How Not To Be A Man

The recent Miley Cyrus debacle has generated a lot of conversation online, most of it rightfully directed at Cyrus. It appears, however, that it has also brought the white knight armies out for a march. One enlisted member of this pathetic farcical force, Matt Walsh, decided to create his critique in the form of a letter to his son, ostensibly with the goal of getting him to avoid following Robin Thicke’s example.


What follows is one of the most pathetic examples of how not to be a man that I’ve ever seen, which I’ll take the time to respond directly right now.

In any case, this gives you an idea of the full performance: A 36 year old married man and father, grinding against an intoxicated 20 year old while singing about how she’s an “animal” and the “hottest bitch in this place.” And what happens the next day? We’re all boycotting the 20 year old. The grown man gets a pass.

Now I’m beginning to understand why that judge in Montana gave a teacher a 30 day jail sentence after he was convicted of raping a 14 year old girl, who later killed herself because of the psychological trauma caused by being sexually victimized by a 50 year old man.
This guy must be a Robin Thicke fan.

White knight logic: Robin Thicke singing about sexy girls and dancing with a totally legal 20 year old at the VMAs = child rape.


I’m no feminist.


But where are the men in all of this? Have we so completely given up on chivalry that we don’t even see what’s troubling about a GROWN ASS MARRIED DUDE singing a song about sexual domination while dry humping a young woman on national TV?

1. Chivalry is dead and women had as much to do with that death as men did.

2. Notice the subtle age-gap-shaming implied here. Robin Thicke is a “GROWN ASS” married dude, but Miley Cyrus is, at 20, a “GROWN ASS WOMAN” who (at the time) had a fiance. She is an adult. There is nothing wrong with two adults doing what they please sexually/romantically, so long as it is consensual. The age gap is irrelevant.

3. What dry humping? I saw the performance, I didn’t see much in the way of active humping/grinding from his end. I saw her bend over and try to twerk on him, not the reverse.


Why the need to make things up? Is it too hard to white knight without fudging the facts?

The girls that behave like Miley Cyrus do so because they want to attract men. And it works. It shouldn’t.

It doesn’t. Men don’t find Miley Cyrus’ behavior attractive. They don’t generally prefer short hair like hers, don’t generally favor her tongue’s perpetual presence outside of her mouth and don’t really get much from her total lack of rhythm. Men like fit girls who can twerk and dance, but Miley can’t actually do these things.


It is important for young men to understand female behavior and the motivations behind it, since Matt Walsh clearly does not. Miley Cyrus is doing what she’s doing not for men, but for herself. Less famous women who make the kind of decisions she makes (lopping off their hair, adopting trashy dress and behavior, going out of their way to be “edgy” and adopting behavior traits from totally different cultures) are not doing it for dudes, they’re doing it for their own reasons (boredom, rebellion, desire for change, etc, etc). Many of the decisions women make have absolutely nothing to do with men and everything to do with their own emotions, feelings and relationships with one another.

These are the realities that make the white knight’s bid to saddle men with every ounce of blame and responsibility he can muster so totally and utterly absurd. Adult women make their own decisions for their own reasons. Smart men understand this and don’t take it all that seriously.


Smart men know that they do not have control over young women like Miley Cyrus and the tens of millions of young females who worship her. If they did have such control over the behavioral and sexual decisions such young women made, I guarantee that there would be no manosphere, no PUAs, no legions of “nice guys” complaining about girls loving “assholes” and no girls pulling a Miley Cyrus and lopping their hair off.

All of these very real things are the product of one inescapable fact of life: men, more often than not, do not understand women particularly well and are not usually successful in getting them to behave in ways that work for them. They have, in reality, no more control over women than women have over them.

A few days ago a mom blogger wrote a letter to her daughter entitled “Dear daughter, let Miley Cyrus be a lesson to you.” Well, I have a daughter, and I echo this woman’s sentiments. But I also have a son, and I don’t want the boys to get off the hook here. My little man isn’t old enough to read yet, but one day he will be, and one day I’ll give him this letter.


God help this kid.

Dear son,
Don’t let Robin Thicke be a lesson to you.
Don’t let any of these pigs and perverts you see on TV be a lesson to you. They treat women like garbage;

They treat women only as well as women allow them to.

they possess no chivalry,

They’re better off without it. This isn’t medieval Europe, we are not knights and they are not ladies.


You might be tempted to follow suit. In fact, you WILL be tempted. These male pop stars and celebrities, look at them, you’ll think. They take advantage of emotionally broken, self loathing, confused young women, and they are rewarded handsomely for it.

Yep, totally just the dudes to blame here. Women don’t have their own minds, they live at the mercy of men. None of this has anything to do with women and what they want.


In the eyes of the white knight, women are never anything but victims. Such a mentality is easy to understand when you think about it: who would the gallant knight have to rescue if he lost a ready supply of innocent, defenceless, and mindless damsels?

What you see on TV is a facade. It’s a sales pitch. It’s poison. You see the bright lights and the sexy women, but you don’t see what happens when the cameras are off and these pop culture gods return to their lives as mere mortals. You don’t see them in their big, empty, lonely houses. You don’t see the emptiness in the pit of their souls. You don’t see all the alcohol and drugs they have to use to dull the pain of living a life devoid of real, committed relationships. You don’t see the hatred they have for themselves and for humanity. You don’t see the jealousy they have towards normal, decent men.


