10 Masculine Virtues That Went To The Grave With Our Grandfathers

The days of men ruling the world and their own lives are long gone.  In today’s woman-ideal, leftist-inspired world, the masculine virtues that laid the foundation for our civilization are being buried deep below that foundation.  Without these masculine virtues that men used as the cornerstone of life, the aforementioned foundation will continue to crumble.

The best part is, a lot of these virtues are very simple things.  Do your part during Traditional Sex Roles Week, and up your masculinity level while getting your woman, or women…#BackToTheKitchen.

The House

Man caves are pathetic.

In older times, the entire house was the man’s domain.  The only places that were unquestionably the woman’s area were the kitchen and the laundry room.  This is exactly how it should be.  Instead, we have men funding women’s entire HGTV Network dream, while they’re relegated to a singular room for their own pleasure.  On top of that, the man cave is usually designated as the room farthest from the living space, preferably the basement.

If you are considering buying a house, make it clear to the women in your life that her cave is the kitchen, and that you’ll gladly supply the essential equipment; i.e. an apron and heels.

Home Maintenance

Every man should know the following skills around the home:

1. Oil changes in vehicles
2. Basic plumbing
3. Hammer, drills, and other basic tools
4. Electronic handiness and wiring

The greatest part is that even if you have never done any of these, your problem can usually be solved by a few minutes of Google searching and a mindset to figure it out.  For example, I recently hung a TV on the wall for the first time.  I had no idea how to do it or any parameters to abide by.  But, 10 minutes later, by watching a few YouTube videos and  reading How-To website, I was familiar with all of the tools and procedures to get the job done.


My father has told me stories how he grew up working on his own motorcycles, dirtbikes, and his Karmann Ghia, which he used to do donuts around dirt fields when he was fourteen years old without a driver’s license.

Gone are the days when men build classic cars in their garage.  Gone are the days when men would take pride in their machines, meticulously maintaining them with an attention to detail so high a single spot would not go unnoticed.

Nowadays, driving a Prius is the cool thing, with the classics being shamed as too high-maintenance and harmful for the environment.  Who wants to drive a ’65 Mustang or a Cobra when you have the high-tech power of a Toyota Prius/Nissan Leaf/insert other battery-powered snail?

That Karmann Ghia still sits in my grandparents barn as a testament to the wrenching skills and love of cars from my dad.


Speaking Of Cars… How Many People Can Still Drive A Stick?

A perfectly executed heel-toe downshift while driving my car is one of the things I look forward to most on my commute to work.  Every man should be able to work a stick with expert precision (no homo).  Being able to do so gives you complete control over your environment and vehicle.

As a bonus, being able to pull burnouts and chirping the tires will get panties wet.

As a second bonus, not many people will be able to steal your car if it’s a manual.

A Strong, Masculine Physique

It’s simple: there is simply too much encouragement for skinny-jean-wearing, borderline-anorexic, “muscles don’t matter” types of bodies.  Rather than being encouraged to do challenging, (somewhat) dangerous, and the most productive types of lifts (squats, deadlifts, bench press), instead, young males are told that muscles don’t matter, aren’t important, and have no impact on their sexual market value.

That’s a blatant lie.  Tell me, which one of these would inspire more moisture in the vaginal area?

The skinny, plaid-wearing fag sipping hot chocolate?


…or the chiseled, stone-cold killing physique of a Spartan warrior?


Sure, females will coo and aww about how adorable the first one is, but what’s important is to realize they’re talking about him in a completely different context.  Think of the context being similar to a puppy who just slipped and fell on the floor.

Be a Spartan.

Callused Hands

Gone are the days of men doing manual labor and developing rough, masculine hands.  Nowadays, it is frowned upon if you don’t use weight lifting gloves to do 15-pound bicep curls (poor form, none the less).


As I’ve written about before, Corporate America is basically selling your soul to the devil.  The men I encounter in my day-to-day life are just so…bland.  The life has left their eyes – at all ages.

Find your passion in life, whether it be music, entrepreneurship, writing, or any other sort of hobby.  No, Call of Duty does not count.


Don’t think for one second that I’m advising you start pulling out chairs and going extremely out of your way to be chivalrous on a first date.  There was a time, though, that doing chivalrous gestures like these wouldn’t be held against you.  With the fall of masculinity in general, these actions no longer are attractive to the fairer sex.  The tiny amounts of long-term relationship advice that float around the Manosphere are quick to point out that you must balance your overall masculine and alpha traits with some occasional beta actions.

The problem is that men these days pussy foot so much, that any beta action as simple as opening a car door for a lady will send you straight down the path of jerking it to Internet porn.  Like this guy:


Bedroom Dominance

You should never “make love.”  This seems like it’s every beta’s greatest fantasy these days. Thrusting slowly into a girl in missionary position, the whole time looking lovingly into her eyes.  He wants them to cum together while kissing gently.  Gag me.

Every fuck with any girl should be a balls-to-the-wall, pound her like she’s never been pounded before kind of effort.  Get her addicted to your dick and she will go to the moon and back (to the kitchen!) for you.

The best thing about being a man in the bedroom is that it’s hardly difficult.  Simply up the intensity and dominance of every session.  Be a selfish person; doing whatever you want to her and simply expect that she will like it.  Hint: she will like it rough.



2014 “Man”: “Honey, what do you want to eat for dinner tonight?”

Wife: “I don’t know, you choose.”

Man: “I really don’t care baby, whatever YOU want!”

Regular readers of ROK understand exactly where this goes; and it’s a path that projects solely downward.  Realize, that as a man, it is your job to make each and every decision.  It doesn’t even matter if you’re wrong.  Stick to your guns, and make no apologies.

Women will never love you more.

Speaking of decisiveness; it’s time for you to make a decision.  Are you going to be a man and send her back to the kitchen, or are you going to retreat to your man cave with your dick in between your legs?

Find the ROK staff discussing Traditional Sex Roles Week with the hashtag #BackToTheKitchen.

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306 thoughts on “10 Masculine Virtues That Went To The Grave With Our Grandfathers”

  1. Another observation: instead of having deep baritone voices and speaking clear with intent, an increasing number of ‘men’ speak fast with a high-pitch voice reminiscent of a flock of crazed parakeets.

    1. And there’s the coastal feminine way of speaking where a guy makes a statement but voices it like a question. The last two or three syllables of the statement lilt upwards in tone. I want to throat punch people who do that. It’s like Apple Store employee base gave public speaking lessons.

      1. Yes! I Feel your pain. There is an actual term for it: “Up talking”…… like they are ASKING a story:
        “I went to the store yesterday? And I bumped into this guy? He said he knew a friend of mine? ……”
        I can’t hear it anymore. They need an affirmation (or a nod) after every sentence. A sales manager I know does this on the phone (and in meetings) and I just want to clock him across the face. Not even tell him why. Just let him have it until he stops doing it, and his balls drop.

        1. If I ever snap and go Postal, I’ll take a stab and say these annoying vocal patterns were the cause.

        2. That, and when someone is demonstrating something they start the sentence with: “And what this does, is it…….”.
          They don’t just tell you what it does. They say: “This is a very special kitchen knife. And what this does, is it slices vegetables…..”
          I HHHHHHATE. That shit.
          While we are on the subject:
          I hate saying “thanks”, and the American bitch response is always “uh-huh”. Fuck me, that is rude. And gay.
          Oh yeah. And I hate “meh”.
          Guess that makes me a meh-sogynist.
          Thank you gentlemen.
          This talk helped.

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me if changing a lightbulb soon will be a special skill that will warrant hiring someone to do it.

        1. No. It is a western thing – the same problem is occurring in New Zealand. The licenses here in NZ even make a distinction between the two.
          I always thought it was weird when a girl asked me why I drive a stick. Hello, if all you can drive is an auto then that’s all you can drive. If you can drive a stick, you can drive anything.

        2. Its a weird system. Until you actually get your full license, if you took your test in an automatic you are only permitted to drive an automatic. Technically once you get the full license you can drive a stick, however a lot of people who learned in an auto simply can’t drive the stick at all. Motor control.
          Not to take a dump on women, a lot of them seem to be limited to auto’s. I don’t understand why, tho some have told me that they simply cannot get their head around a stick-shift.

        3. “they simply cannot get their head around a stick-shift.”
          Women must have smaller mouths over there.

        4. I prefer auto and in fact have auto on my Aston Martin Lagonda and other cars. I’m not some silly kid who thinks he looks cool shifting gears lol I can drive standard and learned in about an hour to drive well on my own but I’m really not interested in driving an anachronism. When I was a med student I also used to work in my uncle’s pharmacy. He had bought 2 new VW Beetles to make deliveries in the suburbs.At the time I only drove auto but since these cars only came in standard I just got in and tried to drive it. Took a little practise to shift smoothly but was no problem. Personally though I just find them annoying especially in traffic.

      1. That’s because 90+ % of all cars in the American Market are Automatic. I work with cars a lot and I rarely see Manual cars anymore. It is not the fault of American men. It is just that American men rarely have access to anyone with a manual car anymore so it’s hard for them to learn. Basically if an American was to learn to drive stick it would be an almost useless skill.

        1. Is that true? 90+ % of all cars in the American Market are Automatic??
          I have 2 manual (sports) cars myself. I really didn’t know that. I would have thought it was more like 30-40%.

