4 European Countries To Emigrate To If The West Collapses

A growing number of our readers have raised the issue of which country to emigrate to if the total cultural collapse that some predict finally occurs.

The nations are reviewed on factors that are relevant for men believing in the values of neomasculinity and red pill philosophy. This non-exhaustive list takes into account the following criteria:

  • Level of English
  • Difficulty of the local language(s)
  • Gun laws
  • Quality of women (considering beauty, femininity, careerism etc):
  • Non-native immigrant population
  • Possibility of a long-term stay
  • Male competition
  • Importance of religion
  • Culture of entrepreneurship
  • Presence of masculine culture/traditional sex roles
  • Quality of food
  • Importance of physical fitness in the local culture
  • Likelihood of 50-year similar cultural collapse

1. Hungary


  • Level of EnglishLow. The youth and the educated speak English. Low level as soon as you reach the countryside
  • Difficulty of the local language(s): Very High. THE main issue with Hungary. Finno-Ugric branch, no common base with Germanic, Slavic or Romance languages. I speak seven languages and none helped me
  • Gun laws: Restrictive. Member of the EU (for now), subject to European and local laws. Very hard to purchase a gun for home defense
  • Quality of women: High. Some say they are the most beautiful in Europe. Stylish, sexy and with a fun vibe. They are fairly traditional. Definitely in my European Top 5
  • Non-native immigrant population: Low. They still have about 4% of Gypsies. They did build a wall when the migrants were at the gates. Locals opposed to Brussels politics, strong nationalist leadership
  • Possibility of a long-term stay: Likely (for Westerners). More here.
  • Male competition: Medium. Hungarian guys do have game but usually aim at long term relationships. They are a few rich local men that present serious competition
  • Importance of religion: Medium to high. Catholicism still present but not as strong as in Poland. Abortion is legal under request
  • Culture of entrepreneurship: Medium: Money and success are quite respected. The local laws are generally friendly to budding entrepreneurs
  • Presence of masculine culture and traditional sex roles: Medium. Stronger than in Western Europe but definitely weaker than in Ukraine or Russia. Western culture slowly infiltrates the new generation. Hostile to homosexuals
  • Quality of food: High. The products are usually local and the laws about food are quite strict. Easy to obtain supplements and good meat
  • Importance of physical fitness in the local culture: Medium. Hungarian men are not particularly fit. Hungarian women are very fit and fitness is popular. Low obesity rate
  • Likelihood of 50-year similar cultural collapse: Possible. The European Union has brought money, but also the globalist influence of Brussels. Let’s hope Hungary will remain politically close to Poland in their will to remain sovereign

2. Bulgaria


  • Level of EnglishLow. The youth and the educated speak English. Low level as soon as you reach the countryside
  • Difficulty of the local language(s): Medium. South Slavic. Easy to learn if you know Russian or Polish. Great base for learning Serbian, Croatian or Slovene. Macedonian is a variation of Bulgarian
  • Gun laws: Restrictive (legally). Member of the European Union (for now) so subject to European and local laws. Hard to purchase a gun legally. Nevertheless, Bulgarians do not care and almost everyone has an illegal gun at home. You have contacts, you have a gun.
  • Quality of women: High. Especially for brunettes’ enthusiasts. Elegant but can be a tough nut to crack. Often prefer local men. Quite addicted to social networks
  • Non-native immigrant population: Low. The highest number of Gypsies in Europe. Significant Turkish native population. Strong native nationalist sentiment
  • Possibility of a long-term stay: Likely (for Westerners). More here.
  • Male competition: Medium to High. Decent foreigner valueBulgarians and Serbs probably have the highest level of game in EE. They know the power that money and status have on women
  • Importance of religion: Medium to High. Orthodox Christianity is important but does not influence their daily lives. Abortion is legal under request.
  • Culture of entrepreneurship: High: Corruption is rampant. Money and success are king. The local laws encourage entrepreneurs and everyone wants to be one.
  • Presence of masculine culture and traditional sex roles: High. Strong archetypes of man and woman. Girls want a man that will bring her security. Western culture has easily infiltrated the new generation. Very hostile to homosexuals.
  • Quality of food: High. Good local products. Great fruits and vegetables. Mediterranean fresh food. Easy to buy supplements and good meat
  • Importance of physical fitness in the local culture: Very high. National sports are wrestling and weightlifting. Almost every man goes to the gym. Fitness is very popular among girls. Low obesity rate.

3. Ukraine


  • Level of English: Very Low. Rare to find a Ukrainian that speaks English. Start learning Russian.
  • Difficulty of the local language(s): High. No real way around it. Learn Russian. It will open you a lot of doors. Ukrainian is a lot more work and the Russians there do not speak it.
  • Gun laws: Relatively lenient. 

Citizens are permitted to own non-fully automatic rifles and shotguns as long as they are stored properly when not in use. Handguns are illegal except for target shooting and those who hold concealed carry permits.

A license is required to own firearms.

Also a high number of unregistered guns circulating since the fall of the Soviet Union.

  • Quality of women: High. Highest level of beauty and femininity in Europe. But love and sex feels more like a transaction.
  • Non-native immigrant population: Very Low. Small number of native Tatars, some Georgians and citizens of the FSU. Distrustful towards foreigners. Strong nationalist sentiment.
  • Possibility of a long-term stay: Possible (for Westerners). More here.
  • Male competition: Low to Medium. Excellent foreigner value if paired with RussianThe apex predators (oligarchs, celebrities) are very rare for the sheer number of women. Poverty plays a huge role in game.
  • Importance of religion: Medium to High. Orthodox Christianity has seen a revival since the 1990s. Abortion is legal under request.
  • Culture of entrepreneurship: High: Corruption is an essential part of the economy. If you do not have money, you do not exist. It is a jungle and scams are everywhere. Get some local advisors.
  • Presence of masculine culture and traditional sex roles: High. Strong archetypes of man and woman. Girls want a prosperous family. Western culture appeals to the youth. Extremely hostile to homosexuals.
  • Quality of food: Low. The food industry can do anything they want with the food if they have money. Not easy to buy supplements and good meat. They use paper when they run out of meat for sausages.
  • Importance of physical fitness in the local culture: High. Infrastructures are poor but people train regularly. Girls do not always train but have an excellent diet. Very low obesity rate.

4. Poland


  • Level of English: Medium. People have a decent command of English, especially in the cities.
  • Difficulty of the local language(s): High. Reaching conversational level in Polish will improve your value. Grammatical cases and word endings are a nightmare. It will only be useful in Poland.
  • Gun laws: Restrictive. Member of the EU (for now), subject to European and local laws. Very hard to purchase a gun for home defense. Laws might change with the fear of a conflict with Russia or if they leave Europe.
  • Quality of women: High. Attractive, friendly, carefree and love sex. But not a promise land to find a long term relationship prospect.
  • Non-native immigrant population: Low. Recent influx of Ukrainians and BelarusiansRecently refused the refugee quotas that Merkel imposed. Can be hostile to foreigners. Strong nationalist sentiment.
  • Possibility of a long-term stay: Likely (for Westerners). More here.
  • Male competition: Medium to low. Foreigner value explodes in remote areas. Not an asset in large cities. Large numbers of beta men. Few overly aggressive football hooligan type and rich red-pill men.
  • Importance of religion: High. Catholicism is omnipresent and many see it as an important part of their life. Abortion is illegal unless the life of the mother is at stake.
  • Culture of entrepreneurship: Medium to High Money and success are quite important. Local entrepreneurs are favoured over foreign ones. Polish men largely prefer routine and security over ambition.
  • Presence of masculine culture and traditional sex roles: Medium. Strong culture of men. The Western culture challenges it. Women start to focus on careers. Hostile to homosexuals.
  • Quality of food: High. The products are usually local and must comply with EU regulations. Easy to obtain supplements and good meat.
  • Importance of physical fitness in the local culture: High. There is a strong culture of physical strength in Poland. The “tough guy” stereotype is the end goal for Polish men. Fitness is popular among girls too. Low obesity rate.

Bon voyage

To maximize the chances of a long-term stay, the same solutions pretty much apply everywhere with slight variations:

  • Get married to a local girl
  • Have a child there
  • Use family reunification laws if you have relatives in the target country
  • Prove that you are financially secure for the duration of your stay
  • Be a highly-qualified immigrant
  • Get employed there as qualified labour
  • Have no criminal record
  • Hire someone on the spot to guide you through the administrative process (worth every penny)
  • Cry like a bitch, make a fake Syrian passport, invoke religious/sexual persecution, racism and see where that gets you

See you around for our review of the next four countries for possible relocation…

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420 thoughts on “4 European Countries To Emigrate To If The West Collapses”

  1. I’ve had Bulgaria on my list for quite a long time and know a bit of the language. The only problem there is that homeschooling is illegal.

  2. Birth-rates for the mentioned countries:
    Hungary: 1.34
    Bulgaria: 1.50
    Ukraine: 1.53
    Poland: 1.30
    The lower below 2.1 the birth-rate is, the quicker the civilization is becoming extinct. Immigrate to these countries if you don’t plan on having children and don’t mind being part of a dying race with no future.
    In fact, immigrating to these countries to avoid the collapse is beyond dumb. Poqueliche has listed the fastest collapsing countries as solutions! LOL Nice one. How did this guy decide which countries are collapsing and which aren’t to begin with?! He obviously never bothered to look at which were healthy, reproductively sustainable nations.
    Good luck, you damn idiots!

      1. They’re all gay. If you wouldn’t fuck Kratae until she was pregnant 10 times in a row, you’re gay:

        1. I have nothing against Asians per se, but I wouldn’t start a family with one.

    1. These numbers are nothing new for advanced societies. Japan, Korea, and so forth. Higher birthrates = higher levels of poverty. A country’s population has to stabilize at some point.
      I do not believe the lower birthrates are not permanent trends. With the increased cost of having a child, compounded with automation, there is no need to for a country to produce so many children. It is a matter of efficiency. Nothing wrong with wanting a big family , but it is a bit too much if yo have to start taking tax-payer money to support your family. Countries like the Philippines have a birthrate of 3.08 due to no contraception and this puts a huge strain on the countries limited resources unlike Thailand and Vietnam, which have a 1.41 and 1.77 birthrate by comparison.

      1. ROK Readers need to get it out of their heads that a birthrate of less than 2 per family means the society will disappear. Guess what, coffee production is down 10% this year. Doesn’t mean we will have no coffee in 10 years.

        1. I truly agree. We have a world with over 7 billion people and not all of them are actively engaged or gainfully employed. 100 years ago much of the population were farmers and they needed children for labor. That is no longer the case and we are producing more than ever. It really is about supply and demand. If housing was a cheap as it was back in the 50s and one man could support an entire household , I am sure most of us would have more children, but with each family putting out 5-6 children at the time, how long did people really believe the gravy chain was going to last. It is a non-issue in my book

        2. Supply and demand. Every new billion people puts more stress on the limited resources. It’s why we have feminism and women in the workplace, really.
          It’s clear to me that 7 billion is too many. GMO foods, disease resistant antibiotics, air and water pollution, strained resources, factory farming. These are all side effects of an overpopulated planet. Is it mere coincidence that the most developed nations are now self correcting to a lower population level? Or is it merely the natural order of things returning to a more stable population level. I just don’t get this idea that having 50 billion people on earth would in ANY way be a good thing. Give me 1 billion and I’ll be overjoyed.

        3. Let’s say you produce 10 kilos of coffee per day. One day, you only produce 9 kilos of coffee per day and that becomes the new norm. Fair enough. That’s the new norm and that’s sustainable.
          Now, let’s say every day your coffee production drops by 0.01% and this is the long-term norm. This isn’t the same situation. One day, you won’t be producing any coffee at all.
          Can you please explain how this isn’t true?
          I don’t like how the Caucasian population is dropping by 10 – 20% or more every generation and yet you say this is sustainable. How? Why? Where’s your evidence that the trend will one day halt? What are the factors causing the decline, and how will they one day be removed?
          You don’t answer any of this. You just say that, despite universal Caucasian population decline across nations, everything will be alright. Why? Because you believe it will be alright, and no other reason. You can’t blame people for placing faith in statistics other than beliefs. If I’m wrong and you’ve got good reasons then say so. I’m genuinely interested in just learning the truth.

        4. Is there any evidence whatsoever that developed nations have declining populations? No. Developed nations have increasing populations by importing immigrants, whilst the local Caucasian population is in decline.

        5. The population isn’t going to fall below 7 billion, though. Negros and Mongoloids will keep producing children whilst Caucasians cease producing, and the population will remain the same (or even grow). The only difference is Caucasians will become extinct, or at least full-blooded ones will be extremely rare.

        6. I wouldn’t be too concerned about if I were you. As whites numbers get lower, they may find a stronger desire to avoid miscegenation like Jewish people, who have a very small population, but are heavily organized. The Japanese are very intelligent as well, but will use technology to solve their birth problem such as the artificial womb technology. White evangelicals may have certain boundaries that they are willing to technologically cross and it could lead them to ruin. The Japanese do not have the same hang-ups , and as a result, will embrace technology

        7. Merely suggesting artifical wombs proves how lost you are in reproductive terms. Babies are made with cocks and wombs. It’s not a difficult thing, alright. If the Japanese require complex technology to do what cavemen did with ease then it’s a sign of a dramatically failing race.
          The Caucasian population collapse wasn’t consciously planned, and there’s no reason to believe people will take conscious actions to save the population on the 11th hour.
          Historically, races simply allow themselves to be watered down and die. Try finding a pure-blooded Maori in New Zealand, for example. They were faced with the same dilemma, and they’ve sat down and watched and done nothing as their race passed the point of no return. It’s over for them now. It’ll be over for Caucasians quicker than you realize, too.

        8. Well, you should be in agreement with some of the “Zero Growth” society.If people desire anything resembling a utopia then it is really the only way.
          I don’t worry about overpopulation , because it is a self-correcting problem. I do not want to die through some nasty biological or nuclear war, starvation or some horrific plague, but If the population continues on its current trajectory, then the population correction is going to be a “popping of the balloon” rather than deflation of the balloon.
          Whether it is by natural disaster or by war in this scenario, the population will keep dying until it reaches an equilibrium with the available resources.

        9. It is the government that is interested in this technology, because they can’t just force the Japanese citizens to give birth or have sex for that matter, or would you just prefer they do that?
          Mixing of the races have been happening for thousands of years. After 400 years of occupation by the Spanish (whites) the Philippine people have been forever changed and there is no telling what they looked back then. Same goes for Mexico, which was also controlled by Spain. But look at how pitiful Spain is now. Look at how Great Hannibal was, but look at Tunisia now. Look at Constantinople which was the capital of the Roman/Byzantine empire, but the races mixed when the Ottomans took it. What is considered “white” will change as well as time passes. We cannot even begin to imagine what things will look like 1000 years from now.

        10. People can do whatever they want. All I’m saying is when a race gets to the point where they need to invent an artificial womb in order to reproduce then that race is obviously on the brink of collapse. They have a failed culture that’s incompatible with natural reproduction – don’t you realize how bad that is?

        11. Because the world population is EXPLODING, not shrinking, and the correct analogy is the first one, the 9 kilos of coffee. Not the coffee slowly disintegrating into nothing. If humanity ends, it will be because we nuke ourselves or destroy our planet, not because we stop having children.
          As far as whites dying off, there have been white people since the beginning of history, and there are still hundreds of millions of us today. We’re not going to disappear. And if we do, it will be because we multiculturally breed until everyone is a light brown color and distinctive races and ethnic looks disappear. Which is a question of race mixing and not population. Go to your local hospital and you will see hundreds of white babies there. White babies are now the minority, but 100 years from now, white people will still be having babies. As long as the population is skyrocketing, I have zero concern that populations will be wiped out.
          I don’t mean to insult you, but when the world population graph looks like this, worrying about too many people is the only reasonable conclusion I can draw. Worrying that the population of earth is going to die out? That seems insane given the data.
          I wouldn’t worry even if we were at 1500-era levels. The earth did fine back then. It could do fine with that many people today. I simply can’t entertain seriously the notion of population ending as long as we are in exponential growth.

        12. Practically every developed nation has a stable population that peaks and stops growing. If these countries import citizens from less developed nations that have not yet reached the level of technological development and advancement to where their population levels stabilize, of course the overall population number increases. That doesn’t change the hypothesis that developed nations have stabilized populations. The undeveloped nations are the ones with the population growth, not the developed ones.
          Look at Japan, an advanced nation which is difficult to immigrate to:
          1950 +15.6%
          1960 +4.6%
          1970 +5.5%
          1980 +4.6%
          1990 +2.1%
          2000 +1.1%
          2015 -.07%
          I’m sure there are other examples, but it would require removing immigration numbers from populations, which is a more difficult analysis.
          I personally feel that a stable or lower population that one they have is “good”. Therefore, I’m happy that it seems that technology seems to naturally correct high population levels to stable ones. In the future, as AI and automation take over more jobs, there will be more downward pressure on lower population levels, as there simply won’t be enough jobs for people anymore.

        13. Agreed. As I’ve pointed out, there are a whole lot of problems with an overpopulation planet. I’ve never heard anyone name a *benefit* of an overcrowded world. And yet so many advocate for just that. I don’t get it.

        14. Alright. When I talk about this stuff, I’m talking about Caucasians in Western nations. I’m not talking about total world population.
          Caucasians are on the decline, and the countries they live in have low birth-rates that they’re compensating for by importing replacement populations.
          But yes, overall population is on the rise, thanks to Negros and Mongoloids.
          You need to put the arguements into perspective. People who are worried about Caucasian population collapse don’t have total world population in mind. What they’re worried about is becoming minorities in their own countries. This is a fair concern to have for one’s self and his future children and grandchildren.
          I think what you need to do is close your eyes and try to envision a country like Germany where the population becomes 20% Caucasian, 40% Negro, and 40% Mongoloid (Arabs). Think about the impact this will have on Germany’s culture and politics. Even if Caucasians survive until the distant future and beyond, if the race loses control of its own nations then it’ll be vulnerable and its traditional history will be forgotten and dead. That saddens a lot of people.
          Whether the Caucasian race will disappear altogether or not is not yet certain. For example, communities like the Amish have birth-rates of 7 or something, which is very high. The Amish are expanding, not declining. Same with Mormons. They may be the communities who’ll, in 100+ years time, become the primary Caucasian identity.
          I see the problem for what it is, though. The Caucasian race is failing, the West is finished, and it’s time to abandon ship and sew my seed in more fertile wombs.

        15. This is like banging my head against a brick wall.
          Yeah, I get what you’re saying, but have you truly asked and answered the question WHY is population on the decline in developed nations?
          All in all, I don’t give a fuck. I know what to do about the problem for my individual self – relocate and reproduce there. I just wanted to make sure we’re on the same page about precisely which populations are declining. Once the facts are accepted by the both of us, though, then it’s your choice as to what to think about it and how you’d like to handle your own individual self in this world.
          Good luck, then

        16. Looking at the data, I would expect most second world nations to stabilize their population levels in 50 years. Third world nations, it’s hard to say, because they may just stagnate and never advance. But at some point in the future, every nation on earth will reach the technological advancement level of say, Japan in 1990.
          The question is what do we do until then? I agree that allowing in immigrants to the degree that they change your internal population and demographics is a dangerous and bad idea.
          FYI Where I live the population is something like 60% negro and 35% white, so I certainly understand this problem. But what is a realistic solution? Whites having third-world-level number of births? Sociology tells us that is unnatural and the only way to achieve it is by some sort of force applied to whites to make them reproduce, or some restrictions on children of minority groups. Typically the groups concerned about white demographics are also the same groups opposed to abortion. So we’re back to square one.
          The problem is that this is all pointless philosophizing, because no one is going to go around forcing whites to have more children against their nature, and no one is going to force minorities to stop having as many kids. Not in a democracy. Will never happen. So I see it as pointless to pontificate a solution. Our best ally is time. As other societies advance, their population rates will also stabilize the way ours did. Until then, we should be limiting immigration and NOT subsidizing childbirth (you actually make more money as a welfare queen the more kids you have). But no political party is calling for this, so why are we even discussing it? It’s not possible.
          Anyway, you sum it up very succinctly in your last paragraph and you have the best answer. You can worry and fret about what other white people “should” do which will accomplish nothing, or you can accept the situation and make the best out of it. Guess I need to work on developing my yellow fever.

