Why “Nexting” Unsuitable Women Is Good For Your Sex Life

A lot of the time, when people write content on game what they’re doing is telling you how to draw women to you. What is less discussed is when you should push women away, or “next” them. My take is you should do it frequently.

Failure to next women whenever they fall short of your standards—or you of theirs—is a common quagmire you should avoid falling into. Instead, you want to be adding women to your pipeline with such regularity that deleting some girl with whom there are problems from your phone is no big deal.

Frame Is Everything


Last week regular ROK commentator Lolknee wrote the following under my article about abundance:

If I ever lose frame even for a hot second I leave a woman. I don’t need a woman in my life who isn’t under the delusion that I am totally fucking perfect’

Now, without wishing to blow smoke up Lolknee’s ass, I would recommend that every man reading this tattoos the above quote on an area of his body where it is easily visible immediately. Seriously. Carry on reading this on your iPhone at the tattooist’s, or else pick up where you left off when you return.

Only joking. But you get my point: Lolknee’s comment is important. When guys usually think about nexting, if they do at all, they think of it in terms of the girl’s bad behaviour. If, for example, she is always late, or brings you loads of drama, or is a money-grabber or something else of the kind, then of course it’s going to cross even the most blue-pilled beta guy’s mind that maybe he should dump her ass. What is equally true, though, is that if you lose the frame in any way and her respect for you plummets then you’re also better off cutting your losses and moving on to another prospect.

Why is this? Well, with hypergamy being what it is, as Lolknee says, it’s much better for the women in your life to think you’re ‘totally fucking perfect.’ Frame, and female-to-male respect, is extremely brittle in the early stages of an interaction. Once you’ve banged a girl a few times, or she’s become your girlfriend then yes of course she is going to give you a little more latitude. A little. But early on, especially in big Western cities, if you make one mistake then you’re screwed. Once she has you in her sights as a potential beta then it’s practically impossible for you to recover the frame. Even if you do end up sleeping with her the sex will most likely be lacklustre and your continued engagement filled with drama.


Fool boy is waiting his girlfriend

Am I painting women unreasonably as unforgiving here? Well, the truth is that they can be, particularly in the early stages with men they’ve just met. When you think about it, this is only natural. She naturally wants to attract the best quality mate that she can (this is the function of hypergamy) and therefore if she perceives that you might not be everything your approach suggested you were, then there’s a good chance she’s going to drop you, or at least put you into the ‘provider’ box, one that you might be keen not to inhabit. 

The problem is that mistakes happen, even for the best of us. An example. I recently went on a second date with a cute English girl I’d met in London through day game. The first date had gone well—drinks and a visit to Winter Wonderland, the annual Christmas amusement park we have here in Hyde Park. The vibe had been good between us and we’d made out. I’d tried to get her to come back to my place but it was a Sunday night and so not ideal, so I was perfectly happy to wait for our next meeting.

This didn’t occur until after Christmas (incidentally, the Christmas break is like a nuclear bomb going off at the end of every year for those into the game. Suddenly cities are wastelands,  no-one’s around for a fortnight and organising dates is nigh-on impossible). We arranged to meet for drinks on a Friday night but when Friday rolled around I was extremely tired after my week at work and so wasn’t particularly on form. I arranged to meet her at a place that was fairly remote, which was a bit of a buzzkill.

Worst of all, though, when she turned she was already drunk, having been out with a crowd of workmates. This meant that the sweet-tempered girl I had met before Christmas was now surly and suspicious. She also expected me to carry the conversation. Being knackered, and annoyed with her for being drunk (I don’t drink alcohol, so it was doubly annoying for me) I wasn’t inspired and so the talk was stilted and frankly dull.

After we’d finished our drinks I watched her walk off into the night. I then took out my phone and deleted her number.

Just Move On

A man is wrapped in red tape reading fear representing the paralysis of being afraid and unable to move or act in the face of danger or something that scares or

What mistakes did I make on that date? I probably shouldn’t have arranged to meet her on a Friday. I should have chosen a venue that was more central. I should have swallowed my annoyance and made a bit more effort with the chat. Perhaps, having realised she was drunk, I should have excused myself a lot earlier than I did. But I didn’t, and a combination of these errors plus a sudden, barely tangible lack of connection between us meant that she—in my assessment—lost respect for me. Suddenly I was no longer the charming guy who’d stopped her on the subway and had been so witty on WhatsApp. Now I was the guy who’d taken her on a rather flat date. Trust me, that is not the guy I want to be for any woman.

Now, would the interaction with her have been salvageable? Possibly, yes. She was attracted to me, that much I knew—we had made out several times over that second evening. It is likely that, had I left things a few days and then contacted her anew I could have reinvigorated her desire and had another shot. But why would I want to do that? Why fight an uphill battle with some girl who turns up drunk to dates when I live in a city with a population of 8.6m, some of them extremely hot?

Even Just A Sense Of Abundance Allows You To Next With Abandon


Years ago, things would have been different. I would have been on the phone to that girl trying to get her out again, justifying the flat night and doing everything I could to get the notch. Today, thankfully, I can’t be bothered. Today, if a girl lets me down, or if I mess something up causing her to think less of me, I simply walk away and develop another prospect instead. 

There’s actually something intensely freeing about clearing the decks, deleting dead phone numbers and looking forward to the future instead. You need to have a modicum of faith to do it—faith in your ability, faith that, yes, you will meet another girl just as hot down the line. But when you acquire that faith then nexting unsuitable girls frees you up for sex and relationships with better ones, clears your mind of drama and shame and gives you back control of your dating life. So why not go through your phone today and get deleting some of those burned-out old numbers?

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399 thoughts on “Why “Nexting” Unsuitable Women Is Good For Your Sex Life”

    1. This obvious double standard of a beta simp is a perfect opportunity for me to ask game believers a question: Do you seriously believe that game trumps looks, with other words, can this guy push girls away with a baseball bat if he learnt game?

        1. That by the book thing is very elusive though. It’s a truism that girls prefer a charming man to a dull one but some things are extremely hard to learn if at all it is possible. Take a central tenet of game, cocky & funny, I find that you need to be naturally quick-witted for that. I’m not at all a creative or quick-witted guy so I find myself always in my head trying to remember what it was that somebody else used on a girl and that worked so well. Get the timing a microsecond too late and bam it’s game over.

        2. Get out of your head. Just do…if you blow it…NEXT. It takes practice. With practice comes success. With success comes confidence. It’s all a process. Musicians and athletes spend years practicing, some make it some don’t. Just my advice.

        3. You say that as if I was surrounded by so many girls that I can afford to just next.
          Am thinking of travelling to the Philippines later this year though.

        4. I disagree and I have been a natural my whole life. The first time I got laid must have been 8 years old but I was the kid who was playing doctor too. If you have trouble with cocky and funny on the natural end, you might be a bit deficient. Humor can be tweaked and learned. Buy the book Comedy Writing Secrets if this is something you want to work on and practice from there.

        5. Nah those are the ones who only want the top dogs or brown guys, despite their own low SMV.

        6. If you are a natural then you never had to learn it and so can’t know how it feels *not* to be a natural.

        7. True but only to a degree. There is always another level to anything you can do and no one is born superior to everyone who can or has existed before them. When I fell off the wagon on my humor, see school indoctrination, I started reading comedy for fun and got a lot of my steps back. Good humor requires you cracking a good joke and moving on just as quickly as you got to the joke. Most fall flat because they wait for the laugh or assume they said something extremely witty. As someone who’s wit is pretty advanced and has been for a while, a joke is like jabbing a fat kid. It isn’t in hitting the fat kid that the humor lies. That’s a stationary target. It is in leaving them winded but within strikable distance to you and watching them fail miserably at hitting you back. The least you can do is open the book.

        8. I’m on Cape Cod and it’s winter so I live your reality. Day game. Make some good coffee, throw it into a travel mug, and go into Starbucks any afternoon. Works for me. In fact night game is beyond dead here, 20 or 30 to 1 and the one is usually 5 or less. Work with what you have. I am not a slayer by any means, that’s why I come here. The advice I get from the articles and the comments keeps me ahead of the curve. Without this site I would be hopeless. Heck two years ago I was hopeless. White knight Captain save a ho. You all know how that ended, I will save the inches.

        9. cape cod is a chain of sea food restaurants in canada similar to long john silvers in america

        10. Well I mentioned the Philippines and you came up with this Cape Cod thing so I googled it to see where in the Phils it is and it is not. Not sure then what your point was then about living the life I want to (young attractive Pinay girls)

        11. Go back to the central point of the article. Game frame, keep moving forward, don’t get bogged down with time wasters. Be bold, be charming, tease, walk away when required. For me the biggest take away, invest nothing up front. Live your life to make yourself happy, evaluate what makes you happy. Get out of your head and just live. Add game and the continuing refinements and prosper, be happy, live the full rich life you want to live. Always re evaluate what you desire because it changes just like the rules. You will never become perfect, just be better every day. Share your successes with men and ponder your setbacks with other men. Remove toxic aspects from your life without remorse.

        12. It doesn’t matter where you live, make it happen. Just go do it. Yes Cape Cod is in the USA, in a very liberal progressive state. Mostly the women are alwful. I can complain about that and more or I can just adjust and go out and do it, period.

        13. I don’t think that’s entirely true. I had no idea what red pill and “manosphere” were a few years ago, but was the same self then that I am now.

