Is Bastardy The New Face Of Modernism?

Modern men today, especially those who are in demand, often choose to postpone marriage to play the field. As we all know, a man’s value tends to increase with time (especially SMV), provided he takes steps to maintain himself physically, materially and emotionally. Men in the modern world today have more options and sexual freedom than their forefathers, especially if they pursue self-improvement.

However, one thing which can directly affect a bachelor’s freedom is when his sexual partner gets unexpectedly knocked up. The resulting emotional turmoil and guilt trips can wear down soft-hearted men into possible marriage, especially out of consideration for the welfare of their future offspring, but men who have strong frame control are wise enough to resist it. No wonder marriage is called wedlock, because more often than not, it locks a man’s freedom. In the long run, it must only be considered—if ever—after deep thought.


It can affect any man – when he least expects it

Earlier last month, “heartthrob” actor Ryan Gosling’s impending fatherhood in the wake of the surprising pregnancy of his actress girlfriend, Eva Mendes, made “shocking and devastating” news (to women) in the tabloids and press. The story took many contrasting and contradictory twists and turns in the press since it first made the headlines. According to some, it was learned that Mendes’s pregnancy was totally unplanned, and blindsided the 33-year-old Gosling because their relationship had hit a rough patch just before Mendes, six years Gosling’s senior, shared the news of the pregnancy.


Some reported that tensions had risen between the two, because their disagreements always came back to a central issue: “Eva wants to marry Ryan, but so far, he has resisted. ”Whereas other stories reported that it was Gosling who changed Mendes’s mind to agree for marriage, as she considered it “a very old fashioned archaic kind of thing.” However, after all this media-reported drama, recent reports state that all is fine between the couple, and both are elated with the news, and are supposedly set to marry after the birth of the child.

Unexpected premarital pregnancy: marry or not?

Many men today could find themselves in a similar situation. Whether from a LTR “girlfriend,” a lusty ONS, or even a fuckbuddy, the news of unexpected impending fatherhood can unexpectedly jolt a bachelor’s life. Things become more complicated in case the woman demands to be wifed-up because she’s carrying your seed. What do you do? Maintain frame control to stand your ground.


The logical answer would and should be TO REFUSE (or at least hold off) marriage, especially if you’ve moved on from her. No man needs to guilt trip himself into marriage simply for becoming a daddy when he didn’t want to be one. You could feel guilty for not practicing safe sex, but do remember the sex was consensual. If she’s willing to get raw dogged, and that too with completion, then pregnancy (or STDs) is what she’s potentially asking for—not only from you, but from anyone who would raw dog her. Using contraceptives is not only your responsibility but hers as well.

The questionable lineage of future mankind


In earlier times, people (or women specifically) used to wait until marriage to have children. In today’s world, people would rather have children first to possibly get married later—or sometimes not get married at all. The main reason for this is the lack of incentives for modern men to choose marriage, mostly due to the spread of feminist values of gender equality, materialistic marriages of shallow love, the stooping quality of modern women’s chastities in permissive hookup cultures, and lopsided divorce courts. These all enslave men further, should a man choose to put the noose of marriage around his neck. Thus sex without marriage, or even children without marriage, seems safer than marriage itself – either through adoption, surrogacy or premarital sex. This alarming trend has begun to affect the nature of traditional societies too, as seen below from sample trends from contemporary ‘traditional’ societies:


In today’s age of female promiscuity, conservative women moving from more traditional societies to modern feminist societies also tend to become more promiscuous, which corrupts them even further. Two years ago, a research found that more than half of births to American women younger than 30 are outside marriage.

Compared to the 1990s when a third of Americans were born out of wedlock, now 41 percent of babies do not have married parents. There are racial divides:

And educational divides:

  • 92 percent of college-educated women are married when they have a child
  • 62 percent of those with post-secondary schooling are married when they give birth
  • 43 percent of women with a high school diploma are married when they give birth

But another disturbing factor is that promiscuity is rising among college-educated women. Who marries these women later on?

Elsewhere, in the world today, births outside marriage represent a majority in a growing number of European and most Latin American countries, but remain rare in Asia:

“In 2011, 39.5% of all births in the 27 EU countries were extramarital. The majority of births occur outside of marriage (figures as of 2012, except where otherwise stipulated) in the following European countries: Iceland (66.9%), Estonia (58.4%), Slovenia (58% – in 2013), Bulgaria (57.4%), France (57.1% in 2013), Norway (54.9%), Sweden (54.5%), Belgium (52.3%), and Denmark (50.6%).

The proportion of extramarital births is also approaching half in Portugal (47,6%) as of 2013,the United Kingdom (47.6%), the Netherlands (46.6%) Latvia (45%) all 2012 numbersand Czech Republic (45% in 2013).Other European countries with a high rate of extramarital births for the year 2012 are Hungary (44.5%), Finland (41.5%), Austria (41.5%), Luxembourg (37.1%), Slovakia (35.4%), Germany (34.5%).The lowest proportion of births outside marriage were found in Greece (7.6%), Croatia (15.4%), and Cyprus (18.6%).

In the EU, the average percentage of extramarital births has risen steadily in recent years, from 27.4% in 2000 to 39.5% in 2011.

It is notable that traditionally-conservative Catholic countries in the EU now also have substantial proportions of extramarital births: Portugal, 47,6% (as of 2013); Spain, 35.5% ; Ireland, 35.1%; Italy, 28.0%, all numbers for the year 2012.

To a certain degree, religion correlates with the proportion of extramarital births (e.g., Greece, Cyprus, Croatia have a low percentage of births outside marriage), but this is not always the case: Portugal (47.6%) and Romania (31%) are among the most religious countries in Europe.

The percentage of first-born children born out of wedlock is considerably higher (by roughly 10%, for the EU), as marriage often takes place after the first baby has arrived. For example for the Czech Republic, whereas the total extramarital births are less than half (45%), the percentage of first-born outside marriage is more than half (55.7%)

Latin America has the highest rates of non-marital childbearing in the world (55–74% of all children in this region are born to unmarried parents).In most countries in this traditionally Catholic region, children born outside marriage are now the norm. Recent figures from Latin America show non-marital births to be 74% in Colombia, 70% in Paraguay, 69% in Peru, 63% in the Dominican Republic, 58% in Argentina, 55% in Mexico.In Brazil, non-marital births increased to 65.8% in 2009, up from 56.2% in 2000. In Chile, non-marital births increased to 69.7% in 2012, up from 48.3% in 2000.

Even in the early 1990s, the phenomenon was very common in Latin America. For example, in 1993, out-of-wedlock births in Mexico were 41.5%, in Chile 43.6%, in Puerto Rico 45.8%, in Costa Rica 48.2%, in Argentina 52.7%, in Belize 58.1%, in El Salvador 73%, in Suriname 66% and in Panama 80%.

Out-of-wedlock births are less common in Asia: in 1993 the rate in Japan was 1.4%; in Israel, 3.1%; in China, 5.6%; in Uzbekistan, 6.4%; in Kazakhstan, 21%; in Kyrgyzstan, 24%. However, in the catholic Philippines, the out-of-the-wedlock birth rate was 37% in 2008-2009.”

These trends reveal certain patterns:

  • Religious or traditionally conservative modern societies are now having more unwed births
  • Marriage often takes place after the first born baby arrives (which is usually out of wedlock) which serves as the usual precursor (or trigger) to subsequent marital commitment
  • Bastardy (illegitimacy) is lower in eastern cultures, or less economically-developed eastern societies

Thus, even “religion” or “traditional conservatism” cannot prevent bastardy much in modern societies, as these trends show. Rather, these trends could also highlight the hypocritical application of these systems in modern societies, where they cannot prevent women from opening their wombs to fertilization without marriages. You can’t blame religion for promoting these trends; rather, a lack of sincere belief in religion itself could also be the reason for the laxity in morals.

It’s an ominous paradoxical paradigm for modern societies: already plummeting birth rates in permissive cultures, but when people there do decide to reproduce, they often reproduce without marriage. Modernism, progressivism, liberalism, all come with a heavy price for the formation of a traditional family.

And these trends look likely to continue to rise in the near future, as promiscuity rises and incentives to stay or get married for men continue to further drop in modern feminist societies. The future generations could technically be branded as the generation of bastards, as most of them would indeed be born to unmarried parents. Civilizations of bastards, whores and sluts, yes those are the ominous trends for the future.

Demonizing unwilling fathers in modern societies

In modern times, unwilling fathers are often demonized as irresponsible drifters in modern feminist societies. This has led to cases which have sparked debates about men’s constitutional rights to avoid procreation. The question looms large: what incentives do men often have to get married in such societies? Almost nil. Sluthood is celebrated in the name of feminism, entitled women waste away their prime on the cock carousel and often acknowledge preferring “nice guys” only for marriage, but not dating. So in this paradigm, does a man who gets access to premarital sex from a woman need to “man up” to take responsibility for impregnating her, by marriage? Logically speaking, no.

You’d probably think I’m being ironic or even hypocritical because I’m critiquing the rising trends of bastardy in the world, whereas on the other side I’m suggesting that men shouldn’t wife up women who get knocked up by them out of wedlock.


Understand this oft-repeated truth: women are the gatekeepers of sex, and control the access to the womb. If they choose to fuck, or even get knocked up, no one can stop them—especially in today’s permissive fem-centric societies. The rising trends in bastardy, as seen above, are thus often the result of irresponsible sexual choices by women, not men. Whether the pregnancy resulted out of an act propelled by a fear regarding her ticking biological clock, or it was her irresponsible and passionate act of immaturity, men don’t need to bear accountability for a woman’s sexual choice of premarital unsafe sex.

