If You Hate the Patriarchy, Give Us Back Our Electricity

“Down with the Patriarchy!” shouts a blue-haired, non-binary, non-gender conforming thing at the top of its shrill lungs. Has the world gone mad? Has the apocalypse finally come? What is going on here? Is there a virus in the water? No, it’s just Tuesday at a University in America. And the blue-haired, shrieking thing happens to be your professor. Have fun at school fellas!

Traditional Gender Roles

In traditional society, women’s role was to maintain the household, raise the children, and care for her husband. The men ventured outside of the household to hunt, make war, build and gather resources.

In primitive society, where the physicality of existence had not yet been supplanted by technology, there was no way around these rules. Women spent their days cooking, cleaning and caring, sometimes until their knuckles bled. Men tilled the fields or chopped down trees or stalked animals and opposing warriors from dusk till dawn. Sometimes they didn’t make it home.

Men could not (and still can not) give birth and breast feed. Women could not (generally speaking) throw spears as far and as fast as men. So there wasn’t much room for negotiating gender roles. The roles were appointed by nature.

By the way, while ‘women’s work’ is often denigrated today, especially by the blue-haired feminist things, it is no walk in the park. Anyone who has ever struggled to knead dough, wash clothes by hand, or impose a semblance of order on an unruly gathering of children, is aware that doing so is time-consuming and exhausting labor.

Men’s Technological Inventions Empower Women

With the advent of technology (all of it invented, improved and maintained by the dreaded patriarchy), work has largely evolved into pushing paper, dialing the phone, reading, writing and communicating. Women recognized that with the physical barriers to ‘bread-winning’ having been largely cast aside, they could potentially do these sorts of jobs just as well as the men.

They lobbied their husbands and other powerful men to let them enter the workplace and compete for jobs alongside the men. And men, being reasonable, gracious and accommodating towards the ladies supported their ambitions.

Most reasonable, modern men support a woman’s right to venture outside of the household, earn a living, and gain her independence. (Some men in non-Western countries remain less supportive – i.e. still prone to the occasional public stoning.)

Women Don’t Behave Like Men

What we didn’t count on, however, was that women would bring their tone policing and behavior modification projects – hard wired into them over centuries of domesticating children – into the workplace and focus them on grown ass men. Nobody asked for that!

We also didn’t recognize how women compete for social dominance so differently from men. Probably because we were too busy earning a living and having fun by telling jokes amongst each other without being reported to HR.

Backstabbing, gossip, rumor mongering, slander… that’s how ladies compete with one another. Complimentary to the face and cunning behind the back. And now the men, rubbing their heads in agony, slowly coming to their senses, are realizing the drastic mistake they made in accommodating the demands of the perpetually unsatisfied feminist agenda.

College, once a haven for free thought, challenging ideas, and ritualistic debauchery, has devolved into a paranoid, politically correct surveillance zone where anyone who dares not conform to the feminist lunacy risks total ruin.

The workplace, once a place where men could work, speak frankly, curse, smoke and drink is now a drab detention center monitored 24/7 by commie, men-hating feminists in HR. Make an ‘off-color’ joke and you get to choose between putting your balls in a cinch while watching re-educational videos or being fired outright.

Bitch, please!

This is your boss

For those interested in the difference between men and women in social competition, I came across an interesting theory in the MGTOW discussion boards before the sensible folks at Reddit decided to ban the forum. We can’t have men speaking to one another without female supervision can we?

The theory was something along the lines of: men learned to be cohesive and loyal to one another in the early days since their gripes were with neighboring tribes. They had to stick together and overlook each other’s faults in order to unify into a cohesive fighting force. The outliers might be killed off in competition by the enemy tribes.

Women, however, determined their social hierarchy amongst themselves back at the homestead. So they developed the skills of infighting, cunning and sabotage since outright hostility within the tribe was not allowed. These are the skills they currently employ against men in all walks of life, walking away with ludicrous divorce and sexual harassment settlements without having done any of the ‘heavy lifting’. These are very advanced social skills that few men naturally possess.

They think we’re idiots for communicating in simple and direct and non-duplicitous terms. That’s why every television commercial portrays men as stumbling dullards who struggle to plug in a toaster. Because we struggle in a woman’s world.

And be honest, it’s no fun and nobody likes the world they’re making. That includes most women.

Truth is Sexist

So here’s my solution. Men, first we should recognize that we are handicapped by a couple things. One is thirst. We can’t bring ourselves to tell the ugly truth to pretty woman (or even skanks) that we want to sleep with. In one way or another, to varying degrees, we want to sleep with nearly every female that crosses our path.

In a nicer light, many of us are prone to chivalrous behavior. Men are built to protect and cherish the weaker sex. So we support them in their ambitions to challenge and denigrate us. And we let them get away with it.

But it’s come time to tell the truth brothers. Here it is. Every technological advancement has come at the hands of men, and sorry my third world brothers from other mothers, but it has been mostly Western men.

I could detail all the inventors who brought us the various machines that have freed us from the daily physical toil that bound our ancestors to their natural gender roles. But instead let’s zoom out and focus on the big ones.


Electricity is a natural force at work in our bodies and nature. But it was European men (the patriarchy) who discovered and refined this force until it could be controlled and transported in batteries and wires. And it was men who built the transformers, transported them, dug the foundations and laid the electrical wires across the planet.

They used science (another evil invention by the patriarchy) logic and reason (things the blue-haired, woke celluloids severely lack) to bequeath all of humanity with this incredible gift.

The next time some fool complains about cultural appropriation tell her that in complete fairness, only white men are entitled to use electricity then. Keep your tamales and we’ll keep electricity. Seems fair.

Oh by the way, electricity covers nearly all modern technological inventions. So there’s no need to discuss computers, microwaves, or hairdryers since they all rely on electricity. But I’ll mention a few of them anyway.


A man probably invented the wheel, because he wanted to impress a women, or sleep with more of them across a wider territory, but who knows maybe it was a non-binary, blue-haired thing with a front hole in its groin region. But we do know that men invented planes, trains, and the automobile.

Here’s a quick review – Wilbur and Orville Wright invented the first successful airplane in North Carolina. Richard Trevithick – aka Dick Thick – invented the first steam locomotive. The question of who invented the first automobile revolves around who invented the engine. One thing is settled, the inventors were all European men. Nicholas Joseph Cugnot invented the first steam-powered car in the 1700’s for the all-male French military (who invented France).

Internal Combustion Engine

The internal combustion engine gave us the modern automobile and modern transportation. George Brayton, an American male, was the inventor. Go U-S-A! (Side note: it was men who built all the highways and bridges that span America. Thanks guys!)

The previously unpublished version of the iconic photograph.


The evil white male Charles Babbage invented the modern computer in the 1800’s. The computer has been refined and improved by many hardworking men over several generations. In the 1970’s Ed Robert’s invented the concept of a personal computer. We’ve all heard of Bill Gates.

The Internet

Everybody knows that Al Gore invented the internet. If I wanted to be even more of a dick I could list almost every modern technological invention or innovation and point out how it was created by man. Maybe I’ll do that in the future.

Let’s Hear it For the Boys

The Patriarchy gets a lot of pushback for the occasional subjugation and genocide but overall it has bestowed enormous gifts upon the world. Men don’t ask for a thank you, but the idea that they should bend over backwards in a perpetual apology stance is ludicrous.

Every person utilizes the inventions of men to improve their lives throughout their entire day. Wake up, turn on the lights (see electricity), use modern plumbing (thanks guys!) use transportation to get to work (thanks again 0atriarchs) and etc. etc. so on and so forth.