        14. So you possessed the qualities without being aware of it, another natural then.

        15. I did at the time, yes. But, being an actual human being with intelligence and free will, I found the manosphere and now know all the neat technical wizz bang terminology and logic behind what I was doing, which was, frankly, basically doing what I learned from my father, my grandfather (he was a rascal) and my uncle (an M.C. 1%’er biker).
          Point being, I think that I gained some insight to blue pill men where before, I really had no fucking clue why 99% of the men I met outside of biker circles were such absolute pansies and were, generally scared shitless of women I considered “meh” at best.

        16. If you had an experiment in a bar with a very good looking man and a below average looking man running the exact same ‘by the book game’ with equally flawless technique. I would put good money down on the majority of women finding the unattractive male to be dull/sleazy and the superior looking gentleman to be considered charming/funny.

      1. Hard to say. My reaction is No* (the asterisk is important). Obviously in a group of 6 guys with relatively equal levels of attractiveness and general SMV the one who has a more confident and outgoing personality will get the most action while one that is insecure and acts timid will get the least. But I do not believe that on the extremes looks will trump. A fat ugly fuck is just out of luck until he handles his issues in himself. Likewise, Connor Murphy can just keep making you tube videos of himself with no shirt on acting like an asshole while entire sororities of girls line up just to touch him.
        Other things that factor in are, of course, fame, success, money and all the other things that make a girl tingle. But all of this stuff like “game” or whatever is predicated, I believe, on first becoming the best example of yourself and then going out in the world

        1. That Connor dude is actually evidence that looks & fame > everything else.

        2. see I think it isn’t that looks & fame > everything else. I mean you can’t be “kinda a little better looking than the next guy” He is at the absolute fucking extreme. At his level, yes, he could pull down his pants, take a dump on the lawn and women would line up to tell him how talented a shitter he is. But yeah, looks and fame can be beat (btw the girls who are with him will start looking for something opposite soon enough because that’s how women are) but it is extremes. It is like saying money: yeah, I have a good job and pay for drinks. That helps to a degree. However, if I could say, at a bar, “fuck his honey, lets take my private jet to St. Barth where I have my yacht docked and spent the next week on the water for fun” it would be a lot different.

      2. Game is basically applied psychology, or in less technical terms, its manipulation of basic female psychology in order to get laid. Now, looks are important but they are not the 100%, you need to have game. If we talk about %, I would say that looks are 35% and 65% is Game.
        You can have Game, but if you are a fat ugly prick it will be more difficult for you.

        1. I would place the looks percentage higher.
          Ironically a lot of game advice nowadays is telling men to improve their appearance and be more physically attractive to women.

      3. Looks, Money, Status.
        If you aren’t strong in atleast one of those in my opinion then no amount of confidence or ‘game’ is going to help you land attractive women in the Anglosphere regularly.

  1. Ugh I don’t know I don’t like nexting without at least smashing the hoe. Then onto the next one especially if the sex sucked. I just don’t like being in the hole with the time and money I gave a chick.

    1. A serious note about “being in a hole” with time and money you give a chick. If I may offer a little advice, thinking of taking a girl out as an investment in her cunt is foolish. With the right game you can uber her to your apartment and fuck her for free. AWALT. Try to enjoy a date and think of a woman as a nice baubble or trinket that you carry on your arm. The date isn’t about her. The date is about you. You do what you find fun, what you like and with the added pleasantry of having a nice piece of ass as a fashion accessory. Just assume cooze. It is part of the overall experience you are creating.
      As a for instance, this Friday night I have a date of which the particulars are, let us say, incredibly interesting. She is a stone cold fox and it is a very odd situation. Guys have been throwing money and attention at this girl for a piece of her twat since she was 12…maybe younger. So what? I am going to do the same? Fuck that noise. There is a bar I really like. It is kind of set up in a modern style but like modern in the 60’s so it looks like a posh jetson’s theme. I will take her there. I know most the staff and they will give me a private table in the corner. I love this treatment. Having her on my arm only makes it more fun for me. After a few drinks we will split to a quiet bar with a jazz pianist that I really like and change the mood form rowdy to more mellow. I will order a few apps from the menu and a few drinks and by the time we are done I will grab a cab and bring her back to my place. Maybe she will say no (though in this particular instance she won’t….sometimes you just know this shit) and if she did I still have a fantastically fun night, it is only 1130 so I can go to some of the places I know where it is easy to pull a ONS and move on. The money wasn’t wasted. The date was about me having fun and I did. If she wants to go out again though I will simply invite her over and I will cook for her. If she says no, I will next. My success rate is far too high and I am way too smart not to know that if she wanted to fuck me she would.
      As for the kind of Nexting troy mentions in the article and, flatteringly, quotes me on…I will give you another example. This from a few months ago. Some girl I was tapping on the regular for a few weeks. Good sex, hot little body, young…really sexy thing. This girl saw me as perfect. Everything I did was magical. I made no missteps. Those first 2 weeks there was not a man on this planet who could have held her interest for 2 minutes. She was totally smitten. Then one night I was in a shitty mood, got drunk and texted her to come over. She is about an hour away by subway so I offered an uber. She said she was tired and just going to go to bed. It was already like 1 am. Instead of passing the booze got the best of me and I asked again, and then a third time. When I woke up in the morning and looked back at my texts I saw that I had come off as needy. Didn’t call her for 2 days and then texted her and simply said “this isn’t working out. should probably cool down for a bit” I didn’t next her because she wasn’t great…she was a solid 9.5, she was in her early 20’s, stylish, sexy little body, if this girl grew any hair on her under her eyebrows you would never know it and just a magical little gash but I wasn’t the perfect guy anymore….and there is a line of women who still think or will think I am. So next.

      1. a jazz pianist? A negro jass pianist no less? Wowzers. Does he wear white gloves too? Does he look like al Jolson in black face?

        1. you should let me take you out sometime. you could be like my personal Eliza Doolittle. I can teach you how to be a man and get some good quality action and have a fun time instead of being a miserable shit

        2. I don’t. Like most people I basically ignore you. That said, you really should let me take you out. All this wallowing in self pity is bringing me down/

        3. know any flaming trash cans we can stand around? something I’m dressed to code for?

        4. are you kidding, I would do the full My Fair Lady. I would have to first teach you how to dress and act in proper society.

        5. it would be cooler if it was like thing from the adam’s family … just a hand playing the piano

        6. going all ray charles on the fucker … like a muppet just pounding the fucking keyboard … moving with whole body

      2. America’s only native art form: i don’t count jazz because it sucks (bart simpson)

      3. and he’s talking to davy who’s still in the navy … and probably will be for life
        and the waitress is practicing politics as the businessmen slowly get stoned
        and they’re sharing a drink that’s called loneliness but it’s better than drinking alone

      4. i once shared a bottle of olde english 800 in my spare office at night with a girl … that’s pretty much the same

      5. “..one night I was in a shitty mood, got drunk and texted her to come over.”
        Bad move. The booze amplifies the mood. I have done the same myself and leanred that after a night out with the boys or staying home to knock back a few, stay the fuck away from the phone. Even if they are calling you as it will end on a sour note.

        1. Absolutely, and 99% of the time I do. But we all drop the ball. The point here is that I broke it off with her because I fucked up, not because she did. You will never redeem yourself…ever

        2. “You will never redeem yourself…ever”
          Nope. Your married aquiantances can vouch for that and they never forget either.

        3. Hence me not understanding how married game works. Yes, I next if I am bored or if I feel it won’t go anywhere and I am wasting time but I always next if I fuck up. I can’t imagine having one, brief, 35 second moment of being off and then spending another 10 years with that person without beating them within an inch of their life daily.

        4. It simply becomes another shit test. Having your wife bring up the time you got drunk at your cousins wedding 7 years ago? Shrug it off with a smile and retort, “I had a great time.”
          ZFG and referain from apologizing for anything not involving death or injury. It’s her that has to grapple with the reality of you being mortal. It’s your SMV that is rising while hers sinks (and casusally remind her of it occassionally (dread game)).

        5. “ZFG and referain from apologizing for anything not involving death or injury.”
          great advice.
          I have to cut back on my apologizing for stupid shit..

        6. You got it. Since he doesn’t spend enough time with a girl for her to actually age, I think lolknee didn’t take this into account. heh.
          A 35 second fuck up when you’re 23 might hang with you for a few years, then she notices that she’s just not as…young…as she used to be…and suddenly the topic goes away.

        7. Heh. I enjoy hearing of lolknee’s exploits, but I also realize he spent alot of time building upon himself to achieve his personal aims and be in the current position that he is in. Every man carves his own path.
          The wife dropped one on me a few months ago when we were in the city. “I notice women don’t look at you as often as they used too.” My automatic response, “I haven’t noticed that at all.” Silence. Topic dropped and she fell back into step. The shit tests never stop no matter what relationship you have a with a woman.

        8. Oh, I’m not criticizing his chosen lifestyle, I’m just noting that his realm of experience doesn’t touch on some of the same areas that ours do (and vice versa).

  2. I have only fallen for the multiple dates about 10 years ago – and a few times. Just one more date and “she’ll be mine” …but never again…huge mistake
    When I was a yute — they would almost always bang on first date/meeting…
    I do not know of anyone that didn’t bang a few bikini clad beach girls while in our teens.
    Nowadays, seems there are herds of virginal 20-something men.
    The heuristic of 20% of men banging 80% of the women seems like gospel now. perhaps is the natural law.
    Which means being the best you can be, if you wish to breed..

