4 Ways Female Travel Bloggers Damage Young Women

As social media has exploded in recent times with the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, few other pursuits have been shoved more prominently into the faces of people everywhere than the exciting world of travel. And we all know how women love their social media to death don’t we?

Furthermore, since few other types of pictures with gather more “likes” and fawning commentary than presenting yourself in front of a world famous landmark or viewpoint, young women all across the world are ravenous in wanting to spend as much of their twenties as possible traveling and basking in the divine light of digital validation.

All these “likes” are like heroin!

Accordingly, solo female travel blogs have boomed during the 2010s.

While most will achieve incredibly minute readership and eventually give up on their writing hobby, some solo female travel bloggers build up very large followings and can exert great influence on their young and idealistic fans. And it’s often hardly in their best long term interests.

This article will explore four ways that solo female travel bloggers are a nuisance to society, rather than smiling saviors.

1. They Promote Rampant Narcissism

auschwitz selfie

Look at meeeeeeeeeeeee!! 😀

Solo female travel bloggers are absolutely in love with themselves, and completely addicted to the regular discharge of dopamine and serotonin in their brains which is unleashed after a barrage of “likes” and praises of “you’re so inspiring!” flood their comment boxes.

They completely discourage humbleness and introspection with their pursuits, and are ultimately rather selfish bastards to boot. For instance, they claim to want to “empower” and “inspire” you to travel (seriously, are these the two most overused and impotent buzzwords in travel blogs?), but in reality they would prefer you to just live vicariously through their own travels and contribute much desired blog traffic for advertising revenue and marketing referrals.

Social Media brought out the worst narcissistic behavior we have ever seen in young women, and solo female travel bloggers endlessly take that narcissism worldwide.

2. They Promote Sexual Promiscuity

koh phi phi

I really hope that hawt tattooed surfer guy will notice me tonight…

To be fair, a lot of the solo female travel bloggers out there keep their travel bangs either incredibly vague or hush-hush altogether. Thus keeping their writing focus almost entirely on their travel exploits and stupid food pictures.

However, some of the biggest names in this niche business love to gloat about all the “hawt” Australian, English, Irish, or Swedish guys they shared hostel beds or sex-on-the-beach with during their walkabouts.

We have tirelessly repeated the notion that a high number of sexual partners in females is a major red flag for long term relationship or mother material, and the sad fact of the matter is that solo female travelers will have a considerably higher notch count than their more grounded compatriots.

For instance, what happens to a 23-year-old American girl who is unleashed upon the planet with plenty of those “hawt” Aussie guys she likes so much? Especially after spending month after month in backpacker hostels?

She becomes repeatedly pounded damaged goods, who is unlikely to be able to pair bond well with her (presumably) American beta male partner in the coming years. Why? Because she’ll be constantly thinking about all those brazen, loud-mouthed, alpha bad boy Aussie guys she dropped her panties for in the past.

Have your fun, but it’s best to steer clear from putting a ring around one of these girls. Divorce, break-ups, and so many other “I’m unhaaaapy” scenarios will inevitably follow.

3. They Promote Spinsterdom And Childlessness

For the solo female travel blogger, settling down and getting married while they still have good sexual market value and fertility (like 25) is absolutely unfathomable. To them, travel is like eating Pringles. “Once you pop, you can’t stop”.

They just gotta see more and more and more of the world until they genuinely feel like they are satisfied. Satisfaction of course, will not come until they are at least around 33 years old, and for many more it will even be much later than that.

Kate McCulley of ‘Adventurous Kate’ fame has claimed that while conquering the whole planet is not a realistic goal, she wants to make it to 100 countries by the time she is forty years old.

Wow. Forty years old. Plan on having children while you still can, and avoid a lonely cat-filled spinsters life which follows?

Of course not, and she and many other long term solo female travel bloggers are setting themselves up (and their “inspired” and “empowered” readers) for an empty second half of their life which many will deeply regret.

4. They Espouse SJW And Leftist Talking Points

“Clueless” Kate McCulley, virtue signaling for her ludicrously paranoid leftist readership at the ‘Women’s March’

Finally, solo female travel blogs are cesspits of “social justice” and bullshit feminist mantra.

There are almost no prominent female travel bloggers who espouse more conservative or libertarian viewpoints, and this inflicts serious intellectual damage on the brains of their young and “inspired” and “empowered” female readership. (As if they haven’t had enough cultural Marxist brainwashing already?).

Travel blog ring-leaders like Kate McCulley act like they have to apologize to the whole planet for the election of Donald Trump, continually regurgitate the tired hysterics that he is going to take away the rights of everyone who isn’t a heterosexual white male, and rush to the defense of Islam (ignoring all it’s anti-homosexuality, women’s rights suppression, etc) at any and every opportunity.

It’s tiresome, face-palm worthy, and just plain incorrect. As always, emotion will trump any notion of reason to a female graduate of cultural Marxist university incorporated.

Conclusion / “And That’s All She Wrote”

In closing, what solo female travel bloggers are selling is rubbish. They add nothing to the world of travel which hasn’t been covered 1000 times already, and they are out to infect new generations of young women with their narcissism, promiscuity, voluntary infertility, and social justice disease.

And do you wanna travel regardless of your gender or relationship status? Just make your way to TripAdvisor for your medicinal dose of “inspiration” and “empowerment” to travel for crying out loud.

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        1. Don’t marry an European one. Or.. she must be willing to sign the agreement with her own blood. I’ll bet she can’t give up Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for your commitment. “Cleaning, cooking? Are you somekind of a womanhater?”

        2. Most Western European women are fucking rubbish. I was in Germany for over a decade, and often the best women were from Eastern bloc countries. Eventually moved to the East.
          Some guy on his blog too a photo of a French woman putting her feet up on his headrest on a flight, the thing he was outraged most about was that she was wearing sneakers and looked very “unclassy”. I guess he gets his information about France from the movies.
          Hollywood creates an image of French women that is totally out of date. Maybe if you went to France 30 years ago you might find classy ladies, but definitely not today. And many French women mudshark with Arabs. I noticed the same thing with Germans mudsharking with Turks and Moroccans.

