10 Places Where You Can Find Sluts

A man likes variety. Like one day he wants to enjoy some fine dining with sophisticated flavours and the next just indulge on greasy fast food. Sometimes, he wants to feel a connection with a woman beyond sex and others he just wants to empty the chamber and focus on his daily life. This is when sluts come in handy.

Where are the slut spots?


The obvious answer is clubs, Tinder-like apps or street game. But there will be situations when even these reliable places will not be available (small city, low quality crowd or almost entirely frequented by men or pros, high competition etc).

We also aim at attractive sluts so feminist groups, swingers clubs and slut walks won’t do.

To know where sluts will go, we must first remember what defines sluts. They are usually less intelligent than average, vain, attention-craving, promiscuous, money-oriented, careerist and impulsive women. Once you find activities or venues that satisfy at least a few of those needs, sluts will show up sooner or later.

1. Evening classes


Sluts being dumb and more focused on one night stands than a stable family life or basic education often drop out of school or get knocked up early.

Once there is no more provider to put up with their shenanigans, time for them to learn again and chase a rat-race spot in the local corporate hell. If they have out-of-wedlock brats to look after or spend their day at home watching TV, night courses would be their only opportunity.

Cons: It is late and you might have to register or attend at least once.

2. Day care centers & public playgrounds


As previously said, sluts’ irresponsibility, numerous sexual partners and Daddy Government’s support help them to get pregnant earlier and easier. Single moms are usually a walk in the park to bang so you can spend a bit of time flirting while dropping nephews, cousins or children of your own at the sand pit.

Cons: Single mothers usually become quickly attached or have post-pregnancy stretch marks.

3. Hair, nail & tanning salons


As they combine many of their centre of interest, those are some of the safest bets worldwide to find sluts. I have yet to meet an clever hairdresser or a chaste “nail artist”. Even small cities have a few of those slut factories where they are usually pretty, dumb as bricks and easy to lay.

Pop in those places one after the other, starting with those closest to your place. Pretend that you want to book a haircut or get a gift card for tanning or manicure for one of your coworkers, number close a slut if available then move on to the next salon.

Cons: You have to go pass tattooed eyebrows and lower your conversation standards.

4. Gyms


Although I support creating gyms where women are not allowed, they are good breeding grounds for sluts, even if more competitive. Spending hours working on your looks, craving the attention of men in micro shorts, sluts feel right at home facing the gym mirror.

There are also many non-slutty girls in fitness centers so progress from the sluttiest looking one (fluorescent tight outfit, navel showing, mini shorts, tattoos, constantly taking selfies) and work your way down. Bonus if you smash the slut “hall of famers” that are female personal trainers.

Cons: Competition will be harder as there will be more men around also trying to get in their pants.

5. Strip clubs


Pole rubbers being sexually desensitized, drama-craving, drug-friendly fag hags, they are ideal candidates to receive your thrusts.

Obvious but still tricky. You have to send right away an image that completely differs from the betas that waste money for crumbs of stripper attention. You can also rock up before closing, telling them that you have booze, lie about having coke and bring them to yours. More on this.

Cons: Remember that it’s the last before full-on porn or prostitution. Stay sober. Don’t get stabbed or robbed. Use condoms.

6. Pole dance classes


Nothing quite says “Cock is my favourite food group” as taking stripping lessons. “But my fellow trollops are doing it” or “It’s good for fitness” are not arguments. That is why gyms and gymnastics exist.

Pole dance clubs usually have a page on social media with their schedule displayed so get there before or after in order to start casual conversations with the easy attendees.

Cons: You have to justify your presence and act fast.

7.Tattoo parlours & tattoo fairs

2014.06.13 Dortmund Tattooconvention

In an ideal world, you’d have a tattoo artist friend that can introduce you to the ones that got tramp stamps and pussy tattoos done at his salon. He is not a doctor therefore not bound to confidentiality.

You could use Instagram to follow marked sluts on a local tattoo artists’ page if you are into that and get to work.

Or stroll around tattoo conventions, filter out the freaks and strike conversation with the best-looking sluts. Casually imply that you want to get pierced and you seek advice. Divert the convo towards pierced intimate parts.

Cons: Tattooed girls are damaged. You have to see past the often hideous doodles, put your brain on hold and ignore the SJW lingo.

8. New social circles


Ask around every new acquaintance who in their circle slings pussy without too much trouble (recent divorces, who collects boyfriends) and arrange the introduction.

I sometimes ask around new fighters I encounter and their girlfriends if they have a girl in stock I can meet (fighter groupies are often sexy). If they deliver, chances are she will be a slut. Organising a party with them and their circle is also a good move.

Cons: The stock of slut is finite. You need to create a new circle once the well is dry.

9. Convention centers


Head to your local festive human stable and flirt with all the sexy show girls. Be assertive and use direct game. They have been here all day and have had enough of beta hover hand and want a man who is confident and clear in his intentions. Suit up, bring business cards.

Cons: Entries can be pricey. But for a full day of indoor day game, your efforts might be rewarded.

10. Shopping galleries


Especially the high-end ones. Don’t be deterred by the venue, however luxurious. it’s only open season on handbags when the alimony is here.

Half of the time, they are just here window shopping as they cannot afford the useless trinkets when some pigeon is not paying for it. Approach, number close, instadate or move to the next one. Roosh wrote a very detailed chapter on that technique in Day Bang.

Se faire une traînée, ça détend


In many instances, it is not the place but the slut tells that are important. I agree but there are higher chances to find more sluts per square meter at a summer festival than in cooking schools.

Casual sex with sluts is like fast food. It will not bring you fulfillment and can be harmful if not under control. The interaction will always be more pleasurable with a nice girl with whom you can connect.

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333 thoughts on “10 Places Where You Can Find Sluts”

  1. Anywhere you go you can find sluts – churches, grocery stores, soccer fields, cemeteries, mortuaries, fast-food joints, libraries, pet stores, bird-watching clubs, VD clinics, schools, etc. Women are sluts. The question is, where can you go to find women who aren’t sluts. That one would take a longggggg time to answer.

    1. I like to meet them at the NICU because I want to share in the feeling of father hood, but don’t actually want to be responsible for a kid that will last longer than 6 months.