I’m not sure I even need to illustrate just how self-serving this entire paragraph is.

We don’t see most of the things he mentions because, frankly, they often are non-existent. The bulk of the world’s wealthy and powerful are very comfortable in their homes, love what they do, are perfectly fulfilled as far as their “souls” go, and are not addicts. They don’t hate humanity, they don’t hate themselves, and (most of all) THEY HAVE NO DESIRE TO BE AN AVERAGE JOE LIKE THE TYPICAL WHITE KNIGHT.

Again, this guy says he’s not a feminist but the kind of rationalization I’m reading here reads like something right off of Jezebel and straight off of the white knight’s sigil. Healthy relationships, fulfilling lifestyles, a lack of drug addiction and comfortable homes are not the sole property of “normal decent men” lacking in money and fame.

Matt, bro, I’m gonna be real here: You are not a special snowflake. You sound like just another average Joe who isn’t too pleased about that status and responds by trying to tear down those above him. Robin Thicke is WAY better off than you are, and you attempt to rationalize this away by saying “oh, its ok. Deep down he’s just a broken, lonely drug addict!”. This is BS, bro. We can all see right through it.


Here’s a crucial realization for those seeking to define manhood and what is needed to attain it: If you can’t take pride in what you are without tearing others down, you’ve got a serious problem and a serious weakness. Men learn to define themselves and find contentment within themselves. The snarky, envious takedowns seen here are for females, particularly those who’ve yet to leave their teens. It is irresponsible of any man to not only fail to correct this, but to attempt to pass the behavior on to a child.

Your dad is no celebrity. He’s just an average, boring guy.

Yes, and painfully so.

But he’s got something that every famous and non-famous womanizer envies: He’s got the love and commitment of ONE beautiful, smart, faithful woman. He’s got your mom, and he’ll only have your mom until the day he dies. He ought to be waking up every day shouting praises to the Lord because of that.


Can you build a bigger pedestal than this for a woman? I’m not sure I’ve seen such a gargantuan illustration of oneitis in my life. Every white knight must have his princess, I suppose.

Look, Matt (and all of the other white knights out there), you’re in love. I get that, that’s cool and I’m glad it works for you, but don’t assume that it makes you special. Plenty of men are not monogamous and/or in lifelong marriages, and plenty of those men are quite alright with that. They don’t want the commitment of your woman. Some don’t want or need the commitment of ANY woman. Some wouldn’t mind having the commitment of one woman one day, but are just fine for now without it until they find a girl that’s right at a time that’s right. And still other rare men are able to get the commitment of MULTIPLE women at the same time or throughout the course of their lives at different periods of time.

Each guy decides for himself where he stands. What is objectively clear, however, is this: the fact that you are in a long term relationship with one woman does not make you special. The fact that you got one woman to marry you is not special. Your particular woman is, in all likelihood, not all that special. YOU, in all certainty, are not all that special. Nobody envies you. You are just one in a legion that stands itself among many other legions of white knights defending a damsel in no particular distress. Nobody is anxious to don your armor and join that horde of supplicants.

Men are loyal. Men are honest. Men respect and honor women. A man goes out and finds one woman, and he vows to protect and love her for the rest of his life. A man would never betray that vow

So, in short, Matt seeks to teach his son to adhere to a very narrow view of masculinity (even as he spends time attacking the media for putting forward what he claims is a “limited” view on manhood) that originated and really only holds strongly among North Western Europeans (and these days mainly just the most religious ones)?

The world your son will inherit is a very diverse one, Matt. The majority of the people in it right now don’t have a great track record of adhering to the kind of social model you’re promoting here. It isn’t a part of their culture, it is a feature of yours.

Given this reality, I think you’re doing your kid a disservice by teaching him to adopt such an intolerant point of view.

Even the weakest and most cowardly man — if he is a man at all — would die for the woman he loves. Your dad is no hero, but let someone try to hurt your mom and watch him suddenly turn into Superman (or Batman, whichever you prefer).


You are not a hero, and you won’t become one (or even remotely resemble one) under any circumstances. You’re an arrogant, condescending white knight, and that’s nothing to be proud of.

See, son, you don’t have to be big and strong to be a man, although I think you will be one day. You don’t have to be “cool” or athletic. You don’t have to play guitar or fix cars. These are all fine things, but they don’t define a man. A man is defined by how he treats women,


A man who is defined by women is not a man, he is a mangina.

Men must define themselves, and they do that in part through their treatment of EVERYONE (including themselves), not just women. When you can reach a point at which you are not defined primarily or exclusively by your relationship to and/or worship of a woman, you will have understood the definition of true manhood.

Until then, you’re just another supplicating white knight.

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105 thoughts on “How Not To Be A Man”

  1. Agreed wholeheartedly with what is said here. Frankly the guy’s belief system is so twisted and narrow he can’t even see the fallacies of his logic… Couldn’t even finish reading the letter it was so full of shit.

  2. Yes me must not lust for the young girls, because when we get old, we must be ready to save cougars who are no longer attractive enough for the cock carousel.

    1. White knight/libtard sez: if you’re 40 years old, and don’t want 40 year old women, you’re a creep who doesn’t recognize the equality of men and women.

      1. Libtard nothing – white-knighting has NOTHING to do with libtards or conservatards, its about men who dont understand how women work.