        3. Americans have a romanticized view of European women. Surely the East European women are more traditional, which is what men, all most all men, seek in a woman. Since it is a precursor how loyal and caring she will be in marriage and towards the future offspring. But American culture is like a cancer, with its feminism and capitalistic extremes. You already can see how Eastern Europe is changing. It’s becoming more like… America. Cock carousel riding, big mouth women, obesity, instant gratification, tats and pierced sluts. All the nasty habits are adopted.

        4. Wow… had not read that before. I’ve been to Agra, seen plenty of locals like that dude trying to hustle tourists from all over. If all that guy did for a living was drive a tuk tuk he made squat for money, but being a 35 year old yoga teacher from NY she was too blind to see reality. She was as social worker who “wanted to improve civic conditions in Agra” LMAO! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2565024/American-social-worker-35-stabbed-death-cab-driver-husband-5-months-Indian-home-blew-up.html

    1. Wizard of Oz tattoo on her shin is fitting as she has no brain, no heart,and no courage.
      Seriously, what are these women doing with these tattoos? These jokes write themselves

      1. I am curious to know how many SJW Jewish women have tattoos, since such things to Jews are ‘treyf’.

        1. I am no expert but as far as I understand those Jewish girl with tattoos are non-observant Jews. They will not be excommunicated for getting inked but probably not going to get a Jewish funeral or allowed to be buried in a Jewish cemetery.

        2. They’re all “non-observant” these days. Social Jewery, really. Just in it for the networking and martyr status.

        3. someone needs to write an article on the IDF’s use of very attractive females as a disinfo tactic. those israeli girls are all 9/10s and it needs to be drawn into the light

        4. Those few TORAH/TANAHK following jews that are practicing and do not follow the Talmud are just normal folk like us.

        5. I met some female Israel backpackers in Budapest last summer. They were nothing special at all. Those photos of attractive Israeli women represent a small percent of their population.

      2. “Seriously, what are these women doing with these tattoos? These jokes write themselves”
        Atfirst glane I thought it was a nasty skin infection from one of the many fucking diseases that part of hell has.

      3. All she ever wanted was a real alpha to put her in her place.
        White American men have failed to do so and so they look for it elsewhere.
        All of female misbehavior is caused by men failing to be men.

        1. “All of female misbehavior is caused by men failing to be men.”
          How quainte. You relinquish a woman for her own behavior? Thanks for the admission that women are incapable of responsibility or forethought, but retarded children and should be treated as such.
          American men would gladly slap those misbehaving women back into line… but then all their assets will be ceased and their ass thrown in jail. I know a few who did time for exactly that.

        2. i agree with John Galt….a lot of american men would be more than happy to slap a woman back in line. problem is its illegal in the US…

        3. Its been illegal for a long time, and in bad taste for even longer. If you cannot make a woman follow your lead without slapping her around, you might as well go MGTOW

        4. bahaha she was never worth a real alpha’s time, money, or energy! did you think she was joan of arc before that mud-golem impregnated her?

        5. >White American men have failed to do so…
          No, they AVOIDED. Srsly, no man with any options, including suicide, would fuck her with at stolen dick.

      4. “Follow The Mudshark Road”….
        “Follow The Mudshark Road”….
        “Follow The Mudshark Road”….

      5. “Seriously, what are these women doing with these tattoos? These jokes write themselves”
        Its why she had to go abroad no sane western man would take the chance

      6. From an individual point of view, i got nothing against a person that settle down in a foreign country, and ‘mix up’, as long as they respect the values of their new homes.
        So, if you want to marry an african man, and decide to live in Africa, so be it.
        But from a global point of view, the actual mandatory cultural cross breeding is a catastrophy for both cultures.

        1. I have a problem with people who brag about that other “amazing country”, go there, fall “in loveee” and then take that other person here because there wasn’t all that nice after all. Go and stay. Never come back. Rip your passport to pieces.

      7. Cheese Man. Another score on the tat spotting. I have to start looking at the tats on women other than just looking and turning away horrified. Kind of like your stupidity permanently on your body.

        1. There was a short-lived show about a tattoo parlor. on a few years ago. Guy walks in and wants a giant Schwarzenegger tat on his calf. Is it from Conan? From Terminator? Nope, hes obsessed with one of his worst movies, The Last Action Hero, so he has that put on his meaty calf.

        2. I work at a jail and when I book people through medical I become tat blind because there are so many tats. Why would a grown man put a Jessica Rabbit on his forearm? The best are the tats on the face because they never figure out how the police spotted them. One guy was caught because of the turtle neck and wool hat he was wearing on a hot August day. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/00ff458841ec4f064bba0b477418c960aa10329b304a048d1f1f260dd9024ac0.jpg

    2. Men from third world countries prey on gullible North American woman with low self esteem. The women are usually fat or ugly and they meet these men on vacation. As soon as the con artists receive citizenship, they leave their wives to be single moms.

      1. A girl I knew in college, who was nice but also insecure and could never get a boyfriend at our school, just found her beau in South America. She was on a mission trip of sorts and came back with a big, strong black dude from that land (just describing the picture). Couldn’t get a boyfriend in the US, but went to South America, where white US chicks are probably seen as trophies, and she gets a big strong foreign dude to sweep her off her feet. Interesting, but I suspect ulterior motives on more than one field there.

        1. It depends on where you go; deep, third world jungle or 1st world urban and everything in between. It’s all different. A fat American girl in a Sao Paulo nightclub would be radioactive.

        2. she was looking for her alpha thats all.
          I assure you that that South American negro doesn’t take any shit from her.

    3. Those tats will come in handy for identification purposes, after he chops off her head and removes her fingerprints with acid…

    4. She is either a trophy wife (for what passes as middle class African), or a ticket to a green card. If he gets his green card, I hope he gets custody after the divorce.
      I am surprised that in Africa she can still get her hair coloured. I bet there would be a lot of gray if it grows back to her real colour.