      1. Ha. The only women who aren’t sluts are the women nobody wants to fuck. And they’d be sluts, too, if somebody wanted to fuck them.

        1. To be fair to women, bob, and I shit you not I tell them this all the time, I consider them virgins until they fuck me. If I haven’t dicked them down yet then they are still virgins.
          You would be amazed the positive response that telling this to a woman has. I truly am the devil.

        2. I really like that line. Very Machiavellian of you. It’s the simplest thing sometimes, isn’t it, that will get a woman to spread her legs. Like, “What’s my phone number? 1-800-BIG-CASH. That number is usually busy. If so, try 1-800-BIG-DICK.” They are little children after all…

        3. It really is. When the opening presents itself and I calmly tell her that she everything she thought was fucking up until now is nonsense and that afaic she is as good as a virgin I can actually see wheels spin.

        4. You are evil. But that’s one of the things I admire about you. “Evil” is “live” spelled backwards. So like everything else, it all depends on how you approach it and look at it. Women are sluts. They always want something bigger and better than they have. I don’t know which reader it was here at ROK, but he made a comment a month or two back that stuck with me. Similar to what we are ping-ponging back and forth here. He said something like he tells women that he’s really big, and doesn’t know if his dick would even fit in their tiny holes (something like that), brags about it in a very confident manner just like he’s stating a fact, and then he bangs ’em, and he actually isn’t big at all, but they never say a word about it and he even gets repeat customers. Ha! Fucking brilliant.

        5. It is. I can’t remember exactly how he worded it, but the import was, if you can stick it in their head effectively and back it up with frame, no matter what, they go along with it. Heh. It’s true.

        6. thing I say on nearly every first date
          “shut up”
          “i will smack you” or some other threat of violence
          “i will let you know what you want”
          I pray, at this point, for a girl to pull out her cell phone. I will tell them flat out, though with a smile, “put your damn phone away before I slap you in the mouth” and then as soon as they start to say something I will interrupt “shut up and be a good girl” with a gentle smack in the face. They don’t like it at first, but once you order some drinks and the initial anger goes away they start wondering “who is this fucking guy”

        7. Genius. Hats off to you sir. With a single strike stroke their ego and their need of approval.

        8. God that’s funny. I was dogging this bartender recently until she got hot for me. Then I decided she wasn’t worth it. Which of course made her chase me. So one day she says, as I was looking at my phone at the bar while she was working, “I won’t tolerate that if I go out on a date.” And I said, “What?” And she said, “A guy who looks at his phone while we are out on a date.” And I said, “Wow, that must be some high-powered medication you are on. Why don’t you up the dosage and let’s get to the fantasy breakup stage.”

        9. yeah, this is one of my favorite advanced moves. It really is brilliant in its simplicity. Not only do you, as you say, stroke their ego and their need for approval but at the same time you bluntly tell them that you are, factually, better than all other men…this is a statement that women will totally devour as being confidence. The multiple levels that this line strikes on are really amazing…though delivery is key…no nonsense, straight face, dead pan delivery and then immediate return to jovial manner.

        10. “I was dogging this bartender recently until she got hot for me. Then I
          decided she wasn’t worth it. Which of course made her chase me.”
          If you take this in a vaccuum it says all you need to know about them….

        11. They always want what they don’t have and they never have what they want. And if they can’t have it, they want it even more, even if it is no good for them. That’s crazy.

        12. This made me laugh because I do similar things. When we are in the right place at the timing is right, I will put her in a headlock with my hand over her mouth and say, “shut…. the fuck….. up…” And man do they get pissed. They jerk away and say, “oh my god!” I let go, stand there with raised eyebrows and a “I’m not fucking around,” look on my face. Change the subject and move forward. Then usually she will bring it up again, “I can’t believe you did that!” “Did what?” and you’re ready to change the subject again. And then you hear the magic words, “I don’t understand you!”
          I haven’t tried the smack in the face on the first date. That’s pretty advanced.

        13. The gentle tap just so they can feel the size, heft and strength in your hand lol…it’s almost sweet, absolutely sexual and there is no doubt that you are threatening violence.

        14. Sean Connery advocated a light slap now and again … and got destroyed by feminists for it.

        15. I once banged a smoking hot little Latina. Afterwards, she said, “I knew I was going to sleep with you when I saw your hands.”
          Lesson: Avoid excessive manual labor, and use lotion. You never know who might have a hand fetish.

        16. No way. Must have been something else about your hands combined with other factors. Chicks definitely like big, ugly calloused oger hands too.

        17. I tell them I only have sex with nice girls like them, not sluts or whores.
          Numerous have told me, “I’m glad you only like nice girls.”, or, “I’m glad you don’t like whores,” usually just before laying and spreading.

        18. My hands are pretty big; a piano teacher once complimented me on their “span”. I guess the Gringo Effect probably played a role too, since I’m a tall blonde/blue Aryan guy.

        19. it’s not a bad idea -and if you are knowledgeable and skilled you will essentially be her first in many ways – and possibly her last in others. that’s why women should not have multiple partners. the one that got away ruins them (ie. the last real one) – as does the very first.

        20. I see you are going for women with serious issues.
          Don’t get me wrong. As any other woman, I like masculine men, but this kind of sociopathic behavior would be as off-putting as if you were boasting about being convicted for raping a minor.
          I would also see it as a sign of your weakness. See, a real strength doesn’t need to be demonstrated by a threat of violence. It would feel to me that you are trying too hard to prove something.
          I think that a woman who would put up with it on one of the first dates would have to be really desperate or, as I said before, she would have to have some serious (daddy?) issues. Something like severe childhood abuse etc.

        21. I don’t know shoshana, why don’t you meet me for drinks and we see if you are telling the truth

        22. It depends. If you see it as sign of weakness, you can get the hell out of here. No single person (especially females) is same. If you feel something is “abusive”, that something will be a “arousing” factor for hell lot of females !
          As far as I know, if a female sees it as sign of weakness, that female could be suffering with inferiority complex, is not well endowed, raised by a single* mother, is insecure, pathetic etc.
          * single = MAN + State !!!

