted to think they were better than plumbers or electricians or welders and thumbed their noses at organizing collectively. Now they’re fucked.

      1. Unions are stupid. Sorry New Yorker, but not everybody buys into that shit. I have a much greater command of my destiny and earning power alone, than I have teaming up with a bunch of schlubs and paying my “dues” so that a couple of thug Vito and Guido’s “represent” me.

  13. In the name of balancing the story, I will now tell how a woman saved Toy Story 2.
    Between the theatrical release of Toy Story 2 and its VHS release, the video had to be re-rendered. At the same time, the VHS release of A Bug’s Life was fully published and the animation team had no more need for that compiled footage and the whole slough of models. So, one programmer set about deleting A Bug’s Life from the hard drives.
    There was just one problem: his script accidentally started one directory too high. By the time they caught it, more than half of Toy Story 2 was gone.
    This was a disaster. Animation is expensive like crazy, and especially at this time 3D animation was time consuming and intensive work. Releasing Toy Story 2 could well cost Pixar its entire future.
    But there was one animator who had taken her laptop with her on maternity leave. She was due back that week, and her hard drive contained files from shortly before the theatrical release. From her files and the pieces they had saved from deletion, they reduced the re-rendering to about 16 seconds of film.
    A pregnant woman saved an animation studio.

    1. I’ve never, ever seen a large company who didn’t have redundant backup, even back in the late 1990’s. You’re saying that this company was so inept, despite being a technology animation company, that they didn’t do daily incremental backups?
      For reals? Geeeeshhhh.

      1. Apparently he cut corners. He did a wipe of all the active storage solutions, even the backups. He had some substitutions in the script that meant he didn’t necessarily notice he was wiping from the top level until his coworkers couldn’t find their files.
        Of course, remember that we’re talking about multi-gigabyte final products with all their production resources, back in the early 00’s. They had resources for one finalized film, one mostly-finalized film, and one or two films in the works (I can’t remember if it was Finding Nemo or Monsters, Inc.) Even with the money they got out of working with Disney, they only had so much to work with.

        1. I’m not doubting you, I’m just shocked that an acknowledged IT type company didn’t have DAT drives whirring every fifteen minutes to back up such big bank type projects. That’s careless to the point of incompetence, even in the late 1990’s.

        2. Well, even if they were, they usually copy a state. As my professor told it, the solution ran more than 24 hrs before it was caught, and it still hadn’t managed to wipe everything out of Toy Story 2.
          Ironically, I believe most of A Bug’s Life survived the purge.
          But the factoid remains: apparently a pregnant woman acted like a remote backup drive and saved a company from an insufficiently careful program.
          EDIT: I wanna say this was his “diversity” lecture. Engineers hate those, so he focused primarily on the “Don’t Fuck Up” message.
          Clearly this was not lost on the three women in the class of hundreds – I only saw one of them in later classes.

    2. “A pregnant woman saved an animation studio.”
      It wasn’t HER — it was her laptop that saved the animation studio, without any action of any kind on her part.

      1. That was pretty much my understanding, yes.
        But if she hadn’t gotten pregnant and decided to carry the child to term (and, I assume, raise it with her husband), I might not have Toy Story 2 on my shelf. So, in a way, “repressive patriarchal gender roles” saved the day.

  14. Funny, but it happened during a workplace Diversity Training, that I have learned, that as a straight white male, I am a Racist no matter what, without any chance of redemption.
    So I thought that instead of fighting it, I might as well just embrace it fully!
    “Fuck this shit, Sieg Heil, then!”-were my actual thoughts.
    And I have never looked back ever since…

    1. That’s pretty much how I became Alt-Right. I looked at the changing guidelines and culture of my university, and I came to understand that I was always going to be the villain just because of my skin color, heterosexuality, inner drive, and penis.
      If I’m Literally Hitler anyway, I have unlimited freedom. Nothing I do can make me not-Hitler, so why not be Hitler?

      1. What I have learned during my Diversity Training, was (nearly) literally this:
        “Unless I am jumping for joy if I had a (white) daughter and a person of color fucked her, I am a Racist, period.”
        And I am not kidding here! This was the literal message, in nearly the same words!

