America’s Culture Of Narcissism

I’ve discussed male thirst before and explained why thirsty men are a problem. Today I wish to examine how such thirst can distort male perspective on the reality of maintaining relationships with attractive women.


Marko Jaric is a man who appears to have had a lot going for him. He spent 15 years (1996 – 2011) playing professional basketball, with almost half of those (2002 – 2009) spent in the NBA. It was at this peak of his career that his romantic exploits became the envy of men across the globe. In 2008, Jaric began seriously dating 26 year old Adriana Lima, then a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Lima was herself at the peak of her career – she was one of the world’s most well compensated and well recognized models, and widely considered one of the world’s most beautiful women. They were married in 2009 and she was soon pregnant with her first child (born 2010). A second baby followed in 2012.


Though all seemed well, there was trouble in paradise, and that trouble has come to the fore now:

Former NBA player Marko Jaric and Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima have split after five years of marriage. “After long and careful consideration, we have decided to separate after five years of marriage,” they said in a statement to People. “We are grateful to be the parents of two incredible young daughters that we will continue to co-parent. We would greatly appreciate your respect for our family’s privacy as we begin this delicate next chapter for all members of our family.”

The Serbian media has offered some additional information as to the reasoning for the split:

Brazilian model Adriana Lima has hired a team of lawyers who will divorce her from Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric, because he allegedly cheated on her.

Lima allegedly complained to a friend during filming in Istanbul and the Turkish media immediately carried out this news. It is also said that Adriana is seeking custody of their daughters Valentina and Sijena. She does not want alimony nor the house in which they currently live. “Once I forgave cheating, the second time I will not,” the supermodel supposedly told a friend.


Assuming that Jaric’s infidelity isn’t a fib and had something to do with the split, one can easily predict the response of most men to the news. Most will label Jaric an idiot, and go on to post several photos of Lima (mostly older shots taken several years back when she was at the very peak of her modeling career) before asking “Who would cheat on that?!!!” They will go on to talk about how lucky Jaric was, and how he should have done everything in his power to maintain what he had because that is what they would do if they were in his position. Attractive women are, in their mind, the ultimate prize and they cannot see why any man like Jaric would not work tirelessly and unconditionally to hold onto them. This is only the perspective of a man on the outside looking in, a view that can only be held consistently by men who have not interacted extensively with very attractive women and are a touch starved (read: “thirsty”) for their attention.


Marko Jaric has been married to Adriana Lima for over half a decade now. He’s put two children in her. He’s had intercourse with her hundreds (if not thousands) of times. He’s lived with her for half a decade. He’s seen a personal side of her that none of us have ever seen, and knows things about her that are simply not public knowledge.

If you’re a typical guy, your knowledge of Adriana Lima comes from beautiful photos of her appearances at events or modeling lingerie for Victoria’s Secret. This surface image is all that you have to judge her on. Jaric, meanwhile, has had occasion to know Lima when she’s out of the public eye with her guard down and no need to censor herself or maintain a public image.


Who knows what she’s really like? Who is the real her? Marko Jaric is much more well equipped to answer this question than any of us are. Perhaps she’s a miserable bitch at home. Maybe she’s a cheater herself, but keeps it hidden well. Or maybe she’s not a great mother. Maybe she’s cold in bed and not particularly intimate with him. Maybe she’s just not all that compatible with him on a personal level.

Or maybe she’s a great mother and wife and he’s just a disloyal prick. We don’t know.


When examining relationships involving other men and beautiful women, too many guys let her beauty blind them to objective reality and guide them to a perspective that puts all of the onus on the men in the relationship to do it all, and assumes them to be entirely at fault whenever things go south. They neglect the fact that beautiful women are not perfect (nobody is), and have as many faults as anyone else. Men have become so thirsty for the attention of these women and so utterly supplicant to them that they’ve forgotten that they’re dealing with flawed human beings just like themselves, not divine angels absent human imperfection. This failure to see the humanity of the beautiful women, in turn, hampers the ability of these men to approach them realistically and form sold romantic relationships with them.


We only see Jaric and Lima’s public personas – we don’t know who they actually are. We see Adriana in public, but who is she really? For all we know, she could be an excellent woman who has done absolutely nothing to earn this behavior from Jaric. It is just as likely, however, that her private persona (the one Jaric can see and we cannot) is one that would make us understand why a man like Jaric would give her up. Too many men, blinded by beauty and their own thirst for it, are unwilling to consider this second possibility.


This is why it is important for any red pill male to quench the thirst, ditch the pedestal, recognize female humanity and act accordingly. Don’t let a woman’s beauty and your thirst for it blind you to her faults, or coax you into ignoring them at your own expense. All that glitters is not gold.

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    1. Too busy to read as well, too busy dodging rapists n dat pay gap n oppressor patriarchy n stuff

  1. I don’t get why people look so hard for all the problems with society and feminism nowadays. Its like they don’t wanna believe the answer thats staring them in the face every hour of every day. Vid related: the most important 12 minutes of your adult life

    1. Holy crap,Thats gotta be the single greatest video on YouTube! Sadly dancing cat videos get shared millions of times and this is the first time I’ve seen this. SMH

    2. I’m not even American but I appreciate that you shared such an enlightening and informative video so thank you for that.

