5 Reasons Why I No Longer Date Black Women

As a military kid, I was fortunate to live a lot of different places at a young age. Before I was 18 I’d lived in nine different states and had been to many more. After college I continued my nomad-like existence before finally settling down on the west coast.

An obvious benefit of having lived in all four corners of the U.S. is the opportunity to meet and date many different kinds of women. I use the word “different” loosely because the older I got, the more I realized that from sea to shining sea, American women are pretty much the same, though it took me until about five years ago to accept it. Location and upbringing creates a few differences between them, but by and large, chicks that are born and raised in the states are clones as far as sexual interaction goes.

However, the element that makes more of an impact than others is race. For example, in my experience white girls tend to be much more sexually open and experimental (they do it all), Latinas are fiery, passionate, and embrace their femininity more than most, and aesthetically speaking Asian women are among the thinnest across the board.

Most people who are honest with themselves know that black women have the lowest SMV of any female in the western hemisphere and maybe even the world. Plenty of men out there have a taste for them but the cruel reality of natural selection all but weeds them out of just about every pool of men with options.

I’ve dated my fair share of black girls, but after I became unplugged I find that I rarely game them unless they are an exquisite specimen, and even then I tread very carefully. This was not a conscious choice. It was just a natural progression in my development. The more my game level improved, the less attractive they became. These days they’re practically invisible to me.

There’s a laundry list of reasons my attraction to black women has dwindled over the course of my crimson capsule evolution and I could probably write a five-part series on it. Instead I’ll just give you my top five reasons I prefer to leave them alone.

5. Their infatuation with name brands

I once dated a girl who had a $300 Michael Kors diaper bag for her kid, a $250 Louis Vuitton purse with a matching $125 wallet, and $200 Gucci sunglasses. How do I know what she paid for them? She reminded me every chance she got and did so loudly and proudly.

I’ve got no problem with someone spending a little extra coin on things they won’t compromise on. We all do it and that’s okay. But living that far above your means is ridiculous. Most girls like to have nice things, but black women are slaves to the almighty label and will make sure they get them at all costs…literally.

Black girls sell their souls for this stuff

They wouldn’t be caught dead at the club without the latest Steve Madden heels or with a man rocking an off-brand shirt he bought at Target for 50% off. Accusations of such treachery from her peers are a slap in the face as far as she’s concerned.

Truth be told, I got tired of the daily label checks making sure I was wearing name brand this or that, as though I would shame the family name by sporting a generic pair of jeans I picked up at the thrift store. Plus, dating chicks whose tw0-year-old’s Jordans cost more than my ratty old skateboard shoes, and being reminded of it, while humorous, gets old. Chalk it up to ego and common sense.

4. Their extreme sluttiness

I know, I know. Most girls in this country are sluts. I get it. But black chicks are the undisputed queens of slutdom and it’s not even close. This, like a lot of reckless female behavior, probably falls into the lack of self worth category.

Sisters are well aware of the fact that they’re at the bottom of the sexual food chain. For a woman this can be one hell of a mind job so it stands to reason (albeit a very bad one) they’d go to extremes to validate their sexual allure but that’s not my problem.

“But SharpShooter, if they have such limited options who’s banging them and why?”

Good questions.

1. It’s a known fact in the ‘sphere that 6s and 7s are far sluttier than 8s and 9s because of their sexual insecurities. They feel the need to consistently prove to themselves and everyone else they are desirable as women so they sleep with more men. This principle crosses all racial boundaries.

2. Though they don’t often attract men outside of their race, there is a surplus of black suitors available who are more than willing to take advantage of their promiscuity, which increases their notch counts. The supply is diminishing by the day, but as of right now there are plenty of hungry (and thirsty) diners at the buffet.

Still ain’t buyin’ it, eh? Fair enough but check this out:

I was as beta as beta gets through my twenties but banging black girls was like taking candy from a baby. I had zero game to speak of, yet I regularly fell ass backward into their panties quite easily. If they were giving it up to losers like me there’s no telling how many others dudes have easily slipped by their velvet ropes and pounded their dance floors.

All of us here know that most chicks in this cesspool of a sexual market are more than liberal with their goodies. That said, I’ll take the lesser of two evils and fuck sluts over petri dishes.

3. Just about all of them have kids

Being a slut has consequences—namely, children. Every single black women I’ve dated, banged, or whatever else had children. All of them. To make matters worse a lot of them have a lot more than just one or two. One night you’ll see them shaking their asses at the club, the next you see them at the market buying formula with five kids in tow.

During the five or six year window I hooked up with black girls I found that this affliction didn’t discriminate in the least. The good looking, the average looking, the chubsters (more on that later), the clubbers, the church goers, the employed, the unemployed, the slutty, the “snowflakes” (who, of course have only slept with their six baby daddies and nobody else) all had children. Shit, even the educated ones with great jobs, nice cars, and living in nice neighborhoods who seemed to have their act together had a few whipper snappers running around.

It’s all fun and games…                                   …until your life ends up like this

I can hear the SWJs with their white guilt excuses now: “Studies show that Caucasian women have more access to birth control and abortion clinics than do African American women because of [insert bullshit economical breakdown], so they give birth to more children, thus….blah blah blah.”

Look, I can’t speak to whether that’s true or not but I do know this: birth control is the cheapest and most accessible it has ever been in history. Their finances may or may not be limited, but surely they can pony up the change in their designer bags to avoid baggage that decreases their value as long-term partners.

I’m fairly certain that not every black woman out there has children, but finding childless sisters is about as easy as nailing jell-o to a tree. Good luck with that.

2. Their obesity rate

It’s an open secret that black women lead the league in FG% (fat girl percentage). The PC media will blame this on targeted marketing of fast food, lack of nutritional options and education, lower income, or any number of excuses designed to take the focus away from personal discipline and responsibility but their excess body weight is a product of their laziness and lack of drive, as is the case with anyone who is grossly overweight.

The whole “Big and Beautiful” movement isn’t fooling anyone either—including the women who spew this trash. They know good and well that no man with a healthy sexual desire is looking in their direction for that kind of action. Deep down they know men aren’t into women with a disproportionate amount of “curves.”

This is an obvious facade to feel better about themselves while stuffing their faces with sugary high-carb deserts while hopelessly fantasizing about the Just Wright scenario happening to them. Their beds are as cold as the days are long, and pretending they’re not won’t change that.

They might be attractive if they lost 100+ lbs each

Black girls aren’t the first choice of the vast majority of men out there as it is, and their overweight percentages only shrinks their already depleted number of bangable women.

1. They’re not feminine

This is by far the single most unattractive trait black women possess. Dealing with your typical self-proclaimed “strong black woman” is a huge pain in the ass and just not worth the sexual exchange.

Most western girls foolishly believe that acting like a man is attractive to men. Black women are no different but they take it to another level. They exude so much masculinity it overshadows any and all desirable qualities that may work in their favor. They want to project strength but their undisguised mannish tendencies are boner killers.

More and more black men are adopting this mindset 

Men don’t want to date women who act like men no matter how many God awful Tyler Perry movies endorse this myth. The bottom line is that most black girls just aren’t feminine. If they embraced femininity like their Latina counterparts they might actually surprise themselves with the growing amount of positive attention they start getting from the public in general, including men.

One comment on a blog I read a while back summed this up pretty accurately:

We don’t want strong black women, we want hot and feminine black women!

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

In Closing…

I’d love to slay hot black ass on the regular but it’s slim pickings out there. The sisters out there that do pass the boner test have way too much baggage to consider even putting them in fuck buddy status. Their overt masculinity also takes them completely out of the running for an ONS. It’s sad to say but I’ve come to a point in my life where I’ve realized they’re just not worth pursuing anymore.

I suppose they could raise their collective SMV enough to become a viable option for men other than thirsty simps, but it would take a generational mind shift of epic proportions. Though they have their deficiencies, there are plenty of changes they could make to maximize their desirability.

However, the odds of black women (or any American woman for that matter) changing their ways are exceedingly long. Their mentality and the environments they create for themselves are two roadblocks they simply do not have the knowledge or resolve to overcome. I’ll pass.

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920 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I No Longer Date Black Women”

    1. I don’t find them attractive and I really dislike AA culture. And I’m sure I’m not alone in either regard.

        1. I agree, I could never stand those insufferable fucks at Alcoholics Anonymous. Bunch of pretentious faggots if you ask me.

        2. I dont get the abstaining via weekly publicly humiliating yourself thing. why not go to a baseball game? They have coffee there.

        3. A real man can control the amount of booze he can drink and doesn’t need to go crying to a bunch of strangers about it. I can stop anytime I want to. I just don’t want to.

      1. How can you say you hate AA culture when you’re on ROK. Game comes from black men… You have no idea how ignorant you sound. That culture produces a higher percentage of alphas than any other culture, it’s their game that’s being studied throughout the manosphere.

        1. “That culture produces a higher percentage of alphas than any other culture”
          Russian alpha is real alpha. AA “alpha” isn’t anything to aspire to.

        2. Game doesn’t come from any ethnic group exclusively. I dislike AA culture because it is heavily invested in mindless consumption, low productivity, and weak family relationships. Effectively all things I find highly discouraging in a modern society.

        3. What the hell are you talking about?! You watch way too much tv. AA culture produced the current POTUS. Black men spend more time with their children than white men. Just because we don’t get married doesn’t mean we’re not there. And there are Blacks making vast strides in every economic sector there is. You just don’t hear about it because the media likes to portray black men as thugs and criminals. And we’re also unfairly targeted by the justice system. Receiving felonies are much higher rates for the same crimes committed by whites. Making it impossible to enter the work force and get a decent job. So until you’ve walked in our shoes you should just be quiet. And enjoy your white privilege while it last.

        4. I don’t even own a tv. Black men are pathetically absent in their children’s lives. The media does everything it can to help portray blacks as victims. They are right, victims of black on black crime. They receive felonies at much higher rates than whites for the same reason Asians and Jews receive larger salaries than most whites; cultural and racial predispositions. Until they show some sign of self-determinism, I don’t have any expectations out of blacks other than more failure.

        5. AA men are not real alphas they are pseudo alphas. A man with game knows that getting an education and following your dreams are what make you alpha . Not trying to prove your masculinity every damn minute because your African American women emuscated you

        6. I always believed that AA men where the less masculine than any other culture just because of the fact that there women don’t take care of themselves (obesity) and don’t act feminine , because they now you wanna be thugs are still going to fuck them regardless. Other races of women know for a fact that once the get overweight is a wrap for them . I personally know a white friend who thinks that 120 pounds 5,7 height) is is too fat and is currently trying to lose weight cuz she knows that white men are educated and have options . But black women in American know that AA monkeys will tuck anything with a slit between its legs

        7. So if we’re pseudo alphas, then why are all the white bitches at NCAA schools gargling the cum of black athletes. Explain that bitch.

        8. What the fuck is black on black crime? People of the same culture kill each our like whites kill whites and asians kill asians. But let’s talk about white on white crime. It consist of shooting up schools, mass suicides (Heaven’s Gate) and killing and eating people (Jeffrey Dahmer). And let’s not even bring up the the mass atrocities committed by white in other countries. Whites are the most violent race on earth. Bitch you ain’t got no room to speak about black violence. And don’t think I didn’t see what you originally posted you self-righteous racist cunt. And it’s your bitches that are choking on my dick bitch.

        9. I do t hate black people, but I really hate the zabba culture being promoted by people like you. I truly believe Lincoln had it right when he wanted to ship them all back to the dark continent after the Civil War. Aside from the manual labor they provided prior to the invention of the cotton gin, they have literally contributed nothing to modern society. So please don’t complain about your over privileged standing. We could send you back to the dark continent where you belong.

        10. O really… Did you know a black man invented the world’s first search engine, his name is Alan Emtage. Or how bout Lewis Latimer who greatly improved the filament to make it burn long which gave you the modern day light bulb. I could keep go on and on but racist like you have a small brain and lack intelligence and understanding. And you couldn’t send us no where because blacks are the indigenous population on most of the globe. Just look how the Mayans depicted themselves in murals painted on temple walls. You guessed it… they were black muthafucka. We been in the Americas bitch! You the newcomers. But whites are dying out anyway. So we’ll keep having kids and sucking the government dry to take care of them, while whites do all the work. Ya know, kinda how it was the opposite 200 years ago. We win 🙂

        11. Anecdotal evidence isn’t a useful measure for an argument. Enjoy living in poverty with your fellow zabbas while cops deservingly harass you. Remember not to fight back.

        12. you leave too this shit belongs to the indians.every fucking where you go, you have killed and raped.

        13. Might makes right. Remember that next time you’re collecting your welfare and realize it is being given out as a guilt concession. If things ever got bad it would be taken away and half the AA community would starve to death.

        14. lmao…you know no matter the race in america its alot of betas…while people go back and forth on a race themed tear down..this whole country caters towards women

        15. Well said CAH. I’m glad this site has an open discussion but this, “not my group” mentality keeps betas right where they are at. Just the extreme betas go to different places. Sometimes that is prison. Sometimes that means mass murder followed by suicide.

    2. Lots of men do, but the media and propaganda want them to believe otherwise. Unfortunately some Black men believe the lies.

  1. Of all the black women in my workplace, the two I find attractive and nice enough to date if I was single – are actually from Africa.

    1. It’s like that a lot. Black people from other cultures (Africa for example) are very different from most blacks born in the US.

      1. The Welfare State and feminism created what is now black culture. This is by design, and LBJ was rather open about this being the point of the welfare state. It destroyed traditional black culture, or at least what was left after they were emancipated. Traditional black Africans that I’ve met, from Africa, seem like decent good people with the same courtesies, aspirations and dreams as any other (lawful) immigrant.

        1. Same.
          Long ago I lived in a ghetto (for lack of better word) for a couple of years. There was a Jamaican family and a family from Nigeria that lived in apartments near me.
          They were so different from the rest of the people around me it was nuts. Typical family. Married man and woman. Couple of kids. Quiet. Extremely hard workers. VERY nice (they even fed me sometimes). I liked both of those families very much.
          Our’s are just the result of welfare and 60 years of a victimhood mentality that won’t quit.

        2. You find that same thing with white welfare families. Welfare destroys all the goodness in people.

        3. No, actually not as much Bob. I can hit any trailer park in Appalachia and usually find a mother and father still together (not always of course) and a trailer full of very scary children, more often than not.
          Welfare does destroy the family, yes, my point was LBJ specifically targeted blacks with his social programs.

        4. LBJ was a sneaky conniving bastard. I’m sure he is now in a special kind of Hell designed by the Kennedys.
          I won’t ask what you are buying in the trailer parks.

        5. I grew up blue collar, with no small amount of exposure to 1% MC’s through my uncle. Lots of them lived in trailer parks.
          Yes, LBJ was a particular kind of evil. Would be nice to find a way to bring him back to life, just so I could punch him in the kisser a few times.

        6. In the UK, you have significantly less black people and the history is very different. So generally, welfare in the UK has a white face (outside of London). I grew up near what we call “council estates”, or basically public housing. The people that live there are awful. You would not recognise them as being the same species, let alone race. Britain itself I think is number one in the West for teenage pregnancies and its seems a rite of passage for a young girl to be “preggers” at 13. The motivation is in place (guaranteed housing and a government stipend for each little brat you have). As such, single motherhood in the UK is a major problem and no one can figure out why.
          The next great plan is to start paying people to be fat. Watch this space.

        7. Yes, I’m aware that the bottoms of England are nearly an entirely different species. Our cultures took two different turns, where blacks here occupy the place of bottom dwellers in England. I suppose trailer park types here would actually be an improvement for their lot in life.

        8. Well the welfare state in Scandinavia is far more developed than in the UK, and there is no real problem with teen pregnancies. So what explains the difference?

