Elliot Rodger Is The First Male Feminist Mass Murderer

Since originally publishing an article describing how a male-friendly culture encouraging Elliot into self-improvement (game), legal prostitution, and foreign marriage with Southeast Asian women would have prevented his murderous rampage, I did something that most people won’t bother to do: I read his manifesto. Not even halfway through, I began to understand exactly why the media has been pushing the narrative that PUA (game) may have been the cause: Rodger was one of their own.

Here is the PDF of his manifesto. If you take the time to read it, you will likely come to the same conclusion I have that Elliot Rodger is in fact a feminist. In other words, the killings of six individuals stem in part because of his mainstream feminist beliefs that, after intersecting with his dark traits of narcissism, entitlement, loserdom, and hopelessness, led him to kill. The fantastical mainstream media articles you have come across trying to pin Rodger upon us is nothing more than a defensive measure to distance themselves from a killer that was a card-carrying member of their own progressive club.

Here are ten ways in which Rodger and feminists have an overlapping view of the world:

1. He put pussy on the pedestal, just like feminists do

Feminist theory speaks a whole lot about equality, but it’s actually an ideology that seeks to absolve all women from their amusing but sometimes dangerous stream of mistakes. Feminism (and progressivism in general—they might as well be interchangeable terms) treat women as flawless snowflakes that must be coddled and spoon-fed happiness and validation. Any act by a woman, even if it results in failure or bodily harm (like an abortion), is an “empowering” statement of independence and strength, while any failure by men is seen upon as proof that they are out-of-touch doofuses, a fact that is readily displayed on television, movies, and advertising.

Rodger’s manifesto exactly matches this feminist belief. He shows little genuine hate towards the object of his affections—women—and their poor choices, instead lashing out against the men who were successful with those women. Feminists do the same, always ready to blame men for their failures in life, even going so far as saying that society would be better without men, who are mocked as mere “sperm donors.” In spite of the bad choices that women make by dating bad boys at the schools he attended, Rodger gave them a pussy pass and continued to believe that they were flawless angels who should be cherished, especially the blonde ones.

Rodger’s hate for those men isn’t much different than that hate displayed to me and my colleagues here at ROK. Just take a look at this supposedly professional woman having an embarrassing emotional meltdown on a news show because she didn’t agree with what I said, resorting to blatant distortion and lies about “rape culture” and other such nonsense that was unrelated to the piece she was critiquing:

Elevating women as the superior sex, which is what both feminists and Rodger have done, means that discrimination and outright hatred must be then applied to the “inferior” sex—men. It’s no surprise that the most violent killings performed by Rodger were on his three male roommates with a knife, who surely endured more suffering and pain than the cleaner executions he did on his female victims.

2. He was awash in blue pill knowledge

We have an often-used metaphor called the “red pill,” which stands for the pursuit of truth concerning human nature, no matter how painful those truths can be. The opposite of the red pill is the blue pill, of people who choose to be placated by lies describing reality. Both feminists and Rodger were firm adherents to the blue pill world—of believing in a way of nature that doesn’t actually reflect actual human behavior. For example:

  • Both Rodger and feminists believe that attraction should be automatic and easy instead of being based on sexual market value or other components that can be changed (such as game).
  • Both Rodger and feminists believe that men should be blamed for problems of society or personal relationships.
  • Both Rodger and feminists were deluded into having standards way beyond their level of attractiveness (e.g., fat feminist cows actually think they should be able to date a good man).
  • Both Rodger and feminists believe that all a man has to do to get a girlfriend is to be “nice” and a provider, a strategy that no longer works in today’s America.
  • Both Rodger and feminists hated players who did well with women

As final proof that Rodger was as blue pill as you can get, simply reverse all the gender references within his manifesto and pretend it was written by a woman. What you would then have before you is a pity party of a self-absorbed feminist who thinks that men are the cause of all her problems. If he lived a couple more years, I have no doubt that Rodger would even be a proud moderator of the Blue Pill subreddit.

3. He didn’t believe in self-improvement, just like feminists

In spite of all the loneliness and pain that Rodger went through, he still couldn’t be bothered to lift one finger to improve his station. Compare that to what we teach here at ROK, where we strongly advise you to start your game training with at least 100 approaches, with the expectation that you’ll probably have to do thousands during your lifetime. In Rodger’s manifesto, all 140 pages of it, he details only saying “Hi” to one girl and practically running away from fear. In other words, he did one aborted approach with zero follow-up. That’s not game anywhere in the game universe, and if he came to us saying that he has yet to get laid after putting such an half-assed attempt, we’d tell him to do 10 solid approaches the following day and stop whining like an entitled child.