Shout Out to the Ladies

Personally I love women. Besides giving us life and sustaining us in our early years women contribute immensely to life and culture. They often make great professionals alongside men in the workplace. And women’s contributions to broader society are notable. Of course, we’d all be rough brutes and life wouldn’t be worth living without the refining presence of women.

One More Time for the Fellas

But please recognize that men created the technological advances of the modern world. And the modern world, along with Western men’s generous largesse towards women enabled the rise of feminism. Here’s my advice to the unhinged, ultra-left feminists destroying today’s campuses and workplaces with their hostile antics.

If you really hate the patriarchy then stop your hypocritical and entitled use of men’s great improvements to our material existence. They are gifts bestowed upon us all by Western men through centuries of innovation. These incredible patriarchs labored, experimented, struggled, and created a better world for us. Most of them died anonymously.

They did it all so that one day you could take a selfie and post it to Instagram (invented by a man) inside an air-conditioned, well lit, dry and comfortable dwelling (built by a man).

If you really are so confused and ignorant as to go around proclaiming your incessant hatred of the patriarchy (men) then have a bit of integrity and go carpet munch each other into extinction. But be sure to do it in the cold and dark while being attacked by wild animals. Maybe then you’ll realize how much you benefit from the patriarchy every single day. And the world will slowly regain its sanity.

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131 thoughts on “If You Hate the Patriarchy, Give Us Back Our Electricity”

  1. Feminist’s were never about equality, only dominance. If all men took one day off from their jobs the economy worldwide would snap in half. No doctors, pilots, truck drivers, trades men would be devastating. If women took the day off, well it would be buisness as usual and likely go unnoticed

    1. You never hear female family members of the Saputo, Shapiro, Bronfman and Shapiro families at Westmount, Montreal or Yorkdale, Toronto turn into feminist demons that destroy families and communities. ( And all of them are all Turdeau donors).
      The J e w “ish” elite in Canada, and the elite from the Masonic degrees from the City of London, UK have used feminism and Chanty Binx to fragment our societies from Canada and USA.

    2. “Anyone who has ever struggled to knead dough, wash clothes by hand”
      Newsflash: there are machines to do this. Takes 2 minutes to load my bread machine, and another 2 minutes to load the washing machine. Then I can sit and drink beer until the jobs finished.

      1. I think the author was referring to labor in times past. It may well be that inventions that really made a women’s domestic chores easy left them with too much time on their hands.

        1. that’s b/c the West has adopted an insane 2 child per family policy.
          Religious families tend to have 6-10 kids on average, and if the mother is any kind of lady, she uses the free time to do more with her kids. Arts, crafts, games, supplementary classes, take them on walks, etc. All her tricks and skills and cunning gets used to raise her little ones, and keep peace with her neighbors while looking out for troublemakers that need to be ejected from the community.

        1. Thank you. When I first communicated to my western husband this type of heretical observations about his SAH female compatriots – he looked at me askance. American men seemed very much on board with this arrangement and American women had decided that it is wrong – so off limits! – to engage in any kind of ” mommy wars” where working women would critique SAH-ers and vice versa. It was all about women choosing their “lifestyle”. Never mind fairness, decency and truth in marriages.
          I felt like an idiot for many years. Thanks again.

        2. ‘Girl who..’
          Thank you for you kind post.
          One proviso about Colltaine that should be make clear, perhaps especially in respect of this vid (?), perhaps not….
          He has sex with women married to other man.
          Two such women he has spoken of during interviews.
          They ‘loved their Good Provider and Devoted husbands.
          …they just sexually enjoyed that delicious taste of betrayal….
          It coud be said to ‘inform’ his judgement.
          Perhaps not.
          The figures he uses in his well researched and fact based vids stand alone, in my estimation.
          Still……Godless men, eh?

        3. @ same guy
          Yes, the video stands alone and it is very powerful. I am not fond of character assassination, I focus on the merit of the argument itself.
          The guy sure is selfish and godless if he sleeps with married women; but then again, he is single. The married women he sleeps with carry a much higher dose of Godlessness than he does. Humans are fallen creatures by default but as of late, they’ve been accelerating their falling. They’re about to hit the rocks and be smashed to smithereens.

    3. This is a great article and let me point out that feminism hasn’t empowered the intelligent and alpha females one bit. What feminism has done is it has loosed the more stupid peasant women and armed them with resources to pilfer society and men at large.
      REAL alpha and intelligent women always got their way and had influence with or without feminism. REAL alpha women aligned themselves as consorts to male kings and rulers of the same genetic fold. There was a hierarchy amongst women and women were intimately aware of their own pecking order.
      Now with feminism, a low IQ peasant woman with dubious genetics can cavort around with her unearned spoils and prestige and proclaim she’s some kind of queen B, but her loins produce nothing but more dumb fodder. A low IQ rif raff woman with aboriginal features, thick nose, lips and mug and cauliflower ears who is challenged infusing higher culture into her dull and limited number of cohesive offspring has at best a limited arsenal in her bag of female ways to hoist herself out of her cultural ghetto. With feminism she is empowered and weaponized as a bulwark against the glue and patriarchal order that binds civilization. Feminism doesn’t improve her lot or her bottlenecked genetics, but rather gives her nothing more than enablers and hotlines to rob and appropriate a means for her personal mobility – and sterility. What a dead end terminal proposition for both her and for the greater society. Your place is your place and nature will return in short order.
      Feminism is nothing more than weaponized culture rot to destabilize a traditional patriarchal society and render it for consumption and reorganization by extraneous powers.
      But the PATRIARCHY is returning soon. Soon indeed. And the feminist empowered blowholes and screeching horns with the mouth will be carried away screeching and squealing like pink piggies from their HR offices, their judges benches and their bitch pulpits. Away away they be carried to the men’s dens and re domesticated to their natural schedule of functions.

      1. ‘But the PATRIARCHY is returning soon. Soon indeed. And the feminist empowered blowholes and screeching horns with the mouth will be carried away screeching and squealing ….’
        All evidence points in the opposite direction, regrettably.
        They won.
        They won and they now own the west.

        1. “They won”.
          For now. Remember – they still receive male support and attention.
          Withdraw these – see the ephemeral nature of their victory.
          McGoo’s dead-on argument about natural hierarchies among women is sadly, too often overlooked.

        2. Girl who….
          “They won”.
          For now. Remember …..’

          The terrible truth is that no society in any historical era, in any land; has ever extracted itself from societal collapse once it has trully begun.
          This is for many reasons, obviously, but one obvious and important one is that all the pillars that used to hold a peole or a civilisation start to act to destroy it.
          ie today that would be reproduction (single moms) law and order (hate crimes) demicratic representation (no wall, identity politics) international trade (importing people who, in the aggregate, add nothing) military power (the evil slaughter of the Iraqi people + ludicrous over commitment by US) and on and on….
          can you think of one, just one cultural ‘battle won’ by civilised family orientated people in the last 20 years?
          I do not want to dismay anyone, but the west is lost.
          Life goes on, however.

