The Takedown Of Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Yiannopoulos, outrageous Trump supporter and free speech advocate, resigned from his putative job as technology editor for online news site Breitbart, after a flood of suspiciously timed attacks.  What’s interesting about this story is not the man himself, but the coordinated efforts to attack and silence him.  While the man himself is not particularly important to the story, a brief introduction is needed.

Who Is Milo?

Yiannopoulos appeared on the national scene some time last year, and quickly gained notoriety for his controversial views, becoming wildly popular among a certain portion of the American conservative movement.  His rapid rise to pseudo-fame and his background are a bit suspicious.

Indeed if it was discovered the half Jewish, flamboyant, gay character was a plant by elites to further accelerate the degeneracy in the culture wars, I would not raise an eyebrow.  He’s an odd and suspicious public character, reminiscent of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno.  The fact that college Republicans throughout America cheered this bizarre man who wears flashy jewelry and indoor sunglasses, while making crude references to African male penises, and viewed him as their political hero, is confusing and odd, to say the least.

Milo is no more absurd than Bruno. Is he even real?

Amongst the oddities are that while he was purportedly a “technology editor” for an alt-right political website, I never once heard him speak of technology, or saw any technology articles penned by him or anyone else on the site; if there are any technology articles even present at Breitbart, they are not readily apparent by browsing the front page or any of the “trending now” topics on the site.  And the website is known for reporting Republican-leaning news and politics—why someone would turn to them for technology news is anyone’s guess.

Either Sad Desperation or An Obvious Plant

Yiannopoulos is openly gay, in a way that would make even mainstream liberals from 15 years ago wince.  He’s not just openly gay, but enjoys public vulgar, perverse, gross descriptions about the type of homosexual acts he enjoys and glorifies promiscuity and his crude sexual preferences. His college tour of 2016 was named the “Dangerous Faggot” tour, and he was somehow able to get college Republicans—the stuck up types who wear LL Bean and sport Richard Spencer haircuts and play polo on the weekends—to cheer and howl at him as he was carried into the room like royalty by bare chested muscular men.

How cucked must one be to carry in a gay man on a throne?

Yiannopoulos first came to my attention in a talk at University Massachusetts Amherst, where he, first wave feminist Christina Sommers, and an angry Steven Crowder gave birth to the wildebeest known as Trigglypuff.  When a feminist, a faggot, and a Youtuber who dresses in drag are too right wing for the college kids to handle, you know we have reached peak stupid.

6/10 on 2017 US scale, WNB

Gamergate, Feminism, and Free Speech

Yiannopoulos is intelligent and well spoken, but these two things are not enough to deserve the level of attention and power he received.

He has attacked Gamergate, fourth wave feminism, Islam, social justice, political correctness, the rape culture myth, and has advocated for free speech.  He was banned from Twitter last year after aggressively criticizing the female Ghostbusters flop.  And in February, 2017, two years after taking a job there, he either resigned or was forced out of his purported real job, as technology editor of Breitbart.

The truth is true regardless who says it.

What’s suspicious and disturbing is not that that this man’s 15 minutes of fame are up.  While I did chuckle at hearing him present the entirety of a speech in 3 words: “Feminism. Is. Cancer.” and seeing the rage he would trigger in obese, shrapneled and graffiti-ed husks of SJWs, I’m happy enough if I never see or hear him again.  I’m curious who funded all these campus visits, and if the man is even truly gay, or is just using an absurd caricature in order to make even more absurd and degenerate statements.  But the real story here is a closely coordinated attack against the man that suddenly hit over President’s Day weekend.

I suddenly feel the urge to purge.

The Hammer Comes Down

He had been granted a $250,000 advance for a forthcoming book, had finished his campus tour, and was at the nadir of his fame, when suddenly his book deal was cancelled, his job terminated, his invitation to speak at the American Conservative Union’s annual CPAC convention was revoked, and he was accused of being a pedophile.  And the reason for this outrage was a typical (for him) comment he made in a youtube video over a year ago.  The timing and the faux outrage make little sense.

What $250,000 looks like

How Shocked Could One Really Be?

This is a man who does not hide his perverse and disgusting views.  He openly talks about graphic sexual things, that of course are totally inappropriate if one is a straight male, but in this politically correct atmosphere his gay victim card allowed him to regularly discuss his craving of black men’s privates, thanking the man who took his virginity for giving him excellent fellatio skills, and advocacy of a hypersexual promiscuous lifestyle of drugs and sex.

He regularly refers to Donald Trump as “Daddy” in a not-so-thinly veiled sexual reference, has an “anti-white bedroom policy,” travels to college campuses teaching children about his “Faggotry” and compared Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones to an ape.

And yet the powers that be suddenly converged over President’s Day weekend, right after Yiannopoulos appeared live on HBO’s Real Time program with a viewership of over 2 million, to revoke his pussy pass. Was the appearance on mainstream cable TV going too far?  Were the powers that be scared that he had been too successful with the media access they had granted him?  Was this merely at attack on anyone affiliated with the alt-right, the new enemy of Republicans and Democrats alike?

Speaking truths like this is truly Dangerous

I can’t explain his character assassination any more than I can explain his appearance in the first place.  But I do know the magical convergence of Simon & Schuster book executives, CPAC convention planners, his bosses at Breitbart, and the mainstream media who coordinated a pedophilia attack piece on him, simultaneously over a 24 hour period, stinks worse than the rear end of a man who does all the sick things Milo advocates.

A Sudden Change Of Heart

The idea that Simon & Schuster execs suddenly decided that this Dangerous Faggot is too sexual for them, and they will just forfeit the quarter million dollars they fronted him because he mentioned some gay perversity that made them uncomfortable, is ridiculous.

The title of his book was “Dangerous” and it came on the heels (or shall we say rumps) of the Dangerous Faggot tour, from a guy who openly praises interracial gay promiscuous sex.  But suddenly these execs grew a conscience over President’s Day weekend, and decided that their earlier decision to front him a quarter million dollars before he even began his book, was in hindsight a bad idea for an unproven writer, and that they should just scrap the whole project and perhaps start a new policy to be a little less generous on six figure book advances to controversial unproven authors.

The American Conservative Union has already had Milo speak at their CPAC convention before, and had invited him to return in 2017.  But again, they had the same epiphany over President’s Day weekend, perhaps as they reminisced over President Thomas Jefferson having interracial relations with a slave, or on the accomplishments of our first interracial President Obama, that they simply couldn’t take another popular speech from the charismatic interracial-sex advocating Faggot.