        1. But remember, Elder Chinese Father has the right to express disapproval of his daughter dating a white man. Elder Muslim Father has the right to forbid his daughter from dating non-Muslim men. They have culture and heritage to protect. Like chopsticks and shit. But White Fathers can’t express similar outrage or disapproval.

        2. But what I have also learned was that at the workplace there are a lot of people who are like me, paying lip-service to the PC/Feminist/Multikulti official partyline, and shutting up about dangerous topics in general because we have bills to pay at the month end, and we do not want to jeopardize our livelihood – but also if a brave man speaks up, most are happy to follow the lead and express their approval and admit to similar views. That is why I knew Trump will won, right after he said he and the country has no time for Political Correctness, I knew it will resonate among city corporate workers like me.

        3. I taught my daughters that engaging in that sort of bestiality was exactly the way to be disowned.

        4. Sure we can. And do.
          You just wouldn’t know it if your only gauge is the media and pop culture.

        5. If I had a daughter, I would tell her the same. The lack of fatherly influence must be one reason why white girls go astray. I would be worried though, if I had a daughter, and she would reach her rebelling phase. MSM is propagating miscegenation to white girls very strongly. I could only hope that my daughter would choose something else to rebel with, like smoking pot for example…

    2. I recall when this stuff really started to take hold, I had to attend a “sexual harassment prevention” indoctrination with a whole bunch of other new hires.
      The film (this was back when women were still pretty hot on average) had two girls ogling a male employee at the copying machine and making flirty remarks to him. Me, I thought it was funny, and when the instructor stopped the video and asked me how I would respond to the situation, I answered “I’d brag to my buddies after work”.
      Turns out, that was not the answer that she was looking for.

      1. I have a mate, who, being an oldschool European gentleman, opened the door for a few female colleagues at an American workplace. The horror, the horror!
        He was ordered to rapport in front of the company HR, and was admonished that such misogynistic, male-chauvinistic behaviour is totally un-acceptable!
        Funny thing, though, is that he can really behave misogynistically if he chooses to do so. But this vas his polite, woman-friendly, chivalrious side!

        1. I let women hold the door for me. It’s hilarious. Big 300 lb man bear like me and some little bitch holds it for me. Uproarious.

      2. This is all nonsense. There is no social repartee in the workplace anymore. It’s asexual. Like the Soviet Union: all comrades.

    3. I do that all the time, actually. I cross the line as if it never never existed and get away with it compared to the dudes that act paranoid about slipping up. The trick is to be so unflinching about your conduct. Never say sorry. That is a death kneel.

    4. Go out and kill some niggers, feed them to seagulls or pigs to dispose of them, and if you’re caught, say you are biologically predetermined to be racist. Then create a new term, a racistphobic.

      1. I can not do that, because I am a nigger myself.
        Well, more precisely, I am actually a Transnigger. By definition, that means I am a nigger born in a white man’s body.
        You can not imagine how it hurts when bigots around me deny my identity. Our world is full of Transniggerphobes.
        Now, that would be a noble SJW cause, to fight for the equality of us Transniggers!!!

  15. HR will put you on double secret probation because you asked the asian american receptionist if she had any foreign language skills. Ellen Pao should go fuck herself if she can’t find a straight male to do it for her.

  16. I keep trying to remove this website from My Favorites but it won’t let me! And I’m not talking about malware! 😀

      1. Saying stupid shit like this is what lends credence to the Left’s claim that white men want to oppress or enslave coloreds.
        There never should have been the institution of slavery. There never should have been plantations.
        I don’t want blacks picking my cotton, making my breakfast, or picking up my trash. I don’t want them waiting on me. I don’t want them around period. I don’t want to see them period. I have no desire to enslave or oppress any group of people.
        Whites could have used their minds to automate all these menial jobs. It was the materialism of the rich genteel Southern elite that forever fucked this country.