Why should men have to bear responsibility for a woman’s consensual irresponsible sexual choices, when women today say they have the right to do whatever with their bodies? Why are more women openly choosing the path of unwed motherhood by choosing unsafe sex and promiscuity? If she wants or agrees to get raw-dogged, is it the man’s fault if she gets knocked up? Is social welfare for unwed motherhood to blame too? There are already polarized debates whether unwed mothers deserve social welfare. Modern women often don’t want consequences or responsibilities for their choices, but want to blame or even ensnare men for them.


If men are not entitled to sex—as how modern gender egalitarian societies propose—then it’s fine, but women then too shouldn’t entitle themselves by expecting men to to bear responsibility for an unexpected pregnancy with compensation in the form of a marriage. Sexual freedom comes with unspoken responsibilities, moreso for women; and women should bear, and be made to bear these responsibilities for the sexual freedom they enjoy today, and the choices they make. Modern feminist societies are increasingly taking away these responsibilities from women. Men should not exonerate these already socially-empowered women further in such situations by wifing them up for irresponsible sexual decisions.

Indeed, there are some men who want to be fathers, and some who want to get married—someday. The logical, responsible, and traditional way to have children is to wait to have them within a marriage. But, to each his own. Either way, don’t ever let a woman emotionally manipulate you in wifing her up simply because you knocked her up.

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164 thoughts on “Is Bastardy The New Face Of Modernism?”

  1. Do whatever you have to do to make sure a child is not raised by a Millennial single mother. Allowing that to happen is the worst form of child cruelty.

    1. a woman divorces a man, taking half of or more of him, weakening society. how do you make her pay for her wicked duplicity?
      a woman has a child that cannot be paid for, raising the child in emotional depravity, creating debt and perpetual child-adults, weakening society. how do you make her pay for the unconscionable long-term failures she’s caused for her own selfish short term pernicious happiness?
      a woman takes pay and opportunity created by men while giving nothing back, not advancing the field, not working to give a net gain, effectively transferring wealth and productivity to her scab entitled ass. how do you make her pay for the lives she ruins into economic despair, or the greater damage from men abandoning society into desolation?
      women have agency. a deep seated manipulative agency, causing great expense to everyone, especially their own future daughters, who will be born into generations that see them more and more for the unforgivable selfish children they really are. the only way to prevent abuse is to end the abuser. whether society is willing to start killing the mothers for socializing their failures while taking endless hedonistic private pleasures for themselves, is the question.
      we all know how to end the abuse, end the theft, end the lies, and end the cheating of life itself. but convincing men to strike those that dorian gray has nothing on – to strike those society destroying harpies that have the voices and faces of angels? i personally doubt most men can get past their desperation + the pussy halo effect.

      1. Nice tempo, poetic. There is a lot of anger everywhere amongst men towards empowered bitches when the real focus needs to be on the EMPOWERERS moreso than the empowered. It’s not so much women that are the problem as much as it is THEIR ENABLERS. Women will always be women. The REAL corruptors of our women are closer than we think. We can name off all the assumed pitchfork nemisis of men like the socialist services, femme preachers and teachers, white knight cops and robo family court judges. But the REAL enforcers in effect may surprisingly be your nextdoor neighbor, your aunt, your co-worker or even your trusted clergy. The larger body of the enemy wears no government name tag or title.
        In later middle ages many so called ‘witches’ were burned not for casting spells but for going to villages encouraging and persuading women to become malcontent (empowered) and leave their spouses. So they really weren’t witches after all. THEY WERE ANTI-FAMILY FEMINISTS.

  2. Jeez – while Eva Mendes is a hottie and she is barely hitting the wall at age 39, Ryan Gosling was clearly played. She got it right by getting pregnant with an A-list actor who has not even reached his zenith yet. Hollywood relationships are notoriously hard to uphold as you are being hit on by platoons of hot girls and you are sometimes weeks and months away from home. We will see how it goes as he will look the same in 10 years and she will be 50 by then. Clearly being famous and even playing Alphas does not make you Alpha and Red Pill enough.

    1. Apparently Gosling loves older pussies. He’s been involved with older women from the beginning. This dude is doomed from the start. It was only a matter of time when he would fall into the parental trap with either one of his older matron girlfriends.

    2. Does anyone else see how the powers that be are using their brainwashing apparatus of Hollywood to push Latina chicks on the masses as the new standard of ultra feminine beauty?
      White populations are dying off and mass immigration has occurred to further complicate and erode white populations and culture. Couple this with interbreeding of races, political correctness, and economic erosion and no one has a cultural base anymore except the self chosen race in the plantation house of this post-modern, post-industrial Marxist Zionist global corporate plantation.
      As far as aesthetics-Eva Mendes pales in comparison to Scarlett Johanssen (I know she’s Khazar) or Rachel McAdams. What would one guess the European ancestors of these two women did for history or culture as opposed to the new ethnic ideal the controllers push on us as the most attractive look. My biological desires reject las chicas- I’ll stick with fair skinned Northern European girls. If we ran a comparison of each groups ancestors we’d see engineering, publishing, manufacturing vs. corn farming,and inter-tribal combat.

  3. I must have missed the part where Eva Mendes even when dolled up was better than an 7.
    Also, surrogacy is a form of slavery. Think about it. You exchange money for a human being that has no say in the matter.

  4. Though in all honesty – single motherhood is not nearly as destructive in small wealthy countries like in Scandinavia as in the US or South America. What is an amicable arrangement in Norway can be a dastardly hell-hole in the US. As far as Mendes goes – her Game is well-noted:

    1. They are homogeneous cultures, and while couples don’t marry they often cohabitate successfully, unlike in the US where cohabitation is barely more stable than standard LTR

    2. Perhaps not as destructive for the individual whore. But someone ends up involuntarily paying to support the bastards. Weakening their ability to do something more productive with their lives. Which leads to weakened societies. Etc.,….
      Norway is currently a bit of an outlier, due to it’s Gulf State like levels of natural resources. Even if noone there ever got out of bed in the morning, they’d still be comparatively wealthy. But the other Nordics is not sitting nearly as pretty, and are starting to show some pretty serious strains in their social and economic fabrics.

  5. Though in all honesty – single motherhood is not nearly as destructive in small wealthy countries like in Scandinavia as in the US or South America. What is an amicable arrangement in Norway can be a dastardly hell-hole in the US. As far as Mendes goes – her Game is well-noted here:

        1. Now and forever….. I’m saving a copy of that image for my gran nephew when he starts his fuck years.

    1. Guys like this should not get married to her, but have multiple relationships and father many children. Basically, polygamy without the marriage. Then when women start complaining call them all out as misandrists, and explain this is the world that they created.

  6. Leave these whores high and dry.
    It’s “Her Body, her choice”, well it’s also her fucking problem.
    The law may require you to fork over some cash each month but it can’t force you wake up to change a shitty diaper. It can’t make you attend a PTA meeting.
    Those cunts cannot complain about a man “not taking care of his responsibility” while they are able to walk into an abortion clinic.

    1. Law can’t, media can. If an A list actor refuse to raise the child, his image will take a hit.
      Fortunately we’re not in that situation, and steps can even be taken to avoid losing cash.

      1. haha the media could care less if a celebrity doesn’t raise their kid. how many drug overdoses do you read about from parents of A list celebrities. the best coarse of action for any celebrity would be to send their child to some swiss boarding school from age ten like most of the families in the world that have retained their wealth for more than 3 generations. being raised by a nanny and having no social responsibility and no legal repercussions is a deadly mix. the media feeds on the break down of celebrity families then turns towards some pop psychologist on how it can all be fixed.then boom they are dead in some bathtub and we cry for like an hour. peaches geldoff was the last minor incident of this happening that gained 15 minutes of fame.

        1. The media doesn’t want them to be responsible, but it forces them to be careful in their actions, because one’s image can change quickly. In the end it depends on how the celebrity is marketed, charlie sheen will have more liberty in his actions than ryan gosling.

    2. “I can do as I please with my body, you’re not entitled to it and I have
      full control, but if I get knocked up you’re living on my whim from
      then on because you should be of greater constitution than I and should
      be the more prudent and forward-thinking of us.”
      Feminism: Maximum power, minimum responsibility. Fuck Uncle Ben, he didn’t know shit, right?

      1. Or, feminism; all the power granted to both genders with the responsibilities of neither. (Not my quote).

  7. Though I’ll agree that women do hold greater authority in a sexual encounter, the author’s argument is intellectually dishonest in placing ultimate responsibility on women. Evading responsibility for the financial security and the academic, emotional, and physical development of that child constitutes a dereliction of duty that should bring dishonor on any man–especially one that considers himself an alpha among betas.

    1. “Evading responsibility for the financial security and the academic, emotional, and physical development of that child constitutes a dereliction of duty that should bring dishonor on any man–especially one that considers himself an alpha among betas.”
      – What’s that? White knighting for sloots? Guess Gosling heard the same diatribe from Mendes’s mandibles when he didn’t want to marry her. “Oh you’re not an alpha, you’re just a prick!” blah blah. Spare us that shit, bitches. You open your cunts to every alpha cock you see without marriage, and then want guys to marry your slooty ass? The best birth control for women is ABSTINENCE. How many women would do that? Atleast modern virgins are better, for they get their own mouths and anuses fucked before marriage to safeguard against pregnancy. The dumb sloot who got her snatch hit the pregnancy jackpot needs to pay the
      responsibility for herself. If she wanted to get fucked, she could’ve blew men or taken it up her poop chute.
      No sympathy for dumb unmarried pregnant sloots. They get what they deserve. Women don’t only hold greater authority during fucking, in fact they are the ones who ALLOW the fucking to happen in the first place, and in which orifices.

      1. Nothing stopping you from not fucking her either. But nice to see you think so little of your own bloodline you pass it on to the first cunt that gives you a look and then irreparably damage it through neglection. Very Alpha brah.