And Breitbart, who has exactly one employee that anyone can name (Milo) decided that while they had no problem employing him during his two years of open faggotry and debauchery, that after President’s Day it was now bad for their image and they are going to stick to hiring people who more fit the image of a College Republican.

Then I told him we’d have to cancel his book because he’s too provocative!

Sexual Preference For Younger Men

What is the absurd reason these groups all give for suddenly having a change of heart?  After celebrating their President’s Day parade, followed by a humble pie eating contest, they all must have logged on to Youtube at the same moment and looked up a year old video where Yiannopoulos talked about the age of sexual consent laws (16 in the UK and 16-18 in the USA) and how they are “about right” in his mind.

If you’re not triggered yet, the outrage is supposed to occur because he is insinuating that many men prefer to have sex with those at the younger range of the legal age.  And just as we are attacked at ROK by repeating this biological fact about younger adult women, Milo is attacked when making it about adult gay men.

He’s not even stating that he prefers young men!  Only that as a whole, younger sexual partners are preferred in many relationships.  This is not rocket science.

Yiannopoulos also made some cringe-inducing statements about “men and boys” getting together, but later clarified that he shouldn’t have used the word “boys,” as that is gay slang that can easily be misinterpreted (when I refer to picking up girls, I don’t mean schoolgirls), and reinforced he believes more or less in the current ages of consent.

People are not human, and make mistakes all the time, including in their speech.  I’m in favor of giving people the opportunity to explain their ideas, rather than staunchly defend every statement that they have ever made.  For example, I do not think for a minute that President Obama believes there are 57 U.S. States.

So one can choose to believe Milo is being honest, and that he prefers adult homo relationships with black gay men.  Or one can believe he is lying and secretly wants to diddle children.  Or one can not care about this degenerate and his message.  But to me, he does come across as rather genuine in his convictions, so I’ll go with the former option, with a hearty mix of the latter–not caring about this degenerate and his message.

And anyway, nothing he said was more disturbing as his typical shtick.  He said far more disturbing things in his appearance on Joe Rogan Experience #702 in September 2015, which racked up over one million views.

Lena Dunham, WNB

Despite the hypocrisy of Lena Dunham, who falsely accused a man of rape and published a book where she admitted to sexually assaulting and committing incest with her sister, the media says not a word about her but attacks and falsely accuses Milo, a victim of sexual assault who has identified 3 sexual predators to authorities, (as he rightly points out, 3 more than most of his critics) for merely discussing the idea of sexual relations and sexual assault.

Victim Cards Don’t Matter

Milo appeared bulletproof.  He held so many victim cards.  Immigrant.  Mixed race background (English/Greek).  Single parent upbringing.  Gay.  Literal (Hitler) victim of sexual assault.  And yet in the end he was attacked anyway, and not for plagiarism or fraud or financial crimes.  He was attacked for the very thing that anyone who has ever heard of him already knows about him.  That he holds some degenerate sexual beliefs.

The fact that Milo advocates for victims of sexual crimes matters not.  Roosh could volunteer at a Rape Crisis Center every night and spend his evenings creating pamphlets teaching men how to ask for consent before flirting with women, and it wouldn’t have made anyone think twice about creating false rape allegations to attack him.  There is no moral center for these people.

In the end, I don’t hold much sympathy for the guy himself.  If he made money, he made it primarily through this new financial economy where being famous is a career, and one operates at the whims of the powers that be.  If he has talent other than being a well educated, well spoken degenerate, then he should have no trouble making a fine life for himself.  And he has enough notoriety that he should continue to benefit from the fame game that should allow him to bed whomever it is he likes to bed.

He likely knew this false economy could come crashing down at any moment, and perhaps he saw this and actually resigned of his own accord, before the inevitable firing.  If he has anything interesting to say, other than mocking and deriding SJWs, he can say it without Simon and Schuster.  But regardless of what happens to this man, this is a further chapter in the book of crooked and controlled media and power interests.  Trust nothing from these charlatans.

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125 thoughts on “The Takedown Of Milo Yiannopoulos”

  1. If it were not for Double Standards the modern left would have no standards at all and that has been the truth for quite some time. Look how they loudly denounce the Nazis while speak highly of Communists. Hitler is a monster which he is but Lenin, Stalin and Mao they emblazon on their t-shirts as heroes and saints even though they are responsible for far more deaths of innocent people. Most of the Gun Grabbing Political elite not just have guns but have ‘Assault Rifles’ and permits to carry on their person even though they’re against concealed carry gun laws for ordinary Americans. They call for imposing smaller more fuel efficient cars or demand we all take public transportation but drive gas guzzlers. They demand we pay more taxes while having the laws they write allow them to keep more of their income. The List goes on.

    1. “If it were not for Double Standards the modern left would have no standards at all…”
      That’s very well put and quotable, mind if I use that.

      1. See Milo for what is really is.
        Manufactured trojan horse opposition – probably MI6.
        Its pretty obvious – hijak the right with open faggot agenda that completely dilutes the message. It could be Roosh or any of the other manoshpere operators – instead we get this cock sucker thrust into place.
        Its a trojan attack by the marxists. Thats all it is…. now tear him down – all the unis and publishers and etc. That might back alt right are dropping the idea like a hot rock.
        Its a copy cat attack. They do it in street protests as well. Send in ‘protesters’ (ski masks ready to go) – that are actually police – looking like protestors – join the peaceful protest – turn it into a riot – disgrace the protestors – empower the police.
        Milo is the same tactic on a social / political level. He’s a hardcore inside marxist plant. Its simple.

    2. Every time I see a trite comparison of Trump to Hitler in social media, I wonder if the commenter even knows who the Bolsheviks were, let alone how much the behavior of the more fanatic elements on his side resembles theirs.

      1. I doubt these clowns even know who or what Hitler was beyond a few pictures on some political add. It has been my experience that when it comes to history Liberals are not just strongly deficient but totally Ignorant. Other than what their political gurus tell them they know squat and don’t bother to do any reading on their own.

        1. ZH said it best :
          “The epic amount of collective psychic energy being diverted from what’s
          important into sexual fantasy, titillation, confusion, and litigation leaves us pathetically unprepared to face the much more serious crisis of civilization gathering before us.”

      2. Hitler wanted deep down to protect the German people and ensure their long existence. Seems like a compliment to make the comparison.

    3. It’s not just liberals. I’ve yet to meet a conservative who actually lives conservatively. The vast majority of the population are hypocrites.

  2. Democrat George Takei started a new # PizzaGate by calling Child Molestation “Delightful” and “Delicious”

  3. This all happened a couple days after he trolled (((Bill Maher))).
    Maher and his panel didn’t even let Milo speak after a while and were reduced to throwing constant insults at him. I would consider that the (((MSM))) felt threatened that this guy and the growing alternative media could legitimately steal their audience.

