The Only Strategy That Could Have Stopped Donald Trump

As the election is inching slowly towards it’s end, experts are nervously scrambling to find any dirt that would stop the Trump train.

First, Megyn Kelly pulled the sexist card, then it was his undisclosed tax returns, then his comments on John McCain, then making fun of crippled reporters, then his reading of Mein Kampf, then his remarks about dating his daughter.

Then accusations of racism from former employees, his usage of eminent domain, hiring of immigrants and other questionable practices, the Trump University scandal, his blunder on abortion, old comments on drug decriminalization and gun control, his relationship with the Clintons and the DC insiders, his comments on refugees and illegal immigrants, the Khan incident. And, of course, the pussy-grabbing scandal.


Surely this time, it will sink his campaign, won’t it ? And yet each time Teflon Don deflects dirt more dexterously than ghetto trash trying escape alimony payments. Nothing seems to be able to stop him, not that his opponents will ever stop trying.

Trump has the fantastic ability to escape unharmed from what would clearly destroy any career politician. Howard Dean’s “Yee-haw” was enough to end his bid for the Democratic candidate in 2004, and yet Trump can call for an end to Muslim refugees, be accused of grabbing women by their loins, and end up being praised for it by the masses, while the mainstream media spew their bile 24/7.

What has allowed Trump to maneuver so nimbly against these accusations is the unprecedented role of internet media in elections, including being able to reach people directly through Twitter and a lack of trust in traditional media, as well as his bigger-than-life persona letting him get away with what others would be lynched for.

But that’s the story for another article. I would rather talk about something else. Particularly, is there anything that could stop him? The answer will surprise you as it goes against all conventional wisdom.

Yes, but it’s not what you think.

Trump’s weak spot


One of the biggest problems with defeating Trump is that unlike other politicians, political scandals not only seem to not affect him, but they even aid him. There is a saying that every anti-Trump meme is also a pro-Trump meme.


Trump has mastered political antifragility, which causes him to only strengthen when opponents try to destroy him. Trump has defeated the left’s “no platform for fascists” mentality by saying things so outrageous they have no option but to report on him.

So, the left cannot choose to not cover him and let him wallow in obscurity like they did with Ron Paul. Neither can they attack him, for each of their attacks only make him more popular.


One memorable movie quote I remember went something like this: “Every man has a weak spot. First you try to buy him with money, then women, then you go for his family, and if that doesn’t work, well, a bullet always does the job.” Unfortunately, unlike other political losers, Don does not need other people’s money, nor does he lack female attention, and his family is smart and probably safe from violence.

But this isn’t an article about (God forbid) Donald Trump getting assassinated. That would stop Trump, but not the Trump train. Trump is more than a man. Trump is an idea. He is the avatar of discontent of all those opposed to progressive ideology. He would become a martyr, thus raising the hatred for his opponents to a fever pitch which might alter America’s consciousness forever. Trump’s enemies can’t afford that.

So if ignoring Trump does not work, throwing dirt at him does not work, bribing him doesn’t work and even killing him won’t work, than what is left? The answer might surprise you.

You see Trump’s power comes from his contrarianism. He is not a candidate, he is an anti-candidate. People don’t just vote FOR Trump they vote AGAINST Hillary, Obama, Progressives and Cuckservatives. He is the wrecking ball who the injured working class and all non-liberal whites as well as minorities not completely in love in with progressive Marxist ideology want to use against the establishment.

So what can be done to stop him ?


Well, let’s ask ourselves what makes Trump popular ? His brashness, his anti-PC attitudes, his anti-elitism, his not being a part of the Establishment hacks, his being “not one of them,” his being different.

So if that is what gives Trump strength, it would make sense that to weaken him, you would have to present him as the opposite of that. To present him as being nothing special, to make him look boring and weak. To present him as just another PC-drone.

They’ve claimed nonstop that Trump is the next Hitler and that he will start building concentration camps and sexually assaulting random women by grabbing their cock pockets and will obliterate Muslims and minorities with Right WiNg Death Squad robots.


Instead they could have claimed that he is just weakling trying to act tough, and that he won’t deliver anything. That he is in love with political correctness and respects women. That he is a progressive’s best choice. That he will bring four more years of Obama.

That of course would present it’s own difficulties. In the age of online media, the monopoly of physical press has been broken. When news circulates at the speed of minutes rather than hours and days, it would be very hard for the establishment media to accomplish this. It is very hard to call Trump ordinary and boring when his statements break so many taboos.

