How To Incite Human Beings To Violence Through False Headlines

First I’ll show you fifty headlines with lies in them, and then I’ll show you a sample of threats that they transmutated into.














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The orgy of lies above led to the following output:






download (8)


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download (6)


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The above is only a tiny sample of messages that insinuated threats or violence. There were dozens more.

Over a million people raged this week from reading lies and malicious distortions. To me it seemed as if “sleepers” were being “activated” to go after a pre-determined enemy. They landed some punches, I’ll admit, but I’m still here, and so is our message.

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385 thoughts on “How To Incite Human Beings To Violence Through False Headlines”

  1. Wait till we reach full blown idiocracy. Nothing which used to make sense will do then. Up will be down and wrong will be right.
    Roosh, I recommend you start reading Henry Makow (if you haven’t already). He’s one of the few genuine authors out there. If you two join forces, you can have a much bigger impact. His books on Feminism and the Illuminati are so well researched.
    He already retweets you.

      1. American women have spent the last 2 generations trying to make themselves as masculine as possible. The contrast is stark.

  2. I was astounded by the force and coordination of the media campaign. Somebody powerful has it in for Roosh. Such a coordinated event has be organized from the very highest level.

    1. The way it works is the major news agencies like Reuters and AP generate the leading stories and the rest of the media either copy and paste or give a slight twist to suit their local audience.
      So to coordinate such a campaign one only needs to control Reuters and AP. Rumors have it that the Rothchilds are involved in the ownership but as it is the usual case with them, it is difficult to trace it.
      Anything to do with rape is exaggerated today as there’s Rape Hysteria campaign going on.

      1. If anything it shows both the laziness of about 95% of what we call ‘the media’ and how they don’t ‘report’ the news anymore so much as troll for clickbait. This is then used as ‘fact’ and ‘citation’ by the mob of SJW’s and others, who then run screaming to the politicians to protect them. I’m convinced that 99% of the politicians have no idea what this site is (they just signed their name to some ‘condemnation’ shoved at them by their staff), with the other 1% thinking it’s where pick up artists share roofie stories.

      2. Anything to do with rape is exaggerated today as there’s Rape Hysteria campaign going on.

        Unless the rapist is Muslim then it’s ignored. Funny how that works.

    2. It’s an ordered hit. The puppeteers are hoping to scatter us by scapegoating Roosh. They don’t like meetups of freethinking men.

      1. “Military tactics are like unto water, for water in its natural course runs away from high places and hastens downwards. So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong and to strike at what is weak. Water shapes its course according to the nature of the ground over which it flows; the soldier works out his victory in relation to the foe whom he is facing. Therefore, just as water retains no constant shape, so in warfare there are no constant conditions. He who can modify his tactics in relation to his opponent and thereby succeed in winning, may be called a heaven-born captain.” — Sun Tzu
        Should use this weekend as “The Forge” (or a better analogy, “The Long March”) — we know whom we can trust. Time to network and change shape.

      2. I think this is a bit paranoid. You’re underestimating the laziness and idiocy of internet culture and the modern sensationalist media. A “pro rape activist” is a great headline as we’ve never really heard of one of those before. All it takes then is a string of people getting an adrenaline rush from a headline, and not doing their research or checking sources.

      3. Right, because you are so powerful. You need some perspective. I don’t believe in doxing but it’s hard to sympathise with you guys.

    3. I don’t think there was real coordination, it’s just one of those cases when some news item catches fire and every outlet basically rehashes the same article for clicks

    1. As we know, it takes just a step away to change from being a human to being an mere animal.
      In women and feminized men it’s less than a step.

    1. We’ll be bred out of existence by Muslims before anyone in the West gives a shit about the very real rape culture, that looms on the horizon.

        1. Gunpowder and crude cannons. The technology matured under the Europeans. The chinese invented many knick knacks that they didn’t have the talent or technology to improve.

        2. I know, but this article needs one comment that allures to white nationalism in it. Chinese may have created the first guns, but john Browning refine them to reliable means of problem solving.

    2. they do the opposite, they sweep it under the carpet. A few rapes at the Cologne Carneval, well that’s just part and parcel of it in the new order.. Have a look at how it’s reported. A random knifing by a refugee in the kitchen section of an Ikea in Sweden, that was rather quickly censored and hushed, Swedish woman randomly pushed in front of a Berlin train by a mentally ill Iranian, so much sympathy for the perpetrator…

  3. With the sheer amount of vitriol and bile stewing within these commentators, I have to question whether their hatred doesn’t arise from their own feelings of self loathing. If only they put as much effort and enthusiasm into solving whatever dissatisfactions they suffer from in their own meaningless lives. At the very least they could complain about people who are actually advocating crimes. e.g. Themselves or Islam.

  4. Just a normal day for a Roosh then.
    I’ve long since believed that social justice warriordom is at least partly fuelled by displaced psychopathy. These people want a ‘just’ cause to legitimize their pre-existing anti social feelings of anger and rage. The tendency to violence precedes the cause not the other way round. The attraction of being an SJW is precisely that it permits you to hate and to hurt with the full sanction of society and therefore with a clear conscience.

    1. This is a key component of all human groups. The other is bad and evil, not like us, deserves no mercy, no quarter, and doesn’t deserve to exist.

    2. At least half of them are just trying to keep up the lie that they are good, smart people to themselves. After that, there is nothing left but the mirror. I would almost call what they did a form of procrastination.

  5. the Red Pill schools of thought need to be united. RoK MGTOW AVFM and PUA as well as people like Milo Yiannopolis, Karen Straughan, Stefan Molyneaux, Christina Hoff Sommers and Lauren Southern. All sides agree on what the problem is, but all sides have different ideas on what course of action should be taken, ironically they are shades of gray different.

      1. I read part of an article from AVFM written by Esmay and he bought into the “confessed rapist” lie. There were comments beneath the article that called him on this.

        1. Yes he’s the worst of them. I saw what he was saying on twitter. He could have written one v of those articles himself. He’s also a committed leftist I think so they might explain things somewhat

    1. AFVM isn’t red pill. One look at the comments on that site is enough to see that those people are firmly entrenched in blue pill world.

      1. I was just on there yesterday. They certainly like to moderate and police comments instead of let them stand. I said “Good article, but and refraining from using emotionally manipulative language like “yea right when monkeys fly out of my ass” will strengthen your argument.” and I was given a warning about how things were done around there.

      2. AVfM had been attacked by feminists using the same technique (distorting a piece of satire by Paul Elam). They are good people, by being carful they managed to held a conference about Men’s rights despite the attacks of feminist mafia that controls the press

        1. But if you were a divorced male who was wrongfully accused by your ex of being abusive, so she could gain custody of your children and max out her support payments, you’d be walking on egg shells too. MRAs have their reasons for their approach.

  6. I despise the MSM. Everything they do is for an agenda, not facts. They are propaganda, and so controlled as to be poison for anyone watching.
    Nobody ever asks the key question of any MSM article: Why is this information produced???

  7. Predictably, there’s more worldwide outrage against this than there was about the actual mass rapes in Rotherham and Cologne.

    1. To them, upholding their precious narrative is more important than protecting human lives and safeguarding their communities. They are like those people in “Independence Day” standing on top of buildings to welcome the invading aliens, only to be the first they destroy.

        1. Is she a native of Germany or Sweden or any Euro nation or is she just another overprotected American mouth? Yes, the question is rhetorical. “Those bad ole white rapists are EVERYWHERE (because I say so).”

        2. Johan isn’t one of us though, as you’ll find if you’ve been looking at his comments, why is why he sounds like a whiny mangina like most male “feminists”. Apologies if we sound a bit jumpy at this time, but I think that’s understandable given recent events.

  8. Hang in there, Roosh. Hopefully you’re able to maintain a sense of humor throughout all of this shit, as hard as that may be. It’s all so unbelievably ridiculous; I’m just stunned, and it takes a lot to surprise me anymore. It’s safe to say that if America had internment camps focusing on reeducation through labor — we would all be human farm equipment at this stage. Well, us ensigns and junior grade lieutenants would be; they would just execute you — publicly for the world to see. Scary times, my friend.
    As Churchill said: “The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”
    We have the truth, Roosh. That’s more than enough to win, eventually. We’re not fighting for ourselves anymore — we’re fighting for those who haven’t been born yet. And to not have any skin in the game (children), yet still fight for the future of those who are not yet with us, is beyond noble.
    Keep fighting the good fight.

    1. Roosh has the psychological wherewithal to emerge from this stronger than he was before. In fact he should star in his own red pill comic book: – the adventures of Anti-Fragile Man

      1. It’s more about how they’re going after his family. That what would really get to me. They can say whatever they want about me — I can take it and give it back twice as bad. But when you go after the people I love, then that’s another story. I’m sure Roosh feels the same way.

        1. Completely agree. Disgusting to go after the family. Then to have the headlines say “lives in basement.” after he goes there to protect her and file a police report against the threats she’s getting.
          Conveniently they ignore the fact that the BBC literally just interviewed him, in a like smear campaign, from his home in Poland.