The fact that Rodger was a member of PUAHate, an online community of social retards who despised game and believed only Brad Pitt and millionaires can get laid, further highlights how vehemently anti-game he was. Why wasn’t he open to improving himself? Why wasn’t he ready to expend the labor to make himself more attractive to women? For that answer, we might as well ask some feminists, who share the exact same belief as him in not having to lift a finger in making yourself more attractive to the opposite sex. Look no further than feminist’s cause-du-jour, fat acceptance, a culture of de-improvement—and frankly, de-evolution—where women gain massive amounts of weight and then flaunt their blubber on social media, ready to attack any man who dare finds their display to be unattractive or repulsive.

Fat acceptance has become so pervasive that we had to dedicate one whole week on ROK tearing it to shreds, but in spite of that, not much has changed. America continues to get fatter and feminists continue to attempt to normalize obesity as actually being beautiful, just like how Rodger tried to convince himself of the idea that having a BMW would be attractive to women.

Take a look at this quote by Rodger:

Everyone treated me like I was invisible. No one reached out to me, no one knew I existed. I was a ghost.

Does that ring a bell to you? It’s almost identical to the rant we recently witnessed on the Louis CK show when a morbidly obese female went on to whine and bitch about how being a fat ass is not getting her the man she wants. It’s no surprise that fatties rushed to praise Louis CK for his act of sedition against men and acceptable standards of beauty. There is almost no difference between Rodger and a modern American woman who subscribes to feminist thought.

Now take a look at this passage:

All of the hot, beautiful girls walked around with obnoxious, tough jock-type men who partied all the time and acted crazy. They should be going for intelligent gentlemen such as myself. Women are sexually attracted to the wrong type of man.

Let’s do a swap on the genders:

All the handsome men walked around with blonde bimbos who don’t have a good career like me and knowledge of reality television shows. These men should be going for a strong, empowered, independent, fabulous woman such as myself. Men are sexually attracted to the wrong type of woman.

The overlap in mindset would be comical if it didn’t result in tragedy.

Another question worth asking is this: when today’s American woman can’t find the man of her dreams, does she look in the mirror and blame herself? No, she blames men for not finding her unattractiveness attractive. This is actively promoted by feminist thinkers on the most widely read American blogs like Buzzfeed, Gawker, and Huffington Post. Rodger shared this same viewpoint. His manifesto is dripping with entitlement of why girls don’t find him to be “marvelous” just because he happens to own a fancy pair of sunglasses. Feminists and Rodger, it turns out, are like two peas in a pod.

4. He believed that men should be chivalrous and kind, like feminists do

Please don’t forward us another listicle on a feminist-friendly blog about how men need to be nice, friendly, and awkwardly consensual by applying legalese speak in the bedroom before passionate fornication. Rodger believed much of the same, thinking that you had to be a “supreme gentleman” that catered to the material and emotional whims of women, doing everything possible to please them in exchange for a sexual reward. We can only imagine how nauseatingly “gentlemanly” he would have been if he actually managed to land a date on his terms.

I have no doubt he would have agreed with just about all the mainstream bullshit advice on being a gentleman, particularly the Thought Catalog piece The 20 Rules Of Being A Modern Gentleman. There is also a Buzzfeed quiz titled How Much Of A Gentleman Are You? that Rodger would have gotten an A+ on. The end result of his loneliness (killing six people) was obviously not gentlemanly, but before that rampage he treated girls with a gentlemanly shyness, reverence, and respect that feminists would have applauded him for. Rodger and feminists believed in the exact same demeanor that men should have around women.

5. He hated game, like feminists do

No one hates game more than feminists, who have gone so far as to equate it rape ([1], [2], [3]). They absolutely despise any attempt by men to improve their value in the sexual marketplace because then that would mean fewer men to put up with their obesity, short hair, or bad attitude. Rodger believed the same, going so far as becoming an active member in the PUAHate community which dedicated the bulk of their efforts to criticizing game and its adherents like a woman’s gossip circle. (On PUAhate there had been over 100 threads criticizing me and other ROK staff.)

Would you be surprised if I were to tell you right now that Rodger and a mainstream feminist shared the same views on PUAHate and game? I hope not, because that’s exactly what I found. A popular feminist writer who has worked for Newsweek, Jezebel, Buzzfeed, and Dissident magazine, Katie JM Baker, publicly declared that PUAs (i.e. us) are actually worse than PUA Hate.