    1. It’s actually been proven that it was a #neverTrump organization behind the selectively edited video which manufactured the outrage against Milo:
      I’m glad so many people are seeing through this insanity and conditioning. Milo is an utter degenerate, but there is an inevitable gap between theory and practice. He doesn’t need to be policed by his own, he did nothing wrong.
      He’s championing people and ideas that don’t have a voice anywhere else, he’s good at it, and he’s untouchable in the realm of their feels-based worldview.

      1. Yes. The organisation who showed the video was actually conservative. It’s in inside job, I agree.
        The inside job is a 16 years old kid.
        He got outed by a kid.
        Milo, your next step is barista.

        1. A 16 year old girl from Canada selectively edited a video, then sent it exclusively to #neverTrump groups who did nothing to manipulate information or try to ruin Milo? She just “outed” him? How does that work?
          I realize cucks are scared of him. But I didn’t think you would practice this level of self deception again. Why side with the losers after the last two years? Why against all evidence?
          Milo did nothing wrong.

      2. Cuck? Why so mean? I got triggered.
        Milo did nothing… but he went to a press conference where he recognized he said something wrong.
        Wait waaat? You disagree with him about what he said himself? Wow.
        Digimon gold: Full hamster wheel complete, golden hamster level reached, better than Pokémon! Pika Milo’s supporter argument!
        Kool aid, aka ideology blinds you, fan boy is not an insult, better than cuck right? So listen to this fan boy, you are part of herd too, heard about group think?
        As far as cucks (basically, less than a man for a man, i get that insulting behind your screen makes you feel good), you want some of the new medicine called alt-delete?
        Just reset.
        Those are the post modern times, where a millennial troll who looks like the lead singer of the boy’s band ozone, becomes an intellectual guru for a generation who always complains and cry , drinking conspiracies theories while rationalizing at each gulp that they are closer to the truth.
        The bar is that low, a recycling of ideas from the past with a blond wig on top of his head, euro trash bragging about sucking dicks, to sound “subversive”.
        Oscar Wilde had more class and wit than this imposter. Feel free to read him.
        I know you want truth. Truth is at the end of life, but he is cooked. Unless people like you buy tickets from his new upcoming tour “milo is back”, get themselves a blond wig, and make him fat again…
        The troll got trolled by a 16 years old kid, and she is conservative. I know it’s hard to swallow, posted on a conservative site that is anti trump, it got viral, the left took the opportunity, and that’s it, end of the game, for mini milo. That’s a cultural war, you lose people it’s life.
        Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
        I will pass on this, loss of my time, the sun is beautiful out, and I wrote a page on some website about somebody who will not change the course of my destiny, or the color of my coffee.
        I am out to greener pastures, with my soros friend’s in my beta hut and I am E-slamming the door…pun intended.
        Thank you Boris, your boats will be waiting for you in Delaware.

        1. Pains me to admit it, but I recognize too few of the folks on there.
          On the grant money w/Milo though, if that’s a reference to his “White Privilege Grant”, I thought that had finally been funded?

        2. @disqus_XZROw7mDfr:disqus @Bollockser:disqus @cat5krusher:disqus @disqus_8YLKHuY8B4:disqus @disqus_5Yag8zFszH:disqus @joshfranken:disqus @disqus_zlretniwTE:disqus @disqus_J5I7RzaNBs:disqus @Tmoney728:disqus @AlexDeLaMelle:disqus @disqus_VCrsONGMkd:disqus @disqus_INMLHsEF1u:disqus @disqus_y1qVXXQlFB:disqus @disqus_piQRP7EIOr:disqus @disqus_rtyGextbze:disqus @amd_afficionado:disqus @stackthornehawk:disqus @disqus_wZHhIs9dum:disqus @zweihnder:disqus @positron1:disqus @disqus_P0bnUexlrW:disqus @disqus_vnmvU8yhfS:disqus @taxpayer22:disqus @HugoTT:disqus @disqus_LDuXJ8H6b4:disqus @disqus_avStPwlgXZ:disqus @disqus_WF0BHfKr5n:disqus @disqus_WhGg56Q6pP:disqus @RockOnRaptor:disqus @gary_dellabante:disqus @disqus_wo47kJ4pGF:disqus @maxtweeter:disqus
          Zionist Jews are a partial construct. The Internet with the whole “jew” thing is taking off incorrectly… THE TRUE ISSUE is the Vatican and its Jesuits. This is grave becasue despite Jews “run the banks”, they are just a FRONT MAN. The Jesuits under the papacy is the GREATER threat, especially in this country. U.S. needs not only a MGTOW or Redpill movement, it won’t work becasue what is funding feminism, anti-family, and anti-men and taking control of our finances are Jesuits of the Vatican, after all, the Rothschilds for example, are nicknamed the “gatekeepers of the Vatican Treasures”. The Vatican is the TRUE counterfeit, false church who has been prosecuting Christian nations like that of the U.S. since 300AD.
          Vatican / Jesuits / Catholic Church Control CIA
          Let’s Talk About The Catholic Church: Its Satanic History Exposed
          Satanic History of the Catholic Church
          Hagmann & Hagmann report host Eric Jon Phelps – The Real Powers Behind The NWO [10, July 2014]
          The Black Pope: A History of the Jesuits
          Washington In the Lap of Rome
          Ex Jesuit Alberto Rivera and others Speak on Jesuit infiltration
          The Godfathers

        3. Gonna have to check these out sometime when my devout Catholic wife isn’t around. Heh.

    2. Like I said in the other thread, watch this panel – Milo is the gay man, but the two black guys acted like bigger faggots than he did. And they all kept telling Milo to shut up, but they were the ones interrupting him. Milo spoke out against the insanity of transsexualism, but the rest of the panel white-knighted in favor of it. Pure insanity and hypocrisy

      1. Yeah I agree. Milo was and is invaluable in the fight against the intolerant left.He was a great foil running up to the election as far as the alt-right and accepting other races and a flambouyant gay. He always destroyed anyone that dare challenge or debate him. He was good p.r for the alt right since the libocrite media couldnt accuse the alt right of being anti semitic or homophobic. Yeah he was open about his thing for gay black guys but anyone that is older than 18 years old shouldnt have a problem with it as long as it isnt in their face.There are gay people, deal with it. If you cant, then you’re probably gay or trying to hide it. He got a lot of gays on the trump train.After the Orlando attack, he was vocal about how the left had been taking gays for granted and questioned them on protecting themselves with firepower. Those cucks on Bill Maher were falling over themselves to tell him shut the fuck up because the liberal lemmings that fill the seats there were going apeshit. He took all their shit very well and showed them that disagreeing isnt the end of the debate as long as there is a debate. We shouldn’t write Milo off. He’s a good asset for the alt-right. Who gives a fuck who he fucks as long as it isnt kids and he cleared that up.

