Canadian Minister Bans Delivery Of “Right-Wing” Newspaper In Alarming Act Of Censorship

Proving that feminist politicians believe in following their feelings as much as their non-politician contemporaries, a female Canadian government minister has ordered Canada Post to stop delivering a controversial right-wing newspaper. Depending on how desperate the publisher and staff are to keep Your Ward News going, the decision is tantamount to a ban. Judy Foote, who serves as the national Public Services and Procurement Minister, said she believed the publication violated subsection 319(2) of the Canadian criminal code. Tellingly, police who had investigated the newspaper and its staff found no evidence of hate speech.

Censorship in Canada, whether official or unofficial, legal or illegal, should be as surprising to you as rain is to England. The fulcrum of Roosh’s new book, Free Speech Isn’t Free, comes from his experiences of literally being hunted down by rabid SJWs and their mainstream political and media enablers. Like in many other jurisdictions, the concept of “free speech” has become an empty vessel that the powers-that-be conjure up from time to time to pretend that they are classical liberals like Montesquieu, rather than the fascistic far-left ideologues they really are.

Your Ward News may not be the sort of fare we at Return Of Kings would consume, but the newspaper is not encouraging violence and is yet to be taken to task by a court faithfully interpreting Canadian law. Having outspoken opinions about the self-serving, anti-male nature of feminism, the Islamization of Western society, and the way in which any criticism of Zionism is spun into accusations of anti-Semitism is not hate speech. It is free speech. Likewise, inasmuch as I find this form of historical revisionism factually erroneous, questioning whether the Holocaust occurred, which Your Ward News does, should not be (pardon the pun) a trigger for government intervention, censorship or criminal prosecution.

Unsurprisingly, Canadian politicians have been far less enthusiastic about combating leftist hate speech directed against men, most notably the idea of “rape culture”. Why are they only going after people like Roosh and publications like Your Ward News? By using bizarre euphemisms, feminists, many of them on Canadian university campuses in cushy tenured positions, have been able to declare that masculinity itself and men in general should be held to account for rape, rather than an absolutely tiny male minority.

You never see a public rape, yet you and I are apparently responsible for the relatively few private ones that take place without our knowledge. Even supposedly “neutral” takes on the issue like this one find no fault with the proposition that a group of angry women and their supporters should be allowed to tarnish the entire male gender with the same broad brush.

What happened to the courts?

In this “case” involving Your Ward News, a member of the executive, who also serves as a member of the legislature (the norm in Westminster system countries like the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada), has made a decision that really belongs in the judicial system. This is not to say the executive arm of government has no place in making decisions that need to be made quickly or with more leeway. Laws are much more complex and copious than they used to be. But for a country like Canada, which constantly rants on about people possessing inalienable rights, having a minister like Judy Foote decide on what is and is not free speech is a very, very slippery slope. This is especially so when she is saying it involves a crime for which police found no evidence and Foote herself comes from a party (the Liberals) vehemently against anything resembling rightwing philosophies.

Plus, legality does not mean that a law is right or correct. Courts themselves can become mouthpieces for leftist policy through laws that give them no room not to convict someone for certain speech or behavior. And, though it is hard to change certain important rights in federal systems like Canada’s, Australia’s and America’s, due to protected constitutional provisions that require special, much higher thresholds for alteration or repeal, it is more than possible.

Constitutional provisions nominally enshrining equality, for example, have been reread to give all manner of special, undeserved privileges to women, minorities and others in these countries. Consequently, with a sympathetic, oftentimes wholly supportive media and backed by powerful corporate interests, center-left or plain left-wing governments are more than capable of restricting, outlawing and imprisoning those on the right with whom they disagree. You should consider the hit on Your Ward News as merely one of the opening strikes. Before too long, something as innocent as questioning transgender bathrooms will be hate speech, if it is not already in Canada.