The men that lurk in the PuaHate forums are almost worse than the PUAs themselves…

Let that soak in for a second. Feminist rage is so deep and emotional against game that they have supported a forum with “hate” in the title that cultivated and gave comfort to a mass murderer. I gave Baker a chance to change her opinion about believing a forum of hate was less worse than men who practice game:


She responded with childish text-speak


A feminist refused to reverse her position that game practitioners are not worse than Rodger’s favorite hangout. That tells me that Rodger and Baker would get along very well in their hate for men like us who teach game and try to improve men’s lives.

6. He subscribed to The Young Turks Youtube channel, a feminist darling


This is a minor point but one worth mentioning. We don’t know how knee-deep he was into The Young Turks liberal positions, but it’s a fact that he was not a subscriber to my channel or forum. We can only speculate as to how much TYT molded his pro-feminist view.

7. He hated alpha males, just like feminists do

Whenever a feminist encounters these parts, she immediately bashes our alpha/beta concept of male sexual hierarchy. She instead spouts tired cliches that are supposed to help men in their pursuit of sexual happiness but which actually do nothing of the sort:

  • “People are people!”
  • “Just be yourself!”
  • “Don’t be an asshole/creep/jerk/rando!”
  • “Having sexual standards is, like, misogynistic!”

Of course these phrases don’t explain human mating behavior and why some men get way more women than others, but that’s no matter since feminist theory does not have the slightest intention to explain the world in an accurate or truthful manner.

Like feminists, Rodger despised alpha males, who he called “obnoxious.” Here’s some relevant quotes from his manifesto:

I noticed that there were two groups of cool, popular kids. There were the skateboarder kids, such as Vinny Maggio, Ashton Moio, Darrel, Wes, and Alex Dib. And then there were the boys who were popular with girls, including Vincent, Robert Morgan, and [redacted]. They all seemed so confident and aggressive. I felt so intimidated by them, and I hated them for it. I hated them so much, but I had to increase my standing with them. I wanted to be friends with them.


I thought all of the cool kids were obnoxious jerks, but I tried as best as I could to hide my disgust and appear “cool” to them. They were obnoxious jerks, and yet somehow it was these boys who all of the girls flocked to.

If Rodger was alive right now, he’d be giving feminists high fives for sharing the exact same viewpoint on sexually superior but “horrible” males who have figured out the dating game and what women actually want.

8. He shared many personality traits with your modern American feminist

Rodger might as well have been a woman, which has raised speculation if he was actually gay. He took selfies like women. He was addicted to Facebook like women. He was obsessed with his appearance. He was narcissistic, vain, and materialistic. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was also addicted to his iPhone like your standard issue American woman. Heartiste does a good job of highlighting the similarities:

[The effeminate male, like Rodger, is an] indictment of this infantile Millennial generation, which daily provides evidence that their ranks are filled with effeminate males who, like women, expect the world to cater their needs, no questions asked, no demands made. Elliot Rodger couldn’t stand how unfaaaair girls were to date uglier men than himself, how unfair life was that his car and clothes weren’t a magnet for hot white sorority chicks, how unfair the cosmic laws were to require of him a little bit of effort if he wanted to put an end to his virginity.

Egotistic, attention starved, solipsistic, passive aggressive, perpetually aggrieved, and unwilling to change when posing as a martyr feels so damn good… there’s your new American manlet, same as your new American woman.

Like I already mentioned, a quick find/replace gender swap on his manifesto will pass the Turing test in convincing most spectators that he was actually a 22-year-old empowered feminist who participates in “Take Back The Night” walks and thinks that posting mindless #YesAllWomen tweets on Twitter comprises her good deed of the month. Rodger was effeminate and a negative person overall simply because he possessed beliefs that are undoubtedly shared by feminists.

9. He wanted to be a social justice warrior, just like feminists

He had a victim complex of being held down by invisible forces outside of his control. Feminists also believe that the “patriarchy” is holding them down, and they flock to Tumblr to reblog facile images and memes to spread lies that men make more than women for the same work, for example. These Tumblr crusades have even led to my own family being prank called at late hours, all because my words hurt their feelings, just like Rodger’s was hurt that pretty girls didn’t find him automatically attractive.

It turns out that Rodger was a budding social justice warrior, perhaps not far from establishing his own Tumblr beachhead:

I formed an ideology in my head of how the world should work. I was fueled both by my desire to destroy all of the injustices of the world, and to exact revenge on everyone I envy and hate. I decided that my destiny in life is to rise to power so I can impose my ideology on the world and set everything right. I was only seventeen, I have plenty of time. I thought to myself. I spent all of my time studying in my room, reading books about history, politics, and sociology, trying to learn as much as I can.