    1. “…perhaps is the natural law. Which means being the best you can be, if you wish to breed..”
      We’ve always had to be the best we can be. American society just fooled us (from roughly 1950 to 2000) into thinking that ALL us guys were owed a woman. We’re not. Nobody hands out women like the CEO used to hand out a set of steak knives for five years’ service.

      1. yea. I reckon is true…
        But how did it work with the peasants(and slaves) in older, and ancient times?
        I know if I was emperor no one but me would be getting fit birds…

        1. I’ve read evolutionary biologists stating that only 40% of men have reproduced throughout our history, but 90% of women have reproduced.
          Which means, given 100 men and 100 women, 40 men have fathered two children, and 60 men have fathered zero. And 10 of the women were so ugly that even those 60 bottom-of-the-barrel men refused to touch them.

        2. I wonder how ugly were those 10% women? Or maybe they had leper meaning that there isn’t any type of healthy woman out there that couldn’t find a simp.

        3. since they are extinct we will never know
          but, they were uglier than the creatures in the menopausal march.
          that’s damn ugly

        4. Just like with social darwinism has been abused and gotten a bad rap, so had evolutionary biology.
          I’ve read that 60% of uncited statistics are false. 🙂 First off, I doubt the 90% statistic of women reproducing is true for a variety of reasons: Consider infertility, death due to childbirth and infant mortality with the last two being especially significant in distant history. Logic 101 guys: One reason why an “alpha” (in our terms) married 3 or 4 women was that so many of his wives died due to childbirth. An “alpha” of those days wasn’t a CEO but rather would be a farmer with a decent home (and by decent, I mean about the size of an efficiency apartment with an outhouse and nearby well).
          So which men weren’t marrying or having kids? It would typically be sharecroppers, ranchhands, or soldiers who were effectively homeless. But again, let’s apply logic 101: If a man has children and he’s affluent, then why wouldn’t a majority of his children also get married and have kids? Are these unmarried men coming from Loser Island? In the west’s case, a majority of women are not getting married and many aren’t breeding which is why there’s been a push for massive immigration to keep labor rates low and prop up the welfare state.
          What was different then as compared to now and what appears to be at the heart of feminism was basic paternal financial responsibility: women married for economic reasons that weren’t hypergamous but rather “for the children”. If a working class woman was getting on in years and her parents couldn’t afford to support her, she’d marry “down” to a farmer because otherwise she and her offspring would starve. The career woman and welfare state removed those from the equation along with a “romantic love” and “liberated woman” media encouraging her to bang for satisfaction. In addtion, the PUA community seems to nurture loose women while complaining that so many “sluts” are out there trying to settle down.

        5. Thanks for the cite. I find it startling to say the least that 90% of women before feminism had children. I wouldn’t say it stands to reason the rate would be lower due to the multiple other variables I mentioned above.
          If one thing does stand to reason is that then, like now, there wasn’t a huge supply of alpha males available for monogamous marital relationships and, I presume we’re looking at Christian cultures with generally monogamous marriages and not too many single mothers running around (due to a lack of welfare state), that would mean that running the numbers, there would be an average of 2 wives for every man.
          So logically, or basically just a “guess” on my part, this would mean that there would be a pretty high number of widowers out there. It makes sense that they’d remarry because, after all, if you have kids from a first wife then it would be the perfect household for a 2nd wife to move into, help raise those kids, and have some of her own. (Probably the reason why so many fairy tales have stepmothers…)
          Another factor to consider… what if a father dies leaving the home with no breadwinner? I was reading the Mitzvot’s (Jewish commandments) out of curiosity and they have a whole section dedicated to a brother being required, repeat required, to marry his brother’s widow.
          So I suspect our relatively recent history before modern times was made up of a lot of mingled families rather than harems. It certainly wasn’t like the welfare state of today (which ironically is bringing in Islamic patriarchs to make working women into childless cucks).
          Naturally, our pre-historic (literally) evolution was similar to that of other animals where the women either mated with the alpha tough guy because he was hot OR simply around and available when she was horny. This was because the “welfare state”, so to speak, was simply whatever natured provided and high infant mortality was tolerated similar to the animal kingdom where the female raises the young poorly (kind of like how our modern welfare state turned out. 🙂
          Civilization is literally (a term I hate to use, but applies here) a product of the two parent family where a man had a direct stake as an innovator and provider for his young AND also to limit her from messing around on him to cuck him with someone else’s kids. Consequently, a patriarchy was created to ensure that men’s rights to support what they knew were their progeny was secured.

        6. It’s more cruel than that. Our actual human evolution is being impacted by the availablity of the “caesarian” birth whereby children are delivered breach when the mother’s or child’s life is threatened.
          In ancient times, the genes of these children (and mothers) were lost when they didn’t survive. Due to this procedure, more and more children are being born that REQUIRE this procedure.
          Another factor to consider is that most women married at an age that would be considered statuatory rape today but this also means probably that most of the women were decent looking: not fat (actually fat would be considered a status symbol 🙂 and not hitting their “wall” for at least a decade. The reason for the 10 percent probably had a lot to do with some women not marrying for religious reasons (the church had many women who remained celibate) and even spinsters.

        7. Read “Marriage, A History” by Stephanie Coontz. It’s brilliant. It will also challenge some of your assumptions re: civilization.

        8. From what I read on amazon, I think I probably agree most of what she says that the romantic notion of marriage today is a joke. Heck, the modern wedding ring was a marketing campaign by De Beers.

    2. I think it’s a combination of many things…
      Internet addiction, lack of physical work, lack of good jobs, rise of social media, normalization of whorish behaviour, generational observance of divorce, breakdown of religion and community, increased cost of living (now people need Wi-Fi, laptops, smart-phones, university degrees, etc., on top of the basic necessities of the past), social re-engineering of gender roles, misinformation regarding human sexual behaviour, hyper-urbanization, and I could go on and on…
      I agree that there is a whole generation of young men who seem totally clueless and disengaged. Plenty of women are going to end up as total wrecks of human beings too.

    3. Sir Lee – Your reference to “yute” My Cousin Vinny” Ed Gwynn tells Joe Peschi, “Mr. Gambini what’s a yute”!!! Good one

  3. Nexting is for impatient and inexperience young hunters (not so young in lolkneels case lol).
    Let me tell you a little secret – you can get any girl out there, I mean any girl even if she’s miss world and what not, provided you are persistent. Persistence and perseverance always pay off provided you are the man who can pull it off without becoming an annoying stalker. A proper hunter has the patience and the motivation to pursue his goals till the end. Following this strategy you can aim at 9+ girls and you don’t have to work on only one girl.
    And here’s another little secret – men who have the patience are good in bed and women know it. Don’t be a quickie.

    1. I’m sure I would get laid more often if I wasn’t so willing to “next” girls. But at this point, my time and dignity are much more important to me and all the time spent on most these girls is just validation for being born with a vagina.

      1. People who next the girls quickly usually go for low quality. If the girl is worth it you just press on until you get her.

        1. Hands down you are the single most clueless person I have ever had the pleasure of having any form of interaction with.

        2. What makes you think Fo4 is a girl?
          I don’t think a girl would say something like the comment above:”If the girl is low quality you should not pursue her in the first place … unless you’re thirsty and needy.”, unless she is a red pilled 10 herself or something.

        3. sad, sad little shit you are. I make you this promise…if the day comes that I think about something you said and think you were right, on that day I will find a gun, put the barrel of it in my mouth and pull the trigger. You are woefully misinformed, mix arrogance with ignorance in a way that suggests some serious mental illness and, frankly, a moron. If you weren’t such an intolerable piece of shit I would actually pity you.

        4. No guns allowed in NYC!
          So you are caught in a catch-22
          1) You claim to never break the law
          2) you also claim to never leave nyc
          it seems you are stymied!

        5. Pedestalization 101. If it appeases my ego with drivel I have heard repeated ad nauseous through sitcom television, I automatically assume it is a woman or a male too soft spoken and emasculated to understand the ruthlessness that is the sexual market place.
          Persistence pays off? You can always get the girl if you are persistent? Real men always know and accept they can fail and that the whole thing is a fun gamble.

        6. ha! I don’t break the law for reasons involving my refusal for incarceration….a wide hole in the back of my head ought to cure that issue. Also, plenty of people have guns in NYC. It isn’t easy to get and you have to have a clean background, but after that it is just money and paperwork.

        7. But no sitcom would ever say you should not pursue ugly women, quite on the contrary.

        8. I am not easily frightened by things…..this scares the bejebus out of me.

        9. The automatic assumption is you aren’t pursuing anything that isn’t quality so that isn’t a factor. Sitcom logic was always about being persistent which is why many main characters pine after a woman, often a bad choice but attractive, and then bed them after a few seasons. The mentality promoted is anti abundance.

        10. Real men always know and accept they can fail and that the whole thing is a fun gamble.
          When a failure … pardon nexting … has become your second nature you are not a real man anymore.

        11. I don’t think any western girl is worth making a great effort to pursue. Perhaps I’ll be proven wrong but in my mid 30s and still not seeing any woman in the US worthy of investing time in.

        12. No I’m fucking not. I’m repeating what my experiences have been. I would like to find a girl that is capable of independent thought and doesn’t share in western female characteristics. However, after actively pursuing and meeting tens of thousands of them, I don’t see why I should expect any in the future to be different.

