How Women Killed Facebook

A sad fact of all decent nightclubs is that one day you will step inside and discover that the thin, sexy and classy women you once danced with have been swept away by a sea of brash, over-the hill hags in ill-fitting clothing. One can’t help but notice that this very same phenomena has come to afflict social networking behemoth/spy-tool Facebook.

Not so long ago, Facebook was a breath of fresh air. The clientele a marked contrast to the plebian inhabitants of Myspace. Instead of crazed, over-the-hill females posting endless streams of curiously-angled selfies and thinly-veiled threats of removing people from their prestigious positions on her ‘Top 8’, Facebook cultivated a user-base of young, smart and dare I say, sexy people.


You may not have noticed it, but over the past two years attractive women have been gradually disappearing from your Facebook friends list. Unless the portly section of the female population has secretly begun eating their skinny superiors, it’s reasonable to assume that the hot chicks are leaving Facebook of their own volition.

In short, the nightclub phenomena has hit Facebook. The babes have fled and it’s important, from an anthropological as well as business perspective, to examine why this has occurred;

1. Allowing Entry to Unattractive Women


Any good bouncer knows that despite the protestations of the equality-Gestapo, face-control is alive and well and if you want to keep the modest pay and limitless stream of intoxicated sluts available to a club doorman – you simply must keep the uglies and the chubbies out.

Unfortunately, Facebook failed to learn what a bouncer with an IQ of 70 knows instinctively—humans don’t really want to be around undesirable women.

Full of wide-eyed, Silicon-Valley egalitarianism, the site went from being a place for elite university students to communicate to an attempt to ‘connect the entire world’. The reality is that people only want to be connected to those they appreciate or desire. No rational man desires additional modes of communication with an ugly girl.

2. The Tide Of Thirsty, Thirsty Men


You know a nightclub is dead when the biggest loser you know tells you it’s good. Until around 2011, Facebook was quite useful for talking to and bedding girls you would have otherwise lost touch with. Annoyingly, guys on Facebook told their loser friends about this, who then told their fedora-wearing friends on World of Warcaft forums.

The result is that Facebook went from being a direct line of communication to the girls in your social circle, to hundreds of millions desperately writing their wish-lists to a sexual Santa Claus. Any girl who is a 7 or above receives an amount of unsolicited messages that would shame even the most over-zealous African 419 scammer.

3. Allowing Women To Post Without Restriction


Women talk a lot, often about not a lot. That much is a given. But in real life, we can leave the room, pretend to be asleep or find a quieter girl with a smaller waist.

On Facebook, this isn’t the case. You wake up, load up your Facebook and bam, you are hit last night’s 50 attention-seeking posts from ‘Kaylee’. These will be largely variations on the theme of “I FEEL LOST :(” and graphics emblazoned with over-used Marilyn Monroe quotes.

In order to be tolerable in conversation, women require some form of limitation or censorship. Facebook is quite the opposite of that, offering a direct view into the mind of the average woman and it’s not pretty. In fact, it’s barely readable.

The current Facebook experience is akin to getting stuck talking to the 26-year-old girl in the club who thinks another Jager-bomb will postpone her imminent collision with the wall. Tedious, to say the least.

4. Over-Accessibility of User Data


Lately an app named ‘Lulu’ has been attracting a lot of attention in the media, for it offers girls the chance to ‘get their own back’ by posting reviews of the men attached to the penises which have entered their vagina recently.

I didn’t pay much attention to the hype, until a girl I made acquaintance with a couple of years ago messaged me out of the blue. “Ray, have you seen your Lulu profile?”. Curious, I began to research and found that 3 Lulu users had rated me. 2 of the reviews being positive and the third making me sound like the bastard love-child of Hitler and 90s-era Mike Tyson.

Imagine every chick you hooked up with in a club being able to broadcast their opinions to every female in your life. Lulu brings this nightmarish scenario to Facebook. Were a male equivalent out there, it wouldn’t last long. Cheryl Sandberg would doubtless deem it too rapey and promptly block its data access rights, but Lulu is good because… equality.