        2. Would not surprise me, the initial reporter, Shekhar Bhatia is the father of the girl who cut up a male model’s face recently in England.
          He also caused an innocent police officer to commit suicide by incorrectly saying he was on Ashley Madison. He’s got a record for making things up and instigating trouble.

        3. I’m disappointed that “How To Tell If A Woman Has Weird Tits (Without Seeing Them Nude)” and “The Most Disgusting Thing A Slut Can Say” didn’t make the list. But the three they chose weren’t bad, either.
          As for their caption: “No time for feelings! Got to get back to making everyone but white males feel bad about themselves,” well, I don’t even know what the fuck that even means. But okay.

        4. That’s got to me tough to endure. Hope they can stay solid in the face of the intrusion etc. The worst of it has probably blown over already hopefully

        5. What’s with the targeting of family? They’re not the one’s who wrote the books and articles that the SJW’s managed to confect offence and outrage over. And so-called anti-rape/anti-violence against women activists threatening/wishing rape on his sister and mother…? That’s some serious mental disconnect to think you can change someone to be more like you, by inflicting the thing you claim to hate on somebody close to that person.
          Still, not surprising though. When one of our former Prime Ministers was playing her gender card for all it was worth leading up to the election, the sisterhood was wishing rape and harm on the opposition leaders wife and daughters. People better wake up soon, otherwise they’ll find themselves in the wrong class our ‘betters’ will create in their new, correctly thinking society.

        6. It’s sick, pathetic, and not even impressive–after all Roosh has never made a secret about who he is, where he is from, his real name, age, date of birth, etc. If they did some undercover work to expose something secret, that’s at least.. impressive on a technical level, even if unjustifiable on a moral one. But looking up Roosh’s family.. come on how hard can it be with a name like that?

        7. White males are the only people who feel good about themselves, that is why everyone else wants to bash us down to their level.

        8. “What’s with the targeting of family?”
          What comes around, goes around.
          Doxing, spamming, psyops aimed at creating a lynch mob mentality.
          How would the SJWs take this if they were to get a taste of their own medicine?

        9. Threating one with violence and rape if they show up at said place and said time is one thing. To threaten a man’s own mother for what he believes is a whole other situation. These anti rape and violence Leftists sure turned into the most violent rapists I have ever seen. The things coming out of some of these women’s mouths regarding strap on rape and cutting of penises is reprehensible. For me, it is a bit troublesome because unlike most on line threats, they are empty. Most are made with no real knowledge of where a person is or is going to be. However, with the meet ups this became very real for me, they know where I will be and at what time and have threatened, violence, doxxing and rape. I mean again feminism – hypocrisy be thy name.

        10. You shouldn’t be surprised that Roosh’s detractors are going after his family. That is what cowards do. I have never seen a brave person amongst the feminist/mangina/SJW crowd so such abhorrent tactics never surprise me. These tactics certainly disgust me but given the opposition, I am never surprised.

        11. How would the SJWs take this if they were to get a taste of their own medicine?
          That would be awesome. I love it.

        12. Women demonize men far worse than anything any man has said about women. Western women,especially white women,are the most privileged, pompous spoiled brats on the planet.

      2. SJW’s should create their own comic book “hero”: “The Online Forum Adventures Of Strawman McStraw”

        1. At this rate we may end up seeing a BBC production involving Benedict Cumberbatch grappling with Professor Roosh at the Reisenbach Falls

    2. And would you get a load of the language those SJW’s used in their emails! John Carver’s article about their profanity was dead on target.

      1. Yeah, it’s pretty brutal, and this is coming from a guy who cusses profusely in everything he’s ever written.
        I should probably clean up my act a little bit; I’ve tried, but I can’t seem to get my point across in the way I want without using profanity to accentuate my points. Oh well — fuck it.

    3. Some of my friends came across these headlines and I explain to them the situation with the feminists, they go: yeah that makes sense.
      Best thing to do is casually expose the lie and pin it on feminists trying to incite the uninformed.

      1. At whose hands? Yours? You 130 pound piece of shit — roll your sleeves down faggot, your 13 inch guns ain’t impressing or intimidating anyone.

        1. Shut the fuck up with your faggot Spanish. Roosh thinks Latin men are losers. Read his books. He’s a racist, you self-hating prick.

        2. False. Actually he’s not, and has clearly welcomed men of different races, saying so specifically.
          You’re at amateur-level trolling. Try harder.

        3. Si, ello es como los gringos estipudos, debil, y nerviosos.
          Soy un gringo tambien pero no tengo paciencia para hombres como ello. Entiendes?

        4. I didn’t know that Roosh wrote such a thing, but after reading your comments, I’m inclined to agree with him.

    4. As Roosh pointed out before: cracks are starting to form in the narrative. More and more people will notice they’ve been fed lies if they start questioning the news. And in the comments, I found a lot of people – male and female – who just opened their eyes. Unfortunately in the meantime, we all still need to bear the ignorant (and often aggressive) majority.

  9. I liked the one about strapon rape and cutting your dick off to feed to her dogs.
    Who would do that?
    Nobody feeds dicks to dogs now, unless you are a real sick fuck!

  10. Take heart. They will lose. China has recognized the problem and is taking steps at the highest level. Since they don’t GAF about Western effeminate SJW values, they are reversing the decay.

    1. I mentioned the value of more male teachers the other day. The lack of a mentor can really hurt a boy, especially if he has to go through a system designed against him.

    2. China is in a good position because they put an alpha male into power (by accident) that gutted much of the corrupt old order in the communist party. Also Confucian patriarchal values mean that if you don’t get a family and have kids, you’re pretty much dirt.

  11. Roosh, I hope you’ll publish a “master article” of all the threats. I know there were a ton on Facebook.

  12. I read Roosh’s original satirical article and thought of Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal.” Of course, the “pro-rape” angle fits the narrative because a man having freedom of choice of what woman he wants to pursue, sleep with, or marry is the same as rape to them.

  13. Language is powerful, and people believe what they read. If you are called pro-rape, people will believe it. We all know it’s not true (I don’t think any of us would support this site if any of the authors advocated for rape), but the mob doesn’t respond to logic.
    We can use this tactic against feminists. Stop calling them feminists, instead use feminist and “slut enablers” or “slut activists” interchangeably. Or call them anti-family activists. Or bra burners (that worked quite well in furthering feminist backlash in the 60’s-70’s), slut marchers, femi-haters, etc. At least our PC code would have a measure of truth to it. Just something simple that still would sound bad to most people.
    It was once posited that if you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it no matter how absurd it is. So, why not call feminists pro-rape? I mean, in a way they kind of are since they encourage women to put themselves in bad situations. The beauty of this is that when they’d explain how absurd it is to call them pro-rape, people would start to wonder whether they really are pro-rape. (People distrust explanations, that’s why smart politicians ignore outrageous accusations and stick to talking points.)

    1. So, the next ROK post, which should be permanently pinned somewhere visible for new viewers, news media that display a pic of the site, etc., should be entitled, “Feminists (Anti-Family Activists) Are Really Pro-Rape”
      The subtitle, “We are not pro-rape, and that’s why slut-activists hate us”

      1. Feminists *are* pro-rape. By insisting that women do nothing to preserve their safety, insisting that criminals must be taught to follow the law and not rape, they put thousands of women in danger, and yes, lead to their being raped. The difficulty here is explaining this without sounding like “I know you are but what am I?” Then again, such childish retorts would likely work well on feminists.

      2. a few too many new terms being dropped at once, but I like how it plays into your inflated sense of righteousness. MRAs: the real victims.

      3. They’re pro pedophilia because they want to take away moral agency from women reducing them to child status. Soft -bigotry of low expectations

      4. I’m a female anti-feminist and scientist and I wrote a post in support of Roosh, basically to that effect. You have to understand, we were programmed. We have to figure out how to deprogram Western women. Thank goodness there are still men like Roosh and others who will stand up to these crazy people who don’t actually care about women, just about their feminist ideology at the expense of female happiness.

    2. Even though they’re many opinions which I find both too extreme and distasteful sometimes here, like the crude way all women are depicted especially if you’re a married man and you want to see your own daughters brought up in a society where there’s respect between the sexes. What father in his right and proper mind would support a site if its message was pro-rape? And to be frank, I rarely read the majority of articles on this site about “game” and picking up women, because as I’ve stated before, I believe there’s an inherent contradiction between this aspect of the site and articles which are about improving your character, health, or thinking.
      Can the usual “herd mind” which began spewing its dishonest bile across the world’s media not accept the fact that men and indeed women, every single moment of everyday engage in all types of conversations and chatter, in pubs, restaurants, cafes, parks, that are much more offensive than anything written on this website? It seems that this episode has smoked out those elements in our societies which want to undermine our freedom of speech, our freedom of assembly, our freedom of thought- additionally it has rendered the idea of a “free press” a joke.
      All these people should be christened Zomocrats, as they’re essentially unthinking and misguided enemies of liberty, fraternity and freedom that are the founding principles of Democracy.

