How Feminism Led Us To Demographic Annihilation

Running themes in Pieter Bruegel’s works include the absurdity, wickedness and foolishness of humans, and the above painting entitled Netherlandish Proverbs is no exception. Painted in 1559, nearly 500 years later the work of art still represents the foolishness of our declining society as it eats, drinks, and acts merry even while the very foundations of Western nations wash out from under it like sand in the tides.

Take a look around the crumbling remains of the West. The population of nations has never been replaced as rapidly as it is being replaced now unless those being conquered lost a war. We indeed have lost a war, but it’s not a military war we lost. We lost a cultural war. It has been said a great nation can’t be conquered from without until it destroys itself from within. That’s exactly what happened to Europe and America.

Most people have no idea why the West is dying. Every major problem we have relates to one simple issue: traditional Europeans and Americans have become demographically non-viable.

The long and short of it is, there’s a magic number demographers use to demonstrate the viability of a culture or ethnic group. There must be an average minimum of 2.1 births per woman to sustain a culture. Traditional European and American women have fallen short of that reproductive mark for 40 years. The ongoing demographic conquest and resettlement of both continents is a direct result of this dereliction of traditional female duty brought on by feminism. The welfare state and child support slavery laws aimed at turning men into sperm donors and indentured servants have added insult to injury.

In many ways, feminism can be seen as the ultimate betrayal of the Western beta male and the ultimate display of female solipsism. It is the root cause of population decline in the West. This is likely why ancient wisdom from the Bible consistently warns men about female nature.

European and American men of yore built the most peaceful and prosperous societies on the planet and women thanked their posterity by not reproducing with them in sufficient numbers to keep the machinery of the perpetual motion, infinite growth economy running. Nor do they reproduce with them in sufficient numbers to even maintain the population. And the situation gets worse with each passing year. As a direct result of feminism, more white people are now dying than being born. For that reason research will be done in the coming year in search of an answer to this looming question: Have American women really become the worst in on the planet from both biological and subjective standpoints?

A Dying Population

The average age of a first-time mother is up from age 21 in 1970 to age 26 today

The average age of a first-time mother is up from age 21 in 1970 to age 26 today

Within the past few weeks, Establishment media gleefully trumpeted:

In around 1/3 of U.S. states, more white people are now dying than being born — a major shift that is expected to continue and has significant implications for government policy. Seventeen states — home to 121 million people, or roughly 38% of the country’s population — had more deaths than births among non-Hispanic whites in 2014, up from just four states a decade earlier, according to research released Tuesday by the University of New Hampshire’s Carsey School of Public Policy.

Just to emphasize: The number of states where more whites are now dying than being born is increasing rapidly, not decreasing.

The end result of feminism will be that two continents (and possibly a third with Australia) will be conquered—yes, conquered—demographically. It is over for the Evil White Male and he has only himself and his statistically sterile women to thank for it.

One only need travel around the USA to see that even parts of Kansas and Nebraska now resemble Mexico and Spanish is the lingua franca, not English. One can also glance at demographic trends that show Hispanic births will outnumber Anglo births sometime around 2040. That’s little more than a generation away, folks. The USA will be an appendage of Latin America in only a couple of generations and Europe will have cities and areas of many countries that are majority Muslim.

If you wonder why you are becoming a stranger in your own nation—this is what feminism hath wrought.

Every problem the West now faces boils down to the demographic implosion of traditional Western populations brought on by feminism and the extremely poor quality of its women from a reproductive and familial standpoint. No matter how much wailing and gnashing of the teeth feminists make, nature comes down to the heartless business of saving those heredities that work, and rejecting those that don’t. Once a population adopts feminism, heredities don’t work any longer.

By Design?

"You are an old man who thinks in terms of nations and peoples. There are no nations. There are no peoples. There are no Russians. There are no Arabs. There are no third worlds. There is no West. There is only one holistic system of systems, one vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, multivariate, multinational dominion of dollars." -Network, 1976

“You are an old man who thinks in terms of nations and peoples. There are no nations. There are no peoples. There is no West. There is only one holistic system of systems, one vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, multivariate, multinational dominion of dollars.” -Network, 1976

Keeping the machinery of a perpetual growth, consumer economy is why immigration has become arguably necessary as traditional Western populations die off, and why Western leaders have opened the flood gates to refugees (an opportune moment for them to consolidate power by doing so, too, unscrupulous as they are.) The only question remaining is, is the demographic resettlement of Europe and America happening because of historical cycles of civilization or is it by design of a maniacal Establishment?

After all, it should be common knowledge among policy makers the population actually needs to be growing slightly in a Western economy in order to be stable. The effects of passing policies to slow population growth among certain ethnic groups must be known by demographers and politicians.

What’s more, the fewer traditional Europeans and Americans who are born have become too effette to carry on many of the necessary dirty jobs and blue collar tasks a functioning society requires due to decades of “special snowflake” indoctrination in the edumacation system.

It’s as if a scientific study was done on how to attack and debase the West, then politicians proceeded to do just that.

That said, effeminate Western men, who worship Hollyweird marionettes rather than themselves or traditional religions have some blame for not setting their foot down and saying “Enough is enough!” before this catastrophe became deeply embedded in the fabric of society.

Cliff’s Notes: The “monster” i.e. the infinite growth economy needs an ever increasing supply of warm bodies to keep it functioning. When white women don’t bear enough children to keep it running, and white people in general become too effette to do blue collar labor, leaders bring in other groups to keep the machinery of the economy moving.

Feminism was the hemlock that changed everything for the West.

Nothing lasts forever: All civilizations eventually decline, according to historians

Nothing lasts forever: All civilizations eventually decline, according to historians

History’s Cycles Echo

Another way of looking at this is through the lens of Spengler’s Decline of the West, in which he predicted the very demographic tsunami now hitting the West. Through this lens, feminism is only the manifestation of Spengler’s predictions by a gynocentric and pussy pedestalizing culture.

In Decline of the West, a sweeping, epic study of the cycles of 6 previous civilizations going back 5,000 years and the later Man and Technics, Spengler predicted – a century ago – all the tragedies currently befalling the West. Academics often quibble with his work, but no one can deny he foresaw the current decline with astonishing accuracy.

Here’s basically why the West is being conquered, condensed down for easy digestion.

Spengler saw each high culture and civilization in terms of four seasons. In the declining “Winter” phase of a society of a civilization is which we find ourselves, the center of a nation’s culture shifts from its rural roots to the cities. Out of the irreligious metropolis, as the intellect of the city sterilizes the religion and traditions of a culture, life becomes a series of problems to be analyzed rather than a thing to be lived. Western man’s irreligious, rational, materialistic intellect has sterilized everything about his culture by analyzing it to death – including himself as fertility has declined. An epidemic of snarky, nihilistic manchildren helps illustrate this point.

Feminism is, of course, a representation of the intellect sterilizing the simpler, more intuitive, and more fulfilling ways of life. The other tenets of liberalism also represent the “intellectual” destroying the foundations of the culture.

City intellectuals arrogantly criticize and shame the rural, intuitive ways of life of the masses of people. Religion and traditions are mocked, art itself becomes repetition of past great works, and children are weighed in terms of economic pros and cons rather than a necessity for the promulgation of not only the economy but the ethnic group itself.

The population is then ripe for conquest. Which is happening before our very eyes. As Spengler knew, we can face our fate with cowardly optimism or brave pessimism.

Things only get worse from here as friction grows between traditional Europeans and Americans who have very different ways of life from those who will soon make up the majority of their nations. Democracy will end in the Western world as white people no longer have power at the very ballot boxes they created within a generation or two.

Just remember—feminism (and by extension, weakling males) was at the root of it all when the time comes. When will men stop being White Knights and call a spade a spade, then take away the Pussy Pass women have enjoyed far too long?

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447 thoughts on “How Feminism Led Us To Demographic Annihilation”

  1. “Western man’s irreligious, rational, materialistic intellect has sterilized everything about his culture by analyzing it to death – including himself as fertility has declined. An epidemic of snarky, nihilistic manchildren helps illustrate this point.”
    I don’t know if there’s something in the water, or the air, or the foodstuffs (or all three), but this shit has reached epidemic proportions – whiny, snarky, low-T males. Nine out of every 10, I’d estimate. And I’m being kind in that assessment.

    1. Seconded. I live in enemy territory and am surrounded by these effeminate faggots. I have noticed it actually impacts my mood in a negative was significantly. It’s like being around nothing but bitchy women, and basically none of them are hot. Nothing redeeming to refocus my rage.

      1. Don’t hang around losers. It’s contagious. It’s ok to be selective who you spend your free time with.
        PS – Meaning to ask you, how was your local social circle after the election?

        1. ^^^^This.
          I think of the American psycho scene where he kills the bum. “You know what your problem is? You have a negative attitude” I can’t deal with people who are negative in my life

        2. “I can’t deal with people who are negative in my life”
          Peaks and valleys. It’s ok to feel sorry for yourself, or others, for a short time, but you need to snap out of it and keep moving. If it’s out of your hands (and control), drop it and keep moving.

        3. while this is true, when I have off nights I never go out.
          But it isn’t negative moods (everyone has moods) that get me but negative people…people who default to pessimism and defeatism have a way of deflating my energy

        4. “negative people…people who default to pessimism and defeatism have a way of deflating my energy”
          Ah. I understand that. I run across them, spare them a few mintues, but they aren’t apart of my crew.

        5. What you said about not hanging around losers, because it’s contagious, was pure gold. I am putting that on my computer desktop, in big bold letters.

        6. I don’t have a crew per se. I have people I see and nod to and know their names sometimes but not always. I more know what they do for a living because I like to keep in mind who I am around. But when I meet someone and I get that vibe that for them everything is terrible and hopeless I move to a different seat very quickly.

        7. Completely devastated. Tears. It has been glorious. I hang mostly with a few secret shitlords, and we have been having the time of our lives. The resistance movement is small, but strong.

        8. I’m in a similar situation. I’m now actively avoiding people I used to consider friends. This election really brought out a lot of shit.
          Now I mostly ‘hang out’ with you good people.

        9. Its funny – I think it took well into adulthood before I could truly, accurately identify REAL losers. And yep, I avoid them like dog poop.

        10. Sore losers show themselves by not talking any politics now. They go back to their reality bubble of watching Ellen and Oprah.

        11. If I recall right, in the book he only stomps down to crush the dogs legs and leaves it there like that…though maybe he kills it don’t recall.

        12. So… one should fester in the shitty subject that is politics; lest they be a “sore loser”? Makes sense.

        13. Excellent.´
          I missed the opportunity to walk around with a water bottle with the label “democrat tears” taped to the bottle and occassionally sip from it in front of them.

        14. I picked up on the Huey Lewis references you throw around, but have been ignoring them.
          I heard the book is something many people cannot finish, I didn’t read it, but found the movie a bit bland.

        15. I loved the book…more than the movie and also liked the movie. I think it helps that it is indicative of the culture I grew up in…1980’s yuppie culture in NYC is kind of my thing.
          By couching the materialism and nihilism of this city in terms of a serial killer movie it really hit on all my buttons.

        16. I think that the reason the book is hard for some people to read is that like 1/3 of it is either detailed description of high end fashion brands or inside joke about the late 80’s early 90’s restaurant and club scene in NYC. I recently asked a friend who had never been here how he managed to read it. There are dozens, if not hundreds of inside jokes that one just wouldn’t get if they didn’t know the geography of manhattan and how it is (and was in the 80’s) broken down by groups….he may say some street and I will read it and know that is where whores are or that is where bums would be or that is where expensive restaurants or dug dealers blah blah blah and often times there is oddly juxtaposed situations which are only funny if you get the joke.

        17. This is the gift that keeps on giving. I have been having a blast using agree and amplify to subtly troll these tards. For example, right now everyone is shitting themselves because Trump isn’t taking a repetitive daily intel briefing. When the handwringing starts, I just chime in with something like “at this rate, we’ll be at war with China by next year.” It’s really fun to watch the irrational places that their childish emotions are willing to take them.
          I really wish that I worked in an office big enough that I could sneak in and leave gift bags with MAGA hats and a note “Merry CHRISTmas, from your Secret Shitlord”. Sadly, my office is small and I’d be found out in five minutes if I attempted it.

        18. Well done.
          I think I might wear a MAGA hat over the Holidays to get a rise out of the locals. They won’t say anything to my face, but I will get enough hate glares to kill a horse.

      2. Same here. It makes me angry. Anything that is even remotely alpha, they pounce. I’ve sworn to get so free and clear of everyone in the next year, that I will rid myself of having to be around them. It’s either that or start strangling them. It’s bizarre…

        1. When do you see this bob? I work a stero typical alpha job, am a weight lifting fanatic, am a life long bachelor who is constantly spinning at least 3 women at a time almost always at minimum 15 years younger than me, I live alone, I use my physicality in bars, on the streets and in general conversation to assert dominance….I frequently tell women, with a smile of course, to shut the fuck up before I knock their teeth out (I have a way of making women giggle with threats of violence) and I have been at this for a very long time. All it has netted me has been career success and more sweet pussy than I know what to do with and all of this dead center in one of the most liberal cities in America.
          Further, I am not an anomaly here. While the majority of men in general aren’t like that for sure, the people I interact with…corporate types, finance people, construction guys….most of them area like this to one degree or another and enjoy the same amount of success.
          I can count on one hand the times in my life when being unabashedly masculine and aggressive have resulted in some (minor) negative consequence and most of those I used as an opportunity to say funny things and then share them on this site (like when that bitch told me about the wage gap on our first date and I told her that the only gap I was interested in was between her legs….she left me where I was sitting, but the line was totally worth it)

        2. I see it frequently in two particular clients of mine. And in lots of males, whenever I go out for a drink or three. I frequently get yapping betas who snark at me when I’m in bars. Always from my periphery. Not to be immodest but I’m packing a little extra. So this has always generated that kind of thing from males. Lately, it seems to be exploding however, like everybody’s going mad at the same time. Might be the desert. Who knows.
          I can handle it, I just get really fucking sick of it. “Arnold!” I get that a lot. “Steroids!” A client of mine asked me, in this smarmy, beta tone not long ago, “There was a steroid bust near you at a fitness club. Is that where you get your juice?” He had this fucktarded smile on his face when he said it. He’s like 100 pounds overweight. I resisted the urge to bitch-slap him.
          That line about the gap between her legs was priceless…heh-heh. I would have paid to see that one…

        3. People have asked me if I do steroids before…especially in the summer when I run around in short sleeve shirt…I usually take it as a compliment. Maybe it is in my periphery too but I don’t notice it. Hard to tell. Mind you, I am sure that if I went to hip downtown vegan restaurants and bars that serve complicated cocktails to people who listen to bands that no one ever heard of and still have 8 tracks and 110 film cameras it would be different….the nice thing about major cities is that there are enough people for specialty places to open…this might account for it. When I go out I never, ever, ever see over weight people, I don’t see men who aren’t dressed up, women who aren’t in heels…they just are at other places.
          The wage gap line was great. She was fucking apoplectic. She mentioned privliage and I laughed. I thought she was joking for real. Then she started saying something and I knew that I probably wasn’t getting laid anyway and even if I did I probably didn’t want to deal with it. So I started paying closer attention looking for a space to drop a huge bomb…total success. She jumped up and said something, I could tell she was going to cry. She walked out …. we didn’t even have the apps on the table yet….when the waitress brought the apps I cancelled her entrée, finished my wine and moved to scotch and thoroughly enjoyed my evening.