        1. Lol! Another white knight for the sloots! Or are you a sloot yourself?
          First and foremost, I would never commit the stupidity of impregnating a sloot. That itself is the most important thing. Secondly, I’d dump the sloot who’d push for unprotected sex.
          I don’t care what you think, but a man’s empathy for women’s ‘mistakes’ is often the way to a man’s slavery to them in the long run.
          No mercy for the sloots and whores! Let them understand they’d be unwed mothers, and mothers of bastards in the long run. They’d realize the value of the virtue of abstinence. Till then, let them get married to the state or betas which would support them in case of unwed pregnancies. Women have their cake today, and eat it too. Why should we fucking care?

        2. I don’t empathise with the sluts more with a generation of emotionally damaged kids spawned because of irresponsible whores and assholes who couldn’t do anal, wear protection or better still not fuck.

        3. It’s her body her choice rememer?
          If she has the power to abort the child without the fathers consent, that means that she forgoes his responsibility when she chooses to have the child.

        4. A man who puts his dick in a whore unprotected while knowing the consequences has a responsibility as far as I’m concerned just like the whore who drops her knickers easily both should be shamed for putting a notch before the well-being of a child the mans no better than the slut in this situation.
          Part of today’s problem is assholes walking away from children innocent in this situation no wonder every generation been more fucked up than the one before. If you want to fuck a slut fine but never do so without extreme caution being a reckless irresponsible father isn’t alpha in my book at all.

        5. Never said anything about marrying. If you have a child raise it be a positive influence especially if its a boy they need more masculine guidance than ever before if its a girl make sure she doesn’t make the same mistakes her whore of a mother did its your child surely you would have some emotional attachment to it?

        6. And how do you propose to be a ‘positive’ influence without marriage? The child already is indoctrinated towards having illegitimate children of his/her own because of his/her own illegitimate birth because of her mother’s whoredom or sluttery. Why should men be blamed for that? She would’ve gotten herself knocked up either by you, or the janitor. Is it your fault or his fault? It’s women’s bodies remember, they don’t owe us sex as they say. So do we owe commitment to them? When everything fails for a woman, she uses her child to break down a man. Don’t fall or melt for that. Mistakes bear consequences, and let women learn that.

        7. I don’t think you’d have nearly the problem if you didn’t have a system that was pretty one sided (against men) from the start.
          Both should take responsibility and both can be parents to a child (if it comes to that). But, our system is so biased, now, towards men that a woman can be a total fuck up and she is rarely called on her shit.
          Most men would and could do the right thing if you didn’t have big government siding with women (usually all of the time). Hell, it’s getting to the point where some of these women are claiming that the next guy who comes along is the father (the court believes it, agrees) and this guy is on the hook for 18 years.
          Nothing is going to change until we make a change (and the system is revamped to treat everyone on equal terms).

    2. No…he’s actually placing some responsibility on women for a change. It’s the same nonsense that we hear (over and over again) about how a woman needs to give her consent during drunken (or any) sex. When does the man have to give consent? Only a woman has to give consent? What kind of bullshit is that (I mean cop out)?
      A woman has the same (equal) responsibility (remember…we’re going for equality here) as a man during a sexual encounter. If he fucks up…then she fucks up, too (and gets pregnant). Both are responsible.
      Women can’t have it both ways. Get in the game or get the fuck out (no half way in bull shit).

  8. yeah..even though i ideologically lean republican , i dunno what the big deal about unplanned pregnancy is, especially considering all the divorces and how traumatic that is for children. Ideally ,all kids will be born in wedlock, but if not, not the end of the world.

  9. If I wasn’t willing to marry a woman who had my baby, and wasn’t awarded full custody, I wouldn’t really feel much responsibility other than child support. If the kid has to spend most of its time with a woman who sucked enough so as not to be able to secure a man’s commitment, it’s going to be damaged regardless. I say that if the state wants bastards, give it the worst kind of bastards. Let the state learn from its mistakes. And, sure, its heartless as fuck to say this like the child isn’t a person deserving of love and respect, but fuck it, I’m not so empathetic

      1. “Your mistake not the states.”
        I’m sure next you’ll be telling him to do the “honorable thing” and marry that whore. This guy understands that it is his mistake and child support(the state) makes sure that you pay for it. All while providing you no option for financially opting you when she can legally physically terminate the child. Who gives a shit about the state? Whatever state your living in is up to it’s neck in debt? Or if child support became federal, 17 trillion dollars? What’s it to them?
        “I say that if the state wants bastards, give it the worst kind of bastards. Let the state learn from its mistakes”
        I tend to agree with this a lot more, it’s not that you’re not a good person. It’s more if anything, a protest against a state that punishes men and not women. I think it’s a great thing, even noble. Yea, the kids gets fucked, so what? The mother can’t raise it right alone, the state legally separated you and forced you pay while expecting nothing out of the mother. It’s outrageous.
        “You knock a bitch up deal with the consequences punk”
        Great idea, I’m sure a lot of guys thought the same thing before accidentally knocking a girl up. Oh look at me, the hard-ass trad-con that wants to punish those “evil men” for not “doing the right thing and committing”. Get out of here with that bullshit. Traditional conservatives are a joke, they are neither traditional nor conservative(except on gay marriage or abortion). But your punish the men and never the women attitude is why modern society is the way it is. Along with conspiring with anti-male leftists.

    1. People like you are the reason that America is so fucked up right now, if you had a part in creating the child be RESPONSIBLE, something we frequently admonish women of not being, and then you go and do the same? You’re a disgrace to masculinity. The child did NOTHING WRONG to you, and has the birthright to a father.

      1. “People like you are the reason that America is so fucked up right now, if you had a part in creating the child be RESPONSIBLE”
        I understand that responsibility is an important part for every country. But think about it dude, every single person and institution in this god damn country shirks their responsibility. The state destroyed marriage so you can’t take responsibility, the state takes your kid away from you and custody, takes away responsibility. The state forces you to pay, and then the mother doesn’t even have to show she spent the money on the kid, that’s pretty irresponsible.
        And everywhere from the business world to government to advertising to the food we eat is just one massive deception. A great lie. Why? I would argue it’s because we became more female-dominated and emasculated. Deception and lying are tactics used by the losing or weaker side(i.e. women). So trying to be the responsible parent in a sea of irresponsibility is ultimately pointless. If you raise you’re kid to be responsible and the country you’re setting him up in is ultimately reckless and irresponsible you’re setting him up for disappointment and frustration.
        Think about the whole “Nice Guy” thing. Sounds pretty responsible for a society to do that, society wants men to in general be kind, caring, and do the right thing. On the surface it sounds pretty good. But in reality, nice guys like almost everyone else are practicing a form of deception tactics(because he’s an emasculated male) to try and get women. And the actual nice guys are ultimately frustrated by the fact the culture they live in is irresponsible and that they’ve been fucked. So they eventually learn game or get shamed into marriage for pussy.
        “something we frequently admonish women of not being, and then you go and do the same?”
        Again, what’s the point of raising your kids to be intelligent, moral, and upstanding citizens if ultimately that will most likely fuck them over in the business world, government, and relationships? If that will simply create kids who will be depressed and angry their entire lives. It’d be better not to.
        “The child did NOTHING WRONG to you, and has the birthright to a father.”
        No, he doesn’t. Let me explain to you that our society, like all societies has made a choice. Now maybe 60 years ago the child had a birthright to a father. But in exchange the father got security about divorce, security from cheating or abuse, security of his assets financially. When our society made a choice to simply punish the men(child support, alimony, divorce, no male reproductive rights) it gave away that precious birthright which was the cradle of civilization. It’s no surprise it’s been a downward spiral ever since.

        1. I understand your point but who creates society? Society is created by the actions of the individuals, the reason that society has arrived at the point we have now because of the choices of individuals, by that same candle we can reverse this wave of culture with our own that values fatherhood and being a parent, no one said it would be difficult but starting change never is.

        2. I guess if that’s your opinion then fine. I just think we’ll keep spiraling out until collapse. But that’s just me.

    2. The problem in these situations is the state (court system). I believe most people could work it out but the court system is pretty one sided these days (usually siding with the poor woman – even if she is a fuck up).
      Many people on here can comment from the sidelines – until they get into the same situation.
      It’s easy to give advice on something when you don’t have anything to lose. This ‘man up’ shit is exactly what feminists, the media, the far left, etc…have been using on men for a long time.
      It’s not just men that need to ‘man up’….it’s about time we had a little equality around here.

  10. There is another point to consider here that I did not see mentioned in the article.
    Even single men who are motivated to assume responsibility for a child by marrying the mother might consider holding off doing so, at least until he can verify that he is indeed the father of that child with a paternity test. Otherwise, it may be harder for him to test and possibly dispute paternity after marriage, if he even thinks to do so. Not to mention having the added cost of potential divorce, if he ultimately finds out he is not the father.
    I realize such a request for paternity testing before marriage might increase friction in an already strained relationship. I also realize most of society only focuses on the fact that any father taking responsibility and marrying the mother is in the best interest of the child. For the man himself, however, it might be regrettable to make such a permanent decision, without all of the facts objectively verified, only to find that he took responsibility for a situation he did not cause.

    1. Thing is, as more men simply opt out of marriage alltogether and never saddle up in matrimony nor co-habitate, then a female’s only option is to purposely get knocked up. I’m speaking about the USA where when a woman gets pregnant she literally OWNS the guy who plugged her. This is enforced by the family courts, police, swat, the army, you name it.
      So yeah I suppose in order to get him to “pop the question” he has to be in a situation where he is forced to do so.
      That said, then let’s address the other issue: Paternity testing? It’s getting to the point where any single mother or knocked up chyck can pull a man’s name out of a phone directory without having ever met him and name him the father of her child. There will atl east be a certian amount of money she can extort from him (sanctioned by the State of course) until he gets a higher court to over rule it. Of course the falsely acused man will not be able to get back any money he was extorted.
      All of this reinforces the the assertion by the red pill comunity that its al about transfer of wealth from men to women, and essentially enslavement of men.