        17. Considering that populations *universally* decline in Asian, Caucasian, and.. well I don’t think we have an example yet of Negroid populations once they reach a certain level of civilization, I would say that’s merely the natural order of society.
          In other words the same reason a colony of bacteria grows exponentially and then stops growing–it reaches saturation level.
          I suppose it could also be the result of a planned cadre of elitists who are purposefully destroying the white race (and Japan) but I typically subscribe to Occam’s razor.

        18. I think it’s just contraception.
          I mean, does higher education and development and so on mean people have less sex? No. So why aren’t they having babies? Contraception.
          There’s nothing natural about what’s going on. Women are poisoning their wombs and men are placing plastic bags over their penises. These things impact reproductivity. It isn’t rocket science, man.

        19. I’ve not got more to add. However, I think you’re overly optimistic that the entire world will someday get to Japan’s 1990 living standards or such. It’s a common belief that modern civilization will continue to progress like that, but I don’t think it’s really happening. How old are you? I’m 29. It’s going to be an interesting century.

        20. Think of it this way: China invented gunpowder centuries ago. Today even the most poorest nations on earth have plenty of guns. I don’t know when that happened, maybe ~100 years ago, but it happened universally. Maybe there is a 100 year lag from the most advanced civilization to the least, but in the end that is a drop in the bucket of time. However, I would agree that development and progress seems to have stalled in my lifetime. I mean yeah, we got the internet and smartphones, but these were really just refinements of networks and miniaturizations of computers that already existed.
          So that leaves 2 options: If more primitive societies will NOT correct their reproductive habits to quit breeding like rabbits, what does the west do about it? Invade and kill them? Force them to use contraception? Take over and manage their economies ? Outbreed them so that the west becomes an overcrowded cesspool as well? These are things NO one is talking about doing even in fringe political movements. It’s an interesting intellectual exercise, but in the end, I can’t see anything changing these trends, short of another world war.

        21. Well, war might be the part of humanity’s future that you haven’t foreseen. There seems to be a general consensus amongst Westerners that eternal peace can be ushered in. I think this is an underestimation of humanity’s nature.
          I think war will come to Europe quite soon – WW3. It’ll leave the continent ruined, and it’ll be accompanied by an immigration rush of Arabs and Africans. Once the Arabs are in, future Europe will look like Syria does today, and Russia will ensure it never rises again for as long as Russia is a force to be reckoned with.
          After that, Russia and China will become world powers, probably backed by Iran and much of SE Asia. Yet these are all corrupt nations. If something like this happens, democracy will be dead, and notions of humanitarianism will be dead. Humanity’s future will look very different from then. The idea of a coming space age and intergalactic advancement will cause intelligent people to burst into giggling fits.
          The U.S. is becoming increasingly divided and the decline of Caucasians means it’s losing its primary stabilizing force. I think it will simply decline economically and slip into anarchy in regions. It’ll just be another dysfunctional country. Once they realize they cannot repay their national debt, the U.S. might collapse completely.
          Throughout all this, the population will probably fall due to the high homocide rate of war. Over-population is a major hindrance to advancement – even if there’s no war, the simple truth is there isn’t enough resources on the planet to give everybody a modernized Western life-style replete with a big house, furniture, cars, computers, all that. The world is over-populated.
          However, as an individual, I still plan on having 50+ children in my life, and I’ll ensure all my children do the same. This is because of natural selection – and natural selection will always select in favor of those who have more children. This fact sort of ensures war in the future, though, as people compete for resources. I honestly don’t think humanity will ever colonize another planet. I think we’ll spend our entire existence fighting over resources until we eventually evolve and forget about space travel altogether.
          What you need to understand is the nature of 1 thing you suggested. The idea of forcibly reducing population growth by any means is technically a confrontational strategy for competition over resources. Once you realize this, you’ll realize that there will be resistance to your efforts by those who’re being disadvantaged by the policy. This means war. It always means war.
          The vast majority of ideas people have are solely to give themselves a competitive advantage. In this case, you’re suggesting to reduce population because of the negative effects over-population has on your own personal society and global vision. This is entirely selfish. You may claim and believe it’s for the good of everybody, but natural selection and the biology of others will always disagree with you. There will always be those who benefit from opposing you. This is the nature of all living things, especially humans. We’ll never be a harmonious species. It’s really naive and unscientific to think otherwise.
          I think once you understand these things, the only sensible thing to do is position yourself so you’ll have – and your future children and grandchildren will have – a competitive advantage of your own. It’s why I’ve resolved to move to either Mongolia our Kazakhstan, because in the future those countries are likely very well positioned, and even in current times they are healthier nations in terms of reproduction than any Western nation.
          I probably seem obsessive to everybody else, though, but the truth is I’ll probably be one of the most reproductively successful men of our age, which says it all. Unless I get hit by a truck tomorrow, of course!

        22. War changed permanently after nuclear weaponry. There hasn’t been a real war since 1945. One could sense the urgency in the fighting at the end, as there was the awareness that technology was about to change things forever. There will be aggression, but in the age of nuclear weaponry, I can’t see a tank war or infantry battle that will begin to approach anything we saw in WW2. What will come in the future? I don’t know, but I think you’re right, tempers are flaring and we would likely be facing a war already, if we weren’t in the nuclear age.
          My view of peace isn’t that governments are securing peace through progress and strength, but more that typical warfare is both outdated and unnecessary (outdated due to nuclear weaponry and unnecessary because in the modern economy it’s far easier, cheaper, and better to control or own resources than to militarily conquer real estate), and therefore there are fewer military conflicts. What would China gain by conquering the US in a war that would be preferable to continuing its current trajectory of owning all its resources, while not having to deal with the administration of public services to the people, and keeping them in line and happy and working?
          It will be interesting to see if Iran has a strong future–Iran is one of the only states in the world that is not part of the globalist regime.
          Democracy will be dead? Hmm… I refer to the exponential population argument. Democracy is being spread everywhere. The US even goes to war to FORCE nations that don’t want democracy to take it. So maybe democracy will end, but that’s certainly not the direction we’re heading in today. Of course, forcing it down people’s throats is probably the best way to kill it off.
          I’m curious, practically speaking, how will you support 50 children? I’m sure Asia is cheaper to raise a family than the west, but just buying food for 50 mouths is quite an endeavor.

        23. Nuclear weaponry changed war, but modern social concepts are also a radical and powerful new thing. Don’t underestimate them. The face of war may simply change again, as it did with the introduction of nuclear weaponry. Multicultural societies like Germanistan may begin to tear themselves apart from within.
          Also, while it’s true that Russia and America will never go to war so long as they both remain competant powers, it’s also true that Russia can invade a Hell of a lot of countries on a whim completely without consequences. Remember what happened to Georgia several years back? Russian tanks rolled in and did what they wanted to do and nobody could do a damn thing about it. Much of the world is still at the mercy of conventional warfare.
          So, what we need to ask is why was Russia allowed to invade Georgia? The answer is because the benefits of opposing Russia in Georgia didn’t out-weigh the costs. Thus, it is reasonable to say war can happen on a catastrophic scale whenever the benefits of preventing that war do not out-weigh the costs.
          Let’s assume Germanistan becomes a 3rd world shithole. Mass immigration decays the country and the Muslims righfully try to take power because, frankly, they’ll be the majority there and majority rule is fair rule. But it won’t happen without war. So Germanistan tears itself apart. Then, afterwards, Russia rolls its tanks into the ruined country to protect its own interests, just like in Georgia. Who’s going to stop them? Nobody.
          Other countries would only stick up for Germanistan so long as it’s a functional, productive country that provides them with many benefits.
          So the presence of peace is really tied to the value of a country’s economy. When the society collapses, countries like Russia can do whatever the Hell they want there.
          So whether or not there’s war in Europe depends on the health of the economy, which is tied to the health of society. This is why I predict WW3 to happen there. Simply, the society is unhealthy. The native population is on decline and they’re trying to prop it up with immigrants. Yet the immigrants they bring in aren’t the same as the natives, and eventually the society will suffer and decay for it.
          “The US even goes to war to FORCE nations that don’t want democracy to take it.”
          That’s not what happened in Thailand. The US has proven itself quite willing to support corrupt dictators who oppose elections so long as those dictators support capitalism which benefits the US.
          Yet the US is in decline, anyway. Trump is campaigning on this fact. He’s admitting the US isn’t the power it once was and he’s preaching they withdraw from places like the Korean peninsula and let the S Koreans and Japanese fend for themselves aganst N Korea.
          Of course, the US did give a few protesting speeches the last time the Thai army overthrew a popular elected government and installed a fascist military dictatorship, but they didn’t dare actually do anything that’d make an impact, such as economic sanctions. However, the US did protest. I ackowledge that. Let’s assume, then, that the US does in some way help keep these countries in line. What’s going to happen to SE Asian democracy when the US declines? What’s going to happen to Thailand and Burma if the local armies go COMPLETELY unchecked?
          Democracy is dead, man. (Or it will be soon enough) The US can’t play big brother forever, and Russia and China aren’t interested in taking up the job to compensate for US decline.
          Paying for 50 children… yeah, well, they won’t all be born at once, will they? Firstly, though, I need to have strong family values. I can’t have my teenage kids running away and abandoning the homestead. Until my teenagers leave to start families of their own, I need their help to raise the younger children. I also need my wives to work when they aren’t pregnant. The elder daughters can take care of the younger children whilst the wives are working.
          Plus it’ll be easier if I get rich. I really need to find money! I’ve got some ideas about how to make a good income whilst in SEA.
          Also, there’s no point paying for higher education for a lot of the children. I won’t send any daughters to anything above high school, because they need to marry and have children of their own (lots of children). I’ll only bother to pay for a son’s higher education if he shows promise that it’ll pay off. The idea of just sending kids to university, though, and seeing if they make it or not is a waste of money.
          I wrote too much!

        24. Interesting stuff, and I wish you luck. I hope you still have time to pop in occasionally with an update on how things are going once you start the huge mega-family. What religious background are these girls who will be agreeing to polygamy?
          The US pro-democracy stuff does seem to be limited to a small number of oil producing nations. In that regard, the US is extremely short sighted, putting extraordinary military, economic, and political efforts into controlling the energy system of the last century. In 100 years, it won’t matter much to the rest of the world what type of government Iraq, Syria, or Saudi Arabia have. They will no longer hold the importance they do today.
          And meanwhile, China, Russia, Australia, and Asia will have gone a different way, almost unnoticed by the US. And at that point the US will no longer have the power to influence them. The US has been declining since the 60s–the hardest thing is changing the pattern. It’s extremely hard to stop China from growing economically every year, even if they are far less wealthy than the US and will remain so for decades. The direction of change is far more important than the current positioning.
          How do you see the EU playing out in the scenario above? The EU would be one of the last bulwarks who could stand up to an outside invasion, and oppose the overrun of Germany. But if the EU is weakened and dissolved, then, as you say, the risk to any one member country of defending Germany is too high, and they will do nothing. Perhaps the Brexit is all part of the plan of weakening western coalitions so that the nations can be conquered one by one.

        25. “The US pro-democracy stuff does seem to be limited to a small number of oil producing nations.”
          Oh, yeah, like the way they won’t get off Saudi Arabia’s back about democratic progress!
          Man, THINK about it a bit more. The US only advocates democracy when the benefits of doing so out-weigh the costs. This is relevant to the next point:
          “How do you see the EU playing out in the scenario above?”
          The EU is quite flimsy, I think. Brexit sort of proved that – nations can opt out as soon as they think it’s not in their best interests to stay. This demonstrates my point that countries only act when the benefits out-weigh the costs.
          I think it’s safe to ignore the EU entirely. Whether or not countries are a member won’t affect whether or not they’ll act to help other members. At least not at the moment. In the unlikely event that the EU strengthens itself by removing its borders and forming a single nation then things will be different, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.
          “What religious background are these girls who will be agreeing to polygamy?”
          Is “poverty” a religion? It’s a more important factor than religion, honestly.
          I think you need to realize that the underlying purpose of religion is to strengthen a community by keeping everybody playing by the same rules. Females appreciate religion in their relationships because of this because females are more reliant on predictable and stable social interaction than males for obvious reasons, but if a female meets a man who can provide that same security without religion then her religion will certainly be forgotten.
          There was an article on RoK just a few days ago that really played up the importance of religion and culture in shaping the way people behave. I’ve got nothing against the author, but I’d advise you don’t listen to him. Our biology is the only ultimate arbiter of our behavior. I’m not saying religion can be safely ignored, but it can certainly be safely replaced.
          Yet to answer the question: I have to wait to see how things go. It depends on money. I was hoping to write books on meeting and marrying SE Asian women based on my experiences. If the first book sells then I’ll have more money to pursue the others. If it doesn’t sell then my plans will change. Still, for that reason that I hope to sell what I’m doing, I thought it’d be better (and funner for me) to find exotic girls, even though it might technically be easier if they were all the same nationality.
          The nations I plan on visiting and the ethnicity I hope to encounter there are first India (Hindu), second Mongolia (Buddhist or Shamanist), then Egypt (Muslim).
          I’m not sure all being the same nationality would truly make it easier, though. See, there’s an easy way to do this, I think, but it’s not necessarily very chivalrous.
          The idea is to first meet a girl in India. Don’t tell her anything about my eventual plans (made easier by the fact we’ll barely speak the same language). Take her to Mongolia and get her pregnant there very quickly. If you can imagine this – a poor, uneducated, teenage girl in a foreign country where she can’t speak the language – once she becomes pregnant she simply cannot leave me no matter what I do. She cannot (and I’m not convinced she’d want to leave, either – on the same principle as before, girls will tolerate anything so long as the benefits of staying in the relationship out-weigh the costs of leaving it).
          The hard part is finding a Mongolian girl while I’ve already got a pregnant Indian girl with me. That’s the only hard part of my plan. I have confidence in my abilities, though (I have confidence in how handsome I am, really).
          After that, I’ll probably leave them both in Thailand with my Thai wife (who I’m already married to right now) for a few months and go to Egypt alone. Finding a Muslim bride will be exhilirating. Again, I’m quite certain religion doesn’t matter at all so long as the girl stands to gain a stable relationship from me. There’s no need to tell her I’m already with other girls until she’s pregnant. That way, she can’t leave once she finds out. However, Egypt, again, has dismal poverty, and a girl would never want to leave me if it meant going back to that (plus Muslim girls are used to polygyny).
          I hope to marry the Mongolian legally so I can stay in the country. Once I’m there, it’ll be a long gruelling process to get the Indian and Egyptian women Mongolian citizenship, but I know how to do it. The idea is to achieve Mongolian citizenship for myself as quickly as possible so that I can acquire Mongolian citizenship at birth for my children born by non-Mongolian women. Once I’ve done that, the non-Mongolian women can apply for residency/citizenship in order to stay with their “Mongolian” children. It’ll take years and years, but it’s doable.
          That’s if things go well. If things go poorly then I might just end up with a few girls from the same country – probably India, but I don’t want to get bogged down in India if I can avoid it.

      2. The problem is, what you’re saying isn’t true:
        The populations aren’t stabilizing. The native populations are declining, whilst immigrants are being brought in to replace them. I.e. the populations are staying the same, but those who don’t reproduce are being replaced by those who do. This isn’t stabilization; it’s replacment.
        “I do not believe the lower birthrates are not permanent trends.”
        There’s no reason to believe the lower birth-rates will improve in Western population once the population has lowered itself to a comfortable level. The population decline is brought about by contraception and feminism. Why should we believe the population decline will end if we don’t end the things that cause it?
        Unless we ban both contraception and feminism then the Caucasian race will simply be swamped and the West as we know it will die.
        If you believe otherwise then explain why and show me the evidence. Yet simply saying “I believe magical rainbow unicorns will float down from the sky and save the West” isn’t good enough.

        1. This is nothing new in regard to history. The native Americans eventually got outbred by the whites, the Romans couldn’t get the population to have enough kids and therefore slapped a “Bachelor Tax” on single men. They eventually had to use immigration to start filling the army and these people had no loyalty to Rome , and then Rome had to start hiring mercenaries. These are the symptoms of dying empire, which has spread itself too thin, but insists on not cutting back on anything. I believe in freedom of choice regarding contraception so banning it will do more harm than good. This was already tried in Romania when they forced women to have children they didn’t want to have and 16 years later crime skyrocketed. Those parents were neglectful and had no desire to raise their children, so as a result, the criminals got a hold of them. The same people that forced those women to have kids were now in danger of being robbed and killed by said kids. There are no easy solutions.
          You are concerned about your white race, when so many of your own seem to care less about it, considering they are the ones who are voting for these policies and are often seen with the Open-Border signs and constantly promoting multiculturalism. No other race does this. You have to understand that women have evolved to not care about things as much as they care for survival and who is the strongest male. When wars were fought in the past, the winners took the women as slaves and the women adapted to the situation very quickly, just as the women in Germany adapted to the occupation by the US and the Soviet forces.
          Eastern Europe and Russia will remain a place for those who want to retain their white identity, but the west cannot be fixed. And the whites here are not interested in fixing it. Whites and blacks in this country will not turn brown through conquest , but through consent. Most men will fall victim to the beauty and femininity of the latin woman.

        2. I don’t understand. Are you not Caucasian?
          I’m not really concerned about the Cauacasian race. I’m sad to see it decline, but my own individual bloodline will survive by breeding with Mongoloid women, and that’s all that matters in the end.
          The birth-rate in Russia is 1.59, by the way, so that country is also in decline and relies on immigrants to sustain its population. However, Russia gets most of its immigrants from former Soviet Union countries, which are Caucasian. Yet this trend can’t last forever, and sooner or later they’ll need to start importing from Mongolia and Kazakhstan and so on (which is why I’m thinking about settling in Mongolia or Kazakhstan – so that my descendants will be the ones getting exported around the world and not the ones being replaced because they don’t reproduce!)
          I’m not necessarily against contraception, either. I understand that in order to save the Caucasian race contraception and feminism needs to be banned. However, natural selection will eventually fix the problem itself by selecting against contraceptive users and feminists, and that will be that – the behavioral traits that lead people to engage in contraceptive use and feminism will be removed from the species! In the meantime, sure, why not let people commit genetic suicide! All I care about is that I and my own children don’t use contraception.

  3. Any info on Romania or Belarus?
    On another note, when the collapse happens, would these countries with nationalist sentiments welcome Western men to flood into their lands and take their women?

    1. LOL Right here:
      Romania: 1.53
      Belarus: 1.62
      Both unsustainable populations. Both dying.

    2. As long as there’s not massive immigration and you look westerner, eastern european countries are quite welcoming. But they’re not heaven. They’re extremely conservative, corrupt, non-open minded and poor.
      Just think about how they always have been so poor. And they keep being poor.
      Don’t get me wrong. I hate multiculturalism. I would have loved living in Germany, UK or US during the 50s-60s. For me that was the perfect society in the perfect moment.
      But Poland or Hungary or Ukraine is not US or UK in the 50s, or Germany in the 60s. Far from it. If they were, they would be economically skyrocketing.
      The Left has destroyed the best of the Western World, the cradle of Bach, Newton, Pasteur, and so many great men. Poland or Hungary are just pale shadows in comparison. And Ukraine is not even a shadow, it’s just a bad joke, it’s a country with half GDP per capita than Cuba has.

      1. If the west falls, Eastern Europe will not carry the torch of western civilization. Eastern Europeans are not capable of creating western civilization. Only western European men can do that. Of course, if a significant number of western men flee to eastern Europe it might be a different story. But again, it would only be because those men have the capability to build it, not the native Slavic stock.

        1. Things change. Other races are hardly incapable of building great civilizations. Look at China and Japan. Or look at the military success of Genghis Khan. If the West collapses, somebody will pick up the torch.