      1. I actually was drawn to this site by an article by Quintus. The game stuff Is here or there , if you haven’t figured out that women run game just like us by 30 you’re SOL

        1. Likewise, I think it was an article about philosophy that brought the site to my attention. I’ve no real interest in the game articles, besides I read all the stuff in Loaded magazine years ago, a magazine that has been on the go for years, and many of the articles are much more controversial than here. For example the article below, but, because she’s taking the piss out of the Catholic Church, well that’s alright…ins’t it…maybe it’s just satire or double standards! Either way as a libertarian, even, if I’m offended by the cover, that’s alright…it doesn’t mean I going to become enraged and make death threats against the magazine like some Muslim extremist, another group that SJW seem to defend with ease, even when they’re shooting dead people in the streets of Paris.

        2. I’m not worried about picking up girls in bars…those days are long behind me and in this current culture it’s not worth it…I’m a believer now in the monagamous relationship but with clear gender roles.

        3. “I’m not worried about picking up girls in bars…those days are long behind me and in this current culture it’s not worth it”
          That, plus we could be on the prelude to WWIII and game will take a back seat to recovering one’s heritage and survival.

        4. ^^^^ Exactly. I feel the new dark ages are coming. It’s like being a villager on the frontier of the Roman Empire and seeing the hordes gathering…then realizing back in Rome they are laying on their couches eating peeled grapes on the patios of their villas.

        5. “being a villager on the frontier of the Roman Empire and seeing the hordes gathering…then realizing back in Rome they are laying on their couches eating peeled grapes on the patios of their villas.”
          Good analogy.

      2. I’m actually gonna go on record that I have found the anti-semitism I’ve encountered in the comments section at times distasteful.
        On one level, yes I get it…theres a globalist elite and you look at Summer Redsone, George Soros & Mark Zuckerberg and you notice something in common…on the other I think it’s distasteful to think that Josh & Ruth down at the local synagogue are concerned about anything more than their making their mortgage, keeping their daughter un-impregnated till she finishes college, and making sure their son doesn’t come home one day from high school with a newly acquired taste for penis.

        1. I agree, I’m all for freedom of expression, but, people should have something meaningful and intelligent to state when they give forth, otherwise, you reduce your own statue to that of the babbling rant and rave merchants of all colors that we’ve observed recently.
          The Global elite- well many are non- Jews too, and most Jews I ever encountered are boringly similar to most whites, besides, they’ve punched way above their weight in terms of what they’ve contributed to the Sciences and Arts. They can I suppose be a bit prickly and aloof, but, who’s perfect!

        2. Some people say “jewish” is a code word for elite. That’s how I view it anyway. It’s obvious most of the people at your local synagogue have nothing to do with this stuff. Although their penis cutting ritual is sick shit.

        3. Josh and Ruth are the people who got the axe in Germany for what the elite who skipped off to Russia and America did.

      3. I don’t get it, Smoking Jacket. How can you have daughters and support a site that publishes articles like ‘9 secrets of female nature told by a hot girl dying of cancer’? Don’t you realize a lot of very young males read this shit and take it seriously? I will never understand why fathers of girls don’t do more to protect them and stand up for their humanity. Especially these days when misogyny is rising due to sites like this and porn. Do you not realize they will be directly affected?

        1. I’ve never advocated porn, even, though most married men need to avail of it on the odd occasion (trips aboard) and on this article I wrote one single comment with two lines about the credibility of the article? Why are you get so worked up about this. I’m not commenting on the other rather bizarre aspects of it.

        1. Yes, not mines, thanks God. The ones who do, marry a thirsty beta at 30 and procreate with him before to divorce-rape him.
          That’s anti-family.

        2. If you are a red pill man such as myself you do not wish to have kids so that works out perfectly. If the woman in question has feminist tendencies procreating with her would be a losing situation for any man.

        3. I don’t think I could convince you, but the reality is that many men are happily married to feminist women. Their families as functional as anyone else’s. You don’t have to marry women with “feminist tendencies”, but you’re subscribing to a false narrative about feminism ruining marriages.

    3. anti family activists is a good one.
      yea, the truth is feminazis do put women in the mindset they need not do anything to protect themselves from rape.

    4. You assume people hate sluts way they hate rapists. When you make your living in slime the way roosh does, some is bound to rub off on you.

  14. Roosh, feminist mafia would prefer to kill you with a false rape accusation, rather than physically using idiots that believe to what their journalists write

  15. Mate! In our present days, there is nothing to worry about this… as opposed the times before: because today the truth is only ONE F*CKING CLiCK away!
    We live in the times of the internet today and the media just haven´t yet understood what that means, and it simply means their end, the end of the lying-machine that they are.
    They tell a lie, the reader clicks to the truth, and the media have lost another reader and created themselves another vicious enemy (who likes to be lied to?).
    It´s really that simple today: do anything, let the media lie about it, then lean back and enjoy.
    “We can´t force them to tell the truth. But we can force them to lie ever more obviously”. Today, in the times of the internet, this saying leads us to an easy victory.
    Things couldn´t be any better
    (and that doesn´t even take into acount that this unprecedented global media hate mob should have brought you clicks, and thus public awareness and money, on a scope that would cost millions of dollars if aimed for by an advertising cmpaign… it´s really win – win 😀 ).

  16. You forgot point 51 , where they say the same thing about you being the rapist in Romania. I would post a screenshot but it’s in romanian either way so it doesn’t really matter. Point is , i am 99% sure there has been a master article that everybody just copy-pasted around like mindless buffoons in each and every country around the world.
    ”It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled” – Mark Twain.
    Death threats and general barbarian behavior of these people have surfaced , maybe someone will see them for who they are and think things through. I wouldn’t personally like to be aligned with these hateful , brain-washable creatures that like to pretend that they preach love and morals all the while throwing death threats from their perceived moral high ground.
    It’s always the same rambling with them , they either verbally insult , threat the well being , speak from a perceived high and mighty position , laugh at , distort views or lie and outright fabricate stuff. And each and every one of them refuses to think critically for himself , analyze and speak his mind without resorting to petty 5 year old conflict.
    They say we are cowards. I say to them this : you are the true cowards , yes you , are cowards for refusing to think for yourselves and swallowing everything the media tells you. You are cowards for refusing to make your point in an intelligent worthy manner. You are cowards for denying the basic human right of freedom of speech to people that never did anything to anyone of you all the while ignoring the true brutes and criminals out there. You would sooner align with a true rapist , a thief or a serial killer than anyone here. You are cowards for refusing to leave the herd mentality of the majority of people in fear that you will be persecuted by the same people that you align with now. But i do not hate you , i do not envy you , i do not pity you , it just makes me sad for this beautiful world to harbor such intense hatred for anything and everything.
    That’s all i had to say. Cheers.

    1. I think anyone who makes death threats no matter what their beliefs are- far left or far right, should be reported to the correct authorities. The same occurred last year in the UK where some women made death and rape threats against another women telling her that she knew where she lived etc… over all the silly nonsense about putting a women on one of the British notes. Twitter had to investigate the threats and she was eventually arrested and is currently serving time in jail. It shouldn’t have to take this, but, unfortunately sometimes you’re dealing with barbarians and savages who are essentially cowards who need to be dealt with through the law in very serious cases like this.

      1. They are used to not being punished for their crimes , that’s why they are so loud and full of accusations , they just know nobody is going to put them in their place. This is the end result of spoiled , pedestalized kids that were never taught how to act in public.

        1. The law applies to all equally. When they make death threats they overstep a very important and accepted standard in our societies.

        2. Feminists are given a pussy pass. Its an obvious double standard that runs deep in western culture. They don’t have to take responsibility for what they say or take ownership of their words. If you call them on their BS they will respond by shouting something like “I speak truth to power”. If that doesn’t work they start crying. We already know this, why do men act surprised anymore?

        3. And hard cases make bad law, but, evidence is evidence and a court would ignore it at its own peril. The judiciary despite what people so about the State is actually the strongest check and balance over the political expediency that allows mob rule to dictate and constraint an individual’s safety and enshrined rights.

        4. This proves unquestionably who is now in power. Sanity lost, and irrationality won. All the left needs now is to make Hillary the next president and their victory will be complete and irreversible.

  17. One more thing, it might be an idea to republish some of the anti rape articles from the past, particularly the one about Cythera’s rape. Mercedes Carreras support at this point would be valuable. She’s a brilliant speaker, and will call feminist bullshit out for feminism’s scandalous failure to support a real rape victim. Gather your friends and supporters

    1. I forgot about that one. that article was a great demonstration of how a real rape victim behaves and how an attention seeker looks.

      1. Very much so. Mercedes is also one of the most intelligent and articulate speakers you could hope to get on the subject. There are few people who could better explain the difference between the reality and rhetoric of rape

    1. Yeah they just copy/paste news from most powerful news outlets. At least in my country they have to put some effort into translating these lies to local language.

      1. MSM will copy/paste ‘news’ from femtard sites like HuffPo and Jezebel without fact checking anything because it fits the narrative. Whoever generates the most clicks wins.

  18. Roosh, at your media conference please remember your audience (the mob) and accordingly stick to simple sound bites. Also please make us proud and say, right at the start, without even saying hi or any other introduction, “I am not pro-rape, and that’s why feminists and other slut advocates hate me.”

