Lazy Fat Women Screech About Beauty Standards While Rejecting Men For Being Short

Women being fat and men being short are the biggest laments of the dating scene today, and, while they are falsely rated as equivalent (a man cannot become taller, but a woman can certainly lose weight), there is an additional misdirection at play here. Women hold the belief that everything about their physical appearance is tied up in one quality: that of beauty, and it is both the only thing men want and the thing she cannot change about herself. Today we will talk on how beauty is not attractiveness, that which also is what men actually want in a woman.

“If I can’t change it, why are you shaming me?”

We’re in a victim culture. You get a free pass to anything if you can claim you were victimized by it, and only when you want that free pass. The same woman can say about her weight “I’m sorry I’m not beautiful enough for you” (implying that you are a horrible person for daring to criticize her implied less-than-perfect finish in the genetic lottery) and “At least I have a pretty face,” (which attempts to minimize her obesity while not realizing the contradiction implied.


Said contradiction is, simply, that being obese has nothing to do with beauty, but a pretty face most certainly does. Beauty is the sum total of the things that your lifestyle cannot control; the structure and symmetry of your face, the quality of your hair and skin, and other things that come from your genetics. This is different from attractiveness, which is the aggregate collection of how appealing you are to the opposite sex, of which beauty is only a small part.

The easiest way to explain the difference is to “flip the script” (to abuse a SJW self-righteous term) and apply it to men. Here at Return Of Kings, we spend NO time on male beauty. There is not an article here on nose jobs or skin care, and I think the closest we come to such matters are some articles on shaving, beards, haircuts, and suits. “Be clean and smell decent,” is our advice on grooming, and we are, quite rightly, on to more important stuff because beauty, for a man, does not matter.

However, and here’s the kicker, it doesn’t matter much for a woman either. “WTF?” the collective voice of the comment section says right about now. Be at peace, my friends, and I shall explain all.

It’s about attractiveness, not beauty.

A woman’s beauty has very, very little to do with her attractiveness, and it’s the latter that men want to date. Let’s use a couple examples here.

Woman A has a beautiful face, of interest and symmetry, with deep blue eyes, hair of a nice natural luster, and clear skin. Woman B has a plain face, with eyes a little too close together, a couple moles, and her hair is drab and dry. She has a few acne scars.

Woman A got overweight in high school, she eats badly and has wrecked her complexion. She’s an atheist, a feminist, a socialist, a gay rights activist who would go gay for the right woman, and has no hobbies other than Netflix. Seeing no point in men, and expecting people to love her for who she is, she spends no time on her appearance, and showers, at the best, every few days. She leaves her apartment only to go to work, where she sits all day in front of a computer, and only sees the sun in between those places and her car. She had a cat, but neglected it until it died.

Woman B became an athlete in middle school and stayed that way. She learned good, healthy cooking from her mother, and alternates between it and healthy small salad-based meals for single people on the go. She loves her God, tries to love everyone as herself, believes in getting paid fairly for a good day’s work, is straight and still a virgin, and spends her spare time running, gardening, or pursuing an interest in painting.  She’s a little insecure about her looks, so she tries to look her best whenever she leaves her small, neat home and is polite and courteous even to those that don’t deserve it. She’s picky about hygiene, and has to balance working her running in with being able to get cleaned up before her next thing on her busy schedule, but, if she has a few moments, she likes to read outside.

Which girl would you rather date? Which girl would ANY man rather date? Sure, Woman A natively had better looks, but they went to shit with her lifestyle, and she’s a worthless bitch on top of it. Woman B, while she may be a little plain, is the nicest, most religious girl you’ll ever meet, and has what we’re guessing is a smoking body under those prim work clothes from all that running.

Every positive trait Woman B has is something she chose to work towards, and the same can be said about all the negative traits possessed by Woman A. This leads us to the logical deduction of:

It actually is your fault

Women want to lump all of their shortcomings in with beauty because, that way, none of them are her fault; she’s just not lucky enough to be beautiful, and you’re shallow for not wanting her. Anything worthwhile on this earth requires effort, and it’s not the lack of native beauty, which men can and do excuse as it actually is genetic and not controllable, but, rather, it’s the lack of effort in being a good, healthy person of worth, manners, and values that turn men off.

Some girls go halfway and succeed at being physically attractive, but emotionally, intellectually, and morally still are the blubbery, lazy, unhygienic mess in their heads, and these are the ones that are put in the pump and dump or short term fling categories, but never marriage.

The large girl might turn into a better looking girl than her friends, if she’d work at it.

By taking all her faults, most of which are fixable, and saying that she is rejected because guys don’t find her beautiful is nothing more than a rationalization to avoid work combined with an indictment of men who are horrible shitlords for expecting her to attain perfection. If a guy wants her to be more beautiful, it’s on him, since he’s unreasonable, and so there is no expectation of her to clean up her life at least a little bit.

Ok, so why the fixation on guys being short?

This logical escape hatch of beauty fixation actually works in reverse order for girls with guys. A woman bitches and moans when shit gets tough, a man gets to work and fixes it. ROK could be summed up with “This is what life will throw at you; here’s how to win;” if it’s a problem, we’ll make it work through effort and ingenuity.

But what if you figuratively fall short? What if she doesn’t like your shoes, or your car is old, or your haircut is out of style? Maybe she got bored on the date, or maybe she felt a little scared at one point and decided you were “rapey?” Can she criticize you to the world on any of those? No, of course she can’t, even SJWs know it’s shallow to reject a guy based on fashion, or material objects, and her girlfriends will just think she’s goofy if she goes mental about vibes. What to do? Oh, here we go, let’s just make him literally fall short as well.

They tell me the direct approach saves time.

A guy can’t fix being short; he’s always going to be at his adult height, and minus platform shoes or dangerous surgery, that’s it. A girl that rejects a guy based on height will always be safe from regret for rejecting him over something that he later fixes and then bags a hotter girl the next time around. Plus, even short, sub-five foot girls are wanting some six foot plus guys, so there’s no limit to what a girl can get away with in her preferences for the height of her dates.

If you happen to actually be a tall man (your author stands at 6′ 4″ in socks), don’t worry, they’ll either find something else, or, more likely, just ghost on you entirely.


Rolling fat (yuck) into beauty, along with all other controllable faults that are eliminated with effort absolves women of the necessity of fixing any issues affecting their attractiveness that their laziness caused, and rejecting men for being short removes the ability of men to fix any of theirs by focusing on the one thing they can’t change. However, this only works on men that don’t go for the next girl, so, if she says you’re short, or fake-apologizes for not being beautiful when she’s just lazy, move right along.

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516 thoughts on “Lazy Fat Women Screech About Beauty Standards While Rejecting Men For Being Short”

  1. Never understood the female fascination with height. Do all these height-obsessed chicks realize that Tom Cruise is basically a hobbit?

    1. Cruise is taller when he is standing on his wallet. Fame, money and status beat looks any day of the week. That said, I can understand why a woman wants a guy that is taller than her. I mean, not to say that ever broad wants an NBA player but I can see why a girl would want to be able to put on heels and still walk around with her guy and still feel like the woman.

      1. Just look at Danny Devito. That man is a Hobbit! He gets poon on demand, though. Status and money is where it is at, but we are becoming taller as we evolve so women still lean towards height. Kids now are giants.

        1. Status and money are always winners. If Stephen Tyler drove a cab he would still be a virgin.

        2. Who is richer and more famous ? Danny devito or tom cruise ? Not many people know who Danny devito is

        3. I remember sitting with a buddy of mine back in the early days of MTV watching an Aerosmith video and my buddy looked at me and said “never forget, no matter how much a girl swears she loves you if this ugly fuck walks through the door she will suck his dick without him even asking. He just needs to pull it out and show it to her”

        4. Kids are also bigger overall due to C-Sections. They can pass on genes that normally would’ve killed them and their mother.

      2. My wife is 5’11”, I am 5’10”. I refuse her to wear high heels. Still, there are more important things.

        1. There are always things that are more important and you take a complete package for sure. I was responding to @disqus_Hoxr6DFbjY:disqus saying he doesn’t understand why women are into height. I can see why. That doesn’t mean there aren’t 100 other things they are into and smart women will have a way of judging which attributes are worth which tradeoffs.

        2. As a side note, I occasionally date a girl who has an interesting background. She is 6’4 barefoot. I am 6′ even. On our first date she wore flats and I told her next time I want her in heels. In for a penny in for a pound.

        3. I think one thing is height is often correlated with the size of a guys package. (Although I never performed the study myself)

        4. I never thought of that quite so much as I imagine that a girl wants to feel small in her guys arms….so height can often be mitigated by being in shape. I think they would rather have a guy their own height who is fit and strong than a 6’6 string bean who looks like he could be knocked over by the wind.

        5. oh she was human alright. An interesting girl too. I see her maybe twice a year. Usually whenever she either gets bored of whichever loser she is dating or he gets caught fucking someone else. I always look forward to her calls.

        6. I saw this picture of Shaquille O’Neal and his girlfriend (cute pretty little thing who barely comes up to his waist). I couldn’t help thinking that Shaq would split her in half. That is when it dawned on me.

        7. I’ve seen her. Like 4’11. I feel like he might have married and then subsequently divorced her. I’d hate to be the guy who follows Shaq

        8. You won’t let her wear heels?? I can see drawing the line at 6-inch stilettos, but c’mon.
          Maybe it’s just me, but I can honestly say that when I see a man with a woman taller than him, and she’s rocking heels, I see a confident man.

        9. You know, even after pushing out babies, it is amazing how fast they get it back if they are in shape.

        10. I dunno, it makes me feel short. I suppose it isn’t a huge issue, but it is kind of weird to put your arm on her shoulder when it is up higher. If we go dancing, it is tougher to spin her and such.

      3. I know several women that hold a minimum height for a man that they can wear heals and still not be quite eye-level with him.

        1. I don’t think this is such an unfair requirement for a woman to hold when picking a man. However, bet your bottom dollar that when a 5’5 celebrity with a half billion dollars and top billing on a summer blockbuster comes along that they will be more than happy to drop to their knees in front of him to make sure he is taller.

        2. To wear heels and maintain a proper height difference is almost always the excuse given. However it says that they see a man as nothing more than an accessory to their outfit, like the heels themselves.
          Now if a man were to specifically want women that would just be an accessory to make him look better imagine the resulting outrage.

        3. I’ve been told by women that the high heels reason is BS because they can always wear dress sandals if necessary.

    2. My guess is that a tall man is inherently more dominating than the same man scaled down a few inches. If you have to look up more to him, you have to expose yourself the slightest bit more. And when he hugs you, the more he leans down the more he’s like the father you always wanted to have (but not genetically related, so you can have sex with him later).
      Considering how pussified most guys are these days, that marginal dominance probably makes them look like regular Casanovas.

      1. So basically ladies have daddy issues. Damn. This could get messy. I see ladies all the time that never speak of dear old dad. No father figure at all in their lives. Being tall could either attract them or trigger them.

      2. That could be a reason. Another one is tall people are stereotyped as being more successful. Doesnt it add a few points to a guys SMV? Im sure males wouldnt want to date a girl under 5′ or midget.

      3. I think this is closest to the truth. I’m 6’3″ and have been lifting since I was 17 years old (late 40’s now). I’ve been told by a supervisor that some of the women in our department felt intimidated by me. Not because of my attitude (I’m professional and courteous in the workplace, to a fault), but because of my physical presence. Knowing women’s minds as I do, I know that this translates directly into “tingles”. There’s something in almost every woman that wants to be dominated by a man, so if you come equipped for the task right out of the gate they can’t help but get really flustered and turned on.

        1. Without knowing your height, age, or size previous to this post, I thought you were intimidating. Not in a negative way necessarily. You have a capable, authoritative vibe discernable even over an anonymous site lIke this. I’m sure your size adds to it in person, but attitude is at the core even if you coworkers wont/can’t say so . Although I can’t speak to tingles, knowing a man can’t be pushed around with the usual feminine tactics is intimidating. The difference between dealing with your little brother and dealing with daddy. I’m not sure men get this. Attitude trumps size, money, age, looks …..

        2. That’s an interesting perspective that I hadn’t considered before.
          Thank you for the kind words.

    3. Height is a direct manifestation of women literally looking up at the man if he is taller than her.
      Women love to look up to another man and height is just another obvious way for women to notice that. If a man lacks height, being so rich with a lot of money can offset that.
      Women also like when they get on their knees for a man she is attracted to.

    4. Plus these chicks are too stupid to realize that old Tom has been a flamer… like forever. Well-known fact, at least among gays and the Hollywood crowd.
      No matter how many times he “marries” or “dates” various chicks as a cover. And he’s far from the only one.

        1. Right you are. Also Selleck, DeCaprio, Garth Brooks, Travolta, Gere, etc., etc. My source is impeccable (Hollywood writer who makes the scene and knows who’s who and what’s what). Tells his brother-in-law everything, and that guy tells me.

  2. Thing about weight is, unlike a man’s height, it can be controlled for the most part. Looks aside, it shows if they have self control and ambition in their life. If I take the time to work out and be healthy, I have every right to ask for the same from my wife.

  3. One thing I learned a long time ago. If you ask a girl what she thinks her best quality is and she responds boobs…even if they are fantastic boobs….she will become fat. I don’t know why.