        2. “It is just that American men rarely have access to anyone with a manual car anymore so it’s hard for them to learn.”
          So true! I learned to drive on an automatic, and learned stick a year later OJT on a pickup when I was working on the State Highway Dept. maintenance crew.
          “Basically if an American was to learn to drive stick it would be an almost useless skill.”
          I have to disagree; a new skill learned is priceless because it’s something no one can take away from you. And although I’ve rarely used it since my early twenties, my ability to drive stick has come in handy at different times — you just never know!

    2. I just learned how to drive stick about 2 months ago. I ride a motorcycle so shifting gears is not foreign to me. I don’t love it, but i’m glad to have learned how to.

    3. When my boys got their learners permits their first time behind the wheel was in my manual-transmission pickup. It gave them a better sense of the vehicle dynamics and hand/eye/seat-of-the-pants coordination. Neither one has ever had an accident.
      Now you can’t even buy a half-ton pickup with a stick shift. Fucking mangina pussy consumers…

  2. You were right about liking us when we’re feminine, appreciative and not sluts, also about men and women making ourselves better. But this lately looks more like a joke. No sane girl would want to be a loving free maid in exchange for infidelity and bad treatment. That’d be very sad. There’s more than “Alfa” or “Beta”. I’ll be gladly to cook special meals for a special man who respects me and if he is Beta well I want Beta.

    1. I think the point being made in general is that women who are feminine, appreciative and not sluts are far less likely to be treated badly and cheated on. This article is not really about that though- it is an about how men should stop being pussies. And the author is not wrong.

      1. Reduce girls to the kitchen and beat them? That’s very sad for someone who placed so many illusions in their life together 🙁 I think he is wrong yes.

        1. When did the author ever mention for men to beat their woman? Actually, when has any article here on RoK ever stated that beating a woman was good thing? There is a very fine line between being a man, and being a abuser. Please do not mix and match the two.
          Most articles written up here are guides for us Men on how to better ourselves. I don’t see anything wrong with that, especially in an age where most guys now waste too much time playing video games, posting on online image forums, or bronies. A lot of men need to wake up.

        2. The only “beating” in this article was rough sex. That is not violence, that is giving her an orgasm and once you get used to that you will want no borring “make love” ever again.
          Apart from that – whats wrong with beating people who deserve it?

        3. “pound her like she’s never been pounded before”
          I was in doubt so I looked it up because English is not my first language, sorry.
          : to hit (something or someone) with force again and again
          : to crush or break (something) into very small pieces by hitting it again and again
          : to walk or run with heavy and loud steps

        4. No but nurturing is fine and a pleasure with people who love you back, not only men, also parents or kids or when your friends or siblings are sick.

        5. Yes it can be good for kids to beat a bully but most things can be solved by talking 🙂 if the other person is reasonable at least. If not then the best is to not associate with them.

        6. lol, ooooo ok. In this article, it was said within a sexual context It’s a saying here in America where we mean to have rough sex. It’s not meant to be taken literally.Basically, it means the man should be dominating in bed and… thrust his penis inside the girls vagina with vigor. It in no way means that the guy should punch the woman.

        7. Example: “I want to pound Kayoko’s snatch.”
          僕 は 佳代子 の 蛤 一発屋台
          lol 😉

        8. Oops, I meant:
          僕 は佳代子の蛤一発たい (Boku wa Kayoko no hamaguri ippatsuyatai) . My romaji to kana changer sucks. 🙂

        9. The only thing that these pajama boy omegas who write these retarded articles are pounding is their own pud or their blow up dolls.

        10. Your confusion is understandable sir. Real men should not have to hit their wives/girlfriends.
          Please note, I have not said “real men don’t hit women”, Any crazy of either gender who threatens me and mine is going down.

    2. Brain disconnect: a feminine woman is paid (in the form of love, shelter, food, holidays, and support for her children) in exchange for doing simple maid duties that take only two-three hours from a day.
      Contrast this with a man who does 8+ hours a day of often-gruelling work and then comes home to do house maintenance and improvements/beautification.
      Want that deck to sip cocktails on a beautiful summer evening? Want that indoor-outdoor flow to a BBQ and entertainment area? Want that extended porch? Want those fruit trees? Want that grapevine in a pergola? Want that swing for the kids? Want that pebbled pathway that looks so cute? Want that stone garden with a couple plants in the middle?
      That’s all men’s work, whether directly (building it himself) or indirectly (paying for it to be built).
      Your reaction is the exact mindset that invites infidelity. Whereas a mindset of gratitude and appreciation and femininity will invite a reciprocal mindset of fidelity and pride.
      I find it very telling that you automatically assumed infidelity from men. Projection much?

  3. I agree with every virtue that you listed except for Chivalry. Although I believe in it, its just been destroyed by the modern female. Will I be chivalrous to the rare specimen that is the old school traditional lady? Yes Will I be chivalrous to the feminists, shameless whores/sluts and gold diggers? No.

    1. the best way for a girl to show she deserves chivalry is by not taking advantage of it and not brutally step on it

    2. Chivalry is reserved exclusively for those you allow into your inner circle. I personally also act in a chivalrous manner towards gray haired old ladies and men i.e. who I perceive to be grandma’s and grandpa’s.

    3. Chivalry where it is deserved. Being a man and being uncompromising about it in the face of ingratitude and stupidity is a gift you give yourself.

      1. No. Action and hard life experiences cost men a few years of longevity. It’s the price to pay for the high rewards at stake.

    1. No. You can only use google to learn the theory. The hard part is practicing the theory. There’s a difference between knowing something and being something

      1. yep! when a girl shit tests you and you cave in you know you’re still a pussy blue boy…when you let her walk away without calling her back you know you’re a red pill man….

  4. yeah phaggot, we can tell you read all boldanddetermined.com 10 times, there´s no need to repeat the same old canned shit:

    1. Thanks for the link. I checked out the Bold and Determined blog and it looks really positive and motivational.

      1. After reading his essays I am really pumped and going to emulate him with my own blog : Old and Determined.

      2. you aren´t fooling anybody, old fag. We all know you have been reading every blog 100 times

    2. The guy on that site does remind me of an omega pyjama boy. Besides, only the lower classes are obsessed with “improving” themselves a sure sign of a prole. Pumping iron is for fags and only dummies would want to get muscle bound.Fighters years ago would be careful not to get overly muscular because it slows you down.
      Here’s Rocky
      He was just into the heavyweight class (175 lbs) and would wipe the floor with a muscle bound Tyson. Tyson wouldn’t even be able to land a punch while he’d feel it when Rocky did.

  5. One other critical flaw in the gay “Man Cave” fad: These are almost exclusively defined as places where a “man” (yes, sneer quotes entirely by design) does two things:
    1) Guzzles beer
    2) Watches sports
    These two acts – the first of which kills your testosterone, the second of which is living vicariously through OTHER men – are how manhood is defined in the United States of America.

    1. “the second of which is living vicariously through OTHER men – are how manhood is defined in the United States of America.”
      Ever noticed how hardcore sports fan are the biggest manginas in America? They practically wear their wife’s bra to hold their sagging man-boobs.

      1. No, science tells us that sports fans are well-off, intelligent people for the most part. It’s just that a certain segment of society feels threatened by this and lashes out whenever possible, typically using the “you’re inferior” method of argument.

        1. The science is settled, huh? The economy is rigged to reward obedience. Long unemployment benefits tempt people to kill their obedient work history with a long gap, for example. Sports fans are political cowards who conform and have money for doing so. The sports fans we see in public are naturally financially better off than the ones that stay home, but if you are stuck on the outside looking in, you don’t give a fuck about sports. Sports is a luxury for sheeple that have their survival and relationship needs met, such as they are. Intellegent? Maybe, but far from informed or wise. Intelligent slaves are more useful so long as they are dumb about the question “Why?”
          Verdict: Hardcore sports fans are the biggest manginas in America.

        2. lol at the “SCIENCE!” quote.
          “Science”: The creation of testable hypotheses. Hard work and intellectually rigorous.
          “SCIENCE!!!”: Any statements put forth by the media and pop science writers supporting America and liberalism. No work and intellectually deranged.
          Sports fandom is rife with cuckold fetishists, low testosterone, impotence (count the number of Viagara ads in any football game), and useless men incapable of creating anything.
          Here’s a Reddit forum to help quit sports fandom cold turkey: http://www.reddit.com/r/sportsfree

        3. That’s such a stupid point. They are only “well-off” and “intelligent” because they’re men who can afford a tv and have the spare time to watch it, so probably middle class. Doesn’t mean they’re not complete losers.

        4. ” . . .well-off, intelligent people for the most part . . .”
          . . . fit the “mangina” description. You have not countered the argument, you have attempted to evade it.
          In a womanly fashion.
          ” . . .typically using the “you’re inferior” method of argument.”
          Superiority is proven on the field of play, so grab your bike and your rifle and let’s go.

        5. I quit watching sports based on the sheer fagginess pervading the game(s) nowadays. The organizations are obsessed with finding a gay MALE athlete who actively plays (whether he’s any GOOD is really a moot point). Plenty of dykes playing in the WNBA, but nobody watches that shit. Jason Collins got way more recognition for being a floof than he ever got for playing basketball. I played football and basketball and used to enjoy watching pro games, but liberal twats politicizing the game took all the enjoyment out of it. I guess I should thank that douchebag Bob Costas for all the time he and his libtard rants inspired me to free up.