  19. When dealing with SJW`s and other ignorant beings of this world , just remember three things:
    1. It’s been proven that people with low-I.Q. have the most children , upwards to 3-10 , all the while the higher the I.Q. goes there is a possibility for 0 children , so the logical conclusion to that is more low-I.Q. people in the world.
    2. The capacity for critical thinking has been erased from them in the worldwide brainwashing institutions that are called schools , which are not schools any longer since a very long time ago but elaborate collective zombification locations.
    3. People like to belong , they like to be a part of the majority for that is who they think that the ”normal people are”. That’s why fads are followed , viral stuff becomes even more viral and that’s why fashion or haircuts exist. It’s easier to just follow a guideline set to you by another and live your life on easy-mode than being brave and questioning the narrative. They are afraid that if they escape from the herd , they will be forever outcasts and that terrifies them and would do anything to protect what has been taught to them by higher authorities.
    Edit : typo.

  20. Feminists don’t protest outside rap concerts about misogynist lyrics that are worse than anything you can read on ROK. Women buy half the tickets and recordings and celebrate it. Its a billion dollar industry. How do you explain that?
    The take away here is that rappers have unquestioned alpha status with feminists so feminists have given up trying to change them through socially shaming them. Roosh may think he’s alpha in his own mind, and may have notch count over 100 women. But feminsits looked at his appearance and immediately made a judgement call and concluded he has the exterior appearance of a beta male and could be socially shamed.

    1. Because the lighter the skin tone the more of a wimp society sees you as . Look at all the sitcoms and movies coming out today . The majority have white males playing the dumbass or side kick . In the sitcoms they are so dumb they can’t even wipe their own ass without a woman’s help

      1. Yeah it’s the ”must insert white man as a complete buffoon and utter joke of a character so blacks / hispanics / women / insert suffering minority here , can make fools out of them”. It’s either that or the white male is a stereotypical bad guy that does bad stuff to everybody. So the message is either laugh at the white male , or hate him.

        1. If a man’s interior game is alpha but exterior game is beta, then the female brain gets confused and they act out.

      2. That correlates why alot of men have stopped watching TV over the years. They do not identify with any of the characters and find other things to do with their time.

  21. One thing I find disturbing (yet not surprised), is that all these threats to Roosh on social media and comments are real, but the owners of the social media sites are not taking any actions to condemn these posters and prosecute.
    Take for example when gamergate Zoe Quinn, or maybe it was Anita Sarkeesian, that fabricated the false threats and almost everyone went into a frenzy and white knighted and investigated on these threats. Keep in mind that it was proven here in an article on ROK that showed these threats were not real.
    I would not think that Roosh would pull that same victim mentality like those in gamergate. Threats to him and all the supporters of ROK are real, but the media and law enforcements are not seriously investigating these…as far as I am aware of.

    1. On the contrary, perhaps Roosh should play the victim card. Beat the SJW’s at their own game. Play up his Islamic background. “How dare you (mostly white) SJWs attack me like this. You can’t understand me! I’m the victim of racial profiling!” Something like that. It’s clear that SJWs don’t fight fair, so why should we?

    1. And than construct a basement made out of pure gold , i’m sure then SJW’s will stop saying he lives in a basement just so they don’t appear as if complimenting :))

  22. Congrats on +20,000 twitter followers Roosh, that’s what? 2000 more than when this started, just so far.
    “People will come, Ray. People will come.” – Field of Dreams

  23. I have been reading articles from ROK for three months now and I enjoy the wisdom from this website. I admit that I was a former white knight and I have seen the error in my ways. Roosh keep going man. Don’t let them sway you. You are an inspiration.

  24. It never fails; get SJWs up in arms and the ass fixation begins: ass stabbing, ass raping, ass pounding, ass shooting.
    My favorite is the fellow that is going to get his buddies together to ass rape Roosh repeatedly but “I’m not gay”. Yes, there is that old saying that ass rape is not gay, but only if the other fellow is crying.
    This was a truly great way to expose things for what they are…Fox News continues to be the puppet it has always been.

  25. Makes me wonder what people think they’ll get when they send a threat email. It’s like a teenager throwing a tantrum, lol.

    1. Well i sincerely hope that they get justice. They cried so much for police jailing us all the last few days that i believe karma will come to them , in the form of the actual police they were crying to.

      1. There’s a high chance they will face their own consequences harshly from these acts and come back crying asking “why? why us?”
        As to myself.. I don’t enjoy the idea of “vengeance karma”.
        I just hope they learn from the consequences of this useless and pointless violence towards the wrong persons and motives.

  26. Absolute lies. People are absolutely fucking retarded. It’s sad how easily people can be controlled because people’s attention spans are less than a second, they fail to do any kind of checking of their own. Read a headline and comment, they dont even bother reading the article.

    1. What is it with these people obsessing with living in the basement stuff?. It actually became funny after using it so much, ”Beware of the basement … dwellers may … dwell there” sound like a catchy subtitle for a horror movie :))

      1. I’m trying to find where Roosh even said it’s a pro rape meetup. My conclusion NO WHERE! I believe this is war and now we need to crackdown on a way to follow through with a meet up but more subtle and systematic exclusive to email subscriptions or a morse code language to get this thru. It’s time for change and that’s now.

  27. I saw footage of a feminist rally where more than one of the speakers advocated that with modern scientific advancement men were unecessary and should be exterminated. I dont recall much media coverage about that.
    The sheep will do as they always do: be herded and bleat loud.

  28. Not sure if this illustrates the ability of the media to incite so much as the ability of the internet to allow angry shut-ins to direct their self-hatred outward from the safety of their computer. I am not aware of them having done more than rant and rave. I think every public anti-left figure takes death threats as a given.
    I am hoping Roosh will have an article describing the increased views, book sales, ad revenue and other benefits of bad publicity.

  29. Humans are easily emotionally manipulated and too lazy to learn things for themselves. The media, government, politics, etc all take advantage of this. They know hardly anyone is going to take the time to make a couple clicks and see for themselves.
    It’s the same thing they do with other subjects. They know people aren’t going to find the books or the obscure websites to learn a real history. They just herd people in the direction desired by the powers that be. This is on everything. It’s how the world is run. Set the framework, set the rewards, the punishments, the social expectations, and people just follow along. Once they’ve believed these things they won’t even listen to people who say otherwise. Who try and teach them the history. They’ll get angry. They won’t accept they’ve been duped. Even if it was something they learned in school as child.
    It’s a very solid system that few people escape from it even on a couple subjects let alone many of them and those who do are easily marginalized.

  30. I don’t know, maybe “f… you, you jewish whore” is not the best way to convince somone who is undecided. I think that one of the problems on this site is that mixed in with the rational conversations and articles are the people who insist on spewing obscenity laden comments, leading people to believe that the normal reader of RoK is, in fact, exactly what the media says it is.

    1. I agree. I replied to the many shriekers with manners, and got nothing in return. Throwing obscenities at shrieking women gets you nothing. Attempt to model reason, and they will follow.

    2. True, but there’s very low censorship on this site compared to the controlled organs of the media. You get the good and the bad that way

  31. Really you could look at it as a blessing in disguise, I had no idea you existed until I decided to look at the source material from one of these articles. not only did I discover you didn’t advocate rape but that you’ve been saying for quite some time what ive been thinking…for quite some time (see there the haters gave you a new fan)

  32. I’ve been compiling many of the threats made against the men of the “manosphere”. When our meetups do happen, and they become bigger and bigger (and they will), we can use these threats against us to our advantage.
    We can report on said threats in articles on ROK, to Paul Joseph Watson, to Milo Yiannopoulos, through YouTube anti-feminists, and any other more “independent” news sources that will present these threats to the public. We’ve got to use strategy here. Keep a cool head when dealing with these SJWs online and let them make their threats and be angry – it will be their downfall once the general public understands exactly what has transpired here.
    Here is an example of a screenshot of a threat made against Roosh that could be presented to the media. You’ll have to click to enlarge the image:

    1. Many of these cowards that like to call us cowards deleted their accounts a while after the posts were made. I was to lazy to check but i’m sure many of them used private browsing / fake accounts / proxies / phones connected to wi-fi spots so as to not be punished for their crimes. Who’s a coward now ?

      1. Not surprising that they would delete their comments. Screenshots are always useful to take just in case they do.
        I’m not necessarily interested in seeing people prosecuted (that may come later, though); my interest in getting screenshots and saving false media stories is to use them for our own “propaganda” purposes later on (as our movement grows).
        In other words, rather than prosecuting people who are making these threats, the evidence we compile will be good to have when we present *our* side of the story to the media, especially to more “independent” news sources.
        Being able to read these threats off word for word in a YouTube video or by Paul Joseph Watson (for example) is powerful stuff to the neutral observer.

  33. Im reaching out one more time to anyone in the Houston area, would anyone like to meet up tonight? 820 Sam Houston monument.same procedures and rules apply, no weapons, ask about the pet store. Just like this comment if your down.

