Why Men Murder

One of the most fascinating, but also troublesome phenomenon in the American society and on a global scale, are high murder rates and the factors that underlie both gang violence and killing among ”normal” people.

In this article I intend to explain both the high murder rates and the reasons why people, men in particular, sometimes murder. In order to analyze some of the underlying factors, I have used David Buss’ book The Murderer Next Door (2005), Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of our Nature (2011), this book, and various relevant additional sources.

Murder among so-called normal people

The evolutionary psychologist David Buss and his team did research on murder for many years, results which were compiled in the book The Murderer Next Door. Buss et al showed that 91 percent of men and 84 percent of women had fantasized about killing someone, and many of the interviewees stressed that they almost carried through their deadly deeds (estimated to 60–80 percent in many cases). Although the murder fantasy sex disparity is small, males murder to a much larger extent than females, likely due to greater physical strength and different personality profiles.

Generally speaking, jealousy, revenge, greed and prestige might be reasons which lead to deadly violence. Take cuckolds as an example, meaning the husbands of adulterous wives. It seems irrational to kill one’s own, cheating wife (or girlfriend) since the options appear better: she’s a damn whore and should be left on her own with as little support or left-overs as possible, but to just get on with one’s own life in some kind of way appears wiser.

From an evolutionary point of view the explanation in this case is that men, who have been living in tribes throughout large part of human history, have earned more (or lost less) in-group social status after killing a cheating woman rather than to continue to live as a cuckold amongst his brethren.

Therefore this cuckold rage has been adaptive and is sometimes, although less often under current circumstances, visible even today. Personality can of course increase the likelihood of murder, but according to Buss someone’s personality profile is not directly linked to murder. Most murderers are not psychopaths or even gangsters.

When it comes to inter-tribal deadly violence, there are several reasons why some from tribe A want to kill someone from tribe B: a dead enemy cannot pass his genes on, a real or potential foe has been eliminated, this individual cannot appropriate one’s own mate, it helps to cultivate a fierce reputation to deter the encroachment of enemies, and so on.

However, there are many risks involved in killing and humans have developed multiple anti-homicide self-defense mechanisms. When many calculate the costs in more civilized societies, in conjunction with cultural programming which points in a more humane direction, people tend to avoid these deeds. But these types of murder do still occur every now and then.

Gang violence

With that said, gang violence is a wide-spread phenomenon in parts of the U.S. and Latin America in particular. The murder rates in crime-ridden cities like San Pedro Sula (Honduras), Caracas (Venezuela) and San Salvador have surpassed 100 per 100 000 inhabitants during recent years.

This can be compared to supposedly crime-ridden Swedish cities like Malmo, with a murder rate around 3.4 per 100 000 (which is considered moderate to high in a European context). Even the worst places in Southeast Asia, like Manila and Kuala Lumpur, are not anywhere near these figures (often around 20–30). Muslims from Africa, the Middle East and South Asia are more prone to rape but they do not kill to a significant extent at this point.

The U.S. is somewhere in between, looked upon in a larger lens, but cities like St. Louis, Baltimore and Detroit have murder rates at about 40–60 per 100 000 inhabitants and thus they are not that far from places like Cape Town (South Africa) and Cali (Colombia), and even less safe than Mexican cities such as Tijuana.

So why is this the case? Actually there is a historical parallel between the European Middle Age and the current situation in our modern world. When a Leviathan, a centralized state who rules (a king or a government), was absent on European soil, regional powers reigned their respective principalities or vassal ”states”.

Very simplified, this in turn lead to rival battles between various powerful landlords who often killed their enemies’ peasants. The consequence was numerous killing sprees in a revenge-like pattern. This problem was largely solved after the advent of centralized states, often ruled by kings, in the 16th and 17th centuries onward.

When today’s reckless gangs kill, they often focus on their rivals and their members, often in what Steven Pinker refers to as failed states. These cycles of retaliation can continue for a long period until a truce or some other event eventually initiates a, often temporary, decline.

Additionally, witnesses, cops and civilians can get killed as collateral damage or to manifest strength and ruthlessness. Sometimes it looks more like a civil war than general gang violence, and the military is often used to try to deal with escalating problems in Latin American countries. Since the U.S. has more resources, the police force can handle the situation, although often under hard pressure.

Underlying factors

If one look at this topic from a historical, cultural and biological perspective, various factors can be suggested as explanatory variables: low IQ, impulse control and empathy (or conversely high psychopathy), ethnic fragmentalization, alongside gangster culture values (supported by mainstream media in the U.S.), may all be underlying and sometimes overlapping and inter-related factors. Also globalization plays a key role, since many gangs are transnational and operate in the U.S. and other countries and regions simulataneously.

For instance, individuals and groups with lower IQ levels are more prone to violence, both at the micro and macro level. For example, an individual who is not that bright might view criminality as a way to find his way in life. Moreover, an individual with very low level of empathy might be particularly prone to multiple killings and will feel little if any regret afterwards. Group psychology is another contextual factor that plays a huge role for gangs and gang members. They create their own value systems, initiations and control mechanisms.

From a larger perspective, less competent groups create less functional societies, which in turn affects its inhabitants in a negative feedback-loop relationship. This might create fertile soil for gangster culture. However, this does not explain why so many European states, like Italy, were dysfunctional in the not too distant past. Rather the combination of poverty, income inequality and blood symbolism have played a more prominent role with regard to the emergence of mafia groups.

Regardless, I think that severly crime-ridden Latin American countries and U.S. cities can do better. Maybe there are underlying evolutionary factors that cannot be completely changed, but some agency and room to maneuver definitely exist. Otherwise crime in Columbia might not have decreased.


I have far from looked at every angle on this matter, but some perspectives and main factors nevertheless have been discerned. Historical, cultural, biological and various contextual factors do all matter, and it is difficult to disentangle the root causes of deadly violence. Rather many things seem inter-related in chain-like events and patterns.

And to paraphrase David Buss, all of us are potential murderers. It is part of every man’s evolutionary framework to have the ability to use deadly violence under specific circumstances, some of which go beyond self-defense and war. Hopefully we do not have to use it throughout our lives. And we all can agree that a cheating slut is not worth killing, since she is metaphorically dead to us anyway.

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  1. Just look at all those Venezuelan cities on the list.
    And yet the lefties and Bernie fans here in the US want to move to socialism…

    1. The joke of it all is that they SAY that, but in reality, THEY want only YOU to experience it, while THEY live in their gated communities far away from the chaos and violence.

      1. Well, the idiot college SJWs want the gubmint to pay their students loans. Not sure those morons are thinking any further than that.

  2. Not enough of a liar to say I haven’t visualized murder, occasionally in greater detail. Hell, most of the time it was just therapeutic.
    But to make the leap to reality, knowing the consequences both under law and conscience, is a leap too far for me to make lightly. I imagine it would take imagining no other way out.

    1. Indeed. But for that pesky thing called ‘the law’ I think I would probably have no compunction as there are some who deserve to be snuffed out.

      1. I agree, but it is more than just the law, for me anyway.
        It is the American prison system. That is the real deterrent. In an another system, like maybe Scandinavian, where you do maybe 10 years in a relatively “decent” environment, it might be easier to step over the line.

        1. Actually the Scandinavian system can be pretty bad as despite you living in a hotel so to speak you are effectively isolated from any other human contact for close to 23 hours a day-then even have showers in your cell in which case you only interact with guards and minimally at best. The rate of suicides there is pretty high due to developing psychological issues stemming from the above.

        2. “human contact for close to 23 hours a day-then even have showers in your
          cell in which case you only interact with guards and minimally at best.”
          Which makes it FAR more “decent” than the US system where if you are not affiliated with the crips/bloods/ms-13/hell’s angels/ect… you may as well draw a bullseye on the back of your head.

        3. On that level I would absolutely concur. If you’re white and in the big house in the US you’re basically dead.

        4. I’d rather be in a Scandinavian jail over an American one any time of the day. And don’t pick up the soap on the floor in the collective American showers…

    2. Killing because you have no other way out, isn’t murder. It is self defense. And everyone has the right to kill themselves. If someone chooses to commit suicide by attacking you, who are you to deprive them of that right? 😉

  3. Most males have very low levels of empathy. I know that I do. I really couldn’t care less about the poor or the homeless or the starving babies with bloated stomachs in the 3rd world. The only thing that keeps me from “stepping over the line” is impulse control, and quite frankly, the fear of losing my freedom.