        6. Stop pulling this ‘science’ crap out of your arse little boy. Sports fans are low class losers with IQ’s of 85 which is about the same as the negroes who jump around playing sports. Like appeals to like.

        7. Nope, the studies are in. Who do you think can afford $150 seats? Sorry to shit all over your comfortable superiority.

        8. Get lost dummy. Sports are kid games and something you’d do at prep school or college to get some exercise and have some amusement. Recruiting students because that can play a game better than someone else is absurd. Colleges are for academics not kid games.Most of these athletes are not college material and they invent simple courses for them just to give them the veneer of being real students. The colleges have to hire tutors just to teach them remedial reading because they can only read at a 4th-8th grade level.

        9. Please stop posting here. You’re making an ass of yourself and you’re making the rest of us men look bad.

        10. Weren’t you the retard who just said the men who typically sit and watch Tyrone jump around and dunk a ball are “intelligent”??
          lulz, the only one making an ass of himself here is you. I bet you wear another mans last name emblazoned on the back of your shirt too ya faggot.

        11. Shit a brick!
          Am I allowed to play sports and enjoy them later down the bar in the company of my peers without being accused of being a mangina?
          I’d love to have you in my sights on the rugby field one day. …don’t worry i’d buy you a drink after your xrays are done.

        12. In the past men talked in awe of their heros who had died in battle, the one who stole fire from the gods, the one who fought on in Valhalla, the ones who inspired them to heroic deeds.
          What is the matter with that?

        13. Fvcks sake if you really must worship other men why not put the names of men who are actually worthy on your back?
          “Inspire them to heroic deeds”
          Give me a fuckin break, How does a bunch of overweight white beta males become “inspired” by watching Tyrone jump around on the YKWtube?

        14. Your name is SNESGAMER… Watching sport is better in every way possible than playing super nintendo…

        15. “Overweight” in rugby is a relative term. If you are 120kg but light on your feet then you can keep playing into your 50s at a local club level at least, if injuries haven’t slowed you down.
          If “Beta” means you have nothing to prove to any cocksure idjits who did a couple of judo classes and want to prove what big men they are, then a beta am I.
          Watching sports gives a bunch of like minded guys the opportunity to socialize and take a break from family life. What’s wrong with that?…… Ahh well you can stay home with you game console and congratulate yourself on not being an overweight beta male.

        16. Ugh, must it be either gaming or watching other men play sport? Are there no other options from such a simpleton as yourself?
          Unless you’re PLAYING in it. You’re a typical bread and circuses distracted, socially unaware, low T level, manboobed, cathedral led drone. Wake up to yourself, I did. I too was once a doughy beta who spent hours wasted watching the socially acceptable outlet of escapism for Western “men”.
          Look around dickhead.

        17. I do play rugby nimrod. Then after a game I enjoy a beer and some televised sports with my mates. You just assume because I don’t agree with you I’m a doughy beta , jumping to conclusions is a poor form of exercise.
          Are all you “Alpha males” so elitist?

        18. “”Then after a game I enjoy a beer and some televised sports with my mates.””
          In your “man cave” I bet.

        19. *sigh* After a game of rugby I drink at the pub, genius.
          After a Hash House Harrier run we drink where ever we parked the beer truck.
          After going to BJJ training I just drink water.
          I have a “man cave” in my basement, but that where I have all my tools and where I fix and make things.
          Why are you desperately trying to prove everyone who doesn’t have the same opinion as you is some kind of girly man….Is that desperation I smell?

        20. Says the dude who’s been trying desperately to disprove the glaringly obvious fact that watching sports is predominantly for doughy white manboobs. Who now like clockwork alludes to his “BJJ training” derrrp

        21. Whatever sport. I can’t prove shit and feel no great urge to. Obviously you get you kicks by shitting on other people, not my definition of an Alpha, More like the kid who usually says “Hah hah!” on the Simpsons.

        22. “Whatever sport.”
          Apparently not.
          “Obviously you get you kicks by shitting on other people”
          Nah only at faggots pushing the bread & circuses even harder than cathedral already does.

        23. Not sure I understood that last part, something about a govt conspiracy to keep the people happy and a reference to a church.
          So if not sports, what is your idea of a good time?

        24. I thought that was the funk of blue pill stench you carried. You new fella? Stick around.
          Now I’ve covered your societal approved form of “escapism” for the masses of beta herbs, lets have a laugh at how feminists have even territory marked this joke of a distraction. How’s those pink guernsey’s on your heroes going?

        25. I get the blue pill thing, a reference to the movie “The Matrix”. I leave you to laugh at how clever you are because you know the jargon of this site and I don’t.
          I believe the Scientologist use a similar technic.

        26. I’m not laughing at how clever I am, that’s old news. I’m laughing at a clown who thinks watching OTHER men jump around on the TV is time well spent. you’re a cuckold candidate waiting to happen.
          bullshit aside I bet your suspecting I’m right somewhere in there.

        27. I stopped watching due to the organizations constantly pushing an agenda, not because I think being a fan of spectator sports makes you a mangina. If you ever do have me in your sights, I hope you pack a lunch.

        28. real men PLAY SPORTS, NOT WATCH IT ONLY!!
          Same as real men fuck whores, not watch whores online only…

        29. WOW….great insight from Science boy here…
          How many ghetto trash dirt poor folks owns Plasma TVs?
          Does that make them rich or debt burdened in a country of unlimited credit?
          Studies are in…you ARE AN IDIOT.

        30. die in battle…really??
          what sports today do men die in battle?
          WTF are you smoking? can you even PLAY sports at all?

        31. I played Rugby in high school…
          Doesn’t mean I agree with adults wasting their lives watching other adults making money…
          It’s like spending your time watching a CEO do his daily work and cheering him for making more money, then going home wearing his name on your back like a cheerleader man-bitch.

        32. Kurt, I am a rugby player. I play in the over 40’s league. I also teach rugby to kids and my business sponsors some teams here. Does this mean I can’t sit back with some friends and enjoy watching a game or two?
          As to the whores thing…what happens on a rugby tour stays on a rugby tour 😉

        33. Sorry to report my ex-boss, a black dude from NY, was always beating quality Taiwanese ass off him with a stick…A big black stick 🙂

        34. You played rugby in high school…goody gumdrops.
          Please tell me you’ve done more since those glory days.

        35. What, was he gay or something?
          Also, Black men cannot get jobs in Taiwan, especially not in management. This is a well-known fact. See, your lies just keep on coming. Maybe he was light-skinned and passing, but he wasn’t an overtly Black brother I guarantee.

        36. Oh gosh-darn it, you saw through me again! I’m always ready to waste an hour or so running up a fake bio so I can win an argument with a non-entity on the internet.
          Who is Jay-Z anyway?

        37. If you are not South African you are nothing but a sports hipster for playing rugby.
          I wonder how many hipster beards are on that field?

        38. I’m the other white meat [Australian]
          My beard ain’t hipster Jarpie , it’s more like Oom Paul’s

      2. Don´t punch the most manly ones, they´ll turn out to be the wives and you´ll be arrested for assault.

    2. I’m glad to have never been a sports-on-TV person. If I’m not pumping iron at the gym or out walking, I’m not interested.
      Though one a year I will get together with friends and watch the last part of the race at Bathurst. That’s more for the friends tho – motorheads.

    3. BTW, here’s one of the earliest RoK articles, “STOP WATCHING SPORTS”. It’s classic. I posted this on Facebook and several WOMEN posted approving comments, indicating they found men’s increasing inability to stop gawking at athletes to be a turn-off.

      Stop Watching Sports

    4. Only thing more pathetic are the female “sports freaks”. The ones that wear the stupid team jerseys. They try to so hard to be “one of the guys”; they truly like like idiots.

      1. seriously, there’s nothing worse than a woman who claims she loves watching sports. ugh. maybe they really do but that’s not attrative to me at all.

    5. Even giving the ‘wife’ a she cave (kitchen) is dangerous. Gods have mercy, I cook better than most women I meet. I’m surprised some women haven’t given me food poisoning.
      I won’t even go into their inability to do laundry or iron… Fuck, if I didn’t use a service for my work clothes I’d iron them. They would have clean lines, and be crisp looking. Not as good as the cleaners, but passable.
      My neighbor is a great example: the only thing she has going for her is she’s 28, reasonably tight and tasty, sucks decently, and has a well-balanced body. Sex is all she has to sell herself, her incompetence at anything else is staggering. Once that hole doesn’t lube as well, loses some tightness, and she starts face-planting into the wall she’s fucked.
      Actually she’ll find it hard to get fucked because she can’t even make a fucking roast.

      1. ” Once that hole doesn’t lube as well, loses some tightness, and she starts face-planting into the wall she’s fucked.”
        That’s why women only complain about men wanting sex and nothing more…
        Can you blame a man if his fuck buddy is an idiot and sucks to hang out with?

    6. What do you watch, cupcake wars? It’s something to do that’s better than most of the garbage on television…Yes, ESPN talking heads are ramping up to TMZ, Gawker status…they suck IMO. I just skip them entirely…

    7. I’m a professional chef and I like to cook so I enjoy to spend time in the kitchen, and my wife loves the food I make for her, according to this article I’m an emasculated beta male, so there is something wrong with me I need to change.

