How To Get Over Your Anxiety When Approaching Women

One of my best life lessons I learned in a Boy Scout wilderness survival class. I learned that the number one thing that keeps you alive if you are lost in the woods is a Positive Mental Attitude. Preventing yourself from becoming stressed, worried, depressed, or dejected and keeping a clear head is more important than finding water, carrying a compass, having a map, or any other single factor. And the best thing about that lesson is anyone can change their attitude.

I’ve found this lesson applies equally to success in life, success with women, and general happiness. Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie have both written books on the importance of P.M.A.

What is the biggest reason you are not getting laid more? You are not meeting, engaging, and flirting with enough women. Why not? It’s 100% a mental decision. If you approach women with a positive attitude, a smile, and carefree attitude, eventually you will get laid.

Motivate Yourself


A positive attitude is important for two reasons. First, you must put yourself in the correct frame of mind to approach women in the first place. I’m fairly disgusted and exhausted by American women, their games, their personalities, and their general lack of femininity. If I stop and dwell on these issues too long, I lose the desire to approach them and miss out on the opportunity for a bang.

The other night, I was standing in a bar waiting for friends. There was a slim, long haired American girl also waiting alone. I’m fairly picky, and have had my fill of cunty, aggressive western women, and the pains of wasted time and past relationships with ex girlfriends were filling my mind. When I began thinking of all these things, and how inferior this chick would be vs. a slim Mexican salsa dancer, I hesitated before approaching, she looked over and saw me in my awkward state, and the opportunity was lost.

If you DO want an easy lay, you must set aside ALL negativity, and just have a goal of staying positive and upbeat no matter what, and to interact with every passable woman that you come across that day. I consider all the unpleasant components a Western girl may have just another part of her “shit test” that I must pass if I want to bang her. When you consider it that way, the correct response is to ignore it as irrelevant, and keep your goal in mind—getting her alone and sealing the deal.

Women Have High Emotional Intelligence


The second reason a positive mental attitude is important is because once you have approached, you must project a confident, happy go lucky, masculine image to the woman with your actions, tone of voice, and conversation topic. Women have a naturally higher EQ than men, and can pick up on body language, nervousness, and other factors far easier than we can. You have to be naturally happy, and talking about subjects that are interesting to you or make you happy (at least on some superficial level), and you should be speaking with a smile.

In order to make them comfortable enough with us to hand over their contact info after only a few short minutes of conversation, you must come across as genuinely confident, happy, and carefree. This is very difficult to fake, so the easiest thing to do is make multiple approaches, so the individual outcome of each one matters very little. Then you have little reason to be nervous or feel odd, and your natural calm and confident manner will moisten her privates and make her more receptive. Remember, the first couple of minutes of casual flirting is an exciting event for both man and woman, and you want her emotions to tell her “Yes! See him again!”  and overcome her rational mind (bear with me) which is saying “You don’t even know this stranger.”

Fear Factor

What’s the main thing stopping you from approaching?

It’s far easier to do nothing


A masculine man takes on a difficult task, because it allows him to grow and learn. It’s easier to sit and home and watch TV instead of lifting. It’s easier to collect welfare than it is to learn a skill and work a job. It’s easier to wife up the first sloot you come across than remain single or hold out for the absolute best option. But we are men and we ENJOY challenges, because we enjoy the rewards that come with them.

You consider you will see the girl again

You might, and you might not. Either way, you should approach her, even if you aren’t going to close. Say hi, be friendly, make your presence known to her. You can always pick up where you left off if you see her again.

You hesitate and question how much you might like her

If you are looking for a quick bang, the only thing that should matter is if she passes the boner test. This can be decided within two seconds. Approach or pass.

You don’t feel physically attractive enough

First, remember the P.M.A. lesson. A positive mental attitude is WAY more sexy to a woman than a great body, a tall guy, or a certain “type.” Second, you should be working out in order to build and maintain strength, maintain healthy testosterone levels, and not be overweight. But trust me, if you are anywhere near average shape, the girl you want to approach has likely already slept with someone far below your SMV.

You aren’t dressed good enough to impress her

Again, attitude is more important than what you’re wearing. That said, I’m guilty of leaving the house without always looking my best. And it seems that EVERY time I do, I find myself around a really hot girl who’s alone. You know how the hot girl *always* has to spend time on her appearance, even if she’s only going to the grocery store? You need to do the same. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just practice good hygiene and wear decent enough clothing where you feel comfortable approaching a stranger whenever you go out.

You don’t want the discomfort that comes with rejection

This is likely the biggest reason. Consider that meeting girls is simply a numbers game, and that you must pass x number of rejections until you reach the goal.  Consider every interaction to be a learning experience. Therefore, when you don’t get the number, you haven’t failed, you’ve practiced another approach, you’ve gauged the girl’s reaction to your style, your opening line, a specific question, or something you can tweak and use on your next approach. Consider this: even if you fail 100% of the time, all you’ve done is spent a few minutes getting to know someone you will never see again. Psychologists tell us talking to strangers improves our well-being. So at a bare minimum, you’ve improved your mental and emotional health.

Overcoming Fear Of Rejection


Approach first, hesitate after you number close

Accept that even for the best of PUAs, they will likely convert only single digit percentages of approaches into lays. This fact alone should make you feel better. If I told you, you were guaranteed pussy if you approached the next 100 women you saw, would you do it? Because that’s almost assuredly what will happen. Guys new to game often report a success rate of 1, 2, 3%. While some pros often say it’s not much higher than 6%. What’s the catch? The pros are simply APPROACHING more.

The key for me is to make casual conversation with anyone and everyone you come across. This does a few things:

1) Puts you in a Positive Mood! We are social creatures and we get tiny endorphin highs off social interactions.

2) Warms you up and gives you practice at making small talk

3) Takes the pressure off when you see a hot girl, you just repeat the same behavior you did with the last 5 strangers you passed, and she either responds, or doesn’t.

The May Challenge

The school year is ending, couples are breaking up, bodies are getting beach ready, and juices are flowing. Now is the time to act. For the month of May, the challenge is to approach 100 women in 30 days. That means approaching 3 girls every day, 4 girls on weekends. Depending on your comfort level, if you’re not ready for something that aggressive, take 2 months. If you’re ready, start today. If you can’t dive right in, here is the plan:

Week 1: Begin your first couple of days approaching neighbors, fellow guys, old ladies, married women, etc. Just make small talk with them. If you feel weird starting a conversation with a stranger, just make a comment while passing like “Hey!  Great day isn’t it?” Or “Good afternoon! I’m loving this great weather” Understand that reading this comes across as cheesy and dumb, but when you say it with a smile, it comes across as genuine and positive and friendly, which is the attitude you’re wanting to project.

The goal is really more how you say something and the fact that you are speaking at all, instead of what you say. Think of someone who always speaks to you. You probably think of them as a friendly and happy person, without remembering anything specific they say to you. By the end of this week you should be approaching at least one new girl a day.


Week 2: The goal is to develop a conversation. You aren’t merely saying “hi” but you are going for a back-and-forth. You need to develop some follow up questions.  Day Bang is very helpful for some ideas here, and will cost you roughly two coffees at Starbucks. I’ll leave it up to you if you think that’s a worthwhile investment.  Again, what you say is of less importance. Obviously saying something dumb or awkward can blow your chances, but most guys are too afraid to approach women at all, and most women will love the opportunity to talk about themselves. Make a compliment, comment about their clothing, their style, where they are going, what they are doing, etc. Approach and make conversation with at least one girl a day.


Post a note on your mirror and motivate yourself to keep approaching!

Week 3: At this point you should see that it’s easy to approach and talk to strangers, especially if you have no expectations for the outcome. The goal here is to ask for one phone number a day. At this point, you need to not really care about getting the number, just casually throw out “Well, hey, I have to run, but it was nice chatting, we should talk again some time, what’s your number?” At the same time don’t expect to get the number, because girls will read your anxiety and fear. It is work to go out and meet girls, so you don’t have to ask for a number every single day, but you should complete seven attempts within this week.


Week 4: The goal here is to collect as many digits as possible. Challenge yourself to approach three girls every day, at a minimum. At the end of this month, you should have over 35 approaches. Continue into month two with three approaches per day, and you’ll reach your goal of 100 at the end of this month.


You will have to work to meet 100 strange women. You may find yourself going to the mall, going to the park, the coffee shop, and places where you wouldn’t normally go. But at the end of this challenge I can GUARANTEE you will be more confident, have less fear of rejection, be more comfortable and relaxed around strange women, and will being to naturally act on opportunities that come your way, instead of letting them slide by.

And you statistically have enough approaches to have earned a bang. All you need is a Positive Mental Attitude. Do you have one?

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338 thoughts on “How To Get Over Your Anxiety When Approaching Women”

  1. 27 never had a GF. More of less given up at this popint if it dioes by some miracle happen it be wrinkled sagging mockery of what got for free so fuck it at least I know never to get married.

  2. Don’t care what they may say we got that attitude.
    Don’t care what they may do we got that attitude.
    Hey we got the PMA
    Hey we got the PMA
    “Attitude” by Bad Brains

  3. I’m in agreement that one needs to set a goal and GO GET IT.
    Too many people procrastinate far too much. One day I decided I wanted a Jewish girl. About 6 months and random straying later it was closed.
    Didn’t like her, and figured I’m getting to the family stage, so I thought about what kind of girl I want to marry and have kids with. And since I’d never been with a Japanese girl, I decided for a traditional minded one to make it extra hard.
    So there I was sitting in Europe, never having been to Asia cracking my knuckles in anticipation, and just started. A month went by, 5-6 DOA approaches online – nothing.
    So I upped the numbers and widened the net. Another 6 months of reject reject reject and probably 100+ girls, countless hours…. And bingo!
    Nursed it over a few months and then took the big step and went over.
    Long story short she is now my wife and expecting our first born.
    Whatever the heck it is you want, don’t sit on your hands GO DO SOMETHING!

