10 Ways That Modern Society Lowers Your Testosterone Levels

It is no surprise that the current world agenda seeks to destroy men from within but also from the outside at the same time. Only by attacking from all angles can their plans come to fruition. We do not know exactly when this attack started, but in recent years, it has become clear that the intensity of the current agenda’s intentions has increased tenfold.

Why are men targeted? Could it be the fact that by reducing the amount of true men with testes they reduce the chances that authentic revolutions against oppressive governments will happen? Any voice of reason against a corrupt society would swiftly be silenced. It happened 2,000 years ago (Jesus), and it is happening now more aggressively than it has ever happened in history.

Let’s see how men are being targeted for total destruction and implicitly and how to avoid these attacks…

1. Our Food Is Filled With Hormones, Antibiotics And Pesticides

Hormones are abundantly in beef, chicken or dairy products. We eat these daily, however, the hormones have an impact on a man’s health. Testosterone levels are lowered and estrogen levels increase. Manboobs, anyone?

Pesticides are well known chemicals that cause infertility and lower testosterone levels. Yet non-organic vegetables and fruits are abundant in life threatening toxins.

2. Cycling And Jogging

Doing physical activities is so beneficial that writing down all the benefits here would take forever. Yet there are a few physical activities which are unhealthy for the human body. Those kind of activities which have never been done by our ancestors.

For obvious reasons, cycling is unnatural because it uses an invented device. Constant pressure on the testes leads to infertility, reduces testosterone production and diseases.

Like cycling, jogging is an unnatural activity. Our ancestors would either walk or sprint, never jog. It is a useless activity. Jogging and cycling are activities which put continuous and constant stress on the body, leading to an overall decrease in testosterone over time. Do you think it is a coincidence that so much emphasis is being put on activities such as jogging and cycling?

3. Blue Light Bulbs

Blue light exposure has been linked to decreased testosterone levels. It is everywhere. Naturally occurring only in the morning when it helps the body wake up, nowadays we see it right until we close our eyes and go to bed. It is in our phone and computer screens, but most importantly, it is used to illuminate our rooms, bedside lamps and our offices.

Due to “environmental” reasons, it was decided that the classic incandescent bulb uses up too much energy, therefore it is better to use the new LED bulbs with carcinogenic gases.

You can’t run and you can’t hide. These blue-light bulbs are everywhere, creating anxiety and making us feel constantly tired. A tired mind is easy to control, and so is a low testosterone individual.

4. Our Drinking Water Is Filled With Female Hormones

Let me explain. The tap water that you drink also contains treated and cleaned water from our toilets, no mystery here. What we don’t know is that the hormones from a female’s period are flushed down with this same water. Chlorine does not remove hormones, it removes bacteria.

Drinking bottled water could be a solution, but then again, the plastic is also carcinogenic and also lowers our testosterone. Unless we have our own spring, we are fucked.

5. Sugar

Sugar reduces our metabolism to that of a sloth and promotes cancer. It also dramatically lowers our will to do anything meaningful with our lives. It takes down our testosterone due to our bodies prioritizing insulin production. It is addictive, more so than heroin, as proven on lab rats.

6. Aspartame

In an effort to soothe the minds of people concerned with sugar, they have created an even worst product called aspartame. Aspartame produces neurotoxins that excite our nerve cells so much that they die. However, our brain protects itself with a barrier from excess neurotoxins. If the barrier is passed, neurons are killed. The pituitary and pineal glands are also affected, leading to a disruption in our circadian natural rhythm.

Aspartame lowers testosterone and avid consumers would require a prolonged time for their testosterone to recover.

7. Veganism

Veganism is another new fad that keeps people excited about healthy lifestyles. What they don’t know is that this diet is aimed at reducing our aggressiveness and making us docile animals like say… sheep.

Go ahead and tame a lion. Obviously, veganism lowers testosterone and the lack of vitamins and nutrients, which I will explain in future articles, further leads to a pale and unforgiving future for our bodies and brains.

8. Soy

Soy has been part of the hype train of miraculous natural super foods for some decades now. Soy is an estrogenic food and guess what? It lowers your testosterone.

It should be simple by now: anything that is being promoted by the mainstream media should be considered false and damaging to our well-being.

9. The War On Fats

This is another worldwide mass deception promoted by the mainstream doctors and media. Fat is actually healthy and it helps reduce cholesterol due to the fact that if the body receives external cholesterol, then it does not need to produce it on its own, which would lead to the bad cholesterol in our blood.

Testosterone feeds on cholesterol. The higher amount of testosterone you will have, the lower your cholesterol will be. And the more external cholesterol you bring in, the more the testosterone can thrive and increase.

Eating fat meat will increase your health and improve  your metabolism (unless you have some condition, in which case you should seek a doctor’s advice).

10. Coffee

Yes exactly, coffee. Caffeine is poison used by plants to protect themselves. Guess what happens when you ingest coffee every day?

Coffee depletes the adrenal glands responsible for regulating our hormones. Combined this with stress and we are sure to fall into an adrenal exhaustion. Testosterone is also one of those hormones, and when the adrenal glands become depleted, there is no way to produce any free or total testosterone within your body.

It takes three weeks to get rid of caffeine. Do you know why caffeine produces bowel movements? Because the body wants to get rid of the poison.


In case you are wondering what would be the best course of action to avoid exposure to factors that are detrimental to our health, the solution is as always simple: life should be lived the way it was meant to, in accordance with nature.

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    1. Because it is all in the head. If you believe you have low testosterone or something makes your testosterone go low, indeed it does. Believe the other way, it happens the other way too! Belief/Faith/Conviction is the prime source of this divine hormone testosterone!

    2. Also because your white ladies go all swoon woony for those refuse goonies. Positive feedback loop for their Ts

    3. The more evolved races/ethnicities have naturally lower testosterone levels. E.g. Contrast sub Saharan Blacks with the Japanese. As humanity continues to rely more on the brain and less on the body, testosterone levels will decrease. That being said, every man should maximize his own testosterone levels.

