It Was A Nightmare To Work In A 90% Female Workplace

Two years ago in Sweden I had a one-year contract at a 90% female environment, a college workplace dedicated to subjects such as beauty and fashion, where I observed many patterns regarding sex differences.

Before I continue, it is pertinent to add that there is significant variation among women. Even in schools with somewhat lower average grades and test scores, some girls are intelligent, diligent, talented, and showcase agreeable behavior. Some are even relatively competent, easy to work with, and not overly sensitive. With that said, this was a predominantly negative experience for a variety of reasons.

Widespread neuroticism

A constant problem was crying, yelling, and being absent as a consequence of depression and various psychosocial health issues. After a while all I could do is sigh.

Far-reaching coddle

Another troubling component was the never-ending coddle of female students, mainly from the female co-workers. The underlying pedagogic idea is that a safe and pleasant environment will create happy and motivated individuals. Girls need special treatment in order to fully thrive, some suggest.

Although it is indeed true that more authoritarian manners may severely backfire, coddling girls leads to a vicious cycle. If no one draws the line, it will constantly be moved, at the expense of self-discipline and responsibility.

If the principal and teachers take ridiculous claims seriously, mainly from manipulative, histrionic or neurotic girls who are the least likely to make substantial assertions on just about anything, the organization puts itself in a tenuous position.

Additionally, the entire concept of treating people, soon to be adults, as borderline retarded kids appears to be pure nonsense that only further accelerates social decline.

Backstabbing and herd mentality

If only one percent of the females decide that they will not accept that you yelled at them once when they were acting moronic during class, or they have identified “offensive” thoughts about Oriental women on your personal blog, many of their female friends will follow suit and band together. They’ll quickly flock around the female staff, the principal in particular, and even involve parents, with the aim to restore their notion of justice.

Such obstacles can be solved in the end, often through strategic diplomacy and benevolent manipulation, but they will nevertheless create stress and unease.

Male workers hunker down or quit

Two consequences of a female-dominated workplace, where masculinity has to be severely curtailed, are that males hunker down or quit. I saw a gradual decline of the percentage of male workers within the small span of just a year.

When you are not allowed to be yourself, sometimes not even in the slightest, you have to dwell inside a shell. Although it would be quite pathetic to complain about such conditions, a majorly masculine man simply wants to spend time in an environment which does not decrease his overall well-being.

The secondary becomes the primary

Instead of focusing on results, skills, and enabling students and teachers to work undisturbed, silly campaigns became the major focus. For example, for one week everyone had to say “Hello” to just all of whom they happened to meet. Even the students with the weakest intellectual faculties considered this idea, which unsurprisingly a female co-worker came up with, as peculiarly inane and stupid.

Females are generally more emotional and gregarious, whereas men are more rational and assertive. When the female elements become the dominant forces, the environment will change accordlingly.

In summary

To work in such a female-dominated environment may likely have a negative impact on a man’s well-being and is not to be recommended. The quality of work may also decline because of females’ penchant for emotional and interpersonal nonsense. A more balanced demography or a male-dominated environment are obviously preferred.

For more of William Adams’ material, check out his website Syncretic Politics.

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125 thoughts on “It Was A Nightmare To Work In A 90% Female Workplace”

      1. Working for anyone is humiliating, period. I gave up everything to work for myself and never looked back. Love the smell of freedom in the morning

    1. I can confirm. It is a nigthmare. In my job men are a minority, I spent a year trying to survive their snake tactics, the emotional shits spread all around, scandals for insignificant problems, their “values”, their hate of men, plus women of today can be agressive, having disgusting behaviours when they are in their circle. I used to create a solidarity with those who come and work for a limited time. Sometimes, when the men were numerous, then the job was more interesting and with calm, real strengh. But it was rare, most of men were in a submissive posture, fearing to express masculinity, which I could understand.
      I stopped that job, but I will go back to the same field. I’m trying to seek a hard work of my field where the situations are so uncomfortable that women avoid it.

    2. I worked in a restaurant where sometimes the shifts consisted of 90% women. Those days were rough since there were heavy lifting jobs that nobody wanted to do aside from a particular domineering colleague who liked to make crude sex jokes to the guys.
      When more men were around, things seemed more joyous and balanced. The women felt more secure as well, since they knew the guys had their backs if some emergency happened.
      I’ve had to handle countless hissy fits and emotional outbursts with female colleagues, but not once have I seen the men act out. The men created bonds and always managed to sort out whatever minor differences they had (which were always related to productivity).
      Whereas the women ALWAYS brought their personal lives into the workplace. There were lots of single mothers around and they were always talking behind each other’s backs. Once one lady got super-offended because another colleague did not greet her early in the morning when they both dropped off their kids at the same school. This lady started manipulating other women to “her side” and created nasty narratives about this other colleague until they ended up shouting at each other in the backroom and threatening to quit. They both called in sick the next day.
      Women need male leadership, I admit this as a former manager.

      1. women ALWAYS brought their personal lives into the workplace.
        That is exactly what they do, I coworker was recently divorce she needs to take brakes to go to cry to the bathroom. I seen recently divorced guys and their job performance is not affected. They just do the fucking job they are suppose to do. Women take days with the excuse I’M FIRST A MOTHER!!! try to do that as a father. If they don’t like the color of the poop of his son, TO THE DOCTOR, they take the day! The sissy kid will dance today in school, a day off!, Then they wonder why they earn .75 cents

        1. I agree 100%.i hate when women use their period as an excuse. Acting as if nature disrupts their self control. Women act like childish pussies. Every month is like their first period and they don’t know what to do.

    3. Women have traditionally worked in sectors where emotions are as important if not more important than productivity for these very reasons.
      Elementary schools with young children, brothels filled with consorts, customer service interactions, etc. are all emotionally charged situations where diplomacy and concern for the emotional well-being of another person have high importance.
      Unfortunately, when fighting a war in the middle east or working on a fishing boat where situational awareness, adaptability, and focus on physicality are matters of life and death, emotional concerns of another person become secondary to survival.
      Perhaps this is why the top 10 deadliest occupations in the world are 99% male. Women are too concerned about feelings to stay alive.