    1. Congrats on the impending birth of your first child.

    2. congrats and also this is a great moral lesson for more than just women, but life in general. Way to go brother.

    3. What do you mean by “went over”?
      Do you mean to say that these rejections occurred online?
      Rejections online don’t carry the same weight as real world rejections. It doesn’t really qualify as an approach.
      Congrats on scoring the girl, but…don’t you think that time would have been better invested if you had approached women in the real world?
      The reward is much greater and tends to pan out much quicker. Just sayin.

      1. You are missing that the whole point had nothing to do with getting into a girls panties.
        So no, any time spent in the real world absent any of my target type would be 100% waste of time.
        The reward would have been zero and the time spent infinite since there are none of what I seek where I’m located.
        And since going 9000km to do random approaches in bars spending a several grand in a few days seems risky to put it mildly I would say my approach to it was the most efficient in both time consumed, money spent and outcome.
        It’s easier to ask a girl if she’s a virgin online… Just sayin.

        1. Well all that matters is you accomplished your goal which I commend you for. I wasn’t trying to sound judgmental. I just wanted to point out the above for any newbies reading this with the goal of just getting laid in mind as course correction.
          Normally traveling overseas for a SPECIFIC girl who you haven’t met does not pan out for the better, Mythical Japanese Woman notwithstanding.
          Going over to check out the talent is another matter entirely.

        2. Sure, I get that you want to point that out, but it seemed like you missed what my objective was.
          My experience of going far away for a girl has always worked out 100%, but I am very picky and not idealistic. Worked out as in bang -> LTR etc, left them later for unrelated reasons, in some cases years later.
          My method is to ditch the idea if there is ANY indication of bad shit. And just chat, mails, phone etc first for a few months. Then a short trip over to check out how the chemistry works and such, then go home, think it over and decide if to commit.
          I can think of three instances of this kind of thing directly but they were all different, one I moved to another country for, one moved for me, one was in the same country but almost opposite end.
          In this case my stated objective was Japanese, virgin or 1 notch, traditional, and to wife up.
          I can get low rent ass in a couple of hours in a bar, that hasn’t been interesting in a long time. I don’t think I’ve been much into that since I was 25 which is 10+ yrs ago and I pull a lot more now than I did then. When you get older it’s more about quality than quantity imo.
          This article is perfect for young bucks who still have to make a name for themselves as this is exactly what is needed, and incidentally how I went from being a virgin to beating pussy away with a stick in a couple of years.
          Edit to clarify another thing. What I meant by approach in the online sense is when you chat with someone for a week or more. I don’t mean “I sent a message and got no reply” I mean when you spend time and effort on it and maybe skype her or so on.

    4. A saying from a wise programmer:
      “If you don’t know what to do, do SOMETHING. At worst, you learned what not to do, and at best you figured out what needs to be done.”

    1. some kratom? some? man, kratom only comes in three doeses. Too Much, Way Too Much or Kratom Sized.

        1. that makes sense.
          Kratom containers are the same as movie popcorn containers.

        2. That is the best Kratom scooper I’ve ever seen. I would love to see the size of the tub that that is the scooper for.

  4. I know this is unrelated to the topic, but it was too good (for the wrong reasons) not to share. According to some female author, since mothers get maternity leave, why can’t single women get “me-ternity” leave, so they can sort out both work and life. Kudos to the folks at the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show for this gem.

      1. Midland Odessa. Unfortunately the local affiliate dropped the show so now I listen to it online. And today I missed it on my way to work. Must have been awesome listening to Joe ripping on this lady.

        1. Even the female anchors made fun of her. I dig the “pushing a baby out of me” part. And she’s right. I don’t expect a woman to just walk out of a hospital and doing a Singing in The Rain number after having a tiny human being rip her apart. Those women could use some Kratom.

  5. Best way is to already be in a LTR. Women will naturally drape themselves across you, whether they know your status or not, because you aren’t a thirsty bitch. You will only have to do the bare minimum i.e. look decent, not be a complete douche, etc. I get much more play (although I don’t follow through purposely) since I met Mrs. Luthor (that’s also how I met her to begin with).

        1. Keep in mind though that the number of women who actually seek out to be a Jezebel is a lot lower than the number of women who would want to get involved in that kind of thing. The confidence of “already have some” is what attracts them I think, not necessarily the ring.

        2. What’s the best indicator of whether or not someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend material? They’re someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend.

        3. So, what about chicks that have bfs? Do you guys pursue them or just drop it? I always let it go at that point, but this same argument works in reverse–there are very few high quality women, and therefore it makes sense most of them are taken at any one given time. They will eventually drop the dude and move on to someone else, typically with little (or no?) downtime in between, meaning they are at least already planning on cheating or have a guy in mind when they drop the old bf. So what’s the best strategy for gaming a girl with a bf?

        4. Chicks that say they have bfs could be testing you. Assume she is bluffing.
          You: Hi. What’s your name?
          She: Oh, I have a boyfriend.
          You: (Seeing a boyfriend hasn’t been around at all)
          Oh yeah? He’s not here. Let’s go.
          If she follows, you called her bluff. If she does have a bf and follows you anyway, she was planning on dumping him. You win.
          If she doesn’t take your bait, then she is committed. Next.

        5. I used to, but not anymore. I used to be the guy who opens the door for the soon to be ex for some reason. Happened several times in a few months at once point. The bitches set it up for sure, just wouldn’t admit it.
          I’d say ignore her claim of bf and just do what you otherwise do… Most of the ones I’ve been with actually didn’t tell me and I didn’t ask, until the morning after or a few days into it lol.
          The way I see it, if the guy isn’t your friend, it’s not your business to keep his bitch in line, and therefore basically fair game. I probably would not have gone to split a married couple with kids up, out of my own morals.
          But these days boyfriend girlfriend is all but meaningless in the west…

        6. When I was much younger, I had a Good Luck Chuck-type thing going. Whoever they met after me became The One.

        7. Hahaha me too! When I was in my 20s every fucking girl I dumped went on to marry and shit out a herd of kids in what seemed like one year.
          Someone has to break them in I guess, you don’t give a wild horse to a beginning rider ;-).

        1. Wearing a ring makes women wonder if they are stunning enough to steal you away from your wife, whom you’ve committed yourself to. If she succeeds, it’s the ultimate ego boost for her. She really is not that into you. Have fun with her.

        2. Seen this a fair bit, but on both sides. I kinda did this once, no wait…
          Anyway you are correct, some do it for sports almost. I stole 2 from the same guy in less than a year, and almost felt bad for 5 sec. He was a POS so no.
          Stole one, banged her for a few months, then just chilled and a few months later he had a new one, long shiny hair so it was time for round 2. After that he got some chick who looked like a 12 yr old boy, no makeup and short ruffled hair and no boobs.
          Ok dude, I’m leaving that shit alone, you can keep it. I’m not touching that…
          But yes it is an ego boost also as a guy.

      1. As a single guy, maybe worth experimenting if wearing a band can affect your prospects.

    1. I can attest to this as well. I’m married to Mrs. Insertrandomnamehere (that’s a bitch to put on a driver’s license BTW) and I go to networking functions as part of my job and I get hit on at least once at each one, and I’m never trying for it (and I’m wearing my wedding ring every time, doesn’t matter). I usually just go to spot people with money and make appointments with them LOL.

    2. Abundance or at least self-sufficiency are hot, and so are the behaviors or signs that give it away.

    3. Putting a positive spin on planned adultery, just stating the facts, or both…I’m not sure but interesting comment nonetheless.

      1. Just the facts. I’m not a proponent of cheating, nor do I indulge myself.
        Addendum: From personal experience, I’d say that 90% of people cheat, male or female. <70% of people are willing to admit it on a survey, and probably <30% are ever caught by their partner.

    4. It’s annoying how true this is. I’m anti-cheating, so I don’t indulge, but whenever I’m in an LTR women hit on me in droves. This happens both when my girlfriend is present and not present. Now, this is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, my girlfriend craves regular poundings because she realizes I’m a desired commodity, but on the other hand, I realize how many untapped vaginas (by me, at least) are out there.

      1. Understand this. Women are not like us men. We find loose women undesirable, women find loose men desireable. Why? Because THEY ARE NOT LIKE US MEN! It is what it is. Just like we like women and they like men.
        Women complain they hate cheaters, but women are attracted to them. You play monogamous, and they will hate you to the point of cheating on YOU.
        You need to put into their heads that you have options. This stupid game you have to put up with because she craves drama. Sometimes I just want to write them off completely.

        1. That’s why I always have some girls in my orbit. I may not act on anything, but the flirting and playful chatting is enough to keep her in line. She knows I could drop her at a moment’s notice and live on like nothing happened.
          The annoying part about it is knowing that if I were to drop my LTR and play the field, all those women that required zero effort will require ten times more effort. They crave the drama, hence why they fuck married men then manipulate, use and abuse them into insanity.

        2. Your playful flirting with other women would keep her behavior in line, but that would only create a shit storm of bitching which most guys are just plain sick and tired of.

        3. I definitely understand that. Luckily my current LTR is calm, the shit tests are few, and I haven’t had to weather any psycho storms like I have in the past. I do understand the shit storms you’re talking about. That’s why MGTOW and other similar movements are springing up all over the world. Most women aren’t worth the effort.

    5. This isn’t true for me. When in an LTR, I haven’t gotten much outside attention. Have no idea why.

  6. You always have to be ready to jump into action. You never know when a hottie is around the corner of whatever building or street you’re in/on. I’ve been in situations where, in a split second, smiles are exchanged and there is a small window of opportunity that if not acted upon, it will be lost for good. I am currently working on taking advantage of these opportunities and just going for it.