        13. There’s no way you could make that determination with such limited information. Furthermore, an easy argument can be made that my mindset is what is propelling me to a much better lifestyle than my peers.

      1. Being persistent is a sign of normal testosterone levels. But if your T is low you might come across as needy. Girls can smell that.

        1. I don’t know my T-levels actually. I got some of the symptoms such as low energy/motivation but I have a COLOSSAL sex drive.

        2. Low T? You’re giving this one too much credit. First thought from me was this is a woman who wasn’t worth the rebuttal.

        3. If the girl is low quality you should not pursue her in the first place … unless you’re thirsty and needy.

      1. Yeah!
        Oh, and if you have sex with her then you are gay anyway so I am really confused.

        1. Real hunters creep around, sniffing and scuttling, then one day decades from now BAM! you get the used panties ! PLAYA !

        2. Well aware of the definition for ambush, oh snarky one. My question is why would someone with good game lie in wait to surprise attack some chick? Do you like to pretend you’re a level 70 dark elf rogue?

    2. That approach worked great for John Cuszak (sp) and a whole host of other movie RomCom guys.

    3. My best friend in college was persistent for FOUR YEARS. The girl relented, gave him one kiss, then dumped him.
      Your theory doesn’t work. Women aren’t impressed by persistence, but they are impressed by boldness.

      1. His “approach” screams “friend zone”. You can break out of the friend zone, sure, but putting yourself there on purpose is the height of hee-lar-it-ee as a “strategy”.

  4. Nice honorary mention of lolknee! Overall, good article and solid points. Nexting a woman is a consistent aspect of game. If you aren’t nexting women regularly, you truly aren’t that abundant, going after opportunities, or taking control of your sex life. Not to mention women can smell this on you.
    Honestly, if you can allow a woman who is a 6 to tell you how she deserves a 6’2 guy with 6 figures to be there for her and her 6 year old kid, and not be just as entitled in your own sex life, you are a shell of what you could be.

        1. not sure if I was supposed to read that with Dana Carvey / Churchlady voice but I did

        2. something funny: growing up in NY that character made absolutely no sense to me. I mean, I got it….some old lady who is really religious right? But we don’t have that archetype here so I never really got it.

      1. I need a woman in the rule of 90’s
        90 years old, 90 million dollars, 90 days to live.

        1. Sexual Fantasy? That bitch dying while I’m blowing out her back and me finding out she left me 300 million dollars

        2. Fucking someone to death? Assault with a deadly weapon? You could go to jail for that…

  5. I disagree with the point made in the article due to the context given. If shes a proven time waster or unstable then yes I would just next her.
    Imo you should not next a girl unless you have exhausted all possibilities of sex with her. She might be good for a casual arrangement, you could have apologised for being in a bad mood and addressed the fact that she showed up drunk in a joking manner.
    Throwing something away without trying to fix it is just not good advice, though granted if you have way better options lined up then its no biggie but I just think your cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  6. Don’t usually two cents these, but:
    If you screw it up, flip the script by dropping contact and be prepared to next (or go ahead if she’s not worth correcting. no woman should control any aspect of your life).
    When you take away your availability, 9 of 10 she’ll internally question what she did wrong, may even contact you about it (if she was really interested this is the closest thing to death and taxes).
    Then, if you want to correct the bad behavior (such as showing up drunk) you have the opportunity all while covering your slip up.
    It’s a small investment of time, with a possible win-win attached depending on your perspective, but cut her loose anyway if it gets beyond the minimum effort you’re willing to expend.

    1. “if she’s not worth ”
      I think this is the whole game here GS. No woman is worth it. Why fix something when you can start over with a brand new little piece. I had this discussion with a friend about married game the other day. I could never do it. My answer to every single thing would be either divorce or murder. There are so many options out there, so many beautiful women and all just begging to be made into your personal little whore. Why spend even 1 second with one who has stopped looking at you like the sun rises out of your asshole?

      1. Why cut off correcting? Sort of loses the context, which wasn’t about her “value” but a question of mine. For a dom like me, that is the whole ballgame, whether I’m going to train her or not. Breaking that flaky attitude can be the greatest sport you’ve ever played, it’s just a question of if you want to do it or not, really doesn’t have all that much to do with her.

        1. Ok so we have two separate issues at question here — we are at cross purposes.
          I too love breaking that flaky attitude. More than that I intentionally seek out super type a women with real nasty attitudes. When I slap her around she is going to a) deserve it b) be strong enough to take it c) be turned on by it. I am with you 100%. I will spend time with that and it will be interesting and fun and the feeling of finally taming her and watching her turn into my little fawn while still being a cunt to the rest of the world is beyond reproach
          WHat I am advocating for, however, is that if you for whatever reason, and none of us are perfect of course, we all drop the ball sometimes, if you do something stupid, something on a drunk night to seem needy, lose your frame, somehow lose an alpha male pissing contest, act thirsty…even for one fucking brief flash of a second, that is when I am advocating nexting her. It isn’t about her. I like breaking her too. It is about you. Are you honest enough with yourself to know when you fucked up? Guess what, she noticed. Women may not posses any fucking logic, but their emotional IQ is off the god damned charts. When you break her she looks at you like “daddy” and that is great. When she sees you break frame she will come out of that dicknosis you have over her….that is when you walk….no politeness…before she even understands anything….just leave.

        2. Which makes sense why you boxed yourself in and always say something against Game. You think about others too much and put too much emphasis on protecting this special you that exists offline.

        3. Agreed, probably cross purposes and the fact that you’re a nihilist where as my dominant nature comes from a different source.
          I may not understand the term dark triad, but my reading of it is the idea of using manipulation for my gain, so I have a problem with allowing her to even maintain that I dropped frame in her own mind.
          It’s cool that you want her out if she ever gets the “look” and I have no problem with that, done it myself. But if I can roll those eyes inward, I’m going to. It’s not my thing to even allow that little illusion of control to slip. And that’s on me, has nothing to do with anything more or less than a different outlook on control.

        4. Hey, if you get a kick out of it I would never recommend not doing it. That is a whole different ball of wax my friend. I would never advise someone stop a habit they find enjoyable as long as they enjoy it responsibly.

        5. Yep.
          Hopefully, if people reading our exchange take anything at all away from this, it’s that you are the focus. She gets only what you allow.

        6. On this we agree 100%. Like I mentioned below…I don’t take a girl on a date as an investment in her cooch. I go out with an arm accessory. From the first hello my interaction with a woman is about me and whether I feel she is a good addition to my life.

        7. Man, that is an egoic rite of passage every man should embed in a part of their psyche. She is merely a casual participant into your sphere of awesomeness. Just be awesome.

        8. not something I would suggest to a man who was looking to settle down and get married, but if you are looking to be a world class womanizer it has to be 100% about you and 0% about the woman. I wore a necktie that I like quite a bit today, but at the end of the day it is still just an accessory.

        9. Biggest mistake guys make is buying into that tripe that says to make it about her.
          Not what she wants, even if she says it is, she’s gonna feed off of your energy and her mind is going to do gymnastics to work her pussy up on its own. She doesn’t want that pressure/work.
          She doesn’t want on a pedestal, she doesn’t want to decide where to go or what to eat or hear “whatever you want honey,” she doesn’t want to be chaste or handled with care. She wants her hair pulled, her ass spanked, and the demand to please you fully ringing in her ears while you stretch her out.
          Of course I work off the theory that says we are all empty in places and women have spaces that hunger to be filled by a man and his dominance, so…there’s that.

        10. I would add that society has trained her to believe it’s all about her when her DNA and evolution scream her submissive desire inside her head.

        11. It’s surprising what results from simply telling a girl who is expecting sex that you aren’t going to fuck her, not until she begs you to. She’s used to the assumption that she is the “gatekeeper” when it comes to your sex life. I shatter that delusion as early as possible. She’s got the option to leave and I’ll hit up the next one, but if she stays she knows who I am, what my expectations are, and I’m not subtle so as to be clear.

        12. When you turn the SMP on its ear for them and make yourself the one who knows that you’re “in demand” and can get any girl you want, she’ll crawl over glass on her bare belly to be with you.

        13. Hmmm, going to wrap my head around that one. I admit I am in a period of no abundance, working on my business. Care to share how you accomplish that? Might jump me ahead a bit.

        14. Simple really, work her up to the moment when it’s very clearly the next step, hell you can even get started, then say: “I’m not having sex with you now.” This can be modified as needed or amended with something to the effect of: “No, not until you beg me to fuck you.” or “You know what? I’m not feeling this, I need more.”
          The main idea behind it is that you two are going to have sex on your terms not hers. Leave her high and on the verge of getting what every sinew in her body is craving and then deny it, build it up again and deny it, bring her round to what you require and grant it. It doesn’t even have to be verbal. Her imagination and ability to hamster will create a great deal of mystery and desire on its own.
          This isn’t a 100% of the time method or anything and there are other ways to begin or introduce in steps, such as telling her to suck you off or to swallow or to do anything. And certainly I’ve had girls opt out, which is why abundance mentality is key.
          Another thing I’m fond of is having a girl sell me the idea of her. What makes her think I would even want her or sex with her? It’s partly about reading the type you are dealing with and almost singularly about exactly how forceful and uncompromising you are. That’s how I do it, not sure how transferable it might be considering my personal Dom/S mix.