        9. There is no real trailer park culture in Scandinavia, or it at the very least is far more limited. Equality is greater than in the US, while the welfare state is more extensive.
          So what in your opinion explains the difference?

        10. Great Britain is more individualistic, less collectivist than the Scandinavian countries and the rest of Continental Europe. The restraints on selfish behavior in Anglo-Saxon countries largely derived from religion, and less from a dominant, intrusive culture. (Not entirely absent, just less overbearing). As faith has died in the Anglo-Saxon world, there remains nothing left to check the innate selfishness of the individual. Hence, more individualized depravity in the UK. Not to say decay won’t occur elsewhere, it will just look a little different.

        11. The restraint on selfish behaviour is most probably also derived from religion in the Scandinavian countries.
          But it is based on protestant lutheranism and not jewish inspired calvinism.
          The problem has more likely to do with an erosion of religion and traditional mores, than with a welfare state as such.
          The welfare state is basically a public Insurance mechanism. It can Work as long as the culture is healthy and the population is fairly small and homogenous.
          An extensive welfare state is however not compatible with a hedonistic americanized neoliberal consumer culture.

        12. Scandinavia isn’t “multi-cultural,” or rather it wasn’t, now you’ve stupidly let in Muslims. Going, going, gone in two generations.

        13. I havent personally done anything but vote against the race replacement agenda. I have since the late 90s voted on the danish folk peoples party consistently.
          And as far as I can tell Britain is more fucked up. London is now officially less than 50% British. No danish city is anywhere near that level, although Sweden has some cases which are close to 35%.
          So it appears that there are many stupid politicians in the UK as well.

        14. I’ve known blacks from Central America who would get pissed off if you referred to them as “black”.

        15. Welfare can work in a homogenious culture.
          Once you have a multicultural society, the people on welfare stop feeling ashamed of being on welfare, and feel they are just supporting their particular culture by making other cultures pay their bills.

        16. This can be partly explained by “Colorism” and institutionalized racism the hatred of oneself or anything associated with Blackness. During Slavery and after lighter skin was prized as “better” while this is foolish and backward thinking many non-whites have this mentality in their heads. This also manifests itself in dating where non whites like Latinos Arabs, Persian, Asians might rather date a white male than a dark skinned or black male.

        17. Abusers of welfare are usually shamed by people in their own culture, race and community. I have seen this firsthand.

        18. My point wasn’t that religion played no role in other countries, but rather, that it played a more functional role in Anglo-Saxon countries. The welfare state can work (for a while) in more homogenous cultures, where one has a greater sense of “us.” But in the long run, the welfare state still props up feminism, which in turn leads to lowered birth rates, which in turn leads to an ever decreasing native population, which finally leads to ever increasing immigration, and next thing you know you have Malmo.
          In sum, the welfare state may be a temporary proper solution for more collectivist cultures, but it is always an improper solution, wrongly grafted onto individualistic cultures, where the population will have a different sort of relationship with the state. The America of 100 years ago was not “a hedonistic neoliberal consumer culture.” Far from it. The welfare state helped transform it. It brought us down, and it’s in the process of bringing you down, only in a different way.
          There seems to be a curious assessment from those outside of the Anglosphere that “hedonism and degeneracy” is somehow uniquely embedded in our culture, and that but for our pervasive influence, your countries would be just fine. Nonsense. The Nazis and Soviets both viewed Britian and America as degenerate as they murdered millions and enslaved millions more. Sorry, but the Anglosphere has brought the world a great deal of good, material and otherwise, and it remained the only force against the violent radicalism of the last century, which managed to infect more traditionally restrictive cultures.
          By the by, Switzerland was also deeply Calvinist, and they have a sizable welfare state as well.

        19. I dont think religion played a less functional role in say the Scandinavian countries and parts of Germany. The lutheran state was fused with the monarchical state after the reformation, and served as a tool for unifying the national culture. This is the reason lutheranism became state and ethnic religion. This was a crucial functional, role it played in forging the state.
          There is no necessary relation between the building of welfare states and the promotion of feminism. Feminism is a modern development based on equal participation in the workforce. The welfare state might as well be based solely on the support of families, and not individuals.
          In fact it is the liberal version of welfare which primarily supports singles. The German and the Scandinavian models were primarily based on the support of families. Securing pensions and the Insurance against sickness and disability. Radical equality was never on the table, and for this reason it was supported by conservatives.
          And there is nothing that indecates that the welfare state leeds to a depression of the birth rate. Take a look at the fertility rates in Europe. There is no correlation between a universal welfare state and low fertility. Quite on the contrary.
          Immigration booms have largely been fueled by neoliberal corporatists who want cheap Labour. This in addition to humanist do gooders who encourage liberal refugee policies. This is not the fault of the welfare state as such.
          I am well aware that the US 100 years ago was very different from the US of today. But I do agree with the nazis and the soviets when they viewed the US as the hub of degeneracy. The individualistic consumer culture was pioneered in the US. And then american style liberalism spread to europe in the aftermath of WW2.
          And all I can say is that my own society has become more degenerate with the spread of american style corporatism, consumer culture and hedonist liberalism.
          And although I admire the cultural and Scientific accomplishments of the anglo sphere, it has all been mired in a destructive individualist culture. Liberalism with no restraints is the death of collective nationalist cultures.

        20. “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” If anyone can link me to a video saying this I’ll be indebted for life. I believe it to be true, but seeing a video would make me go a hard on the size of the statue of liberty.

        21. I spent a year studyıng ın Scotland gettıng a graduate degree (Dundee). What I saw that year was not for the faint of heart. I thought the movie “Trainspotting” was just an exageration. Whoa, was I wrong. Rampant heroin use, pre-teens pushing strollers, women brawling ın the streets outsıde pubs at 2 ın the mornıng. The local universıties felt lıke 80% ınternatıonal students cuz I barely ever met or ınteracted wıth a local Scots on campus! My job at a call center (Tesco!) was the only place I could socıalıze wıth locals. The male Afrıcan exchange students on campus told me the system was to get a local gırl pregnant ın dıfferent cıtıes so you could have a place to lıve. A pregnant teen automatıcally qualıfıes for a councıl flat (no rent for 3 years), 400£ for her, 300£ for her baby a week, plus other goodıes. So ıf you have a baby mama ın Dundee, Glascow, Edınburgh and other places so you’ll always have a place to crash.

        22. This kind of degenerate behaviour is far less rampant in Scandinavia. And there are far less class divisions compared to Britain, even if you figure in the ethnic minorities from outside of Europe.
          So I suspect that this is rooted in culture rather than the size and extent of the welfare system. There is simply much more moral condemnation of welfare scroungers and people who attempt to game the system. Ethnic minorities appear not to have the same inhibitions as the natives, which is not surprising since they are rooted in different low trust cultures.
          Extensive welfare most definetely does not Work in ethnically, culturally or socially diverse countries. And it only Works in societies which have an initially high level of altruism present. The universal welfare state is most probably Unique to the Scandinavian countries and their inherent cultures. And it is therefore not likely that this model can be transferred to countries, bar a few.

        23. You obviously don’t know the natives in the Britain. The natives are the ones who demanded and instituted the welfare system in the UK. They then invited British Empire subjects to the UK to make up for the shortfall in labour during the fifties. These people worked, they did not come to Britain to scrounge.
          I personally do not know a single immigrant to the UK who came for welfare. These people seem to be among the more resourceful sorts in their own countries. Rather it is their children who become infected by the British “Entitlement Culture” and become layabouts and scroungers, just like their British counterparts.
          But even if I were to grant you what you are saying, what sense does it make to tell everyone you on a voyage to Hell and then complain that only devils get on the ship with you?

        24. Way to game the system. They are “the scum of the Earth!”
          Yeah I have heard that Scotland is the most violent place in the Western World. A shame they didn’t vote “yes”.

        25. I am well aware of this. But it was the greedy corporatists who pushed for immigration not the average joe on the street. Which also explains why there were riots , and a backlash lead by Enoch Powell. Immigration was never popular among the majority. And the same could be said for every single country in the West.
          But yes it is true that first generation came to work, their descendents less so.
          If you have never heard of a single immigrant who came to the UK for the welfare than you must seriously live in a parallel universe. Alot has happened since the fifties. Eastern Europeans without a doubt figure in welfare when choosing their destination. And even more so with the refugees. Europe is currently flooded with bogus refugees. And the human smuglers are instrumental in marketing the best welfare destinations.
          It sounds like you are in serious denial of reality. Let me give you some advice: take the red pill!

        26. It was meant figuratively. There is no real trailer park culture in all of Europe, except maybe for gypsies.
          The equivalent would be homeless people, people living in shelters and so forth. But there is far less of this phenomenon. Probably due to social security.

        27. While culture is a major part, there is no question the addition of welfare makes things far worse. You can see this first hand in America when you compare the state of black families and the condition of black youth before and after the welfare system. Offering extensive handouts to a community that already has irresponsible views on parenting, education and self-reliance is like offering free vodka to an alcoholic with liver cirrhosis. As you said, we might get away with nanny state policies in a quaint scandinavian country with sensible cultural values regarding responsibility and long term planning, but socialism in countries like America and England is nothing short of national suicide.

        28. bs i see all the same crap up here in seattle a ton of white drug addicts.take seattle out of washington and you got kentucky

        29. bitch please i know all kinds of successful middle class black folks.and the whites hate them too because they compete for homes schooling,and jobs.

        30. they been brainwashed thinking the white racists will not fuck them if they separate from the Afro Americans,then when the whites fuck them they come to us for advice

        31. Yes it probably wont Work in say the US due to the racial and cultural heterogeneity, and a general lower level of trust. But this is due to the fact that the US generally is a dysfunctional state.
          Calling the welfare state a “nanny state” is however misleading. At its inception the welfare state was an Insurance against unbridled capitalism and the extremely negative effects of industrialization in europe. This in addition to returning war veterans who had no Insurance against the poverty or disabilities which were the consequences of warfare.
          It is however quite common to disparangly refer to the welfare state as a “nanny” in your country. Its all part of American propaganda to promote cutthroat capitalism and liberal atomized consumer culture.
          When one starts to study and analyze the history of the welfare state, and the very different models which have been employed in the developed World. a much more complex and nuanced picture emerges.

        32. What we call Nanny state policies in America are programs that go way beyond just helping war veterans or the disabled and elderly. We’re talking about programs that essentially reward able-bodied young people to not get an education, to not even look for work and to simply sit at home and make multiple babies they can’t afford. Nanny state policies also refer to government overregulation and meddling in areas that should be left up to individuals, even going as far as deciding for people what size their soda cups should be.

        33. Black females used the welfare state to fuck the black man over. Give females free resources and they stab men in the back.
          MGTOW! Give women nothing! Zip! Jack shit!

        34. I understand that this is a problem. But this is a problem of the specific social policies pursued. The Whole of western civilisation is focused on the individual as the basic unit, liberalism. This has happened simultaneously as the Family and the local community has become eroded. The welfare state is really just a moderate reaction to capitalism and its ill effects. The state starts to step in to a larger degree when civil society and community is starting to lose influence, and corporate market forces start to dominate supremely.
          Just consider the amount of marketing being forced fed to the average consumer. Just watching television for a mere 2-3 hours makes you feel brainwashed when you are not used to it.
          The problem cuts alot deeper than feminism and the welfare state. Its really a crisis of civilization

        35. I can call it moderate as long as it’s limited to the likes of veterans’ assistance or temporary unemployment benefits. Beyond that it’s just a pathway to socialism. And which scenario is worse…TV commercials trying to get to you to buy different products, or the government indoctrinating children by taking over the education system, stifling growth through over-regulation and over-taxation, and decimating the family by essentially taking over the role of the father in young women’s long term planning for themselves and their potential children? Welfare state policies can remain moderate only in countries with already well-defined and established understandings of personal responsibility, education and fatherhood. Anywhere else it’s a path to ruin.

        36. well then you should of said “figuratively” in your original comment instead of arrogantly assuming every reader would be able to instantly discern that.

        37. It is only the children of immigrants that I know of. Doesn’t matter really. This whole business of hand outs was started by Europeans.

        38. Yes perhaps, but there is no reason to assume that this neglect was due to arrogance. You are not reading this in good faith.
          The point is that extreme poverty levels and inequality are far lower in Scandinavia compared to the US, and to a lesser extent also in the UK.
          Class differences are not as stark, compared yo say the UK. So why do you suppose this is the case?

        39. I am not the one who asserts that welfare is universally a socially bad thing. You are the one who asserted that welfare destroys all goodness in people. So applying your own standard, what is the proof?

        40. Hans Herman Hoppe has answered the question far better than I can. But I alluded to it. Welfare is a system based on theft wherein the unproductive in society are rewarded at the expense of the productive. This breeds resentment between these two groups and discourages wealth building. You can also expect the unopposed group to expand as people make the rational choice to work less and be paid for it.

        41. Not really. welfare works much more as a mechanism of income smoothing over a lifetime, or as insurance. For instance pensions and healthcare.
          Redistribution among individuals is only a smaller part of it.
          It sounds like you give the welfare system to much credit for societies ills. And you are also ignoring cross cultural differences. It doesnt Work well in Britain or the US perhaps, but this does not imply that it is a failure in all other parts of the developed World.

        42. You actually are a socialist believe it or not. Redistribution is a euphemism for theft and oppression. It is practiced only by dictators. No just society can be founded on such a basis.

        43. Yes some Persians and Arabs would rather be associated with White.
          Like some White Latinos also classify themselves as white in the United States.

        44. Low wage, shitty jobs also do that. Military-Industrial, Fraudulent bankster driven pseudo-economies with inflated debt and bullshit wars also do that. Welfare is just one of the many little things that help them steer the collapse more efficiently, so that when the Titanic sinks, you are busy shuffling chairs and playing rent-games, while they are escaping in life boats (or so they *think*).
          I know it is too cryptic for someone who spends most of his time building muscles, smoking weed, and chasing pussy.
          JK “bro”, relax.

        45. My God you Nordics are so pathetic. To think you once were Vikings. The Welfare State, in any form destroys individual incentive and eventually bankrupts. Even intelligent Scandinavian nations. Also, what we have here in the US now is hardly capitalism. It is a weird and destructive mixture of cronyism and government largesse, but capitalism it ain’t.

        46. Why arent the pathetic nordic states then bankrupt yet? And as far as I can tell incentives havent been destroyed either. For one thing the Scandinavians are fairly well represented with patent applications per capita. GDP is pretty high per capita, and business taxes are actually fairly low. You dont have a particularly strong case. Its mostly pure speculation.
          Well is there any state actually practising “real” capitalism? What will it take before we according to libertarians can cal a state capitalist?

        47. so african americans aren’t decent good people? whether you’re from Africa or the US you’re still black…..

        48. Can you point me to a source for your statement that the welfare state was intended to change the Black culture into a ghetto culture, by LBJ, or anyone? I’ve just been reading the thinking that the Kennedy brothers had when they made these changes, and I got just the opposite feeling. They believed ending poverty would result in Blacks becoming like Whites.

        49. Thank you bro. Exactly. Why cant redneck racist whites understand this. Its so frustrating. Please explain. This is an honest question. Is it cognitive dissonance or bias.

      2. My pop’s best friend at work was from Jamaica. Great family man, great wife, great kids. Not sure what they were discussing at the time, be said he didnt want to be associated with american- born blacks, he was proudly Jamaican.

        1. We have a lot of Jamaicans around here (South Florida), as well as blacks from Trinidad, etc. The biggest insult (from their perspective) is to confuse them with American blacks (or Haitians). The consider American blacks to be criminal, lazy and terrible parents. Black women from the Caribbean (again, not talking Haitians) also age incredibly well–they can be 45 and not look a day over 30. And you can chip a tooth on their butts.