I seriously started to consider working towards writing an epic story. I was always creating stories in my mind to fuel my fantasies. Usually those stories depicted someone like myself rising to power after a life of being treated unfairly by the world.


To be angry about the injustices one faces is a sign of strength. It is a sign that one has the will to fight back against those injustices, rather than bowing down and accepting it as fate. Both my friends James and Philip seem to be the weak, accepting type; whereas I am the fighter. I will never stand to be insulted, and I will eventually have my revenge against all those who insult me, no matter how long it takes.

Both Rodger and feminists feel the only way to get what they want out of life is not self-improvement, but attacking others they disagree with. Their shared ideology is one of destruction. We have to wonder if Rodger would have eventually participated in any feminist event like SlutWalks to right the world of fantasy injustices that prevent them from being seen as beautiful, marvelous, gentlemanly, and so on.

10. He was not far away from being the epitome of a white knight, a man that feminists collect for their friend zones

If you see a feminist in the wild, a white knight won’t be far. He’s the man who enables her false view of the world and provides her with good feels and encouragement for her social justice campaigns. While Rodger wasn’t quite a white knight in this sense, he nailed all three white knight components:

1. He is the ever-present servant.
2. He pines silently for a single woman.
3. That woman wants little to do with him, and it shows.

In other words, if you inserted him in feminist company, he would be the glove to their chubby bear claw fingers. His personality is wholly compatible with how feminists believe men should behave: servile and wimpy while never taking real action on their sexual desires.


The only things in common that Rodger had with us is that (1) he wanted sex with attractive women, and (2) he had a functional penis. That’s it. The overlap of thought and belief between Rodger and feminists, however, should convince you beyond a reasonable doubt that Rodger was in fact a feminist, even if he didn’t himself know that his peg fit snugly into the feminist hole. I’ve actually met self-described feminists who were less feminist than Rodger was.

While I stand by my argument that game would have helped Rodger, I am beginning to wonder if being a feminist was the seed that drove him to desperation and delusion, eventually leading to a tragic loss of life. This line of thought is worth pursuing by people who want to understand why a man felt that taking other lives and his own was seen as the best solution. You definitely won’t read about this conclusion in the media, which is too busy trying to toss Rodger to our side like a hot piece of coal, even though Rodger shares absolutely no similarity in thought and behavior to game practitioners.

I have logically come to the conclusion that Rodger was in fact the first male feminist mass murderer that we have seen in America. I’m afraid that if the feminist ideology contained within Rodger’s head is allowed to continue spreading, we are likely to see more violent acts by men who believe in the exact same things that feminists do.

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  1. Note to readers: I had to rush the editing of this piece so I’m sure there are typos remaining. If you find them, please let me know by replying to this comment.

    1. Passionate article, Roosh. (One very minor typo, since you asked for it – should be “a” instead of “an” before “strong, empowered, independent, fabulous…” in the gender reversal quote) You’ve built an incredibly strong case here. It’s a pity this site is getting flack from those who don’t understand it… or are afraid to. I’ve found it incredibly powerful and life-changing in a lot of ways since discovering RoK a couple months back, and have been passing the word on to other friends in need. Keep up the excellent work.

      1. You actually found one. For a quick output piece, Roosh can really write well.

    2. Roosh it’s important to point out he ENCOURAGED his mother’s dating around with rich Hollywood alphas, even telling her to snag a rich guy so he could be successful. He had a “you go girl” attitude. Didn’t want to work hard and be a provider for himself, which is feminine quality.

    3. Second sentence under point 1 you use progressiveism instead of progressivism.
      Excellent post, your points make much sense of the fact that they’re trying so desperately to foist him into the manosphere camp. It’s the no true Scotsman fallacy at work; the intersection of his beliefs and actions reflected poorly on them so they painted him up, gave him a headdress, and called him an Indian rather than examine their own beliefs and values.

    4. There is one place (#5 “he hated game just like feminists”) where you said “less men” instead of the correct “fewer men”

    5. Point 1, 1st paragraph, last sentence, appears to have a diction error with the phrase “seen upon” probably intended to be “seized upon.”

    1. I’m no graphics expert but it looks shopped to me, plus it’s from 4chan.
      Look at the area between his fingers and the paper, doesn’t look natural.

      1. Thank you, I had doubts myself. However it looks like /pol/ came to the same conclusion without the advanced explanation.

        1. a married virgin who’d never been kissed. probably quite a few out there like that

    2. It doesn’t matter. He was brought up in a feminist environment and was shaped by it.

        1. I am all for men fighting for men’s rights. I can see some flaws that way, but this misogyny shit has got to stop. It’s hard to get behind men’s ideas of fixing the Alimony problem when they tell me I am not worth a damn and shouldn’t vote because I am too stupid.

