The Real Nature Of Politics

You’re a man on the verge of turning 30 or perhaps several years older. You’ve played your cards right throughout most of your adult life. You paid your dues in your younger years by building up your career or starting your own business. You regularly hit the gym and eat properly, resulting in a better physique than the majority of men around you at the same age. You’ve developed the necessary conversational skills not just with women, but people in general. You’re well liked and respected by your friends, family, and colleagues. Lastly, attracting women has never been easier for you at any point in your life. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as “having your shit together.” It’s a good feeling. You know what you’ve accomplished, you’re proud of it, and you have no plans on slowing down anytime soon. There’s just one problem, though—women around your age realize you have your shit together too.

Your life has entered the stage where the Biological Clock Ticker, or BCT, has you in her sights. These women are sketchy and you must exercise strong judgement when dealing with them. BCT’s can serve a vital role in the sex life of a guy pushing 30 or older. You will get some of your easiest lays from this demographic of single women. BCT’s are one of the perks of getting older. They allow you to slack a little bit in your efforts to get laid, but force you to step up your self preservation efforts at the same time. This article will focus on the type of women that can be classified as BCTs, and on the pitfalls that await should you accidentally knock one up or find yourself becoming attached in some way. By the end, you will understand their mission objective and, as a result, be cognizant of what actions to take in order to properly game them.

BCT Age Range: 28-36

When you’re in your early to mid-20’s, women come and go. They’re happy with the arrangement. Even if you were potentially interested in something more serious with them, they would have nothing of it. You know, it’s all about having fun, not getting tied down, and having a ‘go with the flow’ attitude. However, once women get around 28 years old, their mindset changes a bit. Women would like you to believe it’s because they’ve matured. That’s bullshit, of course—the only thing that’s maturing is their bodies, and it’s not the kind of maturing to get excited about either. They begin to realize their tits don’t have the same perky shape they once had, their asses are a little bit droopier and wider than they used to be, and their faces are beginning to show the signs of aging. They know time is starting to run out and they need to buckle down if they hope to find something serious before there are no good options left.

So, now that you’re in the same age range as the BCT’s, questions about “Where do you see this going?” or “Are you looking for something serious?” start popping in the early stages of dating. My initial thought is, “Yeah, I could be open to something serious… just not with the human equivalent of a set of tires with 80,000 miles on them.”

By 28 years old, a typical single woman’s past looks like this: she fucked a few dudes in high school, another 10+ during her college years, and then had a series of one night stands and mini-relationships in the five or six years following graduation. This gives her a partner count somewhere between 15 and 80. Does that sound like relationship material to you? Sure it does… if a dry spell has you to the point that you would fuck the crack of dawn and the fear of never finding anything better causes you to commit. For every year past 28 you can safely add a minimum of three new partners and, sadly, that’s being conservative.

Bear in mind that BTC’s past the age of 36 certainly exist, but for the purposes of this article will not be discussed. Why, you may ask? Because single women over 36 can go fuck themselves—that’s why.

BCT’s Are Generally Career Women

They’ve got the corner office that you don’t care about, the degrees and credentials they think will impress you, and the job title they think gives you a raging boner—you know, stuff men couldn’t give two shits and a greasy fart about. Sure, on a personal level their accomplishments are commendable. I respect any person, male or female, that puts in some serious effort to make something of themselves (if it was, indeed, truly earned and not a byproduct of some sort of “effective hiring quota”). However, a woman’s career has never made a man more attracted to her. In fact, when a man hears a woman talk about how she’s such a pipe swinging bad-ass at the office, he will immediately wonder how long it will be until she’s a complete pain in his ass if she’s allowed to stick around long enough. Luckily, since she’s a BCT, she won’t be sticking around for very long.

These women are following the teachings of their feminist masters to a T. They lived their lives much in the same way a man would. They went to college, got educated, landed a job, started making a bit of money, established themselves, and now that they’re older have decided to start a family and ‘have it all’. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as ‘having it all’. Most women with full-time careers coupled with the responsibilities of full-time motherhood get burnt out. Among divorced couples where both partners have a college degree, 90 percent of those divorces were filed by the woman—clearly not worth the risk. Especially, when in my personal experience, the difference between a career woman and a bartender is the career woman talks about her job for 20 minutes before she talks about Facebook and Real Housewives of Wherever-the-Fuck.

BCT’s aren’t always career women, but this is generally the case. Most “good girls” that are truly interested in having families and getting married do so at a younger age. Recovering party sluts and divorced women who didn’t have children with their ex-husbands can certainly be classified as BCT’s. Single mothers can also exhibit a lot the traits listed here as well, but single mothers are like single women over 36, and can go fuck themselves.

BCT’s Ask About Your Job Or Income



BCT’s want to make sure the man they’re planning on locking down has a stable career with a good income. There’s nothing wrong with that and it’s understandable. The problem is, as previously stated, they are career women (if they’re not career women then they’re just gold diggers). The vast majority of these women, despite their careers, are massively ridden with debt: student loans, typical bills, and credit cards. It’s no big secret that women absolutely love blowing their money on things they don’t need. You know those commercials for $30 skin cream that will reduce the effects of aging by 10 years in just a couple weeks? It’s not men buying that stupid shit, that’s for sure.

“No problem, they have their own money”, you may be saying to yourself. Wrong, it’s a huge problem and here’s why. There’s a lot of excellent material written on the subject of hypergamy out there. However, there’s also a simple explanation for women’s tendency to “marry up”— they want a safety net just in case they decide they don’t want to work anymore. Despite all the feminist propaganda out there, many women do not want to go back to work after they have a kid. Many women that claim to love their careers are straight-up fucking lying to you— what else are they going to say? The truth? We’re talking about women here, fella’s. If she openly brought up the subject of not wanting to work, yet was loaded with debt—even the most desperate men would balk at that. The fact is many women are completely miserable working for a living. So guess what? She pops out a kid and makes the unilateral decision that she’s going to stay at home and there’s not a fucking thing you can do about it.

So where does that leave you? Well, you know that 70 grand in student loan debt for her bachelor’s and/or master’s degrees? Hope you like paying off degrees that aren’t yours when you could have a new Mercedes, a pimpin’ boat, or just save it for retirement. Chances are also pretty damn good that her irresponsible ass deferred those student loans—compounding the interest and creating even more debt. What about that $2,000 trip to Cabo with her girlfriends that she charged on her Mastercard? Hope you like paying off a vacation you didn’t go on and where she fucked men that weren’t you.

On the flip side, if a woman is hellbent on going back to work, you have to question how good of a mother she would be. It really is a double-edged sword. You’re either cleaning up her massive financial mess or your infant son or daughter is going to be raised by strangers at a daycare. Neither situation is ideal. In fact, both situations are pretty fucking terrible, to be quite frank.

BCT’s Try To Hasten The Progress Of Your Relationship

So you slept with a BCT on your first or second time out together. You’re on the third date with her when she says, “I really want an exclusive relationship.” You then say to yourself, “Ha! Fuck you, lady!” I’ve experienced this a few times in the past couple years and it still makes me laugh… in their faces. Be very cautious when you’re dealing with someone that isn’t allowing your relationship to progress at a natural and organic pace—they’re rushing shit for a reason. They’re BCT’s and they’ve got a schedule to keep. If you’re not going to be the one that jumps at the opportunity to completely fuck up your life by getting serious with one of these women, then they’re going to move right along to a guy that will.

BCT’s Talk About Babies

No surprise here, but it should be mentioned. If a woman is talking about how much she wants a kid within the first couple times you’re out together—be on red alert. BCT’s want a baby and they want it soon. In many cases these women don’t care if the man is in the picture or not. All that matters is if he can pony up the cash to support it.

Always use condoms that are provided by you and are not nearing the expiration date—settle for a blowjob if you don’t have condoms. If she has condoms of her own and offers you one, then go for sex if you have time to discreetly inspect the unopened wrapper in good lighting. If that’s not feasible, then just pull-out despite the fact you’re wearing a condom, just to be on the safe side.

If a BCT says, “Don’t worry about it, I’m on the pill.” your exact thought process should be, “I need to worry about this, this bitch isn’t on the pill.” These women simply cannot be trusted. Make sure to take extra special precautions with this type of woman. No man wants to be on the hook for a 216 payment child mortgage in exchange for a 10 second orgasm. Don’t be that guy.

The BCT Vernacular


BCT’s have their own dating lingo. As is standard with women, what they say and what they really mean are generally two very different things. The following is a short list of commonly used phrases popular amongst BCT’s  and the translation to what they really mean.

“I’ve had my fun and now I’m ready to settle down.”

Translation: I’ve been on the express train to pound town for roughly 15 years with countless men. Now that my looks are deteriorating and my family is asking me, “When are you going to find a nice guy and start a family?” I’ve finally decided that I will try to nail down some unfortunate son of a bitch and drain him of his resources, happiness and ultimately, his soul. Short version: I’m a whore.

“I know that I’m going to make a great mom someday.”

Translation: I think being selfish, vapid, and on anti-depressants in conjunction with drunken hookups and working eight hours a day in an office environment has somehow properly prepared me to raise children.

“I’m at an age where I’m just sick of the drama.”

Translation: I love drama. In fact, it turns me on and I can’t live without it. The truth of the matter is that I’m really a 14 year old girl trapped in an adult woman’s body. I cause all of the drama in my life because I’m a juvenile pain in the ass and I want everyone around me to know it. You, as a man, better provide me with ample amounts of drama or else you will be considered boring and I won’t want to fuck you. I might marry you and have kids with you, but rest assured, I will be divorcing you down the road and taking half your shit.

“It’s so hard to find a guy that’s looking for a serious relationship.”

Translation: I perpetually disqualify myself as relationship material through an unwillingness to clean, an inability to cook, and by being an entitled bratty bitch. I also chase men that clearly have no interest in settling down even though I clearly understand they’re not serious from the onset. However, I will continue blaming men for my piss-poor decisions and will make absolutely no effort to change my ways. As a result, I will continue with the status quo of being fucked and discarded due to my actions and deficiencies.

“I’m really looking for a guy that just ‘gets it’.”

Translation: I’m looking for a janitor to mop up the explosive diarrhea shit-mess that I call my fucked up life.

How To Game A BTC

In my experience, the best way to get into a BCT’s pants is to insinuate there’s a possibility for something serious without ever actually saying it. It gives them the chance to chase you a bit and work towards roping you in. The ambiguity of the situation will drive her crazy and she’ll use her vagina as a means of trying to get commitment out of you. You want her to be unsure if you’re a good guy or an asshole—operate between the two.

Remember, she’s still a slut and she’ll respond to your asshole wit and charms by wanting to sleep with you, but her new-found husband hunting goals might be holding her back. She may be saying to herself, “Oh, I won’t fall for this shit again.” This is especially true if she’s been dating for a while and trying to get guys to commit, but keeps falling victim to a nail and bail. Ultimately, she will fall for that shit again because she can’t resist what she likes. How long you want to keep her around is your decision. These women tend to be good about splitting bills and paying for stuff if they’ve gone out with you a few times. Your out of pocket cost per lay can be very low if you decide to keep one around for a bit.

The average lifespan of a BCT fuck-buddy arrangement is between one to three months. If you haven’t committed to her by that time frame then she’ll be gone, and will most likely be out with a new man within a week. That is if she wasn’t fucking a different guy already.

BCT’s have a tendency to not go quietly either, in my experience. To make the process of removing a BCT from your life more enjoyable, I’ve put together a little game for the ROK readership. Feel free to play along as she makes her exit.


In Closing

BCT’s can make great fuck-buddies—they’re eager to please, but always keep it in the front of you’re mind that they’re dangerous and not genuine. They’re trying to charm you and get you to fall in love with them and, due to their high mileage, tend to know what they’re doing in bed. These women are not for loving. Just because a woman wakes up one morning and decides that she wants to be a mommy and a wife doesn’t somehow make her qualified for the job. They’re qualified for the same thing they’ve always been: getting fucked and working a job in a perfectly air conditioned building. That’s it.