    1. I do empathize with starving babies. I was homeless once but I worked my way out of that.
      Still, I must admit, for the most part, I don’t have much care and concern for most people.
      The sole reason I don’t “step over the line” is no one is a threat me.
      And I’m glad to see you are doing well Automatic Slim. Good day to you Sir. Now, go make your millions!

      1. Thank you Mr. Easterly!
        Well, I would already have more than be able to retire at this point if it weren’t for all those damn taxes….and my spending habits over the last 30+ years.
        My fault on both fronts.
        BTW, working your way out of homelessness – freaking awesome. I suppose it’s true – if it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger. Good for you.

    2. A man of modest means has only enough time and resources to worry about his own. It’s not a lack of empathy, it’s the ability to keep it from running (and ruining) your life.
      My good ole’ Pa used to say, “Emotions are like a ring in your nose. If you let someone else snap their lead on it, they’ll lead you anywhere they want.” A man must be in control of his emotions so they do not control him, and by extension, so no one can use his emotions to control him.

    3. I agree, and would offer the corollary observation that females have a much higher empathy, and that it extends to people outside of the immediate family unit. My theory on why is that females are provided for by men. Men have to worry about providing for their own, and do not have time to invest in worrying about others who are not in their direct charge. But for females who are on the receiving end of that provisioning, there is empathy to spare because there is no need to worry about providing for your own – the man has it covered. So you can spend your day watching starving orphans on TV, and looking at your own healthy children and feel bad that you’re not doing anything, because, well, you aren’t.

  4. You will notice that all but eight of these places are in South America and of these four are in Africa and four are in the US all four of whom are run by liberal democrats with large ‘minority’ populations.

    1. Yes, and that most look like hot climates whereas Detroit is the one place that is frozen about half the year. What an honor for them… the bodies will keep longer I guess.

      1. I doubt it has anything to do with temperatures though up in the cold it certainly keeps people more busy at keeping warm I look at the anarchist cultures these places have in common and total lack of values these places also have that are the primary cause.

        1. I think it has more to do with the lack of strong families and no respect for community in those places than temperature.

        2. I would not go that far, I will stick to the fact that these places have a very liberal regime running things that has allowed families to become trivial and developed a strong hostility to law and order and that is where the mess comes from. You will notice all four of the African places are found in South Africa which is quite liberal as compared to the rest of the continent.

        3. Even if you “don’t want to go that far”, you still have to admit the empirical evidence is overwhelming. Not just in violent behavior, but in lack of any type of technological achievements. Sub-Saharan Africa has not progressed beyond sharpened sticks and mud & dung huts — if you take European contributions out of the equation.

        4. If you look at the listed places well for starters none are in Asia which is socially extremely conservative where Europe it is more of a geriatric factor, most are in Latin America all very liberal regimes. If you look at the four places in Africa all four are found in South Africa whose regime is quite liberal and the same can be said of the four cities in the US all quite liberal and if you were to expand the list you will still see the same pattern in all the places coming into the list.

    2. “…four are in the US all four of whom are run by liberal democrats with large ‘minority’ populations.”
      That is correct. Not far from New Orleans here. The place is a shit hole!

      1. For a while, NO led both per population and total murders. It actually got better after Katrina.

        1. Right!
          I understand that crime in places like Houston “shot-up” with the arrival of refugees from Katrina-smacked New Orleans.

        2. That’s clearly a lie. “Diversity” is always a good thing.*
          *This comment made possible by George Soros.

        3. HaHaHaHaHa……!
          I had no idea you had a sense of humor. Perhaps countries like Mexico should cultivate more “Diversity.” They would then see their murder rates, hell, their over-all crime rate, plummet.
          Don’t you think?

        4. They’re actually quite diverse. There’s a older joke that every Mexican has a black Grandparent. But Mexico is the result of Indians + Blacks + Spaniards.

        5. I also understand NO routinely lands in the top ten on a list of US cities ranked by average weight (or some similar metric), and has even come out on top a few times. Sounds like a wonderful place. I can see why people suggest visiting.

        6. “Sounds like a wonderful place. I can see why people suggest visiting.”
          Several years ago, Ray Davies of the Kinks was shot and mugged in New Orleans (I don’t remember which year).
          I’m sure that news worked wonders for tourism in New Orleans!

        7. A lot of the good chefs moved to Houston after Katrina. Salt of the earth folks, uninterested in returning to a city that failed even basic maintenance on their city.
          (Of course, a lot of ne’er-do-wells are still in Houston, too. Kind of a mixed bag, sadly).

      2. And I live not far from Baltimore which used to be a wonderful place to visit but that changed a long time ago.

        1. Yeah…. I worked with a man from Baltimore about 4 years ago. He said the same thing. Sad to hear it.

        2. Yeah, Harbor Place used to be a wonderful place, friend of mine wanted to go there but a friend in the police of his advised him not to do so at night because of growing gang activity.

      3. I may not necessarily agree with all of your comments, but New Orleans is rough. It is probably worse than Detroit. (Yes, I have visited both cities.)

        1. “I may not necessarily agree with all of your comments…”
          That’s alright!
          You’re a stand-up man.
          Glad to hear from you anyway.

  5. “Muslims from Africa, the Middle East and South Asia are more prone to rape but they do not kill to a significant extent at this point.”
    As far as Africa is concerned, I suppose the author is only speaking about non state/warlord sponsored murder. Add those things in and Africa zooms to the top.

    1. I meant that they do not kill much, statistically, in Europe. Like Malmo in Sweden is supposed to be very crime-ridden but mostly petty crime compared to St. Louis. Few murders. So Swedish leftist media actually made a point there.

      1. Actually, muslim countries don’t have that much crime. I guess, Malmo is almost 100% muslim at this point, lol.

    2. they kill more, the stats are nowhere near as well-kept as latin americas are. thats all it is
      the only region i would exclude from that is southern africa, completely different place. stats are way more accurate than me/stans/rest of africa and latin americas

  6. I suspect this is the dark side of the alpha male in some parts the hunter gatherer let loose with an undisciplined mind devoid of moral compass is the ultimate predator though it can also be pointed out that women and your pathetic epsilon mommy’s boy in his back stabbing mode can also murder.

    1. Why just “alpha male”???
      Do you think betas and omegas don’t want to kill?
      And act out on it?
      They probably do so in much higher percentages.
      Sometimes, a guy can get dumped on to the point that he snaps.

      1. I do agree with you that a beta will kill on the direction of the one he follows and the Omega your basic lone wolf is fully capable of murder as well especially since most murderers are shown to be loners but your basic alpha your basic gang leader, your Boss or Prez or Shot Caller is still the primary cause when it comes to killing.

        1. Oh, absolutely agree.
          The gangs/warlords/politicos dwarf the others when it comes to volume.
          But that nut on the subway who knifes 5 people — he ain’t gonna be no alpha.

        2. More like an Alpha wanna be but most likely a nut as you do point out. I still hold that much of the killing is still a group thing for if you look at the list of places so unsafe these places such as those in Columbia, Brazil, Mexico and Guatemala have large gang cultures. The same can be said of Baltimore and Detroit.

        1. To me, it’s leader (Alpha), follower (Beta), and “I’ve been shitted on for so long that I don’t give a f*ck (Omega). Also the same for girls. Head Cheerleader (dates Alpha), plain janes and ugly fuglies (dates Beta), and totally ignore (Omega). But, after 21, the Omega, if he uses his introvert intellect, can earn $$$ and afford to bang hot escorts, while the beta is still stuck with the ugly fuglies. And then in his 40s and 50s, the Omega is still banging hot escorts in their 20s when even the alpha is stuck with a formerly hot girl who is now getting old and wrinkled. The introvert omega is lonely and depressed perhaps, but still banging hot escorts in their 20s.

    2. In fact, most murderers are not alpha males. Being an alpha and being a murderer is not the same thing; sometimes an alpha is also a murderer, but most cases not. Dylan Roof and the Columbine kids are the perfect example.

      1. There are lots of lone wolf killers out there, disturbed nobodies and such but look at all the Gang Leaders, Drug Lords and comparable individuals.