Yet, as difficult as it may have been, at the very least it would have had a chance of success, as small as it was. Calling him sexist, racist, and other mean words did nothing to stop him, and instead only made him more popular with the masses. Some of these incidents have made Donald seem human and it made people trust him more. Showing his flaws had the opposite effect as intended, as those who hated him already needed no extra ammo, but those who liked him were either left indifferent, or what’s worse excited by his statements.


At worst a few moderates had doubts set in their mind, however considering what short attention span undecided voters have, his stellar performance at the second debate clearly made them forget about the statement and maybe even convinced them to focus on Bill’s sexual misdeeds instead.

Why haven’t his opponents used this against him?


This brings us to the final point of this article. Why haven’t his opponents used this against him? Have they not the brains to figure this out? Hard to believe, considering the amount of money being poured into think tanks.

No, the truth is like that the strategy was forsaken because of the side-effects it would have on their own camp. Should his opponents try to attack him as another PC drone, they would be also attacking themselves. Just like Hillary trying to paint Trump as sex offender only made it easier for Trump to point at Bill’s sexual indiscretions. As it has been said in the mighty book of Kek : “thee that dwell in glass lodgings shall not propel sedimentary formations” The Prophecy of Kek, Chapter 4 : Verse 20.


Attacking Trump for being multicultural, politically correct, weak, inefficient, or a shill would only shed light on the establishment’s own weakness.

This means that in order to draw voters away from Trump they would have to claim Trump loves multiculturalism, anti-racism, open borders, free trade, globalism and offer another candidate who would be even more extreme than him on these crucial issues.


Using this strategy against Trump, even if it was successful, would be a Pyrrhic victory for his opponents, as cuckservatives would have to acknowledge they can’t woo supporters with talks about reducing taxes and bringing back Reaganism. The truth is, the future is bleak for Reagan-Bush-Cuck wing of the GOP. Even if they were to win the election, they would lose the war.


The left has won the cultural war not just by winning elections, but by cultural meta-warfare. Instead of moderating their message in attempt to win election, they used popular culture and mass media to push liberal values to the masses, and so the right wing had no option, but do concessions, dropping people who opposed civil rights, women’s liberation and closed borders.

To put it simply, the battle was lost even before Trump came—Trump was the match that ignited the powder keg. He simply mobilized people, and said what others kept in private, but always wanted to say and now there is no turning back.

The elites cannot choose to ignore popular will and still win elections anymore. They will have to reform the GOP to account for their constituency’s desire or risk ending in the dust bin of history. There is no longer the option to charm the sheeple with talks about low taxes, open borders and the awfulness of bigotry. They will have to, at least, nominally give something back to the people to stay in power.

As one wise commenter on this site once said : “Trump may be a liar like the rest of them, but at least he is saying the right lies.”

The next thing people on the manosphere and the alt-right will have to look after will be Trump-like figures who will copy Trump’s rhetoric, but will fail to deliver any solutions. Or they will try to co-opt and redirect that anger. But for now, for the first time in more than 50 years, we are winning the culture war.

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239 thoughts on “The Only Strategy That Could Have Stopped Donald Trump”

  1. If Trump is lying out his ass about everything, he’s no worse than any other candidate.
    If Trump is lying about only half his policies, he’s the best we’ve had in decades.
    Because he’s actually pretty clean (especially for a politician), says what he wants, makes mistakes and corrects them, and stands against the Left, every attack on him feels like an attack on the average American. When Hillary called his supporters a basket of deplorables, Americans felt it was an attack on everyone. When the Media attacks him, it feels like an attack on us.
    That’s why he’s so powerful – he’s one of us. Sure, he has more money and connections, but he comes across as one of us. And we all know people prefer those who are like them to those who are not.

    1. That’s my impression as well. You gotta wonder … do we want our politicians to be ‘better’ than we are? Do we want them to represent an ideal we can’t ever live up to? Or do we want them to represent us?

      1. Seems to me that the whole thing is cooked….. an engineered pressure release…. the peoples choice… the outsider won…. clintons got busted …. the elite insiders lose…. or do they ? Most likely a trump win lets them hide in the shadows pulling strings again…. a president has very little real power….

        1. I’ve had the same suspicions. The old Simpson reference… The Oprah show thing… The other interview about him being president someday…
          See that’s how they cast their spells… Quietly. With subtlety.
          “who be president? Poor little me? Noooo… I’m just a regular Joe man of the people.”
          All the while we’ve been conditioned for decades into viewing him as the president.

    2. Then to top it off- she showed absolute disdain and contempt for her own supporters in her private emails.

    3. I have no idea what he would do in office. But I know he’s better than what I KNOW Hillary would do.

    4. Trump reminds me of that asshole friend everyone has, he may be an asshole but he’s OUR asshole.

      1. Last guy to leave trouble, but the first to back up his big mouth and friends. Loudmouth who gets it right at what everyone else thinks is he wrong time. Straight up and doesn’t give a fuck. I like guys like that in moderation, the world needs guys like that.