        1. If you’re fine with being profiled, put on a potential rapist shit list with the cops, tracked for the rest of your life as a potential shooter by the FBI, getting bad mouthed to potential employers by hairy feminists, hounded by the SPLC, in short, having your whole life turned over, then go.
          Its not worth it, as Roosh agrees. You got to know when to hold, when to fold, when to walk away, when to run, ther’ll be time enough for counting, when the dealin’s done….

        2. Jackie Coakley is holding for you on the phone. Police love people who make fake rape accusations. After that be sure phone in some fake bomb threats. You’ll be very popular.

        3. Hey thanks for your thoughts at first I thought you were a troll, but you comment history suggests otherwise. I think the media has lost its steam on this one. If things get out of hand I’ve got a few ideas on how to diffuse this situation.

        4. Brilliant advice Kay, but that is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of avoidance tactics. Some people are full of false bravado and don’t know the hell that awaits them if their face and name are revealed.

        5. “potential rapist shit list with the cops..”
          There is that phrase again. Men are “potential” rapists as women are “potential” prostitutes.

        6. The crap is that women will get a pass. A woman gets patted down at the Check In, just like everyone else, and she screams “sexual harassment”. Goes to the docile press, and tries to make people just doing their jobs lose their source of livelihood, and potentially, harm their prospects with THAT record for life.

      1. Why do you care what other people do? Go back to your coffee klatch with your menstrual brigade at starbucks.

        1. You’re not alone. There are three types of people currently: 1) Those who are meeting today without the sanction of ROK; 2) Those who are trying to meetup today without the sanction of ROK; and 3) Those who are making future plans to meetup to day. I am in one of those three groups.

  34. Would anyone else out there like to contact a lawyer about a class action lawsuit? Our first amendment right to peaceably assembly has clearly been infringed up by libel. I think we can go after not only the media for repeating lies and SJW web sites, but also politician and police agencies that have encourage the threats.
    Does anyone know the best way to proceed?

  35. these “tough guys” are the same people who wouldn’t do shit about muslim invasion of Europe and real rapes…

      1. I’ve noticed most of them are guys. I believe this could possibly be men vs men, expect women by large sponsor one side over the other.

  36. It’s only a matter of time before we’re physically forced into a confrontation by the puppetmasters. Even if we don’t anticipate it, we must be ready for it.
    In a way many will wish they did not live to see these times, even a red pill man may feel disillusioned with the cause and what he is fighting for and working to become when he sees such ruthless vitriol spewed against him by a single-minded entity like the SJW-mob. Then again, given the spiralic nature of things, if we were all alive in previous generations, it would have only been another “matter of time” before our descendants faced this present-day debacle.
    I’ll say it, I invite the struggle. I am glad I was born to be alive during this time. The great disappointment that comes with seeing all those around us fail and destroy man’s magnificent potential is greatly outshined by the fact that I, being capable, have control over my actions and can deal out destruction to them on an even greater level.
    Can’t wait for this war to get started.

    1. I for one am not disillusioned. On the contrary , they add fuel to my fire and ingrain my beliefs even deeper by proving to us time and time again what monsters they are.

  37. Most of the so-called “rape” in America is day-after regret by naive women. Easier to claim rape than take responsibility for poor life choices when it comes to their promiscuous sex. Retroactive mind-changing is the real epidemic. All you need to do is turn that lens to Europe to see the real rape culture they are importing from the middle east and Africa. But I suppose it’s much more convenient for feminists to ignore what’s really going on in the world if it doesn’t fit their agenda or narrative.

    1. Very true, and well said. “Post-coital regret” is the technical term. Actual *real* rapes are extremely rare. Most are simply having sex, then for one reason or another deciding that it wasn’t worth it, then concocting s ridiculous story.

    2. …and that was the point of Roosh’s article. Have faith, there are many that see thru the BS. “Judgybitch” is my personal favorite. [ ] (If I am not allowed to link I will delete, thank you.)

  38. I say you wait a couple of months and then try organizing another meeting. Watch the media lose its shit again, then cancel. Keep doing this every few months with no intention of holding a meeting. Troll them until they get bored. Play the long game.

  39. lol does it hurt to be slandered? like how you slander an entire gender that doesnt submit to your expectations? Oh no, that’s different, you’re entitled to hate and resent feminists, fat women, etc etc etc. but suddenly youre wimpering like a baby when its done to you, manly fellow!

    1. Aristotle thought a woman’s sexual discharge was akin to that of an infertile or amputated male’s. His idea of procreation was an active, ensouling masculine element bringing life to a passive female element.
      Aristotle supported the laws that meant a woman’s personal wealth automatically became her husband’s.
      Let’s dig him out of his grave and kill him!

    2. What’s it like being a drone following the idiots? You are all the same persons. No common sense at all. Think for yourself

  40. They want a politically correct bad guy to hate so badly that when they can’t find one they make one up.

  41. You’re out smarting them all roosh. You’ve brought many new people here to see the truth. Keep fighting the robot morons with no common sense. People who have some common sense will see it. You’re slowly changing the world. I can see it.

    1. True, but for someone like me, I have to keep it secretive from others in my life, because they would no doubt look down upon me for it. I’ll be more vocal in college.

  42. Most of these comments are by men. Is this maybe a situation of men vs men, but women support one side by large? It’s other guys that are the problem, not women.

    1. Its both. Men and women. Just not as many women comment on here. Too busy on twitter or Facebook liking stupid shit.

      1. Ah, so the men go do the work (attacking us)-looks like we haven’t changed that much from our primal ways after all.

  43. Like OMG, hi guys it’s Britney again. Like OMG, I heard you guys were a bunch of rapists. Oh look, a cute kitty cat. Selfie selfie selfie. #kittycatslivesmatters.
    Oh like OMG where was I? Oh yea rapists.

  44. I was shocked how coordinated the attack was. They’re really hoping for a mortal blow to the movement. Don’t let them win.

  45. I am so envious of Roosh right now. They say when you have haters that you’re doing something right. And Roosh has a shit ton of haters right now!
    I used to post on the Misc bodybuilding forums, and people would always talk shit about my face, there are tons of photo shops of me online right now. But unlike other weak people that would delete their accounts because their feelings got hurt, I embraced the hate. I actually loved it and it was such an ego boost to have all these people talking about me. So I can imagine the euphoria that Roosh is feeling right now from all of this.

    1. Yes, Roosh is euphoric while calling the cops, asking for round-the-clock protection and hiring a private guard after being refused. You are delusional.

      1. well he has been getting a lot of death threats, and whether they’re real or not, it’s a good idea to assume there’s a small chance one could be real.

        1. How brave of you to sidestep the “euphoric” part.
          Separately, seeing a man who laughs at the intense reaction his words online illicit in some people run to police when he receives some words online makes me chuckle. Seeing a man who thinks women should not be in the workforce at all (or serve in the military specifically) respond to questions/orders of a female cop makes me chuckle harder. Seeing a man who taunts/trolls “the media”, says that he doesn’t respect the work of female journos willingly organize a presser which will include female journos moves me close to a laugh but not quite.
          Chickens are coming home to roost and Roosh is paying his accumulated debts all at once – as it usually happens with men.
          ETA: I read all of the 10 messages Roosh posted. None of them include threats or indicate any danger while he is in Maryland/DC (or even US). Based on what he posted, he is being a drama queen by involving police.

        2. You’re making a false equivalence, a very common logical fallacy.
          Roosh V doesn’t write articles that threaten violence or harm to anybody. His article about “legalizing rape” was satirical in nature (and he openly has stated this multiple times on both YouTube videos and in writing).
          There will be consequences (eventually) for people who constantly lie and threaten violence against those they disagree with. I’m glad I’m on the side of the *truth*.

        3. I am taking the totality of Roosh’s writing – including his own accounts of dealing with dozens of women – while discounting all of it by locker-room banter/bravado factor and see no “false equivalence”.

        4. Has any woman pressed charges against Roosh?
          The answer is no. Don’t you think that with as much as feminists and SJWs hate the guy if he had *actually done something illegal* they would have nailed him by now?
          The false equivalence is this. Consider two scenarios that have taken place:
          1.) Roosh V writes words that are offensive and thought provoking, but has not committed any crimes…
          2.) Hundreds of people respond to Roosh’s words by making rape threats, death threats, and threats of violence toward both him and his supporters…
          No crime has occurred in situation #1, only an exercise in free speech (protected speech) has taken place. Situation #2 is different. There are laws against making threats and also laws against defamation in many nations – and Roosh V probably has enough evidence to move forward if he wanted to.

        5. 0. Has the police given any serious consideration to Roosh’s complaint? No. Hence no crime committed – that is using your (dumb) logic.
          1. Some people could argue that his words increase the likelihood that his readers will cause women harm. This is a very minor point though. Don’t get distracted.
          2. I only see threats of violence if he comes to certain specific cities (outside of US). Given that none of those cities are in his public travel record, the threats can’t be taken as serious, immediate intentions of harm .
          The other parts I see – *wishes* of death, rape and violence are not qualitatively different from Roosh answering to “What to do if a girl doesn’t let me raw-dog her?” with “Rape.” – tough talk/banter.

      2. You are not very litigatingly minded. Informing law enforcement and filing a complaint would be approriate as it is on record. This is simply one step of many.