    1. Because boobs are somewhat proportional to fatness. If she likes her boobs, she wont mind getting fat.

      1. This may be the reason. It isn’t that having big boobs means you will be far but somehow whenever the woman prizes her boobs over other qualities it is a near positive indicator….some exceptions being girls who really like their fake boobs. They paid for the, might as well enjoy

    2. I started wondering what the equivalent indicator for men would be, but then realized it’s probably the same thing. If a high school or college age dude thinks his best physical attribute is (or, well, at least isn’t ashamed of) his man-boobs, he’ll be 450 pounds by age 35.

      1. nah, I think it is “strong guy” All the big adults I know were regular sized kids (not height but general bone structure and musculature) whereas all the kids who were “big kids” eventually just got fat (or became offensive linemen)

      1. I’m reminded of what Confucius say: “Man walking sideways through airport turnstile going to Bangkok.”

    3. I’ve noticed something similar. It reminds me of something. Danni Ashe once wrote something about the big boob gene being connected to a fat gene and she had to work hard to prevent the effects of the later.

    4. If a female has big boobs since adolescence, it is harder and more uncomfortable to work out, even with the best sports bras.

      1. I imagine that would be true. I am sure some women have figured a way around it. I tend not to go for women with large boobs

        1. That line sent me back to the Dr. Demento show, and the song
          Do your boobs hang low?
          Do they woggle to and fro?
          Can you tie them in a knot?
          Can you tie them in a bow?
          Can you throw them o’er your shoulder
          Like a bag that has a boulder?
          Do your boobs hang low?

        2. My first wife had natural double Ds. She had them since she was 13. She was a totally fucked up feminist bitch. I have associated large breasts with being a bitch ever since. When I see women with them in public I automatically think, “Bitch!” Hence, I avoid large breasted women.

        3. Makes sense to me. I don’t find huge boobs aesthetically pleasing but maybe it is my subconscious telling me something

      2. Women don’t need to “work out”. Just get on the treadmill for half an hour a day and eat reasonably. Very few men like the “workout chicks” who look like adolescent boys, but a feminine thin chick with larger hooters is always a sure sell.

        1. It’s not that easy, especially as you age. Walking a mile burns roughly only 100 calories (give or take some, depending on the person). Obviously, it’s much better than nothing. I do that easily walking my dog, and squeeze in 3-4 days week at the gym doing circuit training. I’m not bulky, but I am strong (for a girl!, haha) and while I watch what I eat and practice moderation. I loathe counting every calorie.
          Although, I understand I understand it’s just what works for me and everyone is different and that men have different preferences.

        2. My wife never seems to have any problems eating reasonably portioned healthy meals and going on walks/exercising weekly, and she’s in her late 40’s. I suspect I would have heard at some point about it being harder from her, presumably?

        3. Yeah, you are right. different strokes for different folks and genetics play a role, as well as body type and what kind you want. I look at all the women on my side of the family…200 – 300 pounds after they have kids, while the women on my dad’s side of the family are these little tiny frail birds who look ready to turn into dust and break their hips, and I don’t want to end up like either side.

        4. She’s from German stock on both sides, who mysteriously appeared in the U.S. in the mid 1940’s from out of nowhere. While I’m tempted to infer nefarious origins here, fact is her grandparents didn’t give a flip about race, Jews or anything besides farming. She’s got Viking Princess written all over her, as do her shockingly beautiful female cousins.

        5. Intermittent fasting and a sane diet trumps all for fat loss. Working out is great for hormones, health, firmness, etc., but unless you’re some kind of super responder it’s not great for getting trim no matter what you do, within reason.

    5. When her looks start to fade, she will fall back on her boobs. She knows getting fatter means bigger boobs, so will “enhance” that aspect, never catching on that she’s doing more damage than good. It’s all about the female short term thinking.

    6. Crap. One of my consistent lays in the past three years is a boob champ. Still holding her own at 23 years old but I suspect she’ll balloon out eventually as well.

    1. If you are very serious, you can opt for leg lengthening surgery. That is only for few daring ones though.

    2. Guess i’m lucky to be a good 6-0 tall, and I won’t touch a fat chick with a ten foot pole. The beta dudes can have the fatties, and they seem more than willing to settle for ’em. I see it all the time.

  4. I am short 5’6. It suuuuuuucks. I may have told this story before but a feminist former facebook friend (<—-mouthful) was complaining that one of her potential OK Cupid orbiters was only 5’7, to which she added the interjection “EWW!”. I pointed out that had I said a girl was 178 lbs and “EWWW” she’d be up one side of my ass and down the other.
    Cue the feminist harpies swooping down from high in the Bitchy Mountains…
    “How dare you tell her what she can and can’t like!”
    “Shortness doesn’t cause eating/mental disorders!”
    “There are some cultures that worship “curvy” women!!” (Implying NO cultures value short men)
    “Short men are still MEN and beneficiaries of the patriarchy!!”
    “Some women can’t control their weight!!!” (I won’t mention the glaring double standard.)
    Like I said being short sucks, but I don’t dwell on it. When it comes up it’s obviously not a pleasant subject, but oh well. It’s just the hypocrisy of feminists that they demand “body positive” “anti-shaming” for laziness and none for shortness. Not that any respectable person wants pity.

    1. you are a positive attitude which I think is good. I also suggest getting jacked.

      1. I’m actually a glass-half empty kind of guy but thanks for the compliment. Luckily I’m in pretty decent shape but overly muscle-bound short men look silly to me. (Not that I’d say that to their faces).

        1. So fucking what, get some insoles and some tall fucking boots.
          Its not like they are really paying as much attention as they let on.

        2. Think Wolverine and Tyrion Lannister from the world of fiction regarding examples of short men women love and more importantly, men respect. And Napoleon Bonaparte and Bruce Lee from the real world.

        3. Personal example, I had a short sales manager who got hit on all the time based on just about badass attitude alone. Quiet, certain confidence too, not really brash, he was just a killer and women picked up on it.

        4. Yes, I know of short men who do well with women in general. They have the right attitude to begin with. Utterly at ease with themselves.

    2. Facebook is the ultimate feminist haven. That site is wasted. Get off there to preserve your sanity or only friend some guys you know in person and want to stay in touch with. Those comments make me cringe so much, but I have seen similar comments from the collective on Facebook.

    3. If you are 5’6″, just tell people you are 5’7″ or even 5’8″. Most women cannot tell the difference and they usually overestimate height and can’t tell difference as even big as 2 inch margin.

      1. I’m 5’6″ and my wife is shorter than me so it doesn’t matter although if I was much taller, certainly I’d be that much more naturally attractive.
        I know guys who are six and a half feet tall and women often do melt around them with these caveats:
        1) A super tall guy I know (7 footer) was severely beta in thinking and women treated him like dirt. It was strange to see that I got better treatment from women than he did. If you let women treat you badly, they will, even if you have everything else going for you.
        2) Super tall guys I know could get nookie easily but it didn’t translate into gigilo benefits like pretty women got but they did get perks. Gate agents upgraded them to business class, they got free dinners from waitresses who wanted their phone number, etc. It was nice, but hardly a living.
        3) It did help in their business career in other ways. They got promoted faster, got into good ol boy clubs, etc.
        I have a daughter and now face different hurdles in helping her achieve a great life. If I had a son, I would have fed him horse steroids, surgery, etc. to get him as tall as possible. It’s a huge boost. For girls, shortness usually helps in that there are tons of short doctors out there rejected by tall professional women. I wouldn’t mind my daughter marrying one of those.

        1. If you have a son, make sure you feed him herbs that upregulates genes related to BMP-7 and BMP-2 during his childhood way before his Epiphyseal growth plate goes through endochondral ossification.
          I wish I knew this stuff when I was pre-teen.
          With exception of some countries in Europe with tall height, I think being around 6’0″ is tall enough by world standard. I mean most people especially guys overestimate their height and most people usually cannot tell the difference if someone state their over-exaggerated height.
          Most girls would see a 6’0″ man as 6’2″ and see 5’10” man as 6’0″.
          Abnormally tall would be like over 6’4″ and over. At that point, anything well above that would actually be detrimental in some ways.
          5’5″ to 5’7″ is a perfect height for girls but that’s just me.
          If a tall man acts alpha, it’s going to ‘accentuate’ his character and amplify the attraction that women may have for him. But if the man is tall but acts complete beta and passive, women will quickly lose attraction for them and once girl made up her judgment on a guy, it’s hard to reverse that first impression.
          The thing that sucks is that when short people act alpha, some people ridicule it with throwing labels like “napoleon complexity” or saying that the man is trying to overcompensate for small penis. I heard that a lot.

        2. I grew up just before the politically correct era kicked in and it was acceptable to make fun of the handicapped. Even now, it sometimes happens where someone who uses crutches can get picked on or belittled but there’s usually a social shame made upon such people especially in adulthood.
          Picking on short men is considered acceptable by the politically correct crowd and they would prefer to justify it so either the short guy is an arrogant “napolean” jerk OR he’s a loser who doesn’t stand up for himself.
          One (positive) caveat is that the people who appeared to be so cruel tended to be insecure and angry about their own, er, shortcomings. I found a pattern where attractive women who were comfortable in their own skin or successful men who didn’t feel a need to “fit in” (because they could just say eff it and still be popular) tended to not engage in such behavior.
          Regarding possibly having a son. My wife is going nuts now with taking care of my daughter but who knows if she’ll be in the mood for another child a year or so from now. Despite the challenges young men face in the west today, I wanted the opportunity to give all my red pill wisdom to my son to help him enjoy the life I (should have) had and relive my ideal life through him. I think my daughter will have a wonderful time with someone who appreciates having a girl who hasn’t been spoiled by anyone other than me (and I’m going to avoid doing that.) My wife marvels that my daughter’s eyes light up when I enter the room even though I only do 1/10th of the care.

    4. Why?
      You are still 5 inches taller than the average really hot latin american and asian women. Stop hanging out with those soul sucking feminist cunts you call friends.

    5. I posted this just a minute ago, then saw this. Women criticize men on things they can’t change (height) while men criticize women on things that CAN change (weight). And this is somehow unfair – to women.

      1. Not a big deal actually. If you’re balding just shave it down, get a tan, put on some muscle, and grow decent facial hair if possible. Problem solved.

        1. Don’t be too concerned with it brother. Focus heavily on your health and your finances – all the other shit will fall into place. Would you rather be bald driving a Ferrari, or have a full head of hair driving a Yugo?…

    6. Being the same height I’ve encountered similar insults before. I normally just laugh at them and even told one of the cows, “Sure, I’m short. I know there’s nothing I can do about my height, but there’s something you can do about your weight since you’re as wide as I’m tall.”
      Of course, there was a shit storm by my sister’s friends over the comment, but I merely laughed and said there’s a simple solution in only three. words
      Eat less food.

  5. This post reminds me of game rule number 1: women will open their legs to conquerors. Figuratively or literally, we can be talking of a fucking roman legion or simple a guy that knows what he wants and what he wants is to put his dick inside a wet vagina. Women will submit. Tall, short, slim, muscular…we all know a man smv can and will change with some improvements…but, Europe could be invaded by New Guinea pygmies and women would still drop considerable juice…It is all about dominance.
    Case in study this picture of frau Merkel that i consider to be one of the snapshots of our times. Just watch it. In one side, we have the submissive german man, with his face down and displaying “obama” lips (yes those lips Obama usually shows when he is with Putin.)..On the other side, we have the refugee…He passed security, and managed to touch the most powerful women on earth with no problem whatsoever. He displays confidence and that alpha cocky attitude of “fuck you, i want a selfie” And then there is frau merkel…She shows the body language of a teenage school girl ready to be fucked for the first time. She as the face of a women in ecstasy, dropping some intense vaginal fluid and then, there is the classic ioi with the moving of the hair…
    Now…is the muslim guy the typical classical attractive man??? No, he looks like a typical Anatolian inbreed but has the frame of a conqueror. Women shit test us to see our masculinity and this “fat test” is no difference.

        1. I’m trained. I can surrender so fast in time that it’ll count as a victory in a future war.

        2. Well then, prepare to enter the final stage of my master plan, in which I win with so much panache that all my preceding defeats will be considered by the scribes as merely steps towards my final victory.

        1. I agree with people when I feel they are right now when it helps my ego like frail effeminate stormfag morons

    1. I don’t understand what German man with a pair of testicles could ever vote for this traitor.

      1. What balls? There lies the problem brother…The thing is…multiply Frau Merkel wet vagina with hundreds, if not millions of more German women that feel the same. Do not expect much longer to see on the media “love” stories between refugees and German women working to help them.

      2. Near as I can tell, the Germans have been castrated on a daily basis for the last 70 years with Holocaust war guilt.
        I went to Berlin a year or two before the Muslims started becoming a problem; it seemed like there was a Holocaust board at every bus stop and street corner.

        1. Hitler should have been like Mussolini, his ally. Mussolini had nothing against Jews, per se. He was concerned with ideology, not race or ethnicity. One of Il Duce’s mistresses was Jewish, and so long as a man was a loyal fascist, or at least sympathetic to fascism, he did not care whether he was Jew or Gentile.