The decline of Facebook comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of the social and sexual impulses that drive humans. While connectivity between all humans sounds lovely on paper, the truth is that people operate largely in a hierarchical and aspirational manner.

Nightclub owners know this, they aim to create restricted environments containing attractive desirable women, as this is what motivates men to visit. However, I’m not so sure that those at the top of Facebook are aware of this. Their service now resembles that club where fat chicks burst into tears on the dancefloor upon hearing a George Michael song.

In short, if you are a man who likes interacting with young, desirable women – Facebook is no longer for you. The hot chicks don’t frequent this club no more. You can stay and talk with 5s, but I’m off to that hot new spot where you can send girls self-deleting pictures of your junk….

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131 thoughts on “How Women Killed Facebook”

  1. The thing about lulu is that it actually lies on its website, making women think that men won’t be able to see their lulu profiles. This is what entices a lot of women into using it.

  2. There is no longer any freedom of speech on Facebook. I remember back in 2009, you could go on Facebook and troll feminists all day long. Nowadays if you do that, you will get your comment deleted and then be banned from posting for 30 days.
    Facebook is run by Jews, by the way. It seems that fascism, communism, feminism, and Jews go hand in hand.

      1. I love my Jewish folks but I did notice all the feminist articles like “Where Have the Good Men Gone” and “The Case for Settling” were written by Jewish women. Jewish American Princess much?

        1. Actually “The Case for Settling” by Lori Gottlieb addresses educated women’s excessive laundry list of demands aka her dating profile. In one part men were asked would they be happy if their future partner had 80% of the qualities they desired, most said “Hell Yes. that’s a catch.” When women were ask the same question they said ” Hell No, that’s settling.”
          Reading this alone told me how unrealistic US women are…

        1. ROK shoould do a note about that part of Israeli society. Women work, men study Torah.

        2. as an israeli I can say that being an orthodox jew is being in one of the best cultures to be born a man in (relative to others inside the culture)
          true they chop off your foreskin at age 0 but you are guaranteed a wife at 17 and none of the feminist shit exists , noenwhatsoever.
          and unlike islam, its tactful and happy, though I don’t particularly disrespect muslims.
          only problem that with the rate of general population growth in israel not even muslims could keep up with orthodox jews and it will be so very crowded.

      2. It’s the Jew htat allows the 3rd world filth into this country. They are behind every “Diversity” program their is.
        That Illegal Mexican in a public school is the work of a Jew.

        1. The problem isn’t the Mexican, are you going to pick oranges for minimum wage… I know I won’t.

        2. Slavery benefited me too. More precociously, slavery benefited my great great grandfather who owned a few dozen 2 leged farm animals.
          Australia does not starve to death despite the fact that it in 92% white and bars worthless shit-skins and neither would the US.

        3. Are you going to pick mangos for $5 an hour?
          Do you want to pay what Australians pay… Australia is expensive?
          Actually Australia is increasingly having to let in Arabs and Greeks and other browns because like most white countries white women refuse to have sex with white men or care for children… thanky you feminism… the result being if you want a healthcare system or a social securty system either be prepared to have 6 kids (which most whites don’t or won’t and can’t afford anyways) or accept immigration.
          Australia has a tiny population, California has more people, and they have land the size of the continuous usa.
          Slavery was rolled out on plenty of white people, its nothing to be proud of. Plenty of whites were slaves in history, the root word of slave is slav, because the slavs were slaves to the romans. There were more white slaves in europe than people in the american nation. Frankly most whites weren’t living well back then, Washington had to be selling moonshine to stay afloat and most whites were just as poor if not poorer than the blacks because they were viewed as more expendable.

        4. I’ve been to Austrilia. I ate at “Hungry Jacks”. Yes, it was Slightly more expensive than the US. That is a small price to pay to have a country free of 3rd world sub-humans.

        5. So move to Australia and stop trolling everyone else. You really think 100 million people are going to up and leave america? Half of them will have nowhere to go because they either don’t know their country of origin or have been away from it so long that those countries won’t accept them because there is no proof they are from there. In many cases the minorities where there before the whites. The mexicans were already in texas and the south west before the whites. LA was founded by 10 black families. And where would you propose the native indians go?