        1. Agreed. Who fukin cares if he is gay. He actually persuaded one hell of a lot of people to vote for Trump. This article is also a little bit too paranoid about conspiracy theories. Yes there are conspiracies, but Milo simply went a little too far, and wasn’t clear enough in what he said. Milo will probably do just fine on his own.

        2. you’re wrong – the fact that he’s gay waters down and distorts the message. he gets the spotlight for the same reasons the SJWs and Gay rights get the spot light. He’s taken the light away from someone who could have delivered the message in a more convincing manner. At very least he’s a hollow man that can change sides as it suits his clown attention seeking agenda, that has nothing to do with creating a real message or real change and just dancing like a circus animal for attention and fame and money.
          At worst he’s quite possibly a straw man, deliberately put into place, to over cook the whole thing, create scandal and contempt and prevent future media and public from taking this kind of talk seriously.

        3. Milo could do better though. On his ‘own’ now, he could at least vigil against the ‘mentors’ that preyed on him as a youth. He should shine the light on the cockroaches instead of being all comfy, cozy and accepting of his gay disposition. But he continues on the side cruising and pandering anonymous dick. I never get the gay lifestyle how they can cruise around always looking for some asshole to shag. It must be like some curse or something. How Milo can be high functioning with such a lurid habit is beyond me.

        4. From the few Milo videos I’ve watched, I’d argue the main reason he got fame is that he is hard to beat in a debate. It was the novelty of a flamboyantly gay man defending many conservative ideals whilst making his enemies look like complete idiots. I think he earned it. It was inevitable that it would be short as there was a lot of novelty appeal to it, but don’t discount his intelligence as a factor. The man is smart, period. He is also degenerate and for that second reason, he couldn’t have been an alt right symbol forever. The alt right would have eventually either turned on him or sent him quietly packing.
          Maybe he’s lucky he went down in flames. A guy like him probably won’t be able to handle simply watching his stardom slowly fade.

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    3. Larry Wimore is such a cuck. Look at that pathetic loser. Gets rattled by his worst enemy. A right wing gay that he cannot control. Gays are only good to the left when they can be controlled to vote via identity politics.

  4. Technology editor? Oh come on Breitbart, I’m grateful for the butthurt you inflict on the left but your average contributor to the comment section has an IQ below room temperature and wouldn’t give a rip about technology. “U!S!A!”, “Yeah, play some Skynyrd, man!”

    1. Milo took on the persona of a flamboyant fag. He was more of a geeky-professional type a few years ago, and had a large body of work (mostly in technology) before he monetized his rhetorical positions on social issues.

      1. I appreciate your info and what Milo has done for our side. My point is that a Breitbart article ill have maybe 2 short paragraphs and 3,000 comments. After the 3rd or 4th “best” comment there is no intelligent discourse, just a long line of contributors riding piggyback off the previous one making childish remarks. Since I’ve only recently started reading Breitbart I was told that the comment section was overtaken by teenagers since Trump announced he as running for president. I hope he’s right that they’re just 16-year-olds having fun .

        1. I realize that, I was just pointing out that Milo wasn’t without credentials in that regard, even if his actual tech contributions to the site were minimal. He did most of his tech work and reporting back in the UK, you can see old vids of him on Sky news in his pre-raging faggot days.
          Making him the tech editor of Beitbart was more of a mild “fuck you” Bannon and his crew gave to the triggerds, who really, really hated Milo at the time, because of his twitter use, persona and rhetoric..
          I get your point about Breitbart as well. But it’s always been more of a conservative/libertarian provocateur site, with some journalism on the side. Andrew had exceptional foresight and saw were things were going socially, and how the uncucked would need to fight back. He wasn’t socially conservative from a legislative perspective, or religious. He was held in contempt for those things by the gatekeepers on the right, for a long time.
          I’ve never looked to his site as like, some source for my philosophic foundation. But they will report on things other people won’t, and there is honest journalism in that. I just don’t look there (or anywhere tbh) for a regularity of honest, high volume journalism. Those days are long gone, bro.

    2. I completely agree with you regarding Breitbart, but taking the name of Lynyrd Skynyrd in vain is blasphemy.

    3. Milo became technology editor because he championed gamergate and created his following on twitter and social media. No other reason

  5. It appears to me that Milo is an actor. He is playing a role. This is often the case with people who are connected to the mob, or connected to super-rich families. And it appears that Milo is connected to BOTH. The mob, you say? The super-rich, you say?
    Here’s a snippet from Milo’s Wikipedia entry –
    Yiannopoulos was born and raised in Kent in southern England.[14][15] His father is of half Greek and half Irish descent, while his mother is British.[16][17][18] Yiannopoulos claims his father wanted to divorce his mother while she was pregnant with him, however, his parents remained together for six more years.[17] Raised by his mother and her second husband, Yiannopoulos states he did not have a good relationship with his stepfather. He has further described his father as “terrifying”; remarking upon his family’s wealth he said, “I would think, if my dad is just a doorman, why do we have such a nice house? Then I saw it on The Sopranos.”[17] As a teenager, Yiannopoulos lived with his grandmother, who regularly took him for high tea at Claridge’s.[17]
    So it’s a known fact that Milo’s family is wealthy. And Milo is insinuating that his father was mob-connected. Check. His grandmother regularly took him to high tea at Claridge’s. Check. You don’t hobnob at Claridge’s to take “high tea” unless you are connected to royalty. Again, from Wikipedia –
    Claridge’s is a 5-star hotel at the corner of Brook Street and Davies Street in Mayfair, London. It has long-standing connections with royalty that have led to it sometimes being referred to as an “annexe to Buckingham Palace”.
    So that makes his grandmother old money, and very likely connected to royalty by blood.
    Milo dropped out of both the University of Manchester, and Wolfson College (Cambridge), never attaining a degree at either institution. And yet, quite magically, he becomes the technology editor for Breitbart. How does an ass-clown who never graduated from college, become a “technology editor”. That makes zero sense on any level. It’s more likely that he is an actor (intelligence asset), who is playing a role. But this doesn’t make him any different than any other cartoon-cutout actor who comes from a wealthy background and plays the role of, “the boy genius who sling-shots to fame and fortune while having zero qualifications for doing so”. You quickly find out that the list of these people is endless, once you start doing research into the matter.
    Again, from Wikipedia –
    Yiannopoulos became interested in technology journalism while investigating the subject of women in computing in 2009 for The Daily Telegraph.[9]
    How in the fuck does a dude with no college degrees at all, let alone a degree in journalism, who initially studied English Lit. for two years at Cambrige, before dropping out, become a writer who contributes to one of the largest newspapers in Great Britain, The Daily Telegraph? Wow. He must be one talented sumbitch, eh? (Or one well-connected sumbitch.)
    I think Milo’s life has been entirely scripted, from start to finish, and his current “downfall” was orchestrated to tar-and-feather the Alt. Right movement. His has also been highly visible due to his open admission of being gay. (Homosexuality being promoted by the elite as being healthy and normal, and all – wink, wink.) Which doesn’t mean he actually is gay, it just means he’s playing the role of a gay man.
    If he really edited articles at Breitbart (or anywhere else for that matter), I’m the King of Borneo. He’s just another rich stooge playing a role (pretending to be somebody he isn’t), while being propped up by the lying media (the media being owned by those very same super-rich people). Intelligence assets with the appropriate credentials and talent probably write all his articles for him, and he puts his name on them. Rich man’s privilege, basically.
    Once you ferret this out for just one cog in the elitists’ myriad wheels, you see it repeat itself over and over…and that’s about enough time spent on this particular douchebag.