        2. Of course other great civilizations can and will appear. But they will not be western civilization.

    3. Romania is quite a bit poorer than Hungary or Poland, but on the plus side you can live on 300 $ / month basic living expenses like food, electricity, internet, etc. Add an additional 150 $ to that if you’re renting an apartment.
      Knowledge of English used to be excellent in my generation (early 30’s), but the youngsters are known to be a bit dumber these days.
      The major downside for me is the horrible public health system which is a complete and utter disaster. Don’t ever come here if you are a sickly person, you don’t want to ever step foot inside a Romanian hospital. And I’m not necessarily talking about the conditions inside, but stuff like the general incompetence of the doctors and nurses, the fact that you have to pay “extra” just to be treated like a human being, etc.

  4. Surpised Finland didn’t make the list, but the language is similiar to Hungarian.
    Good list. Slavic countries are good places to be a family man, but the further east you go the more corruption there is. It will also take time to build friends outside of your wife’s/ girlfriends group as you learn the language. Most slavic guys are alright, but earning their trust and friendship will take you time (years).

    1. Uhh, Finland is more or less dancing hand in hand with Sweden into the rainbow sunrise of Islamization.
      My family comes from there and a bunch still live there.
      No traditional values, girls are sluts, it’s dark, cold, there are no jobs and sky high suicide rates… Sound good to you?
      Lived there a few years and I’d say you’ll be hard pressed to find a country where it’s harder for an immigrant to make it. Plus you have zero foreigner bonus SMV.

      1. Sorry to hear that. Last time I was there was in 2007, but I like the outdoors so I did enjoy touring the country. I know if it wasn’t for the fact I have Suomi friends, I would have had a difficult time meeting people (next to impossible without alcohol it seems).
        I once dated a finnish girl for a few months and she was actually alright, but some of her girlfriends were — well.. add alochol and their clothes fall off. She married the next guy after me and is still married 15 years later, but all her girfriends are married and divorced already.

        1. Outdoors there is some of the best on earth, I still go hiking, skiing, hunting and/or fishing whenever I visit, depends on the season.
          Getting to know people can be difficult, and the only real way is somewhere were the alcohol is flowing. That’s how it’s always been…
          As for the girls well, if you meet one of the like 5-10% who don’t drink and party they can be Ok but how/where do you meet them?
          On the upside, most girls are like you describe, so you can get laid whenever you want… Just go to some bar with students in it, approach and spit some game, no matter how lame, and you score.
          What disgusted me was the amount of times after the deed, it turns out they have a boyfriend somewhere…

        2. “On the upside, most girls are like you describe, so you can get laid whenever you want…”
          I noticed that when we would go out and spent the night together, some of her girlfriends would call or send a text to ask if they could join us. She would tell them to f*ck off. It was obvious what was going on and I told her she needs to find better friends.
          *It didn’t help she and her friends were all drop dead gorgeous.

  5. Here’s some better countries to set up in:
    Mongolia: 2.45
    Kazakhstan: 2.59
    Kyrgyzstan: 3.10
    Uzbekistan: 2.53
    Tajikistan: 3.82
    Those are healthy countires with a healthy, reproductive population full of fertile females. They aren’t going to collapse any time soon. Go there if you want to be a part of humanity’s genetic future.

    1. Those are mostly islamic countries but i’m sadly often starting to think that converting to islam is the only way to get a quality wife.

      1. Yeah. I don’t know what to do about it and I don’t like it. I’m not promoting Islam. I dislike the religion.
        However, they aren’t fully Islamic countries. Mongolia isn’t Islamic at all. Here’s the “official” Islamic percentages for the others:
        Kazakhstan: 70.2%
        Kyrgyzstan: 86.3%
        Uzbekistan: 96.3%
        Tajikistan: 98%
        Okay… so, aside Mongolia, Kazakhstan is the only one which isn’t “fully” Islamic! Mongolia might be the best option. I tried looking into Russia, but outlook not so good:
        Only the dark green places are worth going to. As you can see, the country is dying, with the disease centred around Moscow (the disease is centred around modernization – the disease is modernization, that is).
        This is just the math, guys. The reality of the world. If anybody can tell me a good nation to go to where the population isn’t going to die then be my guest.
        I ain’t going to Africa. I don’t like SE Asia for permanent living. I don’t like Islam that much. Mongolia is the best I can come up with, honestly.

        1. I thought you wanted a desi girl? Mongolian girls aren’t as pretty IMHO.

        2. Yeah. I’m going to get a Desi girl and take her to Mongolia later on! Something like that. I like to travel, man. I’ve been abroad my entire adult life.

        3. Yeah, I’m rather broad-shouldered. Why?
          LOL Or I have a cock, if that’s what you’re asking.

        4. There’s a rural area in Siberia near the Mongolian border called Tuva, but I hear it’s difficult to go to.

    2. they live off a stew of milk and sheep parts, heads and other offal in Mongolia. haven’t tasted it but doesn’t fill me with a desire to go there…..

      1. It’s a diet of mostly meat and milk, yes. I actually think that’s a great diet, especially for men. I like meat, and milk is important for strong bones and a long life.

    3. Are you Asian? Cause if so that’s cool but, don’t be recommending to White guys that we go to Mongolia to save our bloodlines. That’s ludicrous.

      1. I’m Caucasian. Yes, you can save your individual bloodline by fucking Mongoloids and having children that share 50% of your DNA. So what?
        Man, I’m being pragmatic, okay. I’m not speaking about ideals or the way things should be. I’m speaking about having a genetic legacy that’s actual going to exist and survive.
        So where else do I go?
        Name one Caucasian population – as a nation – that isn’t dying. Name just one. If you think I stand a better chance elsewhere then tell me where. Otherwise you’re not helping at all.

        1. You don’t go anywhere. That’s the issue. We’ve spent the last 40 years running and we have no where left. It’s time to go on the offensive and make a stand. A you do that by reclaiming your women not by chasing Asian women.
          Listen man, I’m not sure how old you are but, I’m in my late twenties and my whole life has been spent in a society that is anti male, anti White, anti traditional and yet, I found a white woman, married her and have a kid and one more on the way. And this is in Toronto which is perhaps the most PC, feminized, cucked city in the world. And my wife who had bought into the career woman propaganda is now a stay at home mother who loves it.
          Is it easy for us? Nah. I wouldn’t claim that but, few things that are meaningful are. But, down the road my kids will look like their ancestors, be raised in their culture and will know that their father cared enough to fight and not run.

        2. I’m 29 years old. I’m also quite handsome – I say that because it’s true that I could probably find a Caucasian bride if I tried. However, it’s easier to find brides in SE Asia. I’m not running from anything; I’m simply going to where the odds are greatest in my favor.
          I had my first SEA bride when I was 19. She pretty much threw herself at me, and now we have 2 daughters together. Now I want another and I want more children. If I know how easy it is in SEA then why would I try for a Western bride?
          How the children look isn’t important, so long as they’re healthy and beautiful (and my daughters are very beautiful). What’s important is not fucking around and wasting my life. Yeah, I probably could land a Western babe, but what if something goes wrong? What if she divorce rapes me and steals my kids or such? I could probably prevent all that from happening, too – if I really tried – but I ask you why should I bother? Why shouldn’t I just do it the easy way instead?
          Western women are an unappealing joke. Do you know how hard it is to find a Western teenage bride ready for marriage and kids? It might take me years, and I’d have to suffer countless insults being called a pedo and a creep despite it’s both legal and quite normal. Yet in SE Asia – when I go to India at the end of the year – I won’t be surprised if I find a hot teenage bride on the first day I arrive. Those are the comparisons we’re talking about. Think them over.

        3. Cause the easy way means the end of your ancestry and bloodlines. Whether or not you agree your daughters are now Asian not Caucasian. No one refers to Obama as the half white president. That’s why. It’s out of respect and honour for your ancestors and their culture.
          And yeah man all the factors you mentioned could occur if get a White western bride but, they could have also occurred to me and somehow I’m making work because we have to look past that for our kids and for our civilization. If we all did what you did then all white civilization is gone in a few generations.
          And no offense but, all this talk of Indian teenage brides come across a bit weird. I assume in real life it’s not what you mean to say.

        4. What’s weird about wanting an Indian teenage bride? Do you mean the age thing? Would it please you if I wanted a saggy-titted crone, instead? LOL I want a teenage bride because I want to have lots of kids. The ONLY way to do that is to marry girls as young as possible.
          Anyway, how does my choices mean an end to my ancestry and bloodline? My bloodline continues through my children, who happen to be SE Asian.
          As for my ancestry, you’re talking about a very temporary thing. In historical memory, yes I know who the Celts were and the Vikings and then the English. Yet they’re the tiniest fraction of my ancestry.
          The absurdly vast majority of my identity is written in DNA that’s been evolving for 4+ billion years. I exhibit behaviors that aren’t even of unique primate origin, let alone English. I have 4+ billion years worth of ancestors to honor. The English are the tinest fraction of those ancestors. I devote equal respect to the rest of them, too – all the way back to our first ancestor who was the veritable god of our DNA. On their behalf, I’ll make every decison based on what will maximize their collective interests – the interests they wrote in my DNA.
          Nor is the West my responsibility. “The West” in itself is only an idea, not more. What you’re really referring to are a collection of individuals who are only capable of acting in their own selfish interests.
          In any case, if the West can be considered to exist as an actual physical thing then it’s going to end one day, anyway, no matter what we do. Yet long after it’s gone, my bloodline will thrive on, so long as I spread my seeds wisely now.
          Okay. This conversation is probably getting way too far ahead for anybody else to understand what I’m talking about anymore!
          I just think that what guys like you need to do is close your eyes and ask the question WHY you think the things you do. Then, once you’ve got an answer, ask yourself, “But is the world bigger than that?”

        5. Dude, youre a Globalist and likely of weak character. Good luck with stealing Asian teenagers. We’re done here.

        6. I’m a professional Muay Thai fighter with an IQ of over 150. I’ve got nothing against nationalism. I’ve got no inclination towards globalism. What I am is a radical individualist. Make of that what you will.

    4. I’m interested in Mongolia in part due to its language, which is written in Cyrillic.

  6. I appreciate the info, but no thanks. The idea of trying to flee the corrosive effects of modern culture rings hollow. Unless you fight, it will not stop spreading. Period. I’ll stay here and fight these statist fucks for control of my home country.
    At the end of the day, I have weapons, and easy access to more. They can only push so far before they get pushed back.

    1. We can’t fight them in time. We need to ban feminism and ban contraception right now if we want to save the West from collapse. Otherwise, the entire West is going to go the way of Germanistan. It’s over. It’s already over. It’s past time to give up and leave. If you fight it, you’ll waste your life and be left with no legacy in the end.

      1. Contraception truly destroys civilization. Then once civilization is destroyed, contraception is not easily available. Perhaps this is why we’ll never explore the stars, and why we have not been contacted by aliens. The aliens keep evolving to contraceptives and starting over?

    2. That was my reaction as well. If people want to tuck tail and run to another country so be it. However it would seem to me that giving up would be highly disrespectful to my forefathers blood, sweat and tears.
      The wall flowers saying it’s too late have already given up. The pendulum can still swing the other way, for the mob is fickle and easily manipulated.

      1. My bloodline is over 4 billion years old. That isn’t lost on me. In fact, that’s my sole motivation to get out of the West and ensure my bloodline doesn’t end with me. I don’t want to be the first weak link in a 4+ billion year old chain.

        1. You most certainly would NOT be the first weak link. Only forty percent of all males have ever reproduced.

        2. But they aren’t my ancestors. They aren’t the ancestors of anybody alive today. Every single link that came before us was a strong one. Yes, 60% of men will be weak links, and my point is I want to be in the top 40% (I already am, actualy!)

        3. But every one of his direct fathers, (grand fathers, great grand fathers etc….) was not a weak link and did reproduce. So each person that doesn’t reproduce is the first weak link of their direct lineage.

        4. So there’s no such thing as a weak link. Either you are a link, or you aren’t a link.
          Better to say that he doesn’t want to be genetically irrelevant.

        5. Yeah, maybe… but the sentence “If you fail to reproduce then you’ll become the first weak link in a 4+ billion year old chain” has impact. It’s just wording.

        6. Everyone of my forefathers reproduced. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Of course if they hadnt you or I wouldnt be here to talk about it.

        7. I made a son who, like me and the men in my family before me, knows what to do with a woman. So many people I know are genetic dead ends. My dental hygienist has beautiful pictures of her family, four kids who look like their parents. She wonders about bringing children into this world. I said “What? our culture is just going to end now? After this, no more?”

        8. You have an Asian wife correct?
          Your childrens bloodline is no longer that of your ancestors.
          Ultimately Its your life and your blood but some could say you have irreversibly discarded tens of thousands of years of heritage in your decision.

        9. If my children have my and my ancestor’s blood then they have my and my ancestor’s blood. You obviously have a mental disability that prevents you from being reasonable.

        10. Why do you care so much after you are gone? Frankly, I have very good genes ( IQ > 130, athletic) and an attractive wife but we aren’t having kids. No way I’m bringing children into the world as it currently exists. Odds are its just going to get more degenerate. Automation and globalization are going to make getting a job worse. SJW will continue to gain bit by bit and the countries of the world will continue their move left over the years. Unless each white couple starts having like 5 kids each, the math says its over.

        11. How do you feel about your children physically looking nothing like you or your ancestors? All the distinguishing features of your people eradicated forever.
          If your child were to do the same with their offspring, Then Joe Smith who lives two towns over has grand children that would probably be more genetically related to you.

        12. “Why do you care so much after you are gone?”
          Your question caught me by surprise, but after some reflection I realized something odd. You actually care more about what might happen after you’re gone than I do. I see the world as being what is and always has been. It’s not getting worse nor better, though the particulars do change. Like all organisms my natural instinct was to reproduce myself; I did and the entire experience has been incredible. Now I want to see the next generation started and hope to enjoy the new life sprouting within my lifetime for purely selfish reasons. I’m not too concerned what happens after I’m gone. My children may be a source of hope and enrichment to millions for all I know
          Each of us creates our own reality. If all you can see is doom and gloom that is entirely your own doing.

        13. I have several other reasons for not having kids in addition to that*, but your comment:
          “I said “What? our culture is just going to end now? After this, no more?” in addition to your comments about gene dead ends suggests you care more about the future more than I do. I just simply acknowledge that the future *doesn’t* look bright as one reason not to have kids. I’m not that worried about it (the future) in fact because I’ve decided not to have kids. Why would you care about dead-end genes unless you care about the future?
          *Other reasons I don’t want kids include, but not limited to: I want to retire before 50 (soon as I hit a $4-5mn nut), every other kid in my family on both sides turns out to be a basket case, I think society today will most of the time being a bigger influence on teens/young adults than their parents (hope you don’t have any girls), my wife likes spending money/time on herself, I work a ridiculous number of hours a week, I already have plenty of nieces and nephews to have fun with and then send them home, etc

        14. I don’t think you understand genetic relation. Physically looking like somebody doesn’t mean you share more genes with him; it means you just happen to look alike. In order to share genes with somebody you have to be very closely related to him. My daughters, however they look, are equally as closely related to me as my parents are.
          For that matter, my daughters look as much like me as they do like their mother. They have features about them that are distinctly Caucasian, as is to be expected given they’re 50% Caucasian.
          Anyway, all I care about is that my children are healthy and beautiful and able to pass on my genetic legacy, as they are. See for yourself. Here’s my eldest, Alexandria:

        15. This is the toughest comment ever because I love it and believe it except the end line. The doom is now out of our hands, it rests with the Global Elite.

        16. “No way I’m bringing children into the world as it currently exists. Odds are its just going to get more degenerate. Automation and globalization are going to make getting a job worse. SJW will continue to gain bit by bit and the countries of the world will continue their move left over the years. Unless each white couple starts having like 5 kids each, the math says its over.”
          And thanks for putting it so concisely.

        17. I’m sure you’re a proud father, as you should be.
          I’m not sure what a picture of your young daughter covered in make up is trying to prove? I’m not sure what you look like, I thought you were European?
          I don’t think you’re able to see the bigger picture on miscegenation and the possible repercussions. That’s ok, Its a hard pill to swallow.
          I wish good health and happiness for your family.

        18. “I made a son who, like me and the men in my family before me, knows what to do with a woman”
          Oh for fuck’s sake… more silly ‘man-up’ bullshit.
          For every man who ‘knows what to do with a woman’ there is government that knows how to unjustifiably subjugate, and imprison him.
          The current state of affairs is real, man.

        19. You don’t think I’m capable of agreeing with you on all your random opinions, you mean?
          There’s no “bigger picture” here. I say I want to pass on my genes, and I’m doing a good job at it, evidently.
          Yet you seem to think I have some burden to OTHER Caucasians aside myself. Fucking WHY?! Why do I have to give a fuck about any of them?

        20. What burden?
          If you’re going to get on a soap box about bloodlines and forefathers then it is prudent to point out that a family tree of continued miscegenation will resemble almost nothing of your ancestors.
          If that offends you then so be it.

        21. Do you even know what a bloodline is?! You’re obviously confusing it with tradition. It’s my heritage I’ve shed, not my bloodline. Get it right.

        22. bloodline
          an animal’s set of ancestors or pedigree, especially with reference to the desirable characteristics bred into it.
          (Sociology) all the members of a family group over generations, esp regarding characteristics common to that group; pedigree

        23. Yeah, and my daughters are part of my bloodline. They look like me, think like me, behave like me, and most importantly they share half of my DNA.
          I think you should just fuck off now. You’re dumb. You’re racist. You’re obviously inferior to me in terms of reproductive capabilities. You don’t even seem capable of admitting that my daughters share my blood. In fact, I think you’re nigh retarded.
          Bye now

        24. You know, the ones tracing your bloodline back 4 billion years. (Are you sure it isn’t 3? Or 5??)

      2. Where do your forefathers come from? Do you still live in that country? I’m guessing the answer is no. In which case there is no shame in maximizing your happiness and interests and finding a culture that is most likely to support you and help you raise a happy family, not reward some woman for divorce raping you after you give her 15 years of your time and labor.
        If, on the other hand, you have centuries of lineage and history in the same nation, by all means, plant your flag and defend it violently to the death.

        1. “there is no shame in maximizing your happiness and interests and finding a culture that is most likely to support you”
          Bang on. “America” is aggressive self-interest. The location doesn’t matter. If NOTHING in this current culture allows white males to even be aware of their own self-interest, much less exercise it, then this isn’t America anymore. Go resurrect Thomas Jefferson and he would take an hour or two to get up to speed and then he would want to know when the next ship is leaving.

        2. “In which case there is no shame in maximizing your happiness”
          True – also consider that whatever sacrifice men make today the benefits will not be experienced until next generation – who will be like the baby boomers and flush it doen the toilet. Fuck that…

        1. We need a new strategy, start a quiet revolution from the inside. We need a conspiracy. Because all governments are conspiracies and the only way to compete with the one in place now, is to become one, (the iron law of competition.) Every man that wants to join the conspiracy just needs to call themselves a convert to Sufi Islam. This was the “intellectual” branch of the muzzels. Then the movement can be easily incorporate the values of the west, while garnering the masculinity of the religion and the absurd protections that the present government gives it. Invade our own country.

      3. I’m a 20 year expat. I have legally avoided paying 20 years of taxes, meaning that I am the one NOT funding the demise of my own country. You “stand and fight” Conan types are very good at spouting things online. You’ve also been very good at funding leftist causes.

        1. FATCA has not caught up with you yet? Heh. Stay under their radar. The beast is hungry.

        2. They are making it almost impossible to do so legally going forward, but good luck to you. I have done what I can to legally reduce my taxes living in the US, mostly through real estate investments. If more did this, it would be a very different world.

      4. By ‘tuck tail’ do you mean like the founders who came here from England? Or my ancestors from Ireland? Sheesh.

    3. Agreed. I’m tired of hearing about flight.
      Been hearing about white flight my whole life. Now hearing about westerners fleeing to other countries.
      One of the many problems of constant flight, is that eventually you’ve lost everywhere to run to.
      The West wasn’t built by weaklings who ran away from everything. It was built by some of the most successful, most violent barbarian tribes the world has ever seen. It wasn’t safeguarded by continually fleeing when things got tough.
      It’s an insult to our ancestors to abandon the entire West, and everything thousands of years of our forefathers fought and sacrified for.