    1. Don’t care for either Trump or Clinton but what’s with the interracial hate here? If it’s genuine, who gives a fuck?

  2. As a family oriented traditionalist my main problem with Trump is his multiple kids by multiple women and proven record of not being able to sustain a long term/life long monogamous marriage.

    1. Yet he is on excellent terms with his exes, who speak to him on a regular basis and even consult him for advice.

      1. and even, at least in one notable instance, defend him against the scurrilous media attacks.

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    Filter preferences -> Custom Filter -> Add Filter and paste the below rule into it.*

  4. This article will be particularly fun to read while watching balloons fall on Hillary

      1. We will see in a few days. I will be a respectful and contrite loser should it come to that. However, I’m going on an “I told you so” parade if it goes the other way

        1. I do understand I am setting myself up for a beating if I’m wrong but fuck we need to make it a little interesting

        2. It’s gonna be close, within the margin of fraud to be effective. I’m like you, I think the balloons will be dropping on Hillary. The dems and media then claiming she has a mandate- no matter how slim the margin. We’ll see.

        3. I’m going to gloat when The Donald pulls this off…..going to gloat a lot. If I’m wrong I’m not going to talk about it lol.

        4. Hahaha don’t worry, if trump loses I’ll mention me being right enough for both of us

        5. Not only is it going to be bad if she wins just because she’s the female version of Chuckie it’s that for years she’s going to be under investigation unless of course BO gives her a pardon. Either way it’s going to be a never ending shitstorm.

        6. If she gets that crazy eye going and falls out….. I’m going to laugh in a most evil way.

        7. Hey Kneeman I’m going to put up side-by-side photos of Fauxlivia and Olivia. Just for a minute. Then I’ll take it down. Tell me what you think…will ya? Say “go” and the photos will flow.

        8. That’s what I tell my dog when I’m about to start cussing. ( he doesn’t care for impolite language)

        9. If I had the money I would send a private jet around the country to pick up a few of you guys and have a party here in the city. You would certainly be on that list.

        10. It would be the best. Then we can finally elect the right leader: Mark Harmon.

        11. I would appreciate it,a private jet would be nice on account of G-Dubs damned old no fly list.

        12. That said, I like Olivia better than Fauxlivia because I’m a starfucker and I enjoy large sums of money

        13. Hahaha I know a guy who missed his brothers wedding because of that list

        14. They really do look alike. Bone structure matters more than tits and ass in my book and this bird has it. Enjoy bobaloo

        15. Hahaha I will never say there is an objective beauty but Olivia is my number one and Fauxlivia is an excellent reproduction

        16. Will do…I mean, who in their right mind could pass that bitch up…not me. She’s going down. (Slurp.)

        17. Glad you approve. After I get her into my orbit I’ll be glad to share down the road…she seems like that type. Open-minded. Ha.

        18. No I’m thinking of Olivia’s character on House MD but I’d take this one down too

        19. Never. I have a 7 pm sushi and then “drinks at my place” and a midnight “cocktail at hotel bar” gotta love a city that closes at 4

        20. That’s why I love Nevada. When the fun gets rolling, I don’t want it to stop…give ’em the high hard one for me and have a blast amigo.

        21. HRC will win the popular vote by the margin of error and the electoral college for being the status quo’s choice.
          Why? Thank the GEMs electronic voting system’s features.

        22. Respectful and contrite is not what the other side would be in case the reverse happens.

        23. The left aren’t human and want us dead, they don’t deserve a respectful or contrite attitude.

        24. Why would you be proud of cheerleading your own extinction?
          You do know that when Obama and Hillary’s policies of destroying flyover occur (and Obama’s are already in motion destroying us out here), your plush life goes away, right?

        25. You really need to travel outside of NYC. Your viewpoint is only possible being inside your bubble.

        26. But GOJ as I keep telling you. It is you that is in the bubble. New York actually matters. You need to travel to some place relevant.

        27. If Trump loses there will be a lot of talk. Just as there was after George Bush the second’s election in 2000. Every time I read some MSM (that is leftist propaganda) denigrating Trump as Anti American for daring to suggest that the election process isn’t perfect, I think, have they forgotten all about 2000?

        28. I visit Vegas fairly often and don’t agree with your party all night theme. Vegas closes up at about midnight for everything but gambling. I was shocked to find out that the big name discos are only open Thursday through Saturday nights. Even on Fremont street the non-casino bars are all closed shortly after midnight. The strip only has all night convenience stores, Denny’s, and casinos. If you don’t gamble you are better off in a ton of other major cities as far as late night partying.