        2. Guyanese women are the sexiest, most feminine women around. Trini women come close. Overall, the Caribbean is the place to go for beautiful black women. Followed by Ethiopia, Brazil, and Ghana.

        3. And they’re fun to be around, I used use love hitting up soca jams, so many of these smoking hot girls, and they were very approachable even as the only white guy in sight. Great vibe at those parties. (I grew up in Jane and Lawrence area of Toronto, lots of West Indies folks, I can understand patois pretty well, so my be part of it).

        4. I have to say… I was in Antigua and I didn’t see a single one.
          Also, aren’t they a little hefty in Brazil?

        5. Depends where you look really. There is a surplus of hot women from the Caribbean in Canada who mostly happen to be from Guyana. Trinidadians have a strong bit of sass that even if you don’t find the women conventionally hot, will add several points. And if you visit either Trinidad or Brazil outside of Carnival, you are seriously missing out! Just come strapped with condoms. No need to bring back any unwanted prizes.

        6. Patois is a huge part of the equation. The slight language shift is pretty sexy and those black women, in Toronto, are damn gorgeous. It is on the bucket list of places to visit. Also, Caribbean women, unlike Americans, value intelligence and femininity so party on Gen! I’m with you in spirit

        7. Oh yeah hottest ever was this Trini mix of Portuguese, Chinese and Indian. A contextual 9.5, hard 9…just thinking of her, wow. *sproing!*

        8. You have to go to Jamaica, Guyana or Trinidad, Antigua does not compete, nor does the Bahamas.

        9. You talk about these women like they’re all the same……but they aren’t. I’d like to teach you a word that i like to use to describe the majority, “most”.

        10. “Most” is the incorrect word to use here as I have not dated a mass majority of the population. You don’t need to use a subjective term as “most” when talking about whom you do or don’t view as attractive. I am speaking of a cultural characteristic that is seen throughout those in that culture. You neither have an idea of what I view about them as sexy or feminine, so when I say the name of the group, as it is my opinion, I am still correct for what matters to me. You should review the word subjective again.

      3. I’m glad you brought that up. Most people on here think “black” is one homogeneous race. You can also consider black people from Europe, South America, Australasia and the Caribbean. All representing different ethnic groups.

        1. When you look at the majority, if they have dark skin then they are seen as black.

      4. Not every Black even from the Ghetto in America act the same, some are very talented and hard working but have a tough time getting out of the “rat race.”

        1. Its the throw all in the same pot mentality…still dont get the despise from other ethnic black folks…the reality..whether you are carribean or from africa..most will look down on you because you are BLACK

        2. Exactly But let it be a negative issue in the white community then you get the “well there’s a difference between Poles, Gaelic, Anglo-Saxon” angle. But they don’t afford the same differentiation when it comes to the Black Community which is massive.

    2. The African-Africans are a different race entirely. Have you ever met an Ethiopian? They have nothing in common with your Garden variety black.

      1. most of the africans imported during the slave trade were from west africa. east africans have a different look (high cheekbones among one of the traits)

        1. that is because they have caucasians in them from about 12000 years ago never mind the arabs raiding and trading with them

        2. Caucasians started out white and moved south and west and east from central asia they got darker as they moved into the desert climates. (arabs are Caucasians)

        3. That doesn’t make sense. You seem to suggest that sprang up out of nowhere. Most illogical.

        4. it was the breeding with other species of humans which created Caucasians and every other race of human. All non africans are part neanderthal. Homo sapiens that came from africa is not the last evolutionary step before we became whom we are now

        5. You realise that we share DNA with bananas? I would not place great stock in the minute amount of genes that Homo Sapiens share with Neanderthals. And no serious evolutionary scientist would consider Caucasians to be a separate species of human to Negroid.

      2. Very true- Haitians and Eritreans as well. I always enjoyed my time around with my dark-chocolate women vs your average white cunt… If you ever want to get a white women jealous go date a decent looking black chick and watch all the white women line up for you

        1. White chicks HATE Asian women for exactly that reason. There is something about seeing a member of a different race dating “your” men/women that awakens people. They see white dudes dating them and they feel jealous and threatened. As they should.

        2. This is a primal tribal urge. Its ones ethnic genetic interests which are threatened when large scale outbreeding becomes common.
          There is only one long term solution to this problem. Ethnic nationalism and a physical separation of the races. Miscegenation is the death of a people.

        3. Works well the other way. I used to walk around with my fine Asian chick and watch the black chicks look daggers at her. The funniest thing, is that it was usually the fattest, ugliest black chicks that would be the maddest. As if, if I wasn’t with the Asian chick I would be with them!

        4. My primal urge is to destroy your pathetic race by impregnating as many white blonde women as possible.
          If I’m feeling it, I may even allow you to be godfather to some of my kids.

        5. I was working down in Trinidad and the island is half black half Indian and some of the mixed black women there are gorgeous with white girl hair, soft non ashy skin and some of the best bodies I’ve ever seen

        6. Really? My fears are far more elaborate than a black man impregnating White women.
          I imagine it must be quite unsettling to live in a country were you consider the majority race to be pathetic

        7. Perhaps, but not always. Some ethnies will simply be swamped by the demographically superior numbers of foreign people.
          But it certainly is a slow genocide.
          Ultimately the central moral question will remain. Are you pro or anti-genocide?

        8. You can have all the white women, muthafucka. Every single one. I sure as fuck wont stick my dick in them anymore lol.
          Pathetic race? You mean the race that most of our modern technology came from? Get that racist garbage outta here. People are going to mix, whether you like it or not. I am a Caucasian, and as everyone knows, we’re on our way out. But I find it as an opportunity to breed with any race I choose, I don’t feel as if I have to “stand my ground”

        9. They rock but they still need to be destroyed? Have you actually thought your beliefs through?

        10. He was projecting his idea of your hostility in a form that reflects part of his own actual urges and feelings on some level, though he presents as being beyond that, unlike fearful Whites who should never impugn him with such thoughts. I am being facetious.

        11. Imagine, living a life as a shell, meant to carry another life form through existence which lives through you, and lets you live through it, but only for a brief time, while it lives on, and on, and on…
          It steers you like a puppet with all the organic structures it presents through as “you”. Then when you die… it dies with you, except in that little bit you passed on…
          And now you are gone.

        12. Not really. People do not feel threatened when confronted with same race or ethnicity dating. They may feel inadequate if they in general are losers in the reproductive race, but that is a different issue.
          Since they know that same race communion wil perpetuaty their own people in the long run. Collective existential angst is avoided.
          When experiencing mass interracial dating in their surrounding, they know instinctively that this will result in the long term destruction of their race and people.
          It doesnt always reduce to personal issues or ego stroking. This is a liberal fallacy.

        13. It is not very clear to me what you are trying to convey. If you are being sarcastic. I will assume that you are not.
          He attempted to mock the idea of miscegenation instead of arguing against it rationally. Which is far more difficult.
          And I dont think he is beyond this phenomenon in any way. I think that he felt threatened by the thought of this issue catching on. Hence the aggressive reaction, followed by mockery.
          Portraying me as a fearful person with a bruised ego does not really persuade anyone. Mass scale miscegenation is a societal issue with real life consequences on a collective level. Reducing it to individual psychological inadequacy will not make the problem go away.

        14. Actually, people do feel threatened in those circumstances as well, just in a way that is not as exposing as the way in which interracial encounters stir up the same feelings. It is less the case if the other-race member presents as same-race but this is precisely because the uncertainty levels have dropped about what sort of insecurities are to be stimulated. Some people just can’t handle the uncertainty of what rejection means in a context that isn’t normal to them, and race mixing situations are naturally not the norm.
          I have not contradicted any natural facts, and have supplied an adequate psychological theory to explain BEHAVIOR, without personifying DNA, and instead I allowed brain behavior to take the role in explaining the psychology of the organism. DNA doesn’t directly regulate behavior, the CNS and PNS do.
          I will admit the possibility of DNA having direct behavioral involvement, but if they must be personified, then they will be personified in the same language we already use, and that will mean that the DNA “ego” was bruised instead of the brain/mind ego.
          Or, if we take into account DNA behavior which turns on and off brain activity in real time, and perhaps include the topic of morphogenic fields generally and specifically on a genetic level, then I will say at least there is room for good hypotheses which will be testable about your “DNA psychology”. However, I think the burden of proof lies more in your court than in the classical psychologists to a significant degree, as the same sort of terms describing personal behavior on one level will be suitable for describing “personalistic traits” on the other level, such as DNA itself feeling insecure about an encounter and making sure that primitive brain areas feel especially insecure when the genetic implications of being “mated out” are more far reaching than normal cases.
          I think it is normally more likely to see these reactions as what a mind does with insecurities which are genetically programmed into a brain concerning mate selection as such, then amplified under unusual circumstances, rather than those less common circumstances being in their own specific way reacted to by DNA specified reaction syndromes in the brain circuitry, although I’m not ruling that out either.
          I just don’t see it as the more compelling explanation when I can more easily and efficiently go with the scientifically reasonable “fallacy”. I’m not using Ockham’s razor unfairly here I think.

        15. No the threat is not of the same kind. Simply because there is no direct threat to collective racial or genetic interests. Miscegenation takes on a whole new existential dimension.
          “I have not contradicted any natural facts, and have supplied an adequate psychological theory to explain BEHAVIOR, without personifying DNA, and instead I allowed brain behavior to take the role in explaining the psychology of the organism. DNA doesn’t directly regulate behavior, the CNS and PNS do.”
          This is not about personifying DNA (I am not even sure what this means).
          The problem that I have raised has only a peripheral relation to neuropsychology. The relevant field for addressing this issue is evolutionary kin selection theory, especially the concept of inclusive fitness as developed by Willian Hamilton. This in addition to various collective behavioral theories in sociology and economics.
          You are academically simply in the wrong ballpark.

        16. I still think bruised ego is at the heart of it, and a few people, such as yourself, get added upset when you think about the larger picture and what it entails, but this isn’t what the average insecure person is thinking about when he sees a different race mixing with his race in a given instance which is making him so upset. So the miscegenation is real, a concern, and also the cause of emotions, but not the ones which mainly have the insecure person upset. He isn’t thinking, to cause his emotional pain, that his genes won’t get passed on, or that his gene pool is suffering, but rather, he feels personally excluded from that relationship in a more heightened way because his normal (or her normal) insecurities are multiplied by the fact that they cannot be the race of the other person, and they sense that some exoticism may be involved, and this is more of an affront to their ego in a broad way than the idea that their genes are being frustrated from continuing forward into the future, let alone their whole gene pool, because they saw one member of their gene pool eloping with someone from outside that gene pool.
          There is no point in taking issues out of context to explain emotional behavior which is well-enough explained by ego-theory and common sense. You are really just saying that unjustified ad hominem on the basis of this likely cause of someone’s upset in seeing an interracial relationship is not a warranted attack on your claims that miscegenation is a valid concern, and so your attacker was being unfair.
          So when I say that it was just a bruised ego in the case of people, you must have mistook me as referring to you, because as to the emotional reaction in those scenarios, that is all that it is, and not people panicking about their genetic prosperity. Some may be doing that also, but it is not what has an average person upset when they see an interracial event.
          Done with this.

        17. No you dont get it. It is not necessarily about personal procreation. Even old people who have no personal interest in passing on their genes at this late stage in life and who are out of the dating market can be vehemently against miscegenation. They may feel a revulsion when they see societal change as a consequence of large scale miscegenation. In the same way that parents object to miscegenation among their children. They know that this will alter their genetic legacy permanently. Its about community, tribal affiliation and the threat of long term genocide.
          Ego theory does in no way explain this phenomenon. Its a Whole separate phenomenon which may or may not accompany sexual frustration or bruised egos. Your analysis is far to individualistic and reductionist.

        18. I never said those reasons for reacting never happened or never happen. I SAID that for the most part they are not the reason emotional reactions to interracial sexuality do happen, when they generally do happen. You are talking about a subset of what normally occurs, and even in that subset, the ego takes a stand as if it were a personal rebuff. That is simply how the ego works. It doesn’t have a conscience when it comes to taking things rudely and personally. It then may have added reasons about the matter it takes as offending, such as its thoughts about miscegenation etc., but those are formed after it has taken the issue personally.
          For a RARE FEW, this is not the case. But THEY don’t make the rule, they make the exception to the rule, which proves the rule.
          You can test this by actually studying the people who react to these things and ask them their reasons for feeling this way. I’m not talking about the virulent and blatantly insecure people who react with disproportionate intensity. No. I’m talking about people who might feel negative reactions to interracial sexuality even though they would themselves not ever take up arms against it.
          Talk to the “blue people”, the so called “liberals”. But they won’t be honest. Instead, talk to the “reds”, or the so-called “conservatives” (they are blue and red here in the States, respectively, I don’t know about your land).
          They will confess more readily that they just hate the sight of it because it offends them personally. They will cover that up with a claim that they hate the miscegenation it implies, but this is ridiculous. Only a small proportion of a race date outside it, so how can one rationally think there is a miscegenation threat in progress? it is just idiotic for a person to think that, when they see an occasional mixed race couple for all the hundreds that are not, that they are seeing their race deflowered and corrupted and withering way and murdered in the streets.
          This is usually a histrionic attitude to cover up personally hurt feelings.

        19. I dont believe that your assesment of the situation is correct. The people who are offended make up a far larger share, they are not the rare few.
          Its not just the absolute share of mixed couples that matters, although in some urban locations the share is quite high. It is also the growth rate that matters. As the following link documents mixed race babies were more than 7% of the US population in 2010, a significant increase from just a decade ago. This means one in 15 babies or so are mixed race. You simply have the empirical facts wrong. 1 mixed in 100 or 200 couples is a huge understatement. The figure will in all likelihood grow further in the coming years, possibly with an even higher Growth rate.
          When you also take in to account that miscegenation 30 or 40 years ago was quite rare, the older generation are not acting in an “idiotic” way. Their perception is rather quite accurate. They also sense that norms have changed and that this change has been spearheaded by the media and education system.Race aware individuals also factor in to the equation that non-White immigration has been record high in the same period and that White people are headed for minority status within the Nexr 30 years or so.
          So naturally they are particularly sensitive on the miscegenation issue when immigration has been this high.
          So no, ego theory is completely inadequate in explaining the reactions towards this demographic development. Its about politics and identity, race and culture, and ultimately racial genetic interests are at stake . Who are the American people today, who have they historically been, and what will they become in the future.
          Miscegenation is one very important factor in this Development towards a majority non-white America.

        20. If those percentages are accurate then that would be a different matter as to the cause of the average reaction, if the case were that miscegenation is a rational fear of individuals in their lifetimes. I think the upset in those cases comes mostly from the imagination that there will be some increasing in the chaos of expected economic, social, and political outcomes for children and even themselves in old age.
          But I tell you this, those fears are a clumsy overestimation of the stability and decency of a nation which is racially homogeneous to a very high degree. Would you say, for example, that the strife in the world’s history was due to miscegenation? Incredulous. It was due to the corruption inherent in people regardless of race, and inherent in the institutions which aggregate power and therefore accumulate corruption, an effect which is greatly compounded by the duration of time over which they do this, and the inevitable classes of corrupt elites which they create.
          Do you think Plato was thinking about the horrors of miscegenation when he contemplated the problematics of the debasing patterns of corruption in human polities? Were the horrible outcomes of nations in the past, from which the modern world gets its races in their miscengenistically threatened purity, horrors of this which threatens to happen again, but this time “for real”?
          When did this problem first begin to occur, so that it is now such an apocalyptic threat that it is not merely because people panic at the sight of something they fear because it is out of their norm of experience (xenophobia), and instead that this miscegenation is a confirmed destroyer of civilizations which are otherwise so pure, so well-ordered, with populations so well-endowed with moral and ethical virtues, that until miscegenation came along, they had nothing to reasonably fear in their own, genetically pure communities?
          I doubt that it is anything other than xenophobic projections from egos which are already frail because of the foreshortening of character which is required to grovel and scrap over resources under the domineering and patronizing rulership of blue blooded elites (and no, I’m not a communist).