    1. I’d say take it up a notch and don’t even wait for eye contact or other IOI’s. I assume when I do that, that the girl will naturally find me attractive anyway so IOI’s are not necessary to start the conversation, I just assume the sale.

      1. I’m with you! Problem is that all of my life I have been a very reserved person. It wasn’t until I found this site 3-4 years ago that I started coming out of my shell. I have made improvements but still have much work to do.

        1. The thing is that you can only get so much cocky around other dudes, and in society in general, until you get shunned. I for one don’t like dudes to get arrogant around me, and when I’m cocky around some girl it’s always in a flirtatious and teasing context.

        2. Hear! Hear! I find this to be a very effective tool. Women are intrigued by this but they wont admit it. I have been shit tested too so your guard should always be up.
          a couple of days ago I was having lunch with a friend and somehow it came up that I could be/am a “dick” at times. I told her, “Yes I am, but you’re having a damn good time around this dick!.” she just smiled and didn’t say anything.

        3. True. Can’t go all in either. It is good in doses though. I always carry myself with confidence. Naturally, you are going to get people who misinterpret confidence as arrogance. usually men who do this are insecure or feel threaten by you, and women who misinterpret it as arrogance are just upset they cant figure you out.

        4. Yes, it definitely teases and tingles the girls as long as it doesn’t look as if you’re tying as you said, that’s why I almost always include it in my flirts. But I don’t know when a guy gets all haughty around me it’s like wtf man… it’s more tolerable when it’s funny I can tell you that much.

        5. Yes, it definitely teases and tingles the girls as long as it doesn’t look as if you’re tying as you said, that’s why I almost always include it in my flirts. But I don’t know when a guy gets all haughty around me it’s like wtf man… it’s like a girl showing her cleavage to her girl friends. It’s more tolerable when it’s funny I can tell you that much.

        6. Truer words. I know a very cocky chap who basically everyone around me detests (I don’t give a fuck, because he can be fun in measured doses). His problem is that his cockiness isn’t backed up by anything – he’s very insecure, has no skills, is overly narcissistic, and ultimately projects neediness.

        7. I’m not cocky, by any stretch of the imagination. I genuinely believe I’m better than 95% of the people I know in the real world, because everything I do revolves around my ultimate goal – to be better in every way, every day.
          Instead of cockiness, I project self-confidence and dominance of my surroundings. When interacting with people (and girls are no exception), I am reading their body language and tailoring my responses to guide them toward my comfortable inner state.
          It’s slow-as-hell game, but it works wonders on my social circle.

        8. “Everything is a game.”
          This is it!
          They love it when we are dorks or cocky, because being that is the opposite of being boring. It makes us different. I remember a situation where i went to the office of a women i worked with to solve a situation.
          When i was leaving, i stopped at the door, turn back, looked at her with a cocky smile and said “Can you please stop looking at my ass?”
          She was totally surprised and denied it but loved it.
          Her red face whit innocent shame and smile told me that.

        9. I only just now realized that you have a new website. Haha, I’ve been going to MACE to scour the archives and wait for new articles.
          That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but let’s just say that I may have never found The Gentlemen’s Club if your comment here didn’t prompt me to click on your profile for further investigation rather than just hovering over it for a snapshot. The snapshot still indicates MACE as your main site by the way.

        10. I used to rile these types up all the time. When they’d later complain to my boss, he would call me into his office and ask me to explain myself. I’d tell him simply, “These guys come in here waving their dicks around like they own the place and like they own me. You can’t shove your dick in my face and not expect me to punch it.”
          I used to get into a lot of trouble when I worked in retail.

        11. I don’t blame you. I expect other guys to treat me as their equal and so should you. If one doesn’t, he can expect shunning with the possible addition of being told to shove it.
          I can’t understand the guys who are okay with taking shit from some other guy who acts around them as if they were his beta bitches. Come to think of it, maybe they are beta bitches and deserve to have someone wave his dick around them. That’s why there are so many loud and obnoxious douchebags around: because they have a bunch of beta orbiters who take their shit instead of shunning them. If those didn’t have orbiters to fawn over their act, they’d stop acting like douchebags.
          Doesn’t mean I can’t acknowledge skill or excellence when I see it. I do. But it has to be something worth admiring, not a pointless “I’m the shit and you’re not” attitude and bravado just for the sake of it.
          Women, on the other hand, expect you to treat them a notch below you. In its in their nature to want to be under the wing of a man capable of protecting them and leading them.

        12. I’ve never studied martial arts except as a child, but I’ve enjoyed the content at MACE very much. I’ve found that the articles are applicable to many facets of life, not just competitive martial arts.
          I look forward to that new article.

        13. Same here. I’m very much a pessimist in nature, but, as I become older, realize that it’s a waste of time.
          Despite suffering some health issues, I still try to get out and try to game females. Life is too short to sit around and do nothing.

      2. This is correct. Flirting hasn’t changed much in principle in the last million years, just in execution. Women still want to be bashed over the head and taken to the cave and have their kidneys beat up, but we live in a more civilized world so it has to be done with body language and words. The principle is exactly the same though.

        1. Hell Yeah Man! That emotional rock known as balls always gets women just enough to keep things going. If you had enough balls to disarm them they rarely think, get the mace, but ‘you’re sexy’. I have approached women from the infamous ‘bad angle’ where they could not see me, and told whatever came to the top of my head to introduce myself. And it ranges based on mood.
          The ultimate pick up line is still saying “Hi”. I have done the NY run to meet a few girls, only to stop them to say Hi. They always look bewildered at first and a little bit flustered to see more. From there I let smile, charm, and flair take over.

        2. A simple Hi puts them in bewilderment. Are they that socially inept?
          I know a couple of times girls would just look up at you like a deer in the headlights. Stunned, like you just took her breath away. Sometimes they’re just nervous in your presence.

        3. It is a little bit of nervousness too. I have a lot of physical strength that is readily visible, but I always carry myself with a smile and openness. There was a moment where I ran to a train that I had to catch, saw a hottie, turned to her and said hi. She practically dropped two eggs in that exact moment. She was an 8 too. Despite all the PC talk, women are always open to seeing if a new male will be able to lead them to bed. It is only natural to them to be in awe of those strong enough to go for what they want. I love it.
          You want that nervousness from women as it means they will be honest. I have gotten lays within the hour of meeting a woman, or make outs within 10 minutes of first introduction, because I rode that nervous energy of theirs.

        4. Spot on! You want them to be nervous and apprehensive enough to stop them from shit tests or second thoughts.
          It drops the rejection rate by a huge amount, as it shows power and control and pure male energy.
          I never play around much really if I am really interested, I just basically tell her what we are going to do next and virtually always it’s a Go. If not I saved time hehe.

        5. Women with high notch count lose that nervousness because they’ve been conditioned like how men lose that nervousness when approaching after doing it many times.

        6. Interesting point! I guess it becomes the norm for them to be approached,however,the main issue with this is that if they dont get approached for some time they go a bit mad.
          High notch count chicks also seem to have a high barrier to her vagina at first but you’ll realise that it’s all smoke and mirrors 5 min into the conversation.

        7. Getting male attention is the main objective in women’s lives it seems. They go to great lengths to get it. When they were young, that came naturally and in great abundance. As they age, it diminishes and envy the younger, prettier girls. They know full well that no matter what they do, they can’t restore that youth, though they still try…to the point of looking pathetic.

      3. well said…..assume you’ll close the deal, and if you don’t, you’re not out anything

    2. Agree, always be ready.
      However I don’t agree that you can always kill the approach anxiety. It’s there for a reason. If you aren’t getting nervous, you aren’t challenging yourself enough.

  7. Fucking A this is a rock solid article! Approach anxiety is the worst aspect of pick up because our primal brains still screams restrain yourself when we see what we want, probably assuming she may be a part of a tribe that will kill us. Yet again, like Troy, you mentioned the 100 women rule. Good call. Well before I got a girlfriend or was anywhere near this site I applied the 20 a day rule. It was summer, had the energy, and made the time for it as improving myself was important. The goal was to talk to twenty women I found attractive everyday for a week. Not only did I have to go to unfamiliar territory, but I had to get over a lot of the fear that forces you to second guess your worth. The truth is pick up isn’t about you but about your mission. Will you submit to your mission and go in full force, as a lot of the same energy and fervor that shows you are a man who will persist? Or will you decide to pull back and not go? Both choices are your’s and fine but if you do go for your prize, you will have memories seared into your soul that will be your proudest times. Great article to start the weekend off right!

  8. Enough with this shit of body language attitude and mind games. Be sincere, if she’s got a brain and her feet on earth she’ll be worth it. 90% of women are not.

    1. “Be sincere”. Whatever the hell that means and also, what does that have to do with approaching?

      1. He’s a special snowflake, and his The One is somewhere out there riding the cock carousel looking for him.

        1. Maybe, just maybe, if he loiters around enough, she’ll drop her 15th bf since she’s known him, and give him a shot…

        2. For him, it’s going to happen, because he is a good guy, and one day she will see it and rush into his arms! (More like lumber into them, when she’s post wall with 3 kids from 8 daddies)

        3. I was reading something after I saw this article. It’s estimated that 2% of males are fathering a child unknowingly that isn’t theirs. That’s nuts.

      2. Funny getting advice to death stroke who will, judging by his comment, be stroking it from now until he dies

  9. Once these feminists get smacked down things will improve with women…
    Hit to help this guy get elected… Im gonna fight tooth and nail to get him in because feminists HATE HIM!!!

  10. If women don’t find you at least somewhat attractive in the first place, showing more confidence to women just makes you more annoying to them, not more sexually desirable.
    “For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.”

    1. True, but you have a lot you can improve in how attractive you appear at a glance.
      Also it’s a lot group dependant, to one group you come off as a douche, to another like a cool guy.