      1. If a red pill society is to ever establish and flourish in modern times, can you picture it happening in a smaller, perhaps third world nation, or America? The latter seems incredibly farfetched to me.
        If one wishes to enjoy the decline, or just stays out of inertia, I certainly understand, but thinking we are going to force the tides to change direction is futile.

        1. I think we need some of both. I think small groups of men need to go out and start “colonizing” third world countries and see if we can create a new shining light on the hill, while the majority of men need to see if they can swing the pendulum back in the other direction from here.
          The posters above are correct in one aspect. This is a global plan by globalists. As long as some nationalists and traditionalists still fight in America, and as long as Americans are armed, the globalists will have most of their attention focused here, in Europe and in the middle east. That would give western traditional men a chance to set up settlements in other countries potentially without much scrutiny to begin with.
          I’d also note, it would be kind of cool if the Knights Templar were revived. And I don’t mean the current 20 groups whom call themselve knights templar and either have some charity mission or are just practicing “mystery religion” and orgies. I mean a group of western, Christian warriors set to protect Christians in the holy land and the middle east.

        2. New Hampshire might be a good start as some are already looking to secede from the U.S.A…

        3. Yeah, I have always held out hope that the Free State Project was able to create a different society up there. Not because I would necessarily want to join (though I would consider it), but just because I like the idea of like-minded people banding together and creating a voluntary society under the rules and norms that they want. Socialist Vermont should be its own nation. The Republic of Texas. The Free State of New Hampshire.
          The current US system is not something I’m a huge fan of, but I have very little practical choice, and the Republican and Democratic “choices” one has are far more similar than they are different.

        4. The Free State Project is unfortunately tiny – NH is increasingly infested with wealthy Democrats from other parts of the eastern seaboard, and the state legislature is made up of about 400 retirees and housewives. With most of the young people leaving when they finish school, much of the rest of the population consists of seniors with their hands held out – no telling how long it will last with the lack of economic activity before it votes in more socialists, increases taxes and just becomes an extension of MA. Oh yeah – and they’re trying to funnel more refugees into the state too because the leftists in power think it’s “too white.” No place in the US is safe from federalist shit anymore.

        5. I’ve been thinking the same thing. If 15 or 20,000 of us all went to one small place, such as Belize, for example, we could soon have a huge influence on it. And it’s already pretty good, and english speaking. Population around 350k…

        6. One of the most left wing, politically correct, liberal places on the planet…

        7. Their site mentions that New Hempshire has the highest statewide per capita income plus many other benefits from a more libertarian style government. Have to look in this further…

        8. Agreed, I ocan see the parallel between empty calories and empty rhetoric…

        9. The 3rd world is red pilled. Conservative as fvck, as they were forced to be in order to survive.
          Conservatism happens when everything is taken away from you due to war, natural causes, catastrophe. You become more cautious.
          They didn’t become red-pill by choice, it was the only choice.
          The liberal west have sat down on the comfy throne for too long that they ran out of problems to solve, hence they create them because they themselves have gone through the exact same process of war and famine ravaging the ones they love.
          This is why it’s important to balance the order of cosmos and chaos. Peace there, war here.. etc….

        10. “Move to New Zealand en masse”
          They won’t accept anyone to live their without a minimum investment of USD 4 million.

        11. ” and they’re trying to funnel more refugees into the state too because the leftists in power think it’s “too white.” No place in the US is safe from federalist shit anymore.”
          You got that right, man. All one need do is google “muslims in [put your town here]” and the vast majority of areas will show you a thumbnail of a map of jihadi centers, er, I meant to say islamic communities centers or mosques in whatever area you searched.
          Places that were predominantly white like Lancaster PA are getting overrun by islam – as are areas outside Detroit MI.
          This did not happen by accident. The globalists agenda of white genocide goes back decades.

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      2. “The West wasn’t built by weaklings who ran away from everything.”
        Explain how America was built…..

        1. Or how the barbarian hordes that took over the Roman Empire in the west were driven from their homelands mostly by the Huns. They then settled into Northern Spain and western France (Visigoths), France (Franks, a Germanic tribe), north coast of Africa (Vandals), And the Lombards (Italy). Seems every one everywhere came from somewhere else and mostly had to flee bad times there. My grandfather and his family fled what is now Belarus due to a widespread famine in the 1890s. When the choice is flee to better lands or stay and fight and die, it seems a lot of good people make the choice to move rather than die. And, for a man, living in the west is just a slow death.

        2. Don’t forget all the confederates that moved to South America where you can still see confederate festivals,the Italian who moved to Argentina, the Germans that moved to Texas back in the 1830s, and the Irish that moved to New York during the Potato Famine. The world was a lot bigger then and was pretty much open borders.
          Some consider it to be hypocritical to tell others to stay where they are to fight a non-winnable situation. The difference is that those in the past were not being paid by the tax-payers to come into the country. This is what I find irritating about the current batch of migrants coming into America and Europe.

        3. Your comment is key “The difference is that those in the past were not being paid by the tax-payers to come into the country”. It is estimated that before WW1, every immigrant added, on a net present value basis, about $100,000 to the country’s wealth. Eleven million Latin invades detract how much? Enough.

        4. The intelligent, enterprising ones. That is bravery- to strike out anew into the unknown…

        5. I think it’s an agenda to accomplish 2 main goals: 1. wipe out homogeneous populations (genocide) and 2. increase the population’s dependence on the government to continuously fuel the reason for more debt and more government.

      3. What are you smoking. The west was built by imbreds who wanted to Flee England because they couldn’t sleep with their Sisters and Cousins.
        After the Spanish Discovered America, the English came and murdered everyone and everything. Including the Chinese who were here first. (see Eskimos in Alaska). One of the few reaming and surviving travelers who haven’t been wiped out by the English.

        1. The English murdered less natives than the natives killed other rival native tribes. As for killing everything, the natives deforested most of America via fire, as they hadn’t developed metal to use for axes, so they burned trees down. The English/ Scottish repopulated most of that, as well as turned the deserts green with irrigation and the like
          As for inbreeding, the only inbreds in England are the royals. Try reading Thomas Paines work, or Benjamin Franklins, for a better idea of what America was created for.
          BTW whites visited America and left archelogical evidence 26,000 years ago http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/new-evidence-suggests-stone-age-hunters-from-europe-discovered-america-7447152.html

      4. You’re sadly ignorant of history. Where did the Germanics come FROM? Where did the Brits ORIGINATE? Where did those great American founders COME FROM? They were all relocating to a better place, where they could build something new. Usually by dominating the people who were already there, for sure. But the principle is to escape from tyranny.

    4. Totally agree. Best to stand your ground, build small communities of the like-minded and resist the progressive statist insanity. There are still plenty of decent folk in the West and many potential allies once more eyes are opened.
      The idea that Eastern Europe is the promised land is delusional. I haven’t travelled as much as the author but my mother and father are both from there and I’ve spent enough time to get a sense of life over there. Yes, there are definitely pockets of tradition, the societies are more ethnically homogeneous and certainly leaders like Orban in Hungary have impressed in their willingness to resist EU immigration hegemony. But don’t be naive… much of Eastern Europe is as decadent and corrupt as here.

    5. “I appreciate the info, but no thanks. The idea of trying to flee the corrosive effects of modern culture rings hollow. Unless you fight, it will not stop spreading. Period”
      Good point. That plus the only leader of the free world is the USA. Should the states fall, there will be no hope for any other nation the World over.

      1. Yes. There is nowhere to run. This cancer is not going to stop spreading until we break out the chemo.

        1. The really fuct-up part of that pic is the fact that the top clouds resemble Bozo the Clown. Once you see it (again, while squinting), you’ll shit brix.

        2. There are thousands of places to go. The cancer stops spreading when white boys finally start balking at their mule status and stop falling so easily for ‘Man Up’, ‘Stand and fight’ jingoism. When white boys stop being duped so easily, the cancer loses its sole source of funding. Break out your backpack and go live

        3. It’s Hillary, after she nukes Russia on behalf of her Chinese comrades…

      2. Disagree, once the USA falters or even falls this will create an immense power vacuum.
        For starters Israel will be in serious trouble as I doubt the EU will defend them from the sword of Islam. Perhaps being a vassel state to Russia is the preferred outcome…

        1. What makes you think Islam will stand ? Russia and China will be the only ones standing.

        2. ” I doubt the EU will defend them from the sword of Islam”
          Indeed especially the fact that the EU is becoming a lower primate caliphate.

      3. Watch PsychoWar, get an idea about the US and how it was founded before bullshitting yourself it is the only free bastion in the world. The US is a slave holding tank no more.

        1. “The US is a slave holding tank no more.”
          It’s a 3.8 million square mile slave holding tank at that.

      4. Umm, the USA has already fallen. It’s a marxist/socialist police state. Game is over. Where’s all these patriot warriors who are gonna fight? Nowhere. Delusional.

        1. “Umm, the USA has already fallen. It’s a marxist/socialist police state. Game is over”
          Unfortunately I think you are correct. The fall was certainly quiet and seamless.

      5. America was an idea. And an ideal. If it’s no longer that (and it isn’t- not even close) than it’s just a word or a physical place, both of which have no meaning in themselves. Even the establishment admits in the world rankings, we not even in the top 5 for overall freedom. Let alone health or prosperity.

        1. ” Even the establishment admits in the world rankings, we not even in the top 5 for overall freedom”
          Where does the usa rank then?

    6. I see a lot of people that won’t consider alternative military strategies. Sometimes you have to flee your homeland and set up camp elsewhere, so as to mount an effective counter-assault in the future.
      Perspectives are COMPLETELY out of wack on this thread.
      We are talking about a hypothetical economic collapse of the USA, where a large number of out of shape, former combat arms, veterans, ban together to form an insurrection of the same magnitude as the Continental Army of the American Revolutionary War.
      My position is that such a rag-tag army would have a HUGE logistics conundrum to solve, with both training pudgy civilian militias and keeping a steady supply of food and bullets. Yet, the “combat veterans”, posting here, go bonkers, arguing why I’m the idiot for even mentioning such a possibility.
      I strongly suggest that all you folks whom are taking the simpletons perspective and advocating, “Standing your Ground”, read up on the Polish II Corps (Drugi Korpus Wojska Polskiego) and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.
      With this in mind, remember to study hard budding insurgents because tougher, harder and smarter people than you tried this already, in an analog world and failed. So, why would any of you think you will be more successful, in a digital world where the tools of counter-insurgency, used by the USA, have been sharpened and honed to perfection (when compared to other first world nations)?
      But then again, maybe there were some retired Green Berets or former Foreign Legionnaires now living in the USA , who made insightful comments about “Standing your Ground” that I missed. Withstanding, the chest beating and nationalist slant being announced by the few “combat” veterans posting here.

      1. As a former combat arms officer with combat experience fighting an insurgency, I’m pretty confident that I have an understanding of basic military strategy.
        “Tougher, harder and smarter people than you tried this already, in an analog world and failed.” You mean like the colonists that founded this country? Pretty sure they won. Very amusing comment coming right on the heels of Independence Day.
        What you lack is an understanding of the dynamic at play here. There are more firearms in private hands in this country than there are citizens. Far more weapons than soldiers. In Iraq, an insurgency that never numbered much more than 20,000, armed with relatively primitive weapons, fought us to a a point where the public got tired of bloodshed and demanded it be called off. Something tells me that leftists aren’t going to have the stomach to whether the fight if a few million of their countrymen decide to resist. And I’m pretty sure that if a bunch of illiterate peasants can fight the strongest military on earth to a standstill, we can manage the same on our home turf.
        Run if you want. No one is stopping you.

        1. @NemesisEnforcer
          I see lots of weekend warriors up voting your nonsense. If its thats bad, go start your insurrection today. Why wait?
          We are talking about a hypothetical economic collapse of the USA, where a large number of out of shape, former combat arms, veterans, ban together to form an insurrection of the same magnitude as the Continental Army of the American Revolutionary War.
          My position is that such a rag-tag army would have a HUGE logistics conundrum to solve, with both training pudgy civilian militias and keeping a steady supply of food and bullets. Yet, the “combat veterans”, posting here, go bonkers, arguing why I’m the idiot for even mentioning such a possibility.
          So, suddenly you are a combat veteran and we have to get into a pissing match about who has enough tactical military experience to properly weigh the circumstances and outcome of a “fantasy scenario”?
          You understood what I meant and if you are indeed a RECENTLY DISCHARGED, combat veteran, you certainly know what Neo-Revolutionaries will be up against in this hypothetical “War of Independence 2.0” in the 21st century.
          The English had fists-of-iron & feet-of-clay. The Revolutionaries took advantage of that and the French sent the colonists supplies. The Germans had no such disadvantage during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Those in the Warsaw Ghetto had no means of resupply and the enemy, that they were up against, was a logistics juggernaut.
          This so called “War of Independence 2.0”, that you and others seem to be espousing will be hampered entirely by logistics, not by tactics, nor the by any perceived limited availability of firearms, period. Americans don’t farm (meaning small family farms also need to buy into the idea of an armed insurrection), don’t make their own ammunition (manufacturing on a scale needed to support years of conflict, not reload shells for a weekend of coon hunting), will have ZERO air support, very limited aerial intel and will have no external resupply chains (i.e. Frances role during the American Revolutionary War). Supply lines will be easily decimated by the new drone strategies that have developed in the last 15 years.
          As for you being a “Combat Officer”, I’d expect a higher level of responsible advice given to those whom you are stoutly recommending to “Stand their Ground”, most of which would not even be able to pass basic.
          You do realize, that “experienced” people like yourself would need to be training the “American Civilian” counterpart of the Montagnard, RIGHT NOW, as we write, in order to have even an inklings of a fighting chance.
          For example, by the time the Revolutionary War began, Rogers Rangers had already fought in the French & Indian Wars (from 1756-1759) and Pontiac’s Rebellion (from 1763-1766). That’s a DECADE of insurgency and early counter-insurgency style combat and I’m just supposed to believe, on your word, that you are of this caliber, as well?
          Don’t make me laugh.
          So, have you started training your Neo-Montagnard? I doubt it.

        2. And whose going to fight the commoners? Johnny law and the National guard? You think the Army, Navy, and Air Force will raise arms against 50%+ of the country?

        3. Nemesis Enforcer is the epitome of a keyboard warrior. That is all.

        4. Look dude, if you don’t want a pissing match, don’t start one. I could care less if you believe me. I served in combat in Iraq. Based on your comments, I doubt you did. You talk like someone who reads a lot of military history but has no practical experience with it.
          You’re likening a hypothetical American uprising to the Warsaw Ghettos? You’ve got the roles reversed, it will be the military (what’s left of it) bottled up in urban areas trying to hold out against the onslaught.
          And I’ve said it before in many other threads on this site, but I’ll say it again here: if you think the American military is going to attack it’s own civilians, you are delusional. Unlike most other militaries in the world, what sets the American military apart is that it is not organized along tribal, ethnic or regional lines. Members of a unit are drawn from all over the country, so you cannot simply order one unit to attack someplace and expect them to carry it out because it’s “us against them.” Giving an order like this would cause mutiny. And, again, I’m telling you as someone with experience, it doesn’t have to be a big mutiny to be a big problem. If only 10% of your guys refused to follow orders, you are fucked.
          As an officer, I swore an oath to defend the Constitution. Period. If given an order to attack civilians, I and likely 90% of my unit, would have simply deserted. And taken our equipment with us. You can listen to the fantasies in your head, or you can listen to someone who has actually served in a combat unit. Who’s going to be flying those planes to bomb non-existent supply lines? Who’s going to be fueling them? Who’s going to be repairing them? Who’s going to be controlling them? Who’s going to be calling the airstrikes onto the target? According to you it’s apparently all those guys who just walked out because you told them to attack their own neighborhoods. Not likely.
          Supply chains are not a weakness for insurgents. That is why insurgencies are notoriously hard to defeat. They are a weakness for a heavy modern military like ours. It’s a heavy, mechanized military that needs a 3 to 1 logistics tail. And any widespread insurgency here is going to have plenty of supplies and ammunition to fight for as long as needed.
          No farming? Dude, leave NYC sometime. There’s this huuuuuge area derisively referred to in libtardtopia as “flyover” country where they do nothing but farm. No air recon? You know you can buy drones for less than a hundred bucks, right? Don’t make their own ammo? You obviously don’t know some of the people I know, but let’s assume you’re right – how much ammo do you think you need? Do you think people aren’t smart enough to sieze an ammo plant and protect it?
          Finally, I haven’t “recommended” anything. I have stated my intent. If you want to tuck tail and run, have fun. Good bye. There have been roughly 3 million people who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. No need to train a Montagnard army – we have plenty of skilled people like me, sitting at home, going to the range, keeping in shape, preparing….

        5. @NemesisEnforcer whom posted the following: “we have plenty of skilled people like me, sitting at home, going to the range, keeping in shape, preparing….”
          Is it 100,000, 500,000, a million? How many exactly do you ponder?
          We both know what happens to most veterans that were assigned to combat units, as an 18 year old, once discharged. They eventually they get married, get fat, have kids, procure the best paying job their military credentials can get them and GET FATTER again .
          Are there some top notch former SOF guys out there keeping things tight? Sure, with a number easily under 10K nationwide. Are there, former, regular infantry guys keeping things tight? Sure, with a number easily under 50K nationwide.
          So, how many of this sub 60K figure, of fighting fit males, would actually be interested in joining your insurrection and at the same time, giving up all that they have earned under the current system?
          Our current military is filled with pogue’s (see my earlier overall deployment estimates), per major conflict. Were their lives in danger? Of course. Are they any more useful in combat than the average beat cop? No
          Again, we are talking about a hypothetical economic collapse of the USA, where a large number of out of shape, former combat arms, veterans, ban together to form an insurrection of the same magnitude as the Continental Army of the American Revolutionary War.
          My position is that such a rag-tag army would have a HUGE logistics conundrum to solve, with both training pudgy civilian militias and keeping a steady supply of food and bullets. Yet, the “combat veterans”, posting here, went bonkers, arguing why I’m the idiot for even mentioning such a possibility.
          Veterans speak in many different manners, perhaps based a different branch of service or maybe even a distant separation of service eras? Feel free to use your imagination.
          Call my “experience”, what ever you wish and you are likely to have more combat experience, if, your claims are actually true, based on assumed service timelines. But the difference between what you are calling “military history” versus what I call “public policy stances” is based on what careers a veteran accepts once they leave the military branches.
          There a LOTS of non-combat folks advising in the US government and at the end of the day quite a few end up bossing guys like you around, justified or not (Obama and Hilary being two of the most recent, yet embarrassing, examples). I also never said American troops would attack their own people. The government won’t need to even go that far to stomp out a fledgling uprising.
          Based on you earlier comments, you don’t appear to have moved onto one of the more political agencies within the US Military Industrial Complex and your stance mirrors what I have seen many other veterans say, whom also did not move in the direction I did (perhaps you will eventually provide more detail). It should be somewhat obvious where I have spent the bulk of my professional time, likely inverse of how you spent yours (which was probably mostly in the military at this point in your career, unless you are old enough to be a Desert Storm era veteran). Otherwise your comments would be less one dimensional and less focused on irrelevant patriotic grand standing. Data analysis and virtual warfare, done by former pogue’s, can destabilize an entire movement in hours. Insurgents need funding today, I don’t believe for one minute that you have the background to sustain such an effort. Can you lead? Sure. Can you teach other basic combat tasks? Sure. Do you have relevant TACTICAL experience? Sure. However, can you keep the logistics going when the ATF focuses on shutting you down? NOPE, not in a million years. This last question is one of the cruxes of my argument. those who wish to live by your sentiments can ignore it at their own peril. I have witnessed, in my professional career, the unlikeliest of people, with no military background, showing great natural brilliance in logistical matters, where former senior level military officers fail miserably. Moving Butter & Guns around effectively is not always a skill imbued by the flames of combat.
          Once someone has worked within one of those agencies they quickly realize that the escalating scale of stuff that you believe can happen is actually impossible (and no I don’t mean big time NSA or CIA stuff, just any federal agency that has the power to snuff out small political elements that are deemed to be radicals, though financial means). So, if you have actually worked in one of these agencies, you will certainly know deep down, that I am generally correct (assuming of course, that such insurrection events occur in a stable economy).
          You can certiainly try any kind of resistance method you wish, but I am confident about your chances and how long others like you would last while being pursued by LEO’s and the court system. No grand scale revolution is nessassry to snuff your kind out, quietly, especially if there is no grand economic collapse .