        1. You do understand that the slave trade:
          1) Did not start with whites, but ended with them
          2) Occurred long before any technology could be created out of thin air to replace slaves and somewhat unrelated….
          3) “Materialism and rich” smacks of a Marxist mindset

    1. Yo cracker you reyciss.
      Dem snow bunny feelz good with dem black dick inside n sheeeeit.
      U should be proud of ya girl bein gangraped by dem niggaz, bro.
      We wuz kangz n sheeit, din u kno?
      Before dem white cracker came to dem africa we wuz like Cleopatra and Tutanchainum n sheeeeeit, get your facts, bro!
      We rule dem white puss, bro. We fuck dem white puss, bro.
      Even on xmas we wear our Blackman costume fuckin mudsharks in dem superwoman suits n sheeeeit.

        1. I was reading an incredibly smart mans take on the race situation and he explained it as thus – Blacks commit more crime and are more prone to violence because their Testosterone to Intellect ratio is too skewed on one side. The Chinese have it the other way around thus their smarts and docile nature but also incapability to create anything original because, according to him, Testosterone is a creative force of the universe which when used correctly, can do anything imaginable.
          Whites once had the perfect balance but due to everything we should all know about by now, it is leaning towards the Chinese route. A little correction is all we need and it’s back to business. I think 4 years of a Trump leadership should do the trick.

        2. Chinese do engage in crime: it’s just mostly white collar stuff: tax evasion, scamming govt social programs, immigration smuggling. Less stabby shooty.

        3. Proves my point. Takes more balls to look somebody in the eye while stabbing them to death then to erase a couple zero’s here and put em over there.

        4. I don’t think it was always like that. It’s either dysgenic breeding practices (where the woman deliberately seeks the most beta and dependable and tractable male to copulate with) or environmental.
          Think of the Mongols. Think of the Japanese Imperial Army during WW2 doing Bonzai charges and skull fucking the Chinese in Manchuria. They have become domesticated.

        5. My take on the race situation is welfare is the main culprit. Prior to Johnson’s “Great Society”, the Black family was slightly more stable than the white family. Wherever you see tax money pumped into communities as welfare without any accountability for bettering your situation, you see the breakdown of the family, high crime rates, etc. This occurs on Indian Reservations, Urban Ghettos, and trailer trash parks.

        6. Agreed, if the dynamic between male and female changes from “female depends on male to provide and protect the family and its assets” all hell will break loose. As we have learned here in red pill land, if females are not completely dependent on the man in her life (father, husband), they have a high propensity to be lead astray and with the women go the societal structure. Welfare leads to slut culture which leads to lazy men that don’t want to provide for sluts.

        7. If any male moved into an environment where their physical safety is at constant risk, the body will produce more testosterone, adrenaline, cortisol and other hormones to help ensure survival. American blacks have to fight every day, or at least live in anticipation/fear of a fight very soon. They must hold their own from an early age because of dysfunctional parenting and an overall “dog eat dog” mentality in their immediate environment, even at home with their families. As a result the body adapts and is ready to fight to the death on a daily basis. The overabundance of testosterone makes them angry, irritable, aggressive, violent, unreasonable and irrational.
          It is not surprising that women find this primal, aggressive energy sexually attractive. Their disposition is not good for much else other than sex in a civilized society so it also is not surprising that most women are unable to form functional, healthy relationships with these men. Its nearly impossible for many white men to get the high T levels of blacks without going to prison or war. The women who are testosterone junkies just have to be weeded out and disqualified for LTR’s.

        8. I suppose the only way you could fix this is freeze welfare for the next several decades until inflation makes welfare completely meaningless. Then once they are forced to take on jobs through economics, you could remove welfare.
          Simply removing welfare would cause massive riots.

        9. That’s why blacks are more socially dominant then whites. Their testosterone is doing all the talking.

        10. That isn’t true. Blacks prior to the Civil Rights Movement still had vastly higher rates of crime than human beings. Poor people divorce less, as it is unaffordable, so only in that regard is it true.

    2. If a black woman marries a white man then she’s marrying up.
      If a white man marries a black woman then he’s marrying down.

  17. If men stopped going the corporate route, and focused on trade jobs, or running their own businesses, the corporations would have to hire women exclusively. That would eventually open up 500 new slots for the Fortune 500…

    1. I believe Aaron Clarey said recently that no white man in his right mind should look to work at a Fortune 500 company,,,,,,

    2. And since women are paid less then men then their profit margin will increase dramatically. I can’t wait for those broker recommendations to buy the stock.