    1. There’s an old blues standard called “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl” that glorifies pedophilia. Originally written by Sonny Boy Williamson if I’m not mistaken, but later covered by many, many other artists, including Muddy Waters, Ten Years After, the Grateful Dead, and Johnny Lang. You can probably pick up a copy of it on CD at your local Walmart, Target, Best Buy….Basically any of your typical goddam hypocrite establishment chain stores.
      Shit only becomes an outrage to any group when it becomes politically expedient for said group to MAKE it an outrage. It’s a fucking joke all around.

      1. Good morning little schoolgirl, can I come home with you?
        Tell your mama and your papa I’m a little schoolboy too.
        Come on now pretty baby I just can’t help myself
        You’re so young and pretty I don’t need nobody else.
        Good morning little schoolgirl, can I come home with you?
        Don’t you hear me crying?
        I’m gonna leave you baby about the break of day
        On account of the way you treat me, I got to stay away.
        Come on now pretty baby darling come on home
        You know I love you baby, I got to get you all alone.
        Good morning little schoolgirl, can I come home with you?
        Don’t you hear me crying?
        I’m gonna buy me an airplane and fly all over your town
        Tell everybody baby, lord knows you’re fine
        Come on pretty baby now, I just can’t help myself
        You’re so young and pretty I don’t need nobody else.
        Good morning little schoolgirl, can I come home with you?
        Don’t you hear me crying?
        Good morning little schoolgirl, can I come home with you?
        Good morning little schoolgirl, can I come home with you?
        Tell your mama and your papa I’m a little schoolboy too.
        I’m a schoolboy, too. hey, I’m a schoolboy, too.
        I want to be your chauffeur, I want to ride your little machine
        I want to be your chauffeur, I want to ride your little machine
        I want to put a tiger, baby I want to put a tiger, baby.
        I want to put a tiger, baby, hey in your sweet little tank.
        Hey baby now yes I do ha, yes I do
        Hey I got to hey, I got to come on home with you
        Tell your mama, tell your papa, tell your mama and your papa
        Hey, I’m a schoolboy, too, hey, hey, I’m a schoolboy, too.
        Ha oww, I’m a schoolboy, too, ow, I want to keep your company
        Hey I want to keep your company.
        Written by William Lee Conley Broonzy

        1. Hate to be an ass but the last line is “I ONCE WAS a schoolboy too”….At least that’s how I remember it. Again though I only correct you here bc that little change makes the singer a pedo instead of a schoolboy.
          Still…Great fucking song huh? Cheers to you for knowing it.

        2. As a teenager my garage band played this song after we saw Alvin Lee play it. Being young and shitty we failed when it came to Alvin’s lead guitar part backed by the awesome performance of his bass player.

        3. I’ll drink to that, my man. What I wouldn’t give sometimes to go back to my own shitty teenage garage band days, armed with redpill knowledge…Oh the little schoolgirl poon I’d have racked up…

        4. Honestly I’m only familiar, and years ago at that, with the Muddy Waters version…I just remember from back then reading about everybody else who’s covered it. The only other version I’ve ever actually heard is the dead’s. This has a lot more lyrics than old Muddy sang…And some are pretty awesome.
          Also cool to learn that it’s a Big Bill Broonzy song too, and not Sonny Boy Williamson. Big Bill was the man. To digress a bit, I find music, especially blues music, to be one of the best examples of how “diversity” and the old American “melting pot” ideas can really be a beautiful example of E Pluribus Unum. Assimilation and synthesis is the key.

        5. No prob Bob. For you have just reminded me of 20 years ago when the Simpsons was still funny.

        6. Purely playing Devil’s Advocate here, but I’m sure that Broonzy wrote and recorded that song as from a perspective of a boy or teenager. Many Blues songs use perspective from memories or past events in the artists’ lives. In the ultra-PC 21st century, it’s also not hard to take that song as condoning paedophilia.

        7. Oddly enough, Homer could name the bassist of Grand Funk Railroad here but, a few years later, couldn’t name any bassist in another bit where he becomes a bassist.

      2. Pretty sure this song is from the perspective of a young man talking about a highschool age girl, not some pedo bullshit.

        1. You’re “pretty sure” of that, are you? Well then, if Bollockser’s pretty sure, I guess we ought to shut down this fun and interesting conversation straight away!
          Hear that fellas? Stop Googling those lyrics, and stop thinking about how each different artist presented them. Stop noticing how the more mainstream artists sang it as “I am” and the sorta underground, country-fied blues men types tended to stick with the original “I once was”. Stop, stop, stop! That’s wrongthink and it won’t be tolerated here.
          Listen man, again, I don’t think anybody here is going to advocate child abuse. But I think we can at least admit that, even in our well structured society, there’s some blurry lines out there. Typically we don’t even like to talk about them but they’re out there nonetheless.
          Why did American Beauty win Best Picture? How come every single viewer didn’t storm out of the theater in total disgust?
          What about these age of consent laws, and how they vary from state to state, or nation to nation? How can that be? Let’s say you’re in Iowa and the age of consent is 16. You meet a mature young lady there, she’s 17 so you’re in the clear, and you proceed to bone. Then next week she asks you to come to her house, across the border in Nebraska…And there you’re a criminal bc the age of consent is 18. (I don’t know if any of that is true, I just picked 2 states that I think are contiguous). Are you a criminal, or aren’t you?
          What if you just turned 19 and are banging a 15 year old? What if you’re 21 and she’s 17? When does it become “wrong”?
          At any rate, this is all just fun for me to think and talk about and stir the pot. I don’t advocate relationships with minors and I’d never engage in one. But I also don’t like the inability to think critically and rationally consider other people’s points of view. Sorry to ramble again. And Monsieur Bollockser, I don’t mean to single you out. You typically add good perspective to the conversations around here.
          Back to work