    2. Amazing how much Biblical wisdom I glanced over in my youth. Every passage I read today illuminates everything I’ve learned over the past three years of “red pilling.”

  11. Every Friday, there should be an open thread so we can shoot the shit…

      1. Nah B, Im off today, just watched the tail end of Good Will Hunting, great rant I wanna post(if I can find it) and would make more/less sense on a thread like that

        1. Movie blows. That’s ok though. It’s not your fault you like it. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault.

        2. Goddam, I have to watch that movie again. That’s some serious consequential thinking.
          I like how he makes it personal as well. I am not sure his reasoning makes sense but the delivery is very well done.

        3. havent seen that movie since I was a kid…say what you want about the movie, but that scene is an all-time classic..

  12. Just be yourself. Even if you come across as a little nervous, that’s cute and charming. 🙂 A nice, smart girl might appreciate that more, believe it or not.
    “Players” are actually very transparent IMO – the girls who fall for them probably aren’t the types of girls you want anyway.

    1. Lol, this is why I always say “never take dating advice from women”.
      None of this would exist or be necessary if what you say was true.
      Besides there is a big difference between bettering yourself as a man to attract more women, than just throwing out PUA game. They can be complimentary to eachother but just as often they aren’t.
      I for one am all for people making themselves better, whatever the reason.

      1. I get what you mean actually. I have found it’s a terrible idea to take dating advice from men.
        The two sexes think differently and approach relationships differently. When men have given me advice they’re usually 180 degrees off from what I should actually do – their advice is good for other men probably, but not for women.
        That’s why men and women work well together – our ways of thinking complement each other’s.
        I just wanted to make you guys feel more comfortable when I said to be yourself. 🙂 Really I do think it’s cute when a guy is a little nervous and just makes bullshit small talk. Comes off as genuine.

        1. Yeah, it’s cute when a guy is nervous approaching you, just like a cute little puppy, but you would never submit and have sex with him. You don’t feel that “chemistry”, tingles where you’ll let him do what he pleases with you in bed.

        2. So the big question: real woman or not. Her opinions are wrong and infantile and she is giving advice on something she obviously doesn’t understand so all that points to woman. However, the case for troll can be strong too given that everything seems so scripted and contrived.
          I can’t guess.

        3. Cute is the last thing I ever want a girl to call me. I would rather she be afraid I will kill her than think I was cute

        4. Perhaps a nude date-stamped selfie while holding a sign reading “I give dating/raping advice on ROK” would dispel skepticism?

        5. Honestly, you’re probably right.
          I’m not the type who falls for players and sleeps with them, so I’m not the right girl to speak on that subject. I am attracted to guys who aren’t actively trying to get in my pants. With many guys I find it is obvious when they view you as a conquest, but I’m a little more observant of that type of thing than most girls.
          Yeah, acting like a cocky asshole might help you get into some girls’ pants. So will alcohol.
          That type of guy is not relationship material, which is what I care about.

        6. Not sure what the motive would be for a man to pretend he’s a woman and give fairly generic advice in the comments section. It’s not like I’m passionately disagreeing with you guys on anything.
          Assume whatever you want. 🙂

        7. “Not sure what the motive would be for a man to pretend he’s a woman”
          It wouldn’t be the first time. The old catchphrase “There are no women on the Internet” springs to mind.

        8. Well see that’s just it. It wouldn’t make sense for a man to pretend he is a woman and give any kind of advice in the comment section. However, it also wouldn’t make sense for a woman to come to a site which bills itself as a “site for masculine men” and explicitly, and even politely, notes that it is not interested in the comments of women. In fact, I am committing a policy offense just by replying to you, which is something I have strongly advocated to others against doing when women post here.
          So, like I said…I honestly can’t tell if you are a male or female….to be honest, neither option would make a lot of sense to me.

        9. Maybe I prefer the views on this site to the views on sites billed as being for women. And on those sites, men routinely comment even though the sites aren’t marketed toward them.
          I don’t think my comment of “just be yourself” was particularly offensive or bothersome. I was trying to be nice. People who are uncomfortable around the opposite sex often need to remember they’re just human beings.

        10. maybe you do, maybe not. I think you are suspect. Sorry. If you are in earnest then you would have expected that to begin with.
          As for your comment to “just be yourself” it isn’t offensive. What people here seem to be trying to do, however, is not just “be” anything but rather “become” something.
          A static state of being is a lazy way to go through life in general and if you just accept yourself and say fuck it to becoming more than you are the end result with women is going to be ugly.
          Maybe you are a benign traveler and maybe a troll. Maybe a female and maybe a male. I honestly don’t know and am not going to guess. What I do know is, while it does sound good, the advice to “just be yourself” is poison. I won’t ascribe motive to your comment. You know what they say, Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muß man schweigen.

        11. I don’t disagree with any of that. Again, I was only talking about when you *talk* to the opposite sex. The article is about overcoming anxiety when speaking to women, not improving your lifestyle.
          My point was you should be yourself instead of trying to act like some tough guy during interactions with women. Maybe that’s bad advice, but I wasn’t saying you shouldn’t improve yourself in your everyday life. You should always strive to better yourself and not be lazy.
          For me it’s always been a mistake to put on a facade in order to impress people. You get the best results from being genuine and kind – not trying to act “cool.”
          And yes, I am a woman, but I know there’s no proof. It is what it is. TBH I have a lot of free time on my hands right now (due to some unfortunate events) which is why I commented. Sorry.

        12. Also, please let me point out that being comfortable around the opposite sex is not an issue here I think. Rather, being nice is a very polite way to say tame and

        13. ….and men always tame themselves around women because they have a natural tendency to protect — a tendency that women have taken advantage of to the tune of the downfall of western civilization. Women’s tameness, women’s nicenes is why men need a safe space for themselves.

        14. Well technically, if you’re average or above average in looks department, every guy would want to get in your pants.
          The smart ones know the game well enough to know how to. These are the players. Saying you don’t fall for players sounds very defensive. If a guy is good with women, he’ll be good enough to attract you.
          Also guys who understand game, give excellent advice to girls.
          In fact as the great Patrice O Neal would say, ‘it’s medicine’.

        15. Ambition, intelligence, success > “being good with women” IMO :). As women get older, a guy’s job and sense of ambition become very important. That’s more than half the battle. You can be the most charismatic guy in the world, but if your job is really bad, you don’t have a shot. #harshtruths

        16. And then if it’s determined that a further examination is necessary, we will have to have her probe cavities of her body digitally and with different instruments to make sure there haven’t been any sex change surgeries. This will have to take place over a secure Skype session live to ROK readers. And then maybe, maybe the elders will decide if she will be the first official female ROK member.
          Speaking of female members, I elect to have all future female members (stay with me now) wear a day-to-day uniform made up of highly translucent yoga pants without any underwear so that camel toe will be readily apparent. The upper portion is TBD. Female members will have their own natural hierarchy based on the attractiveness of their female members’ and overall physical attractiveness. Bonus points based on other characteristics like intelligence, performance, attitude, skills etc. will also be taken into account and may affect ranking, if but only slightly. This hierarchy will be determined by a voting session which will closely resemble the Miss America Pageant and all the men from ROK will get to vote. Minor differences will include but not be limited to; a camel-toe showdown, no make-up peepshow, and a strip-club style strip-off finale.

        17. Thank you very much for your comments. Please do not take the following personally as you are just doing what nature commands:
          Gentlemen, I present to you a truer expose of her thoughts –
          “I’m not the type who falls for players and sleeps with them”
          “I am attracted to guys who aren’t actively trying to get in my pants”.
          “With many guys I find it is obvious when they view you as a conquest, but I’m a little more observant of that type of thing than most girls”.
          “Yeah, acting like a cocky asshole might help you get into some girls’ pants. So will alcohol”
          “That type of guy is not relationship material, which is what I care about”.

        18. They come here to take notes so they can reverse the game on the gamers. Attention and Cock too. Round and round the carousel goes, where she stops nobody knows.
          And I thought all guys could instantly tell through the writing of the writer, at the very least, their sex. Then I realized it was another one of my Blessings and much Praises were given and still due.

        19. For me it’s always been a mistake to put on a facade in order to impress people. You get the best results from being genuine and kind – not trying to act “cool.”
          Again, how do you know? What experience do you have picking up women? None? They how can you tell us what does and doesn’t work?
          I can talk a girl out of her panties so damned fast it would make your head spin. My personality is such that I can crack dirty jokes and be cocky all the while sounding like a genteel country gentleman from the Old West, with a long slow and low voice, and chicks eat it the hell up and beg for more. A slow easy smile, and having observed how my quite alpha uncle and father acted around women, instructed me on what does and doesn’t work. Your advice is the exact *opposite* of what they taught me through observation. The vast majority of guys “just being themselves” in approaching women go home alone and to a house with a cat and cry themselves to sleep. People who have not been taught cannot be expected to “just know”.
          Thus, as they say, endeth the lesson.

        20. I pulled some of the hottest and most delicious tail in my life when I was an E-2 in the army making below minimum wage. I also did great in my stint as a bartender, who are not known for making a million dollars a night.

        21. I like “dangerous” and “hot” when I hear it. Always with a nervous laugh filled with open lust.

    2. ‘Be yourself’ is frequently a cop-out for not attempting to improve one’s self. ‘Find ways to be a better you’ would be better advice. Everyone can improve in some manner, even if it isn’t a dramatic, life-altering improvement. My biggest change was Command Presence. Certainty. Authority. The borderline of Arrogance, but not actually arrogant.

      1. If you’re not getting the results you want, then you’re not worth those results.
        Become the kind of person who gets the results you desire, and only then can you “be yourself.”