  18. Discrimination is the free will choice of any individual without need for pretext, explanation or excuse.
    Reverse discrimination is the state overriding that freedom by force in deference to the wishes of politically superior groups.

  19. I worked 25 years in large companies and let me tell you, HR people are the stupidest in the whole organization, yes-men (or women) for the boss.
    Lazy bureaucrats with no culture, mostly women who never read anything besides new age books. They spend the day planning their next escapade to the manicure place, and one day, believe it or not, I found an entire department of six women doing a Tarot reading in the afternoon.

  20. Not only do you have to walk on eggshells re politics, but feminist HR reps choose from job applicants they way they look for men (if they bother to do so in their outside lives): through hypergamy.
    This manifests itself in the form of taking forever to fill a position because they’re waiting for the someone better to come along. A few years ago I went for an interview with a large out-of-town regional company. The job was a perfect fit, they were very nice to me and paid all my expenses for the trip, but then I didn’t hear from them for six months. I finally told them to take the job and shove it up their ass, as I knew exactly what they were doing. Sadly, that was not the first time I went through something like that–but it was the first time I reacted the way I did. When you get to be my age you don’t give a shit any more.
    I later found out that they filled the position six months beyond that point, so it took well over a year since it was first announced. Punchline: the guy they hired stayed for three years–less time than I would have done. Served them right.

  21. The true meaning of diversity: Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone.
    Diversity just means White Genocide. It is the policy to force that into action.

  22. Although I doubt I will ever have any reason to go to jail, “Hate Crimes” bug the hell out of me. Like committing a crime is worse because you kill a black man and not another white man. It flies right in the face of the first amendment. You do something bad, you should pay for that crime, not an additional penalty for what you were thinking.

    1. Yeah, I really don’t care whether someone is trying to kill me for money, kicks, gang initiation, my car, politics, my color, my religion, their sexual proclivities. All that matters to me is they’re trying to kill me.

    2. Slave morality at work.
      Master morality is objective, slave morality is subjective.
      As Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker, said, “Killing is killing, whether done for duty, profit or fun.”
      Slave morality says there is no fixed notion of right or wrong: it all depends on the perpetrators and the victims.
      Remember that scene in he movie Inglorious Bastards where the Jewish hit squad bludgeons a defenseless German officer to death with baseball bats? They are the heroes and people cheered.
      But then when on the Walking Dead, Negan does the exact same thing to Glenn with his baseball bat “Lucille,” he is the villain and people cried.

      1. Revolting Haitians or insurrectionist American slaves murdering all white people they could get their hands on? Heroes
        A bunch of rednecks dragging James Byrd behind their pickup? Evil

    3. Just think about the fact that a university professor in Canada (with jewish roots of course) openly came out in favour of white genocide.
      Just imagine for a second he would have done the same with black genocide or jewish genocide – he would go to jail.
      But advertising the death of white people is no problem at all.

    4. Hate crimes are double jeopardy. You assault the wrong race, sex or “orientation” and you may be charge additional charges. In other words punished twice for the same crime. Now, assault a straight white male and you’ll just be charged with assault. If hate crimes are double jeopardy then all hate crimes are illegitimate.

      1. Which in a way, flies against the whole point of common law. That being that a given crime is punished the same way. But that’s not the case now. We now have punishments that differ for the exact same crime.

  23. I propose that the Huffington Post be renamed the Chuffington Post.
    Or maybe the Gash Gazette.

  24. The Chinese discriminate against westerns the whole time. They believe that their an uber culture in comparison to us and will tell you so.
    In China, it’s not uncommon for westerns to be verbal abused and ridiculed in the streets for their stupidity. They think our “Multiculturalism” is a absurdity which they’d never encourage in their own culture.

    1. Yes, they see all others as barbarians.
      The U.S. should never have provoked Japan and let them skullfuck China.
      Now we have a rival of 1.5 billion versus a Westernized country with a population of 100 million.