If BCT’s were of any true value, they would be in a long-term relationship already. Any reasonably attractive woman over the age of 28 has passed up numerous opportunities to be with a great guy. As established, BCT’s tend to have major problems. It’s not your responsibility, as a man, to play mechanic and fix the problems these women have created for themselves—you will not be rewarded for your efforts. There are plenty of men just around the corner that are more than willing to give these women exactly what they want. Let those guys adopt these bitches from the pound and give them a nice home with plenty of food, water, and chew-toys. A sucker is, indeed, born every minute. However, you know and understand the utility of these women. You can take great pride in knowing that sucker will never, and can never, be you.

Once you have established yourself as a man of worth by your mid-30’s these women will not leave you alone. By being in shape you will have a look they find aesthetically appealing. Through years of experience with women from the past you will have an attitude and personality they find themselves drawn to. And finally, through hard work and dedication from building your career, you will have a wallet that they would love to get their filthy little dick beaters on. In player lingo, you will have the alpha sex appeal they lust for coupled with the financial security of a Beta—a truly unstoppable combination not just for attracting a BCT, but for attracting all women.

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  1. Let’s go back and re-invade Iraq and get the oil! It was working so well until pres blackenstein came in and fucked it up. Liberals just don’t get it.

    1. Many Red Pill men don’t get it either. Look into Nikola Tesla and Area 51. Oil has long been obsolete. Its continued usage is all about profits (at the expense of the environment and international standing)

    2. The election of Obama was an epic failure of nerve by the Historic Population of America. Why in God’s name would anyone elect a member of a hostile minority to the executive?

      1. It would no more have mattered if he were a white democrat. He doesn’t operate in isolation, he’s but a figure head that does the bidding of others, while looking out for his own best interests. A democrat is a democrat is a democrat is a feminist.

          Read my earlier post:Stellar article! This is why I laugh when I hear people bash Obama or the administration. As a character said in the movie “Broken City” when trying to get Mark Walberg’s character to participate in Mayoral election “Who the president of the United States is doesn’t greatly affect your life here in New York City”. People focus so much energy on what Federal Government is doing when that energy would be better spent focusing on the issues and representatives of the Local and State Government. Only when you reach the upper tax brackets do you need to start really paying attention to what big government is doing. Focus on your local and State governments. I’ve been making great money since Clinton was in office, I also did with Bush, and I am still making it with Obama. They can elect Howard stern as the next president and I will still be doing well. You may not agree with everything I said here, and I’m not 100 percent right all the time but you should be able to get something out of this.

        2. A white democrat wouldn’t have been able to use the race card to get the media to ignore all his blunders.

  2. Learned this lesson in college. I took several advanced speech courses and the presentations we had to give were political in nature. Most went up and spewed out mainstream left or right bs. I presented the truth: Our luxury is the cause of their suffering and it can’t be any other way unless we want the roles reversed.
    Their was not a moist vagina in the auditorium. Bone dry.
    Want people to hate you? Tell the truth.

    1. So if Iraq is allowed to get rich we will become poor? explain.
      I do understand thaat you cannot have 10 chinas around the world so the usa has to bash them down economically but why is war necessary.

      1. You’d have to understand the history of the ME. The people of Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Iraq etc were for many years nomadic and their populations relative to the amount of oil they exported was relatively small. The small population meant all of the citizens of the country could live a high standard of living from oil profits. Over the decades the populations moved into cities, became more domesticated, and the populations grew. The trouble is they want their standard of living to be sustained if not increased year after year. More people and less oil being pumped creates economic problems. This is especially perilous when your population is maybe two generations removed from nomads, practices a violent religion, and oil production in your country has peaked. Now every year they need more and more money to keep up this societal charade and we the oil consumers subsidize it. If their population was halved by war/disease/famine/genocide in theory their need for oil profits is somewhat diminished.

        1. The societal charade you speak of is not just the curse of the ME, but the rest of the world as well. What happens when the standard of living drops slightly in the USA? Everyone freaks the fuck out despite the fact we are all fat, have unbelievable technology, and live in relative comfort. Human beings are selfish and there is no hope for any peace among these animals.

        2. That’s a good point, although I think the level of reaction of a ME society has the potential to be much more severe than in the US. Since 2004 the standard of living for US citizens had already declined significantly. Retail gasoline has more than doubled in my area (1.70 to 3.76 this evening), my healthcare costs have almost tripled, food prices have increased (although I don’t have exact figures to cite), and although I am no longer in college, those costs are up about 50% from the previous period. The main difference being is you don’t see disgruntled citizens taking up arms and going after the central gov’t (which I realize it futile in my country). However the chances of that happening, and succeeding, is much greater in an ME nation. You could also make an arguments about a higher level of barbarism in such nations vs the US. I agree that despite the decline, US citizens do live in relative comfort, at least for now, but we all are ultimately selfish animals deep down.

        3. This explanation is inadequate. Mant Western economies have the same oil based economy like Alberta, Texas, Norway, scotland, etc. And people of nORWAY, SCOTLAND, texas, alberta, canada etc. fall into the same category, they were just farmers and semi nomadic as well.
          A country like Iraq has no shortage of money. Its oil money provides it $10,000 usd per man woman and child per year. On top of all the other economic activity that occurs there. That is more than enough to build up a nation economically. Places like Alberta, norway and scotland were basically 3rd world before oil discovery. Oil countries need more people because they need more workers. i’ve liv ed in an oil town, and witnessed it first hand, you can never get enough oil workers.

        4. You make some good points which I cannot argue without better knowledge of the cultures of oil producing peoples.

        5. People in Scotland, & Norway could read before oil was discovered. You speak of the “great unwashed” of 1st world nations like the recent article about the dad who is happy his 9yo son is gay.

        6. They had sewers and wells 5000 years ago in Scotland, yet white people have to fly to Africa to dig them because sending picture books and tools wont work.

      2. It is hard to explain something this complex in a brief comment. I’ll just give you something to think about that should lead you down the right path.
        The global south is far more resource rich than the north and yet most of it lives in poverty. How does a resource scarce country, like England for instance, have a population that lives so much better and consumes far more resources? What would happen if the resources of the world belonged to the local populations?

        1. I guess you never heard of K vs. R evolution. Its areas with limited resources that IQ is more valuable than short distance running. I have been to the middle east and if oil wasn’t flowing out of the ground to pay people to come in there wouldn’t be running water.

        2. Racial makeup aside, the point i’m making is that the resource allocation is controlled through force – hence the need for war.

        3. Blacks can be charming and useful. But they cannot be trusted with anything more complex than a bouncing ball. Stirling probably wanted to say it too.

        4. Low recourse forced higher IQs for survival. There being enough low hanging fruit for a single mom to feed any kids that survived tropical diseases worked out fine until YT brought quinine and other meds to Africa. Nothing more than walking around and eating was needed to survive.

      1. I don’t need to read 200pgs of economic jibber-jabber feel good nonsense to know the whole world cannot be rich. Theoretically that is possible but people don’t operate that way; we are competitive and selfish no matter how much we have. Surely someone on a game website understands the competitive nature of sex? Do you not realize the sex instinct is what pretty much governs all human actions? Women want to fuck the best and so men will always fight and tear each other down in order to be the best. If everyone is rich who is going to be a waiter? Janitor? Store clerk? All of civilization relies upon never-ending class warfare in which the few rich exercise power over the many poor.
        Kid. You need a reality 101 lesson.

        1. Automated checkout machines and apps you can place orders on will obviate the need for most store clerks and waiters in the near future. Janitors can make decent money if they’re in a union.

      2. Others need to suffer for sure- economic liberalism is a two way street. it’s adams smiths most basic principle. people sell shit for other shit. Now there cannot be an infinite sum of shit because it’s too much shit to flush. Now most countries will have a top 1-5% but no country will see another rise in the middle class as US and Europe saw post 1950’s. That was a very rare moment in history because there was still plundering to be had and rapid increase in technology post WWII.

    2. Our luxury is the result of Asians & Whites evolving in areas where building/planning/storing was more likely to keep you alive through winter than short distance run ability. Iceland and the Falkland’s should be worse off than Haiti if you are correct.

      1. Yes, the point is the West/Asia controls the resources of other nations through superior force. If the ME/Africa/South America were not kept in chaos and allowed to develop without the interference of Western banking/military forces the West would be fucked (and yes these people were not as developed when they were conquered but at this point they are being kept down through force/subversion).

        1. The areas of the world that have never known colonization are the worst of the 3rdworld. South Africa was built on “cursed” land that the Hottentots didn’t want, but once Whitey controlled malaria the Zulus genocided the Hottentots to get closer to the benefits created. The worst problem SA had was immigration from places worse than it until the ANC took over.

    3. It will take time to re-establish Chaos–George W Bush (he actually said this in a Freudian moment of Matrix slippage.
      Lucifer over the Levant

  3. The red pill and manosphere as a whole is about seeking new knowledge and rejecting orthodoxy. This piece is a menstration of typical leftist claims. I won’t pretend that the US acts altruistically, but more often than not its policy failures are due to well intentioned naiveté, not malice. An oil war would involve the 1st Marines and Special Forces seizing and holding the oil fields. It would not involve Spec Ops holding shuras with the tribal leaders and desperately trying to do in a matter of years what has not been done in millenea: bridge internecine divisions in the Middle East. It’s so easy to blame the US for the worlds problems; it is much more painful (for both liberals and conservatives) to acknowledge that some things are not for us to fix. The US did not lose Iraq. Iraq lost Iraq

    1. US lost Iraq, is was a war whose real objective we really don’t know except it was done to kill saddam. Oil prices went up when bush went in.

    2. Actually, the Ottoman Turks did a great job of ruling the Middle East for 600 years and keeping Sunni and Shia from killing each other. The mess the modern Middle East is in is the direct result of WWI and the colonialists splitting up the Ottoman Empire. When Churchill was making up the boundaries of post-Ottoman Middle East, Gertrude Bell opposed the short-sighted opportunism of her handlers in British intelligence. She knew that the European colonialists were brewing nitroglycerine in their harebrained schemes to control the Muslim world. End result is the Middle East we have today — and the ultimate irony that both Britain and France, its architects, are now on their way to becoming Muslim-majority countries. Not exactly what Churchill planned.

        1. Turks are a chance of a new Ottoman Empire. Their current situation is becoming more isolationist in nature,

    3. Iraq was invaded in order to generate chaos in the ME. As such it was a success. It was also invaded to cleanse the area of Christians. The only long term result of the invasion is the ethnic and religious cleansing of the Middle East of Christians.
      All the bible thumpers who join up are effectively acting like drones injected by mind control serum by predatory wasps.

    4. “The red pill and manosphere as a whole is about seeking new knowledge and rejecting orthodoxy”
      The red pill is a commitment in seeking the truth no matter the cost

    5. First we think war is a good idea, then we think war is a bad idea, then we see war was necessary after all…..
      It’s pretty obvious that the original 2003 plan was to roll the tanks into Iran as well…. all the Iranian oil fields are along the border with Iraq, there was no need to go all the way to Teheran, just take the first 100kms of Iran….. for a variety of reasons including Russian nukes, that never happened…. at the same time higher oil prices, which were always coming and nothing to do with Iraq, meant that oil shale and tar sands became equitable and they didn’t bother….
      Quite why after so many false flags and BS horror stories they didn’t simply plant some uranium in iraq, justify themselves and find an excuse to take the Iranian oil fields, I don’t really know…. but somewhere along the lines the political will to finish the job properly evaporated….
      Bush let us down…. Iran and Syria needed to be taken down as well… Only then could you reorganize the middle east and put and end to all the mess….