  11. Mendes, at nearly 40, got pregnant by accident like an 18 year old? She was taking fertility treatment behind Gosling’s back.

    1. Oh hell yeah. No way in hell this was an “accident”. Maybe Gosling considers it so, Mendes was absolutely planning (plotting?) this. Women have something like 20 methods to prevent pregnancy, if they don’t want to be pregnant, they aren’t going to be.

      1. “Maybe Gosling considers it so, Mendes was absolutely planning
        (plotting?) this. Women have something like 20 methods to prevent
        pregnancy, if they don’t want to be pregnant, they aren’t going to be.”
        – THIS. Plotting is the ‘right’ word.

        1. would it not strengthen his image, based on the characters he plays? i mean, he can’t do anything about mendez, but he should call her bluff: don’t get married, show is loving support and monies for the kid, hold what little control he has. the only way it would fail is if mendez answered the challenge by aborting, which wouldn’t be a career win but still a massive dollar win.
          with media today, wouldn’t he be more successful playing the oxymoron responsible cad? i mean, she is 40 years old, and all ratings are good in hollywood…

        2. Exactly….Mendes is 40 years old (hit the wall) and her career is on it’s way down.
          It’s not like she was in these movies for her acting abilities. Did anyone here really watch her in movies to see her acting…lol.
          She is a perfect example….ride that carousel while working on the career, hit the wall and then look for a good pay out (beta male to provide).

        3. Right now, it seems he’s marketed (him, not his characters) as “the sexy guy all women want but who’s still kind and genuine”, leaving her and the child wouldn’t mix well with the second part.

        4. Blame the woman, as usual. Then blame her for the relationship breakdown, then blame her for being a single mum, then blame her for all that’s wrong with the world…maybe he’s happy to be a father, whether they’re together or not.

        5. You must read my comments just to talk to me, huh? lol I can’t blame only Mendes but after so many years of experience I do believe that she does show signs of a typical female at her age. Yes, Ryan can share the “blame” but in all honesty his value is rising as her value is falling.
          Always good to talk with you.

        6. Oh, he could have done something. He could have used a condom if that was a real concern for him. He was open to it and got it. Also Menopause really starts around 45, reduced chances don’t mean no chances.

    2. This is what I don’t understand with guys who’re of high value who fall for older women. I mean look at Gosling, he even left Rachel McAdams (again older to him by 2 years) to knock Mendes up. He’s supposedly had a list of older women, and a fetish for them. That’s enough signs of beta thirst already. Older women are a plague.
      What is this? Thirst or insanity? Why do guys fuck older women in their cunts? An older woman is a straight up invitation for no-strings attached anal. Was he drunk or drugged? Or was he a pseudo-alpha?
      But he’s already gone into full beta mode, by cooking, doing the groceries and all beta shit.
      In the end, older women lead young men by their balls by giving them free access to their holes. Cougars deserve only exclusive anal creampies – if a guy is really desperate to bang them.

      1. Its hard to get liked by a large enough share of the masses, unless you genuinely believe the common, feminist, PC dogma of the day. Add to that a fervent belief that people “in the industry” are genuinely superior to all those pathetic outsiders who only wish they could be, and the incestuousness of it all isn’t that hard to understand.
        Poor Ryan would probably genuinely feel there must be something wrong and deplorable about him, if he ever caught himself wanting some 18yo commoner over a genuine moviestar, famous for her …whatever…

        1. I guess your observation could be true. But if Gosling fucks older established Hollywood bitches, could it be also to get recommendations from them ? The casting couch supposedly exists for both men and women. But this is nonsense, to knock a woman 6 years older than you. and now slog like a fucking slave. I wonder if his career and sex appeal will take a hit for this. If it does, he has only himself to blame. Alpha fux, beta bux.

        2. They’ll just start casting him in movies aimed at the cougar set, instead of as a teen throb….

      2. not drunk, not drugged, just desperate. hollywood itself is getting quite old, with lots of unashamedly creepy saggy used-to-be star actresses thinking they have entitlement to rising men. more a sign of the fast aging actress glut surrounding the director scenes.
        mcadams is a pretty little angry basket-case, no one wants her, most used to want her face and ass. so tragic. mcadams, beil, johansson, etc, they’ll all have saviors, so no consequences, no worries – for them.
        the best way to end the goslings is leave them be – and they do need to end. way to much money for that level of stupid. bought into his ‘palace beyond the pines’ role a bit too much there, didn’t he?

      3. You forget there is an air of desperation among many cougars. Also many of them are good to great in bed. Just enjoy them if you’re young and lust after them but stay in control. Many cougars are perfectly willing to lavish their younger lovers with cash and all the no holds barred sex they can handle. Just be smart. Many of these women can be played like a violin. You guys crack me up with the idea that only women 18-29 7.5 or over are worth doing.

        1. The ‘desperation’ cougars have is not for sex, but to enslave a young stud within their charms. What more validation can an aging pussy get, when a young cock which should be tapping young pussies elsewhere, instead chooses to get lodged inside her within a LTR? But again, different strokes for different blokes – as the saying goes.
          Some guys’ bread and butter is old cunts – but it’s a matter of individual taste. Not to mention that I see these guys then get led by their balls from the same cougars they’re supposedly ‘gaming’.
          It’s like that saying “ Sex with an old lass ends up in her
          leading your life with your cock stuck in her ass”.
          It’s true that some cougars give the no barred sex – I even
          mentioned earlier that an older woman is meant exclusively for anal – but getting an aging hag knocked up is stupidity. And why do guys commit this stupidity?
          Because older women are more cunning and experienced than younger women when it comes to male entrapment and ‘female game’. They’ve sucked it all, and been fucked by them all. They know the tricks of the game.
          With an older woman, you don’t play her. SHE PLAYS YOU. Her game lies in the fact that she makes you think that she’s falling for your game. Gosling is just one of the thousands of real life examples of younger men biting the marriage dust with an older woman.

        2. You’re talking about Hollywood, I’m talking about the real world where most of us live. Most 40+ cougars are loathe to get pregnant.

        3. Oh my god, this describes someone I know in real life perfectly. It was the strangest thing I’ve ever heard. He went from being this hot young stud who could at a flick of his wrist bang tons of good-looking young women, he got out of the marines in amazing shape. Then all of a sudden he met a 42-year old online with a 10 year old kid who was rich, he went for her so she would pay his bills. This makes sense.
          Flash forward another year, not only does he work, but he agrees to pay his half of the bills. Even though paying half of his bills means he has to throw almost his entire paycheck into bills compared to her(they live in a nice area). Her kid even calls him daddy. They had a pregnancy scare and then she miscarried, he was devastated. I’m just sitting there like, why? Why would you want a kid with this 42 year old? Thankfully he’s smart enough to know never to marry her and our state doesn’t recognize common law marriage. But my god, he was an amazing alpha fucks before being turned into a beta bucks. All for that “true love”. Think about it, he’s getting literally zero benefit living there, paying most of his salary just to exist there. It’s shit.
          I guess looking at it new this has to be the plan of older women like you said. It’s to turn an alpha fucks into a beta bucks. Older women are far more cunning. One thing(the reason she got pregnant) was that she thought she was infertile. So he’s getting all this rawdog pussy, love, attention, and at the beginning(money). Slowly over time he turns into a simp. And now he’s just a bitch. I have no idea how to save him, I assume and hope he’ll leave eventually. He’s wasting his best years both in physical shape and fucking just to fuck some “cougar”.

    1. Yep. Even ‘religious’ societies – Lmao. ‘Religious’ bastards, product of love without marriages. This happens more because of betas, not alphas. Betas are the majority in all those societies, when men marry later after unknowing pregnancies.

        1. Most of Scandinavia where feminism rules already has enough betas and bastardy as the article shows. Plus the other countries usually have liberalism rising up where bastardy is steadily increasing. Premarital pregnancy within relationships is usually the result of romantic emotionalism of both men (betas) and women. Alphas rarely choose premarital pregnancy, because they understand the risks of entrapment through it. Most of the time they choose safe sex or birth control to avoid landing in a mess, and possible subsequent forced commitment to the woman.

  12. This is why I always believe in cumming inside a woman’s anus or mouth, if I’m ever raw dogging her in a ‘LTR’. I always cum in her ass or mouth. I never believe a woman who says she’s on the pill. Don’t wanna end up like Gosling someday.
    I guess sluts today want to get raw dogged for the same reason, even some of them get pissed when you decide to wrap up your Johnson. It’s because they want to get knocked up and force you into commitment. Women have always been, are and will always be fucking amoral creatures. They bait you with sex, and then trap and enslave you with it.
    Unless you get full custody of your kid, if ever the noose of unplanned fatherhood falls round your neck, it’s best to walk away. Let her bear the brunt. Anyways marrying her ass won’t change the fact that she’d probably your kid’s mind against you – with or without marriage.

  13. If you have a kid out of wedlock, still perform as the father and teach the kid some masculinity in todays society. Single mothers are the worst scourge on children, and without a father figure (especially young boys) will be lost in the next generation.

  14. Back in the day, this shit wasn’t rewarded.
    If she had a child by wantonly opening her legs all the time, she would get saddled with a kid, and was absolutely fucked for life.
    So slut shaming (and taught chastity) was there to keep the girl’s legs closed, to only be opened after marriage when the child had a better chance at living.
    Now it doesn’t matter, the taxpayers pay for all the slut “mistakes” in society. EBT, welfare, etc., all there for the single mother to use.