  7. Interesting facts about the list of dangerous cities:
    1. All are predominantly non white.
    2. Almost all the countries in which the cities are located are predominantly non white.
    2. Almost all are located in countries where guns are difficult to obtain legally (proof N° 83.935.739 that gun control does not work).
    As someone in location, I have been in all the Colombian cities mentioned, and I can say that: you can get killed in a mugging, in a car jacking, or simply because you ‘watched with lust’ the wrong woman.

    1. I was talking to a buddy from Brazil about this today and he said the same thing. People die there over the stupidest shit.

      1. Remember reading about a football match. A player and a ref got into a fight, so the ref stabbed him. The spectators came down from the stands and literally tore him limb from limb. Spiked his head on a post afterwards.

        1. “Meanwhile, the player’s friends and family invaded the pitch and attacked da Silva. They reportedly tied up the referee, beat him, stoned him, lynched him, and then quartered him. When they finished, they cut off his head and placed it on a stake in the center of the field.”
          Holy fuck O_o

        2. The most disturbing thing about it is that women would probably find this kind of thing a turn-on… Yeah let’s invite more of this low-IQ violent scum and force war on our children’s children… Thank God for women’s suffrage right?

        3. If a group is stupid enough to invite them over, then they’re dumb enough to deserve the consequences. But yes, women’s suffrage (and most men’s) has been a complete fucking failure. Can you even imagine how much a king from yesteryear would laugh at us, knowing that the bums who destroyed a major city’s interstate have as much political power as Bill Gates.

        4. Well, to be honest, our ancestors used to put their enemies’ heads on spikes and quarter known criminals and family enemies. Hell, Andrew Jackson killed more than 100 men in duelling over honor (1800s). It’s only now that we have become so squeamish Clark.

        5. Fair enough, the world is a hostile place.
          But I don’t see this as a justification for bringing violent third-world scum to the West. We can be shitty to each other on our own.

        6. What? No. No, it’s not a turn on. If those animals will do that to each other, what will they do to me? The same but rape me first? Spend your hard earned money on a plane ticket to these violent hellholes and the women formed by them but leave their third world dna there, please. And please don’t bring their psycho men back with you either.

        7. Something like 25% of Western Women have a serious mental disorder of some kind. A lot of those loonies can’t put two-and-two together on this and only see “excitement” and “ooh, scary” in actually threatening individuals.
          Very sad to see.

        8. That’s correct but I never supported bringing them to the west. Just commented on the fact that our current squeamish attitude is very recent. Just 200 years ago our ggg-great-grandparents were shooting each other over some notion of honor (oftentimes the honor of our ggg-great grandamas…)

        9. Maybe those women haven’t experienced genuinely threatening men. Or maybe they’re the product of a culture that glorifies genuinely threatening men … like, for example, South American third world hellholes.

        10. You’re definitely right about that. New York gang warfare, civil wars, World Wars, witch burning, Helen of Troy…
          I can’t deny that we have brutality in our history.

        11. Duelling is something I wish would make a come back, but even then it is restricted to set of rules and the 2 men involved (who agreed to resolve the issue amongst themselves).
          Occassionally in the world press you will read about a 2nd league soccer team in south America losing and the fans storming the field and killing each other. Over a soccer game. On the flip side, it is just darwinianism in action.

        12. Yeah but Jackson never bathed in blood while howling at the moon. That is some next level horror movie business right there.

        13. I think duelling is the “Christianized” version of the common “honor fights” of yore. Do you think the Vikings had any qualms to kill each other if someone disrespected a member of the tribe and offered no apologies or retribution. Sorry mate.
          On the football players yeah, that’s Darwinism in action I guess.

        14. Yes, but to our modern sensibilities he would have been branded as a killer and put on the bin a lot sooner. Not many inmates can brag about killing more than a 100 people.

        15. Apples and organges. Two men agreeing to have it out, isn’t launching raids on the neighboring village for slight toward one of the other tribe. Besides, vikings were usually more involed in the killings for the loot and land.

        16. I meant intra-tribal violence, Vikings/Slavs etc of the same tribe having it out with their swords to restore their pride/honor whatever…

        17. Well said. Violence is the ultimate and final decider of who is alpha. I worry sometimes when I see other groups that appear much hungrier than Europeans. And as we all know, women respond to men that can put another man in his place with force and that female instinct is enough to sway immigration and demographics. Don’t be afraid about expressing violence when warranted.

        18. FUCK! A bunch of cowardly spic Hannibal Lectors. Let’s keep the low IQ vermin out of this country please and deport the ones already here.

        19. What? You don’t want to be raped, tortured, murdered then have your pretty little head on a stick?
          Seriously though yeah, definitely keep them and their DNA in their hellholes where they belong. They can maim and kill each other in their own countries. I don’t want that kind of vermin here.

        20. Yes, exactly. Those with masochistic issues excluded, rape fantasies are about domination and control, not having your throat slit.

      2. This happened to an acquaintance: he was in a mainstream club in a medium city here in Colombia, and there was a couple of ‘hot’ girls dancing alone (‘hot’ here is the same stereotype of ‘hot’ in Brazil, your typical curvy mystery meat, imagine Sofia Vergara). My acquaintance was watching them and a waitress told him: “don’t watch them, they are the girlfriends of XYZ drug lord who’s sitting 3 tables from you; if he notices it, you are dead”.

        1. Yes, that’s common in Colombia, like the rest of Hispanic America, they don’t have a notion of themselves as a nation and currently is a failed nation state. Only in time things might improve. And by time I mean centuries…

        2. To be honest, I don’t think places like here could improve. The only way to improving it would be simply to erase the population and start again with a racially and culturally homogeneous people.

        3. Might be, but homogeneous is not an answer. After all the Islamic shitholes are normally very homogeneous and shitholes they are. Moreover Hispanic countries might improve if those places were Christian and their populations had common sense. In Latinamerica there has been an all out assault against the residual Catholic values since their ill-fated independence, indigenism is really screwing up the region.
          Mix that with the extremely lenient sentences (Colombia along with the rest of region is very lenient when it comes to punishing criminals), a corrupt system and populace and you have what you have. Look at how Europe controlled its centuries long problem with criminally minded people: http://evoandproud.blogspot.com/2013/06/making-europeans-kinder-gentler.html
          In other words that’s the Eugenics movement I can support.

        4. I understand your point. When I said “culturally and racially homogeneous” I meant “a white population with the same core values” (I try keep my openly racialist comments with little volume here, this is not altright.com anyway). The Islamic shitholes are what they are because 1) their population is not white, and 2) their culture and religion is shit.
          The lack of religion here is, of course, an important factor. The lenient sentences is another (I’m a lawyer, and even when my field is corporate/tax I know a little about criminal law) but the base problem is the mestizaje. The spaniards were right when they said that miscegenation only creates unbalanced, violent, dumb and chaotic beings. Add to that the lack of fear of God and Hell, lenient sentences and the result is the situation here.
          P.S. My support for Eugenics is wider than yours, but hey, we cant just believe the same….

        5. ….but the base problem is the mestizaje. The spaniards were right when they said that miscegenation only creates unbalanced, violent, dumb and chaotic beings

          Might be, but truth be told until they (the mixed hispanics) are subjected at least partially to the same pressures the europeans were fortunate enough to be subjected (complete ban of cousin marriage, 1000 year long widespread application of death penalty for most serious crimes, warfare for resources, enforcement of Christian or similar ethos) we will never know. Sorry but the hypothesis needs tobe tested before is accepted. The greatest favour we can do to them is to close our borders, stop financing heretics, feminists and finance right wing movements amd let them sort out their differences.
          In reference to eugenics I’d rather go with the death penalty, better that than let some bureaucrat or oligarch decide which bloodlines are worthy which are not. It goes against everything my culture once stood for.

        6. There’s a hard line between ‘homogenious’ mongrel and homogenious pureblood cultures. With a mongrel culture, you’re assuming the mongrelization took place in the past century or two. The culture still has a lot of weeding out before it can call itself a new and distinct race. This can take millennia. Give it time. Lots and lots of time. Meanwhile mongrel ‘homogenious’ cultures will continue to be rough around the edges compared to pureblood homogenious cultures. Let them sand the burrs and scale their own roughness. It has always been a natural process and it is their business. Let them butcher their own and squabble. Let their women flail. Nature and time is doing its work.

        7. Colombia has been experiencing a low level civil war situation since the 50s.
          No wonder Bolivar died regretting that he had ever started a revolution.