When free speech starts to crack, mob rule follows soon after

Those of you familiar with my work for Return Of Kings over the past year will remember that my articles went into overdrive last August, when Roosh found himself at the center of a 1984-style “Two Minutes Hate” in Canada that lasted a whole lot longer than in Orwell’s book. The same thing happened earlier this year, when proposals for law-abiding, concerned men like ourselves to meet were met with serious threats of violence that were condoned by establishment interests in multiple countries. Your Ward News‘ apparent demise is another opportunity for a new Canadian government to flex its censorship muscles.

Roosh’s role in the free speech movement, as groundbreaking as it is, do not come from nowhere. Prior to him becoming a pariah to be conveniently spat on by SJWs and those others they managed to manipulate, free speech had been under sustained assault by SJWs and other leftists. After years of conditioning, leftists are primed to react savagely when a viewpoint they do not like is put before them. Where possible, they will opt for the more sanitized mechanisms of government executive decisions, gerrymandered court judgments based on very restrictive laws, and media attacks on divergent opinions. When that fails, violence or its threat, just as Roosh discovered, will be unleashed as well.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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149 thoughts on “Canadian Minister Bans Delivery Of “Right-Wing” Newspaper In Alarming Act Of Censorship”

  1. Maybe there was a little thing called ‘uncomfortable truths’ being reported in this somewhere-right-of-left newspaper. SJW’s can’t handle uncomfortable truths and have to double down on their stupid and degenerate narratives, no matter how old they are.

  2. Reminds me of this classic Picard speech:
    “With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably.”

    Note how it’s a short haired woman in a position of power leading the witch hunt. Star Trek sure was prophetic.

    1. Not a fan of Picard (because he is basically a French Socialist), but I was re-watching TNG recently. Its funny: what was ultra-left wing in the late 80s/early 90s is now conservative. Things like keeping the government out of people’s lives (the Prime Directive) and Picard, even to a fault, respecting the beliefs of others.
      While SJW’s seem to champion Star Trek, it is ironic: On numerous occasions, Picard deferred to patriarchal societies on the principal of non-interference unless a crewmember’s life was at stake.

      1. To think of it, it’s also telling how one has to resort to watching science fiction for examples of strong leadership, because it’s so few and far between in reality. Government, academia, and the corporate world are filled to the brim with incompetent nitwits who have no idea what leadership entails.

      1. Whoever “SME” is, fuck you, I’m never knowingly giving you a penny of my money (blocked content).

    2. I read an interview that Gene Roddenberry’s one regret about TNG was he didnt create a gay character. Thank Q he didnt.
      I honestly can’t see homosexuality occurring in Star Trek times, they could surely weed it out/correct it, In Utero.

      1. Assuming, of course, that the researchers who still haven’t found the “gay gene” are wrong in asserting that it doesn’t exist. Of course, there’s the fact that Star Trek’s Federation banned genetic engineering of humans, but that’s perhaps too nerdy for this forum.
        I’m of the old guard, I suppose. I genuinely believe that homosexuality is a contingent condition stemming from a number of mental and (possibly) biochemical factors. I my mind, a combination of low T, a history of rejection, being the victim of past sexual assaults, defective mental patterns, brain fats built with vegetable-derived fatty acids (rich in Omega-6 and oxidized during refinement), and social factors causes one to become homosexual.

        1. They banned genetic engineering, but IIRC in the franchise it was revealed to have been practiced anyhow and the Federation, upon discovering this, didn’t punish the engineered but instead tried to recruit at least one (the muslim doctor in DS9) to their secret police force.

        2. Fags really contradict themselves on that whole “gay gene thing”.
          Normal person: “Being gay is a choice”
          Gay: “No it’s not, I was born this way, oppressing shitlord!”
          Normal person: “Then that indicates clearly that there is a gay gene or it’s a genetic anomaly since it doesn’t profit reproduction.”
          Gay: “No there isn’t shitlord oppressor! Begone!”
          Normal person: “So it’s a choice then, is what you’re saying?”
          Gay: [goes Twenty shades of ad hominem, storms out of the room in righteous fury]