        3. “They” didn’t win anything. “They”, the feminists of the west have been enabled and given ARTIFICIAL success by those that have infiltrated our society using the power of the fiat central banking system of which we pay 50% taxes back to via the government. The same people that the Nazis hated, are the same people that are causing all the problems of today; the same people that installed affirmative action, EEO, welfare, child support, no-fault divorce laws. Feminists could NOT have ever done any of this on their own. They have been enabled and empowered with artificial success.
          Will the patriarchy will re-emerge? On it’s own? No. It has now reached a point to where it is humanly impossible to undo. As Jesus said, “This kind of evil can only be rooted out through prayer”. That’s what we up against. This attack on mankind has come from the spiritual side believe it or not. Demonic inspiration is what has fueled all of this to happen. When one looks at all the chess moves since “womens’ suffrage”, it is of angelic intelligence of the demonic realm. Beyond human. DIVINE INTERVENTION WILL RESTORE THE PATRIARCHY. WHEN? IT’S UNKNOWN, BUT IT’S CALLED THE TRIUMPH OF THE IMMACULATE HEART. The irony is, that while satan has used women to unsurp mankind, his head will be crush by that of Our Lady, The Blessed Virgin Mary (Third Secret of Fatima). Brilliant chess move by God. And it will happen soon. And yes, all the HR feminist marxist whores will be pulled from their HR offices like squealing piggies. Want accelerate it? Whether you are Catholic or not, PRAY THE ROSARY!!!!

        4. September 29, 2018
          Got to , ‘…nazis hated’.
          That sort of thing is why this site is so very ‘patchy’.

  2. “Men could not (and still can not) give birth and breast feed. Women could not (generally speaking) throw spears as far and as fast as men. ”
    99% of them can’t even throw a softball.

    1. Feminists throw false accusations against men like candies though, and that’s with the help of the police state.
      One day some ER or Lepine might lash out against those yung feminist liars who falsely accused that lil white boy of r-a-p-3…Yung femcunts deserve what’s coming to them, as prophetical by the Misandry Bubble.

    2. Yeah the first time my gal threw a tantrum and started to threw stuff at me (typical woman behaviour), she missed all of them. I laughed at her, went to my buisness, and we had great makeup sex afterward. Wrong move. Now she starts quarrels morefrequently in hope i will reward her with Tier 2 rough sex. Quite the opposite of positive reinforcement. I suspect she hits and miss on purpose just to get her reward.

    3. ‘99% of them can’t even throw a softball.’
      It’s not the softballs you should be worrying about.
      It’s the, well, read for yourself….
      ‘US Army drops grenade throwing as a requirement to graduate because new recruits can’t throw far enough (but do they mean women?)
      US Army will no longer require recruits to show adequate hand grenade skills
      Change is being made because many enlistees ‘can’t throw it far enough’ ‘

  3. There is no use trying to reason with the mentally ill. Though this article is probably more or so purposed to piss off the typical lurking snowflake, the irrational are labeled irrational for a reason and the only thing they’ll be destroying is themselves in the end. Just let the next unavoidable catastrophic natural disaster or war take take a toll. We all know who they come crying back to each time. Let’s live our life boys

  4. Exactly. They seek power and more privilege than they already have, that is all. Forever unsatisfied, miserable individuals.

  5. Good column.
    But why pic of Tesla and not Edison?
    Tesla was great.
    But Edison > Tesla.
    Same way Henry Ford was greater than whoever it was that invented the automobile.

    1. Check your history. Edison was an opportunist a conman and an intellectual property thief. Tesla actually discovered Alternating Current with our power grid uses, not Edison. Tesla was genius, Edison a thief. If you must pay homage, at least pay it to the men who deserved it.

      1. Edison was a self taught inventor and great business man.
        Did he personally design every single aspect of every single patent? No.
        But without an coordinator and implementer, great ideas go to the graveyard.
        And he was involved personally in a great many inventions.
        I respect Tesla, but I disagree with you on Edison.

      2. Edison was an asshole at times but he was smart as fuck and invented A LOT of things. Tesla was a badass too, and he seemed more genuine about creating things that bettered humanity, than just getting money and fame like Edison.

        1. If Edison only cared about money, he could have stopped at 3 inventions or so but he kept going.
          Edison “bettered humanity” by getting things into the real world for people to use…what wrong with recognition and compensation for one’s work?

        2. @ Big D
          There is nothing wrong with it.
          In fact, ones personal betterment is the prime driver in human innovation. Why break your ass to help others if there is nothing in it for you. See current day Venezuela for the answer.

      3. Ideas are cheap, many people come up with ideas simulatneously (i.e. Calculus invented both by Newton and Leibniz)…it’s takes a real man to get something into the marketplace into a form that people can actually use.
        Edison was such a man.
        Without Westinghouse, Tesla would be just a brilliant celibate.

      4. Tesla was also a legit MGTOW. I’m actually surprised Hollywood hasn’t made a massive homo out of him yet.

        1. he was no fucking mgtow
          he didnt care much for women
          cos he was a man seeking god through science

      5. So, the author talks about the achievements of the Western men while posting the photo of the Eastern European Nikola Tesla. Yeah, I’m a bit confused…

        1. yea Eastern Europe like East Coast of USA, or Upper East Side of NYC…
          Still The West.
          i don’t think you’re confused, just a feminist…

        2. nothing confusing about it – sometimes white men do unite in genius and work ethic, and wonders happen for all mankind…
          Serb mind and Yankee entrepreneurism, in this case

      1. Yeah, the whole debate is Reddit-inspired nonsense…
        People who are so dogmatically absolutist are easily brainwashed and manipulated about things (Republicans are better than Democrats, etc.)

    2. My favorite inventors are Tesla and Newton.
      Off course there are others, Edison is great also.
      I often say the man with the math(Newton), and the man with the machines(Tesla).
      Seems was similar tech-war with jobs and Gates in the 90s…
      And all great inventors/artists come from patrons(often wealthy women), Regents, Universities, etc…
      Tesla and Edison were both sponsored by wealthy industrialists – Westinghouse, and JP Morgan.
      Tesla’s alternating current won against Edison’s direct current. he also invented induction motor – understanding and repairing is difficult -and he invented it from nothing…
      Tesla said he invented free electricity for everyone…wrote over 50 letters to JP for more funds. Built the tower in Long Island. Who knows what it was? perhaps induced from the ionosphere??? IMO
      A Banker such as JP Morgan does not want that – they want control – energy, water, air, pussy…
      And shut him down.
      I don’t think is a zero sum game between Edison and Tesla. Same as Microsoft/Apple today. they operate successfully in parallel…

      1. I think in our modern era, the trully great inventors are unknown.
        Their inventions being ‘not for public consumption.’

      2. Funny thing is, Newton himself mocked the idea of gravity being a significant force for creation. It can be a significant EFFECT, but for creating in the beginning? No.
        He mocked one of the key concepts of modern “science,” and he was right in this case. Take a bit of current, run it through a wire wrapped around a nail over a bit of iron, and see how all of the gravity from this huge rock is defied by a bit of electricity.

  6. “Of course, we’d all be rough brutes and life wouldn’t be worth living without the refining presence of women.”
    Fallacy…Manginas use brute force and violence against falsely accused men and especially those who attempted to visit those World Tour meetups back in 2015 and 2016.

    1. They banned athletic shorts in class as the girls were walking around with shorts so short their butt cheeks were hanging out. So the guy was pretty much right, ‘girls ruin everything’.

      1. We called them “hot pants.”
        No way in my time (1980s) were girls allowed to wear such things. Heck, even cheerleaders had to wear jeans when out of the gym or field.

  7. I’d much rather read an article like this than one titled “I got 60 Notches in 40 Days in the Dominican Republic.” Or advice on how to get 100 notches off of Tinder. The author does well in condensing the long history of male/female relationships and how we got to our unhappy state today. I’m not going to quibble on this or that fine point, just say I wish I could read more like this one on ROK.