    5. The most sickening pic I’ve seen recently. And ultimately, I guarantee NOTHING good will come out of this relationship (African knuckle dragger and very fucked-up western woman).

    6. Score one for the dude!!! He won the lottery. The getting out of the dusty village lottery.

    7. They don’t just find it abroad, you see this in Western countries too. Mudsharking is popular in North America and much of Europe. Even some Eastern European women are mudsharking as well.

  1. In terms of evolution, it made no sense for a woman to travel far outside of her tribe or be “adventurous” and “intrepid.” The outside world was unknown and dangerous. It was best to stay safely within the confines of the tribe and be impregnated by the alpha male(s) of the tribe. For a male, on the other hand, travel and adventuring into unknown lands was high risk too but potentially high reward, with the possibility of plunder and new women.

    1. So true. Running Water; Washing Machines; Education; Birth Control and Guns have allowed women access to the world in ways we never have before.

      1. All of these are luxuries. It has nothing to do with access but rather ease and quality of life.

      2. I think the reasons are more like: breakdown of marriage and religion, women working, seeing relationships with men as subscriptions (the tinder age) birthcontrol and delaying childbirth, cheap flights, cosmopolitanism, socialism and cultural-Marxism. It’s on toxic combination!

    1. Is there an app that scours a person’s social media profiles for red flags? If not, there should be. That could be lucrative for someone. Find out her past before she delete’s it. Of course you’d have to use the app before becoming serious with the person

        1. Theres an app Im tempted to DL called Hater- it matches you up with people who hate the same shit as you. I wanna see if their are any women out there who hate mimes and people with a Boston accent. Could be my soulmate

        2. haha the search is getting too specific, results would be for another man, no woman like that exists

        3. True. Better stick with the accent and mimes. Otherwise you’ll have trannies contacting you…

  2. The problem is that these travel cunts can do this on another man’s dime, and then some other pathetic guy will still marry them.

    1. Many of the cunts pay their own way; men who enjoy talking after sex seem to enjoy their company.

    1. Goddess!! You’re So Inspiring!! 😀
      Now what are the other classic comments to attractive traveler girls?

      1. Read between the lines, and that’s exactly what they feel (especially the “overseas volunteer” types):
        “They were so grateful for the work we did for them” – We walked among the savages as gods
        “Those people were so nice and friendly” – they followed the novelty around
        “The kids were just precious” – I might adopt one of these kids, but I’ve still got no plans to reproduce any time soon

        1. Exactly. Third world countries have entire infrastructures in place just to fleece all the 23 year old pussyhat assholes who think they were hand-picked by God to save the world. Millenials are lined up so deep to save Africa that it’s hard to even volunteer down there. I’m sure the Africans love it too, like, “Okay, if you insist on digging that ditch for us then we’ll go play soccer. Weird.”
          Imagine falling on such hard times in 40 years or so that super rich Chinese youth start flocking over to the US to virtue signal by flying all the way over to cut your lawn and re-shingle your roof. Another problem is when assholes like Madonna and Jolie go out of their way to inform the world that 99% of human life is tragic and it’s only fair if everyone can live like Americans. C’mon. A shack is a shack. It’s not that bad. Lay down and go to sleep in the fucking thing, wake up and eat your rice and beans and play soccer. Beats working 80 hours a week as a tax lawyer.

        2. “Those people were so nice and friendly” – they followed the novelty around” i.e.
          I got pounded like i never have before by a negro….

        3. True. A friend of mine onceasked me pick up his sister-in-law and give her a ride to his place. Little blond SJW just back from Africa on some “save-the-endangered-turtle” trip (on dad’s dime). Later on she pulled out photos of her “trip.” Mostly her dancing with a dozen black men.
          I laughed, but didn’t say anything. Later on I was talking with the same a friend after she left and said, “she was in Africa to get laid, you know that right?” He was a bit perplexed and then told me, “she related an incident that the local police had to break up a fight between the black guys she liked to dance with.
          Any woman who does “volunteer work abroad” is cruising for dick and virtue signalling. Nothing else.

        4. “Okay, if you insist on digging that ditch for us then we’ll go play soccer. Weird” LMAO hilariously true

        5. Depends on age. It is not always about dick. A close female relative became widowed at 60 and decided to go to Africa to do good works. She could of course do good charitable stuff at home but no brownie points of course. BUT a female going abroad to do charity is always always about narcissism.
          ( strong independent woman doing it on her late husband’s investments of course. What a pain in the ass.)

        6. Your second sentence–what the chick secretly thinks–is super gay, super negro-fetishizing and super creepy. Can you not see that? You imply all at once that negros are better at sex and you even manage to imply you kinda wish you would be. Ew.
          Self-awareness. Try it.

        7. Probably all white women who go to Africa to do community service will get some negro dick as well. I’ve seen countless lovestories on tv, and know a woman who does this, to be sure this is more rule than the exception.

  3. I’ve never gotten the appeal of travel. The world is becoming more and more homogenized, and most people just like travel/vacations because it’s a small respite from their otherwise miserable lives. Unless you’re going on a journey of self-discovery or have a purpose to your trip then I don’t see what the purpose of travel is. Happiness should come from inside, and you shouldn’t rely on a location to keep you happy.
    With that being said, I can see why travel bloggers would lean left – Leftism is also for miserable people. Nothing like promoting idealistic political ideas while “getting away from it all”.

    1. How come these gals never travelblog from Somalia or Afghanistan? I would def follow them if they did. Surviving would be impressive.

      1. They only go to majority-white or Asian countries to experience the cities. If they go to any place that’s majority Hispanic or black then they stay in the resorts and drink pina coladas and snorkel with tortoises while the citizens of the country starve.

      2. Yeah, I’m waiting for the piece on “keeping flies out of your bastard child’s eyes on $5 a day!”

        1. A Dutch travelagency literally offered a trip (for hard cash) to Lesbos, Greece, to help immigrants who wash ashore. Traveling made Marxist gutmensch. The refugee-business is a good one.