        8. People often overestimate the Christianity of Latin America. Missionaries from way back always wrote back to Rome that they weren’t sure how much they were teaching was actually sticking.

        9. Exactly. Based on what I read and experience I can assert the following: The region USED to be catholic but that influence has been fading over time. In the big cities of countries like Colombia, Panamá, Brazil or Argentina, while the older folks acknowledge God and its traditions the newer generations (my fellow millennials and younger) are increasingly secular if not atheist in the great cities, openly hostile to religion like any stupid SJW, this is especially true in the upper classes. The rural people are either devout or follow a kind of syncretist religion (a combination of the older ways and superstitions with a Christian layer). The later is specially true if the rural folk are very black or Indian. If the Europeans required more than a 800 years of Christian proselytisation before the religion stuck in Europe what made you think such a success would be possible from a barely 300 year period of preaching to cultures with a much lower baseline, tribal and violent? This is especially true since the Church Hierarchy self-destroyed in the 60’s and Communism infiltrated the Church down here (Teología de Liberación).
          If you read the history the De-Christianization process began with the independence but has accelerated in the last few decades (from the 60’s onwards) with the secularization of society and the arrival of the same kind of BS Protestantism that pollutes everything it touches (Tele-evangelism), one of the exports from the U.S.
          Sorry mate the future seems to be grim. Prediction: A bloodbath as the influence of Christianity wanes. Advice: Close the borders to these people, regardless of color.

        10. “Add to that the lack of fear of God and Hell”
          There’s none of that in islamic shitholes.

        11. I have spent years in Colombia man. The blacks stick to themselves (like they do everywhere else on the planet) and stay mainly on the coasts. When you take them out of the equation it’s pretty homogenous. You do see some Native Americans from time to time, but they hardly participate in society from what I’ve seen.

        12. You must have a three inch penis. Your quickness to get offended over a simple point of discussion in this and my other comment is fucking hilarious,

        13. 3 questions:
          1. You always get offended so easily?
          2. When you get offended by a man, you always think about the size of his penis?
          3. You always found yourself amused when thinking about the size of other man’s penis?

        14. Many interesting comments, here and linked to other articles. We all can agree that you know the most about Colombia here.
          However, I dislike the “you do not know anything about this country because you haven’t lived here” jargon that one often finds here and elsewhere.
          As long as a person collects reliable facts and have a sharp mind one can learn a lot. In fact, often one learn more than locals about many things in a particular country, although of course not every aspect.
          Truth is that many Swedes don’t know shit about a lot of things in this country. Partly because they simply do not know much about this or that particular phenomenon, partly because things can change rapidly. For example, this former co-worker of mine, who is a virgin. He doesn’t know shit about shit when it comes to game and girls. Those guys on the Roosh V forum who write about Sweden know more, because game is partly universal, and the particularities can be largely learned form sharing facts, perspectives, ideas and experiences.

        15. 3 enumerated points for three inches. Frued was right. That shit just seeps right through the subconscious.

        16. No. He did leave the club because the warning was pretty clear. Also, he never returned to that Club again.

        17. Stupid new-world anglosaxons think they know much because of their “travels” and experiences abroad. Their arrogance and pedantry is unbounded, these days any idiot writes a blog about cultural aspects. And this is getting worse and worse as traveling gets cheaper and there is increased work mobility.

        18. It is unbelievable the arrogance of the American traveler. And sure, in RVF they know a lot about other cultures. Internet nomads and 3-week travelers, backpackers and other pussy-oriented fauna. Actually, they know MORE (sic.) than locals due to sharing experiences. Ridiculous.

        19. I can explain a bit further.
          For instance guys as the Roosh V forum, they know what they want to know and they experience what they want to experience. I am sure I know more about having relationships with girls from East Asia and Southeast Asia than a large share of men who live in these regions (because they are older or don’t know how to get girls etc).
          With that said there are always things that are difficult to grasp and really know about if you’re not a local, sure, but even in countries there are multiple regions, cities and towns which have their own customs and particularities, hence most don’t really know what life is like in this different places (and the elites sure do not). Just ask an American and see how much he knows about other states. It’s not arrogance but common sense to acknowledge this fact.
          When it comes to more sophisticated knowledge it is largely a question of intelligence, personal interest and education (and much can be self-taught). A good way to verify if your knowledge is tight is to talk to locals and see if your descriptions and analyses hold up.

        20. Are you a foreigner in South-East Asia? You know nothing about dating as a south-east Asian. In the same way I have been dating in EE and I know nothing about dating as a EE man. And this applies to any other dimension of a culture. Being a foreigner is a strong solid screen that projects on the host culture. It takes very long time and lots of effort to fade such screen. Certainly, not three weeks or even one or two years. And sometimes, it is literally impossible when your race is different than the host country race.

        21. That is beside the point. What I talk about is general epistemology. I believe that if you collect facts and look at relevant data you can learn a lot, regardless of origin, place of living etc.
          The point about writing about trips that last weeks or months is one 1) It’s fun. 2) Share experiences and well, to some extent also facts. One can see it as specialized micro-knowledge (or narrow knowledge). But I also try to learn a lot about the general facts.
          When it comes to my country I accept the fact that some foreigners know more about this or that phenomenon than me or other locals. Like the co-worker that I mentioned, he does not know much about Swedish girls. Obviously.

        22. I agree with what you just said, but this was not the original point of disagreement.

        23. I’m from Belize. I’ve notice something about the drug wars and drug trade. The murders usually happen to natives. Natives go and kill other natives. The bosses of the cartels are usually more white than native, like more Caucasian. I also see many natives are having less kids.
          In my country, it is overwhelmingly blacks killing other blacks. I think the blacks here have a birth rate that is below the replacement level. Abortion is a common practice among blacks too.
          Personally I see this drug war as a self inflicted genocide. hundreds of thousands of natives and blacks died from drug related murders in Latin America for many decades.
          I also notice Central America and mexico are becoming whiter. It is the darker people who are leaving while the whiter ones stay. My country is becoming whiter because the blacks are leaving and many non blacks are coming in. We also saw a large expat groups of north Americans and euros here.
          If the current self inflicted genocide continue to persist, we will reach a point whereby Latin America will be safer.
          You have a point about Catholicism and Spanish culture. Had Latin Americans embrace it, we would be more a harmonious place to live.
          read this:
          The author should have mentioned that if Latin America was more White, the we would have been more developed That is the case of Argentina, Chile and uruguay,

        24. Thank for your comment. I’ve never travelled through Central America, the closest I’ve been to that region is Panamá. That said, I would say in all likelihood that’s right but there are exceptions: Argentina self-destruction when it was more European than the U.S. and many countries in modern Europe is a cautionary tale about the power of culture and feel good over common sense. It’s important to note that, as far as I know, Argentina was among the most secular y if not the most secular of all Hispanic countries. That means the process of De-Christianization was far more advanced than in the rest of Latin America. Of course in comparison with Europe they are still behind but the common Upper Middle class Argentinian is another potential SJW, oftentimes Atheist or Agnostic, the same as in the West.

        25. Well yes many North Americans do come here to live. We don’t call Americans gringos. We call foreigners by their nationality. Many Spanish speakers here don’t even say gringo. The republics around do though.
          Lately many euros and citizens of the British Commonwealth(mainly envelopes countries) come here to live, own a vacation home or do business.

        26. I say come, foreigners will help introduce knowledge to this place. strangely they don’t import socialism. some import and show their solidarity to “gay rights” here. The US embassy was funding gay causes here. sine Trump got in, gay rights groups here now only get support from private NGOs. One NGO belongs to George Soros.
          The foreigners here don’t cause problems. well except the Muslims from sub-saharah africa, sometimes on our news, when domestic violence comes up, we see black Muslims lol.
          Many euros and north americans usually hang with white or whiter Belizaeans. In multi-ethnic socities, the ethnic groups will segregate themselves.

        27. My question is this. What is the pleasure in even being in a club, where such a mentality is pervasive ??

        28. I sometimes think that an advanced post industrial society like the US shows a strong strain of corruption in its DNA by its approach to violent crime. When a perpetrator commits a heinous murder, and it can be established that there was absolutely no justification for the crime, we still spend tens of thousands of dollars housing and caring for the perpetrator, often releasing them after a few years. In many cases, the perpetrator can do this more than once, and we house, feed, care for, and release, more than once. Wouldn’t it be better for society to just efficiently eradicate the garbage, when it can be established that their heinous murder had no justification ?