        1. You’re on fire today, good snippets, also the programmer one :-). I knew of it and I wholeheartedly agree, and with this as well.
          Often people fulfill that saying “repeating the same actions over and over expecting different results, is the definition of insanity”. People bitch about stuff but make no changes whatsoever to achieve what they want. Silly.

    3. No, seriously, did you just say “just be yourself”? On a site where many young men who have been destroyed by girls look for advice on self improvement? Seriously? So they should just continue to eat poorly, lose themselves in video games and be so socially awkward that no amount of “good looks” will help them?
      I mean really, seriously?
      All women react to many of the things taught here. This is no longer a “use this line on her and dress like a clown” type of movement, we have actual scientific proofs of a lot of these concepts being taught now and yes, even you, will fall for them every time. Feminist women taught normal women to reject men and to lose all femininity, men are simply doing what they do best, solving the problem using reason, logic and science. You don’t stand a chance hon.
      “Just be yourself”. Christ almighty.

      1. I said nothing about continuing destructive personal habits like eating poorly and playing video games all day.
        All I said was to be yourself when talking to women – carry on a normal conversation as you would with any human being. I don’t think acting like a cocky asshole who gets a ton of girls is the best strategy. Acting like someone you really aren’t also won’t make you any more confident in who you really are deep down.
        Sorry for trying to be nice, buddy. Yes, if your personality is bad, then by all means fake a different one.

        1. Most guys, when talking with other guys, talk in ways that women do not like nor comprehend much. That’s fine. Learning how to talk to women is a learned and taught trait, not some natural inborn thing for the vast majority of guys. Telling them “just be yourself” will have them approaching and asking a chick what her thoughts are on MOPAR parts for a Chevy. Yeah, that’ll work great.
          I don’t think acting like a cocky asshole who gets a ton of girls is the best strategy.
          And you base this on what experience? Do you go out and be cocky to women and fail with them? Because if you’re a woman you have *zero* experience in what works picking up women, barring being a lesbian I mean. Meanwhile I and many other men here have tons of experience and guess what? It works. Not every time, but often enough to make a strong corollary.
          I don’t advise you on what kind of tampons you should buy. You shouldn’t advise men on what does and doesn’t work in picking up women.

      1. I think “just be yourself” is funny when I hear it. Yeah, it only seems to apply to really hot, tall, jacked rich guys for these types though. Kind of like “I like a person for what’s on the inside” only applying to, say, Brad Pitt. Strange how that works.

        1. Nor all that. He’s successful, sure, but I would not want to live his life. No privacy whatsoever.

        2. His life could have been amazing but he is frightfully beta. Some terrible woman has had their claws in him since the 90’s.

        3. Well, sure, but you know what I meant. Even Brad Pitt can’t be me. I’m special. Heh.

        4. He really is a beta bitch boy. If I were banging the young Jennifer Aniston I’d be the most cocky motherfucker on the planet, not some sniveling little wimp like he is in real life. So much potential for manhood, lost.

      2. I meant you should be yourself when talking to a girl. Is that so hard to grasp when the title of the article is “How To Get Over Your Anxiety When Approaching Women”?
        I never said you shouldn’t improve your lifestyle if it sucks. The article isn’t about lifestyle improvement.

        1. Don’t preach to me about this garbage. I’ve seen first hand poor schmucks who go asking for help from people and they’re told just to be themselves. It’s a cop out for cowards to not give people the tough love they need. Just be yourself is a lie, plain and simple. If you want to truly help someone, tell them to be the best version of themselves they can be. Point out the problem areas, not put a bandaid over the gaping wound.

        2. I get what you mean about the need for tough love if someone is doing a bad job at something. I think the difference is you view talking to the opposite sex as a job or skill that needs to be honed whereas I don’t. Being comfortable talking to people just comes down to having confidence and being around people you have things in common with.
          IMO the best romantic connections are made when you talk about what you’re interested in, use your own humor, etc. If the other person shares those interests and humor, you each become attracted. This is why I said pretending to be someone you’re not seems silly.
          But I guess I’m used to meeting guys through work/school/friends, so I get to know them for who they are organically, in a non-romantic setting. We’re friends first. If I become attracted, it’s because I’ve gradually gotten to know him and I enjoy his humor, intelligence, etc.
          Approaching a woman you don’t know on the street or something and trying to not come off as creepy, awkward, etc. is certainly harder. I get that. I suppose that is a skill. I still say it’s best if you just act normal and don’t come off like you’re hitting on me. To me, that is “being yourself.” Also, it’s important to remember that rejection is normal for men.
          But hey, maybe talking to the opposite sex is a skill, and many of us just take it for granted.

    4. “Just be yourself” is the tired and weak platitude of fucktard females and sackless males.
      This is a site for MEN to give advice to males on the way to become men.
      Your verbal vomit is best used to splatter the dull ears of other dipshit females and low t males who actually give a fuck about your worthless opinion.

  13. I thought RoK had some kind of integrity. This article diluted my beliefs, this is utter shit.

      1. Well, the only way to overcome social anxiety is by increasing muscle mass, or by medication. Those are scientific facts.
        However, the easiest way to score is just to get drunk and look good, then you just score.
        If you are not drinking, then you should pregame your way to getting laid by texting, etc., however agreeing to it before actually conversing.
        Anyways, “going for a coffee and getting laid, by addressing personal issues”, is a sheer impossibility.

        1. If you lack in confidence, getting laid should not be your short term goal. Your short term goal is to build the confidence necessary to accomplish your long-term goal (getting laid, ltr, married, whatever). Once you have enough confidence, which begets experience, then hooking up can become a short-term goal.

        2. Dude, this response sounds like it was typed by a giant vagina with fingers.
          There is so much negative thinking here.
          I challenge you to spend 30 days being more optimistic. Making choices that someone you would admire would make. To be unafraid and to do everything with a positive attitude and mentality.
          30 days. If it sucks then I was stupid and wrong. But if you really do this shit I think that words like “only way” and “impossible” will go away.

        3. I have to disagree. Your short and long term goal should be build your confidence and strive to improve all the time. Getting women will come to you. Women should never be your long term goal.

        4. To survive and reproduce is virtually everyone’s long-term goal, stated or not.

        5. increasing muscle mass ? I know some muscular dudes who sucks at getting poon because they are insecure inside since their childhood. having and keeping a good mental state is not an option, definitly.

        6. True, but you don’t have to make getting a woman your life’s accomplishment. Any woman can fulfill that role.

        7. Of course. Let me find a better way to get across what I was saying above. We agree, I think.

        8. Yeah, ok. So as expected you are just a little faggot whose inability to formulate a coherent thought is surpassed only by his inner weakness.
          I really do with you the best and hope you grow up one day. I hate to see such feebleness in males.

        9. I bet your inner strength gets all the girls then.
          By the way, I challenge you to do pull-ups 5 days a week for 30 days, you lowly bitch.

        10. How do you know how Kai Greene is like?
          You asked for evidence, I provided. Your turn.

        11. I don’t know what I have that women like, but it seems to work for me.
          The thing is, and really I mean this, everything I do positive I do to be a better me and not to bang some thot.
          It turns out that as I become a better me I am more confident and I Bang more thots.
          More than the particular things that I do, working out or learning something new or writing a book or whatever, it is the level of self satisfaction I think.
          I pin my goals on my own ideal of what I should be. Yours will be different than mine. But as you set goals for yourself, whatever they are, and achieve them you will find that women will be more attracted to you. They will be attracted to your happiness with your own progress and they will want to spread for you. It will have nothing at all to do with how much muscle you have but how happy you are with yourself.
          If you don’t even like yourself why would some woman suck your dick? Shit man, I love mysef so much I slap my own ass during sex and women feed on that shit.
          This is why I challenged to to be more positive for a month and see what happens.
          So stop being a whiny bitch and go change yourself.

        12. So I don’t mean that as an exclusivity, more of an example, seeing as the main focus of building confidence on this article is regarding females.
          Pretty much the first step on all successful ventures is building confidence. If you don’t have any, that should be your main initial focus.
          The writer even notes as much. His first advice isn’t to run out and approach all the women you want to sleep with, it’s to approach many of the women and people you don’t want to or would never sleep with.

        13. Umm, you’re using a females opinion as a source. That is not valid.
          Got a lot to learn son.

        14. You have no fucking idea about what I can do, where I have come from and what I have done, so go fuck yourself.

        15. But see that’s just it. Your words and your attitude have given you away as weak. I can see it clearly. You are a weak beta pussy. If I can see it clearly this quickly think how fast a woman with a high emotional IQ will read that shit. They know you have nothing the moment you walk in a room and no amount of muscle will ever fix that.
          I hope you pull back from your knee jerk insecure response and take my advice.
          I’ve spent enough time on trying to help you though. Good luck

        16. Whatever the fuck.
          You come about as a preaching fuck, who thinks that some self-improvement shit leads to success with women.
          It can, but it is not a certainty.
          Godspeed for you for having luck with women, seriously.
          But it is not due to your positivity bullshit etc., you must look good, etc.
          But you went to whole different areas with your self-improvement BS. You do not know shit. You do not know how to work yourself up in society, because you come about as a pampered brat.
          I do not honestly give a fuck how do I portray myself around here, and yes, you most probably have better luck with women than I do.
          But for average, or below average, RoK-reader this article is BS. They would far better off with going to gym than reading this BS.

        17. I see so you are a pussy and also have poor reading comprehension skills.
          I’d say good luck but your life is pretty much over at this point. Totally fucked. Let me know when you get a girlfriend if she is hot. I’m sure she will be looking for cock on the nights you aren’t spending money on her

        18. Sure thing. Bring your bitch ass down to Nashville TN.
          Look up Nashville mixed martial arts. Go there and ask for Ryan.
          I got 1000$ that says I beat the dog shit out of you and we can film it and put the results here on ROK.

        19. Umm, whatever, so’ll be it.
          If I got someone to start resistance training instead of spending time reading bullshit your kind of dickheads spread, well, I’m completely fine with it.