        1. Agreed. My friend is one of the libbiest libs there can be on certain things. Ask him about womyn or grrls though, and he is just like any other man.
          ‘Nature’s first green is gold’ is how he views women. Probably why he’s 45 but screwing a 22 year old ‘bint’ he won’t even let shack up with him.

    2. White knight/libtard sez: if you’re 40 years old, and don’t want 40 year old women, you’re a creep who doesn’t recognize the equality of men and women.

    3. Yeah, that is a bunch of noise. As long as a man keeps his smv high through exercise, diet, skin care, profitable work and peaceful mindset there is no reason why anyone needs to look at girls over 28 well into their 50’s and if they reap enough financial benefits that number is indefinite

  3. Good takedown.
    Unfortunately, white knights (like their feminist allies) don’t respond to logic. It is better to ignore them than try to get into a debate with them. I think as more men “wake up” to the reality of game & women, the white knight mentality will become increasingly marginalized in society and it will die off, or at least I hope so.

    1. So a woman is defined by how she treats men; for Matt MouthGash.
      Let’s see,
      “You’re too nice to be my boyfriend”
      “He’s too special just to sleep with”
      “My boyfriend did not deserve sex with me so I fucked a stranger when I was horny”
      “You’re a good man, so you must be the father of this spawn of one night out with the girls”
      “nice guys finish last”, of course the best cakes are saved for last.
      Good men I know, no girlfriend,
      Welfare bums six kids, two kids and still fucking on the side.
      Oh man, only if Matt MouthGash applied that principle to women…
      A man might be defined by the good he brings to the world,
      By his reaction to adversity,
      By his action in difficult times,
      By his action when he sees a child drowning,
      By his good actions,
      But definitely not by what has turned into a baby killing machine, and merely a cum receptacle, especially with trash like Miley.
      I know good women, and a man might be defined partly by how he treats good women as an indirect part of the “bring good to the world”, but there is that important and every day less available adjective, “good”.

  4. What everyone here forgot to mention is this was a performance! It was not real! Robin and Miley did not have sex that night, they went home called their managers and booked more shows and appearances! I saw the Great Gatsby last night( great movie) and I am appalled that Leonardo DiCaprio is actively courting married women! I saw Fight Club last night, did you know Ed Norton is psychotic and attempting to overthrow civilization!?! Jesus !

    1. I think it’s possible to criticize the white knight Walsh and not say, Oh look Robin Thicke is so cool with all his money. If I was Robin Thicke I would have been ashamed to share the stage with Miley Cyrus running around like a wild banshee. The original video was classy as far as nudes go and featured Eastern Europeans, not feral American trash.

    2. Yeah, a performance. And in our patriarchal society of the 1950’s where MEN RULED, and maintained the rules of decency, this would performance wouldn’t have seen the light of day, albeit outside some back-alley whore house.
      Now that the girls have their “girl power” this is what they’ve degenerated into. And it’s only getting worse. It’s not just about this performance. This performance symbolizes the problems we face. If we didn’t have the problems, we wouldn’t even have this blog page to write on.

      1. Now that the girls have their “girl power” this is what they’ve degenerated into. And it’s only getting worse.
        Agree. But its spelled “grrl powr” now according to them.

    3. live performances are wayyy different from movies. Movies automatically put you in the mindset that what you are watching is not real. Live performances are happening right in front of you, by real people, who continue to act like that on a regular basis. It’s not at all like movies.

      1. If you as a woman understand this logic, why cant you put it into words and let men know whats really on your mind. That’s the biggest issue!

  5. If he reversed roles, and changed every “man” word with “woman” he would be flamed to death by feminazis.
    Lol i can’t even begin to imagine a random woman writing an article:
    “what makes a woman ?”
    1. Treating men like Kings
    2. Protecting men from embarrassment loneliness and being horny.
    3. Not treating them like mobile wallets
    4. Not eye fucking every other young, athletic, handsome and self-confident man whenever your husband is down.
    Yeah sure…

    1. Excellent, to the point, and an article every feminist (especially those on jez) would lash out against. I would add in:
      Recognizes that men (real men, who themselves are healthy) expect a woman to maintain her looks.
      Imagine the fat acceptance fury!

    2. The end where the threat of violence comes in would be particularly excellent
      I took the liberty:
      Women are loyal. Women are honest. Women respect and honor men.
      A woman goes out and finds one man, and she vows to protect and love him for the rest of her life. A woman would never betray that vow. Even the weakest and most cowardly woman — if she is a woman at all — would die for the man she loves. Your mom is no hero, but let someone try to hurt your dad and watch her suddenly turn into wonder woman (or bat girl, whichever you prefer).
      See, daughter, you don’t have to be slutty and you go
      girlish to be a woman, although I think you will be one day. You don’t have to be “cool” or athletic. You don’t have to play guitar or fix cars. These are all fine things, but they don’t define a woman. A woman is defined by how she treats man, by how she keeps her promises, and by how she protects and serves the ones she loves. That’s what makes a woman. My Mom taught me that, she taught it by example. I pray I can do the same for you.
      Oh, and by the way, if I ever catch you disrespecting men, I
      will sit you down and talk to you about it. But first I’ll kick your butt up and down the street. That’s a promise.