        2. As repellent as that is, I gotta respect the idea as a money-making scheme.
          and –
          “lesbos” huhuhuhuhuhuhuuh

      3. What about walking the streets of Johannesburg being a white female. That is asking for a gang-rape.

    2. 99% tend to be pointless consumers. Travel is the new have to have.
      Having said that, 1% do manage to find that ‘purpose’ thing.

      1. Yup. It is all about consuming somebody else’s homeland, like ordering some expensive item off a big restaurant menu, shitting it out, and being no stronger, better, healthier, or happier for it. Total absence of respect for the places themselves– they are just disposable menu items, like any other optional thing.

        1. My aunt showed me a picture of her vacation to some Bangladeshi Island. ‘doesn’t it look beautiful?’, she asked me. “Well”, I said. “For the inhabitants of Bangladesh their lives look pretty grim”. That kind of rational outlooks on traveling are not appreciated I can tell you.

    3. I guess that traveling to places where there are great sights it’s not that bad of an idea, but to travel somewhere in order to experience their culture, that’s pointless. Most foreign food u can already find in the west and besides that I don’t know what else u can get from trying to immerse yourself in their traditions, traditions that I might add don’t mean anything to an westerner, they just look exotic.

      1. Exactly. I live in NYC, and while it’s not exactly another country, it’s segregated enough where you can go to certain ethnic areas and feel like you’re in an entirely different country.
        The only country I’ve ever really wanted to travel to is Japan. But when I think about it, I’d mainly want to stay in the cities…..which have everything NYC does, it’s just that the language and people are different. I’m sure I’d end up just going to American-style restaurants, too (That happened when I went to England, we ended up just going to McDonald’s and American restaurants because the local cuisine was so hit-or-miss).

    4. “The world is becoming more and more homogenized” Yes, maybe superficially in terms of the chain restaurants, mass consumer products and convenience stores you see everywhere from Dubai to Moscow. But travel makes you realize there are very real differences in culture, norms and values amongst the peoples of the world. That’s why nations and borders still matter.

      1. Differences for now. You vastly underestimate the impact of internet and the burning desire to have everything.
        That’s why Feminism is such a global threat.

      2. But these women generally do not travel that way. If they actually traveled in a manner to experience other countries they would be changed by it in a beneficial direction. Instead they become even worse. These women experience the hotels, resorts, generic tourist sites. They learn nothing.

        1. Probably the nr. 1 mistake people in general make about traveling is that for them it’s not about the trip itself, but about the final destination. I dare anyone to cycle a 150 km a day. The journey that way is more rewarding than stepping into a train or plane.

        2. 93 miles? When I was biking more regularly I would get close to that on occasion. But it was round trip, because I don’t get the time away to travel properly. I never know an area until I bike it.
          When I travel for pleasure I either take my bicycle (if driving) or rent one there (if flying).

    5. Travel is great when you go to a country that has a completely different culture than the one you live in. It is somewhat pointless for an America to go visit London or Australia, or any other white country. The point of travel is to be culture shocked and not see what you’re used to.
      When women travel, they will usually go to some safe place like London or Amsterdam or Sydney. If they do go someplace like the Dominican Republic, they’ll just stay on their resort the whole time and not go outside.

      1. And while staying on a safe resort in Dominican they’d write an article or two about all the evils of stereotyping and white racism

      1. I can’t even…that’s just…what the hell…too crazy for words. What a fucking sperm-burping loser.

      2. LMAO… the sad part is he actually looks the part of being a cuck. what makes it worse is that she is a fatty. If she was a 9 or 10 i could somewhat understand because i doubt that guy would be able to pull another one but an ugly chick eww.

        1. A 9+ (and many lower) would have enough self esteem and dignity to not desire that situation. It takes somebody ugly in body and soul to even want that.

    1. >(click to enlarge)
      Why would anyone want to make those hamplanets bigger?
      And the turd with the firearm needs to get his booger hook off of the “BANG!” switch….

  4. A woman should only travel with a male partner or family member. It’s safer.
    I never traveled until I married my husband. It made our trips more romantic and special.

      1. Rape to fund our next excursion!
        Now that’s what I call thinking-outside (or is that inside?) the-box…wait’ll I share your idea with my married, executive girlfriends…
        You, Bob Smith, are a fucking genius!

        1. Cool. I’m glad your friends are rich. So no more talk of the pay gap or glass ceiling then, surely.

        2. We are educated, hard working women. We are not rich.
          The talk of pay-gaps / pay-ceilings is best left to the experts.
          Unfortunately, they idea of even studying the issue is too much for some men; like Utah Representative James Green expressed in his letter to the editor on Wednesday, “If businesses are forced to pay women the same as male earnings, that means they will have to reduce the pay for the men they employ…”

        3. I make a certain salary, Ive been at this level for 6 years. A woman gets a promotion to my level, Ive gotten 6 raises since then- she should make the same money as me? I need to have my raises clawed back because a woman ten years younger than me “deserves” the same pay? She has the same salary I had 6 years ago, why should I give anything back? What is the roles were reversed? Should a woman have her salary slashed for man who was just promoted in the same position?

        4. I earn significantly more than a co-worker of mine who has interrupted her career each time she had a child; so she effectively has 14-years of service vs my 25-years, during the same 25 year period. There are algorithms that keep people who put in less time, and/ or produce less, from just hop-scotching to the front of the line.
          I imagine the same sort of thing is in place already, at many places of employment, to keep that lazy-ass slacker of a dude from keeping financial-pace with a mover-and-a-shaker like cheeseburgercheeseburger.

      2. Have you guys noticed that too – the number of foreign strippers working their way around the world.

    1. Given what I’ve seen locally women must browse the online dating sites for where they are headed and look for men willing to show them around or even house them. In other words they often get men to pay for at least some it. Not quite sure if they pick men they want to have sex with or men they think will open their wallets for nothing in return. Probably both depending on what they can find.