        6. You think America should break up into various nations by race? Highly unlikely, the big companies didn’t like segregation because it cut them out from the large minority market which was often more profitable than their white counterparts. There is a reason why the automanufacturer are all located in Detroit and not lansing or grand rapids, they knew who the buyers of the most profitable luxury segment of vehicles are… african americans. They on average purchase luxury cars at 6 times the rate of whites. It is not possible to run a profitable car manufacturing company when you cut out 70% of your clients spending the most money.
          If we bring back segregation all it will mean is that white americans can’t sell goods to blacks and they’ll just buy it from the chinese or europeans who don’t care as much about race. Not really sure how it will improve my financials to have white companies being shut down in white neighbourhoods because the government says you can’t sell to non-whites.
          I doubt it would work out well for white people in 2040. By that point hispanics will be a near majority and whites will probably be a minority in everywhere but the mountain west, appalachia, some of the midwest and the rural north east. Not the most desirable places to live. I don’t know about you but aI don’t want to move to north dakota.

        7. No, I think America should exterminate the 2 legged farm animals, just like we did to the [non]native americans. If worst comes to worst, we can break up be race along ethnic lines. Nigs in the SE, but I believe the SE white will simply exterminate them. SW for the spics, but I think the SW Whites will simply exterminate them. I will stay in the NW. No Nigs have a claim to that. I wont even fight with our Eastern Asian population.
          ” white people in 2040″

          White 47%
          Spic 29%
          Nigger 13%

        8. Good luck with your genocide plan, it didn’t work out all that well for Germany, jews control more now than they did before.
          And who is going to do the exterminations the black president or all the blacks in the army and police? How we going to kill blacks and latinos when they are half the army, police and the government workers. We can barely control Iraq how we going to control the minorities when they have access to advanced weapons? While on paper the entire armed forces are only 20% black in reality its closer to 30-40% of the able active duty because most of the older active duty members and the guys who are in their 50s and 40s and 60s who aren’t in fighting shape are white.
          When it takes 1000 cops just to catch one fat cop called chris dorner or thousands of cops to catch muhammad or just one guy in america what makes you think they can stop 10000 chris dorners what they going to do use 10 million police or soldiers? There aren’t even that many now.
          If you want to be in a white country just move to belarus or russia

        9. Just take a look at the demographics of the Combat Arms and the elite forces.
          Facts are not racist.

      1. That’s an ignorant ad-hominem attack. The reality is that radical feminist ideology and Frankfurt school multiculturalism were propounded and propagated by Jews. See the writings of Professor Kevin MacDonald for more information.

        1. So I should investigate the works of an anti-Semite when it comes to understanding Judaism. Here’s a better way to do things: stop blaming the Jews for everything.
          Also, saying that it’s an “ignorant ad-hominem attack” is ironic, seeing as how you’re providing an argument from ignorance.

        2. just because some annoying american/european jews are leftists radicals it doesn’t mean the average isreali can even tolerate their stuff or their person.

        3. Normally I don’t agree with minority blaming, but lets be honest here, most the judges divorce raping men are probably jewish judges and jews are a matriarchal society. Throw in the fact that most the leading feminist are jewish women, you have to wonder how they are beating feminism into their sons head. Really I view jewish men’s as victims of the matriarchy but I wish they would open their eyes and stop sending men to prison to get butt raped and then letting them out to be divorce raped for child support and alimony.
          If jewish men stood up and said no to supporting female matriarchy then it would crumble tomorrow.

    1. ROK articles used to be automatically posted to its FB account, but after several suspensions for “offensive” articles that may lead to a “permanent ban”, I manually post articles that will not hurt the feelings of FB staff. While I don’t use FB for my personal life, it’s an important tool for web sites (for now).

      1. I have seen so many really offensive Facebook pages (in favor of genocidal dictatorships in South America but not only rants, also calls to arms to overthrow the democratic government, etc) that I wonder if they have someone in Facebook that can read Spanish. Compared to that, a site that talks about women is fairly innocuous.