      1. Not to mention preventing a bunch of “sand niggers” from “unlawfully” establishing unreasonable prices for the oil America so badly needs right now so as not to tap into her future reserves. But I guess putting and end to the local “mess” constitutes a noble side-goal as well. Sigh… the irony.

    6. The red pill and manosphere as a whole is about seeking new knowledge and rejecting orthodoxy.

      For anyone with a gift for reading between the lines, Zbigniew Brzezinski’s books are a good place to begin looking for insight.

    7. What are you even talking about? The US bombed the shit out of Iraq with uranium dust that will be giving them cancer for the next half a million years.

      1. Delicious irony… a guy talking about Red Pill while nerding it out on BF4 in the land of make believe and one of the main refuges for blue pill dudes.

  4. Not sure the premise of this article is correct. Known resources are limited and subject to intrigue, but in the case of energy, there may we be sources not known to the general public.
    Nikola Tesla demonstrated wireless electricity way back in 1899, lighting up Colorado Springs from 26 miles away
    Also, there are rumors in ufology circles that the US Military is in possession of tech a good 100 years in advance of the civilian sector.
    Oil is soooo 19th century.

      1. Money for black budgets, Operation Northwoods (war and fear are nec. for societal control), Military Industrial complex profits, Oil profits, the Elites wanting wars for war’s sake. Heroin trafficking (Vietnam and Afghanistan), possibly ancient artifact retrieval in Iraq.

      2. Not for lack of technology. I’d say it’s because there was not enough political and public will to use it and decisively win a conflict.

  5. Iraq was a war that we do not know why we went in, only Bush and cheney and rumsfield know the real reason but itwas done at a great cost to the public. We spent $2 trillion building Iraq but the same Republicans would object to a $2 trillion special economic downturn fund to build up poor america.

    1. From the objective standpoint there are a few things which come to mind:
      1. Make Saddam an example for others looking to switch out of the Petrodollar.
      2. Get USG back into Cold War era level debt to after a supposed surplus.
      3. Hide real losses from the dot com burst and engage the country into a wartime economy to stimulate growth.
      4. In theory, “secure” known oil fields as production peaked (this was prior to fracking of course which I believed staved off the peak for a time).
      5. Set the US up for permanent bases to be used in an Iranian invasion (didn’t happen but the logic was there).

      1. We aren’t even getting the oil from Iraq. Hell if we were getting oil from Iraq and paying 60 cents a litre like we used to when saddam was trying to pump too much oil, then that’ dmake sense.
        Invasion of Iran from the Iraq is a fantasy as there are giant mountains in the way followed by an unihabited desert which would leave you wide open to attack.
        The reason seems more personal, like bush just felt like it. Economically it didn’t benefit america.
        Rumsfeld stole $2 trillion they didn’t need to hide losses, losses don’t need to be explained in government. before 9/11 happened rumsfeld was being quesitoned over $2 trillion gone missing.

        1. The idea of securing oil did not necessarily equate to “getting” oil.
          Greenspan to the WP 9/17/07:
          “As for Iraq, Greenspan said that at the time of the invasion, he believed, like Bush, that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction “because Saddam was acting so guiltily trying to protect something.” While he was “reasonably sure he did not have an atomic weapon,” he added, “my view was that if we do nothing, eventually he would gain control of a
          His main support for Hussein’s ouster, though, was economically motivated. “If Saddam Hussein had been head of Iraq and there was no oil under those sands,” Greenspan said, “our response to him would not have been as strong as it was in the first gulf war. And the second gulf war
          is an extension of the first. My view is that Saddam, looking over his 30-year history, very clearly was giving evidence of moving towards controlling the Straits of Hormuz, where there are 17, 18, 19 million barrels a day” passing through.”
          No, no, no,” he said. Getting rid of Hussein achieved the purpose of “making certain that the existing system [of oil markets] continues to work, frankly, until we find other [energy supplies], which ultimately we will.” ”

          Regarding economically bettering America, other than securing oil removing Saddam maintained the status of the Petrodollar for the past eleven years:
          TIME 11/13/00
          Europe’s dream of promoting the euro as a competitor to the U.S. dollar may get a boost from SADDAM HUSSEIN. Iraq says that from now on, it wants payments for its oil in euros, despite the fact that the battered European currency unit, which used to be worth quite a bit more than $1,
          has dropped to about 82[cents]. Iraq says it will no longer accept dollars for oil because it does not want to deal “in the currency of the enemy.”
          If Saddam were allowed to circumvent the Petrodollar other OPEC members would have eventually followed suit.

        2. OK,, i admit in hindsight of your article it could have been partly motivated by currency. But saddam was hated by opec’s largest and most important member…. the saudis. So why would they follow Saddam’s lead. Further for Saddam to control the straight of hormuz, he’d have to send an army through saudi arabia down to the UAE or through Iran. Both well armed countries with modern jet fighters, not the easiest win, those countries are not kuwait. As well with 30,000 US soldiers stationed in Saudi Arabia, it would be a dummy move to even attempt it.
          I do not understand what the actual oil system is they want to continue to work. Is it the oil system of artificial scarity were virtually every opec member produces under production? Saddam was the only one to produce up to the limit and it made prices drop in the early 1990s. The lowest gas prices in in the last few decades were because of saddam.
          Further what magical super weapon could saddam have had, if not a nuke, there isn’t much else out there. You have chem weapons which syria had the top 5 largest stockpiles of.
          Whatever the real reason iraq was invaded, will not be told to us until the white house memos on it get leaked.

        3. More oil in the market going anywhere will lower prices everywhere, just not as strongly as a direct feed. You see if Iran sends millions of barrels to China, China wont need to buy as much.

        4. In Kuwait which was put back on the map with our taxes a male healthcare traveler (they have to import all skilled workers) was thrown in jail for drinking water during Ramadan.

        5. “Whatever the real reason iraq was invaded, will not be told to us until the white house memos on it get leaked.”
          I’m not sure what the “real” reason was to be exact, but Greenspan made an interesting point: the second gulf war was an extension of the first. The first Gulf War was the result of the 1990 Kuwait invasion by Iraq, which itself was a result of the Iran-Iraq war prodded by Washington (which bankrupted Iraq) AND the simultaneous 1980s oil glut which floored oil prices at the same time of the war. Saddam was economically desperate in the late 80s and I think he saw wealth in Kuwait (in addition to punish them from stealing his oil). I think it is also possible he was lured in to the invasion by the West, although of the top of my head I can’t see how they would benefit. Saddam was either targeted for destruction in 1990 or he merely went off the script and truly did invade a sovereign nation and US ally unprovoked by the West. The job needed to be finished at some point, at least in the minds of some of the talking heads in Washington. When Saddam chose to sell oil in Euros he sealed his fate, irrespective of 911, terrorism, or WMD.

          “Saddam was the only one to produce up to the limit and it made prices drop in the early 1990s. ”
          The 1997 ASEAN crisis is the reason oil fell so dramatically in the late 1990s, it had nothing to do with Iraq or OPEC.

          “I do not understand what the actual oil system is they want to continue to work. ”
          The Petrodollar is essentially the “system” both Washington and OPEC have agreed to since at least the mid 70s. Essentially the privately owned Federal Reserve prints up worthless notes, loans them to banks/gov’t, who then use those notes to buy oil from OPEC. OPEC then agrees to exchange these worthless notes for something real (oil) and then exchanges the notes with other countries for other real things (cars, consumer goods, food) thus promulgating the cycle.
          From Wikipedia:
          “The brilliance of the petrodollar deal was that it mandated that all transactions actually be settled in U.S. dollars creating a world-wide demand for dollars that previously didn’t exist. The petrodollar system also meant that the U.S., the largest consumer of oil in the world, gained the power to buy oil with a currency it can print at will. Another aspect of the petrodollar system was that oil producing nations would take their excess oil profits and place them into U.S. debt securities in Western banks thus becoming a primary lender to the U.S. long before China came on the scene. This system would later become known as “petrodollar recycling” as coined by Henry Kissinger”

          “Further for Saddam to control the straight of hormuz, he’d have to send an army through saudi arabia down to the UAE or through Iran. ”
          My knowledge of the ME geo-political situation circa 2000 is more limited than the period of the Gulf War and post invasion, but I agree militarily Saddam would have had a difficult time seizing the straits. I think at most Saddam would have been a thorn in the side of things. I don’t recall Iraq having much of a navy before or after Gulf War I, but Saddam could have easily sent divers with explosives into the Persian Gulf and sunk a few tankers at port. He could have dropped mines in the gulf, or perhaps funded jihadists in order for them to fire missiles at ships as they pass the straits. Essentially, Saddam could have posed a low to medium threat to oil commerce in the region. I think Greenspan was speaking extemporaneously as opposed to from prepared remarks so his response is very telling. In my view he: (1) had attended meetings with hawks wanting to remove Saddam and was repeating something he heard (2) made shit up on the fly because he can’t mention Petrodollar or (3) had a senior moment in 2007 and in his own mind confused Saddam circa 2000 with Saddam circa 1990, the latter actually having the military capacity to threaten the gulf/Straits of Hormuz.

  6. BP will release its annual Statistical Review of World Energy on Monday. Plenty of good stuff for data geeks heading our way next week.

  7. Our luxury isn’t the source of Middle East suffering. Oil profits are. Why haven’t Tesla’s experiments been enhanced and improved upon over the last 115 years?

    1. They have, it’s just not available to us. The same way “they” have figured out the human genome to such details as to make clockwork viruses like HIV, yet gene therapy is science fiction to us plebs.

      1. HIV is monkey SIV that jumped species. It didn’t have to jump by sex it could have jumped by undercooked meat. The idea that scientists flew to Africa to make HIV is laughable because there are worse tropical diseases there.

        1. Why would someone pay for what nature does for free in R style evolutionary environments.?

        2. He or a related entity applied for patent. On a similar note, I even found a patent for the Swine Flu, dating back in 2008.

  8. A few years ago a friend of mine and I talked about Buckminster Fuller’s idea that ephemeralization, basically the trend towards the dematerialization of the stuff we need for life support, would continue to overcome Malthusian limits. At the limit our material goods would turn into something analogous to ghosts. (If you’ve read Fuller’s books, you would notice that Malthus’s world view obsessed him as an obstacle in the way of making 100 percent of humanity a physical success, instead of the one percent allowable as a success under Malthusian constraints.) My friend wondered why we hadn’t mastered the process of “doing more with less,” as Fuller described his concept. I said, “Hey, at least Fuller got the ‘less’ part right.”

      1. Fuller’s idea of ephemeralization needs context to communicate effectively.

      2. BTW, I grew up in the before-times when we didn’t have the internet and we had to develop attentions spans to read and understand books.

        1. Lol and Literary Minimalism and the concept of succintness has been around for longer than either of us.
          In a general sense, I would think you’d need human beings being on the same page (no politcal bs) and management of technological advances (no fucking bugs and clusterfuck interfaces and a ridiculous obsolescence rate) for ephemeralization to be achieved.
          Or I could be wrong, not exactly sure what your point was in your original post.

        2. The difference is that RedneckCryonicist actually posted something worth reading. You post absolute crap about psuedo-science and unprovable rumors.

  9. Certainly, the Abrahamic religions of Judism,
    Christianity, and Islam are in favor of war.
    The Holy books of each believe that paradise will be
    ushered in at the edge of a sword, and obviously
    their own “true” religion will prevail.
    The eastern religions of Hinduism, Buddism, and
    Daoism have no such beliefs. And the women of
    these lands seem a lot less hung up on sex, then
    the Abrahamic influenced women.

    1. Hinduism definitely talks about war (Mahabharata and Ramayana anyone?). Considering that Buddhism basically got big by latching onto the traditions of Hinduism, in a sense Buddhism talks about war too. You really shouldn’t be talking about things that you know nothing about.
      By the way, the Eastern traditions have been along much longer than the Western ones and the only way the Western ones (primarily Christianity) survived was by latching onto the old Roman pagan traditions. Just something to keep in mind.