    1. Back then it was up to the surrounding community to help, because they didn’t want the values and morals of the community to be degraded by ill-raised bastards, so they made sure those children were raised correctly, to become productive parts of that community.

      1. Yeah but you notice bastards everywhere, especially Latin America the most, who’re supposedly more religious than us. I always smirk secretly when a latina or a filipina tells me that she is a ‘good girl’. Too many bastards already being spawned there, supposedly the highest rates, and even back home here. Why do people throw birth control out of the window? Proof that betas – who got no sanity while fucking sluts – abound everywhere. Macho behavior doesn’t make a posturing pseudo-alpha beta, an alpha.His choice to go the unsafe unprotected vaginal route is what will eventually give his reality away when he becomes a daddy who didn’t want to be one.

  15. “…Modern women often don’t want consequences or responsibilities for their choices, but want to blame or even ensnare men for them..”
    The entire ‘meat’ of the article (and the problem) condensed to a single sentence.
    What more proof is there for a man in today’s man-hating, fem-centric society to Go Your Own Way?

  16. If females would make themselves more livewithable, cut out all the crap, and quit divorcing for money more men would get married.

  17. Mendes realized she was getting too old so she had to lock Gosling in. How she ‘just got pregnant’ is not a coincidence. What I don’t understand is these handsome (no homo) actors are falling for older women.
    On another note, the spawning of bastards has got to stop. In the past, marriage was about producing children and rearing them in a disciplined traditional home. At least that’s how I grew up and was raised. Now you this sloppy shit that is creating an un-fixable mess.

    1. The spawning of bastards won’t stop until men don’t shoot swimmers in the cunts of these whores and sluts anymore – usually when they’re in ‘love’. It won’t stop when our cultures accept bastards themselves. Plus, I don’t understand how religious authorities today condone bastards. I’ve been to weddings where the slut was bloated 7 months pregnant with her belly ballooning out of her bridal dress. We’ve even got special fashion for pregnant brides. Not to mention articles on wikihow “How to enjoy your wedding as a pregnant bride”. LMAO!
      Essentially bastards and bastardy is acceptable today. In the near future, with the commonality and normalization of bastardy, an average chat between two friends would be like:
      “Hey bastard, what’s up?”
      A girl would say to the guy she likes:
      “I love you, my bastard”.
      You’d have bastards everywhere.
      Religious institutions, offices, politicians, everywhere. A baby’s birth
      certificate would not need to have the parental name column anymore. The word ‘bastard’ would be eradicated from dictionaries because of the commonality of bastards everywhere.
      Personally, it’s either condoms or blowjobs or anal for me when I’m with a chick. Raw dogging women vaginally till completion within an LTR is like shooting yourself in the foot, because you never know whether she’s on the pill or not.

      1. Studies of colonial America birth and marriage records prove that over 50% of brides prior to the revolution were pregnant. The difference was they got married and stayed married.

    2. Gus Fring has got a few things to say about unruly children: No more children. lol.
      Agree to what you say though.

  18. The Gosling Mendes trist and he ”calls it a BARGAIN, the best I ever had” why? She’s 6 years older – soo the ever revealing timeline says . . exactly the old BABYSITTER M.O. Hey when I was 9 sure I’d bust new holes in my babysitter – or at least fantasize. And she would have been a bargain at 15 indeed.
    Honestly hollywood hasn’t produced a functioning model of family to emulate in decades. The uppity ‘educated’ white deceiver bitches on Friends didn’t even know how to handle a baby in the one episode. What retard programming. And remember princess Di – WHAT A WHORE. The celebrated ‘bride of the decade’ takes all her little western princess idolers for surprise when she FUCKS PACKIES out the back door. Whatever you do boys and men, don’t get your relationship advice from the booj toob. Come to ROK and it’s a salad bar of advice. Pick what you please. If it don’t work for you, fine it might be for the next guy. Like used car dealer says ”if it don’t run for YOU bring it back, it might run for the next guy.” Still ROK advice beats boob tooj brainscrewing hands down.
    The modern manosphere is still in its infancy. It has yet to lose its peach fuzz for a mature and dominant kings trouser mane. The word ‘polygamy’ for example is rogue and largely scorned by the bitch rule oligarchs, like the word ‘bigamist’. Polygamist should eventually be replaced by the term ‘established’ or ‘mature’ family. Also the wiccan or witchcraft thread runs deep in much of the bitch rule we face. Awarness of actual witch bitches should be promoted. The manginas ARE their empowering ‘other half’. If you’ve ever been bitten or struck by one, and not having seen it coming, you would agree.
    But Gosling and Mendez, at least their equipment works. If I ran hollywood, I would have Gosling panning for a virgin sister wife before the 1st is born. Depict how well Mendez and sis get along while sis teaches Mendez how to cook. Keep it human. How many hollywood starlets arrange a marriage and then proceed to ADOPT third world orphans or worse PUPPIES? Yeah right, FIDO is going to manage the estate or farm when you’re gone. Seriously FIDO would crap on the constitution mistaking it for yesterdays newspaper.

  19. Sorry if this is tangential. But remember that there is a much wider range of birth control methods in Asia, especially China, Vietnam, Iran and Central Asia. This may account for lower out of wedlock rates there.
    In India, you can find a non-steroidal birth control pill. The abortion pill, morning after pill (3 kinds – only 2 are available in the US) and the hormonal IUD were not available in the US until over 10 years after they were released in China. Some Indian and Chinese BCPs – centchroman and anordin – are not available in the West at all.
    In the US and Western Europe, the vast majority of women take the ‘low dose’ birth control pills that are strongly dependent on timing and remembering to take them. They also have to get a prescription, whereas BCPs are nonprescription in most countries including Latin American ones.

    1. All mothers abuse their children. You didn’t put those clothes on by yourself. A lot of violence and traumatic shame was needed to snap your independence.
      Take off your clothes in public to feel the truth of the PTSD your mother inflicted (because cosmetic leeches have no value to offer).

  20. Widespread bastardy is the end of our humanity and is one step away from bestiality. It is as hard for a bastard to become a resurrected patriarch as it is to raise the dead. Fatherless men fall under the bitch matron and never escape her clutches. The sovereign woman IS basically an animal. We must reclaim our women before it’s too late. A hard takeback of naughty women may put our creature comforts on the shelf, but humanity pedestalized by patriarchy must replace the bitch cannibal pedestalized by the collapsed bastard. Humanity itself has its genesis in the patriarch. Bastardy and matriarchy are rough equals and neither can triumph. A society exclusively of bastard matriarchy IS a society of animals. It looses all discretion and is one step away from felling itself for good into the pits of the animal kingdom. The only real value for mankind then would be his unfortified ranking in the food chain and a grotesque normalizing of cannibalism. No we don’t want bitches to rule. Never.

  21. Having been married for more than twenty years, I would strongly advise young men against it, even if they are tricked into having a child. Modern marriage in the United States means one thing: the unremunerated flow of resources from a man to a woman. He is on the hook for everything. She is on the hook for nothing.

    1. Agree. If feminists really wanted everything to be equal, then why don’t I see a rally down at the local court house?
      You can bet if a woman was getting the short end of the stick in court there would be a rally, a TV news van, etc….down there waiting for ‘breaking news’.
      It’s a joke. Women want equality only when it benefits them and more men need to call them out on it.

  22. i would sooner take the kid from the cunt than marry her (unless i legitly considered her wife material)

  23. I vehemently reject the term bastard or any of its derivations, i.e. bastardy within the context of Western 21st century societies. Let’s take a look at a few historical truths, marriage and monogamy are both antithetical to the human condition, and are relatively young considering our 250,000 years on this planet. The only reason why the male homo-sapien (us) would have reduced himself to this, or rather become contented with this, was for three main reasons 1.) Paternal insurance which was itself contingent on 2.) Property and 3.) Money. None of this had to do with the over-romanticised Eurocentric concept of marital ‘love’, which is a recent mid-20th century fabrication, who knows, probably to entrap beta-males within the system.
    The more important point being, is that marriage was a legitimiser of the state/church and a force multiplier for the male clan/line, BUT this system… NO LONGER EXISTS TODAY! In fact the now faggoty Western churches and state-run marital licences are a direct threat to any sort of wealth or property formation building strategies by men. So in a sense, bastardisation is no longer relevant in America, Western Europe and probably even South America. Since the concept of bastardisation vs. legitimacy is no longer pertinent in the West, meaning your heirs cannot be dispossessed for simply having been born out of beta-lock (marriage), means that we should finally kill this repressive language foisted onto us by the church when the church was a real force in society. Besides, in financial terms a man living here (West), reduces his ‘risk exposure’ by having children out of wed-lock. Bastardisation is no longer relevant and thus dead. It’s finally time to end it.

    1. Reduced risk indeed. Child support is cheaper than asset divorce rape and alimony. Fuck-That-Shit. Retaining my assets by avoiding divorce rape will ensure my kids are provided with nothing but the best that would otherwise go to some greedy womyn. I’d also be fighting tooth and nail in court for 50/50 or full custody.

      1. Since there are only a handful of states where you can demand an accounting, there is little you can do to ensure the money is spent on your kids rather than blow. Judges also like to roll up alimony into child support payments if you say lived with the girl for a period of years. The distinction there is that while Alimony is tax deductible, child support is not.

        1. Oh i’m well aware that child support is basically mommy support, and that not all of it goes to the kids nor is it accounted for. My point is that by not being raped for my money and assets via divorce, i’ll be able to provide more for my children from my own sources on top of the child support the state would force me to pay. When you factor in losing your house, half your retirement & savings among other assets along with alimony, child support payments are nothing.