  8. It is unquestionable that if you stripped away the inventions and structure of the ‘Patriarchy’ we’d be sending smoke signals and scratching out a living in the dirt in very short order.
    But as mentioned above, you are dealing with the mentally ill. They do NOT care about logic & reason. They only react to pain and fear. These two tools are the best educational devices on earth. They work immediately and long term. Nothing else can reach them.
    So in a perfect world, again, as mentioned if every ‘white male’ took a week off the system would literally crash. Literally! But we simply don’t have the balls to do it for reasons I cannot fathom.
    This little gay dance and shit show could be over in less than a week if we had something resembling a tribal mentality like EVERY other identity group. This is why they had to spend the last 6 decades beating it out of us. But woe unto them if we recapture it again because it will be beyond what they could imagine.
    We will put in place edicts and doctrines so this can NEVER happen again. The genie will never be out of the bottle to attempt to burn the world down like now.

    1. Further, I recommend you capture this post here next time someone is bitching about Cultural Appropriation or Smashing the Patriarchy. Be careful what you wish for you stupid cunts. Here are out Cultural Items, we will be taking them with us. So yes, we will help you smash the patriarchy, and take our shit back. ALL of it. Invent your own it should only take you a few centuries… (here is the ‘short list’ the real one would be 10 paragraphs)
      trains / mass transit, planes, cars, spacecraft, rubber tires, smartphones, telephones, radios, television, electricity, lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration, atomic energy / fission, computers, faxes, internet, satellites, orbital telemetry, antibiotics, mass production, crop rotation / modern farming, animal husbandry, the sterile surgical method, the scientific method, genetics / gene manipulation, x-rays, jurisprudence, classical music, ballet, theatre, classic art, movies and film, etc etc etc.
      All miracles made possible by the minds and spirits of men with names like Ampere, Bell, Caselli, Fermi, Bernoulli, Tesla, Edison, Ohm, Faraday, Einstein, Cohen, Teller, Shockley, Hertz, Marconi, Morse, Popov, Ford, Volta, Michelin, Dunlop, Watt, Diesel, Galileo, Beethoven, Mozart, Franklin, DaVinci and on and on and on… other “dead white males.”…The great majority of advancements past and present have been brought about by the genius and inventiveness of that most “despicable” of colors and genders, the dreaded white male, or, to be exact, by specific, individual white males. This is not to discredit the many contributions coming from nonwhites, but fact is fact. Our most important and consequential inventions have come almost exclusively from white males.

      1. I couldn’t have said it better. Come to think of it, they can keep the peanuts since George Washington Carver is credited with them. He was black I believe. Come to think of it, clothes, feminine hygiene, housing, furniture can be turned in too.

    2. “We will put in place edicts and doctrines so this can NEVER happen again”
      Exactly. or else we are of to the gulags.
      They are being manipulated by the Marxists — and are easily led…
      With this Supreme court fiasco – I see many real women speaking out against it…which is enlightening…Perhaps a real red wave?
      I’ve said before those that are not interested in the constitution and bill of rights can secede – and chose their locations first…would be perfect….

    1. That chick (?) is human debris personified. Her poor, poor parents. All the time, effort and money to raise a useless creature like that.

      1. Agreed. If ever there was a need to cull the hurman herd actively and without remorse, THAT is the reason.

  9. And if you hate feminism, give back your life to the woman who made the fatal mistake of not aborting you.

    1. Feminine and feminist are two deferent things there are woman in patriarch who’s job is to give birth and take care of the children and be respected wives yes those who where born of blue head feminist should do as u say as they are probably soy boys anyway.

    2. @yawn
      I would–and will–take the life of my own mother if she stood against Western Civilization with the hordes that threaten it.
      So where does that put you on the scale?
      You think I’m phucking with you?
      I am not phucking with you.
      She, fortunately, my mother is anti-Commie all the way.

  10. I say bring on the daily physical toil. I’ve caught flak endlessly from other women (and men, to a lesser extent) for consistently choosing “women’s work” over pursuing a professional career. I’ve been widely regarded by my peers as a waste of intelligence and ability because the work I do yields little or no income, and doesn’t confer any status or power. Feminists are the worst when it comes to conflating femininity with weakness. Sometimes that gets to me a bit (how could it not?) and I start questioning my choices and my approach to life. But one thing that keeps me going, which this article brings to mind, is to imagine how quickly those same women would change their collective tune in the face of a substantial infrastructure failure (power grid is one of my favorites to think about because so much depends on it). I like to think girls like me would do OK – being possessed of enough basic skills to be useful and valuable in survival situations (not least of which is attracting, cooperating with, and deferring to MEN). I suspect lots of other girls would off themselves after their phone battery died in the middle of taking their final “post-apocalyptic” selfie. The fatties might make for decent oil lamps or candles once rendered.

    1. When men get to starving shortly after the collapse of the electrical infrastructure….all the vagina in the world will mean absolutely NOTHING if they are not both hands full with tasty fresh sammiches. The vagina owners are about to very soon find out they mean less than nothing. the way things are going RIGHT NOW, this winter is going to be very very tough for all people as far as food is concerned, and I am not sharing outside of my kids and very very close family. Ive talked about more than enough times, when sh*t happens, all the feelz and 21st century western problems and faux morality, and there is not enough clean undiseased and otherwise unspoiled females for me to change my mind and “save” any of them. I have the skills for primitive living with a fair standard at it, but collapse means I will become a WOLF (in ALL manners and aspects), and sure be hating it for the rest. Either be skilled wolves or perish, and its too late to prepare when the electric hum and lights go out permanently. Modern men and women are completely unprepared for the voluntary adoption of a psychological state needed to adapt and survive it. So I go back to a statement I made on a recent thread;
      “Any survivors of the collapse will rue the day that Real Men like those of history oft renowned, step up. They will reshape the world and only those who bend a knee to them will be spared because strong leaders do not tolerate nor allow those they rule to subvert them. The simple answer is to put them to the sword and the problem is PERMANENTLY solved, and it matters not if they are male or female.”
      Survival becomes the dictator who knows HOW to make tough choices but also KNOW his own strengths and weakness and skills. Those without will do ANYTHING to be “saved” and force them to PROVE their value. those that don’t, the finality of the sword calls them. Liberty and Freedom and Morality and laws mean NOTHING when their is no authority to enforce them and you are shivering sick and hungry and cold and you ARE not the most verbally persuasive and decisive power figure to be feared.

        1. Ewwww… I meant actual sandwiches. Made of food. That you eat.
          I apologize sincerely if my statement made you think about saggy old lady boobs.