        23. Here’s another.
          Tell her that you consider it in bad taste to brag about having fucked a woman (sluts hate, hate, HATE it when dudes go around bragging about having nailed them).
          Obviously tell her this at the right time. Don’t broach the topic.

        24. So many times I over-thought game. Then I had this buddy who literally bragged about everything he could. It was so obvious “I play guitar and have a cool job.” Women ate it up. In reality he sucked at guitar and was broke.
          So now I immediately talk about playing 4 instruments , traveling, business bonuses, working out and eventually… The big dick stories.

        25. For real?
          I had a chick walk out after I called her an asshole a few weeks ago. Not sure what Her problem was.

        26. blah blah blah blah……lying little bitch, do you ever stop talking yourself up anonymously on the internet like a bitch? You are the devils bitch…….100 times worse than any neurotic stuck up bitch.
          Can’t wait for the action to start, your kind will be first to get their heads impaled on a spike. So keep talking yourself up woman.

        27. There are some attractive girls who aren’t sluts, but they’re homeschooled Catholics who live on an iowan farm. Yes, i have met them and person.

        28. Two things: a lot is in how you say it I find. The idea, for me, is never with anger. It is always a flirting with the line between serious and joking. Just enough to make them think. The other thing is that you should thank that girl for walking out. She wasn’t going to fuck you anyway. If she was she wouldn’t have left. She saved you time

        29. While this isn’t about women it reminds me of something very funny. My last apartment there was this really nice Italian restaurant down the block and I would go a lot and sit at the bar. They had a piano and on the weekends had jazz bands.
          So I would always tell the bartenders, one guy and one girl, how I play the piano and one day I will play. I do not play any piano. Never had. Can’t make a single chord. What I can do is allow for long incubation period for a joke. Anyway, one day the girl behind the bar says I should go play the piano.
          I walk over, sit at the piano, have a sip of my drink and just start mashing the keys like a 10 year old. Eventually the manager came over and told me to stop.
          Back at the bar the guy says “what the fuck was that” and I replied “I don’t know, I don’t play piano”

        30. Well I guess we are at an impasse as I disagree with your assessment and the only way we can put this issue to bed is through rigorous empirical testing.

        31. You don’t think this bird has daddy issues coming onto ROK comments section, injecting herself into a conversation about where to find and smash twat and talking about what a “good girl” she is?
          If actually a girl and actually not a troll, I smell daddy issues all the way from NYC. And when it comes to sniffing out daddy issues I am a man of renown

        32. Lol. I am pretty vanilla. Sex gets two complicated. Afaiac there are like three positions and blowjobs. With some rare exceptions of girls, like my Italian bird from a few months ago who liked having her head dunked in the toilet and the shit kicked out of her, but for the most part I keep the sex simple

        33. Exactly! If she is in a bar on a Friday night talking to a stranger she is a whore…even if she is a virgin she is a whore, even if she is engaged or married she is a whore. The attractive non sluts are out there but a lot of guys would have to make some serious life changes to ever get close to them

        34. The funny thing about telling women, in one quick statement, that you are better by a long shot than any other guy she has been with is that she wants to believe it.
          See women are whores but they don’t like to see themselves that way. They are out to slobber all over your dick but that is so slutty —— unless you are a really amazing guy. All those guys in the past are in the past (according to her hampster) because she needed someone better. She is out with you interviewing you to be better. She wants you to be the best she has ever been with. You don’t have to convince her, she already is actively trying to think it, you just nudge her a little in the right direction.

        35. Just because you didn’t like something doesn’t mean every other female dislikes it ! You seriously suffer with inferiority complex and false pride. This is proved by the very fact that you completely & conveniently “ignored” the context and started venting out your inferiority complex and attitude.
          Your reply is absolutely preposterous ! It’s like asking your husband when he is driving “do you want to **** me from rear” ? and he is saying “No, don’t you have common sense you stupid, I am driving, you behave yourself” !!!

        36. Thank you for analyzing in the depth my psyche. I don’t recall though that I ever asked for your services as my therapist, so don’t expect a check coming in your mail.
          However, I agree with you that context is everything.
          I totally agree that for the majority of women submitting to a man is their primal desire …in a committed relationship. It doesn’t make sense from an evolutionary point of view to submit to a random schmuck on a first or a second date. Therefore, according to the courtship rules the man should first commit, and then the woman should submit.
          Of course lolknee doesn’t offer these women a committed relationship, and his behavior at this stage suggest a person with low impulse control rather than a marriage material. That’s why I think that women tolerating this behavior must have been broken.
          As you know very well, the major advantage a woman have over a man, is that she doesn’t have to do anything special to have sex. That gives her a room to think. Unless she is completely messed up.

        37. She didn’t like anal.
          Try calling a girl a pussy next time, or even better, call a girl a cock.

        38. I bet you could tell which hole has daddy issues standing a hundred feet upwind in a Nor’easter..

        39. “He wasn’t. He has millions already and doesn’t care.”
          And I remember years later after he said that to Bubba-Wawwa he was asked again in another interview, and he stated that his position on what he said has not changed.
          “Some women like to take it to the wire…”
          Sean’s the man.

        40. And he is right. Most of us seen how our mothers pushed our fathers with a preachy high-pitched voice. If you let women go on they are like a road-roller burying you in sound. You can’t do much else then: walk away, which is seen as weak and avoiding or ending the argument with a slap. The middleground (affection) is only making it worse.

        41. Anger is an emotion. Women want to see your emotional spectrum, from Angry to loving and everything in between. You should want to be a real person, with all its flaws and feelings too. You just said you can’t show an emotion if necessary. That’s just stupid.

        42. I dunno. Chicks dig on my nasty paws. They aren’t dirty but they certainly show signs of physical labor. From my experience, they like the juxtaposition of hard and soft. Unless you want to keep your pockets lined with vaseline, that is on you bud.

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      2. Better watch out. These days there a real risk that some judge will rule that doing that makes you a legal dad of that kid.

      3. LOL, knee.
        Just in case, you should know, real men don’t dump his woman in an hospital to have his sons, as if she is an invalid fortunate enough to reap the benefits of Obamacare.
        He assures his spouse births at home with his assistance if needed.