      1. I’ll go one step further. Compare men who are geniuses and men who are not geniuses even among whites. I’d wager that the non geniuses have higher T levels than the geniuses. There seems to be a tradeoff in nature for brawn or smarts.

    4. Give it time , all this stuff takes time.
      A lot of them still eat their own ethnic Halal food , and that provides them with some protection.

    5. WARNING: He Forgot BEER (HOPS) = more estrogenic than Soy
      Regarding rap3fugees:
      It takes a generation for the foods to affect genetics and show.
      And think about the coffee..is called arabica for a reason: comes from ME.
      therefore sh!tsk!ns are accustomed to coffee for ingesting it for ages, just like we are ok with milk products and Lactose. Maybe that’s why they are more angry…all that coffee/adrenaline.
      Regarding soy..the Asians are gobbling it since a long time, and it shows: the less masculine men on the planet. No muscle mass, tiny d!cks, no body hair and predisposition for kik3ry ($) in order to compensate for size.

    6. “Our ancestors would either walk or sprint, never jog.”
      Can’t see how you can hunt with a bow/spear unless you jog. I can cover twice the distance hiking/jogging, that I can at a walk. You can’t sprint in the jungle.

      1. I use to run cross country in the mountains all through middle school through to college – running is definitely healthy – but the problem is the emphasis on endurance – here’s a great example – these hunters run down their pray over a long period of time – but this isn’t shit they do everyday – modern cross country and track demand you run your ass off every fuckin day for miles and miles – too me that shit is unhealthy – don’t get me wrong, being able to run down your prey is fine and all, but to strain the body the way modern society preaches is ultimately a false premise – at the end of the day humans weren’t built to put constant strain on their legs day after day after day after day – for short periods of time cross country and jogging is fine and ‘good’ – but ultimately its not something you need to make as a lifestyle choice – running is really only ‘good’ as a means to jump start the metabolism.

      2. Absolutely. That jogging one (among a few others) is total BS.
        We lost our body hair, walked upright and developed the ability to make tools. Why? So we could avoid overheating (no hair, sun off our backs) and run down..I.e. jog…after prey once we put a spear in it. The animal would overheat but our sweat glands and lack of hair kept us cool as we pursued our game.
        Sprinting, walking, jogging…all good forms of exercise if done regularly.

    7. They don’t rape each other because of high testosterone levels JFC.
      Actually, they have a proto estrogen called Estrodol.

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      and your western women like it so…..
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      1. Definitively a wake up call. WM need to improve their skills in the sack and T. Your comment is disrespectfull and no WW would like to live in the societes you create but it contains a sad truth in it. Actually, not even you want to live in the society your kind creates. Hopefully WM will catch up

  1. Tries to slam veganism, uses a pic with a dude who looks young fit and healthy. I’m no vegan but couldn’t you choose one of the fucked up looking ones to help your point?

    1. Yeah, I’ve seen some fucken ripped vegans and vegetarians. Big jacked up dudes. I’ve also seen the flip-side of veganism – pale, anemic-looking, spineless jellyfish humans. I’m undecided on the subject.
      This is a great book and app if you want to know more about food additives – https://chemicalmaze.com/
      There’s so much toxic shit pumped into food these days. The supermarket is a minefield of cancerous death.

        1. your avatar is strangely unsettling…the female head on a masculine body…..posing with a pistol that amplifies the masculine aura….but still…hard to reconcile the appearances that dont logically fit together.

    2. The guy is obviously taking vitamin Steroids and getting high protein source from somewhere.
      Eating vegetables and fruit wont make you look like that.

  2. I have to bring up your point on jogging. First of all, practically any hunt-able animal can outrun/sprint a human at short distances, that’s a given. Humans needed to adapt ways in order to catch these wild beasts in order to obtain the energy needed for mating and for the survival of their kin. This resulted in the creation of persistence hunting. Essentially, homo sapiens ran after these animals for long distances until the animals tired and collapsed wherein humans could use them. To say that “jogging is an unnatural activity” is plain wrong and must’ve been pulled from someones ass. We have many characteristic physical traits that allow us to be supreme distance runners such as an achilles ligament, a nuchal ligament that runs behind our head, big bums, wide shoulders, etc, etc. There is no doubt humans have evolved to run long distances. Researchers have even studied long distance running on physical attractiveness and concluded that male distance running subconsciously signals to female counterparts that a male is fit for, and better suited, to allow the survival of offspring.

    1. I have the same opinion about this point, thanks for pointing it out. Apart from this the rest of this article is on point, I would just add VR and games, but that can be implemented in point no. 3.

      1. There are obvious flaws that are riddled throughout this article but I’m not about to start dissecting this piece of work. Just to point out an example, “Our Drinking Water Is Filled With Female Hormones”. Where the hell is the research or data to suggest this? First of all, female periods are by and large shed uterine linings that were prepared for a fertilized ovum. To suggest that period blood is riddled with hormones is worse than pseudo-science, it’s straight nonsense. People bleed into toilets all the damn time anyway, not just women. That big guy you saw walking down the street? Every third bowel movement accompanies one of his hemorrhoids bleeding profusely into the toilet bowl.

        1. Oestrogen is a group of steroid hormones which promote the development and maintenance of female characteristics of the body. They appear in our drinking water primarily in the form of oestradiol, the most potent form of oestrogen. These hormones enter the water supply chiefly through the oral contraceptive pill, which women excrete in their faeces and urine.
          One concern is the effects that the chronic intake of this hormone can have on the sexual development of pre-pubescent children, whose bodies rely on the presence of carefully regulated amounts of male and female hormones to develop the appropriate sexual characteristics at the appropriate time. Another concern is the effect they have on men, who may develop more breast tissue than their peers in previous generations and may struggle with abnormal prostate development and functioning.
          Since these hormones seem to cause infertility in fish, some medical authorities are becoming concerned that they may also cause infertility in humans. Furthermore, some findings have supported the conclusion that they may be responsible for aggressive behaviour in men.