        21. Psychobiology and Sociobiology are the subjects to read if you want a better understanding of how the DNA effects behavior.

        22. I dont think it is correct to claim that it is an overestimation of the effect of miscegenation. You ignore that this effect Works in concert with mass immigration of non-Whites. So while miscegenation is not the most powerful effect in itself, immigration is, it certainly has a significant effect when it has reached 7% and is rapidly increasing.
          And the US most certainly is not a homogenous country. It was maybe 40 years ago when it was more than 85%% White, and the remaning groups were mostly segregated Blacks.
          But much has changed since then, and Whites are headed for minority status before the middle of this century. And probably even much earlier. So the miscegenation and immigration opponents are acting extremely rational if they want to preserve their race and culture.
          The corruption inherent in people is only strengthened in multicultural societies. WIth multicultural and multiracial societies comes identity politics and ethnic nepotism. Just look at Africa, which is a cesspool of corruption caused by tribal affiliations.
          Latin America may also act as a warning to the great dangers of mass miscegenation. The spanish and portugeese bred with locals and the inported slave population to a degree that their own culture was heavily watered down if not wiped out. The more miscegenated societies in South America are also the least functional today.
          India has had a caste system for many hundreds of years, with substantial genetic differences among the castes. Mixing has been frowned upon since it threatened the social order and diluted the blood lines. And there are many more examples.
          Plato was living in a city state which made distinctions between ethnic greek Citizens, slaves and non-greek barbarians. Mixing was not in any way encouraged. Not a good example to draw upon.
          The concept of xenophobic projection which you mention sounds like a marxist variant of false conciousness. I reject it completely since it does not accept collective ethnic interests, a common interest in preserving undiluted blood and the preservation of historical memory passed on through generations.
          Nobody is claiming that societies are perfect pre-miscegenation, this is a strawman argument. But there is a sense that mass miscegenation will bring great problems with it. And that it will threaten identity if it becomes pervasive. This is just commonsense. A mixed Black and White population is neither black or white, but mulatto. Even a 5 year old child can acknowledge this.

        23. I have to say, I was just in Miami and I was surrounded by gorgeous black women from a variety of countries. Anyone who doubts that black women can be attractive should have a look down there. Moreover, there were women of all kinds, (black, white, latina, Asian, etc.) and they were all amazing.

        24. Pretty close. For the record, I have no interest in “destroying” the white race. This of course should be obvious from the absurdity of my second sentence in that comment.
          I like to treat absurdity as being absurd, and I do not entertain arguments about silly, archaic, concepts such as miscegenation.
          I won’t lie about my urge to screw white women though. I’ve gone through too many black women to count and its about time I gave the white ladies a chance.
          And they seem really keen. Who am I to be so selfish?

        25. Anyone one who fears the “destruction of their race”, is a simple minded and pathetic soul. You belong to one “race” which is the human race, which has evolved over 2 million years. The difference between a black man and a white man is essentially the same as the difference between a black cat and a white cat.

        26. It is pointless to debate with Jannik. He is not rational, contra to his protestations. He has a need to believe in a “them and us” world where trivial differences mean more to him than they mean in reality. At its base is a deep seated insecurity, which is the product of a primitive, almost prehistoric mind.

        27. Rather than being a straw man, it is a point to be made. The “threat of miscegenation” upon the morals and mores of a society are objects of fascination only because they make a great boogey man. The elites of a society draw upon this to their advantage. The real problems of a society never go away, no matter how genetically isolated they are from rather different gene pools. And it is these which condemn the society even before it is miscegenated. It is not an argument that miscegenation causes no aggravation of the problems already present, nor that for this mere reason it should be treated lightly if it is, or if it is in and of itself a problem (separate points entirely). The point is that it is simply for the most part a handy scapegoat, whether the consciousness of race and blood purity etc are “true” or “false” is beside the point in that this doesn’t prevent that issue from being used to vent attention away from the truth about human nature generally, and in that race whichever is the one being miscegenated, specifically.
          Scapegoating is scapegoating, even if the goat is deplorable.

        28. The only problem with the theory of opportunictic scapegoating is that it is not obvious that it is in the interest of the elite.
          In the case of the modern day west it is actually the elites who are encouraging miscegenation, since they celebrate an ideology based on open borders liberalism, anti-nationalism, cosmopolitanism, global human rights and ultimately miscegenation.
          Ex french president Nicholas Sarkozy actually encouraged it in a speech delivered a couple of years ago. And if the public did not comply the government would step in and develop policies aimed at accelerating the rate of miscegenation. The idea being that a more uniformly mixed “modern” population would be more cohesive. The politicians acknowledge that a to diverse population becomes to unruly. They operate with a totally false idea that it is possible to socially construct a new population top-down.
          Nevertheless they still feel the need to allow high rates of immigration since it boosts absolute population size and is conducive towards the goal of wiping out borders and integrating the middle East and Africa with Europe
          The elites of the corporate class also have an interest in high immigration rates, since it lowers wages and introduces new consumers into the economy. Thereby both stimulating supply and demand. A homogenized mixed race rootless population is preferable since it eases ethnic tensions in the workplace. Corporatist have actually been the ones pushing for “diversity sensitivity training”, and other sorts of social programming ideas.
          In this modern case it is actually the grassroots common people who are putting up resistance towards the race replacement agenda.
          All the elites, be they politicians, corporatists, academics or media personalities, support the immigration/miscegenation ideology.
          So I am not in any way convinced by your elite/scapegoat theory.

        29. Sure. And there are no differences between the sexes either, only a simple minded pathetic soul would claim this. We are all the same, and anyone who claims otherwise is a bigot.

        30. You concern yourself far too much with this 19th Century concept of “race”. I encourage you to bring your understanding forward to 21st Century science. What matters (in the terms of your actual fears) is ideas. The most dangerous idea on this planet is the one that developed in Germanic and Latin countries (white for the most part) and that is Socialism. Socialism is at the root of the issues you raise and in this, you and I are in agreement.

        31. It is handy to permit such influxes of foreign populations when there is a need to destabilize the attention of the working people from eyeing the elites for their own corruption. In fact, the balance of power works between the elites distracting the populace with all manner of conflict, and it works because the elites in fact have no loyalty to the population per se, nor to their race per se. They only seek power and control. It has been a long time since the early days of power, when it was acquired by prowess on the battlefield and answering challenges that led to battles to the death. Those days are long gone.
          All that matters now is control, and the reasons for this are that human beings are being used as fodder, and insofar as ideals of institutions are set up to be inconsistent and incoherent, there will be opportunities to excuse the influx of foreign people on the basis of humanistic ideals. Then when it is convenient, blame the outsiders for the mess, and kick them back out, but make it look like the working class invited them in and let them do the dirty work, while blaming them for the mess which results.
          That’s the reason this is a methodology consistent with inviting them in. Because in the final analysis, they’ll be able to claim it was in good faith to the principles of humanistic ideals which the population’s intelligentsia tacitly accept and promote in the culture. It assuages the consciences of the people who presume Jesus died for their sins, as well. How to dismiss the people as unworthy of entry into the citizenry, but justify a long colonial period of invasion, genocide, and forced conversions around the world? So at least they must seem credible by allowing the conscience to be assuaged, so that people feel like “good people”, when they are just as hypocritical as their elites, just as corrupt, just as two-faced, although they work much more with their hands… and must do the dirty work proposed for them when the scapegoating time comes again.
          It happened to people who were not of other races, but were of other religions, of other creeds, of “other” in any way you please.
          Basically, no one with a Spiritual Component need be enamored with racialist nationalism, because it is just a repackaging of the corruption we have now and will always have, but with the case of the “influx and outflux” of “the other”, we have a false-flag attack against people’s mindset which suits their hypocrisy and enables the elites to conduct business as usual, clean house in various ways, blame it on someone else (invite them in, set them up, provoke or incite them in various ways, radicalize them, for example, then use them as fodder in a distraction campaign).
          It will happen, and it has happened.
          Then we have business as usual, repackaged as “better now, now that we have our own house back in order”. What a sadly effective ruse against short-sighted, small-minded peasants.
          The notion of an internal national identity is as firm as the notion of the ground that a tribe stands upon. The history of the Franks is demonstration of that. And when the reasons for needing to expand are sufficiently put forth, then the neighboring land has become defined as an intruder within the context of that needed expansion. Rome, the Celts, the Goths, the Arabs, the Mongols, the Scythians, the Han, the Japanese, it goes on and on. The excuses are useful for sending out the peasants to die in expansion campaigns, so they are also useful in kicking the foreigner out when after being overmuch included, he becomes a useful target for distraction. This no where says that the foreigner doesn’t bring this on himself also, as his greed, the desire to escape his misfortunes elsewhere, or perhaps just his naive fascination with the “other” (which turns out to be no better in the end), is what drew him in.
          Many of these events are driven by the forces of hegemony which wreck other lands in attempts to control them, and then which allow them in for some ulterior purpose, such as preparing a believable scapegoat scenario.
          Actually, you take these surface world events too seriously as a sign of what is going on, because all this is going on in a context which is larger than you see. It is also the case that your body-suit is not as important as you like to believe, nor the DNA which it harbors. Those are just creating the scenarios of conflict we have today.
          Your school of thought is the racialist one, which is obsessed with appearances, with the finite, the transitory, which is to have a body and pass on a legacy. Racialism is an empty paradigm. It is facile. A person’s moral nature is demonstrated by their actions and thoughts, their character, it is not defined by their bodily features. Those are secondary.
          But this doesn’t deny that races exist, and that they have differences, or that these engender a difference in how morality is able to express in this advanced ape, hybrid reptile mammal creation. Differences do manifest, and many of them are so striking as to suggest that we might suspect that nobility is actually not present in the whole, but only in a few exceptional individuals, who must have brought their Love of Truth from another plane of existence, and brought it down here into a place that is like a hell where lies and deception are the norm.
          If one race has a better track record of demonstrating a love of Truth over others, and a love of morality and a courage to pursue it in earnest, it would be an accident of a few individuals who had the strength to push that forward. Most people have followed out of sheer psychohistorical inertia.
          Zoroaster was the real thing, for example, when it came to pursuing morality, and he promoted this against the grain of the religions present in the middle east and in his land. So he had managed to convert many to his position because of his character, and many others followed because of the burden of being unable to discount the respectable facts he presented, and mainly of those who were already persuaded. They previously worshiped a polyglot of gods. This being eradicated by much bloodshed, because it was resisted by many in that they despised and wanted to wipe out the “new religion” of Pure Morality and Truth, they overcame their enemies all around. That was mainly owing to the successful management of a huge horde of inferior beings by a small percentage of Good Geniuses.
          Don’t think that you have that in your future by starting with a concern for preserving corrupt institutions by focusing on kicking out a straw man enemy, because the enemies of “what is worth preserving” are in the institutions you think you do well to preserve. I mean the concrete institutions, not the ideals upon which they justify their particular existences. Those can never be replaced, the people, and the buildings if need be, can.
          And so can entire races of human sub-specimen. It is not a big deal, it has happened, it will keep on happening. And more tinkering from those you cannot see will continue, and new strange spawns will emerge and do their “deeds of wonder and fame”.
          Your struggle for a stable and secure gene pool is hollow, and morally aimless. You can only find specious justifications for it. If you cannot see beyond this, it is because you think you are your body, anyway. And in your case, it may be the case that you are “just that”. Or your soul perhaps, but souls are not immortal, and are just subtler bodies.
          The truth of this world isn’t found in bodies, but in spite of them. Racially homogenous zones of corruption and evil will not be of use in this True Battle, and cleaning out a foreign group of filth will not clean up, or even in itself make it easier to clean out the filth “in house”. The house must be cleaned from the core, the inside, out. And if you can’t even start there, with principles of sound money, proper laws, religion based upon Truth instead of lies, then your fanciful version of a nation where it is all better because everyone has a common bloodline, that’s going nowhere.

        32. I dont think it is correct that elites per se have no loyalty to the population they rule. Bu t it is certainly true that they often dont give a damn as long as they remain in power.
          Nevertheless it is rare that the elites declare war on their subjects. That they wish to wipe them of the face of the earth through population replacement, ridicule their identity and demonize their past. But this is in fact what the elites in West have been engaged in for the last 30-40 years or so.
          You might speculate that the mass import of foreign people is just a divide and conquer strategy, distracting the populace from taking an interest in what their rulers are in fact doing. And there is no doubt that any strategic thinking politician or highly mig influental businessman will in fact do this. Use the situation to his advantage in multiple ways.
          But this sort of strategy is very risky. And the elite as such in general want to avoid to much risk. Overplaying your Cards could ultimately result in democratic politicians not being reelected or in the worst cases, society becoming highly dysfunctional, and possibly social order breaking down.
          In the case of the West it is actually a huge miscalculation on the parts of the elite, guided by political ideas completely out of touch with reality.
          It is not a case of the highly cunning elites manipulating the stupid masses of voters or workers to do their bidding. This is much to simple a theory, and they elites wont be able to do this forever. Especially not in a mass democracy with literacy rates. And the growing signs of discomfort among the electorates is proving the case.
          The “do gooder” culture which you alude to is also slowly loosing credibility, even though the elite has tried to brainwash the population with ideas of repentence for the historic sins of colonialism and “racism”. The spell is slowly loosing its effect.
          Racialist nationalism is in no way however reducible to a repackaging of corruption. It is a sign of reality striking back. The racial nationalism, or the justwatered own version of populist nationalism, is not a product of the elites. Its a grassroots reaction