    2. Some Leftist MSM will cover their expenses to push more of their agenda through these useful, traveling idiots

    3. My mother in law has a foundation for helping African children. Lives half of the year in Kenia and lives on welfare here. (actually it’s not allowed to go on such long holidays when on welfare) The airplane tickets are payed by some NGO I guess, because she really can’t pay for them herself. I always ask myself the question: why not help your own nation. Like we don’t have any poor people in the Netherlands as well…
      But in the end it’s about enjoying the sun and posing as a white generous goddess. Even with the little money she has here (bottom of the social ladder), over there she is a gift from god. “That rich white woman”. And of course.. there is a black man in the picture. Of course.
      I hope my girlfriend keeps in line, otherwise I might, in the end, have to report somebody for welfare fraud.

  5. Any women who has traveled extensively (this means a Western woman in 98% of the cases) should be avoided or -at the very least- approached with caution.

      1. I believe Eddie Griffin played a character who used a variation of that line in a movie…and it didn’t go so well for him.

    1. I tend to agree.. The common characteristics of women with great personal baggage nearly always fall into common themes, and that’s one of them.

    2. “Any women who has traveled extensively (this means a Western woman in 98% of the cases) should be avoided or -at the very least- approached with caution”
      Excellent point. Men and women travel for different reasons. Not all men travel in search of better quality women. I know a lot a guys who are still rather blue pilled and they are out travelling on a visionquest – seeking answers to the common questions that plague men of today. They simply have no interest in pursuit of pussy because theit spiritual path takes precedence.

      1. No need to go to stinky countries for me.
        If I want to see Africa I’ll turn on National Geographic Channel. Soon in 4K. Otherwise google earth also has some good 360 degree images. If I want food poisoning I can go to my local Chinese restaurant and if I want to be mugged flashing an iphone after midnight will do just fine.

  6. The blonde in the picture under the title — another Amy Biehl in the making.
    BTW, the author forgot to mention gang rape, torture, and murder. 3 things white American girls in their 20s can look forward too when traveling to 3rd world countries without a responsible male to keep them away from danger.

  7. What prompts most people to settle down is not ‘satisfaction’ but rather fear and emptiness. One day in your early thirties, you make eye contact with another ‘hawt’ Australian, he gets up, walks towards you, then past you, to the 24 year old sitting at the next booth. Suddenly you think maybe its time to buy a house and find a spouse. Parties over, oops out of time.

    1. It should go like that but really the end of that story is that she comes home, marries a thirsty nerd in STEM, has a kid or two, starts a ‘lifecoaching’ blog on his dime and divorces him after 5-8 years.

  8. When a woman wants to travel she wants fresh cock and tons of it . There is really no biological or psychological or whatever need for women to “travel”.

    1. They just want cock and lots of food. I had a coworker that took a solo trip to Paris. All she took pictures of was the food she ate.

      1. Nah bitches probably don’t care about food that much . The food pics are just to cover her main activity and fool the family cucks back home.

        1. “Nah bitches probably don’t care about food that much”
          I couldn’t disagree more wholeheartedly.

        2. Haha you’re right bro. What I meant was that these bitches probably don’t like that fancy french food much more than pizzas and the sugared shit they eat back home. Food is not their primary reason of travel , not even close , even though they make it look like it.

        3. Good point. Haute cuisine comes in tiny portions, not nearly enough calories to fuel grrrrlll power.

        4. That’s true how many western chicks have travelled to France just to eat the snails, Scotland for the haggis, or China for chicken feet.

      2. “cock substitute” — 9 times out of 10, that’s what the repetitive food-selfie photography is telegraphing. I would bet that this women got zero play on her trip.

      3. And you ask these women “how was their holiday” and they generally answer “nice” – two, three weeks abroad and nice is all they have to say.

        1. Beware of women who stayed in hostels. That a 99% chance she was banged by some foreigner. Women are much better than men in suppressing telling about promiscuous behavior. Men let it slip easily.

      1. Lol the kid doesn’t trust these hoes…it would be even funnier if the little nigger said “So you are telling me that you are here just to help the children and that you are not a mudshark ? “

        1. hahaha made in RoK…maybe it needs to be refined a little bit as Im no english language expert but otherwise it would be a valuable asset in the Meme War..let us spread it

      2. Looks like that little nigger from Different Strokes saying “whatchoo talking about, Willis?”

      3. So negros have bigger cocks than whites? Is that what you think? Bc that’s what your picture implicitly states. Are you gay? Like a Milo type?

      1. Black people generally only function in tribes were it is unknown who is the father (multiple men can be the father). So every man raises the child (which could be his). In that case it doesn’t matter if people are non-committal. But when you want to build a prosperous society, monogamy should be enforced.

  9. ok, so nothing you can do about “your” women going to travel.
    But, One can enjoy the other peoples people(OPP) when they travel here.
    such a lovely sunny day.
    a hunting I shall go…

  10. One of the best spinoffs to this is the phony Cambodian orphanage industry. Kids come to the ‘orphanage’ which is basically a summer camp and dumbasses named Jordan, Kylie or Brooke come to spend a week playing dodgeball with them, fill their social media profiles with a barrage of photos, and solicit donations. The owner of the ‘orphanage’ constantly presses them for money and that’s why he/she drives a beamer in the jungle. Everyone wins. Brooke the moron virtue signals and saves the world through dodgeball. The kids have fun. The boys get to see some Western rack. The owner gets a beamer. And the facebook friends who lobbed 5 bucks to her get to walk around the office, donut in hand, and feel like they’re Gandhi. Brooke the moron never connects the dots that half of the orphans are fat and have tech gadgets.

    1. It’d be cheaper (and serve the same purpose) to go to a poor neighborhood in town and offer dollar bills to kids to have their photo taken with the do-gooder white traveler. Maybe holding bags of rice or something. “Fed 100 street kids today!”

      1. You even, in the end, would do better becoming a doctor and sterilizing 10 African men every day for 50 years. (180.000 men not having 6 children = 1 million people saved from poverty)
        The only way to help Africa is trough birth control.