        1. My paternal grandfather would have agreed. He had the same pattern for all 6 of his children. The midwife would show up, he and his cronies would hop a plane to Vegas and upon his return there would be a child

        1. Yup, although if you go to any of the places mentioned above, you can find plenty of sluts.
          I haven’t understood the need to go out of the country to find virtuous women. They are around, it is a matter of becoming what is desirable to them and networking. I found my wife in a college town in Oregon of all places.

        2. I think the fatpocalypse has something to do with relocating from the west. If I’m correct, the U.S. is one of the worst when it comes to obesity.

        3. I traveled to Ireland, I would agree that women were in better shape there. Probably because the Irish had to walk everywhere instead of drive.

        4. ^^This^^
          There are tons of available DTF women in the states. However the operative missing keyword in that sentence is “desirable”.

        5. It’s a population density/effort/quality thing. Going somewhere where most of the women marry < 23 and have a bmi of 19 is fish in the barrel vs needle in haystack

    2. I think i’ll write an article aboutit. Really…It’s not about location, but a combination of pretty rare factors.

    3. What do you guys think of banning prostitution? Would you ever pay for sex? I don’t think I would.

      1. I actually support prostitution, for the simple fact that it is an option when you get tired of the BS women make you go thru for sex. Hell, for the virgins out there trying to improve their game, I would suggest they go to a hooker first just to get the whole virginity thing out of the way, especially if they are older.

      2. Damn it ! women don’t pay for sex then why do we pay ?
        Let them “crave”, Let them use “vegetables”, Let them use “dildos”, Let them be “lesbians” !!
        Time to “deprive” the c***s !

    4. where can i find men who arent sluts? it seems like they all sleep around. meanwhile, i have never had sex once. why are men so easy?

        1. incorrect, i choose to remain a virgin because i do not care for sex, heroin is much, much better. this http://i.imgur.com/hpMLx6K.jpg is what i look like. i have had numerous people tell me they want to have sex with me. i just dont care for it.
          i am not ugly nor fat if thats what you are thinking, sorry. sorry that youre so pathetic you assume that other people dont have sex because they cant get it, ha. sad.
          sounds a lot like youre projecting tbqhwyf

        2. Heroin is better than sex? Lol. Ok, that explains plenty. I’m sure it isn’t your lack of hair and combat boots that turn the fellas off…

        3. it is. ever done heroin?
          and did you even read my reply? ” i have had numerous people tell me they want to have sex with me.”. i wear a beanie anyways so i actually look good even with no hair. i would show you how i look in a beanie but im not gonna put my face on the internet. and my boots are sweet. ive had lots of guys (and girls) compliment those boots.

        4. I’m very familiar with heroin and opiates, probably far more than your young ass. I was smart enough not to chase that dragon. Face facts, you’re just a fucking junky. You’re trying to justify being a dope head is better than having sex. Have you ever had sex? No. So how the fuck would you know? The real irony is what will you do when you’re out of money to get your fix? You’ll fuck the first guy to buy you a bundle.

        5. ive masturbated and thats pretty much the same as sex. sure, im a dope head. never denied that. idc about being a junkie anyways im ok with that cuz heroin is good. ive already ran out of money before, after all i rely on borrowed money so i run out fairly often. i just suck it up and drink vodka every day til my tolerance drops and its affordable. i guess i would have sex for heroin in return if i left my house and didnt have major depression. i just cant care enough to do that though. plus i have no friends not even acquaintances. i dont have any contacts in my phone besides my mom and brother.

        6. If you have no friends or acquaintances who took the picture of you? If you run out of borrowed money for your dope, how do you buy vodka? None of what you are saying makes much sense, at all.

        7. i put my ipad on the table and did the 10 second timer. i get my mom to buy me vodka when i run out.

  2. nail salons are a gold mine fellas…I’ve been saying it for a while now.

      1. probably, but like I said above…I don’t fuck the help. The place I get my nails done gives me a glass of champagne and a massage and I meet the other patrons. Laugh though you might fellas, but my nails are immaculate, I am well massaged and I meet a boat load of women.

        1. I think you are dead wrong. Don’t be so afraid of what other people think of you. Nails cut, cuticles cleaned, leg, foot and shoulder massage…I go every week and if you think quality women don’t notice your nails you are nuts but even for yourself…if is just very clean.

        2. I’m not laughing as long as you are man enough to admit that manicures are gay.
          Ps. I love to fuck the help. Had a couple of massages that went north organically.

        3. I would think it all depends on where you live. “When in Rome,” etc. NYC, that’s the Empire of the Clean and Upscale. Which I would think makes women even pickier. So even though I would think, “I would never get my nails done”, well, I don’t live in NYC. And if I did get my nails done, and I got more top-shelf pussy as a result, I’d keep getting them done. It’s all about bait, isn’t it. Projecting the illusion. And I don’t give a fuck what anybody thinks about me, because people think other people’s thoughts and don’t even know it.

        4. I don’t think they are gay at all. I think that women have coopted this luxury for themselves. When I am sitting there with some little yankee crankee massaging my feet and taking care of my nails while I have a drink and read a book in a massage chair I don’t feel it is gay at all. In fact, it feels pretty fucking awesome. I tend to be very neat and tidy in all aspects. My hair is always combed, I shower 2-3 times a day, I shave at least once a day and twice a day if I am going out at night….I am also incredibly organized. Some call it OCD but it doesn’t actually reach that level of compulsion. I see the manicure pedicure merely as a luxurious and relaxing way to tend to weekly grooming which ought to be done anyway.

        5. It’s call neat freak. Not OCD and not gay upon further review.
          Still can’t believe you don’t bang the help though. Seems like I’m the bigger devil.

        6. that is def how it starts. I think now I just enjoy it too much to ever stop. But, for instance, when I get to my office and walk through the lobby in a suit and the doorman greets me and I get on the elevator and go to press a button the hottie in the 6 inch heels standing next to me notices things like fingernails and fashion.

        7. neat freak I will accept. I have broken with tradition, rules are meant to be broken, but I tend to like cuntish women wearing designer clothes, drinking martinis and who know each and every social grace and mannerism. There is a feeling like I am really fucking defiling them.

        8. That’s interesting stuff. Location, location, location. Since I’m in the Southwest, it’s a totally different vibe. Guys walk around in muscle shirts while sporting no muscles. Heh. All depends on where you are.