        20. I believe you have a low estimation of the readership, and a poor grasp of the community in general.
          Of course we should seek to improve ourselves physically. But that improvement should always be in the context of the greater goal – total self improvement. I’ve seen extraordinarily attractive men strike out over and over, and I’ve seen rich kids strike out over and over. They lack the emotional and mental states that lead them to greater success, so they fail.
          I’m sorry you have yet to grasp the notion that there are many avenues along which we should seek improvement, and I hope that you will soon come to a greater understanding of what your full potential can be.

        21. Allright, fine. I do not live in the US, but I have the money to come. I have vacation in July.
 Is this what you are talking about? Could you give me more precise information?
          I have army training and I do not honestly give a fuck about your MMA background.

        22. I’ll toss 100 towards that 1k. Get the Kickstarter campaign going.

        23. Most military folks can’t fight their way out of a paper bag. As they say, we get taught enough to get our asses kicked.

        24. Watch out…this kid can do like 5 pull-ups. I suggest tactical retreat

        25. I’m sure a lot of things frighten you. That’s a shame.
          Enjoy those body weight exercises though.

        26. You should really start spreading that positivity, you are not helping anyone at all.
          Bodyweight exercises are always better than readin RoK.

        27. Just checked out from momondo, do you know better offers? Max. 1 change.
          And it included return flight.

        28. Fine.
          Do you have investing experience? Peer-reviewed research articles under your belt? Etc.?
          I have. What is your point?

        29. Before Savage puts some make up on your sockets let me give you this advice: Xbox LIve=/=Real Life.

        30. IDK, I still do not understand that Xbox-section. Honestly.
          And you kind of advocated someone getting violent on me. But this is fucking kindergarten shit right now, good night. Or whatever timezone you’re in.

  14. lolknee should write a RoK-article. He is so wise and stuff…
    Just be more optimistic people! Fattiness doesn’t matter!

    1. lolknee you will definitely come to that Nashville MMA-place also, let’s see how far your optimism takes you…

  15. lolknee, let’s see some RoK reader with social anxiety, I say start training, you say be more optimistic.
    You are in this, you fuck, which approach benefits him the most?
    You suck, lolknee, you absolutely suck.

    1. Dude, you’re like sperg stalking at this point. You are utterly emotional and acting quite effeminately. Have some dignity, man.

        1. See? More emotionalism. When I see men get out of control like this it embarrasses me on their behalf. Walk away with some pride left intact.

        2. Why? He is talking some psychobabble-optimism shit, which won’t help anybody.
          Resistance exercise does, as it has been pointed out in numerous RoK-articles.
          This site is about improving other men, he is the complete opposite of it.

        3. How is stalking him helping the reading audience improve, precisely? You were going on below about integrity. I’m not getting anything useful out of your spamming and stalking. What, precisely, are you contributing? Ok, lift weights, yes, we get it. Is that all then?

        4. I am not stalking? Spamming maybe…
          But yes, it is all, and it should be all.
          As I previously said, this article is below RoK-integrity, as is lolknees.
          Wanna feed the red pill? Concentrate on the body improvement, practical guides.

        5. Great. So consider your contribution made, since that is all, and move on then.
          You don’t actually know lolknee, and he was doing nothing more nor less than leading you on. He’s in the weight room right now as a matter of fact. He found your weakness and skewered you with it. I wouldn’t likely challenge him to a real life fight either, you don’t really know what you’re walking into.
          So anyway, your contribution is credited, and you can walk away proud of your message.
          Have a good one buddy.

        6. Lots of us use a special chat app that allows IM’ing without having to give away your phone number. He’s been sending pics of the gym with his progress the last few minutes. The app is called Telegram.

        7. Well, good for him, maybe he should start a gym blog instead of spreading that optimism-BS.
          Because if he gets laid, it is more up to his gym regimen than his BS-talk.
          Start spreading that fucking positivity. Actually help someone.

        8. He was a Philosophy Professor at a university, he’s actually a lot smarter than you know and he was toying with you like a cat toys with a mouse. I know this specifically, for a reason.. He was dissecting you and got you into this emotional trauma you have going on. Further, he boxes, and in fact, pulls women all the time. You know so little that you’re embarrassing yourself here.
          Within the context of the self improvement articles and messages on ROK, being positive is a good one to advocate. Because you incorporate it into the *rest* of the advice.

        9. Now I’m curious – are you saying confidence is tied to muscle mass or am I missing the point?

        10. What if I were to tell you I know mental methods can work completely without working out?

        11. Maybe he was, I do not sincerely care.
          I have actually a peer-reviewed study, with an impact factor of 3.5. Actual science, not some games.
          Lolknees is a classic example of an academic leech, a narcissistic bullshitter.

        12. I can tell that you don’t care by the massive amounts of posts you’ve made, with threats and spergy stalking of him. That just screams “indifference!”
          So anyway. Yeah. We’re through. I’m not going to continue to feed your need to sperg. Get some help brother.

        13. You just evaded a point.
          Held you up to higher standards BTW. You shouldn’t be the one to defend him, he should be able to do it himself.

        14. Sorry to butt in but I looked at telegram and it doesn’t appear to me to have chats without giving away phone numbers?

        15. Sure, I have no confidence issues whatsoever and I don’t work out, I’m not fat or so but I am not buff by any stretch.
          I didn’t have this kind of sites when I started out but I went from being a nerd and basically nobody to girls to having open access to more pussy than I cared for, without once working out during that time. All of it was focusing on looking at things the right way and much of what is in this article. Try and try and try again.
          And when I’m saying confident I mean borderline arrogant, I have no problem walking up to a girl and just saying whatever.

        16. Umm, well, on my heyday I just went to girls and asked “DTF?” in my native language. Usually they accepted.
          Is that self-esteem? I guess. Do looks affect the success ratios? Definitely.
          So work out. But the verbal game is pretty much a constant, the numbers are affected by the looks.
          But everyone has their way I guess.

        17. If you hadn’t flooded the comments with pointless bitching my rather long comment with part of it would not be 500 miles down in the page now.
          GTFO to be honest is something you say when you own the place. Or at least have respect and standing. Right now I’m quite sure you have neither.

        18. “All of it was focusing on looking at things the right way and much of what is in this article. Try and try and try again. ”
          Please elaborate this to the blue pill-users of RoK, or GTFO. I don’t own the place, but let’s ask Roosh for his opinion about this subject matter.
          I bet GhostofJefferson is reading this, so could you please put this forward?

        19. I have no objection to asking the man in charge, not that I think he’s particularly interested in either of our comments.
          Nothing about having the right mindset is blue pill you twat. How the fuck do you think elite military manage to do what they do? Pumping iron?
          Now it’s your time to GTFO.
          If you have the courage and the conviction to do anything you can and give your all to something, then I think you are a true man. if you can’t pull your ass up and go on, I don’t give a shit how many push-ups you do.
          It’s not only one thing works. All of them do, some more for some than others. Just because something doesn’t do it for you doesn’t make it shit. Who are you to be the ultimate arbiter?

        20. You are really a fucking idiot. The elite military commanders have their way by law and by a threat of force.
          You would know, if you had ever served. Go to sleep.

        21. Hahahahaha this is the best yet. So I never served huh? Good one. Who said anything about commanders, and if you had ever been in combat you would know that law and threats don’t count for shit.
          Who’s the idiot now?

        22. It seems like every single assumption you make turns around and makes you look like an ass. I would stop trying to guess who is what here because it doesn’t look like you are having much luck.
          My rank is not relevant but I was in command sometimes of hundreds of people.
          My guess is you need to calm down, chill, have some time away from the site.

        23. IDK, but you just implied that, and quote: “How the fuck do you think elite military manage to do what they do?”
          They fucking manage to do what they fucking do by fucking law and by fucking force if needed. If you break the fucking law on the battlefield, then you will be most probably sued on the court martial.
          Do you disagree on this?

        24. Yes I disagree from personal experience. Their ability had to do with a combination of mental and physical strength, not law or threats. You sound like and SJW almost.
          The laws are used more as a general guideline than anything else.
          The court martial and brig at more to stop people from stealing shit, or smoking where you are not supposed to, or taking leave without authorization.
          Don’t think you have been in smelling distance of an army barracks from the stuff you say.

        25. One year of conscription, rank of sergeant.
          The combination of mental and physical strength do not work without legal and political background, it is only a matter of how well you execute the task in hand.
          You are pretty arrogant yourself BTW, thinking too highly of yourself. Or too lowly about others. No pun. I wasn’t promoted out of nowhere however.
          Please dare to question the rank system of my country. Please do.

        26. The problem is that this little shit doesn’t read. I absolutely never advocated that he not lift weights. Anyone who is regularly on this site knows that I train hardcore. I am willing to bet my gym schedule would make a lot of people here call me insane.
          I lift heavy 6 days a week. I go to the gym twice a day. I am a former college athlete (boxing as well as crew) and I think everyone should be in the gym.
          My problem with our little turd here is that he is equating lifting weights and gaining muscle with confidence and that is stupid and childish. Am I a weight lifter? Yes. Am I confident? Of course. However, as they say, post hoc ergo propter hoc is one of the greatest fallacies available.
          I am not confident because I lift. I am confident because I know who I am and I give 100% of myself to the things I am passionate about. In my case that is a lot of things. It is weightlifting as much as it is philosophy as much as it is cooking as much as it is writing humorous articles as much as it is a dozen other things.
          The confidence isn’t a byproduct of the lifting, it is a byproduct of my general viewpoint and my understanding of myself.
          I tried to give this little shit the very basic advice of not just doing pull-ups and waiting’ of duh beetches but rather to better understand himself and follow his passions…if they are weightlifting that’s great…I totally understand and he should be strong minded and act with intention towards his purposes. He is obviously young so I was trying to help. As it turns out, his passion is being a flaming faggot with shit for brains and he is succeeding with aplomb. I can’t help him.
          Maybe when savage life gets done turning his face into mashed potatoes he will come to some realizations and grow the fuck up a bit.