  2. Does literally no one here have even the slightest clue as to what a feminist actually is? Just from reading the title of this article, I had to fight the urge to throw up! A feminist is someone who believes that the sexes should be equal. That does not mean women want special treatment, as any reasonable person could tell from the meaning of the word ‘equality’. The UCSB shooting is exactly what every single feminist is trying to fight against. This act of terrorism was caused by patriarchy and the entitlement that it teaches men that they have over women’s time, bodies, and lives.
    Excuse me while I go have a panic attack and continue to fear for my live from people like you and the shooter, because you’re in the boat.

    1. “This act of terrorism was caused by patriarchy and the entitlement that it teaches men that they have over women’s time, bodies, and lives.”
      LOL. C’mon do you actually believe this?
      The patriarchy? The PATRIARCHY? Maybe you should make a list of what the ‘patriarchy’ doesn’t cause. It would probably make life easier for you.
      Oh wait, I’ll do it as you would make it. Peace, happiness, rainbows, unicorns, endless amounts of resources that appear out of thin air, iphones, uggs, Netflix.

    2. Of course, it’s not like feminism has an ideological underpinnings or “feminist theory” to accompany that vague, non-threatening stance. And a communist is merely someone who believes the bourgeoisie and proletariat should be equal.
      Oh wait.

    3. Aiden,
      If you self-admittedly and automatically elicit some sort of biological response to opinions that you disagree with, it sounds like you have some sort of mental illness that effects your ability to employ your rational faculties. For that, I hope you take my opinion seriously and find yourself some medical help.
      When you do, I believe that you’ll find your life much more fulfilling when you can break free of the irrational state of fear that feminists have created and tried to implant into the minds of every one of its victims. (yourself included)

    4. I think you’re a chick so I’m hesitant to reply. 4 of the victims were men dipshit. The entire discourse is about the chicks which is an example enough…
      Feminism is a chick supremacist movement usually led by ugly chicks who never get laid…

    5. Third Wave Feminism isn’t about equal rights. Women can do everything a man can do in society, and there’s no pay gap or glass ceiling. Women already have equal rights. It’s about representation. It’s about the patriarchy which they say “oppresses” women and “benefits” men, rape culture which doesn’t exist and objectification nonsense because it is mostly consensual because they want to repress a man’s sex drive, none of which will help bring about equality while being tackled.
      Third Wave Feminism paints women as victims and men as villains, and they blame men for all the ills of society. Feminism is causing cancerous behaviours in society such as the destruction of the family unit as 70% of divorces are by women nowadays. Feminism destroyed marriage.
      I’ll give you an example. The most famous feminist in Britain has a website where people post “sexist” microaggressions events that happen to them, such as boys telling an ex anorexic that men don’t like stick thin women, or a girl complaining she got more praise for having a boyfriend than getting a degree, and the website has no goals other than to “raise awareness”. There’s no activism, no plans, no blueprints, just a website of stories that demonise men.
      She’s also got a column in The Guardian of which she linked a YouTube video of guys singing a song about rape, and she commented that it was trivialising and normalising rape. Back in the day, I would have thought she was an amiable nice feminist, but now I realised something. If the song was about murdering male gang members, would she of cared and thought it was normalising and trivialising it, or would she just think it’s just a song? Exactly!
      And that’s when I realised the most famous feminist in Britain is a man hating misandrist. American feminists even tried to pass laws so that men’s pay in managorial jobs would get reduced to a woman’s pay in a entry level job to make the pays equal.
      Feminism is a hate movement.

      1. What happened to the “do not reply to females” rule?
        Fucking manginas. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves.
        Ignore the cuntresses, dont feed them
        Their arguments all sound exactly the same, so whats the fucking point of arguing with them anyway??

        1. Aiden is a guy’s name. I’m playing a game called Watch_Dogs right now and the main character is male Aiden Pearce.
          If that’s a girl, then I feel bad that her parents gave her a man’s name.

        2. I also wondered if this person was a female…but like you, I think it might be a dude. A stupid dude, but male nonetheless. Of course I could be wrong. But I don’t think we need the banhammer on this one. Yet.

    6. You think feminism is about equality? Read this exchange I had with a feminist, (although he didn’t call himself one he definitely was), about whether feminism is about equality.
      The whole argument can be found in the comment section of this blog post.