        2. The words “little girl” are all over Rock & Roll.
          Just off the top of my head,
          Lynyrd Skynrd:
          What’s your name, little girl?
          What’s your name?
          Shootin’ you straight, little girl?
          For there ain’t no shame.
          The Doors:
          Youre lost, little girl..
          Youre lost, little girl..
          Youre lost, tell me who are you…
          Pretty sure any examples one could pick are not pedo innuendos; jailbait perhaps, but not pedo.

        3. You are totally correct about that (and great job with the somewhat obscure Doors reference). It could even be partly due to the rhythmic cadence of the words themselves, for all I know. All I’m saying is it’s not totally out of the question that these guys might be talking about girls in high school. We’ll never know bc they’re dead and we can’t ask them.
          Remember always that the primary things we subconsciously seek in females are youth, beauty, and fertility. This is essentially an instinct, and in an advanced society, it’s why we need laws to protect young women who may be completely physically mature, but not yet mentally or emotionally mature, from sexual predators. That’s why there’s variance from place to place about what that “legal age” should be. If this were 1017 AD instead of 2017, you’d see a lot more weddings involving girls who are barely teenagers.
          Again though I’m not defending Milo or any sexual predators here. These laws and social constructs exist for very good reasons. There’s a big difference between seeing a girl of 16 and thinking “yowza” to yourself, and actually pursuing a relationship with one. Milo was way the fuck out of line to glorify sex with 13 year olds and he’s going to pay quite the price for doing it.

    2. I used to enjoy Bill Maher’s rants about Islam, but the instant that Bernie got steamrolled by the Clinton machine and it came down to Hillary vs Trump, Maher got soft on Islam.

      1. Bill Maher is a straight up Jewish supremacist. He used to rail against Islam due to his devotion to Israel bit, now he has backed off that publicly to attack white nationalism as that is viewed as a bigger threat to Jewsh interest than Islam is.
        Doesn’t mean he won’t be back on the anti Islam train again. He’s just got bigger, Whiter fish to fry currently.

        1. Bill Maher is so full of shit it’s incredible.
          He runs down Christians, runs down Muslims but when it comes Israel, Americans are supposed to die so a bunch of kikes can juggle deporting sand niggers and maintaining a racially pure apartheid state?
          Yeah, no thanks.
          You can fuck yourself Bill Maher.

        2. Media Jews like (((Maher))) love to stoke that Islamic hate so we keep bombing the shit out of the middle east and supporting Israel then do a complete 180 on Islam when it comes to DIEversifying Western/European nations.

        3. You only have to look at the American presidents/politicians grovelling behaviour around their Israeli counterparts to discern who’s nation is the bitch in that relationship.

    3. It was Maher’s defense of that statement that should have caused the uproar:
      “How can a woman rape a man?”
      Yet liberals never see their hypocrisy with this stuff. But in the end, it doesn’t make Milo’s justification of adults fucking children any better. Both of them defended it, and so, both of them are wrong.

  6. He’s like Bill Mayer, John Stewart and Trevor Noah. They’re Comedians who call themselves journalists. No one should be outraged nor inspired by what they have to say.
    Its only fair that we have more of these “infotainers” on the right (or at least middle). I think we never had them because conservatives were too religious to get into the dirty game of political satire.

  7. Wow. This article, and a good handful of the current comments so far, are a mess. I mean, everybody’s entitled to their own opinions and ideas about what’s what, but some of this stuff is patently absurd.
    Listen, I’m not a huge Milo fan myself. I could write a full-length piece here about why that is, as well as why this has occurred, and about what red pill men AND Milo himself should do about it going forward. But…I really don’t think the comments section of any website is the place for that. Maybe it’s time I finally started a blog or a website of my own. Maybe I should finally, carefully, make my way back to social media (I actually did set up a account just yesterday)…But my stomach’s growling and I got a long list of chores to tackle, so I’m going to say this and only this for the time being:
    Love him or hate him, or anything in between, do you have any idea how many people Milo brought into the fight against the regressive left over the last couple of years? People who, in the past, either sat apathetically on the sidelines, or even believed that they were “progressives” themselves? I’d wager that the number is staggering. Maybe even enough to, say, tip a presidential election. No, I don’t mean that Milo singlehandedly won the election for Trump — but I’d be naive and foolish to say he didn’t play a role. And…
    Well god dammit, there I go rambling. I’ve got so fucking much to say about this. Maybe I’ll come back later. Maybe I’ll say it elsewhere. Maybe I’ll just eat my steak & potatoes and call it a day. In any event, I’d like to congratulate all of those who have been passing their far-right ideological purity tests. Great job. You remind me a lot of some of my old regressive pals from college who rail on and on about Bernie or the $15 minimum wage or some other retarded idea that they can’t defend rationally. That shit doesn’t look good on anybody.

    1. Milo essentially helped me vote for Trump in Wisconsin. It was either vote for Trump or not vote at all. I listened to milo in the coming months and it got me in the right mindset. if you have something to say, say it. I know there is a lot of anti milo bias here, but im a pretty big fan of Milo. So whatever you have to say, say it!!

      1. Thanks for the positivity, Bill. I would definitely like to wax philosophical about it, but I’ve already unleashed a steady stream of verbal diarrhea on the comments section here and I’ve allowed it to take my focus away from where it should be right now. Additionally, if I tried to write it up the way I really want to, I’d need to include snippets of a bunch of different videos and links to quite a few other articles both here on ROK and elsewhere on the internaught…And long story short, all that’s a little beyond my technical capabilities at this time. However, I think this has put me over the edge and really inspired me to learn how to do some of these things, so if I’m lucky, maybe I’ll be able to pull it all off soon…but by then, this topic will be yesterday’s news. It kind of already is, in this world where things move and change so quickly.
        Nonetheless, apparently what I said resonated with a few others, and I’m glad to see that.
        If I do expand any more on it, I’ll probably do so on that new account I made. I’m not advertising for them but in my 1 day of use, it seems like a decent platform — although typing in their Android API sucks much shit, hopefully they can fix that in time. If I end up doing so, I’ll stop back here and add a link to it.