    2. On another note, did you know that Christianity actually did used to exist in the East. It existed and was actually rather large before it got wiped out. Here’s one of the sects that propped up in the East. It was eradicated in the East by around the 16th century. Also note that we’re now seeing the decline of the West while the East is slowly rising to power. You may also wanna check this out.

      1. Thanks for reminding people about the Church of the East. I have great respect for the Nestorian Church. Their theology on the nature of Christ feels more authentic to the Gospels and to spiritual intuition than the mind-boggling Christology adopted by the Athanasians at the Council of Nicaea.

        1. No. That’s what a self serving Muslim would say. The remnant of Christian sects in the ME are Dhimmi.

    3. “Certainly, the Abrahamic religions of Judism,
      Christianity, and Islam are in favor of war.
      The Holy books of each believe that paradise will be
      ushered in at the edge of a sword, and obviously
      their own “true” religion will prevail.”
      Except in Judeo-Christianity it is God who will be wielding the sword of the mouth while his disciples sit back.

  10. Speaking of Malthus, I wonder about libertarians who believe in both resources cornucopianism and in the gold standard. Don’t they notice that these two ideas make contradictory assumptions? If you promote cornucopian arguments about not having to worry about shortages of copper, phosphorus, rare earths and all the other elements in the Periodic Table, wouldn’t these same arguments apply to gold?
    Instead the gold standard advocates have to assume permanent Malthusian constraints on the gold supply. If technological progress turned gold into a much more abundant commodity, like what happened to aluminum in the 20th Century, then gold would lose its ability to store value. Instead we might use it for toilets, like the Utopians in Sir Thomas More’s story.

    1. Can’t you simply adjust the exchange rate of gold and money if gold is in greater supply?

    2. That won’t happen until we start mining asteroids. Get back to us once that happens.
      Right now, new gold is being mined at a very slow rate, and silver is actually being used up at a fast rate by computer, and ( surprise ) clothing manufacturers.
      As r said earlier, the price will just adjust. If it becomes too low, we’ll find something else to use. You are correct when you state that there is nothing sacred about gold. It’s just a rare element. What is important is to stop depending on fiat money created out of nothing. That leads to periodic currency crashes.

  11. The real nature of politics is money, not evil but necessary trade offs. World wars and European wars have historically been motivated by banking interests (Rothschilds, anyone?) more so than territorial or natural resource considerations.

  12. Whatever.
    I don’t think this topic needs to be over-philosophized.
    The bottom line is that American men must now refuse to participate in the war making of the feminist state. The military is an extension of politics. American politics is decidedly feminist and anti-male.
    No man should put his life at risk for the sake of perpetuating and propagating feminist politics inside the country or around the globe. Any man that does so is misinformed. He will come home (if he survives) to a state that calls him a rapist and is eager to destroy his family, his home, and take his children from him.
    The great lie is that the military serves to protect our Constitution and to protect our “values,” such as freedom. America’s “values” are not what these young men who join the military think they are. Not any more.

    1. And let’s not forget about how the US military may begin airstrikes in Iraq anytime in the next few days. Why do we continue to intervene in a failed country that possesses no threat to our security? We have dozens of military bases around the middle east, and they are there to protect our “interests”, as the corporate style government tells us. But what our governments have underestimated is the power of the dissidents. Hey, maybe some Iraqis aren’t so cool with the fact that the US Air Force comes in at random notice and drops missiles and bombs in their homeland. Maybe that motivates more people to stand up and fight against the “invading” Americans. It’s a never ending cycle.

      1. We must invade the world in order to invite the world.
        It’s about creating Migration.

      2. The rise of ISIS terrorists and the new war in Iraq is actually about the Saudis seeking to push back Iran with US backing. It won’t work, and the Iranians will end up taking direct control of Iraq (rather than indirect control through Iraqi Shia politicians that they have used since the fall of Saddam).
        Let me make a specific series of prediction as to how this will play out. I believe there is more than a 50% probability of things going exactly this way. If Iran occupies Iraq, it will get revenge by targeting Saudi Arabia, leading to the inevitable invasion of eastern Saudi Arabia where Shias predominate (and most of the oil fields are). While the US would militarily rush to help the Saudis against Iran, a new development will throw American strategy for a loop — the rise of Turkey.
        If Iran invades Iraq and then Saudi arabia, count on Turkey to jump into the fray and invade Syria and destroy the ISIS fighters there. This will lead to direct confrontation with the Saudis and ultimately a Turkish invasion of the Hejaz in western Arabia. The Turkish goal being to dethrone the Saudis and retake the mantle as the leaders of Sunni Islam by seizing control of Mecca and Medina, which the Turks controlled until WWI. Faced with a NATO ally entering the fray, the US will come reach an accord with the Iranians and the Turks and allow the House of Saud to fall. Expect the Saudi royal family to be hung from street lamps Mussolini-style by their own people once the US capitulates.
        And now for the elephant in the room. What will happen to Israel in this scenario? There is already buzz about secret Saudi-Israeli discussions to counter Iran. When all hell breaks loose as I describe above, the Israelis will come to the aid of the Saudis against the dual Iranian-Turkish invasion. This will lead to Iranian supporters among Hezbollah to attack Israel from the north, a possibility the Israel military is deathly afraid of after Hezbollah humiliated them in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah guerrillas aren’t stone throwing Palestinians that the IDF is used to swatting with rubber bullets, but the most disciplined fighters in the Middle East, motivated by religious fervor.
        As the Israelis square off against Hezbollah, Jewish religious fanatics will attempt to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem to build a “third Temple.” This event would unite all Muslims, both Sunni and Shia, against Israel. With the desecration of Islam’s third holiest site, the US and Europe will be forced to back away from protecting Israel for fear of a merciless jihad being unleashed upon them that will make fighting the Taliban and ISIS look like a playground scuffle.
        If Israel destroys the Al Aqsa Mosque, they will face the wrath of the Turks who will be occupying Syria and Jordan in their invasion of Saudi Arabia. The Turks will be positioned to attack the West Bank with an aim at recapturing Jerusalem, which was Turkish until WWI. Again, religious motivation over avenging Al Aqsa will trump fear of Israel’s weapon of mass destructions. With Hezbollah kicking the Israelis asses in the north, the Turks attacking the east and a probable Islamist revolution against the military in Egypt on the west, Israel will crumple in a state of internal rioting between Arabs and Jews, as well as between liberal Jews and the religious fanatics who brought disaster on the Jewish people by attacking Al Aqsa.
        The end result will be the same. The Saudis will be defeated and the Gulf peninsula divided between Turks and Iranians. Cornered and desperate, the Israelis will have one of two options. Either commit commit global suicide by launching nuclear weapons against all their neighbors and essentially plunging the entire region back into the Dark Ages. This “Samson Option” would essentially lead to global repercussions against Jews and trigger a second Holocaust. Or the Israelis will realize that the survival of the entire Jewish community is at stake and they will begin evacuations of Israel, causing the state to dissolve in a mass exodus.
        While the latter option will be psychologically devastating to a Jewish community that has come to worship the modern political agenda of Zionism as a religion, it will at least insure the survival of the Jewish people, albeit in a new and permanent disapora. In the end, wiser heads will likely triumph in Tel Aviv against launching nukes, especially when there is no sign of a miraculous intervention from God to rescue Israel (as expected by many religious Zionists among both Jews and Christians). The Israeli survivors will make a deal with the Muslims for safe passage out of the region as the Crusaders did after Jerusalem fell to Saladin.
        Sound ridiculous? I predicted the rise of an ISIS type insurgency in 2003 and the current Iranian response, and it is pretty much playing out exactly according to prediction 11 years later. I would give this scenario another 8 years to play out. By 2022, the Middle East as we know it today will no longer exist and a new world, for better or worse, will be upon us.

        1. Rhett, as someone who closely follows world events and politics, I have to say that your predictions are actually pretty reasonable. I can definitely see your point about Iran becoming the next power in the Middle East after the Saudis. However, I just think you may be giving the Turks more credit than they deserve. Considering they are a part of NATO, they are a slave to US/Israeli interests. Also, hasn’t Turkey also joined Israel and Saudi Arabia in funding the Syrian rebels? I just don’t think they would invade Syria unless it was to get rid of Assad, not the rebels. And the US/Israel definitely wouldn’t allow Turkey to get rid of their ally the Saudis. The only player that really matters in my opinion is Iran. With the joint partnership of Russia and Iran, some of the scenarios that you described may very well take place in the near future.

        2. I don’t see the Israelis moving on the temple essentially from a position of weakness. If they as part of an alliance to destroy ISIS invaded western Iraq or southern Syria and succeeded, perhaps their hubris would be strong enough to remove the Al-Aqsa Mosque or some other such bold action. However any major action which could lead to the uniting of their enemies against them would be foolish at best, even from a position of strength. The smart move for them is to lure all of the regional ethnicities into a long drawn out conflict and merely sit back with popcorn enjoying the show.
          Turkey is more the elephant in the room. IMO. Their country is two or three steps from similar chaos and their population has been under a non-secularist gov’t since something like 2006. NATO status only complicates the situation. Depending on how the Kurds react towards the situation in the coming days or how ISIS treats the Turkish nationals, Turkey may be drawn into the conflict.

        3. The chaos there suits the Israelis for the moment. Saddam, Assad, Ghadaffi and the old dictator of Egypt did not. Permanent chaos doesn’t suit but it’s a bonus for the Israelis right now. Kinda like the shakeup of Versailles. However Schlomo knows not to overdo it this time.

        4. interesting thesis… my main surprise is that the US / Israel / Saudis, didn’t find an excuse to invade Iran in 2004-2005…..Bush let us down…. taking out Iran was the real goal, then you cut the head off the snake…. So long as Iran remains intact, they will certainly push for Shiite power in Iraq, which obviously spills over into Saudi.
          I suspect things will bubble along for a year or two… it will take a lot to get Turkey involved, but let’s say the global stocks and economy starts taking a hit… Turkey may well need some common enemy to focus on….
          Then we can well see the mother of all battles going on, as US / Saudis / EU / UK / Turkey via for power against Iranians, Russians, Shiites…. with Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel being the battle ground…
          You will probably enjoy this guy….. not just middle east but economics and social cycles in general…

        5. ISIS will succeed, because Iraq is really 3 different countries. It’s mostly Sunnis in the north so ISIS will hold the north but made no real gains in the South.
          Iran’s not going to invade shit, they haven’t in over 300 years and they already run Iraq in the South, so why bother?

        6. No way the US gives up on Israel. There are so many Zionist Jews and Christians in positions of power the US is basically under Israeli control already.

        7. A very realistic scenario, however the Shia inhabitants of southern Iraq may not care for this prospect and whomever occupies the region would face an insurgency.

    2. Absolutely. I feel so bad for one of my friend’s sons, a conservative Christian, who is entering the marines this month, thinking he will become a “hero,” as everyone has taught him…
      He has no idea that he will not be fighting for his values at all, and that for the next few years of his life, all he will do is train everyday and deal with all those wasted “heroes” at night.

      1. Tell him he’s actually fascilitating the extinction of Christianity in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Every American move appears to be designed to kill of Christians by proxy and turn despotisms into raging civil strife.

        1. Or just tell him to get his head out of his ass. When I was 18, I condidered the marine Corp…for about 3 seconds.
          I always knew it was bullshit to die for someone else’s agenda.
          It’s his life. Let him waste it however he wants.

        2. That’s not it. He can pick up weapons training skills. He can profit as a merc.
          The Crusader thing is obviously false.

      2. That is very sad. He’s too young to know what war and killing is all about. He thinks it’s heroic, like some silly WW2 movie or a Call of Duty video game.