        9. I have actually invented the mani-pedi first date. I think it is one of the best first dates possible. I save it for very special cases. Before poo pooing here me out. You want to take this girl out. First neg her nails and then immediately ask her where she has them done. Suggest a place you know as being better than the butchers she is using. Make a tentative date, switch numbers and leave. This is something that, more than likely, no one will have asked her yet which immediately makes you different. Plus. She will tell her girlfriends about this. They will chat about it and insist she go and have fun. Further, you are bodily invading her space. This is the social equivalent to using size advantage by crowding a space. So now she is a little skittish, nervous going to something she is unsure about and yet interested.
          Meet a half hour before appointment and have a cocktail to loosen things up. Then, you go in for your pedicure and do your entire getting to know you period while you sit there together having your feet and legs massaged. You have a good 45 minutes of a relaxing massage and pedicure where you sit there with a situationally induced intimacy and no distractions where you can talk to her. By the time you are done she should be interested in you. Go and have your nails next. Sitting next to each other, telling her which color you like or, more importantly, don’t like and when it is all done you head back to the bar and have a drink and chat about how no guy has ever done that with her…this is where you mention that no guy has done any of the things you plan to do to her.
          I have used the mani pedi first date now 6 times with a 100% conversion to sex rate.

        10. Wow. That all makes total sense. A ballsy and well-thought-out approach. I’m trying to think of something similar that I can add in this regard from my own experience…and I can’t think of a damn thing. I have never done anything remotely similar to that. Excellent ploy.

        11. thank you bob. It is a nuclear strike play that I invented and take great pride in.

        12. You should take pride in that. If shows serious intent. Planning the whole thing out as you did. I do that in sales pitches for new web design clients (although I haven’t pitched anybody in over three years, getting ready to do it again). I have a whole series of questions I intersperse in my online pitch. And they can only answer “Yes” to them. By the time I get to the close, they are toast. Similar deal there. How can a girl say “No” to a mani/pedi if she is interested in the guy who makes the offer. She can’t. Just like in sales (which is what game is, really), you have to make the prospect relax and then show them that you know what you are talking about and you are in charge and they are going to benefit. Planning it all out from stem to stern like you did, is the key. Experimentation, a tweak here, a torque there, and pretty soon you have it down to a science and your victims are all lab rats. Sweet.

        13. Bingo…and what better way to make her relax than to spend 45 minutes gaming her while she sits in a massage chair with some Asian broad rubbing her legs and feet

        14. Beautiful setup my friend. Creating your own world in NYC. I see a movie theme in there, for sure…

        15. I use a mach 3 razor and aveno shave gel. I use an art of shaving after shave moisturizer. After that dries I use Kiehls post shave recovery with sun screen and Hermes Terre Parfume Cologne. Also, Kiehls eye alert. I am a total fruit.

        16. I always pay for everything no matter where I go. I take it as part of the arraignment.

        17. It’s basically prostitution. All of it. Nails for sex. Dinner for sex. My time for sex.

        18. Pffft get some men’s shave cream from The Body Shop and reply back kissing my feet later. Get their $11 synthetic brush and a wooden $5 dip bowl from Target. A man of your stature using an aerosol can shave cream, I oughta pimp slapz you.

        19. I see it differently. Prostitution is money for sex in a direct way. I am creating a fun show. In this show I play the man and will do all the traditional man things. In turn I expect a very well dressed, well groomed. Pleasant, fun date to be on my arm and treat me like a god and later on fuck like the world is ending. If she doesn’t live up to her part of the deal I reserve the right to bail. If she does, I see it as entertainment budget well spent

        20. RIght, but also I think of it as an evenings entertainment for me. The girl on my arm and in my bed is just part of the lolknee show that I am enjoying.

        21. Nothing synthetic. I’ve tried every cream and gel and bar shaving soap, this is my favorite

        22. You remind me of Christian Bale in ‘American Psycho’! It would not surprise me if you were killing some of your dates and eating them for desert as an a afterthought of your sexual conquests.

        23. Yeah I get that a lot. The thing is, that character was written as a critique of the culture I am from so it is just a steep type and exaggeration of what I called the cool kids in high school, college and after. There is so much stuff in the movie, and more so I’m the book, that I do not know how anyone who wasn’t a yuppie or wanna be yuppie in the 80’s and 90’s would get

        24. Makes sense… funny and ironic (is that redundant?) thing is that most forms of media have an agenda. The master controls the narrative and the slave eats it up. Thanks for pointing that out… I didn’t consider that something as benign and entertaining could be propaganda… but there you have it!

    1. Nail Salons? Yeah I suppose…… if petite Vietnamese chicks who shriek across the shop in their little Mars Attacks language is your thing.

        1. Nah man. The Vietnamese have the U.S. nail salon industry cornered like a Muh’ Fugga. It’s their industry like Jews to Diamonds.

      1. I don’t flirt with the help bud. I am talking about the well to do women who take good care of their nails (nail care being in my top 3 first impression signs). If you go to low end places you will meet young college or fresh out of college girls if you go to high end girls you will meet the social climbers etc. Great times.

  3. 11. Sales and marketing conferences. Add extra slut points if the girl lives in NY, LA, or Vegas.

    1. I know someone who reports a high success ratio taking Gotham Writers Workshop classes.

      1. Evening classes are an elaborate proxy for affairs.
        They add a cloak of legitimatacy to going out of town with a woman you met at fucking “cooking class” or “accountancy for beginnings” and performing every lurid act that comes into your filthy mind.
        Yes I did, back in 03. So was nearly everyone else

        1. I did a cooking class because it was actually interesting. I got a groupon and it was for this famous dumpling person giving a dumpling making class. byob. I grabbed two bottles of wine. It was cool and I learned how to make dumplings and ate the ones I made and had some wine and listened to music, but I was the only one there that wasn’t part of a couple. I think you are rolling the dice with those classes. It could have just as easily been girls night out and 10 single girls and me, but as it was it was 5 couples and me which kinda sucked.