        2. The really sad part is the mother could be a total fuck up and still get custody of the kids.
          The father could get a ticket for littering and he would be considered a ‘criminal’ and the environment would not be suitable for children.
          It’s rare that the father gets custody and most women will work the angle to get the kids (the house and money) if they can get it (whether they need it or not).
          The court does not count on the fact that the woman will (usually) hook up with another man and she will now have two and a half incomes while the man (father) will be left with half of an income.
          We’ve gone out of our way to paint the “poor single mother” scenario in this country (time and time again) but what about the fathers who are left “high and dry”?
          Women have been working the system for years. It’s time for a change.

        3. Men can start by learning how to work the system as well. Since issues involving children are never “fully resolved” in the sense that you can always go back to court, that means that men with children should keep very strict and detailed notes and evidence on things like access, support payments etc.
          A man who has joint guardianship can often request and contact schools and doctors for information about their child. Men can also often make requests of the mother for information.
          A man who has access can very strictly follow the access schedule and document any variation by the mother. Additionally the man can request lots of phone contact and Skype-like face time and document any refusals by communicating on these issues exclusively over email.
          A man can then use his evidence and documentation to make requests for orders, changes etc. While it might take a lot of extra study, it isn’t impossible to become proficient enough in family law to do this on your own without a lawyer.
          It might not be the most ideal situation, but at least it is something that a man can do to fight back.
          PS this applies to spousal support, but at least in California the mother living with a new man can have his income considered for any spousal support payments a divorced guy has to make.
          California Family Code
          (accessed at
          4323. (a) (1) Except as otherwise agreed to by the parties in
          writing, there is a rebuttable presumption, affecting the burden of
          proof, of decreased need for spousal support if the supported party
          is cohabiting with a person of the opposite sex. Upon a determination
          that circumstances have changed, the court may modify or terminate
          the spousal support as provided for in Chapter 6 (commencing with
          Section 3650) of Part 1.
          (2) Holding oneself out to be the husband or wife of the person
          with whom one is cohabiting is not necessary to constitute
          cohabitation as the term is used in this subdivision.
          (b) The income of a supporting spouse’s subsequent spouse or
          nonmarital partner shall not be considered when determining or
          modifying spousal support.
          (c) Nothing in this section precludes later modification or
          termination of spousal support on proof of change of circumstances.

        4. I agree..and they would be great.
          The real crime here is that women should be called out for this bullshit of “equality” because it’s not what they are really after….equality.
          Equality would mean signing up for all the bad shit, too. You never see a feminist rally or parade outside of a court room to promote “equality” and I still haven’t heard a big push for women having to register for Selective Service at 18.
          Women only want equality some times. I heard a women bitch the other day that she is paying most of the bills in her house hold (she’s the bread winner in the family with the better job). Women wanted the same job as a man but doesn’t like the other shit that comes with it???
          Men have been doing this shit for years.

        5. I agree with your sentiments but it’s a mistake to imagine women have been working the system and that men can work the system.
          The system is built on the broken children of women who are given the opportunity by the plantation-State to prey on male vassals and breed children to break for dependency (to validate their illegitimate dependency on men).
          Biopolitics 101.
          When you find yourself playing in a rigged game, you cannot work the system to make it more equitable. Women have always controlled power because they breed and break the slaves for Power. In a rigged game, the only way to win is not to play.

    2. I’d think the term bastard would still apply in the 21st century, and should be continued to ridicule bastardy in the future – even if marriage is eventually outlawed and the Church totally collapsed someday. Even though I’m definitely not a supporter of marriage, and not religious in the cultural social wasteland of today.
      Reasons for rise in bastard births include secularization of the west, feminism and enhanced women’s status and the fall of male authority. True, in today’s world with the collapse of religion or religious institutions, bastardy is condoned. But it is instinctual in normal humans to feel revulsion for a person’s muddled lineage, just as the inherent revulsion for a fallen woman. Even if we intellectualize and rationalize that all women are whores and sluts. Even if we did, do the words whore and slut become condonable?
      To be frank, I could fuck a million whores or sluts but would still call them and perceive them as whores or sluts. The pleasure they’d provide me would not change the reality of their identities for me, and neither would I change my perception of them as whores and sluts, even if I ravaged their holes to glory. And if they did spawn children without marriage, I’d still call them as mothers of bastards. I wouldn’t accept them even if I enjoyed them. The same applies to bastardy. It doesn’t fucking make a difference whether within the permissiveness of today’s society bastardy is increasingly accepted.. A bastard is a bastard. Even if the words slut, whore or bastard were eradicated from dictionaries because of the licentiousness today, I’d still retain them to use it. Even if I might fuck the very same whores and sluts. A bitch is still a bitch, even if you address it in respectful terms as a female canine. A whore is a whore. A slut is a slut. And a bastard is a bastard, even if bastards are produced in thousands daily throughout the world today.

      1. Yes but it’s not just about doing what this degenerate society finds popular or ‘normal’, it’s about adjusting and adapting to legal norms. Theoretically, you marry some woman who may persuade you that she’s a ‘traditional woman’ under the auspices of marriage, however you’re still at a legal gun point any day of her deciding to end it, and the heavy financial and emotional repercussions that will follow suit. I don’t think you’re fully appreciating the gravity of the situation, marriage is not conducive to success in the 21st century for men. It is something you do, when you’ve given up, or your testosterone and/or intelligence levels are at a critical low. Until the entire edifice of Western society changes, the logical outcome would be to have children out of beta-lock and under legal circumstances strike first and seek joint custody of said children. Marriage today, is the graveyard of masculinity and I want absolutely nothing to do with it. You can live by this traditional paradigm but it still does not mean that you won’t have to face the harsh reality of the real-world as is, today.

        1. As I mentioned before, I’m not a supporter of marriage unless in the circumstances you mentioned. Having kids without marriage or betalock is primarily an individual decision, but don’t think it would stop a man’s betaization. You could read comments below about men saying they want to ‘save’ kids from the scourge of single motherhood, etc and how important it is for the kids for to have a father. I can’t understand this savior or hero complex in men, which ultimately leads to their betaization in some way or the other. That’s male hamsterization at work there.
          Don’t think having kids without marriage would lessen a a man’s worries. He might only avoid the financial rape of divorce though. Either way, you still are and would be linked and chained to your kid, if you chose to raise your kid without marriage,even if you kicked the whore or slut to the curb, who birthed your spawn . But don’t think it ends there. She’d still get visitation rights to your kid, and a chance to poison your kid against you. And you wouldn’t be able to stop her for visiting your kid, because the laws support women, and your kid came out of her womb. More than marriage, it is fatherhood which actually betasizes men further in a LTR – whether marital or extramarital, if you’d think deeply about it. The only way to avoid this is to have your own kids through surrogacy- minus the risk of a woman’s future involvement in the picture.. Just like how Cristiano Ronaldo did. He had his own boys through surrogacy, but still fucks and sleeps with women around. But that’s a one time expensive option. The other solution is to expatriate abroad to traditional societies, which is again not viable for everyone – unless without effort.
          As I mentioned before, lions kill off the ‘bastard’ cubs of rival lions when they take over a territory. True, lionesses sometimes manage to hide their cubs from death from the new alpha lions sometimes, to ‘cuckold’ them. This proves the inherent amorality in female nature itself, whether it may be in animals or humans. If all the chains on women were taken away, the world would be in total fucking anarchy. And women wouldn’t fucking care. They want terms like bastard, slut or whore to be done away with, because it gives them the freedom to practise their inherent amorality to the fullest to cuckold men.
          I’ve banged single moms who tried to get me to commit to them and raise their bastards, saying that the children were the results of failed ‘love’ affairs. Talk about female hamsterization in overdrive. As you see, women don’t fucking want to own up to accept responsibility ever. Bastard shaming, slut shaming or whore shaming was the intellectual evolution of males to keep women in line. If we’d do away with that, why should we complain of being cuckolded by women? Wouldn’t we playing into what they want us to do – that is to eradicate these terms, so that there is nothing to shame them with? I’ve always said you gotta be amoral and harsh with women. Fuck them, enjoy them and shame them. Social shackles and chains on female hypergamy in traditional paradigms weren’t simply developed for nothing – even if we live in a depraved culture today.

        2. . You could read comments below about men saying they want to ‘save’
          kids from the scourge of single motherhood, etc and how important it is
          for the kids for to have a father. I can’t understand this savior or
          hero complex in men,

          You don’t understand a man wanting to keep his newborn son away from the horror of being raised by a single mother, with no father in his life? Seriously?

        3. Cristiano Ronaldo has 1 son. He was born out of wedlock with a woman whom he briefly “dated” and he paid her $15 million to get sole custody.

        4. Seriously, I wouldn’t care. I don’t care whether fellow men
          think that we’d become like women, if we didn’t care in such situations. Actually not caring is a male trait, and caring is a female trait. Women today don’t care about responsibilities, because they’re masculinized. Men today ‘care’ because they get in touch with their ‘sensitive’ female side – thanks to metrosexual programming, as society wants us to be – effeminate ‘sensitive’ men who think about their responsibilities to women. I don’t care a fuck. Whether it
          may be son or daughter, you take sole custody of your kid and walk away if you really want your kid. If you don’t, then again deal with her incessant presence of your life for eternity if you decide to cohabit with her for the sake of your kid.
          The present dysfunctional social model makes men suffer forever for a single mistake, while women escape punishment all the time.

          That’s from where I mentioned about Ronaldo’s surrogate
          fatherhood. But if he actually did, as you mentioned, then my mistake.
          But again, surrogacy is the way to go with the least hassles in the long run. Even if it’s a one-time expensive option.

        6. Interesting article. It is about guys who chose to be single fathers, which also includes those who opted for surrogacy. Ricky Martin, who is also mentioned, opted for this.
          As you said, it is not cheap. Although Ronaldo paid a hell of a lot more to get sole custody. But both guys can easily afford it.