        1. South America. And is not South Africa a democracy now? Or are you one of the crazies?

      2. Hi Roosh,
        My FB account gets consistently blocked by “upset women”. Women are such hypocrites they do not respect freedom of speech.
        That is why I bought the domain man-book.
        The MBA is the infrastructure needed to run businesses outside the jurisdiction of any guvmint. We have an announcement coming up in the new year that might be worth an ROK article to get the word out. There is no point making such an announcement right before the christmas break…no one will listen.

    2. John – there are many American Jews who are not knee-jerk left wingers (yours truly for example) but we are sadly outnumbered. I don’t really blame them – it is the way we were raised from birth. Many of my friends and associates still ‘splain away the current administration despite everything: ObamaCare, IRS, Benghazi, NSA, Syria, etc – although they tend to do it with more sheepish faces these days. The same ones will violently still trash Bush for doing the same things that Obama is doing. (For the record, I was not a Bush supporter either: Bush drove the car to the edge of the cliff – Obama just stepped on the gas.) That being said, some of the most outspoken supporters of the Constitution, individual liberties, religious liberties, gun rights, etc, are Jewish.

      1. Yep, I’m Jewish too (big surprise) and can’t stand the current administration. My family thinks I’m a right-wing nut job because I demand separation of powers, stand up for gun rights, etc.
        Sadly, most Jews are liberal, which is ironic, seeing as how we benefit more from right-wing policies.

      2. I hope to God I’m wrong, but I don’t think he really gives a shit that not all Jews are like this. He just wants to give ’em all a shower and be done with it? Right, John?

        1. I think that by simply identifying the top 50 feminists and pointing out that they are all jews is enough. Nothing else can be said, and no argument against it can be made. Toast. Unless you want to argue that they’re not all jews, or they’re not all top feminists. The only question is: what to do about it?

        2. Or: why the top 50 feminists are American Jews? Because there is nothing itself in Judaism that would make that clear. So, why?

        3. This is one of those touchy subjects that some of us will start looking into sooner or later and it makes me wonder what other things they may have in common (like attending [b]certain[/b] schools).

    3. Of course they go hand in hand
      bolshivek jews
      feminist jew
      facist jew
      You know modern communism was invented by a jew called karl marx. The communist movement was heavily ran by bolshivek jews. It was the banker jews of Italy who wanted facism because they thought they’d get all the government like they do today from the government for their big mega bailout banks and to build their sport team facilities and race tracks.
      The jew, the feminist, the communist and facist all go hand in hand, liberty has never been a trait of the jews (Although making money has been). How many jews in the american revolution, its mostly the male jew judges (and the jews are a matriarchal society where the woman is the boss and usually a fat overbearing female who has the man by the balls, which is why smart jewish men marry white women) who screw the filthy goyms under oppressive divorce rape case laws and throw prenupitals in the garbage and grant palimony.
      Jewish men need game and red pill more than any other group in society, they are the most oppressed men in this society, although western society men are heavily oppressed with divorce rape and all the jewish men are double oppressed because their culture has the woman as their boss. They have to deal with a naggy jew bitch mother AND a naggy jew bitch wife. Frankly I do not envy their position one bit.

  3. You do have the option to block Lulu, which (in theory) prevents the app from digging up any info about you.

  4. If anything the problem with Facebook is that there is no mechanism to display social _disapproval_. If all the feedback is filtered through a positive mesh then anything one posts is seemingly socially validated.
    Want to post body-positive images with “inspirational” quotes? All you’ll hear is a whisper of approval from a few dozen likes from your fat friends. Feel like whoring yourself out for attention? Plenty of orbiters to reassure your fragile ego. Want to supplicate your dignity to some hardbody that you would never approach in real life?
    After all if there is no discontent, even when there are mechanisms in place to display it, then everything is content. Right, guys?
    Damn, I could keep ranting and write an article here.
    tl;dr: FB needs a dislike button.

    1. That I agree with. If you don’t like something you have to call them out in the comments and that gets you deleted/suspended/banned.

      1. Not if you’re witty and charming about it. Be amused, condescending, and brief. You have the advantage of Staircase Wit. Don’t rant in all caps: smirk and raise an eyebrow.
        I guarantee you the two or three enablers who initially take her side will give up the battle after they see your comment getting multiple likes from other women.