  11. I saw this at the gym today and then I see this article. I’m pretty sure that expedia manages to hit all four points in a 60 second commercial.

    1. I love how they temper her cock-gobbling years by having her fling be all about ‘size doesn’t matter’. Even these virtue signallers didn’t want her fling to be with some big ol’ boy from Nigeria. Ha ha.

      1. exactly ! they show in her late years handing off a container to a short fat African. Bull !

        1. I mean her youthful ‘sow her oats’ fling is with a 125 pound Chinese guy in Hong Kong. Even that was chosen with all kinds of racial vigilance. She’s such a noble girl! Size doesn’t matter! It’s not like they would show her walking away bow-legged from some Jamaican drug dealer’s shack. No way, she’s a good girl. A good Expedia girl! Ha ha.

        2. Cosmopolitanism is a branch from the tree of socialism.
          Communism > socialism > Globalism > cultural Marxism > cosmopolitanism

    2. …is she “saving” some refugeehadi boat people at ~0:30?
      I feel for the dude at the end of the commercial, as he’s trapped in a train car with some withered, mannish old hag who is hitting on him.

    3. Unbelievable that we are suppose to cherish sightseeing more than building families. Some old hag in a train who cockcarrouseled her way trough life, protesting and helping to flood Europe with immigrants doesn’t deserve respect, she deserves the guillotine.

  12. Is traveling in general overrated? If its not for easier bangs with better quality girls you score overseas would you give a crap about some tall building in Asia, temple in thailand, russian food and hospitality, Filipino culture and way of life etc
    In 2017 traveling lost its charm it had 15 or 20 plus years ago, nowdays you research every single detail before you hop on the plane, even if you never travelled anywhere its super easy to go to some place and have very predictible vacation and experience , take a few photos, stick it on fb or insya and cross it off your list.
    I respect older travellers who did all these without internet, they are real heros imo.
    I have done some 30 odd countries but somehow i feel like i cheated, i read days worth of blogs, forums, books before i decided to jump on that plane. If i really want to i could do 100 countries but i have no desire, deep down feels hollow when you know too much about destination snd how easy is to travel these says with internet, uber, cc, cheap airfares…not that long ago you had buy travelers cheques, no internet, 1 min phone call was $6 a minute…

    1. It’s not nearly as mystical and it’s not as good but it’s still good. The physicality alone makes travelling the absolute best thing ever. But yeah, heading into some bazaar somewhere in Turkey back in 1974 or something would have been ten times more mind-blowing than now with dipshit pussyhatters taking selfies all over the place. Still well worth it, imo, but the socio-psychological thrill has been nearly eliminated. I remember being so disappointed in Thailand in 97 or so because of all the Western zombies and their ying-yang pendants everywhere. Shitshow then. I can’t imagine now.

      1. Thats why we need more borders and more walls to make it harder to travel…i was in thailand in 2007 and last year…wow, huge difference…if you been there in 97 and thought there too many foreigners my advice is dont even bother re visiting unless you wanna try 3rd tier villages 😃
        All the info and knowledge we have today is double edge sword, with proliferation of technology mystique of traveling is 90pc gone.
        Imagine heading to brazil in 80ies armed with solid portugese and nothong else, no smartphone, no comp, internet, no cc…todays traveller would be lost in such environment, todays traveller needs to read and memorize 57 detailed data sheets before he is psychologicaly ready

    2. They key to travel is plan only vaguely and wander in a country and see where it takes you. People tend to e lot more honest and friendly outside of the touristy areas as well…
      You are correct these apps and technology are ruining the travel experience ..

      1. “You are correct these apps and technology are ruining the travel experience”
        True. And one thing I noticed is how many of the millenials are doing virtual traveling i.e. experiencing a place through travel posts of bloggers who are the real deal, and they write, make videos, take photos. Many are just too lazy to travel, so they literally travel / live vicariously through the few who actually do travel.
        And practically every country has a KFC – Burger King – McDonald’s – starbucks.

        1. Is there japanese worker inside that costume who bows and says welcome to every customer? lol

      2. “People tend to be lot more honest and friendly outside of the touristy areas as well…”
        You got it if you ever visit Japan stay away from Tokyo / Kyoto / Osaka tourist trail and your enjoyment levels of Japan will go up substantially.

      3. Travelers need to find those out-of-the-way places. I’d like to visit places like Leh, Ouagadougou, Noumea, Ushuaia …

      4. In the civilized countries yes, in the developing world they are more likely to kill you and dispose of your body. Don’t believe me, just try wandering around in S. America, S. Africa, Cambodia, Laos, Tunisia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. on your own.
        Those apps (google maps) become quite useful when I’m lost in a barrio in Manila late at night, looking for the bus station. Also useful when mountain biking off road in the jungles of Northern Thailand.

        1. “Don’t believe me, just try wandering around in S. America, S. Africa, Cambodia, Laos, Tunisia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. on your own.”
          Cambodia and Laos surprise me on that list but either way nobody with a brain is going to travel in Iraq Afghanistan etc..
          Of course you’re not going to wander in slums at night..

    3. You have a point twenty and thirty years ago travelling on cramped turbo prop planes to tiny airstrips in the middle of no where are disappearing fast and with wifi appearing everywhere getting lost and finding your way again is no big deal – but I still notice in a modern world western women rarely leave modern conveniences or comfort zones for long periods

    4. I guess it depends on one’s inclinations / passions and how much traveling you’ve already done. One does get jaded with age. The world has really become a much smaller place in some ways due to the Internet. But from my experience, there are still huge “gaps” in the data that Internet info misses and that await the spontaneous traveler.
      I’ve been to 25+ countries; in the pre-Internet days I relied on guides like Lonely Planet, etc., and still like to browse those occasionally. There are many locations en route where one might not be able to access the ‘net, so it’s good to have a hardcopy at hand. (I’ll usually tear off and discard portions I no longer need as I go along, to save weight; I can always buy another guide at home if I want to.)
      The ‘net captures the basic images, but can’t capture the smells, surround-sounds, tastes, and tactile feel of the actual place, not to mention all the little things where you have to be there to appreciate.