        4. how old was this guy? You can thank the internet, folks have no filter anymore

        5. He’s like 49. This guy has zero filter. I’ve seen him cut minorities down who are sitting five feet away. He’s fucking estrogen-packed or some shit. I have taken to avoiding him, which is tough, because he’s a client. But he’s a loser and I can’t handle him so I’m going to cut him loose (or scale him back).

        6. That’s great. Poor little princess…heh. You made her day, I’m sure. She probably went home and masturbated while thinking about you. I can’t imagine only being around people who are in shape. Where I am, it’s the opposite.
          I think my recent problems have more to do with being really good at predicting the outcomes of sporting events, too. I have a tendency (not when I’m in Nevada, only when I’m in Phoenix) of talking about sports predictions when I’ve had a few brewskis and I’m out and about. So I’m known to be really, really accurate with that, pretty much wherever I go. And guys don’t like the fact that I am good at this – they flat-out hate it, because they wish they could do it, too. And I understand all that, but it poses unique problems.
          I was at this bar a few weeks back. There was a Monday Night Football game. The guy who owns the joint is about 100 pounds overweight, like many men down here. (Heh.) His two daughters are hot for me, they work there, and they are less than half my age. So that bugs the fuck out of him right out of the gate. So I’m in a great mood, and this other female bartender of his, and I, were going to go out. She’s 23, hot as hell. I’m gonna be 60 in 10 days. The owner is about 58. So she’s in this football pool for the game that night, and I told her to take the Bears because they were a lock. So she did. The owner took whoever they were playing, I think it was the Vikings.
          So the Bears were up by three scores very early, and I told her, “Let’s get the fuck out of here the game is over.” And the owner went ballistic. He jumped up (literally Hitler) and screamed at me – “The game isn’t OVER. It’s only the beginning of THE SECOND FUCKING QUARTER.” And two of his fat bartender guys, who can’t stand the fact that I am who I am, and get the attention that I get from the women who work there, they get attitudes, too (I get this shit ALL the time). And I didn’t say anything for a second, and then I finally said, “Depends on what you know – but this fucking game is over.” And of course it was.
          It’s a bunch of stuff. I’m just getting to where I’m going to have to isolate myself from many of the people I have been hanging around due to my libational (is that a word?) predilections, mostly. Can’t stand that jealous bullshit. Fortunately, my plans are going to allow me to do that. Another seven weeks and I’m in Nevada full-time. I don’t get that type of shit so much when I’m in Vegas or even Laughlin. Just in the Phoenix area…it’ll all work out, I just see this epidemic of beta snark and nig-nagging, like they’re all a bunch of old fucking hens. Sickens me. Lose some weight. Get on a proper diet. Work out. You won’t need steroids, but no, if you are built it’s gotta be steroids. Douchebags.
          Rant over.

        7. you’re “its fucking over” is great. Reminds me of Bronx Tale when Sonny sees that Mush has bet the same horse and just rips the slips up and says “come on, we been mushed”
          I know places you are talking about and probably would find the same if I went there. I am a creature of habit though Bob. I go to the same restaurant at the same time every Friday and sit in the same seat. Then I go to a series of three bars in the same order (unless I wind up getting lucky) and then on the way home I stop at this one little Italian joint and order a drink and bs with the bartender before going in for the night.
          The people I see are never over weight, always well dressed and never lacking for money. I see some people who are skinny, some people who are average and some people who are in shape. I can tell the runners from the crossfaggers from the lifters. There are very rarely any minorities in these places other than Asian and when it is it will be some oxford educated indian chick who is blowing through millions on some clothing line she thinks would be a good idea. It is just what is in those places. If you walked in in jeans you would immediately feel out of place. It wouldn’t be a good fit especially when there is, more likely than not, a place you would enjoy more a very short walk away.
          Also, people who bs about others using steroids often think it is like “oh, use steroids and automatically look like young Arnold” with no thought to the fact that it still takes a massive amount of work in the gym as well as in the kitchen, huge amounts of dedication. But people being jealous will happen. That’s why I like going to places where everyone has something going for them. It may be a different thing. One guy I met was a cardiologist another was a male model another was a lawyer, one worked in city hall at some high up job where graft is easy. I don’t deal with the jealousy because everyone has something.

        8. Well your choices for eateries/drinking establishments sound stellar. My problem is, I like dive bars. And in Phoenix, there are tons of them near my hotel. When I’m up north, it’s different.
          Jealousy is a killer. I’m taking a break from going out in the Phoenix area. It’s gotten to the point where I think I might wind up breaking some clown’s neck, and that wouldn’t be a good idea. So I’m done with going out till I get up to Nevada again, in about seven weeks.
          You sound very content with your “places of social interest”. That’s really cool. I’ve always been a lone wolf, pretty much. I don’t know if that describes you or not. That’s just how I am. I don’t get close to people. I show them what I want them to see if I have to deal with them. Then I glide away, without leaving any hand prints on them, if you catch my drift. Eh, whatever. Onward and upward.

        9. yeah, I avoid dive bars at all costs. High end Italian/French restaurants, steak houses, hotel bars at pricey hotels, wine bars. It is just what I like and where I feel comfortable.
          I am a lone wolf. I have your clowns here and a few people I talk to who live around the country, but no real friends here. I know every bartender, waiter, concierge, hotel manager, maître d in the city worth knowing and tip well so they are always happy to see me.
          I meet people in bars, chat with them, blah blah blah. Kind of like Ed Norton’s line in fightclub about single serving friends. It is why I like a good bartender so much. We chat like old buddies, he knows what I drink, keeps his mouth shut about the girl he saw me with last week when I am with the girl I saw this week, I tip him and done. The idea that he would ever call me or, really, even say hello if he saw me outside of the context of work would never occur to me.

        10. Inside every lolknee is a waldemar shaped hole.
          I’m here bro.
          Waldemar and Lolknee go to Schaller & Weber: It’ll be like:

        11. Warms my black heart when some entitled, empowered, strong, deluded excuse of a woman gets put down as deserved. Too many of them out there giving women a bad name. Along with the ‘low T, narrow shouldered, never lifting a weight or throwing a punch fag men’ who enable them…

        12. I am with you. I see more of the enablers than the women mostly because my dating pool doesn’t run towards the political as much as it runs towards fashion consciousness. I have a really broad chest and shoulders and love to crowd a conversation when I am talking to some little beta fag. On my good days I think that maybe I am doing some good and I will shame him into changing his life up a bit….on my more cynical days I just enjoy it.

        13. Anyone who goes into Schaller and Webber without a minimum of this level of enthusiasm is no longer considered male in my opinion.

        14. I think our current culture has really pushed men towards the lone-wolf mentality. I think women always have been friendless (the have competition, not friends). But for men, it’s been a fairly recent development. When I was a teenager I had a pack of friends. This continued into my early-to-mid-20s. But then – poof – it evaporated. Friends are overrated. If you can count them on more than two fingers of one hand, you’re kidding yourself. I’m like you, I know my bartenders and always tip extremely well. Don’t shit where you eat, that kinda thing.
          Well, I’m out for now. Have a good one and I hope you have some pussy-slaying stories for me later in the week. I’m shutting down my carousing for the next seven weeks at a minimum, so I’ll be living vicariously through your sexploits over that period of time…

        15. I had a good number of friends back in middle / high school in a smallish town in the midwest. We watched the same shows (The Simpsons, the Red Green show, etc), had the same sense of humor, etc. You would think moving on to elite schools and huge cities, you would find more like minded people not less. not true.

      3. The media crying snivel fest was comprised of mangina men and women both. Notice the women were either post wall or pre wall, and the pre wall ones had signed a pact with the devil to disrespect their natural hair color and to pierce and flaunt their beefage and they do a clown act of trying to ape the stereotypical male manerisms. Patriarch men who have taken younger fertile nubes of their tribe for wives need to separate themselves from the huddle of crying zombies. It’s like the media went into a huddle after the presedential defeat and were going “oh nooo, what are we going to do next?”.
        Whenever I see a tribesmen with his young fertile nube and she has lumpy lower belly, I always tip my hat and I tell them “I’m MCGOO, how do you doo?” and then I leave them with whatever red pill proverb comes to mind and a ‘way to go’.

    2. It’s the result of a low fat, low cholesterol diet on the last 40 years. Cholesterol is needed to make sex hormones.

      1. bump! The low fat craze and the rapid decline of health in America did not coincidentally happen at the same time.

        1. Obesity rates in America did. You take the fat out of foods, then they replace it with sugar to make it palatable.

        2. yup.
          good fat is good. I am not saying that chicken fried in Crisco is great on a day to day basis, but removing eggyolks, breeding our chickens and pigs to be so lean they are basically interchangeable meats (not sure if you are old enough to remember what a pork chop tasted like 30 years ago….it did not taste like blank chicken), removing butter from our diets totally…this was all very, very, very bad.
          The trainer/nutrition coach I use now is of the belief that both carbs and fat are good so long as they aren’t consumed together. So a lean chicken breast with a cup of white rice or a fatty steak with veggies. I have started seeing good results, but then again I am working out like a fucking lunatic. Still, I am feeling really good energy.

        3. my father and uncle grew up in Eastern Europe in the 50s/60s and would eat LARD sandwiches for lunch. They both aged well. Better than 30 yo hipsters eating organic tofu and kale.

        4. The only problem with modern lard is the additives. Sometimes I wonder if smoking is actually bad for you or if it is just the chemicals they put in the cigarettes now that is giving people cancer.

        5. people used to literally snort snuff and rub chewing tobacco into their gums and they still didn’t develop cancers at the rates we’re seeing in the modern era

        6. I don’t know a lot about it, but I really do think the chemicals are worse than the tobacco.

        7. The worst thing they do is spray the tobacco with roundup to get it to dry faster…not saying smoking is good for you, but they spray roundup on everything

        8. Actually there is some truth to that. I have heard of some old indian (America) treating burns with bear fat. Other cultures did the same– so I have heard.

        9. I wouldnt be surprised. There are lot of superstitions and “traditional medical practices” in Eastern Europe, especially in small towns. I aunt told me back in the day some villagers would put leeches on aching teeth to reduce pain.

        10. I from a small midwest town and the wife is from Moscow who is heavy into the old russian superstitions (evil eye, etc…). Strange.

        11. Strangely enough, as smoking has dropped drastically, cancer and heart disease rates are through the roof.

        12. Not really. That whole “fiberglass in Skoal, Kodiak, Copenhagen” is an urban legend, The gritty stuff found in chew is salts, leftover from the curing process. If fiberglass were actually used, it would cause scarring of the gum and lip tissue, thus nicotine would not be able to absorb. Yeah…I chew, but no more often daily than, say, an average cigar smoker.

        13. Makes sense, when you think of how a skin burn…well… burns away the fatty-acid (sebum) covering your epidermis. Skin cells themselves contain lipids that get destroyed with a good burn also. The fat from bacon replenishes it and also draws away heat better than ice or cold water. Commercial skin lotions do dick to relieve burns or associated dryness because they have a petroleum base.

      2. Testosterone (estrogen too) is 95% cholesterol…pushing fruity pebbles and coca puffs for breakfast was more important than the health of our citizens

      3. It was hot dogs, the opposite of rare red meat. Hot dogs are pink slime and slaughterhouse tripe stewed for many hours, then preserved and corn sweetened. In the 60s the Oscar Meyer wiener song came out. Every x-er kid sang it. There weren’t cheap sawdust meat dogs back in the 50’s.

        1. There is an old german butcher (over 100 years) near me that hand makes their hotdogs. Family business still in original family. They make hotdogs, brats, knockwurst, weiswurst pretty much anything. Last 4th of july I bought 2 pounds of the hotdogs and brought them to my family for a BBQ. They were literally floored. In fact, so was I. They were so amazing and delicious and really underscored just how much shit is in the commercial stuff.

        2. by the way, I have threatened the guys in that store that I am going to break in and they are going to find me in a pork coma when they come in in the morning. I really love that place.

        3. I feel like you are on the losing end of that particular bargain lol. I go Hobbit….Azog the Defiler.

        4. Holy Shit – I too know of this place. Its still there? My father used to pal around with a son of the family who owned it years ago. Probably the same family.

        5. Do they sell this?

          “Grab yerself a can of Pork Sodaaaaa!!!
          You’ll be feeling just fine
          Ain’t nothin’ quite like sittin’ ’round the house
          Swillin’ down them cans of swine!!”

    3. It’s a combination of the three. Chemicals in the water have altered frogs to the point where there are few makes being born in ponds, if at all. I can’t remember the scientist’s name, but he stumbled on this information and big chemical has been blitzing his reputation ever since.
      There’s also what others have mentioned regarding food and the crap that’s floating in the air.