    2. ” I’ve caught flak endlessly from other women (and men, to a lesser extent) for consistently choosing “women’s work” over pursuing a professional career. I’ve been widely regarded by my peers as a waste of intelligence and ability because the work I do yields little or no income…”
      Now that we’ve already stuck our noses where they’re not invited, might as well bring some clarifications and views from the other side. Perhaps the esteemed gentlemen will find them useful. If I may ask: if you indeed do daily substantive “women’s work” at home, why would you say “it yields little to no income?”. Monetary value is not expressed in paychecks only. It can also come in the form of directly producing things of real value for one’s family – therefore dollars saved.
      The real question is: how many dollars is even the most productive of modern SAH-ers likely to save through her work relative to what she spends?
      I am not making any assumptions about your personal situation. There are still fantastic SAH producers in our times and you may be one of them. Some may cook a lot from scratch, can food, sew clothes, work on farms or home-school their kids into great minds and paragons of morality. Yet others may provide exceptionally alluring emotional and sexual services to their husband to the point where the guy simply feels it’s worth it, all else be damned. Fair enough. The real question is again: how much of this kind of “hefty” work is the average modern SAH-er likely to do in our days?
      Watch the video “same guy” posted. It speaks some brutal truths which most western men have been so terrified to accept simply because it would demolish their identities and the House of Cards they have been sold.
      Feminists sure do make a ridiculous error by conflating “femininity” with “weakness”; but you seem to suggest that “femininity” could instead be conflated with modern stay-at-homing. You also said – “attracting and deferring to guys”. Hmm.
      I submit this is another smart little trick many western women have employed as part of their grand project to arrange a sweet deal for themselves at the expense of their stoic, chivalrous yet naive knights.
      “Stay-at-home-ing” in modern times doesn’t automatically make a woman “feminine”. Femininity is when a woman exhibits a combination of beauty, grace, gentleness, compassion, intelligence and morality – as well as real affection and a sense of fairness towards the man she loves. It also involve tremendous inner strength and truly pulling one’s weight, in one form or another.
      If modern circumstances dictate that she may have to work in paid employment so he won’t have to drown in overwork, debt and financial worries – then a feminine woman may do just that; especially if her husband would much appreciate her help this way.
      What femininity surely is not: being a domestic cat who secretly knows she has it easy but makes her guy and everyone else believe she pulls her weight really hard. Other things femininity has NEVER been include:
      – easy fainting (for past centuries),
      – speaking in a contrived squeaky voice
      – drowning in frilly things
      – saying “hoooney!” in a confectionary-sugar voice yet acting like a cold reptile in reality
      – making arrogant, sexually provocative duck faces while flaunting smoking hot bodies on Instagram.
      – making a major show of child care yet failing to bring up children in ways that build a sharp mind and a strong character.
      – I could go on.
      By no means am I implying you conflated these latter additions of mine with femininity; but I’ve seen these practices too often used as ersatz femininity in the West to not wonder how could men capable of building such an amazing civilization be so stupid to fall for such cheap tricks?
      I sincerely believe they have a bit of collective waking-up to do.

      1. I don’t need to do more than skim that video to tell you you’re preaching to the choir over here. 😉
        RE: my statement about “women’s work” – in my book, saving money doesn’t count as income. Income in the context of my statement means money or goods paid to me. What I meant is that I don’t make much money as an employee, because traditional “women’s work” doesn’t usually pay more than minimum wage in a commercial setting, and I tend to employ the same skills in the workforce as I do in homemaking. That’s what people give me flak for – taking a minimum wage dishwashing job, for example, instead of “using my smarts” to pursue something cushier and better-paying.
        As for me, I worked full-time before having kids, and was only able to stay at home with them for the first few years (and only sort of – I also ran a small home business pretty much the entire time). Then I divorced my husband – for many reasons, but not least of all because HE refused to keep a job OR to help around the house OR to stop overdrawing our bank account – and I had no choice but to go back to work (technically I could have maybe stayed at home if I’d gone the standard divorce rape route, sued for full custody and child support, etc. – but I did not, because I believe that is WRONG).
        It’s funny, because when people talk about the shortcomings of “modern SAH-ers” as you put it… they’re basically describing my ex husband. That’s exactly what he wanted to be. Having him as a stay-at-home spouse in charge of the domestic front (which he eventually suggested/requested – total 180 from everything we discussed before and for the first few years of marriage) would have been a disaster, because he would (and DID) insist on having the shiniest, easiest, newest version of everything (HE tried to talk ME into financing a $1200 vacuum cleaner!!). Dinner would come from a box or a bag or the hot table at the grocery store deli, or he’d want to go out every night. And frankly most of the time he would spend on his phone/computer/TV/video games (which also always had to be the latest/greatest/biggest/best). And he was scarcely willing to lift a finger to help out with anything at home, let alone work to pay for all of the dumb things he wanted. He was delusional and economically clueless and liked to play damsel in distress to get out of doing anything hard. Does it sound like I’m describing the average modern stay-at-home wife? Yeah, I’ve been on the shit end of that stick. In my case it was a total bait-and-switch. I can’t imagine anyone signing up for that voluntarily. To make it clear, I don’t really blame ANYONE for being hesitant to marry these days.
        Now, I don’t know where you got the idea that I might be conflating femininity with “modern stay-at-home-ing.” If I make any mention of modernity (which I didn’t), it’s generally with no small amount of disdain. I grew up gardening and farming and milking cows and making cheese and baking bread and putting food up and sewing my own clothes and a bunch of other stuff that pretty much nobody does anymore. I’m very frugal and a lot of the work I do is hard labor with plenty of heavy lifting and elbow grease. I’ve also homeschooled my children from day one, job or no. Modern lifestyle and mentality is poison.
        And no, femininity is not about any of the mental-illness-indicators you mentioned. Staying at home won’t automatically make a woman feminine, nor does working outside of the home necessarily make her unfeminine. I was certainly not saying or implying these things.
        Femininity does, however, have a lot to do with domestic labor and homemaking and generally fulfilling a function that does not conflict with or undermine a woman’s feminine nature (both in the home and out, as necessary or prudent). My point was that people have often judged my penchant for old fashioned traditional femininity, feminine roles, and hyper-focus on domestic skills as indicative of weakness – when in fact my pursuit of “women’s work” (both in the home and out) has made me a lot stronger and more resilient than any of the gals who have looked down their noses at me from their “empowering” desk jobs. If the dollar were suddenly worthless tomorrow… well, I can’t say I wouldn’t suffer a bit, but I’d be a lot better off than they are. Hence: bring on the toil! Get out of the sexist air conditioning and back into the kitchen, back into the fields. Work HARD in the roles to which you are suited and your work will strengthen you. Modernity has made women weak and useless.
        As for attraction and deference being a trick, I’d argue that’s not deference at all; that’s deception, plain and simple.
        In spite of my first attempt at matrimony failing miserably, I’ve got a lot of really good men in my life (fiance, father, stepfather, brothers, employers, even some acquaintances) to whom I can defer in many situations – because they are strong, capable leaders each in their own capacity, and are probably, in most cases, more competent to direct my efforts than I am. That’s the sort of deference I’m talking about. Not the lipservice kind; the kind where you’re actually receptive to being told what to do.
        What does the average, modern, western stay-at-home wife contribute or save in terms of dollars for the work she does? I dunno. Ain’t me. Probably a lot of dollars in the long run if her work involves dying in a fire.
        Please don’t mistake me for a champion of average, modern women of any variety.

        1. Thank you for clarifying. Yes, modernity and its completely mentally ill extension, post-modernity, are major corrupting forces. But technology itself, which made a lot of traditional women’s work either obsolete or “nice but not-vital”, is here to stay. Very sorry to hear about the troubles related to your first marriage.
          It sounds like you had indeed landed a run-of-the-mill modern SAH-er. As a rule, I would be cautious with any partner who promises she/he will set the world on fire by doing domestic work only. It’s possible, but they must prove it first – without smoke screens. People learn and grow. Best of luck!

        2. Well, he never made any promises regarding domestic work. He actually sold himself as the sort of man who would work three jobs if he had to so that his wife could stay home with his children, homeschool, and take care of the house (because he said those things were important to him).
          It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that the reason he walked out/got fired from his job a few months after we married and then spent the majority of our marriage unemployed, wasn’t actually because it was hard to find or keep a job. It was because he had lied from the get-go and said what he thought I wanted to hear to seal the deal, with no intention of following through (that’s not conjecture – he admitted it later).
          Toward the end he was really obviously trying to force my hand with his feigned incompetence and get me to go out and be the breadwinner.
          I’d say it was a hard lesson learned about taking promises at face value, and of the perils of marrying a YOUNG man (boy) who was untested and unproven.
          It was a sad mess of a situation because he was simply not prepared for marriage in the least. His parents hardcore pressured him into it, but I didn’t know about that until years later. Looking back on it with the perspective I have NOW, I can identify some red flags – but at the time, all through our courtship and the beginning of our marriage, he really sold me on the idea that we wanted the same sort of future, and that I was exactly the sort girl he wanted.
          Lesson learned indeed.
          Technology certainly isn’t inherently BAD, I don’t wish for a return to the dark ages, but the easy-living-bubble it’s created for so many people has produced legions and legions of useless, entitled, overgrown-children-resource-sinkholes (of both genders) masquerading as competent adults. I wouldn’t mind seeing these folks weeded out or forced to step up by a little unavoidable hardship.
          (Surprise surprise, my ex has had no problem holding down a job – even advancing! – since I left him and he can’t count on me to pay his bills anymore.)