        29. I spend most of my time going to strip clubs when I party in Vegas…Sapphire, Cheetahs, Spearmint Rhino, Scores, etc. And I do gamble away some loose change at the tables on occasion, so that puts everything into play, pretty much. Can’t stand standard clubs, too loud and too fake and I stopped being 25 a long time ago. To each their own.

      2. Jimmy carter had about 9 points in the polls 5 days before the election…and then Ronald Reagan won 49 states, and became POTUS.

        1. You’re correct. Reagan was also 15 points behind carter at one point. Then Reagan won in a Landslide.

      3. I fear a lot of this last-minute tightening is just a media strategy to get more viewers on election night. To keep people watching, basically.

        1. Personally I think this thing is on rails and there’s no way that were not getting Merkled but it was nice to see him tell everyone to fuck off.

      1. I’m in the business. In fact just a few months ago I did a pour of 500k square feet

  5. “Trump is more than a man. Trump is an idea. He is the avatar of discontent of all those opposed to progressive ideology”
    Exactly this!!! Literally (Hitler?) this!!!! I try explaining that Trump isn’t just Donald Trump – he’s the channelling of the rejection of rootless liberalism (God I love that term, so concise and correct), the chopping up and exporting of our incomes, communities, self worth and countless other priceless aspects of human existence.
    Is Trump perfect?? No! But even as a Brit I see him as the only senior western political figure asking these painfully obvious questions about our identity without pandering to the left’s objection to all things decent

    1. He’s said things that many of us have said under our breath because we are surrounded by feminist panzies.

      1. I tend to say them openly more often than not but must be careful of course given the proliferation of the aforesaid feminist pansies and all their sick mongrel hordes.

    2. The best parallel for trump is Berlusconi in Italy….. uber wealthy media magnet turned president…. made little real difference…. just a rich old man clown ….. different elites benefited… same old game continued.

      1. Very bad comparison considering Italy is a basket-case in terms of politics and their multi-party system ensures no tangible benefits or progress happens given all the conflicts of interest and internecine squabbling.

    3. The key with Trump is that he believes everything says and he’s not embarrassed about who he is. Politicians on the other hand, constantly avoid letting you know exactly who they are their constant efforts to avoid offending anyone merely demonstrates their insincerity.

      1. I try to explain this to people. Trump is not a lifelong politician, practiced in making sure he never says anything offensive to anyone at anytime. Hence he comes off as an asshole. I believe he is an asshole, but one with whom I would enjoy sitting down and having a beer. The other politicians are bigger assholes, but are expert at faking it. And Hitlery is a pure evil lunatic.

        1. Have we gotten to making a wiki mist of all celebrities who endorse Clinton? I heard the cast of the Avengres films did it. I want to cut down on my movie and TV watched ng so boycotting all them would help. Quitting Arnold and DeNeiro isn’t enough.

  6. I don’t get it. Why was Howard Dean’s “yee-haw” bad enough to finish his run as candidate?
    This was much worse, for instance:

      1. I could imagine… if the government does not own the media, the media owns the government…

    1. Dean was not the Dem candidate elites wanted. Had to be eliminated as candidate. Same as how media colluded with Hillary to end Sanders.

    2. Some of us Vermont folks call him “Deaner the Weiner” or “Howard the Coward”. Right up there with “Jobless Jimmy” Douglas.
      We have a thing for alliteration.

  7. To those who are voting hillary this election, who read ROK , and comment here( yes there are some who fit this description here, unbelievably ) . You aught to think about revoking your ManCard.

    1. voting hillary and reading ROK dont go together. i cant imagine theres a single one who fits that description

    2. My ManCard will still be good on Wednesday.
      It’s the PussyPass that will start getting rejected.

    3. Why not just get one of those guillotines they use to cut paper and cut their balls off instead? It’d be more symbolic.

        1. Trolls mostly, of course. Also I think trump is a total wuss. Being for Hillary with regulars here? I’d be suprised but I guess there are more things in heaven and earth…

        2. Perhaps , look past Trump, and recognize that supreme court nominations hang in the balance with this election, if you’re still unsure of who to vote for.

        3. The answer to that is still neither. Either candidate I have to give up something on the bill of rights. Like great, I have a gun to defend my home… when the police are raiding it without a warrant or probable cause.

        4. Well. If clinton is elected, she’ll appoint supreme court nominees, who will reinterpret most of the constitution away, she may elect younger judges, who could serve for the next 40 yrs, and throughout that time and by the end of their terms America will have transformed into something totally unrecognizable. If you can’t stand Trump, i suggest you vote in this election based the supreme court, and vote based on who the supreme court nominees will be for each party. Trump has lined up a great list of potential supreme court nominees (the list can be googled), so if you can’t vote for Trump outright, then perhaps vote for the presidential nominee, based on who they have selected to be Judges in the Supreme court.