        29. My acquaintance is what you can call a ‘normie’: he likes mainstream music (like reggaeton), he likes drinking and whoring around with your typical latinas, so that kind of club is an adequate environment for that.
          Personally, I hate that kind of clubs.

        30. I think it’s more of a mental disease. Otherwise it’s unexplainable how the descendants of people that used to hang and quarter criminals express such a leniency towards crime.

      3. Even in the white Latin American countries like Chile and Argentina, the crime is about on par with larger US cities. I think Buenos Aires is about comparable to Washington DC.

    2. Woth the advent of 3d printing, some predict gun control laws will soon become as irrelevant as cencorship laws.

    3. While uncontrolled violence is not desirable, it is important to remember that women want (potential) killers that can keep them safe and keep the other men in line. As a white male, I am assuming, don’t be afraid to find an outlet for your violent instincts, like MMA for example. We’re in a battle of cultural and personal dominance and being fearful of using violence is a handicap that will affect all other aspects of the climb to alpha.

      1. You are new here, don’t you?
        1. It’s not about want women want. A man who wants to please women is not a real man. A real man doesn’t give a shit about what women want.
        2. I didn’t say that violence was bad. I pointed out the facts that other races (especially blacks) and mestizos are prone to violence for violence’s sake. I like violence. In my moral code murder is not bad if you do it for the right reasons. Killing is, in some way, the only real way to clean the world.
        3. Your suggestion of taking MMA is duly noted, however as I have more or less 10 years of experience in MartialArts/Boxing, I’m going to file it in the folder ‘superfluous suggestions’.
        4. Related to N° 1, to be a real man means to be able to defend yourself, your own family and your extended family (your race). That’s something you naturally do, not something you do to please some bitch.

        1. I have observed that most American male response to the current situation is always at the individual level. There is never an organized collective response to a any threat. I don’t see that much future for Anglo America. It is like their ethnicity was deactivated, which it is.

    4. Yeah, they’re mostly not white and they’re also poor , similarly, when a white area is in a economic crisis, their crime rate goes up too, when a Latin American or Asian country has economic growth, their crime rate goes down.. hmmm.. must be skin tone though huh? Pff

      1. You are in the wrong place, for the Huffington Post please type “I feel confused about my race when people tell me that I am a stupid spic” in Google, and then enter in the first result.
        Bon voyage!

        1. Idk exactly what spick means but I’m of Venezuelan origin and have met decent brown people to back what I say..So what? You’re probably a resentful and very unattractive person so you hide behind phony profile pics and discriminative comments to feel special and part of something, lol, bye to you. Loser.

        2. Personally I am much prettier than my profile picture but I just can’t show it:)
          Can you tell us a little bit about the situation in Venezuela? Can things be stabilized this year? Will the political-economic system be changed?

        3. Lol. No, nothing will change soon. The truth is it’s narco-state and nobody cares because very important people have all been bribed. Including US officials (Diosdado and US representative meeting in Haiti is an example) the ones who made all the money and bribed the world need their immunity so Venezuela will be a new a bit more modern version of Cuba, filled with chinese, Russian, and middle eastern mobsters looting oil and other natural resources without paying a penny in taxes. The common Venezuelan is generally very ignorant though so … I guess every nation has the polititians they deserve. Thanks for asking. Almost nobody cares for anything in Venezuela except for the oil and prostitutes or famous models (same thing.. at least in venezuela)

    5. All those cities in the US have something in common, large numbers of Hispanic and Black men, hard to debate, I often think Hispanics tend to be more thuggish, but black men are just as bad.
      As far as South America, yep, people get hurt for the most stupid things. Its one of the reasons why so many Americans view Hispanic in the US as criminals.
      If you look at the prison statistics, Hispanics and Blacks are overepresented in the penal system. People say its racism but in reality the percent of blacks in prison has increased exponentially since before the Civil Rights era, much of the crime is minority on minority.
      You have some minorities like the Asians who are the least likely to wind up in prison, their rates are lower than whites.
      Even economically depressed parts of Europe don’t have that much crime, its often safer where I live in Hungary compared to even affluent suburbs of US cities.

    6. gun nut propaganda
      honduras, venezuela(i), el salvador(i), colombia(i), south africa(i), guatemala, st louis, detroit and new orleans dont have strict gun laws
      i count four of those that are (i)ntermediate, the rest are open carry including 3/4 of the cities listed from the usa
      the only restrictive places on there are brazil, mexico, jamaica and baltimore

  8. It’s almost as if you could trace modern contributions directly with historical societal lifestyles…

  9. One need only look at all the places listed to see Gun Control laws don’t work. They all have strict gun control regimes yet look what list they are on.

  10. Your conclusion is totally wrong …….
    All black people are potential murderers ……… fixed it for ya!.
    No need to think any further, totally explains why some places have such high murder rates, mainly black. Where black people are also the police, and the government, you have triple the problem.

    1. I would agree that some blacks kill for very petty reasons. Some black ghetto hit men will kill for $50. But realize that advanced cultures also have no shortage of folks that will kill under orders of the state.
      Modern day abortion mills actually put this next guy to shame, so he comes out quite rosy compared to the fembots and jew doctors at planned parenthood. I’d rather have him for a neighbor than some witch from hell that works for planned parenthood.
      Still they’re all state killers. Ideally I’d rather have all like-race neighbors that oppose the corrupt state. The state doesn’t care who rightfully deserves to be killed. Murder trials are all theater for faggotts and manginas that work in criminal justice and that’s why I’ll never kill for any western state since there isn’t a western state around that defends western racial/tribal homogenity, family and culture.
      I’d hate to be at the mercy of any state in this present day. Like this guy, Lenoard Siffleet, an Australian Army Sgt. about to be beheaded in New Guinea in ’43.
      The photo was removed from the body of the Jap photographer awhile later. Leonard looked like an okay guy.
      But the state knows best right? Here are the Siffleets in NSW in ’41.
      Nope I don’t think I’ll kill for any state. If I’m going to kill, it’s on my terms and I pick the victim and it is justified. But to whack fellow chums for the state like they were animals in a butcher shop?? WTF? That’s so dehumanizing. The state is insane. Look at the fucking morons even in the local city hall. Do any of them look like they know what they’re doing or even what planet they’re on? Hey, but the local cop hit men will clusterfuck an innocent dad to death on orders from the family court jew magistrate.
      No . . I could never support the state. They get killing all wrong. Like they’re all stupid or something.

  11. All close to the equator (US cities aside). Clearly this is due to global warming. F-ing white people.

    1. “Clearly this is due to global warming.”
      Al Gore will be pissed at you for stealing his schtick.

  12. I see Brazil, Venezuela, and Mexico, are well represented here. My fellow Americans! Do you think we can be more like them?

    1. Only when enough Americans say, “Fuck this faggoty police state and their horrible white women. I m outta here”, and then move to those countries so they can find them a nice “traditional” woman to get divorce raped by.

    2. But…..diversity makes us stronger!
      Want to live in a safe stable country? Generally speaking it’s going to be majority white. It’s not PC to point it out but, what does being PC have to do with the truth?

      1. “…what does being PC have to do with the truth?”
        Answer: “Not a goddamn thing.”

        1. I’m luckey enough to live in a very diverse rural area with a good bit of crime and if our wonderful diversity was eliminated the local crime rate would be about 10% of what is now.

        2. I, too, live in a rural area, not very far from New Orleans, and our diversity rate is 0%.
          Our crime rate is also 0%.
          How I envy diversity….!

    3. Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico…all three of them are still less violent than Russia. Plus the women are nicer in those three countries than anywhere in Europe.

      1. Never been to Russia. I would think it would be less violent. Damn!
        I have been to Mexico several times. Border towns. Personally, I had no trouble.
        And I like Japan and the Philippines better (especially PI).
        Anyway, I’m glad to read this comment.

  13. I was a corrections officer for a long time, generally speaking I would rather be in a building full of murderers than one full of drug dealers and thieves, they are the ones you better never turn your back on. Many of those guys locked up for murder kind of got caught up in the moment and killed somebody, such as losing their temper and going off the grid. The thieves and drug dealers are usually cowardly back stabbing bitch boys who aren’t man enough to stand face to face with someone.