  11. “Us” written from a basement dweller whose greatest discovery was that his mother likes black dick more than his dad’s

  12. Nope. Not until white men return gun powder to the Chinese. Or until the Chinese themselves stop using electricity. Or until Iranians return all their forklifts.

    1. Chinese invented gunpowder by pure accident (not taking credit away), but Europeans invented modern guns and probably ancient guns as well (looking at Rome).

  13. Everyone who’s done a gender studies course knows that two sisters called Elle and Tricia invented electricity so their hair tongs would heat up proper

  14. Male thirst. This is key. Men will have to find a way to work around this. “The Patriarchy” will have to come up with another pivotal invention to address the problem, at least in the short term. Technological, ideological or both. There are signs efforts in this direction are gaining some momentum. Over the long term, they will come back begging because biology is still destiny – until proven otherwise.
    As a woman, I understand I am not invited here, so I apologize for posting. I just couldn’t help it this time. I am addicted to lurking on this site and I often sneak and peek, even against my wish. Great article, best wishes.

    1. ND Alpha,
      May I suggest polygyny has its own serious problems for men, including the fact that it leaves many non-alphas (most) with nothing and the alphas with long-term troubles. It will just continue to create high demand for the vile creature that is at the root of the problem: the entitled, slutty, morally corrupt 9.5-10 female prototype. Hordes of women lower-on-the-scale now fancy themselves the same; and with a bit of Sephora, many hours spent at the gym, plenty of attitude and a socio-legal-cultural system clearly favoring their gender – plenty manage to trick and use the guys.
      In the meantime, male thirst is left with a selectivity problem.
      Until men learn to actively recognize and reject the corrupt, entitled, vacuous 10 prototype like a dieter consciously rejects Nutella on bread fresh-out-of-the-oven (hhmmmm…have you tried?), nothing is going to change. They will have to learn how to redirect their thirst towards a combination of decent physical attractiveness (6-8 with the occasional lucky 9) + character, the latter being mandatory. They would have to consciously reject the modern vile creature in night and day game alike, in LTR or mere bangs with fireworks. The radical withdrawal of male attention would poison the creature into non-existence. She feeds off of it. Heavily. Paradoxically, and in the same vein, brainwashed betas, gammas and Lord knows what other latter letters – would also have to learn how to say an absolute “No” to 5-s and below. I have seen more than my share of western men with decent SMV GPA-s paired up with female physical disasters. The woman’s grade was not due to some cruel, inexorable genetic lottery draw but it was an obvious outcome of sloppy character, over-indulgence or rebellious self-neglect – all enabled and validated by the aforementioned system. Only when men will learn how to calibrate “the thirst” you may start seeing some significant cultural change. Finally, I am not arguing non-corrupt 9’s and 10’s do not exist. But in our times, going for these grades is like living on Nutella and hoping it will keep you in tip-top shape. Men may have to spend decades retraining their women and conditioning them with Pavlov-type approaches. At the end of the road, you may even be able to find relatively wholesome 9-s and 10-s at somewhat affordable “costs.” Empathically, —-.

      1. Thirst?
        The answer was always there.
        The common herd never wanted the solution, and now with the pill and the state and abortion, they feel they don’t need it.
        Thus, The End of them.

        1. Sure. But men will have to figure out a way to re-balance the game under CURRENT conditions. Merely wishing those parameters away will not do much. The pill, abortion, the state, secular thinking, etc. will be here for a while longer. They will not disappear overnight. In the interim, men need to address how they manage “thirst” by being a bit more rational and strategic about it.

      2. No, I disagree.
        My post explained ‘thirst’ had always been here.
        Also, that the herd ‘feel’ they don’t need it.’ when obviously, they do.
        Men don’t ‘need’ to strategic at all. Not if they have any sense or self respect.
        From a Christian perspective, it is now a dire sin to ‘consort’ with modern Godless women.
        Men who have children with such, deserve all they get. We can see all the evoidence we want for this every day.
        I don’t know what you mean by ‘rational’.
        It is irrational to engage with modern women.
        Has been for years.

        1. “I disagree…It is irrational to engage with modern women.”
          I may be wrong but I don’t think you disagree. Maybe I didn’t express myself clearly – I am sorry about that. My first language is not English, I don’t produce the best writing and I am still working on improving my “conciseness” abilities.
          You mean modern as in “corrupt”? That includes sins such as narcissism, vanity, arrogance, entitlement, laziness, vacuity, stupidity, self-centeredness, promiscuity, etc. Traits that modernity now encourages in women at the global level.
          Well, that was exactly my point. Men should no longer engage with any of that, thirst or not. At least for a while. The 9-10 and 1-5 ranges are most likely to include corrupt material. Think of it as a sexual diet.
          Over the long term, men will continue to want to engage with SOME women, somehow, at some point. I don’t see a large scale MGTOW-ization of society any time soon. I can see how it can work for some men, but it won’t for most. Unfortunately, the pool of non-modernized women is now very small in the West and it is getting smaller elsewhere too. For the short term, outsourcing East may present some immediate solutions for some men, but it is not a long term answer for humanity, as long as post-modernity marches forward. Sending clear and firm messages about what type of woman men will engage with and what type they will 100% ignore – is a rational strategy. By ignoring, I don’t just mean refusing to select for LTR-s and baby making.
          I mean 100% brutal ignoring, including for random bangs. Brutality can take many forms and for today’s corrupt “Instagram” woman, lack of male attention is the most violent kind. Remove the attention feed (driven by misdirected thirst) and see results. It may involve many dry years for lots of men, but the long term results will be worth it.