  6. RoK is really obsessed with the miley cyrus thing.
    oh well, at least there were some cool gifs.

  7. Haha, oh wow: I used to think like that. I feel embarrassed as if I had written the quoted piece myself.

  8. The biggest thing to take from stuff like this is that WK’s practice a kind of benevolent sexism that women simultaneously say they want in words, yet don’t want, and don’t respect via their actions.
    “See, son, you don’t have to be big and strong to be a man, although I think you will be one day. You don’t have to be “cool” or athletic.”
    Yeah set your kid up for not only a world of failure, but also a worthless, sexless life due to his own parents teaching him to never reach his true potential. I’m pretty sure the author’s woman finds him to be “cool” if fleeting in some way. Yeah don’t do any of that CRAP little boy. And when your old enough, find a woman in danger and throw your life away as soon as possible.
    Fuck it, find the nearest woman, get on your knees and perform seppuku to prove how much you honor and respect women. Its the only way you can be a real man.
    Ho-lee shit how far we have fallen. Old souls indeed.
    I still want to know why men should honor and respect anyone just because of what they are. Let alone sacrificing your life so they can go fuck someone else.

  9. “Have we so completely given up on chivalry that we don’t even see what’s
    troubling about a GROWN ASS MARRIED DUDE singing a song about sexual
    domination while dry humping a young woman on national TV?”
    This ‘father’ believes chivalry is to be doled out to ALL women. He obviously doesn’t understand chivalry. The male/female rules of chivalry are a FUCKING QUALIFIER for the woman.
    Chivalry asks that a man to respect the honor of a woman. This, of course, assumes that the woman has honor in the first place. In the case of Robin Thicke, he wasn’t breaking any chivalric code because Miley Cyrus has no honor. (And Thicke’s wife didn’t care, so no lack of chivalry there either.)
    Or, we can stop treating the 11th century chivalric code as some God-sent set of rules that have complete authority over our lives.
    I’ve used this line a number of times and it never fails have a great affect: I’ll act chivalrous when you start acting like a lady.

  10. Sometimes I don’t know if I should feel sorry for blue pill morons or just downright detest them. When reading nonsense like matt walsh’s letter penned to his son, I honestly feel the urge to detest these men.
    To raise your son with this kind of fatherly advice is bordering on child abuse; he is ill-equipping his son to deal with the realities of human nature and the way our social/political/sexual climate is now in. In essence, he is handicapping his child. If that isn’t child abuse, I don’t know what is.

  11. When it comes to the patriarchy, there were two parts. One was obviously women’s submission to men’s authority. The other part was men’s obligation to protect, provide and care for women. That was the male responsibility that came with authority.
    It seems like modern feminism only wants to get rid of one part of the patriarchy, and that is of course, freedom from male authority while simultaneously keeping men tethered to their part.
    My guess is that many feminists would love Matt’s line of “A man is defined by how he treats women.” But would probably not like it were it reversed: “A woman is defined by how she treats men.”

  12. Again, men being blamed for the actions of supposedly “independent and emancipated” women. Y’all can’t have your cake and eat it too ya know

  13. LOL, I hadn’t heard of this letter. I did read the one to the daughter.
    “A man is defined by how he treats women.” I’m still laughing. On a serious note, where does this leave Tesla? Tesla was a badass.

  14. Great article, I used to be such a White Knight, The Manosphere continues to connect the dots of how we have been globally brainwashed in terms of gender relations. For my fellow MGTOW/MRA brothers, I am from Southern Africa and we have not been spared by the claws of feminism

  15. Honestly, one of the best articles I’ve ever read on ROK. This just hits everything thats wrong with Western Civilization in a nutshell. “Chivalry” does not mean kissing a woman’s ass and being her bitch – that is how you white knight mangina’s define it. A man should only protect, provide, and care for a woman if HE is getting his needs met. If HE is benefiting from the relationship – all of which, are obviously ephemeral and transactional in nature. Power, Privilege, Charisma, and Joy are the proper provinces of a high status man. It’s disgusting enough that this fellow has failed to achieve those lofty peaks but it is absolutely criminal that he is already crippling his son’s young mind.

  16. How not to be a man: using GIFs as a means of conveying information. Good article otherwise though.

  17. White knights are disgusting.
    I don’t blame women for hypergamy. I don’t blame women for the way they act because society says “its okay” and rewards them for their behavior and lack of responsibility. I hold them as blameless as i do a horse when it shits on the ground – its ugly, it smells but *its in the horses nature*.
    No, white knights are disgusting because they should know better. They should know that, after years of failure, you cant nice your way into the hearts of women. You cant nice your way to respect. Worse, they fuck it up for everyone – they’re the ones providing the fuel to this fire. If every white knight died today, we would see a sharp decline in uggos, fatties, and “empowered” (i.e. masculine) women thinking they have the same worth as women who are attractive, fit, and feminine.

  18. Trying to teach your child a deep lesson from a single pop culture performance is just as stupid as taking a beta male approach to it. In a year or two no one is going to remember this event, so why would you choose it as an example to use to try to teach your child some deep lesson?

  19. Both men and women have reduced sexual interaction to the most basic transaction.
    Sex in the 21st century is nothing more than a commodity like rice or gold to be bought and sold.
    If a man shows sales skills and convinces the woman he is offering her something in return, he can have sex with her.
    If he wants to keep her on beyond one night, then he will have to establish and constantly re-define the terms of the payment he is making, as she will constantly try to raise the price, like any good merchant.
    The only thing I cannot understand is why Miley Cyrus is considered even the slightest bit outrageous… Madonna, Gwyn, Christina and many others did this much better and with way more class decades ago…. they were more attractive in their day… and a whole truck load more talented…. hell even Britney looks like Grammy / Oscar material along side Miley…..
    It’s one thing using sex and scandal as a marketing tool, and another thing altogether flunking it so badly and still being accepted…
    The world (and yes…. including you manosphere fagots) is pathetic…..