        3. Just because it’s a contingent condition doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a choice. I believe homosexuals when they say they didn’t choose to be that way – I think a host of factors predisposed them toward it, and they acted.
          As a source, I myself considered the possibility that I was bisexual for a few years. There was a friend of mine I thought handsome, and I could imagine giving him a blowjob. When I got my body’s chemistry back to normal (years of veggie oils and undiagnosed gluten intolerance had messed me up), increased my T levels through proper diet and lifting, and did some serious introspection, all that went away 100%.
          I didn’t want to be just a bit gay. It seemed like a way I was wired to be, but it was an illusion every bit as much as my perpetual rage and depression.
          (EDIT) No, I didn’t ever act on the impulses. That is most definitely a choice.

        4. DS9 was a brilliant show. They knew that Bashir was written poorly for the first season or so, so they retconned him.
          Kid was a retard. The parents engineered him as a toddler, in secret, and he became a genius. In order to hide his intelligence, he played dumb for a long time until the necessities of the war demanded he reveal himself.
          The whole show was about how the Federation couldn’t survive in its utopian state when actual threats were present. Definitely worth a watch.

        1. On the 60’s swingin’ Enterprise everyone did their job first and foremost regardless if they were straight or gay, but on the 90’s utopian Enterprise a gay character would have made it the core tenant of their personality and rubbed it in everyones face nonstop and demanded special treatment.

        1. Nope remember he stole Picard’s girlfriend Vash and took her on an intergalactic plundering spree. Also I think theres an episode of DS9 or VOY (didnt watch those) where he’s in some big dispute with a female Q, his “wife”. Congrats mr & mrs Q, it’s a baby Q. What will you be naming the child? We’ve decided on Q.

        1. I always have to decide whether Tapestry or The Inner Light is the best episode of the series. Of course, above we have scenes from Drumhead and First Contact, so it’s clear that there’s much to appreciate in TNG.

        1. Well, it was about a species that conquers everyone, forces them to submit to their hivemind, develops no technology of their own but copies from all conquered peoples, and believes in their own absolute right to rule the universe…

        2. I think I’ve heard of something like that before…
          …but that’s probably a total coincidence :v

        3. …except when the writers succumbed to schizophrenia and asserted that they actually could come up with technical innovation of their own.

        4. Eh, Berman and Braga were full SJW idiots. They dropped their ratings from season to season in Voyager, and their Enterprise series killed the long-running TV franchises.

        5. I can’t argue against that. Thankfully the stars aligned or something to keep Sarah Silverman from becoming a regular on the show, as they intended after their Star Trek IV ripoff arc.
          How they thought that turning the somewhat competent Janeway into a raging “space hippie” midway through the series could work is still something so stupid that I still find it baffling lol.

        6. I heard rumor that Mulgroove couldn’t figure out Janeway’s motivation or character from the scripts, so she played it like she had PTSD. It makes sense to me, based on what I saw.
          (Best Voyager commentary is by Quite amusing episode summaries and reviews)

        1. That series is the epitome of “shit for idiots that need to be told when to laugh”
          It’s no wonder women are its biggest fans

  3. Since you bring it up – why exactly are we not allowed to question the Holocaust? Because feelings? Because guilt? Because horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible? I am not saying it did not happen, but then, I did not experience it myself, so why not question it if I feel up to that? Besides, the argument for not questioning it is that it is too horrible to question …. right. But if it isn’t real, it is not horrible, right? Moronic logic.

    1. We’re not allowed to question much about WWII. For example, maybe there was a reason Hitler was so popular with Germans during the 30’s. Maybe the British’s demands post WWI were entirely too heavy. Maybe the demands that Germany feel very bad about WWI and hate their own people prompted them to support the ultra-nationalist candidate when he came forward.
      Honestly, considering how heavily they question everything outside their narrative (was the Bible written by those whose names we ascribe, was the Constitution written by racists, was Jefferson a horrible person, etc.), they have no authority to demand we abstain from the same.