        33. Its no doubt tempting for the elites to use immigrants in a divide and conquer strategy with the aim of keeping the masses distracted. But this is also a very dangerous strategy. In a democracy you just risk losing the popular vote in the long run if you keep on pursuing unpopular ideas. And multiculturalism and mass third World immigration are increasingly becoming unpopular in the West.
          It is not the case that the cunning elites are endlessly manipulating the stupid masses of voters. This will only work for so long. Eventually people will catch on to what is going on, and they will react. This isexactly what is actually happening in Europe at the moment, disproving the simplistic marxist theory which you allude to.
          Racial nationalism, or even just populist nationalist sentiment, is not something designed by western elites. Since the end of WW2 the elites have actually tried to completely eradicate this primordeal instinct. But offcourse to no avail. You simply cannot fight nature.
          Its not a repackaging of corruption, you got this part completely wrong.
          Its a wholly grassroots movement which certain elites have tried to latch on too, trying to control the forces unleashed. But as time goes on it actually seems to be the case that it is the elites which are being forced to adapt to the change of the zeitgeist. Not the other way around.
          The reality is that massimmigration will drastically transform the nations in question. Race, culture and religion are the main determinants of conflict ultimately. And history is the source which confirms this.
          The western massimmigration ideology is not based on a simple principle of expanding territory to build empire, or on violent conquest. It is based on anti-nationalist sentiment. The urge to “deconstruct” nations by dilluting identity through propaganda and race replacement. The analogies you draw upon are therefore totally false.
          And of course this will fail, because ethnic and racial differences are real. No need for false conciousness to explain a phenomenon which repeatedly has asserted itself through history.
          “Actually, you take these surface world events too seriously as a sign of what is going on, because all this is going on in a context which is larger than you see. It is also the case that your body-suit is not as important as you like to believe, nor the DNA which it harbors. Those are just creating the scenarios of conflict we have today.”
          The contexts that you mention are just multiplications of theoretical entities. An attempt at using complex theory to explain away that which is quite obvious. Ockhams razor once again beats marxist sophistry.
          The “body suit” is a result of DNA, and the evolutionary process has forged populations in much different ways through millennia. Ignoring the biological realities of race and the sexes results in wholly false ideologies like marxism and liberalism. SJWism is just a a modern version of these ideologies
          “Your school of thought is the racialist one, which is obsessed with appearances, with the finite, the transitory, which is to have a body and pass on a legacy. Racialism is an empty paradigm. It is facile. A person’s moral nature is demonstrated by their actions and thoughts, their character, it is not defined by their bodily features. Those are secondary.”
          No not just by appearences. But race and ethnicity is a rough proxy for the underlying collective pool of genetics, which determines intelligence and racial demeanor which again determines culture, economics, politics, etc.
          Moral character is demonstrated by actions, but this does not render blood and soil irrelevant. Nor the sanctity of ancestors and their accomplishments.
          “If one race has a better track record of demonstrating a love of Truth over others, and a love of morality and a courage to pursue it in earnest, it would be an accident of a few individuals who had the strength to push that forward. Most people have followed out of sheer psychohistorical inertia.”
          No. It is not an accident. Genius is derived from a common gene pool of talent. The more restricted the pool is, the smaller the likelihood of extreme talent will express itself. Moreover, genius can create, but they cannot sustain societies, nor do they as individuals in themselves determine the general spirit of a people. For this more is needed. The collective spirit and talent of a people will determine the character of society.
          “Don’t think that you have that in your future by starting with a concern for preserving corrupt institutions by focusing on kicking out a straw man enemy, because the enemies of “what is worth preserving” are in the institutions you think you do well to preserve. I mean the concrete institutions, not the ideals upon which they justify their particular existences. Those can never be replaced, the people, and the buildings if need be, can
          Removing the racial aliens from european soil does not amount to kicking out a strawman enemy. Removing politicians, corrupt or otherwise, will not change much, unless course of action is altered. Nor will changing institutions matter much if populations are replaced with Changing the racial character of a nation will however change everything. This is common sense.
          If indigenous Europeans were replaced with arabs or africans, practically everything would change To claim otherwise is just grasping for blue pill straws.
          “Your struggle for a stable and secure gene pool is hollow, and morally aimless. You can only find specious justifications for it. If you cannot see beyond this, it is because you think you are your body, anyway. And in your case, it may be the case that you are “just that”. Or your soul perhaps, but souls are not immortal, and are just subtler bodies.”
          Quite on the contrary. It is actually profound. Thinking that race is just “skin deep”, is quite hollow. And it is no way morally aimless. Nationalism is a full body of ideas, based on certain ideas of morality. Claiming it to be aimless is an expression of ignorance.
          And I can see plenty beyond race. Many other aspects are also important. Racial nationalism is not utopian philosophy, but ideas derived from pragmatism and wisdom coupled idealism.
          “And if you can’t even start there, with principles of sound money, proper laws, religion based upon Truth instead of lies, then your fanciful version of a nation where it is all better because everyone has a common bloodline, that’s going nowhere.”
          That is also important no doubt. But economics, law, religion cannot be erected on a cesspool of multiracial peoples with conflicting identities. This is what you fail to understand.

        34. You will simply keep denying whatever in order to insist that your political motivations are sanctioned by facts, whether or not they really are. I’m interested in the truth as it really is, not pushing an agenda which will alter the face of a nation.
          The agenda I would push would not fit into these “new wine bags”. They would be ruptured and the agenda would leak back out, just as it did in place of recent memory. You have to ask where did that wine flow? It flowed into oblivion as far as modern populations are concerned, because these populations are all mind-controlled by ZOG.
          I don’t personally care what “race” a noble and decent and true and honorable person is, and he can have society with me as long as he is just those things. I am also not principally concerned with human reproduction prerogatives. But if it helps carry forth an agenda that is honorable, then miscengenation is fine with me, but if it does not and hurts it, then it isn’t.
          In other words, the material fact of a gene pool is not what matters to me, nor is the material fact of a “long-lived institution” per se. Those are artifacts of an existence which exists merely because it hasn’t yet succumbed to entropy in some form. I’m interested in the ultimate truth of right and wrong. And that does not answer to your racialist/nationalist agenda, nor does your agenda seem to acknowledge this as an a priori feature of moral metaphysics.
          So what will happen I predict is that corruption will go on as usual, meaningless vinegar will be put in filthy old wine bags, and that vinegar will call itself wine in some cases if it is not polluted with vinegar of another type.
          At the same time, what you love will die anyway. The Chatti were wise, so they died and did not become a part of the Roman Empire, the institutions of which you find fascinating in their modern forms as proper places to ensconce the self-same looking and non-miscegenated gene pool you admire and of which you are a part. That is still going to the grave.
          The world has been circumscribed by ZOG entities and worse, things we can’t even begin to come to grips with. There is no point thinking that there is a meaningful way to reconstruct something noble out of this filth. It is better to acknowledge and uphold the principles which would be necessarily upheld by any society if it were worth anything, whatever its genetic makeup. But perhaps some would say this is my fantasy. So I’ll just go on with what I’m doing, and let you go on with what you are doing. We’ll see who gets the most mileage out of his efforts in the long run.

        35. You strive for what you see as necessary for the result of a good national existence, and you have no evidence supporting that it is integrated into a moral code which is sufficient for taking that into a good result. So your movement is only one of many possible which would strive for its aim, and it has yet to distinguish itself, as stated, from any other which might. It will lead to much strife, and yet guarantee nothing but that those who fought hardest for control vis-a-vis this method will be no doubt involved in the power struggles of the new order which sprang from it, which will be a new chaos really, but just a racially purer one.
          Now where do you go? What do you propose for your nation now that you have it, assuming you got it from a pool of people who have good enough character to not only fight to ensure that their gene pool is well kept, but also have the characteristics required for a good polity AS WELL. How do you demonstrate that your type of “grassroots” movement will lead to anything of the sort?
          WHAT ELSE is necessary, besides having a pure gene pool, in YOUR neck of the woods?

        36. Do I really have to explain the difference between the archaic concept of race and the very real fact of sex to you?
          Obviously I do not.
          Please don’t belittle yourself with idiocy. I am being charitable by even responding to you, however, I do see intelligence in you. It is unfortunate that you have allowed emotion and fear to guide you towards acceptance of primitive and long since debunked hypotheses.

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        45. Thank you for the compliment and encouragement.
          I dont think I am particularly brilliant or original, but I have studied this particular subject for some years now, and in the process thought long and hard on some tough subjects.
          At the moment I am engaged with some academic work which has some policy relevance, so thankfully my skills and knowledge is not completely “wasted” on comments sections which are rarely read by anyone.
          But I am offcourse always happy to know that someone finds my comments interesting or insightful, even if it is just a single individual. It encourages one to strive on and continue the Work in progress. So thx again for taking an interest.

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          Having said that! Lol I was just thinking I can’t imagine who would have sex with you
          I guess any charitable person, any junky hooker or any aids riddled sex addicts would think twice before having any bodily fluid exchanged with a travesty of you calibre.
          Kind regards
          The beautifulbeautiful# black Beloved Vergine # Lol You’re a Mess !!!!!

        65. Lol. Like I said, you’re stupid. People have done the “you’re homosexual in the closet far better than stupid person like you.” I’m glad you think you have gaydar across the internet. What I find so funny about it is it’s pretty homophobic. The idea of using suggesting someone as a fag, which makes someone lesser and they need to just “be out” is really funny and ironic from people like you. Sorry I know you’re trying to hit on me but please save it. I don’t like fags and I prefer women (especially non African ones). Well imagine all you want. I’m sure you think about having sex with strangers on the internet all the time and who’s in my sexual life. Typical faggot. Sees all value through sex and nothing else. But even if I was gay, you’re the last person I’d fuck. For whole varied of reasons.If we went out, you’d embarrass me not knowing how to spell. Intelligence is also something I look for (something you don’t have). And besides European women are sexy as fuck. Did you know that Africans are the least liked within the gay community? There were articles of Africans shamming people other races for “sexual racism” (surprise surprise) and it’s caught up a lot of controversy recently around the net. Please don’t act mighty as if you’re full of love when you’re nothing but a passive aggressive little shit with self-hate masquerading as love to hide how hurt you are. It makes me hate you even more. It’s really obvious that you’re seeking approval from me. But I don’t think very highly of you. Like, I text you and don’t even think about you at all the rest of the day, only to be reminded that you text me by disqus notification. That’s how insignificant you really are. You’re not that special as you think you are. Your sad attempt at reverse psychology is not really noticeable. And yes, you deserve to be hated. And no it has nothing to with “myself.” Even as happy, people can hate others. But you’re too stupid to understand that. Just like you’re too stupid to spell “gorgeous” or “sunny.” But that won’t stop you from texting me me.
          Learn something from you? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Sure fag. I learned you’re a stupid fuck that can’t spell, projects how hurt he is by typing how he’s laughing when he’s not, uses over cliche “you’re in the closet” attacks that lack any originality, a fag, a black fag who thinks white people should take their abuse, and is a complete fuckwit. So continue to text but you’re really not worth another one. I already destroyed you, but the thing with stupid people is they don’t get they’re often owned and they continue otherwise. Later. No need to hear your response because you’re worthless. Blocked.

        66. Lol Quite predictable
          Why am I not surprised?
          I’m sure the best thing is to block me sunny boy lol (for your sake anyway)
          Intelligent cultured persons usually have better and more interesting thing to come back with other than the “spelling argument” then again I’m dealing with you and I find endearing how hard you try to incorporate very researched sentences such as “riversed psychology” and “I don’t feel highly of you” and other sporadic attempt to a bright and adult conversation,
          I mean how you know about Freudian psychology when you have that archaic thoughts process it’s beyond me lol but remarkable.
          I highly recommend you open your eyes and read more books (especially in regards of Freud’s legacy, just knowing the name ain’t enough), stop being a socially reclusive sod.
          Whatever you piping about African shamming was quite peculiar especially how excited it got you!
          And saying over and over again that you don’t want to fuck an African woman just tells me the opposite.
          Sorry mate I have to say for whatever reason you are waisting your energy into trying to make us believe that you are happy on hating fags and blacks.
          Your cry for help or desperate claim for love is documented in here.
          If you’re lucky one day you’ll wake-up and see what a shitty , obnoxious, embarrassing, old and brainwashed disappointment you are to society to those around you and to yourself.

        67. You sound like an idiot who inadvertently agrees with everything the racist is saying. It does sound like you need white men to validate your attractiveness. You also sound like a gold digger. You need to leave racial arguments to people with sense of self and worth. Do you need a trophy for being a bed wench?

        68. Fucking disgusting nigger demon. I can’t believe these girls fall for all your gay ass pretend to care bullshit. Lol you all mad because you can’t tame your black females so you turned to da white meat. Your pathetic, and I hope you die of aids.

        69. I’m from Trinidad and it’s not “white girl hair”….and what is non ashy skin?

        70. Are you an idiot…HIV/AIDS has been on a decline and if nasty ass men/women from all over the world don’t bring their diseases here during carnival we’d be fine. Do some research before posting crap…Thanks

        71. You sound very unintelligent because you’re calling your own kind niggers and dont even know the correct definition for it

        72. Stop projecting about your own mother. It’s embarrassing. Like I said loser. I know you must have not got fucked and pissing on the net but no one cares about you loser.

        73. You see you’re such a fucking loser like your little bitch mother that brought such a twit into the world, that there’s no point to even responding to you jackoff. So enjoy being blocked. You’re that worthless and not worth my time.

        74. Lol Don’t answer, I might drop off a few IQ points, if you do. Bye, virgin. It’s been fun. Oh and by the way, projecting wasn’t what I was doing, but maybe it was what you were doing. I mean, you don’t know me or my mom, but you brought it up. That begs the question if whether or not your mother cared for you. However, I’m not, because I could care less for a pissant like you, but maybe a psychologist would take greater interest.

        75. Block me all you want, but it won’t change your status as a virgin loser that no one really ever loved. Bye, Sun. Go burn out somewhere.

        76. no kidding, they “feel” they’re losing an “options” sniff, sniff… sadly most pare just rude parasites full of shit their whole whore-dumb lives until their tits and ass sag and their fuckability factor wanes THEN THEY STILL BLAME MEN, LOL.
          Don’t fix what a little girl breaks on purpose for attention = herself. It’s just a trap so they can use and discard you because if they had “feelings” then they would consider their actions and how it affects other people, but nah, they don’t care, they just WANT… and WANT… well that’s just The Great Whore mentality. Sperm is what is your brain and backbone by the way.

        77. People who complain about “big words” usually don’t understand them. Very few people think of it as using “big words”, they are merely words.

        78. Japan has done that and the inbreeding here is out of control. Japan out of all the nations has kept herself mostly separate from the rest of the world, even other Asians.

        79. you sound like a racist yourself with that statement of yours englishbob and it gives more fuel to the fire that blacks are now considered an inferior group of people. I say this as a black person who is tired of how the black community is now. I dont agree with Jannik but I do not agree with you either. You are just as racist and do not think that because you are a minority, you have a pass to make just as inflammatory comments.

        80. That’s crazy. I’m white and I wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole. Once you go black you can’t come back.

        81. I consider myself an intellectual and I’ve always intellectually rejected racism. That said, a true intellectual should not be afraid to consider the possibility that black women in the US (that’s what I’m familiar with) are objectively less desirable than women of other ethnicities. I believe there is much empirical evidence to support this. I also believe that way too high a percent of US women of all ethnicities, have disgusting muffin top bodies. I believe American reality tv feminism contributes to this, by telling women that they are entitled to hard bodied successful men, without putting in the hard work to be that way themselves. Male losers who buy into this reality tv feminism also contribute to the problem, by not holding women to higher standards, and settling for women who do not try to be their best, thereby feeding their sense of entitlement. The American female tendency toward obesity, manifests itself to the extreme in the black female population. The sense of undeserved entitlement that I’ve described, also manifests to the extreme in the black female population. I believe comparing third world female populations to first world female populations is like comparing apples to oranges, because third women would generally be so consumed by subsistence survival that there would be nothing left for self improvement. It would probably be fair to compare American women to German woman or French women. And I believe American women would come up very short in that comparison.

        82. See? BM do not have brains. Dear BM, how are you going to destroy the white race by impregnating white women? BM in America are the smallest minority group I think. Close to extinction. Whites are the MAJORITY population. So how is the smallest, weakest group of males going to “overthrow” whites via white women? Think about that.
          No, it would make FAR more sense to impregnate your OWN BW and give HER blk children & spread yourself that way.
          See this irrational, childish mindset that BM have is exactly what BW are dealing with. You BM live in a world of make believe & high fantasy. You don’t live in reality. Your “ideas” for the black community are absurd and ludicris . Also, when you say “destroy white people”, you mean just white MEN, obviously. How can you hate this man yet be so in love with his women? HE is the one who raised the white woman. You need to start showing this man some reapect since you love his women so much.
          Also, this is why your own blk women & children do NOT respect BM at all. Not at all. Build something for your own blck community, blk man!!

        83. No, he hasn’t not at all. And so man BM out there are irrational, silly, and oversexed like this man here.

        84. Sun, if you white males think your women are so gorgeous, why are you sweating Asian women so much? Why are you sweating Latina women so much? Your women are ugly, hairy, big, have wide calves and wide boxy hips. They have long noses like Pinocchio . They are not attractive in the least. The only men who go around saying this are honky men. As for black men wanting white women, that’s their own problem.