      1. With juice you lose.
        You didn’t listen and betrayed us. Now we all have to pay.
        Thanks, muricans.

        1. A large number of Jews who received Chinese language training during WW2 to assist the fight against the occupying Japanese stayed on after the war and become advisers to Red Chinese Army including becoming personal advisers to Mao

        2. You wanna say Communism is a jewish idea?
          Oy vey!
          Remember the six gorillion and Stalin wasn’t a jew, goy!

        3. I don’t know if Stalin was a Jew (I heard he had been sent to an Orthodox school to become a priest), but he wasn’t a Russian. He was Georgian.

        4. იოსებ სტალინი was expelled from the seminary and later became a bank robber for the “cause.”
          The biggest opportunist thug who has ever lived.

        5. A good number of the Cheka and NKVD were Jews. There were others who weren’t, including Vasily Blokhin, who personally executed tens of thousands of Polish military officers at Katyn.

        6. Like I said – with juice you lose.
          I like to put the juice in the oven before I drink it.

        7. I don’t think Blokhin was a Jew. He doesn’t look it. He looks very Slavic. But his names does sound very close to Bloch.

        8. Doesn’t matter. Unite the white race, round up the juice – and the world will be a better place.
          But it seems like we won’t get any chance.
          We had our chance in the name of the Drittes Reich but we got stabbed in the back by the United Slaves of Zion. Just like in the first world war.
          Isn’t it ironic?
          A country that consists of mostly german people goes to war against germany to prevent them from winning two world wars.

        9. It’s interesting to wonder what if. What if Japan had attacked the Soviet Union instead of America. Stalin wouldn’t have been able to move his 40 Siberian divisions to Stalingrad.

      2. The irony is the Chinese Nationalists won the war, then the (((allies))) betrayed them and installed Mao. The nationalists fled to Taiwan, and now they’re our allies.

    2. “They think our “Multiculturalism” is a absurdity which they’d never encourage in their own culture.”
      They haven’t been socially subverted for many, many decades though. Any sane and capable society would view multiculturalism as an absurdity.
      I even noticed they don’t respect “western” attempts at multiculturalism in their own markets. Try to spot the difference between the US/Europe poster and the Chinese poster:

        1. It’s a yuge market and the west is still the king of it. I was kind of surprised by the uncuckolded tendencies of China. They even mock “””westernized””” advertisements even.
          Do you remember that Italian add, where a woman puts her white husband in the washing machine and well built black dude comes out? It’s fucking disgusting, I know. But the Chinese, the absolute madmen, did a reversal of that add. I don’t have a link, but I saw it (I think on ROK a while back).
          I know the only two references I used were white and black issues, and that the cuckoldry and (((conditioning))) in the west runs much deeper than that. But these were the two best examples I could remember of the Chinese having no tolerance for this fucking bullshit.

        2. Yep. The cultures are opposed. In the West, wanting to preserve your genes, your culture is the worst thing imaginable. It is the complete inversion of Hitler’s Germany. We are told Hitler was evil for forbidding mixing of Aryans with non-Aryans yet now such mixing is compulsory.

  25. Diversity breeds divisiveness. Homogeneity breeds cooperation. Cooperation breeds success. Man power made girl power possible.

      1. Thank you. It’s actually a somewhat more complicated concept that I’ve boiled down. Only the logical, non-victim mentality mind can grasp it. I’ve been attacked when I proffer this idea to those who revel in collective victimhood.

  26. This basically happens in the parts of society where the money and prestige pile up and society’s incompetents and losers want to break into them for rent-seeking and phony status acquisition.
    White men dominate sabermetrics, gun shows and ufology, for example; but women, sexual defectives and Orcs stay away from them because these areas don’t generate enough glamour and have enough money circulating through them to make them worth looting in the name of “diversity.”

  27. Jesus Caligula, Huffington Post still exists?? Well given that picture, not for much longer!

  28. If Mars colonization gets going as a real thing, you can just imagine the pressures on the colony project organizers like Elon Musk to make the colonists “look like Earth.”
    Which really means looking like fuckups, weaklings, morons, degenerates and so forth; we just don’t have very good quality people on this planet for the most part.
    If you wanted the colonists to have the best chances for success based on objective criteria, you would have to make them racially uniform (in other words, white) to eliminate racial animosities as a failure point. Successful colonists would definitely not look like the diversity trash and lost children of race-mixing in science-fiction portrayals like The Expanse.
    And you would also not want to send gays into space, despite the jokes about getting rid of them that way. They couldn’t tolerate the social isolation where they feel the degrading compulsion to meet strangers of different races in seedy venues and bugger them anonymously.