        1. I like it. If you’re starving for some of the content you’d likely find, check out this video:

          EDIT: I’m reading that book now. The kindle version is formatted poorly, but the content is top notch. Basically, the book lays out the historical backdrop for each speech, then provides the English translation. It’s amazing to read – I can completely understand why the Deutchenvolk followed him.

      1. That’s what pisses me off the most about leftists. They are quick to dimiss anything that falls outside of their narrative yet don’t apply the same level of scrutiny to their own ideas.
        Case in point: a leftist recently told me that blacks are poor because of colonialism. I asked him to show me evidence that Africa was really prosperous before the ‘colonial invaders’ set foot on their soil. He had no answer other than “the damage done hundreds of years ago still lingers today”. I responded that that wasn’t the request I had made and once again asked for evidence about the wonderful African civilization that existed before the white man fucked it up. He had nothing.

        1. They didn’t call it “the Dark Continent” because it was full of black folks. They called it that because the locals were poor savages who killed the explorers who tried to go inland.
          India was basically the same way pre-Colonialism. If anything, European colonialism demonstrably improved the standards of living everywhere it was applied.

        2. I suppose that lefty was one who didn’t consider the Arabs to be colonists.

        3. It might be PC historical revisionism, but I thought a large part of the “Dark Continent” name stemmed from the crazy maladies of the African interior that deterred whitey from going inland for quite some time.

        1. It’s a bit fraught that one. Especially living in Munich I imagine

        2. Ahh yes, this reminds me of that beautiful moment when I first got a personal threat from some random guy on the internet for talking about capitalism.

        3. because of the randomness or the capitalism? I’ll assume the latter.
          It should be perfectly acceptable to talk about, review, re-evaluate any historical event at least in a responsible way. Problem is it goes straight to denial, for many. I don’t know the solution, but the situation needs to evolve. My first degree was in history and I can’t say I feel comfortable with an area that can’t be examined freely. Equally though I can think of nothing worse than getting bogged down in revisionist debates….which I would add I have never found persuasive (I’m thinking of visiting Germany!)

        4. It was because I did not care for some poor people in some country that Germany was giving lots of money to. Greece, maybe. Got pretty much attacked for that.
          When I think back to history in school, it kinda “surprises” me that we learned all the “facts” about what happened. But never a word about how to verify or even find out these “facts”. Just shut up, listen and repeat.

        5. it’s a very unhealthy situation. People need to be treated like adults. I doubt there’s anyone out there, or at least very few, who haven’t heard both sides of the argument. It’s a massive own goal as far as I’m concerned.

        6. lol – I didn’t mean the pros and cons for the holocaust. I meant the arguments used by revisionists as well as the mainstream. I’m sure you already knew that

        7. To be frank, I have no idea what revisionist means, but I suppose that is the group of people who dig up popular opinions and dissect them?

        8. in terms of the holocaust it means people who deny, question or possibly downplay the extent of the holocaust. You’ve had a couple in Germany, and I think Deudonne in France also got into trouble for saying something revisiony – I can’t remember offhand exactly what, but it wasn’t holocaust denial

        9. Ah. To be honest, my exposure to that kind of information has been very very limited and most of it came from the internet. I am not sure if this is a bias due to the people I surrounded myself with or because Germans are not that comfortable exploring these ideas.

        10. no-one’s comfortable with it. It really is the rabbit hole. What’s a real shame, including for the people who actually victims and survivors themselves, is that it’s either official line or denial. History is always complex, and doesn’t just boil down to the good guys and the bad. I look forward to a time when those aren’t the only two options we have.

        11. That will be the day when we are ruled by highly developed AIs. And these AIs will then decide that order can be increased by dictating a predetermined truth.

        12. I hope that’s not the case. I think people are capable of handling controversial information better than the powers that be give them credit for. I could be wrong, but the situation as it stands militated towards a low trust information environment, and no amount of repeating the official account is going to change that. The reason that people should be trusted for the most part, is that most of them don’t really care to be nazis

        13. Well, it took me some 26 years to reach a state where I am half-way thinking for myself. But then, I am a special kind of nutcase, so who knows. The usual violent fervor of these kinds of debates does not fill me with hope, though.