    2. Best way to destroy Lulu: Go to settings and select the option that prevents apps from accessing your profile. While you’re there, lock down your privacy… do not let yourself be tagged in photos, etc.
      Best way to destroy Facebook: Get the Ghostery firefox extension and use to block Facebook like buttons from following you everywhere you go on the internet. Lock down your profile, delete all images, spread the word that you are done with Facebook. Don’t delete the account, just leave it inactive.

  5. Can someone just rip the code for Lulu and make an exact duplicate version for rating women? We could even call it Mulu just to make a point.

    1. Some Brazilians already did. It’s called “Tubby” (harhar). Unfortunately, you need to know Portuguese because there’s been bitching about the English version.

      1. It does not exist.
        They said “It was a marketing stunt/prank to raise awareness about womyns problems.”.
        In truth, I believe that they were, in fact, building the app, but because of the huge backslash from the feminists and the justice system (some judge prohibited the app days before it was supposed to go online), they wussed out and gave this bullshit excuse telling everyone that it was a prank to prove that the media will run anything and that the womyns are objectified.

        1. Hmmmm…. Maybe we could buy it from them then?
          Or hold a kickstarter for it, since we luuuvvves the kickstarter.
          They aren’t doing anything with the code rights, I’ll bet they’d sell. The manosphere could pull together for it.

        2. Could someone set up this kind of rating site independent of facebook? I don’t know what the logistics of this would be, but it could require a one-time payment to join. I imagine the payment alone would filter out 90% of women trying to make fake accounts.. Since they’re generally pretty cheap.

        1. Look for freelance programmers. Start a Kickstarter for it. I assure you loads of men would be willing to fund this. I’d like to see Feminists who whine about sexual objectification of women have a go at this app while the hypocrite bitches that they are spend their time rating men on Lulu.

        2. I don’t know from experience but I read somewhere that the guy who came up with the idea for emoji, and many other apps, had no technical experience whatsoever and contracted out others for his ideas. I believe he said the first app he came up with cost him about 1000$ to a contractor but ended up netting him over $60,000 in the first few months

        3. I liked the idea of kickstarting this so much, I made it all the way to the project page where I read this:
          “Kickstarter cannot be used to fund websites or apps focused on e-commerce, business, and social networking.”
          Hmm… so maybe IndieGoGo is the way to go.

    2. If men want it enough to subscribe to it and pay for it I would be more than happy to create such a site….what you need is a site that will be found by google and the details go into the google search engines.
      You can see on the MBA home page domains we have already bought. You don’t need to do much at all since you can just create forums and then the forum entry will be found by google.
      For example? Google “Fiona Brassil”. That is my exs lawyer in Ireland.
      The MBA will create any business that men are willing to pay for. We are not a charity. If someone wants to start “The Mens Charity Association” they are welcome to. But we are about business…not charity.

  6. Ain’t this article the truth. The fact is, though, that FB was already set to ruin online communication when it insisted people use real names. People are more honest under pseudonyms which is why you got to meet the “real” (i.e. unguarded, unselfconscious) women on spaces like MySpace, Yahoo Messenger, AOL, etc. Once they started using their real names, they became the phony public images they project to everyone else, and it became attention whoring and business transactions.

    1. Yeah, we did because… profit? I wish there was a conspiracy. Then I would stop being relatively poor.

    2. You can’t hate an ethnic group because many of them are successful; you have to learn from them instead.

      1. I don’t hate them because they are successful. I hate them because they have allowed a sea of 3rd world scum to invade this country and every other Western White country while ensuring that the Afros are rounded up and deported from Israel without mercy.

  7. I jump on there to say “Happy Birthday” to some people. Some family some friends. Post some off the wall shit just to break the constant “I love Jesus” and “Look I have a family. LOOK! SEE! LOOK!” posts every time, then, simply leave it be for months and months.
    It was cool back then. The movie had came out and, it had me a little hyped but, then I started reading these blogs more, focused on myself, thoughts about the future, killed TV expect for Sports and 1 or 2 shows (Walking Dead & Mad Men are only left since Breaking Bad is done) and, I realized that Facebook meant zero shit to me in my life. Yeah, its cool to see what people are doing but, damn. 2 hours? 3, 4, 5 hours on Facebook for some people? How?
    Anyway, good post.