        85. As for you, stop posing as a blk man and embarrassing your race. That’s all you BM are good for.

        86. Geesh what black woman rejected your ass. You sound appalled by the notion of some nappy haired nigger turning you down. Guess all those stories about hot nigger juice passed down from your ancestors to yo grand daddy to yo daddy, won’t be your experience!!! Ha Ha you’ll need about 4 more inches to go.
          Last I seen white women are trying to look like black women with fake breasts, butt, hips, lips, etc. i was dogging this white chick and her butt cheek moved like a knee cap, true story

        87. “But you’re probably not.”
          Haha! I love how you just admit that you don’t know what they mean, and therefore, he also must not know what they mean.
          What an idiot.

        88. Sorry, “sweetheart,” but pretentious means that you think you are more important than you are. Using words that Antonia does not know is not synonymous with pretentious.

        89. I am a white woman, and you wouldn’t get near me, u ugly black cunt.i wouldn’t pollute my race with your shitskin,ok.

        90. Judging from unecessary animosity for a stranger online, you forget to see the whole picture, you condescending bitch, and your definition of “pretentious” is oversimplified. By the way don’t call me sweetheart for I am not your sweetheart.

        91. Ah, so slave owners never raped their black slave women at epidemic rates in front of their black male partners to anger them? Oh okay.

        92. Do I look like a slave owner? And the fuck do you know why they fucked them and in front of whom? Where you there? No? And also there were barely any “epidemic.” Don’t exaggerate bullshit. Rarely were they raped. Even based upon rapes now, rapes of black women by white men is almost non-existent. However, the other exist in alarming numbers. And this is just based on current FBI statistics. Oh okay.

        93. “Do I look like a slave owner?”
          -What?? We’re on a computer dude…
          “And the fuck do you know why they fucked them and in front of whom?… Rarely were they raped.”
          -And so I ask you…how do YOU know that? Were YOU there to know they were ‘rarely’ raped?!
          Calm down, bucky. Just because I raped your mom doesn’t mean that all black men rape white women.

        94. Haitians are one of the most classiest and educated blacks around. Yes there are many poor Haitians but best believe if you meet a well dressed, educated, beautiful black woman she is prob Haitian.

        95. Sun used “niggers” because he thought it would offend black people lmao. Wake up, the word is so overused its not even offensive anymore. Just make us know that you’re hurt about something. #Triggered

        96. So you agree, black women have little to offer?
          I suspect that the next series of this article is why black men are worthless.

        97. So true. My ex-gf and I went to an party with some old friends of mine I had not seen in a while. She had big tits, thick ass, and she was cute. The white girls outnumbered her 8 to 1. Their actions were comical. The one black woman I dated that was super hot, made even the old white women turn raging mad.
          Sadly, both were single moms, and losers. Had to cut them off.

        98. LOL. I have three kids, one from a black woman. I totally agree, racists and white supremacists suck. So too do black panthers, and black racists who tell me my kid will never be black (unless he turns into a scientist or gifted athlete mind you), or that I get told thank you for breeding myself out. LOL

        99. Fitst, you are not English, Bob. Second, you had better stay out of America. We catch your nasty black ass on the street and we will teach you manners. As for blonde chicks, yeah, we see those filthy sluts. No white man wants them and you know it. You are an ape, and you know that, too. You simply are not a human being. and we ALL know that. LOL.

        100. I understand that we are all genetically human beings, and can all inter-breed across races. I understand that there are geniuses in all races.
          But pretty much all Western countries are currently under threat of having their native populations replaced by foreigners.
          Perhaps it is irrational to want to keep my ethnic heritage alive, but I can’t help it. That is what I want.

        101. Best reply on here. These types of women are a cancer. There’s a lot of them out here with that mentality that are more discreet.

        102. There are articles showing that the many black claims on inventions are not true, for example the most famous claim is that a black guy invented the lightbulb, but it was a white man, Joseph Swan, in Sunderland, England, that invented it. Thomas Edison had a team of researchers working on developing (improving) the lightbulb, and in his team was a black guy, who is credited not with being part of a team that improved the lightbulb, but with inventing it. There is an entire page by David Duke and Stormfront showing fake black inventions, many which were invented hundreds of years prior by whites. https://www.stormfront.org/forum/blogs/u64037-e3330/
          If you look into the basis for this technological civilisation, most breakthroughs have been in discovering higher forms of energy use (wood>coal/steam>petrol>fission>fusion?) and in discovering/ harnessing chemical elements, and mathematics. How many blacks made breakthroughs in these fields? None whatsoever. Even extremly poor whites have risen from the gutter to be great genius’, such as Bernard Riemann and Guass. There are no blacks in history on their level, not even close. Combine every great black in recorded history and they do not match the work of those 2 working class white men. The design engineer Buckminster Fuller did research as a Navy Intel Op, into the history of modern technological civilisation and the harnessing of chemical elements into new materials, which created new technologies; it is all listed in his Education Automation book. None of those breakthroughs, over thosands of years, were negro. Blacks, at best, make novel devices to make their menial jobs more efficient, but epoch changing discoveries and inventions will never come from black people, and never have.

        103. Most white women are not into black guys. There are reports from the 1970s when jewish record labels started pushing reggae music, where black guys would be asking why white women suddenly find them attractive – they thought it was weird how white women just changed. Such is the power of brainwashing. The entire goal of this jewish run race mixing agenda is, as they are openly stating, to eliminate whites so that they can, essentially, gene-hijack white genes and become the white rulers of a mixed race, low IQ mass of people whom have no history and unity of resisting jewish financier oligarchs. As far as white supremacy, it doesn’t exist and never has. The issue has always been jewish supremacy. Jews ran the slave trade, and introduced the idea of the ‘curse of Ham’ into European culture, which otherwise wasn’t an issue to whites who had never seen blacks, nor enslaved any. Slavery is mandated in the jewish Torah and Talmud. We have jewish Hollywood running agitation films to piss black people off over slavery saying it was whites that ran it, when every Atlantic slave ship was owned and captained by jews from the Netherlands. There are jews going into niversities pretending to be white, saying to black students “Look at how badly whites treated blacks…you should demand repartions”. I can’t even blame blacks, as only whites have the knowledge that jews are a death cult and are the most antiwhite white-looking psychos. I’m sure the film They Live was about jews – which is interesting as the main fight in the film is a white guy trying to get a black guy to put on the glasses to see the jews for what they really are.

        104. I’ve always noticed that when I see a white female with a nigger, 100% of the time the white female always seems to be of a stripper whore type of quality or they are fat and very unattractive. I’ve even seen plenty cases where the white girls that the niggers were with were so repulsive, that even myself found other black females more attractive than the white female they were with.
          Plus we must not forget that with people in society there is the reality of the distribution mean of IQ. When it comes to IQ, there is a mean (average), and then there are lots of people that fall on the upper half of the mean and then there are lots of people that fall on the lower half of the mean. You’ll see the dumb 18-24 year old attractive female with a nigger because she is brainwashed by MTV and the degenerate culture we have today that makes it appear that it’s “cool” “hip” and “trendy” to have a nigger boyfriend. You gotta remember that the females that fall for that and let themselves be fucked by a gorilla most likely have an IQ of approximately 80. That’s the reality, and unfortunately most of these females do not have a biological father around because their mother, of whom also has an 80 IQ, either had her out of wedlock or of course divorced the husband and banished him from the home. So there is no white man around to steer the daughter clear of niggers. IF there is no white father in the home, the dumb white female will turn on MTV and use that to develop her moral compass. She will see Kim Kartrashian on TV running around with a nigger and she will be brainwashed into believing that it’s “trendy”. What’s different between men and women is that men cannot be brainwashed into dating a certain type of female, because us men go by what we see and what we personally find attractive. A female cannot be made to look attractive to us through propaganda. Female’s brains are different. They will actually choose to date a guy if they see it as “trendy” to do so EVEN if they think the guy is ugly and repulsive. If a female thinks she will look “trendy” to be seen with a particular type of guy, she will be drawn to that guy regardless if she thinks the guy is physically ugly. That’s why a female will choose a wealthy man that is old and ugly over a younger good looking man. It’s different for men. I could never marry an old ugly female because she had money. I just couldn’t. That is why the mainstream media doesn’t bother to show mixed white man and black female couples because they know that white men cannot be brainwashed into finding she-boons attractive.
          My sister thinks black guys look like gorillas. When I was growing up, my father made it clear that she better not ever bring a nigger home and to stay away from them. She did. She only dated white guys and married a white guy. IF you are a father of a white girl, make sure you educate them and pay attention to whom she hangs around.

        105. It’s all good, I’m doing the same…another 50 years and we’ll all look like Filipinos

        106. By all Western countries do you include the United States? A country (or land mass) that has already had its native population replaced by foreigners?
          Understand though, that what is causing this migration is the socialist policies of… the West.

        107. Not my real name, Jamaica Joe. My ancestors fought to free America from British rule. Get the hell out of MY mother country, Sambo.

        108. I never felt defensive about Canada or the US until I realized how bad things were getting across the Western European countries.
          I don’t know how I really feel about Canada and the US in this regard tbh. It’s a lot more difficult to make claims for a North American ethnostate since America was discovered in the modern era and the constitution was amended to allow citizenship for all races.
          What I do want from North America though is for people of European decent to stop all this white guilt SJW bs. I don’t think cultural and demographic suicide is the answer to historical wrongs (that would be a never-ending crusade against everyone), so I want to see a change of attitude.
          I get what you’re saying about the whole one-world one-humanity thing. But if I had to choose between saving my parents and saving yours, I will choose my own parents. I can’t ignore lineage and relatedness. But I don’t think that means I’m hateful.

        109. Definitely cancerous. They are popping up every where now. It is only a matter time before they declare they are not black, but dark skin whites. They already have the mentality of a racist white men. Talk to a black woman lately? Their mentality is of racist white men.

        110. Totally understand that. Look I don’t think its a good idea to let mass immigration from other cultures to happen but at the same time, I think the issue is overblown. So for sure we had some serious issues in Germany last year with these Middle-Eastern migrants. But really I think things have been pretty quiet since. I can’t speak for Germany but I live in England and have spent a lot of time in Spain this year and I have not heard of a single problem involving immigrants.
          England is actually a very difficult place to migrate to, legally or illegally and I don’t see any real threat to our culture or way of life because of migrating Syrians (or whomever). They just aren’t coming here.
          And of course we now have the benefit of Brexit. I actually voted for Brexit, not to protect us from immigrants but actually from Europeans! I saw the EU government as a major threat to our liberty and so I wanted out. And I think we’ll see Holland following closely afterwards.

        111. I’ll admit that from a North American standpoint, it’s hard to gauge exactly what is really going on in Europe (or anywhere), like pretty much every issue nowadays where we have information overload. And I acknowledge that the info I get regarding refugees/immigrants can in some cases be propaganda and it’s hard to discern.
          I’m just trying to be honest about my feelings on this issue because I think it could potentially boil into something very serious. The issues need to be articulated.
          And I agree that I don’t want the EU to threaten the sovereignty of the European nations. Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi resigned last week because they held a referendum to appoint a new small (more efficient) government but the people felt uneasy about it and voted no. They’d rather feel represented by a semi-incompetent local government than live under an un-elected efficient bureaucracy.
          Anyways thanks Bob for hearing me out on this.

        112. Son? I believe white men address darkies as boy, boy. Now get your ass out in that cotton field NOW!

        113. I think you’ve articulated your points brilliantly and agree when you say that Jannik is simply denying facts, knowing that if he pushed his agenda with enough force it could become ‘truth’.

        114. haha dude you sound ridiculous. But i can understand where you are coming from. You probably dont know many educated black people. I can also tell that you are not very well versed on American history. Let me educate you.
          Historically speaking blacks are every bit as civilized as whites. Look at pictures of black people in the 1950’s and 1960s. They wore the same clothes as whites and were respectable members of society. They were innovative and often excelled with inferior equipment ( Tuskegee Airmen ect). Another example is black wall street in Tulsa Ok.
          The powers that be have made a concerted effort to derail the progress of blacks. This is a fact. Look at what they did to Black Wall street. Look at Iran Contra where they pumped drugs into the black community. FACT! What do you think pumping drugs into a community is going to do? Help them flourish?? The elites also high jacked hiphop. Early hip hop was about positivity and overcoming hardships. The record companies promoted degenerate hiphop to brainwash inner city youth.
          I have no problem with white girls dating very respectable black guys. But i HATE when they date thug types. White guys that have your viewpoint need to stop being so biased. You are not being subjective because it is natural to feel a certain amount of mate guarding. But i think your baser primal instincts of protecting your “genetic lineage” is crowding your objectivity. Where is the outrage when white guys date Asian girls?
          As for blacks being less intelligent this is not true. Black kids that go to all white schools that have the same socioeconomic background as the white kids do just as well. To say otherwise is being intellectually dishonest. Look at the amount of African pharmacists and engineers there are.
          Basically i agree that black Americans are degenerate. But this degeneracy is not organic. It is because of whites intentionally sabotaging the black community. Blacks are at fault for continuing to allow this shit to happen.
          And before you get too smug you should realize that the elites are doing the same thing to white Americans. Its just that black people were first. You guys are being dumbed down and made into fat idiots too. Did you check the suicide rate of white males recently ( its really a sad situation). We are all in this together. Dont let the elites divide us among stupid shit like the amount of melanin in our skin.

        115. Do you think that part of you could be biased on any level at all? Be honest. Cant Asian men say the same thing about white guys having Asian girl fetishes? Or is that one ok. Its just when black guys mix with your “race” its a problem. Come on man. This is the intellectual dishonesty that disappoints me the manosphere. White guys back rationalize their instinctive mate guarding with theories on how the other guys are inferior. Its sad.
          I have white friends and i dont feel any type of way when they have sex with hot black girls. I am happy for them. Because i dont have any insecurity about mate guarding.
          As far as white men and black men being equal, this is true. Can you tell the difference between a white and black mans brain on MRI or any other imaging??? No. The only real differences are minor physiological ones. There are no differences in brain structure. So your analogy about genders is wrong.

        116. Its because the older people have grown up thinking that blacks were inherently inferior. So its natural to feel revulsion. Again dont you think its hypocritical that white men are ok with being thirsty for Asian chicks, but let the roles be reversed and suddenly they start to say Asians are inferior. This happened. They opium dens where off limits to white females because Asians were inferior. But its ok for white men to go to Asian countries for sex tourism. Come on bro be objective.

        117. I can respect this sentiment. I also agree with it. Finally a voice of reason. If all white guys were this honest it would be great. I applaud you bro. It sucks that they are trying to exterminate anglos. I get it. I dont want that to happen and it is clearly happening.
          I just dont like when white men turn this valid concern into ” oh look at those monkey inferior black guys”. Just say on an instinctual level you dont like the idea of someone looking like you having sex with a person seen as the “other tribe”. I get it. We all kinda feel that way.
          Unless you grow up with black guys you are not going to feel like they are your in group. I grew up with white and black best friends so i view both of them as my in group.

        118. I told you to get your black butt out in the field! Now do it or I’ll sell you back to Jamaica, you ungrateful SOB.

        119. This must be one of those “talented tenth” black genius rocket surgeons we see on TV.

        120. Another femigger that is disgusted by its own species and is trying to get a genetic upgrade out of the bottom of the gene pool.

        121. OF course you can see that in Africa without all the White oppression they have built thriving societies with flying pyramids n sheet.

        122. Actually, there is a physical difference in brain size, among hundreds of other things. Hell, they can tell the race from the SKELETON or even fragments of it.

        123. No, the first computer ( similar to the modern machines we have today ) was the Analytical Engine created by Charles Babbage . I’m referring to the personal computer as we know it today which which was pioneered by Mark Dean, an African American.

        124. Yeh i am going to need to see evidence of that. Scientific studies. I dont believe you. No offense. Phrenology is not a science.

        125. Just post the links of the scientific articles that claim that you can see the difference between a white mans brain and a black mans brain using MRI or CT Scan. Until then i wont believe it.