        27. Professors don’t swear. But at least I got some sincere input out of you.
          Hmm, growing up a bit? Well, whatever. You do not know anything.

        28. I have no interest in the rank system but you mention conscription, so you are most likely in Europe somewhere. I’m also from Europe and in honesty most of the armed forces are not that good.
          I don’t care about the ability of an army, but the individual special forces soldier is who I’ve been referring to. There physical and mental strength are king. I’m thinking you can guess why I say this with confidence.
          I’m not in the least bothered by you thinking of me as being arrogant, by now the people thinking so probably have a club with organized activities.
          I don’t live by the opinions of others, I set out what I want to do, and go out and do it. Often in Europe this is seen as arrogance- how dare someone go and do what they actually want instead of what they should by some idiot rule… It’s sad and it will be the end of the European project.

        29. and women don’t shit.
          You are a cunt. Grow the fuck up.
          There is your honest input.
          If you had the brains that God gave a fucking badger you would pause before typing your next emotion driven bitch response and say to yourself “maybe lolknee is right…..maybe I should stop being a bitch and toughen up mentally a bit. Maybe if I toughen mentally while toughening up physically i will cease to be a huge walking, talking vagina”
          My guess is you won’t do this.

        30. Yes Sir! And you should probably be getting back to the situation room. The president might be waiting for advice on how to do pull ups

        31. I’m Reserve SF. Spec ops is not a unit you serve in as such where I come from.

        32. No offense meant by this but your more than one beer short of a six pack if you don’t get why that is funny.

        33. Umm, like you went SF conscription, and you are in reserve now? Or combat experience?

        34. That particular counter was shitty IMO, really. Like, really dry and weak. Like a first-grader “uh uh you ain’t dissing me” or something… Better to stick with those biceps curls…

        35. And like, isn’t RoK below your belt, kind of? I would def hate to be SF and be spending my time at RoK. Like, it would be like being a virgin NFL player.

        36. Not conscripted, joined up voluntarily, people don’t get forced into SF, wouldn’t make sense to have low motivation people. The SF units of most European armies do a lot more than what is openly public.
          I’m reserve now inactive, since that’s as close as you can get to quitting it.

        37. Huh? According to what? I happen to like some of the topics on here and some of the commenters have really good stuff. Why would what kind of unit I served in have anything to do with anything?

        38. You took better than I thought :D.
          Umm, yes, politically good stuff sometimes. But in the end, bitter losers club. You get what I mean?
          For example, I initially found about this page when I divorced from my GF. You know what I mean? SF-people should the Mavericks of the Top Gun?

        39. The question you ask is more complex than you realize. Combat experience is also a legal term and has a whole lot of other implications.

        40. Yes it does, I know, but, in the most broadest term, have you ever been active as a SF-op outside a friendly environment?

        41. How you divorce a GF is a story I’m sure. Anyway I enjoy reading this kind of stuff because I have met so many guys who would benefit from the stuff on here.
          And I don’t agree with everything just like I never really agree fully with any large group of disparate ideas.
          I’m pulling more ass than I care for, that’s not why I’m here. I came at first because of some outrage article, and read the article, and scrolled down to the comments, and saw people talking about ideas I agree with in ways I agree with. The rest is history as they say.

        42. Don’t you think if I responded to you, I’d go to brig for a very very long time? What we did and what we did not do are both equally secret.
          The most I can say is I’ve seen friends really badly hurt, and nearly had my ass blown off many times, in the events where some of my friends got hurt. You can make of that what you will.

        43. Either you’re pulling me off, or you are actually real shit. I’m drunk anyways.
          But if you are actually some real SF-boss, this has been kind of cool :D. Thanks&respect!
          Honestly, whatever the country, SF respect!

        44. No, fuck you, “Sure, I have no confidence issues whatsoever and I don’t work out, I’m not fat or so but I am not buff by any stretch.
          I didn’t have this kind of sites when I started out but I went from being a nerd and basically nobody to girls to having open access to more pussy than I cared for, without once working out during that time.”
          Fuck degrading SF.

        45. That was before I joined up heh. I was 22 when I signed up for it and I had enough pussy by then. I worked in tourism before.
          I’m not working out right now beyond cycling. So there. How the fuck that somehow degrades SF I don’t know.
          I’m married etc.

        46. Mm yes don’t you think I’d be able to prove it? If someone who really knows what it’s about would ask? I have the medals and pictures and all that shit.
          If anyone wants to check them sure, but it would have to be someone I can trust.
          I still think you should stop trying to attack me, it’s not really going anywhere and you said yourself you are drunk…

        47. Just that I’m busy with other stuff than working out and hitting on women… You know like having a life?

        48. You play too much video games I think. Don’t you think a victory without violence is better than one with it? You should know the main difference between SF and the rest beyond physical ability and hardening is IQ.
          The best way to do something is one where there are no unnecessary wasteful battles.

        49. Talk to Unabashed about that, it’s his channel.

        50. You have to register with your phone #, yes, but to make contacts you send your @username and nothing else.

  16. “the pains of wasted time and past relationships with ex girlfriends were filling my mind”
    this one gets me bad. I feel so much better after every approach. it is truly breaking the rust off of social skills that is the hardest part. just like with most other things in life. starting is half the battle.

  17. Well there it goes: I am officially no longer the biggest mouth asshole here. Man, and I so liked the title.

    1. ” I am confident because I know who I am and I give 100% of myself to the things I am passionate about.”
      You sound like Oprah on period.

        1. You should join the Navy. At least the bullshit would drop.
          Lowest of the low, you are pathetic.

        2. Already been in the air force first then the army, I guess that would complete it. But I’d still be a poser to people like you who think they know how guys like me are.
          I’m done breaking bones and spending weeks or months recovering for shit no one believes in. And have been since more than 10 yrs.
          You and people like you are also part of why people don’t want to do that kind of thing anymore. I left and worked for a contractor of the US government for a bit. Then I just wanted a life that was not about who is the bad guy anymore.
          I had enough of training all the time and all that.
          Now what other than 1 year of doing what someone tells you did you do?

        3. First rule of the the Fight club: you don’t talk about the Fight club.
          Therefore, you haven’t been in the Fight club.

    1. actually now I could not care less what you think. The only thing that matters to me is my family.
      If it would make you happy I’ll come to Germany and fight you, which is a lot easier for you to do than Nashville.
      We will broadcast live for lolknee and GOF and everyone else who wants to watch.
      I’ll fight your ass wherever you are within reason.

      1. Umm Finland actually, but that sounds good. PM me about your schedule etc., and I’ll info the location etc.

    2. No expensive plane tickets etc. So I’m calling you. I can show some of the medals I kept if you’re sociable. I don’t really care. But by the sound of it you are from Germany and I’m ok with that.

  18. Emotional intelligence my foot. Dogs are better judges of character than women. Everyone knows that the more violent and monstrous a man is, the more women he has lining up to be pumped full of thug batter.
    The only way for a man to stay sane is to have as little to do with women as possible.

  19. “At this point, you need to not really care about getting the number, just casually throw out “Well, hey, I have to run, but it was nice chatting, we should talk again some time, what’s your number?””
    Is this really the best way to ask stuff like this? I know these articles are altruistic for the Betas amongst us who can’t quite handle this stuff instinctively, but…
    Seriously, just casually shrug your shoulders and ask for her number like you just don’t care?! You can do better than that.
    First, why is there an emphasis on both faking how much you care about the exchange and being honest? That’s a contradiction right there.
    It’s established by the author that women are very good at reading body language and such social signals that men have ignored through-out evolutionary history because they just punched people instead, so why try to deceive her? She out-classes you there and if you’re lying to her she’ll probably spot it… so don’t lie.
    Confidence is also established by the author as important – dominance, and so on. So why the fuck aren’t men being encouraged to be confident in their aspirations?!
    Here’s a better game-plan:
    Look her square in the tits and – without breaking eye-contact – tell those tits, “You’re really hot, you know. I’d give half my pay-check just to see you again. You got a free moment for a coffee just now, or a number I can call, or a bed… maybe?”
    She replies: “Yeah, creep, my eyes are up here, actually!”
    Raise your eyes. “Yeah, I know. I… just…” lower your eyes again, “wondering if they were real, or did you get implants? They’re really hot either way, but.”
    “Excuse me?!”
    “Can I touch ’em?”
    She should be getting a feel for your genetic quality as displayed by your confidence at this point and you’ve not lied nor shied (which is the point, right?) Don’t feel you have to limit your eye-contact to her tits, either. She’s got hips and an ass, too, remember. There’s no shame in leaning round to check her out.
    If she doesn’t have big tits, but, look at her mouth and visualize fucking it as you speak to her. If she asks what you’re smirking at or wipes her mouth like she’s afraid she’s got tomato sauce or something on there that she doesn’t know about, that’s a perfect opportunity to say, “I just thought you might like a hotdog for lunch.”
    When she’s all, like, “Try a little harder, aye. You’ll never get any pussy with that attitude!”
    Don’t be afraid to go, “What about anal?!”
    If, by now, she still isn’t smiling and warming up to you, then… gods, be damned, because that’s how you’re meant to hit on women and receive sex in return. Don’t pussy-foot around it. I understand you guys who don’t have the confidence to speak to strange women like that, so practice on your sister or your neighbor’s daughter.
    You need to learn how to combine humor, confidence, and honesty all in to one unpalatable cocktail that makes her gag and wonder what the fuck planet did this guy come from? Only then will she see you as worth fucking. At least, that’s how I do it.