        2. ‘You mean modern as in “corrupt”?’
          ‘ The 9-10 and 1-5 ranges are most likely to include corrupt material. Think of it as a sexual diet.’
          Men are different to one another in a way that women are not.
          I speak for myself, and not for those men who NEED to have sexual intercourse with women or they feel worthless.
          I, Thank God, am not such a man.
          Any tragic weakness of mine are not of that calibre.
          That said, it is worth explaining something as I respectfully suggest you are unaware.
          Women’s attractivness to men such as me is a product of their femininity, and not their physical bodies.
          Fot this reason, this scale you employ is essentially irrelevant.
          I’m certainly not suggesting we want to marry ugly women, we don’t and we know the drag/pull of a nice arse, we are just better, stronger, of fitter mind and (to be honest) more in control of ourseves.
          For this reason, we have long ago forsaked Godless women. I use that term as it saves time….
          Their bodies and the ease of access to said, don’t matter.
          As someone wrote elsewhere ‘…I don’t even see the beauty anymore…’
          Sad, eh?
          Boo Hoo.
          ‘Over the long term, men will continue to want to engage with SOME women, somehow, at some point. I don’t see a large scale MGTOW-ization of society any time soon.’
          We often make the mistake of imagining that we exist in a ‘flow of history’.
          That we exist between two other, more important or relevant, epochs or eras.
          Of course, on reflection; we know this is not the case.
          THIS is the time we live in and, though it is not an eternal ‘now’ with no history or future, we should always remember that.
          Hence, I don’t care how MGTOW ‘develops’ or emerges. That’s irrelevant.
          Men and women will still engage as few men are capable of leaving the west.
          However, the natural and indeed holy bond between men and women is gone forever.
          It will never ever return.
          That world is over, gone forever.
          A new civilisation has emerged. It’s staring us in the face.
          ‘ Unfortunately, the pool of non-modernized women is now very small in the West and it is getting smaller elsewhere too. For the short term, outsourcing East may present some immediate solutions for some men, but it is not a long term answer for humanity, as long as post-modernity marches forward.’
          Yes, good point about modernity (I often cite materialism).
          I understand South Korea’s birth rate is now 1 point something.
          Now that’s a ‘modern’ number.
          We can see the human race abhours itself. It’s new self.
          have you seen ‘nearly 50% of Japanezse under 40 are virgins’ in the MSM recently?
          So, the ‘solution’ is making itself clear.
          Humans with these advanced modern problems cease to exist by not reproducing.
          ‘Sending clear and firm messages about what type of woman men will engage with and what type they will 100% ignore – is a rational strategy. By ignoring, I don’t just mean refusing to select for LTR-s and baby making.
          I mean 100% brutal ignoring, including for random bangs. Brutality can take many forms and for today’s corrupt “Instagram” woman, lack of male attention is the most violent kind. Remove the attention feed (driven by misdirected thirst) and see results. It may involve many dry years for lots of men, but the long term results will be worth it.’

          I follow your reasoning, though I simply do not see any way the current Godless human societies will survive.
          Certainly no bad thing from my perspective as it is no bad thing from THEIR perspective; or they would reproduce and protect their children.
          They do neither.
          As for attention?
          Though it exists in a hive like collective manner…..
          Women have total sexual power.
          Women have total reproductive power.
          Women have total legal power.
          Women have total cultural power.
          Women have total social power.
          Women have total economic power via Corporations and Goverment.
          Women have all this with ZERO RESPONSIBILITY and the only remaining men in 5-10 years in any positions in the above spheres will LOUDLY and PROUDLY explain they are their to serve women ONLY.
          Children are irrelevant to women after the age of about 5.
          I teach and have witnessed this at first hand for many years now. It’s horrible, honest (that’s the reason I see so little ‘beauty’ in women. I love children and women’s cynical and sometimes sadistic treatment of their children ‘broke my conditioning’. Women do n’t care about children, as such. They care about other’s thinking they care.) .
          You think a lack of attention can tip the balance back toward a family based (that is Christian) civilisation?
          I don’t.
          Women will simply pay small fees to receive constant electronic validation and console themselves with a lifetime of constant consumption and solophistic ‘entertainment’ including sex with men when it suits.
          Problem solved.
          It really is that simple.
          As you liked Colltaine, try this regarding electronic social media and it’s interaction with the female collective mind/consciousness.
          Colltaine is, I think, the only source of thought I sometimes regard as intellectually valid ie he keeps up with me. Sometimes. Sorry to seem so arrogant, but there it is.
          No-one’s perfect.
          I value your perspective and wouldn’t bother writing otherwise.
          You English is fine.
          …I’m sure you’ll ‘enjoy’ the presentation….

        3. same guy,
          Thank you for the detailed answer and for the video. I’m definitely enjoying this guy’s productions, very thought provoking. We agree, in the end. The only difference is in level of optimism – I hang onto some, maybe because I’m the mother of a boy, yours seems to be at 0. I read it all, it was a bit heartbreaking. Yet I can’t disagree. I would like to add a few more comments but I’m traveling with my family this weekend. Best regards.

  15. Maybe the Saudis should return their well heads and pump jacks.
    And the Arabs want their numerals back.

  16. Men have to realize that feminism is the great shit test. The modern institutions have been overrun by lib-left political revisionism gone mad. We must stand firm with backbone, learn how to say “No”, and be ready to sacrifice consequences like careers and relationships.
    It’s an organized, entrenched enemy we’re up against, though. Decades of indoctrination and brainwashing has produced spineless yes-men catering to fake diversity initiatives in governments, on campuses and at corporations, all too willing to betray their male brethren in the name of a bastardized, made-up false “equality”.
    The anti-white male sentiment is addressed in an excellent review, from Taki’s Magazine, of Heather McDonald’s book “Delusion on Campus”.

  17. I know Tesla is the MGTOW hero.
    But come on guys.
    Use your brains.
    Edison kicks Tesla’s ass on every level.
    And I am a 31 year veteran programmer.
    I respect Tesla.
    But Edison advanced humanity while making $$$ and guaranteeing fame forever.
    And if so inclined, that would have translated into hot young poon by the boat loads.
    Edison is the guy you want to emulate. Not Tesla.
    Edison was the man.
    In the top 10 for all time great US men.
    Right up there with Ben Franklin and Andrew Jackson.
    Edison. Not Tesla (who was cool in his own right, just not on Edison’s level).

    1. You know too little. Dig more if you care for the truth. Some of the so called icons in science are made up by people with great resources and (ancient) knowledge. You get to eat what you’re being served if you don’t ask questions and look for answers on the most basic things you can imagine.

    2. Slim,
      Tesla’s BIGGEST mistake was stepping foot in corrupt Amerika with his brilliant ideas where he was used & abused by the same robber barrons who have pretty much enslaved Western society.
      I would wager that he would’ve single-handedly changed the balance of power by staying the fuk in Europe – perhaps via relocating to Germany, Austria, Holland or France. I’m sure the naturally industrious Germans would be much further ahead today while the US would be just another average “Western” country.
      I could be wrong though. But Tesla during that time needed honest, sincere support to bring his brilliant inventions to fruition. And let’s face it, Amerika was getting screwed at that time by the robber barrons (Vanderbuilt, JP Morgan, William Randolf Hearst, Astor, Andrew Mellon, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Charles Schwab, Westinghouse, DuPont et al).
      Thanks to that selfish greedy fuker, Hearst, industrial hemp – slated as the first billion dollar crop by Popular Mechanics & a threat to many industries – was made illegal due to its high-THC sibling, cannabis sativa.
      Heads should fuking roll because of this ginormous treachery. Nothing happened! This just proves how frigging dangerously ignorant the American public has always been. And they’ve gotten even dumber compared to back then now that the ZioPress runs the “show” lock, stock & barrel.
      In short, Nikola Tesla made a COLOSSAL mistake coming to the New Corrupt World. White folks can take great pride and comfort that them LOVELY robber barrons were of their ilk. And now look how fuked up the world is because of what happened at the start of the 19th Century. So many lost DEVELOPMENT opportunities due to the corrupting greed of wealthy elites BACK THEN.
      Sorry, but I really get ticked off with morbid, destructive GREED! And the robber barrons were the ultimate VULTURE CAPITALISTS who privatized the Federal Reserve thanks to a spineless white POTUS named Woodrow Wilson. Fact!
      Yes, Blacks do stupid sh!t. Muslims do stupid shit. And Mexicans/Latinos did stupid shit. But when it comes to industrial TYRANNY, white folks take the cake due the legacy of robber barrons and colonialism. Sorry for being blunt.

      Q. What is a robber baron US history?
      A. A ruthlessly powerful U.S. capitalist or industrialist of the late 19th century considered to have become wealthy by exploiting natural resources, corrupting legislators, or other unethical means.