        6. Again, you speak from a position of absolutely zero real world experience, and it shows.
          I left the Marines to work in the government. I have worked in several DoD sub-agencies. I now work as an attorney, and my work centers on the government. I know exactly what government is, and more importantly, is not capable of. Let me tell you, if you think the fat, worthless chodes that populate any government bureaucracy are a bigger danger than the military, you’ve obviously never been within 100 yards of a federal building where these agencies work.
          But, at the end of the day, all those incompetent bureaucrats depend on trigger pullers like me to execute whatever nefarious schemes you imagine they have. And again, that’s where the fantasy in your head falls apart completely because guys like me are not going to execute, we’re going to say “fuck you, come and make me.”
          Don’t worry. I know this seems scary to you. You’ll be safe in Belarus or Poland.

        7. So harsh, sis! I’m going to lose, like five minutes of sleep over this epic beatdown.

        8. relax, Nem…it’s not a beat down, nor is it a total indictment of your character. I agree with most of what you say including your comment above, but you do have a tendency to Keyboard warrior out.

        9. @NemesisEnforcer wrote the following comment: “Don’t worry. I know this seems scary to you. You’ll be safe in Belarus or Poland.
          …and you would risk this perceived “good life, which you have spotlighted here online, that you earned; so as to post “radical” comments, on a public forum, in the middle of the work day, to start a pissing match, with a complete stranger, about hypothetical military strategy, on the pretense of an imaginary economic meltdown? Woe is anyone that hires you as counsel. Sure, makes me wonder if anything you have said is true because you would have a lot to lose if these kinds of comments were ever to come out to folks that you are contract with/work for.
          I also don’t expect you to clarify your background further, as I would not on a polarized public forum such as this, but there is quite a difference between a former veteran with LSRD experience working in the ATF, versus another “combat” veteran that was in the Air Defense Artillery, got a job with the Department of the Interior and later became a lawyer. You didn’t say what you do, but, for example, if you are land use lawyer and worked previously as a program analyst within the Department of the Interior, that background won’t make your opinions any more realistic than somebody else’s that also worked for the Feds. Frankly, that distinction is something that I really hope readers take away from our overall discussion.
          Also, I thought we were talking about a hypothetical economic collapse of the USA, where a large number of out of shape, former combat arms, veterans, ban together to form an insurrection of the same magnitude as the Continental Army of the American Revolutionary War.
          My position was that such a rag-tag army would have a HUGE logistics conundrum to solve, with both training pudgy civilian militias and keeping a steady supply of food and bullets. Yet, the “combat veterans”, like yourself, posting here, went bonkers, arguing why I’m the idiot for even mentioning such a possibility.
          We are both obviously speaking in generalities, but I guess which side someone reading this thread “believes”, is dependent entirely on how well they think the government can sniff out and halt, indigenous, organized, radical opposition, in a good economy. I personally think the USA has a pretty good handle and track record on dealing with groups organized sufficiently, to mount a civil war level conflict, on its own soil. You seem to think otherwise and that’s where I believe the “fantasy aspect” of your comments comes into play here.
          Your comments are based on potential future events, much farther out than I am talking about. Bureaucrats mop up small radical groups quite frequently in a stable economy, in both the courtroom and in shootouts, period. As you know, we are not yet to a point where your opinion can realistically happen. If it was, you wouldn’t be practicing law anymore and you also wouldn’t give a hoot about “Red Pill Thought” because imminent survival of your “underground cell” would take precedence. However, what I have posted is well within the bounds of reality, as long as an agency can justify the expense to execute the legal and law enforcement components needed to mount a successful raid.

        10. @John Galt wrote the following: “So you never served. But your uncles did?”
          I referenced my uncles’ era of military service, as an impromptu measure of the population density of “combat arms veterans” living among the civilian population of the United States at a given time period. Per my posted deployment figures, the population of “combat arms veterans” living among the civilian population roughly decreases by half, in each follow up conflict, from the one preceding it.
          Also, where did I note specific previous military service? Please cite the source from my comments?

        11. @John Galt
          Twink? So, if an opinion doesn’t fit your preconceived stereotypes of how some military people should or should not respond, those individuals are not able to make reasonable predictions about the potential outcomes of a domestic insurrection attempt? Not everyone will always fit in the square hole, despite having previously served in the military.
          Again, I thought we were talking about a hypothetical economic collapse of the USA, where a large number of out of shape, former combat arms, veterans, ban together to form an insurrection of the same magnitude as the Continental Army of the American Revolutionary War.
          My position was that such a rag-tag army would have a HUGE logistics conundrum to solve, with both training pudgy civilian militias and keeping a steady supply of food and bullets. Yet, the “combat veterans”, posting here, went bonkers, arguing why I’m the idiot for even mentioning such a possibility.

        12. I say nothing in these comments that I don’t also say to people in real life. Which is why I lose no sleep over being called a keyboard warrior. Let’s flip it though – would you candidly tell me you thought I was full of shit if we were face to face in a bar? Something tells me that if you saw me, you wouldn’t.

        13. @NemesisEnforcer
          “Again, you speak from a position of absolutely zero real world experience, and it shows.”
          I thought we were talking about a hypothetical economic collapse of the USA, where a large number of out of shape, former combat arms, veterans, ban together to form an insurrection of the same magnitude as the Continental Army of the American Revolutionary War.
          My position was that such a rag-tag army would have a HUGE logistics conundrum to solve, with both training pudgy civilian militias and keeping a steady supply of food and bullets. Yet, the “combat veterans”, like yourself, posting here, went bonkers, arguing why I’m the idiot for even mentioning such a possibility.
          Please tell us of your many hands-on exploits orchestrating and running a large underground rebel cell, that is actively attacking a government.
          Oh do tell, I can’t wait to hear of your great adventures on the high seas!

        14. @NemesisEnforcer
          Is it really worth arguing with anybody in public about “hypotheticals” these days, especially with no money being wagered?
          In the 90’s I would have welcomed such a discussion in person, however, today I’m too busy and I’ve heard all the typical rebuttals before anyway.

        15. Don’t use quotes unless you are quoting something.
          And don’t start a pissing match if you don’t want to engage in one. You’re the one who came here posting snarky little comments implying I’m just some yokel who has no idea what I’m talking about, not me.
          I’ll clarify it for you a bit more, my combat experience consists of multiple sustained large scale firefights (several hours in duration in some cases), and I have been decorated. I’m not trying to play a dick measuring game with my service, but you implied I have no idea what I’m talking about, and I can assure you that it’s quite the opposite. I know exactly what it is like to fight. I also know exactly what it is like to work in a government bureaucracy. I worked in defense agencies, not civilian ones, and my current work keeps me in these circles (though there is also overlap in the civilian agencies).
          On to the substance of what you say about bureaucracies wiping out fringe groups – fair enough point, but this is an article about societal collapse. I don’t deny that the BLM can send its SWAT team out to confront a couple dozen guys in the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, but it’s vastly different when instead of a couple dozen guys we’re talking about a couple million, and instead of a peaceful protest or people who just want to be left alone, we’re talking about armed rebellion where people are actively seeking out and attacking government agents.
          And don’t worry, sometimes after you have big filings, like I did last week, you have a slow day where you can fuck around on the internet. No clients are being billed whenever you see me post something, so you can rest easy.

        16. How about as commanding officer of a combat unit of about 150 Marines invading Iraq. Does that count? How about as an officer commanding the same amount of Marines against an insurgency – do you think that having to fight against them might have taught me a little about what they do to succeed?

        17. @NemesisEnforcer wrote the following: “I don’t deny that the BLM can send its SWAT team out to confront a couple dozen guys in the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, but it’s vastly different when instead of a couple dozen guys we’re talking about a couple million”
          Thank you for being real and finally acknowledging the substance of what I was saying about the ability of government to stamp out radicals, when the economy is stable.
          That has been my point from the very beginning, but you wanted to go straight to the “zombie apocalypse scenario” level, which I think will not be something that we will experience as young-to-middle aged men, at best, we will be grandpas by then. Also, the article references a “cultural collapse”, which is NOT the same as an “economic collapse”, hence, the justification for the position I took from the very beginning.
          We have been talking about a hypothetical economic collapse of the USA, where a large number of out of shape, former combat arms, veterans, ban together to form an insurrection of the same magnitude as the Continental Army of the American Revolutionary War.
          My position is that such a rag-tag army would have a HUGE logistics conundrum to solve, with both training pudgy civilian militias and keeping a steady supply of food and bullets. Yet, the “combat veterans”, posting here, went bonkers, arguing why I’m the idiot for even mentioning such a possibility.
          BTW, most people posting are yokel’s and can’t be told apart, until the real details trickle out in follow up posts. You may not agree with what I am saying (to just walk away from it all), but it should be obvious to you that I am not some yokel either, despite our experiences working for the government being vastly different. My posts, sound like “military history” to you because I want them to be accessible to and researchable by the average man reading ROK.
          Although I have to say, now that you have noted your combat experience, I stand by my previous statement:
          “As for you being a “Combat Officer”, I’d expect a higher level of responsible advice given to those whom you are stoutly recommending to “Stand their Ground”, most of which would not even be able to pass basic.”
          If you have seen men get injured and die, you know this is to be true, right down to your core, whether or not, you post any regrets about how you have conducted yourself on this thread.

        18. shut the fuck up, you keyboard cuck. i would have no issue calling you out. faggot

        19. You are refusing to answer a simple question. Why do you squirm so, as you do nothing but damage your own credibility.

        20. @John Galt
          Credibility? Like credentials that would qualify me to talk about short-story fiction essays, posted in the comments section of an obscure ROK article?
          Next time, I promise, I’ll have my diplomas and certifications handy, for your personal review.
          Unless I missed something, I thought we were talking about a hypothetical economic collapse of the USA, where a large number of out of shape, former combat arms, veterans, ban together to form an insurrection, of the same magnitude, as the Continental Army of the American Revolutionary War.
          My position was that such a rag-tag army would have a HUGE logistics conundrum to solve, with both training pudgy civilian militias and keeping a steady supply of food and bullets. Yet, the “combat veterans”, posting here, went bonkers, arguing why I’m the idiot for even mentioning such a possibility.
          Fact is, we all lost credibility the minute we posted any responses to this nonsense. This isn’t an interview for Think Tank Analyst position. If you and few others want to “Dick Measure” your prior service, be my guest.
          I post in places like ROK just to get a feel for the “vibe on the street”, no more, no less and most importantly it helps me to keep up on the perspective of potential naysayers’ in my professional work. There is no better place to feel out opposition , before something is published, with reputations on the line, than in a public forum, filled to the brim with the lowest common denominator and their opinions. This is what separates people like you, from me.
          So, if that makes me a “Squirmy Twink” in the opinion of John Galt and others cut from the same cloth, so be it.
          Never forget, this is your “Dick Measuring Contest”, not mine. I just popped in to peruse the Bread & Circuses on my way to the Ivory Tower.

        21. I would. I would repeat exactly to your face what I would say to you online. And it’s not because I’m quite a big guy who can handle his shit or because for the most part agree with what you write. I would do so because I expect that this is how real men should act.

        22. Dude, I think you’re reading comments I didn’t write. Nowhere in my original comment did I go to the zombie apocalypse scenario. I mentioned fighting here. “Fight” means any and everything from the political process, to the courts, to classrooms, boardrooms, breakrooms, the media, and beyond. There are far more options to “fight” than lock and load. I mention violence as an ultimate backstop, not a starting point.
          You draw a distinction between economic and cultural collapse, which does not necessarily hold. Cultural collapse could just as easily result in violence as economic collapse. For example, imagine a scenario where cultural attitudes about guns shift enough that a simple majority favor confiscation of guns. That’s a cultural shift, and in a country, unique in the world with respect to its historical views on people’s right to bear arms, it would probably qualify as part of a cultural collapse. If 49% of people still resist, and are willing to use their arms to resist, you have the makings of violent revolution. Similarly, imagine the “Muslim invasion” type of cultural collapse where the immigrants attempt to impose harsh Sharia law – do you think that some people might not violently resist? I’ll concede that cultural collapse does not necessarily have to result in violence, but neither does an economic collapse.
          My views on the government’s ability to deal with radicals is a bit more complex than I think you’re making it. Whether such a scenario can play out depends on a host of factors that may be different in different instances. Take the recent BLM standoff in Malheur – though the participants were armed, they expressed from the start their desire to PEACEFULLY protest, and said that they would not be aggressive unless attacked. Ultimately, the standoff ended when they got bored, thought they made their point and left. One guy was shot at a separate location when he acted aggressively. My point is, if instead these guys had been aggressive and willing to fight from the start, the results could have been very different. It is easy to control people who are willing to be controlled and still admit to some governmental legitimacy, like those guys did.
          But, that’s not to say these heavy handed government raid tactics are infallible.
          Look at Waco, for example. The Branch Davidians held off a well-planned and coordinated assault, killed four, wounded sixteen, and forced helicopters taking part to evacuate and land. There was a standoff for over 50 days, and it was only broken by armored vehicles. We all know how it turned out, but remember, the Davidians basically wanted to be left alone, they weren’t taking an offensive posture. Imagine if instead of allowing themselves to be bottled up, they had counterattacked. I think people over-estimate law enforcement’s ability to control these types of situations. Look at what happened in Dallas yesterday. Those cops are lucky more people didn’t have the same idea.
          You mention a rag tag army, but I’m not talking about an army, I’m talking about an insurgency. Again, an insurgency does not require the same types of logistics that a fielded army does. If an insurgent sniper only has 100 rounds, but makes every round count, he’s far better off than soldiers who have unlimited rounds but never hit anything they shoot at because they don’t know where the sniper is. This sniper goes about a normal day job, brings home food to feed his family just like normal, but occasionally, he emerges to kill a couple of people and destabilize the system and create “no-go” zones for government personnel. It doesn’t require the type of complex logistics you’re talking about.
          Finally, I haven’t told anyone to do anything. I told people what I will do. If people think that’s a good idea, fine. If they don’t, fine. I don’t particularly care either way. You seem to imply that if some yokel gets into a standoff and dies, his blood is on my hands. I don’t buy these types of arguments because they deprive people of their agency. Men can make their own choices, and they know what their limits are and what the risks are. Further, I find these arguments unavailing because they can just as easily be applied to your side – when everyone blindly submits to government authority and ends up in a concentration camp being executed, will their blood be on your hands? If folks flee to Eastern Europe as advised in this post and end up killed in a war with Russia at some point in the future, or killed in violence surrounding the immigrants, is their blood on your hands if you had stated your intent to follow the advice in this article.
          I don’t argue that it would be. Men make their own decisions. They are not puppets. The consequences of those decisions fall on them.
          As you note, I am well aware of the costs. That’s exactly why I have made the decision I have made. Other men are not blind to those costs. They see the news. They know what a government SWAT team is capable of. They can make their own decisions.

        23. Exactly. And that’s the precise opposite of a “keyboard warrior.”

        24. @NemesisEnforcer wrote the following: “Dude, I think you’re reading comments I didn’t write. Nowhere in my original comment did I go to the zombie apocalypse scenario. I mentioned fighting here.”
          No, you did not use the term “zombie apocalypse scenario”, but you have been implying a scenario where a large number of former, combat arms, veterans, ban together to form an add-hock insurrection, of the same magnitude as the Continental Army of the American Revolutionary War. Such a turn of events requires an economic catastrophe that would make the Great Depression look like a booming economy.
          So, yes, it was me that used the term “zombie apocalypse scenario” as shorthand, to illustrate the absurdity of your position.
          Also to your comment about how decentralized opposition would function, even the French resistance received supplies, from non-domestic sources, as well, during WWII and had the backing of many local business leaders and land holders.

        25. So you say everything like this in real life? Lets see about that. Why not upload a video of you ranting about your usual bullshit? Let’s see if you are who you say your are.
          I won’t be holding my breath.

        26. Nice try, clown. Pretty transparent, but at least you made an effort.
          Please define my “usual bullshit.”

        27. “Such a turn of events requires an economic catastrophe that would make the Great Depression look like a booming economy.”
          This is where I disagree with you. No such thing is required. You point to the Continental Army – they are illustrative. They didn’t revolt because of an economic collapse, or a catastrophe. They got tired of unaccountable people across the ocean telling them what to do and raising their taxes.
          Look at the Civil War – there was no catastrophe. The South tried to say, we’re not playing anymore.
          It’s not an absurd position at all.
          There will be plenty of domestic backers in these types of scenarios. And receiving supplies from non-domestic sources may help, but it is not a necessary condition to sustain an insurgency. All an insurgency needs to sustain itself is the support of a sufficient number of the indigenous population. Supply lines are a bonus, to be sure, but even where they exist, they are not equivalent to those of a modern army. Think smugglers versus heavy convoys. The drug trade is a great example – if you wanted to sick the military on the drug trade, what supply lines would you bomb? There are none. There are no convoys to drone strike. The vehicles are blended into thousands of others crossing at the checkpoints, or intermixed with thousands of illegal immigrants crossing in the deserts, or landing in small airplanes and boats on our shores or deep within the heart of the country. Sure, you can do some work to figure out a heavily trafficked route and focus your efforts there, but once you do, the smugglers just shift it somewhere else. It’s not the kind of problem F-16s are going to solve.
          Trying to defeat an insurgency in this manner is largely a fools errand. That’s why you focus on winning over the populace in addition to kinetic action, and you try to limit kinetic action as much as possible so as not to cause collateral damage that drives the populace into the arms of the insurgency.

        28. Yeah, didn’t think so, keyboard cuck warrior status: confirmed.
          Thanks for playing

        29. @NemesisEnforcer wrote the following comment: “You point to the Continental Army – they are illustrative. They didn’t revolt because of an economic collapse, or a catastrophe. They got tired of unaccountable people across the ocean telling them what to do and raising their taxes.”
          Who would upvote this?
          The Continental Army was funded by the wealthiest people in the colonies, who were then able to purchase advanced weapons from France (who gave the founding fathers a credit line).
          The wealthiest Americans will NOT be funding the “War of Independence 2.0”. They are the ones benefiting from our current circumstances.
          On a micro level, we have to ask ourselves, are there enough small land and manufacturing owners to sustain a “Continental Army 2.0”? I don’t know the answer to that, but make no mistake, it was the big boys of the 18th century that paid for the “Continental Army 1.0”

        30. What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

        31. Ahh, but don’t get too far ahead of yourself. The Continental Army was not yet in existence when the Revolution started. The militia, basic dudes with almost no military training, but with weapons at home, started the Revolution and prosecuted it for the first few months.
          But you’re mixing up points here – I point to the Continental Army only to illustrate that it doesn’t take a collapse to cause violence. The citizens revolted without any “collapse.” Yes, that eventually became a pitched war with a developed army, but I have consistently maintained that no army is required to maintain an “insurgency.”
          I’d also note that we don’t know who might fund this insurgency. I think you’re largely right that the wealthy who benefit from the current corrupt system are not likely to fund it (but there may be surprises). But also remember, there are lots of external actors (China, Russia, lots of folks in the Middle East to name just a few) that would be happy to fund an insurgency that destabilizes the USA.

        32. Ohhh, very scary. I’ll lose five minutes more sleep over this. Your profile pic sure looks like it confirms the nonsense you just vomited onto the internet.
          Here’s a pro-tip form someone who has actually met a few Navy SEALs: none of them talk like this. I guess you’re the exception. To anyone who has actually served in the military, what you say makes it obvious you have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about.
          You’re a SEAL sniper with access to the entire Marine Corps arsenal. Yeah, I saw lots of Navy SEALs in my unit trying to use my shit!
          Didn’t you start this with some shit about keyboard warriors?