        15. I like this! Turn the whole thing upside down, take away perceived power. I have been naturally playing a milder version. I challenge her suitability in a joking manner. You like dogs, we will never work out, etc. Additionally I appreciate that you force them out of their comfort zone. While she is hamstering on your challenge she cannot hamster away on challengingyou, perfectly priceless. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. College story:
    I’m a junior. I target hottest girl in senior class, body to die for. Huge boobs, athletic body, brown hair, big googly blue eyes. And flexible. I’m talking to her at the gym and she casually puts her foot on the wall about two feet above her head. I keep frame and ignore the basically exposed vagina three feet below my eyes.
    Later, I sit down with her at cafeteria:
    ME: (casual, like a fact) “You have a beauty pageant kind of look.”
    HER: “My sister was Miss Minnesota.”
    ME: “My cousin was Miss Teen Michigan.” (true, and a DHV)
    HER: (pause) “We should hang out.”
    “Hanging out” turned out to mean looking at photos of her trip to Europe for an hour on her bed while she rejected every one of my moves. Not even a kiss.
    I walked out of her room with a big hanging set of blue balls, and one word reverberating in my head:
    She totally lost my interest. I flatout refused to be toyed with, by anybody.
    Next time I saw her was six months later at graduation, as she literally passed me in cap and gown. She met my eyes and gave me a loooooong stare. That next stuck with her.

        1. There was a moment once when I was in danger of getting ‘friendzoned’ that I had that horrifying thought: I AM THE HARMLESS GAY FRIEND!
          So I ran like hell.
          And proceeded to fuk her mom.

        2. Did you take her furniture shopping like trump? He has mastered gay best friend game.

        3. Furniture shopping game works. I’ve done it. Trick is to swagger through the store telling the girl why she probably likes that piece, God you have bad taste, I knew it, this is never going to work, if you can’t pick out an end table how can you raise a baby, etc. Keep her laughing. Furniture stores offer a million ways to neg and DHV.

    1. should have raped her. Here at ROK we advocate rape. Haven’t you read the news? We are pro rape.

      1. I was nineteen or twenty, keep that in mind. She liked guys who look like me. We should’ve fucked like bunnies for at least a month but didn’t. Looking back, I could’ve turned up the asshole meter a little more. Ah, live and learn.

    2. seems too familiar — bff/brother…
      now, since you dissed here – you are back in the tingle zone.
      So, would you go back?

  8. Great post! Last year I fell off the red pill wagon and got involved with a girl who was no good for me. And I of course excused a lot of her bad behaviors because I had one-itis.
    Following this, I took a year off dating. In that time I would find ways to next or disqualify any girl I talked to. Even if she was really cute or we got along, I’d focus on something that would make her an unsuitable partner. I also stopped asking girls for their numbers if we got along, because I believe that if a girl is really into you she should offer it. If she doesn’t then it’s time to next her.
    Now I’m slowly easing back into dating, and what I find is that I don’t suffer fools gladly as much as I once did. I’m in my 30’s now and can’t be messing around with dumb drama, so I’ve become much more selective. And the only way I could’ve done this is by taking that year off and preemptively disqualifying girls.
    I also became more social and found it easier to talk to people, and I have to say that this has created somewhat of an artificial abundance mentality. I don’t have a harem and I’m not spinning plates, but I’ve learned that there is no such thing as a perfect girl and that another one is right around the corner. I’ve found that it’s much easier for me to go around a bar and talk to everyone there, male or female, instead of honing in on one girl or group – If things don’t work out then I’ve wasted all my time and energy. And if I don’t get laid then so be it, I met lots of people and had a good time regardless.

  9. Nice post, dude. I went to have a few drinks last night with this girl I’ve been flirting with for about three years. We were gonna meet on Wednesday (the next day) but I moved it up a day, due to having other business scheduled Wednesday night. After about three drinks, she became ridiculously wasted, and started buying scratch-off Lotto tickets at the bar we were at. She kept losing after scratching them off, and kept buying more tickets. Pretty soon she was just rubbing at them, with a coin, angrily, getting drunker and drunker the more she lost. I bailed after sitting with her for only about 20 minutes – “Next.” No fucking way. I saw so many red flags in that 20 minutes it was like I was watching some insane cunt from a Lifetime TV movie of the week. And she’s hot – but so what. I don’t need that kind of shit on any level, or in any way, shape or form. If you don’t learn from prior bangs (the insane ones), you are destined to lead an out-of-control, miserable life…

    1. bob, get your ass on the telegram chat. if for no other reason to follow the insanity of my current situation which I am not ready to share publically yet.

      1. Oh…it’s getting to be like that, eh. Well, fuck. Lemme go check it out, I didn’t like what I saw when I researched it, but this sounds like a serious situation.

        1. Any way I can get hooked up to this without offering up my phone number. That’s a major red flag for me…

        2. no idea. I keep hitting the tab button on my keyboard and waiting for diet soda. You need to ask one of the guys who doesn’t think that their computer and phone work on a complex matrix of magic and legeredmain

        3. It’s a texting replacement app so I think that a phone number is kind of assumed. To be honest, I think it was one time and even then I don’t actually remember providing it, which should give you some clue on how often it’s utilized. Normally it works off of your handle only, which makes it invaluable for chatting with strangers that you don’t want to give out real life personal information to (not that I have anything against lolknee, I mean more in general).

        1. I am not sure how this one is going to end yet. It will make it out there soon enough.

    2. ” some insane cunt from a Lifetime TV movie of the week.”
      an increasingly significant portion of the population….

      1. She threw herself at me. For three years. She was always upbeat, didn’t show any weirdness where I encountered her (at a bar where she worked). Plus, she’s killer hot. I’ll let you know when the book comes out so you can find out more details…heh.

        1. She threw herself at you and you didn’t bang her because you saw some red flags that you didn’t see before? Hmmm
          When a hot girl throw herself at you, you bang her, end of story, no book required.

        2. Clearly a man with no experience regarding stalker-ish bi-polar nutbars. There are some red flags that apply even for a ONS. You’d know that if you had ever….oh well…never mind.

        3. I use a different guidebook than most guys…to quote Jack Nicholson, from the film “As Good As It Gets” – “Sell crazy someplace else – we’re all stocked up here.”

        4. They might be great in bed (crazy women) but no bitch is worth ruining, or even damaging, your life over…amen.

        5. Doubtful. By your “game” suggestions, you seem to play hard beta “hunter” and indulge in no small amount of oneitis because “she’s high value”. So many tells when you post about your lack of any real life experience, you should really consider keeping that shit under raps, Levi.

        6. I already explained that the girl has to be worth it.
          Reading comprehension problems? call this number – 911!

        7. I swear, lolknee is right.
          You just repeated what I have accused you of.
          “the girl has to be worth it” = “she’s high value” = “oneitis” since you “hunt” her and don’t “next” her.
          I’d accuse you of being a one trick pony, but I don’t think that you have the intellectual currency to even rent a mule, let alone own a pony.
          The more you post, the more it becomes clear that you’re here on a shekel per post per diem.

        8. Well I’m a little slow…and being thought of as being crazy is a plus, in certain situations. (Like when you don’t want to interact with a particular person.)

        9. Nope. She can leave me this afternoon and I’d recover just fine.
          You don’t understand the purpose of marriage even, it’s clear by your comment that you buy into the “soulmate” “one true love” fantasy that’s sold as modern marriage.
          Keep digging that blue pill grave, home boy.

        10. All women are crazy … when you lose your frame.
          Remember – they are our mirrors – a red pill the manosphere has troubles swallowing.

        11. Would it be more productive to nod him back onto a better path? I am sure that approach would help others as well.

        12. Some bitches are batshit, destroy-your-life, murder-you-in-your-sleep crazy. Frame won’t cure that one.

        13. I chose her for a purpose, not a “soulmate”.

        14. The more you post, the more it becomes clear that you’re here on a shekel per post per diem.
          Haha, pure example of projection!

        15. Looks like I touched a nerve.
          You do know that there are rumors of you being a plant.

        16. You have all kinds – in women … and in men too. The point is the taming of the shrew depends on you. Even the batshit ones can finds their matches too.

        17. Nope. And that you don’t understand that demonstrates basically everything I’ve been saying. The actual red pill men here know precisely what I’m talking about. You don’t.
          Ponder that a bit before racing to hit the Post button.

        18. He’s a lost cause, and an ongoing project for a lot of men on this site. He is utterly without a rudder, and further, will fire upon anybody approaching his raft to lend him a rudder.

        19. Many rumors. Of course, you know that already. You come here, you distract, you do the David Icke “make all conspiracies valid to discredit the real ones by association with crazy”, in fact, all the classic tells of a Mossad plant.

        20. Saying somebody should “bang” some girl, just because he can do it, is really bad advice. Let’s say some young dude is thinking about banging some hot girl, but he has his doubts about her. He reads your sage wisdom – “bang ’em all”. So he bangs her, and she cuts his throat, or she’s married, and her husband finds out and he rips the guy’s head off…
          “Always” and “never” – those are two words that never fail to always bite a guy in the ass…if I had a nickel for every ass-clown who insisted he was right about things he had no clue about, well…wait. I already make money off guys who think they are right, and yet I prove them wrong, over 70% of the time. Never mind.

        21. I will trust you. Just threw that out there to slow it down a bit. Saw egos getting bruised and all. Save the energy to slay a slut. Of course I’m probably older than most. We conserve energy and watch the young bucks fight it out, then steal the honey while they are icing their bruises!