        2. @John Dodds Are you telling me that the concentration of estrogen in water is going to be high enough to have an impact on one’s health? In order for that to be remotely true, we’d have to be dumping garbage trucks upon garbage trucks of estrogen pills into the main water supply. 1,2 even 10 tablets thrown down the toilet isn’t going to do squat. There is hundreds of thousands of litres of water in an average supply. That’s just logic my friend.

        3. The point is that remnants of female birth control doesn’t get filtered through – so depending on where your drinking your water your getting remnants from birth control pills

        4. @John Doe The point is also that the amount of birth control pills that would be needed to be dumped into the water supply to raise the concentration in your glass high enough to have even the tiniest impact is dump trucks upon dump trucks of pills into the main water supply. This type of talk about “remnants of birth control pills in the water” is worse than most conspiracy theories out there. It’s downright stupid.

        5. @ Burton
          Burton you talk a lot of shit, lets see some facts – the conclusion (me and other readers) are drawing is that it seems pretty likely that birth control hormones are NOT getting completely filtered out – its just logical inductive reasoning – I don’t have any studies for this shit probably no more than you do for your claims – I’m simply saying that it appears pretty accurate, I’m even second guessing myself here and it still seems pretty accurate – I think the burden of proof is on you personally, because you talk a big talk but don’t show us any facts – my ‘facts’ are about as plain as day – more faggy soyboys, more effeminate males, more girls on the pill etc – seems like a pretty clear correlation, maybe its not true, maybe your right and EVERYTHING is being filtered out, but I’m a natural skeptic and would simply say I don’t think everything is filtered out all of the time anyways

        6. @Burton
          “@John Dodds Are you telling me that the concentration of estrogen in water is going to be high enough to have an impact on one’s health? ”
          -yes, that’s what he’s telling you

        7. @ Burton and John Doe,
          Let’s assume you live in a big city, about 10 people have drunk your water before you. 5 of those people would have been women, 3 of those women would have been on the pill.
          So YOU are drinking water containing up to 3 doses of the contraceptive pill. (Hormones are like mercury, they don’t go away, they just move around)

    2. I think that the author misses the point, that a slower steady pace to tire out the pursued game (wolf and hyenas do the same thing as pack animals to constantly pursue and harry and animal to exhaustion, then collapse on it to kill it) and preserve energy for when the opportunity comes to strike makes sense. If anyone has ever run beagles after rabbits would see that practice in action using the exact same example. I’m not sold on the jogging part, but I would agree with the bicycle actions on males. As a teen I rode all hell out of bicycles, but after getting away from them most of my years, lately I have been back to riding atvs and motorcycles. I can’t imagine the abuse genitals accrue from riding horses (though likely that same thing would NOT affect women that way at all instead it would be masturbation actions for them). Keep pounding and grinding the nerve bundles of the perineum with saddles and bike seats/ motorbike seats and you are going to get male dysfunction. I think that is supported by science but cannot point a finger directly at any particular study.

      1. You may have a case there but then again, cowboys were pretty damn savage and they rode horses all the time. Just some food for thought. Also, hot tubs/steam rooms are by far way worse for your testicles.

        1. if it hurts like hell and is damaging to get your juts crushed accidentally in any manner, what makes it NOT damaging to repeatedly beating the snot out of that area for longer periods at less intensity? just saying that if a survey was done for erection pill users versus men who had long term lower intensity abuse of the perinium areas through various activities, it might have a real correlation outisde of other medical disease effects on erections.

    3. Burton;
      I agree with your take on jogging – it was actually the way the first hunters worked, in packs, keeping the quarry within vision & range by jogging, then as you say move in quickly for the kill. The author should have written jogging “alone” is not good for you, or I should say not as good for you. Studies have prove true…there needs to be a mix a jogging and sprinting to get the most benefit. However, he is correct about bike riding….that is bad for a guys “area” if done for too long and done under stress.

        1. In regards to tracking – it doesnt work that way, yes, tracking hurt animal will work and eventually you will catch the beast and eat it.
          Tracking perfectly fit specimen will bring you nothing, since you wont be moving faster than the animal and hunter will eventually have to give up due to tiredness.
          Jogging-running during hunt(theres one or two tribes in Africa that supposedly keep on hunting this way) works when you separate one animal from the pack and then never let it out of sight so it doesnt blend with other animals from his species so you dont have to chase the wrong one whos not tired yet. You keep an eyes on the same gazelle and make sure youre wearing its endurance down until it cant run away and then you kill it.
          In regards to bicycle riding – I agree, especially with modern MTB seats theres too much pressure and heat for your nutsacks to remain at proper temperature.

    4. Not saying I disagree with you about jogging per se (in moderation) but does persistence hunting necessitate jogging? Could you not sprint and walk after the animal?

      1. @The Butcher of Anderson Station If you think about it logically, when a zebra or other animal sprints away, if humans sprinted after it for maximum a couple minutes, then walked in between, the animal would be lost from site. I have no idea if that thought is grounded in reality though. From my understanding of what I’ve researched and read, humans are the only species that can run for extended amounts of time without overheating because of our sweating abilities. All other animals pant and this results in their respective inability to run the same distances. There are many factors that allow humans to jog long distances. If we were designed to sprint and walk, evolution failed to equip us properly.

      2. Just like us, animals can recover during walk, while if they are forced to run/jog all the time, they cant regulate their breathing and body temperature and stride length and thus they get tired rather quickly.
        It is said and somewhat proven that in the longer distance(it was 200km or 200mi, dont remember) human runner can outrun horse.

        1. There is no animal currently on the planet that can outrun humans. Even at distances such as 10-20km, cheetahs and wolves must break in order to keep their body temps down. These are known facts.

        2. Herbivores have to stop to eat. Veggies just don’t provide enough energy to allow an animal to run/walk far without stopping.