    3. Wrong. The reason men started sticking around to raise their children was so other men wouldn’t kill them and mate with the woman. It was a two for one.
      1. Men had a consistent sexual partner, as long as he kept an eye on her.
      2. By protecting and providing for the child he increased his genes’ chances of survival.
      In Western society, the nanny state provides protection, and the beta-male-funded welfare state provides resources. Thus men have been forced to making themselves obsolete, as long as they keep doing the grunt work that hold’s society together. The men who figured out how to play the system for their own genetic, evolutionary advantage work the system by contributing nothing to it, while fathering BASTARD children that the state will take care of. The only solution is for men to destroy the system in its entirety, and force some good old fashioned Darwinism back onto society, as a system like that is not sustainable.

      1. This is debatable albeit the logical reasoning of your stipulations make sense, however as gentlemen should always do, being the logical sex is to cite our sources. My sources are from three books all written by evolutionary biologists/psychologists, 1.) Sperm Wars 2.) Why Women Have Sex and 3.) Sex at Dawn. Certainly during our primordial days, sex was shared and male paternity was skewed because there was no emphasis on property, since no man had any concept of property let alone possessions to bequeath to his posterity.

        1. Writing out the titles of some books you may, or may not, have actually read is not citing sources. LOL. I’m not sure which parts you disagree with, but I’m not going to spend hours digging up actual cited pages. If this is a book club I recommend reading The Science of Intimate Relationships by Fletcher, Simpson, et al. It’s an actual Psychology textbook. Feel free to fact check me though.

        2. Evolution, psychology: Both total bullshit. Using cave talesto explain modern human behavior is nothing but conjecture. psychology is overrun with cultural Marxist “critical” bullshit.

      2. The idea that men are biologically coded to give a fuck about paternity (constructed before DNA testing existed) is an insulting sociological lie conditioned into men along with the perverse, unnatural constructs of matrimony, monogamy and the Patriarchy (which is nothing more than Matriarchy by proxy).
        Anonymous whore lies. Men are not supposed to provide for their female mammal whore and her offspring. That is a guaranteed recipe for war. Men have no biological interest in perpetuating their seed, this is woman’s whore filth. Men want to fuck. Women want to fuck 10x as much.
        Women didn’t want to take care of themselves. They wanted filial and marital slaves. They killed most of the promiscuous women and terrorised the rest into being confused about sex. Humans are coded to fuck.
        So we fight.

  24. Ugh….look at her flabby knees flapping in the wind…… what has America come to when a relatively young guy in his sexual prime, who can have anyone he wants, choses that…

  25. Is it wrong that I am happy at Ryan Gosling’s suffering since he is a feminist and CLEARLY doesn’t want to marry this bitch?

  26. I don’t understand why any man worth the kind of dough Goslin is would even ever get in this situation. Freeze your gunk and have as many kids as you want- down the road. Until then get a vasectomy and enjoy a trap free existence!

    1. “I don’t understand why any man worth the kind of dough Goslin is would even ever get in this situation.”
      – Thirst for cougar love? Whatever be, he’s jacked and linked to her now, for a long time to come.

  27. The takeaway from this article is that men need a fertility control form of birth control and until there is one, men will be at an extreme disadvantage in the dating / sexual marketplace. Whatever effects the male pill will have, it will be leveraged by hypergamy. Women are not looking for random men to impregnate them. The men they want are the ones who have the most to loose; and not just financially.
    Every ‘oops’ pregnancy I have ever heard of was probably only oops for the guy.

    1. I think this is only true for mainly professional athletes. I think because they fill two voids in a woman’s life 1.) Alpha and 2.) Money. Usually when women claim they’re impregnated with a beta male provider’s baby, it may be an alpha’s. This statement would make sense, except there are so many, and I mean many women who love to get impregnated by the miscreants of society, aka underworld alphas. However admirable some geeky engineer’s academic and career achievements may be, it still doesn’t get the puss wet like a ‘I don’t give a fuck about you, bad boy’. Beta providers can never fill that void, ever.

      1. Professional athletes would be very good candidates to take a male pill if one was available. If I were a professional agent, lawyer, or financial adviser and I failed to advise my client to take it I would be a good candidate to get sued for malpractice.
        As for geeky engineers, don’t fool yourself. A geeky engineer with $10,000,000 sitting in a Swiss bank account beats a pair of duces. In case you haven’t heard, women like money.

        1. Of course, we’re in agreement. You’ve missed my point though. On a pure biological evolutionary basis, women would prefer to fuck alphas and marry betas. The hypothetical rich engineer with his Swiss bank acct will of course garner women but for a much different reason, which has nothing to do with himself as a man and everything to do with accumulated wealth. No matter how much money a man may earn, no amount will make a woman feel ‘naturally’ inclined to fuck you. Money cannot transform this hypothetical beta without much pretending into the bad-boy that gives said woman the ‘tingles’. Albeit, she’ll have sex with this beta provider for provisions but she’ll fuck the alpha for his ‘alphaness’ alone and that may friend is all biology at play, the rest is socioeconomic survival… of the fittest.

        2. ive been a reader of ROK articles for a while now and it the red pill truth has really made me alert. id rather be the alpha that she fucks in her prime years than the poor simp that fucks her when shes in her early 30s, has a vagina looser than a deflated tyre, and tits that sag horribly. i used to believe in the whole 1950s thing, which back then when we controlled womens behaviour, of being the provider of the family, where i could come home to my wife and children. im a hopeless romantic. In the end i wanted the truth, and that came at the price of being happy.

    2. A female has to pretty much be a moron to “accidentally” get knocked up these days. I suppose that puts being a dumb ass at an evolutionary advantage, and thus preserves those genes.

  28. Being married and divorced and with a young daughter who is the light of my life, you don’t have to marry a bitch you get pregnant to be a good father, as long as you have fair access. You will want to “pretend” to be engaged to the mother, however, because if you talk and read stories beside your pregnant partner, the infant WILL
    know your voice once born. My ex forced me to read stories to our fetus, and I appreciate her for that, and I believe it paid off. Of course I have not just a voice, but THE voice.

  29. If she gets knocked up, she can abort and I have no say. If she wants a child I still have to pay.

  30. Some ancient societies held off marriage until the birth of a couple’s first child – they were not really “married” before that. It makes sense: marriage should be primarily about raising children.
    That practise, DNA testing, and a male contraceptive pill could fix a lot that’s wrong with relationships these days.

  31. Good article and some interesting stats.
    Honestly it is a minefield out there. I have two good friends that got married with the CLEAR understanding that they did not want to have children. And you will never guess what happened?!?!?! Both of their wives “accidentally” got pregnant. What my friends should have done is get “snipped”and make this bullshit an impossibility.
    I have also heard an interesting stat that no less than 3% and as high as 10% of all children are born where the guy that thinks he is the bio dad in fact isn’t. I don’t care how fucking sure you are that your wife didn’t cheat, it is cheap and easy to get a DNA test to be 100% fucking positive a kid is yours.
    Bottom line is that for many women, child(ren) are the best possible weapon against a man. They can ask for the moon and it isn’t for them, it is for the child.

  32. From my limited understanding of things, when I was growing up the major problem that people had with out-of-wedlock was that if you didn’t know who your dad was, you didn’t know if you were marrying your sibling or cousin and your kid could potentially have mutations.

  33. Well stated. And this whole marriage/man-up thing is an even bigger joke when you consider the fact that through crippling taxes and endless “social” programs, men are ALREADY paying for these bastard children.
    Its men who earn the money and “do the right” thing in this country; but its women who are enjoying the freedom to go out and whore it up, knowing someone else will clean up the mess.

  34. Wanna piss of a Femi?
    Share Former N.O.W. President Karen DeCrow’s thoughts on forcing a man to pay child support for a bastard:
    “Justice therefore dictates that if a woman makes a unilateral decision to bring pregnancy to term, and the biological father does not, and cannot, share in this decision, he should not be liable for 21 years of support. Or, put another way, autonomous women making independent decisions about their lives should not expect men to finance their choice.” —
    Karen DeCrow, former NOW President ( National Organisation for Women, U.S.A.)
    Of course well never have that because the government knows that those stupid cunts are to feeble to deal with the consequences of their actions. They have, therefore,, codified female inferiority into law. # Patriarchy

  35. It should be mandated by law that anyone who wants to have a child must have at least a high school education – probably a college degree too. As long as you can sustain at least $30,000 or $40,000 a year than you get a kid.
    Also down with alimony.

    1. Education means nothing. The Indian driver is a doctor or engineer. Money is all that matters. The government should say: we will stop the payments if a woman has a child and not a job.if you do not opt in to have your tubes tied. Once she has her tubes tied she can receive all the cock she desires.

        1. most people of low intelligence should be sterilised if they show no capacity to take care of themselves – there are some high functioning low intelligence people though but democracy is one person and one vote and dumb people vote with a herd like mentality. unfortunately the highly intelligent are more than likely to be left wing for whatever reason and can exploit this little loop hole in order to achieve their ends( usually a sense of guilt becaue they have been told they are special since they were 2 ). For example most college/ university people i know are left wing nut jobs/liberal feminists.they over intellectualise their situation and aim for some utopia state than live within the confines of any pragmatic reality. they fail to realise that in the real world people compete for resources and have read on the local red slate that resources are everywhere yet no one wants to share. anyways they are in charge.and only the free market truly scares them because they know that people of average intelligence can and do work harder than them because they were gifted with a different set of talents.look at how often Obama plays golf. he’s is intelligent but naturally lazy( doesn’t have a foot in the trenches) and his only understanding of the world comes from a text book.this is why goal families would have to lead their men into battle. they had a stake int he victory or defeat.