    1. I feel the same way about military men, sort of. Those I know in the military have killed men, and many were close enough to practically kiss them when the light left their eyes. If the chips were down, I know I could count on them to help me protect my fellow citizens, but they’re not a threat on a day-to-day basis.
      Now, some of those “I was almost in the military but…” guys scare the piss out of me. They’re irrational, backbiting pissants I wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw them. If some idiot armed them, I shudder to think the damage they could do for absolutely no reason.

    2. I did corrections too a lot cucks in prison some were very brutal in the killings especially when it was their wives they were knocking off. The drug pushers and the psychos were all cowards.

      1. Cowards?
        A very strange idea in modern times. You think antagonists should all have seconds, pace off ten, then turn and fire?
        ‘Never give a sucker an even break’ is my motto.

    1. Hadn’t previously heard of him. A quick search of that site provided this:
      “Please don’t tell me to “fight it, Andrew!” I know more about this type of cancer than most and I know the ROI on fighting something like this. It ain’t worth it. My current quality of life is far more important than my future, degraded, quantity of life… my body, my choice. I’m grateful for such exhortations but I am profoundly realistic. Also, I don’t want to hear about some great aunt who fought off cancer by bee-sting therapy or smoking copious amounts of strong marijuana. I know you mean well. I know you want the best for me. But I won’t be taking in alternative therapies that don’t work on statistically large enough numbers.”
      Fate stalked him, but he mastered it. He used the wisdom and tools at his disposal to go out on his terms. Admirable and even enviable in the circumstance.

  14. And well can agree that a cheating slut is not worth killing, since she is metaphorically dead to us anyway.
    Yes, as is the society at large. Part of the reason to kill is also to remove the slut and her adulterer from the society so that they will be prevented from causing more destruction to the cultural cocnept of family.
    The slut does not exist in a vacuum. She is a sociopath who is breaking her agreements while enjoying the benefits of the agreement. And she will attempt to encourage other women to join her because by doing so she can both achieve a higher status in the pecking order over those women and even achieve control over their mates through gaining the loyalty of the betrayers. Further, she must do so, otherwose she will be looked down upon by those women who have dedicated themselves to the concept of marriage.
    In addition to this, she will be aided and supported by active adulterous males, and by the more passive adulterers, ie AFCs who are too gutless to open seduce but wouldnt mind “a bit of fun” now and then at the expense of their fellow men.
    As such, killing adulterers became an evolutionarily selected trait. Those social groupongs of men who felt a murderous rage to the violation tended to have fewer adulterous pairings, and at the very least had female mates that would keep it to a minimum thus ensuring more offspring of their own.
    Those that didnt, got weeded out of the gene pool in favor of pairings between adulterous males and betraying females, resulting in children that carried those traits instead.
    However at this point there is no longer any cultural concept of family or society in any benevolent sense. Marriage as a contractual obligation is dead, as the female side of the bargain is not enforced in any sense at all. Whereas the males are penalized even more extensively than what the agreement would obligate them to. Prenups are ignored, jidges can arbitrarily set whatever terms they like. Imagine a contract where if you disolved it, no agreed upon limits in the contract would be honored and the jidge could obligate you to pay your former employee for life, even if the emoloyee was caught selling company secrets to a competitor company. Any society which emgaged in such a practice would be recognized as a racket.
    As such, it males more sense to commit less and move on faster. At least until this structure is replaced by something that honors agreements.

    1. Fallacious argument alert!
      Most married women have no intention of breeding (beyond 1 or 2), so adultery is not a problem if they know you will DNA test your children.
      We aren’t in the good old days where 10 fucks = 1 baby.

      1. Adultery comes with legal and physical comsequences. The betrayed party now has to deal with health risks, as he does not know what the other mans cock is carrying into his woman, social risks to his children as his mate will want to leave and in some csses exposes his children to an aggressive male that cares nothing for their well being, and despite your claim, not all men will test.
        DNA testing is a useful tool. But it is a tool, it does substitute for the character to insist on the test, or to engage in many other necessary behaviors. In addition there are women who do not commit adultery and will not appreciate seeing their children tested, many men in that case will not have the will to test. This will ne seized upon by White Knight scum to supplicate females supremacists and shame men relentlessly for wanting to test, which will further doscourage the practice.

        1. Can’t see ‘disease risk’ as any excuse, what a man can catch is cured in a week.
          Pedophiles do target single moms, and moms often do let them fuck their children.
          But as we men no longer have any responsibility towards protecting women and their children (according to courts) and are just money trees ……. who cares.
          As for DNA testing, IMHO, it should be done by law at the birth of every child before a birth certificate is issued. Without the need for any parental consent. I specified DNA testing as a condition of the marriage contract with my current wife. I also took her down to the hospital and had us STD tested before we married ($10 each), we opened each other’s envelopes. Why risk anything?

        2. Chaste women should be granted a little more prestige too in the house. It’s the used meat that make a culture look shoddy. Curfews for them and keep them in pens. Today betas parade around with used merchandise and publicly take verbal negs from them like they’re afraid they’ll get swoomped by feminists if they show command. If I saw a man publicly discipline an unruly woman, I’d give them a cigar and thumbs up the same as if I see a breeder white woman with wedding ring tit feeding in the park with another in the belly. But the unruly women are already probably bad. If she whip talks you in public, she’s looking for validation from other fems within earshot. She’s already bad. To straighten her out publicly or even try, she’d go nuclear to the finish losing all her hair and claws in the process. They won’t change for the right. They have to be raised right.

    2. Keeping tabs on your bloodline is a transcended or higher state than stabled breeding animals on a farm. ‘Matriarchy’ is really just man in regression. Women have no rule so ‘woman’-archy is oxymoronic. I keep preaching against cirumcision. The west must embrace the ultimate power trio of ‘BBB’
      *and BEEFSTICK
      All three are connected neurologically. The follicle of the beard hair which also acts as an antennae, the uncircumcised cranius minor and the cranius major all form a continuous neuro loop which is never to be severed nor broken.
      OUR EDGE over controlling the shebeast is greatly compromised with a shaved ‘boy chin’ and 30% or less feedback from the chopped dickhead.
      Get on the BBB men!!!

      1. Our disagreement regarding circumcision stems from fundamental differences in doctrine. In your case it is the concept of man being perfect as is, and fulfilling his spirit through his body, in my case, it is the reaching past the physical by having limits imposed on such through external force. Ie, the father circumcises his son, an external act imposed by force.

      2. I’ve known non Jewish couples where the mother insisted to chop the baby boy. The father had no voice in the maternity proceedings, delivery and so on. It was an exclusive bitch club where the mother in law who was a vile witch herself insisted that all boys should be chopped. Something having to do with the boys being more managable and lap dog. Like making a designer ‘mama’s’ boy’ which is especially preferrable to both career single mothers and nanny state welfare ho’s alike. So the non jewish chopniks are a creation of and also foretify the institutions of state husbandry.

      3. I had a beard continuously from 19 through 44.
        In my early to late 20s I also lifted weights religiously.
        Did me not one bit of good, other than the occasional compliment I got from a hooker (for the weights, not the beard).
        Now clean shaven & mostly body weight workouts only.
        Still getting compliments from the girls I pay…

        1. In battle, your beard hairs act like an antennae.
          You have to learn to modulate the RF signals and static in your environment otherwise with a lazy brainwave state (alpha/beta), signals are white noise. Swamis who levitate reach a delta or gamma brainwave state. PUAs now primarily have beards and is documented. They work.
          Using your beard is like learning to ride a bicycle. People tuned to reading beard signals will feel a ‘pushing’ sensation against their beard when an evil force or person is near. The level to which you can excel in reading, decoding and deciphering the millions of overlapping signals with your assorted hair strands can be calibrated to your level of skill in other areas. Like some writers have a sense to zero in on a clencher word or to stack an argument instead of going fuzzy. Skilled artists can project a real image with expression versus drawing stick people. Add beard and the art becomes insanely world class. Musicians nail it with beard. Civil War generals sat high on their horses with mega beards and calmly swayed side to side as balls of shot whizzed by. Similarly a seasoned gamer of women will poke all around but will next a psychotic homicidal bitch on an intuitive hunch without barely thinking twice. They can ‘feel’ her labyrinthian disposition, whereas a beta sucker will marry her and let himself get strapped in for the full hell ride . . . eeh . . don’t get me crying here . . aieeeeeh . .