    5. Jogging kills gains though as low intensity cardio always does. Killing gains kills testosterone as the more lean mass you have on your body, the more testosterone you produce. Jogging is still a decent cardio activity but doing too much and trying to be a marathon runner is stupid if you want to keep gains made in the gym. I’d suggest limiting it to 5 miles a day.

      1. Yup, studies show that after a certain weekly mileage, running decreases T levels (I think somewhere in the ballpark of 50-60 miles). On the other hand, distance running with some HIIT (i.e. sprinting) has the opposite effect. Just like anything in life, moderation is key- even with lifting.

      2. Even 5 miles is probably too much man – I realize it varies from person to person based on diet and other activities and sleep etc etc, but 5 miles a day is like getting the body into endurance mode – the body starts to think you NEED to run 5 miles a day – I would even say 2 miles a day max – granted theres a lot of variables or whatever, but 5 miles a day is setting the body up for ‘endurance’ mode – after a few months its going to start to think oyu NEED to run 5 miles a day, which in the longterm I don’t think is the best course of action – life (especially in nature) has lots of randomness to it – the idea that oyu MUST run 5 miles a day at 6 AM or whatever is ultimately a society construct – theres nothing run with dedication and doing something the same time everyday day after day – but the notion that you must train your body to run 5 miles a day everyday is pretty damn unnatural – unless someone wants to show me evidence of tribal / primitive people running day after day after day after day after day then I’m not going to really buy into the idea that running 30+ miles a week is ‘normal’ or ‘natural’ – again, it should be noted that just because humans CAN break the limits is different than what we were made to do

        1. @John Doe Here’s the kicker: humans HAD to run in order to survive. It wasn’t an option and it wasn’t a pass-time like it is today, it was literally a necessity. You can bet your left testicle they ran at least 30 miles a week. We have a wonderful world today, full of transport and easy access to food. Everyday millions of people live like a select few kings did ages ago. We are in the midst of a massive sedentary lifestyle crisis. It’s attitudes like yours that breeds laziness and large BMI’s. If you want to fall into that complacent way of thinking (I think long distance running is unnatural) go right ahead- you’re not the only one. You’ll also not be the only one with diabetes and high blood pressure. Runners live longer and have lower mortality rates overall compared to non-runners. Those are hard stats.

        2. @ J Dodds – lawl – no biking for me
          @ Burton
          And Everyone agrees being active is good, that’s not the point – I’m not advocating being sedentary – not at all, simply that jogging day after day after day after day isn’t the healthiest active lifestyle one should ultimately pursue – you sound pretty certain early humans ‘ran at least 30 miles a week’ – not only is this doubtful but why not show me some facts – depending on the tribe I would totally agree humans TRAVELED 30+ miles a week most likely to get prey or hunt or whatever, but to RUN 30+ miles a week is probably nonsense – 30 miles is RUNNING at least 5 miles A DAY, to what? run down your food? Your telling me humans were running down their food 5 miles EVERYDAY? I’m gunna call bullshit on that..why else would a tribe “Run 30 miles a week” (your words not mine)??? Like I said, sure humans could TRAVEL (i.e. walk) 30 miles a week for food easy, but RUN 30 miles a week, really? That sounds like ignorance talking.

        3. @John Doe If we want to get into semantics, there were probably tribes that ran 30 miles a day and tribes that didn’t. I’m also sure that more males ran those distances than females who were probably left to cook and take care of the tribe. I’m not an anthropologist, I’m a future healthcare professional but these are some of the tidbits I have gathered from some minor research into our homo sapiens past. Your comment about “travelling” 30 miles a day in order to get prey or to hunt is correct but they didn’t walk those distances. In the case that you didn’t read my above comments, homo sapiens had to persistence hunt in order to catch wild beasts. Persistence hunting is the jogging after animals for miles upon miles until an animal tires and collapses wherein humans can use their flesh. Any animal can outrun a human at short distances so we adapted ways to get around that. Humans are extremely well-adapted to run longer distances. It has literally allowed us to survive. So my point is that in order for a tribe to survive, they HAD to run. It wasn’t a question.

    6. Thanks for bringing that up. But the author is not just wrong, the opposite of what he says is true. Humans have evolved for endurance. What makes chimps so much stronger than humans, even though they have less lean muscle, is the way their muscle fibers activate. Their fibers activate all at once. Ours stagger. That’s why they can easily swing through the trees but most people can’t do more than 10 pull-ups naturally.
      That doesn’t make long distance running more ideal than sprints. The human body is very adaptable. You will get more desirable results from sprints than marathons. But that doesn’t mean we evolved to support that.

      1. Don’t me wrong I like Dean Karnazes, the dude has the right life mindset generally speaking – but if your miserable and have a lot of energy I don’t think you need to run so many fuckin marathons – like use your energy for something else – anyways his story is worth mentioning here – if running is the ‘best’ thing ever than everyone should be aspiring to run insane marathons right? Like obviously if running = good, than we should all be aspiring to what this guy is doing correct? Obviously it’s not imo- like I said, I respect this guys motivation and why he’s doing it, but ultimately I don’t consider running like this healthy, I can’t imagine how jacked up his legs will be in 20 years or so – Dean definitely has motivation and the right mindset, but his pace is slow as shit too btw – its like a really light jog, but other than that I don’t think this kind of ‘superhuman’ running ability is what humans should aspire too – if your already at a healthy weight and have a healthy diet all you really need to do to maintain that is do some sprints, get the heart rate up, break a sweat – do some other full body workouts, eat less but better food on average and youll be good – but if your going for the superman / He-Man look running and jogging won’t get you there – only in small doses when you feel a buildup of energy do I advise jogging