  8. Love that below the tagline “Women Killed Facebook” there is an option to share on Facebook.

  9. Well – I’m too old to be sending a woman photos of my “junk” unless she’s an MD and the photo is for lab analysis. But I have noticed Facebook fatigue setting in with many people. And face it – most people’s lives are just not very interesting (mine included). Facebook still have not figured out how they are going to make money and the IPO was a scam. I predict they are gone or “Myspaced” within 2-3 years.

    1. ever wonder what type of people bought those shares? Did users buy their OWN hype? Eat their own bull? Human centipede?

      1. I think a lot of people thought it was going to be a repeat of the Google IPO.

  10. I only use Facebook to discuss politics, men’s issues, and to get in touch with friends. Sandberg and the feminist movement have made it impossible to meet women, especially with the hulu app that keeps men from approaching them, it’s like a “low status ugly guy” shield.

  11. Anybody here remember what Facebook was like around 2007/2008? It was basically just you and your college friends posting jokes and playing fun online games. I remember me and my buddies competing to see who could get the highest score in tetris tournament. Now, nobody does any of that kind of thing on Facebook. It’s all just people posting retarded feel good memes and libertarian neckbeards debating with PC leftist morons. Oh, that and everybody’s parents posting shit. Lame.

    1. Whats worst is that it makes you feel like you accomplished something when you are one of those libertarian neck beards debating PC leftists. I want to leave Facebook except for photos and easy messaging. They should get rid of the news feed function.

  12. Gentlemen…..I regret to inform you all that Facebook is not a tool for Alpha men. It never has been. It can be fun to troll through when you are bored but otherwise not very useful when it comes to game. Matter of fact it’s counter-productive. We may be interested in seeing how others are doing in their lives but it is a passing fancy at best. A quick intrigue that is just as quickly satiated. If more men would unplug from that particular form of social media and concentrate more on self improvement it would be better for all. Let’s be honest. Do you really care what your friends and associates from high school and college are doing? Not really. If you did, you would have stayed in contact with them through the years. Life is supposed to be lived doing things and having adventures, not typing on a computer screen.

    1. Like every high school kid, I was almost constantly on Facebook from my freshman to start of my senior year. I took a bit of a break from time to time, but I was on there at least 5-6 hours a week, talking to people and whatever. Then I realized how much time I was wasting and started devoting my time to useful things (like learning game).
      So many people complain that they have no free time. Well, when you waste time on Facebook, you don’t.

      1. So true. But not everyone understands this. When social media is in one’s presence it has the tendency put a mighty tight grip on the brain, causing one to feel glued to it.
        I lost many people who I thought were my friends, but then again, it made much sense, they had better priorities, one of them was Facebook. It allowed me to weed out the old fake friends and find new real friends.

    2. But I thought if I got the most friends that meant I was the most alphaest man on the internet. Damn you Lady Gaga!

    3. Agreed. The only other capacity that Facebook fills is for anyone who has a business, then it is useful for marketing. But for personal use, forget it.

    4. In reality, the Alpha man utilizes all the tools in the tool shed, regardless if they are worn out or are shiny new. Sharpening game skills requires every avenue to be explored.

      1. My friend, there is nothing new under the sun. There is no substitute for face to face contact. Game is partially about confidence. you can’t get confidence or experience on Facebook.

    5. Facebook sucks, I had an aversion to it from the beginning. Myspace was interesting initially because the concept was new, or at least felt new, and I had much success on that site. An insane amount really now that I think about it. I used to LOVE the infuriated messages I would get from guys when some girl they were “white knighting” as you guys say would put me on there top 8 after talking a few times and exchanging pics. “You just met her and don’t understand her like I do”, pleading, begging me to get lost. Classic.

  13. Facebook is another Libtard Feminist Jew invention to beat down on White Masculinity. Deep down, all Jews just wanna destroy White Men. Howard Stern isn’t just speaking poetry here….