      5 Ways To Emasculate A Man

      chris: “I guess I can assume you’d be OK with some gay guys putting their fingers up your asshole and jerking off on you while you’re passed out, then taking pictures of it and spreading it around to everyone you know.”
      That’s not the issue he was arguing.
      Equality is about men and women having the same social and legal rights and privileges.
      If a group of men fondling and masturbating on an unconscious woman is rape and unacceptable, yet a group of women fondling and masturbating on an unconscious man isn’t rape and isn’t unacceptable, what do you have? Unequal social and legal rights and privileges between men and women with women having the higher social and legal rights and privileges compared to men.
      The issue you brought up was about equality between homosexuals and heterosexuals.
      The outrage a lot of men in the manosphere have I think is a product of feminists picking and choosing what legal and social rights they want to be equal with while retaining those social and legal rights were inequality favours them. What does this produce, inequality in social and legal rights in favour of women.
      (Do I think a man aggravatingly raping a woman is worse than a woman aggravatingly raping a man? Yes. But that’s because I accept that men and women are different and hence granting them unequal social and legal rights and privileges is just. I am consistent in my thinking. Feminists aren’t. Feminists propound equality in theory but deliver inequality in practice because they are an evil and hypocritical ideology.)
      Ratatatat: Where have feminists supposedly ever argued:
      a group of women fondling and masturbating on an unconscious man isn’t rape and isn’t unacceptable
      …or is that just something you made up?
      chris: A person’s actions speak loudest.
      Feminists NEVER address the norm in the culture above. They never advocate, agitate or proselytize against it. But they will do all that and more for the opposite situation.
      Another one feminists NEVER address is reproductive rights for men. If a woman conceives, she can; abort, adopt, abandon, raise on her own or with coerced support from the biological father or community.
      A man conceives he can; do whatever the woman wants.
      When men have the reproductive CHOICE to determine their parental responsibilities after conception, the same as women, then you will have equality in reproductive rights. Only one feminist I know of has ever argued for this and her reasoned and consistent thinking on this issue has been shouted down and out by the gender feminists in academia.
      “Some maverick feminists agree with this view. Karen DeCrow, an attorney who served as president of the National Organization for Women from 1974 to 1977, has written that “if a woman makes a unilateral decision to bring pregnancy to term, and the biological father does not, and cannot, share in this decision, he should not be liable for 21 years of support … autonomous women making independent decisions about their lives should not expect men to finance their choice.”
      Yet, by and large, feminists and pro-choice activists have not been sympathetic to calls for men’s reproductive freedom. “If there is a birth, the man has an obligation to support the child,” says Marcia Greenberger, co-president of the National Women’s Law Center. “The distinction with respect to abortion is the physical toll that it takes on a woman to carry a fetus to term, which doesn’t have any translation for men. Once the child is born, neither can walk away from the obligations of parenthood.” (Actually, a woman can give up the child for adoption, often without the father’s consent, and be free of any further obligation.)
      Indeed, on the issue of choice for men, staunch supporters of abortion rights can sound like an eerie echo of the other side: “They have a choice — use condoms, get sterilized or keep their pants on.” “They should think about the consequences before they have sex.” (The irony is not lost on men’s choice advocates or pro-lifers.) Yes, some admit, it’s unfair that women still have a choice after conception and men don’t, but biology isn’t fair. As a male friend of mine succinctly put it, “Them’s the breaks.””
      Ratatatat: When men have the reproductive CHOICE to determine their parental responsibilities after conception, the same as women, then you will have equality in reproductive rights.
      I suppose that will happen when men start to carry babies as women do. Sorry, but it is the woman who carries the baby for ~9 months. She is always going to have the final say so as to what happens – as it should be. Women are not baby making slaves to men in that regard. I don’t think you have thought through the logic as to the fundamental reason why the law is logically asymmetrical. It is like you think pregnancy affects men the same way it affects women. It differs in very pertinent and physical ways that are simply too unavoidable to ignore.
      Secondly, are you going to answer my question above or are you just trying oddly to change the subject?
      chris: “I suppose that will happen when men start tocarry babies as women do. Sorry, but it is the woman who carries the baby for ~9 months. She is always going to have thefinal say so as to what happens – as it should be. Women are not baby making slaves to men in that regard. I don’t think you have thought through the logic as to thefundamental reason why the law is logically asymmetrical. It is like you think pregnancy affects men the same way it affects women. It differs in very pertinent and physical ways that are simply too unavoidable to ignore.”
      What you are arguing here is that men and women are different and therefore should have unequal social and legal rights and privileges Yet feminism is based on an equality of social and legal rights and privileges between women. This is a contradiction.
      “Women are not baby making slaves to men in that regard.”
      Nor should they be. Neither should men be labour-making slaves, pack mules for women and her children, children they never consented t having.
      ” It is like you think pregnancy affects men the same way it affects women. It differs in very pertinent and physical ways that are simply too unavoidable to ignore.”
      I’m not arguing women should be forced to have children, what I’m arguing for here is men have the same CHOICE to abort their parental and financial responsibilities, the same as women do, anything less is unequal.
      ” I don’t think you have thought through the logic as to thefundamental reason why the law is logically asymmetrical.”
      I have thought through the logic, I have clearly set it out in every post.
      1) Feminism is about women and men having the same social and legal rights and privileges.
      2) Women have the social and legal right to choice when and where to end their financial and parental responsibilities after conception.
      3) Men don’t.
      4) Thus we have an inequality in social and legal rights and privileges between men and women in this instance.
      5) Feminists don’t give a shit about this inequality, therefore one must infer that feminists aren’t pro-equality, they are pro-inequality in favour of women.