      1. Also certain sectors that require extreme manual dexterity (like seamstressing, specialized product assembly, etc.) Women’s smaller hands and ability to coordinate many employees well (given their heightened social abilities).
        I once dated a Latina who was an engineer and worked in a maquiladora (namely a plant which specializes in product assembly so it can be shipped to the US; free trade y’all). She was hyper-feminine. Probably the most feminine woman I’ve ever met. Managed something like 20 female employees.

    4. I did it far too long. Men got shit done. Females only fucked up my shit that I was getting done.
      The upside is I saw the trend nearly 20 years ago, got my shit together and left corproate Amerika. If I had to work again (now retired thanks to smart investing), I’d never work in a place where females had any authority over me or involved on my teams and projects that may hamper progress.
      Hence, I would only work for myself and only hire competent men to work for me.

    5. I am female. I call it working in Vaginistan with the lipstick Taliban up on the ridge waiting to pick you off. Nothing is too outrageous to accuse you of. Nothing is too retarded to take to the Manager and complain about. Not able to have the most mundane discussion without someone feel “threatened” and crying to the Manager. Never mind you were have a private discussion, “I felt threatened”. Plenty of men have given up and become feminized because they know to do differently would risk their livelihood. Few men retain their masculinity and it just drives the hens wild because they will not obey nor react. The men who hold on to their balls generally ignore the clucking, do their job and basically snub these bitches.

  1. I worked in Publishing with a Brahmin Indian woman-though I am white I lived in Dubai and it was the only job I could get.
    Unwisely I fucked this woman. Fucking a woman you work with is the most stupid thing a man can do.
    She started shouting at me in her office once.
    All because I fucked her once.
    I ended up quitting my job.

  2. There is nothing worse for a man than to have a female boss. It’s like being 5 again and having to obey your mother all over again. I don’t see how any self respecting man could ever work under a female for any length of time.

    1. You must have real problems with self respect if you think that working for a woman is humiliating.

      1. If you saw your man getting bullied and talked down to by his boss, you would lose respect for him and would be less attracted to him. You would lose even more respect&attraction if the boss was a woman.
        Deny it all you want. You know it’s true. Authority and status matters. And doubly so when it comes to relations between the sexes.

        1. Neo, I think I would respect him more AT THAT TIME if he stood up for himself, but I wouldn’t lose total respect for him just for being berated by a boss. Don’t project.

        2. “I would respect him more… IF HE STOOD UP FOR HIMSELF”
          “I wouldn’t lose TOTAL respect for him just for being [bullied]”
          So he would only GAIN your respect if he acted masculine by fighting back. And he would LOSE your respect if he was bullied with zero resistance.
          This doesn’t sound like a refutation of my point. The fact that you’re pretending it’s a refutation tells me you’re in denial.

      2. Women are less intelligent than men. So it makes no sense to ever have a female boss. Only White men actually tolerate suxh shit, proving in the process how much of a cuck they naturally are. White women know it.
        It’s like a huge inside joke only white men don’t get. He’s standing in a circle while white women, minorities, and jews play ball with his dignity.

        1. Even if men areon average more intelligent (actually, I read there are more geniuses and retards among them, women are on average more balanced), stats don’t count in a concrete case. Those guys who bitch about women in general aren’t the brightest.

        2. I’m sure you would know this about me in one post.
          You on the other hand have many posts confirming your substandard intellect.

        3. Your statement that women are less intelligent than men is objectively incorrect. More than a hundred years of IQ testing proves conclusively that within the same racial parameters (white to white, Asian to Asian, etc.), women have the same average intelligence as their male counterparts (with one racial exception). The statistical difference between male and female IQs is this: women tend to cluster to the center of the bell curve intelligence average, whereas men tend to be more spread out. Thus the “average” intelligence of men and women is the same, but more women tend to be of average intelligence whereas fewer men tend to be average in intelligence and there are more male idiots at the low end of the spectrum and more male geniuses at the high end of the spectrum. There are more male geniuses than female geniuses, but average intelligence is roughly equal between the sexes — as I said, with one exception; on American black females have an IQ (the average) of 2-3 points higher than American black males. This is probably due to the fact that, because of historical circumstances, American black females have a history of interbreeding with American white males with no historical corollary on the American black male side.

      3. I am a woman and I can say without any hesitation that women are cunts. They are retarded cunts with no common sense, in particular if they have any type of power. I have been screwed over by women, terminated by women and in each case these bitches lie and act like the victim. Not just a little lie, serious ethical lying and denying. The last cunt who tried to screw me over ended up paying big buck$ – well, the company did. Currently, I am filing a discrimination complaint with the appropriate agency. I always take the liberty of tape recording every conversation with these lying slags. It is delicious to catch them in their lies.

        1. I hope you win the case! A lot of women turn into teenagers and get offended when you don’t give into their childish shit. It should be the new harassment policy of overstating and people should be punished for bringing unrelated shit to work. It’s counterproductive and harms others

      4. Depends on the woman sometimes, but is a rule that tends to wait long periods of time for an exception to come along.

      5. No, most men just have a problem with working for a woman who is significantly less intelligent and capable, knowing full well that she only got that promotion because the person who gave it to her is also an incompetent woman. I wouldn’t accuse you of having self-respect problems if you said that working for an annoying ten-year-old boy is humiliating.

    2. I got a female boss who looks like fuckin’ Tina from Bob’s Burgers. Me and my buddy are constantly goofing on her behind her back. Another chick is a mud shark that we also goof on; she’s getting back at Mormon parents.
      I fucking hate it there and I’m about the sue the shit out of them though.

      1. Sue them to the max! I hope that you get enough to live off of comfortably for the rest of your life. Good luck to you with that. This rotten System that we live in needs to be brought down ASAP, and I salute anyone who helps that process along and gets something out of it for himself while helping to bring it down.