        2. I was studying ICT but we shared certain classes with people studying BAs in Business etc where the modules were transferable. A 40 year old secretary at night school for a business degree has few equals in terms of sexual limits

        3. Agreed cooking class is a couples activity date for beta males who don’t know how to escalate.

        4. Yup the two kinds of guys I saw there were betas who didn’t know how to escalate and guys who had been with their girl so long that the girl already knew all their stories and nothing of their relationship remained but white ash and dying embers so they put on their best “THIS IS JUST THE BEST!” face and pretend that they aren’t both thinking of other lovers alternating with suicide while they make dumplings.

        5. I would have laughed at them but my dumb ass was standing there too so I just tried to concentrate on learning how to make a good dumpling.

        6. Some things you shouldn’t have to teach a woman yourself, game butchering is most definitely one of them.

      1. local wine store near me does classes every Thursday night. I have yet to go to one. Another thing, and this may be NYC specific, any liquor store which is in a residential part of the city at 6pm. All the single girls in line with their bottle of wine it is fucking hilarious. Standing their in their work clothes with their heels. Not even kidding, certain stores there is a line 10 deep if you go in at just the right time and they are almost all women.

      2. Lots of post wall game there, bored housewives trying to get out the house but are too old for clubbing.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. Completely forgot about that one. Fourteen years ago. Really good call.

  4. I had a quick question. Would that make you a slut as well for frequenting areas with a high density ratio for sluts occupying that space? I’m curious to know your opinion. Couldn’t this have just bee labeled – places to meet women? Aside from the psychological loops you would have to go through in getting to some of these conclusions. I’d be hard pressed to question the morality of visiting a child care center for the purpose of “hooking up” with single mothers. That is twisted manipulation games on another level. Also I think single mothers would be too busy you know managing a home and too busy to care about your advances.

      1. Thanks for your input🤗 Well if we were going by the text book definition for “Slut” then I would agree. Men can’t be sluts because that definition is regulated to women only i.e. Defined as a woman with low cleanliness etc. however if we going by context, in this instance a “slut” referring to someone who engages in regular sexual encounters with multiple partners – then yes men can be sluts by that logic.
        I hope this was helpful. My personal opinion- we shouldn’t all be so concerned with whose sleeping with who and for how many times. We’re all human and have basic urges and needs. Judgment on sex is the least interesting thing you can do with your brain power.
        Have a great one 👍🏿

        1. You are a wreck and an idiot. In a sexual dimorphic species the most fundamental differences are centered around sex.
          But by all means keep sucking down that brainwashing. You stick out line that sore thumb you keep emoting

        2. A wise man once said, “A key that opens every lock is a master key. A lock that opens to every key is a shitty lock.”

  5. 11. New Zealand – Most cock hungry nation of females in the world. Just bring Rugby meathead asshole game.

      1. But they’re modestly hotter and MUCH more stylish. So they take a bit more work.

        1. you married boys always with the trouble getting them to leave 🙂 when you want her to leave tell her to get out you have stuff to do. If she complains say “are you seriously refusing to leave even though I told you I have stuff to do” The anger will subside, don’t worry.

        2. someone once asked me what I say to make girls leave and I say “i tell them to get the fuck out” but I do it with a smile and a pat on the ass. What is she going to do? unfuck me? The worst she can do is grab her shit and leave pissed off in which case I get what I want anyway.”

        3. I once took a nice girl out for dinner, after I dropped her off home and turned to leave.
          She said, “You paid $30 for dinner tonight, that’s more than I earn in 2 weeks. Next time just come to my place, fuck me and give me the $30”

        4. Except two weeks ago I had 2 8$ glasses of wine and then went home with a yummy 5′ 11 girl that was lamenting she didn’t have a boyfriend.
          $16. And I’m still blowing my load in her.

        5. Depends on what I want to do to her. Small is good for certain sex acts. Tall is good for others.

      1. I pay less for a hooker than you pay for her dinner.
        It’s never free, only the payment plan changes.

  6. I know this is old school pua here, but at this stage of the game aren’t we beyond just banging sluts? It just encourages the degeneracy we find ourselves in.

    1. Sleeping with women who are already sluts hurts no one. They are not talking about deflowering 17 year olds or something like that.

      1. they are all sluts. If you can fuck them they were just looking for the chance to start. The ones who have enough training and guidance from a strong father won’t be at the places where people go to meet and exchange fluids by themselves. I don’t care if it is her 18th birthday and she spent her life in a convent, if it is 1 am and she is at one of the places I frequent then she is just lookin for someone to climb’in that hymen

        1. You are completely right Lolknee. It’s time to shed all those delusions as part of one’s growth.

        2. I have thrown some back because I saw they were trying to get married, but not girls I have met out drinking. A lot of painful growth in the red pill but if she is out and putting herself in a situation to be approached in a place that serves alcohol you can bet she is looking to have at least one and possibly all three of her holes stuffed. If she wasn’t she would be home

      2. Why don’t all these anti pua fools understand basic logic?
        Banging a slut does not create more sluts!

    2. Feel free to start your own manosphere forum for “patriarchy game” and discuss home schooling for your kids.

  7. BTW: I am starting to hear that strip clubs are a great place to meet girls as the ratio has gone from that fucking annoying chick who comes with the guys to the strip club to prove how much she is one of the guys to large parties of girls getting dressed up in their sluttiest club wear and just going out for a night at the titty bar.

    1. I don’t get the “I’m one of the guys” thing. What’s the point in that?

        1. She’s just trying to see if she could out compete for the men’s attention against all the other strippers in their underwear.
          I’ve seen the same kind of thing at Hooters and Tilted Kilt. You know the waitresses are slutty looking and women that go tries to see how they measure up against each other. They couldn’t care less about the guys in the place.

        2. Once the guy is drunk and the dancer/waitress won’t fuck them they probably bang the brakes off the “cool” chick who came with them making her feel like she beat the dancers when in reality she was just a moist hole with which sexual frustration was taken out on

        3. They all do….every. Single. One. Mother Theresa, everyone grandma, Nancy Reagan, your 5th grade teacher…they all have a fatansy of getting gang banged. The only question is which ones act on it

        4. I could understand a woman having that fantasy, but no way would I participate with 5 other guys. Sounds way too faggy.
          I would bet my wife does, but it is not the subject to bring up. “so….have you ever considered me inviting 5 guys over so we all can have sex with you at the same time?” Not going to happen.