        5. I already voted for Johnson. What exactly do you fear SCOTUS changing? Like I said, Trump’s nominees don’t instill hope in me either. How many times has the conservative four got it wrong? Quite a bit (drugs, suicide, marriage, etc.)
          BTW, America (and the world) are going to unrecognizable in 40 years no matter who is on SCOTUS. That’s just called time.

  8. Brexit pulls off the upset…the Cubs pull off the upset…and Trump pulls off the biggest upset of all – it’s Trump the Trojan Horse for the win! What a shock it will be, when Trump builds that wall between the U.S. and Mexico – but he does it to keep Americans IN. (Oops.)

        1. By someone you mean “most everybody” then yeah, agreed.

  9. Trump’s appeal is that he doesn’t patronize and lecture the “ordinary people” like the condescending, pseudo sophisticated intelligentsia of the urbanite left. To use J.D Salinger’s term of phonies or T.S Eliot’s metaphor of the hollow stuffed men is too polite and generous a term to use for these slugs who are doing us all in, inch by inch. That’s why people like Trump, that’s why the Brits voted to leave the EU, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

  10. Speaking of the “literally Hitler” nonsense, why don’t Jews ever talk about how Hitler migrated from Austria to Germany and naturalized as a German citizen? And how he fought bravely for the Reich in the First World War to demonstrate his patriotism to his new country, like how Khizr Khan’s son allegedly did for the U.S. in the Iraq war?
    Clearly when they propagandize us with immigration success stories, they want those parts of Hitler’s biography to fall down the Memory Hole.

    1. As I’ve heard it, history regards Hitler’s war service with contempt, that he was the “Ted Cruz” of the German army (so high on his hubris that he repelled everyone, and why he didn’t rise in the ranks) and was technically incompetent, per the story of how he adopted his signature mustache after a gas mask mishap.
      …and, of course, the sordid, specious tale of how he got himself shot up that sired the iconic “Hitler…has only got one ball!” song.

    2. You insensitive anti semite. His mishap was how he learned to shrink over 3 million Jewish heads. 4 million bars of soap were made in the process. Didn’t you know that 6 million poor Jews adorned the lampshades of every white Christian German household. He was responsible for gassing 9 million of them. The 11 million third generation holocaust survivors would not take kindly to your blasphemous comments.

  11. Much of this is way off base, such as Trump being a good thing (he is a bad leader for a good movement, that being the red pill).
    However, the author is right about one thing: Trump”s supporters aren’t racists or fascists. They are people fed up with the misandric PC culture of hedonism, Marxism and Egalitarianism that has infected our society.

    1. He is the perfect one to lead the revolution because he doesn’t give a fuck about the SJW scum and presstitutes. As a person nobody is perfect

      1. The biggest thing he has shown is that he will not take shit from the left wing lying shitlord MSM. That alone is reason to vote for him. They say you can judge a person by their friends, well you can also judge them by their enemies, and I judge Trump’s enemies to be the enemies of the US and western culture in general.

    2. I think He’ll be a good leader. Everything he’s said and done so far has been persuasion. When he takes the seat, he’s a billionaire business owner. I’d like to see this country run that way for once. Test everything. Track everything. Fire anyone who’s not performing. Scale!

      1. Even if he’s not, if he puts good people in cabinet positions and delegates, things will work out.

  12. The momentum is with Trump. He’s in exactly the right place to win now, slightly behind Clinton in the lead in is perfect as it will act as spur for reluctant republicans to come out and vote.
    Besides, he’s correct about Hillary, even if she wins, she is doomed from the get-go with all the murky stuff about her server. It will be a dead-duck and weak presidency from the get-go, which will America weak and enfeebled for another four years. She could be impeached and this could make her election to single biggest mistake in American history.

    1. They don’t care. Her supporters and the Democrats and the leftists don’t care. They would still have the White House, and abuse all the real and imagined perks that come with it. They will simply shift the other puppet named Kaine in and continue doing the same destructive shady things.

    2. The armed forces and law enforcement agencies of the United States are on our side—as she’s finding out. The blood of far too many of their fallen brothers is on her hands. And they will insist on justice.

  13. A day or two ago I saw some news on the internet about some serious trouble in France with refugees. Anyone heard anything else about it? U.S. MSM has been sort of quiet on it.

    1. heard anything? yea every white country that takes in these animals is getting destroyed. It’s obvious.