        126. Aren’t you being a little melodramatic? Regardless of whether I know what a word meants or not is not the main issue. The issue is some random white male in his mid/upper 30’s generalizing all black women but you can only think about your ego.

        127. What utter crap… ” ethnic genetic interest” my ass.. Right there you are provably utterly illogical dipshit..( oh yes lets prove it..) your ” genetic interest” is individual, period… ( are we done or you need a slide show?)
          Ps as a racist, ud be beyond the nuances of culture so lets leave it out..meanwhile, any geneticist could tell you race is a genetic myth, and moreover 70 percent of genetic diversity is African, so genetically speaking if all white people ( think me at deep end you down in the real shallow end…) were gone, that’d be at most a 10 percent loss…not worth a mention really…miscegenation my wooly white butt… Language and culture loss is ” the end of people’s ..yes. But concern over that requires a civilized mind, hence provably beyond your limitations.. So sad..Maybe you could take up Phrenology, instead? Sic

        128. Indeed, but their justifications are telling.. You hear all the submissive crap..( such a laugh.. Being not dumb enough to play man to get what you want as a woman isn’t ” submissive” so hilarious..) Westerm women’s frequently laughable conceit is that they ” can’t be ignored” vote with your feet n sure you can… Then hitting 40 for them also works.. Lol. ( stir n wait? Lol )

        129. White people are only 8% globally. And only 2-3% of that are fertile white women. White people have never been more than 25% of the global population, so the entire existence of white people have been as a minority. Not so for blacks.

        130. Are you stating my comment is incorrect? If so, show me your data.
          As to your comment:

          Total 6,785,600,000
          2,297,000,000 33.85% Caucasoids
          2,125,000,000 31.32% Mongoloids
          810,100,000 11.94% Negroids
          806,000,000 11.88% Australoid-Caucasoid intermediates
          196,000,000 2.89% Negroid-Caucasoid intermediates
          180,000,000 2.65% Amerindian-Caucasoid intermediates
          106,000,000 1.56% Mongoloid-Caucasoid intermediates
          75,000,000 1.11% Asiatic Triracials
          55,000,000 0.81% Amerindians
          53,500,000 0.79% Australoid-Mongoloid intermediates
          50,000,000 0.74% Triracials
          15,000,000 0.22% Negroid-Mongoloid intermediates
          12,500,000 0.18% Australoids
          3,500,000 0.05% Negroid-Amerindian intermediates
          1,000,000 0.01% Khoisan and Pygmy
          Monoracial vs Mixed:
          5,300,600,000 78.12% Monoracial
          1,485,000,000 21.88% Mixed
          Intermediate groups:
          806,000,000 Australoid-Caucasoid intermediates
          196,000,000 Negroid-Caucasoid intermediates
          180,000,000 Amerindian-Caucasoid intermediates
          106,000,000 Mongoloid-Caucasoid intermediates
          75,000,000 Asiatic Triracials
          53,500,000 Australoid-Mongoloid intermediates
          50,000,000 Triracials
          15,000,000 Negroid-Mongoloid intermediates
          3,500,000 Negroid-Amerindian intermediates
          Total: 1,485,000,000

        131. Where is the link to this nonsense? These numbers are arbitrary. Nobody collects data about “race” except the US. Even Stormfront accepts the 8% figure.

        132. Link. Like I said, nobody collects this type of data, so it has to be some sort of speculation.

        133. They played it out. Now it is a flag like saying “I just got punked so I might as well drop the N-bomb and that will do it!. I wonder how it makes them feel when we laugh at them. But hey, when I can get away with a fist to the eye why not?

        134. Dear Phleb, I tried to reply to you on Breitbart, but your comment had disappeared, so I did a search on Disqus and found you here. I just wanted to thank you for re-posting the comment. That was very sweet!
          I was trying to warn you that Breitbart tend to delete comments that raise awareness of the Jewish hand in our societies becoming multicultural, but unfortunately I was too late.
          I hope they only removed that comment of yours, and that your avatar Phleb is still safe on Breitbart.

        135. Thanks for taking the time to find me.
          I find it very interesting that BB banned me for this topic. Especially since I support Israel. If we can’t disqus ideas in an open forum at BB, we’re no different than antifa (anti 1st Amendment.)
          I’m not sure what my options are ie. making a new account, contacting moderator etc… but frankly if they want to stop discussions, I don’t need to support them by reading their articles.
          I’ve accessed BB for awhile, basically I’ve been with Andrew when he worked with Drudge and Arianna and started his ‘Big’ sites. It’ll be strange for me without BB. And also strange since I’m banned for something like this.
          Again, thank you for contacting me. I hope you’re not banned as well.

        136. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion. BUT the comment “that’s all you BM are good for” supports HIS position.

        137. “i was dogging this white chick and her butt cheek moved like a knee cap, true story”
          AH HAHAHAHA! I choked on my chicken wing when I read that!

        138. Not fat or lazy. Or, like you, uneducated and white. What a pathetic existence you live.

      3. You forgot to mention, Jamaicans, Trinidadians, Dominicans and Guyanese black women

      4. Yep, agreed. Whenever I say black I never even really consider any “real” black people such as those from Africa. I almost exclusively am talking about black Americans. There is a huge difference. I went to college with lots of people from Africa and they are very interesting people. They don’t walk around with their pants hanging off their asses. In fact, most Africans I knew in college were AFRAID of American blacks who did that. I’m not kidding. American blacks with bad behaviors have ruined black for everyone black. It’s terrible.

        1. not all african american men “walk around with their pants hanging off their asses”

        2. and whether you’re from Africa or not you’re still black if you have a darker skin tone

        3. This is exactly correct. Africans are different. Blacks Americans were also different at one point. Look at old pics of blacks in the 1950s. They had suits on and top hats etc..the powers that be have caused black to become degenerates. It was planned. They used the drug wars, Iran Contra and hiphop. They also burned down good black communities with thriving businesses ( Black Wallstreet).

      5. I agree, I think people always generalize black people when they really are just talking about african americans.

    3. Yes – my thoughts exactly – the article applies to US & UK African women. Even the European ones of 2nd generation Christian parents are a completely different breed. More so the girls in Africa or fresh-off-the-boat – they are cute, feminine & kind.

    4. All of Author’s reasons, every one of them, are less about the women themselves and more about the blue pill that is fed to Black America.
      Music, Tv glorify sex appeal, drugs, and Bling.
      Blut bling only attracts whores and gold diggers, drugs make you dependent, and advertised sex appeal doesn’t appeal for long.
      Then women are taught that men desire a strong independent women (we don’t care for that, it’s neutral or negative)
      Women are taught that men value a woman’s career accomplishments (it doesn’t add to sex appeal)
      Women are taught that men desire sense of humor (understood to mean venomous put downs and nagging)

    5. The problem with dating or having sex with women from Africa is you risk catching HIV/AIDS, and it doesn’t matter how exotic, graceful or attractive they are.

        1. The risk is much, much higher with African and African-American women.

    6. They haven’t been tainted by Western Feminism yet.
      As I’ve said before, I love America, but I by no means love American women.

    7. This article is highlighting stereotypes and racism. There are many drop dead gorgeous, virtuous, non- slutty, extremely intelligent and non-ghetto acting black women. Why not separate the ghetto and the middle to upper class black women. ??????? All black women are not the same. This is Atrocious!!!

      1. As a percentage, they are few. Maybe one out of fifty is slender. Most white men don’t like “booty”, much less fat.

        1. You may not live in the right place. If you live in the North East there are tons of these black women. Not all of America is the same and you cannot rely on the media they do not show the best looking black women

        2. It’s true, I live in the South. There are also lots of fat White women and Latino women (few fat East Asian women though).

        3. I lived in the South for a few years, I can tell you its a HUGE difference between what black women look like from Washington, DC to New York than the South. Unless its Miami, Los Angelos ,where people workout and take care of themselves, you will see alot of FAT in all types of women. Many black women where I live have graduate degrees, own houses, cars, slim bodies, etc and many are all single with no kids. You should travel.

    8. They are from Africa? Which is a real African-American. I have no earthly idea why blacks in America are labeled “African-American”. That suggests dual citizenship and I seriously doubt many if at all, of the blacks I meet have even visted Africa, let alone have been born there….

        1. America is paradise for someone from Africa. They’re nice and unspoiled, until they’re here for maybe a year, and have tasted all America has to offer. Thankfully, my (Black) GF, although born and raised in America, is not spoiled. She wants me for me; not for money or any other consideration, unlike most (not all) Black girls on Craigslist, looking for “sugar daddies.” She despises Black girls looking for money for sex or anything else.

    9. Good luck with that!
      I am a bit long in the tooth and I will try to give an abridged version of my five decades on planet Earth so far and how as a black man, it hurts that I can’t even bring myself to speak to black women except when it regards work or I encounter them as servers in restaurant or checkout clerks in a store.
      First, I was born in Compton CA in the mid-late 60’s. The birth canal I emerged from should never have bore children for she was raped and abused as a child herself, in and out of foster homes, and lived during Jim Crow America that gave her an even greater resentment for herself and the world around her.
      With that, I bore the brunt of her physical and emotional violence. When her marriage started falling apart, I was then, “just like your father” and the beatings with extension cords, hot wheel tracks and fists started. One of the last interactions I remember with my mother was when I was 16 and she was slapping me around, and I finally stood up to her and told her to stop… she did! I was angry and could have broken her neck right there and then! I was also a little bit a taller than her and ready to kill her! She sensed it and luckily for the both of us backed down!
      Now before you say that I am turned off from black women because of my mother, let me state that there are many reasons I don’t value black women as sexual partners (mulatto, pass for white, and dark skin).
      First, I understood in my 20’s that my mother was damaged goods when my mother met my father. My father even said as much to his now deceased brother a couple decades ago. Yes, I find many similarities in my mother and far too many black women, but I want to just deal with issues that affect me as a man today:
      1)Black women for the most part are irresponsible and they give birth to children who are just as irresponsible as them.
      My Grandmother (black) was a damn good woman and I could encounter someone like her, I would marry her in a second, but her type, have all but died out. Today most black women are living in a fantasy world that places themselves and the center of the Universe and nothing else matters. It’s very hard to have a relationship when you are competing for dominance with your mate.
      2)Black women have very poor self-image of themselves and as a result it Is transferred to their mates and offspring.
      My mother was medium/dark black, and brown eyes, yet green colored contacts and auburn permed hair was the image of the day.
      3)Being who I am and going through the abuse during my early years by so many blacks (male and female) it is difficult for me to feel safe around them. I was always beaten up because I spoke like a ‘white boy’, or carried model rocket books, math books, and science books under my arm.
      Blacks have a way of consuming their own like no other. It might be the conditioning of slavery; if a slave got out of hand and started to read and write, the other slaves would tell on him to master and get him beaten but good! It’s the same in 2016 as it was in 1616… sad really
      As has been pointed out, black women realize they are the lowest on the social-economic-mating ladder, and they resent that. Instead of realizing the negative stimulation that is being done to them, they lash out: loud, abrasive, anything but feminine.
      Now, I have my own set of issues: I am too intelligent for my race; I don’t fit the stereotypes. I realize that by saying this, it makes me seem like a dick, and yes I am! I can however back up my claim:
      Gardena High computer club president in the 1980s.
      Won a programming scholarship from Hughes Corp.
      Kiwanis essay winner
      Mensa member, tested IQ in the min 160s, genius starts at 137.
      Metal and Jazz guitarist. Fundamental chord progressions and modes (scales) I practice daily. In high school I was introduced to Motely Crue, Sound Barrier, Dio and never looked back!
      Graduated El Camino college in the mid 80’s with degrees in inorganic chemistry and music. Then attended U.C. Berkeley and double majored in Physics and Astronomy; graduated class of 1992.
      Radio Ham operator and used this with my childhood hobby of model rocketry, to fly (Amateur TV) ATV payloads to the edge of the Stratosphere out of Black Rock Nevada dry lake bed. Some people use balloons, I along with other team members used solid propellant rockets: 6” diam. and over 25 feet long.
      I will post old VHS footage of this on my youtube account: Jonathan D.
      A national record holder of a dozen rocketry records (visit nar.org under records you will find my name under the C-Division adult records).
      I fly radio control and full-sized gliders; working on my license.
      For the past 23 years I have ran my own computer consulting business, incorporated and working at places like America Express, Lockheed Martin, Wells Fargo, and other Fortune 500 companies.
      I [BRING] home 6 figures just sitting at a key board 40 hours a week, running AIX, Linux, Solaris, Oracle SQL (I am a certified Oracle Database administrator.), VMWare, Weblogic and various other IT related technologies.
      There are other things but then I would appear to be bragging.
      Now take all this in, and if half of it is true, you can easy see how I have about as much in common with a black woman as a turtle has with a bird.
      Whenever I see black women in public I look away or at my phone, I try to make to it as clear to them that I am [NOT] interested in them, yet a few persist and then become violent when I don’t take the easy catch.
      Dating outside your race is a MUST for a black man who is professional and upwardly mobile. A black woman is like that crab pulling you back into the bucket with the other crabs. As I said above, my grandmother was from a different generation; a generation where the father of the child was ‘shot-gunned” into marrying the woman he impregnates. There were very few bastards running around black America then as there is today (3 out of 4 black births are bastards). My grandmother would never have known what twerking was; she was a classy woman, not like these nigger bitch whores of today.
      Just had to share my thoughts; not THOTS!

    10. Lol. Yeh.. African women are far more likely to be feminine real women…but then seems any female anywhere probably is..
      Any u guys, ESP white guys wanna marry a hot sweet black girl..my advice get your passport n go Africa… Isn’t a single country in Africa where a serious white guy is gonna get the ” dogs shit” treatment most western women do..n black l American girls seem the worst tudes out there.. In fact boycott western women period

    11. I actually was going to make the same type of comment. I think culturally, there ARE differences between black Americans and blacks that’s from Africa, or are children of immigrants. From my own personal experiences (being a child of African immigrants), we are taught to carry ourselves FAR differently than what I’ve observed in general black American women. I think part of this is cultural BUT we’re taught to have MORALS and STANDARDS of not only what to accomplish for ourselves, but from our future mates. Also, from my observation, aside from geographical differences, I think the caliber of black women, as in one that is a genuine BAP, (…NOT to be confused with that ridiculous Halle Berry character from the movie BAPS) meaning a woman that was bought up in a solidly middle-class/upper-middle class or upper class environment tend to have a different frame of mind and character in terms of HAVING STANDARDS on how they carry themselves and what to expect from a mate. Hence, these type of women are NOT to be confused with the one that later worked her way into that class bracket which are likely the type that the author is making reference to when he states “the educated ones with great jobs, nice cars, and living in nice neighborhoods…” Those are the ones that I refer to as “the epiphanies” meaning, they were headed down the “product of their environment” path, (which in this sense would be the “typical” ways of black women that the author is referring to) but they later realized they wanted more for themselves so they improved their way of life by getting educated, working hard to get the better jobs to legitimately live in better neighborhoods.

  2. In all my life I have just looked past or through black women and have never even considered them as an option. I know this is partly because a majority are just ugly and unattractive, but even the better looking ones and those that didn’t act ‘black’, , although an improvement, I must subconsciously assume the ‘black’ attitude and mindset is there and so still they’ve always been invisible to me.

    1. CDC stats show 50% of African America women have genital herpes… enough said….
      The CDC claims that nearly half (48 percent) of all African American
      women between the ages of 14 and 49 are infected with genital herpes. –
      See more at:

      1. That disgustingly high STD rate should be listed as its own reason. Having it be an implicit consequence of sluttiness is not strong enough.