    1. Ironic that you would criticize something for having Jewish connections then approvingly post a Howard Stern clip.

  14. My mother joining facebook is what killed it. Young girls taking selfies had nothing to do with it.

  15. “3. Allowing Women To Post Without Restriction”
    I have often said that the worst thing to ever happen to women was the internet. Why? Because it is a place they can speak their mind without any limitations on what they say. And when a normal man like me see what women say? It is really quite repulsive and disgusting.
    We have been taking womens man hatting quotes on facebook and posting them into CAF and letting google do it’s magic. We have had HUNDREDS of women complain that we have taken PUBLIC COMMENTS OF MAN HATRED and put them in to CAF.
    For some reason women seem to think that if they make a man hating comment in public that it is some sort of crime to copy it to where they can’t delete it and point out to men that the woman made such a man hating comment. They actually call the cops about this!!! LOL!!
    Here is the one for Australia which was the first one we created so it does have women from other countries in it. Now that CAF is ranked at 540,000 what is in CAF comes up high on search results.
    Women say the most disgusting of things in public about men. It is unbelievable how free they feel to say the most hateful of things about men.
    That is why we created the name and shame women service. So that men who are criminally victimised by men can have a place to post the womans name and details where google will find it.
    “Lately an app named ‘Lulu’ has been attracting a lot of attention in the media”
    If men want a site to do this on? I would be more than happy to create it….but it will be a subscription site…not a freebie.
    Maybe ROK should run an article asking how many men want one.
    I have already bought the domains for man-tube and man-book. But men are not interested in having those sites yet… interested I mean willing to pay for them as subscriptions.
    Lastly. I unfriended all the western women I knew on FB. I only allow women to friend me who support the idea of equality before the law.

  16. Facebook it is that everyone got one that is what killed it. but uh, it wasn’t that good to begin with.

  17. “You wake up, load up your Facebook and bam, you are hit last night’s 50
    attention-seeking posts from ‘Kaylee’. These will be largely variations
    on the theme of “I FEEL LOST ” and graphics emblazoned with over-used Marilyn Monroe quotes.”
    That’s what Instagram feels like now. There’s an overabundance of vapid quotes. More selfies please!
    “Unfortunately, Facebook failed to learn what a bouncer with an IQ of 70 knows instinctively—humans don’t really want to be around undesirable women.”
    The problem with higher IQ people is they overthink to the point where they can rationalize anything. Lower IQ people lean more on their natural instincts. Lower IQ: “pretty girl – good, fat girl bad.” High IQ: “pretty girl – good, fat girl – it’s only a couple of extra pounds, you don’t even the rolls on her waist when she’s wearing black…and she’s got a great personality.”

    1. That ‘overthinking to the point of rationalizing everything’ is what kept me blue-pill. To become red-pill you have to learn to trust your gut.

    2. “High IQ: “pretty girl – good, fat girl – it’s only a couple of extra pounds, you don’t even the rolls on her waist when she’s wearing black…and she’s got a great personality.”
      So true this. Good example of male rationalization HAMSTER.

  18. im still unaware what the difference between myspace and facebook is.
    never had either

  19. ‘Silicon Valley Egalitarianism’ wasn’t the reason Facebook let everyone else in at all. That was pure, simple, money.
    More eyeballs = more money
    I don’t blame Zuckerberg. Being Wealthy is easier than being poor.

    1. Waste of energy if you cant escalate after. Its kind of like dry humping, but I guess it wouldnt hurt once in a while.
      Also nuked mine a while back, I can only see benefits so far…

  20. QUOTE: “The decline of Facebook comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of the social and sexual impulses that drive humans. While connectivity between all humans sounds lovely on paper, the truth is that people operate largely in a hierarchical and aspirational manner.”
    Fuckin’ Gospel.

  21. The real golden age of facebook was the very beginning. When I joined back in 2005, it was only available to Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge students with the corresponding university e-mail addresses. Maybe Yale, too.
    Aahhh, those were the days. Before the general public could access it. eh?