      1. Fish in Chesapeake Bay having both sex organs or underdeveloped male organs…fish in the Hudson River having insanely high levels of caffeine and estrogen….it all winds up in the water

        1. The illustrated novel goes more in depth with that scene above. In short, Flounder (Dorfman) was originally not chosen to pledge Delta. Boon or Otter make a deal with him in asking him to reveal the most intimate detail of his best friend. In Dorfman’s mind, Larry (Pinto) was his ONLY friend.
          Dorf reveals that Larry has a “spotted dong” to Otter and Boon. After pressured to reveal himself, Larry explains that it was due to an accident involving tar. Boon and Otter swear to keep it a secret. At the pledge party, Bluto gives Larry the pledge name of Pinto.
          “Why Pinto?” asks Larry
          “Because ya got a spotted dong!!!!” Yells the entire room full of Deltas and other pledges.

        2. Oh, yeah…I forgot. It was published thru National Lampoon, since two or more if tne staff writers starred in the movie. Was more like a big magazine than a book.

  2. How many children does the author of this article have? It’s one thing to know what needs to be done and another to actually do it.
    From the author’s bio
    He is now living the expat dream in the Caribbean and does not want to come back to The Matrix.
    Rats abandon a sinking ship first.

    1. This article expresses exactly what I have been thinking and seeing since the ’90s. I remember the demographic projections then, and I was amazed that most people ignored them. They still ignore it as it happens before their very eyes. I don’t think people realize how bad the world will be when there aren’t enough “Evil White People” left to maintain the Western culture of tolerance, inclusion, rationalism, liberalism, and all the rest. The pendulum will swing the other way, tolerance and “democracy” (as we know it) will be gone, and “Westerners” will be the new hated hated minority culture, with no voice or way to help themselves in the face of whatever new order will then exist.
      Even though the author does not have children now, that does not mean that he is personally responsible for the problems we are facing, and also does not mean that his point is any less valid. The fact that he is putting his voice out there in a way to reach people shows that he is personally invested in doing what he can at this point in time. For the record, I married a virgin right out of her parents’ home while she was going to the community college. She had never dated anyone seriously before I came along, and never had sex until our wedding night. She was raised being homeschooled by a devout Christian family. We have had our rocky patches, since she still had soaked up some modern feminist tripe, but as I become more of the Man (thanks to both my devout Christian upbringing and my own Red Pill journey) she is responding in kind by becoming more the Woman.
      Amusing anecdote: my wife grew up not really wanting marriage or children, wanting a career and a dog instead, and then maybe getting married and having one child in her thirties (sound familiar?). I came along when she was 18, we were married when she was 20, and we had our fist son a year later. She now loves her children and role as a mother, is glad that her original “plan” did not happen. She tells people all this regularly. It is true that good wives and mothers are made, not born. We now have three children and one on the way, and hope to have seven or so before my wife and I age out of child bearing.
      I know that marriage and children are both risky propositions for men, especially these days. The evidence is everywhere around us. I can’t and won’t speak for anyone but myself, but the West has been one of the best things that has ever happened to humanity, and me, my family, and my descendants are part of what’s right with the world. Despite the risks and the close calls we’ve had, I am glad that I have a wife and children. In fact, I give the proverbial finger to the risks, because I will do the right thing anyway. I am a Man, and I am part of the solution, not part of the problem.
      I apologize for the book.

      1. Good post. Thanks for that.
        “We now have three children and one on the way”
        Mazel tov / Congrats!

      2. It is true that good wives and mothers are made, not born. We now have three children and one on the way, and hope to have seven or so before my wife and I age out of child bearing.
        You see, it’s possible and you proved it’s possible whereas, I bet you, the author will never achieve what you and I have because those that can do it, do it and those who can’t take the risk themselves, teach others.
        If you had written the article I would have taken it seriously.

      3. Great points, and good story.
        I think like you, have done what you’ve done, and have no regrets. My very intelligent and good-looking children will be my great legacy.

    2. How do you know how many kids I do and do not have? The ad hominem is a low form of attack in a rational debate. It works politically because man is a political animal, but you’re attacking me instead of the message.

        1. Simple: you criticize and judge the author because he left the country, trying to escape the cultural rot and decay that is destroying our homelands, if you are White American, your ancestors fled Europe trying to escape poverty and sometimes oppression. I think you can infer the implications of this in reference to your assertion.

    1. Jan Steen’s The Merry Family (1668) illustrates the Dutch proverb ‘as the old sing, so pipe the young’, cautioning parents against setting a bad example

      1. first saw this painting when I was watching an episode of Rick Steves’ Europe ’cause I’m a cultured fucker like that

        1. i can just imagine the new pbs telethons: at the $100 donation level, you get a rick steves paperweight shaped like a coiled poo – like the kind refugees leave on the U-bahn
          At the $500 level, you get a can of mace with a rick steves logo to protect yourself when you vacation in europe

      2. While it is true that Steen is cautioning parents against setting bad examples here, I think it is proper to point out that this picture illustrates the bad example and not the desired paradigm.

        1. See dats why I come here: to debate the finer points of Dutch Master Realism 😀 😀 😀

      3. Really though, this painting is a cautionary tale about how parents who don’t recognize the massive responsibility of being a parent and try to simply be clownish and not grow up will raise children who are not responsible (hence, as the old sing so pipe the young…though some translations have pipe — a verb here– as “twitter” which I like better). Look at the father singing, drinking, laughing and then look at his brood…smoking, not being serious…he is a poor steward for passing down masculinity.

      4. If Joel and the robots from MST3K saw this painting, they would call it “Jethro Tull, The Early Years”.
        Sorry, it was the flute…

  3. While politicians in the West are promoting every policy conceivable to weaken, erode, and outright destroy the family and similar institutions, the Chinese government works to promote family-friendly traditional values such as outlawing pornography etc.
    You won’t see policies to promote gender-bending or female empowerment in China.
    So I ask you to whom does the future belong?

    1. Easy. China and others are promoting pornography and feminism or climate change hype in the western countries while banning the same thing in their cultures because they used this weapons of social destruction to destroy enemies.
      It is an war. An primitive war of lies. Don’t believe the hype.

      1. Can’t really blame china for promoting pornography. I mean, you can chose not to participate. There are people promoting crack and heroin in the streets and I have a green drink and go to the gym instead.

        1. nope. I just don’t look at porn. They can promote it all they want. I don’t blame a guy for trying. I just look the other way. I don’t blame people for selling drugs either, but I am not about to go out and start smoking pot just because I know where to get it.

        2. A few years back I was on my balcony smoking weed and got a bad case of the gigs. A woman in the courtyard looked up at me and crossed herself. I guess she thought I was possessed by some demon or something. As Vention1MGTOW would say, “Good times.”

      2. Ashki jews came from china – to subvert Europe while intermarrying as chamellions.
        The mongols came from China – to smash, subvert and mongify golden Islam.
        Buddhism some Indians recount, came from China to subvert the Hindus and make them pacifist.
        This man came from China to subvert South Africa
        Take away the usual backdrop of the Pretoria skyline and he doesn’t look so black anymore.
        How much of the subtrifuge is the doing of the ancient Chinese secret societies, the ‘Triads’, the ‘White Lotus’ and others. The little yellow man has always been the king of subtrifuge, using leverage in conquest.

        1. and currently the people coming from china are all trying to make pee pee in your coke

      3. Exactly. Even if America switched entirely to clean green energy, China and India would merrily keep on polluting.
        The Chinese do not care about the environment or animal life.
        Ever go into a Chinese restaurant where they have an aquarium? they’ll have fish in the tank with nothing else: no fake rocks, no gravel, nothing at all for the fish to swim about and explore.
        White people would put in fake rocks and shit for the fish to explore the nooks and crannies etc.
        That is the difference in mindset / soul.

  4. that’s no problem. If the west falls, the social system falls. if this falls – everybody would need somebody who can give them something to eat. And only thoose people who learned to work (evil white man who can’t blame on anybody) will go forward.
    Lot’s of the “islamic population” just cant work or read. And we are in a time where reading will be very very important. “Press A for opening the door you can’t destroy with an bazooka”.

    1. Hmm, the plan could have been to herd the unproductive muslim hordes into the western territories and then instigate a nuclear war. Like throwing the effiminate westerners and the downtrodden muzzies together into a big microwave oven and nuking them once they slammed the door shut on them. It was a big ‘roach motel’ set up. The elites are itching to depopulate like crazy and have been so for ages. Then this big patriarchal turnaround begins happening. Hallelujah

      1. i tell you an secret:
        There is no elite with an masterplan. There are just idiots who don’t know what they do.

    2. If the West falls, China will take over and all those SJWs will regret evil White Man.

      1. If the west falls, the world is in for some tough times. Say what you will about the west, it certainly has many faults. But if nothing else, western people actually care about non-western people.
        Can the same be said for China?
        Or Russia?
        Or India?

  5. Rome’s severe morality and her citizens are her safeguard.” ‘This verse,’ says Cicero, “seems to me to have all the sententious truthfulness of an oracle. For neither would the citizens have availed without the morality of the community, nor would the morality of the commons without outstanding men have availed either to establish or so long to maintain in vigour so grand a republic with so wide and just an empire. Accordingly, before our day, the hereditary usages formed our foremost men, and they on their part retained the usages and institutions of their fathers. But our age, receiving the republic as a chef-d’oeuvre of another age which has already begun to grow old, has not merely neglected to restore the colours of the original, but has not even been at the pains to preserve so much as the general outline and most outstanding features. For what survives of that primitive morality which the poet called Rome’s safeguard? It is so obsolete and forgotten, that, far from practising it, one does not even know it. And of the citizens what shall I say? Morality has perished through poverty of great men; a poverty for which we must not only assign a reason, but for the guilt of which we must answer as criminals charged with a capital crime. For it is through our vices, and not by any mishap, that we retain only the name of a republic, and have long since lost the reality.” – Cicero, On the Commonwealth.

  6. Increasingly, I know that I must search for women in rural areas, without college degrees etc. I would rather be with a young girl who hasn’t had a 100 dicks in her who works at KFC than some arrogant 30 something with a “prestigious” degree who “experimented” sexually and is now looking to push out one Autismo child

      1. sounds farcical but a girl who grew up with a leaky tin roof won’t be expecting an opulent lavish lifestyle like most american bitches

        1. that is true only for as long as her neighbors also have leaky tin roofs. Get her in a palace built in between two slightly larger palaces and she will start bitching immediately.

  7. The same elites who claim all jobs not requiring a PhD will soon be replaced by automation (self driving taxis, self driving cargo trucks, kiosks in fast food) are busy pushing to import millions of unskilled illiterate third worlders. So which is it? Do we need more unskilled fucks or less?

    1. In the long run, we will need fewer of them, but that particular boom is still a decade away.
      The best thing we can do, for everybody, is to make fewer people.

        1. My guess is that it’s because the push for immigration began in 1964, when the powers-that-be recognized that our labor pool wasn’t big enough to keep the American manufacturing colossus humming at top speed. So they opened the gates.
          In 2016, that American manufacturing colossus no longer exists, but our politics has been slow to recognize the need for a reduced labor pool. Call it institutional inertia.
          Just a guess.

        2. My prediction: By 2020, word will have finally gotten out to the rest of the planet that the guaranteed easy life in the U.S. is no longer guaranteed nor easy. (It’s been that way for a while, but they don’t know that.) In the end, we won’t need to slam the doors shut. The immigrants simply will go elsewhere.
          That’s a shame. James Fallows noted that while unskilled immigrant labor are a net neutral to an economy, ***skilled*** immigrant labor is definitely positive. We should be TRYING to get as many skilled workers here as possible. Many of them are job producers. It won’t be muscle that makes the successful economy of the future, it’s brains — and we need as many good ones as possible.

        3. >”We need third worlders to do the jobs Americans just won’t do.”
          >Millions of Americans quit looking for jobs when they can’t get hired because market flooded with cheap labor.
          >Said Americans come to rely on welfare state (a Democrat engine) because they don’t see jobs.
          This is my best guess.

        4. Well said ! (knowingly or unknowingly). When the Country NEEDS “cheap labor”, open the gates for the so called “unskilled illiterate third worlders”. When the Country DOESN’T need them anymore, blame & curse them and also the politics/politicians, businesses etc. !
          I am not from a “Thirld World” Country but just wondering what these “unskilled illiterate third worlders” had anything to do with:
          =Femicuntism ?
          =Hollywood (almost every) movie showing a Female kicking a MALE on his genitals ?
          =Western (or other) women walking “Bare Chested” claiming equality with MEN ?
          =Pink Saturdays ?
          =Western (or other) women doing “Slut Walks” ?
          =Western (or other) women sleeping with ‘n’ number of MEN in the name of dating and sexual liberalization ?
          =False Rape & Sexual Harassment cases by Western (or other) women ?
          =Gay Clubs & Lesbians ?
          =Western (or other) women growing FAT, Tattooing, Deliberately wearing revealing clothes and behaving as Sluts/Whores/Hookers ?
          =Western (or other) women imitating MASCULINITY ?
          =Societal & Legal Double Standards favoring Western (or other) women in every aspect of life ?
          =The Western (or other) women, the Educational & Legal System, the Entertainment and the Media; Humiliating, Belittling, Dis-respecting, Subjugating and Assaulting MEN & MASCULINITY ?

        5. That has already happened. Net migration from Mexico is negative. Only group whose numbers are increasing by immigration are Asians.

        6. Yup. And you-know-who is going to accelerate this trend as he alienates the world.
          I’m part of a big social group of immigrants. All are young professionals on H1B visas or with green cards. Most have master’s degrees or are pursuing them. They’re really disillusioned with the way the U.S. is headed, but they’ve told me that they’re staying here — but only as long as the professional job market in the U.S. is better than the professional job markets in their homelands.

        7. What happens to those countries when all their ‘skilled’ people leave?
          What happens to host nations when it is more cost effective to import ‘skills’ rather than train and skill your own people?