      2. From my experience, document, document, document. Nothing is too small to document about. Buy a small recorder and get the conversation on tape. Listen to it, listen to how they hesitate, breath, everything. They will be left wondering how you remember everything they said. Make sure when you get out of a conversation or meeting that you religious write down what happened, hell, carry 4×6 cards with you if necessary. Your bank account will thank you.

    3. I worked once under a woman, it wasn’t too bad, but at the end she was angry with my “sexism” and started to cry telling me that she was raped by her father. Pretty sad story. I did have a chance to work with many capable women, some very impressive in their job, but they were not my boss so I don’t know how it would work if they were.

  3. I remember when there was an all female company and the entire workplace culture was a disaster. IIRC, it was a British company. The female founder even stated how awful female workers are. For anecdotal evidence, the worst boss I’ve ever had is a female boss I get right now. She a nightmare of entitlement (black), incompetence, and micromanaging in one package.

    1. I bet this entitled female founder was also getting clients by spreading her legs rather then by actually offering anything of any real value.

      1. the story had nothing to do with that, but if you search it out it brilliantly illustrates how a feminist dedicated to female empowerment discover what a massive mistake she’d made, something she was good enough to admit publicly. Nothing to do with her spreading her legs.

    2. Awesome avatar, brah. I remember that movie: Slap Shot.
      “I’m savin’ a dime to call Mom!”

    3. She masks her entitlement and inadequacy through overmanaging. Same reason why so many of her ilk hop into cars with chrome fender guards and 22s even though they pull about 40k a year.

  4. And to add to the mix, females are masters at manipulation, and of course drama. They can never quite trust a male to do a complete job since female bosses have a need to waste time and energy being control-freaks.
    Also need to mention “Daddy Issues” or “Boyfriend” (Du Jour) issues. Anything and everything other than actually working their office asses off, so-to-speak.
    Lastly, the quality of the “work” will decline and if there are males in the office, they are expected to pick up the slack while missy takes a break.
    If I had the funds, I would start-up a company and hire only males including vets and the handicapped.

  5. I once worked at an institute that took care of HIV positive people. 8 females, one male (cuck) and one gay, fat male. My supervisor was a female. I got fired after one month because I didn’t succeed at replacing my supervisor whenever she’d feel like taking a day off.
    Not to mention the constant talking and gossiping…or the fact that these people were teaching children that homosexuality is fine, and that having AIDS is not so bad.

  6. I’d say this poisonous environment starts with the first female. The ‘feel’ immediately changes as men guard their behavior.

    1. I never really clicked with my brother in law until his soon to be ex wasn’t around anymore. Without him guarding his every word and action, the real man came out. Much better and I can finally see us building a friendship that’s about a decade overdue.

  7. Another common feature of female-dominated workplaces is the heavy focus on pointless activities. Women make every project far more complicated than it needs to be. We could spend countless hours outlining the reasons for this, but it remains a fact. If a meeting or conference call or party can be arranged by low-tier John calling his buddy at the other company, his female boss will reject that in favor of Kayla writing a memo outlining why, Kylie creating a spreadsheet, Kennedy writing a call script, and Kendra contacting the other scheduler to arrange a call between CEOs. It has something to do with valuing inclusion and feelings over results. But the market won’t sustain such inanity for long.

    1. So true. The female managers where I work are always nitpicking over trivial issues and don’t understand the numbers and complex calculations. I’m glad I’m a manager and don’t have to work for them.

    2. nevermind being caught amongst competing females trying out do one another….and trying to force other people to pick sides.

      1. I hate that. Someone did that to me. I was unaware of this petty competition. Luckily I was very respectful to everyone and they all confronted me about all the shit my manager was talking about me behind my back. That when I left the office for good.they all left one by one. I didn’t realize the impact I had on them.

    3. TRUTH! I work in a department that is mostly male-dominated (hence fieldwork) while my roommate works in a department where he is the lone male surrounded by females.
      Hence despite sharing the same “8-5” schedule, I often get to go home early because once the work is finished, then the job is done.
      On the other hand, my roommate often comes home well after 5:30-6pm because before anyone can go home, all the women & him get to sit around a table and talk about their feelings…

  8. This is why any male space that feminises rapidly declines. If your church gets a female preacher, find a new one. If your social club lets in girls, quit. They are both headed for a long painful decline.

  9. My wife (who is from Poland) says she HATES working with most women (they backstab and gossip) and she HATE HATE HATED working for a woman boss.

    1. Ive been in the workforce for years and I’ve had many women tell me the same thing. If given a choice, they would pick a male boss over a female one for many of the same reasons you mentioned.

  10. My first serious job after college had a matriarchal power structure. I got friendly with a few 40-50 year old HR women. They were really impressed that I’d read Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights for whatever reason and they were always teasing me about being single. Friendly enough, though. It was the youngest women and the older 51-65 year olds who were always fighting and causing trouble.
    One time I found myself at the center of an inquisition. One of the sexagenarian women reported that her diet cokes were being swiped and her little “investigation”(involving all the older women in the department) had narrowed it down to me or one other guy. I was amazed they had time for this shit and made the mistake of not taking it seriously and telling them to buzz off. Being friendly with the HR ladies probably saved my bacon.
    The younger women? I have a lot of memories of girls calling in sad to work after a breakup. They really kept security busy too: these poor guards had a giant binder of ex-boyfriends and “stalkers”(bitter former orbiters?) they were looking out for. One bipolar type actually got fired for claiming an ex was out to kill her and then being found making out with him in the parking lot(this was after all sorts of safety meetings, bringing an extra guard on board, etc).

    1. That’s silly. Swiping their Diet Coke. Men don’t drink Diet Coke (or Coke, period). WTF?

      1. Men don’t drink diet coke? You want me to show you how much of a man I am? (i drink Pepsi Max). You sound like prepubescent idiot.