  2. Wow. Groundbreaking stuff. Who would’ve thought that human beings would be self-absorbed and self-interested? I mean, shit, it has to be culturally driven, right? It’s couldn’t possibly just be inherent human nature. Nope. It’s a culturally driven, modern phenomenon. Because at all other times in human history, people just banded together and always helped one another, no questions asked. After all, there are ‘High Brow’ books to be sold and ROK articles to be published about the matter. Don’t over-analyze shit too much. That’s what everyone is trying to do. It makes for boring writing.

    1. “It’s couldn’t possibly just be inherent human nature.”
      It isn’t you revisionist turd.

      1. Human beings aren’t self-interested by nature for their own survival? If I’m a turd, you’re definitely a tard.

  3. Selfies are actually difficult for me to look at. There’s no humility, just in-your-face “Hey it’s me motherfucker!!!.”
    I saw a picture of a friend kissing the stomach of his pregnant, single mom (when he met her), girlfriend. It’s tough to see your boys become emasculated shells of their former selves.

  4. I appreciate these more historical sociological articles. Nice work. I’d always seen that book kicking around at libraries, but never picked it up. Now I will seek it out.
    I like what Mike Lee and Rand Paul have to say about creating the conditions for the kind of ‘civil society’ in which altruism and selflessness can flourish – when and only when people have the incentives to contribute such that they personally benefit from their own volitional generosity.
    Reagan talked this ‘good game’, but his one weakness is revealed in contrast to one of the (precious few) things that Carter *did* get right when he told people to ‘put on a sweater’. Reagan didn’t (wouldn’t) sufficiently hold America accountable – and his resulting deficits, which undercut his message, prove it. Carter, for all his foibles, had the courage to tell us what we didn’t want to hear – when we definitely didn’t want to hear it. Reagan was more politically shrewd, but less politically brave in this regard.

  5. *sigh*…Why do we always play stupid on where this stuff comes from?
    If Muslims had a massive domestic film industry in the United States convincing your sons and daughters to accept the values of the Wahhabi Islamist clique using popular entertainment and grooming, would you find this unacceptable?
    Because I find that the Jews do this, except replace “Islamic values” with “Transsexualism, multiculturalism, diversity, mass consumerism and homosexualism”, aka all the hallmark mental illnesses of your classic narcissistic.
    I hate what Jews have done with my nation. Muslims haven’t flooded my nation with 3rd world immigrants and instituted a totalitarian ‘diversity’ regime against the native inhabitants.
    Come on guys, it really isn’t that hard to figure out:

    1. Yeah, whenever an article mentions “liberals”, “neo-marxists”, “feminists” and “capitalists” all in the same breath, I can’t help but wonder who happens to be in control of those ‘movements’, and if its the same people who also control Hollywood (Spoiler: it is)

      1. nah… holllywood is just a money business, they pay homage to whoever they have to, to make a buck… there’s nothing to see here….

        1. Is that a joke?
          It’s a loss leader and a way to snap up shiksa pussy and twink ass.
          Acting is one step down from prostitution.

        2. Indeed, parents in Japan before the Meiji era often restricted their daughters from playing shamisen and acting, as these were seen as lowly sexual professions not fit for a couth woman

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        3. USB’s are terrible ways to save data long term. Just letting you know. Look it up.

    3. The problem with this is that you dump blame on average Jews for what Hollywood does. This is like people who blame the pizza guy because of what the mafia did. Hollywood and the media are the problems; they’re intertwined with a brand of Jewish culture, but they’re also informed by ideals of Catholicism too (i.e. white knighting, the last shall be first, “savior” movies).

      1. It’s referee to as organized Jewishness.
        NAACP, ADL, SPLC, Hollywood, Wall Street, CBS, BBC that sorta thing. At a pinch I’d also include the Western Allied war effort ww2. Chicago is basically run by a Jewish gangster is it not? There was an Irish dictator for a decade or two then the mask came off.

      2. That sort of self sacrifice makes contextual sense in a nation that isn’t run or manipulated by a hostile ethnic minority. Altruism makes sense in a society that is closely related by blood and culture.
        It makes absolutely no sense for a soldier to join up today to defend the multicult LGBQRYKW. What is a soldier defending today? This same logic applies to the watered down version of the soldier AKA “White Knight”.
        Catholicism was also used as a civil rights bludgeon by Hollywood in the American context as well. Hollywood liked to set up the Irish-German-Italian Catholics in opposition to the ruling WASP all through the 20s, 30s and 40s. All those movies with Spencer Tracey running Boystown…cute Hollywood crap designed for suckers.
        The mask came off in the 50s and 60s when the Jews were strong enough to displace the WASP in a direct fight for power.

    4. Suppose you got your way and completely eliminated Jews from the planet, but these problems persisted because you’ve wrongly identified Jews as the exclusive source(s) of these social pathologies?
      Tell us your Plan B, in other words.