          Ultimately the full BBB is more powerful than beard alone. Circumcised bearded Jews run an awesome shell game, conquering with their brains but absolutely not their dicks. They would likely be 20% and not a hodge podge 2% semitic frankenrace if they were full pointed dick.

        2. This is some interesting stuff you have written here. I think I’ll have to start on my second liter of Smirnoff to truly appreciate it.
          BTW, I drink cheap shit. That’s kind of my thing.

        3. If you’ve gained any new skills or knowledge lately or have ventured into new territory beardless, then start the shadow now and go full cro with it and test it on whatever new stuff you’re doing or on old stuff, game or even scarping on an old fuck you ditched. . . zing . .
          Btw I remember some cheap ass vodka, I think it was ‘romanoff’ or something. Smelled and tasted like that shit you clean your cd discs with. Smirnoff was the good shit as I remember.

  15. Two reasons for murder: greed and lust. I don’t care about those banana faces in South America. I work in the correctional system and alcohol and drugs frequently play a part in murderous rage. Most murderers doing time, like the statistics show, come from one parent homes with little or no guidance.
    Why kill a woman for screwing around on you? Just walk away, that’s punishment enough.

    1. Walk away from your home, children, savings and pension …… good idea.
      (I actually did that, walked away, but I could have killed her, kept all my stuff, done my time, and I would have been out by now)

  16. Whenever I see crime stats, I always wonder what they’d look like without the pussy pass…

    1. Who are you to judge? You aren’t a judge, so you’re not to judge.
      If you want to punish a girl for murder, that’s misogynist af.

  17. German woman (23) raped in front of her boyfriend (26) by a black rapefugee on a campingsite. He held a knife at her throat.
    My interpretation:
    They probably watched blackeddotcom, than the german slut told the BF ‘Hey, let’s do this!’, BF responded: ‘Okay, who am I to judge? I’m not a racist! I will eat his cum from your face, honey!’
    They then went on the streets, found a black migrant (not pretty difficult to find in the new Weimar Germany), then proceeded and afterwards the girl had some mental difficulties, so she said to her BF: ‘What if it was just a rape? I would get so much attention from my orbiters! Yeah, honey I got raped and you watched! Good publicity for me, bad publicity for you, cuck! But who are you to judge?’
    So they made up the rape case and the part with the knife and they all lived happily ever after.
    I love germany! Germanistan YES!
    Source: http://www.n-tv.de/panorama/Frau-vor-Augen-ihres-Freundes-vergewaltigt-article19778290.html

    1. How can the darkie holding a knife to HER throat …… stop the white guy taking action?
      Or is rape not as bad as being cut with a knife …… contrary to feminist propaganda. I wouldn’t want her after the muzzie raped her anyway, can you imagine the “you let him rape me” and “I was raped, I never want sex again” shit storm after. Nah, the white guy will be gone after allowing this to happen, damaged goods. Never date a white woman who tells you she was raped/sexually assaulted. Too many mental issues for it to be worth any guys time and effort.
      The German guy fucked up, no downside to giving the rapugee a good kicking.
      1) she lives and he’s a German hero, or
      2) she dies and he would have needed a new girlfriend anyway.
      PS. I specify white woman, because white women seem to compare rape to murder. Non-white women often consider rape as more akin to shoplifting. It isn’t such a big deal to them.

  18. I will not move a muscle if a white western is being raped, I will buy a bag of chips and sit and enjoy the show…white western woman you dug your grave…now fucking die in it you entitled fucking bratty cunts.

        1. Melania is 47. This is funny but the best looking 50 yo woman I ever personally met was a Gypsy and also worked as a stripper. I was invited to the wedding for one of her sons and some guests went to the local strip club afterwards. Grandpa, uncles and others put bills in her garter belt as she danced and wiggled her bare pierced toosch on the stage. She looked as creamy smooth as a 25 yo but she was 50. Face had no wrinkles, hair shined – she was one well preserved 50 yo woman I’ll say that.
          Some races appear to age differently than others, something to do with the type of skin. Really it’s what’s on the inside that determines longevity, bone integrity (your bone fitness is seen outwardly in your teeth. With poor calcium, your teeth go first and you know your bones are equally fragile). French and Spanish women seem to age well. Italian and Mediteranean slightly less well. Danish age exceptionally well. Central/North Siberian women age well but South Asian age like lobsters. Some has to do with diet. Ancient Roman women were known for their world renowned beauty and believed in eating rabbit (rarebit) meat to preserve and nourish the beauty.

        2. Irish girls.
          Stunningly Beautiful when young.
          Ghastly ugly past 30.
          They morph into their mothers at 30 years 1 day.

  19. The male arcehtype is the WARRIOR.
    I really do advise to all young males, to volunteer to serve one year as a soldier of their own nations.
    After that, you can continue your civilian life, you can be whatever you want to be.
    But the adventure, the experience, is something you will not be able to get anywhere else.

    1. I would agree. Do a hitch and learn everything you can. You will get exposed to how to use and maintain light and some heavy weapons plus learn basic military tactics and doctrine.

    2. Well, no. Just no.
      Why would you put yourself on a mercy of a state?
      Those skills you claim you would squire in the army, you can squire elsewhere in civilian life. Also, in today`s world armies are presumably full of perverts. You would not want to get caught with the same barrack with people like that, would you?
      Forget the army.

  20. Would I kill a woman who betrayed me with an other man? Nah, it’s useless. Let her do her thing, she wasn’t worth it anyways. It’s not a thing worth it to me to get locked up for. But if she cucked me with someone else’s child people are going to get hurt. Same goes for divorcerape.

    1. Totally agreed. If she tricks me into raising another man’s child while I have none, and I realise I was duped… well, I would be VERY agressive with her. Very. Murder is a possibility.

      1. Or you could kill her children so she will be sad for the rest of her life. Now, talking about murder like it’s a walk in the park is not my thing really. I don’t own guns or know how to make explosives or what have you. But revenge is a mode all people posses. Why not be honest about it. There are possibilities where one could totally flip. Cheating is not one of those things for me. Because in such situation the best revenge is to retire 15 years before she does. Preferably wealthy. That is revenge.

      2. On a related note, I have a friend who’s brother has been living with a girl for a few years now. Typical beta, let her move in with his family, paying for everything for her, worshiping her lazy ass while she proceeds to get fatter, doesn’t offer anything in terms of a future housewife or helping out around the house currently, tells everyone how lucky he is, etc. She’s been cheating on him for a while. She had to admit that she’s been cheating because now she’s pregnant, she couldn’t fake him into being the father because the real father is of a different race. In the end he’s willing to stick with her & forgive her if she gets rid of the kid. His first instinct was to confront the other guy, not hold her responsible & kick her out.
        Some men are so blue pilled that they could never find it in themselves to harm their “princess”. My bet is that she’s going to use this to move on with the new guy, & my friends brother will blame himself. Chances are he’s more likely to kill himself.

        1. That was a horror-story, made mi cringe.
          Beta thirst is terrible. The guy needs the Red Pill like a man lost in the desert needs a glass of water.
          I feel sorry for guys like him, because in case of beta, I am never sure he is doing it instinctively. With most guys, these are things they learned, this is a result of the Feminist brainwashing we all receive, this is all they know, they do not know any better.
          I myself lost most of my youth on the Blue Pill, but at least I did not shoot myself in the dick with getting married clueless. Strange thing, though, is deep down I always felt something is wrong with me, I just could not help myself. And when I found the Red Pill, it was like a revelation. Somehow it was a returning to my true self, a liberation of my real self, which I personally oppressed deep into myself.
          And even now sometimes I fall back into the old Blue Pill thinking patterns, it is constant battle against betaism.
          I hope the guy will learn from his failure, find the Red Pill, and ten years from now, he will have a good chuckle about how stupid he was in the good old days…

    2. I would kill a woman who wants to divorce rape me too.
      I think a lot more men should until the practice stops.

      1. I’ve heard about divorce battles gone wrong in the Dutch news. You see the two children in the pic? They are dead now. The father was in a divorce battle with their mother. She pushed him to the extreme. Alimony, palimony, custody, propery settlement etc. Later it was published this was the case. He killed his own kids and then himself. Now, it’s ridiculous, but this is what happens when some men don’t see an outcome. That is what to happen, because it hits women on their weakest spot: their children. Killing a partner is fucked up, killing her children: total evil. This woman will regret her actions until her last breath.