    1. “Sex in the 21st century is nothing more than a commodity like rice or gold to be bought and sold.”
      What an idiot you are. It has ALWAYS been nothing more than a commodity. ALL relationships are transactional in nature – I’m assuming you also include yourself in the great spectrum of “humanity”? Great. Then do the “planet” and favor and start with yourself by jumping in front of a bus.

      1. if sex is just a commodity, then all women are whores and all men clients…. are you a client Cody ?
        if sex is just a commodity, then children are nothing more than livestock….
        do you value yourself along side a feeder cattle and a pork belly contract Cody ?
        i’m sure you’ve seen Lord of the Rings where the Orks are bred out of the ground…..
        if children are nothing more than livestock…. then psychologically if not physically they will be nothing more than beasts that resemble humans….
        there was a time when people embraced a more philosophical, respectful and dare I say it romantic approach to life in general including sex and relationships….
        there are things which cannot and should not be entirely commoditized…. for example if fresh air becomes a commodity, we will have to buy oxygen tanks and air filters just to breath… if clean sea water becomes a commodity, we won’t be able to rely on fish for food, much less swim in the sea….
        Einstein said it best…. Science without Religion is Lame…..
        by religion we assume he didn’t mean the Islamic jihad of the Crusades… rather a philosophical and ‘romantic’ attitude to this wonderful universe we live in……
        by hey… don’t mind me… get back to your X-Box, your cheap bang and your bag of Doritos….

        1. 1)There is so much wrong with your post I hardly know where to begin. Firstly, you don’t know me so I’ll clear up a few of your assumptions. I don’t consume “Doritos” or “X-box” – I live cleanly with respect for my body.
          2)If / when we colonize space (an eventual ecological necessity) fresh air and clean water WILL be commodities.
          3)I seriously doubt you know jack and shit about the Crusades, The Middle Ages, or warfare in the 12th century.
          4)”There was a time when people embraced a more philosophical, respectful and dare I say it romantic approach to life in general including sex and relationships” – and when was this mythical time?”
          5)Humans may be animals but your probably a in the cattle category where as I “value myself” as a lion- an apex predator. The top of the evolutionary pyramid.
          6)Women and children have been treated as the property of men for 10,000 years. This “human rights” and “women’s liberation” nonsense is a historical fad.

    2. Ur dumb as hell. Humans are the only species who are actually able to do something about those things, asteroids strikes etc. It might take another 100 years or so but by then all problems, polition and energy shortage, will be solved.
      In another 1000 years we will be traveling from galaxy to galaxy.
      And you call us parasites..

      1. more than 100 years ago, all the energy problems and very advanced technology was invented including wireless electricity transmission, which is just now coming out of the bag…. google for it…. but still, vast amounts of technology are suppressed for reasons that mainly seem to amount to greed and power…. the star trek type technologies are not fiction at all… but why we don’t have them is a reflection of how savage and pathetic we are ….
        the chances of the species on this planet doing much more than annihilating themselves is remote……. this much is already proven… all it will take is some feminist president with PMS and it’s all over….

        1. They are probably supressed but you cant stop progress forever. It will just take a little longer. I doubt that we will fully destroy ourself..but I wont rule out major disasters that will set us back a few thousands years, which is nothing in the grand scheme.

  20. I’ll admit I used to be one of these white knights. Was part of a household in which the girls were in charge. Only recently do I see the error of the ways. White knights have it all wrong–they are more like women than men. We have to play the tide, be in charge, and reform any one of these suckers to women. That’s why I am adopting the persona of the black knight.
    Any of these cocksuckers want to face me, I’ll beat the shit out of them.

    1. Something a white knight would say. You have a long ways to go my friend. Even if you could beat the shit out of anyone, does not mean you should.
      People are not so black and white, and holding them to such is detrimental to all of us. It is awesome to have consistency in life, and shelter from the chaos that can strike at any moment; or at least be able to see it coming. But fooling yourself, simultaneously claiming right (of which if you are right, you obviously have no clue as to why), just shows how much more red pill you need to study.
      Go back to the drawing board son. You may have changed your brainwashed baby boy armor to black from white, but under the hood, your a Prius powered hippy-chic of a white knight.

      1. The final recourse and say in the matter that a man always had was yes…. to resort to violence to solve the issue……The problem is these days …. the real man is so quickly and easily cut down to size by the system….
        Just look at the kind of people that rise to positions of leadership….. they are all back scratching legal minded faggots…..
        Apply that same problem to your own little world and you will see… trying to be a real man is fraught with so many dangers and pit falls…..
        A real man carries a loaded weapon at all times… drives his car as fast as he likes, and takes life threatening risks on an almost daily basis….
        About the only way you can do that is by becoming some ass licking policeman or military guy…. which is far from being alpha or redpill……
        It was quite easy to be an alpha male when you could ride across the plains with your six shooter strapped to your hip… and by god your woman would quiver in her pantaloons as you approached the homestead……..
        these days the only one quivering is you, as the cum swallowing lawyers and their feminist bull dyke buddies….. circle with restraining orders and child support demands……
        If you dare to live with a woman more than a few months, she can put her hand out for palimony $$$$…..
        You can eat as many red pills as you like….. shove one up your ass for good measure…. it doesn’t change the status quo…….
        A real redpill guy cannot truly exist in a world where his woman can troll along to the local law courts and file for 1/2 his wealth at almost any time…..
        The women that tried that a couple of hundred years ago, found themselves six feet under in the back yard with a axe buried in their head.