  13. Update
    Its sunny 67F in NYC winter.
    The bars outdoor cafes reataurants are open and packed in downtown manhattan…

  14. It used to be implicitly illegal for women to travel alone, usually for plain (sexual) reasons. But women aren’t really meant to travel and interact in any exotic fashion, because when they do its for shallow, emotional reasons that are easy for anyone to pick up and exploit.

  15. As long as you are decent looking and fit with decent social skills, getting laid abroad (WHEN girl is ALONE travelling) is the EASIEST…
    When girls are with her girlfriends or in group, it is hard but once she is ALONE traveling because she wants to “find more about herself”, then it’s really a green light for sex (as long as you are decent looking and have decent social skill and fit in her physical phenotype (racial) category).

  16. Actually, two assumptions above may be wrong:
    1) A woman whose slept around (a little, not too much) even if traveling I found to be better situated to settle down in her late 20’s than a “spinster” who had just gone to work and avoided dating (because she went from work to home for 10 years or more) and their crotch had spider webs on it from unuse. I banged a 31 year old virgin and it WASN’T fun. She was messed up and later on went to marry someone and have 2 kids and divorce him. I think if she had gotten banged by a few boyfriends in that time, perhaps she would have been better off.
    2) Women who travel perhaps can see that not all women are man hating entitlement princesses and learn accordingly. Nothing should remind an American woman more of her own behavior than going to Warsaw and spending a day sitting around seeing how the local women dress and behave with men around them. Let them spend a few days in Jordan, Iran, Africa or elsewhere to perhaps note that American men and Patriarchal western society isn’t really oppressing them after all.
    3) In the west, if a woman throws a temper tantrum she has a dozen betas surround her to defend her honor. Outside of that comfort zone, an American woman either figures out quickly or gets a harsh experience lesson that the world doesn’t revolve around pleasing her.
    Summation: Local American women perhaps are so especially nasty for all the reasons above: They come to think that their appearance and behavior is “normal” and even universal. American men are the same way who tell me that “nature” made women to be spoiled, lazy and entitled and can do as they please without consequence not realizing that the capitalist/welfare state of the USA is unique in all of history and on the brink of collapse like the former USSR. When The Walking Dead zombies are released, that’s the end of making a (literal) federal case out of some guy telling her in the workplace she looks nice today.

    1. “3) In the west, if a woman throws a temper tantrum she has a dozen betas surround her to defend her honor. Outside of that comfort zone, an American woman either figures out quickly or gets a harsh experience lesson that the world doesn’t revolve around pleasing her.”
      This is so true witnessed a western woman of unknown nationality having a melt down at one of the busiest train stations in the world in Japan and nobody stopping to see “why the tantrum” in fact a Japanese lady couldn’t understand because she goes “through it” everyday not to mention six and seven year olds go through on their way to school – and yet a “grown adult” western woman couldn’t deal with it.

      1. My wife is amused at how in the states, most children are driven to school with lines a half mile long of serf parents picking up their kids. In Ukraine, she was 6 an her mother took her on a trip to the school, taught her how to use the bus, and after the second day she was on her own. That Was It. Done.
        In 1971, I walked to kindergarten a half mile every day with a friend. No Problem. It’s not just the women, of course. A lot of snowflake beta males are spoiled as well.

        1. Nowadays kids aren’t allowed to walk to school, at least not in my school districts.
          Additionally, and this may only apply to my state, but here the school system’s MO is to build massive schools in the middle of nowhere and then bus kids in from all corners of the district, ensuring that most kids do not attend the schools within closest to their homes.
          Even when I was in public schooling, this was going on as there were 2 school systems much nearer my home than the one that I was bused to, which was a solid 15 miles away.

  17. The caption under the first picture should have been,”All these “likes” are like Kratom!”.

  18. “In closing, what solo female travel bloggers are selling is rubbish”
    So true in general they only tell the sugar coated or feminist version of whats happening on the ground they very rarely venture outside of the protected environments – in both Japan and China the further I ventured outside a big city the less western women – western men can be found anywhere.

    1. Had to read that article twice “the husband alerted her alleged lover” WTF the husband had to be a total fool or classic cuckold beta.

  19. 2017 is the beginning of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The irony is that satan used women against mankind, but will soon suffer a very embarrassing defeat by having his head crushed by a woman: The Blessed Virgin Mary. God is absolutely brilliant in how He works and will always “one-up” satan.
    2017 marks the year that all this female knigger bullshit is going to come to an end. Donald Trump was elected by divine intervention. Putin has maintained his power through divine intervention as well. God will not allow for neither to be removed from power. The liberals could easily remove people such as Ghadaffi from power, but no matter how hard they try, they can’t touch Putin. It’s because Putin has God’s protection.
    These females that fuck kniggers and have mud babies with them are supported by the female “free stuff” system that allows them to have a mud baby and feel “trendy” too since MTV shows kartrashian fucking kniggers. One of these years, the “free stuff” society will come to an end and all of these stupid white females will no longer be able to gain affirmative action employment, subsidies, welfare, etc. They will be left stuck pushing around a mud baby in a stroller on the streets.
    Gee, why is it that legless Vietnam vets have to resort to money pandering on the sidewalk, but yet some piece of shit white female that fucks kniggers has no problem having a roof over her head and food on the table? This “free stuff” society for degenerate white females is going to come to an end soon. And I hope these stupid bitches suffer indefinitely when it does.

  20. Here’s a wise piece of advice: you want a decent woman for a Ltr find one that says she has everything she wants within a 20 mile radius of where she lives. The greater the radius ,the greater the slut potential disguised as a quest for ‘enlightenment’ ie dick.
    The lack of desire to travel alone (or at all) is a GOOD thing in a woman but a bad thing in a man. It is extremely alpha for a man to travel alone to exotic places.
    And to those who want to experience the world with a woman, sorry guys homeliness is the price you pay for a woman who is much much more likely to remain faithful. You want someone to see the globe with, get a best buddy.