        33. I enjoy trolling dipshits like you.
          You think people can’t remember that you wrote this exact comment over a year ago, just referring to PUAs instead of SEAL shit?
          Who do you think reads this comment thread and goes “Rhyme or Reason wins”?

        34. “You think people can’t remember that you wrote this exact comment over a year ago, just referring to PUAs instead of SEAL shit?”
          wow you looked through my history…woe is me.
          “Who do you think reads this comment thread and goes “Rhyme or Reason wins”?”
          Trying to “win” an argument on the internet. Lol. I don’t know what’s funnier, that comment or you thinking you’re the one doing the trolling here.

        35. Ohh, alpha troll asserts himself! The real troll is revealed!
          You win.
          Have a good weekend, fucktard.

        36. Hey i’m starting to like you!
          Have a good one too. Don’t forget that bugout bag!

        37. I’m disappointed we’ve gotten to this point – didn’t you read my first post in this thread? I’m not going anywhere. No bugout bag needed!

        38. “So, if that makes me a “Squirmy Twink” in the opinion of John Galt and others cut from the same cloth, so be it.”
          Why do you give a fuck about my opinion?
          “Never forget, this is your “Dick Measuring Contest”, not mine.”
          If you want to know the size of my cock ask your mother.

        39. @John Galt
          Ah lucky me, I got not one, but TWO, hot headed, playground rebuttals. It seems I really have hit the sweet spot because you are no longer responding to my points and now resorting EXCLUSIVELY to name calling. Way to keep things cool under pressure, my hats off to you.
          You are now so far off topic also that I declare a defacto win, as would be the case in judged debate with scoring.
          May the timeless ages of internet determine which opinion was closer to reality, yours or mine. Future readers of these posts will have all they need to judge for themselves.

      2. Insurgency / Counter- insurgency. Plenty of guys walking around the country who have particpated in those ops. As many Americans are already pissed and no one trusts the federal government, they are ripe.

        1. @John Galt
          No, there are not PLENTY of guys, with this kind of knowledge, THAT ARE WILLING TO USE IT IN SUPPORT OF A DOMESTIC INSURGENCY. This is a myth that I wish would go away.
          My uncles were SOF officers during Vietnam and the TOTAL number of those returning with ACTUAL combat experience, not hampered by modern restrictive ROE, was significantly higher than the amount returning home today (especially post WWII). Those Vietnam era guys are mostly old and tired now, so the younger cohort will need to do 99% of the heavy lifting. Even the Desert Storm guys are nearly too old.
          Not to mention, the “best-of-the-best” are working as, WELL PAID, mercenaries now (G4S, Academi, etc.) and will certainly be the go-to, on-call, assassins of any would-be neo-revolutionary daring to operate on American soil (again, I mean, a large scale insurrection with a functioning supply line and reinforcements ).
          Here are some historian numbers for reference of scale:
          -WWI: 4.7 million troops sent over the course of 1 year
          -WWII: 16.1 million troops sent over a 4 year period
          -Korean War: 5.7 million troops sent over a 3 year period
          -Vietnam War: 8.7 million sent over a 20 year period
          -Desert Storm: 2.3 million sent over the course of 1 year
          -Iraq & Afghanistan: 2.5 million sent over a 13 year period

        2. Myth? What grounds to you base that on? Your personal experience?
          I know a few guys who were SF. Some of them I have known since I went through the SFAS course. Some of them are dead, but a few are still around. But hey.. you have stats and a opinion, but no experience in insurgency. Good luck.

        3. @John Galt
          Ever heard of volume? I didn’t say they don’t exist. I implied, they don’t exist in sufficient numbers to mount a successful insurrection. Especially considering many have made good lives for themselves after the end of their SOF careers and now have children to raise. Are you saying a MAJORITY of former SOF personnel are disgruntled and will throw their lives into chaos in order to mount an insurrection? If so, that’s a bigger deal than these forum posts. Not as many people care about the state of America, as much as you think, veteran or not, everyone is cynical these days.
          Only a full blown financial collapse will trigger the kind of insurrection that you and others keep suggesting is possible. At best you and your former “battle buddies” will be aging grandpas before the country even gets halfway to such a point. Regardless, by that time, all that “combat knowledge” will either fade somewhat from memory or become partially obsolete.

        4. The cynisism is noted, inlcuding yours, but you are ignoring other factors that would accelerate an insurrection.
          “Are you saying a MAJORITY of former SOF personnel are disgruntled and will throw their lives into chaos in order to mount an insurrection?”
          Not at all. You should ignore the Hollywood tripe, most of them wouldn’t bother.
          “Only a full blown financial collapse will trigger the kind of insurrection..”
          What makes you think that isn’t going to happen?
          You don’t seem to grasp what impact a determined group of men, under the guidance of experienced ones, who would get oranized and begin targeting hard sites and soft targets would have. Copy that across a large country with a frail power grid, aging power and water facilities and exposed inftrastructure. Constantly spread your goals and messages through an already disgruntled population, recruit and lead them in attacks, undermine the government as corrupt and weak and offer up an alternative solution. You’ll recognize insurgency when you see it.
          Ignore that at your peril.

        5. @John Galt posted the following comment: “What makes you think that isn’t going to happen?”
          If we get to a point, as a country, economically, where an insurrection, by former combat veterans becomes a better solution than ANYTHING else, I’m going to use my “Credentials” and emigrate, ala, Albert Einstein.
          In 1944, more than 133,000 German Jewish émigrés had moved to America – many of them highly skilled and educated. Some were even Nobel Prize winners and renowned intellectuals like Albert Einstein in physics, and Otto Loewi and Max Bergmann in chemistry:
          So sure, anything is certainly possible in a poor economic climate. But you keep ignoring what I have said and to a certain extent are ignoring the spirit of many past topics that have been discussed here on ROK.
          @John Galt who posted the following comment: “You don’t seem to grasp what impact a determined group of men, under the guidance of experienced ones, who would get oranized and begin targeting hard sites and soft targets would have.”
          Ah, but I do, since you have reading comprehension problems, I will spell it out for you.
          I specifically mentioned the older generations of combat arms veterans because their mindset was very different and because of that had a much better chance of mounting a successful insurrection, than todays separated veterans. Most significantly of all, was that those past generations of combat arms veterans were MORE numerous, by an extremely large margin. BTW, those historic deployment figures consisted of nearly 100% men. However, the deployment figures that I referenced for Iraq & Afghanistan consists of roughly 15% women, so, cut your estimated number of “ready militiamen” down even further.
          To put things into further perceptive, more soldiers died during the French and Indian Wars, than have died in Iraq & Afghanistan in the last 13 years. To quickly summarize, there are not nearly as many combat arms veterans, out in the wild, today, as you seem to believe. Combat Support Troops that have been under fire? Yes, hundreds of thousands of them, to date, but these are NOT combat arms veterans in the traditional sense.
          Successful insurrections are NOT built upon the backs of Combat Support Troops that learned how to survive in the combat zone, on the way between supply drops. Successful insurrections are built upon the backs of combat veterans that take up arms against a perceived tyranny AND have the backing of land owners whom have control over small farms and other light industrial capabilities. By my estimates we are talking less than 60,000 combat arms veteran, under the age of 40, who are isolated and spread out across the entire country, that would fall into that very narrow category.
          Take some time to clear your head and GENUINLY reflect on what you have written. Once you have, it will be clear that the scenarios, which you presented, are the “Hollywood Tripe”, not mine.

        6. You didn’t address anything I have posted and rant like a frightend litttle bitch. You should too because you are not going to make it.
          Good luck.

        7. @John Galt
          Ah finally, I hit the sweet spot, you are no longer responding to my points and now resorting to the primal urge of name calling. Way to keep things cool under pressure, my hats off to you.
          You are now so far off topic, that I declare a defacto win, as would be the case in a panel judged debate with a scoring system.
          May the timeless ages of internet determine which opinion was closer to reality, yours or mine. Future readers of these posts, will have all they need to judge for themselves.

        8. @John Galt posted the follwing comment:  “You should too because you are not going to make it. Good luck.”
          You’re right, by taking a que from Einstein and fleeing the country before I become a casualty statistic, it is I, whom will perish, in your imaginary “Revolutionary War 2.0”.
          Reading comprehension is a vital 21st century skill, for the love of god, please take some time to develop that skill. It’s really for your own good, I promise.

    7. I agree. Even if you don’t want to fight and have the instinct to flee, you will be followed, eventually.
      It’s setting up like a repeat of the Spanish Civil War, on a global scale.

      1. Excellent. Excellent.
        These degenerates have NEVER experience ANY meaningful pushback. Which is why they are so terrified now.
        They are paper tigers.
        Stand and fight.
        Vote Trump
        Vote EU Exit. etc
        Do EVERYTHING that the media tells you not to.
        Push Push Push

      2. Leaving is responding. By leaving you withdraw funding. Civil disobedience is the proper play right now, not sharpening your broadsword in the basement while ranting online—just to wake up and work half the day to fund your enemies via taxation. The other half of the day is given over to paying for your survival in order to live another day and fund leftist causes further. This guns ablazing, hunting knife in the teeth battle is very unlikely. What’s really happening is that the elites are exploiting ‘true patriots’ again. You can see it right here in this thread. Patriotism is sold via the media, Budweiser etc and eternally manipulated white males fall for it AGAIN. “I’m standing muh ground! With my 200 pound wife!”
        All they’re really doing is working for the left. Manipulated again.
        How bad does it have to get? How extreme does the taxation need to be? How fat do the women have to get?
        Some guys are forgetting that America is founded on the spirit of people not taking shit in their homeland and instead having the nutsack to go somewhere that they can have a better life.

    8. Excellent. Excellent.
      These degenerates have NEVER experience ANY meaningful pushback. Which is why they are so terrified now.
      They are paper tigers.
      Stand and fight.
      Vote Trump
      Vote EU Exit. etc
      Do EVERYTHING that the media tells you not to.
      Push Push Push

    9. Bingo. I’ll probably make some travel plans to those countries but doubt I’ll move away from the soil I was born on.
      You can run all your life but your problems will stay right on your ass like a shadow.
      I’d rather plant my flag and commence the smashing of skulls. Someone has to do it.
      Guns. Check
      Knowledge of terrain and area. Check
      Friends with guns. Check
      ZFG. Motherfuckin check

    10. The sustainable birth rate is 2.1. This means you need a birth rate of at least 2.1 if you don’t want a decline in a population.
      Let’s see. Zero European/Western/White countries have a birth rate of 2.1 or higher. This means ethnic Europeans will die out. Not because of high mortality or mixing with other races (Europeans have recessive genes), but because they don’t produce enough offspring. Good luck in defending a dying nation. LOL!

      1. That’s like saying if I start eating less than 2,000 calories a day I will die of starvation.

    11. Hilarious…. so exactly how far do they have to go? They’re totally off the chains of the Constitution, they’ve totally obliterated the Bill of Rights. The lies and abuses are daily, and without shame. So what exactly is the point when you will start your brave actions?? If this isn’t enough, nothing will be.

      1. Define “brave actions.”
        It appears you are speaking of armed resistance.
        Of course, as mentioned in response to another poster, “fight” means anything from the courts to the classrooms, to the boardrooms to the backyards. Violence is the ultimate backstop, to be sure, but we don’t have to jump there immediately. We can start through the political process and the courts, as we are. If it fails, maybe violence will be necessary, but I don’t see that we’re anywhere close to that.
        “They’ve totally obliterated the Bill of Rights.” Funny, I still have several weapons in my house, I’m not admitting government agents to come search it or to live there to monitor and control me, and here we are discussing these points freely in a public forum.
        I don’t see this as a point where “violence” is necessary, but make no mistake, I am engaged in the “fight.”

    12. Respect. That’s correct. Stay and fight, this war is fought on the West. Come to the East, fuck girls, refill your energy, then get back to fight. The logical glitch can easily be found in the above article: easy to corrupt nations. What you think the globalists will use to bring down Eastern nations after the West is in ruin? Money, as always. You have our full support in this, western brothers, but after you fail, we’ll be stumped in no time. Our cucks will be bought, the rest will be massacred.

    13. Yawn. What ya gonna so big guy, go shoot all the SJWs? There will be no Statist Revolution, no bad guys on the streets to shoot. Cultural marxism will continue destroying our culture insidiously from within while you sit there playing with your guns.

        1. You know, “Captain Sweden” could actually make a great dystopian graphic novel super hero. An anti-hero who is actually destroying his nation while he thinks he’s saving it.

  7. Divorce rates appear to be on par with the US in all of these countries except Poland. Not so sure “traditional” is the best way to describe relationships there.

      Hungary: 67%
      Ukraine: 42%
      Can’t find the other two, sorry. If somebody finds them then post them here in reply to me so I can see them. It says Poland’s divorce rate is low, though. It’s going up, however.
      Hungary and Ukraine are both in top 10 countries in the world for highest divorce rates.
      EDIT: Does anybody know how to turn these into percentages:
      Crude marriage rate: 3.2
      Crude divorce rate: 1.5
      I’m pretty sure this means the divorce rate is about 45%
      Crude marriage rate: 6.0
      Crude divorce rate: 1.6

  8. Funny..my first thought before reading the list was Hungary. I like how they told the EU to fuck off to their experiment. They tried it, dealt with these little hood rats, short term…then said no (and put up a fence to keep them out).
    The locals and the PM have all said no to this open borders policy…it’s a cancer. I have to respect them for standing up the mighty EU.

    1. Remains to be seen how that goes, the match isn’t over yet. Just like with Britain.
      Both talk tough but beyond building a fence and keeping rapefugees out for the time being not much is different in Hungary.
      I’m rooting for them both, but the odds aren’t pointing to a smack down for either.

    1. Agreed. Fuck running away. That’s what women do. Men stand and fight.

        1. I had whiskey in my coffee this morning, helps get me through the liberal writing course.

        2. Just whiskey in a coffee cup. A coffee cup with an American flag and eagle on it.

        3. I just skip the extra calories and let the burn wake me up, I need higher proof whiskey though.

        4. I like my coffee like I like my women:instant, hot, sugary, and packed in a vacuum.

        5. I like mine like I like my women- Hot. Black. And with a small piece of prune danish

        6. You have my apologies…early and drinking is my specialty….I don`t know what I was thinking…..

  9. 4 South American Countries To Emigrate To If The West Collapses
    1. Uruguay
    2. Uruguay
    3. Uruguay
    4. Uruguay
    I’m not joking. It’s somewhat poor but extremely stable, clean water, good food, amazing beaches, and govt-controlled legalized marijuana. Cowboy culture in the interior. 98% of the population are of Spanish and Italian descent. They love beef and tango, just like their Argentinian neighbors, except without all the endless fiscal drama.

    1. Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile.
      Chile, indeed, has no emigration, but immigration. It’s a country with heavily Basque and German origins. The best of Europe with the best of Spain.

      1. “The best of Europe with the best of Spain.”
        Apparently Spain isn’t part of Europe?

        1. It’s part of Europe, but it’s far from being among the best of Europe.

        2. Yes, but I’ve heard a saying before that apparently dates from the times of the Spanish March. Basically, it says Europe begins in the Pyrenees.

      2. Paraguay is a hole and Chile is too expensive. That’s why I left them off.
        Maybe put Colombia as #5 with an asterisk. It’s got beautiful women and stunning landscape — but a long border with Venezuela, which is currently worse than a Superfund site overrun by shrieking, looting monkeys.

        1. Indeed. Colombian women are hot! They can be flakey, but that normally means that they are not interested in you.
          The security has improved a lot as well over the last years (I am only talking about the tourist hotspots), although you have an advantage if you are able to speak Spanish and are able to talk to the locals…they will tell you which barrios are safe and which aren’t.
          Will definitely return next summer!

        2. I don’t know where you get the notion that Latina girls are any
          better. I live in Guadalajara, Mexico, and the girls are just horrible.
          I have met French, American, and German (yes, western) girls who are
          feminine and family-oriented, so I don’t know where you get the notion
          that you can’t find quality women in the west.
          My guess is that
          you have been looking in the wrong places. I’ve seen many times that you
          talk about meeting girls at night clubs and bars, and you expect to
          find good wives and quality women there. Seriously?

      3. Argentina is pretty good I hear. Good Italian influence with a libertarian streak. It has it issues but the people are pretty self-reliant.

        1. Argentina is like a diva opera singer — beautiful and talented, but impossible to make a life with. Their currency is in freefall for the tenth time in the last ninety years. It’s the only major country to DEVOLVE over the twentieth century.

        2. Not when massive inflation accompanies the falling currency. It’s a recipe for economic vertigo.

        3. If you are an American, Australian, or UK expat, this is good for your exchange rate.

    2. Are they ok with english speakers with no ability or want to learn spanish?

      1. Pretty damn rude to attempt to live inside of someone’s country without having the decency of trying to learn the language. Some languages are not worth learning if they are Isolated to a very small number, but Spanish covers an entire continent.

        1. Im in NYC, so I guess that means about 4 mil should GTFO now eh? None of em speak english

        2. NYC has much different history and perspective than a place like Hungary which is very homogeneous and wants to remain that way. There are also enclaves all throughout NYC where can , for the most part, be isolated with your own.

        3. Yes, my point exactly. I do not understand why so many people cannot understand how much friction, dysfunction, and inefficiency this creates.

        4. The Brazilians might disagree with you,seeing as they speak Portuguese.Besides,as long as I pay my way I don`t care about their language,and nor should they.

    3. I thought about Uruguay years ago, you dont want to be the gringo in a collapse scenario. If it just gets slightly shittier, then yeah, I would love to move there if I could(my friend has family there).

    4. Definitely placing this on my list to hit up soon. I’ve always heard good things about it.

      1. Montevideo could be a great city again if they got some reinvestment money. I still enjoyed it; decrepit but stately architecture from the twenties. Colonia do Sacramento is a small historic town with conquistador ambience. Punta del Este is full of Brazilian supermodels during December and January. Piriapolis is another resort town. In some places you can just live on the beach for six months.
        Anthony Bourdain went there with his brother a few years ago, in search of their great-great-grandfather’s roots. Don’t watch this if you’re hungry:

        1. The thing also about living in Colonia or Montevideo is that you can simply hop on the ferry to Buenos Aires (about 2 h-5 hours) if you’re missing the buzz of a big city with all the attractions it has (one of the world’s greatest Opera Houses) and then saunter back to peace of quiet of Uruguay the next day! (or after a long weekend),

    5. Agreed. Lived there for a while and loved it. It’s quite a left wing country outwardly in that even for foreigners there is free universal health-care for example. Additionally, like you say it’s got very good infrastructure for a SA country, but, critically its culture, especially the more you head inland is real “old world” and relaxed.
      I cycled around parts of it and the countryside is like Ireland or perhaps Normandy/Brittany without the rain. I remember getting a puncture on the back roads near a big some man’s sizable enough farm and he came on and helped me, we then talked for hours, he then invited me in for supper and I had so much to drink that his wife made up a bed for the night! The women are cute too and they’re not as “sophisticated” (meaning westernized) as their sisters across the river plata.

  10. You`re going to think I`m making this up.I have been pondering where to go to get away from the feminist fucking insanity that is Australia.I have enough(I hope) money to be somewhere else within a budget that lets me live out the rest of my days.I`m 54 and don`t intend to constantly spend every day being told what a complete cunt I am for having white skin and enjoying fucking women.This list has given me a boost with my motivation to go and do the do.Cheers….wish me luck…I`ll keep you updated.

  11. Iceland is on my personal list…while it may have the problems of Scandinavian PC culture, physically it is an island and far out at sea, so the Orcs will have difficulty getting there.

      1. if I remember correctly Playboy rated a village somewhere in Iceland as having some of the most beautiful blonde women in the world. Go find Valhalla…..

    1. Or New Zealand. They speak English, have great lamb, and no strange pathogens will ever make their way to that remote island once airplanes are grounded.

        1. Not supposedly…actually. Like Australia…just smaller.A feminist cunt threw a dildo at the acting Prime Minister and wasn`t even charged with assault.NZ is NOT worth your time.

    2. Icelandic people are extremely leftist. The language is incredibly difficult and getting in there is next to impossible, especially if you’re white.

    1. It isnt runn ing away.It`s choosing to not be falsely accused by a femifascist of some bogus crime to have the rest of your life destroyed.