        5. “”She’s just trying to see if she could out compete for the men’s attention against all the other strippers in their underwear.””
          If that’s the case those skanks should just apply for a job at the strip club or hooter lol.

      1. In general I don’t know. But as it relates to female tag alongs at strip clubs. She generally wants guy to tell her how cool she is and also fantasizes about gang bangs.
        True story

    2. “”from that fucking annoying chick who comes with the guys to the strip
      club to prove how much she is one of the guys to large parties of girls
      getting dressed up in their sluttiest club wear and just going out for a
      night at the titty bar.””
      I honestly don’t have any respect for women like that.

  8. Conventions are good and not just the booth babes. You can approach dozens of females at other companies in few hours and pretend to be interested in their product. They must talk to you and you get bus card with contact info. Its all just “networking”.
    How do you find the gym with the hot women? I’ve gone through yelp for gyms within driving distance. They are fat farms with one attractive female.

    1. I think it all depends on where you live. I live in Saint Louis, Missouri, and my gym is full of fat black women lol There’s only a handful of cute girls that go to my gym, but the majority are all very unattractive.

      1. All the gyms are marketing to females who have weight loss as their fitness objective. So its like the worst possible place to meet fit women.

    2. I have more than one gym membership. One is at a local community college. Most of the females aren’t fat and none of them are old.
      Choose wisely!

    3. If you are in NYC equinox is a fucking buffet of high quality poon. Not sure how they are in other cities. Also, if classpass is a thing near you you can get all sorts of groupon like deals to do various bootcamp, crossfit, yoga classes. If you really want to meet some top shelf women and if you have the physique to pull it off (and I am not talking anything spectacular, just not fat will do) then get yourself a 1 month into deal at a Bikram hot yoga studio. In class I wear something that is like boxer briefs but with speedo material. Class is usually 30 or so women for 1.5 hours in a 105 degree room doing 2 45 minute sets of assanas. Heat, sweat, near nudity, in shape women, bending. Anyone want to grab a green juice after class? Plus, because it is 99% women when you go in they will give you extra attention….further, on your first day they go out of their way to mention it is your first time and introduce you so as soon as the class is over and you have done your lay down and rest thing you are introduced to 30 hot women wearing almost nothing swearing their asses off who you have been standing around bending and stretching with for the past hour and a half.

      1. Equinox is $170/month and they demand 12 month contract. So you did the free guest pass at yoga studios until you found one with attractive females?

        1. I only go to yoga once a month so I will find a groupon or just get a one day class (usually about 25 bucks). Most of the yoga studios offer 5 packs or 10 packs that you can pick up on and a lot offer an unlimited 1 month ride for beginners. There was one place that was like 60 bucks for unlimited for beginners but if you went every day in the month they refunded your money. I tried, but timing.

    4. At conventions, they are far away from home and usually difficult for people she knows to find out about her flings. Plus she has a hotel room all to herself.

    5. This is my question, too. My gym is mostly a bunch of dudes grunting groaning and lifting heavy things.

  9. Another unconventional place to meet sluts, if you’re secure enough, would be at gay clubs. I went a couple of times with some friends of mine when I lived in LA. The straight women go there with their gay friends, and they’re really not having that much of a great time, since all the guys there are into each other LOL Best thing that worked for me was to walk up to her and say “excuse me, are you straight?” yes…”omg, me too! thank god i found a straight girl in here!” The ratio of straight girls to straight guys in gay clubs is actually amazing.

    1. The Abbey in West Hollywood is famous for that. They had so many straight girls coming that they eventually banned all bachelorette parties.

      1. The Abbey is the club I was talking about! I went there twice. Plenty of fine straight women go there

        1. Yep, including my ex-wife. I remember us getting hammered there and me fingering her on one of those beds in the back. She was too wild for marriage.

      1. almost always fat. Fags tell fat girls that their “big” tits look amazing. I think by law as soon as you get fucked in the ass you are assigned a fat chick. As you get higher and higher up on the faggot scale you get more and more fat chicks. As far as I am aware, Doogie Howser is the number one faggot. I assume he has like hundreds of fatties that he is constantly telling to wear less clothes because they look great.

    2. Gay clubs attract fag hags. They usually have difficulty relating to men. That shit test is not worth the time. Other problem in smartphone era is some faggot can take his pic standing next to you and post it on FB instantly.

      1. Too many sluts around to have to resort to gay clubs. Besides, just by being there, the obvious assumption is that you are gay and want to meet men, which means a lot of guys rubbing their crotches on you from behind. Don’t ask me how I know this.

        1. “Terrible way to find out your son is gay”
          DAD! What are you doing here??!!
          Uh….I thought this was the dry cleaners.
          What are you getting cleaned?
          (third guy) My pipes….

        2. most of the people made it out of that club because they already had their shit packed and were familiar with the back door. #cocksnotglocks

        3. Ah. Reminds me of an old joke i heard years ago from my dad. Ive been using it since early teen years.
          Why are gay guys always the first ones out of the hotel in the morning?
          Cuz they had their shit packed the night before.

    3. I wouldn’t feel embarrassed or worry about the shit tests, but I don’t think I could handle the music, the outward physical display of fagginess or the sand niggers shooting the place up.

        1. and remember, a shit test in a gay club often involves actual feces.

    4. I have a close friend who’s gay and I go out with them sometimes. There are some gay bars that are pretty neutral, save for the occasional PDA. I have actually pulled some really hot girls from a neutral gay bar. Some gay clubs however are ridiculous sausage parties with NO women and extremely aggressive dudes. I would say avoid the gay “club” 100% of the time.

  10. Nice to see RoK has returned to its roots. It was starting to read like Breitbart lite. A little too alt.right. Now to the topic at hand:
    1. What about yoga? New age chix tend to be pretty loose.
    2. Pole dancing class? You’d stick out like a pork chop at a bar mitzvah.
    3. Be careful around playgrounds and day care if you’re a single guy. You might get tagged as a “Chester.”
    4. Night classes? Depends on the course. They run the gamut from “nice” girls (foreign language) to full-on dykes (mechanical stuff).