        2. thats spot on. today people are such idiots they just prefer to group people together based on a skin color rather that their individual traits and morality. even MLK said it…content of character….which is why he was shot and killed

        3. No, in reality, MLK was a socialist nutcase. Contrary to what “conservatives” would have us believe, he was in favor of quotas and so on. The Civil Rights Movement, from its start, was not about some nebulous equality before the law arrangement but a handout shakedown from the start. MLK was a moderate-sounding face they could slap on it in the hopes of selling it to the masses.

        4. Yep. The government probably whacked him before he could start what looked like a burgeoning black-socialist movement in the US.

        5. If the jews couldn’t kill all the Germans in 1930 with economic starvation, they are doing it today with muslims. Angela Krasner (Merkel) and Annette Kahanne are two jews in the German government doing everything for Israel in order to destroy Germany and asset strip it.

        6. It sure was. Over 18 million Germans were genocided for the jewish bankers in America and Britain. The jews on the other hand were forced to do something horrible…terrible…and inconceivable …. They were forced to do an honest day’s work.
          OHHH THE HORROR!!1
          The hoax was the biggest con job the world ever knew. No soap bars or other lies. JUST JEWS MADE TO WORK.
          Yeah, I can see why the jews would consider that a shoah.

        7. I agree. What was done to the german people was much worse than the holocaust, and yet nobody is talking about that. Hitler did nothing but defend his people. ww2 was Churchill’s war and all the blood is on his hands.

        8. The utter pure garbage I learned in American history class makes me wanna go back to those teachers and b*tch slap them for lying so much. What a low T count cuck you have to be to outright lie about history. Hitler was the bad guy garbage and the two zionist 1/3 jews Churchill and Roosevelt were the good guys. lol
          The two warmongering jewish banker owned wh*res of zion were the good guys, that’s a laugh!!!
          Roosevelt knew that Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked and sent you all the good ships to Europe fully armed. Basically Pearl Harbor was 9-11, a false flag jewish banker act of terrorism. WW2 was a pure jewish banker war. Anyone who isn’t a complete retard eventually learns the truth.

        9. I said many times – take everything you’ve been told, flip it and you’ll get the real truth. Churchill and Roosevelt were the real war criminals in WW 2. Churchill was pissed / afraid of the Germany Hitler built before the start of the war in as span of a couple of years. The truth is out there.

        10. Imagine a world without these jewish parasites infesting countries with their debt based monetary scam like the “Federal” Reserve or their jewish criminal extortion racket known as the IRS (Israeli Ripoff Shylocks). How much human progress have these parasites halted. How many cures for diseases, how many decades of space exploration have been wasted and technologies that could have been invented IF NOT FOR THE JEWISH PARASITE SUCKING THE BLOOD OUT OF COUNTRIES?? How many wars could have been avoided, how many people would still be alive (mostly white European) if not for the jewish parasites.
          What a disgusting race of inbred zio-tapeworms. They remind me of those wasps that impregnate the tarantulas and then the baby wasps kill the spider when they hatch or literally the alien face huggers. I am really beginning to think Aliens is really about what happens when non-jew space explorers run into the evolutionary advanced version of today’s jews.

        11. The fractional reserve system is a debt based system. It is not a wealth based system. If there is no debt, there is no money. When the debt goes (and it will) supernova, the fiat money will go down to their intrinsic value, zero. Nothing will happen until then. The path to that point is irreversible at this point. A lot of blood will flow. Only then can we start anew. I am long guns and lamp posts, and rope.

        12. I will be more than happy as an American when the sh*t hits the fan. It’s getting there and only a matter of time. People think this jewish scam will last forever, but it won’t because it simply can’t.

        13. The holocaust boards were part of the psy op to condition citizens to stand down. The government insiders knew full well that a flood of refugees was the next phase even before the Syria conflict. The whole ‘transformation’ of Europe was mapped out years ago. If the disarmed German citizens go shit wild and riot at any point, all I can hope is that Russia arms them.

        14. Roosevelt set up the CCC ten years before Pearl Harbor. The CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) was civic projects, roads etc. But the logistics and ranks in the CCC were the same as military; captains, lieutenants and so on. When Pearl Harbor blew, the CCC recruiting stations flipped their signs over that read “I want you for US army”. The CCC was set up as a model for quickly recruiting, training, putting in uniform and deploying people off the street at a munite’s notice. The point is that as an insider FDR KNEW we were headed for a bloodbath a good ten years before it happened. Then he let Pearl Harbor happen.

        15. Looks like your nazi @ss got banned from Mediaite. ROTFLMAO!! Better stick to The Right Stuff or the Daily Stormer, Adolf

        16. Censorship – The #1 Jewish method of control used on all other people of all other nations in order to silence them.
          Not exactly a shining moment for your people to be known for perpetual wars, money scams, financial fraud, and censorship.
          I would insist that you never get banned so the people can see what you are. Celebrating the banning of free speech. Congratulations. Again, your “nazi” garbage is just that garbage. A term invented by jewish TERRORISTS in order to silence people and nations from self determination.
          Those days are coming to an end but good try in giving your jewish brethren such a wonderful example for the world, in fact, keep celebrating free speech suppression everywhere you go as it will only convince even normal people that censoring criminal Jewish terrorists and modern European/American civilization are completely incompatible as much as the terrorist muslims who pride themselves on suppression of freedom of speech as well. LOL. Congrats!!! JEWS=MUSLIMS=BOTH HATE FREE SPEECH.

        17. ROTFLMAO!! Triggered, Nazi scum? It was so refreshing to see your racist rants deleted. GFY!!

        18. Ahhh you guys need Jews. Without them you would need to pick someone else to blame for your weak and effeminate nature. I mean, who would you blame? You might actually need to achieve something if you could blame your failure on some group which is against you.

        19. 9-11, the Lavon Affair, The attack on the USS Liberty.
          Financial swindles. Perpetual zionist wars in the Middle East using Americans as cannon fodder.
          Banker jews in the JEWISH FED Reserve creating a debt for Americans which can never be paid off.
          ahhhh…so much goodness for us Americans from the jews.
          Without jews and muslims, Europe and America would be just fine without those two religious nutjobs fighting over gods and strips of land. Yeah….. no one needs either one of these problematic parasites.

        20. You mean, you don’t have to crap yourself knowing that people would read the truth about your tribe of lowlife cockroaches. lol
          Don’t worry there Scholomo Shekelsteinberg, people learn the truth no matter how much you wish they wouldn’t. lol
          The best thing for jews to do is NOT BE CRIMINALS, but hey, that’s just wishful thinking, right?
          Censorship – When being a criminal is embedded in your DNA and you simply don’t want to change.
          Some 230 members of an Orthodox Jewish group have begun leaving a village in western Guatemala after a bitter row with the local indigenous community.
          The Lev Tahor members were asked to leave San Juan La Laguna after meetings with elders of the Mayan community.
          The elders accused the Jews of shunning the villagers and imposing their religion and customs.
          The Lev Tahor had settled in the village six years ago as the group searched for religious freedom.
          Over the last several days they were seen packing their belongings on lorries in preparations for the departure from the village, about 150km (90 miles) west of the capital Guatemala City.
          “We are a people of peace and in order to avoid an incident we’ve already begun to leave,” Lev Tahor member Misael Santos told the AFP news agency.
          “We have a right to be there, but they threatened us with lynching if we don’t leave,” he added.

        21. No I get it. Miserable failures need scape goats.
          Try manning up and not being such a faggot

        22. BTW, I’m Lutheran you sick fking nazi. Now go back to The Right Stuff where the rest of your nazi @ssholes hang out to hate.

        23. I thank you for all your loving tribe’s wonderful contributions to America and you get mad???
          And you call us Americans ungrateful…sheesh…

        24. You are “Lutheran”…. lol….okay there…. lol
          Just an innocent “Lutheran” wandering around the internet defending nation wrecking parasites. lol
          Captain Save-A-Zionist-ho. lol
          Tell your buddies that Americans thank them for 9-11, the Lavon Affair, The USS Liberty, and all the theft of billions of American taxpayer dollars. They are such helpful parasites….errr I mean our best friends and allies. hahaha!!!

        25. Now that’s not nice. One would get the impression that us Americans don’t appreciate all the wonderful things your lovely tribe members have done.
          In Europe I hear the Europeans absolutely love your multiculturalism and how Angela KRASNER (JEW) aka Merkel has introduced death by muslim genocide to the German people, but I digress….
          We Americans thank you jews for bringing all the blacks into America, especially since JEWS OWNED ALL THE SLAVE SHIPS. The Levy family, the Roosevelts, and the Mordecai klan of jews did a wonderful job of importing almost ALL THE BLACK SLAVES into America. The African Americans thank you so much for kidnapping them and selling them off for shekels. You truly are a great people, always thinking of the best for others.
          In between getting us Americans into perpetual wars in the Middle East, stealing billions of dollars from us by using AIPAC to subvert our government, and let’s not forget attacking us on 9-11, we thank your wonderful tribe members for being nothing but parasites….errr I mean our greatest allies. lol
          May your tribe be blessed 6,000,000 times more with the same luck your fellow tribe members have bestowed on us Americans on September 11th, 2001.
          Such wonderful merchants and allies. The best!!!

        26. The holocaust was totally wrong, of course. Instead of building camps with theaters and swimming pools, spending the time and money for tattoos, and spending the time and money for lots of railway travel, they could have just…well, what can you expect from that famous Teutonic efficiency?

        27. Now now, are you saying that all that stuff we Americans pointed out isn’t true? Now that’s really mean!!! That’s like denying the fact that Benjamin Netanyahu said “9-11 was good for Israel” right after the attack or that Israel had 5 Mossad agents actually film the event so they can celebrate in Israel. Dear Merchant, oh lovely best ally who siphons billions of our tax dollars into Israel while we Americans live in the street because of a ruined economy by other dear merchants just like you, we appreciate everything you merchants of Israel have done!!! We appreciate how your economy in Israel benefits from the massive billions of dollars are taken from us working Americans all because JEWISH AIPAC has bribed, extorted, or literally threatened our congress into doing so. You think we Americans don’t see that or the wonderful contributions your tribe members have given us Americans like endless wars in the Middle East.
          OH DEAR MERCHANTS OF ISRAEL, we thank you as does the world for the instability, the horrors, and the genocides of various people all over the Middle East so that the Israeli weapons dealers and the expansion of Israel into other territories continues to this day!!! Without the parasitism of your tribe members the Middle East, America, Europe, and probably the world would be so much more peaceful, in fact over 80% of the wars would end overnight, but what’s a world without jewish genocides on everyone else??? Boooorrrring!!!! Where would the world be without the Jewish Bolshevik genocide of over 60 million Russian Europeans or 10 million Ukrainians or even the genocide of the 20 millilon German people by allowing Pearl Harbor so that one goyim genocides another and JEWS MAKE ALL THE MONEY!!! What a wonderful people you merchants are!!!! The world truly benefits from your tribe’s perpetual wars, genocides, financial swindles, and then lying about it all!!! May your tribe in Israel be blessed with all the happiness they have brought Russia, Ukraine, Germany, America, and most of the world!!!! May they be blessed 6,000,000 times over!!! Happy New Year!!!!

        28. Isn’t it strange how jews embed themselves in education so that the silly goyim don’t learn that the biggest genocides in the world weren’t done by everyone else but jews themselves? I find it absolutely hilarious that people are waking up and finding out real history like that the Russian people didn’t just wake up one day and decide to SELF GENOCIDE. It really was over 500 jews that were funded by jewish banker Jacob Schiff and then sent to infiltrate Russia. That makes the creation of Jewish Bolshevik Communism an AMERICAN JEWISH CREATION and certainly not a Russian or European one. All these years we goyim in America were taught that Communism came from Europe and invented by the white people of Europe when communism just like the slave trade of Africans into America, was a 100% pure jewish creation. Jews owned all the major slave ships as well as the slave trade businesses into America and we silly goyim learn that white American/Europeans were the ones that ran it. The amount of lying to protect this criminal tribe is insane. Today they chase people out of Palestine, steal parts of Syria for the oil fields, and deal weapons all over the world while at the same time claiming to be the world’s victims. Imagine that!!! Selling weapons to kill everyone in the world and then lecturing the world on the merits of peace, love, and happiness. lol Gotta love the merchants, they truly are a blessing to the world!!!

        29. Germans could have killed them all real quick. Actually, they should have killed them all so that this total fabrication of the holocaust could have been real. Every day some new lie is exposed – soap – fake – shrunken heads – fake – gas chambers – fake. The jews are so convinced that the world is so stupid that they created this idea that Germany would put literally tons money and labor into shipping out jewish criminals into camps and then systematically kill them using tons of resources while the German people were dirt poor and dying in the streets because of jewish financial swindling. Not only that, Germany had wars going on in 2 fronts. To top it off, the Germans went out of their way to spend tons of money in order to keep the jews alive so that when they were found, they were starved just like the German soldiers were, but we are sure that the allies bombing the supply lines had nothing to do with that. Labor camps to punish criminal jews that destroyed Germany were turned into death camps cause you know, honest work is like a death sentence to jews ya know. Today, we can see that jews learned nothing, Angela Krasner (Jew) and Annette Kahanne (Jews) have infiltrated the German government and are almost entirely responsible for the muslim invasion into Germany. They have shown the world that jews haven’t changed one bit. Here in America Jews are almost 100% responsible for flooding our country with muslims as well so that the people are in a pandemonium while the jews continue to rob various institutions like the bank reserves and our tax money. You can’t fight jews when you are busy trying to survive the jewish importation of huge muslim hordes. May Israel be blessed 6,000,000 over with all the kindess the jews have shown the world, especially Russia, Germany, Ukraine, and now the United States. The jews may feel that’s a curse of death upon them, but they didn’t do anything wrong, now did they?