        8. A vicious cycle.
          And this ‘perpetual growth’ model the author wrote of is now so ingrained into our societies central nervous system, to just cut it out would almost be a catastrophe. We’re fucked either way.

        9. It was those illiterate third worlders that brought all that on. Poisoning our women’s minds like that. And then encouraging themselves to invade and paying themselves with our tax dollars to do so! And giving themselves free housing, medical care and schooling on top!
          How dare they! Those damn illiterate third worlders! We needed them so badly in 1964, industry was almost at a standstill then, everyone was going broke, there were no workers to do all the jobs, birthrates were at an all time low. We had to import 80 IQ savages to make up for it.

        10. All those professionals with credentials, overwhelming their own shitty countries where the top heavy with genius super brainy demographics are just crashing the economies. They basically HAVE to come to evil YT’s countries to show those idiots how to create and run a civilization. No way any of them should go back to Buttfuckistan, there are already way too many super genius inventors there.

        11. “Oh man I hate my host country so much man” – then get the fuck out foreign fuckers!

        12. I get sick of having my English abilities eroded by these foreign fucks who speak English at a level I did when I was 6 years old. They improve their English through interaction with me and I lose my proficiency through interaction with them. Speak English or die.

        13. I think China hasn’t learned how to be multicultural yet. I think a few million Africans should be a good start to remedying that problem.

        14. and i hope trump alienates the world: i hope he waves his big dick in china’s face and says “from now on, we’re adopting a two china policy”

        15. I know this is a tad off your point, but we can thank Hollywood partially for all the immigrants flooding in here. Pretty much every Hollywood movie portrays Americans as at least semi wealthy with everything working out for them minus whatever the particular problem is that the movie is based on. And TV shows are even worse. They always portray “struggling” people who happen to live in what would most likely be a $3500/mo Manhattan apartment. These shows are shown worldwide. This is the impression foreigners are getting of life in America. Where even if you’re struggling with a shitty job, you STILL have it made. It’s like one big fucking “come to America” sign.

        16. Understood what you (and all Brothers here) want to express. Even I (and whoever is law-abiding, paying Taxes and Contributing Positively) hate the STATE providing them (whatever you call them; third worlders, illegal immigrants etc.) ALL the facilities/benefits (Medical, Schooling, Housing and whatnot !?) at the cost of Tax Payers Money (Majority: MEN).
          Ever saw the media/websites saying: “Innocent Women from South America crossing borders and standing in queue for entry” !
          “Innocent Women” !? really !? A woman (who is already pregnant !) ILLEGALLY crosses the border with 1 or 2 children (at a minimum); ALL of them wearing “nice/costly” clothing and claims/demands/expects a “warm welcome” ! “Innocent Women” !? OMG !!!
          People in this Country (the Locals and the LEGAL Immigrants) are forced to pay more taxes, insurance premiums, social security etc. BUT who are getting the real benefit ? the “third worlders, illegals” AND the FemiCunts.
          I am trying to be straightforward; MEN in this Country (and rest of the West) are partly responsible for the current state, with regard to the women. Since my very first day in the West (12 years back !), I kept wondering why the females are given so much UNDUE credit ? Why there are being PAMPERED way beyond a limit ? Why anything related to them is being OVER exaggerated ? Why they are seen as some CELESTIAL beings ? Why they are being put on pedestal ?
          Doesn’t a female “masturbate” ? Doesn’t a female “leak fluids” when she sees an attractive MALE ? Doesn’t a female “fantasize” about sex ? Doesn’t a female “think” about sex ? Doesn’t a female get “pleasure” from sex ?
          Then why we MEN are so desperate !? Can’t we make them to behave ? If they have “something” we NEED then we have “something” they NEED ! BUT as long as we MEN are not united and as long as they feel they can get that “something” VERY EASILY, they will remain ENTITLED.
          Almost same thing goes in every part of the World, but there’s always a LIMIT. Unfortunately, this FemiCuntism and “vested interests” influenced females in my Home Country “heavily” and MEN there are facing the heat on daily basis !
          All said, I still believe that there is no “clear cut” relation between “thirld wolders” and the “Arrogant, Bitchy, Demanding, Slutty/Whorish Attitude and Entitlement” of local women.

        17. The news is out in Mexico. The net flow of Mexican illegals is out of the country. Trump doesn’t have to deport them they are leaving in droves. Of course, the dregs are still coming, because it is easier to be a career criminal in the US than in Mexico. If nothing else, the prisons are much higher quality of life.

        18. Asian immigrants percentages are increasing only because they come from a low base (about 6%). And if they do come they usually have high IQs (higher than non-Hispanic whites), high work ethic, and strong family values. I imported my Asian wife and am quite happy with the deal. I think a future where most of the immigrants to America were Asian would be great.

        19. They need to go home, and now. As an aging professional let me tell you that US companies have been using H1Bs to beat down the wages of US professions for decades.

        20. They also pay into Social Security, which is necessary to support the Baby Boomers that are rapidly becoming eligible for benefits they worked for their entire lives.

    2. The elites are happy to have a horde of unskilled, uneducated peons. How else will they get cheap servants? Nannies, maids, gardeners, and house boys don’t grow on trees.

      1. And, cheap employees to work in their mines and factories until they are able to invest in robots to replace them.

  8. I still caution those who want to point a finger at the Jews for all this. the Orthodox Jews have large families but they are not the ones pulling the strings of finance, media, academia etc. It is the secular Jew behind these institutions and the secular Jews are facing all the issues of modernity: high intermarriage rates, low birth rates, postponement of adulthood / children, overly entitled careerist women etc

    1. I would wager the average age of motherhood for a secular Jewish woman is 5 yrs later than for a Gentile woman

    2. Some guys point to the Talmudic Jews are primary forces in screwing with the West. The Jew are some defected survival mechanism that undermines their host country to ensure their dominance in the short term. Collective, the Jews need to have honest conversation about that.

    3. And still they are pushing for all these policies in the west but not in Israel….
      It’s also bs that they are equally effected since Jews still promote their “don’t marry goyim” line. Just google it and you will find many conversations between Jewish women that want to be with Italians etc. Not okay.

    4. Jews are a race, not a religion. They all share the same genes, and they all share the same principles. Both a secular jew working in Wall Street and an orthodox jew with weird haircut dressed in black believe that you and me are nothing but animals, and that they are chosen to dominate the world.

      1. But it’s those evil White men that all want to enslave everyone else and take over the world.
        That’s what the TV keeps telling me, while at the same time showing me how stupid and incompetent those bungling White men are.

      2. there are blonde jews – jews you would never think are in fact jews – were do they fit in? they have jewish genes too? despite looking more nordic than i do?

      3. as far as jews pushing homosexuality to subvert the West: homosexuality and general deviance is much much higher among the Jews. It’s not like they preach homosexuality for the gentiles but keep themselves pure. Tel Aviv is a huge fagopolis with gay pride parades. So what’s the explanation for this?

        1. In fact, all kind of sexual perversions are higher among jews; not only homosexuality. Who owns and promotes all kind of perversions in porn? Pedophile rings? White slavery? etc, etc, etc.
          Is this an obstacle in their plans? no. Does this affects them as a people? no. Does this affects them at genetic level? no.

    5. I would recommend looking up the writers/publishers/first minds of feminism then. Almost all are of the Tribe.
      This is distinct Jewish subversion that is carefully planned and directed at the West.

    6. The majority of jews in the west are secular, and they’ve been *extremely* over-represented in *every single* movement that has been against the best interests of whites and western civilization. For many decades. And actually going all the way back to the Frankfurt School, etc.
      Thought you were more savvy than to adopt this “don’t blame the jews” crap. Though lolknee will be very proud of you.

      1. True enough but it seems the secular Jews are falling victim to their own policies. They are being hoist with their own petard.
        I live in nyc. I deal almost exclusively with secular Jews.
        A huge number of secular Jews in their 30s are remaining childless.
        And when they do have children, they have 1 maybe 2.
        Jewish women are like Western women on steroids: entitled, stuck up, un feminine, careerist etc
        Look at the face of Millennial Jewry, Mark Zuckerberg: married to a Chinese woman with a one happa child. What message is he sending to Jewish men? They want to be like Zuckerberg. Rich as fuck. It’s not to stay with the girl from yeshiva.

        1. You think the Jewish doctor thinks he has it so good? His cunt wife begrudgingly pushed out one kid at 39? That’s a good deal? He went to school for like 30 years, makes $200k a year, and has a post wall cunt wife who gave him 1 kid…

  9. regarding the low white birth rate: are white women exclusively the ones to blame here? Do most white men push to have more children or do they do succumb to the “it’s so expensive to have a child” malarkey? if a man said “Look, I want a large family and you either get bred or I walk out,” would many women resist?
    You breed ’em like a brood mare

    1. You’re point is valid to an issue that has many variables. If jobs maintained livable wages would men even consider not having more children? All the jobs that have been shipped overseas has brought wages down as well as all the foreigners given H1B visas to circumvent shortages and to affect supply and demand.
      In the 1990s manage care was giving birth and physicians were scrambling to work to death to retire fast. Kaiser approached the Nixon administration to begin the architecture of managed care. Corporations(as always) chanted the savings, decrease of cost and the incredible improvement of care that would result from this new process.
      Now, if you go to a hospital, physicians have virtually no power how a hospital is run because they are small groups of small companies contracting from the hospital that can terminate their group according to the details of their contract. These physicians are made up in great number of foreigners that started with H1Bs. I think the same thing has happened in the IT field. Someone inform me.
      Physicians did not want to work together in the 80 & 90s as an association to lobby and prevent this model. Instead they were arrogant individuals that felt no one would ever control them. They were philosophers of solipsism.

      1. Yes. A huge number of medical providers are foreign born, particularly of Indian, Chinese, Pakistani, Iranian background.
        I am also noticing a huge increase in the number of of homosexuals in medical school.
        I think this is being done to make it impossible for America to implement anti-foreigner anti-homosexual legislation. Make the people dependent on a small foreign elite, and the masses will never act against them.

        1. I think that’s a bit far-fetched. I’ve noticed that if you ask any child in a poor neighbourhood of India, Pakistan, or Iran what job they want to do later they will almost invariably answer doctor or engineer. Unlike starting a business it is crisis and competition proof and guarantees upward mobility. The high proportion of gays might only be because they are persecuted in own country so choose to move to the tolerant West.

        2. That it is part of some sort of Master Plan. I believe it’s all unfortunate side-effect from stupid leaders.

    2. In my case, I made it clear my desires and she laid down long enough for me to father five children. She had a two year old from a previous marriage who I raised as my own.
      Each child she went directly against me in terms of discipline and education. Every single problem we had was blamed on me and she made that known to my family, her family and even complete strangers. She refused to establish boundaries between our relationship and her mother.
      Now we are headed for a divorce. Can you guess who forced her to be a brood mare? Can you guess whose children they are?
      If you guessed her, you would be correct. Evidently each child was a product of rape, but she is the one who must keep them because I can’t be trusted with their safety.
      Ultimately I blame myself because I ignored red flag after red flag thinking things would improve.
      I was wrong, dead wrong.
      Now my oldest daughter is a narcissistic liar who will say anything to achieve her own desires. She is nine years old.
      I am defeated.
      The men of the West are defeated.
      The table is tilted, the game is rigged.

      1. Thanks for sharing man and good luck. This story is repeated so often by my friends that I long ago said “fuck no” to that life; the game, as you put it, is “rigged”. Be superman alpha when the state has a gun pointed at your head 100% of the time with your wife’s finger on the trigger? No fucking way to do that for 99% of men.

        1. Yeah, I was discussing this with my brother and he said,”the kids aren’t yours. I know you may be the biological parents, but in reality they belong to the state and you can only access them as long as the state allows it. In this manner both you and your wife are slaves, the difference being is that you are a field nigger and she is a house nigger. Being a slave isn’t bad for her, but it is hell for you.”
          That hit me hard because he is correct. No revolts were ever led by house niggers.

  10. “The only question remaining is, is the demographic resettlement of Europe and America happening because of historical cycles of civilization or is it by design of a maniacal Establishment” .
    I’ll help you out with the answer – “We must do more to undermine the homogeneity of western nations” – Peter Sutherland, U.N Migration Chief, ex Goldman-Sachs Director

    1. the Elites have shown they are willing to sacrifice their own children in the name of this agenda.
      A few weeks ago, MARIA Ladenburger, daughter of an EU official was raped and murdered by an Afghan migrant in Germany.
      Her parents asked for donations to charities dedicated to settling muslim immigrants in germany.
      Talk about making a sacrifice to Moloch

      1. moreover, maria ladenburger volunteered at a refugee center!
        Her sister is on a mission to South America.
        you can’t make this shit up

        1. Seems like she was sadly a victim of her own youthful idealism & naivety . There’s a reason each civilisation has their own version of the parable of the crocodile who helped the scorpion cross the river , or the lady who brought the snake in from the cold …

        2. “When someone abandons himself to being a victim, he’s gonna have to be one.” – Ed Kemper

        3. You know how many young white women spend their time ‘helping’ black and latino kids and taking pictures with them like they’re their fucking children. It’s disgusting.
          Who is going to help these little niggers when whites are gone?
          These white girls should be having white children instead of helping 3rd world retards.

        4. Maria was a race traitor, and his death is nothing more than poetic justice.
          One treacherous bitch less.

        5. My point is: in a situation of life and death and if she had to choose between some syrian sandnigger and you, or me, or most of the people here at ROK; who do you think she will choose?
          Girls like her are completely useless for the survival of the white race race and western civilization. If she didn’t die, in the future she will be married to some syrian/somali/whatever, converted to Islam and with 3 mongrel kids.
          In a brutal and poetical twist of fate, this is one womb less for the enemy.

        6. If you think she was fundamentally different from “normal” women you are deluded. There was a reason father and extended family had such a power over the women in their family and were so protective of them.

        7. I didn’t say that. But she was actively, I repeat, actively supporting the enemy. Of course, other girls think the same ideas but most of them do not, I repeat, do not actively support the enemy.