      “Secondly, are you going to answer my question above or are you just trying oddly to change the subject?”
      I did answer it, it was the first paragraph I wrote.
      Now you might say, “mwraaagh!i said show proof of a feminist makignt hat exact argument other wise your prior argument is false!”
      Well first off, my prior argument was that feminists argue for the condition of inequality in favour of women, that condition will be satisfied if feminists only agitate in favour of removing inequalities that disadvantage women and never in favour of inequalities that advantage women, which is the general case.
      Furthermore, your reasoning used in your above post, arguing for unequal social and legal rights and privileges is in itself evidence of that general case.
      Ratatatat: I did answer it, it was the first paragraph I wrote.
      No. That is not an acceptable response. You are merely trying to argue that because “feminists” argue for asymmetrical legal consideration towards pregnancy, then they must think the exact same way about “a group of women fondling and masturbating on an unconscious man isn’t rape and isn’t unacceptable”. You have done nothing at all to support that ridiculous argument.
      chris: FFS Post Dammit
      My original assertion was that feminism wasn’t about equality, which I think I have proved in argument.
      I did provide an example of inequality about rape, but I declined to follow up on establishing the truth value of that example since the effort expended to establish such truth was rather high. Thus I switched to the example of reproductive rights as the effort expended to establish the truth value of that example was much lower.
      The fact that I switched which examples I went on to prove in the bigger picture doesn’t really matter.
      If my argument retained soley to the rape examples than yes, my decision not to establish it’s truth value would be problematic, but that was not my argument. The rape example was merely used to attempt to elucidate my initial argument that feminism isn’t about equality in social and legal rights and privileges between men and women. Due to the fact that this argument is a universal claim to equality the mere fact that I choose not to prove the truth value of one counter-example to it doesn’t matter as long as I can come up with another counter-example which I do prove. Which I did with the reproductive rights example.
      Ratatatat: I’m not arguing women should be forced to have children, what I’m arguing for here is men have the same CHOICE to abort their parental and financial responsibilities, the same as women do, anything less is unequal.
      If that were the case, would you ever use protection during casual sex? Responsibility has to start somewhere. Right? You can’t just get a girl pregnant and then say – oops. Ma bad. And then walk away with her left to raise the baby or abort it (maybe you throw her some cash), simply because you are on record against the live birth.
      Logically leaving the ultimate choice to the woman is a way to make sure men who do not want babies are more responsible at trying to take reasonable measures to prevent conception in the first place.
      And before you say the woman has responsibility, that is a given – as she will be the one who has to go through the birth or abortion, which has its own costs – mental and physical.
      If men were able to have the final say on whether an abortion occurs, then men would be absolved of every consequence to their action while the woman goes through all of the trouble. There has to be some give and take to the law.
      chris: “If that were the case, would you ever
      use protection during casual sex? Responsibility has to start somewhere. Right? You can’t just get a girl pregnant and then say – oops. Ma bad. And then walk away with her left to raise the baby or abort it (maybe you throw her some cash), simply because you are on record against the live birth.
      Logically leaving the ultimate choice to the woman is a way to make sure men who do not want babies are more responsible at trying to take reasonable measures to prevent conception in the first place.
      And before you say the woman has responsibility, that is a given – as she will be the one who has to go through the birth or abortion, which has its own costs – mental and physical.
      If men were able to have the final say on whether an abortion occurs, then men would be absolved of every consequence to their action while the woman goes through all of the trouble. There has to be some give and take to the law.”
      Don’t you find it ironic that the exact same arguments were used against the legalisation of abortion? Read the Salon article I linked.
      And all of this doesn’t change the fact that feminism isn’t about equality between men and women in social and legal rights and privileges All you are arguing here is that such differences in legal and social rights and privileges are necessary.
      Ratatatat: Not only are they necessary, but they are unavoidable. Therefore using them to demonstrate supposed inequality is futile. If the rules were the opposite, they would still be unequal (in favor of the other side) and there is no practical middle ground.
      I think that is what makes the argument so pointless. For the lions share of law, gender equality is achievable and practical.
      chris: So feminism isn’t about equality in social and legal rights and privileges between men and women?
      (Just say yes….)
      Ratatatat: Why don’t you ask a feminist? I think feminism is about equality. I just don’t view it as some sort of absolute.
      chris: I’m asking you.
      Don’t you have an opinion?
      Ratatatat: I think it is about equality. I just don’t think it is absolute in the sense you are taking it. I don’t think it is presented as such either.
      chris: If it is not universal, then it is not equality, because equality is binary.
      If it is not equality, then it is inequality.
      Thus feminism is about inequality.
      Ratatatat: If 99% of the mission is dedicated to equality and 1% is not able to attain equality due to its nature, then you cannot claim that the entire group is about inequality. It is a blatantly false conclusion.
      chris: Uhh no.
      If it is not universal, then it is not equality, because equality is binary.
      If it is not equality, then it is inequality.
      Thus feminism is about inequality.
      Ratatatat: What you are arguing here is that men and women are different and therefore should have unequal social and legal rights and privileges Yet feminism is based on an equality of social and legal rights and privileges between women. This is a contradiction.
      I think you are being a bit naive. Nobody – feminist or otherwise is arguing that there is no physical/biological difference between men and women. The law should apply equally – except where these notable distinctions take place and are germane to the laws at hand. It would be ridiculous for a man or a woman to argue that men should have the final say as to a fairly common biological function that goes on in a woman’s body – that is specific to being a woman. You are looking for some kind of contradiction that nobody who has any basic logical sense would argue against.