        1. Please, do, Internet Tough Guy. Would you like details? Please provide contact information.

        2. I thought Pepsi Max was a re-branded diet drink (diet Pepsi), so men didn’t feel quite so gay drinking it.

  11. Fuck all of you guys:-)
    I have to survive at least a year of working in a place with 90% of management being unmarried( or unfucked, if you like)30+ women.
    The head of the company is a female too who was lucky to inherit the huge-ass company of her deceased father. This year the company sells four properties which is about 50% of all the assets because of “financial difficulties”
    I am a foreign worker in Canada, gotta stick to one specific job. The only way to do is to keep my fucking mouth and make sure my cock stays in my pants.
    Help me God

    1. decisions have consequences, and volunteered / took the job to work there. do yourself a favor, find another job.

  12. I’ve been working in a predominant female working environment and, I don’t know what’s worst, under a female boss. The emotional factor you have to deal with in that context on the part of your mates is extremely tiring. Relationships between them are overcomplicated, your boss reacts extremely emotionally, they don’t mind being at odds between them and acting as if they’re friends if they want to attack a third one (in general they lack moral values, they follow their immediate interest), they frequently contradict themselves, and even earning the same amount of money than us men they always tried getting us to do the hardest work.

    1. What’s interesting are how the males change in these places. I interned at an ad agency and in some cases, the men were men and laughed off the bullshit. Unfortunately too many were forced to bend based on who worked with them to the female silliness. I suppose that was to be expected.

  13. The female boss that I had was definitely okay and we had a decent work relationship (she admired by intelligence, knowledge, style, and shredded muscles), but she made a couple of questionable decisions. She and her female middle management saw the students as clients whose whims and caprices we always had to take seriously. A less time-consuming and pragmatic strategy would have been to simply treat them like air. This is the flipside of capitalist/market logic.

  14. I worked as a High School Teacher from 1994 to 2006. In most of the schools I worked in, men are never more than one third of the staff, and you also have to take into account the fact that many males working in the Education field are manginas.
    To me, it’s plain simple : Unless I get a job offer in a school where male teachers are the majority, with a male principal, I’ll never walk in a class as a teacher again.

  15. I would argue since most HR departments are female dominated in any medium to large company the gender ratio doesn’t really matter. Their emotional whims wreak havoc
    on productive employees. As for female supervisors I just assume ill be fired within 6 months and start looking for other employment when one is assigned to me.

  16. When I was a young man of 19 years old my male boss called me into his office.
    He looked me dead in the eyes and said “Cunts, every last one of them.” He was in his upper forties at the time. And he was dead serious. I started to laugh him off, but he stopped me and told me that no matter who they were, nor how old, nor their background or upbringing, every last one of them is a cunt.
    As I approach my 47th birthday I can honestly say that his words were pure honesty and one of the best warnings I ever had about the female of the species.

  17. My boss is a lazy Homer Simpson type, I’ll take him over a crazy woman though. Worse boss would be a stupid unfireable crazy black bitch. I’ve worked with every group above and below. Black women seem to really lose it when management or higher responsibility/stress job. I’ve had two good female bosses who also seemed to have happy home lives, encouraging cheerleader types.

  18. The military is cratering due to this insanity. My job as a professional warfighter was to kill people and break things. (Credit to Rush Limbaugh.) But with the services now having to lower standards of fitness and abilities, evolving into a “kinder gentler” combat machine, anyone who as served under the flag knows better. As well shoving young testosterone-driven kids together, (Whereas sexual politics- I.e. kneeling to your boss for a better duty assignment is unethical. What is crippling is the relentless subjective sexual harassment claims which fractures the command structure, thus negatively affecting national security. Ya know, we are all different. But societies fail when you are forced to accommodate the weakest link.

  19. I have spent my entire Army life in the combat arms which is infantry, cavalry, and field artillery. In my last two year assignment before I retired I was placed in a support unit with about half females, and I have never seen such a messed up situation. I knew right off why I had spent 30 years in the combat arms…because we did not have any women. I did my best to stay clear of these females because I saw first hand all the bad things that had happened to my peers. The upper level officers spent half their time doing investigations involving some female that made accusations against a male soldier. I was happy to retire and leave. I would never ever work around a female environment if you could avoid it.

  20. I work on a large construction site in London. The only women here are the cleaners, cafeteria workers and secretaries. The other 100 or so men are the labourers, tradesmen and managers.
    Women are not good at hard and complicated jobs.

  21. Three organizations that we wrecked/are being wrecked by females: the military, the police and the church.

    1. Women working in the military and police is like me working as a prostitute in Las Vegas or Amsterdam. It just doesn’t work.

  22. I would agree that working with women in a mostly male dominated industry sucks bullocks. I was a detailer at a huge multi-car company dealership. first I started detailing Minis my supervisor was your basic single-mom classic Amercanis cuntus. Rode my ass like a jockey on a horse and would start arguments with me when I would inquire for more details of the assignments she would give me. I went to work on Mercedes-Benz and BMWs. Five women worked there. I talked about controversial subjects with my detail team. One woman happened to walk by and overheard us. Naturally she filed a harassment complaint against me three months later I was out of a job. Yeah it fucking sucks.

  23. Healthcare is about 75% female. The business and IT sides have a few more men, but overall, very heavily female dominated. IT is divided thusly: Business Analysts, or business application support, is done exclusively by women. The real IT work – servers, infrastructure, NOC, etc. – is done by men. Management is all women. It’s a goddamned nightmare.