        8. I’m mixed race, so I’m probably not the best person to ask, but my point wasn’t disputing the racial politics but merely that this is a teenage girl who probably didn’t know much about anything. Find fault with her father by all means, but her race politics is that of her milieu, if not most of her generation. She was an innocent who was cut down, albeit with horrific irony in the circumstances

      2. Looked her up… Sad… This was said.. “AN Afghan migrant has admitted the rape and murder of a medical student, who also worked voluntarily at a refugee centre.”

      3. Sorry but EU officials are hardly elite. Elites are to be found among the billionaires (and maybe trillionaires). If you think politicians are the big movers and changers in EU or in the U.S. you have much to learn.

  11. See Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” speech – seeing all this is like witnessing a nation busily engaged in stoking up its own funeral pyre

  12. Have you driven on the road? There is no problem with lack of population. Quite the opposite. We need a plague or some other kind of die off. As far as white people reproducing less… I hate to sound racist, but apparently we’re the only ones with brains. Whatever you think the solution to the world’s problems is, I guarantee you it’s not MORE FUCKING PEOPLE.

      1. Well, it’s doomed to catastrophic failure. Eventually we’re gonna start running out of things and we’re not going to be able to engineer our way out of it. I believe that day will come sooner than most people think. But people are too busy not giving a shit about anyone but themselves to avert the crisis. Oh well. I hope I get to witness all the dumbfounded dipshits flailing about when it DOES happen. I’m definitely not bringing any kids into this shit show. I’ll just fuck as many broads as I can in the meantime.

        1. “Oh well. I hope I get to witness all the dumbfounded dipshits flailing about when it DOES happen.”
          Unless they learn to swim and (will) see them down in Arizona Bay.

  13. The problem is too many thirsty betas in the west are rewarding the negative behaviors of white females. Western civilization is approaching peak beta. What’s the solution?

      1. But if you’ve decided you will fuck anything with tits just because its white, for whatever justification to save western civilization for example, then you have peak beta.

        1. True. The chinese – despite having like 40 million more men than women – still regard women past the age of 25 as undatable.
          they even have a saying; there are 3 genders: male, female, and females with advanced degrees

        2. All I got from the article is that white men are obligated to knock up white females no matter how undesirable they become in order to save the west. That’s one fucked up brand of game. ROK ain’t what it used to be.

        3. (rolling up my sleeves and giving out a resigned sigh) – fucking fat bitches ain’t pretty but someone’s gotta do it. “For king and country,” I said, diving into her fat rolls

      1. The reward they hope for is that the females they White Knight for will let them fuck them. It should quickly become obvious that they won’t but apparently they are too dense to learn this fact.
        The definition of folly is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result – Albert Einstein

  14. It’s Mostly a war of ideas. If some Mexican comes to the us and has a strong nuclear family’s more power to him. However if they come up and suck on the government teat, send them back.

    1. I have been advocating that more Americans take what I am calling the “immigrant mentality” Not the blood sucking illegal shit…but I mean those immigrants who came here, went without, worked hard with very focused goals of home ownership and breeding kids who would go to college. Italians, Greeks, Jews, Pakisanis, Chinese….they all are the same. Greek diner where husband and wife work 7 days a week…those are the people who, by the time they died, had like 5 houses they were renting out on top of the place they lived in, they were all paid off, had a retirement account, a few kids who went to college. Americans have become complacent on so many levels and have so much to learn from the good immigrants

      1. “Americans have become complacent on so many levels and have so much to learn from the good immigrants”
        Ever hear of “shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in 3 generations?” The first works it’s ass off to provide a better life for the 2nd who in turn pisses it all away just so the 3rd inherits zilch and works from the bottom again.
        The proverb has been around a long time in different context:
        Lancashire proverb, “there’s nobbut three generations atween a clog and clog.”
        Italian: “dalle stalle alle stelle alle stalle” (“from stalls to stars to stalls”).
        Spanish saying, “quien no lo tiene, lo hance; y quien lo tiene, lo deshance” (“who doesn’t have it, does it, and who has it, misuses it”).

        1. never heard it before but it is both accurate and pithy so I like it.

        2. The 7 generations cycle comes to mind
          From bondage to spiritual faith,
          From spiritual faith to great courage,
          From courage to liberty,
          From liberty to abundance,
          From abundance to selfishness,
          From selfishness to complacency,
          From complacency to apathy,
          From apathy to dependency,
          From dependency back again to bondage
          This fits in with observation that empires have an average lifespan of about 200 years.

        3. We need to quickly skip bondage and move on to spiritual faith to start the renaissance of western culture all over again?

      2. Agreed immigration is a good thing if it is limited to a rate that they can assimilate. We had similar problems with the Irish in the 1800s

        1. Yup. Though I might say it is worse now. There were simply more unskilled labor jobs in the 1800s that needed working. As major cities started building sky scrapers Italian and Irish immigrants had jobs they can do with little or no education and it helped them become functioning members of a society rather than just leeches

        2. Immigration a good thing? Yes, if it’s Norwegian farmers who toil the Dakotas or Scots who conquered the West. Your blanket statement is supremely stupid outside a few examples.

      3. I have a friend that is a Sikh Indian immigrant . He came here, married a local girl, and converted to Methodism. I asked how his religious father felt about that. He replied, “I told my father that I was coming to America to become an American.” I have no problem with this type of immigrant. He was highly educated and made a good living. I asked him if he couldn’t have a higher lifestyle in India. He replied that he would earn less, but would be wealthy with many servants. He also said that he wouldn’t want that because no matter how wealthy, he would still be in India, and India is a shithole.

  15. I’m not already having kids for two reasons I think.
    I don’t have the financial situation to give my kids a leg up, and I am becoming anxious about what future my kids will even have.
    Anyone notice that Christmas commercials this year are basically about Starbucks and diversity? No one could ever guess that it’s based on a religious holiday.
    Within one generation I’ve seen an entire culture be broken down into dollars and cents.
    It makes me want to relocate and carve out a niche where my children will at least have the option to live spontaneously, and not trade their dignity for likes and a false sense of belongingness.

    1. Clark, you will never have enough money and the future is always looking bleak. There are no guarantees. Have kids anyway. Your biggest obstacle is finding a worthy woman who will stick through it all with you.

        1. Here’s something I’ve thought about: doesn’t the UN regard reproduction as a human right? That every human has the right to reproduce and that things that prevent or inhibit reproduction constitutes genocide? So wouldn’t things like promoting education and careerism amongst women constitute genocide?

        2. No worries. There is also never “a right time” to have children. I don’t think you can prepare “to become” a dad, but you will BE dad and when that little meatloaf is in your arms looking you in the eyes… you know it and there is no turning back.
          You’ll be fine.

        3. A family that puts priority on tribe will put their seedline first, always helping out. A single whore mother with a ‘teen mom’ scenario unfolding in her living room will sell her grandkids to the socialist service child traffickers so she can mudshark for another stepdad in the series whereas trad families strive to be like a foundation and rock for future lineage. A lot of single guys procure a bug out patch of woods for pennies. A remote bug out camp with potential to build and improvise/improve is the ideal place to go it alone with your forming clan.

        4. I used to have the same concern as you, so I delayed. Now, I’ve got the first kid, and more will be coming. Thankfully, I didn’t delay long – I realised, as John Galt said, that there is never a perfect time.
          And besides, I don’t think they really cost THAT much. We did a home birth (the cost was covered by the government – YES I know it’s disgusting to be the beneficiary of welfare!), and we’re going to homeschool.
          Breast milk costs $0. Baby food – make your own. costs 2c.
          Homeschooling: free. Time cost: huge. I guess this is where you need a housewife who’s got some time on her hands.

        5. I have two children but started too late to have more as I delayed foolishly ( I am a woman, you guys don’t have to rush, your reproductive life is longer than ours). Being a mother is the best thing I ever did. I am blessed with a wonderful husband and father to my girls. I almost missed out on parenthood – was a career girl and motherhood was initially accidental! Now I tell all young woman I know to prioritise having a good marriage and children over a career, but that is not the message the education system and media pump out…..

        6. My youngest is a junior in college. My first child’s birth cost me $9 out of pocket so we could have a TV in the room for 3 days. The last child born we had to get out after two days because of insurance rules, even though it was a C section and the baby had to remain in the hospital for high bilirubin levels. We had to get up and come in every 3-4 hours to breast feed. I had to drive as my wife was not allowed behind the whell because of just coming out of abdominal surgery (said C section). The cost was over $1,500 out of pocket. I tremble to think how much just the birth would be now.
          Like wise college has gone through the roof. My first semester at a state university back in the day would have cost me $600 in tuition. Even then I could pay that out of earnings. I chose the military and got my bachelors paid for. I managed to go all the way through PhD with a total out of pocket for tuition of $500. My latest son to graduate did so with about $70,000 in debt as well as working at least half time during the entire time in school. My youngest has decided not to go into debt and works full time while going to school to pay as he goes. He skips a semester every now and then when finances demand it.

        7. At least you are a voice crying in the wilderness and some few young women may head your warning. For a couple of generations in the past older women have neglected to try and pass on the wisdom of their life experiences to younger women, leaving the propaganda mills (schools) to have a clear field.

        8. When you read gender neutral legislation and propaganda you must realize that all rights that are “human” should be read as Women’s.

        9. Haha… I thought you were about 20-21. I was wondering how could you manage to be a dad and a husband when you were just 20 y.o
          Good to know, man.

        10. It would be more accurate to say, third wave feminism is WHITE genocide. The other races aren’t “educated” enough to commit cultural suicide.

        11. I think blacks have suffered from it too, but obviously not in the same way i.e. no white guilt, or white men as universal oppressor. Black families have been devastated by the combination of feminism and welfare

      1. But he should shut up and prostrate himself in gratitude that his betters have chosen to take his earnings (throttling his ability to procreate) to support the litters of barely sentient single mothers so that they may bestow upon the world the gift of future teenage single mothers and gang banging felons.

      2. The counterpoint to this is only have kids if you really want them. I feel as Clark does (not enough money/time and future is bleak) and I don’t really enjoy being around children. I do not have any and, let me tell you, when you’re 40 years old and have no kids, most of your friends who do have kids realize that you’re childfree and open up to you.
        The most common statement I hear, probably from close to 90% of my friends with kids? “Man, Overtaxed, I love my kids; but, if I had it to do over again, I’m not sure I would have had them”. Repeated to me by men in all walks of life probably going on 100’s of times by now.
        And sad thing? It’s not the kids. Its that having kids today gives women 100% of the power in the relationship. They can walk at any time and rip your life apart. They know this, and they become terribly resentful because, as we all know, women like men with power. Men with children have no power because the state took it away. Ergo, a lot of men who never fuck their wives, who, in turn, use their new found power to destroy the man the “love” for the next 18+ years.
        No thanks. I’m pretty masculine, but won’t jump into a UFC ring with a heavyweight pro and expect to win. Having kids in the US today is like making that same bet. You’re getting ready to do battle with female nature and the government and.. You almost certainly won’t win. Best case, you get a draw.

        1. I would have to agree with you. If I had to do it over again, I am not sure if I would even marry.
          However I love my kids… I actually derive pleasure teaching and watching them grow. The wife— well it’s like having Damocles sword above your head at times. My wife isn’t from the west, so it isn’t as big an issue as it is in the US, but AWALT”
          Edit: “Men with children have no power because the state took it away.”
          The state holds your children hostage with threat of removal based on the words of women. Something I made clear to the misses, once you invite the state authorities into your life, you will never be rid of them and you can forget ever having a middle class lifestyle again. She would have to work and never make above 40% of what I earn.

        2. Thanks for that account, and, I know what you’re saying is what a lot of men really mean when they say “If I could go back”. It’s not the kids. Kids are fun and incredible for most people. It’s what happens to the relationship with the mother when she gets that first taste of real power (state sponsored power) that makes it all go to hell.

        3. “..she gets that first taste of real power (state sponsored power) that makes it all go to hell.”
          True. However I am up front and allude to that if she ever pulls the trigger it’s war and there will be consequences she isn’t aware of (eg. divorce laws here aren’t as extreme as the US and I have friends who are attornies). Made it plain that if she ever wants to go, I won’t hinder her from leaving and wish her all the best. Women have a head full of snakes at times, but I assume it’s hormonal.

        4. I would be the exception. However, the mother of my children died young, leaving me to raise the children without interference. I feel guilty every time I am thankful for not having to have been at threat point for all those years.

      3. Yes that is the challenge – try looking at the enlightened a campus organisation for conservative minded females on campus. Seems popular give it a try or dare I say try your local church.? We are not rich, you don’t need to be to have kids in fact the rich people I know have kids that are total losers as they lack ambition and swan about. Kids from more average income households who have to work for stuff are more likely to be ambitious and succeed. The sense of belonging within a family that care for each other and make time for each other is better than anything else I have experienced in life and almost anyone can do it…..take responsibility for bringing the kids up well and the rewards are great.

    2. Best lolknee starbucks line ever. I am standing in starbucks 2nd in line on a line that goes almost to the door. There are three registers and 5 people behind the counter and none of them are, eh hem, the hard working type
      lolknee: when you boys are done filming your rap video or whatever can I have a grande cold brew.

      1. I think my most memorable Starbucks moment was walking in after working a nightshift and saying flatly “Can I just have a cup of coffee?” I said it with no ego so they kindly just gave me a cup free of charge. I respond…
        “In a mug please.”

        1. why? They use beans which have been caressed by only the most sensitive of bean pluckers. Each bean is read a bedtime story each night(this lowers the cortisol levels of the beans)

        2. “The coffee tastes burnt”
          Tip: By design. Hides the taste of the inferior beans they use.

        3. I am not a huge fan of the taste of their coffee, but I don’t mind the free wifi, outlets and half naked yoga chicks

        4. If you could find the clip of him shaving his face then his tongue with an electric razor, it would be greatly appreciated (was either Carson or Leno, could never find it).

        5. This ritzy bank here had an automated starbucks island in the middle of the lobby. A big machine with push buttons for 100 different flavors, toblerone delight, creme burlee foam on top, you name it. I got a free checking acct just so I could waltz in three times a day and check my balance . . . and brew a jumbo foaming cup of brew. It was free and complimentary for bank customers.