      1. We can look at the record. No state has been allowed to exterminate their Jewish population in the modern era.
        Of the examples we have of successful exclusion we see Medieval England, France and Spain. These nations did pretty good after the expulsions. They established native middleclassess and established the Western Civilization that became the envy of the Jews, Muslims and queers who overturned said civilization when allowed to re-enter the territory they were expelled from.

        1. The Problem is that HMG’s (the Brits) government decided to side with the Jews that Hitler expelled.
          There’s an interesting character in Britain called Edward Spears (née Spiers). He was attaché for Anglo-French cooperation in ww1 and retained that post for ww2. He was a General and an MP. He was also a factory owner in Prague. So guess what? He got into conflict with the Nazis and ensured that his adopted nation did so too. He was Jewish. The biography of the guy is key to understanding the horror of ww1 and the British intervention in Czech and Poland (broadly speaking the Brits were looking out for Jews in both places). The German expulsion of their Jews was heavily resisted by the allies by default. The Germans were heavily punished for attempting to set up Autarchy. We can argue the toss about morality here but the Krauts were opposed at every turn in their attempt to expel Jews.

        2. Hitler had ambitions to control the world, America didn’t intervene because of any kind of sentimentality towards Jewish people, it was pure military/economic strategy without which it would never have become a superpower. Hitler may have had a special vendetta against Jews, but he was not particular about who had to die so he could gain control of the world. No one knows how Britain would have fared under fascism, so we can only speculate, I personally would speculate not very well.

        3. there is pretty good evidence that the US backed Hitler …..
          it goes deeper and deeper when you dig into it….
          Trotsky was supposed to take power in the USSR, but he got booted out, so a bankers revolution to take power from the tsar, failed and then stalin came in and went communist ballistic…. so hilter was then funded to stand up to stalin…..
          think latin american coup…. 50 years earlier in europe…
          dictator gets in power and then turns on those that set him up…
          now you have a shit storm, but the americans turned it to their advantage because it finished off the british empire and since hitler had only limited oil and resources, the war was always going to go against him in the long run….

        4. Ordinary Americans probably couldn’t have given a flying fuck certainly. Yes I agree with you. But what do such people have to do with decisions like war?
          I want to keep on point here btw. In his hostility toward the Jews he brought on a fight he didn’t expect. The financial resources and petty nations available to Jewish mongers is remarkable. Jews in Austria were sponsoring a form of fascism called “Austrofascism” in order to stave off unification of Germany and Austria. Hitler toppled that. Poland: A fascist junta backed by YKW. Czechoslovakia was also a rather nasty place. Ostensibly democratic but in reality fascist. Once the money and credit started to be offered freely to anyone ready to fight Germany things got interesting. See Danzig. Where did that blank cheque come from?
          Anyway, I digress, anyone attempting to exit the system these days gets crushed by the invisible hand.
          On Sentiments: American people with British ancestors were probably sentimentally inclined to support Britain. Germans and italians mildly supportive of Germany. Many were utterly hostile to the idea of war with Germany. Relics like Fr Caughlin and Charles Lindbergh found out quite quickly who pulls all the strings in DC though when they were crushed in the US run up to war. It’s fascinating to see how openly these guys discussed the issues in comparison to the Code Talking today.

        5. The British were reasonably happy with the US taking the strain. As long as the US was for free trade and open seas and containing Russia ( The real European hegemon) the ruling class in the UK probably could not distinguish between what the Empire did and what the American Republic did.
          It’s very hard to discern a hair’s breadth of different between how the USN functions as a trade enforcer and the Royal Navy. Wall Street and The City are hard to tell apart both in terms of personnel and financial instruments. The end of Empire simply meant that the money men in the UK could import labour as the historical population was now surplus to World Policeman duty.

        6. yeah so go a bit further…. it’s just banksters, backing up psychopaths until they find more of a puppet and less of a crazy man……
          Stalin was a terrible puppet… Hitler even worse…. so the banksters lost control of Europe and Russia for a while…..
          but like every smart businessman they turned a loss to their advantage and moved in to consolidate power in the US and gradually around the world…
          what do you think the Ukraine bs is all about…. they still can’t control Russia….. yet…. and Putin is trying to keep them out….

        7. I don’t disagree with that analysis. Russia as an Autarky isn’t allowed to stand. Putin has played a pretty good game so far.

        8. There is a book called “Old Lies for New” about how the toppling of the Soviet regime was orchestrated from the inside out and that as early as the 50s the plan was to lull the West into a false sense of security by portraying Russia as an about to go bankrupt totalitarian state on it’s last leg.
          Honestly, its pretty believable. Look at who is in power…the same guys that were up and coming intelligence officers in the 70s and 80s. Do you really think they abandoned the idea of a revived Russian empire? They may not really want communism anymore but whatever it is they want, its certainly not the West running the show.

      2. “Suppose you got your way and completely eliminated Jews from the planet”
        My, what a loaded question!

    5. I don’t disagree that Jews played a special role in this, but let’s not be too reductionist. It’s like noticing that the earth revolves around the sun and not doing anything else within astronomy afterwards.
      I think 2wycked exaggarates his talk about narcissism, but it is necessary to diagnose why Americans were uniquely vulnerable to such propaganda and why they love it even if no more new propaganda came forth.