  24. I’m a woman I’ve worked with other women in a small office. If you are quiet and don’t partake in gossip. Then you are an enemy. I had this Jamaican girl who slacked a lot and was let go by the manager. Her decision not mine. She comes back with her mother as a patient and started to tell everyone that I was a racist. Her mother put a bloody dentist’s bib on my keyboard. I chose to keep calm because, I knew I’ve done nothing wrong to deserve that. The next week the mother comes all quiet wanting to apologise but didn’t because she knew what she did was soo disgusting a simple apology would not make it better. The daughter 22 years old the mother in her 50s. At that same job the “manager ” was uneducated and would yell and belittle everyone. She only had the job and any other job before that because she was fucking the owner. I had women say the nastiest of things and I still don’t understand why. I am quiet, I get my work done, I dress up appropriate and feminine for work, I am kind and helpful. I know that because customers tell me that. I learned later that women act out when they feel threatened. I am just there to do my job which btw i was doing for free to help out the owner who I was related to. No preferential treatment at all. Women regardless of age can’t Handel a woman who they perceive as put together. I don’t even fit in my own family because I went to school, have a job, good with kids and respectful to the elders. I’ve had and maintained my good reputation. My friends can’t stand the fact that I have a boyfriend and can’t relate to their adventures in casual sex. Doing everything right will bring a lot of envy. I didn’t know the fact that I like to dress up would make other women green with envy. Its not like I’m decked out in designer stuff. I’ve had and still have disastrous sister in laws that can’t Handel the fact that I don’t have a tainted past like they do and have a healthy relationship with all the men in my family. I don’t understand the hatred I’m not an ex girlfriend and have been kind and welcoming to them. It’s difficult to make friends but i dont care anymore for shallow people i have my family and boyfriend. I don’t need nor want to surround my self with envious women because all they want to do is bring me down to their level. From childhood to adulthood i realized thay Anyone who does that is not a friend. Unfortunately a lot of women dont grow up and still have the cattiness and pettiness of that of a teenager
    I wish I could say it get better but it’s impossible when Everyone is desperate for attention. If a woman over the age of 22 is active on Instagram or constantly updating her Facebook run in the other direction.

  25. Never share a house with women who aren’t family either. I did while in University. They will live in Sh*t and make some insane effort to tidy only when people are supposed to visit. Dishes get left where they lay and they drink worse than sailors on shore-leave. I wasn’t even remotely interested in any of them so thankfully didn’t make it worse by sleeping with any of them…and sweet jesus do they bitch about everything. If you are seeing a girl be under no illusion that her ‘friends’ know absolutely everything about you including what your like in bed.
    Don’t shit where you eat, work or sleep people.

    1. I would like to add, do not live with women who are family either. I’m talking specifically about mothers and sisters. I have the misfortune of living with my mum and three sisters and not a day goes by when I don’t plan on getting out of here.
      If you live with your mother without male guidance, you are doomed to a pussyfied lifestyle until you wake up around 20 while other normal guys have had a head start over you in every way.

      1. This is extremely underrated and righteous comment.
        You identified one of the deepest problems a man can ever experience.

  26. The first institute that heavily started catering to women was the church. Eventually it weakened (Reformation), broke up in many denominations and largely became irrelevant in day to day life (Secularization). After the church got neutralized the next project came into eyesight – the job market. To get access to the job market – higher – education had to be co-opted. Education has been completely feminized – with the possible exception of STEM. This is one of the reasons why academic work is much less rigorous now than a 100 years ago.
    De formal job market is well on it’s way to become no go for men. The next stop is professional sports and the military. Much harder because of the oblivious physical disadvantage women have. Although robotisation might be of assistance. If you have the brainpower to do it go into STEM or learn a trade…you’ll be somewhat safe from the BS.

    1. The lack of feminization in STEM is a direct cause of these BS claims hat women are underpaid in this field. It’s a way to make inroads into a lucrative profession without any real interest (if we’re honest) nor expertise. Of course, we leave Asians and Pakis out of this because their parents force them into doing things they hate.

  27. I forgot to add all women mentioned are constantly talking about their “mental illness” & are oddly proud of it. I agree with Biteme. Don’t share a house wirh unrelated women. They are dirty. And a lot of women think cleaning a dish as beneath them. I’ve lived with women who buy new clothes to avoid doing laundry because, pushing a button and filling a cup full of detergent is hard work

    1. Excellent point!!! Most of the women I’ve known are slobs. There are exceptions, and those earn my respect.
      But I’ve seen so many dirty dishes, dusty tables, filthy stove tops, overflowing trash cans, skid marked toilets, grimy tubs, dirty sheets, etc…
      90% or more of todays women have ZERO respect for anything, not even themselves. If you walk into their home and it looks like Beirut, red flag it and get out.

  28. This is my reality too. I work in television. All the managers at my office are female, and they’re all at war with each other.

  29. “The underlying pedagogic idea is that a safe and pleasant environment will create happy and motivated individuals. Girls need special treatment in order to fully thrive, some suggest.”
    That’s the kicker. Women have been treated with kids’ gloves forever, and the majority of them are still unable to thrive in male dominated professions or even the teaching field. A lot of this has to do with feminism and female entitlement, however. My Vietnamese fiancee is a teacher and I’ve never heard her complain about the job or moan about her colleagues.
    Still, women won’t be lifted to male heights of rationalism and focus/self-discipline, which only leads to lowering work place standards. It’s evident that most women have no place in the work field.
    This was a good article, but I would have enjoyed hearing some stories to go along with your accurate conclusions.

  30. I work in a predominantly female industry. When one of my colleagues are pregnant, I ask if they want to know the outcome before birth. They respond with passion, “It better be a boy.”
    I honestly cannot remember any of them saying they want a girl.

  31. Feminised societies are destined for the trash heap of history.
    Soon to be overrun by barbarians who don’t give a rat’s ass about inclusion, diversity or fweewings.

    1. Just look how disastrous a female majority family is. Women give the brother’s girlfriend, fiance or wife a hard time. Beware of older sisters. Women who grew up with mostly women are competitive and petty.

  32. Work in a 90% female workplace? Forget it. It only works IF we (male) are their boss. Might as well working in a drowning boat somewhere in the ocean with 90% of the staff are men. The hope to survive, for everyone, is bigger in that drowning boat.
    From my personal experiences, *most women* (90%) in every workplace are either:
    1. Don’t have the ability to admit if she made a (crucial) mistake. Highly irresponsible.
    2. Always expect some sort of acknowledgment, for doing what she *supposed* to do.
    3. Can never be placed side-by-side. Will endlessly gossiping or fighting each other.
    4. Her “I thought” means “I imagine”. Severely lacking in critical thinking ability.
    5. Seriously think that “talking while working” is equal with “hard working”.
    6. The higher the education, the bigger their “I can do NO wrong” mentality.
    7. The lower the education, the stronger their “It’s not my fault” mentality.
    Those points above still applied even for highly educated women (be it STEM or non-STEM). It’s not absolute to ALL women, yes. But.. exceptional is very rare for a reason.