    7. It’s not that jogging is ‘unnatural’ man – its that joggin gin modern society is hyper unnatural – what man in the wild would run great distances after prey day after day after day after day after day after day after day? I can’t seem to find any evidence linking THAT kind of long distance persistence hunting to any culture – I posted a video above about what your saying, and yeah EVERYONE agrees running of SOMEKIND is generally good for you – youde be an idiot to think running is NEVER good – the problem is how modern society and sports have redefined ‘jogging’ man – the human body is amazing because of its adaptive abilities, we can make ourselves into ultra-marathon running machines – but is this the healthiest lifestyle? I don’t think so at all – running is good because it jumpstarts the metabolism which is linked to everything in your body – running day after day after day for miles on end in order to condition yourself for long term endurance running is I don’t believe the healthiest lifestyle choice – YES, by ALL means – go out and jog and do some sprints and do somekind of activity which makes you sweat and go run – but modern society syas ‘jogging’ HAS to be like 5 days a week at like at least 2 miles a day on average – its just beating a dead horse – humans can do all kinds of amazing shit because our brain allows us to force through the pain other animals succumb to, but just because we can push ourselves to the limits doesn’t mean every human must do that in order to live a healthy lifestyle – I’m being redundant, but imo running is fine as long as you don’t make an obsession about it and think you need to run your ass off day dafter day after day after day after fuckin day.

  3. Squat heavy, dead heavy and you will be in the 95% percentile for test. Get your blood work done to occasionally to see exactly where you stand. Weights before dates gents

  4. Yeah man I’d much rather be in Africa, hunting for all my food, away from ‘toxic modernity’. Dirty elites ‘behind the scenes’ can’t lower my testosterone there!

  5. I think there are important nuances. Moderate doses of coffee are not detrimental for health; quite the opposite. The body adapts too, so it can handle doses that it is used to. There is a difference between consuming 20 grams of sugar each day or 500. A large study from December 2013 shows that aspartame is not bad for one’s health in appropriate/moderate doses, but it’s beneficial to not be addicted to neither sugar, nor aspartame, energy drinks or even larger doses of coffee.
    In closing, it’s about the totality of how one eats, trains, sleeps and so on rather than focusing on “nutritionism”, i.e. a single nutrient that is bad for health and testosterone levels. With that said, there are many things should be eaten to larger degrees, whereas others should be largely or completely cut out from a man’s diet. Fish, chicken, eggs, green vegetables, fruits, “wild meat”, olive oil, water, and pure spices like turmeric, cardamom and ginger should be the foundation, while sugar, processed fats, and alchohol should be avoided.

      1. Why drop one when you can have both? It’s about balance and moderation. One fruit per day is optimal for most people, including adult males. Bananas, apples, oranges and avocados are great and ought to be “cycled” throughout the week.

    1. Aspartame is a poison, it should have never been introduced into the food chain, have you done any research on how they make it? Fuck Rummie Rumsfeld and the FDA, fuck Monsanto while you’re at it. Or do you have shares?

      1. In my day it was “cyclamates,” not aspartame. “Contains no cyclamates.” Wow.
        Jogging? Do wind sprints instead.

  6. Jogging part is bullshit. Thats like saying sit ups are bad because you’re sitting, which is what lazy people do.
    The coffee part seems like an exaggeration, I really don’t think it has that strong of a negative affect when combined with a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

    1. Coffee is abuse on your ‘fight or flight’ response which is an automatic system that protects you.
      Seriously, anything that goes up comes down hence stimulation isn’t good for you where are society is full with it for reason and alot of people need to take something to feel happy (weed, food, booze, entertainment, porn, etc…) . Why do you think people get addicted to coffee??

      1. Doesn’t coffee just release all of your day’s adrenaline in one shot? If you can’t “wake up” w/o coffee, go to bed earlier. Your body will thank you.

      2. Head over to anabolic men.com and read their blog about coffee. There are multiple studies link coffee to an increase in testosterone levels. That’s scientific evidence.
        The author isn’t looking at science here. He is using the logic of if it’s unnatural it’s bad for testosterone. That logic doesn’t always work.

    1. You notice all the damages later in life from the abuse we do to our bodies as kids. I’m nearly 40 and getting sick of these fucking health problems every month due to abusing my body as a kid. For 1, my short term memory is fucked now!!!

    2. Yeah you’re right.
      I decided to get baked this week and it fucked up my routine.
      I regret it now to be honest.

      1. HAMMER
        Like “someday” the word “everyday” can qualify as grammatically correct.
        Your mother was smoking too much pot in the 1990’s when your Dad conceived in the backseat of that Winona Ryder chick flick back in 1994.
        “Reality Bites”

  7. A lot of this stuff is bogus. So the elites (who are all men) are also lowering their own testosterone willingly? Or do they have their own separate food and fresh drinking water that the commoners don’t?
    Everyone drinks and eats the same stuff. The strong men and the weak men drink the same water and shop at the same grocery stores.
    What is killing western men’s manhood is the culture of feminism and liberalism.

    1. “Or do they have their own separate food and fresh drinking water that the commoners don’t?”
      Most probably it’s true that they do have separate food.

  8. “What we don’t know is that the hormones from a female’s period are flushed down with this same water.”
    This isn’t accurate. As far as I know, the female body never naturally produces or excretes the troubling hormones in question.
    Rather, the hormones in our water are artificial ones, whose source are the oral contraceptives women consume and subsequently pass through their bodies.
    Your own link clarifies this point and I think it would be worthy of correction in this article.
    “Oestradiol is a major type of oestrogen that the more than 2.5 million British women on the contraceptive pill flush down their toilets and into our future water supply. Researchers found this potent hormone in 80 per cent of the water at the 50 sites they tested.”

    1. Coffee: people used to drink 6 oz. way back when. Cup and saucer. No one needs 25 oz. of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee every day. And then complain that they can’t sleep.
      Sure, I did my share of partying when I was a green youth … now all I take is a daily baby aspirin … at 57, still making gains in the weight room … other friends have had hip replacements, things of that nature … doctors putting them on pain medication … guess I’m lucky.

      1. HAMMER
        I’m sorry, I mislabeled you as a Gen Y born in the 1990’s. My mistake.
        You were young in the Last Days of Disco.
        You took TOO MANY LUDES IN 82 “DUDE” if you do not realize EVERYDAY is a WORD.