      2. I heard about Milo here at ROK and took the time to listen to some of his podcasts. His flamboyancy aside, he was speaking the truth and I understood his approach of using the lefts own tactics against them (and they were effective). He has endured alot of slings-and-arrows that few would put up with.

    2. I have followed the guy for at least two years…he exploded upon the scene of campus life, and made a difference…I’ve been away from college for years, but in my day, we used to go toe to toe with the collectivists who did their preaching in the student union…now, the kids are a bunch of pussies, and the college collective has the power to completely usurp the 1st Amendment…WTF? How did we allow our sons to be GELDED? I sure as shit didn’t de-ball my son…Milo may be gay, but he’s got more guts than the majority of “men” on campus, today. Calling them “boys” seems appropriate.

  8. Milo was a successful homosexual. He got attention and adoration from millions of conservative men, and by claiming he only liked black-men he essentially negged and mind fucked the non-black men into feeling safe yet seeing him as more of a challenge. Milo probably cleaned house with thousands of closeted men who were curious, down-low or naive! In the Robert Greene sense, he’s a master seducer – and in the future will probably write a book for gays, on how to game challenging straight men.

    1. Supervisor, eh? Just wondering, is that what you do for a living?
      By that I guess I mean, you wouldn’t also happen to be some sort of nefarious medical professional, would you?

        1. Whose isn’t in 2017? I only asked bc I saw your handle & looked at some of your other comments, & thought you might be somebody I know IRL. Either way….PRA rice that handwriting, it’s classy as fuck if you can write a good looking card or thank-you note.

        2. Well, you do seem like a cool guy regardless, but I could tell you weren’t him when you didn’t recognize me from my question.

  9. To the traitors, may death find you swiftly, and to those loyal to God and country, may death close his eyes to you.

  10. What $250,000 looks like

    I’m being extremely pedantic but that image is more of a million+. Each one of those stacks, by their height is 100k if it’s all 100s, but I digress.

  11. Milo will be back.His crime was basically to rationalise (and in the process defend) his own abuse by older gay men. He needs to revise that position radically, then find a way back in, ideally by turning on those who have attacked him.
    Obviously some people are deeply uncomfortable with the implications of what he said, and that’s understandable, but it needs to be emphasised again and again he has never been accused of anything more than speaking the wrong words in such a way that it could be seen as sympathetic to the type of men who abused him. The logical equivalent is for heterosexual men to make excuses for older female teachers who technically have abused or raped teenage male students. Of course that’s wrong, but a part of all of us knows we would have wanted that.
    BTW Triggly is a bit on the curvy side, but way more bangable than Lena Dunham – who really did abuse her sister and turn her into a lesbian.

    1. Bingo, I called it a few days ago. Milo is basically is opening a can of worms which is the gay paedophile connection. Are the left in a conundrum now aren’t they?
      Fighting tolerance with tolerance!
      Milo will come back stronger than ever!

      1. he definitely can, but he’s going to need the right support, in the right context i.e. one that illustrates the leftist hypocrisy – that words about abuse matter to them more than actual abuse or something like that

        1. The left does not care about hypocrisy, they have one goal an that is that!
          The new right needs to strike the paedophile iron while it’s hot and the society becomes more tolerant.

        2. absolutely. Focusing on demonstrable crimes and demonstrable facts is likely to be hard to shrug off: that probably means the Epstein / Clinton / Anthony Weiner nexus more than Podesta or Alefantis unless someone can provide really solid stuff – i.e. less circumstantial evidence

        3. It may or may be released but there is absolutely no way they can lawyer up if some video or pictures come out, it will be game over!
          I wonder what Briebart knew, hmmm? Reading his book makes me wish he would still be alive to take these paedos on!

        4. we need some more whistle-blowers. There have been rumours going around for years that powerful people were routinely recorded in compromising situations and controlling through the threat of blackmail. The thing though, is that if that’s the case then it goes very deep. I remember some british lawyer – who was probably an intelligence op – claiming that Edward Heath had murdered kids on his boat with the help of german intelligence. German intelligence? This is deep down the rabbit hole. Can one pull hard evidence out the proverbial rabbit hole?

  12. It’s an own goal by the MSM- like Oscar Wilde said “there’s no such thing as bad publicly darling”- more people now know who he is and there are always two sure ways to increase the sales of a potential book- ban it or refuse to publish it because it’s too controversial. If I were a small time publisher down on my luck, I’d be looking his number up.

  13. Debunking feminist myths and anti-feminism in general has not done enough to take hold in mainstream culture. Unfortunately, fighting feminism (ultimately, the core of what Milo does) needs to be wrapped in a more entertaining package in order for any significant amount of people to notice. Milo, at this point, has been just that.
    When it comes down to it, he is good at destroying feminists and this is a big deal. He attacked them at university campuses, which is feminism ground zero, and this needs to be done more often by more people. All the other stuff about him is merely controversy and flair, which is the entertainment part of his act that causes people to pay attention. I hope he resurfaces somewhere else and keeps at it.

    1. I agree. That said, Milo had been far less visible online since the Twitter ban so I wasn’t sure how wrong the misuse of that towelhead term was at first.

  14. Milo captured my attention some time back because he is someone that knows what is good and moral and right, but has another side of him that is a greater challenge to overcome; being gay. A lot of us can see ourselves in him. I’m someone that yearns for Christ’s Kingdom on earth and yearns for a moral society, but at the same time I lust after woman and would have sex at the drop of a hat with 3 hot women at the same time if they asked me. A lot of us are great men, but because of original sin and not being perfect as humans, we have a bad side to us. Milo is the same way, but he struggles with an extreme gay sexual pervertness that overcomes him.
    The misconception about the Catholic Church is everyone thinks they are like any other non-denominational church that chastises and ridicules gays. The catechism of the Catholic Church actually does not. The catechism of the Catholic Church welcomes gays into the church and recognizes that they have greater challenges to overcome than the average person in not engaging in sex until after marriage. Gays cannot reproduce, so they must remain celebrant the rest of their lives unless they marry someone of the opposite sex and procreate. They have greater challenges to overcome in that regard and the Catholic Church recognizes that.

  15. Milo’s qualities, and his very flaws allowed Milo to give SJW and FEminists a taste of their own medecine. He attacked them publicly with an effiency never done to this level before.
    He was ALSO a real asset for Trump election.
    Now, chances are he was backstabbed by people from his own ‘team’.
    Rules for rulers. ‘When you access power, discard your previous assets and use well established conections to keep it.”