    1. If you don’t drive manual properly an automatic will get better gas mileage which more than pays for the $500 it costs for an automatic.
      Plus manuals are a pain in the butt in stop and go traffic.

      1. I think that’s a myth. With a manual you decide the driving style. So you can drive relaxed and keep the revs low (for better fuel economy), or rev higher and change later for more aggressive driving. Automatic decides for you when to change gear, so I seriously doubt it results in less consumption relative to a manual driven with economy in mind.

        1. Here’s something for men to know (and impress women). What does the 1,2,3 gears on automatic mean? They’re lower gears for greater torque.

        2. Wow that’s impressive lol You pyjama boys are a riot. You write something that the village idiot would know and you really believe you’re clever.

        3. Hmm, best way to show you are an alpha male when you ain’t: Shite all over anyone else’s opinion.
          That doesn’t make you a big man, it just makes you a bully, and bullies are scared, insecure little shits.

      2. “If you don’t drive manual properly an automatic will get better gas mileage . . .”
        Which is an argument for learning how to drive a manual properly. Is that what you were aiming at?

      3. Is the control of freedom a pain in the butt? It can be a little maddening to drive a stick in stop and go, but you don’t got to ride the bumper so closely. Get a little snow and cosmo take-care-of-me drivers are children behind the wheel. Freedom is such a pain in the butt.

  6. Worth considering: there is evidence that hormonal birth control, by tricking a woman’s body into thinking it’s pregnant, changes her attraction signals. When not pregnant, they’re attracted to the macho physique. When ‘pregnant’ that changes to attraction for the scrawny provider physique. Since they’re pregnant all the time now, a woman might actually be more attracted to the waifish androgenous half-men.
    Disclosure: 6’0″, 208 lbs, 17% body fat and I can dead lift your car.

    1. I’ve seen hot girls with scrawny gay looking hipsters….yeah they might fuck these guys but when a real man passes by with muscles they look with thirsty eyes….

  7. I wonder how a man reads a woman’s house/apartment. We put a lot of effort into that stuff but it’s mainly to impress other women.

    1. I look for cleanliness, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom, and the books on her shelf. The rest is largely immaterial.

    2. In addition to what Gen said. Cats are a negative, as are lots of senseless stuff. And if she has pictures, she should have one with her parents and siblings

  8. I can vouch on the pounding…all girls love it when you pound them on the couch doggy style.. I simply get up, pull out my cock and flip her around when she’s done polishing it…

    1. Large pillows are also good for this, such as you will find at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
      When my wife and I bought one recently the checkout girl was noticeably intrigued, which spiced things up for my wife when we got it home.

    2. What about bending her over a table and ramming it in?
      Or against the wall? Or even making her lean against a chair or sofa?
      Then pull her hair, spank her ass hard, and pound away to glory. One could yank her shoulders as leverage to pull her back and go deeper inside. A little of slaps to her face (or light choking) could also add to the ecstasy.

      1. yes there are many ways to skin a pussy…
        but by all means no missionary, that’s the beta’s position.

  9. quote: “The days of men ruling the world and their own lives are long gone. In today’s woman-ideal, leftist-inspired world, the masculine virtues that laid the foundation for our civilization are being buried deep below that foundation. Without these masculine virtues that men used as the cornerstone of life, the aforementioned foundation will continue to crumble.”
    Sad, but so fuckin’ true.
    QUOTE: “If you are considering buying a house, make it clear to the women in your life that her cave is the kitchen, and that you’ll gladly supply the essential equipment; i.e. an apron and heels.”
    Good luck with that one, pal. My point is that men have no rights really. All wifey need do is call the cops for anything, even if you disagree with her on something.
    Your points are well made, and your suggestions make sense, but actually realizing them seems considerably more difficult today. Men are controlled in so many ways that America is nothing more than a prison.

    1. The difficulty is that this falls upon deaf ears UNTIL they reach the point they have no rights.
      If you do things right from the beginning with a woman, it should be easier.

      1. QUOTE: “If you do things right from the beginning with a woman, it should be easier.”
        Not really sure if that makes sense, only because society is too far gone, and women too far fucked in the head. Anytime any man has a “beginning” with a female in America she is already contaminated with the virus, has warped expectations and has a community and law enforcement that supports her.

        1. All American men, especially the young ones like the author, would benefit from a day trip to their local family court. (As an observer only, not as a litigant.)
          Or from a frank consultation with a male, man-friendly family law attorney. Suggested first question: “What does ‘ex parte’ mean?”
          Good times, good times.

        2. QUOTE: “All American men, especially the young ones like the author, would benefit from a day trip to their local family court. (As an observer only, not as a litigant.)”
          Excellent advice, friend. I wish I had thought of that. Indeed one day in divorce court will scare any man from even thinking about pursuing anything serious with an American female.

  10. 11. Keeping your body hair where it grows. The more the better.
    Wax/shaved chest – go fuck yourself

    1. Shaving is feminizing, or infantilizing, or, as often as not these days, both.
      Shaving pubic hair, or reacting to pubic hair with “eeeeew, gross!” is an indication that your maturity hasn’t progressed beyond sexless childhood and you are still entirely uncomfortable with the changes that puberty brings.
      For God’s sake, grow the fuck up.

  11. I’m not American so I have to ask, what is the general sentiment with regards to this pajama boy thing? If I were a twenty something today, I’d be pretty upset, is this how the government sees them? As infantilized , effeminate layabouts? How patronizing.

    1. That ad was aimed at middle class liberals, not American men in general.. The way the America government sees its men is as cattle and workhorses.

    2. The current U.S. Presidential Administration is comprised almost exclusively of Pajama Boys, and they have a very insular worldview that was hammered out at whatever institution of higher learning they attended before getting involved in politics. They government does see twenty-somethings as Pajama Boys, it’s just that to them it’s not an insult, and simple a reflection of the guys they are and know best.

  12. Office life goes against masculinity. A lowly wage slave is a dead soul. Be an entrepreneur.

  13. Many women find firearms frightening because they see them as tools and symbols of male power, competence and dominance. But fear can also make the pussy lubricate, so the masculine man should learn how to shoot and maintain guns.

    1. Guns are tools and should be respected as such. You should have guns for hunting and self defense. Pussy lubrication is just a fortunate byproduct. There’s already enough thugs and lowlifes getting guns because they think a gun equals manhood. It does not.

    2. “Many women find firearms frightening because they see them as tools and symbols of male power, competence and dominance.”
      Which is exactly why faggot leftist want guns banned. Because they are complete cowards.

      1. “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.” –Sigmund Freud

    3. Agreed. Men should master basic marksmanship skills for rifle, shotgun, and pistol, and know how to field strip, clean, and do minor repairs on all three.

      1. Don’t like shotguns myself. But pistol, rifle, and bow? You bet.
        Bint I was pumping a couple years back had been introduced into bow by an ex bf, er mangina. I hadn’t pulled a string since I was 16, but I said ok, we can go target popping. Borrowed a bow from the store to try out, Diamond Outlaw, no I done want a release, you sure you don’t have a recurve fine.
        Scared the shit out of her when I pulled out the playing cards and pinned them as my target on the bale. Well, that didn’t scare her. When I told her if you can’t pip a playing card at 30 yards you shouldn’t be hunting with a bow she was scared. She was amazed when I started actually doing it.
        She was a wet mess when we got back to her place. Watching me pip playing cards after it hadn’t held a bow in 10 years had her creaming her panties. Apparently the guy that showed her bow shooting was an idiot that couldn’t aim.
        I hit the pips and her button later.

  14. A note on chivalry – whatever you read or whatever Jezebel says, chivalry is a code that places obligations on the man and the woman both. It is a dignified way to treat a noble woman that deserves such treatment. Both parties need to contribute. Here’s a hint – any woman you go out with that demands chivalrous behavior is not classy enough to deserve it. If you are fortunate enough to date a woman like this you’ll instinctively behave this way, as you’ll subconsciously know this woman is suitable to bear your seed. This will most likely not happen with a Westernized woman. As it stands I treat women I’m related to with deference – everyone else is equal until proven otherwise. Male from Massachusetts here for reference.

    1. Go to a Brazilian restaurant in Malden, Braintree, Worcester or Hyannis. Brazilian immigrant girls, if they’re not fishing for a green card, will fall over in shock if you treat them kindly- so long as you’re not a pussy or acting thirsty, being a Masshole in boyscout/astronaut mode outside the bedroom and hyperaggressive inside the bedroom is a winning combination- Brazilian Game seems to be pretty regimented for the most part- being honest and showing DHV’s with class will work every time. Being from a higher social class also doesn’t hurt, and many or most of them seem to be Evangelical’s, so you’ve got to be sure to only hint at your darker nature early on- I swear it’s like tinfoil to a crow.

  15. May I also add, developing a personality? American culture is poison. Both the women AND the men see no reason to develop and cultivate an interesting, attractive personality. All this “be yourself” bs is killing the youth – we SHOULD be ourselves, but be our BEST selves.
    For example. I’m a high school guy and see this all the time. There’s this beta that sits next to me that is literally everything that’s wrong with American culture. Every. Single. Day, he says the same thing: “I’m tired. I’m tired. Ugh, so tired! So tired.” Like, it’s part of his damn personality now.
    Instead of trying to be interesting, instead of learning charm, people get lazy and think that complaining and being boring is enough. No, it’s not. Improve yourselves, gentlemen.