        1. You are absolutely right – I am not. It would be like a woman who had a sexual experience with a man that turned unpleasant informing the law enforcement and filing a complaint the next morning. None of the 10 messages Roosh posted indicate any threats/intention to hurt him while he is in Maryland/DC.

    2. Instead of suing, which will likely bot work as it has been found at the Supreme Court level that news agencies are allowed to lie….
      Can you get a “virtual restraining order” to show that when they lie, they are putting your life in danger? And thus they should no longer be allowed to cover you?
      Or does that work against ua in raising awareness? At some point our follower count will peak and no more will be joining our cause.

        1. Yeah bra, I’m mirin. Where did u go after the misc days? Don’t see you around much anymore.

  46. Loads of shit in the papers today sayin he’s livin in his mums (ye cos he been tavellin for years) sayin he got stained shirt(probably been workin out) and he phoned police for help (cos the fuckin commies threatened his life all week) i’m disgusted, but not even remotely suprised> His FB page is full of death threats, rape threats and the most disgusting racism i’ve seen. It’s sickening. It’s fucking WAR. No surrender!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Gandhi
    They’ve tried ignoring us, now I believe we are in the laugh at you phase. After they’re done laughing and they realize how serious we are is when things will get really fun.

    1. +10
      Do what Crossfit, Inc. does whenever it receives negative press or publicity, bombard and bury the offender in litigation that will make them broke.

  48. When are you guys going to realize that frame control and propaganda is more important than the ideas themselves? We need our own propaganda. All the media had to do was frame us as rapists and the Left/SJW faggots screeched and called us names and we crumbled to dust, all because they called us names. No different than the cuckservatives.
    What’s more, you guys really need to fucking take the red-pill and realize that the media is Jewish. Is it any coincidence at all that every single headline referred to this group as a rape group? No. It’s because they are coordinated, like bees in a hive, like rats in a nest. They all have the same goal and that is the death of white men. OUR deaths. Fight back!

    1. While everything you say is true, I question your proposed tactic — our strength as men as always been our astute realism and rationality. We will attract other men through persistent rationality in the face of screaming irrationality, not if we succumb to it, like MRAs.

      1. Rationality and wine sipping won’t win wars. Sooner or later we have to creak open the vault and take out our rusted guns to put to use. Most men are coming to our side because they themselves are being disempowered by the system and ruined by women. Sooner or later, we have to put aside our dignity and morals, embrace our lycanthropic inner nature and do what we must to survive. There is no greater resort than taking back what is ours by force if we must.

        1. Right now we have confined ourselves to working “in the system”. The next level of our strategy has to evolve to working “on the system”.

      1. Not even. Sites like these get a lot of views and wake a lot of people up. If it takes the entire Jew media to take us down, then that’s a good sign of the effectiveness of the Internet.

    1. Actually, in the UK, he might have a case. They have different libel laws than in the US. It might be an option there, as the papers in question knew or should have know that the accusations of being a “rape supporter” were false and defamatory–Roosh published a video approximately a year ago explaining that the ‘legalize rape’ article was in fact a satire.

  49. “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they attack you. THEN YOU WIN.”
    -M. Gandhi
    Welcome to stage 3. Who’s in for the long haul?

  50. Do what Saul Alinksy suggests and use their own tactics against them. Three ideas in particular come to mind
    1. Sue “notable” SJW journalists and individuals who made death threats against ROOSH and ROK, and be selective about it so as to make an example of them.
    2. Determine whom, on the list of individuals that made graphic death threats, works for a big corporation. Once that’s done, disclose those posts to their HR departments, in an attempt to turn Human Resources against SJWs for once. Focus on publicly-traded ones, given that shareholders have profits that they want to maintain.
    3. Troll the feminists on their own sites (Jezebel, Buzzfeed, Gawker, etc.) every time an article about “Syrian migrants” comes up. Accuse them of supporting and enabling rape, sexual assault, and the other horrific acts committed by these migrants, because they choose to be silent on that issue (and instead come after us).

      1. They won’t as long as gullible dudes, weak politicians, and Anonymous exist to bail them out of every situation that they get themselves into.

    1. Just read through it. Very revealing. Can’t help but think that the current feminists have run out of enemies so they have to adopt victimhood to hide their thinly veiled role as aggressors.

  51. Typical leftist weenies are all bully when they are “offended,” but never there to do the hard work of making things work. These threat-makers are from the part of humanity that contributes nothing. Glad you stood up to them and cucked them.

  52. I don’t see any “punches” landed. I see only shadow boxing. What did I miss, other than one cancelled meeting, that actually affected any single individual (Roosh included) or our nebulous “cause” or set of issues?

  53. You have our respect and support Roosh.
    I’m as shocked as everyone else to see just how overboard the responses and the lies were. Anita Sarkeesian and all those blowhards squawk and complain that they’re receiving threats online but none of them have had to come face-to-face with the MSM and establishment like this…
    Something that struck me about all this is that it seems the establishment was generally supportive of public threats of violence against you. It’s unbelievable that all this was over a bunch of dudes wanting to get together and discuss their situations as men, but they clearly see this some kind of legitimate threat.
    I can say that I’ve learned quite a bit about how deep the rabbit hole goes… And just how sickeningly powerful the white-knight instinct + MSM is in brainwashing the average man in the public sphere.
    Take care and keep your head up, it’s inspiring what you’ve accomplished this week.

    1. It’s so ironic that the people attempting to stifle our freedom of speech are the same people who routinely go on about how they’re “oppressed”.

  54. Hey, fellas. Just dropping by for a bit. Don’t get too worked up about what happened w/r/t the meet ups. You have to think about playing the long game.

    1. Exactly – many of the meetings went off as planned and in the long run it will definitely keep on – the mob & media can’t keep it’s attention on one thing forever, especially when there’s no visible evidence (the ROK site announced the meetings are cancelled).

  55. Hypothetical concept: delete original copies of rape satire piece, ask reporters for their sources. Sit back and watch.
    Appropriate the enemy’s tactics. Manipulate everything. Lie. Cheat. Craft every sentence so it is impossible to take out of context.

  56. Hi guys its Britney again. Like OMG, I’m going to this crazy party tonight, all the guys are soooo hot. They all have neck tattoos just like the movies, and like OMG, their like soooo nice. Like OMG they actually care about what I have to say. Awwww look, cute kitty cat. Selfie selfie selfie.
    EWWWWW, rapists! Go away

  57. And like OMG, one time I got soooo drunk at a concert and hooked up with the lead singer. Like OMG he was soooo hot.
    EWWWW rapists!

  58. It is astonishing and a sad indictment on society how easily the media can manipulate the zombified masses. An Orwellian nightmare.

    1. There is an astounding level of hypocrisy, and an astounding lack of consequences for those sheep involved in the threats and misleading the public.

  59. The real reason we are attacked in this way is that we are non-violent and most of us as individuals have much to lose if we are doxxed. The enemy knows that and it maximises their advantage.
    Contrast that with radical Islamists. Many of them don’t hide and have no trouble following through on threats of violence. Feminists are scared of being killed if they criticise islam, hence the silence.

  60. Reading this stacks with a situation I’ve been dealing with myself. I’m a Christian and this passage has jumped out at me recently:
    1 Peter 4:12-14 KJV
    “Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you:But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy. If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye; for the spirit of glory and of God resteth upon you: on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part he is glorified.”
    Yeshua, to the Christian, is Truth incarnate. Enemies of truth attack it with a vicious hate in any form it takes. I’m dealing with a fiery trial in my life with my own enemies of truth and I have to remind myself it is not a strange thing. It’s a learning experience and the fact that I’m under attack for the sake of truth means I’m doing the right thing. Others are fighting their own battles in the war at the same time, and in this way, we’re fighting the war together and a common enemy. Slanderers and false witnesses may win a battle or two, but they always lose the war. Without exception that is true. Rejoice in being persecuted for the sake of truth. Counter-intuitive, for sure, but the correct response. Through the trials of life, character is revealed and refined, and our enemies will fall into the holes they dig for others.

    1. The technique these newspapers are using to cover their asses legally is to put “pro-rape” in quotes. They would then argue that they are merely reporting what has been said by other, which is technically true. What is strange though is the embrace of Islamic culture in the west that continues to publicly state that wives should be beaten, but only if they refuse to have sex with their husbands. Rape within marriage is still a crime yet there is no call to kill these mullahs. Strange indeed.

  61. Too bad these sackless faggots don’t talk like this when Muslim pro-rape gangs actually rape their women. Tough talking cowards all. I dare you men here to actually organise together beyond individual self interests. Then, like the Nationalist Socialists of the 20s, you’ll see how weak, pitiful, and cowardly the left is. We can win, we just need to form solid syndicates and collectively, not individually, assert our demands and expectations.