      2. Herpes is a pretty common STD across the board tbh. Something I try to think about before tappin datazz…

        1. Come on now bob….
          Anyone reading your comments knows you’re just a catcher.
          If my mom sprinkled herpes on a strap-on prior to your pegging, I’ll have a talk with her. She has a thing for that Sherlock Holmes accent and proper sanitation must not have been followed.

      3. blacks in general seem to carry more sexual diseases than any other group in the population – both black men and black women

        1. Apparently if Haiti didn’t exist as a vector for HIV (gay sex tourism apparently + plus blood banks) AIDS wouldn’t have hit the US very badly when it did and how it did.

        2. a lot of blacks will fuck anything whether its a woman of any quality or a man when no woman is available….prison shows this

        3. AIDS hysteria was promoted to instill a sense of fear in heterosexual whites and discourage them from breeding. Autogenocide tactics abound in Western Cultural Marxist programming.

        4. Blacks are more r-selected relative to whites. This means they are more sexualized and promiscious from an early age on.
          The result is a higher prevalence of single moms and STDs.

        5. Not quite. No group is as promiscuous as gay men. You frequently have a fight with a woman for regular sex, you know, because of their “feelings” and shit. This issue doesn’t exist for homos.

        6. Arguments based solely on personal insults usually indicate a lack of intellectual insight. Stop whining and prove my source wrong instead.

        7. I think you’re correct that homosexuals are more promiscuous, but the real culprit here is anal sex. The possibility of an HIV transmission during butt sex is just as good in a M2F scenario as it is a M2M, assuming one partner is infected. Obviously gay men have more butt sex though.

        8. And they also have sex with far more partners on average, compared with the average heterosexual male or female.
          Add this to their propensity to engage in anal intercourse, and the result will be a much higher prevalence of STDs.

        9. I agree, and that’s why it needs to be not be forbidden to bring up the discussion that homosexuality is unhealthy both mentally and physically. I don’t condone putting people down or being disrespectful as I don’t think that really solves the problem, it only makes people cling to their own dysfunctional behaviors even more… But, kids especially, need to be told the truth.

        10. Butt sex… I don’t know why that seems funny. I have a rather disturbing visual of two homos rubbing their butts together… the only safe gay sex! lol!

        11. Oh wow. You have now fully convinced me. Listen Bob, intimidation does not work well on the internet.

      4. You can’t believe everything you read, especially about Black women, cause society and the media is just against them and always do what they can to lower their self esteem and make them feel and look worthless.

    2. There are some attractive black women. The obesity rate is a genuine killer for their attractiveness as a group. Also, they seem to dress far less feminine than even the average white girl dresses these days, which doesn’t help. I’ve seen some that I would genuinely not mind ending up with, but I gotta say, the rate is like 1-in-1000 or worse.
      Also, the few black women who are attractive are (in general) very aware of their attractiveness. This ego boost makes it harder to deal with them on a daily basis.

      1. Yup. Same problem in other ethnic communities in the US, just much worse in the black community. Obesity is a SMV killer. When you have 80%+ of your women figuratively shooting themselves in the face with a big mac, the remaining 20% are going to have such a sense of entitlement that it’s totally out of fucking control. Also, black women who aren’t fat are often masculine looking (not their fault, but, not my fault either for not finding it attractive). Genuinely attractive black women are so fucking rare they should be put on the endangered species list. Which is a goddman shame, because the ones that do keep their shit together generally age better than whites and have killer bodies.

        1. Rare in America perhaps? The issue is the government ultimately. The government pays people to be poor and pays food processing companies to sell shit food to people in the ghetto. This produces ugly, fat, stupid people with a sense of entitlement. You see this across the West.

        2. It is a strange thing that occurs when a woman who was a slut for 15 years, tries to reform come over the hill time, say 27 on. I think the saying, “You are what you eat.” comes to mind.

        3. “Genuinely attractive black women are so fucking rare they should be put on the endangered species list”
          What’s a genuinely attractive woman? Black women are just as attractive as any other race. Maybe you’re falling victim to the whole “black women are the most unattractive group” message

        4. Please, you are delusional. Men of all races consider Black women to be the least attractive women.

    3. I know exactly where you are coming from. Personally I dont find negroid traits sexually attractive. And “black” is just not to my liking either, so they will stay invisible to me.

        1. There is a huge Somali population where I live. The facial features are a cross of European, Arab, and African. They also tend to be tall and thin. They’re arrogant beyond belief, but the women are beautiful.

    4. Black women are beautiful and come with all different types of personalities. The “black” attitude is nothing but a stereotype. There are different types of people in all groups, including Black women and they should be assessed on an individual basis and not negatively grouped together. I could very well say that black men are ugly, arrogant, thugs with a sense of entitlement, but I know that’s only one type of black man, there are many others and Black women come in many different types also.

    1. If they were raised around other blacks and have adopted that culture then yes this is true. If your lucky enough to find a good looking mixed race girl who was primarily raised by the white side of her family they tend to be much more level headed.

      1. There was one in my final year in school. She had a big but sturdy butt (never seen anything like it since, not even on porn actresses) and big boobs for her small frame (always wore low-cut tops so we could enjoy the view), but a medium-brown skin, large eyes, a small nose and European facial features with long, straight black hair.
        Never got to do her (did get along with her, but her boyfriend was a pretty violent criminal in his mid-twenties and I wasn’t willing to hit that hornet’s nest at the time) but that butt was from another world.

        1. “but her boyfriend was a pretty violent criminal in his mid-twenties” a pretty common theme in the anglo world I might add.

      2. There actually used to be a quite well-known stereotype that people of mixed race/ethnicity had mental problems. For example: the bad guy in the novel Tom Sawyer was named Injun Joe, and was a homicidal maniac; he was half-white and half-red in the novel.
        That stereotype has been stamped out as SJWs promote the destruction of ethnic pride.

  3. Never been my cup of tea, though I have seen several very attractive black women in my lifetime. I’m a sucker for (natural) blonds and red heads. That skinny little red head that they have as the current Wendy’s commercial chick, she just turns my crank, even though I know most guys would label her as, at most, an HB8. Just mah thang, homies.
    Not sure on their attitudes in a relationship as a result. There is no shortage of snarky, entitlment minded masculine women, and I do see that with black women a lot, but the attractive ones I’ve seen all seem passably pleasant. But as I said, it’s not like I took time to get to know them in a sexual conquest kind of way.

    1. I have been with a great many black women from various countries. I would say a handful have been a little too masculine and they got canned early. But likewise, I have had a few masculine white and Asian chicks. Can’t stand them. They get tagged, bagged and thrown in the meat locker for Rocky to punch in the face.

      1. Never saw a masculine Asian chick before (from Asia, not a two generation in American of Asian descent).

        1. I took one out on a date many moons ago. Met her through friends. God what a nightmare. She was American-Korean. She spent the entirety of the date trying to convince me she was right and I was wrong (pick a subject, didn’t matter). We argued all the way through the date.
          Thing is, I think it actually turned her on. I met her at a wedding a few months later and she begged me to call her. Not on your life!

        2. Yeah, figured she would be tagged with “American-“. There must be something in the water here that masculinizes women (and pussifies men). Some are immune of course. I believe that there must be some masculine native Asian women, just haven’t encountered one yet.

        3. Fluoride, chlorine, saltpetre… just some of the estrogenic chemicals in the water. Do you have a decent filter?
          Generally though, my experience of dating Asian women has been positive and user friendly. This chick I am dating now… I commented on her instinct to clean my kitchen. She said “oh, that’s just how I was raised.”

        4. Was raised on well water (no chemical processing outside of running through a water softener), and have had filtered water otherwise for the rest of my life thus far.
          Always wanted to date an Asian as an adult. Would be an interesting compare and contrast thing.

        5. My personal preference is Vietnamese. A great balance between attractiveness and easy going personality. They seem to be very open to dating people of other races. Bottom of my list is Korean. They seem to be more racist than the Japanese. I will say that Koreans are equal-opportunity racists though. They hate everyone.

        6. We have an Asian family living across the street. The mother (immigrant) is very, very pleasant and a joy to be around. One of her daughters is extremely sweet and pleasant, but the other one is a nightmare entitlement princess of epic proportions. I assume they were brought up right, given daughter one being “stereotypical Asian girl” and that daughter number two is heavily into rebellion against dad (or mom).

        7. You are right on both counts about Japanese and Koreans being racists and xenophobic. If you want to get in a knife fight with either just tell them that Koreans and Japanese are the same race, based on DNA testing. This truth will never be accepted by either nationality as, although they hate everyone else, they hate each other the most.

    2. Mmmmm… fire pie. Have you ever met a non-crazy red head? All women are crazy, but every red head I have dated seems to take it that extra mile.

  4. “They wouldn’t be caught dead at the club without the latest Steve Madden heels or with a man rocking an off-brand shirt he bought at Target for 50% off.”
    I don’t know. All the black girls at work hit on me, and they are not subtle. Mick Jagger said, “Black girls just like to get fucked all night,” but my theory is that they are just looking for support for their bastards. White guys can provide.

    1. When I was first on my own I worked in a crappy job in a very predominantly black area. I wasn’t making much money so I was dressed rather average (at best).
      I was hit on incessantly by the black women. Actually, by today’s female standards I could probably say I was harassed and assaulted non-stop.
      It was interesting if nothing else.

      1. “I was hit on incessantly by the black women. Actually, by today’s female standards I could probably say I was harassed and assaulted non-stop.?
        Like this?

        1. That was absolutely nothing compared to what women go through. If that was to prove that “it happens to men too”, it failed.

    2. da fudge nuggets. i’m not an adult yet…but reading this just made me like what?

  5. I have been with many types of women including White American and White European women, from my personal experience White women were a little more curious and sexually free. I liked red heads out of curiosity. But by far the most beautiful women in the world are Latinas…because you have a mixture of different degrees of White, Black, Asian, and Native with a little Arab sprinkled in which gives you interesting features. Women from Brazil, Colombia, and the Caribbean rank high on my list. I also prefer dark brown skin or black skin on some women. In Africa my favorite are Ethiopian women cause their hair and features are fine, with small waist and big curves. Caribbean Women from Indian Descent are very beautiful as well as south East Asians with brown or dark brown features.
    In my experience I have had positive interactions with Black women from the Caribbean, and actually the women I have met that were virgins were Black Women and some Latinas. But that is extremely rare in Western Society. I just think its Western Culture women who are more traditional and respect family values are the best to choose from if you are looking for a long lasting relationship and family.

  6. I dunno. Aside from the Tanzanian girl in China, Black girls have never really gone for me unless they’ve had ten mothafuckin’ kee-ids by thirty different dudes. I have no qualm with that, it’s just that a sizable collection of them want to attack me for liking and/or getting with Asian girls or prevent me from getting any at all.This is similar to the behavior that I see exhibited by White women that want to shame White men from traveling abroad to greener pastures.
    On the other hand, I’ve recently hit a streak of decent-looking non-Black American women checking me out. These aren’t hotties, and it’s not like I have a whole bunch of chicks after me, but I have noticed more girls that seem to be flirting, it’s odd to me. Anyway, not authentic NE Asian, not interested (though that short Chinese-American chick in the Navy almost made me break my rule).

  7. This is pretty much the reason I don’t date them any more, I’ve never seen it put into words like this so bravo OP. I don’t hate them, and I like a lot of them as people, but not as partners. I’ve had them ask if me if I was gay because I would show zero interest other than professional interest. Then they would find out that I date non-black girls and be angry, sometimes even hostile towards me or my girlfriend.

    1. What the OP wrote was nothing but stereotypes and generalizations. You can’t blame them for getting angry that you date non-black girls because you think Black girls make bad partners, you basically just insulted them. Of course they are going to be angry.

    1. Quiet down, too. US black women are by far the loudest people on the planet, particularly when they get in groups.

      1. Women in general seem to be getting super obnoxiously loud though, it’s hard to differentiate for me these days. The older women (50+) can be quieter, but anybody younger than 45 seems to be broadcasting at 110 decibels 24/7.

      2. In all honesty, Chinese people can give them a run for their money. When it comes to fried chicken and watermelon too, the latter of which I wouldn’t even associate with Black folks if it weren’t for the stereotypes and jokes.

        1. In my youth I was in a LTR live in situation with a very beautiful and very black woman. She was a past Miss Black Denmark. Before you get too excited that is Denmark, South Carolina, USA. Which is, based on the sign when you enter the town, the watermelon capitol of the world. The town is pretty close to 100% black, at least I stood out like a sore thumb when we visited her hometown. I will say that she was nothing like the stereotype of black women we see today. However, I know a few black guys, who mostly date white women,that would not disagree with a word of the OP. In the case of my youthful experience it is perhaps the difference between rural and urban upbringing more than black versus white.

        2. Hilariously true! In my experience, Asians seem to love co-opting racist stereotypes with glee, especially the males, and treating it as humorous.
          Asian Male (with KFC bucket in tow to black person): I know you want a piece of this here chicken. Right, Mah brotha?!
          Black person (fights the urge to commit a hate crime): heh, I don’t really like chicken.
          Asian Male (either oblivious or tempting fate): Nah, you love you some chicken. And grape soda. And guess what I bought??

        3. It bothers them not in the least.
          I’ve told my Chinese friends that I fear their ability to do math. The have told me they envy our ability to move pianos.
          They are delightfully uninhibited about discussing the differences between the races. They are unduly proud of their Chineseness, but they easily accept our jokes and come right back with their own. A Chinese dinner party in America is a real treat. One may not like the food, but the conversation will have you chuckling a week later.

  8. in my life i’ve been with one black chick, and shit was HORRIBLE. basically i picked up this hoe-looking black girl off the strip in vegas. long hair, big nails, big heels, tiny dress.
    went back to my hotel room. surprisingly enough, she wasn’t a prostitute; wanted to fuck for free. cool, i thought. she proceeded to give me head. her hair was in a ponytail and of course i like that shit to flow straight down. so i went for the pony tail and all of a sudden, *CLIP!* her whole hair detaches into my right hand. i look at the person sucking my dick and she’s got the nappiest mini-fro i’ve ever seen in my life, on screen or in person. holy fucking shit. boner extinguished, moment over. i handed her “hair” back to her and that was that.
    moral of the story: if you’re gonna fuck a black girl, keep your hands off the dome. or better yet, just don’t fuck a black girl.

      1. yeah hookups like that are usually worth it just for the story that’s begotten from it. the nappy fro is for a moment only; the story is something i can pass down to my grandchildren

    1. How about not judging all black girls off of one experience. I mean did you expect quality from someone you just picked up off the street? Also White girls wear fake hair too.

    2. Ok well from a “black girl” who had hair that was mid of my back… *recently cut it* not all black women have short hair, and i’ve never worn weave in my life…Secondly don’t act like white women don’t wear weave either and many white women hair just do not grow long

      1. “not all” compared to “the majority”. so what ur saying doesn’t really hold.
        dont hate though – its just my preference not to find black women attractive. diff folks, diff strokes

  9. I agree with points 1 and 2. Unless she is into some kind of sport or fitness she is very likely a land whale. Even teenagers can’t escape from obesity. That is so sad because IMO the body of a young black woman when in shape is simply amazing. Big glutes, slim waist, athletic long legs. However, besides being overweight you have to deal with such a shity attitude that murders the boner. If you want to experience being with a black woman go to another country like Cuba.

    1. The whole black women attitude is nothing but a stereotype and a generalization. It bears no more truth than the dumb blonde stereotype, the entitled White woman stereotype, the all men are dogs stereotype etc.

  10. Number 2 is depressingly true. A slender black woman in her 20s is extremely rare. They seem to live only on instagram.

    1. Really? I see slender young black women every time I ride the train and walk down the street. This whole “its rare” thing is ridiculous. The whole article was nothing but a bunch of ridiculous stereotypes.

      1. 82% of black women are over weight or obese. 18% of anything is considered rare….so…yeah, it’s rare.

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