    6. None of those things are Jewish values. A lot of Jews support them for the same reason liberal whites do, because they’re entitled mental children who grew up in comfortable settings and therefore, assume more good faith in human beings than there actually exists. It just so happens that more Jews are in this position due to their financial success.

      1. i am sure there are plenty of working class jewish families, however the jewish families tend to foster a greater maturity in their children, by having tight and extended family units, that expect children not to whore about, take drugs and be generally useless well into their 30s… instead the jewish mechanic working for minimum wage at 18 is shooting to open his own chair of car repair shops and by 28 while most of the white kids are still smoking pot, he’s buying his first porsche and opening his 100th outlet… this is what good family units produce….. it has nothing to do with being jewish or anything else…..

        1. That’s called nepotism.
          I’d say that Jewish guys have the mental acuity to manage a business quite well but one always smacks into nepotism when dealing with them. It’s not unlike Korean shopkeepers. The only issue to be discussed is how much you’d like to be displaced by a hostile minority that seeks to monopolize whilst bleating disengenuously about EQUALITY.

        2. and you don’t think that rich southern plantation owners, or Pakistani millionaires or stuck up chinese communist insiders don’t do exactly the same thing… don’t mix human nature with a religious / social group and then point the finger…..
          of course a hollywood Jewish guy is going to help his friends son break into the business… of course a corn farmer from iowa is going to help his son break into the business… of course a rice farmer from vietnam is going to help his cousin… that’s got nothing to do with anything… if you foster connections with people you can have them treating you like that too… i’ve had jewish, muslim, hindu, and non relgious israeli families take me under their wing in business ventures, trust me, advance me capital, help me stand on my feet etc. etc… and i’ve done the same …..

        3. I do quite well. Don’t patronize.
          The only question is how much ground you want to give up in your own backyard. Eventually the center won’t hold.
          Then Ragnarok starts.

    7. you answer your own question… it’s not the jews or anyone else… it’s just a corrupt greedy society, breeding lame asses, that always look to someone else for their answers…. free markets with the minimum of state interference at least lets people rise according to their own merits, which incentivizes people to foster skills and be creative and add to the pool of talent…..

      1. Ah see, blame an abstraction. That’s the ticket! A nameless faceless force beyond agency. That’s how Western Civilization goes down folks.

      2. It’s just a corrupt, greedy society breeding lame asses that always look to someone else for their answers
        Yes, and this society was created in the image of Jews.

    8. not this again. Even if it were absolutely true – which it isn’t – addressing it like this is completely counter-productive. Feed the anti-hate machine, its the mechanism which keeps this whole house of cards running. Well done.

      1. Why is it counter-productive? Because in argument, people might just be educated enough to ascertain what a better position I have than you?

        1. the author reviews a classic work of criticism to address a current and continuing social problem. You reply saying ‘everything’s cos of the jews’.
          It really doesn’t matter whether it is or isn’t the jews; whether they have a stranglehold over civilization or whether they’re just people competing with the rest of society over limited resources who just seem to do rather well. Because when anyone comes along and says “everything’s cos the jews (or any other protected group) that invokes the prime mechanism of anti-hate which sustains the machine you supposedly wish to destroy.
          Ultimately any appeal to conspiracy or plot simply places itself outside of rational argument. You are leading your brethren over a cliff and undermining an actual attempt to analyse a real-world situation that is a problem for all of us.

    9. This video ties in with that closely. Bill talks about the Frankfurt school but doesn’t openly criticize the Jews. Perhaps thats a redpill for another day

  6. Never forget the outgrowth of Consumerism from the 1970’s outward. How your stuff will make you happy. In the past people knew that it was experiences and other people that make you happy in life. Not things, not stuff, but the richness came from what you did and who you were, not what you owned. Narcissism and Consumerism go hand in hand. Going along with the trend is a colossal amount of hedonism. People are so desperate to keep the hedonistic, narcissistic, consumerist, and miserable lifestyles intact that they will elect anyone who promises to allow to maintain it. To allow them to be a slave to debt and a slave to stuff. When I type this I can’t help but think of some college-aged woman with her iPad drinking a latte compared to women even 50 years ago.
    The difference is just ground-breaking in terms of mindset and attitude. And not surprisingly, the narcissistic twat that you’re picturing is unhappy. Everything is a commodity to her. Boyfriends, husbands, phones, car, shoes, drinks, clothes, absolutely everything. With no guidance or moral compass, no goals besides instantaneous pleasure. It eventually hits her, whether she is a spinster or has a husband(poor bastard), whether consciously or unconsciously, that her life has been a miserable, empty shell, and she decides to take it out on everyone around her(divorces husband and steals his money, treats kids like shit, becomes mean, rude, fat, ugly, and foul-mouthed).
    Consumerism is also detrimental to men too, because you will never have enough to be happy. Money can but happiness to a certain extent but only insofar as you use it to do cool things like a take a trip or go across the country, not blowing it on some more shit you don’t need and won’t use. The comfort created by consumerism also creates the effeminate manboys we see today. Men do the best in adversity, not in comfort and ease. They need some sort of real challenge or goal. Or they’ll revert to this:

    1. Quote: “The comfort created by consumerism also creates the effeminate manboys we see today. Men do the best in adversity, not in comfort and ease.”
      Fuckin’ gospel, man.