        14. no, it doesn’t. I don’t trust either side to be honest. Both sides are just in the business of managing information, and I have no time for that

        15. It’s the same in most of Europe, although the guilt part is by far the strongest in Germany.
          I’m one who likes to tease out the arguments from people with regard to controversial topics. I once met a German skinhead who repeatedly said of his own volition that he is not a nazi or a racist, he just likes the music.
          LOL, after a few hours of discussions and some beer his stance softened and he was finally able to accept that history is not black and white nor very close to the cartoon story of the official narrative.
          Actually I have a habit of going for these topics specifically with Germans because they need it more than others.
          I’m not pro nazi or an antisemite, just pro truth and honesty.

        16. The idea of the holocaust was just fine. Hitler’s problem, however, was to suggest some people didn’t deserve to die. If he would have tried to bake the entire world, Germans included, I could see the point

        17. maybe it’s already happened once, and that’s why there’s a crust round the whole globe
          Oh, I’m sure there are many equal ops Hitlers in the making, who probably regard the latter as a bit of a slacker

        18. Nazi Germany goes equal opportunity. I see the sitcom now.
          Enter Frustrated Hitler
          Lateesha, do you have the paper work on killing those dead jews
          Uhhhhmmmmm wew Hitler…da ting is my baby dady can watsh my chile t’nite so I need a day off
          Uhm, ok, well…er, I kind of need those dead jew reports
          Uhm, why you gots to be disrespetful. You no i’m someuns mutha I ain’t no chile

        19. Ha, Hitler wouldn’t stand a chance against those blacks lives matters Feminazis. Lateefa would completely fuck up those reports and when he threw the book at her she’d report his Meinsplaining Kampf to HR. She’d probably even accuse him of being a racist. Poor Hitler.

        20. Uhm…adolf…it has come to our attention that you denied your executive administrative assistant the ability to take a half day based on the fact that her feelings were hurt on the way into work because she over heard someone asked her to move rather than said pardon me politely and she needs a mental health day. Now, this is totally unacceptable adolf.
          but, but, but
          ok, just stop. This is bordering sexual harassment
          but I’m der fuhrer
          a masculine pronoun? really? Triggered.

        21. Hitler clearly needs to understand that his furhership is about leading the team rather than exercising his authority in ways that might be disempowering of Lateefa and the wider staff team. He should offer her support and positive feedback to help her build confidence. She also has a right to know if she is earning less than male colleagues in the Reich leadership and why there are so few black and female faces in senior posts

        22. The entire high command WILL sit through sensitivity training or they can turn in their trench coats and arm bands

        23. Might still need quotas to ensure at least 40% of senior Nazis are feminazis. In fact isn’t it time we had a female Hitler at the helm. Isn’t it time we moved into the 21st century and elected Hitlery Clinton Reich FurHER? Lateefa approves of this message

        24. Nah, the first blast of the TRUMPet against the monstrous regime of FurHERs will blast her into pantsuit oblivion.

    2. All I want is see evidence for 6 million jews killed.
      Bc all I saw was yearly inspection reports from the Red Cross (!) that add up to around 400.000 deaths in all German concentration camps throughout the war (a casualties number similar to POW camps in the US and Russia).
      Also try running the numbers and estimate for yourself if it’s even doable to end 6 million lives in that certain time frame with the methods they had. It sounds hard to believe.
      So ask yourself why it’s not allowed to question it…
      I hope someone can give me more info on that or tell me I’m wrong.

      1. Bullshit. You dont really want someone to show you that you are wrong, you just want to push a narrative.
        If you were serious about these questions then you woild find an expert with some patience, and ask him to walk you through the evidence. But its a lot easier to play victim. Poor you, you are the misunderstood rebel.
        The more I look around the more I am beginning to realize that all our problems boil down to childishness.