      1. It’s running away instead of saying enough is enough.
        Running off somewhere to find unicorns isn’t going to save you.
        It doesn’t matter what language she speaks because she’s still a woman and she’s going to do what she’s hard wired to do.
        Gentlemen, life is full of risks just because she’s from somewhere else doesn’t make it less risky. Women just do what they have always done the difference is now we let them get away with it.
        Change begins with YOU, don’t hang around with fuckups and whores after a while that stuff rubs off on YOU.

    2. Is leaving the floundering West and finding companionship and happiness in one of these countries cowardice? When there is nothing left to defend it’s just stupidity.

      1. The only problem with doing so is the fact that liberalism spreads like a plague. It will not stop once they take over Western Civilization. It will spread to Eastern Europe as well. Our offspring will be constantly fleeing until there is no where left to flee. Fleeing only delays the inevitable confrontation and gives the opposition a more powerful position from which to attack. It’s best to meet them head on an blunt their attacks before they become an unstoppable juggernaut.
        I don’t want these options for my children and their children:
        -Continually flee from the liberal creep
        -Live under the liberal plague
        -Become indoctrinated by the liberal poison
        I’d rather stay and fight to do what I can to stop it before it becomes terminal.

        1. You have a point although I do believe liberalism is in the process of eating itself at the moment. It’s a matter of surviving the inevitable shrapnel that will be thrown around……

        2. I believe the same as well. As they grow and continue to pull in more and more groups, those groups are starting to attack each other. I view it similar to a free for bar brawl:
          Stay out of the fray, let them beat the shit out of each other, and interject only enough to keep it from spilling out of the bar.

        3. Locusts. They spread like locusts.
          Revelation 9 has apocalyptic locusts assault the earth. They have the hair of women; they sound like thundering horses when they swarm on you; they sting you in a way that makes you suffer for a long time, but you don’t die. They are directed only by their king, Abbadon (whose name means “destruction” and “despair”).
          The modern Left spreads like that.

        4. That’s true, but what makes another nation any better for a regroup?
          Does that nation allow the private ownership of guns?
          Does that nation support the freedom of speech and expression?
          Does that nation have an economy that has any chance of rivaling the USA’s?
          If you flee to another country, you run the risk of fighting two uphill battles: one against the liberal creep and one against the country itself.

      2. I’m just saying, I’m not going anywhere.
        Feminism is talked about here a lot but, it’s just a by-product of leftism in general and Hades will be frozen solid before I bend over or run from a bunch of pussy leftists/statists.
        Where are you going to run towhere this stuff isn’t already gaining a toe hold?
        The world isn’t going into Mad Max mode tomorrow, change begins with each one of us saying I’ve had enough of your leftism, statism,feminism, multiculturalist, homo worship b.s.

        1. the russian tzar used to be powerful they still could not stop the commies from killing them.

        2. the problem is that, they use sexism and racism to shut the voices of reason.

  12. A few words of warning regarding these and other EE countries.
    In Hungary in particular, there is a strong nationalistic sense going, and you will be a foreigner. Keep this in mind especially in small towns etc. Local guys may not take well to your presence, in particular if you look a bit darker than locals.
    Be careful with police etc. If at all possible avoid them at all times. I would not report getting mugged or similar, just go on my way.
    Then for the women, by European standards they are not much less likely to cheat on your ass than a Western European.
    I know a bunch of people from each of these countries except for Bulgaria, all pretty OK guys but the girls are no different in any significant way from the ones here in the west except for manners and dress/makeup and being generally better cooks. Or let’s say able to cook, girls in the west usually can’t cook at all.

    1. Girls/women who can’t cook are as useless as tits on a boar hog.
      I had to add. ANYONE male or female who can’t cook enough to get by for a week are useless individuals who are only taking up space and breathing air that someone worth a damn could be breathing.

      1. Well said and I agree wholeheartedly.
        That blew me away with Dutch chicks, have yet to meet one who can cook a single dish decently. They call boiling pasta and pouring a can of ready sauce on top impressive cooking hahaha.
        That’s why I only seriously consider food centric cultures like many in Asia and Southern and Eastern Europe.

    2. Dude can you give me a realistic description of what would happen to a black man in these countries?
      Can I go to the capitals (I.e Bucharest, Budapest, Prague, etc.) or are those off limits as well? I have travelled extensively in Westerm Europe but not the east. I fear that it will only get worse and I may never be able to visit.
      What do you think?

      1. I’d say in capitals and major cities you’re going to be fine. The issues might be in small towns, anything from drunks yelling shit, to trying to pick a fight/chase you, or in other instances people may try to scam you.
        As a black guy your chances are possibly better for pulling girls in capitals, but also slightly worse in terms of attracting unwanted attention or shit. The issues for white foreigners or Asians are the same its just more a matter of sticking out more, both for better and worse.
        It helps if you are big and tall, less chance of idiots thinking they can get one in.

  13. What about the Czech Republic as a country to go to if the West collapses?

        1. Population is about 10 million, Income levels and the standard of living have risen due to capital investement from western counterparts. If the West goes, so will they. Plenty of small towns and rural hideaways, but Czecks are nationalists, like most slavs, by nature so I am not sure if you would find it a refuge in tough times unless you have family there.

  14. As a frustrated Canadian this is a very welcome article.
    Cheers to the author.

    1. I recently spent some time in Canada. I was disappointed to see the number of young chicks with tats and all manner of piercings. In my non-scientific survey, it seemed to be a higher rate than the US. Wasn’t there long enough to make any more meaningful observations, though.

        1. The few girls that I could identify as likely first generation Canadian (daughters of immigrant parents) appeared to have no visible self-inflicted marks of degeneracy. And this is probably to be expected, since their family would likely be of a more conservative culture.
          It wouldn’t surprise me, however, if you told me that although their bodies were clean, their minds were probably poisoned by having gone through Canadian schooling.

    2. You could always move to America once Trump wins, to get away from the flood of white college liberals planning on infesting Canada. (But not Mexico… because a liberal will never elect to move to a poor brown country.)

  15. Why run? Where you going to hide?? You”ll always be a stranger in a foreign land in any of the above countries. I’ve been in them all and even though my good knowledge of Russian and my latent Catholicism would help in the likes of the Ukraine or Poland, I couldn’t live there.
    I’ll stay where I am, knowing who and what I know. I don’t think Europe is going to collapse, perhaps the EU which is a good thing, and that was the message last week with the Brexit vote where the ordinary citizens of Europe want to feel at home in their own nations once more.

  16. If it all breaks down, wont these countries fall back under Russian control again?

    1. Many of the citizens of those countries claim they miss communism, I’m sure there are some left wingers licking their lips at the prospect of bringing it back.

    2. What gives you that inclination. Putin is not infringing on the previous Soviet satellites like the EU is doing right now. Orban and Putin are in agreement with their dislike of the EU. Washington is making more and more enemies and pushing groups together such as Russia and Iran.

        1. Correct- Russia still has oil and natural gas- eastern Europe does not. Russia could offer military protection as well

        2. That is a possibility. Poland is out though and so are any countries involved with NATO

    3. That’s what I’ve been thinking. We very well may see the rebirth of the USSR in our lifetimes.

      1. Putin isn’t going to bring back the Jewish Bolshevik system. I’m pretty sure about that.

  17. Respectfully this doesn’t make sense:
    “Prove that you are financially secure for the duration of your stay”
    If the Weat collspses the banking system will too. How can one prove being financially secure when the finance system is no more?

    1. If the west were to actually collapse it would take most of the northern hemisphere with it along with a lot of the southern.

  18. The thrill of cultural collapse is the snap-back of reality for everyone. We’ll have to tribalize and assert local connections again. There will be no escaping the natural tendencies needed to survive. Dudes will toughen or die and Miss Independent will realize her delusion, change or be left behind to fend for herself.
    Well, I’m off to pound my water well point. Priorities and all for the oncoming ruin. Yay!

    1. The place I’m at has a well… more of a spring, really. When power went out my grandfather would go out there with buckets.
      I’m also reading through a few wilderness survival guides. I also gotta find a local shooting range to practice with my revolver. I live in the countryside, but its awkwardly placed enough that I wouldn’t feel safe target shooting.

  19. Any word on Serbia? Serbs rank in the top 5 on rates of firearm ownership in the world and they are very nationalistic. I’d like to know how it compares to my ancestral homeland Poland.

  20. This is not reassuring at all. In other words if we let it fall here, we are screwed. The best we can do after that is run to a place that will fall just a little later. Best to fight here

  21. Why throw away good money running off to the far corners of the world to go unicorn hunting when you could stay home and go Sasquatch hunting with the same expectations of success?

  22. I wonder if creating small communities of like-minded people (like Libertarians, or other groups of people sharing the same conservative ideology) right here in North America might not be a first step in the right direction.
    There are many small villages and towns facing a decrease in rural regions all over North America where housing in cheap and possibilities are great for people willing to work. They could be used as a gathering point, and I’m not sure Leftists would like to buy a house in a neighbourood full of Conservative folks.

    1. Problem is that the leftists bring the environment for leftists to the countryside. In Vermont you can see nothing but fields, then BAM! Suburbs.

    2. Galt’s Gulch?
      Interesting concept that would never be allowed to happen because as soon as it was operational HUD would come to the rescue.

    3. Yes. I believe that is the absolute way to go. Band together. Build communities together. That is absolutely the first step in reversing this miserable trend.
      Decent people need to start fighting back and standing their ground instead of running.

    4. Best would be to buy up all the property in a town, and I mean all of it, and only lease it out or something like that.
      Keep control over who is allowed and who not.
      You’d have to obfuscate the selection somehow, call it a lottery or some such lol.
      Otherwise you will end up getting the mixed race gay couple trying to make a point. It’s happened in a bunch of places. And then they make a stink over bullshit and put it in e papers and media and kick up a stink.

  23. Portugal is much safer than those countries.
    Zero enemies, plenty of fresh water, sun, cheap real estate, nice landscape, good infrastructure, 0,1% muslims. But bring some polish girls with you.

    1. Yes but, full of Africans who are breeding heavily and contributing little to Portugal. Don’t get me wrong, I am of Portuguese descent and I am there constantly as I have many family members there but, it has its challenges as well.

      1. Only in the Lisbon area, and most of them consider themselves Portuguese and Christian. In Portugal there aren’t immigrants looking for social benefit’s, because social benefit’s are low compared with other EU countries. So people who stay here want peace and relaxed life, not money. They will not be rich but still have a nice living standard.

        1. Yes primarily they are there. Unfortunately, not only in Lisboa as I have family in Coimbra and was there earlier this year and there significant amounts of African there as well. And they are Portuguese only by passport, otherwise they are not of our tribe and are not Portuguese but, Angolan, Cape Verdian etc…
          And Jamaicans are Christian also and I don’t think you want to import them to Portugal. I would prefer Persian ‘Muslims’ ( like Roosh) over ‘Christain’ Mozambiquans.

        2. In Coimbra? Maybe they are students. After university they go back to Lisbon or return to their countries. Coimbra is a very safe town. Only Lisbon suburbs have some problems. I’m not saying it’s a perfect country, but it will survive the west collapse, like a kind of Asterix village against the Romans. The only problem I see is the abundance of women. For a portuguese guy the paradise is located in Poland, Czech Republic, etc.

        3. If you have family here try to never lose your connections with them. You will need it in the future.

  24. there is an old Greek proverb that says: He who will not flee will make his foes flee. I want to see them run.

  25. While this only covers 4 nations, I wonder how Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Russia, and Serbia are? Maybe one of you might volunteer a follow up post?

  26. imo Romania is in every category better than Bulgary, I would swap Bulgaria out.

  27. I think it’s better to hold down the fort here in America and find some rural areas to set up camp in. America is going to Balkanize soon so pick a place that’s relatively white and conservative. I’m choosing the mountains because non-whites don’t like them. Find a good, traditional white woman and make babies. Buy guns and ammo too!

      1. You’ll have even more fun in your multicultural hellhole, tinkerbell.

        1. Must be nice being a low IQ inbred white trash. Have fun searching for your white goddess. You’re gonna be looking a LOOONG time.

        2. Whatever you say, tinkerbell.
          And I already found my white goddess, and have beautiful children.
          Now go away, kid.

    1. I don’t think that there are any “good, traditional white wom[en]” left in America or in any English-speaking country with Internet access.
      It’s really difficult to decide – should I move to Eastern Europe and let Australia fall, or should I stay in Australia and try to fight? I did my part at the election last weekend by voting for Pauline Hanson and the Australian Liberty Alliance (the two furthest-right candidates in this country), but at the end of the day, you’re really only writing a number on a piece of paper. Hanson got in the Senate, though.
      EDIT: forgot a word or two

      1. Yeah I feel your frustration. I was lucky enough to find a good women early in life. Just remember though, you don’t have to find the perfect woman. Just find one who’s not bat shit crazy, be dominant and she’ll follow.
        And if you insist on moving then move to America. There’s a ton of cheap land if you look in the right place and we have relatively lax gun laws. Plus we have the largest white population on earth. Things may look bad here now but the tide is turning.

      2. Why would Australia fall? Isn’t it the country with the highest growth and future out of any Western country?

        1. The Chinese and Indians are buying this country up, plus it is highly feminist, especially in my city Melbourne.
          I heard somewhere that if Trump gets in, Australia may cut ties with Washington DC and try to build ties with Beijing (commie gooks) and Jakarta (Muslims) instead.

        2. Interesting. That what you get for being ‘free-market’. If only the state had a large control over the industries you could never be ‘bought up’.

  28. Excellent information. People getting stuck on “fleeing vs fighting” are getting stuck on a headline and missing the big picture.
    The internet has changed everything in terms of the ability to ‘fight’. You can vote from overseas. You can participate in campaigns/do phone banks, and speak out. You can donate. Look how much Roosh has had an impact on all of us, while living overseas for much of the last several years. Look at Paul Joseph Watson’s/Stefan Molyneux YouTube videos and the US massive exposure/influence they have, all from outside USA borders. What’s stopping you from doing the same wherever you are? There’s benefits to local political organizing, but there’s so much power today to have influence regardless of your location.
    Secondly – this info can be used how it fits into your life. Emigration can take different forms. Maybe you want to do a long term stay in these countries, or live part of the year. If you have a location independent business, or work remote for a corporate job, you might qualify for the foreign-earned income exclusion.
    Maybe you want to go there for a few years, bring a wife back but settle down in a small town away from corrupting influences. Antonio Centeno is an example of a guy doing this with an online business and a Ukranian wife/young children, going back and forth between small-town Wisconsin and Ukraine.
    If guys have kids or don’t have location independence, I can certainly understand the need to stay here. But if you can make it happen, why not? You can have plenty of influence in what’s going on regardless of your location.

  29. Hungarian is so hard, it takes a lot of practice to even pronounce the name of the languge right. Magyar nyelv or marg-yar-knee-ev. Try saying that three times fast.

  30. This article only apply to people of indo european descent. Eastern european nations are more “racist” than western nations and you can be well prepared that they are going to be more so as the continual decline of the west continues.
    When the ethnic tension inevitably escalates in the west dont expect a warm welcome in the east if you are a jamaican from brixton or a moroccan from marseille etc.
    Just in case you lack common sense.

  31. Flee, drink your cup of warm milk in a foreign bed. I will go to Valhalla.

  32. All are countries that have seen the horrors of communism and are reviling against it.

  33. A few comments after three years of living in Bulgaria (I’m Danish).
    “Nevertheless, Bulgarians do not care and almost everyone has an illegal gun at home”
    While I’ve seen news articles mentioning fairly high number of firearms among the populations, it’s definitely not my impression – based on local friends and assorted temporary acquaintances – that “almost everyone” has an illegal gun. I’m guessing it might be more common in villages, for hunting, than in the capital and other cities (excluding the mafia and other criminals).
    “Male competition: Medium to High. Decent foreigner value.”
    In my experience next to no foreigner value. And potentially negative foreigner value if you’re looking for an LTR (although you did imply that elsewhere when you said “often prefer local men”).
    I’m late 30s though and have mostly met women through online and a bit of daygame (going to clubs and bars rarely but don’t like it at all for pickup here, even though that was my primarily method of meeting women in my native country from my teens to my mid 30s). Might be different for younger people, or others who still like clubbing.
    “Almost every man goes to the gym”
    Extreme stereotype or based on a narrow sample group. There are arguably more muscular or jacked guys in the clubs here than is typical in many parts of Western Europe – and gyms are popular and common – but on the streets and everywhere else you’ll see just as much variety in shapes, sizes and fitness levels (and everything personality related) as in most other places.
    I do agree that the Bulgarian men are on average more masculine than Western Europeans, though not necessarily due to muscularity but often just because the culture hasn’t yet been thoroughly infected by feminism and other degenerate philosophies.

  34. Seems pretty silly given that Europe is literally being overrun by Muslim hordes as we speak. They may not be in Hungary or the Ukraine yet, but if you look at the numbers and you look at the politicians running the EU, it’s pointless.

  35. It’s funny how the white losers on this site bitch and whine about immigrants that come to their countries, but when they themselves emigrate to another country then it shouldn’t be a problem. The hypocrisy is big on this one.
    Normally people migrate because of life-threatening situations like war and poverty, but the white losers on this site want to migrate because of cultural “problems” like feminism or fat women. How pathetic is that?
    Stay in your own country you goddamn autistic losers. It’s not that you have to fight a war against trained military or that you have to find a solution against extreme poverty.

    1. Extreme and will butt hurt many, but well put. Now please understand the nationality and willingness of our blog host to actually BE American or have any sort of national identity, right? A good bit of the “we shoud do ‘x,y,z’” comes from those who have no skin in the game.
      Yeah, I have a problem with white losers too because they are destroying my race.

    2. we don’t move and sign up for welfare, food stamps, and being a general drain on the society we move to. whereas muslims and most Mexicans show up and pop out 6 kids on the gov dole

  36. I say people need to pick a hill and hold what they got. Becoming an immigrant and globalist because immigrants and globalists are ruining your country is a dick move. I don’t think the population of any country would be too happy if foreign young men show up en masse to fuck local girls and make themselves comfortable (and, according to this article, be much happier if as many people as possible speak their native language), even if they are the same religion and color.

  37. All members of the EU or actively targeted by the globalists (Ukraine). All restrict guns as a means of personal defense. Also, these countries are “The West”, so collapse in America or England ensures the collapse of the above listed nations.
    Stay in your home country, embrace Nationalism and prepare for the storm. Running from the problems we face now is capitulation to the enemy. Cede no ground.

    1. Running from the problems we face now is capitulation to the enemy. Cede no ground. – that’s it but there will be plenty of manginas running for the hills at the first sign of trouble.