  7. Excellent review. I particularly enjoy this insight, as it is one I have shared for a while now…

    Lasch would go on to pass away a few years later, a victim of a metastasized cancer, for which he refused chemotherapy. He noted to one of his doctors that living for the sake of being alive is a uniquely American mindset and not who he was.

    An inability to accept the existence and inevitability of death is a fundamental symptom of rampant narcissism.

    1. Your comment is totally right. However, I can’t help but wish that this Christopher Lasch had stayed alive long enough to predict the effects of the internet age.

  8. Narcissism is the #1 reason for the objectionable
    behavior of women, and the raise of female
    sociopathy. The best film I ever saw on this is
    “Bully” (2001)

  9. God took Christopher Lasch early. No one knew why, but He was heard to mutter something about “not wanting him to experience Facebook” to St. Peter while escorting Christopher through the pearly gates.

  10. A very well-written article, drawing attention to a crucial part of the modern crisis.

  11. If you like this article, perhaps you might like the BBC series, “The Century of the Self.” It basically ties how corporations used Sigmund Freud’s research in psychoanalysis to turn Americans into consumer drones, which relentlessly search for the latest products to appease their selfish desires. The result is a happy, more passive, more easily controlled public. Part one starts in the early 20th century, and part 4 ends in the Clinton era. Here’s a link to part 1.

    1. Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernaise, is one of the shaper’s of the 20th century that most have never heard of. He applied what his uncle had learned of the human psyche to mass manipulation. He wound up calling it Public Relations. It had another name originally, but was put to such effective use by the Nazis that Bernaise wanted to distance himself & his concepts. The original name was propaganda.

    2. excellent, eye-opening series. Also deals with the work of Wilhelm Reich if I remember correctly, one of the loopier of the frankfurt school

  12. It’s bizarre how things have turned. Not long ago, homosexuality was considered a mental illness and many were treated with chemical drugs or worse. Nowadays a sexually frustrated straight male with no desirable options (while bombarded daily with visual sex) develops neurosis and is deemed mentally ill and given anti-libido “medication.”

  13. “This was coupled with the expansion of corporate influence on society. Advertising and marketing quickly became indistinguishable from propaganda by World War II. ”
    To add this well-written article, our technology is a part of the problem. Easy news, instant gratification, and more are part of the problem affecting us today. One simply has to look on their smartphone to see the latest murder or massacre happening 2000 miles away in real time. It is part of the larger problem mentioned in the article.

  14. If you listen to leftists long enough, you’ll notice that while they don’t state this outright, anything that promotes discipline, personal responsibility, sacrifice, etc, is downplayed or dismissed (that’s fascist!) and replaced with more “loving” (but less effective) alternatives.
    And yet, it’s the left that constantly accuses the right of narcissism. To be fair, the selfish ambition you find on the right can be a form of narcissism. But this kind of relentless self-interest, performed on a large scale, elevates the wealth and status of the nation. Whereas the left wing version of narcissism seem to involve little more than personal feelings and ideological affirmation. This kind of narcissism leads to a commune-like mentality, degenerating into constant outrage over “equality”, shunning competition and achievement until it falls into 3rd world shithole status.

    1. That has been my experience. The left associates authority with authoritarianism, and this assumption has done much damage to the culture, particularly in the fields of child raising and education.
      I’m not a ‘right winger’ myself, but the only thing the left excel in compared to the right is the arts and some areas of the humanities, that’s about it.
      There are barely any great right wing artists.

      1. Are you shitting me? You seem to have forgotten about the entire field of literature. Leftist make pretty clothes, but cannot write for shit.
        Car design and architecture- right dominated.
        graphic and 3d art resources- Right dominated
        Hell, even computer game programming is actually right dominated. They just are REALLY good at fading into the background to sell a product. The leftist coders are the ones that tend to get all noisy about it.
        Non-pop music- Right dominated.
        Orchestration- Right dominated.
        virtually every beautiful and giant public works project has been dominated by right (organized) thinking.
        Sure, in the art that requires virtually no ability or thought process, leftists have always dominated, but anything that requires organizational skills, training, intelligence or logic in execution? totally right dominated.

      2. Edgar Degas was a raging anti-Semite. Quite right wing.
        Dali was a fascist.
        If we limit this discussion to the modern era (more or less) I can provide you a list of first rate right wing artists. If we go back to the Renaissance and other eras most art is quite clearly authoritarian and in service to states with fascist or reactionary politics.

        1. There’s also the fact that the catholic church for nearly 1500 years was the ONLY sponsor of both art and science… both of which were considered nearly indistinguishable in those days.

        2. I like impressionism. Degas was an impressionist.
          I also like Matisse, who was quite content in Vichy France.