  9. I am 4,500 miles away from home and drunk again. I just want to say this; Isolation. Isolation is the biggest threat. Think; workplace, MMA gym, any activity where men work together and thrive without female integration. Isolation is very subtle and very malicious. But bear in mind, you can’t be a feminized man who is afraid to compete with other men. Competion requires discipline and patience.

      1. HAMMER
        This is coming from a man who does not know that “everyday” is a word ie everyday person?
        Here’s a new one-those people who came of age in the last days of Disco who listened to “Journey” and took too many ludes back in 1982.
        What would you call somebody like that? Let us invent a word.
        The “Spicolis?”

  10. Actually mountain biking is good for you.
    Same with caffeine which actually clears out your body. Hell Tea has more caffeine than coffee and it works wonders for your health.

  11. “cycling is unnatural”
    So for the meat your eating in your non-vegan diet I’m assuming you cook it. I see tons of other animals naturally cooking their meat. Wearing a shirt is unnatural. Does that lower my testosterone? (Actually I’d assume that fake fabrics probably do so)
    You can’t cherry pick points and arguments. Stay consistent. It will your position more legitimate.

    1. He’s right. We’re talking about traditional, healthy human society, of course. No need for arguments from animal kingdom who do all sorts of weird things like eating their mate.

  12. To be honest, I feel like a lot of this is broscience. Case in point – my stamina was far better when I was a regular jogger several years ago. Moreover, cycling is probably my favourite hobby tied with swimming, and after a good cycling session I feel pumped up with adrenaline and ready to take on the day. It will take a lot to convince me that cycling and jogging are somehow bad for your or your testosterone, assuming your diet and sleep is good.
    Well actually, cycling and jogging might be detrimental to you if you aren’t lifting weights and doing callisthenics regularly, since too much cardio and too few resistance training leads to muscular atrophy. However if you are supplementing your resistance training with some cycling, then I can only see advantages to that.
    Not to mention cycling is particularly great in a city like London, where there are dedicated cycle lanes and plenty of parks and alleyways to zigzag through. It’s always fun finding new shortcuts and leaving behind the suckers stuck in traffic breathing in diesel fumes. Not to mention you save thousands on insurance, public transport, petrol/diesel, maintenance, taxes (I.e. the London congestion charge), vehicles etc.
    But at the same time there probably is some truth to some of the others. I don’t doubt that our water and food is contaminated with questionable substances.

  13. This guys an idiot. Among the other moronic things coffee produces bowel movements because it’s a stimulant, not because it’s a poison.

    1. Realistically coffee is ‘fine’ as long as your drinking the best coffee you can find – coffee like tea is really a product of its environment – if you’re drinking organic coffee from somewhere rural in the U.S. I think your fine and as a pre-workout energy boost I see no problem with it – but like everything else it becomes incredibly easy to over indulge in society – one, two or three cups of coffee max before working out and your good – but if your not working out your body wants to flush out its system and you’ll end up with mad anxiety and stress because of the hormones coffee releases – moderation is always key, but also anytime your drinking shitty coffee or shitty tea the negative side effects will always outweigh any perceived benefits you think your getting from it – drinking any coffee or tea grown in a big city or near a big city is going to be more harm than good – this is especially obvious in tea from china and other big cities – doesn’t matter if its labeled ‘organic’ – tea is especially susceptible to its environment and absorbs all kinds of shit – if its grown in a big city your going to end up with shitty tea even if its labeled organic – rule of thumb is I think coffee is fine as long as its organic and not grown in a big city – as far as its effects on the human body, its like anything else, you can still have too much of a ‘good’ thing

  14. You are wrong about jogging, only animals walk or sprint, men hunted jogging very long distances until they exhaust the animal. Big animals can only run fast for a short time, and we can jog for hours, anthropologist believe that this ability to jog give us the advantage over the Neanderthal

    1. Duncan..
      I know the peasant minds of some of the newbies here cannot handle TRUE red-pills…
      Such As-
      Anthropology is FALSE justification for Scientism thru Evolution.
      Neanderthals and Cavemen never existed.. it’s all shit.
      Man can Walk and Run because his human person is EXACTLY scaled to wander around, observe, and naturally interact with his environment.
      Ever wonder how?
      -The NOT Just for the Religious Truth-
      You were created by a Creator.
      You had clean air and vibrant trees and good food and a companion woman who gave you children.
      -But in todays world you are a fucking slave with NONE of the above.
      All the articles on this website lament the absolute destruction of women and society…. as well as our natural male health.
      Is it any wonder why real men are T-level suppressed?
      Is it not a cue that its ALL nearly over?
      -The Best Denouement?-
      Testosterone often peaks when men are DOING CONSTRUCTIVE things!
      Climb a mountain.
      Rescue an animal in a ditch.
      Memorize and learn from the night sky.
      Build something with artistry.
      Share food with a good woman.
      Go JOGGING on a pristine beach….
      Watch your T levels soar!!! ;-D

  15. I submit that while a healthy lifestyle, diet, and reasonable exercise are essential, I think all this hype about soy, veganism, and coffee is a bandaid for a deeper cultural problem; the continual war on men, and the feminization of men by the liberals and feminist harpies, government, academia, and the media.

  16. Gas in Led light you are an Ignorant, as others said, a bunch of pseudo science and misinformation, The gas toxic gas you mention is the Fluorescent bulbs you moron, LED is Light Emitting Diode , No gas involved in the processes. LEDs can produce any kind of temperature light in your house if done right with filters and shit, Room usually require warmer light, offices use cold light, cold light or blue light keeps you alert as you suggest. There are filter in the smart phones and computer that reduce the blue light helping you sleep better. Average people just buy the brightest shit they can find.

  17. so some kid googled “what reduces testosterone” and produced an “article” full of unfounded assumptions and speculations. ok.

  18. I make my living sitting behind a computer. If that’s responsible or even partially for low T, well, so be it. I eat well, lift weights 4 days a week, walk to work, don’t drink too much liquor, don’t smoke, don’t take pills or drugs … anyway how much “T” does one need to navigate the modern world?