      1. Sometimes it seems the MSM goes out their way to keep a lid on it. It’s beyond me why leftists are delusional enough to think bringing people who don’t like them in by the thousands is “cultural enrichment”.

        1. They certainly are trying. I was just watching CBS Nightly News talking about Walter Cronkite, at the end of the segment the guy said something to the effect of Cronkite was a beacon of fair journalism a tradition we try to emulate….yeah right.
          Modern day news is to journalism what a drive by shooting is to marksmanship.

        2. Cronkite was a beacon of half truths and misdirection- he admitted he was muzzled the last 20 years of his career

      2. Riiiiiight because the FRENCH have always been a bunch of nice, docile, kind sweethearts!!!

        1. At least they make a modern civilization. Can’t say that about the muslim animals they’re letting destroy their county.

    2. All I read was that the govt demolished the Calais camp and rather than deport the rapefugees, for some reason allowed them to run loose and they ended up in Paris where they continue to cause trouble.

      1. They didn’t simply “end up” in Paris. There were already “refugee slums” in the periphery, and they took refuge there (heh, now they are really refugees, even if 90% of them were simple illegal immigrants). Then, the failed Hollande administration “started a plan” to do the same in Paris they had done in Calais.
        Conclusion: there are thousands of people who have no place to be in France. There is no solution for them, at least a civilized solution. Leftist proposal: let in some millions more, asap.

    3. They have enriched Paris you racist fuck! They have made it more beautiful than ever!

      1. You’re right, every western city needs a bunch of 3rd worlders hanging out throwing trash everywhere to help enrich the local culture. Throw in few rapes and a couple of riots and they’ll be good to go.

      2. It’s so beautiful now that I started to bring a kudu knife in my pocket, when I go out late evening.
        Oh, and the street mob prayers? Youtube it. If you get stuck, you’ll have to wait till it’s over. But “no, no, they are not invaders”, says the blind leftist.
        Oh, and the stares when you buy alcohol or pork?
        Fortunately, the center of the city is still somehow isolated from them. When they start creeping in, I’ll move out.

  14. Instead they could have claimed that he is just weakling trying to act tough, and that he won’t deliver anything

    I seem to recall that this was tried repeatedly but it never stuck.
    -> Chris Christie said that the way to defeat Trump was to ask him “How?”, as he believed that Trump had no plans and nothing but sound bites.
    -> Ted Cruz, in a cringe-worthy display of phony anger, blasted Trump as being a “sniveling coward”.
    -> The “small hands” and “thin skin” mantra.

    1. Not condoning what he may have done, but the 3 nets focused on this, not WeinerGate

    2. Calling someone weak is a very basic attack that anyone in the world should be able to see through. That has been a legitimate attack for as long as leaders have been chosen. They needed to specifically say that he was actually PC, beta, ect.

      1. Attacking Trump by calling him PC seems like it was tried.
        After his flaming liberal daughter Ivanka caused Trump to get tripped up on immigration, both sides of the aisle attacked him with the message that he was actually a liberal on immigration again, via the Ivanka sabotage and Trump’s 2013 unfortunate “You convinced me” meeting with “DREAMers” (which went against the conservative statements in his 2011 book).

  15. I think she will pull it out. Just flipped back from the 3 major news nets- no one mentioned the two cops shot(one killed) in nyc today. None mentioned that bombshell report on breitbart today about carlos danger and his wife working out a deal with the feds…I guess that wasnt a newsworthy story

    1. All Weiner is guilty of is being a man. As long as he co-operates fully, give him full amnesty and an Israeli passport under a new identity and let him go.
      Huma? Sell her carcass to a pig-feed plant.

  16. The elections are rigged thats how they can stop him. The question is what are we going to do in response?

      1. No exaggeration but it will be tantamount to an orgasm for me from nailing a bevy of 18 year old spinners (petite girls) during an all-weekend bacchanal seeing that. Cannot wait.

      2. Betas and SJWs are already clamming up as the bad news keeps pouring in about Hillary…they are shocked and scrambling like rats to distance themselves from her. Sweet stuff.

    1. Uncle Bob, you are a very learned man but good grief I am triggered by that grotesque scene! 😛

      1. I knew you could take it, young squire…shock is good for the system, now and again. (My side business of peddling eye bleach makes that easy for me to say, however.)

        1. You honour me. A good shock is indeed conducive to hardening one’s resolve. And I envisage you are doing quite the booming trade in eye and brain bleach also-a little substance called Scotch I imagine, yes?

        2. Oh heck yes, Scotch is paramount, my friend…glug, glug, “Look at those SJWs scatter!” (All while sitting outside on the front stoop, out on the plantation, of course.)