        30. The only thing wrong with the holocaust was that it was a jewish fairy tale in order to convince the world that Israel was a good idea. The labor camps were not death camps. The mask of jewish lies is fading away and people are discovering that the jews hated one thing worse than anything in the world : An honest day’s work.
          Germany was never the enemy. JEWS WERE 100% THE ENEMY OF NOT ONLY GERMANY, BUT MANKIND.
          The Germans were trying to desperately shake off a parasite so insidious that it literally was destroying the economy, the welfare, and the very cohesion of the German people.
          Take a look at America for example. Before Jews took full control of the American government, America was the most beloved nation on earth. Now with jews in control of America and its foreign policy, it is the most despised and hated nation on earth. What changed? Simple, jewish control over that of the native white people. In the American media, the jews rile up the blacks against whites even though it was the jews 100% that owned and ran the African trans atlantic slave trade.
          Anyone can complain and say that one should blame the jews, but as the saying goes, YOU DO THE CRIMES, YOU GET THE BLAME FOR THEM.
          Anyone care to look at Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and their total land grab can get a big fat clue as to what Jews will do to them in their own country once they take hold. Expelled from 85 nations over 109 times and they never learn. Always plotting, always destroying, always evil, and virtually no redeeming quality. The jews, known throughout time as a plague, a disease, a burden, and the most ungrateful host willing to kill you, your children, and your entire nation even when you save them. In America, there are American taxpayer funded holohoax museums even though the American people shed their blood fighting their German brothers to free these parasites and the Americans reward? PAY TAXES TO FUND HOLOHOAX MUSEUMS. The jew is so petty and slimey that they can’t even pay for their own hoax museums. With jews, THE WORLD WILL LOSE.

      3. Who votes in greater numbers men or women?
        •In 2004, 60.1% of women and 56.3% of men voted.
        That’s 67.3 million women and 58.5 million men – a difference of 8.8 million.
        These are American figures. I’d hazzard a guess that Germany is similar.

        1. We did a right good job of making Germans good Germans during WWII. Most of what was left were those that couldn’t or wouldn’t fight to breed the next generation of “men”.

        2. We defeated the wrong enemy. America, and GB should have been allied with Germany against the Soviet Union. Patton was one of the few who realized who the real enemy was. Roosevelt the cripple was a total fuck up, and responsible for tens of millions of deaths. And he should have also left Japan alone and not push them into attacking. What a moron.

        3. No we shouldn’t have allied with the Nazis. Socialists were socialists. Germany lacked any natural resources just like Japan but nearly conquered the world. We broke them, badly, then broke them up. If they hadn’t had a sphyalitic ego maniac at their helm they might very well have won. Patton was right, but too many of our troops and our civilians were worn out, war weary. Had we fresh motivation, and fresh troops we could have managed it. We had to opt for nearly a half century of a cold and proxies war.
          One needs to understand Russia. They’re not Americans. They’re tough, yes, but they demand to be ruled by tougher men. They admire strength, and will bend you over a barrel if they think you’re a p#ssy. Hence they went from a monarchy, to a system that was totalitarian, back to a despotic strong man. If Putin was a weak, weaselly, simpering, PC leftist.. the Russians would have eaten him alive. It’s the same misconception that every leftist makes. They assume that all the world thinks just like them, that if they just see their culture they will accept it. That’s why they constantly make mistakes in the middle east, with China, Russia, and the Orient. They champion multiculturalism, without understanding a damn thing about anyone else’s culture. They don’t fathom that there are cultures out there that won’t respect you or play nice with you unless you show you can belt them in the damn mouth and knock out a tooth. They don’t realize that there are cultures that if you look them in the eye and tell them that love is the answer and we should hug it out, that they’ll cut your f#%&ing throat and be happy about it.

        4. We did a good job of genociding 18 million Palestinians….errrr I mean Germans for the dirty rotten disgusting jewish filth that then took over America and decided foreign policy that again genocided more Americans, but this time fighting muslims. America, my country, is the shame of the western world, allied with blood sucking parasites that do nothing but wage war and sell weapons then pretend to give freedom. The ruins of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Germany, Ukraine, and so many other European countries could have been avoidable if only all Americans KILLED EVERY SINGLE ROTTEN DIRTY JEW CRIMINAL. Sure the jewish population would be like a dozen or so, but the world would have been so much happier for it and technology as well as science and medicine would have advanced so much more without becoming the jewish shekel scams they are today. Sickness = money. Money = Jew. Jew=weapons sales. Weapons sales = war. War = death and sickness. Sickness = money….and so the loop continues….
          Anyone denying the obvious hasn’t seen Afghanistan recently. Since the 2001 jewish led war on terror using goyim cattle to kill musims, Heroin production in Afghanistan went from nothing to supplying the world with over 90% of the opiums it sees. I am sure the JEWISH RUN OXYCOTTON INDUSTRY has nothing to do with it either. A drug that never should have existed but is supplied to all Americans thanks to a Jewish family that used part of that 2.4 billion dollar profit to donate to Israel. Wake up, look around, anywhere you see the most disgusting vile horrible acts and problems, you will eventually uncover a jew. It’s almost like the personification of all evil simply takes form in the body of these criminals.

        5. The German people didn’t want war and didn’t want the jews in their country. Assisting them in the expulsion of the parasite jews and with their economy would have created a great ally. Just look at today at who produces (Germans) and who destroys (Israel). Who fucks America (AIPAC, Israel lobby, and Israel) and who has given America amazing inventions – Mercedes, BMW, etc etc… so many amazing things. Heck, Israel gave us 9-11 for God’s sake. The jews are 100% behind the attacks and 5 of them set up cameras to film the event.
          If you can’t admit that the parasites who have a record of getting kicked out of 85 nations over 109 times are a plague upon mankind then you will always spend your days trying to justify why jews are hated here and there and over there and now over there…. and so on.
          Google Jews and Guatemala, even there they have gotten kicked out of. They simply are incompatible with almost everyone. They know it and their mantra of “nazi” and “antisemite” is wearing thin as the world interconnnects through communication and finds out that just about every one of them hates the same insidious vile criminal.
          You want to know something? I wish that wasn’t the case. I wish their hearts weren’t so evil and hateful, but that is who they are. They are a tribe, a tribe that literally stomps on everyone else as they are incapable of getting along with anyone else. The problem with them are their lack of certain traits – The ability to introspect. The ability to learn. The ability to change.
          The ultimate proof will be that 10 years from now people will still hate them. 20 years from now people will still hate them. 50 years….100 years….200 years…. people will….still….hate…them…. and they will never change.

        1. When people discover that the holohoax was the biggest lie in history and that jews were lying all along…then…
          well they won’t be surprised because jews lie all the time.
          The German people were slandered. Hitler was’t evil, it was the jewish bankers and jewish warmongers in the US and Britain.
          This is the reason why Jew Angela Krasner and Jew Annette Kahanne are desperately trying to destroy whatever is left of Germany for Israel and asset strip the German people.
          Yeah, let’s pretend that jews weren’t the bad guys.
          Look at America, a jewish run colony of Israel that was asset stripped before the Mossad operation of 9-11.

    2. Merkel, a childless female inviting hordes of less refined/untamed men into her country.
      It’s hard not to read into this stuff

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        1. When European women get raped by dark skinned men and don’t report it because they don’t want to give any hint of racism, what makes you think that they won’t be fucking pigmies?

        2. sorry Mikediver, I don’t understand your reply (or was it adressed to TSK’s comment ?).. I said that one day they will be fucking pygmies for diversity sake and virtue signaling.

    3. I could be wrong but I think the guy on the left is one of her body guards and I think the face he’s pulling is one of annoyance and shame. Shame that he has to stand back and watch the third world slime take over his country so blatantly.

    4. Frame of a conqueror? He has the bearing and posture of a 7 11 clerk and about half as much dignity.
      Look at him. His appearance is somewhere between a starstruck fan and a child hovering near mother for protection. Even the expression on his face makes him look retarded or stoned.

      1. That’s what I thought — more like “clueless guy with no manners.” Political optics demanded she either indulge his impulse or at least tolerate it. She’s gotta own that…

    5. Looks more spurious than you describe. I do not think there was as much thought involved. Merkel was taken by surprise and the silly guy taking the picture is realizing some kind of lifelong fantasy, having grown up in a hovel where stories of glorious family WW1 adventures were told. A Conqueror, no.

    6. That country is in a state of emergency with that blob of unregulated unthinking female hormones running it amok. She must be unseated at once. Women have their niche of control weaning and tit feeding. NO CUNT shall rule mankind or nation or any part thereof. The drums of patriarchy are banging rhythmically and becoming louder in the west. That cunt Merkel will teeter and wobble off stage soon like we saw with Hillary. It’s over. Done. The quake has begun.

  6. I’ve run into women who are really fixated on height. They would have a 1-3″ range of height they considered acceptable. I am taller than the top of the typical range, which ends at 6’3″ or 6’2″ most of the time. So the exchange in the graphic wouldn’t get a ‘good’ it would get a ‘you’re too tall’. Sometimes followed by her personal specification requirement. It’s been at times the only thing they knew about me and the only thing they wanted to know as a first level sorting.
    On another note, women today in general seem empty, fungible, and lacking any sort of creativity or individuality. Even the ones trying to be individualistic do it to fit a particular mold. You get today’s average or less woman and she is as shallow and empty and demanding as the physically most attractive women. So what’s a man going to do? Put up with all that crap and one of the same ‘standard’ personalities and pick anything but the prettiest one?

    1. A woman’s SMV peaks high and early, they are going downhill before they have the maturity to see past something so petty.

      1. Do they ever get that maturity? I’ve seen no sign of it. A little more overlooking me being a little taller than they want in favor of resources but that’s about it.

        1. About at 60 they do. They have to go a couple decades of being undesirable. Eventually they swallow their pride.They have to go from being a princess, to being bitter, and then they they eventually gain maturity. However, they are still undesirable.

      1. You should go to Heilongjiang, Dalian, Liaoning, Jilin and other north eastern places of China. 6’0″+ males are not uncommon. The later generation of these guys are also getting taller due to better nutrition, health care access.

    1. Nearly all women have the ability to be hot from 16-24. All they have to do is not be fat. When someone tells me they pulled an 8, I think to myself….that must be a young woman who isn’t fat yet.

  7. Why is atheism correlated with Woman A, who no one would pick based on the other characteristics of her?
    Why do guys who value truth and the red pill always bash atheism? Is it because the thought of atheists who think (y)our stupid religion based on worshiping a magical sky daddy is scary?

    1. We value tradition.
      Most atheists are not really atheists, but are in fact anti-theists who can’t refrain from insults.

      1. And what these authors seem to at least imply is that we can’t value tradition without religion, which is completely asinine.
        They talk about how men want virgins as wives, but can’t seem to comprehend that men want virgins as wives regardless of religion.

        1. Understood. However, in most of our experiences those women, or men for that matter, that claim atheism aren’t very traditional, whereas more that claim religion are, though they have their problems as well.

        2. That’s because most people tie these values into religion, which is completely unnecessary.

    2. It’s because the only atheists they know are liberal flakes. There are atheists who aren’t liberals and don’t attack religion.

        1. I would consider that irreligious. My parents are like that. Decent people that just don’t have a belief in God. Atheists, on the other hand, have a belief that there is no God. Although it is subtle difference in the wording, there is a big difference in attitude and outcome.

        2. Atheism is disbelief in gods or the theistic claims of a god.
          Theist (Christian): (I believe (that a)) God exists.
          Atheist: I don’t believe you.
          It’s that simple. The atheist never said anything about there not being a god, he just said he doesn’t believe theists.

        3. I wasn’t going to add anything to this comments section until I saw the discussion of atheism. It just occurred to me recently that most of the leftists I know also claim to be atheists…And this kind of made me realize that atheists DO INDEED believe in a god. They believe that the government should be god. Think about it, and point this out to your local atheist the next time he or she is scolding you about either politics or religion (or both). I doubt they will grasp the irony, but hey, at least you can.

        4. Yeah dude im just not buying that anymore. Perhaps atheists on the right don’t believe in supernatural gods; and PERHAPS atheists on the left will claim they don’t…But what do you see leftists trying to create in terms of government? Government, to them, serves the same purpose that God/religion does for many others. It rights all wrongs, provides every need for all people — essentially, the leftist wants the govt to play the role of omniscient, omnipotenent Space Dad.
          This hit me a few months ago and ever since, every time a liberal tells me they’re also an atheist, I laugh in their retarded faces. I’m like, oh you don’t believe in God….Except the one you create, which solves all mankind’s problems the way that YOU, individually, think they should be solved? Gee that’s great. Please, keep talking bc I’m totally not just staring at your tits.

        5. You don’t have to buy it, but it’s true.
          I don’t think you understand the difference between socialism and theism.