    3. I’ll take this a step further and add that staying here and supporting this beast with your tax money is also supporting feminism, misandry, and imperialism.
      Other societies know we are on the way down because of this. It’s truly Alice in Wonderland when I agree with the leaders of Russia more than our own when they point out, “The USA is a chimerical, anti-organic, transplanted culture which does not have sacral state traditions and cultural soil, but, nevertheless, tries to force upon the other continents its anti-ethnic, anti-traditional [and] ‘babylonic’ model,” as stated by one of Putin’s advisors. He predicts, accurately I believe, our coming downfall. The only thing keeping the dollar afloat as the world’s reserve currency is the chokehold we have around the world’s throat, the reason our military expenditures are over 3 times that of the next biggest spender in the world.
      I am on fire trying to unweave the web of chains that have been foisted on me, chains that I made by listening to the brainwashing they give us all in their schools and their media. It takes time to plan and realize that plan once you have woken up from the “American Dream.” I am feathering my nest abroad as quickly as I can, but the trickle of money the Matrix lavishes on peons like me means maintaining laser-like focus with no room for error. It takes time, but at least I have my end goal in mind and am working diligently towards it. Amazingly, I’ve heard expatriation talk entering the mainstream this week.
      It all comes down to this: The way this society is increasingly going for the throat of the white heterosexual productive male is a sight to see. And my own disenfranchisement is not something I want to stay and help pay for.

      1. There was a Russian historian a few years back who famously predicted the USA would split into 4 different countries. It didn’t come true in the time frame he gave, but I don’t doubt he may very well turn out to be right.

        1. There’s no doubt that california, texas and florida would be a lot better off as seperate nations, CA has the 12th largest economy in the world…. take the federal taxes paid by Californians and feed them into CA…. and you’d have an incredible economy…
          probably why the federal govt. keeps so many troops in California.

        2. Pat Buchanan also pedicts the coming Balkanization/breakup of the US. Probably one of the reasons the federal government is militarizing the police and arming all its agencies with billions of rounds of ammunition.

        3. The very idea of “federation” (or union) is a strained one indeed, especially in a country as huge and diversified as the United States. Even so, separation can bring about its own set of headaches often unforeseen by more zealous political planners. One ought to tread carefully in such manners, lest one end up with more than one bargained for. I am not advocating here one way or another in this matter given that I have insufficient data to form a wholly clear opinion of the pros and cons either way. That being said, I can fully understand the push for sovereignty when faced with a federal counterparty that holds neither the views nor the understanding of a locally administered jurisdictions that really might be better of doing it solo in the long run.

        4. They will see just how helpful these “billions of rounds of ammunition” will be to them if they ever let this country decay into a protracted guerrilla civil war – a fate I would not wish on my worst enemy (not that I have any, it’s just a figure of speech). The US Gov. should hire more learned historians into its department of internal affairs as opposed to surrounding itself with demagogical ideologues and progressive totalitarians. They might just lean something useful along the way – including facts concerning the fate of empires (and tyrants of various stripes) – as these have been known for millennia by older and more mature civilizations around the globe.

        5. are you just going to pretend that California’s vast expenses, most of which have been shouldered by the federal government, don’t exist?
          California could only exist without the fed if both LA and Sand Diego sank into the ocean. Or if they exterminate every person with a name ending in ‘Z’. Ain’t happening.

      2. America truly does sound like “hell on earth”. While I live in a country quite similar to her, I like to think that we are not as “batshit insane” as you guys. For this reason, the pull of expatriation is felt less strongly here as it might be, even though we still have a lot of things we might like to improve upon. Though I too have travelled extensively, I find myself coming back here and, for the time being, feeling reasonably content with the way my life has worked out thus far. God only knows if my station in life here will improve with time and, if not, if it will hold steady at the very least.

        1. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it Hell on Earth, but if autonomy, freedom (true freedom, not clever sloganeering,) having a wife and family with traditional values, avoiding degeneracy and living in a place where women don’t rule over you are important to you, this ain’t the place to be.

        2. Unless you live in a country that recognizes your right to
          self-preservation, you might be fooling yourself as to how much autonomy
          you actually have. Are the police concerned about what might be waiting
          for them if they kick down your door at night? Would any criminal have reason to fear you and the force you might yield?
          I suspect you carry on hoping (praying) your “laws” keep you safe in your “superior” disarmed society. Sleep tight with that
          illusion of autonomy.

        3. Always mosquitoes biting at my ankles. I never said anywhere else is superior. What I did say is take account of what’s important to you as a man, and if the place you are in can no longer offer it, it might be time to start looking
          By the way, when’s the last time your door was kicked down at night by a criminal?

        4. “I never said anywhere else is superior.” – Relampago_2013
          Uh yeah you did when you wrote:
          “this ain’t the place to be” -Relampago_2013
          “If being able to own a gun is more important to you than divorce rape
          and becoming a pariah in your own country, by all means, please do stay.” -Relampago_2013
          I’ll take the risk of “divorce rape” (prenup) over violent rape (and being able to do something about it) any day…but maybe that’s just me. Maybe you don’t want that choice.
          “Besides, do you think guns aren’t next on the list of things to be
          confiscated by the Socialists that now control nearly every aspect of
          government?” -Relampago_2013
          They might be next on the list, but there is a very powerful movement of citizens not ready to give up…270 Million firearms and counting. Let’s not put the cart before the horse, there is no movement for confiscation at this time…so you have no point.

          “By the way, when’s the last time your door was kicked down at night by a
          criminal or the police? Even in the places I enjoy, that kind of shit
          is unheard of.” -Relampago_2013
          Seriously? A quick search on Google will pull up plenty of articles. Police and Military don’t kick down doors? Home invasion is just a fantasy? Really? I think there are some some people in Ukraine, Kenya, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Iraq that would beg to differ (the difference being the citizens in Iraq actually get to shoot back at their aggressors).
          The United States is certainly not perfect (and may be getting worse), but there are only a few countries in the world that allow its citizens to be armed…which means those governments fear their citizens. Does your government fear you? Would criminals fear you? If not, then how can you even begin to approach autonomy?
          You say you’ve taken the “Red Pill” and had an awakening. That is good, but let it sink in a little deeper and I think you will understand why “self preservation” is so important, Without the threat of force, laws may only be an illusion.

        5. You obviously put a lot of thought into your response. Unfortunately, I have no time to read your emotional pablum. 🙂

        6. “Unfortunately, I have no time to read your emotional pablum.”
          That’s alright, you’re obviously new to this.

        7. Same team gents, same team. Let us not fall into the liberal trap that all must think the same. Relam, you have to understand for Americans gun ownership is a huge deal because we started out as a rebellion and our entire founding philosophy is born out of a fear of large government oppression like we see today. Your country may not hold those same values and that’s ok. What’s frustrating and terrifying for Americans watching gun rights stripped away is the fact that it sets a

        8. Dangerous precedent. Not only because our nations roots come from rebellion but because it’s tampering with the bill of rights which is supposed to be untouchable. It’s what protects us from tyranny and they are slowly eating away at those freedoms my friend. It’s not just the guns themselves but the encroachment on the bill of rights. That piece of paper is one of the last things protecting people from the government. If we open it up to be tampered with.. It’s serious trouble.

        9. God you’re pathetic
          just have a cry somewhere. Why are you getting so emotional and fighting against arguments he didn’t make?
          Are you a woman or a honmosexual ? because if so you’re not allowed to post here

    4. I’m glad my comments here sparked a good conversation.
      And I am very glad to see that men are starting to realize how profoundly misinformed and even delusional it is for them to join the US Military.
      The commercials, the media’s proclamations of “honor” and “heroes” is utter nonsense. Any man that joins the US Military is actually working and risking his life to ensure the destruction of his own future happiness. The feminist state has no power if it cannot enlist young men. The feminist state therefor will fail when young men refuse to provide their lives to support it.
      When young men refuse to support the feminist state, refuse to be fooled into doing so, the feminist state will crumble.
      I would like to say that this requires fathers to advise their sons. But probably more important is for mothers to wake up and tell their sons not to participate in their own destruction.

      1. “But probably more important is for mothers to wake up and tell their sons not to participate in their own destruction.”
        Dream on. Mothers are still women, and women have never given two fucks about any male, even their own children. The current system suits them far too well for them to even consider telling their sons to not to enlist.

      1. You are correct, but it is that state that pushes feminism and multiculti and homoeroticism and fat acceptance to keep (white) people down

  13. I enjoy the depth and intelligence of the men that write for this site. Much better than indulgent ranting and venting seen on many other sites.

  14. I’m glad this article came out. For a few days all the articles on RoK have been crap, and I was thinking about quitting this site, but this article was pretty good.

  15. I’d quite happily exterminate much of Subharan Africa to get at the mineral wealth there. Even the boers were actually bible thumping equalitarians and wanted to uplift the kaffers. Soft hearted fools really.

    1. Malaria and the Tsetse fly put an end to Boer attempts to colonize further north. People who evolved in colder climates are way more comfortable there.

  16. “Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud,
    adopts as a last resource pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is
    ready and happy to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail,
    thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority.”
    Men must live and think for themselves. Your country doesn’t give a shit about you and you’re not defending it by invading a third world country on the other side of the planet.

    1. No soldier dies defending ‘his Nation’. He dies defending the cute little redhead he had a crush on in high school, His own personal plot of land, His mom and dad, His wife and kids, or even his cash balance… but in the end, they only SAY ‘defending my country’ because it’s a hell of a lot easier than explaining the many, complicated reasons he really IS there.
      Shopenhauer is an overeducated idiot.

      1. Both of you are right. The slimy politicians and businessmen who profit from war are what Schopenhauer
        refers to, like the opinion many people have of neo cons and Brigadon refers to
        the sentiments of the officers and soldiers who do the front line fighting.

  17. I say this quite seriously.
    The US should have settled around 10 million US citizens in Iraq after killing around 10 million Iraqis.

      1. Hey people are willing to live in settlements in Israel, surrounded by enemies but they get a free house and a free full auto machine gun for each hand.

  18. In his 1935 speech and booklet entitled “War Is a Racket”, Smedley D. Butler explored (albeit in a somewhat limited scope) the significant economic benefits accrued to the various corporations tasked with providing the armed forces with the various gear and equipment required to carry out their duties, together with the profound manner in which they had been screwed in the process, even having the cost of said equipment deducted from their pay to the point of leaving them with barely enough to survive on! And this occurred at the sole level of military gear provided to soldiers, to say nothing of the significant additional economic benefits befalling the various corporations tasked with “rebuilding” the countries ravaged by war. These calculations in and of themselves already outlined quite clearly just how much of a (profitable) business war really is, without even getting into national repayments by losing nations in order to service (if ever repay fully) the war debt engendered by such an evil commercial enterprise. While these observations regarding the enmeshment of corporate interests with the war lobby do not in and of themselves invalidate moral arguments for the existence of a military force tasked with defensive purposes in the eventuality that one’s neighbors do not decide to play along with disarmament treaties, they nevertheless do tend to shine a highly suspicious light on the true grounds for the very occurrence of war itself, to say nothing of multiple historically documented cases where both sides in a given conflict ended up financed and furnished by the same corporate groups! Wake up America and smell the sweet taste of napalm in the morning. For those disinclined to consult various corporate as well as government data corroborating these “long lost findings”, the movie “Lord of War” with Nicolas Cage provides quite an acceptable (as well as thrilling) substitute lesson for the global arms industry and what fuels it. Indeed, the hippies were not simply stoned out Beatniks with their peace & love ideals as well as their anti-establishment 1960s counterculture. They too saw just how much of a racket (all) war really is, nearly three decades after Smedley D. Butler’s observations. Sad to see that we never seem to learn, and that with each new generation a new batch of “patriots” rises from the ground ready to sacrifice itself for King and Country.