        1. Such mindless drivel. “Back in the day a man could bury an ax in his woman’s head”? What the fuck do you think the West was, the middle fucking east? NOWHERE, in the history of the world was this true! NO WHERE! This feminist paradigm of brainwashing you have accepted is a problem, read for yourself man!
          Speaking of faggots, why don’t you go get your terrorist boyfriend, and have him pull his crack-smoked hooka out of your ass. I suspect then your mind won’t have as much clouding its view?
          So what, times are tough, we have to fight for what we want. Of course, we can all rest assured that when it gets worse, and I concede it will get worse, you will have your BF’s hooka in your mouth just going with the flow. For the rest of us, we refuse to accept this as our state of living. Tell your feminist mastas you tried to match your betters and failed.
          These men are doing a fairly valuable service. Teaching young men how to regain a portion of their more masculine self. I concede that it is the darker side, but like what you pointed out, what else do they have available?
          I don’t have a hundred flags, it is more like 150. And no matter what the family courts do to me, I am red pill. The systemic denial of men’s wants and needs at best, and criminalization at worst, will never change that fact about me. I am who I am, because I choose to be. Was a slave of any age, or country, forced to watch his wife brutally ravaged/violated by his master/masters less of a man because he chose to not have his whole family killed in retaliation?
          Was a man captured in Nam, tortured for years before being spit on and labeled a baby killer at home a monster for sticking to his guns, and rejecting his whole society and way of life?
          Was a woman who was truly and honestly raped in brutal civil war any less human after the experience? One’s past can destroy their future, but it is a choice. A woman that this happened to explained that, and overcame the trauma.
          Did a man forcefully laid off from work, with potentially a whole sick family before 1900 a weak man for leaving hundreds of miles for work so he could send money home, but not fix everything around the house?
          Next you will tell me men are useful only in their utility.
          What princess, you need a fucking utopia to feel, to acknowledge reality and act in a way that changes your stars to constellations? Perhaps you do, but I don’t. Even if I fail in personal glory, I will never accept a defeat in my inner most being. To do so would deny who I am! My environment is only partially responsible for my shaping. The rest is the culmination of my own choices, I own my own shit!
          Take your false wisdom, put it back by the hooka by whence it came, and depart from me. You are not worthy to conversate further.

        2. you take the name of an outlaw… but you’d have trouble tearing up a parking fine….
          living proof that the real alpha male is a fallacy….
          roar like a lion all you want…. your world is a zoo and a cage ….. and the red pill is largely based on false pretences….

  21. Awesome. Simply awesome.
    Sadly, simply won’t sink in with the jezebel “whor”de.
    That’s alright though, I keep directing men here almost everyday, and talking about our struggles everyday. As a thirty something, ex-mil dude going to be an engineer, I get the ear of 18-25 year olds (men and women) all the time. I plant those seeds like a diligent farmer should.
    Sadly, I am like the farmers last year needing insurance for a dead harvest. But one of these days I am going to see fields of gold. For now, I am content with the rejection of fields of lifeless automatons.

  22. Good write up Athlone!
    I was hoping someone would do a writeup on the white knight father son letter. Feel sorry for the kid btw no one should have a white knight as a father figure.

  23. He dont come off as hopeless or spineless to me. Judging the related post together, he is rather too idealistic and because of this, misguided. He clings to an ideal that is refuted by reality, yet he is stubborn about it. What he defends is not really a chivalric code, but the bourgeois general sense of propriety of the 50’s. A romantic ludite, so to say.
    While making example of betas one must not forget that… while a “magina” is defined by the way he relates to women, the refutation comes only in a diferential way to relate to women (with skeptcism) but it still defines men relative to women nonetheless. Its a vice of the PUA thing… notch count and all, still caught in the endless circle of measuring oneself in regards to women (whether by pedestalization or how many your reshaped self can lure into bed).
    I’m not buying Matt. And I am not buying the refutation as well. There must be something else available. How much fun one is having with women is such a private matter. A man must seek satisfaction of his instincts, higher or lower they be. Sure, that includes women. And includes more than that. Live a life worth living in wich you are interested, and women are collateral to your life. One or many. Not every road have the same number of intersections, and it never ocurred to men to judge a road based on this merit.

    1. Completely agree with Rant Casey here. Matt Walsh is not hopeless or spineless. He threatens violence on his son if he doesn’t get it. Sure, it’s misguided but as a father of three sons, I respect the fact that he actually wants to invest in his progeny and is unashamed to be a role model to his children. the manosphere decries the loss of fathers investing in their sons.
      Don’t cry over Matt Walsh’s children. They’re in far better hands than most kids.
      Sure, he hasn’t red-pilled but the fact that he is not passive and speaking out disqualifies him from hopeless beta/omega whatever all those last greek letters are.

  24. I cringe when I think about all the white knights courting 5/10’s in my tech uni courses.
    Scarcity mentality is a bitch.

  25. I am torn in two directions. I enjoy freedom and the pursuit of independent concepts, but there’s one girl out there who I couldn’t tire of. I want to pursue her, yet live a life of unrestrained masculinity. Is this even possible? Can I win her in the end, on my own terms?