    1. there will be no colonization of Mars. There is no economic reason to do it. The world is not overpopulated and it would be easier to put cities on the top of Mt Everest or the bottom of the ocean than on Mars. And no one says doing those things are a good idea.

    2. I remember reading some book on interstellar travel (nonfiction, how to do it) and the authors suggested throwing in some Aborigines to prevent inbreeding over the thousand generation journey. Seems the Amish are doing just fine with breeding within their clans and communities.

    3. If anybody like Musk is in charge, wait until after the catastrophe to colonize.
      You’ll live longer. 🙂

  29. I don’t support Trump but this clip is just gold.
    It pretty much says “Vagina lost the election – therefore it’s a white supremacist fascist dictatorship!!!”
    And all the diversity in the Ad…staggering..

  30. I used to work in a government job, it still astounds me how many affirmative action supervisors there were who couldn’t write a complete sentence or spell if their lives depended on it. One would think that a supervisor would be required to at least have a fifth grade level of reading comprehension and writing.
    I guess it’s no surprise, if they can barely speak intelligible english they probably can’t write it either.

  31. If you are for diversity, you are for discrimination in front of the law. Think about that for a second.

  32. History lesson. Originally, affirmative action was supposed to be limited to specific institutions that had previously discriminated against a particular group so if, say, IBM had discriminated against 100 African Americans over the course of 10 years, then preferences would be shown for 10 years to 100 African Americans to make up for it. That was the idea. This then transformed into companies practicing affirmative action even if they never had discriminated against a single African American or, for that matter, against non-whites or immigrants who didn’t qualify for any redress or reparation whatsoever.
    But then the politically correct thinking went that “affirmative action” might imply that, someday, some groups would no longer even qualify for reparations that a totally justifiable form of racism should exist in the form of diversity so even if no discrimination was occuring to be addressed or prevented, just hire “diverse” groups for the fun of it. So apparently, racism is wrong except… when it’s a good thing! So even the pretext of “Getting even” was no longer required.
    And then what’s even more funny, as we all know, is that affirmative action and diversity (two different rationals as you can see above) go out the window when an African American company wants to hire only African Americans or entire IT departments engage in ethnic cleansing and fire all the African Americans and women and replace them with Telugu speaking Indian men. It’s funny (in a sick black humor sort of way) when I see offices that truly did represent the population: 60% white male, 20% white women, 10% African American and 10% Asian then go to 85% Telugu speaking Indians (with fake resumes) just for the hell of it. So in a way, affirmative action did achieve its goal of making everyone else equal in… being trashed by the latest racist hiring trend.
    So sure, in the short run white women were the primary beneficiaries of affirmative action (I like to joke that feminism put more African American men into prison than Jim Crow!) but in the long term, they are not much better off than white men and I know many are becoming right wing Trumpers as they see the writing on the wall.

    1. good to see someone with a differing viewpoint understanding the fact that Affirmative Action and nearly all other government handouts have helped white women more than any other demographic, by far.

      1. I have a sister-in-law who was a center left feminist who thought it was paradise and I think, for a golden era of 1965 to 1990 or so, it was: Preferential treatment for middle class white women, a supply of slightly older baby boomer traditional men to pay the bills, low tax rates, not a huge welfare state, few minorities, and cheap housing.
        Of course, it all came to an end kind of like the USSR as various pollutants piled up: Massive immigration, wage deflation, welfare state costs, housing cost increases, and of course, the high cost of daycare as modern day feminists can’t ask mom to take care of her brood for free like mom did with grandma a generation ago. Plus, men got “lazy” and no longer were willing to enjoy the pleasure of existing to please her or such men are so pathetic as to not be worth f*cking.
        In other words, in the long run feminists have trashed the standard of living so badly that they would have been better off as Edith Bunker in the kitchen when it’s all said and done.