      1. Can’t have those billions in tax revenue earmarked for the defense budged go to waste now, can we? Though some of this tech does end up trickling down into the civilian market in the form of life-improving innovations, so there is in fact a (potentially rather thick) silver lining to the whole military-industrial complex beyond its role as “war contactor” and job provider for a sizeable part of the active population.

  19. One thing I read somewhere was that democracies hardly ever go to war with each other. Not sure the statistics on that. (And I guess technically Germany in 1941 was a “republic” of some kind). I’m not even sure the reason behind it if it’s true. Too many voters?

  20. The amazing thing is, CLEAN FREE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY ALREADY EXISTS! But it is being violently suppressed by the oil and energy companies. After all, the oil industry is a multi-trillion dollar industry. You really think the corporations wouldn’t threaten or even murder scientists who are working on free energy technology?
    Two words- Nikola Tesla

    1. Stop sucking progressive dick. Tesla was overhyped by bluepill victim junkies.

    2. Funny, the Anglo “WASP” establishment really wanted nothing to do with Nikola because he’s of Eastern European descent, which means in his lifetime, he’s at the bottom of the “whiteness” totem pole, with the Anglo-Saxon on top.

      1. No, they wanted nothing to do with him because they’d lose oil profits. FREE = no money for tycoons. As JP Morgan said to Tesla: “Where’s the meter?”

  21. i made the mistake of majoring in politcal science in college. PS is BS.
    politics is basically just the same power struggles of the jungle wrapped in convenient ideologies to make it more ‘civilized’
    people are going to do what is best for them based on their values in life. these are so entrentched for 99% of people that there is no point arguing.

  22. Agree with the article. Disagree with Wi Tu Lo here. I spent more than five years in the Army and was never once deluded into thinking that it was about “freedom” or “justice” or anything of the sort. That is the language of children. When I went to Iraq and Afghanistan and went there for my own reasons – to kill MY enemies to advance MY mission in life.
    It was overwhelmingly successful. I make almost $150,000 a year contracting and I spend most of my times lifting weights, learning foreign languages, shooting guns, and playing video games. Every 3 months I get a 1 month vacation where I can go to Europe or Asia or South America and bang hot foreign pussy. It is Red Pill personified. Best shape of my life, bank account overflowing, swimming in pussy – is this not the ROK end goal for masculine men? Of course it is. If you reject the notion of an omnipotent diety serving as a sort of cosmic referee than this article is absolutely spot on. A lion never feels guilty for killing a hyena. Humans in the end are no more morally sophisticated than any other predators – we also kill for our own gain.
    Anytime people try to make you feel bad for some poor indigenous shit heads being wiped out it’s good to remind them that 99 times out of 100 if the shoe were on the other foot those fuckers wouldn’t hesitate for a moment. In this world a man has to take whats his. Jettison all notions of feel-good, nice guy, blue pill, beta bullshit and embrace the brutality of life on this planet. Work for your own benefit and fuck anybody who says otherwise.

      1. I guess you don’t know the difference between sitting on your ass doing nothing and destroying enemy fighting positions. You may find out one day.

        1. Why are they your enemy? What did they ever do to you?
          Your enemy is whoever some asshole with stripes on his arm designates?

        2. He addresses both questions at the end.

          Anytime people try to make you feel bad for some poor indigenous shit heads being wiped out it’s good to remind them that 99 times out of 100 if the shoe were on the other foot those fuckers wouldn’t hesitate for a moment.

        3. In an alternative universe where Afghanistan was a powerful global empire that had invaded and occupied the US, I’m pretty sure I could just fly my magical unicorn to safety.

        4. Yea evolution and its affects on IQ would have to be reversed by your majikal unicorn

        5. They opposed me ideologically. They support a different vision of the future – one that is fundamentally opposed to my own. They want to maintain their own culture, economy, and sovereignty against foreign aggression. That is unacceptable. There is a finite amount of natural resources on the planet and the iron law of humanity is might makes right. I’m getting rich as hell, getting tons of pussy, and getting fucking jacked in the gym. My life kicks ass while you do what… work some McJob and tell yourself your a better person than me? Let me know how that works out for you.

        6. I think this guy is a troll recruiter for the armed forces. Too articulate to be this dense at the same time.

        7. Lol and if he does find out it won’t be from the Muslims, it will be psychos like Cody working for the zionist jew DHS

      2. That would be Warren Buffet buying vastly undervalued property from the government with no competing bidders.

    1. Congratulations, you are a paid murderer and proud of it. gloating over the annihilation of some “poor indigenous shit heads”, even if they are “heavily armed and dangerous”, makes you a psychopathic sadist and certainly no better than them. I can assure our readers that what this individual writes is most definitely NOT the idea of red pill personified. True red pill personified involves the cultivation not only of strength and firmness of will, but also dignity and nobility towards oneself as well as others, learning the fine craft of WHEN and WHERE to dispense these attributes as needed. There is a very good reason why traditional sportsmanship via organized competition has long been the way truly civilized men ended up measuring dicks. Becoming a vicious brute oneself based solely on the existence of other vicious brutes on this planet as sufficient grounds for refusing to rise above base Hobbesian savagery is certainly not one of them.

      1. Psychopathic sadists are the only ones that can make real change. Frankly, Cody is EXACTLY the sort of guy I want working overseas for my military. He has a very realistic attitude, and understands that it really IS us vs. them. It always has been about culture war, and always will be about culture war.

        1. It’s Cody vs. the citizens of the United States who pay his bloated salary for no benefit to the rest of us. We don’t share in the spoils of his wars unless we own Raytheon stock.

        2. I agree that there are times when the ends can justify the needs. What we don’t need, however, is further promotion of such people as some kind of grand ideal to strive for. They should be seen as men of last resort to be sent in when all else fails. And I doubt military actions aimed at political and economic imperialist expansion constitute such cases of last resort. Contrary to what your Orwellian propaganda machine may be spewing out, the world is not out to get you. America is a huge country perfectly capable of sustaining itself if it could only manage to sort out its domestic problems in a productive fashion. And if you really believe that Russia, China, or one of the other leading global powers would be ready to spend BILLIONS to finance a massive debarkation and overthrow of America on its own sovereign soil, you are highly naive and deluded. Any and all American “takeovers” that have taken place thus far have been by way of the purchase of american assets by massive international investment pools – no shots fired and none needed to do the job. And that is an operation that lies most definitely outside of the physical, as well as cognitive and collective capacities of the “poor indigenous shit heads” whose executions your mercenaries are gloating over. What a shame.

        3. Orwellian propaganda machines? American invasion? what?
          Err, I think you read more into my statement than actually existed. Or you were using it as a springboard for a diatribe. Thank you, but I am no pope simple To be the passive foil.
          Cody is not an ‘ideal’, he is not a hero, he is, in fact, the sort of guy who belongs in jail. And when it comes to being out on the sharp end, He is exactly the sort you want there… both because it makes him happy and it gets him out of the hair of civilized people. The greatest mistake the military ever made was to ban ‘Go to jail or join the marines’ as an option for our young, violent psychopaths. It irons them out, puts them to great use, and leaves us in charge of the scariest military on earth. Yes, it leads to atrocities, but I’d rather the atrocities happen to our enemies… after all, we can live without their good will when we win.
          Frankly, when someone is our enemy, they are fucked. That’s how we made world power status, and losing that edge is what is turning us rapidly into a third world country.
          Don’t read anything else into it. I am as hyperconservative as you will ever find. I want to reinstitute corporal punishment and shut down the police departments and jails. I am just a realist, and I want our enemies to PAY for choosing to become our enemy.

        4. bloated salary? seriously? what do you really think getting shot is WORTH, exactly? who the fuck do you think is protecting your well-fed carcass?
          The military is one of the few federal expenses I do NOT begrudge.
          Have YOU ever picked up a gun determined to defend your home and loved ones, even if it costs you your life, freedom, self-determination, or various limbs?
          As a disabled (Legally, I won’t take any money just for being deaf) Veteran, I say you can fuck yourself until you put up or shut up.
          It’s a rite of manhood, one of the few left (although to my disgust it is being rapidly diluted) and until you have passed through it, you get to eat at the folding table with the babies while the adults are in the other room.

        5. If you read his post, he’s not a soldier fighting for Uncle Sam and apple pie, he’s a hired mercenary contractor.
          Also, I don’t need to be “protected” from third-world dirt farmers on the opposite side of the planet. No Afghani or Iraqi ever threatened me or anyone I’ve even heard of.
          I’ll form an opinion on what happened on 9-11 when someone is indicted and evidence is presented against them in a court of law.

        6. Thank you sir for your comments and clarification. While I generally agree with your views regarding the best use that such people as this “Cody” character may be put to (given severe restrictions, naturally), I also believe that you must have some sort of profound personal stake in the US military and its operations, as you appear much too erudite and articulate to believe in such insulting nonsense as that you would want your enemies to “PAY for choosing to become our enemy”. Certainly had you yourself been given the very real and genuine “choice” between “becoming America’s enemy” as a young SS soldier or WWII Japanese recruit vs. facing a firing squad and seeing your family executed for disloyalty and lack of patriotism to your nation and country, I am certain that you would have then been more than understanding to have an American GI kick your ass for daring to “choose and become our enemy”. My point here being that your apparently complete blindness to the “other side” of the conflict prevents you from seeing war as the tragedy that is always is, even when it occurs out of sheer necessity. I hope I am wrong in this assessment, but if you truly maintain your view of the enemy as the “evil faceless other” to be destroyed at all cost, than you are just as much of a psychopathic beast as Cody. Thank God people like you do not have their finger on the nuclear button or we would have been toast a long time ago. In the spirit of sportsmanship, may I recommend to you a gladiatorial duel to the death in the old Roman style. You might personally enjoy dying by the sword as much as you seem to see the world living by it.

        7. I would rather pay for Cody than that crack addict in NJ that has 21 feral children of unknown parentage. A single mom with 4 kids would have to earn over $70,000 a year to equate the taxpayer paid benefits she reaps.

        8. Bath House Barry has tied the hands of soldiers with rules of engagement that couldn’t be worse if written by the Muslim Brotherhood. The mercs are the only ones able to get stuff done.

        9. Cry some more. I have BEEN on the sharp end. Unless you have, your viewpoint is essentially irrelevant.

        10. I am not defending America’s ridiculous clusterfuck of a foreign policy, I am defending those who are willing to do the nasty job that exists.
          Would you rather savages that enjoy it do the job, or would you rather have americans conscripted and forced to do it at gunpoint?

        11. You will get no more arguments from me on these fine points sir. I only pray that our many realists with their finger on the nuke button maintain sufficient common sense never to press it, no matter in which camp they be located. MAD has worked out fine thus far. May it continue to do so in the future.