    1. I believe you can… however you will have to be prepared like a Rodeo rider to break the mare in……
      It literally starts from day one…. and you need to keep building and redefining your relationship with her…. she needs to see you as the MAN in her life, and understand that she must yield to you…… you have to train her to do that….. it’s a never ending and constant work…… like being a farmer…… the job is never done……
      It will be very costly, tiring and difficult…. she can easily break the fence and run off….. and you may also lose the will to try and start wondering why you are bothering ….. especially as she grows older (and uglier)
      HOWEVER : if you build circumstances correctly, and structure your life correctly…. (a good way to do this is moving to a country where neither of you are citizens and life is going to be a bit tougher than usual…)
      It can be done…..
      I’m 7 years in and I’ve made many mistakes, however finally seem to be turning the corner on having her 100% yield to me…..
      The real question in my mind, is what the hell I did it all for… and what’s really in it for me ?

      1. I think our circumstances are very different but the same logic does apply. Although she is quite ordinary, there is a suitability and inevitability between us that exists and is blatantly obvious even despite long periods of no communication, so I have to be prepared for it in the future, while championing the divine duty of a man to go forth and do as he pleases.
        She seems to understand that I am not the sort of man that can be commanded or controlled, and I think if I continue to develop into an unshakable figurehead in my life and with sufficient social proof, she will adopt her subservient role in due course.

  26. I don’t know, I see productions like this and I’m reminded of how
    utterly failed the French Enlightenment values at the origins of this
    country have been, compounded by years of jewish and white liberal
    cultural domination. I see Robin and Miley as representative of this
    trash culture.
    I think we can all agree that white knights are effete
    faggots for the most part and to be pitied, but Robin Thicke, Nick
    Cannon and their crass, multi-culti, hip-hopping horseshit are no
    better. I mean honestly is there anything more culturally bankrupt than
    black hip hoppers parading around naked white chicks who dance like
    black chicks to the lyrics of some hyper materialistic slob named Robin?
    I think the real conversation men should be having is how do we
    vaporize hollywood.

    1. oh my god… vaporize Hollywood….you must be an anti Semite and a homophobe…. judge… I demand a restraining order now… :-)~

  27. Athlone, you’re WAY over-reacting on this one. Matt Walsh’s post is a straw man for you. Read the rest of his stuff. You’re taking him out of context and your points are good but you picked the wrong guy to talk about. First of all, he is married and living with the children that I believe are he and his wife’s offspring. His kids will be in the minority of babies in the not so distant future. Second of all, he sees himself as a role model to his children and he’s not afraid to speak publicly on their behalf. Sure, he’s got some white knight issues as you pointed out but he’s not nearly the poster child you want him to be.

    1. Perhaps. However, in today’s world one can’t hardly complain about rounding off the harder edges of those around them.
      If one makes a mistake even one time, they are open season for criticism. I don’t care if he wrote a hundred maximum red pill induced articles in the past; this speech to his son is egregious. It needs correcting, and hopefully if he is as you say, he sees that and adjusts it in a way his impressionable “offspring” can understand.

  28. I’ve always had a problem with a term mangina. The described target does not have even partial qualifications to be described as a ‘man’. Male, perhaps. Second part of that term is a wonderful female body part. Again not befitting of the target in any way. Vag or a cunt are friendly terms and I don’t ever use them as insults. A male without self respect, morals or standards can only be refereed to as a malesicle.

  29. Everyone thinks tha Robin smashed Miley just because she “twerked” on him at the VMA’s. First off, Robin’s wife is hot, and actually has an “ass”. Second off, he and his wife have a open relationship which makes it OK, and according to the pictures afterwards, he wasn’t caught squeezing Mileys “ass” but another chick who actually had an ass. Everything else was showbiz.

  30. Seriously, this girl dances like shit! and I thought she was dancing with David Hasselhof!
    “Yeah, Baby! Come dance with ‘The Hoff!’”

  31. This entire website is evidence that our society is hopelessly lost when it comes to defining what a real man is. We need to move away from this sort of idiotic bullshit.

  32. Why on earth do you think those images are a good idea? especially the game card!!!! ugggh yet another horrible thing about this site, it’s total lack of good design. take a fucking course bro. And also interesting to note how many of the commentors actually read Jezebel if you want to be badass, don’t read crap.

    1. I’m not even going to address your actual comments because you must be joking.
      “DJ Slut”

  33. mines is not only women but people in general… changing your mindset takes time

  34. Can I please ask a few questions about the Kings ethos? A lot of what you guys write about seems cool at first, and I agree that the world is screwed at the moment, but then some stuff doesn’t make sense. In your ‘about’ page you describe wanting a return to traditional family units, but then you describe not being monogamous. My dad fucked around on my mum and then left her to raise us while he chased anything young enough to be his daughters. It left me fucked up, and I’m not a pussy for saying so. Why should a guy leave his kids?
    You say that men should only remain in a situation with a woman and children while there is something in it for them, so does that mean you encourage men to leave their children?. Do you guys believe it is possible to love another person (your children for example) more than yourself? Are any of you dads? I’m genuinely interested as there are heaps of discrepancies and I’m wondering if you have thought about what society would be like if men ran around behaving like 18 year olds for their whole lives. Might be fun for the first generation but I reckon the children of these guys will grow up with chips on their shoulders and a head full of self loathing. I’d really like to see more discussion around what you want life to look like for you, and what your vision is for masculinity over the next few generations. You wouldn’t really just get up and walk away from your children, would you?. My dad did that to me, and I can’t see the funny side.
    Also, when you dis fat chicks all the time, do you guys mean the ones who cant reach around to wipe their own butt? or do you mean any chick who is bigger than a runway model? What if your wife got stretch marks after giving birth to your kid? would you leave her coz she isn’t a perfect 10? I don’t see how that shit is cool, but I’m interested in what you guys have to say, coz I agree with you that the way things are in the world isn’t working.