  33. I liked working with my female co-workers in the past, but they could be very iffy. At first they were all about making sales. A few months later and hardly anyone wanted to make sales and they preferred to play on their phones. This was at the dawn of the smart phone era, so maybe everyone got the first smart phones at this time. I became the sales leader and a lot of them definitely did not want me pulling that off. They’d prefer I just try to get rid of the customers as quickly as possible because they didn’t wanna deal with them. Getting back to texting and social media was also very important to them. I was told after leaving the job by a male co-worker that some of the young women were conspiring to lobby the management to keep me in areas where selling wasn’t allowed, thus tanking my numbers.
    There was a real sense of carelessness at the place. A nonchalant attitude about tossing large volumes of intact, sensitive customer information in the garbage(by people who refused to take their turn digging through garbage for customer info), losing money, making goals, etc. A lot of that came from the company culture. The corporation loved to run skeleton crews with minimal training. So you can’t blame the workers for bad morale considering the company did not provide adequate staff to handle the volume of customers nor adequate training on how to handle the administrative and sales goals.
    I spent a lot of time coming up with my own strategies since the company wasn’t going to provide any. Even when I shared these tips, most of my female co-workers were not interested. The few straight and male co-workers I had were the complete opposite. Very focused on making goals. There was a female manager who was even more focused and hardcore than any of the men, but she got promoted and went elsewhere. Extremely competent person.
    The herd think thing is definitely more prevalent among women in my experience. The fact is, that women in the US do not have the same leverage and pressure on them as men. They have a lot less to fear from the state and corporations. They can play the discrimination card if they get fired, especially if they are a racial minority and/or pregnant. Most women can attract some beta doofus to provide for them, maybe several at once. Even without giving them anything but some token attention. So there’s not a ton of incentive for them to perform outside of their own drive and moral code.
    Another thing I notice is that when I’ve interviewed at places that were all or majority female, there’s always this semi-unwelcoming vibe. Those places are obviously lacking men for a reason. Any man who gets hired would become the alpha. That means hookups are very possible. And hookups could create a mess that unravels the whole workplace dynamic. The young women I was around loved to talk about creating children and raising children. Loved to ask me about my sex practices with my wife. If I had brought that type of stuff up first and they weren’t receptive, you can bet it would’ve been made an issue of with HR.
    That HuffPo picture happened by design. They know if hetero men start joining their workspace, that a lot of them are going to assume their natural role and take charge. So it’s just easier to keep them out. Or they could get some creepy guys in the mold of Franken or Thrush. There are a lot of very competent women out there who can work alongside men just fine. But the culture has also created hordes who feel like they’re entitled to slack off, blame men for many things, and act like they’re always in the right. Brainwashing works, and if you tell tons of women that they’re victims of the patriarchy and owed retribution in the form of various reparations, a lot of them are going to operate with that life philosophy. Then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy when adopting that philosophy doesn’t lead them to the promised land.

  34. opposite experience for me. my best bosses were women — kind and considerate. there was a male boss in another section of the office and he was an a__hole, and was cussing at the male employees all the time, and insulting them day in day out, but these men just took it. he seldom came into the our office because the women would just tell him to ‘talk to the hand.’ in a school situation female owner/bosses can be dragon ladies, dishonest and manipulative. so there is a variety out there, it really doesn’t have anything to do with sex or gender, or even age.

    1. I suspect that they don’t look up to you, Mr master.
      Do they place you above the company director?
      Do they long-blink at you with “I love you” on their eyelids as they gaze adoringly at you as if you were a raider of a lost arc?
      Are you a 1960’s Beatle in their midst?
      Would you, like Private Joker in Full Metal Jacket, giggle when the Sergeant Major is demanding war faces?
      Or would pee dribble down your leg in such an indoor environment?
      Girls are made their way and they dominate and nurture the children, if the children behave the “right” way…
      The down votes are trying to show you that you’ve missed the biological point of you in your post.
      Another point is that although you would be at peace in the unnatural and unobtainable utopia of same equal-ness, other human cultures, and indeed even horses and hounds, would not and do not stand for it and would stamp down upon you at any opportunity.
      Lead the tribe, kid. Be the boss, start a company if need be.
      Toughen up, be the dick.
      The other guy talks to the hand because he has no power, no pubes – but at least his balls have dropped… Where are yours?

  35. I left my job of thirty years recently for the reasons outlined in the above article. The women had taken over and it just wasn’t a right place for a guy to work anymore. I had a female leader who appointed people to postions not on the basis that they were any good but rather whether she thought they were “nice”. This meant either other women or non threatening males ie manginas. This one is still seething over the husband who traded her in years ago for something far more acceptable. A lot of the women in this office are middle agers who discovered feminism as teenagers in the 70’s and/or women who missed out on the beauty pageant. As a result they have either never married or ended up with a dope. Not only do these evil succubuses hate men that are actually men, they hate attractive and appealing women too.

  36. There are few things as grating as an advertising or marketing firm comprised of “you go girl” harlots who think their job actually has value.
    When I finally had enough and made the conscience decision to take a new career path I spent a few weeks dropping a few bombs. I knew my timeline was accelerated when I said that marketing was worthless…”when a product or service no longer sells itself from its intrinsic value then you call in the marketers to professionally lie about your product or service”.
    That of course did not go over well. Several females in the office cried because I put doubt in their mind regarding “what it is they’re actually doing here.” It was a good day, of course I was asked to leave shortly after.
    Marketing bitches and their cucked male enablers can suck it.