        6. Quite the contrary, my good man. I feel that I know the difference between the two, at least to the point that either concept matters to me, which is almost nil in both regards. What I’m saying is that those on the political left–often rather hypocritically–weave the two concepts together, probably unknowingly, but always to my amusement. If I thought hard enough I’m sure I could find analogs on the right, too, but that’s outside the purview of my original comment.
          All I’m really saying dude is that I think it’s funny when dumbfuck libtards at work or in my family claim that they’re atheists, yet firmly believe that we should strive to build a government that takes the place of God in our modern lives, and does all the things that theists believe God does for us. Even if you believe God doesn’t exist and never has, it’s still a very simple and salient analogy.
          Now, I gotta get back to work, but I am always interested in learning, so if you’d like to flesh out your thoughts on the differences between atheism and socialism and why you think the left is not trying to create heaven on earth — each leftist in his or her own image — I’d definitely like to learn more. Always.

        7. I understand what your saying, but it’s just still sound like communism and/or socialism.
          Atheism doesn’t necessarily lead to these thoughts, people just intertwine them like you said.

        8. Yep, precisely. It’s just a lack of self-understanding (which is probably not a real word, but whatever).
          Also I just scrolled up far enough to see your initial comment, and while I may not be correct, I think I can shed a little light on your question. Hopefully I remember to reply when I get home bc it was a very good, very common question.

    3. I do agree with you, but that’s mostly because I live in West Texas, a supposed (and I can’t emphasize that enough) bastion of God fearing women. Yet, most Christian women, but especially the white ones, look like your typical trash. Sometimes, it becomes hard for me to distinguish between them and the crazy feminists taking over the local state university. The only hot women, period, are either recent immigrants or are high school girls, and ergo, off limits.
      Here’s a quick sample of the Christian women you will find in this area on a day to day basis, and bear in mind, I’m trying my best not to be biased.

      1. It pisses me off when I see women like in the last picture. Beneath all those tattoos and that stupid hair and make-up, she’s probably gorgeous.

        1. Really, I don’t mind the stupid hair and makeup so much. That can be repaired. The tattoos (and gauge ear holes) are permanent however. Can you imagine having your grandma with some holes in her ears like that?

        2. Or if a MALE has those ear gauges? Unless you’re a GD rock star (and even then) you look like an asshole.

        3. Back when I was about 20, all my friends went through this phase of getting tattoos. They called me a wussy because I wouldn’t follow them. As far as I know, every one of them regrets it a couple decades later now that they are married (or were married).

        4. All kidding aside, if your ears have holes in them larger than your asshole, WTF is wrong with you??

        5. Sadly, as I mentioned, around here, I’ve seen grannies sporting ink. So it’s not only common, it’s starting to become a generational thing, or so it seems.

        6. Yup, and they’re passing down to their descendants dirt, grime, drugs, and too many classic rock albums. Just like rednecks, except with less guns and more acid.

        7. Around here (vacation hotspot) I often see grannies sporting obviously FRESH tattoos.

      2. Are there no hot latinas in el paso? Seems like you should be able to jump the border to find petite traditional mexican babes who would value an american passport.

        1. Oh, this is the Permian Basin area around Midland/Odessa we are talking about. But it so happens I’m an El Paso native, and I’m happy to report thats, outside of UTEP feminazis and military wives, the area still has very beautiful women.

        2. I do have a pretty good job over here in construction, especially considering how the rest of the economy went belly up with the oil bust. Like a good whore, I’m in it for the money. But eventually I’ll be moving back.

      3. Well you do live in a state with what 5 of the fattest cities in it? Are you in Austin, because I’ve heard that it’s very liberal compared to the rest of Texas?

        1. It was a good movie overall, but the blook is better. And yes, the folks over here are still bashing crazy over Permian and Midland Lee, but not as much.

      4. HS girls? Sixteen is AOC in my state! But, maybe the HS girls where I’m at aren’t as hot. My human resources manager who i thought was late 20s, early 30s turned out to have a 26 year old daughter. And she is head and. Shoulders more attractive than many HS girls I’ve seen lately

    4. Your alternative is that everything came from nothing, for no particular reason and you have the gall to insult Christians as worshipping a sky daddy.
      Youve already answered your own question, fringe.
      Atheists have much in common with satanists, secularists, communists, traitors, child molesters, feminists, faggots, and serial killers, and NONE of the positive qualities faithful and trustworthy men have.
      If you have to ask, youll never know.

      1. I don’t know about that. Josh Duggar and a good portion of the Catholic clergy beg to differ.

      2. Atheism has nothing to do with Big Bang Theory or Theory of Evolution.
        Oh wait, it’s you. How ya been troll? Can’t wait for you to say that socialism is a religion again.

    5. “Ermagerhd yer sky daddy is so fake. Now listen to me rage incessantly why,” all the fauxatheists ever, incessantly raging against something they claim not to believe in.

      1. Well when Christians make laws that limit the freedoms of others based on irrational beliefs, atheists and others are more than justified in “raging against” religion.

        1. True, but at this point there aren’t very many “Christian” laws that limit freedom (prostitution, drugs, and in some states gambling) although some atheist have argued those should be illegal as well.
          The media over-dramatizes Christian laws (eg: HB2 in NC didn’t stop private corporations from allowing transgendered in any bathroom they want to – just not public ones – and its not really much of a limit of freedom anyway – pass a bill that says I have to use the women’s room or piss on the grass outside and see how much I care) while downplaying the nutjob laws from Muslim society.
          As someone who has gone deist after being raised in an uber Christian household, I tend to just ignore them (social right). At least they tend to try to do stuff at the state and local level while the left forces their religion down all 50 states at once typically – usually through un-elected courts.

        2. Ha ha ha ha…. He thinks Christians have limited his freedoms.
          Nuh, bruh.
          And, Atheists don’t impress me by raging against religions that won’t, yknow, chop their heads off, throw them from buildings, etc., etc., etc. like, yknow, the “Religion of Peace” does.
          Until you rage against them, you’re just not impressing anyonw.

        3. So fighting against gay marriage and stopping evolution from being taught in schools isn’t limiting the rights and freedoms of others?

        4. I like the part where you pretend Christians are still fighting against gay marriage and are stopping evolution from being taught in schools when gay marriage is the law of the land and evolution is still being taught in schools.
          I like that almost as much as your pissing yourself in ragerageragerage over a God you don’t believe in but won’t shut the hell up about.
          I mean, I don’t believe in unicorns but I’m not having cows over disproving them to others.
          Your tears are delicious!

        5. Has or is anyone changing laws or fighting to limit the rights and freedoms of others based on the belief in unicorns? No.
          Your ignorance is amusing.

        6. Those Christian assholes! There should be sodomite anal sex, drugs, gambling and pederasty everywhere! Children should be taught unproven nonsense as facts! HOW DARE THEY?

        7. Nope.
          You know how much evolution affects the modern study of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine? Not a damn bit. You still have to experiment and observe. It is literally inessential scientific knowledge, even if true.
          And if you think gay marriage is about gay marriage you’re not as red pill as you claim.

    6. 1) I have no problem with atheists who want to improve their lives. Unfortunately I’ve observed that most atheists, progressives, feminists, and homosexuals prefer kvetching over self-improvement.
      2) Atheists seem to protest too much God or gods that they claim don’t exist.

      1. 1) That’s fine.
        2) Atheists protest God and religion because laws and (moral) codes are passed based on those beliefs, such as gay marriage.

        1. ” laws and (moral) codes are passed based on those beliefs”
          If there is no ultimate standard of Truth, then ‘good’ and ‘evil’ have no meaning, and anything and everything is permitted.

        2. Fixed it: “Atheists selectively protest a certain God and SOME religions because…”
          Well, the because is called “inconsistency.”
          Or have you protested Shintoism, Buddhism, and Islam of late?

        3. Buddhism is and atheistic religion, they don’t believe in a “god”. Also, Buddhists aren’t restricting the rights of others and trying to get evolution banned from being taught in schools.
          Fuck Islam.

        4. I don’t want this to be a Red Herring debate, but here goes:
          -Humans uses empathy and the Golden Rule to establish moral codes.
          -We set up rules that pertain to circumstances and we judge actions based on those circumstances and rules. That’s where “good and evil” come from.
          -We can change the rules (moral codes) if we want to.
          “good’ and ‘evil’ have no meaning, and anything and everything is permitted.”
          -Then why don’t you go around raping and killing???

        5. “-Humans uses empathy and the Golden Rule to establish moral codes.
          -We set up rules that pertain to circumstances and we judge actions based
          on those circumstances and rules. That’s where “good and evil” come
          So why are people like Hitler, Mao, and Stalin considered ‘evil’?
          “”good’ and ‘evil’ have no meaning, and anything and everything is permitted.”
          -Then why don’t you go around raping and killing???”
          Because I know there is a God (that is, who embodies Truth, Perfection, and Purity) who will judge me at the end of time for what I do.

        6. “So why are people like Hitler, Mao, and Stalin considered ‘evil’?”
          Because their actions go against the most popular morality. Killing is seen as bad because it goes against what humans want and the well-being of people.
          -People in a society don’t want to be killed.
          -Society makes a moral code saying killing is bad.
          -Hitler kills people, therefore he is bad.
          -Society then makes a moral code that killing bad people (like Hitler) is good.
          – Person X kills Hitler
          – Person X is a good person.
          “Because I know there is a God”
          – Well I’m going to need proof. And if you have irrefutable proof (of God) why are not the most famous person in the world?

        7. You do realize that the sole reason gay marriage took this long to be legalized was because of Christianity right?
          But do go on (being moronic).

        8. Gay mafia is actually forcing people to lose livelihoods, but you gays claim to be oppressed.
          Bitch, please…

        9. I’m against the gay mafia doing that as well.
          “but you gays claim to be oppressed.”
          – Never said I was gay, don’t know how you thought I was.
          You have a private profile, so I’m just going to assume you’re a troll.

        10. Given how you whine about gay atheists suffering from “muh oppressins” in a country that oppresses neither, it’s clear you are.
          Private profile is to protect from you trolls. …A girl can’t be to careful these days.

        11. Wow, just wow.
          If you really are a woman, that explains can’t you can’t grasp simple logical concepts.
          Never said I was gay, and I said I was against the “gay mafia”.

        12. Reallt, It’s ok that you are…
          And based on your comment to me, so much for the moral code touted in your profile.

    7. Both sides of the coin are each beliefs. Only one side is delusional enough thinking lacking of observation equals logic and belief is fact.
      Atheists can be rather reckless / short term / instant gratification / carnal / place faith in material things and men / mutable.
      For anyone that is rather grounded, any of the above qualities in a person are red flags. It’s not often encounter an atheist that doesn’t go for at least a few fundamental screwed up ideologies. What I’ve always wondered, with atheist being so logical and well read…why are they never really able to appreciate the Bible simply from the perspective of the humanities?

    8. Because we of the Red Pill/neomasculinity have become more religious since the Syrian migrant crisis and the Bataclan attack.

    9. Unfortunately, atheist tend to have a religion called big government / environment (especially women atheist) and tend to be leftist nut jobs. Exceptions abound but generally atheist vote Democrat ~70%.

      1. I’m an atheist and I voted for Trump. Theism and political ideologies are completely different.

        1. Like I said, exceptions abound (I’m a deist, which is closer to atheist than a typical religion) but the facts are the facts.
          Atheists or otherwise non-religious voted 68:26 for Clinton, 70:26 for Obama in ’12, 75:23 for Obama in 08, 67:31 for Kerry, and 61:30 for gore

          This doesn’t break it out by gender but I think its safe to say if you looked at females for the #s I just quoted, you could add another 10-15 points for the Democrat candidate and for males subtract 10-15 points (just going by typical male:female party voting pattern and personal experience) which puts atheist women voting Democrat roughly 8-9:1 (vs 2:1 to 5:3 for atheistic men)

    10. Because a woman who is traditionally conservative and religious will by and large be a much higher quality woman than some “strong, empowered wymnnnzzz atheist sarcastic fat-is-beautiful” type. That’s why. Almost all of modern atheism is based on weak minded kids accepting a what a few snarky professors tell them in college anyway, so it’s not like it’s some intellectual separating of the wheat from the chaff.

        1. Right, sure. Except, that’s not how it works in real life. “Can” does not mean “it happens”. Women “can” also value holding onto horse manure, but it’s doubtful you’re going to find many that do.

        2. “Except, that’s not how it works in real life.” Why not?
          I will never ever understand this thinking. Maybe I’m just hoping the masses will magically realize what they actually want and not what a book tells them.

        3. Your belief is no more substantial than that of a theist, you’ve just been trained to think that it is.

        4. My belief? In God, or that the masses will magically realize what they want for themselves and not what some book says?
          I’m an atheist, I have no belief in a god, and I don’t believe any of the gods presented exist.

        5. Which you have no way to prove nor disprove. Ergo, you’re working on faith as well.
          Which is fine, just recognize it for what it is and move on with life.

    11. Atheists are generally angry, whiny and cunty. I don’t think the author necessarily meant “atheist” as a requirement for Woman A, but rather a tendency of the type Woman A gets filed under. Look at Woman A having all or just some of the listed tendencies. I know some atheists that are fine people but that’s like maybe 3 out of the 100+ that I’ve met.

    12. Well, you guys make yourselves pretty odious and that doesn’t help. Beginning a conversation with “[email protected]#$ your deeply held beliefs’” doesn’t usually lead to a positive response. But I guess that’s what you’re going for.