  62. I’ve found that the best way to incite an SJW to violence is to beat them in an arguement or to win a field battle against them with the truth. They blow a circuit and immediately want to brawl and ‘kill’ you if you don’t cower or put on some defensive baby curl up.
    Hold your ground, remain firm and they get desparate like the sky is falling. Actually their fragile world is shattering, which would be traumatic for anyone. If you nobly win against them, they go psycho, especially in a feminazi family kangaroo court of law or in an administrative tribunal where SJW’s think they rule the roost.
    When you call them out and throw unbeatable logic and truth in their face, then they get desparate. I’ve personally witnessed sjw’s in court who begin squirming when they get body slammed with the patriarchal right hand of truth. And I’ve seen the jew prosecutor, himself a sjw professional and with a nose so big, he needed wheels on the end of it just to get around corners, I’ve seen the jew prosecutor himself threaten a fistfight in court with the defense attorney when the feminazi criminal racket was blown wide open. Like the rock Dwayne Johnston doing a one-handed candy ass smack down on his opponent, a victory through sheer strength, the match then turns to dishonesty, throwing folding chairs and crying.
    Liken this to fem/sjw rules of engagement. Especially in family courts, which are like cushy feminist-friendly sanctuaries or cat boxes packed with professional women’s advocates and feminist jews who would otherwise all be on the streets assaulting people brazenly. Courts that crucify men and good responsible loving fathers are the fem’s outlet for their hate and dillusions. If they didn’t have a divorce court where they’re given a professional platform to grandstand and repeatedly vent their vitriol towards men and fathers, they’d likely be doing time in the women’s penetentiary for drowning their infants in the tub or for slitting some girlfriends throat over a cigarette.
    There is a class of females that are just plumb MEAN and a corresponding shitheap of manginas and wn’s that are just as plump thirsty for the psycho bitches and just as plumb STUPID to bury their heads in the world of the crack ass boss bitch mutant class of dominant psycho bitches who dominate for no other purpose than to take their wrecking ball mangina orbiters and pussywhipping them to fling their stupid asses like wrecking balls that pound civilization and tradition.

  63. I highly doubt that those haters have the conviction to follow through. When did you ever hear of a radical “progressive” leftist being a real go getter? The occupy wall street protests? Sure it only takes one to ruin everything, but then again it only takes the threat to deter the act. Knowing that they would never have any real impetus to back up their threat, they would just have to make it.

  64. file police reports against all of these people that used real email address/visible IP address not hidden by Proxy. File civil lawsuits against each as well. This will win you money and give you WAY more publicity.

  65. file criminal and civil lawsuits against all people… get judgements and then put a lien on them if they don’t pay. Simple and cheap, plus you get free publicity.

    1. The problem is that it’s most definitely not cheap to file lawsuits, go to court, get a judgment (if you’re fortunate and actually prevail) and then enforce the judgment. Take it from someone who knows and has done it many times for a living.

  66. ROOSH, you have to file charges against these people so you can get mega publicity about this. Also consider suing any people or Media that defamed you, you can show damages easily by showing this in court.

  67. Check it out party people! I’m heading off to my meet up! The removal of the ROK sanction freed us up to do as we please. It’s on sissies! I’ll drink a beer in your honor!

  68. You know Roosh, the Daily Mail caught that picture of you coming out of your mom’s house, an they ran off with the story, claiming you live in your mom’s basement. Obviously you were temporarily visiting, but they won’t change their opinion now.
    I believe you already heard of all that, but I should tell you that even if you could convince them otherwise, you still shouldn’t bother, because if they actually think you’re a harmless basement dweller, chances are they’ll take you less seriously as a threat.
    Just putting it out there.

    1. Totally irrelevant. I don’t need to see where the guy lives to know whether I enjoy his thoughts and writing. He doesn’t live in DC with his family, but I don’t really care where / how he lives. Completely irrelevant.

  69. Attacking a “pro-rape” movement is such low-hanging fruit it seems obvious that there are forces who oppose neomasculinity, or even all masculinity, but have no intellectual arguments to oppose it and thus they fear us. So they have to resort to attacking straw men made up of slanderous lies to mobilize media and physical mobs.

      1. Having met, in person, a bunch of ROK guys, and and having read ROK articles for the past year, the blatant contradiction between who we are and what we say, and the main stream media narrative, confrms for me that you can’t believe any of their shit.
        The more they push for something, the more obvious it seems they are pushing a lie.

  70. So it is true. The most militant feminist countries are English speaking countries especially the United Kingdom and Canada. Most of the sensationalized headlines above are British and Canadian. Roosh V is a bigger threat than bankrupt economies, terrorism, and real (refugee and immigrant mobs of) rapist that will never be deported? The media and politicians in the Anglosphere are morally bankrupt!

  71. None of what you posted constitutes explicit and immediate threats to you since a visit to UK/Australia/Sweden was not in your (public) plans. If you can’t take some trash talk heat, maybe you should turn off the computer.
    ROK is not a pro-rape group and media’s wide-scale slander is off, but you – personally – not only visited the gray zone of rape many times, but also crossed the line on more than one occasion.

  72. That article you wrote was probably the single clumsiest attempt at satire I’ve ever encountered. This situation is entirely of your own devising. Also, you’re just kind of an easy guy to ridicule/detest.

  73. And unlike the piece about rape on private property, these are actual threats that seem to be celebrated by the media and by feminists
    I think society’s operated too long under the illusion that these people are somehow peaceful and loving

    1. This is one of the best outcomes of the media attention. Many more people get to witness who are the true intolerant crowd and will advocate violence as a form of control. Modern feminists and SJWs are nothing more than self-serving bullies who are individually cowards so they must incite mass hatred. What pathetic lot.

  74. The yellow press is completely controlled by the left elite. There is no way this amount of coordination is just spontaneous. Nothing will stop their lies short of burning down the centers of this garbage mill.
    Good decision to publish the email addresses of these people by the way. We can put them to good use in the future. Always have an enemies list.

  75. Deep down they wanna call you a certain name, but that would be racist. Either way it’s always amazing how the media is so eager to ruin a man’s future while turning a blind eye to actual problems.

  76. If push comes to shove Roosh could always just convert to Islam.
    That would stop most of the attacks.
    Just had a wicked idea!
    What if Roosh pretended to convert and let the world know?
    Then most of the attacks stop.
    But THEN renounce Islam.
    And re-post the now infamous article?
    Then catch flack again.
    Then convert BACK to Islam.
    Then renounce.
    Then convert.
    You get the picture.
    They couldn’t continue to give Roosh much press without showing too openly their bias towards the muzzies.

  77. Roosh didn’t have the privilege of being in the SJW clique. In the SJW clique, you can be a pedophile like Sarah Nyberg or a real rape-promoter (like several imams), and nobody will bat an eye. In fact, if you say anything against those people, aggressive far-left mobs will go after you.

  78. Well guys I went to the meet up location in my town and was met with heavy resistance, (I should have come up with a different paraphrase because that is how I was exposed . The Black Panthers showed up and got in my face, but there was no violence. Open Carry of Texas was there and made sure the situation did not escalate. I was scared shitless guys, no one was openly on my side but I could see some nodding heads. I made it clear that we were not for rape or pedophilia ( which we were accused of several times). I got cornered and did not feel it was safe to leave the presence of the open carry guys. After I made it clear that an intulectual discussion was not likely to be had here the open carry guys have me safe passage and I went home. SHIT that was insane!!!!!!

  79. I can only empathize with Roosh here. This story reminded me of some episodes of bullying I had to deal with when I was younger. Things like the teachers insulting me and encouraging the other kids to insult me. Or there was a time where a group of at least 12 people were sending me death threats daily. But because of my conservative views and having no connection with the establishment, I had no support at all. Authorities did nothing if I complained. So I empathize.

  80. Now might be the time to apply for a CCW if you live in an area where that’s possible. Plenty of credible threats so might as well be ready for any eventuality.

  81. I just came back from the meetup. Met some good people! Big props to “getitgoing” for setting shit up! Big props to Monco! Big props to the other three cats who rolled up in that piece (I cannot remember your Disqus names so please forgive). Big props to the dude who set all this in motion. ATL in tha’ MUTHAFUKIN’ HOUSE! And the SJWs can suck my left nut and make my right one jealous. Let’s pour a tall glass of SJW tears and toast!

    1. Hell yeah, it was great to meet you guys, Looking forward to next time! Thanks getitgoing for organizing and thanks to roosh for helping to connect so many men at once! Despite the ridiculous media outrage, the meetup was an absolute success. I met a bunch of great men i would never have known otherwise.

  82. You probably want to stop sitting around enjoying your headlines and being bigger than Canada and start thinking about how you keep your social media profile a little longer term. Surely you don’t want to end up 2016’s Cecil the Lion, I mean who was that dentist that shot him again… admittedly 20000 twits is 20000 more than me but you are hardly a Kardashian yet. Your mom’s basement was a bit of a faux pa-could you not have at least holed up in a London night spot or something or at some sort of shag pad Hugh Hefner style, surely if you are such an awesome alpha male there must be queues of easy women out there willing to get in on this media attention. Come on you may only get these 15mins of fame so stop wasting time naming and shaming some people you’ve annoyed and get on with it…although you should note that you may require either money or substance to truly make it last and reading your “article” above didn’t exactly ring out substance more a sort of half-whine with a smug smirk -must try harder.

  83. I am amazed how monolithic the media is on certain important issues.
    They either are all colluding or are too lazy to research anything and simply parrot what their “competitors” print.