    1. Nice to see RoK has returned to its roots. It was starting to read like Breitbart lite. A little too alt.right.

      I agree, but in ROK’s defense, it makes little sense to teach game if game is outlawed by Feminists (e.g. street harassment, affirmative consent, etc.) It was imperative that we defeat Hillary and everything she stands for.
      As the saying goes, “You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you.”

      1. How the hell could “game” (whatever that is) be outlawed? If a guy and a girl want to chat … or whatever … it’s going to happen. As for politics, sure it’ll come looking for you. But hooking up with the juvenile troll movement called the alt.right, with its Pepe the Frog avatars, Trump asskissing, anime SS girls, calling grownup conservatives cucks and putting ((echoes)) around Jewish names won’t get you very far.

      1. Its ok for mormom girls to harvest animal semen for science. Wyoming is 25% mormon now and they run the elk splooge milking industry. They get paid to give hand jobs to bull elk and they are still considered marriage material.

        1. Picked it up for five bucks the record store the other day. Good stuff. Record stores are a great place to meet artsy slutz as well. Not sure why this hasn’t been mentioned before….

        2. Picked it up for five bucks at the record store the other day. Good stuff. Record stores are a great place to meet artsy slutz as well. Not sure why this hasn’t been mentioned before….

    1. Born again virgins 14 times over. Single moms looking for beta bucks provider. Divorce rate is same inside/outside the church.

  11. All women are sluts by definition and unfortunately most of them are not professionals (Are not selling directly sex for money) which are (also by definition) the best sluts you can find out there…So sluts are literally everywhere and therefore this article does not make any sense…Not to offend the writer btw just pointing out facts.

  12. Meetup[dot]com in your location. Look at any meetup group that deals with self improvement, spirituality or some other similar type of crap and it will be full of mostly women.

  13. Go to Hot Topic at your local mall. If you’re at all alpha, you’ll have an instant harem and fuck every woman in the store. One stop shopping at its finest

  14. My suggestion is to leave them alone, unless you dry hump them with a biohazard suit on. You can get a disease just by looking at most of them.

  15. AVN Las Vegas…the highest concentration of slutty (and intoxicated) women in one place…starts Jan 21, get your tickets now boys…

  16. #2 — Not sexy.
    Something about when another dude’s baby has come out of there, I’m NOT going in. It’s that simple.
    Freshness, strictly, in the nether regions. No kids.

  17. ‘All men are liars, changeable, false, talkative, hypocrites, proud or cowards, scornful and sensual;
    All women are perfidious, superficial, vain, curious and depraved.
    The world is just a bottomless sewer where the most hideous seals are crawling on a mountain of mire.
    But there is in the world one holy and sublime thing. It is the union of both of these beings so imperfect and so horrible. We are often cheated in love, often hurt and often unhappy. But we love, and when we will sit next to our tomb, we will look backwards and will tell ourselves:
    ‘I often suffered, I got wrong sometimes, but I loved. It’s me who lived, and not a superficial being created by my pride and my boredom’
    Alfred de Musset

  18. Remember the words of Ali G, young fellas… Sex leads to some nasty things like herpes, gonorrhea and something called relationships.

  19. “Evening Classes”
    This is idiotic. I did 3/4 of my bachelors degree at night school, working full time on the midnight shift after classes, married and with a child halfway through school. Most of the women in my classes were of similar age, married, and simply worked during the day. Many of them were parents. Very few were even teens or in their early twenties. Most were late twenties through forties. I’d say a quarter of the women were military from the local base, many of them married and simply trying to advance themselves. By contrast, there were FAR more loose girls in normal daytime classes. Night school is essentially for adults with discipline and a sense of responsibility. You’re expected to conduct yourself as an adult, and it’s expected that you’re working and with family duties, men and women both. Night school is one of the last places you’d go to pick up girls. They’re largely spoken for.
    So, how much of the rest of your list did you just pull from your ass?

    1. My experience as well. In one evening class a freshman type mouthed off to the teacher and started burning time arguing with him. It was the other students who shut him down, and then took him aside after class to explain to him certain realities about how valuable their time was, what they were giving up to be there, and how they expected him to conduct himself in the future.

  20. Women are sluts. It just takes the “right” man to open her up.
    It doesn’t matter if it’s a virgin shy girl, or some club freak. It takes the “right” man and “right” experience to just “let it happen”.

  21. True on the pole dancing classes. You’re all valueless whores! Also note the correlation between degenerate leftists who support “sex workers” (read: female only sex workers), and empowered sluts and those who take those “classes”
    Which also means one thing – their quality will be more likely lower.

  22. “Pole dance classes (…) Cons: You have to justify your presence and act fast”

  23. Holy Mother of God, stop worshiping Latin American girls! I am a (caucasian) Latin American guy and know for a fact that they aren’t worth crap. They are just pretending and you fall for it. I’d say they are way, way worse than the white, western girls you always criticize. Also, their mix of a million races make them ugly, ugly, ugly. Frankly, I can’t understand why you think they are hot. I’ve yet to see a non-white Latina who I consider to be a 7, let alone a 10.
    I know this will be hard to believe, but let it sink in: most of the prettiest, smartest, and most feminine girls I’ve known have been French, German, and American white girls that I’ve met while living abroad. You just have to know where to look.
    So, you want a sane woman of healthy morals who will cook for you when you come tired from work, and you are looking for her in bars and NIGHT CLUBS? Seriously? Good God! What are you morons thinking?
    To be fair, some of the good girls I’m talking about were from rural areas, away from trashy cultural influences in their immediate surroundings; but I assure you that you absolutely may encounter good girls in urban areas if you know what you are doing!
    The truth is staring at your clueless faces and you aren’t able to see it!
    But I know that many of you will still not believe me.
    I’ll go meet white girls while you go for your Latina gold diggers. I’d say go for it! stay in a relationship with them, maybe then you’ll understand your mistake.

  24. And no matter where you go, you will find lustful losers which no girl/slut would want to fuck

  25. I tried half of these: 1, 5, 8, 9, 10. None of them work for me. And the last comment to “find a nice woman with whom you can connect”, I have never found such a person. Most nice girls are homely and boring like me and don’t even like anything about me.

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