Roosh Q&A: 24 Answers To Patriarchy & Tradition Questions

The final Q&A video is on patriarchy and tradition:

Here’s the index so you can jump around:

“Do you see mens maculinity further succumbing to public pressure or will there be a noticeable surge in masculine behavior worldwide?” (ALPHA HUNTER ZERO)

“Is there anything that can be done to make women feminine again or has the horse already bolted?” (BENHODGES62)

“Do you believe that technology has fundamentally altered the negotiation between men and women – with the advent of hormonal birth control (and lessening the need to screen all men for beta qualities prior to sex while also allowing a certain number/subset of men much greater access to sex) is Marriage 1.0 still a realistic ideal?” (RP THINKER 12)

“Where do you see the Manosphere/Neomasculinity going in the future? Will it ever be more than an online community? I know we had the meet-up that was cancelled, but are there any other plans or predictions?” (COREY)

“Do you conclude that it is not the country but a mere urban vs rural ideals. like would you pick a bride in small town utah over a kiev girl?” (SPLOOGE)

“Roosh, from your recent posts I gather that you are looking for a woman to bond with and start a family. You’ve already explained what you are looking for, but I am more interested in learning where (i.e. which country/region) you will start your search in and for which reasons you have chosen that specific country? Ideally I would like to have kids too, but I know that it will become increasingly difficult in our world to find a loyal and kind woman with whom it is worth taking the risks of starting a family.” (DER WELTENBUMMLER)

“You say that fornication ruins women, and makes them unfit to be wifes and mothers. But you sell how-to-fornicate guides. Why is that?” (NATHAN SCHUSTER)

“You have shown great loyalty to “biological” American nation which hosted your family of foreign origin. Yet, what are your feelings toward your ancestral country, Iran ? Did you ever think that settling there could be an option, given it’s quite traditional character and it’s growing sense of national confidence?” (ARMCHAIR GENERAL)

“Why dont you go to Armenia and Iran, by far the most traditional societies and girls are hot as hell. Do you speak local language?” (DAVID)

“How does one weigh the balance of ignoring the outside world, marrying the best girl one can and starting a family, or just permanently having short term sexual encounters feeding our sex drive, versus taking a stand and fighting the forces that are destroying the western civilized world?” (SPICY NUJAC)

“If you decide to have a family, how will you prevent modern culture, media, friends, and outside influences from corrupting your children?” (SPICY NUJAC)

“What is your view on Monarchy?” (CHRISTIAN)

“Do you view return to more traditional values as necessary for the continuing success of Western Civilization over its rivals, or more as a personal preference of what kind of world you want to live in?” (GGG)

“How would you advise a father to educate his children (both sons and daughters) to counter the narratives being pushed by society at large?” (NIL NISI OPTIMUM)

“You recently wrote an article about the necessity for the future mother of your children to be a virgin that believes in God. In which countries would one be most likely to find this type of girl/woman? (Ideally she would be Christian)” (WILLIAM R)

“Do you think neo masculinity needs to have a multigenerational approach – raising a family with the worldview and strong foundation – to have an impact in the next generation?” (ARMENIA 4 EVER)

“What advice can you give men in the manosphere to avoid a complete surrender to nihilism and pessimism?” (ARMENIA 4 EVER)

“Can you give your honest, brutal opinion on men who abstain from sex before marriage out of religious conviction (assuming that the conviction is sincere and that this genuinely isn’t the result of betadom)?” (MARCUS AQUILA)

“Do you think it’s necessary to fall in love to get married?” (ANDREA)

“If you ever got married, would you be faithful? Why or why not?” (ANDREA)

“Please explain why it is important for a woman to submit to a man and how to best train your woman to do as she’s told.” (STANNUM)

“How do we bring back the patriarchy? and how do we stop this real life calhoun mouse experiment?” (THE STEEL GUY)

“What are the steps you would take to minimize legal and financial risk from divorce/cohabitation laws?” (SIR TIMOTHY)

“You realize that to save Western Civilization – or Christendom – we need women to want marriage and to be fertile – raise kids. Yet “Bang”ing them seems to be counterproductive to that goal (as opposed to enjoying the decline into a new dark ages). At best you seem of two minds, but why not reform and go to the better angels of everyone’s natures – including and especially women – eggs are dear – than to damage women often reducing their Marriage Market Value?” (TZ1)

That completely wraps up the 2016 Q&A series. Check out my Youtube channel for all seven videos, which total almost six hours in length. I didn’t know what kind of time commitment I was getting into by doing this Q&A, but it came out great and it was a lot of fun to answer all 131 questions.

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14 thoughts on “Roosh Q&A: 24 Answers To Patriarchy & Tradition Questions”

      1. To me it’s more like the ‘critical cynic’ look. Keeps the vultures away, because it signals: ‘This man will actually think about the things you say to him and take them apart and then kill your ego with a look of intellectual disgust.’

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  1. I’m an anti-feminist woman so I agree with what you are saying ideally, but I think men need to start stepping up and having more virtue if they want these faithful Christian women. You want a good woman but say will you cheat on her? So, you are willing to break your vows and sin?! Roosh, if you want a particular quality woman, you should probably try to be that kind of man. If you want a virtuous wife, be an honorable man. You say women claim to believe in God, but don’t let their beliefs stop them from sleeping around. Well, the same could be said for you! Why should a good woman give herself to someone who has slept with 100s of dirty whores? Why should she risk her chances for STIs? If you guys want to be leader and bring back the patriarchy , then start being the type of men that women can trust and submit too.

    1. I agree with this as an anti feminist. I will not submit to an dishonorable man. My husband has no excuse for having an affair because I am a good wife.

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