  21. I just laugh when I hear almost every week it seems these girls are disappearing and being found dead traveling around the world alone.

  22. Big cities all start to look the same after a while. I traveled Europa extensively in the mid 90’s…nothing like the feeling of getting lost in some Austrian town with no room left in the hostel so you have to ‘make do’ for the evening out in the town forest. No internet, no uber, no nothing other than lonely planet and directions from some drunk local innkeeper to the next gasthaus. “Haben sie noch ein zimmer frei?” “Nein.”

  23. It is said that travel broadens the mind. Perhaps it does with males. …But with females I think it just blows the mind.
    As a reluctant traveller, I remember that the female backpackers I met in India were like zombies, running around ticking off the various landmarks listed in their copy of Lonely Planet or whatever. They’d ask you if you’d been to historical site XYZ, and since I was uninterested in tourism, the answer would always be “no”: I would be told that I “must” go and see it, because of “the history”, yet I knew that these nomadic airheads had no real grasp of the country’s history at all.

    1. All things are ultimately about sex and mating. A man who has travelled alone has demonstrated self-reliance and fortitude which is clearly attractive to women. Because, let’s face it, only men with alpha traits do it alone. Betas do not dare. A woman who travels alone MAY if in really shitty areas develop some of this too ( but let us face it is usually protected) but travelling does not increase a woman’s attractiveness at all because a woman’s attractiveness is based on looks, femininity, easy going nature, and ability if in a Ltr to take care of hearth and home.
      BUT because women are solipsistic they believe by copying what THEY find attractive to men will make them attractive to those same men. Ladies, only desperate betas are impressed by your passport notch count. That grinning bitch in the Auschwitz pic deserves a severe dressing down by the way.

  24. Another major problem with female travel bloggers is that they offer vapid views which are the equivalent of written selfies. Their posts are all about how awesome they are for traveling and both understanding and appreciating other cultures. Everything is just wonderful. They sell dreams. Few, if any, female travel writers since Martha Gellhorn have offered critical insight into travel or the locations they have visited.

  25. can we please stop pretending blacks are in any way ‘alpha’? the IQ gap proves that they are an order of magnitude removed from sentience the way whites and asians experience life, they are beasts.

    1. This used to be a site devoted to game, techniques that black pimps invented to build and maintain stables of hoes. But roosh is a ho, he spread his legs for white knight nationalists to make more money. Funny thing is why do white and asian men pay some no flash Iraqi man to learn how to get laid?

      1. white nationalists are the founders of all civilization. he understands that. mud people are dying in droves to just beg in europe’s streets! lol we are going to put all of the shitskins to the sword.

  26. When I travel I occasionally see traveling women. More often than not, they are the hostel-hippie type. They probably get some action from the hostel-hippie dudes but in general the traveling western men just ignore them, preferring the beautiful, feminine locals.

  27. “There are almost no prominent female travel bloggers who espouse more conservative or libertarian viewpoints, ”
    Were there ever any? So many supposedly “conservative” female political writers came out against Donald Trump during the primaries, exposing their true selves all along. My guess is many of the right or libertarian leaning babe bloggers are just pretending to be that way to garner traffic since there’s less competition than there is on the left.

  28. Men solo travel blogging: self mastery and frontier spirit/entrepreneurship
    Women solo travel: cock carousel and attention whoring with a side of beta orbiter gathering. Solipsistic and morose at best.
    And f*** you if you disagree.

  29. I have a young blonde, short girlfriend. She is no exception to the women depicted in this post. She has a worldmap-pin aspiration (you know what I mean). Every dirty shit country she sees on tv she wants to visit. China, Vietnam, Mexico, South-Africa, Turkey, you name it. She got angry when I told her that going to Johannesburg with her blonde hair, blue eyes and slim (weak) physique is like a rape-request.
    I understand people want to see something in this world, but why can’t
    it be a safe country like Germany (more or less safe nowadays), Austria,
    Poland, the US, Canada, Japan or something like that. Just a annual vacation with your partner isn’t enough?
    We are going to France this years Summer. She let it slip that she will take her cellphone to “pin on google maps where we’ve been”. Every city, every restaurant. I told her that Google doesn’t need to know where we’ve been. I go on vacation with you, not with you and Google. She looked bewildered that I could have such an aversion against it.
    Young women are so naive. I’m not going to a muslimcountry and not to a blackpeople country. period. Btw, most women don’t have the money to travel. Most of them give up on that dream when they get a desire to have children. Only then priorities and personal safety become an issue. The ones who don’t become mothers end up as old spinsters, like we could read in the post. And in the end we men have to pay for their dreams of becoming a mother at 35+ (IVF = expensive shit for all HC-contributers and taxpayer who end up paying)

  30. And what the heck IS wrong with spinsterdom and childlessness?? Not every woman is meant to have a husband and kids and no, not everyone regrets not doing it either. I know some who do have husbands and kids that are being neglected because the woman is too reoccupied with her career and social life. Not fair to the kids or the man really. It would have been better if these woman hadn’t settled down at all. Better her potential regret down the line than making a man and children who did not ask to be born suffer. I have known people who had mothers with not one maternal bone in their bodies and it’s not a pleasant upbringing for a child. Back in the day there were plenty of women who married and had kids because they felt they HAD to and ended up bitter and unhappy. Oh and I know many old ladies whose husbands passed at 50 and 60 and whose kids don’t give a crap to visit them or whatever. They didn’t set themselves up for a lonely life, it just happened that way. They are basically in the same position as a woman who never married and had kids at all. Now my aunt is such a woman. Although she was once married he passed away young and she really doesn’t like children, never did. But she has gotten close to all of us nieces and nephews as we became adults and one of them now lives with her. My aunt is never going to be lonely in her life and has no regrets. You never know how the cookie crumbles. I love kids myself but raising them in this world is too overwhelming a task for me. Not to mention putting them into this messed up world to begin with.

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