  22. This doesn’t even begin to delve into the real problems Facebook has caused.
    Facebook has amplified the naturally occurring rationalization hamster of women by a factor of at least 100.
    When a woman does something terrible – cheats on her husband, gets pregnant by another man, steals from the office, or any other generally inexcusable action you can consider, her first go-to in the last few years is her Facebook status. Now, do you think it would read anything factual about the given situation? Hell, no! It’s going to say something vague about how “it wasn’t meant to be after all :(” or “i guess nobody understands me…” or some other uninformative drivel. Why? Because these kinds of posts are ultra-fast ways to receive validation from other you-go-girl feminists, manginas, white knights, and general idiots.
    “Aw hang n ther babygurrrrl <3<3<3 muaaahhhs” they say. And that’s just the beginning! No, as details slowly trickle down from the fallout, perhaps via an ex or a betrayed friend clarifying that the lackluster and morose status with the extra frowny faces are really about feeling dejected after getting thrown out of her apartment because she let her roommate’s fiancee shove it in her ass. THEN the real fun begins – and the you-go-girls and general pieces of shit start in with the slightly more articulated comments about how “You really shouldn’t be posting this stuff. This is Sally’s wall and she is hurting. We should be cheering her up.” And so on, and so forth. Almost nobody holds the bitch accountable, and those few who try are cast out from Babylon by a sea of howler monkeyginas.
    There’s no end to the stupidity. I would be willing to bet that American sluttiness would decrease by up to 30% if Facebook added a “dislike” button for people to make their opinion known without getting involved in retarded conversations.

    1. ^THIS^
      I have been waiting for someone to point out the obvious about Facebook and it’s affect on women. Facebook has become all about the chicks, and enabling their Jezebel trainwreck bullshit!

    2. Rather than a dislike button, you should try smart-aleck comments. I will sometimes post such smartass comments on something a girl I’m interested in puts up. They huff and puff and act all indignant, but they don’t unfriend me. Recently I did that (by dissing a chick’s cat) and one of her white-knight beta friends chided me and then unfriended me, but she didn’t, which suggests that smartass comments provide the further benefit of being a cleanser.

  23. Why not create multiple accounts and spam your lulu profile with great reviews, like internet marketing but for your penis.

  24. Facebook works well for reconnecting with ex-girlfriends or female friends from HS or college you never quite consummated the relationship with. Also, several fitness activity groups I belong to (cycling and triathlon enthusiasts) use it to coordinate group activities. Otherwise, don’t spend too much time with it.

  25. facebook hasn’t been ruined because it was never any good to begin with. at least you acknowledge that it is used as a “spy tool” and i respect you for that.

  26. I agree that facebook is bad for alpha males, it is basically another outlet that women go to, sometimes attractive but mostly 7’s to get worshipepd by betas fulfilling their fantasies, I don’t think most betas would say half the things they type in real life. Hence the phenomen of girls just sitting at home on friday night being on fb for hours

  27. I like Facebook for one reason only. While I’m stuck here in Canada I spend some of my spare time trawling dating sites for hot Filipinas (of course I describe myself as “looking for marriage”, and I’m not lying, I will be in 20 years…heh heh). Looking at Facebook page pics let’s me size up her body to see if she’s a tight hottie I’d like to bang, and if so I’ll add her to my collection and maintain contact for one of my Manila hookups. 😀 I’m going to be a dirty old man if I can’t rid myself of my addiction to tight little bods before I’m 50, but as Robert Palmer said, “Might as well face it you’re addicted to love.” By hook or by crook, by hook or by crook.

  28. The author is a fascist–by placing restrictions or outright banning opportunities for the hot females who religiously use Facebook, he is interfering with my God given right to poon.

  29. Why doesn’t someone make a LuLu-type app aimed at women?
    Even if only it only saw marginal success, the hysterics of social media/PC/feminist culture would be phenomenal…and entertaining. Who knows, it might even inspire women to consider some sort of consequences resulting from their actions and take a chip out of the ‘social media validation’ rampantly taking place.

  30. I only skimmed through this topic and just from the looks of it I’ve come to one simple conclusion… I hate this guy! He’s an asshole! >:( (also I’m a guy too, who loves sexy girls, lol)

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