    1. HAMMER
      Well not much, since the richest man in the world is some old acid head like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

    2. @ HammerHurler
      You sound somewhat like me.
      Except I drink like a mother-f*cker and bang escorts at least 3x a week. Cheap booze & expensive hookers…that’s my thing. 52 and my T is just fine.

  19. interesting comment about coffee. I am not a coffee drinker but I drink 2 large cups of Yerba Mate every day. There is some confusion about whether the caffeine in Yerba Mate is the same as in coffee. Some publications actually give the caffeine in Yerba Mate a different name (Mateine) but other people say that this is bs. I wonder if anyone knows some specifics? In any case, Yerba Mate doesn’t produce heart palpitations or the other side effects of drinking coffee and I drink it daily for at least 15 years.

    1. Hey Buddha Dude!
      Yeah… unfortunately the sick crowd who masturbate to pictures of Hillary Clinton have led the good people astray once again.. The SJW-cuck crew always tries to convince others to make tea out of every weed that grows by the side of the road!
      Yerba Mate when cooked or heated contains polycyclic aromaticized hydrocarbonics… meaning basically the crap you scrap off the grill when you are BBQing.
      YM is a leaf GARNISH.. meaning a few bits of it in a salad can have garden-plant style benefit… like dandelions!
      -when you heat or boil it becomes less than charcoal chemically and can cause CANCER!
      Starbucks is shit and caffeine can be impactful in excess, but in the future when are brains are rotted by 5G data networks huge IVs of caffeine are the only thing that will allow us to even remember our names!

      1. Thank you for pointing this out to me. I wasn’t aware of this issue at all. After searching on Google, I found a relevant scientific study about it: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0956713515301341
        I guess I will have to cut back on my Yerba Mate consumption then or at the very least try to find organic and air-dried blends.
        What do you think about drinking Longjing (Dragon well) green tea? I actually visited the village of Longjing in China (near Hangzhou’s West lake) and I saw that the green tea leaves are only moved around a heated pan for a few seconds (to stop oxidization). If you know something about Green tea, which type do you think is best? It would be really boring to only drink water all the time and I don’t really like black tea. Thanks for your info.

  20. A decent list, but the LED blue light thing is a crock of shit. First off, I don’t think they even really make blue LED light bulbs anymore unless they are used for a specific purpose, like grow lights, or if you want blue light. LED bulbs come in full spectrum’s, the white LEDs that you buy at the store give off a full spectrum of light, this is why the light is white. If you don’t believe me than just measure it yourself. Buy a light diffractor on amazon, you can get the one for like 5 bucks or you can even get a laboratory type one for like 500-1000 bucks, and then jut measure the light. LED bulbs save lots of energy, are cheap as fuck (you can buy a 6 pack of LED bulbs for 12 bucks on amazon, and these bulbs last like 20,000-50,000 hours), they prevent pollution (which lowers testosterone), and over time you will save a lot of money on lighting so that you can just spend more on organic foods…right?
    I really like the fact the right is finally waking up on the organic foods thing, it use to be the fuckers on the right constantly talking shit about hippies and their organic food (muh, conventional food the same as organic, blah blah blah)…I’m just wondering when the right will finally wake up to renewable energy, electric cars, environmentalism, etc etc? A big reason the left grew so rapidly is because the right has always been a bunch of hardheaded assholes who though they were hot shit with their big diesel trucks and their AR-15s. Lol. Even though I doubt they will ever use their AR-15s for the purpose the founding fathers had in mind, because I think most on the right are too individualistic, too cowardly, and too stupid to even organize an effective militia type structure.

  21. I am surprised you didn’t add alcohol or even nicotine…those are the bains of male existence these days.

    1. WES
      I’m an off-again, on-again lifelong cigarette smoker and hardly anybody smokes cigarettes anymore. More people smoke pot than tobacco.
      Liberals are all stoners and this is why anybody who lights up a cigarette in a bar is a criminal but lighting up a joint in public makes you socially acceptable.

  22. Cycling can boost testosterone, especially when done in a sprint interval fashion.
    You make a good point about the seat’s pressure on the balls; you can can seats that just fit your behind and allow your balls to roam free; this is what I use and it has definitely improved it greatly. Prior to this seat switch my balls were not enjoying cycling at all. I paid 25 dollars for a very wide seat with no front. It was awkward at first, but you get used to it quickly.
    Your sugar evaluation is very common, but not fully accurate. Sugar actually lowers insulin, gives energy and can boost testosterone (i know these claims sound whack), look into Ray Peat and his writings about the benefits of sugar; it is anti cortisol. Of course the ideal sugars should be consumed from fruits; the most superior of all is probably orange juice.
    Otherwise sugar is a fuel that has requirements. It requires ample b-vitamins, chromium, magnesium, copper, potassium and manganese. If you are low on these, then pure sugar will make you more deficient in this minerals, which will eventually cause problems.
    Otherwise sugar can be an issue for feeding bad bacteria; having a healthy metabolism/thyroid function can help counter this.
    If you have adequate vitamins/minerals and a healthy metabolism sugar can be beneficial, but fruits are still superior.
    15 grams of beef liver provides adequate b-vitamins, copper and the like to help with processing sugars.
    You are wrong on coffee as well. Your premise applies under certain conditions; namely if glycogen stores are low, then coffee which increases your energy requirements will cause you to produce adrenaline, which eventually creates problems.
    Coffee consumed with a meal is very beneficial to health. Coffee is rich in vitamins b3, b5, b2 and has some potassium, magnesium and manganese. It helps prevent the absorption of excessive iron. It stimulates the metabolism; your thyroid.
    Coffee is anti-estrogen, anti-serotonin and pro-dopamine. It also helps lower excessive melatonin(the hormone of darkness/hibernation, and high melatonin can cause genital shrinkage to a strong degree)
    There are endless studies showing the benefits of coffee, if it gives you issues try consuming it with a meal.
    Dark roast coffees greatly increase vitamin e levels in the blood too, which is very protective.