        22. Thanks.
          The application of the teachings of many Sophists lends a lot of
          perspective to approaching loss. Helps temper the soul a bit so that you don’t get too attached to things.

        23. This is what we call below the belt i.e.an unfair play. But you being a non-gentleman from a royalty line (allegedly) are of course not aware of things like that. lol

        24. And fools rush in where angels fear to tread…your view of the world is not an absolute. One size does not fit all. Why most men can’t wrap their minds around that one is mystifying. Actually, it isn’t, because even when proven wrong, most men will cling to their beliefs like virgins cling to their panties (speaking of virgins). You are an interesting guy, but the way you sling stones at people when you are rowing a boat with holes in it, gets kind of old…no hard feelings in any event, and good luck to you sir.

        25. lack of real life experience??????// GOJ! Are you saying that becoming a pizza delivery boy ISNT the number one way to get laid frequently????????

        26. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, n’est-ce pas?

        27. Nickle, please!
          Yeah. I’m starting to subscribe to the “she’s a girl” hypothesis as well.

        28. lol. to paraphrase you….meet the new hoss. same as the old hoss

        29. Ha!
          “Somebody here order a meat lover’s special?” *Cue wonky porn beat*
          *Get cops called on you*
          *Get dragged from Sorority house*
          *Get registered on sex offender list*
          *Get to be Bubba’s number two bitch*
          …doo wonka wonka wa…

          (Have actually done this hole in the pizza bit though)

        30. “i know all about naked women and their enormous mounds of pubic hair!!!!”

        31. Older than most? Care to define that? The term “old” is semi-fluid on this site, heh.

        32. That’s why I said older. When I see younger alphas square off I just start chuckling. Can’t help myself. A little seasoning improves men the same way it improves wine!! My age? Old enough to know better 99% of the time, work for you?

        33. I hope we didn’t ban the old account. The management frowns upon recidivists. I actually like dissident opinions, it make the comments section have more activity, so I only ban spammers and total assholes.

        34. I don’t mind guys who lob occasional grenades. Life’s tough for everybody and a guy needs an outlet. It only bothers me if they keep lobbing them over and over and over and…yeah.

        35. A more realistic example: a young stud thinks about banging a 33 year old “hot” girl who’s single and childless.
          He has doubts, but bangs her anyway..
          3 weeks later: surprise! “I’m pregnant 🤰, you’re the father!”

        36. Yep. Women are like coral snakes – pretty, but dangerous. Handle with care. Or avoid ’em. But just randomly banging them…the “being married” component is the worst one. I know guys who were killed over that one. And I know guys who killed guys over that one. Bad move. Always do your due diligence, whenever possible. Spraying your seed around randomly will get you into a shit-ton of trouble eventually (provided a guy lives long enough).

        37. Exactly, if you are thinking about banging a married or taken chick you have to always consider her husband/boyfriend.
          In worst case: he finds out , can you knock him out?
          If yes you can go for it, if the husband is a fucking MS13 member it’s not very clever.
          Either way you should ask yourself is she worth the hassle?
          Spoiler: about 99% it’s not.

        38. I already make money off guys who think they are right, and yet I prove them wrong, over 70% of the time.
          Doing what Bob?

        39. Bro….this is hitting a little close to home. Dodged that bullet, never again. For shame

        1. Abundance mentality another rationalization for a being a failure, lacking focus, low determination and complacency.

        2. Lol right. You keep telling yourself that skippy. Well this has been a delight, but I have far more interesting things to do: people to talk to, a nice walk to enjoy. Abundance mentality in action. Later.

        3. Before you go remember – Abundance mentality makes your balls shrink.
          Case in point – gorillas vs chimpanzees.

        4. in your experience of gorillas and chimpanzees, which cum faster?

        5. no. you are not right. You are so stupid I assume there is drool on your keyboard. Now answer the question! When you blow gorillas and chimpanzees, which cum first?

        6. Abundance mentality is a mindset not controlled by external factors. I can be broke as a joke and still have an abundant mindset. For someone who prides himself on being so intellectual, youre sure missing the forest through the trees a lot on this post. Do try to keep up.

      1. True but the trick is to know when to. The author of this article suggests a certain casual approach towards nexting which to me translates to premature defeatism.
        Happy now?

  10. lolknee’s comment really rang true for me as well.
    I’ve lost opportunities with girls because they saw a vulnerable side of me too early on.
    There is only one way I’ve managed to overcome this early loss of majestic masculine shine… And that is to make them jealous.
    Girls that at one time thought of me as a dork ended up laying next to me naked after they found out that I broke their best friend’s heart.
    I’ve gotten this same response even from girls who went as far as cheating on me. “What!? Who’s hair-tie is that!? How could you so soon!? You know I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately… What are you doing right now, I’m a little drunk tee hee!”
    After reading some game material when I was younger, I will vouch 100% that pre-selection is a real thing.

    1. i think pre-selection defines everything with women…
      not just for their infatuation with me.
      But, their choices for voting/politics…never issues -always charisma/feels/herd

    2. I’ve written this before, but my current gf found a pair of crusty panties in the bottom of my bedside drawer last year. “Those aren’t mine!” she screamed.
      I sat down on the sofa, leaned back, arms and legs spread out, totally calm. “You’re right,” I said. “Those are from a girl who left them here a few months ago.”
      “We were seeing each other a few months ago!”
      “Yes, and I’m not seeing her anymore. I’ve chosen you. You’ve won.”
      It took her a day or two to recover, but she never mentioned it again. That was a year ago.

      1. You had some biddie’s crusty underwear in your drawers for months? I’d recommend cleaning more often.

        1. lol I forgot they were there. I never look in that drawer. Victim of a leave-behind…

  11. Nexting may depend on your options.
    If you live anywhere in the US or Europe (even in the major cities) the numbers may be against you. Due to low-level of birthrates and uncontrolled mass immigration (most immigrants are working age and male) the male/female ratio is nearly as bad as it is in China. Add the damaging effects of moral decline Europe and the general sluttyness and the picture isn`t very nice…
    Unless you are financially and physically in outstanding shape and have solid game nexting may not be an option unless you are willing to face longer period going without sex. I may add, in he Europe in particular, even if you are rich, in good shape and are red-pill, you may still only get women who are not worthy.
    However, I found that it was easier (once red-pilled) to get the finances, travel and find quality women elsewhere.
    There are millions of gorgeous, sane and healthy women in Latin America, in the Caribbean, in Africa and South/South East Asi

    1. the male/female ratio is nearly as
      bad as it is in China

      Lol! Have you actually *been* to the U.S. hoss? Or did you read that in a book? There are scads of pretty women to be found (and to be fair, no small amount of landwhales). This isn’t the high male low female ratio shit of China man.

      1. What you say may be the case in some parts of the US…sadly isn`t the case in most of Europe and North America.
        The only exception I have found was Atlanta. It is fairly good due to the large number of female university students. (The fair amount of young black women willing to date someone from another ethnic group,)Other parts of the US I visited, the overall situation was similar to that of Europe.
        Which part of the US do you live?

        1. ugh, 3 hot chicks and a corral of cows on their way to Walmart? no thank you mr allan, I will stick to the overwhelming numbers of beautiful young women who are constantly in competition mode

        2. I doubt it. In smaller towns everybody knows everybody. Outsiders are usually shunned or heavily shit-tested. Also, in smaller towns all the decent looking girls usually got their lifelong partner by 19.

        3. No offense, but you have no real experience out here chief. You’d lose your ability to breath, from gasping at all the pretty girls out here on a football saturday tail-gate party at OSU.

        4. Midwest. And not the “Family Guy makes fun of us” Midwest, the real one.

        5. Dude, ever visit a small town? Folks usually are quite friendly. Or maybe its just a Vermont thing.
          Perhaps I should change “cities” to “suburban”, as that’s as developed as progressives will allow Vermont to be.

        6. Sorry, on my experience out of the whole Midwest Chicago is the only place to be worth gaming in. (large amount of good looking Black and Latina women at the universities.)

        7. Sounds like your target is utterly different than mine. My stomping grounds are 91% white, with “everything else” thrown in the remaining 9%. If you like Black and Latinas as a rule, it’s no wonder you don’t grok where I’m coming from.

        8. Not if your menfolk are fulfilling their cow tipping duties faithfully, that’s true!

        9. Ghost, I am not into obese, loud, uneducated Miller-drinking white women. (That describes about 98% of Wisconsin`s female population. I leave them to you.
          I am happy with educated and pretty Black and Latina women at any campus in the Chicago area.

        10. te-he….the Midwest being known far and wide for its reputation of not fat women not withstanding, I have no doubt that many of the little corn huskers are cute as pie at a young age. College girls are college girls…they are all pretty (except the obvious exceptions). No offense taken, of course, but none meant when I say that somehow the lures of Walmart country are lost on me and I will stick to Manhattan 🙂

        11. Please, if you’re using only Wisconsin as your test ground, then I can’t really take your “my experiences in the Midwest” thing too seriously. Wisconsin almost equals Minnesota which equals “basically a lost cause”.
          Michigan is chock full of fit attractive women (it’s one of the healthiest states in the union). Central Ohio is bustling with hot to trot little sweeties. You can even spot pretty little things in Indiana and Iowa if you’re so inclined.