  16. Read some real literature, especially following Roosh’s lead by tackling the classics. You will expand your vocabulary and your repertory of ways of understanding life.
    Try some works in older dialects of English, like Milton’s Paradise Lost, or Francis Bacon’s Essays, for example. The exercise will give you more appreciation of the underused resources in our language. And when you’ve educated yourself so that you spontaneously sound a bit more literate than average in conversation, but in a natural, unaffected way, that will make you stand out compared to men who have 100 word vocabularies that consist largely of vulgar and slang words for bodily functions and states of intoxication.

  17. Love that pic of the guy pulling her the chick’s hair and doing her rough-doggy style.
    Couple that with anal and hard spanks to her butt cheeks and you’ve got a winning way to own her.

    1. You’re full of shit blanket boy. You’re been watching too many gay porn films if you think the average woman likes anal. Get out of the cellar and meet real girls sonny.

  18. If you do nothing else in a relationship, make the decisions. Even the stupid little ones you don’t care about.

  19. Speaking Of Cars… How Many People Can Still Drive A Stick?
    Everyone not from America

  20. Why is the commander of most virtues – Courage – not on this list?
    Courage is what made explorers seek out different worlds. Courage is what men stand up for themselves, to resist tyranny, to be able to take risks.
    I think men are nothing if they are not courageous. No one likes a fearful man, but everyone wants to control him. Courageous men don’t take shit from anyone.That’s what separates the alphas from the chumps. Alphas have courage to do what they want. Betas/wussies don’t.
    Courage makes men to attempt, if not achieve, impossible/difficult things in life. That’s what our forefathers had. Today’s American male is not courageous enough, because the feminist dominated society has taken away his courage. Men have become fearful of women. Men fear women more than men themselves. Another reason why modern American men are dominated by American women. Absence of courage is fear. You want to take away a man’s freedom, you destroy his courage first.
    It were the courageous men who were free. And they were free to do their own thing, without being apologetic for it, the way our forefathers were. Modern men are apologetic for their own behavior, especially to women. Modern American women have on the other become courageous, thanks to feminism. That’s another objective what feminism aimed for to shift the balance of courage in favor of women, to make men fearful and cowardly. Men should become courageous to step outside of their comfort zone. Courage is indispensable, to becoming a hero.

    1. Interesting you mention courage. The implication that men are *lacking courage* is bombarded at us every single day — in the form of shaming language. “Men are AFRAID of commitment”…. and “men are AFRAID to get married”. These transparent scare tactics are hurled at us even when it isn’t appropriate.
      You mention taking risks.
      But there is a BIG difference between “bravery”…. and “stupidity”.
      Whenever anyone tries to pull the “courage” scare tactic, this is exactly what you tell them:
      The only risks reasonable people are willing to take are CALCULATED risks. One weighs the costs and benefits of those risks. Men have simply figured out out that women FAIL a cost/benefit analysis in marriages and relationships.
      It doesn’t required COURAGE to sign a marriage contract.
      It requires —->> STUPIDITY.

      1. Well said-men tend to do risk/reward analysis on all things and there just isn’t much reward and a lot of risk in marriage. Risk of loosing your wealth, kids, ability to maneuver, etc.. And what’s the reward? Regular sex drops off significantly as told my many couples. You’re basically getting a legally bound roommate for life.

      2. I think you missed the point.
        Courage is necessary,and indispensable – for a man. Being courageous, does not mean that all have to go and make commitment to marriage. Of course intelligence is needed to make a wise judgment on when to exercise courage and when not to.
        But what good is intelligence, if it makes one impotent enough to think that courage itself is foolish all the time?
        I mentioned courage because courage is often the drive which has made men act to achieve their dreams in life. You can misunderstand courage as stupidity/recklessness/foolhardiness, or you can understand its virtue as motivation/drive to act. Just as you can understand intelligence as a virtue to make wise decisions, or misunderstand it as cowardice/hesitation in situations when you actually need to act, and not THINK. Commitment to marriage in modern America is a situation where primarily you need to THINK, not act.
        But marriage is a situation where one need TO THINK TO ACT. But you still need courage to commit to your judgments.
        If you hesitate to commit to a loving traditional woman elsewhere in the world, just because you think marriage is itself stupidity, then I think that would be an overstatement. Indeed women in the Anglospehere are degenerate. But should that be a reason to think all women in the world elsewhere are also dengenerate? You may choose to avoid marriage, but you can’t choose to avoid companionship with women (even though it may be purely for sex), unless if one is a monk or gay.
        Our forefathers acted in life. They rarely reacted in life. We are living in times in which we are forced to react more, and act less. Though we could say that our times, we are at a disadvantage considering the odds against us. But even the act of moving out of America to find your dream woman requires courage. The ordinary chump would rather react (translate: adjust) with the circumstances here, and hope to find his non-existent dream woman here someday, or just give up on women altogether.
        You did made a valid point to highlight that when feminists shame you for not taking the step, it’s not because they’re not actually mocking you for your lack of courage to make a commitment, what they’re actually asking you is to avoid proper judgment and put the noose around one’s neck. I think we are not fools enough to understand the difference between a sincere call to courage, and an invitation to recklessness. Even our courageous forefathers could tell that difference.

        1. Understand perfectly. Roger that. I got your point. And it was a GOOD one. A really IMPORTANT one. I wasn’t even countering it. If I used “you” in my reply it was not directed at “you”… it was directed at every “one”.
          As I was reading the above article, I also noticed “courage” wasn’t on the list. But “courage” and “bravery” are words that are thrown around and TERRIBLY misused to exploit men. So I was compelled to add and clarify.
          • 100 years ago, you had “courage” if you gave up your seat on a lifeboat and drown for female comfort and convenience.
          • You had “courage” and “bravery” by signing up for a suicide mission.
          • Today, you are a “coward” if you don’t take a bullet when a gunman opens fire in a crowded movie theatre.
          MOST of the time – in fact, almost ALL of the time – “courage” is about you treating your life like it’s WORTHLESS. A man is thought of as a “brave hero” as long as he thinks of himself (and his life) as disposable. It’s kind of sick, actually.
          I know what you meant. But I find it takes greater courage give the middle finger to those who use the fake label of “bravery” and a $2 lapel pin when they would be better off just telling you they think you’re a worthless piece of shit.
          Thank you for the inspiring thought.

        2. Interesting points- this dovetails nicely with the idea that in order to perform acts of powerful courage and sacrifice, men must have a deep, deep reserve of power and energy fostered by strong emotional ties- when men see MGTOW as a viable, smart option, the basic ability to perform acts of self-sacrifice becomes unlikely- why the hell should we sacrifice when we’ve never been rewarded for sacrifice in the first place? Chivalry, Honor Codes, those sorts of things were a reward system. Prior to acts of ultimate courage, we need the sure knowledge from experience that we’ll get more than a cookie and a thank you for our efforts- and the modern idea held by western women that occasional access to the lukewarm hole between their legs gives them license to be terrible people is EXACTLY why courage and acts of self-sacrifice are getting hard to find.

      3. When women say “Men are AFRAID of/to XXX” I automatically think two things:
        • projection
        • I am not afraid to handle dogshit – I simply don’t want to

      4. Damn. You guys are making some very awesome, deep, profound observations and statements. You guys are really opening my eyes. Thanks.

      5. “A simple cost / benefit analysis separates courage from stupidity.”
        TOTALLY agree! When I was in my late teens, I didn’t have any problem whatsoever putting on a parachute and “jumping out of a perfectly good airplane”; my family and friends thought I was crazy, but I loved it (though I’ll admit that it was scary the first few times). Even the girlfriend I had at the time accused me of “having a death wish”. But I did it multiple times because:
        1) it was something that I’d always wanted to try, and
        2) it was a sport that, though risky, was made as safe as possible for the participant.
        Although NO sport can be made 100% safe, of course, safety was paramount and always stressed (through training, careful use and maintenance of equipment (body harnesses, parachutes, jump boots, static lines, etc.)), and foolish behavior was discouraged (if not banned).
        Would I have gone skydiving if I found out that there was a 50%+ chance of the parachute not opening, or that equipment was not properly cared for? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Risk-taking is one thing, but making foolish/stupid choices is another thing altogether.
        I’ve never married, and I never will.
        As far as I am concerned, the risks a man takes to marry are simply too large and too many, and the benefits are too small and too many (if not mostly illusory).
        I’ll take risks but I won’t take stupid risks. Because there ARE some things that even I won’t do.