  18. White MEN built civilization…and white MEN maintain civilization.
    If ALL white men stopped…even for one day…civilization would come to a screeching halt. No food, no fuel, no anything…would these loud mouthed blue haired land whales step up and do the REAL jobs that make civilization function? FAT CHANCE IN HELL.

      1. The Middle East is still Medieval at best, but mostly a shithole. China along with the rest of the world would still be Medieval if not for Western Europeans. Get over it.

      2. China never even came close to Rome in technology. China was lucky it had distance and a vast mountain range between them and Europe. Any battle Roman or Medieval would have been a slaughter with the Chinese having little chance at victory.

        1. yep
          ^Alexandria – Egypt under Ptolemy(Macedonian Greek).
          ^^Western Europe.
          ⌄Strong and Independent Women.

        1. The second amendment comes from English tradition. Arms don’t mean exclusively guns, but can be swords, staves, Spears, longbows, etc. anything used for war or personal defense. The Chinese never made any real use of gunpowder and did not invent guns or artillery. Alchemists knew of gunpowder in Europe prior to Chinese contact.

  19. The USA is an immoral bankrupt warmongering police state now.
    The US has crossed every line. The USA will collapse when the Ponzi economy falls.
    Communists believe the problems are caused by businesses. Libertarians blame the government. Nazis believe the problems are caused by the Jews.
    The elites have weakened the US by using fags, Muslims, Mexicans, Asians, feminists, and blacks to divide Americans. White men have turned into cucks.
    The USA may be doomed, but giving up seems suicidal.
    Redpill men who don’t want to just stand idly by should prepare by buying guns, gold, and food.
    Wake up people by starting a website and talking to people.
    Start a newspaper, magazine, radio show, TV show, make art, and write songs to get the word out.
    Sponsor billboards.
    Form a new religion.
    Start an off the grid community like the Amish.
    Buy a sailboat, seastead, or an island.
    Move to eastern Europe.
    Pass the word.

  20. This article ignores one crucial fact about women’s nature. They would sacrifice all the technology, all comfort and convenience, and civilization itself for
    Women need to be put back in their place. No ifs and or buts.

  21. The fat broads are both hilarious and alarming. That first one has to know on some level that no man would ever serve her or make her a sandwich. The only truth to her sign is that she carries it into blimpie or firehouse several times a day and pays them to follow her command. The other one has an ass-belly, which I could only look at for a second, and the biggest FUPA I’ve ever seen.

    1. …mate….she’s had enough sandwiches….
      If there’s one thing she don’t need, it’s another sand….

  22. All feminists have one thing in common. They are not getting enough jizz between their thighs to keep the crazy away. In the good old days it was called “hysteria”…but that was before politically correct manginas and feminazis took over.

  23. ‘In 1872, American George Brayton invented the first commercial liquid-fueled internal combustion engine. In 1876, Nikolaus Otto, working with Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, patented the compressed charge, four-cycle engine.’
    I thought I recalled it was Daimler.

  24. ‘They often make great professionals alongside men in the workplace.’
    I’d love this chap to define ‘often’.
    ‘…women contribute immensely to life and culture.’
    To culture?
    No, they don’t.
    Never have.
    ‘And women’s contributions to broader society are notable.’
    Noted, where?
    Politics, finance, Elementary education up to University, sports?
    They might never survive said ‘contributions’.
    ‘Of course, we’d all be rough brutes and life wouldn’t be worth living without the refining presence of women.’
    Now I now he’s ‘aving a laugh!
    Refining presence?
    From the Vigina Monalouges to the ‘Pussy March’, and back around to ‘Fifty Shades’; the female influence of the public sphere is always, ALWAYS negative and regressive.

  25. ‘In primitive society, where the physicality of existence had not yet been supplanted by technology…’
    I recognise the article is lighthearted, but we’ve always had ‘tech’ of some sort or other.
    The selection of tools even very ancient man, had at his disposal is sometimes fascinating.
    They would use sinew to bind the arrowheads. Leaving them to dry, and the sinew to contract, in the sun. The flints were sharper than today’s surgical tools, I have read.
    The workmanships was wonderful….
    …and the specialisation….

  26. Um,why even bother making list like this? The Human Male is close to 100% responsible for everything in civiliaztion: inventions,discoveries,technology, art,literature, philosophy,science,religion.Every Human realted thing.The list of female pioneers and inventors while no doubt existing, is in comparison negligible.Practically all female innovations came by working along side men.And could easily have a Man invent them anyway.
    What you return of dopes do not realize is that all this toxic feminism and idotic female behaviour is NOT because of Women,but Men.Via the State.
    Women only have NO power.NONE. It is ultimatley all enabled by Males.

  27. Nice list of things female ingrates and other haters of “cis White males” should be appreciative of. Don’t forget to add, hmm, plumbing; modern hygiene; vaccines; respect for the female sex (no female infanticide, etc as common in the Eastern civs); a stable economy, human rights and the rule of law…I could go on all day.

  28. A hundred years ago women were not allowed to vote. Fifty years ago women were barred from STEM programs. The vast majority of people support women entering the STEM workforce because it increases productivity. Women and men diligently study STEM side by side, so that they can make something of themselves and contribute to our society. People of ROK, try complaining harder and maybe you will make a difference too.

  29. I teach physics at a state university in the US. A lot of truth in this article.
    I’m female, with two X chromosomes to prove it. The thought of a “female future” is profoundly depressing. When I hear people dump on “the patriarchy” I ask “what’s matriarchy doing for us these days?”. What did it ever do except toss babies to Moloch, or to abortuaries now in the name of female empowerment? Patriarchy built the best bulwark for civilization ever known on earth. Tear it down and we return to the jungle.

  30. I agree with some points, and disagree on many others. I’ve heard you out, now I’d ask that you extend the same courtesy. In terms of intelligence, a woman is as likely as a man to be smart and creative. You list numerous inventions that were brought to us by “gifted” men, but the truth is that these men had access to education. They had the opportunity to employ a coupling of their brilliance and their education in order to invent the devices we rely on so heavily today. Can you say with absolute certainty that women could not have achieved the same if they had been given the same opportunities? Their time was spent cooking and cleaning, and caring for the children of these renowned inventors. How then would they have time to do a little inventing of their own? I do, however, agree that men and women are suited to different roles. Women are more gentle and nurturing, and a child needs that. But that is not to say that women should be the only ones to care for the children. Fathers should have an equal role, from changing diapers to discipline.
    That is also not to say that women cannot perform in the workplace. While it’s true that the sexes handle their problems differently, I do not agree with the assertion that the modern day feminazi movement is solely the result of women entering the work force. Lastly, (I know I’ve written a lot, bear with me) the birth rate decreasing is a good thing. I will repeat that: we need less babies. The Earth is nearing capacity, and there are already millions without enough food and water. South Africa is on the brink of running out of water completely. The exponential growth of the human population is a huge concern, so women becoming empowered and educated and subsequently having fewer children is truly a good thing. Ponder these things, if you will.

  31. Who Run BarterTown?
    They had a day without women and nobody noticed. There won’t be a day without men because it would be devastating to civilization.
    Then again, maybe it is time for “embargo”.
    Feminists want to kill all men. If they do that I give civilization three days.

  32. It’s not education or opportunity. There are far more men who invented things with no formal education or anything else than women too.
    Generally speaking women just aren’t interested in such things. Even those who go into engineering are generally good at school rather that someone that has the knack for it. Sure there are many men in the same boat, but it is nearly all of women.
    By the way, Nikola Tesla (lead photo of this article) had no children, no wife, no girlfriend. His statements on women show he saw their nature and wasn’t having any of it. So there wasn’t some woman at home taking care of things for him.

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