        12. It’s not about MAD. Believe it or not, it’s actually the flip side of female privilege… the good side that still exists.
          We will never have a full-scale thermonuclear engagement because women do not want it.
          The only reason masculism works, is because of the self-defeating nature of feminism… Females know on an instinctive level that men are, indeed, superior to them in every single way. They desire to be dominated while at the same time protesting that they want to be free and unencumbered creatures. They are incredibly conflicted, and while they desire to subjugate males at the same time they want to be subjugated by them… this is a cycle that always eventually ends, because in the end, men trying to make them happy, are quite likely to eventually ‘put them in their place’ the way they desire.
          Men are, and always have been, hard-wired to try to make women happy… and oftentimes the best way to make them truly happy is to take away their cognitive dissonance and return them to the submissive stature that they truly desire, over top of their ridiculous protestations against reality.
          The thing is, Women do NOT want a nuclear war. It is possible there may be limited nuclear engagements, but there is no cognitive dissonance there. Even the most psychotic world leaders want the THREAT of nuclear armament, but full-scale nuclear war and the succeeding fallout? Even women, as stupid as they are, cannot see an upside to rotting while walking and giving birth to monsters, if they survive at all (unlikely)
          I know that this will probably get me downvotes, but the only reason the manosphere exists is because of the cognitive dissonance of women… the simultaneous desire for, and hatred of, men. If the two sexes were not tied so closely together, we wouldn’t care, because the perfidery of women would be irrelevant… The Manosphere exists because we, for the most part, feel quite rightly that we were betrayed by those whom we have always, throughout history, been willing to lay down our property, our freedom, and our very lives to protect. And the hardest core and most active members of the manosphere? Those who are/were most willing to make themselves expendable… The ex white knights. The ones that are STILL fighting to make women happy by ridding them of the monstrous cultural boot on their necks… feminism.
          The Manosphere has never been about men’s rights. It’s been about returning a balance and allowing women to be happy as what they are… submissives. And until we realize that fact, It will always lurk at the corners of the internet, between furry fandom and video games. Men do not NEED rights, we create our own… women need to be deprived of the cognitive dissonance of freedom that is making them so terribly unhappy and filled with hatred. And most especially, they need to be deprived of the MEN that make that mental illness possible… The enablers that wear tee-shirts saying ‘this is what a feminist looks like’ or uniforms and guns. These men are like crack dealers sneaking into rehab to sell their product, and without them to constantly reinforce the ridiculous concept of ‘women are equal to men’ reality would almost instantly reassert itself, and the sickness of liberalism would collapse overnight.
          Freedom is the most precious substance in existence… and as with all precious substances, it must be rationed carefully to those who need it and can use it effectively.
          But Nuclear War? Not happening today.

        13. Please excuse me for springboarding a little there, I got to typing and sorta mentally jerked off all over the board 😛

        14. I concur with everything you say here, though I would like to add an important addendum. The manosphere exists not only as a reaction to the treachery and betrayal by women of their men, but also due to the fact that we have come to see that this immemorial knowledge (of women’s innate capacity and proclivity for the destruction of their families, themselves, and eventually society as a whole – given the right conditions) is actually a form of ancient wisdom that has been known to our ancestors for millennia, and that has – both accidentally as well as maliciously – been cleverly kept from us. For these reasons, the manosphere serves as a giant forum where naturally-predisposed redpill men come to vent and rage at their injustice, but also to heal, learn, adapt, and look for solutions to this horrible mess that has been smashed down upon us in such a catastrophic manner. And, as you so rightly pointed out yourself, it is the bluepill men who are the penicious enablers of this sad state of affairs, with the slimy liberal mandarins in the gears of our government, economy, and legal system bested only by the thick-skulled white knights who act as the “boots on the ground”, ready to punish some “evil brutish Neanderthal” for daring to put his “poor defenseless Sweety” in her place. The more perceptive among us have also realized that our present society, as it currently stands, has been calibrated in such a careful manner that the bluepill watchmen of women’s privileges would turn anything more than peripheral protests and annoyances on our part into a suicide mission. Frankly, I am at a loss as to how we could turn this around. The most infuriating part of it all is that, while the most cognizant of us can see exactly what is going on as well as what needs to be done to stop it, we practically stand powerless as huge swaths of society essentially ends up cannibalizing itself. The problem is that, as long as the current masses of bluepillers (your “MEN that make that illness possible”) can leverage deadly force against any and all repill “terrorists”, we are essentially stuck watching as Rome burns. Perhaps by way of progressive infiltration we could eventually position ourselves in key positions of power in society in order to turn this around from the inside – essentially a kind of reverse-Gramscian “long march through the institutions”.
          Or maybe we could just launch the nukes and start all of this “civilization” thing all over again from scratch.

        15. Our problems lie in the Alinksy tactics that are destroying us from within; our ability to be a part of the world community from a security or financial standpoint is slipping by the day and, within a decade, most likely the US will be a Balkanized collection of regional powers with whomever manages to survive the first harsh winter.

        16. We should never have gotten rid of Sadam or put Kuwait back on the map as he was the only secular power in the region. 300 goat f#ckers with AKs in ISIS just defeated 30,000+ Iraq soldiers with the best gear US taxes can buy because PC despises what General Blackjack Pershing, Tom Jefferson, Charles Martel, & Churchill knew about islam.

        17. Nah, we will simply become wholesale property of the global corporate grid with our old dynastic European overlords the distant masters to whom we unknowingly end up pledging allegiance whenever we interact with “civilization” outside of our recluded cabin in the woods in order to survive. You may choose to live more or less as you wish so long as you don’t make waves, but sooner or later you cannot avoid interacting with representatives of the Crown. Can’t have her Majesty’s property go wholly unaccounted for now, can we? that would be bad bookkeeping.

      2. The blue pill equality scouts that try to win hearts and minds don’t get paid as much. In any war between the civilized man and the savage support the civilized man.

        1. Thank you for pointing this out to me. It confirms that you will eventually be taken down by your own kind. Enjoy the “manhunt” while it lasts – with you as the hunter.

        2. Ahh, I thought you were simply misguided but after briefly perusing your other comments I’ve realized what a huge pussy you are. Most men who claim to abhor violence are almost invariably weaklings incapable of defending themselves and so they hide behind the pseudo self righteousness of a slave morality. The heart of masculinity is agency and the ability to inflict violence either offensively or defensively as the situation warrants. I’m relatively certain you are incapable of either.

        3. [email protected] morality comment – nice salvo. If that is what you believe than you have misunderstood me completely. Do not for a moment conflate those who abhor (senseless) violence with spineless pussies and defenseless weaklings. Men of honor and nobility could be even more jacked and fit than you, better marksman, just as well organized, and they would not hesitate to drop you on sight if they knew who you are and what you are coming there to do. The major difference is that they derive no perverse pleasure from preying on the weak. You are the marauding wolf while they are the vicious guard dogs – one perfectly capable of killing the other – though I believe this higher distinction lies beyond you cognitive capabilities.

        4. It seems that you have (honestly) excluded yourself from the “men of honor and nobility, more fit, and better marksman” category. At least you don’t pretend to be an internet tough guy, I’ll give you that much. I never once mentioned anything about deriving pleasure – perverse or otherwise, from “preying on the weak.” If anything I protect spineless pussies and defenseless weaklings from being gang raped and beheaded by the very people they are here to help. They foolishly cling to the absurd notion that they bring prosperity, democracy, and justice to this part of their world. They fail to understand (as you probably do) that an enormous percentage of the population here believes in Islamic Supremacy and is actively working to achieve that goal. Only a ruthless warrior class stands between cravens and their subjugation. The only proper thing to do is embrace humanities’ evolutionary heritage and strive to be the strongest.

        5. If what you say really is true then it changes the whole perspective profoundly, I agree – though you can surely appreciate just how much your original highly-decontextualized post did paint you out as some kind of deranged bloodthirsty animal.

        6. I doubt the locals would want to kill and rape the western forces as much as they do if it wasn’t for all the western political meddling on behalf of Big Oil and Zionism.
          And I doubt Islamic Supermacy would be as popular and powerful as it is if not for the Supremacist mindsets of the Jews and Big Oil Elites.
          These people are pissed for reasons that don’t have much to do with the Koran…

      3. Tell that to the hardcore Neo-Nazi’s who seem to infect this board from time to time…

        1. Unfortunately, unlike a gentleman’s club of old, we cannot control all the brethren who end up posting here.

    2. Best shape of my life, bank account overflowing, swimming in pussy – is this not the ROK end goal for masculine men?

      Do I agree with America’s foreign policy? No. Would I kill a man for any reason other than self-defense? Under current circumstances, no but is the above not the end goal for masculine men? Whether you agree how was accomplished, the answer is yes. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either obtuse or naïve.
      To be honest, considering how RoK is a blog that catalogues different types of blowjobs and advocates cheating on your wife, I did not foresee anyone jumping on a moral high horse. Some of you need to become more consistent.

      1. RoK is one of a few websites allowing for men to unabashedly share and argue their thoughts. Though it is also polluted by trash concerning sexual and personal relationships, that ought not detract from the more intelligent ideas and discussions encountered here. granted, it is distracting, but this is not the Vatican after all (and thank God for that).

      2. actually it’s kinda easy. become a dom. That way you get to be both highly moral and seventeen kinds of aggressive douchebag at the same time, and it’s cool.
        Have your cake and eat it too. Women are good for nothing but enslaving, and slavery is morally wrong… at the same time, no conflicts.

      3. I think false flags for gun confiscation, gross political misrepresentation and obvious societal and economic subterfuge is grounds for jumping on a moral high horse. Some may think otherwise.

    3. One day, you will have to pay the consequences for your actions because an individual who share the same mindset as yours will claim you as a victim for the other team. Very few murderers get away scot-free in their lifetime. Even the “Devil of Ramadi” got his due in the end.

      1. Honor is knowing you will likely be killed, and doing it anyway.
        Honor is going to hell for service.
        Honor is choosing something that will harm you, because if you don’t do it, everyone else will be harmed.

      2. Killing armed men hardly qualifies as murder. Funny how this website is full of men exonerating Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan for being “true alphas” when they killed tens of thousands of unarmed civilians yet somehow a highly skilled laborer protecting American assets is a “brute.” Charming.

        1. Dropping bombs on A-rabbz with drones is hardly sporting…
          I have more respect for the Mongols because they didn’t bullshit around about being heroes and “protecting freedom”. Recruiting ads are vomit inducing absurdities and the guys that fall for them are fucking tards.

        2. My point exactly. You’ll never hear me peddling that nonsense about spreading democracy. Let us do away with all the posturing about freedom and justice and embrace martial supremacy as the ultimate virtue of the human race. Let’s start telling our enemies, as the Mongols did: We are here to take what we want, bend the knee or get fucked up.
          I don’t think people can have it both ways, you can not simultaneously exalt Darwinism as a vehicle to attack religious fundamentalism and then start backpedaling and saying “whoa, whoa, whoa – just because we are not morally different from lions doesn’t mean we should act like them.” That is disingenuous to say the least.

        3. Don’t get me started about ROE and how warfare over the last 50 years has turned from fighting wars and defeating enemies in detail to fighting PR campaigns at the expense of real lives.

        4. As I said above, we stopped defeating enemies in detail and started fighting PR campaigns with the details scrutinized at every turn.

        5. Think you had about 4 pairs of double negatives in that last sentence Mr. Evolved..

      3. I have absolutely no doubt that you are a worthless a craven incapable of protecting yourself. The internet has been a god-send for people like you. At last, you can criticize your physical and intellectual superiors without any reprecussions. In more honest times you would not have had that luxury. Chris Kyle was 10 times the man you could ever be. “Alpha Wolf Male” ? What a joke. Warrior skill is the iron heart of masculinity – you clearly have none.

        1. Go back to the animal world dude. Maybe a nice preserve in Africa would suit you well.

        2. I hope you enjoyed typing up that tough guy nonsense because you won’t get too many opportunities to talk shit over the internet after your enemies shoot you dead.

    4. 99 times out of 100 those “poor indigenous shit heads” only want to kill due to the machinations of the Zionists and Elites.

    5. How are the Muslims YOUR enemies when they had nothing to do with 9/11? Or are you worried about wee little Israel?

      1. Isreal/Zionism/Flying Monkeys had nothing to do with it; I was downrange doing a job I was being paid for and they were actively trying to kill me so it soon became quite personal. Add that the nature of Islam is in diametric opposition to the principles behind the Constitution, and the US pretty much has a historical mandate to fight Muslims where ever they may be. Show me a ‘moderate’ Muslim and I’ll show you a backpack wearing terrorist in deep cover because in the end, historically or doctrinally there is no real moderation in the Quaran or any of the Hadith.

        1. Israel had nothing to do with it? How about this quote by Ariel Sharon:
          “I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about
          American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and
          the Americans know it.”
          It was made on Oct 3, 2001, three weeks after 9/11.
          If an enemy force invaded the USA, you’d probably be actively trying to kill them too.