  4. Hate speech should also be protected by free speech laws.
    Inteligent man is able to see what is right and wrong anyway. He does not need government help to tell him what to read and what not to.
    Although censorship does make a little bit sense in democracy, because most of people are stupid, so they can be easily manipulated by emotions. But this is not argument against free speech, rather it is argument against democracy. On of many arguments against democracy. It is stupid system anyway, source of all evil in modern world.

    1. To put a finer point on it, protection of hate speech IS THE ONLY POINT of free speech laws.
      No one objects to someone saying the same things everyone else already believes. No one is ever going to try to censor that. It is precisely the speech that is hateful and objectionable that needs protection, because that is the speech people want to shut down.
      People who think hate speech doesn’t deserve protection don’t believe in the first amendment. It doesn’t matter what lip service they pay to it.

    2. Forgot to say that I generally agree with your point that democracy is a stupid system, but I don’t know I’d say its the most evil. Communism did kill well over 100 million people in peace time alone in the last century. But democracy is retarded.

    3. I’m not sure I see the necessity of differentiating between hate-speech and non-hate-speech.
      Classifying types of speech is essentially an admission that something is different about those types that requires closer examination. I’d be happier if we could just put a big ol’ period after Free Speech.

    4. If most people are stupid then what harm do they cause? Censorship will have little effect on the ignorant already compliant masses. Censorship is only effective against patriots, and the intelligent, and that’s when censorship is most dangerous.

        1. Chloe Moretz! I don’t know what she’s doing with Hitlery but I’m behind her in this and by this I mean I wish I was behind her pulling the g string outta her ass.

        2. Ahhhh classic Tommo, of course it’s sexual. G-strings’ purpose is to sit in the orifices and prob stimulate her a little. But only if she wanna, if not, her loss. It will go in like a veiny dolphin with a plastic bag over its head.

        3. Ah. Learning never stops. This morning, a girl called me boring for telling her to “suck my dick, bitch, and be my little whore”.

        4. Oh that could be a sign that she like you otherwise she will straight up call you a creep for being so direct with her.

        5. Hold your horses big man, it;s more like 55/45 in your favour. Do you know her, have you had conversations beforehand?

        6. Nah, she was just some random chick who wanted to add me as a friend on Facebook. I told her to show me her tits. She sent a tit pick from someone else. I told her she was full of shit and then that and then she said I was boring and bye. Oh well, there are enough girls out there.

        7. That’s not game, that’s like calling a rent-a-bike the poon mobile.

        8. I’ve done this many times. The problem is that when you start out that aggressive, it’s hard to maintain the level of intensity and escalate.

        9. You can always escalate, even when she stops breathing. The game is only over when she starts smelling bad and you gotta stuff her in your freezer with the rest of the girls.
          Texas chainsaw massacre game.

        10. Chloe is a woman and she has a vagina, so she’s been campaigning to get other little girls to support Hillary, because like them she also has a vagina.

    1. please broadcast that as widely as humanly possible on twitter etc. It would be xmas if trump were to invent a nickname for her based on her big doughnut hole

      1. I guess the main donors to her campaign are the Glazer brothers ey?

      2. Is that actually Hillary in the flesh or is it a cardboard cutout? She looks so flat and lifeless there.

        1. if she looks flat and lifeless it must be the real hillary! But yeah, it’s a wierd unnatural angle

    2. Mmmm. Gotta love a young tight hole.
      But why is that haggard old dyke there?

    3. I thinks Chloë’s going to go down the same path as Miley Cyrus. Shame.

        1. Miley has something to twerk? With her boyish body, I figured the only folks interested in her would be some Afghans with slim pickings for their “cultural tradition” of bacha bazi

      1. I could see her going down the path of J-Law (embracing Hollywood hedonism and trashing the Christianity that she was raised with). 🙁
        TBH I’d be rather surprised if Moretz, whose claim to fame was starring as Hit Girl in Kickass, playing a part that made the movie too mature for her to watch (due to her age), turns out sane.

        1. Just like how Miley Cyrus went from “sweet, all-American country girl” to the total whore she is. Chloë just made a feminist-ish Seth Rogen movie where she’s creates an off campus sorority so the girls can “do what the frat boys do.” She was the chosen one damn it!