    Chances are, Milo ‘degeneracy’ would pale when compared to ‘secret flaws’ of most ‘Pizza friends’.

  16. “When they came for the gay half Jew tech writer, I said nothing, because I was not a gay half Jew tech writer…”
    Why does the alt right insist on knee capping itself at every opportunity? Roosh is too dark skinned, Milo is too gay, Jack Donovan is too gay… to say nothing of the Christians who freak out about anyone speaking up who isn’t washed in the blood of the lamb. It’s ridiculous. The enemy of my enemy, right? I think every single person who reads this site and even half agrees with it should be strongly on Team Milo right now.

  17. Milo is an effective ally in the fight against authoritarinism, there is no question about that. In fact, he also has the street cred to prove it. We’ve all seen it. Furthermore, he is no pedophile so let’s stop with that bullshit.
    Stefan Molyneux made valid points about Milo and I accept them. At the same time though, I understand that Milo has done great things insofar as pushing OUR narrative, OUR politics, OUR opposition, and OUR beliefs. Stop piling on the dude for he is a fearless warrior who has stricken fear into the hearts and minds of the SJWs and Cucks.
    When you assail Milo you are merely joining in with those who seek to promote an authoritarian form of government. I’m not saying to omit the man’s flaws, I’m saying to weigh them against his value insofar as OUR fight against authoritarianism is concerned.

  18. He may be a degenerate, but he’s our degenerate, and it’s about time we defend our ideological brothers as much as the Left defends their rapists, murderers, thieves, corrupt politicians, sadomasochist islamist worshipers, illegal aliens, and feminists…we may all disagree about his lifestyle, but in a Free Choice world, it’s HIS free will, not ours, that is on OUR side…this article condemns the guy, because it’s obvious, the writer never fully listened to the guy as he challenged the “Slime of the Left” from campus to campus.

  19. As much of a paradox as Milo is I tend to believe the hit job was because he is one “conservative ” voice that kids on campus actually listened to. He used the outrageous comments and humor to entertain while delivering a message – the left is petrified of people like him because they use the Colbert, Oliver blueprint but for the opposition.

  20. He is like the guy at work that gets along with most everyone and most everyone also likes him but, he doesn’t really work, just hangs out taking up space that someone more productive could be occupying. More trouble than he’s worth.
    I don’t care to hear anything that dook buster has to say.

  21. I’m not so concerned that Milo doesn’t completely fit the conservative meta. He’s an ally to our cause who’s done wonders for our movement whether or not he takes it up the ass (or gives it). The hard truth is that we need people that leftist drones can relate and sympathize with. The only way Milo could better epitomize the idea of victim points is to not be a white man. We need a massive shift in cultural values to win this war. I don’t believe a few gays in our ranks will hurt our message. Their charisma and likeable nature is more likely to help us than anything else.
    In any case, Roosh said it best. This was a blessing in disguise for Milo. He nailed the ‘apology’ press conference, retained the rights to his book, and has hundreds of thousands of followers that he no longer needs to kick up to Breitbart for. He’ll do just fine.

  22. Ah what the hell… I like Milo! I could care less about his sexual orientation. It’s his perspective that I am a fan of.

    1. What perspective?
      People just like that he pisses off liberals, which anyone who has balls and went to college did.
      Milo is one trick pony…. who sucks black peepee

      1. I didn’t go to college and I could piss off liberals. Anyone can piss off liberals. Yet it takes a certain edge not just to piss them off, but to threaten them and silence them? That takes skill!!!

  23. Although he did make some sense, like most fairies he’s an attention seeking Diva and i’m not sure he would’ve taken this path had it not brought him all the fame and attention. he’s always posing with ridiculous costumes and always makes references to his retched sexual practices while defending a serious cause which affects millions of people. I mean how can you be taken seriously when you claim that being raped by a priest at age 12/14 was the best experience you’ve ever had. Those are the words of a deranged individual who’s now done more harm than good to the cause he pretends to defend. Virgil did warn us: Beware of greeks bearing gifts.

  24. Milo is something very traditional in Western culture – the Court Jester.
    He dressed and acted outrageously – but then says the things that everyone knows are true but are afraid to admit. It’s fun to watch because it makes all the hypocrites squirm.
    I hope Milo recovers and makes a come back.

    1. All hopes are that he comes out and says “the gay part was all bullshit, made up to bypass the MSM sieve, haha, nanner nanner booboo stick YOUR face in doo doo”. I don’t know if it’s likely though. Is there any hard proof that he’s the nigger anus crust conniseur that he purports to be? It has to be a joke seriously. Who could honestly lick negroid’s rectums and still have such pearly white teeth? Wouldn’t his handshakes smell like jungle bung ape? Seriously. It’s like Jenner who puts on the fascade with the gypsy bitch carny friek Kardashian clan he’s in. It’s a carnival show with Jenner and he’s in it for the bucks and the publicity. He’s never actually had his dick and balls lopped off on record. He stuffs it in tights or maybe he lets it hang so as to make a real freak show looking like a chick with a bulge. Milo’s act is too freaky to be genuine.

      1. He is on record as saying that if he could take a pill and it would make him straight that he would do it. So im thinking the Gay part is real. The flaming part may be an act to bring out hypocrites in the Liberal community. Which he did, and then they shut him down which looks like for good.

    2. I very much doubt the beloved Court Jester sucked cock and openly joked about it. Milo would have been arrested for indecency in the 1950’s, and probably hung in the 1250’s; there’s nothing traditional about being a degenerate (even if he does speak much truth).
      We don’t need a flamboyant faggot to state what should be obvious to any sane individual. We don’t need to replace straight white men with token minorities just so the left can’t write us off for being straight, white and male. Although, having said all that, i will give him some credit for making left-wing authoritarians very confused, but just because someone is radically non-PC, doesn’t make him a worthwhile leader.

  25. got the feeling Maher is connected to some big media mafia and after they saw Bill stumble and not be able to sink Milo, the heavies made a phone call and pulled the plug on his tour and his fame. bizarre.

  26. Just another attention seeking little whore. Obviously a smart little girl because he saw a gap. He was a gay articulate man defending Men’s Rights in an admirable way.
    Then closet faggots, alt-right, right-wing, tea bag, or whatever the label is today got hold of him and literally whored him out. Being a super queer he just couldn’t help it.
    Get to grips with the Zionist/Gentile agenda and your lives will improve.
    Bashing migrants, annoying feminazi women, Muslims and whoever else is not the solution.

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