      1. Belief in what, a god that advocates rape, murder, genocide, and slavery?
        Who also doesn’t change according to the Bible?

  8. My man is on the short side. I don’t like wearing heels (not that he’s ever requested NOT to wear them). It’s a win-win.

    1. Oh wow, look: a woman who ignores all the substantive issues and just makes it all about her. Shocking.

  9. To the author: I thinks it’s gross to post a picture of young teens girls in bikinis on here.
    Try sticking with women.
    ETA: And if anyone bitches at me, imagine if this was one of your daughters on some men’s site. I am sure some will think, “I would never let MY daughter wear a bikini!” But guess what, teenaged girls will change from their conservative tank suit into a bikini when she gets to a friend’s house. She’s just being a stupid teenager having fun with her girlfriends, not some slutty minx that deserves to be gaped at on some men’s site.

        1. They were probably banned for acting like fools.
          I don’t think everyone here hates me, though.
          Maybe I am wrong.
          If enough people flag me, I am sure I will be banned, so have at it…I am not gonna cry.

    1. Except they are whores in training…. which is why this they are posed and photographed like whores in training. Just “fun” my ass.

      1. They are mostly trying to emulate models in fashion magazines…they are not looking to get laid.

        1. First you wrote it was “having fun”, and then it was “model emulation.”.
          But let me clarify, since you have a mental block…. whores.

        2. That IS a picture of young teen girls having fun together and NOT posing for THIS site.
          YOU said they were “whore in training” because of how they are looking and posing. They are obviously copying model poses they have seen in a magazine or website.
          See…you can have both, or is that too many steps for you? Or would you have preferred them facing forward, so you could see both their breasts AND a crotch shot?
          I would tell you to get your mind out of the gutter, but that would probably be too complex for you to handle.

  10. I was dating a gal a few years ago who said her extra weight was due to a thyroid problem. I accepted that until I saw her shoveling slices of rich cream pie into her mouth. I wanted to take the plate away while saying “Here, let me help you with that thyroid problem.” She didn’t even try. These days I spend time bettering myself in a gym, so I expect any future mate to care just as much about being in better shape as I do. If not, then I’ll stay single and be fine with it.

    1. I am a female with a thyroid problem. I lost maybe 10 pounds when I started taking medication, which is about average. So ANYONE says they are fat due to a thyroid problem, they are just using excuses.

      1. I have been taking hormones for a thyroid problem for about ten years. I am now down to only one, a synthetic thyroid hormone, as they have given up on trying to make my thyroid work. I am fat. But I am fat because I don’t get any exercise and I eat too much for my activity level. Being old doesn’t help with putting on weight. I own my own shit, which most women don’t and won’t.

    2. Come to think of it, I knew a girl who said the same thing. She said she struggled with weight due to thyroid issues.And later I noticed that her #1 hobby was baking. She was constantly baking things for others and of course making a little extra to test the product. And then I noticed she tested the shit out of the product all day every day.

  11. Just today, I was driving within reasonable speed to keep the speed limits.
    A creature known as fat white ugly American female with triple chin and another
    cunty looking white female (possibly her daughter or friend) makes angry
    and finger and hand gestures. It was obvious and visible from the central
    mirror. So she passes me and cuts me off very sudden and fast motion without even making blinking turn signal and I had to stop and brake my car suddenly and
    she screams WTF and flicks me off, yells that I’m ‘rapist’ and speeds off.
    So I chase her off and we both come to stop light where she looks scared
    and as soon as green light hits, she flips me off and drive fast sudden
    and she almost hit a person.
    Few hours later, I”m chatting with a foreign overseas Russian student
    in the bookstore and we have nice pleasant conversation even with her broken
    What a CONTRAST between white American females and foreign women.
    It’s a pity to see that ugly feminists cunts thinking that they will get
    a man to notice them. A 300 lbs feminists thinking that rejecting a 6’0″ man
    will just stroke her ego. Repulsive, sad, funny and disturbing all at the same time.

    1. She was an idiot, but you are an idiot for chasing her off. She might have a gun, or some cop takes you to jail because he just sees you are driving like a madman after a couple females.

    2. When I was about 26, a hag in the office at my then work told me in general conversation that I wasn’t tall enough for her taste. I told her I was 6 feet, which (even now in this age of plenty) is above average.
      She said her “last boyfriend was 6.2.”
      She was in her late 40s and had skin like a fucking aligator, and she’s busting my balls over 2 inches of height.
      … I wasn’t interested anyway btw. This was unsolicited advice

      1. I would reply… “Inches are rewarded generously elsewhere” …then grin, gulp my coffee and walk away.

      2. I don’t understand this at all. A former friend was a fat 5’7 and she was rejecting men who were 5’10 because they were “too short.” When I questioned her requirements, she said “I want someone who will make me feel feminine!” LOL I stopped talking to her because I felt so disgusted and embarrassed when she would shovel high fat food into her mouth while we were in public.
        My husband is 6’2 and I’m 5’4. I would have been interested in him if he was 5’9 because that is still several inches taller than I. I admit that I prefer men who are taller than I am but I don’t need a giant. My husband’s height was just icing on the cake when we met.

      3. Strange this old hag was giving you a shit test and you weren’t even chasing her. I wouldn’t have even defended myself saying I’m 6 ft. I would’ve just said, “So what?”

  12. I think the major reason why many women want tall men is because they think, mistakenly, that the taller a guy is, the longer the guy is. I’ve heard that from enough women to realize that this is a prevalent line of reasoning among the, um, fairer sex.

    1. I think its looking up to a “leader” alpha/etc or some ugly 7 ft guy would be all the rage.

        1. That’s not my insecurity but I would confirm that women are fixated on that. I’ve overheard women talking about their “disappointment” when they discovered the taller male with deep voice had smaller package. Friend zoned.

        2. “Friend zoned”…..doesn’t sound like much of a friend if she is talking about the size of his package in a demeaning way.
          My wife often remarks how I would not let her be my friend and get to know her more casually. I agreed, but then I noted she is my wife now, and not any of those supposed “friends” from college.

        3. I haven’t fucked 100 guys or shat out babies either, but I would say that your bar hags are more like Bob describes.

        4. Yeah, if you meet anyone whose social live revolves around going to bars (those goes for both genders), they are probably not marriage material, at least in the long-term.

    2. If some chick is bragging about how big her BF’s cocks is, she needs to shut her damn whore mouth.
      Unless a guy legitimately has a micro-peen, most guys are fine and that whole thing that females only want monster cocks is a myth.

      1. Sure. If most women had a choice between seven inches or more, or an average size, the vast majority would take that five-incher. You betcha.

        1. I think they should, haha. Honestly, if a genie came and said I can look like I am 20 again, but I had to have the same mind-set of a 20-year-old, I would take a pass. I was an idiot.
          I think a lot of problems that men on here have is that they go for the pretty young girls, then these girls grow up and change, and the guys are left wondering, what happened?? Go ahead and bang someone half your age, but don’t marry them!!

        2. I agree with that one – bang but don’t marry. More on the size thing. The only guys who ever hear the truth about women’s size preferences, are guys who are packing. That’s just how it is. Most guys are average, so, they don’t hear the truth about that from women. Most women prefer larger equipment. They view a big one as the Holy Grail. Similar to bagging a rich guy. Since most males are average or small, if a woman told her average-sized boyfriend that she was a big-cock worshipper, it would be like setting fire to the relationship. It would also shrink her pool of potential suitors, because smaller guys don’t want to date women who prefer big dicks. It all makes sense.

      2. You protest too much. A big dick isn’t a deal breaker for many women looking for a relationship, but it’s something most women refer when getting banged on a fling.

    3. All penises will get women pregnant. As long as you’re healthy, exercise, and stay off excessive fat, you’re golden. Or are rich like Mick Jagger, which means you can impregnate 29 year old hotties at will.

    4. Vanity, too. A big woman like above will appear smaller next to a tall man. She’s 5’10” and overweight. She’ll look and feel like a house standing next to a slim or even average built 5’10” man.

      1. So why not just lose the weight? Women are trying to make it about height differential to mask their weight.

        1. I don’t know. It suggests woman do still want to be “smaller” ie the submissive weaker sex maybe? Excess weight has become almost a badge of honor among women. Like a test, or an act of rebellion. It’s unhealthy of course, but also unattractive. I think creating beauty is an essential part of a woman’s mandate. I’m quickly becoming the minority voice in my gender though, especially within my generation.

        2. Back to your example, male and female same height 5’10. What if instead the female was 135 lbs, and the male 175 lbs? She won’t look like a house next to him. She would look slender and elegant.

        3. Not in heels she wouldn’t. Still, that’s a better situation but much less than ideal. Anecdote: this year a 5’5″ friend, very aggressive and strong minded girl, broke up with her loyal 5’8″ bf in favor of a 6’2″ man with a horrible reputation because, “he has big arms and I feel safe when he holds me.” See what I mean? This girl is an absolute tyrant but she wanted to feel dominated and small.

        4. I have dated women one inch taller. Your question sounds very beta. Or are you overweight female?

        5. Women only have 1/3 the upper body strength of men. Even same height the male is much more powerful.

        6. You’re funny, verified account! 🙂 No, I’m not overweight. Why would I criticise women who allow themselves to gain excess weight if I was fat, too? I’m 5’4″ 106, so just about every man seems big to me. Being with the taller woman didn’t feel awkward?

        7. Men go for the petite ballerina type, the taller super model type. Height requirements are driven by females mostly. Although I’ve heard it can be lonely for women over 6ft.

        8. A woman taller than me would have to be 6’4″. I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman taller than me actually, in real life.

        9. Height requirements driven by females, mostly. Weight requirements driven by males, mostly. Or were required. Men, present company excluded, dont seem to be requiring as strongly as they once did. I wonder why. But otherwise, got it. And I do see the injustice, yes.

        10. I had a girlfriend once that did it out of rebellion. She was skinny and good looking. 3 months in, she started working at McDonalds, 5 months in, I confronted her about gaining weight. At 7 months, I broke up with her. Women are strange.

        11. I’m 6’6″, average women are actually kind of awkwardly short for me. I would love to find a 6’2″ hottie, but usually women over 5’8″ or so are just big fucking cows.

    5. Eh, I think it’s kind of hard wired into them. The bigger guy, in the “wild state” is probably going to better be able to fight off wild animals or invaders. Women doting on “tall” has been omnipresent in literature and plays since, like, forever.

      1. That, too – no doubt. But I’ve talked with enough women to realize they equate tallness with longness. A lot of ’em. Sheesh. I can think of probably 20 or more off the top of my head who admitted that they used this tactic to try and pinpoint a guy with large equipment.
        1) Go to a club and start dancing.
        2) Look for tall guys.
        3) While dancing, check out the tall guys’ equipment by hand – too small, find another guy.
        Women are devious in that department. I gotta give ’em that.

        1. Its easy to spot the older generation of males on ROK. Smartphones and dick pics have been a thing for 10 years now.

      2. That why they like bigger cars too. Women are like in a perpetual fear of death. A lot of thing women do are for the feeling of safety, and that´s why PTSD is more common in women than men, Men get PTSD from things like war. Women get PTSD for being yell in a street by a random hobo who was actually yelling to a tree, where a man will ignore the hobo and continue as is nothing happen.

        1. I agree, but I also think that they’re mind numbingly unaware of actual real danger in the world and walk around oblivious to it. But by golly, they’re scared shitless if you say “No” in a voice louder than a whisper. Such simple creatures.

  13. I was just thinking about this as was cruising an upscale mall in major US city today. So many females wearing the ridiculous high heels 4-5 inches. Do women think that high heels make them look graceful like ballerina on her tip toes? They spend a ton of money on these shoes, several hundred bucks per pair. Its usually wasted effort. If woman is slender she doesn’t need the shoes. If she isn’t slender it doesn’t help her appearance much, just looks like cow trying to clomp around. I don’t get this.

      1. Women are simple creatures. They either want the dad they had, or they want the dad they lacked.

        1. “It’s nothing personal, but I just can’t get past the height difference.”
          “Okay, I’m not looking to be Daddy anyhow.”
          “What are you talking about?! I’m taller than my dad!”
          “You weren’t when you were 7.”

    1. “But I need a guy who’s still taller than me when I wear my sexy heels!”
      “And I prefer someone who views me as something more than an accessory to her outfit.”

    2. There’s nothing wrong with high heels on a pretty girl. They help raise her ass a bit and gives her a “please fuck me” posture, which I rather like. Fat chicks on the other hand shouldn’t even leave the house, let alone be out in heels.

    3. For some of ’em, I think they wear the heels to ward off unwanted attention from short guys.

    4. To me artificial stuff like heels and make-up is rather repulsive.
      I just don’t like it.
      Same thing with mini skirts.
      Women who dress like whores are bad wife material.
      No pumping and dumping, ONS or any sex before marriage for me any more.
      The current generation of young western women consists mostly of entitled whorish narcisistic bitches…
      I’d rather die single than touching one of those females.

    1. “Curvy” does not mean a belly as big as your hips and breasts. Should read “blocky”

    2. Only dates 6’3″ and up. She just eliminated 95% males regardless of all other positive attributes. I will assume that her pic isn’t recent and she weighs over 200lbs in real life. lol

      1. No shit. Even the bottom of the barrell-scraping women now act entitled to top-tier men of the highest caliber. Lotsa luck, sweetheart!