        3. Impressionism is ‘formless’? Yeh ok.
          So non-linear art, which is often the most complex and interesting form of art, is inferior because it is presumably left wing?
          Also, in the area of film the left dominates. Antonioni, Tarkovsky etc were more sophisticated than John Ford or D.W Griffith.
          Who were the great writers of literature who were right wing outside of the Anglosphere? I’m curious. The ones i can think of had no specific political orientation who are often incorrectly seen as right wing because they were anti-communist.

        4. No, Non-linear art is inferior because it is disorganized and requires you to share the artist’s vision in order to be comprehensible. Or to stand around with a glass of expensive rotten grapes making noises like you are superior because you can understand what the plebs do not even if it is an utter load of pigshit.
          A true artist creates art in the language of the viewer. Incomprehensible art is, by definition, utterly worthless, no more ‘art’ than the formless scribbling of a baboon with a crayon.
          In the area of film left dominates because of politics, not because of artistic genius. They got in early, they got in powerfully, and they have controlled the battlefield exclusively. Clever, but not artistic.
          and Jios, honestly, who gives a shit about the childish scribblings post-rome outside of the anglosphere? Frankly, I have nothing in common with those people, and no interest whatsoever in pursuing artistic knowledge of a culture I would rather see uprooted and left to blow away as dust in the desert.
          I have my hands full enough with indo-european literature. The asian countries are quite capable of forming their own artistic standards… and based upon what I have seen, Their artistic standards are primitive at best (one has only to listen to the strictly translated versions of almost all japanese and chinese cinema to be highly critical of their ability to craft dialogue or new, creative stories.)
          I suggest keeping the discussion of artistic merit and multiculturalism out of the conversation.
          BTW, you aren’t talking about that skeezie porn the Indians called religious art and literature, right?

      3. true, but if they got through the indoctrination of university, how would they get published, sponsored etc. The left has had a social agenda which has dominated the last 50 years (more than that if you consider early marxist intellectuals, left bank parisians etc). The ‘great’ art from these years has fed into this agenda.
        Personally though I would want great artists to transcend left-right politics. In the present day that would however mean critiquing the left establishment in art and politics

      4. “There are barely any great right wing artists”
        Define right wing. What is an artist. I have met some talented stone masons who I would consider great creators of art. Also, home builders who are great artist as well. Are all artist limited to the island of Manhattan with their skinny jeans and attempts at facial hair?
        A common thread of great creators as noted by the gentleman above.
        Discipline, Personal Responsibility, and Sacrifice.
        Great writers such as Marcus Aurelius, Emerson, and Socrates come to mind….

      5. Vincent Gallo, an amazing artist, actor, and musician, is a self-described radical conservative.

  15. Good piece. Lasch overcame the fundamental flaw of modern Leftists. Like the Boomers, he identified with leftism in the sixties — quite a different political animal than the current thug-incarnation — yet he broke with the powerful moral-smug-factor offered by modern leftism.
    By the early Nineties, most of us understood that liberalism, feminism, and political correctness were fails, tho v popular fails. But unlike Lasch, most Booms couldn’t or wouldn’t break with their corrupted leftism. Too bought-in economically, psychologically, etc. Too many hassles involved opposing TheHive. Having been so SUPREMELY certain in their political certainties, and having invested their religious impulses in mere politics and politicians, the Boomers could not suck it up and admit that their marvellous, enlightened, progressive Selves were SUPREMELY rong. About most everything.
    Lasch proved the superior being. Not only admitted he’d been zoomed, but made amends by attempting to warn others about the certain clusterF ahead.

  16. living for the sake of being alive is a uniquely American mindset
    Wow Isn’t that the most narcissistic mindset of all.

    1. stupid sarcasm is stupid.
      The old saying, you need to ask four questions in your life:
      What is worth fighting for?
      What is worth killing for?
      What is worth living for?
      What is worth dying for?
      If those answers are ‘Me and Me alone’ to any of those questions, then yes, you ARE in fact narcissistic.
      Women’s answers are always ‘me’. This is what we, as men, expect from them. and it is the reason they need to be kept as children, because that answer is the answer of a child.

  17. Rampant consumerism creates a culture where people become too concerned with a superficial form of impression management. It also allows them to disconnect from the culture at large and become more inward looking rather than introspective.
    I think the left are probably the best critics of consumerism, because the right tend to have less of a problem with the concept of atomised individuals doing whatever they please in pursuit of furthering their own interest–money, pleasure etc etc–but the smarter right wingers understand that a society based purely on consumption is inevitably doomed to fail.
    French philosopher Bernard Stiegler once noted something that would resonate with the self-reliant contributors of the Manosphere: consumerism robs people of valuable life knowledge. What he meant by that, i believe, is that people spend so much time and energy accumulating goods and depending on convenient services that they no longer develop the basic life skills that previous generations took for granted. For him this was both a practical problem and an existential one.
    Consumption for consumption’s sake is no way to live your life, but modern society is so fundamentally empty at its core that it offers little other alternative. Those of us who want to live rather than mindlessly consume need to relentlessly unplug.