        12. Uneducated and racist hillbillies in smalls towns of Wisconsin and West Virginia are some of the worse people to be around in the entire Americas. Avoid them like a plague.

        13. I actually love Vermont. I went to the Wassail festival in Woodstock. food was so outrageously good, people were super fun and open to bringing in strangers and for some strange reason the dogs were roughly the size of horses.

        14. What a strange perspective. West Virginians, as “un-classy” as they may be, will go out of their way to be nice and give you the shirt off of their back for almost no reason at all.

        15. I’ve never been to Manhattan, so I can’t compare girls-to-girls here. But if you spent some quality time around some of the girls in Las Vegas NV, or Scottsdale AZ, I’ll bet you would spend a lot less time on that island of yours…

        16. yeah, I don’t get the looking for black and Latina chicks. I will bang Latinas if they are hot, blacks too, but to specifically look for them? Never understood it.

        17. I am not sure I could spend “quality” time near or around las vegas, but I will def try. Las Vegas doesn’t really have much of an appeal to me. A weekend, sure, but not a lifestyle I would like.

        18. side note: I am not sure I have seen a lot of successful tourist game here the way going to las vegas pretty much is a 100% guarantee that you will get laid as frequently as you like. It is strange, but I see tourists hook up with other tourists (unless you are talking 20 year olds from Europe staying in the hostels…they get laid) but most of the prime cunt goes to locals or people who travel in and out of the city on work

        19. One man’s meat is another man’s poison…but the top girls in Vegas and Scottsdale are off the charts. We shall see, etc.

        20. That’s what I like about it. The abundance of really hot females who are actively looking for a “Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” story. But beyond that, there are the pros (hookers who are 9s and 10s), the strippers (same deal, basically), etc. With a wad of cash you are the man. I would probably get rejected in NYC, for my dress alone. But I’d be okay with that. Being humbled is a good thing. Besides, I could always whip out a wad cash big enough to choke a horse, and any hot girl would say, “There’s just something about you,” etc.

        21. See I won’t touch pros. I do like the thousands of tourists pouring in to just fuck and suck their way through everything that walks, but I get tired of it. As for dress in NYC….yeah, probably get shot down in the places I tend to hunt, but the cool thing about a city with 9 million people is that there really is something for everyone. Want to find a bar which is themed to your college team, we have it…whichever team. Want to find blue collar joint? punk rock venue? vegan fairy land? corporate shills? Fuck, I know a restaurant/bar which is frequented by livery cab drivers….they all go there. The trick in NYC is finding the place that is right for you and there are too many places for you to just hope for the best and go one by one unless you plan to stay here for years. The places I go are a reflection of my particular tastes. I want girls in louboutin heels at 900 bucks a pop and I want them to be beautiful and dressed to kill and have an attitude that would make most mens dicks retreat inside their bodies. That turns me on.

        22. never been to Scottsdale but yes, absolutely about vegas. But I am pretty sure I would burn out pretty fast living there.

        23. Not sure there was some parade of dogs and the dogs were seriously freakish huge

        24. Vegas can be too much too fast for pretty much anybody. Moderation is the key there. Scottsdale is something else, however. “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”. The younger women are trophy wives or trophy-wife wannabes. Flawless, in many cases. The streets are so clean you almost never see litter. The crime rate is very low. You can walk down the main drag, near downtown, and it’s wall-to-wall trendy cafes, bars and restaurants. Hot women galore, especially on the weekends. Gorgeous college sluts frequently wander up from Tempe (Arizona State, only a few miles south), looking for action. It’s one of those cities where if you visit it for any length of time, you’d want to have a place, just to hang out part of the year.

        25. That sounds nice. I figured Arizona to be one big desert only interrupted by natural iced twang springs. I like it

        26. You should check it out at least once; the weather here, seven to eight months out of the year, is flat-out unbeatable. I believe the fastest-growing areas of the country are Phoenix/Scottsdale and Portland, Oregon. The real estate market is solid as hell in both locales. Here are the prototypical Arizona State party girls, many of whom are looking for a sugar daddy (or two) to help out with the bills, which is a ragingly trendy thing down here –

        27. Well NYC is on my bucket list. (Or, as I prefer to call it, my “fuck it” list.) About the pro thing. In reality, you are paying a pro to fuck you, if you look at it one way. You spend a lot of money showing her a good time, and sex is part of the bargain. They are all pros when you break it down. But you have definitely carved out a niche market for yourself, and that is something I admire and appreciate.

        28. I do appreciate that the difference between taking a girl out and showing her a good time and then banging her and just handing the broad money to clean your pipes is marginal…i’d never argue that….nor do I have any “moral” issue about it whatever the hell that is….it just isn’t my particular cup of tea…

        29. I should see if they need construction executives for high rises with NYC experience. Cute bunch of girls these are…I bet they look nice when they get out of their pajamas and put on some proper clothing. Also, I think that denim anywhere near a woman’s body is one of the very few things I find to be evil in an absolute way. It is up there with Murder and selling insurance.

        30. Yup that’s what I love about Manhattan, the variety of bars/clubs, then art galleries, museums, etc. I remember about 15 years ago with a bunch of guys over for a long weekend we bounced from little Italy down to Bleekers, then over to meat packing district, into Hog n Heifers (it was there 7 years ago, don’t know if still there), then can’t remember where went. On a Friday night New York is wall to wall punnani…..In all the joints we were in the women were all over us…. maybe it was the kilts……differentiating yourself from the herd always helps… just don’t over do it…..

        31. Many, many, many, many, many times actually, yes.

        32. There are two seasons, basically: Blazingly hot (June through September), and beautiful, the rest of the time (dry heat, with highs in the upper 60s in winter to the low 90s in the spring and late fall). There is a little variation there but not much. You can buy a home here for a really great price – even in Scottsdale, if you know where to look. A guy could get a great condo in Scottsdale for a super price, too. And the real estate market is going nowhere but up.
          I’ve lived all over the USA and/or visited most of it. This is the best place I’ve ever been, weatherwise, eight months out of the year. In the summer, you can drop dead if you spend too much time outside (and people actually end up doing that) – it’s ghastly and nobody likes the summers here. But you can go north to Flagstaff or other locales (which a lot of people do in the summer), up in the mountains, to beat the heat, and get there in about two hours. Canadians and Americans galore come down here during “Snow Bird” season; they have a second home down here and visit typically from January through April – right before it starts getting hot. You can’t beat this area for cost of living, weather, and hot, single women who are looking for upwardly mobile guys…

        33. Construction is plentiful here. The market is great. Most people who visit Scottsdale, they wind up wanting to get a place there. Many of them do just that. There are long stretches of weather here where there are only a couple puff-ball clouds in the sky (or no clouds at all), and it’s blue-sky, low 80s, dry heat, and just incredible. I have never visited a place in the USA with weather like this. People fall in love with it. It’s those summers that’ll kill ya (but that’s no problem, just leave town in the summer).
          (Denim is as evil as murder and selling insurance…ha. Nice one.)

        34. It really is wall to wall….and, not sure if you noticed this, but the ratio of women to men is absurdly skewed to favor men. The difference in your night between going to Lincoln Center after pregamming at the met roof top versus going to something like hogs n heifers or Doc Holliday’s in the LES is night and day and only a quick 10 minute cab ride difference. Want bitches who are brainy? Hit up the UWS at places like Prohibition, want bitches into fashion UES on Madison Avenue bars, culture, want girls who dance on bars with tities out, who like champagne facials, who suck cock for VIP seating, who dress up like a whore at noon and do club brunch, want cowgirls? It is all here and there is so much of it its fucking nuts.

        35. I always muse about moving out of the city. I have transferable skills that are in high demand. In places like Charlotte where they are building high rises they will always hire people…I have been project lead on 3 and am working on my 4th now and have over 40 other buildings I have a hand in management and maintenance on. There aren’t a lot of people in other parts of the country that have that kind of experience. In the end, however, I will never move from NYC….at least not until I retire.

        36. Yes it’s been a few years since I’ve been out and about in Manhatten. I really like the little speak easies, my cuz brought me to a lot of out of the way, cool places, great cocktails too. Loaded with booze. Not the usual watered down piss….

        37. DTA was a great spot for that. If you don’t know it look it up, one of the very coolest places.

        38. As far as I’m concerned, any time after March 14th (the start of March Madness, the NCAA basketball tournament), is okay with me. If we can get a few guys firmed up to attend, and agree on specific dates, the rest will be easy. Maybe these posts of ours will get some guys’ attention and we can start a dialogue on that subject. Absent that, if you personally want to come down for a weekend (or any other guy here at ROK with who I am familiar), I should be up in Nevada pretty much full-time by March 14th. Have some business to clear off my plate between now and then, but after that, any time will be a good time for me. Which means any weekend.

        39. Given the choice, NH is far more pleasant than Vermont. VT had a perceptible grungy hippy vibe to it.

        40. I know…I have an admittedly prejudiced opinion of NYC. Movies, TV shows, photos and such. I will overcome it someday and get out there.

        41. Yeah…and especially if I don’t get a manicure like lolknee. I don’t fit that scene. Khaki shorts, T-shirt, hiking shoes. New Yorkers would probably drop coins into my baseball cap if I set it on the sidewalk to tie my shoes. I am totally low-key in that regard…but they never see me coming. Which is part of the science behind it.

        42. you’ll have to confirm this with lolknee, but I’m pretty sure its not quite like “Taxi Driver” anymore!