        1. I sadly tried responding to women like this during my early dating years in the hopes that their requests were ideals rather than non-negotiables. In many cases, women such as this were willing to settle for a guy merely slightly taller than they were (in this case, 5’11”).
          The problem is that women such as this, who aren’t total dogs, will easily get at least 2 dozen hits within a day of their first post and this puffs up their egos. If they can get a dozen hits in a day, then why not wait a month for Mr Big to hit on them? They think that 2 dozen 5’s equals a 10.
          One thing you have to say about RoK versus Jezebel is that the men here are a lot more honest than women are with each other. A guy who waits for the perfect woman and is lazy and fat will be checked pretty quickly here but women and their media have no fear about fanning unrealistic expectations.

      2. Ever looked at what it takes to be a succesful sperm donor? You pretty much have to be the Übermensch. Above 6′, jacked, successful, funny, PHD/Masters, titan of industry, etc.

        1. Sperm donation cracks me up. It is the biggest sham around. Women pay thousands to get knocked up and they act like there’s nothing queer or odd about being mechanically shot up with jizz. But then proposition them to just get literally fucked by the profesor over his desk, getting the stuff hot and fresh, cutting out the middle man, cash or maybe free depending on the professor and the dumb bitches are like “eew that’s gross and I’m not like that”. Duuh WTF! You’re not like WHAT? You get a turkey baster and that’s not the most screwed in the head shit? Back in college I once thought of posting on the bulletin board for discount or free knock up jobs. I had no degree but I could do the rubik’s cube in under a munite. What more proof would a woman need that my POW could have her twat circling the moon with a junior astronaut?
          But invitro is bullshit. Plus frozen sperm in mice tests had abnormal growth and premature aging and cost thousands. What dumb women. And if her cuck husband got his sorry ass a vasectomy and is shooting blanks, the child won’t even be his. It’s all just just a bunch of very expensive medical patchwork that won’t do a thing to fix a very very sexually messed up generation. Invitro fertilization is right down there with sex change operations. More total insanity.
          I also propositioned these two dykes at my college workplace for a threesome once. They said the same thing. “Eeew thas so gross”. WTF? They make out in their car in front of the business and hug and smooch in the break room – – and THAT’S not strange? It’s the brainwashed types that have instructs to not breed and not cross gender to getting male dick that piss me off. They flaunt the lez behavior openly in public. I can’t resist opening two lezzies when they’re hanging out and kissing in public. It just doesn’t look right without a DICK MAN in the middle.

        2. Or a good liar if they don’t check. 🙂
          But no man in his right mind should ever donate sperm, even to a clinic. It is only a matter of time before “anonymous” sperm donors start getting hit up for child support.

        3. The quibble in this case is that this guy didn’t bother to donate sperm under medical supervision, as is the law in Kansas and most states.
          My prediction is far more bleak. I believe that sometime within our lifetimes, an “anonymous” sperm donor who provides sperm under medical supervision will be held liable for child support by some crooked judge someday, in spite of laws that currently shield donors from the same.

      3. As someone who likes to look for easy solutions, I say we encourage such women to go even higher and eliminate even more men from their prospective LTR list… at least until they hit menopause. 🙂

    3. She’d actually be good-looking if she worked out and shed a good 40 pounds. But this is probably her “good” picture from 2005, so who knows?

      1. Oh I’ve been “Tinder baited” before myself. Girls are notorious for posting older pics from when they were NIGHT AND DAY thinner, prettier, and younger. I once was so aghast by what ended up meeting me at a restaurant I felt like asking her “Are you sitting on someone?”!

        1. Experienced the same as far as photos, but also I notice a lot of profiles that indicate age 35 and above, add 5 to 10 years to get their real age.

        2. I encountered a man who met a woman from some online site for a first date at the bar I was at that day. She was short (no worry) but also overweight and had a bitch attitude. He cut the “date” short pretty quickly, she left, and then he showed us (me and a couple of my buddies) the picture on her profile. The profile pic was her, but clearly 10+ years ago, she was thin, and she looked happy. It was hard to even tell that it was the same person who had just stomped out of the bar. To his credit, the guy basically gave her the heave ho after one courtesy drink. Girls doing that shit are utter cunts, it’s amazing that they think that they can get by with it.

        3. Years ago my brother met this chick on a local dating site, turns out she lived in his neighborhood. Same deal, he showed up to meet her and she weighed a good 300. More than twice what her pics showed. He basically told her he wasn’t into fat chicks and she accused him of being shallow. So he says, “Yeah, well at least I’m not dishonest”, and walked away.

        1. It’s the restaurant anxiety thing. She wants a 6’3″+ man next to her to make her look petite from a distance and because she lacks the social skill to hurl comebacks to people who stare. She couldn’t handle walking into a place like these two and own the room.

          It takes a confident character presence to carry yourself whoever you are. The ‘seeking 6’3″ lady’ would cringe and hide in public and then nit pick and bitch out some poor shorter guy for his lack of height being to blame for her reciprocal lack of quality. I’ve seen confirmed stupid low I.Q. women who are super conformist to the system and who blindly follow the law. They jab their kids abusively to not stick out and to conform like goddamn sheep, to be stupid and ununique thinkers like her. These are mothers where the father declines to rule her with the rod and allows her to run her irritating flapper while he remains silent. The result is bitchy bitch raised kids that parrot their mother’s dominant bitching.
          If that woman thinks that only a super tall guy can validate her, then she’s just a dumb piece of meat. A lot of women can’t think for themselves and in most cases they don’t even know who they themselves fucking are. THE MAN has to bang the patriarchal drum in his castle and keep his bitches dancing, not dominating with their blithering conformist babble.

      1. I’m sure it involves air conditioning, social media, selfies and lots of hashtags. Don’t work too hard now!

    4. And she says she’s sarcastic as well. In other words she going to be a total cunt to you and expect you to lap it up.
      Sarcasm in small does and in the right context can be used for playful banter but it’s often used by narcissists as a means of aggression.

      1. “Yeah, go ahead and hang out with your buddies anyways! I’ll be ok by myself!”
        Or “Omigosh, girlfriend, you look so cute with that dress!” Turns around…”What a skank!”

      2. Their “Fluent in sarcasm” supposed selling point is simply another bullshit line in their current copycat arsenal.

        1. It’s more like fluent in sarcasm on her terms…the second its sarcasm she doesn’t like, she becomes fluent in crazybitch…

        2. I really don’t know where that comes from, truly. Does anybody really like sarcasm and snark? It seems like the lowest humor because no one makes a joke. It’s like contempt with fake laughter on top. Even mean spirited humor tells an actual joke.

    5. The 32 has to be a lie. Average stock at best. Fuck 40 / 50 year olds burn her bad if half take care of self. What’s with floppy dames and tank tops?

    6. > Over 6’3″
      Unless she’s looking for PEOTUS Trump (6’3″), Jared Hasselhoff of the Bloodhound Gang(6’5″) or Shaq O’Neal (7’1″), she’ll be looking for a long time.

    7. I mean in all fairness, she is 5’10. I can understand tall chicks wanting a taller man…

      1. That’s part of the problem so many thirsty betas groveling before anything with tits in america now.

    8. If she was truly “curvy”, she wouldn’t be wearing a loose top in order to camouflage her flabby midsection. Jessica looks like a fat giant with wrinkles.

  14. I’m 5’8 and have never had this problem. All of the girls i’ve met who are concerned with height were ugly as sin .

    1. You need to get out more. Plenty of hot girls don’t like you because you are ONLy 5’8.

        1. you realize security doesn’t generally handle admission right? I just kicked people out, It also works in daily life. Maybe instead of getting on here second guessing me you should go out and put some work in on yourself

        2. No, I wouldn’t consider myself a looker at all. Never tried to dress up, never spit game, never used alcohol. Perhaps I had confidence from knowing how to defend myself but beyond that I’m nothing out of the ordinary.

    2. Never really heard of this myself come to think of it. OK, so I’m also tall but so what? I’ve always been of the mind that a man’s presence doesn’t have a thing to do with his height.
      I’m reminded of the one black kid in my first university (full of otherwise asians :-D). He, of course, was a basketball player. Super tall…. supposedly. I say this because the guy shall we say… wasn’t exactly very tough. 😀 One day he managed to get a Palestinian mad at him (not hard to do). The guy was a short one. And if that little guy didn’t rip him a new one! The good news is I had some pals that were closer and stepped in to break it up. (Personally I wanted to step on the little Palestinian bug.)
      Now, don’t get me wrong, I liked the guy. Good sense of humor and was nice guy all around. But being tall isn’t an immediate ticket to having a backbone… or having any kind of presence. When you need to get your ass saved by 3 much shorter guys…. tall just doesn’t mean so much.

      1. Apparently to the people replying besides you it does but then again they probably thing game is purely appearance based haha. This site has been going down hill of late with men doing alot of bashing on other men and people supporting the ideas being expressed here, it’s sad.

  15. It’s a massive double standard when a guy can tell another guy to loose some weight to attract women but if I said that to a female friend I would look like a bitch. If women really wanted their friends to get hot guys they would advise them on how to look better, including losing weight. But women are competitive as a group. So when you think about it, supporting a female in the group who wants to love her fat body just means less competition for men because really, the only people who are rallying behind this fat is beautiful bullshit is other women. Anyone with half a brain knows that men aren’t going to change what they find attractive because of fat acceptance. And it’s women who initiated fat acceptance, not men. Hmmmmmm. It’s actually kind of brilliant. Thinning out the competition under the context of promoting self esteem and positive body image.

    1. I should clarify that by women being competitive as a group I’m referring to single women and their groups of single female friends. Competing for attractive men.

    1. What I find amusing about this cartoon is the cruelty expressed by the women. The men rejecting the lesser attractive woman usually try to be gentle and responsible about it. It’s his preference but the women seek to dehumanize the man to blame him for her rejection.
      This also possibly ties into Rush Limbaugh’s saying about feminism in how ugly women support feminism to make them more pretty: That by not needing a man and becoming a single mother, they can escape rejection from men but in addition to that, ugly women feel rejected by WOMEN. Women are very catty about appearance and fashion and the women project this rejection onto men.

      1. Notice how the female figure in the lower right is the shortest female and she’s the one accusing him of short man syndrome.

    2. Good cartoon — and everyone knows it’s true.
      The idea that women are the more sensitive sex is garbage. These days they’re frequently heartless.

  16. why waste your time on worrying what heavy women think? I, and you, are concerned about bangable women..

  17. Men criticize women on what can be changed: their addiction to social media, their attitude, their weight. Women criticize men on what cannot be changed: their height, their hair (e.g. lack of), their “endowment.”

  18. Is being athletic really an attractive trait in women? I’m not into fatties, but I do like women with boobs, you know.

    1. Prior to kids, absolutely. They will put on weight.if they start out with boobs they will end up fat

    2. I agree. Runners body is not so attractive. Girls with “average” body size/shape need only go to the gym and work on her ass shape and posture.

  19. As a 5’5 man I have seen the worst in women. But there are other things to worry about. There are things I can reject them for. The look on a single mom when she gets rejected by a short overweight( I’m working on it) black male is worth it every time.

  20. Maybe if the hooker heels were not so bloody high, there would be less of a problem. Perhaps if stayed on knees more would notice all guys are rather tall.
    Anyhow the fat thing. Truth in the article. It’s not just the physical arghh…the lifestyle, attitude, and personality that goes with it. Lack of pride, self respect. Delusions about minds of earth morphing to see the supposed beauty. Shaming of those that can’t be bothered or browbeat into submission of ” what’s on the inside ” counts. Them acting cunty with women that did not fuck themselves off. Being in general no better then a drug addict in perspective. Spending overt money on diets and shit as mental band aids. Obsessed with trends and fashion. Endless addressing of every superficial issue, blame shifting every failure.

  21. It’s getting brutal over at ESPN’s Capital One Bowl Mania. Yesterday there were four games on tap. Three of them resulted in major upsets. Your old Uncle Bob took two in the chin, losing a measly 4-point wager and a pretty large 27-point wager, but he countered with a tiny 1-point win and a whopping 37-point winner on a massive underdog. I’m now in 686th place out of what I believe to be over 1 million entries. As you can see by the screen shot below, I am sitting right behind the guy in No. 50 position, only 82 points behind, while having a whopping 201 more confidence points left to wager on the remaining 19 games. The problem is, about a thousand guys behind me are going to get lucky and correctly pick what will be the equivalent of the winning Powerball numbers, and pass me up easily. But hey, I knew that going in. This is just like the lottery, for 99.99% of the contestants. If I can somehow manage to finish in the Top 1%, that would be a major coup, and right now I’m in the Top 0.20%, meaning I have more points than at least 998 out of every 1000 entries. (Click the image below to see how I compare to the No. 50 entry.)