    1. That sounds just teenage to me to be honest. But whatever gets you into the all important panties is good I guess.

      1. I’m 29 years old. Sometimes I cannot even tell when I’m giving serious advice or satire. That attitude carries over when I talk to women, and, yes, I do say shit like this. Girls do love humor, though – that’s a fact – and hurling an ice-pick at that wall of ice between your cock and her cunt the moment you open your mouth is a great way to… break the ice, you know.

        1. I’m 37 and recently married. But I used to slay pussy something spectacular when I was a bit younger than you, like 21-22. Maybe I’m just a blip but I don’t think I have ever asked for or given my number back then. I was a virgin until 18, and then the hounds of hell were loose…. All dates were meet here at time X type…

        2. Yeah. We sound a bit alike. Men cannot be virgins, though… unless you’re talking about getting fucked in the ass, I suppose. Virginity requires a hymen of sorts, but. I’d not fucked a girl ’til I was 19, either, in any case. After I learnt how it was done, but… well, that was that!
          Anyway, I’ve also wondered why “experts” on this site keep recommending a phone number game-plan, too. I advise getting the girl to join you for an immediate date (like a coffee break) or ignoring her if she refuses that offer. I personally don’t think being a number on a phone will get you anywhere, and I wouldn’t bother giving her my number unless there was a really good reason for it (like, you’re standing outside a dentist and she says she’s got a dentist appointment and she’s obviously telling the truth, so she says she’ll call you as soon as she’s finished inside, then you get your date and that’s okay).
          The way I like to hit on girls, but, is staying in smaller towns (in SE Asia) with more traditional girls. Find a tiny restaurant with hot young waitresses and go there, sit down, drink beer, eat food, tip them shit-loads of money, and once they start drooling over the hot wealthy white man then that’s that. It’s the only strategy that’s worth following – it lands chaste hot young girls as easy as fuck who will marry you within a month and never leave you.
          Oh, and it’s a good strategy because you know where to find them – no phone numbers. If you don’t get her to drool on day 1, then you know where to find her tomorrow.

  20. You really wanna get over approach anxiety? Work retail at a popular women’s clothing store. You will have a hot female manager and within a month realize that bitches really ain’t shit.

      1. I was talking more to young college age dudes with legitimate approach anxiety. If you’re a male in health care and you’re not a Dr. or lpn or something above your average registered nurse you will either be assumed gay, be ignored, or get clowned. If you’re a young dude in school and you’re scared of pussy, work retail at a popular women’s clothing store. You’ll get a discount and get a behind the scenes look at how petty and basic the average bitch that you think is the shit really is.

        1. It’ll also force you to and give you a legitimate excuse to approach bitches you would normally be scared to look at. Once you get over that and see what cheap fake bitches they are you won’t have trouble approaching in social settings.

        2. You know, a cheap summer trip to Thailand and just paying whores to fuck you en masse is probably the best real cure for anxiety. Of course, it’s condom-sex, and I hate condoms, but wearing a condom for a few practice fucks on whores is better than suffering one single more day of sexual insecurity.

        3. I’m talking about gaming bitches, Stephen hawking could pay a bitch to fuck. Anybody can. Paying bitches to fuck is juvenile. Kill yourself.

        4. If you need a passport and a flight to Thailand to get some pussy, you’re doing it wrong.

        5. I’m already in Thailand. I’ve been here for 10 years. In any case, my suggestion was obviously guided towards sexually insecure teenage men… if you can call such a thing a “man”. That was a pretty obvious point. Nice reading job, there.
          Anyway, I’d rather fuck a Thai whore than a Western slut. The Thai at least has the intelligence to charge money for access to her body. The Westerner is giving it away for free. Prostitutes have more dignity and higher standards than half the women you guys are talking about, so think before you open your mouth next time.

        6. I’d rather fuck a western slut for free than pay to fuck a foreign one. Think before you open your wallet next time. If they can’t talk to domestic broads, they sure in the fuck ain’t ready for foreign ones.

        7. Think before I open my wallet next time?! I haven’t paid for sex in 10 years since I was 19, and I certainly never will pay for sex again. I’m married right now, and the next woman I sleep with will be a concubine or there will be no more women at all. I have no interest in “pussy” at all anymore – I’m solely interested in chasing WOMBS, because making babies is what cocks are actually for in case you haven’t noticed.
          I’m not sure you’re qualified to offer young men advice on overcoming their sexual insecurity, either. Primarily, you have a foul attitude and low intelligence. You come across as young and stupid, and you’re probably a virgin. You certainly suffer from young male syndrome.
          On the other hand, I did suffer from sexual insecurity in my teens (and young male syndrome, too, actually, so I know what it looks like). My first fuck was a Thai prostitute and it cured my sexual insecurity over-night. I was hitting on white tourist women the next day like a new man.
          You said a plane ticket and a passport is too much for sex. This is not true for a man who has never had sex and is appalling advice to post on RoK. Prostitution in Thailand is so easy to find and so casual for Western tourists, and it can truly change a young man’s life if he’s having trouble at home. I’m speaking from experience, so kindly shut the fuck up now.

        8. You’re a super lame that lost his virginity to a prostitute at age 19. You said you’re chasing wombs cause dicks are for making babies. Good luck with that. That’s not what most the people on here are trying to do. Hiring prostitutes isn’t going to do anything to help young men make any real gains in talking to and gaming women. If you had to fly to Asia and pay a prostitute to get the balls to talk to white tourist women which are usually unshaved smelly overly idealistic hippie types, you failed. I’m sorry you had to pay to fuck and fly out the country to get some balls. But that isn’t a good idea and my advice is way better than that. You have fun making babies and turning hoes into house wives.

        9. Your advice? Work in a clothing store?! At least I’ve fucked girls, anyhow. I’m pretty sure you’ve still never done it.
          Why do you just post bullshit, anyhow? I explained already that hiring a prostitute and having sex DOES give men confidence in their sexuality. I’m speaking from experience. This is a proven thing. So why do you deny it? To prove how fucking stupid you are?
          By the way, the reason it’s a good idea to fly all the way to Thailand for whores (as opposed to Western whores) is it’s cheap, the whores here are way sexier, and anybody can easily afford half a dozen sexy girls all at the same time to fuck.
          I’ll let the audience decide whose advice to follow. Mine – a married man with 2 kids and a verifiable successful sexual history. Or Raygun – an emotionally challenged probable virgin who sells women their bras to bolster his confidence.

        10. Bitch please. You probably bought your wife for ten grand us. Any faggot can hire a prostitute. I’ve gotten crazy amounts of pussy working retail. Bitches will suck dick for a discount, so much so that i actually coined the term dickscount. Guys that are trying to improve themselves aren’t interested in hiring prostitutes. Since you pretty much end up paying for pussy one way or another, there is really no excuse for directly outright paying a bitch to fuck. That’s pathetic just like you and your weeaboo life with your pan face lady boy wife and socially outcast children. You are the worst example possible and a case study in exactly what not to do. I have never hired a prostitute and will never have to because i actually have game, i been fucking bitches on the regular since i was 14, for free. You are a faggot that was scared to talk to girls in his own country and had to travel internationally and pay a bitch to lose his virginity at 19. You aren’t qualified to talk to me. Go eat some pho and shut the fuck up.

        11. You’ve obviously never had sex in your life. Post a link to your Facebook page to prove otherwise, or stop lying to young men who are looking for serious advice.

        12. I don’t use social media. I’m not a woman. Yes, I’m a virgin. But only in my asshole. Getting pegged by your lady boy wife doesn’t count.

        13. My “ladyboy” wife has given me 2 daughters. Perhaps she’s not so ladyboy after all? In any case, you clearly ARE a virgin. It’s obvious from your character. Other members please take note and realize everything Raygun says comes from a total loser who doesn’t even appear to be able to get sex by paying whores (I’m guessing he’s fucking ugly) – and if other members want to see my Facebook profile, just ask.

        14. Yes, because character determines sexual experience and desirability. What you meant to say was. Raygun would never pay for sex from whores. That’s for faggots like you. Seriously, how much did your “wife” cost?

    1. Been there done that! You get to see women and all sorts of people form a variety of angles and reach the conclusion that most people either don’t know themselves or have a huge ego.
      You start getting more and more realist and witness Darwinism unfold in front of your very eyes.

  21. Understand it will always be there.
    Fear is actually a good motivator but, men sometimes use it as a villain instead of being the one to lead it on a leash and control it
    Have it help you instead of trying to find a way to hide it. Its yours control as is THIS moment in life which is free for everybody.
    Women at the end of the day as does men too hate cages or being locked up. They want to embrace THIS moment without feeling like they are going to be locked down by it.
    Hide in plain slight if you will
    But most importantly be you without being fully you. Never give away the end of the movie in the beginning unless you have more story to tell like “Memento”
    They want to feel like you aren’t using tricks (When in fact you are but, really for their benefit and yours) so, showing breadcrumbs of who you are will be enough for them to feast on as if it were a whole meal. Its just all about how you serve and present it.
    Or, to put it more simple: Watch a cat playing with a ball of yarn. Its really no difference between that and women with your words and actions as you dangle it on a string

  22. How to deal with rejection/anxiety/etc: Don’t give a f**k in the first place. Just do it.

  23. Quoting JFK. The biggest pussy slayer that ever walked the corridors of power. The blue pillers didn’t like that, obviously.

  24. I learned a good lesson from Boy Scouts as well. When I first arrived at camp, they tested all of us to see our swimming proficiency levels. The lake water was ice cold, and as soon as I jumped in began breathing heavily and splashing around. The lifeguard said to just calm down, breathe normally, and accept that the water is cold. I found this wasn’t actually hard to do, it was the anticipation of coldness that got to me… This applies to pick ups as well. Its all in how you anticipate the situation. Accept it for what it is and just behave normally.

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