        3. Some Glenfiddich 40 year old Single Malt Speyside Scotch Whisky neat does the business.

        4. Secure a few bottles and get some ice ready for Election Night, brother…I’ll bring the hookers (er, party favors).

        5. Yes, ‘party favors’, of course. FedEx them to me to Australia if you can-being that I am an Antipodean entity.

        6. Very thoughtful of you. I think once I jimmy the crate open they’ll fall over themselves given my rugged accent and all that.

        7. That’s the modular approach to doing things if ever there was such an exhibition. Although, in saying that I do like to wax lyrical and have them swoon over my musings whilst administering pleasure and pain in equal measure.

        8. Well I will make them wax their landing strips, and take some tranquilizers, prior to packing them up, in order to make sure that you will have very smooth sailing…

        9. Exalted Grand Admiral Burning Hammer of the Patriarchal Protective Paternalistic Armada will see to it they are all ship-shape and the flotilla fulfils its intended mission.

    2. Actually, most of the betas will lose their fear of the feminists in their lives and fling them out on their asses, confident that the courts will allow the men to keep their well-earned property, or give them 15 minutes to clean out the cubicles at which they do nothing but read Jezebel.

    3. Dear God the BLOB had a sex change and is shaking it’s humungous ass at Hooters for the dollar, dollar?!! say it ain’t so Joe!

  17. Nothing will change the USA’s current trajectory and I would not be surprised to see hillary magically win or a spectacular JFK style attempt on the golden boy by hidden powerful forces.

  18. This has been a battle between medias, not candidates. The mainstream news, which over the last fifty years has sold its soul to the corporate- globalist devil, now has to realize that the price of losing their objectivity was their credibility. The majority no longer believe a word that comes out of their mouth. In fact the more they call Trump names the more we believe this is all skewed bullshit. And they made it the death match that it is. An editor from NPR was doing a piece several nights ago in which he openly admitted (bragged is more of the word) that he implored all reporters to pull out all the stops and go for the throat on Trump. They had to destroy him. It was a ‘hundred year storm.’ Well they clearly followed orders, and in doing so they destroyed any semblance of balanced reporting. In essence they followed the logic of Vietnam–to save the village we had to burn it. CNN and NPR will be gone in six months if Trump wins.

    1. Oh nooo. The NPR bumper music will be gone.

      I swear that mesmerizing music must be pumped full of subliminals. It wouldn’t be that bad elevator or expensive restaurant music if it weren’t used so much as a trachia tube to hose down champaigne liberal ideology. Because of the incessant shitlib coverage of NPR, I will always wince when I hear that music that you find at the bottom of the AM/FM dial.

    1. Nobody cares about you or your problems. Not just regarding this article, but regarding life in general.

        1. I don’t think you understood what he said to you.
          There’s only one kind of person who can write
          ” I lost 10 minutes of my life reading this idiocy”
          And that’s the insignificant cuck that tries really hard to get positive attention but you will never have it.

      1. These trolls sure seem to be on the rise lately. Mr.Lamesa sounds just as bad as “Betterbob” another troll on this site.

  19. Trump is winning because salt of the earth white people have enough common sense to see what’s really going on.
    They know perfectly well that rock bottom labor is being vectored into this country and that critics have been conveniently silenced with the threat of being accused of racism.

    1. I think the surprise to the elite will be the number of minority voters that go for Trump. They are not all stupid. What did Obummer do to help the lives of the average black voter? Nothing. But he did enable and support BLM rioters when they burnt down black neighborhoods.

      1. More like the POLICE did with their shootings stupid ass!! And what pray tell was he supposed to do wipe their asses and read them bedtime stories?!! FOH asshole! That whole “Obama must save the balck race from itself” bullshit is played out! Furthermore he wasn’t any more obligated than ANY other president especially not the one responsible for that dreadful 1994 crime bill.

  20. Yes. And on our side in the culture war are the armed forces and law enforcement agencies of the United States, who, if anyone is, are deserving to be first in line to settle accounts with the elites.
    By Wednesday morning Hillary Clinton will either be in custody, being presented with a full confession and told to choose between signing or being tortured till she stops insulting the FBI’s intelligence, or in Ottawa begging Trudeau the Tapette for asylum.
    That’s assuming the “Second Amendment people” don’t gatecrash her little victory party and mete out long-overdue justice themselves.

    1. Are you so sure about the armed forces being on our side? Maybe the tier 1 operators and infantry guys with one or more deployments to Iraq/Afghanistan under their belts, assuming they actually left the wire.
      The rest of the military is being made PC and feminist, and an even greater danger lies if they expand the enlistment portion of the “Dream Act”.