  36. In my younger days: I played with fire and was sleeping with women who know way in the world would you expect them to raise a cake let alone a child. Very dangerous and my silver tongue and 0 sum bank balance provided no means for them to carry with their threats and extortion. Even the top alphas have a provider instinct and probley more so than a beta when a child is involved. Only your thug has no remorse or feel of need to provide. That’s why a girl might run a train by sucking of 20 guys but feel less inclined to play Russian roulette with their seed inside her. Obviously their body their choice so that argument should be extended that their choice will have a financial windfall. I would say no matter what don’t marry a girl that got knocked up to lock you up. And the golden rule these days is long term relationships with women that come from families or stock where you would feel comfortable to have children with. Wealthy, good looking and intelligent.

  37. Obamacare includes all possible types of female contraception and no coverage for any type of male contraception.
    Thus, would seem that the feminist state has decided that women are responsible for using contraception. If they chose not to, the result should also be their responsibility.

  38. This article sounds like a male hamster rationalizing abandoning his future son to the wiles of a single mom, and rationalizing away any male responsibility for the pregnancy. As we all know, this model has worked out terrifically for the black community in these united States, hasn’t it?
    I do think alimony is bullshit, of course, and the family court system is horrifically stacked against men. But to create a child and abandon it to the wind, well, that just makes a man a grade A sophomoric asshole.
    If she wants or agrees to get raw-dogged, is it the man’s fault if she gets knocked up?
    Why, actually, yes, it’s both of your faults.
    Here’s the hint: If she wants to rawdog, don’t. Just don’t. You bear as much responsibility for not keeping your seed to yourself as she does, and no amount of “well, it’s her problem because she wanted to rawdog” bullshit rationalization will change that. Yeah, she wants to, but you’re the man and are responsible for your choices on where your swimmers end up, so just don’t do it. You can say a lot about women, but you can’t lay off YOUR choice to rawdog as being all her fault just because she let you. Take some fucking agency for your own life, dude.
    None of my comments apply to the woman who tricked a man into pregnancy, of course. But consensually sticking your unwrapped dick into a ONS and then throwing your hands in the air and saying “not my problem” makes you a bitch, not a man.

    1. I think the points raised in the article are valid. It says “The logical answer would and should be TO REFUSE (or at least hold off) marriage, especially if you’ve moved on from her. No man needs to guilt trip himself into marriage simply for becoming a daddy when he didn’t want to be one. You could feel guilty for not practicing safe sex, but do remember the sex was consensual.” It also talks about birth control, men’s legal rights to avoid procreation, emotional entrapment of men through pregnancy and how the responsibilities are (and should be) primarily on women to decide on birth control. A lot of young women themselves avoid safe sex, saying they’re on the pill. Do you think every man would then search for a condom in that heat of the moment? Some would, some would not. Either way, women decide not only whom to fuck with, but also how they want to get fucked. And as long as men feel guilty for a woman’s pregnancy, women will continue to subtly dominate men. If a woman cannot control a man through sex, she can control him through children born out of that indiscretion of sex. Men know it, yet still choose to submit themselves to women because of it. With this thinking, men can never reclaim patriarchy. What consequences are there today for women in the case of an unwed pregnancy? None, the state even provides them welfare. For men? Social shaming by both women and men. What the fuck?
      So, no need to man up.. Let the whore or slut suffer for herself. The state already is the husband of single moms today, providing them welfare.That’s why women don’t need men anymore. Freedom comes with choices, and if she gets knocked up, she might as well get knocked by anyone else. There are a lot of people who claim to be red pill, yet fall for subtle white knighting methods of trying to accept responsibility for a woman in some way or the other. Fuck it. Fuck those who talk about male agency by supporting a woman’s irresponsible choices. Things would’ve been to different, 30 or even 20 years back, when female hypergamy was not so virulent as it is today.
      Not today. Unchained female hypergamy wants to screw around with alphas and then marry betas. And there will be betas who think that it is their fucking agency for their as well as their women’s lives in today’s
      cultural shithole of the west. Marriage is already dead. Trust is already dead.The laws are already in favor of women. The only way to adapt for a man is to ‘shirk responsibility’ for women’s choices. Zero empathy. Soft hearted men like Ryan Gosling however probably worried what people would shame him if he refused to ‘marry’ Mendes because he probably didn’t want people to think he was a ‘bitch’ had he refused to accept responsibility for the pregnancy.
      Does it make him a man? No it makes him a fucking simp and a fool who’d now be stuck with the product of female manipulation. Our culture today supports women for everything – even for fucking around and hooking up in their teens. Does calling them as bitches stop them from fucking about? Nope.Then why should men be called bitches if they decide not to accept responsibility for becoming unwilling fathers? Why do men have to bear the fucking cross of responsibility all the time? The only men who’d shame such men are either married men, betas or white knights posing as pseudo red pil.
      Patriarchy will only return in certain conditions, and taking away welfare of single moms is one of them. As long as social welfare for single moms exist, no man needs to accept responsibility for a woman’s unwed
      pregnancy, even if the child is his own. That is cold blooded, brutal and heartless logic, devoid of human feeling and emotion. But that’s logic, for logic is often devoid of emotion and feeling.

      1. Nikedo gets it right. Some of the self proclaimed alphas or “red pills” in this forum wouldn’t be taken seriously by even kids in other countries… America has really brainwashed men into becoming soft willed soft hearted conscientious women and women into becoming a weird form of pure evil psychotic male villain…
        Guys like Genghis Khan did not care about what would happen to their thousands of little babies as they were being raised extremely well all across the Asian steppes by the most beautiful women that era had to offer. He just conquered, and the women obeyed in awe of his might. He had much better things to do than worry about the most basic fundamental and also the most feminine job in nature, nurturing of the offspring.
        If your women cannot handle this one basic act, which even the stupidest mammals can do with extreme efficiency, then it’s time to change your country and cultural dynamics gents, you definitely should not try to assume this most natural duty of a female in nature as though you are supposed to be some kind of a harem eunuch, and never feel guilty or shamed for not having to do so…

    2. You’re comments are correct. However, I think fathering hordes of bastard children would actually be an effective way to bring the West and Feminism to its knees. You’re right, it didn’t work well for the black community at all. That’s the point. The black community is only able to sustain this lifestyle because it has white money backing it up. However, if White America began to behave in the same fashion, it would literally bring society to its knees, and perhaps that’s actually what needs to happen. Or you can continue to be a cog in a machine that garnishes your paycheck and treats you as disposable slave labor. Do you really think the screeds on ROK are going to make much difference?

  39. At that moment we learn Tom cruise is not alpha because the correct reaction would be karate chop after the push and try and claim self defence.

  40. “However, in the catholic Philippines, the out-of-the-wedlock birth rate was 37% in 2008-2009.”
    Being Filipino myself, I can speak at the fact the Philippines was once an American colony and do not find it hard to believe if Filipino society unfortunately learned this from an Anglo country like the USA.

  41. In Nature, the mammal females pursue sex off reluctant males. When they bear children, they are compelled to honor the debt they owe to their defenceless young and they will die for their cubs until they can make them independent and unattached.
    A permanent state of love is a death sentence so mammal mothers race their children to independence at lightning speed. Yet in Nature, no mammal mother uses violence to raise their offspring. This is remarkable as they cannot communicate using linguistics, charades, images or nuanced expression to convey information.
    In Society, human mothers are neither mammalian, humane, motherly or even women. They’re infantilised malicious Toddler girls, primarily focused on inflicting suffering on men and children to erode their Self and steal their love.
    Men who enable them are pieces of shit. If a woman cannot take care of herself and her offspring without resorting to lies, violence, shame and imposition, what kind a man would indulge her? Are you men or bitches?
    Mammal mothers in Nature protecting their cubs v Mammal mothers in Society killing their sons.

    1. “In Nature, the mammal females pursue sex off reluctant males.” This is only true of some mammal females.

      1. This is only true of some mammal females.

        You’re correct, I was thinking of our closest DNA cousins. But you have to concede, there are no mammal species in Nature where the females obstruct biology to exploit and confuse males into imagining they desire to pleasure females more than the females desire to be pleasured. There are no whores (married or with a less exclusive clientele) in Nature.

        Human beings are close to splitting into two groups, those who can use their brain to understand opposing points of view and…those that cannot.

        I think you’ll find the latter split off from the former and then proceeded to kill them all. The former made the mistake of preparing for sustainable Peace. The latter shrewdly prepared for War (M.A.D.)
        History Of The Conquest Of Peru (William Hickling Prescott)

        From the hour that Pizarro and his followers had entered within the sphere of Atahuallpa’s influence, the hand of friendship had been extended to them by the natives. Their first act, on crossing the mountains, was to kidnap the monarch and massacre his people. The seizure of his person might be vindicated, by those who considered the end as justifying the means, on the ground that it was indispensable to secure the triumphs of the Cross. But no such apology can be urged for the massacre of the unarmed and helpless population, as wanton as it was wicked.

        This is the problem with those who can reason being forced to deal with those who cannot. The Power of Cannibalism is with the latter.

  42. But lots in of women don’t want the father around….they don’t care. Are there any articles here about the growing trend of sperm banks for single women and surrogate mothers for single men?
    What does rok think about this trend?

  43. I love the ‘man gets trapped’ bullshit, because men carry, birth and take care of the offspring, often sacrificing career, body,education to do so. Yeah, your so trapped…

  44. The Paternity test should always come before marriage in these type of cases. In fact, even if you are already married, you should have a paternity test (though sadly, in some states it doesn’t matter what the test results are)

  45. To be fair, and I think the writer gets it wrong, in Latin America, men do tend to, as they say, go to the corner store to buy cigarettes and never come back. After all, it takes two to tango my friend.

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