  22. Well…it’s getting brutal over at ESPN’s Capital One Bowl Mania. Yesterday there were four games on tap. Three of them resulted in major upsets. Your old Uncle Bob took two in the chin, losing a measly 4-point wager and a pretty large 27-point wager, but he countered with a tiny 1-point win on a big underdog and a whopping 37-point winner on a massive underdog. I’m now in 686th place out of what I believe to be over 1 million entries. As you can see by the screen shot below, I am sitting right behind the guy in No. 50 position, only 82 points behind, while having a whopping 201 more confidence points left to wager on the remaining 19 games. The problem is, about a thousand guys behind me are going to get lucky and correctly pick what will be the equivalent of the winning Powerball numbers, and pass me up easily. But hey, I knew that going in. This is just like the lottery, for 99.99% of the contestants. If I can somehow manage to finish in the Top 1%, that would be a major coup, and right now I’m in the Top 0.20%, meaning I have more points than at least 998 out of every 1000 entries. (Click the images below to see how I compare to the No. 50 entry.)

  23. A short guy who learns to manage women can fare very well when he displays alpha prestige and when he commands a platform where he makes the ultimate call. Notice in this vid the tall women who play footsie with the taller men while the shorter emcee in the blue jacket controls the stage. The emcee could take one woman after another, slinking between them like a darter fish and scooping his favored dish.

  24. My experience is that women taller than me are generally more forgiving, if that’s the right word, about height differences. It’s women roughly the same height or, worse, shorter by a bit, who are the most insecure about their partner’s height, and of course, project like the Bat signal about it.

    1. Easy: because short women are insecure about their own height, therefore the taller the man, the more they feel validated. Even if it looks like a chihuahua dating a Great Dane.

      1. I find women are also insecure about their shoe size. The smaller, the better. I once busted on this girl calling her Sasquatch.

  25. – How tall are you ?
    – 6’3”, How Heavy are you ?
    – Excuse me ?
    Hypocrisy, today’s goal standard.

    1. The reality is that in america now if males had weight requirement for women like less than 125lbs, no females would qualify.

  26. As a 5’4″ guy I can tell you that a girl will NEVER, EVER come on to a male my height. I must always make the first move and even then my success rate is low. Even girls shorter then me want guys 6′ and over.

    1. Girls never come on to guys unless they are rockstar millionaires. You are selling yourself short (pun intended). Success rate is low (pun intended) for most.

      1. Well…. I’m trying to think back to the my US days now. (Hard to do once you’ve left, believe me.) I seem to recall being propositioned quite a bit in college. But usually they were under the “not really women” category. I think the worst time was at a sorority function. Apparently that worked just like a meat market, except all the “women” were ugly. 😀
        Unless we’re talking asians. I got some from them and they weren’t ugly. 😉
        Europe is another thing entirely however. Asians are alright in the US, probably because they usually are thin. After here though, no thanks!! My only regret is not getting the heck over here 10 years sooner. 😉

    2. Don’t let the ones who reject you get to your head. Focus on the women who will give you the time of day. I’m not concerned about the women who turn me down, because I’m already talking to other women that interest me. Plus, if she has standards in a partner that can’t be changed, well so can I.
      I approached this girl in a bar recently, and only a few lines in she tells me “Sorry, I have a 6 foot rule”.
      To which I replied “I get it, I mean, I tend to go for younger women really”.
      Yeah, her drink ended up on my shirt, but it was still worth it. Heck, it even provided conversation material for the other women I approached afterward.

      1. “To which I replied “I get it, I mean, I tend to go for younger women”.
        Good job. ANYTIME a woman attempts to put down a man with snarky BS when he’s attempting to break the ice this is an example of what to say. Every woman no matter her level of hotness is self conscious of her appearance. You don’t have to take shit off them, let em have it back.
        I usually don’t try picking up fat women but it was worth a try.(doesn’t matter if she’s not fat, it works anyway)
        Hung up on yourself a little? I usually go after better looking women, have a nice day.(doesn’t matter if she’s a 10 it still gets to her)
        You will find that saying things like that when they are being snarky will drive most women crazy and after you walk away some will follow.
        Don’t ever just accept a put down.

        1. Proverbs 16:18, “Pride goeth before destruction”. That is exactly what is happening to slutty westernized women. From a little girl, they are told they are a princess. They are oogled over from 15 until 30. They become so stuck on themselves that they see no reason to work on any of their domestic talents or positive virtues. When their looks fade, they fade away into bitterness and a house of cats.
          You are doing them a favor by taking them down a notch.

  27. This last screenshot killed me 🙂 If this is not the perfect symbolism of how far double-think has gone I don’t know what is.

  28. Fundamentally, women cannot take responsibility for making decisions or the consequences of her own actions. Thus, rather than lose some fucking weight (her fault she got fat) its your fault for being shallow. Further, rather than make the positive decision to see you again, she will find something immaterially (and imaginatively) wrong with you to justify not seeing you again.
    Women cannot make reliable decisions about who to date. Thus they go for the man that makes them “feel good” rather than the guy that their father would pick (a well educated gentleman, with a good career, well-dressed, well groomed and overall a nice guy who would treat his daughter well).

    1. No doubt, its definitely a crazy world. I think that is the thing that frustrates me the most is when they claim there are no good men out there. Its the ultimate insult, because I know a lot of men (myself in included) who have done a lot of work to better our situations in life and then to still not be a desirable mate to these women. They let the “feel good” aspect run their lives and its a destructive force for almost everyone involved.

      1. Of course, the most accurate statement would be that either good men don’t want them or that they don’t want good men. But the cognitive dissonance effects their mind such that this gets reinterpreted as “there are no good men”.

        1. Women’s definition of “good men” changes with their menstrual cycle. You can’t be a successful CEO one day and then a druggie tatted up punk the next.

  29. I literally (and I use that term literally) generated one of the most massive flame wars on USENET about 20 years ago when I pointed out to a smug American woman who casually rejected short guys that I didn’t want to date an otherwise attractive woman with African American ancestry. She became enraged at my choice calling me racist and evil and a whole slew of PC cucks hopped on the bandwagon. (Hmm, does anyone young here know what a “bandwagon” is? 🙂
    Anyhoo, there are several things that can make women less attractive including their facial features, hair (or lack of it), and general health appearance. Fat is just one factor. I actually would rather have a woman whose slightly on the plump side than an anorexic meth model.
    As Luke points out, women (and men for that matter) can make up for poor genetic luck: Short guys can work out (at the gym), work (game and financial success), and utilize patience. Women can also do the same. I knew several American women who were 7’s but lamented that they couldn’t “find” “men” to ask them out and pay their way. They wanted ideal men who could get 8’s and 9’s to do a lot of legwork to land them. If they had just done 1/10th of the work even the most jaded MGTOW guy here does to meet women, they would have been fine.

  30. As one short guy, great bang of my life said: “I may be vertically challenged, but I’m not horizontally challenged”. He was right! ;P

  31. Every accomplishment a short guy make will be attributed to napoleon
    complex. Everyone will think you are compensating, You are a rich short
    guy, overcompensating, Short body builder overcompensating. Successful
    overcompensating. Taller guys don´t respect you either. I´m 5’7 and
    always dated 5’0 to 5’5 small cute petite girls. I have dated taller
    girl but you can see in her faces the displeasure and discomfort when
    they use high heels and they are taller than you. Especially around
    other women they want to be as far from you as possible. You become invisible around other taller guys. Even if the girl reach your height using heels you are still to short. it´s seems that women in her mind believe that their actual height is her using heels, it´s strange when they remember things or event even imaging things her self imagine always add the height of the heels as if unconsciously they believe to be as tall as a super model when they are not. And it´s true women are retards estimating height, distance and every other measurements (ask how big a dick should be and they would say porn star proportion), I have encounter girls that think that they are taller than me or remember me shorter, In her mind you either are tall or a midget. But when she stand, it turns out that I was taller and some even taller than her with heels and they get mad as how you dare to be taller, Height if for guys who makes my pussy wet you manlet. Go back to the shrine, hobbit.

    1. What’s unusual is that with assortive mating shorter females should be matching up with shorter males. But shorter females reject shorter males, and would rather share taller males even if it means getting pumped and dumped. Then they claim there are no good men out there.

      1. Hypergamy it´s true, better to be part of the king harem than to be the monogamous wife of a peasant. I have fucked and dumped a number o single mothers, today I reject them too. The dads of the kids were always taller macho type dudes, They were trying to apply to me the alpha fuck and the beta bucks tactic. I heard that in a society of unregulated sex where hypergamy is rampant. Women went for the top 10% of male to be impregnated but because this men are on high demand those men usually does not get into relationships their are only good for their genes. So women have no problem having kids with them, that´s why the tingles. Women evolve to seek the better genes. But what about the other 90% well before unregulated sex the other 90% get what was left, older or uglier women and the single mother or believing that the child was his. Civilization was build by the beta men, after the regulated sex every beta male have a pussy, short guys with short girls, Alphas Casanovas were demonized and persecuted, being a player was almost a death sentence, almost all women were married or virgins living with their parent, In the past you had the productivity of the beta guy to advance civilization, With the return of unregulated sex beta men have no motivation to work, when your option are fat unpleasant women, and you are divorce raped, it is easy and cheaper to live alone. That´s why the push for the control of men sexuality (find fat girls attractive, find old hags attractive, is all a social construct), They want your resources but they promise nothing in return, and if you refuse, the ginocentric socialist government will take it from you to give to the women, So in socialist feminist utopia women marry the government.

        1. Pareto principle is on full display with online dating. Shorter males need to post pics standing next to private plane if they want to get noticed.

        2. Yes, I see a documentary about the topic. Some men where shown to some women, and they ask the women, would you date this guy, They change the income and professions of the guys, So a tall handsome blue collar dude have the same rate of attractiveness than a 5ft rich CEO guy, you have to be very wealthy to be considered and older women were less picky than younger women, Young girls goes for the tall dude whatever the income they simple don´t care when they are 19yo. Then they hire two similar and handsome actors, one tall and one short, they use the same clothes the same hairstyle and the same pickup line, The tall guy get more numbers than the short guy, abysmal difference in how women behaved.

        3. Yeah, but as a 6’3″ in shape man, I’m not complaining. Heh.

        4. Cruel as it might sound, I can’t fault women for height preferences. Anyone not driven by desperation has their bottom line on physical attractiveness.

        5. It’s not women having preferences for physical characteristics in men. It’s women having those preferences but turning around and criticizing men for also having preferences, as if that’s wrong and cruel.

        6. How common is that, though? Barring the delusional, people tend to be aware of something approximating their relative level of attractiveness and the consequent range of to whom they can appeal. Almost everyone is a little hypocritical on that point, granted, but fat woman have generally struck me as rather grateful that anyone would have them instead of making lists of “must have” traits. Fat chicks love long term relationships because they are aware of how they managed to snag s sucker who probably could do better if he put in a little effort. On the other hand, fatties might have their egos somewhat inflated because they’ve been laid by someone desperate enough to go for it (probably most men), but they tend to be aware what the score is; it’s easier to find someone for the night than to get a guy who wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen with them in public.

        7. Well- how often do women writers on the internet complain about it or insist men should see beyond the fat? Often.
          What percentage of obese/fat women have the same attitude as folks writing on the internet? Your guess is as good as mine. Other folks have posted online dating profiles with women insisting on specific heights for matches. Is that pretty typical, or unusual? Again, your guess is as good as mine, or maybe better, since I don’t do the online dating/matchup thing.
          I think there is the tendency more and more to forget that the internet writers/complainers/whiners are a small subset of the population. Whether you believe they represent a broader swath of people is a judgment call. I must admit, I do push the keyboard away for periods to try and re-calibrate what I see in real-life with what I read/absorb on the net. Can be the same, often two different worlds entirely.

        8. What I do notice is that there are a lot of short guys that drive big trucks. I get it if the truck is used to haul things as a necessary tool, but to use as a daily commute vehicle or decked out so much that it loses the utility of a truck?

    2. “Taller guys don´t respect you either.”
      I can’t speak for other men, but as a quite tall guy myself… I don’t even see height in other men. Whether or not a guy is impressive is all on him, not on how tall he is.
      Take Putin, he’s short. But I wouldn’t recommend crossing him. 🙂

      1. Is impossible to feel threatened by a short guy. ” In the U.S. population, about 14.5 percent of all men are six feet or over. Among CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, that number is 58 percent.”

        1. Demonstrably false. I saw a 6 foot… 3 plus (he was good amount taller than me) get not only threatened but his ass handed to him. By a pathetic shrimp! So it’s certainly possible. True I wasn’t scared of the shrimp but the other guy sure was. 🙂

        2. Underestimating people is indeed always stupid. You don’t know how much muscle he is hiding underneath his sweater, you don’t know if he is gonna stab you to death when you fuck his woman (I will)

  32. Collectively, if individual women lost 20 lbs, there would be a lot more fuckable women in the West….until the “fatty denial” is rectified, there will always be “slim” pickins! The women 50-100 lbs overweight are lost causes….they should off themselves.

    1. I lived in an America (aka Western nation) back when women did keep their weight down. It was a veritable gold mine of pretty girls.

  33. I instantly became much happier when I followed my own standards if attractiveness and ignored the ‘Shallow Hal’ based influences of cultural Marxism. I don’t fancy obese, snarling self-entitled, uninformed, slutty, masculine, mentally unstable, misandric, bitchy, shallow and smelly women. Period.

    1. That movie was such bullshit that it couldn’t escape it’s own hypocrisy. The point would have been made IF he’d actually seen her as the fat broad she was but fell in love with her. Instead they *had* to make her appear to be a svelte “hot” blonde chick in order for him to like her, because even they knew that no sane man wants some 400 pound blob on his arm.

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