        1. Haha! It’s neat that we’re entering an era when this is “normal” and even undeniable when a few years ago, this was underground stuff.
          I am proud to say I was into this back about 30 years ago and it was fun to shock the betas (hmm, saying it that way reminds me of my pet beta fish. Unlike leftist men, those fish kicked arse!)
          Anyhoo, I proposed some unusual concepts such as the idea that without feminism, there would be about 40% less cars on the road with fewer career women shuttling kids to daycare, or going to work, or divorce lawyers, etc. to sustain that whole infrastructure so your daily congested commute, gone! Heck, one condo place I lived had parking spaces for just single cars per family because housewives walked to the local supermarket and had no need of a car for themselves.
          Another concept I coined (but not catching on yet) is “shopping masturbation”. Women bragged to each other as to whether men bought them jewelry, valentine’s flowers, etc. but with American women alienating men, valentine’s day can be a sting for them. So it’s not uncommon to see them order flowers for themselves to be delivered to the office or buying diamond rings for themselves. I had a girlfriend who did this before meeting me. That’s like me buying a “world’s best lover” mug for myself. Rather than being cool, it’s more like being a wanker. The idea of women buying themselves diamonds lost the cool factor quickly and in the 80’s, diamond prices plummeted. A kind of casualty of feminism. Fewer men can afford, or are willing to, dump two month’s salary on an unappreciative career woman.
          All of this is due to this being a post-feminist era and the feminists being like the Soviet’s and arguing “It’s never been tried before so perhaps women can live up to equality if they get a chance.” Well, they’ve had it.
          “We’ve have fun fun fun until her daddy takes the t bird away!” — The Beach Boyst

  33. Ever notice that despite the millions of women who must work in HR departments throughout the US not one has found the courage to smuggle out any information which would substantiate the supposed gender wage gap? Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning were able to obtain top secret information from ultra secret organizations, but not one woman can get her hands on definitive proof of a wage gap based on societal discrimination by the “evil” patriarchy? Once, in the comment section of an article purporting the existence of a discriminatory gender wage gap, a women claimed to have definitive proof that where she worked the women were paid less than men because of their sex. I asked her why she didn’t take that info to the Justice Department since what she had described was against the law. Her response was that it wasn’t worth the trouble. I was flabbergasted by this but I think it is indicative of the female attitude.
    In the 53 years since the Equal Pay Act of 1963, there have been no wage cases adjudicated which indicate any widespread gender based conspiracies. During the primary and presidential debates, there was not one question asked about the mythical gender wage gap. Strange considering it is such a hot button issue. There are are a myriad of logical reasons to explain the apparent wage gap but sexism is not a valid one. Women thrive on screeching about their perceived collective victimhood, but they don’t want to risk having their victim mentality contentions disproven. Women are much more interested in reveling in misandry and collective victimhood, than in problem solving. That way women can exploit the hard work and innovation of men, all while blaming men and society for their own female gender failings. That’s their power.

  34. I work on Wall Street, and apparently, in the late 80s and 90s there were several sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits costing the banks many millions. So, that’s one explanation of how it all started in my industry. Not to mention that these are the same banks that support hil-dog Clinton and the democrats…it’s a bunch of ivy league globalists who also fund, among other things, feminism. I have seen this exact situation play out several times throughout my career. Just the other day I was speaking with a fund manager that said “we have too many men in our firm. We need to hire women, although so far its been very tough to find one. But, we still need too”. I’ve heard this more than a few times “we’re hiring the assistant; we need more women on the desk”. Gentlemen this is so fucking common that, frankly, I just assume that any female I come across on the street got there because she is a woman. I don’t enjoy saying that because there are some really good women out there and this cheapens them. Wall Street is a nasty vicious meritocracy and females are insulated from much of it. That’s the worst injustice, because, as a man this is a challenging place filled with type A competitive individuals. Under such circumstances just an inch over the next is more than enough to make a difference. And then you see women promoted or hired because they’re women and, to add insult to injury, they then carry themselves with as much gusto and pride as a man who actually fucking earned it. This is “equality”, because I don’t feel very equal.