        1. My mistake proofreading: for a man, the benefits of marriage are too small and too FEW!

    2. When our society was more patriarchal, there was a greater tolerance for risk, hence more examples of courage. Study the rise of the American space and aeronautics programs from the 1940s through the 1970s. The guys doing the riskiest jobs had the personalities to boot. They’d never make it in today’s world. As women got their “equality,” they brought their matriarchal nurturing instincts with them and got them codified into law.
      The institutional outlawing of male behavior at schools and workplaces across the country is the outcome.
      Courage used to be the weak kid punching the bully in the face. Now the weak kid gets suspended and treated like a bully for defending himself from aggression, and everyone goes to the shrink and gets put onto pills that turn boys into zombies.
      Playgrounds are being ripped up because a kid falls, breaks his arm, and parents sue.
      No more dodge ball because fatty gets one in the face and goes home and cries to mommy instead of getting pissed and beaming skinny in the face with the ball on the next go-around.
      Defy a concealed-carry restriction and be the guy that stops an active shooter? You’ll be crucified in the press for “not waiting for the authorities” and be brought up on several charges, even though the body count was two instead of 14.
      Tell a co-worker with a vagina, lisp, or different skin tone to “get it together do your job” when they are not performing gets you an EEOC complaint and sit-downs with HR that you have to “modify your tone” or you will be out the door.
      “Courage” in today’s society is a gay basketball player telling the world he smokes beef.
      There’s plenty of courage of the old variety left in the world, it is never reported, but when it is, it is as an example of what not to do.

      1. Back in the 60s, NASA men didn’t hug each other awkwardly on successful mission completion.
        Women have ruined everything.

        1. No, they just stubbed out an unfiltered Camel, got the crew cut freshened up, and got out the slide rule to prepare for the next mission.

      2. Holy shit, the gay basketball player thing made me laugh, and it’s exactly true. No one knows the real names of the living and dead SEAL’s they based the movie ‘Sole Survivor’ on, but everyone knows about the tall black guy who plays a fucking game who mumbled that he’s got a deep abiding appreciation for the cock. “Courage” my ass.
        Phrasing boom.

      3. And that was back in the day when women actually considered men sexually attractive as a sex. Now, everyone seems to agree that the female form is the best, most aesthetic-looking thing ever. Yes, to me, a man, the female body is 😛 salivatingly hot. BUT, when women can’t look at men in the same way… when they like playing with a woman’s ass as opposed to a man’s ass… there’s something wrong with our social structure.
        And I think it all has to do with power.
        Women will always want to be with the people who have the most power. Those people can provide the most safety, security, comfort, etc to women and their nest. It’s in their nature to seek out the strong, and powerful to mate with. As the patriarchy dominance dies… at least in the eyes of these women, as women gain more and more power, it makes a lot of sense for women to naturally flock to women as sexual partners.
        Those women in power have successfully convinced the world that being masculine, being tough in the face of adversity and pain is sick and twisted. By feminizing men and society so much, they have helped themselves gain power over everyone. Because women are so naturally intimidated by men, because of our size, our natural aggression and bravery, and even our low voices can cause women to submit easier.
        Arthur Schopenhauer was very right when he described woman as being big children. And they’ve systematically turned several generations of men into equally cowardly children… and now, we have manginas that aren’t gay or straight. They’re like eunuchs.

    3. “Courageous men don’t take shit from anyone.That’s what separates the
      alphas from the chumps. Alphas have courage to do what they want.”
      And what alphas want is to avoid needless conflict where everyone gets hurt for no particular reason.
      See two guys move to opposite sides of the street and pretend to ignore each other? That’s alpha behaviour.
      It’s the insecure, neurotic betas who are always posturing and starting shit.

      1. I think that’s a very text book understanding of what courage is, from what you understood.
        When I meant courageous men don’t take shit from anyone, it also means that courageous men have the nerve to stand up for their beliefs. All courageous men were territorial. Their beliefs were also their territory. And they were prepared to defend those beliefs (translate: “do what they want”). They didn’t bow to someone else’s views or tyranny. They were essentially free.
        I think it’s pretty lame to think that starting conflict is a way of expressing courage. I never mentioned that unequivocally or specifically, anywhere in my original comment. That’s primarily your understanding. In fact what I mentioned are the benefits of the virtue of courage, in examples where one has to act, and to help one react to defend one’s beliefs.

        1. “They didn’t bow to someone else’s views or tyranny. They were essentially free.”
          Roland got right down on his knees before Charlamagne.
          “I think it’s pretty lame to think that starting conflict is a way of expressing courage.”
          Which is what I said.

  21. Never knew how to drive a stick, until I bought my first car. I had to learn pretty fast to get it off the dealership lot. But that was nothing compared to learning an 18 speed truck.

    1. Was driving my uncle’s ’52 Chevy farm truck with a 4-speed over a 2-speed at age 12. Manual steering and brakes. I could barely reach the clutch pedal, which was like trying to pry open a steel bear trap.
      That’s the kind of experience kids don’t get anymore.

  22. when women, fueled by the wretched excesses of feminism, declared chivalry “patronizing”, that killed it right there. now women want it back. do I need to tell you where they can take it?

    1. Who is of higher status, the guy who lives in the penthouse, or the guy who opens the door for him?

      1. The penthouse of course. You can teach retarded kids simple jobs but to be able to make the money to buy the penthouse takes brains.And most smart people can easily learn how to be a carpenter if they wanted but the average carpenter would never survive in the financial world.

  23. If you lift with gloves you’re a bitch, I can never respect someone who lifts while wearing gloves, if your grip is an issue use some chalk.

  24. I feel mostly pity towards urban men- it’s damn near impossible to be masculine and gather experience in the wide range of skills we need to be well-rounded and self-sufficient. Being able to change your oil? My foreign doesn’t-leave-the-house-in-less-than-4″ heels- wife can do that in a pinch. It’s one frigging plug and a strap wrench. A guy should be able to handle any tool that is necessary in even less-likely situations. Chain saw, torque wrench, belt sander, table saw, jigsaw, chisels. That’s the basics. Where is the urban man going to learn how to change out the chain on a decent chainsaw? He goes on vacation or to visit family in the ‘burbs, he gets to sit with the ladies while the local men do the men’s work, and that’s shameful.

    1. It’s not that we can’t or don’t know how to do something, it’s just a lot more convenient to have a servant or mechanic do it. Once you’ve done this stuff as a kid there’s no reason to waste time and get dirty, that’s for the lower classes who have nothing better to do with their time that’s virtually worth nothing anyway. Some of us with real lives can’t risk getting injured because we have important jobs to do. Kids and the lower classes who get injured just have a nice holiday because they are expendable. And nobody goes on holiday to the suburbs lol Most people have town houses and country houses. A vacation would be going to Biarritz or St Moritz or places the proles have never heard of.

  25. When I was younger I thought I couldn’t wait to have a man-cave which meant i could do whatever I wanted, because the rest of the house was the kids’. I didn’t have any idea that man caves were for the woman to take the rest of the house instead of the kids having use of the living room.
    And I was always made to feel like there was something wrong with me for not really caring about the Super Bowl.

  26. DIY has never been easier with youtube. For those of us whose father never did many repairs, we’re learning everything from scratch. I recommend buying a foreclosed home, and learning to do the repairs from youtube videos and DIY forums. By myself, I’ve changed toilets, installed pedestal sinks, removed bathtub cast iron drain and replaced with PVC, changed all electrical outlets, tiled a kitchen floor and underlayment (with friend), installed LED overhead lights, installed doors and door frames. You learn a lot quickly, and the cost will be minimal if you eventually sell the house at a profit. You learn the system of modern shelter and what is or isn’t high quality, which is pretty damn important.

    1. Are you in the US? Especially regarding the electricity: don’t you need a licence for that? Here in Germany you need a 3-year education to be allowed to do stuff like that – not sure if that holds for plumbing, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

      1. You can do it all yourself here, it’s your house. But if you are going to resell, then the work needs to be checked and certified.

      2. I don’t require permission from someone else to do a task that anyone with the proper tools and knowledge can do. It’s too easy to pay someone to do this stuff. Changing electric outlets is simple with a wiring tester: turn breaker off, test again to make sure it’s dead, test with voltmeter for extra safety, remove old outlet from wires, attach new outlet to wires, screw back. 15 minutes tops.

        1. Sure, wire it up yourself so if the house burns down the insurance won’t cover it if the adjuster finds something in the rumble and blames the fire on you.
          Doors come prehung today so any moron can fit one. I built the wine cellar in my house years ago all with my own little hands and made the frame myself for the size door I wanted.And the racks for 2k bottles of wine too. Looks a bit like this
          And a hatch door hidden by a piece of furniture that is the only access

  27. The only thing more moronic than this article are the people who lap it up. The modern ‘man’s man’ you see nowadays is some self-absorbed douchebag who spends far too much time working on his muscles or removing his chest and leg hair.
    Yes you know who you are….you sir are a fucking pussy. What is this moronic archetype you are promoting? Are you suggesting the sophisticated, intelligent introverts you rag on constantly are not men? Men who did constructive things with their lives, men who made massive technological advancements and progressed our species to the point it’s at today. I’d say the essence of ‘Man’ has more to do with doing something constructive with your life and achieving success that will outlive you. What was briefly described as ‘Passion’ above but fairly inconsequential in the great scheme of the article. Contributing to the wellbeing of your species MAN by doing what you are good at. Not spending hours trying to look like an adonis, staring at your fucking reflection. Not ‘gaming’ as you put it, wandering around like weird sexual predators being overly forceful with women and listening to this shit sex advice. Let’s be honest motherfuckers, the only gaming you’re doing is on your pc or console and as far as sex goes, you can quietly cry yourself to sleep later when you’re done with your fleshlight or you’ve logged out of brazzers. You preach self confidence and independence yet everyone seems to feel the need to swallow and regurgitate this bullshit. If you’re a man develop your own fucking opinion.
    This so-called “alpha” horseshit that you aspire to is like some weird homo-erotic dream for you, a bunch of sofa masturbators with so little drive or self worth that you have to get guidance from a website which thinks gender roles should be stuck in the middle ages. If it were for people like you we would still think the earth is the centre of the universe or that the earth is flat. You are ultimately a product of your up-bringing and the majority of you must have had shitbag fathers or none at all to have such fucked up attitudes towards women.
    I’ll give you some real advice on being a man. A real man makes his own decisions and lives by his own code. A real man doesn’t live his life according to the doctrine of some moronic fucking organisation and their website. Learn to understand the difference between advice and delusional inferiority bullshit and instead, take your own stance on people’s opinions based on their faults AND their merits. Treat people (including women) with respect but never sacrifice your principles and always stand up for yourself and your beliefs.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    1. A real man doesn’t feel the need to spout off emotional responses to things he finds disagreeable on the internet.