  38. Male Disposabilty, Cultural Misandry and Social Engineering
    Men and women have been conditioned to think:
    Men must sacrifice their lives for women.
    A man that doesn’t sacrifice his life and limb for a woman is a misogynist and coward.
    Women are better than men – therefore – men should suffer.
    Female empowerment is key in the redistribution of male power and wealth to women.
    Only women’s empowerment is important.
    Women are helpless, blameless victims with the minds of children and men are evil oppressors.
    Women are entitled to privileges at the expense of men.
    Male disposability benefits women.
    Males are under obligation to women simply because of their anatomy.
    Men are naturally disposable.
    Women can have the expectation of equality without responsibility.
    Women don’t have to reciprocate with regard to male disposability.
    Women should feel entitled to act with condescension and indifference towards men.
    Women should equate their indifference and condescension towards men with female empowerment.
    Women are prized. Men are expendable.
    Women aren’t as strong as men, so men should be the first to risk their lives for women.
    Men are less than women.
    Men are expected to take care of women and themselves. Those that don’t aren’t “real men” and aren’t worthy of female attention.
    Men’s suffering doesn’t exist.
    Men that don’t accept male stereotypes and prostrate before women aren’t viable men.
    Male suffering isn’t important.
    Male disposability is a sign of male privilege.
    Male dominance has nothing to do with male sacrifice.
    That males run into burning buildings and sacrifice their lives in war for women is male privilege.
    Women are always the victims and the oppressed. Men are always the villains and never heroes.
    Women are oppressed if they’re housewives – but men are privileged if they’re wage and tax slaves.
    Women are innocent, blameless victims in an evil patriarchy.
    When a man opens a door for a woman – that’s patriarchal oppression.
    Women should have all of the rights of men – and men should be burdened with all of the responsibility.
    Women should have all the rights and privileges that men don’t have.
    The Role of Media:
    Keep the stereotypes, hypocrisy and double standards against males in favor of women relevant.
    Continue with the stereotype and hypocrisy that men are naturally disposable.
    Chivalry is social control – use it.
    Condition men and women not to care about male suffering.
    Men’s value lies within their disposability.
    Men’s willingness to forego their rights as a human being defines maleness.
    Keep male disposability hidden.
    Hide the fact that society thrives on male disposability.
    Disavow male sacrifice in society past that of nameless statistics or empty medals.
    Focus on male stereotypes and feminist propaganda.
    Raise male disposability in discussions only when it can be swept aside.
    Always blame men.
    Never mention the millions upon millions of men that have sacrificed nearly their entire lives for women.
    Never mention that men give up their basic human rights when entering contractual obligations with women.
    Shame and attack any man that gives voice to the prejudices that men face.
    Gynocentric men should attack any male that attempts to give himself a voice.
    Men that don’t tow the gynocentric line should be painted as week, a chump, a beta, an outcast and not a viable candidate for employment or relationships.
    The Result:
    Men are choking on female and white knight hypocrisy.
    The social contract between men and women is now null and void. Women broke the contract to empower themselves and marginalize men.
    Feminism has eroded women’s accountability to the point that women can never be held accountable for their own actions.
    Men’s sacrifices only benefits a system that oppresses men.
    Women and the government are the only beneficiaries of male sacrifice.
    Men don’t value their own lives and see themselves as secondary to women.
    A “real man” sacrifices himself for a woman – regardless of who that woman is – or how she views him.
    The Backlash:
    Where’s the payoff for men?
    Why would men wish to be a slave of women and government that care nothing for them?
    Why do women and government see men as little more than disposable utilities?
    Are women of today worth it?
    When women walk away from the table, don’t men have to do the same?
    When will women repay men’s chivalry (never)?
    Rejection of male disposability.
    Women’s rights were handed to women on a plate. Men fought and died for women’s rights – not women.
    Unlike women’s rights, men’s rights have always gone hand-in-hand with huge responsibilities and accountability for their actions.
    Women were handed their rights by men – minus the responsibilities.
    Men are finally fighting for their own rights.
    Men can change things – and they will.
    The Modern Man:
    Redefines male value through a new gender identity – one that isn’t defined by women.
    Redefines male value that isn’t adhered to through male shaming.
    Defines himself as a complete and free man – short of government and feminine servitude.
    Changes consciousness to implement societal change.
    Rejects chivalry as male disposability. There’s no equivalent to chivalry for women.
    Because women have no sense of protection for men – men need not have a sense of protection for women.
    Realizes that women have big daddy government to look after them. Men have no such protection.
    Realizes that women and the government are anti-male puppet masters.
    Knows that society doesn’t care about men and boys – so it’s OK for men to withdraw from women and society (mgtow).
    There’s really only one thing you need to remember to survive our man-hating gynocracy/white knights, culturally embedded misandry and the rampant male disposability so prevalent in the US since the 1960s. Read this carefully. Let it sink in completely. In US history, since the advent of feminism, tens upon tens of millions of men have had their lives destroyed by not taking to heart this one piece of male-life-saving advice:
    What does this statement mean?
    (1) Never get married. Why? The marriage contract is the single most man-hating contract on the planet. Hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of men, every year, in the US alone, learn this lesson only after they’ve been beaten down and crucified in divorce court. For that reason, 10s upon 10s of thousands of men in the US commit suicide each and every year.
    (2) All women are like that (AWALT). You will not realize this until that freakazoid that swore she was a Christian and anti-feminist hires a legal team with but one goal in mind: destroying your life through divorce. “They all” say that they’re not like that – until “they” decide it’s time to forcefully transfer your power and wealth, through (1) no-fault divorce, (2) asset division, (3) alimony, (4) child support, (5) false allegations of domestic abuse and/or child molestation and (6) parental alienation.
    (3) Women and white knights will say anything – produce the most falsified statistics – tell you you’re going to live longer – shame you into submission – for one reason and one reason alone: To get you to sign that most life-destroying of anti-male contracts ever conceived.
    There are a plethora of ways you could give women and white knights the power to destroy your life, but marriage is by far the easiest way they have to destroy you and bilk you of any and all wealth and power – in one fell swoop.
    Do not make the mistake so many hundreds of thousands of men make every single stinking year and ignore the above advice. Instead – listen to the advice of most men and avoid marriage like the man-plague it has become. I beg you – for your own well being.

  39. Going to Europe has its pluses for sure but I see that reverting back to 200 to 300 years ago where nationalism ran rampant and, thus, WARS ensued. Plus, there is the presence of 1.3 billion Chinese, many of them horny men who will see such a collapse as an opening to play Genghis and Kubla Khan and attack the scattered westerners…

    1. My understanding of Chinese men is that they are very dead in bed according to two guys I know that are living in China. Chinese women actually trade up when dating Western men.

    1. Take a look at the mangina that is the Prime Minister of Canada then you will understand.

  40. More irony. The same military that most of the readers on this website worship, is the same military fully on board with the fall of what remains of Western Civilization.

    1. No surprises, there. Reminds me of the Simpsons’ episode where Homer gets in to shape to climb the “Murderhorn” by eating PowerSauce bars which were revealed later to consist of “apple cores and Chinese newspapers”.
      “Heeeey…Deng Xiaopeng died!”

  41. News flash: There are no more highly attractive and available “traditional” women below 30 in big or medium sized cities of Europe, anywhere in Europe, east or west.
    Any girls that are truly “traditional” and remotely cute are already married or seriously dating a man, local or foreign. Period. Younger than 30, and they already have started to think like western girls: they have their “plans”, their careers, they only want one or two kids, “maybe marriage isn’t for me” syndrome, and the narcissism of CONSTANT attention from boys (especially from darkie foreigners who slobber ALL over them, shamelessly, pedestalizing them even more and quite literally sucking the air out of the room), in public and on social media, all the pitfalls of the internet, social media and western fashion marketing and the “romance” messaging of Hollywood…. it has all settled in quite solidly into the 30 and below crowd of females. Solidly. On the surface, they still seem more feminine and sweet, and fewer have given into the tattoo craze, but underneath, virtually all the same shit.
    If you want to do right by God and Western Civilization, man up, get holy, get serious, get to a Catholic or Orthodox church, starting walking the walk, grab the nearest fertile girl who is truly practicing, and make babies. Or don’t make babies and become celibate crusaders like the Knights Templar and other crusader badasses. Before you know it, you’ll be dead anyway and at least have some grandkids to show for it, and a big lifelong middle finger to the devil and modernism, the ashkenazis, feminists, and multlicuturalists who hated the White Man and the Cross.
    That is your BEST case scenario right now.
    Again: That is your BEST case scenario. There are no perfectly decent, young women in Europe or the Americas. None who are really cute and still single.
    Forget about the nubile, virgin, Christian 22 year old, shit, even 25, 28 year old. They don’t exist. Not anywhere in the lands of white men, of the tatters of post-Christian civilization. And the 18 year old or 19-year old virgins? Holy shit, they’re not virgins anymore and they have ZERO clue about sacrifice and have NO desire for a family, at all. Recently one gorgeous 19 year old, in one of these “traditional” eastern european countries so heavily touted here on ROK, told me she wasn’t even baptized. She seemed proud of this fact. Dude, their parents? Not a clue. Lazy as dog shit. There are no rules for them, and they are getting pumped full of dick (old and young) and Western media. Game over. They have ZERO guidance from any adults in their community or nation. There is zero adult leadership for girls and women in Europe or the Americas. Adults have abdicated their duties, and we know girls and women are choosing comfort and endless entertainment instead of maturity and motherhood.
    It’s the age we live in. It sucks, yes. But, such is life. Accept it, act accordingly, and do the selfless thing and grit your teeth, fight, and give your all for Truth and to make things better for the next generation of boys and girls who have NO CLUE what kind of shitstorm is coming. If you do nothing, you leave them to the wolves, and they will get eaten alive, no doubt. Not to mention that, you will have Almighty God to answer to, and eternal hellfire waiting for you.
    Good Luck.

    1. And if you travel for sex outside of marriage, you’re part of the problem. You are part of the sickness, playing a key role in your own destruction and that of our nations.

    2. super depressing, if i’m already going to a small church ( no girls I could get here though) what would you suggest to meet Christian girls? Occasionally visit other churches?
      This honestly sucks because for people who dont want to fornicate but rather be married, everything is stacked against them.

      1. In this fallen world, almost everything is stacked against you if you are striving to be a true Christian man. But, you only need one girl, one good one, not even a perfect one, just a decent one who is Christian and wants to be led by a man. Period. There are those out there, far more in the US than in Europe.
        Just don’t look for it, worry about it. Continually pray that His Will be done. That he release you from any worldly desires that He does not want in your head or heart, and He will do so. And then, if you are to be married, and you feel that time has come, you’ll have a few good options, or one obvious one, and you’ll pull the trigger.
        Build community with other serious, manful Christian men. Ones that know that being Christian is about fighting and being a warrior. That’s far more important than chasing girls. Far more important. Like, 1000 times more important.
        The Rosary is one of the greatest weapons to use against the devil. Catholic or not, pick it up and start using it. It will discipline you in more ways than you can imagine.
        It’s NEVER been easy to be a true Christian, that’s why Christ said it was the narrow path, not the wide path, that leads to the Kingdom. Unfortunately in this era, as a white man, it’s harder in some ways that our ancestors did not have to deal with. But the aim is the same, purity and strength, no compromise with sin or the devil… til the end. Get to Heaven and take as many with you as you can. It’s that simple.

    3. This is the most realistic description of modern Western society I’ve ever come across. Up voted and screen captured.

  42. Could marrying an Afrikaans (White South African) or Ukrainian refugee girl and taking her to somewhere like Colombia be a solution?

  43. 1.) quality of climate : 4/4 shit…. 1-2 months of summer if you are lucky, unless you happen to enjoy freezing cold winters and rainy, damp, horrid autumn and spring.
    2.) quality of geography : 4/4 fairly rubbish, little nice coast line or quality regions, unless you happen to like hanging with Slavic country peasants in the woods, or pay full wack to be downtown central.
    3.) quality of life : 4/4 mediocre. These are all 2nd world countries, where you’re the lonely expat, dealing with complicated languages. Ever tried registering and insuring a car or renting an apartment in Hungarian… yes, i thought so…. even the most minor issue turns into a enormous language battle.
    4.) cost of living : pretty high, see no#2 and no#3. you’ll forever be paying like a tourist and reaping none of the benefits.
    5.) high tax and bureaucracy and all in EU except Ukraine, which is almost a war zone…..
    6.) the language and culture will potentially turn you into a beta, relying on a long term girlfriend and her family to make life easier.
    better off in Latin America, which at least has a very high standard, if you can maintain a US type income, you live like a King, many English speaking locals and easy language to learn… or go Asia where the cost of living really is low and you are real expat, and there are real expat communities and wicked cheap asian food.

    1. Asia, as in.. ?Japan, for example, compared to Eastern Europe is extremely expensive to live in.

      1. If you are not planning to work yes. You should understand that EE is cheap but the average wage is so low it is in fact very expensive unless you are bringing in Western cash.

  44. The Ukraine???? isn’t that country Bankrupt, corrupt and partially in the middle of a civil war.

  45. I have been thinking and it seems to me that the best way to escape the encroaching, horrible western culture is to leave the planet Earth. I mean what is the use of immigrating to another country if you have to escape from that country if it succumbs to the corrupting influence of modern culture. Since the successful flight of Space Ship One back in 2004, we have seen the promise of the private space industry. How soon until we see companies establishing independent colonies on the moon and Mars for people to live and work at? Me, I would go just to get away from Shrillary and her hench-things.

  46. I’d love to visit Ukraine if it wasn’t so dangerous there right now.

  47. 1) Hungary is not a white country, unless you also believe every Western country is white, in that case why not migrate to Sweden or Switzerland? Or do you believe every Western country is going to fall in the same day? Hungary has a large gypsy minority of about ~8%, which is less integrated than any minority in the West. Blacks, Arabs, Asians, are all many many times better integrated than Gypsies and with way lower fertility rates implying that the Gypsies are going to be even a larger % of the population in the future. Speaking of religion, there is barely any. The USA is more traditional than Hungary.
    2) Bulgaria is among the first countries in Europe that is going to collapse. A huge amount of non integrable Gypsies. The communists were able to integrate them, but never seen a right wing liberal government ever get good at that. A pretty terrible choice imo.
    3) Ukraine might be a decent choice. It is the most degenerate country in the world. Once a superpower sending people into outer space, now a fascist shithole in a civil war, in debt to the IMF and the GDP almost twice as low as under the rule of communists.
    It might be a good choice for a ROK Western parasite sociopath who wants to take advantage of impoverished people, hook up with underage girls and engage in violent behavior. It is also so poor you should bring in money instead of planning to work there. It should be viewed strictly as a nihilistic destination of a rich degenerate.
    4) Poland is probably the best choice on the list. Despite its status as a German colony it is a country with a relatively fast growth (very fast in comparison with other Eastern European countries), so it might be even a good place to find work. Still I would view the Czech Republic as a better choice for a ROK dweller. It is a more Western country with better infrastructure, it is almost as racist as Poland and though Czechs hate religion, they hate feminism almost as much.
    My two cents.

    1. I’m surprised nobody mentioned Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, or Latvia. All are very nice countries with beautiful women, strong emerging economies, and traditional values. Estonia is technically a Nordic country but doesn’t seem to have the same messed up feminism as Sweden but that may have changed since I visited it last.
      Poland is in danger and is westernizing quickly due to a lot of cross pollinization from many Poles working and living in Britain and Germany. The Brits and Germans hate the Poles for much of the same reason we dislike Mexicans, but the Poles also are being contaminated by German and British liberal values.

      1. The Baltics have falling populations. Massively so. All of Eastern Europe is Westernized to be frank. I am from the Czech Republic and though there are no feminists and immigrants here, everything else is. It kind of proves the two are just a symptom of Western degeneracy and not the cause. You guys have a skewed view of Eastern Europe. The West is so much better. If Europe is going to collapse, it is going to start in the East.

        1. Falling populations isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It is considered bad by oligarchs who want cheap labor, governments that think that immigrants will prop up the ponzi social security/pension system, and a danger if migrants are allowed to fill in the gap. But even if a population is growing (like in the USA), third worlders will move in as long as it has better living conditions than where they left making the place insufferably overpopulated. California is a great example: whites have been fleeing the state while Mexicans and third worlders move in.
          Anyhoo, czesc and Do Wiedzenia!

        2. Well you don’t have to have much of an immigration to not have falling populations. People can just have more kids, which they don’t. Also for Baltics emigration is also quite large.

  48. As a fellow Hungarian, i will advise people not to buy into the “promised land” hype. Its a lot better than being in the west due to it being one of the few remaining European countries to preserve Nationalism, and the culture being very conservative.
    The women are very sexy, i knew alpha guys back home who developed oneitis after one date. But, the women still have the same high expectations as women in the west, and some guys over there are starting to wake up to this.
    For the time being you can only really hollow out a marriage if you have a stable career. But the seeds of cultural decline have been planted, and its now only a matter of time.

  49. FWIW, getting an immigrant visa to any of those countries will be next to impossible without family ties. Maybe if you show up with a ton of money to invest or if a multinational sponsors you for a job (and they’ll have to prove that no one local can do it) then you might be able to get papers.
    Anywho, it’s not a bad idea to procure foreign citizenship if you can do it via your parents or grandparents coming from the “old country”. One thing is certain, if the US collapses a US passport won’t open any doors. You’ll need a visa to go anywhere even as a tourist, and if the US collapses you might not be able to get one of those.

    1. The US isn’t collapsing, it’s too big just like the EU and China and India. They are going to be around for a while. The thing about America is it used to be a white male dominated society. It is no longer like that, more whites in America are dying than being born. You take the youth white kids are becoming the minority.
      The global money machine will keep this wheel turning for a very long time.
      What’s really happening is the quality of life for regular white working class men is falling in America. Things aren’t changing.

  50. Polish will be extremely useful in midwestern cities, especially if you plan on going into construction.

  51. Add also my country Romania
    also Czechia Slovakia Croatia Serbia Slovenia Belarus can be added !

  52. “Ukraine:Quality of women: High. Highest level of beauty and femininity in Europe. But love and sex feels more like a transaction”

  53. Cool article ! Bookmarked it already I live in center east Europe I was born there

  54. Take your country back!
    Take your country back, expel the Jews and the Islamists, put your women back to their place, and make your country great again! Then you will feel good at home, and you won’t feel you have to emigrate.

  55. With the way things are going in Europe and if it’ll still continue, I think it’s America that should be expecting a flood of immigration.

  56. Before you guys consider fleeing to Ukraine, take these things into consideration. Firstly, there is a moratorium on purchasing land; you can only rent it from the government. Secondly, it is not as easy to buy a weapon there as you think. You have to be CITIZEN of Ukraine in order to buy a weapon and in order to go hunting you have to be part of a hunting association. If you purchase a gun on the black market and you are caught you will spend several years in a Ukrainian prison where you will catch tuberculosis and die. Ponder on this for a moment: Ukraine has no Castle Doctrine or stand your ground laws, so if you use your weapon in self-defense you’re going to prison.
    You guys all think Eastern Europe is some kind of Eden, but those of you who have not been there truly do not know how hard of a place it is to live, especially Ukraine. When you are walking through the countryside be prepared to see huge piles of garbage sprouting like toadstools after a storm. When you drive through the villages you will see drunks passed out everywhere throughout. Labor laws are almost non-existent, so expect to be taken advantage of by whoever you work for. And prepare for dysfunctional and corrupt civil services. If you think American bureaucracy is bad, wait until you have to get a driver’s license or get sick. Expect to pay a hefty bribe in either case.
    Don’t get me wrong, Ukraine is a great country and I love it there, but you all have to seriously consider the consequences of moving to place like this. It’s not like moving to Idaho.
    Also, what will you do if Ukraine is invaded by Russia and you have Chechen mercs combing the city for loot and slaves to auction off back home? Will you pick up a gun and fight or will you flee somewhere else? You can not run forever.
    Some of these articles make me think that the writers of this site live in some kind of fantasy land. Societal collapse does not happen over night. You all write like the “collapse” is going to happen on Sunday of next week at 9:00 am. A collapse is not all of the sudden, it happens gradually over a period of decades until something or someone arrests the process.

    1. Absolutely correct on all counts. I’m in Europe myself and while I do -much- prefer it to the US on every level…. this is only a place to go if you’ve got an income that comes from somewhere other than here. The job situation is atrocious. Moreso if considering Eastern or Southern Europe.

      1. I worked for two schools and a university in Ukraine and I saw a lot of people get taken advantage of their employers. And in one case an employer getting taken advantage of by the employee! They did not screw with me much, maybe because I was scary or they loved me, or something, who knows, but even I got shafted a few times. I coached debate and was never paid extra for all the time I put into it. That was about as bad as it got for me. One thing I saw a lot of in Ukraine was breech of contract. My company violated their contracts with employees regularly. I am not saying all companies there are like this but you are more likely to run into problems like this working in Ukraine than in the US.

        1. You’re not the only Ukrainian I’ve heard that from. Know several in various tech related industries and they all say about the same thing. A friend of mine was even cheated out of about 6 months work of work!
          So yes, it has it’s good points but it’s not the paradise impression you get from some of these articles. 🙂

        2. If I had been screwed out of my salary I would have invited the person responsible outside of town for a little “mediation” and kicked his ass six ways from Sunday.

  57. “They use paper when they run out of meat for sausages.”
    “Girls do not always train but have an excellent diet. ”
    Sometimes consisting of paper?

  58. You are wasting your time emigrating there, I already fucked em all- Vinny Pringo

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