  37. Guys,
    It’s survivable after all, be friendly and keep mouth shut. Women at work place don’t really wanna know anything about your level of being “woke” or your outstanding sense of humor. The less you discuss anything the better it is for you.
    Be a neutral nice guy. If you are not obsessed to get into your female boss’ panties (which guarantees you a total shit show) don’t act too much as PUA, but b prepared to defend yourself with arguments in case it’s needed. Be calm but never a pussy.
    Be extra cautious if determined to date/bone someone. You work full-time at least a third of your day so the chance you’ll meet someone is high. So if you have established a relationship, then one of you gotta quit soon, otherwise you are fated to lose both – job and the relationship. God forbid, you break up while still working for the same company.
    If possible stay within the camera angles, provided you have any surveillance on premises simply to avoid some unnecessary false accusations of some nasty things like harassment.
    Don’t be afraid to use a voice recorder – you can record anybody as long as you partake in conversation. It’s totally legal in North America, at least in Canada.
    And finally, if you, unlike me, are not stuck at a workplace full of women, keep peacefully looking for other job.
    You are smart enough to adapt for any workplace.

    1. Yes, it is survivable, and obviously no physical harm will be done to you. The more diligent and agreeable females are more than okay to work with as long as one keeps things strictly professional. As long as one is not to bothered with the incompetence it is okay. Remain unattached.
      The problems may arise, though, when some females decide that they for whatever reason want to make things bad for you. In current times they have the legal, ideological and “moral” upper hand. Then things can start to become bad for you. If you have co-workers who find something they don’t like about you they will just stop talking to you (or at least be less friendly and open in general), which is fine, but if you deal with younger females – my goodness – then you may end up in big trouble. Then only good sign is that a few females have some common sense and moral standards – or simply don’t give a fuck because they are too stupid to care about anything besides Snapchat – so they will defend you when you are completely innocent.

    2. In a female workplace, don’t chat with them, never reveal any personal details or opinions. Now I’m retired I can refuse to interact with white women in any way.
      White women are worthless.

  38. I agree with this article for the full 100%!
    A majority of women in the workplace is toxic as fuck. I’m not saying all males are competent, but you will definitely notice a positive difference when males are the majority.
    The worst of the worst are negroes. So you can imagine that negroe women are some of the worst people you can have in a work environment. When I was a student I had quit some jobs, because I had to deal with negroe women on a daily basis. I would rather quit a job then hating my life because of that job.

  39. This species can only consume so much shit on this planet…when the shit starts to run low is when we really get to see just how good everyone really is at life.
    Just make sure you have the tools you need guys. The women who never invested in real world solutions to future problems will end up going to work sucking some empowerment fluid through your drain pipes in a SHTF scenario.
    I see allowing women to work across the board and drive consumption as a fatal mistake for our species at least the bulk of it.

  40. Catfights over handbags and tears in the toilets. When this producer launched a women-only TV company she thought she’d kissed goodbye to conflict…
    And while I, stand by my initial reason for excluding male employees – because they have an easy ride in TV – if I were to do it again, I’d definitely employ men. In fact, I’d probably employ only men.
    Though I will not absolve myself of all guilt, I believe the business was ruined by the destructive jealousy and in-fighting of an all-female staff. Their selfishness and insecurities led to my company’s demise. When I needed the so-called ‘Sisterhood’, believe me, it just wasn’t there.

  41. I worked in a female dominated workplace as a temp when I graduated from college about 20 years ago. I can’t remember many days when I didn’t go home from work miserable. It was almost 8 hours of constant bitching about their life.

  42. Lmao this reads like a journal article. Love it. Working with women sucks in general–particularly for schedulers

  43. Has anyone else noticed a consistent pattern here, and in other articles?
    When you boil it all down, what you end up with is that women all too often cause disruption.
    When we were kids, which parent was the one whom usually came up with that unexpected out-of-the-blue list of “chores” (stupid word, really) that assured you of being late or missing out on whatever was planned?
    Which side of a date is usually “fashionably late?”
    In another ROK article about why women are paid less then men one of the reasons given was “women are always late.”
    Even false rape/sexual harassment charges, including the workplace…
    What is the net result of all of this?
    Answer: Disruption.
    Women seem to like causing disruption. All of these things add up to one thing: disruption.
    Or is it just me?

  44. Depends on the environment. In college I had the fortune of working at the university library part-time. Most of my co-workers were all female, and the superiors were almost entirely female. However, it was extremely chill and laid back. No real drama and everyone got along just fine.
    I now work in a place where 2/3 main departments are female-dominated (education & the vet office), while at least my department (conservation) is more of a boy’s club. Coincidentally, one department has less the interpersonal drama, less hierarchy drama, and less the needless bullshit (see: weekly meetings to discuss feelings).
    My buddy/roommate has the misfortune of being stuck under the education department, so he finds himself answering to like 3 different women all pretending they are in charge of the place, and you can tell it takes a toll on him…

  45. That’s why I think later we might be separated from women from the workplace. Because it costs companies money to hire woman and all the jobs women do are going to automized but I don’t know if this will happen but I think they will segregate the sexes at work.

  46. Talk about backstabbing!!! Bitches love hiding behind authority!
    Had a female manager that day-to-day could be cool and friendly as you like, but suddenly at an official yearly review you find out that “we’ve had complaints” about your “attitude” and “inappropriate behavior” or “your leaving early”, and not once during the whole year has your manager told you anything to your face 1 on 1, or hinted that anything needs improvement, just smiled and jotted down her “findings” to give you a low review score when the official review comes around.
    Top notch leadership bitch!

  47. Worked in an office in the US with nearly all females, no men in leadership positions at all. Hardly anything got done, we spent too much time on useless stuff, and these girls would talk the lights out, allllllll day.
    Was a government funded project and made me a little sad to see tax dollars being used so inefficiently.
    There’s a reason there are no all female startups.

  48. >Women seem to like causing disruption.
    It is not just you. Women thrive on disrupting men and I think they get a rush of pleasure when they succeed in harming a man. There is no other explanation that makes any sense. They enjoy creating chaos and harming men. Women are the ultimate destroyers.