      1. Nor does he wait to post snarky remarks to responses he finds disagreeable on the internet.

    2. The author wasn’t saying any of this^ at all. You completely misunderstood his thesis.

    3. “You are ultimately a product of your up-bringing and the majority of you
      must have had shitbag fathers or none at all to have such fucked up
      attitudes towards women”.
      My father didnt teach me a lot. He taught me to always watch my posture. He told me If I didnt have my health – I didnt have anything.
      Other than that he was a fucking beta. You are a fucking beta too.
      YOU go fuck yourself.

      1. Right so we’re on the same page then. Your father taught you nothing and that’s why you’re a borderline retard. Well at least you have someone to blame.

    4. “sophisticated, intelligent introverts”
      You sound like the Pajama Boy. You also sound like you haven’t seen the inside of a bodybuilding gym – you’re schlubby or obese. The mentioning of “introverts” makes me think that you have repressed your masculinity and have trouble speaking to girls.
      All the horseshit about “wellbeing of your species” is simply beta provisioning, which you probably know nothing about and should research.
      And just because somebody has a vagina doesn’t mean she deserves respect. Respect has to be EARNED, not just given out willy-nilly.
      Anyway, have fun in that Blue Pill Land of yours.

      1. A typical response. The soul measure of human worth is the size of one’s muscles and one’s ability to pick up chicks. The one’s you pick up must be incredibly stupid to understand the series of grunts and moans you call a vocabulary. Looked up your “beta provisioning” which basically yielded nothing, not surprising since the philosophy of you ‘red pill’ munching fucktards could be summed up in a text message. Back to your bulging muscles which probably make you look like a condom full of walnuts. Is it even practical to be this way? Having massive muscles is pure vanity, it’s not something a pragmatic man would do but rather one who is trying to compensate for a tiny dick and a lack of intelligence. In a fight you would gas out in the first round swinging your lumps of meat around. A practical build is a lean natural one where your muscle mass is proportional to oxygen consumption. So maybe spend less time in the gym and pick up a book and exercise that most powerful muscle , the human brain (a figure of speech, just in case you missed that. I know I have to dumb it down for you).

        1. Engage in criticising a bunch of strawman arguments?
          Your biggest point is about muscles, and presenting it as a dichotomy of achievement. How do you expect a rational person to behave to that?

        2. Well I guess it would be interesting to find out why being built like a brick shit-house is the cornerstone of the alpha mentality. And no, my point was about how muscles are a part of the dichotomy that makes up the ‘Alpha’ model of human achievement. Also you don’t ‘behave to’ anything, the word you’re looking for is ‘respond’. See, we can all nitpick dickhead.

        3. Well I’d like to inquire where you frame this notion of being a brick shithouse is a universally recognised trait of alphaness?
          Hell, even on this site alone there is at least one critical of it

          Bodybuilding Vs. Building Your Body

          Yes, you did infer a dichotomy. You are implicity suggesting that a focus of muscles is resonating as ‘Alpha’, and circumventing any attempt at other things. Many here are attempting many feats in unison with improving their body.
          And no, To “Respond” is a short term emotive and usually elicits something along the lines of an answer or conclusion towards that of the source of origin.. in this case you. To “Behave” means to conduct myself as a result of stimulus… say if I was to ignore your theory on muscles.
          A response is a more finite act of behaviour, I didn’t think I would limit myself to it.
          So, once again, I am right.

        4. First of all, you need to go look up the definition of ‘dichotomy’ because you are using it in the wrong context. Secondly, using a larger word where a simpler one will do doesn’t make you sound intelligent. You are waffling and quite badly I might add. Regarding my statement, the chap who I responded too assumes I have never been to a ‘bodybuilding gym’ which suggests he is built like a brick shit-house. While your single article above might state the contrary, it is fairly obvious that this is the ideal form when it comes to the so called, ‘alpha male’. My rebuttal was that building unnecessary muscle (and even getting toned like your article suggests), is a waste of time and is in many cases, pure vanity. Practically speaking, it is unhealthy to strip the body of all its fat and does not make you any more effective in combat or make you any more physically fit than someone with a natural, average build doing cardio and conditioning. The reason it is so important to the ‘Alpha’ it seems, is to create some moronic hierarchy of manliness and to help with your ‘game’. Regarding your use of ‘behave’, I wasn’t questioning the definition of the word but simply pointing out that grammatically, you have used it wrongly. “How do you expect a rational person to behave to that?” is bad English, which you seem quite a stickler for.

        5. “Having massive muscles is pure vanity, it’s not something a pragmatic
          man would do but rather one who is trying to compensate for a tiny dick
          and a lack of intelligence. In a fight you would gas out in the first
          round swinging your lumps of meat around”
          Suuuure it is. Spoken like a pajama boy. Actually, lifting weights stimulates production of testosterone, makes you feel healthier, improves attitude and confidence, a lot. Women sense this and detect it through pheronomes, and they are more attracted to you (or in your case, somewhat, a big improvement from none). And you have obviously never been in a real fight with real men, where being strong helps you a lot, even if you have mad martial arts skills.
          I know I have to dumb it down for you, there is only 1 idiot in this conversation, and you can find him in the mirror.

        6. Haha, sure thing buddy. The ladies love your ‘pheronomes’ (you could have at least bothered to google it). Experience and technique beat strength nine times out of ten. You must have really had some really real fights with real men in your time.

        7. Of course you are correct but don’t expect these lower class dummies who think peacocking around with overblown muscles would understand that. Even females know that they are pussies. They’re like jive talking negroes wearing a lot of bling (usually fake lol) Everyone but themselves knows it’s laughable. Look at me! I’m wearing bling and drinking Crystal. These guys wouldn’t know Crystal from toilet water in a blind tasting. They’re just clownish imitators of the genuine thing and everyone can see it. More interested in show than in substance. Bodybuilding was always associated with homosexuals and anyone reading one of those bodybuilding magazines was assumed to be a fag.Who else would want to look at men. Arnold was the one who made it more acceptable but even he was thought of as queer.Look at some of the videos of him bodybuilding with other freaks when he was 20 and he certainly does look like a fagola.
          The reason that these poor boys on here like pumping iron is because any idiot can do it especially since they have nothing else of any importance to do all day, sort of like at a prison. It’s pathetic.

        8. stimulates production of testosterone
          It does not. You read that in some prole magazine? It’s more likely to reduce T and if you ever take a steroid it will shrink your balls like a eunuch. You won’t even be able to get a hardon from pumping iron too much.

        9. Abraham Lincoln was a narrow shouldered geeky looking guy who didn’t look like he had much in the way of muscles but he was very strong.
          There used to be these negro baseball leagues and the top fastest pitcher of all time in any league was a skinny guy with arms like pencils.Muscles in themselves do not make you strong.

        10. Very correct. Some of the strongest and fiercest warriors in history had very average builds. Then again it seems for most of these gristleheads the movie 300 is a credible historical reference.

      1. ‘Article’ is pretty generous, not nearly as generous as the knob down there who referred to it as a thesis. This was aimed at pretty much all the ‘articles’ on here because they pretty much say the same thing.
        “We are misogynist pigs who wish women were subservient and meek because we had no real role models growing up and we’re easily swayed by bullshit. The only real goals in our lives are looking buff and hunting women for sport. Anyone who doesn’t subscribe to our fuckhead mentality is labelled beta (A distinction that only exists in our minds). We lack the mental capacity to support these claims because there is pretty much nothing to support them as we desperately try to hold on to a sense of masculinity from a bygone era without ever really questioning why.”
        Sound familiar?

    5. Nice rant, VoiceofReason. Sums up this idiotic cult and their moronic, brainless followers beautifully.

        1. pound my wife ey? Would that be sex or assault? Hard to tell on this forum. (I know which one it is)

      1. Cheers. I’m just bored really, although it’s not hard to morally object to pretty much everything that goes on here.

  28. Karmann Ghia? That looks like an AC Cobra 427 (or a Gardner Douglas replica of one) to me.

    1. Ah shit, I read past your mention of the ’65 Mustang and the Cobra. Great article, anyway.

  29. Not dead yet. Glad to disappoint.
    The only quality I try to moderate is passion. It can be a vulnerability.

  30. “pound her like she’s never been pounded before” definitely. the rougher the better. can’t stand all this “making love” crap. Sex is purely instinctual. No love or romance about it. He gets off, I get off, we fall asleep in a sweaty heap.