    1. And unplug I am. Just ditched my cell for Skype only phone service, which means I pay $3 a month for phone service. I’ve also taken a page from Corporate America and cut my living expenses down to the bone which means I now have around 55% to 60% of my income to do whatever the fuck I want with.
      Fuck consumption. I want freedom.

  18. Interesting that he refused chemotherapy. There’s actually a lot of evidence that chemo and the cancer drugs make the condition worse. And there’s a lot of evidence that the extract of turmeric known as curcumin can cure cancer. And if that doesn’t work, try cow urine. Cow urine is an ingredient in many Ayurvedic medicines and is probably the most powerful substance on this planet.

    1. No, just no. No, no no. God no! Take your new-age cancer cures somewhere else.

      1. It’s a little new age, but eating healthy and exercising has a better average rate of curing cancer than Chemo. My pop just avoided sugars and grain products and anything heavily processed with lots of additives and his colon cancer went into remission.It could have been only coincidence, but eating healthy is a good habit to get into anyway.

        1. Glad your dad went into remission. But in my opinion, those kind of posts show that some men here aren’t that far from the thinkin of their female counterparts. Astrology, witchery, curing cancer by eating carrots. I mean come on.

  19. Interesting write up. I never read the book but I’m sure it makes a lot of great points. I’m not sure how I feel about diagnosing “society” but that may be the narcissist/individualist in me. I often find myself jealous of countries with tighter family/community bonds, but at the same time I don’t want to be bound by religion or somebody else’s “morality.” Anyway you’ve given me food for thought, thank you.

  20. Too many women simply want to be fucking seen. It’s not enough that women get to perpetuate their vanity in their own little vapid and narrow female realm of nothingness, but they have started to permeate into our realm. Particularly in my case, fitness. There is one fucking female coach who I absolutely abhor, and fuck you if you’re reading this. I swear these women have elevated levels of testosterone to the core, it makes them a pain to deal with and she parades around the gym wanting to be fucking seen, despite, looking grotesque. I’ll give women their own little space, but for godsakes let men have their space and time. For the life of me, why does any any woman want a six-pack, broad shoulders and big biceps? Because she’s vain, not because she needs the muscles to make her “sexy” given that most men find masculine traits in a woman, deplorable and vice-versa.
    They do this, because, they think it’s cute being one of the guys, because their world is not enough, they must have ours, be seen in our space, our clubs, our gatherings. Even when they invade this space, and thereby castrating our conversations by their very presence, this is still not enough, the whore has to be fucking SEEN! When her booty shorts are not enough to get attention, she bulks up like the men, starts shadow boxing the guys. And I’m thinking CUNT!!! What fucking brought you here? But the need to get noticed? Men mainly stay fit, for a singular purpose, albeit pussy, the military or general health. A cunt doesn’t necessarily stay fit (man-fit) for men, she can get dick on demand even with a slightly flabby stomach, she does it because she wants to be noticed. I hate it even when she tries to be sarcastic or “humorous,” in the same way Sarah Silverbitch is humorous. It just rubs me the wrong fucking way.

    1. LIghten up dude. This is a free country, People will do what they want, no matter how stupid is it. For your own mental health, you need to learn to tune them out. Don’t take other people’s behavior so seriously, especially if it doesn’t directly effect you. You’re too young to give yourself a stroke over some trivial shit.

      1. Quote: “People will do what they want, no matter how stupid is it. For your own mental health, you need to learn to tune them out..”
        I highly doubt it’s a matter of tuning out.
        I think Lance is talking about is that guys are not free to speak their mind if some cunt is present acting as chaperone to everyone. Men are no longer allowed to meet with other men anymore. Due to the laws disallowing men-only organisations If men were able to chat more amongst each other about about the current state of affairs there would have been more red pill awareness before the manosphere .

        1. Went to a concert with a couple of male friends and one decides to bring his girlfriend, who I know wasn’t into the music at all. Of course she had the stock excuse of being interested in something “different.”
          I was expecting to be able to relax and hang with the fellas since we hadn’t hung out in a long time. She was there to keep “watch” over him and it soured my mood.

      2. agreed. It’s like listening a slobbering Muslim in the Mosque surrounded by women in chadors saying, ” I kanna concentrate on the koran what with the women in their silks.”

    2. “For the life of me, why does any any woman want a six-pack, broad shoulders and big biceps?”
      It all boils down to attention wrapped in penis envy.
      You’re right on the money with women having elevated test levels. There are lots of examples of such “women” in the fitness and crossfit world who seem to put on muscle mass faster than the average guy who does the same workouts (albeit with more resistance/weight). Bulging abs, capped deltoids, large traps, wide backs…it’s all highly suspect. Sure, substance abuse is rampant among these “women”, but I’m noticing the same trend (i.e. masculine features) in the “modern” woman who doesn’t fanatically work out. At the same time, the contemporary male proudly displays his chicken legs and toothpick arms.
      “I hate it even when she tries to be sarcastic or “humorous”
      Women aren’t funny, never be, never will.

      1. Women are much more sensitive to the effects of testosterone and related substances.
        But you’re right. For women, steroids are cheap, easy, and relatively safe. 5mg of anavar costs $100 for 3 months, and works wonders on the critters.

