Women Are Disappointing Their Feminist Masters

There is concern that women want to be women…

[Pinterest’s] popularity highlights an uncomfortable reality: Pinterest’s user-generated content, which overwhelmingly emphasizes recipes, home decor, and fitness and fashion tips, feels like a reminder that women still seek out the retrograde, materialistic content that women’s magazines have been hawking for decades — and that the internet was supposed to help overcome.

Any guy who has studied internet game around the early 2000’s has heard of the term “chick crack,” which refers to a woman’s propensity to discuss topics like psychology, astrology, handwriting analysis, soap operas, and so on. The best way to lose a girl is to go deep by talking about philosophy, economics, or other topics that men don’t mind discussing. So it’s surprising feminists don’t understand that, when given the choice, women rather go shopping, talk about celebrities, and watch reality television than discuss ways to save the world.

Ironically, the less you respect a woman’s intelligence, the more you will retain her interest long enough to get her into bed. You can’t turn a millenial chick into a philosopher, no matter how much you educate her.

[Buzzfeed: How Pinterest Is Killing Feminism]

21 thoughts on “Women Are Disappointing Their Feminist Masters”

  1. The worst misogynists are other women.
    It’s no surprise to me that feminists are annoyed with women being women when they try to be men.

  2. I’ve found with 90% of girls attempting to discuss philosophy will get you angry emotional responses in a non-trivial amount of time, even if they seem open to it in the beginning. Just. Don’t.

    1. Philosophy is lost on the general millennial generation including men and women. I struggle to discuss these topics with my man. He’s just not interested. Period. The generalisation here is so lazy….

  3. There is some truth to it but as a woman I find something else irritating: the negative undertone that men often use to discuss a woman’s more emotional nature. Feminists may be pushing women to become more masculine but a truly masculine man should champion a feminine woman who wants to look and act like a woman.
    Western Society already beats us down enough when we show feminine qualities. Men should reinforce them leading us to be more comfortable in them. Because that’s ultimately what you want to – right??

    1. Nope, what we want is that you start to be treated the same as men regarding the law. You had your rights given there is no way back to the kitchen so you can start this shit in 70 years time honey, what we are fighting for is for equality in child custodies, end of affirmative action and gender quotas, and so on.
      Yeah there are some traditionalists within the MRM but they tend to be fringe of an already fringe movement so go figure. Wanna know what we will reinforce? Read about us in A voice from Men or any other MRA blog.

      1. So you want women to change their emotional nature and only become logical ? but keep all other feminine qualities? I agree that emotions can go ott and mess up things, but when used intelligently they are masterful. Men have them too right??? I do wish their wad a refinment with how women’s emotional nature is referred in these internet spaces. As a women who has a crazy, personality disordered mother I understand where the negative tone comes from but it is confusing in lots of manosphere parts of the internet, where on one hand women who are feminine are championed but then on the other they are criticised for their emotional nature. I’ve been told by relationship coach’s to be ‘vulnerable’ which I followed and hey presto it worked! When I was not vulnerable I had issues with guys. As a trainee counsellor it is fascinating for me to observe the tone in which emotions are described. I just wish people would be more careful with language

  4. LOl. Yesterday I chatted up a phd student. First I cold read her, and got a clear IOI as she smiled, pet her hair, and said “wow, that’s interesting”. She was hot, and this was looking good. Then I stupidly moved to a rational topic about research, had a disagreement, and the convo staled…

    1. wow, you both had contradictory opinions of a certain matter, that in no way makes this PHD student stupid, and unintelligent, just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t always make them undesirable, stupid or wrong. This goes in both ways too.
      You shouldn’t let this failed attempt at seducing a mate so seriously.

  5. @Jackie
    Women’s emotional nature isn’t a negative per se. Women’s nature, not just their emotional natures, simply are. The point is that the most negative aspects of this nature are promoted by feminism. This emotionalism is forced into places it doesn’t belong, and when that happens, everyone pays.