        43. I know what you mean – I live a pretty urban existence and yet I know I’d stick out like a turd in a punch bowl in any of his haunts.

        44. Upscale joints creep me out. It’s like everybody in the place is fake, and has an angle, and they want something from you.

        45. I can confirm this. The midwest is pretty vast and thus is going to be spotty on where attractive women are available. Lots of areas are ghost towns with male to female ratios in the 12:1 ranges. However there are still some very good areas to hunt in, as GOJ as already pointed out in the northern latitudes, the southern midwest also has some very good hot spots. I’m not going to divulge them on here as I don’t want a bunch of thirsty lurkers invading my territory. However with just a modicum of effort one can find these places pretty easily.

    2. Agreed. Outside of the large university campus in america its not a target rich environment that supports abundance mentality. In fact its more often than not a shit show, like women are actually trying to make themselves as ugly as possible. I see women with other men and all I can think is they must be seeing her inner beauty. International game opened my eyes, spend time in asian cities with population 10,000,000, and abundance mentality is real, and night game is happening.

  12. Where is the pic of thin attractive women in bikinis? In Toronto, the women are fat, pigs, mostly unattractive grotesque feminists.
    That pic is another world…not mine!

  13. With abundance there comes the risk of taking the situation for granted and passing on true depth of beauty. But while still young, this isn’t as grave compared to the guy in his thirties who isn’t honing in.

  14. I mean, you shouldn’t tolerate jack shit from a woman that’s clearly disrespecting you.
    This is sort of a basic rule.
    I had to tell a buddy of mine this just yesterday.
    He was supposed to go out with that chick and like an hour before the date she claimed she had to work.
    I told the guy that this chick isn’t respecting his time and he shouldn’t waste any time finding a new girl who will.
    These a lot headaches and uncomfortable feeling you can avoid by just “nexting” a chick.

  15. Your book has zero Amazon reviews?! What am I supposed to make of that? That undermines your cred.

  16. I see articles stating that marrying a virgin is imperative for a long lasting and successful marriage. So is it not required for men? :

  17. Not a bad article, but bordering on behaving the same way as a shallow bottle rat who uses people like cigarettes. Id rather have a few quality women & mine them deep than a full deck of harlots.

    1. I like that term bottle rat. I usually call mine hoodrats but this will work better cause sometime they do you on the hood.

  18. I get where the OP is coming from. After enough life experience, if a female starts saying and doing things that remind him of other bad experiences, he has enough confidence in his judgement to end the interaction. Are there any alternative strategies in that scenario, like if her SMV is high enough just down grade her status to pump and dump?

  19. who cares how they perceive or feel about you, you don’t need women’s attraction or sex or love and you don’t need to change for them because when one of them doesnt give you what you deserve and want, other women will happily and willingly give themselves to you completly with ease

    1. This guy went out for drinks but don’t drink? Did he not think that might be a small problem?..lol. Then meeting at her place.. Not sure but I think I would have passed on that.

      1. Never had a problem not drinking on date. And meeting st her place was never an option

  20. sorry but I won’t be kickn that first lady out…. She can be on my ladder even if its the bottom. Bring a female friend and some good dope if she wants

  21. DISCLAIMER!!! (im still a newbie)… lolknee comment is spot on just like Troy’s article HOWEVER i would not advice begginners to have this level of ruthlessness is it a good thing? Yes! but to get to this advanced-like level you must in the first place learn through trial and error you must acquire the experience the game, etc. for examaple if a newbie with a not-so-good frame goes around hitting on girls and fucks up here and there and next’s girls everytime would anyone here tell him to next her? i personally would not b/c then he wouldn’t get laid EVER i guess im making a kinda obvious point here because most will always have a high awareness-level (to see all the redflags and stuff and THEN you will next her)before a high frame-level(where you will almost never fuck up and bang girls mercilessly) so i guess its just step 1 before step 2 i mean you gotta walk before you run right? anyhow im just trying to put a “clear panorama” for the new guys here.

  22. You better have decent lms is you think this way or else you’ll wind up with nothing

  23. Hey Troy, I am also a non-drinker. Do you have any tips on being sober on dates or sober gaming? I’d love to read an article about that.

  24. I have terrible social anxiety/awkwardness, plus Asperger’s Syndrome.
    Hearing how unforgiving women are is really discouraging.

  25. True words. Once you make the smallest mistake (especially in the early phase), you are history no matter what you do after. Bitches are ruthless these days. And so should we.

  26. Been doing this since you were still sucking mommy’s tits. The downside to all this is that while it works , you get really jaded after a while.

  27. Good points Troy. I have fallen into this habit as well. Its not even conscious – like you I can’t be bothered with girls that can’t act right. Turning up drunk to a date is unforgiveable.
    My nexting example is a chick I met Dec 23rd. Big tits and big booty she approached me in the club. We had a dance in the club and I felt the tits, booty, punani and made out. Took the number and a few days later arranged to meet up. She seemed up for it and we suggested Friday. On the Thursday I named the time and place. She didn’t reply until Friday morning with some excuse about needing to look after her nephew. She even sent me a picture of the little blighter.
    But something didn’t sit right with me about that. How could she not know that the night before? Who blows off a date (with The Man) to do babysitting? And sending me a pic smacked of being a snow job.
    So I never contacted her again.

  28. Perhaps not being too bothered about what she thinks of you in the beginning is vital to hold the frame. Just having fun with her and busting her balls at any sign of disrespect may help move things forward smoothly.
    I remind myself that the 24/7 programming from almost all kinds of media (Movies/TV/News) etc. would want woman to believe that men are door mats and weakly geeks. And so woman walk around with these distorted pictures of an altered reality in their heads and worse, take them on dates. And so, I’m prepared and ready to bust her balls at the earliest sign of disrespect and to absolutely not let it affect me in any way. I’m perhaps swimming against a tied where common attraction switches need to be more powerful than MSM brainwashing.
    Some woman just don’t get it and they will follow and believe the religion of disrespecting men till the end! In reality respect is the number one requirement of a man in a relationship at any point – and then some brainwashed woman wonder why men are such dogs and they end up with such bad relationships.

  29. Great article. Frame is huge! There will never be a perfect 50-50 relationship. Fuck the movies. You’re the master, or you’re the slave. The end. Don’t let yourself feel guilty about being the master. You’re a good master. It’s in your blood. Worst case scenario, you waste a few months of her life. Awww… poor girl. In contrast, if SHE gets things her way, she wastes 50 years of your life and all of your money! That’s her end goal.
    The problem with us fellas, is we also have a “provider” gene. We like to give. We like to feel a part of a group. For years I felt guilty about not having a girlfriend. Something must have been wrong with me. I felt lonely. Then someone told me about the importance of male relationships. Throughout history, men had their intellectual and emotional needs met through there comrades. This changed everything.
    When you get those needs met through camaraderie with your buddies, your dad, male mentors, etc, you are less likely to try and do that with a woman.
    Today’s western woman has a lot of her needs met by society. She doesn’t need you for money, or compliments. That’s what instagram, facebook, and female favored hiring is for.
    So when the two of you meet, you serve one primal goal to her. Masculine energy. She needs it from you. She’s starving for it. She needs to hear she’s been a bad girl and she won’t get away with it.
    However, if you are empty… if your social, intellectual, and other needs haven’t been met, you’re probably going to be a caregiving beta and try to suck off of her personality, (like her female friends.)
    So keep the plates spinning. Keep a bunch of lines in the water. Keep in contact with your buddies and male mentors. Dominate your personal time. Talk about politics, game, work, guns, business, investing, and all the shit only guys will understand.
    Then when you meet with a woman, you don’t need her for shit! Next anybody who can’t be broken. Even if they’re the hottest girl you’ve met. In my experience, hot girls are harder to keep in frame. It’s a sad goodbye, but the sex would have sucked anyway. Why?
    When the frame is off, the sex is terrible! But when it’s on, when she respects you… she’ll fuck you, suck you, and let you do all the weirdest shit you’ve ever dreamed of.

  30. Especially in new relationships you should have a no-tolerance policy. I once dated a girl who was on antidepressants, used her car as a trashbin, drove like a maniac, let her rabbit walk in the livingroom, a week later the droppings the lay on the same place the rabbit shat at. And one day I thought: “what am I doing with this sorry piece of ass”. She had a wet hole, but that was it. Nexted it hard.

  31. Women=way to much effort. This article is pedestalization, so we already fucked by reading it lol.

  32. I have to say, as for the last part – “even a sense of abundance…”; I understand mindset is important, but in my experience, nothing beats true abundance. You won’t have those relapse moments of thirst when you realize “oh sh-t! I actually don’t have my back up rebounds and I just let a would be lay go!” And do whatever it takes to get some poon. These can lead to some poor decisions

  33. ‘You need to have a modicum of faith to do it—’. indeed,just a modicum, That’s all it really does take. And I would add that it both conveys an image of having the very limits women really seek which will be noticed, as well as possibly becoming a positive boomerang where the girl in question comes back with a far better attitude while pursuing you with renewed vigor.

  34. I think not moving on and dwelling was one of the biggest handicap, outside of confidence issues, I had while dating in my teens and 20s. I thought about women I failed with far too often and didn’t learn from those experiences in the ways I should have. Find a good group of friends because being social is so key to being able to attract new people if you’re the laid back, do nothing type like I was.

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