  35. Once again I have had a comment removed from ROK because it has been detected as spam. It is not spam. I don’t understand why but it’s happened a couple of times before. I believe that my comment was pertinent and cogent. It added to the conversation. What’s going on? I’m starting to take this personally.

  36. It doesn’t help that the SA public sector is full of women in their 40s, 50s and 60s, with employment security, still doing ASO-1 or -2 roles that should be the first full-time job for a kid who’s just finished TAFE or Uni.

  37. State government departments across Australia, are also full of women in their 40s or 50s still doing entry-level clerical roles that were meant to be some kid’s first full-time job after completing uni or TAFE.

  38. Even though Trump won, diversity/women-first BS still has to be fought. Should a woman with feminist, liberal views be able to influence the decisions of the ruler of the most powerful, most important nation on Earth? A woman who is best friends with a Clinton, and who constantly pushes for MORE women to enter the workforce? We did not vote for Ivanka Trump; we voted for Donald J. Trump. Women don’t belong in politics, especially not when it’s rule-by-proxy.

  39. Those who know the game of Rugby Union would know historically the South African team – Springboks – used to be considered one of the top teams to beat, along with today’s New Zealand team – All Blacks – and the England team, the springbok team was barred from international competition and the Rugby world cup, because of the dreaded Apartheid system in good old South Africa.
    The team was never selected based on race as there were quite a few players of colour that got selected on merit to play for the team, the reason for under representation of POC’s in the team is that in South Africa they like to play Football / Soccer, used to have some brilliant black players and they played international, some for top English clubs [Lucas Radebe, top goal scorer and captain of his team Leeds, at some point] Rugby is simply to much of a contact sport for the majority of POC’s.
    Now since the end of Apartheid 1994, Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment and diversity quotas have been foisted on the country as a whole, over the top to varying degrees.
    The current Coach of the Springbok team, a diversity appointment who bankrupted his provincial team – long story short, no one pays for tickets to watch a losing team.
    Since the coach and the required quota of diversity players have been foisted on this once mighty emblem of sport the team has followed on one course, a race to the bottom of the barrel fast, got beaten by Japan, Italy, Ireland and a list of non-entity rugby playing nations, one would not even be bothered with previously, any one beating the Springbok team now is playing against the ghost of a former once formidable team.
    Note that in 1995 with some POC’s selected based on merit they won the Rugby world cup and again in 2007, since then ehhh… Not as long as the political machine and left wing nutters spew DIVERSITY Quotas at everything and everyone, needles to say diversity education since 1994 has produced some real Einsteins some 20 years later…

  40. If it were not for our high level of diversity our local county jail would look like the one on The Andy Griffith Show.

    1. The Italian one on the right (Pinotti) was a boy-scout leader and human-studies graduate… no military experience at all!

    2. Reminds me about what Thatcher said about how cowardly some of mainland Europe was.
      Though, I guess so is the UK now. WHAT a mess!

  41. We will win and you will lose. You cannot do anything because your failure is an internal disease. Your companies are based on Taylor’s principles. Worse, your heads are Taylorized too. You firmly believe that sound management means executives on the one side and workers on the other, on the one side men who think and on the other side men who only work.
    – Konosuke Matsushita

  42. Let’s put bear, tiger, lion, alligator, and rhino (who are all diverse from each other) in one tight packed zoo cage in close (proximity) and see how that plays out.
    Real diversity is allowing each and every culture to preserve their own.
    When you mix and force multiculturalism then that does not become diversity.

  43. It’s a good thing Jews (((coincidentally))) all stop being white the moment Jews start complaining about “diversity” and removing whites from certain powerful industries.
    We’d hate for someone in the (((media))) to start looking closely at the demographics in certain industries or college acceptance rates…

  44. I was working for this corporation filled with obese, ugly mid-age women. The only reason i stayed was because of the pay. After the 4 months i fell sick and had to get needles in my chest to get back to breathing properly. I kept struggling for months until finally the company was doing bad and they decided to fire the only young male in the office. Trust me that felt like being freed.

  45. There is this notion by the government and these companies that white people see other white people in positions of power and we give each other a fist bump…this is the furthest thing from the truth as white people don’t have an in-group loyalty based upon skin color.

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