        6. They burn the beans so that they can provide a uniform taste, around the world. No joke. Consistency is more important than quality.

    3. “I don’t have the financial situation to give my kids a leg up, and I am
      becoming anxious about what future my kids will even have.”
      -said every potential parent throughout history.

    4. if your genes are superior, you need not worry about the finances
      A library card is free. A container of plastic animals or dinosaurs is $20.
      The people who argue it is cost-prohibitive to have children just don’t want children and want an excuse to use.

      1. I find many confuse ‘lifestyle’ with ‘security’ and therefore have two over-stressed working parents and a kid dumped in day care.

      2. You make a good point. All a kid really needs to grow is food, clothes, and love.
        But I just want to say that this attitude Europeans have that we will have fewer children to maintain a higher quality of life should not be a problem in the first place. The Japanese are a having a “demographic” crisis, but somehow they are surviving without importing hordes of cheap labour from foreigners. Even if their population halves, they still have Japan and a future for their people.
        The existential problem only comes when you lose control of your borders.

        1. They might be caving in on immigration. They sell more adult than baby diapers over there, what could possibly go wrong?

        2. And their robot fetish is the bottom of that rabbit hole. It is their techno skill coming back to bite them.

        3. I wouldnt mind a sexbot. I would set it to rottweiler mode when Im not home, any would be intruder would think there is a giant hellhound on the other side of the door

        4. I’m not saying how they’re doing is perfect in the least.
          But I think the entire developed world is experiencing growing pains due to becoming an integrated technocracy, and if they can hold onto their cultural/ethnic identity and their little island, I think that is a much better fate than becoming just another gism in animeland.

        5. Having spent 5 weeks backpacking around Japan, I can give first hand testimony to what happens when a race KEEPS its traditions and demographics a monoculture. Japan may shrink in numbers, but it will ALWAYS be Japan for Japanese and they make no apologies for it.

        6. People have argued with me on this very topic multiple times and I just cannot understand their perspective at all. Liberals that I have debated with on the street and at work both tell me that the Japanese are going to suffer because they don’t have enough foreign labour, and their population is declining and needs to supplemented (i.e., replaced).
          I keep saying the same thing… So fucking what if their quality of life declines a bit and their population cuts in half. Who cares that is their business what they do and how they choose to live. They and their children will have a sense of identity and continuity and traditions to fall back on. They can leave their home if they wish and explore the world, knowing that they can always return to a place where they can belong and contribute.
          The “modern man” tries to boil everything down to fucking economics while losing everything that has any truly lasting value…

        7. Japan is a dying nation, about to be swallowed up by its colossal neighbour. I am pretty sure some woken up Japanese are cursing the moment the U.S. thwarted their attempt to conquer at least part of China and establish a defense line and provide more Lebensraum for their people. A better example would be Switzerland or Russia. At least Russia is fighting contrary to Japan. Even the quality of anime in the last years has been going down 🙁 Still being Japanese or keeping undesirables out is a moot point if you are a lowly vassal or radioactive corpse…

        8. Japan being taken over by China is a separate issue, and it’s not clear that bringing foreigners into their country would even stop that. I also lament the declining quality of anime btw.
          I agree that Russia is a good example of a people holding onto their traditions and common sense.
          “Still being Japanese or keeping undesirables out is a moot point if you are a lowly vassal or radioactive corpse…”
          I agree with this sentence, but history is generational. If the population declines, it can grow back up again. You say they are a dying country but they are still 125 million strong on a tiny little island.

        9. Japan being taken over by China is a separate issue, and it’s not clear
          that bringing foreigners into their country would even stop that.

          I didn’t say bring immigrants in, en masse, indiscriminately. I said they are in no position to wage war, to a great extent due to their aged population. Even Vietnam is in better position to cause enough problems to China that they think twice before doing anything serious down there.

          You say they are a dying country but they are still 125 million strong on a tiny little island.

          Quantity is not the problem, age structure is. Japan has less children, teenagers and young adults than it had in 1935. Children (0-14 years) were 25 million out of 73 vs 15 million out of 121 respectively. Taken at face value this doesn’t appear to be much of a problem…until you realize oldsters (>=65 yo) were like 5% of the population then vs >25% today….and young men were ready for war in most cases, imbued in the bushido ideology, by the way such an angst felt by this generation and their immediate descendants helped produce the best gems in anime history by the way, when they were not so removed from that time.
          Moreover I don’t really think they have that much time left , at this point I hope they are developing supersonic nuclear delivery drones and Gundams, otherwise things are gonna get ugly.

        10. I could very well be wrong on this but I hope given a generation or two they will reach a new era of prosperity. And I never meant to suggest that I am against absolutely all immigration. What I am against is governments treating their own citizens like nothing more than economic units.
          I understand that Japan has an aging population and low-birthrate… That they will struggle to deal with such a proportion of pensioners.
          But what is the solution? To change the demographics and culture of Japan by importing more young people to work? Do you think there is an obvious answer?
          If the Japanese do fall, I really hope they try and build at least one Gundam.

        11. I may be wrong but I don’t think they have that much time. If I had the chance 20 or 30 years ago I would have said “Regenerate martial culture among the boys, build schools aping the Cossack academies of Modern Russia so every Japanese male can handle a rifle and knife (with the side effect of making them more attractive to their women and raising birthrates), keep the U.S. bases and support as long as you can while you build up your army and defenses and devise counterattack plans against China and North Korea, build a net of alliances to encircle China, etc.”

          Now I think only solutions out of the box will work…

        12. If the population of the US were suddenly cut in half tomorrow, putting it back to, say, 1960 levels, especially if the reduction was in all the non white numbers, I’m pretty sure everyone’s quality of life would instantly improve drastically.

        13. Japan has probably not had the same subversive influences as the west. They have done enough bad things in history but choose not to feel enormous guilt and destroy their country to compensate.

        14. Maybe, but it doesn’t mean there are no good things to copy from the Russians while one still can…

        15. USSR yes. Modern Russia doesn’t seem so. Why is it so wrong to instill martial spirit in the boys?

        16. Its a minority who does martial arts. Most of Russians are mommy boys and Russian women are dominant strong career women

        17. Absolutely it would. This “we need more people” bullshit makes my head hurt. If anything, we need dramatically fewer people in the world as automation/robotics/computers get better and better. And, while most people say they love being around people; just go to any major airport and see how much people REALLY like being around others. What does a first class seat actually buy? Not having to be so close to other people. And those with the means will pay 5X the coach price to get the fuck away from others. We’re social, yes, but we’re not designed to be 1000’s deep in a 1/10th of a mile square.

        18. I know they are a minority in Russia. But to me is a good initiative that, should I have the power in my country, I would implement with delight. At least every man should know how to fight, handle a fireweapon or a knife.

        19. In work force Russia is common shit – male low-paid workers and female high-paid management. And males praise females and want females to lead them because women are perfect creatures. Men are nothing here

        20. The very best of times to be a European was just after the Black Death reduced the population by from 30 to 50%.

        21. Japan is projected to be able to handle the greying of their population with minimal dislocation. They got rich before they got old. However, China also has a huge demographic problem of a greying population and there is no way they will get rich in time to handle that problem. This is where things get scary. What will China do when they see the on rushing disaster of an aging population with no social safety net and no money?
          BTW, Chinese are racist to the core. If you aren’t 100% Chinese you are scum. No way they will let in hordes of immigrants no matter how bad things get. However, they won’t mind conquering a few local countries and importing slaves.

        22. Yeah… they replaced those cheap foreign labor with…ROBOTS. They don’t need foreign labors.

        23. Yeah you get it. The Japanese are not stupid people. Their socialism works because it’s a small area and they have a homogenous nationalisti population.
          China on the other hand is a shit show like you and the other poster said. It’s like 1.2 men for every woman or something.
          I think Hapan alone will be fine, but you and the other poster are right to bring up China as a potential threat.
          They have a very strong ethnic identity, and enough frustration to direct that energy if they reach desperation. Plus they have a proud history of empire and tradition.
          The Chinese are already ruthless amongst themselves. How they would treat outsiders is something to seriously consider.

        24. Liberals are fucking idiots man. “The world is overpopulated, we need to reduce the population”. “The Japanese are a nationalistic country and are voluntarily reducing their population”. “Omg they don’t have enough people, they need diversity and more people!”
          Which is it?

        25. Ahaha… not really voluntarily. It’s just their women are trying too hard to westernize themselves, their men do not even bother to care anymore. From what I’ve heard from a friend who had lived there for years, their government even pay couples (husband-wife) to have more than 2 children.
          These liberals are clueless, aren’t they?
          Japanese in general are not anti foreign labor. It’s just they have a strict rule that must be followed by ALL foreign labors, which is they MUST be able to speak Japanese to at least a certain degree. I have friends from SEA who worked, studied and lived there for years. They had nothing to complain about Japan, and Japanese had nothing to complain about them. Everyone’s happy.

        26. I stopped, 100%, even talking to someone of the ‘liberal’ persuasion anymore. Met an American Democrat “What difference does it make!!!” guy in Osaka and when I got home to Canada, I realized there is just no talking to these kinds of people. They are 100% incapable of using reason and facts to discuss anything. I don’t know why you still keep trying but good for you i guess. I am done.
          The ‘liberals’ (I use quotes now because they are not and have not been true liberals for a generation or two at least) will never agree with you because all they see is “stuff” and “consumption” and “perpetual growth”.
          The sad thing is… perhaps next time you have this discussion… these ‘liberals’ seem to think there is only ONE answer to a declining population – immigration. Why can’t a society SHRINK and offset productivity with technology (the robots are coming) and a DIFFERENT WAY OF LIVING. It truly is sad just how plugged in liberals are and explains why they brains imploded with Trump’s win; they simply cannot fathom another way of life/being, so anything that is not in their world view is to be crushed and eliminated because if there WAS another way (God forbid even a better way), their educated-yet-idiot brains would simply shut down.
          One thing on Japanese culture – they don’t travel, per se. If they do, the vast majority are always counting the days to go back to normal life IN JAPAN. When a Japanese person travels and returns home, no one asks what it was like “out there” but thanks whatever shinto gods/buddha that allowed you to return safely to where things are normal (i.e. Japan) and then proceed to tell you everything about what has happened back home. This is different from the west where most people may inquire about your travels, and even if they don’t they understand you have been elsewhere but don’t make your return of any special value other than you are back. It is very different in Japan ( or at least according to the many culture books I read and after 5 weeks there, I have no doubt they are accurate).
          You should have seen the face on the Boomer guy at the gym the other day when I said my next trip was to Russia. His face contorted into this unspoken “WTF are you going to that god forsake place for?”
          I said nothing and ignored him. It really is getting easier evey day.

      3. Sure, if you have a perfectly healthy child who never gets hurt. Ever priced children’s health care in the US?

      4. In the 1990’s a number of wealthy urban families began what is called ‘helicopter parenting’ the idea that children should be raised in such an elaborate manner that it literally costs hundreds of thousands to raise them. This way of thinking about parenting was spread by the media and in true keeping up with the Jones’s style spread. It’s nonsense. My kids have worn hand me downs from friends kids. The clothes look like new, they grow out of clothes too fast for them to wear out, same with toys. Lots of entertainment is cheap – pack of cards, bicycle. Don’t buy into the idea kids have to cost a fortune. Did your parents spend a fortune raising you? Did you turn out ok?

        1. My parents had 7 children (that lived). My father was a factory worker and my mother was a SAHM. We never had much, but we always had enough. We were expected to be smart enough to go to college and smart enough to figure out how to pay for it.
          My mother used to say it costs no more to have 7 children than it does to have 1; in either case 100% of everything you have.

        2. Exactly. I grew up wearing hand me downs from male relatives. Didn’t know who the fuck Billy Joel was but had a Billy Joel 1993 tour shirt. Had a Smoking Joe Camel t shirt when I was 10. But the weird thing: I turned out completely non-materialistic. At 29, I don’t want things. Other people want designer clothes etc. I could care less.

        3. I think the need for designer clothes and status symbols smacks of deep insecurity, people trying to buy ‘approval’ by having the right stuff, rather than being confident enough in their own skin not to need shop bought props.

    5. That’s like raising your dick with a white flag whence the pecking vultures circle. Be strong man. Put your german army helmet on and raise it up high like the fourth of july and fire away. This is sperm wars.

    6. yup… this is just another article that keeps telling me “Look for a place where the white race is still celebrated and has a chance of making it.” Russia seems to be the only consistent answer to that question.

      1. Are you brainwashed ? I’m Russian and born in Moscow. Russia is a shithole and doomed since the beginning

        1. Russia also has an even lower birth rate than most of the west, and way lower than the white birth rate in the US.

    7. Mr Clark, please don’t throw up your hands in despair. Just think of the ten year old boys out there right now who will someday be denied the daughters you might properly raise. Twenty years from now they’ll be right here stomping their feet and wringing their hands over the shortage of available unicorns, and it will be all your fault.

    8. Be the future you want to see? Lead by example and have a number of kids with a conservative minded young lady. Having children is fun, my kids are by far the best thing in my life – no car, holiday, status at work has ever come close to the pleasure and sense of purpose that the family I created give me. It’s not all roses, hard work at times, but do yourself a favour and have a family. You create your own sense of belonging within your family group when you have kids..

  16. Even with its admittedly less-than-perfect track record regarding its treatment of women, I think it’s safe to say that females in America have it much easier than their Islamic counterparts. Yet American Feminists have been, and will no doubt continue to be, the most ardent and vocal of any other. It goes back to Paul Harvey’s “If I Were The Devil.” When you want your message to spread, you shout it from the highest mountain.
    If Satan were searching for a way to dissolve the nuclear family unit, and subsequently the societies they helped build, He had fewer better options than Feminism.

    1. Feminism is right there in the playbook for managing slave plantations. You separate the males/females, castrate the house boys (vaccines, estrogen), and you remove the breeding stud and move him to the next stall in the barn. Farmed offspring that are bred for meat or as utility animals rarely see their sire (father).