      1. “whore” – sexually promiscuous woman, woman who sleeps with many partners.
        “woman who enjoys sex” – sexually active women who enjoys being intimate with one significant male.
        “guest” – desperate virgin, who would rather call a woman a whore, than have an actual discussion.

  31. I would argue against electronics and wiring. Faulty wiring is one of the top causes of houses burning down. I would always suggest you get a professional to do that job.

    1. 1. “Faulty wiring is one of the top causes of houses burning down.”
      2. Most houses are wired by professionals.
      3. ” I would always suggest you get a professional to do that job.”

        1. I actually had a single, female tenant who decided to try to cook one day. She succeeded in making a flash fire in the skillet, didn’t know what to do about it, so, rather than calling someone who might, she ran into another room and hid until it was over.
          Fortunately she only managed to destroy half the kitchen instead of bringing the whole house down around our ears in flames.

  32. Hostility towards women is a beta trait, just so you know. Alphas are indifferent, not angry.
    “Apron and heels” just reeks of beta smarm.

    1. Apron and heels has nothing to do with hostility. It is about dictating to a woman what you like.
      If you’re not turned on by the thought of a woman wearing just apron and heels while she makes you a sandwich then you’re a homo.
      If you see this as hostility you’re a closet-homo.

  33. Chivalry: Strong frame control tells us that the rules are there for a reason but once you understand why those rules exist, you can break them when you decide its appropriate.
    Me, I open doors for and generally run the show when I have a woman out. Not because she’s on a pedestal or because the enjoyment of her evening is important to me. I do it for the same reason i hold the door open for a child or a golden retriever: Because I’m higher on the food chain and I’m not interested in dicking around until they figure out how to work a door handle.

  34. Every man should have a hobby. Something to dedicate his efforts to that defines what his being is. Doesn’t matter if it’s coin collecting, leaf collecting, or any faggy shit, as long as you have a hobby that you enjoy doing, spending money on, and engaging other like minded hobbyists with then DO IT!
    A lost hobby from a role model of mine is HAM radio. Guy builds his own radios, knows morse code, even has his own radio tower. It’s his hobby and it’s what he puts his passion and efforts into to define him.

    1. Along with wrenching on cars, that’s an excellent hobby that can hone technical skills translatable into real life work.
      I hire engineers and we give a bonus in the interview for having a technical hobby like a ham radio license, commercial radio license, pilots license, car hobby, etc. It directly translates into (a) dedication to obtain a certification and (b) a technical mindset. Such engineers are almost always more successful than those that have no real interest in the work.

  35. My entire fucking house is my “man cave.” But it’s not a pussyfied “cave.” It’s a castle. It’s clean, beautiful, and full of really nice things I’ve picked up all over the world.
    No woman will take over this house. A woman can enter only if the first destination is my bed. Then she can hang out for a few hours only because sometimes I like a round 2. If she starts cooking, she can stay an extra hour (which rarely happens because American woman have no clue how to cook). Then she gets the hell out.
    Fuck “man caves.” Make yourself a man castle and keep it for yourself.

    1. You’re Going to die lonely. American women are not attracted to Asians. Your wieners are small and you should be cooking some of that awesome food for us. Tee hee. More than likely you got a whore into your bed by bragging about what you have and that is her fault for being shallow but if you are looking not to catch a disease people are finding their mates these days. If you don’t like American women, quit doing them and find a nice Asian girl you can respect.

  36. My partner and I both have caves- a sitting room and a bedroom each, and it’s been really good for us. Also, I don’t get the ‘stick shift’ thing- here in the UK only a very few people can’t drive a manual- is it very common in the States?

  37. I dunno, that plaid wearing guy with the hot chocolate looks pretty awesome… id definitely hang out with him.

  38. This is probably the most on-point article I’ve read in a while. You really hit it out the park… especially about cars and knowing how to use tools.
    The fact that most men do not know how to use tools is pathetic.

  39. Reminds me of when i used to talk to my grandfather in Mexico. My family would visit him for 3 weeks. At 14-20 he was always asking me if i had a girlfriend yet. I would respond no. And he would say. “Well why not? I was chasing girls when I was ur age.”
    At 18-20 he would usually add afterwards “I bet you do. You just dont wanna say it.” I didnt wanna tell him I had back luck with women so I would usually say that I planned to get a girlfriend once I graduated college. Ironically enough it was in my college years when i finally learned how women operate.Not sure if he was actually banging chicks in his young days. But i bet he could get laid right now if he were my age.
    And my younger cousins were always wanting to move in with me so they could date gringas. I never had the heart to tell them how arrogant the gringas were. They wouldve just laughed at me.

  40. Notice how the Man is relegated to the shittiest parts of the house like the man cave usually in the basement or some other shithole part of the house. And if the man cave is the man’s then what is the rest of the house? The woman’s? Notice how men went from being the king of the castle (their home) to being relegated to dingy old garage or basement called a man cave? Men have become manginas and have allowed women to take over the whole house through the language, which is why she can kick you out in a fight when she has no job and you pay the rent and all the bills.

  41. “Who wants to drive a ’65 Mustang or a Cobra …”
    To be fair, your father would not want to drive a Ford T when he was young right?
    Yeah the old Ford T was very Wrenchable when he was young, but the then new Mustang or Cobra were the New Hotness.
    Same thing today, few people care for the cars of 45+ years ago, when you can drool over a brand new Lamborghini, Ferrari or Bugatti.

  42. “Who wants to drive a ’65 Mustang or a Cobra …”
    To be fair, your father would not want to drive a Ford T when he was young right?
    Yeah the old Ford T was very Wrenchable when he was young, but the then new Mustang or Cobra were the New Hotness.
    Same thing today, few people care for the cars of 45+ years ago, when you can drool over a brand new Lamborghini, Ferrari or Bugatti.

  43. isn’t blaiming liberalism for all of society’s problems a bit of a cop out and/or oversimplification? there have been times throughout history where society leans toward conservatism and times where it leans toward liberalism. it’s been fucked the entire time and has never functioned justly.

    1. liberalism today isn’t the liberalism of yesteryear. Marxism has infiltrated nearly every aspect of the left and the centre and beyond

  44. “Every fuck with any girl should be a balls-to-the-wall, pound her like she’s never been pounded before kind of effort.” :-0 … Oh my! Very good sir, making men out of manginas!

  45. i found “10 Masculine Virtues That Went To The Grave With Our Grandfathers”
    quite interesting and some parts do give food for thought, the two things that weaken (well decimate) any argument made are the part to whole reasoning and how the author ignore social changes that have taken place. Just because, in your experiences, ur assumptions worked out in these conditions doesn’t mean they will in the millions of situations that take part across just the USA. Also the social, economic, and cultural changes that have taken place in even the last 30 years are completely disregarded ( this is the detrimental weakness). All the changes mean that the interactions that are said to have been buried, are in fact near impossible in all relationships, with the changes of today.

  46. I would add, “Learning how to hunt and kill other men.”
    P.S. Fighting is not the same as killing.

  47. I enjoy the Call of Duty series and other wargames. But I play the campaign for the storyline, I don’t play the endless online games with people making up ludicrous rules. Having been to that hi tempo arena twice I learned that you put your full seriousness into the job or people will die from your actions.
    And there is no spawning back alive once that happens. They are just dead, period, and someone will have to explain to those soldiers families why.

  48. Some of the advice here seems misguided, at least if applied in the context of a long term relationship.
    “Every fuck […] should be a balls-to-the-wall, pound her like she’s never been pounded before”
    After a couple of thousands of bangs with my wife, this seems quite hard to uphold. The bar for pounding “like she’s never been pounded before” keep rising and with those expectations, I would have a hard time keeping up with myself…
    Also, saying that every fuck should be balls-to-the-wall is a little extreme. Sometimes that’s just not what you feel like, and what’s the point of pretending? As long as you establish a strong dominance in bed, it is perfectly fine to take it softer some times. Do what you like, simply speaking. Just make it absolutely clear that you are in charge (deeds speak louder than words here), and never be afraid to be rough with her in bed.
    “…it is your job to make each and every decision. It doesn’t even matter if you’re wrong. Stick to your guns, and make no apologies.”
    It would be quite tiresome for me to decide what she’ll cook for dinner _every_single_day. A more sensible piece of advice could be something along these lines: You are ultimately responsible for all decisions. You may delegate some decisions to her, you can ask for her opinions and advice when you need it, but always remember that in the end it is your responsibility and that you have the last word. In a difficult situation, it is almost always more important that you make a decision than that you get everything right. Do not be afraid to admit it when you have made a bad decision, it shows that you are a responsible leader whom is worth following.

  49. I have never read anything more superficial honestly. The only man who would take this list seriously are the balless pussies who wants to hide their cowardice through outdated stereotypes of muscularity. I’ve got a good news for you lads. You will easily find a girl who will patiently do your bindings, spend half your salary on facials, sprout out couple kids, divorce you, take your man cave, redecorate them with the child support money you had to fund by selling your classic car and in the meantime fucking that cute guy she met at the local coffee shop. Welcome back to reality boys!

  50. Gossiping, spreading rumors and bitching is another form of modern day faggotry that most men perform today.
    Most men today don’t keep their words and promises… I think that went away… Pretty sad if you ask me.

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