        2. Ouch, I was unaware that she was in that Neighbors 2 film.
          I’d heard that Neighbors 2 was dedicated to fighting the “law” that sororities can’t throw parties at their houses, but I was unaware that Moretz was playing the leader of the libertines. That’s somewhat depressing.
          Also depressing is that Kelsey Grammer plays her seemingly beta-male father. I thought he was supposed to be a center-right kind of guy. I guess if libs can play right-wingers then righties can play libs too…

        3. I always imagined Kelsey Grammer….although being a great comic actor….. having more than a soupcon of Frasier’s character in his real life…..

      2. the funny part is schwarzenegger son dated both miley and currently chloé. he better run for his life before the feminazi finish him.

    4. Please tell me this isn’t Photoshopped… in there somewhere…. roll up roll up……. also I’m guessing Hilldog didn’t get hers from all the cock…..

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  5. Men have a penis, girls have a vagina !
    Leftists : Oh you leftist shitlord, how dare you not acknowledge the feelings and self-identification of the trans-community, you bigoted right-wing prick.
    Who would have thought saying only men can have penises would be the dividing line between the left and right ?

  6. There’s no such thing as right wing fascism. Fascism is essentially placing the state above the individual, and we all know who does that.

  7. The funny part is that Trudeau the Tapette, like all faggots, is not actually repulsed by anti-Semitism. He has armies of Muslim Jew-haters to thank for his theft of the prime minister’s office.

    1. Democracy and free speech do not necessarily go hand in hand.
      And technically, the US is not a democracy. Its a representative republic.

      1. I’m aware of that. I took Civics. But if you had actually read and comprehended the article, you would know it was about Canada, not the US…technically. 😆

    2. Democracy is shit, it’s the definition of mob rule to have 51% lowest lord over everybody else and do whatever the fuck they want.
      That word literally triggers me lol.

      1. It’s funny how few people ever point this out. Democracy is, by definition, the marginalization of the minority.
        At least autocracy is honest about it.

  8. it’s always fucking women. they just can’t leave you alone. probably doesn’t have a simp husband to nag so she has to attack every other man.

  9. “Tellingly, police who had investigated the newspaper and its staff found no evidence of hate speech.”
    No hate speech by Canadian standards must be as innocuous as it gets.

  10. “Rape Culture” is hardly the epitome of feminist hate speech. Try the The Scum Manifesto, which calls for the killing of all men, and was written by a woman who proved more than willing to partake in violence. This work is not only tolerated, it is taught, in higher education classes, with our tax dollars.

  11. Its simple enough, all you have to do is put the paper online and hand put leaflets advertising it like this
    Your Ward News
    Normally, we’d be handing you free copies of our newspaper. But our opinions are so dangeous, that Minister Judy Foote had us banned.
    The reason we are dangeous isnt because we disagreed with her, if we were stupid right wingers then shed have been happy to give you our newspaper because its great when your opponent is a moron.
    But we were effective. And that scared her.
    Check out our web site for more scary thinking.
    I think at would work.

    1. You can send it to Dr Sears if you wish. The URL to the paper is

      1. Nah, took a look at their site, way too much occult symbolism. Maybe a coincidence, but I’m not touching that with a 10 foot pole. I hate that shit.

      2. Anyway, they don’t need me, they have the mother of all quotes right there on the main page
        “(You Ward News) is the most disgusting vile thing I’ve seen published” – Lisa Kinseller, Liberal Party pundit and trophy wife
        If they don’t know how to use that kind of gold, then no one can help them. LOL.

        1. They’ve got it right in there about a third of the way down the page. It’s huge. You can’t miss it.

        2. It needs to be at the top, preferably where the illuminati Horus Eye sign is currently located.

  12. What really sucks is that for years I wanted an HD wide screen tv of large proportions. Then once they were available and affordable the quality of “entertainment” had dropped so low that I’d given up on television altogether. Some video games excepted I guess, but I don’t play them.
    Well, that and our dystopian authoritarian states.

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