    1. Kanye endorsed trump at his last concert, got admitted to the psych ward and dyed his hair blond. Stranger than fiction this reality show is just beginning. lol

        1. I’d post pic of arbys roast beef sandwich now but kim kardashian might claim copyright infringement.

    2. Well that explains the lyrics of his song No More from The Life of Pablo album:
      Hey baby you forgot your Ray Bans
      And my sheets still orange from your spray tan
      It was more than soft porn for the K-man

    3. Yes… something is up. I think it might be Trump looking for a major celebrity who is conservative and would LOVE to talk like we do on ROK, but don’t feel they can. If Trump can show it is ok to speak your mind in the entertainment industry, you could see a tsunami of actors and musicians openly declaring they support Trump. Remember, the silent majority is no longer silent. If this is Trump’s plan, it is shear genius. If their is one person who knows how to use optics to send a message, it is Trump.

  17. You made a distinction between white and non Hispanic white, I´m a Mexican, but my skin is very white, there is Brown Mexican, black Mexican and white Mexicans. With no more Caucasians around, the next target will be the Hispanic white, they will tell you that you have too much white in you and the white gene is evil. Being named Hernandez and speaking Spanish will not save you.
    Most of the white Mexican are from the north of Mexico, The most beautiful women in Mexico came from Guadalajara and Sinaloa. Where the is a lot of white Mexican, there is where Spanish and other European lived. So a lot of Mexican have French, Spanish, and Portuguese blood.
    The south is where the mulatto, the black and the brown live. The south hate the north, The north is whiter and taller and they hate it, they call us gringos wannabes. so in the north we pay more taxes and everything is more expensive than the south.
    Mexico is centralist, The capital of the country decide the fate of all the country, So they impose draconian laws to us in the name of security and the anti narco laws.
    The illegal immigrants are mostly from the poor parts of the south, that´s why the stereotype of the short fat brown with sombrero Mexican exist.

    1. As you saw with George Zimmerman, you will be labeled “white hispanic” pending on the media cycle narrative of the day and you political affiliation.
      I held a dinner party this weekend with a family from Madrid and they would probably fit the same desription as you described yourself, but they would never understand the contant race obsession thats in North Amercia. The politicalization of all social aspects has really poisoned the well.

      1. I hope to be already dead when they come for me D: Cultural Marxism is not inherently anti white is anti all culture, Remember that they blame the family, the church and nationalism as the reason why the Marxist utopia dream never occur. Marxist Socialism is a tool to sell dreams to the useful idiots, the dream will never be, in the end. The goal is to transform the world in a big Venezuela, where the 1% are in power and the other 99% are equally fucked. That´s why Carlos Slim one of the most wealthy man in earth come from a third world country, In third world country the elite rule and the people are proles. And that´s the plan for all the world in the NWO.
        There is a reason the elite hate the western culture, They bring the end of slavery, free speech, Human rights, enlightenment, Those thing are serious threats for those in power. Welcome 1984

    2. As a white born and currently living in Colombia I understand your point. But there is more, almost all whites of white ancestry (spanish, portuguese, etc) born in ‘latin american’ countries have zero identity. They think, behave and consider themselves non white, they think they are ‘latinos’ and despise and make fun of everything related to their race and culture.
      From a racial, political and cultural point of view, those whites are completely useless. They are in bed with the enemy, they want to destroy the same things the enemy wants to destroy. Due to that, I don’t think the enemy will be against ‘latino’ whites in the future, because there is no need.

      1. Likely. Its the reason to go back to your traditions, respect your parents (even if they’ve only done a little for you) and ancestors and preserve your own identity/culture. Really sad.

      2. I work with a white Latino. She’s as pro diversity as you can get. Maybe it’s because she can therefore feel special for otherwise being plain Jane white?

        1. People who have been kept down sometimes feel powerful in an over-exaggerated way if they get a little success/power. Look at all the minority singers.

      3. good point, I know Blond, blue eyes Mexican men and women, Mixed race Latino-asians. And all consider as Mexican as any other Mexican, you are right.
        But the progressive government is starting to bring us multiculturalism to Mexico, There is a flood of African and Haitian refugees in the north of Mexico my city is full of black dudes in a city where you see an African American once a year, now today you see them everywhere.
        In cultural Marxism there is a need of a dynamic of an oppressor and victim. The native is always the oppressor.

    3. Women want men who work, are reliable, and have common sense. In my travels I’ve found that most SA men want “FREE.” They work “here and there” and “as they wish” in their own homelands and since that’s what they know—
      I think this is bc the *father* is often missing and the men often don’t mature.

  18. Good article you make several great observations.

    . . . feminism. . . is the root cause of population decline in the West.

    I agree and disagree. Feminism is one of the branch causes of the population decline in the West. The root problem is that the West is centuries into reaping the damaging, inevitable consequences from allowing anti-Christian and non-Christian ideologies flourish. The root cause is breaking the 1st Commandment, “You shall have no other gods [moral ideologies] besides Me”. Just like attempted racial integration, attempted moral/ideological integration within a nation always ends in disaster.
    “And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” – Mark 3
    “Freedom of religion” is the biggest divide and conquer con of them all. Secular humanism pretends to be something other than a religion or “moral” ideology, when that is exactly what it is. It holds the door open for every “god” under the sun to plant its flag in the West and fight for dominance. Every moral principle of Biblical Christianity, which built the West and caused it to prosper, is now basically outlawed by the false gods it has allowed to come into its house. Feminism is a natural result.

    This is likely why ancient wisdom from the Bible consistently warns men about female nature.

    Ignoring Biblical wisdom is the reason the West is in decline. Along with commandments against certain behaviors, it also includes many answers to problems, including the population decline of the European race:
    “All the persons who came from the loins of Jacob were seventy in number, but Joseph was already in Egypt. Joseph died, and all his brothers and all that generation. But the sons of Israel were fruitful and increased greatly, and multiplied, and became exceedingly mighty, so that the land was filled with them. Now a new king arose over Egypt, who did not know Joseph. He said to his people, “Behold, the people of the sons of Israel are more and mightier than we. Come, let us deal wisely with them, or else they will multiply and in the event of war, they will also join themselves to those who hate us, and fight against us and depart from the land.” -Exodus 1
    Jacob had four wives. This allowed him to have twelve sons and also daughters. Their seventy descendants in Egypt multiplied in a very short time using this principle. Polygamy, contrary to many modern misconceptions, is moral and as many “red pillers” can attest, more fitting for the natural sexual programming of a man. Men are naturally inclined to desire more than one woman. Biblical law (in the Pentateuch) lays out the blueprint for how moral polygamy is to be practiced along with the moral principles concerning all sexual conduct.
    A form of “polygamy” is practiced by non-whites in Western countries to a degree and it boosts the races that practice and benefit from it. For example Tyrone, with six “baby mommas”, is increasing his race more than the average white man having one or two kids (if that). The principle of polygamy is a key strategy for dominion when done right. It would easily combat and reverse the demographic decline Europeans face. A true return of patriarchy is a return of this principle.

    1. Not sure I’d want to breed 4 mormon wives like livestock if I could but to each his own.

      1. Agreed. I think the Mormon association with polygamy has tainted the subject. Mormonism is a cult loosely based on Christianity and I personally count them as just that- a cult. Having said that, there are some stunning Mormon women.
        Polygamy is the same as marriage in general. Some people take a wife and some stay single. Some people in a polygamous society take multiple wives, some take one, some take none. To each their own.

      2. So long as you never have to do the tit feeding or the stroller pushing for some career bitch, then the never ending fuck sandwiches would grow on you like an organized workshop where your tools are wiped clean and where they belong.

  19. OT: Bill Cosby going into court today dropped a “don’t tase me bro” at the court security officers. Giving no fucks!

    1. Bill is an odd duck. Just prior to all the scandals he was working to clean up the black community and was calling them out on their behavior. It makes me wonder if any of it would have came to light had he just retired. That and what kind of dirt do they have on others?

      1. I know he was calling out the black community and challenging them to be black men rather than niggers. I suspect that had something to do with this.
        Also, I honestly don’t think Bill did anything wrong.

        1. It’s so hard to tell. It was the 70’s people were doing dope and ludes. I have a standing disbelief in rape claims that aren’t immediately reported and which don’t come with hospital records of injury.
          These hoes waited 30 years? Whatever. I’ll just assume they are full of shit

        2. I agree it is an odd story however I think there is more to the story. How many from Hollywood are into the illuminati, satanic rituals or pedophilia and other kind of stuff? Politicians and entertainers nearly all have serious skeletons hanging over them. I think it is a prerequisite to get into those positions. Bill called their bluff and got burned. Conspiracy theories are the best.

        3. Oh, yeah. Definitely backlash against Cosby for his speech therein. The timing is too perfect.

  20. Glad this is being addressed. Feminism is the reason immigration is necessary. The fertility rate is indeed well below that necessary for the populations of western natures to reproduce, and it cannot be a co-incidence that where this is most acute, e.g. Germany, the most number of ‘Syrian refugees’ have been welcomed. The fact that most of those refugees are probably male complicates things a little, but generally speaking female immigrants are I believe more likely to be fertile than western women, and though I don’t have any stats to back that up I think there is some agreement amongst expert opinion that that is likely to be the case. Once those women are integrated, or produce second generation females, they too are I believe less likely to reproduce as well, hence the need for a continual stream of new immigrants in those countries like Germany (where the fertility rate is something like 1.4 kids per woman) to make up the shortfall
    In other words it may well be an issue of white indigenous populations failing to reproduce because of feminism and corporations / governments forcing women out to work, but the feminism aspect applies principally to culture not just race: yes immigrant communities will reproduce faster than white indigenous (hence the fear of white genocide or whatever) but the real focus should probably be the immigration top-ups that western governments focus upon.
    So this is an issue that may exercise whites, but it should really be a worry that exercises everyone concerned about mass immigration, and it might be worth considering this issue as one that affects the integrity of western nations rather than simply the future of white people. If nothing else doing so will remove the argument from automatically falling into the alt-right category that the MSM is so ready to dismiss as neo-nazi or whatever. Broadening the argument so that it is not automatically part of white identity politics will appeal to a broader audience and make the connexion between feminism and mass immigration easier to identify in those parts of the media that might be willing to consider the impact of women being forced into work during their most fertile years.
    I’ve sometimes debated this issue with people, and what surprised me is the number of times people will say something to the effect ‘I’m glad we’re reproducing at below replacement rate; there are too many people in the world as it is’. This site frequently points out the self-hating, self-destructive aspect of many SJWs etc. It’s worth considering possible deeper reasons behind this. Of course that’s mainly to do with things like ‘white guilt’, ‘male guilt’ etc, but if you look at feminism itself, and indeed the whole progressive movement, together with the global warming narrative, we find at root there is a deep death drive at the root of much progressive thoughts. The feminist isn’t just railing at heterosexuality or rapey patriarchy; she’s shaking her fist at the God who gave her womb; at the evil of bringing life into this cruel world. The whole global warming / save our world narrative is fundamentally about removing our human ‘footprint’ from the world, at least in part. Life, human life, is itself the problem. Hence abortions, and in-fertile women who love cats instead of men and families, are a positive good in this world. It is this gnostic distaste for life as reproduction that we need to address

    1. The whites proclaiming “I’m glad we’re below replacement rates” is proof that the population control dragnet isn’t worldwide. It’s concentrated and focused primarily on western whites, South African whites, New Zealander whites, anywhere whites reside in numbers.

  21. The new generations are giving birth to a new counterculture, my sons see youtubers openly opposed to feminism. This video that has maddened feminists is viral.

  22. So many ‘intellectuals’ on RVF are saying shit like race is irrelevant. Bullshit.
    No other race can create like whites do. They can’t.
    Mf’ers talking like ‘well the irish were a problem and so were the Italians! so blacks are no different either’. Bullshit.
    Blacks and darker latinos are fucking trouble and contribute little. They breed like rats on the white taxpayer dime Just because 100 years ago the Italian population was a problem doesn’t mean blacks and muslims are just like whites.

    1. You can’t stop your white daughters from sucking black dick, and that’s somebody else’s fault. Do you have any other message?

      1. I take it you’re not well acquainted with Steve.
        No. He doesn’t have any other message. He doesn’t have any message at all, actually.

        1. THey’re just like us.
          Race is just a social construct. DIEversity is our strength, don’t you know.

  23. Make no mistake, most of the west will be ruled with an iron fist by a coalition of colour and allied global elites, and this rule will last for a couple of generations. This coalition will be militantly iconoclastic..anti western, anti christian and anti white. a kind of ANC lite
    There is a rising tide of colour..but the thing is, all tides turn. The fertility of the invaders and urban barbarians is dropping too..and dropping fast. The feminist culture poison is spreading everywhere.
    Conservative whites have a vastly higher fertility than liberal whites, and children are 80% likely to follow the ideology of their parents. The ones dying out are the liberal whites and secular jews, and when they do the coalition of colour will break apart.
    Purged of the old liberal element, a new nationalism will arise with the western peoples and those of the settlers who have hybridised and come to identify with the native cultures. They will first reclaim the politics, then the culture, then reconquer neighbourhood by neighbourhood, city by city.
    This wont come to pass in our lifetimes. Western man needs to have its childish ideas and illusions pounded out first. Our model should be places like Fiji..once subjugated under a majority of alien Indian settlers, they are now finally reconquering their homeland.

    1. Hmm, I’m not so sure. The Trump election and the rise of White Nationalists in France, Austria and Germany are not going to go away. And when they are maligned in the press, they will just go further underground making it harder for anyone to detect. Bear in mind that there has already been a large number of Mexican and others who have already started leaving the U.S. A trend that is going to continue. Whites are still the majority in the U.S. and you will get your country back. The real concern is with Germany, as the Germans have a tendency towards perfection and going over board in either direction. When they swing hard right and they will (sic Merkel’s Burka ban is the start) look out! They will start to impose their will politically (with similar policies) on France, then Austria and other small Nations that are feeling the pinch from Muslim demographic invasion. Interesting times ahead.