  84. These tweeting simps don’t have the balls to stand up against the gynocentric establishment they find themselves in. The only way they can express their manhood is to lash out against “sanctioned” targets like Roosh and this website. It’s quite sad really. But I reckon it wouldn’t take much of a push to get many of them Red Pill. I know, because it’s exactly where I came from.
    “Remember kids, violence against men is Ok!” –Feminism.

    1. Every community is basically a lynch mob that hasn’t been activated. The more ordered and conformist a community, the more pent up pressure that can be released when a dictate goes out that it’s OK to attack a strictly defined target. The ‘authorities’ declare a stand down on retribution or a reprecussion ‘holliday’ where authorities and censors will look the other way as the stifled and conformist citizens are allowed to take out their built up everyday frustrations on a specified target. They effectively ‘green light’ a lynching. The key is for us to keep hammering away and exposing the controllers and enablers. The loosed forces of the citizenry will then quickly turn on the controllers the moment that they become visible and their slight of hand is revealed, anticipated and witnessed in action. The fury of the common person finally identifying a scourge that has plagued them covertly will have many normally placid citizens doing an about face and calling out the menace directly. This widespread ‘calling out’ cannot be reversed and is a phenomenon that the controllers dread with all their angst, for it can only occur ONCE and then it’s all over for them.

  85. We’ve really hit a nerve in the beast. It is crucial for the controllers to maintain the feminist narrative. Feminism won’t be leaving the scene politely but we’ve been constantly hammering and repeatedly shelling it with truth and logic. The choking web of feminism is finally unravelling. Supporters of feminism are desparate and shuddering as they see all of awakened mankind hurling their sacred cow OUT THE WINDOW.
    Hail the patriarchy!!

  86. You should be doing cartwheels, the ‘establishment’ is shit scared, they are running out of options, hence the massive money given to attack, celebrate the victory !

  87. A clear case of legalized lynch mobs focusing on their own conscious and deliberate misconstruing of a single article on a site full of many different writings and individuals with varying degrees of opinion.
    It still frightens me how stupid and willfully ignorant the human herdal animal can be, and as per usual screams of a desperate desire to be offended through embracing a sense of masochistic victim-hood.
    Beware the pack animal. Bunch of self deluded self deceiving hypocrites looking for something to hate under the guise of peace and love. Fuck em’.

  88. They aren’t afraid of us or Roosh, but rather the ideas we represent that threaten the bubble they live in. We see a few guys who share a common set of core beliefs as non threatening, but they do. They fear the power that free thinking men gathering, even in small numbers can do. Look to history and you can see the impact that a small group of men we now call the Founding Fathers were able to do. They are terrified of our ideas and our potential ability to put those ideas into action.
    ‘The wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.’ – Proverbs 28:1
    ‘For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.’ 2 Timothy 1:7

    1. You are right. The Christians started as a small group in Rome, soon after Rome became Christian. It’s time to warm up the guillotine.

  89. We must strike back, every month we should spot a Corporate which supports SJW and boycott it in every social media from an financial point of view, recommending not to buy their stuff or not spending money on then. Let´s stop bitching and let´s start acting.

  90. Any form of publicity is good. Meanwhile people who visit this forum to learn more about us will realize the lies they are being fed by presstitutes. To sum up, this furor will turn out to be good for Return of Kings.

    1. +1 on that. For every screaming feminist, there are many more reasonable people that read and judge things for themselves.

  91. Haha, the little bitch keeps censoring me. So here we go again: The mother of Daryush Valizadeh is a worthless dirty whore until proven otherwise.

  92. Daryush Valizadeh keeps censoring this, although I quote him, and I did not meet his mother – yet. So here we go again: Daryush Valizadeh’s mother is a worthless dirty whore until proven otherwise.

  93. good god those fags are really triggered. Let this be a lesson, the establishment may be crumbling but it is not crumbled. They have no facts of their own, but their lies still have incredible influence over the feeble-minded.

  94. Pathological fabricators and exaggerators. You know, when there’s an actual rape culture growing in certain countries(Sweden, UK, France, etc.) in Europe yet we have these hyenas, these ”journalists” and twats on twitter going mad over satire posted on the internet and attempting to disrupt a simple gathering of like minded men, I can see why some think there’s a conspiracy. It’s hard to wrap your head around if you’re a relatively calm and rational person.

  95. Pay attention folks, the decline of society is upon us. It will only increase exponentially. Many think all the warnings are silly conspiracies, but it is those who are brainwashed and think so that are brainwashed and sleepers. They use words like “conspiracy theory” or “that’s ridiculous” etc. and scoff at your warnings, they will turn you in and lie if it is to their advantage.

  96. I don’t always agree with Ezra Levant​, but here I stand with him—and with Roosh—100%.

    Now, full disclosure, I really disliked Roosh’s writings back in the day (I read a couple pages of one of his books and immediately returned it for a refund, telling Roosh what I didn’t like about it: to his credit, he immediately and cordially refunded my money). However, he’s gotten better and here he is making tremendous points against madness.

    1. Roosh wrote a satirical article to encourage women to make better decisions in order to prevent themselves from being raped.
      *There is A LOT of what Roosh V writes that I’m sure I wouldn’t like* (at least of his older PUA stuff: his newest stuff on masculinity and defense of western civilization is better, even though I only occasionally read him).
      However, as ill-conceived as this article may be, his point was to encourage women to think and not unwisely put themselves at risk of rape:

        1. Have you noticed how feminist “rape culture” writers take very, very little interest in women’s rapes at the hands of foreign invaders, or the Islamic invasion of the west? You know, that think good people (rightly) feel outraged about and are trying to prevent?
          Roosh know this:

        2. Roosh was doing something similar to what YouTuber GirlWritesWhat aka Karen Straghan (herself a rape victim) did: encouraging women to think about their security and not put themselves in situations where being raped is far from unlikely. Roosh was doing so in the style of Jonathon Swift’s literary classic “A Modest Proposal.”

          Did you notice that the media duped people into reflexively and unthinkingly strongly denouncing an ally, however flawed he may be, in the defense of western civilization?
          P.S. It’s one thing to disagree with a guy or even to strongly dislike him. It is QUITE another, a despicable thing, to lie about him, at least in headlines, by not reporting fairly—and thus intentionally engender unreasonable hatred from mobs and death threats against him, in addition to hysterical harassment by governments and their, frequently pandering, principleless politicians (whatever “principles” they may have, freedom of speech is not one of them!).

  97. It boggles the mind that there so many willing tools for the political elite, i used to have faith in humanity. How did we get to this point when somebody can write a hypothetical article of completely common situations any western women that dates regularly will find themselves in and the steps they should take to protect themselves from rape are accentuated is derided, slandered, & mocked while real mass rape is shuttled into western cites under the guise of political correctness?
    This insanity surely can not last much longer? But I know it all must evlove into complete chaos first, after seeing this reaction, it simply can not be changed with philosophy, reason, or rationality, it must all burn first!

  98. Roosh,
    Lawyer up man. False rape claim incoming! The femtards can’t beat you legally so they are going to pull out the big guns. I swear to god. I can see them now, scheming on their forums and whatever, planning to strike you deep.
    When it finally comes out, and it will, I’ll link back to this post and say “Called it!”

    1. This has been my concern from day one.
      I’m not privy to the community discussion behind closed doors (too late to the party), but for the love of God I hope Roosh and ‘the elders’ are preparing for false rape allegations.
      Roosh – start recording video of your every waking moment and compiling evidence of everything you’ve done for the past 10 years. Not wanting to make you or anyone else paranoid, but these bastards play dirty.

  99. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say I don’t like Roosh V. It’s nothing personal, I just don’t care for his views. HOWEVER. This whole smear campaign is bullshit. I think Roosh did make it easy on them by posting the satire article, but nonetheless no one should be able to stifle his free speech. Even if he said it in earnest, he should be able to say these things without fear of violence.

  100. you cannot yell “fire” in a crowded movie theater and you cannot slander good folks because their political and social ideology is different than yours. I would sue every single news outlet for slander and libel.

  101. a perfect example of the type of people involved in this lynch mob. Another female tells me I have a “rape fetish” because I don’t choose to partake in the cyber lynching lol.

  102. yah, I’m pretty sure one of these headlines was libel, yo. You should sue the lot, set up a go fund me, I’ll pitch in a $100 if there isn’t a lawyer who would take this up on percentage.
    honestly, what is a “pro-rape campaigner”.
    I think the idea that the meetings themselves were “pro-rape” was clearly false and on-its-face damaging.
    It’s not as if media outlets can afford lawsuits anymore.

  103. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen “Pro-rape basement dweller…” Tuth’s article from some years ago on hackneyed feminist insults is still very relevant

  104. It never fails to amaze me that feminists, manginas, SJW’s and other left-wing morons accuse us of being violent, antisocial and repugnant YET, judging by there words and actions, they are significantly worse than we could ever try to be.
    Not only that, but all those hating losers are just typical internet warriors – only brave behind the keyboard. None of them would ever have the guts to have a go at someone unless the odds were 20 to 1 in their favour.

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