  49. I am an RN. Talk about working in a female environment. I love what I do. I hate having to tiptoe around. Working for women is hell. If you didn’t dot an “I” or cross a “T” they have to have a meeting about it. Then you have the women with $0.69 worth of power and feel the need to “help” you by “correcting” you. If you say something that can remotely be called “offensive” or “threatening” is has to ,be dealt with quickly, with authority but should the women in the workplace talk about their periods or what they do with their boyfriends and husbands, I am told I need to “man up” and let the women talk, The double standard is, above all, dangerous to the patients that we are all supposed to care for. These cows can talk, gossip, not do the heavy lifting but expect me to keep quiet, mind my own business, but when I do mind my own business, I am pulled into the office and told I am “unfriendly” and “distant” and “frightening” I chose my profession for all the right reasons – Money, security, freedom of movement. Didn’t figure on women being in charge. My mistake.

    1. jesus man the same thing. i work in pharma and shit if i dont write the dot or line or some estetic bullshit they have a meeting how everything is fucked up. i mean data is more important than looks.

  50. am working in a 95 percent female environment. Pharmaceutical industry. i am only male in my department there and i can tell you its a huge pressure. Flock mentality is so exegerated that even when i am right about something if one woman disagrees everyone agrees with her and makes fun of men. Gossip on the hallways and meaningless conversations about clothes and shopping. Work suffers because they focuse on nonsense like estetics. Id like my report to be correct and easy to read with all neccesary data but for them the chart has to be in line with margins and percentage sign has to be separated from number or its a tragedy. they are not creative because they are scared of risk and want to do everything as before. Also if they feel bad they will treat you bad. No respect and no loyalty beacuse they dont fear consequences. If a man says something offensive, he fears , because other man can punch him in the face. Not with woman. She can outright offend you with most sadist comments and you cant do shit. I cant be myself because when i see a nice car or good fight on internet or comment on the world politics i want to disscus with someone but they just dont feel the same pull on that topics. I mean they are not stupid in fact very smart girl with deegres but more balance in workforce is needed. A lot of them suffers from thyroid problems because they cant handle stress. But for me the job is so simple that it is boring. they like dramma so they make it if there is none. I honestly want to leave but there is not much other jobs for me cause i already experienced in this technique. And yea they cant change water tank in kitchen so go help them poor little girls…

  51. Oh yes at university i have to do group work with a load of bitches. We already had problems getting together at one time, then one chick brings another girl who hadnt found herself a group yet (get organised bitch ur a adult) then this same new girl who has been slacking brought another girl to the group as this 2nd new girl fell out with her all girl group. Jesus christ! Focus on the work and stop bitchin about. Now thats 3 mothers in our group, me and thankfully another male whos cool for a young married guy-hasnt seen the red pill light yet and a immature slow chick. fkkkk.

  52. I’m female and deeply, deeply dislike working with women. The only conversation in the office you ever hear is gossip, home chores and private affairs, fashion, more gossip and shallow, irrelevant opinions, nobody asked for, they need to state about anything in order to show off their ‘values’ and moral and social stance. They meddle in others’ business and ‘shut you out’ unless you comply with the group mentality. They backstab each other then act like sisters when together. They also need to narrate their day at work. They hate on men, claim to do all the work there but if it comes to lifting or moving weight, they rely on men to do it because ‘thats the least they could do, those good for nothing men’. The temperature in the office is also hellish, because they’re always freezing but don’t want to dress up. They want everything sugar coated, even admitted to now wanting to hear the truth because it hurts their feelings.
    It’s like working with stupid kids in adults’ bodies who believe and act like the world revolves around them. How men tolerate them is beyond me.

    1. Have you ever had a bunch gather each morning and brag i mean cry because they are such good mothers they cannot bear to leave their kids at school. Lying cunts would go on saying their kids screamed and cried and did not want to leave them. I don’t remember seeing kids cry like that every day at school. But these cunts claimed theirs did. I guess its because they are just better mothers and love their kids more. I wish i had said sounds like you need to save for mental therapy instead of college

  53. The estrogen environment is toxic. Our workplace gradually shifted from 50-50 to 80-20 female. They spend HOURS each day yakking, getting little done, then when the boss(male) asks for something done, they go behind his back and bitch that he’s picking on them.
    Never, ever, work in a mostly female environment. While male-dominated work spaces do tend toward fraternities, there generally is an agreement that work has to get done. With estrogen in control, making sure each of them feel ‘secure’ is far more important than earning their pay.

  54. Your article really struck a chord with me and I want to say that this also applies to studying in colleges. Long time ago when I was a young man I took a public relations course that had lots of female students. There were only 4 male students including myself. Two guys quickly left leaving me and one more who stuck around until he left 3-4 months later. I foolishly thought that I was special since I was the only guy left. But the girls’ constant lies, manipulation, bitching and gossiping about petty things affected me to such a degree that when the final term of first year started, I didn’t attend class until 3 weeks in. That severely jeopardised my studies that I quit with 2 months to go before end of first year. My only regret was not quitting the course earlier like the other guys did. TLDR it’s a complete waste of your resources trying to work in a female workplace, but most importantly your precious time. Know when to jump off a sinking ship. Don’t ever delude yourself into thinking you can work with women.

  55. It is a nightmare for women too. Everytime I would work with women the lying cheating lazy cunts would gang up to get me fired. The reason i was told was either i did not fit in or i said a bad word and the precious bitches were Christians. Don’t Christians help others. Right truth was they were all married because women need someone to pay the bills and support all their kids and work was the only place they could sneak around and date. Blue Cross Blue Shield in Chattanooga is known for it.

  56. Worked for an ugly woman, literally a female version of Harvey Weinstein physically.
    First woman I ever met who actually belched out loud in front of others, regularly.
    After about a week she started hitting on me, then got nasty and mean when I didn’t respond. Needless to say, I got out of there.
    Boo hoo! I was harrassed! Should I put my story up on #MeToo ?

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