        1. Damn what an ugly over the wall hag on top of that. The worst thing when something like this happens is that the man is depicted as a monster.

        2. Killing innocent children is monstrous. But indeed, the media depicted the mother as an innocent woman who’s children were murdered. But the truth is of course she had it coming. Most women know that judges will favor them concerning custody, take a big part of his paycheck for child support, maybe alimony. Women feel invincible, because few men will go berserk. Most will just take it up the ass and cry in a corner. And pay for another 15 years.

        3. That is horrible. Unfortunately I don’t think she will have the awareness to regret her actions. Her hamster & the rest of gynocentric society will tell her nothing is her fault, that she’s another victim of some unhinged toxic man. Women are never held the slightest bit responsible for cause and effect in their lives.
          I’m sure she’s already moved on to multiple other beta providers that wanted to prove “they’re not like all the other guys”. Rinse & repeat.

        4. Probably yes. I read she was a bitch. Even complained at the court for wanting the scartcables and champagne glasses. She ignored court orders yet he payed over €50.000 for lawyer costs. I think he killed his kids, not because of revenge, but he didn’t want them to grow up without a father. And that was what she wanted: to take the children and never let them see their father again. A strategy women often use, in such case it is revenge.

    3. What about a false rape accusation that leads to conviction and lifetime registration as a violent sex offender?

      1. Should fight it legally to the end of times. What is the alternative? Killing her and let it seem she was truthful?

  21. There are plenty of violent cities with large number of murders in Europe. The only reason they are on any such list is because the authorities tend to alter the statistics.
    Albeit these statistics may indicate that the cities on the list are extremely dangerous, you should not assume the cities not on the list would be any safer for you.
    Having said that, the African cities of Kigali (Rwanda), Windhoek (Namibia) or Lusaka (Zambia) are probably a lot safer for an average American/Western European visitor that the supposedly European cities of Moscow (Russia) Warsaw (Poland) or Bucharest (Romania).
    Just saying…

      1. Well then, live in the cucked SJW Nordic nations, the Anglosphere (other than conservative areas of USA), France, Spain, Germany or Greece if Poland, Ukraine, Russia, and Serbia have degenerate races. Who is letting in the real violent and primitive people you speak of? Certainly not Poland or Russia.

  22. To those commenters who blame miscegenation fro high murder rates: you guys are wrong. Many countries in Eastern Europe are ethnically homogeneous (or even borderline inbred), yet virtually all of them are crime-ridden, violent hell-holes.

      1. I’m about as Southern European / American as it gets.
        Black hair (just not on my head anymore), dark brown eyes, and tan complexion…really tan, even in winter…like Ralph Macchio in the Karate Kid. Never thought of myself as anything other than white, but then again, you seem to have a point. I suppose all the Turk/Arab/Berber conquests in the dark ages had its effect. Maybe its a good thing. My bad temper has often come in handy over the years. Perhaps I have some some ancient gene to thank for it.

  23. One reason why men kill, they are subject to extreme cruelty and the only way to stop the pain that others inflict on them. Just go to your local public school and watch how the kids treat each other. What would happen if the same little perps did that to each other while adults in a work place?

  24. All I can say is growing up as kid in the 70’s a switch happened and people started locking their doors and have kept them locked since.

    1. the “switch” is the stupid government announcements and helicopter parenting experiments. The acceptable level of risk varies from parent to parent, but there are real consequences to keeping little Johnney indoors playing video games instead of making him go outside.

  25. The answer to why men murder is really simple… because it’s easier than ever. Ask Bill Clinton.
    Modern weapons, combined with a liberal justice system and feminized males get you more killing.

  26. ” Italy, were dysfunctional in the not too distant past. Rather the combination of poverty, income inequality and blood symbolism have played a more prominent role with regard to the emergence of mafia groups.” Why is it that you considered poverty as a possible source of gang violence in Italy and not in historically poor areas ? Imo , it’s probably mostly a combination of poverty, and inequality leading to resentment and violent culture and mass insanity in the.case of undeveloped areas and mostly insanity and social resentment in the case of developed areas

    1. Yeah, they aren’t white. They’re also poor, similarly when white countries enter a economic crisis, their crime rate rises too .. hmmm.. must be their skin tone though

      1. It might be in some cases. Generations of incest, drug abuse during pregnancies etc is obviously going to have an impact on DNA and in undeveloped areas these illnesses are over seen and untreated , they’re just “another crazy guy.” So yeah, it’s one cause, however claiming it’s the only one is a narrow-minded point of view. The co-relation between wealth, a good educational system, a functional family with Christian values and a functional society is undeniable. Put any 5 guys from different backgrounds but with a healthy mind and raise them with the same Christian values , access to decent education and resources and they will all probably be successful.

        1. Never said it was the only reason.
          You omitted it so I included it.
          BTW, you left out evolution from your list.
          Evolving in a tropical climate where mates are chosen for running, jumping, and stealing bananas from monkeys. That plays a big part in determining behavior and impulse control.

    2. Because Italians have managed to create a first-world country. I said that poverty and income equality and governance matter, but why are there no first world countries that are not demographically predominantly European or Northeast Asian?

      1. Well .. I assume you mean developed when you say first worls, considering there’s no way one can “achieve first world” since it’s a term for describing WW2 factions. Regarding developed nation’s well there’s Chile.. it’s a newly economically developed country. Spaniards are flooding this Latin American nation looking for opportunities, their ethnicity is mostly native/European (very mixed) and how did they achieve this? During Pinochet top US professors were brought to Chile and began educating those studying in Chilean universities the principles of a capitalist and functional society, few years later you have the strongest army in economy and military in Latin America. There’s also Uruguay and Argentina, although they aren’t as economically developed as Chile they are just as socially advanced as Chile or any European country. You won’t find many visual differences walking the streets of Uruguay and Argentina between these two and lower income areas of the Eurozone (country side of Italy, Portugal, Spain, etc) even the climate is similar. Obviously these advances have been achieved immitating European society, nobody is taking this credit from Europe, every University in Latin America starts with early European civilization in their program. As to East Asia I have no idea I’ve never been to Asia but I know many Slavic countries are shitholes. Alternatively in Central America ever since US voluntarely stopped oppressing the people of Panama by leaving the canal 10 years after the stablished contract said, they have experienced huge economic growth, people from “first worlds” are investing like crazy. Society (and I mean collective education) isn’t very advanced though, right up north though, in Costa Rica, you’ll find society is much more civil, calm, educated(thy don’t even have the need for a military, they just behave) but haven’t experienced the economic growth Panama has because they don’t have a huge source of income such as the canal. However Panama has improved in every aspect, which is what leads me to believe there’s that co-relation between money, education and a functional society.

  27. Not that long ago, individual life was not considered as valuable as it is made out to be now. People rich or poor died all the time for all kinds of reasons.
    Given this more hardcore existence, people naturally understood that community and family values and integrity, not the ephemeral well-being of an individual, was of paramount importance. Even the king was more important as a symbol of the state and divine will, not literally as some powerful dude.

  28. was expecting a mass comment bomb from Jizzabots as they just skim read the title of the article as “why all men are murderers” and attacked like jackals…
    the night is still young i guess.

  29. The feminists/SJWs love to tell how all violence stems from men, masculinity and patriarchy. Yet they are constantly pushing government to enforce more rules and taxes.
    Government power over the individual is derived from the threat to jail. The threat to jail is backed up by the threat to kill. That is why the police must carry a gun when enforcing laws. So in reality, they are the ones constantly threating violence and death to anyone that does not go along with their agenda. They just don’t have the courage to carry it out themselves. Just like everything else, government is there to do for them what they are incapable of themselves.

    1. That’s why you never ever let the government disarm you. It’s a sneaky dirty trick like you played when you were a kid. Then they want you to go to sleep and when you awake, you’re all tied up. Kid psychology is applicable here. It is as valid as any other psychology for what the word is worth. I remember as kids, me and my siblings playing some kid game tried to tie our babysitter up like that and she woke half way. Boy was she pissed.

  30. What? This is nonsense! Democrats say that sanctuary cities are safer than law abiding cities. More non-Whites must be flooded into US if we want to be safe. They couldn’t be wrong about such an important issue.

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