    3. Yeah you need to take a chill pill and focus more on your work out. When I am in the weight room, I hardly have time to monitor what others are doing – I got a real routine to go through.
      so much tracking of others means 1) you are not working out hard, 2) you give a shit about things that don’t matter.

      1. No it’s not that, I work my ass off at Crossfit. It’s just that even in the midst of working-out, hearing some man-wannabe let out loud grunts and curse words is a fucking distraction. Maybe, I’m being sensitive, but the shit is a huge distraction. It feels incredibly unnatural. What I hate the most, is having some female-coach, coach the men on weightlifting technique. It just annoys me, the same way women in combat roles annoy me. Just fucking unnatural.

        1. Generally the only people I hear talking at gyms are blacks on the cellphone or some black man chatting about basketball or football or scripture. Highly irritating. Women tend to do their sets, show their tight rear end and keep to themselves.

        2. I’ll be honest with you, I see blacks working out at the gym a lot more than whites are, whites will take 5-10 minute breaks between sets to check out their muscles, breath dramatically, etc. and I’m saying this as a Russian White Man–We need to get back into prime mode (well, you Anglos anyway, Eastern Europeans already rock the gym)

        3. My experience is the exact opposite. Most of the black guys will stop if they see anything interesting on the TV or just lounge around checking out the ladies.
          Crossfit is a pretty specific and expensive regime too. The fees are astronomical. There were some articles at Salon recently about the racism of Crossfit gyms.

        4. Oh you mean coons? I make a big distinction between educated blacks and biracials and coons. With that said I know exactly the type you’re talking about but from experience given the cost of Crossfit, even the average plebe wouldn’t waste their money chatting idly. This may be your average globogym but not Crossfit given that any coach worth his title wouldn’t tolerate it. I hardly say hi when I go in, I go in and do my shit and I’m out. Now the average female crossfit coach or athlete are fucking nuisances. In my experience, they all love competing or showing up the men and say stupid shit during my workouts. It’s fucking annoying. No male coach ever nips in the bud because we live in America. It’s really the Anglo bitches who are so fucking annoying.

        5. I was gonna say Golliwogs. It all looks the same after a while. The Basketball players are a little more dedicated at a well equipped Y, but then they nick your wallet and have to be dragged out in cuffs.

      2. Sorry Truther2 it really can be inconsequential. Particularly when there is some toolsqueezer on the machine that you want, and you have to sit there………..and wait, and wait, and wait some more while they either do an exercise in the most retarded form imaginable (like proving the need for a disability pension type effort), or sloppy technique. furthermore the begit of these nutsacks coincides with either a front row seat to the mirror or right in front of a female.
        so yes keeping track of others isn’t so much a problem unless they are right in your face or they get in your way.

    4. I hate to be a pain in the ass here BUT crossfit is for suburban whites. Maybe the guy is fireman the woman a nurse. It’s essentially an implicitly white upperclass club. Can I ask you why you joined?
      The most annoying people at the gym tend to blacks chit chatting instead of working out. There’s an annoying one at my local, he barely seems to work out at all and never shuts his fucking mouth.

  21. keep up the good work 2wycked. Narcissism is at the centre of this society and there’s a lot more to be said on this subject. I’ve been dipping in and out of lasch’s masterwork for some time without much success so this summary is really useful. Its a damn shame that for some here the complexities of history and social movements are going to be put down to this or that conspiracy. History is complex and its the detail not just the argument that will make the killer case.

  22. 10 Reasons You Can’t Communicate with a Narcissistic or Borderline Woman
    This kind of woman clings to her belief system no matter how many times she’s confronted with incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. In fact, the more wrong she is, the greater the outrage and histrionics she displays.

  23. Its no surprise that our narcissistic culture has damaged women beyond repair. I was in a relationship with a narcissist, and the University she went to was a heaven, and breeding ground for her kind. The friends that she had were all self absorbed, with fake personalities. Since then I have become more receptive to narcissistic traits, and have noticed them in nearly all of the other women that I talk to. Especially those who I work with. It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to differentiate between who has NPD, and who is just another entitled princess.

  24. It is not just Amerika. Its everywhere. Theres televisions and cellphones everywhere on the globe. Damn near everyone owns one and they have an internet connection. I recently expatriated to see what all the hype was about. There is fucking none. Theres a KFC, Dominos, and Starbucks within walking distance of where I am staying. Theres clubs that all the girls go out to on the weekend. Theres even feminist sporty chicks at the gym. Not to mention girls drinking starbucks at the university down the street. The only hope is get off this hellhole of a fucking planet.

  25. I wish there were more articles like this on this site. To me, “red pill” is more than just “tips and tricks” about how to get laid, who is “alpha” or another “feminist bashing” article. It is the sole reason why I don’t visit this site as often anymore. Too many pictures and “cosmo” style articles who lack substance/ are just vain.
    On the other hand, rooshv website is much better. You can see roosh ir growing, the quality and length of his articles, the topics he covers, book reviews.
    I don’t know, maybe I miss the point of this site.

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