    1. Sammy, the thing that almost everyone seems to miss concerning the benefits, or harm of coffee, as the case may be is, no one seems to talk about the massive pesticide spraying done on coffee plants and no one talks about the quality of the water coffee is made with. Also, people never discuss the issue of coffee filtration and the negative role white filters have because of the acid used to whiten them.. I loved your post, however and thank you for chiming in. All the best to you.

  23. “Unless we have our own spring, we are fucked.”
    Maybe not… Here’s a site where you might find a local spring:

    5 – Sugar Every part of the body requires glycogen and sugar is a easy source of glucose when under stress or long term effort. If ised within caloric need it has NO negative influence on insulin.
    10- Caffeine The biggest myth going is that it is poison.
    It is not a stimulant, it is an irritant. It provokes a cardiovascular response of increased heart rate and blood effects. It is NOT to poison animals from eating the plants … it is for living creatures to consume for use at ALTITUDE where the air is thinner.

    2- Cycling and jogging are addictive endurance sports affecting absolute depletion of muscle energy and requiring extreme (anorexic level) body fat reduction.
    T levels drop because overall musculature mass is reduced and is trained to be hyper-efficient in intense recovery cycles.
    Endurance athletes are very fit but tend to look like Auschwitz survivors.. hence they do not try to compete with Chad at the local Hooters.
    Nearly every Professional Cyclist and Marathoner has a sizable family!

    1. lol what a crock of shit
      All the world’s strongest men are vegans of course!
      ahahahaha come on man
      Maybe 1 out of 10 000 vegans actually has any strength, the rest look like they are weak soyboys
      Veganism might have temporary benefits for a few months by helping to balance out protein levels by lowering methionine, cysteine and tryptophan, but even then a meat diet can easily balance this with gelatinous meats.
      Otherwise vegans are severely deficient in b12, zinc, taurine, carnosine and usually a bit low on selenium too.
      The low b12 and zinc can cause mental insanity.
      Veganism equals death in any survival situation and goes against human history and natural taste buds.
      Naturally a human craves a nice juicy cut of meat vs chewing for 3 hours on leaves only to get very stringy movements from it.
      Why chew the cud, when you can let an animal chew the cud for you (with much superior digestion to absorb the nutrients) and then eat the animal?
      Think of eating a grass-fed cow as eating the compact nutrients of 1000s of lbs of grass.
      Let us travel to India and eat all their cows. Thank you my friend.

  26. Vlad, thank you about the coffee warning. I’ve become so addicted to the stuff, that I now find myself drinking around 15 cups a day. No wonder I’ve been feeling like crap. I’m going to start to lower my intake, slowly, to zero, hopefully. Thanks again, all the best.

    1. You really need an article online to tell you 15 cups of coffee a day is too much? What the fuck? Use some common sense man

  27. These kind of people make this website look bad, if you don’t know what you are talking about please don’t go writing articles on “things that lower testosterone levels”. Soy doesn’t lower testosterone levels, actually read scientific studies instead of listening to idiots on the internet who have no business giving health advice in the first place. Vegan diets don’t reduce testosterone levels, again when you don’t know your shit, you moron, don’t go around writing articles trying to pass on your nonsense. I am not a vegan or a vegetarian so don’t try to pull that up.

  28. Th author has a good point on the fat issue. As a working class kid growing up in the UK during the 60’s/70’s the staple diet was fish and chips, all from the local chippy and cooked in animal fat/lard, can’t remember many fat bastards and no obese folks. Then the 80’s rolled in and animal fats/lard/butter was suddenly unhealthy, had to eat poly unsaturated fats and hydronised vegetable oils, fucking margarine! From that period on everyone turned into a lard arse. Australia’s the same and most Americans I know around my age seem to agree it was the same in the US. I remember my grandfather eating lard sandwiches, on the hour every hour he was awake and he was always thin with strong ropey muscles,strong as an ox, didnt work out, just gardening.

  29. When a random guy runs just to run, with no real purpose, its called jogging. When a boxer needs cardio to go deep into a fight, its called “road work”. Mayweather ran 8+ miles a day. Walter Payton ran hills all damn day. Think those army and marine recruits in boot camp run? So im going to disagree on the jogging is a waste of time. Running is good if it is part if your overall fitness goals.
    An out of shape recruit for a police academy is expected to run a mile and a half in 16 minutes…which translates to not stopping to walk during your mile and a half run. Test yourself, if you cant a mile and a half without stopping you are a joke.
    A caveman would have been able to see a beta male one mile away and go after him, catch up to him 3 miles down the road, beat his ass, bang his female companion, win the broad over, and then walk home with the woman while eating nuts, fruits, and dried meat.

    1. @ Lee
      All of those examples you listed are from men trying to build endurance – Its already been stated above but the average man in the wild wouldn’t bother running 5+ miles a day – it would be considered a waste of energy – no persistence hunters ran 8+ miles EVERY DAY to get their prey – maybe they would RUN 8+ miles a week, but to run 5+ miles a day would be superfluous to them – it would be a waste of energy – its one thing for an entire army to train for combat (war) and to buildup endurance, but its another thing to over-train on an individual level as a means of ‘breaking boundariess’ just because we can – would you rather have an army of over-trained endurance runners who can run 8+ miles in a day, or an army of strongmen who run less but can lift more? The point is you can over exert yourself for no reason in an effort to build endurance – by building up mad endurance you sacrifice valuable other gains and other skills you could be increasing.

  30. I use some soy products and am a vegetarian (not a vegan although dairy products are limited).
    I hardly fit the description of “anemic and a timid soy boy.”
    How many of those Antifa cowards sent running at Berkley last year were meat eaters? The majority I’ll warrant. Were those fat lesbians who sued that Christian bakery vegans? I’ll put my money on “no.”
    It’s largely mental and emotional. If you want to be in good shape and not take society’s politically correct garbage then being a vegetarian is no obstacle whatsoever.

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