    1. This is probably the most well thought out compact written explaination of feminism i have seen in the last few years. Thumbs up

  6. wow, really? If someone started having a philosophical discussion with
    me, I’d be all ears. In fact what you think is really the opposite!
    always trying to get into deep topics and discussions, you just assume
    wrongly as you cant even imagine what it would be like to be wronged and
    disowned by anyone else. Especially by a woman, this is because you
    hold irrational, irate beliefs, but most importantly, fear of the
    opposite gender (unfortunately).
    Alas, I shall prove you wrong.
    Ways to ‘save the world’, hmmmm…I’m going to take an optimistic approach this time…
    we move onto anything big and major such as harnessing space travel or
    solving large scale problems like war and hunger and energy problems; we
    MUST sort out the things that are preventing us such advances and
    achievements. Which is people just like you. It seems you exist on the
    hate of others, acting as a catalyst, creating the situation in order to
    satisfy that need.
    For example, you use hateful and disrespectful terms, such as ‘slut’ and
    impose degrading idiosyncrasies onto women; but why should I object to
    that term, you see in our century we’ve learned not to fear words.
    Moving on:
    there is no such thing as a perfect solution but we need to exterminate
    and eliminate Gender hate, racial hate, sexuality hate, ethnic hate and
    ALL other discrimination’s. These types of problems inhibits and
    hinders any new ideals, theories and hypothesis to be imagined and
    This must change. Change is the essential process of existence, and without this we would stagnate as a race.
    glory of creation is in it’s infinite diversity, and the ways our
    differences combine to create meaning and beauty. Without freedom of
    choice there is no creativity, and without creativity there is no life.
    We all must learn before we can reach for the stars.
    Speculation is unnecessary, the answer is clear.
    You are the most contemptible things that I have ever come across.

    1. You are a typical liberal retard who thinks they are so wise and educated because you parrot the tenents of social Marxism. Ending discrimination is an especially execrable and asinine comment. In order to even establish that any two things are different you must discriminate between them. So basically you think all people should regard all things and all people as the same, which is clearly a nonsensical fantasy. Go back to the fucking nail salon and shut your stupid, liberal mouth, libtard.

      1. Furthermore, some things are by their very nature, detestable. It is in fact WRONG not to hate those things which are worthy of it! Sodomy for example, as a lifestyle, is a highly pernicious, aberrant and disgusting practice and I will not be told by the likes of yourself and your libtarded Ilk that I must love and accept faggots. Because I won’t, and it’s not going to happen and fuck your liberal ideals, they are wrong, just like you.

  7. Totally right. I’ve been teaching grad students for 25 years. Given the nature of my area, it could be seen as perfect “chick crack”. I teach my subject as a quantitative, hypothetico-deductive subject as game – they get up to speed or know they are out of their depth and back down. I get good ratings for my lectures and supervision as I do this with charm and erudition – though I’ve known plenty who suffer despite the same strategy. The first thing I do is show why their cuddly or Marxist explanations of social phenomena are refuted by reality. The good news is that none are so up on modern intellectual ideas that they can come back at me with even the half-assed “post-modern” ideas they might have once done, say 20 years ago. The bad news is that this intellectual elite of womanhood are more interested in soaps and celebrities, and rarely have an idea between them. The occasional guy who passes through is routinely smarter but has been browbeaten into passivity. I’m not sure if I find the typical female grad student’s lack of intellectualism better or worse than their fake intellectualism in the past.

  8. Hi, actual female. Shopping hurts my feet, I could care less about reality TV, and I hardly know anything about celebrities. It’s totes okay if other people like this though. I just don’t… I’m also intelligent enough not to accept blatant generalizations.

  9. For some reason, women don’t like it when I try to initiate a discussion about the Black Death and how it changed the economic status quo or how institutional flaws in the British Army led to both the disastrous Charge of the Light Brigade and the eventual Allied victory over Tsarist Russia.

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