  24. So, when a man is allowed only to provide for himself only and the State…what should a man do?
    What can a man do? Nothing

  25. I think you can summarize the depression some men feel when they fully swallow the red pill and look clearly at western culture for the first time with just one quote from your article.
    “European and American men of yore built the most peaceful and prosperous
    societies on the planet and women thanked their posterity by not
    reproducing with them.”
    Period. The bit you added to that sentence was interesting, but not needed.
    If a man ever wanted more concrete proof to NEVER do what a woman asks/tells him to make her ‘happy’ or ‘have sex’ with him… this is it.

    1. I found rok about nine months ago. It has been about 20 years since I realized we have been lied to through gaming. 17 years ago I found religion and peace in my life again. Now I just do what I can to make the would a better place. I was surprised to see how bitter everyone on this site is until I look back at how I was for a time. You can be bitter for only so long.
      It is a process for many. You don’t see bitterness from the seasoned gentlemen on this site. We accept the world as it is

      1. Our children temper our passions. We have a longer view and prepare accordingly for their survival.

        1. Hmmn. I was more referring to getting into personal confirtations that could end in blood shed.

  26. The demographic pitfall in the west is the exact opposite of Rhodesia where the white man rose to prominence amid a sea of wild bush tribes. A tiny handful of Englishmen civilized a great swath of land granted by Cecil Rhodes and gave birth to Rhodesia. And a testiment to the Englishman’s will and ability was that they fought IN THEIR SHORTS. Rhodesian Englishmen were a special breed who tamed and cultivated a large oasis in East Africa IN CUTOFFS practically!!
    Rhodesian SAS remind me of my dad would often enter the room in boxers and handle household skirmishes with my siblings. You rule the house IN YOUR SHORTS.
    If you can rule your woman, your house, your land IN YOUR SHORTS, then you’ve proven that there is nothing on earth that can hold you back.
    The ‘Rhodesian army shorts’ were a trademark of the front line for the culture that settled their kingdom and brought order to the foraging indigenous tribes, transforming the land into a cornucopia for all. Rhodesia became known as the ‘bread basket’ of Africa. Many friendships were forged and the imperial colonist broke bread with the indigenous in an effort to beat back the voodoo and bewitched savagery of the jungle.
    And the tribes remained pure, each man being the keeper of his own family and tribe. Race mixing was forbidden. Englishmen lived like kings and natives lived at a standard never before attained.
    Note – there’s nothing un masculine about shorts. It was bloody hot down there in the sub tropics and the balls are best to be kept aired out. Especially for the sentry and the fighter, the testes well cooled are essential to maintain the ‘T’ levels for a keen trigger finger.
    Ian Smith – “We could have held the place forever” That’s the spirit. Unfortunately they were betrayed by the bitch queen and Soviets were backing the bush rebels. Left to their own devices, the Rhodesian whites could have remained forever so long as they never miscegenated. They maintained the highest standard of living for all in the territory despite being outnumbered 25:1, an unheard of ratio for any colony.

    1. Keep us posted on selling your brand of alt right game to white incels in bum fuck africa. You sell failure. Because that’s what omega males know best.

      1. Will doo or my name ain’t MCGOO. Anyone here lose their wife? She’s been following me like a puppy. People need to keep their women on leashes. Scram.
        Though I would add that the fall of Rhodesia wasn’t from miscegenation as much as it was the white Rhodesian women living like queens. In the 1950s-60s Rhodesian white culture became quite commercialized. The botique stores in Salisbury with the big ladies hats and so on were like Saks 5th avenue.
        And the result was BEEF CURTAINS dressed like Cinderalla.
        Where’s the white kids? You BREED her out the ass shortly after puberty if you are to survive the jungle demographic. FRESH EGGS that go “snap crackle pop”. They lacked the extreme form of patriarchy that MCGOO has in mind but they did have constitutional apartheid and outlawed slavery so those courriers were paid and tipped fairly . . but WHO THE FUCK allows their women to live like entitled princesss even if it’s cheap and affordable for an average white person? If only MCGOO were there, I would have given the place the needed patriarchal shot in the arm that would have perhaps saved it. NEVER pedestalize your bitches. It doesn’t matter what color they is.
        Original Rhodesian white settlers were more like Cortez and Casteneda compared to the influx of British in the 1950s who were marketed real estate to build on at incredible prices and cheap available labor. The newcomer wave of British weren’t conquering colonists like in the early 1900s. They were closer to contemporary suburbanites. If the Rhod men would have kept their white women more like work mules and breeders, whites would have produced 8-12 litter families per woman like the original farm families. Black servants were very cheap and every white household or farm had some sort of hired help. White women there became pedestalized somewhat. They needed some German and Dutch blood. Maybe Sweden should have given the bush a try before they went full on castrated in the 90’s onward.

  27. Female here. I totally agree with most of ROK. Yes. For real.
    Observation: Notice that the Europeans who built this country cannot now really return to their homelands? Nice strategy. And maybe Nafta was all for LA expansion. Can you see the emerging result/s?
    Anyway, I’m here bc as a woman I feel that due to cultural subversion of US culture and people (also in EU), it is not easy for a woman to find a masculine, mature man who can stand on his own two feet, support himself fully, support a family. So…… it is slim pickin’s out there for women too. There are lots of effeminate, mind subverted, wishy-washy, men everywhere. Young guys subverted to think they should be with older women, thanks to TV, groupthink, and weak mind combo etc. And lots of guys who simply never mature. i.e. The 40-year-old on a skateboard, skating against traffic with a t-shirt on in 30 degree weather. ???
    I know the problem comes from deliberate cultural subversion. Parents are also a problem which is part of the first problem. Where are the fathers? Why do the mother’s spoil and or girl-ify their sons?
    What do women want:
    -A guy with integrity who can stand on his own two feet (i.e. “grown up”).
    -A guy who is masculine (not macho, there’s a diff. I think ROK should pen an article on the differences, since so few people now remember them).
    -A guy who can take care of himself — is fit physically, emo, mentally, financially. Guys want this in women, women want it in men, too. (I don’t personally think a guy should seek out a super-career woman).
    -The guy does not have to have a big education or a big career but must be Mature—- and Self-Sufficient.
    -A guy who knows how to do things well and does them.
    If a woman disrespects or doesn’t value you for being a fine, upright person, you should —– Move On. Next. That’s it. BC most women want a fine, upright male.
    There are very few of these creatures left. 98% of the men in my large, extended family are this way and I have seen Very Few elsewhere in my travels. For this reason I have forgone having a family and instead will do other things, while being a good example to my very healthy nieces and nephew.

    1. Honestly, none of this is a surprise. You can observe it over and over. Women never want beta pussy men. They’re always the last to be picked for a team.

      1. Haha. That’s funny but true. No woman Truly wants a Beta man. Maybe in the beginning they make the mistake, (same way a guy chooses a pretty but narcissistic female and gets tired of her after about 10 years) but no woman really wants to take care of a family and a man-child at the same time. It’s unnatural and its a turn-off. They may keep it up and keep tight-lipped to preserve the family.

    2. It’s systemic what we have is a general culture rot. It hasn’t hit successful white guys as bad because they can’t claim minority status. However the hookup culture has done a lot of damage. I think both men and women need to remember their roles in life

      1. Absolutely. I disagree. It has hit white guys. Look around. White guys let themselves go in all kinds of ways or they don’t fully mature. Fully agree on remembering life roles.

        1. Victim hood culture is at the heart of it. Everyone has to have their pity party or they don’t get their slice of the pie. Started offf with feminists moved on with gays blm and others. Of course there were legitimate civil rights movements like slavery and such but in western society those days are long gone

        2. Crying that you are not getting treated special is not manly, shall I say it isn’t feminine either?

  28. When will men stop being White Knights and call a spade a spade, then take away the Pussy Pass women have enjoyed far too long?

    When their mothers raise them to be independent and unattached men, instead of needy, snivelling loser boys. The children of reduced mothers will be reduced, so we’re basically screwed.

  29. If it is true that Western civilization has “lost a war,” then we have lost a war. If “we are dying,” then we are dying. If Anglo-Americans have become “non-viable,” then we have become non-viable.
    Get over it. If our parents’ generation fucked us over, then we need to deal with it – and screw over our (non-existent) children’s future. If traditional European culture has a fatal flaw, then nothing can be done. Once the obvious is accepted, all that matters is individual self-interest – and let the country be damned.
    Let us live our lives, let us enjoy our lives – but let us treat our imaginary progeny with the same contempt that we experience from the present-day feminists. If we are treated with derision by the ruling elite, then we need to return that same disdain to the rest to society.
    When closing time finally comes around to the neighborhood bar, it is time to go home. When time is up, then time is up.

    1. Yeah, that sounds like a great plan. We’re already fucked, get over it and enjoy the decline. I think it was Caesar that said that.

    1. Correct, the combination of ‘No fault Divorce’ female contraception and the so called ’emancipation of women’ have all contributed to the demographic collapse.

  30. What made me laugh recently was a music video by an english singer called ‘Anne-marie’. In the video a white woman has to look after her half-cast baby by going stripping/hooking as the kids father has deserted her. It’s all done as a ‘cute lullaby’ thing but the reality is there for all to see. Women make stupidly bad choices.

    1. Haven’t seen that video, however, from your description it follows the feminist message to not have children until/unless one is financially secure or wind up polishing a stripper pole and/or on welfare. Feminism’s bottom line is always “men can’t be trusted”.

      1. Real men handle their responsibilities though. I know it’s only a video but it still filled the stereotype of a woman who rode the c**k carousel and got pumped and dumped, thus left with a kid to feed and leech of welfare paid for by men who contribute more to the tax base. If there was no safety net, would she have opened her legs?

        1. Haven’t seen that video so don’t know if she’s a seasoned carousel rider who moonlights on the pole and leeches off taxpayers so she can support herself and her latte love bug. Could be an alt-right and femininism mash-up message of “don’t be stupid and don’t trust men”. Back in the day when there was no safety net, Paris would flood in spring because corpses of infants drowned in winter clogged the drains of the Seine. It appears that safety nets decrease infant mortality, but don’t increase, or decrease sexual congress.

  31. Lower birthrates are a good thing. A VERY good thing.
    The world is a finite resource, and people reproducing like an ant heap will destroy it.
    The problem is that only first world Whites and Northeast Asians (non mainland Chinese) are being responsible. It is the 3rd world that is destroying this planet. End all Foreign aid to the 3rd world, including food, medicine, and crop growing/irrigation technology immediately!!! Let natural selection and survival of the fittest take its natural course! First world Whites and Northeast Asians should have a flat population growth. All others should be shrinking drastically due to famine, hunger, disease, and natural disasters. When the tsunami hit Japan, I sent them $300. I sent $0 to Haiti after the earthquake.
    PS. “3rd world population” also = the 3rd world types infesting 1st world countries, like those that infest the ghettos & barrios here in the US.

    1. Entitled first world females drive the market to squander resources. When you see a western female driving her Cadillac Escalade around the beltway all day getting her hair and nails done, wasting upwards of $80 worth of good American gas, whose fault is that? Is it the man’s fault for buying her the Escalade? But wait. See, he had to lavish her with the new car so she would offer crumbs of sex and he has to constantly buy time so he doesn’t get divorce raped.
      Third world hoardes also waste more precious resources than they replace through r-selection and by denuding the forests for firewood as we see in Haiti.
      What a bunch of human termites. Can they at least make cabinets out of the wood like the Amish? Or fine cigar boxes? Anything?×574.png
      The Haitians have stripped even the branches bare for kindling to keep their black asses warm
      DING DING – nice donated dress Mrs Cleaver. The runoff is like the whole hillside from the DR divide coming back at ya, huh Beave? I’m no Eddie Haskell but mud boarding isn’t much my bag. Try to enjoy.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_1200/gal-hurricane-7-jpg.jpg
      And where o where is white freckle faced Johnny Appleseed in this picture?
      This Earth NEEDS whites to manage the indigenous and keep them located where they do good and aren’t destructive to the ecosphere. Jungle blacks have the unique sickle cell trait which wards off tropical diseases like malaria. They were meant to be custodians of the sub tropical rain forest which produces 80% of the world’s supply of fresh oxygen, and that’s where they should remain. Their population numbers never became rediculously high in the rain forest and they did their job well, presiding over the food chain and taming the wild, uniting the chords of man, beast and nature with mother Earth much like a symphony conductor. The lion isn’t king of the jungle. BLACK MAN is king of the jungle. It is up to white man to reign in his wild she bitches and to bring the message to black man to return to his warm and welcoming bosm THE JUNGLE that gave him vitality and life. The jungle is falling into disharmony, a job only the wild black man can solve. The white man has his hands full with scooping up his women, cracking and binding their asses back into order.

    2. Maybe evolution doesn`t “favour” high intelligence.
      Many organisms have survived virtually unchanged for tens of millions of years and longer with limited intellectual capacity.

      1. Human evolution did.
        At least until the 60s.
        What with “welfay”, “foo damps”, UNICEF, and all…

  32. Thank God at least someone is telling it as it is. Europe where I am is all but gone for the white man. I live in a suburb of Manchester – Prestbury – which was once the province of white working families. Now the small houses are run down and in decay and filled to overflowing with non English families with multiple children. Now the church is a Mosque and you can walk from one end of the village to the other without hearing English spoken or seeing a white face. What once was the pub is a Hallal butchers. I fear it is too late for us here.

  33. There are some anomalies though.
    Iceland for example has a fertility rate at almost replacement level,(around 2.05) and Sweden also with 1.9.
    Contrast this with Germany at around 1.3!
    So it`s seems that as long as there is economic stability, and a massive welfare state, women will still have children, even in very feminist societies.
    It seems like the combination of widespread birth control+feminism+a tougher economic climate will create a sterile population.
    Note also that Iceland has an almost 100 percent ethnically white population, because of their geographic location.
    So they can afford to moralize about immigration without suffering any of the consequences.

  34. The same thing happens in East Asia. Elites in all developed countries have set up economic systems that promote demographic collapse.

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