    6. In addition to clearly being a psychopath, “Cody” is a tax-fed welfare parasite… personified. Only in his own twisted, fevered imagination is he “protecting” us. This is simply how he rationalizes his sponging off the productive and his overt criminality. It’s well past time for the host to take a flea bath.

      1. Firstly, I’m paid by a British corporation not taxes. Secondly, I never said anything about “protecting” you – I couldn’t give a shit about that. Invariably people who post things like this are are weaklings in real life, you must really love the internet since it finally afforded an opportunity for cowards like you to criticize your superiors since you know (if your being honest with yourself), that in real life you wouldn’t dare speak to me like that because I would crush you like an insect. Finally, if you are suggesting that the military in general is “welfare” I’m certain that you have never been in one, couldn’t hack it if you wanted to, and are probably completely incapable of defending yourself- and the ability to fight is the iron core of masculinity, something which you clearly lack.

        1. Real tough guys don’t talk shit about masculinity on the internet. Only the insecure ones do.

        2. You are not convincing anyone you are tough at all. You sound like a whiny ungrateful shit whose existence is made possible by taxpayers who paid your lucrative through defense contracts. You won’t be able to feel your dick and bang pussy when a vengeful insurgent paralyze you from the neck down. Then you will cry back to the taxpayers to fund your healthcare because your government-dependent employer will drop you like a turd.

    7. You make $150,000 and get 3 months a year of vacation?! What company do you work for?

        1. I heard private security contractors made bank but damn, I didn’t know they make that much.

        2. Damn, why would anyone stay in the military? Do one enlistment as a soldier and then become a contractor making 4 times as much.

  23. Just ask a native american. Or -for that matter – an australian aboriginie.

  24. One of 2 things cross borders: Troops or Goods. Pick one. Europe after the fall of Napoleon had the longest run of peace and prosperity in it’s history because focus was turned to industry exports and mass production while governments played a “laissez faire” role in economical matters… Historical enemies became trading partners and the standard of living skyrocketed. It wasn’t until the later 19th century when the Autocracy began placing emphasis on military industrial complex that this golden age of Capitalism came to an end. It can easily be said that WWI was the begining of the end of Western dominance. Free enterprise was replaced with warfare and welfare, which in reality, only benefits the 1%. I will take Free Market Capitalism over Machiavellian Government bureaucrats any day.

  25. Iraq, and Afghanistan, are lost causes because Americans simply aren’t willing to do what is required to keep the people of those states in check. Not justifying what the Taliban or Saddam did but that is what is required to be able to influence those people.

    1. At least your own government is doing what it needs to keep YOU properly “in check”, no argument from me there.

      1. The US government understands how to control westerners. Just like Middle East leaders know how to control their own people. Being able to tailor government for the effective governance is the issue.

  26. Cheap energy can be found from Nuclear Thorium. Conventional nuclear reactors require expensive isotopically enriched Uranium built inside of high pressure reactors that use less than 1% of the fuel put in them. Thorium is a waste product from rare earth mines that can be used in non-pressurized reactors and uses up close to 100% of the thorium put in.
    There are unknowns to thorium power as there are with any new technology, but with all of the advantages the difference in cost gives engineers a very high budget for problem solving.
    The problem with renewable liquid fuel sources like algae and electrofuels is that they require a lot of electricity to keep the process running and if that electricity comes from coal or natural gas then you might as well just keep burning gasoline.
    However, thorium power fixes that problem by giving incredibly cheap carbon neutral electricity. The reason we aren’t doing it now is because it is so good that it would completely replace most other energy sources which the current energy suppliers don’t want which is probably why it is kept in the dark.
    If thorium power plants were built we wouldn’t need foreign oil and these wars wouldn’t happen.

    Female Vs Male Problem Solving On The Energy Crisis

  27. I
    wrote this in an email thread between me and some family and friends.
    Figured I’d post it here since so much of the comments below have to do
    with the current situation in Iraq. It’s still appropriate for the
    article, so what the hell.
    have been lied to. I can’t help but weigh in on this issue about Iraq. I
    was headed down this path in military university until I became
    engrossed in reading between the lines about Arab politics and culture. I
    wanted to know more about what I was
    possibly getting myself into. Needless to say, I turned my back on a
    potential officer commission and left without looking back. For what
    it’s worth, I once very briefly
    dated a fairly secular Iraqi Shiite refugee originally from Baghdad. It
    was very educational; and she was very pretty. From her perspective,
    even as a Shiite, Iraq enjoyed more prosperity
    and peace under Saddam as he was a secular leader, and heavily cracked
    down on religious zealots from all factions. Even his own. I don’t want
    to extrapolate one person’s opinion, but from the study I’ve done and
    people I’ve talked to, that is reality. Now Iraq is torn, and it’s
    government within the sphere of Iran’s proxy empire. But maybe not for
    much longer. And Iran is our supposed “supreme enemy”, so the television
    tells me.
    Now here we are, allied with Al Qaida in Libya,Syria, Bahrain, etc.
    Toppling secular dictators around the Arab world and replacing them with
    fundamentalists in the ensuing power vacuums in the name of
    “democracy”. I
    know many veterans who I went to
    school with who feel betrayed. Our own politicians who once espoused to
    take the fight to Al Qaida, have now been openly photographed standing
    next to questionable Arab “freedom fighters” as the black flag of Al
    Qaida waves in the background. This is disgraceful, and a butcher knife
    to the back of every American Warrior who has died in Iraq and
    order to make my point about being lied to on a massive scale, let me
    pinpoint the genesis of this war on terror and debacle in the Arab
    world: Bin Laden. First, Gaddafi was the first head of State to ever
    issue an arrest warrant
    for Bin Laden; but I digress. And now, for some mysterious
    reason, all of Bin Laden’s stated objectives have come or are coming to
    fruition. The latest one being Iraq.
    1)Bankrupt the US: Check.
    2)Lure America into Afghanistan, the “graveyard of empires”: Check.
    3) Discredit America’s supremacy: Check.
    Replace western backed secular dictators with Islamist regimes: With
    the exception of Assad which is still in progress; Check.
    5)Get even with the heretical Shiites of Iran. Currently a work still in
    Funny how the geopolitical narrative we’re fed revolves around all of these.
    has been mislead. History tells me, Americans were always informed by
    their government what their enemies were saying whether it be the
    British, Lenin, Hitler, Marx, Mao, what have you. In
    the case of the war on terror, we are told we must be vigilant as our
    enemies don’t like the fact we have freedom and flushing toilets. But
    the American public was never told about Bin Laden’s real frustrations
    with US foreign policy. We are in a state of denial, and being played
    like a fiddle. We are in a far more precarious situation in today’s
    world because those who have
    come to power in Arab lands are now on the offensive using recycled US
    dollars to spread a message of hate all thanks to our own doing. Perhaps
    it’s time to rethink our foreign policy. But to rethink our foreign
    policy means real Americans actually have to control the government
    Me thinks there are
    subversive foreign lobbying efforts using our boys in our military and
    the might of the US government to advance their own agendas that far
    predate both Bush and Obama. “Project for a New American Century”
    anyone? To quote USMC Medal of Honor recipient General Smedley Butler,
    “if the US was serious about national security, we should build an
    ironclad defense a rat couldn’t crawl through”. If you ask me, two of
    our biggest threats to US national security, are two of our closest
    “allies”. Hopefully oil in Saudi Arabia dries out sooner rather than
    later and they’ll be sent back to the stone age with nothing left to
    produce except camel meat. Until we stop importing oil from the Kingdom,
    we will continue to be financing the spread and growth Wahabi Islam.
    Until western governments stop engaging in this cultural war with Arab
    governments and adopt a more rational foreign policy, our leaders are
    serving as nothing more than recruiting agents for disenchanted
    Muslims with nothing else to live for.
    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”.- Voltaire

  28. This is total BS. The occupation of Iraq was not about stealing their oil. Do you remember getting any free Iraqi oil? Saddam was more than happy to sell his oil. The war stopped production and kept the stuff in the ground, which raised oil prices, just like the oil companies like it.
    US imperialism doesn’t improve the quality of like in the US, it degrades it. It costs money, it doesn’t generate returns except to the banks, MIC, and goons drawing a Federal paycheck.

    1. Castorioides said>>The occupation of Iraq was not about stealing their oil.
      It was about freedom and WMDs and 9/11 and all that good stuff. Grow up. You are portraying as if saddam was selling oil in open market. Have you heard of Oil for Food Programme?

      1. …and the rampant UN corruption that made some Third World folks insanely rich back at their ranch (though hidden). I worked with someone who owned a bar, an apartment complex, and part of a strip bar in Manila after he worked that program and had no compunction about admitting where he got the seed money. After all, what was the UN going to do?

  29. Although I am not a member of the tin foil hat brigade, the new world order conspiracies seem to gain more credence as events in the Middle East unfold. I don’t even question the actions of Western powers anymore; just whether the sheer incompetence that accompanied them was engineered or accidental.

    1. The “NWO” are simply the majority shareholders of the world’s major corporations and have been so for quite a few centuries now. No need to be a conspiracy theorist and no need to wear a tin foil hat to realize this fact, when a simple solid class in business administration at your local university would suffice for the light bulb in your head to turn on. Even so, I can see tin foil hats making significant headway as fashion accessories when adopted by Milanese homosexual fashion designers as the new “must have” fashion accessory of the summer. You get a two for one deal: look damn stylish and protect you head from unwanted transmissions (though you may attract lighting in the process).

  30. Men have always competed for resources to improve their mating success with females.
    Now women, no war.

  31. Stellar article! This is why I laugh when I hear people bash Obama or the administration. As a character said in the movie “Broken City” when trying to get Mark Walberg’s character to participate in Mayoral election “Who the president of the United States is doesn’t greatly affect your life here in New York City”. People focus so much energy on what Federal Government is doing when that energy would be better spent focusing on the issues and representatives of the Local and State Government. Only when you reach the upper tax brackets do you need to start really paying attention to what big government is doing. Focus on your local and State governments. I’ve been making great money since Clinton was in office, I also did with Bush, and I am still making it with Obama. They can elect Howard stern as the next president and I will still be doing well. You may not agree with everything I said here, and I’m not 100 percent right all the time but you should be able to get something out of this.

  32. This article misses an essential point. American foreign policy since the end of the first gulf war has been about projecting our domestic problems on the rest of the world. And our main problem is race – african americans and hispanics with significant african ancestry.
    We need cheap oil so we don’t have to live around violent blacks.

  33. It can be said that one of the most honest times in civilization were in the period of conquest and empires concluding with the dissolution of the Roman Empire (into its Eastern and Western boundaries). Conquest was made for the purpose of expanding the empire, allowing its people to flourish and grow, and it made no illusion to the contrary. Most empires in this time period and older acted in similar fashion, with some notable exceptions such as Dionysis I of Sicily towards Carthage.
    Ever since it has been under the thinly veiled excuses of a higher power or ideology that wars and excuses for release of the Dogs of War (i.e. Christian Crusade), where for the “Will of God” Pope Urban II united the warring nations of Europa and turned their might towards “Liberating” Jerusalem from the grips of the Islamic nation comprised of Fatmid and Seljuq Turks.

  34. One of the best articles that I have read on return of kings so far. You’ve really delved into the subject at hand to separate the politics that the majority of blue-pilled voters expect vs the real-politik of the world itself.

  35. America won’t break up it will evolve into an Empire. Read Livy and you will see great parallels of the closing days of the republic and modern American politics. Our system of governance is an aristocratic republic. The Presidency is now fought over by well funded and socially elite family’s like that of patrician family’s of Rome for the office of consul. If you doubt the fate of this republic, then look at all the others. Even Athens fell to this fate.

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