      1. We only need the tier one operators and infantry guys. Turns out we have an army of 110+ million civilian gun owners to back them up.

      2. “The rest of the military is being made PC and feminist..”
        Which is why they would lose very quickly and find themselves running in terror just to end up like Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife.

    2. On one hand, I’d like to think that law enforcement, living well outside the PC narrative, would never be “with her”.
      OTOH, there are too many examples of law enforcement falling in with terrible, anti-cop politicians, my “favorite” being that the Fraternal Order of Police donated money to Marilyn Mosby.

    1. Huma is currently missing in action. Rumors are swirling that she and her husband Anthony Wiener have made a deal with the feds to avoid prison time.

  21. Interesting article, but when have the MSM ever been dissuaded by their own hypocrisy?

  22. Politics is downstream from culture. The culture has hamstrung men, and thus, politically, men are hamstrung. Trump was the only one in this election who spoke his mind, period. Even he got reined in, though, on abortion.
    We will start to win the cultural war when we make support for abortion akin to support for slavery. That’s a start. It’s an issue that the right is correct on, and that women feel strongly about, and we need to push that issue as far as Lincoln did.
    The next issue is affirmative action, which has morphed into racism and endless recursion about cultural appropriation. We need to recapture, unapologetically, equal protection under the law. And we need to be not nice about it.
    Another key issue is freedom of association. We need to restore it, and do so unapologetically.
    Religious freedom.
    But here’s the key — we need to win on these issues. Otherwise, like a vaccine, the larger culture will equate freedom of association, religious freedom, and anti-abortion issues with bigotry. Just like they do with state’s rights.
    We need to win. That means getting systems in place where we win.

  23. Cultural marxism has critical theory at its core, which is basically destructive, envious and lazy. Decades in of breaking down tradition has created a population giving more time and energy to protesting something than actually finding a viable replacement.
    There is still a lot of money tied into academia and the media to follow this script and Trump and his meme-army plays this game quite well.
    Preferably, Trump would develop concrete, sound policies for growth and prosperity but I believe there is much work to be done first in expunging all marxist anti-western degenerates from the institutions.
    The day when the Dunhams of the world are ridiculed, shamed, impoverished is when we can begin rebuilding.

  24. The left should have bribed a young charismatic conservative figure to destroy trump with such arguments, with solid garanties that they would have helped his further career later.
    ‘left’ and ‘right’ political figures do that all te time… In fact, they are more or less the same people (corporate puppets).
    The problem was they didn’t took Trump seriously.
    Trump is very much like Kennedy, strangely. He is rich enough to NOT need other people money, and he embodied untold hopes… Well, we’ll see if he will dogde ‘magic’ bullets and Strange accident…

  25. Too many people in Trump’s own political party don’t like and respect Trump. He cries when SNL pokes fun at him. How could he be an effective leader?

  26. The so-called “writer” of this piece and I use the term VERY loosely can seriously go FUCK himself!! And just what “ghetto trash” are you talking about asshole?!! Congressman Joe Walsh who owes thousands in back child support of his kids bitch?!!!

  27. What bugs me the most about this election is the absolute lack of respect the voters have for each other. I place 90% of the blame for this on the antics of the SJW filth and the smirking tolerance that the mainstream Left had for their garbage.
    Someone pointed out somewhere that during Pegida marches organizers would throw out anyone who so much as raised their voices in disrespect. I respect that a great deal, and I think the Trumpistas behaved with similar self restraint.
    The problem here is that we the people are ideally in a state where we have our raucous debates and then recognize that the government is uniformly composed of child eating cannibal scum. Someone else from New York, pointed out something I forgot, that before he was a political candidate, most of us even on the right thought Trump was an obnoxious asshole that ruined the skyline and annoyed the hell out of all of us. I like him now, because I have to, not because I want to.
    This is not a good situation to be in. When Bush was in office I was a knee jerk Republican who supported the war because I thought it was the patriotic thing to do. Now I realize that the Leftists actually had a point. I just couldn’t hear it because they were acting like typically obnoxious scumbag Leftists. When the Librarian’s associations protested the Patriot Act, I opposed them because they were so smug and arrogant. Now I wish to God that I had read through every line of that page with a magnifiying glass.
    And now we are in a similar situation. Only no one can relax for a moment because the idiot opposition has turned this into a holy crusade to validate their worthless existences. And the rest of the mainstream Democrats have gone into mode: hysteria. They don’t seem to grasp that the only way they are going to achieve anything is be viewing those on the right as human beings who might actually have some points of our own that are correct.
    This is a big problem. It is not OK. There isn’t much our side can do except fight and occasionally point out that if the other side would start acting like we are human then it would probably better for all concerned.

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