    1. Most readers of this site would say that leaving your children is a pretty shitty thing to do.

  35. “If you can’t take pride in what you are without tearing others down, you’ve got a serious problem and a serious weakness.”
    You mean like the way you spend hours and hours tearing women down on this website to convince yourself you’re an ‘alpha’ male?

  36. You are missing the bigger picture here. This guy is coming from a religious angle, not a feminised mangina angle Feminists call his version of chivalry benevolent sexism and while it may not help your game, its still a mark of alpha male instincts – and by that I mean being physically stronger, more emotionally stable and more analytical than women tends to make you to want to protect them physically and socially. Its not the same as putting them on a pedestal in a game sense.

  37. This guy’s kid will grow up to be just another AFC who treats women like they are all automatically princesses. I specially find delusional how Matt thinks he is entitled to say that celebrities who have a different lifestyle to his own must be deep down unhappy and miserable. Funny thing is, most “womanizers” have had serious relationships at some point in their lives but beta WK s like himself have never experienced a “womanizer” lifestyle. If anything. a player can critizise monogamy but not the other way round.

  38. Just wanted to say congrats on a really great article, probably one of the best I’ve ever read on RoK. I get the dude’s point about mainstream media focusing way more on Miley Cyrus’s behaviour than Robin Thicke’s – a real man is just as responsible for his behaviour as a real woman, and if they’re going to condemn one they should condemn the other. But suggesting that a completely random guy committed and basically got away with sexual assault on a minor “because he was a Robin Thicke fan” is pretty stupid.
    As you pointed out, the guy attacks the traditional ‘macho’ stereotype but in its place only offers another stereotype which I think is equally destructive. It’s great that the guys in love and all, but hey so am I, but it doesn’t stop me wanting to build something of my own life, my own achievements. This guy suggesting that the love of another human being should be enough to satisfy the full life ambition of any ‘real’ man seems pretty damn narrow-minded. Plenty of ‘real’ men out there are more focused on other aspects of their life, not on a monogamous relationship – does this guy think he’s being open-minded by dismissing their life choices as not truly masculine?
    Thought your other great point was that a man isn’t defined by how he treats women, but all people in his life. I actually think this should and does apply to women too, they should be defined by how they behave in all aspects of their lives and not just how they behave towards men. I wonder if this guy thinks that a ‘real’ woman can be judged by how she treats men? Would a real woman die for the man she loves? Guess that’s what pissed me off the most about this – the guy probably thinks he’s not being sexist by saying that real men treat women well, but in reality he IS being sexist by not holding women to the same standard. It’s sexist to women because it’s patronising, and it’s sexist to men because it holds them up to archaic notions of chivalry that frankly have little relevance in the real world. Real men AND women treat PEOPLE well, unless they have some reason not to. I’m not saying we should all go around farting rainbows at each other, but I think I crucial part of masculinity is being secure and confident enough in yourself to accord others a basic level of respect, unless they give you a reason not to do so. Like you said, a real man can take pride in what he’s doing without tearing others down. It’s actually something that’s been a little disappointing about this site in the last 6 months or so, there seems to be much more of a focus on criticism rather than on ways to build confidence earn our own self-respect. Would be great to see more articles like this, with thoughtful criticisms and positive examples of what true masculinity ought to look like.

  39. Believe us, we’re not one to defend Matt Walsh, but this time, we will, to a degree.
    Miley acted like a no-talent slut, but, then again, no-talents quickly realize sex sells, which may explain why she acted the way she did. If you can’t sing, dance, or act, throw the booty out there because that will sell, at least for the short term. Only time will tell if her long-term career just took a nose dive to an eventual fiery end.
    Where we will defend Matt Walsh, much to our dislike of doing so, is the point he made of a married, middle-aged man joining the slut fest. Keep in mind, this was not a spontaneous performance. They rehearsed it. Maybe some of the moves weren’t exactly as rehearsed, but, at 36-years-old, he should’ve realized that this song and performance were inappropriate. Instead, he chose to act like a teenager, maybe because he is going through a mid-life crisis.
    In another ten years when his son is entering his puberty stage, what sort of role model will he think his Dad is when he is surfing the Internet and stumbles on his Dad’s pathetic, and yes, perverted, performance?
    Oh, wait, Alan Thicke is Robin Thicke’s Dad so now we know why Robin chose to act as he did and we can pretty much guess how his son is going to grow up to act.

  40. I love his idea of what marriage and love should be. The problem is that in today’s society you just can’t trust a woman to allow you to be the man he describes or return love to you for it. I hope it never happens to him, but I would love to hear his take on it if his wife winds up sleeping with a bartender and taking half his money and kids away from him at age 45. If you could truly trust these women to play the role his ideal marriage is indeed the best, but women are hypergamous and have all the power… the odds of them being your partner and playing their role as he describes is very small and that leaves the guy in a world of crap when it all goes down.

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