    7. chris: “I think you are being a bit naive. Nobody – feminist or otherwise is arguing that there is no physical/biological difference between men and women.”
      But they still argue for equal social and legal rights and privileges between men and women.
      “The law should apply equally – except where these notable distinctions take place and are germane to the laws at hand.”
      Hence men and women should have unequal social rights and privileges in some instances. Hence contradicting the earlier (universal) statement for equal social and legal rights and privileges between men and women.
      My, and I believe alot of people in the manospheres anger is over the fact that where such inequalities are allowed to exist in social and legal rights and privileges they are to women’s advantage and men’s disadvantage. Yet in all instances where such inequalities in the social and legal rights between men and women are to a man’s advantage they are under assault by the feminist establishment. If you start from a position of inequality, where each side has rights and privileges that the other side does not, and you only seek to remove the advantageous rights and privileges of one side, then you aren’t in favour of equality, you are in favour of inequality favouring the side of those whose unequal advantages in rights and privileges you do not remove.
      “It would be ridiculous for a man or a woman to argue that men should have the final say as to a fairly common biological function that goes on in a woman’s body – that is specific to being a woman.”
      I am not arguing that. Women should have the final say in abortion. Instead, what I am arguing is that equality in reproductive choice in this instance can be achieved by giving men the option to remove all financial and parental obligations and rights should they choose to do so before the continuation of the pregnancy It is called a “paper/financial abortion”.
      Ratatatat: Hence men and women should have unequal social rights and privileges in some instances. Hence contradicting the earlier (universal) statement for equal social and legal rights and privileges between men and women.
      It is an exception, but not one inconsistent with logic.
      chris: The logic is right there, of course it is inconsistent.
      1)Universal claim.
      2)Particular instance negating universal claim.
      Ratatatat: If I am not mistaken, the “Universal claim” is your own construction.
      chris: Then you agree that feminism is not about equal social and legal rights and privileges between men and women, because the only way for such a statement to be true is for it to be universal.
      Ratatatat: No. I don’t agree. I don’t think a single reasonable exception invalidates the general idea. You can’t (without reason) yell “fire!” in a crowded theater, but you still have a general right to free speech.
      chris: “I don’t think a single reasonable exception invalidates the general idea.”
      In logic it does.
      Ratatatat: No. It doesn’t. Not if the general idea at hand is a rigid straw man of your own creation.
      chris: It is basic logic, A single counter-example contradicts a universal claim.
      But I have to say, I’m glad you finally agree with me that feminism isn’t about equality.
      It shows great courage and intellectual character on your part. I’m proud of you.
      Ratatatat: The universal claim in this instance being a straw man.
      I disagree. I think feminism is about equality, but I am no feminist. I am not exactly sure what one is. I like women and I think they should have the same rights as men under the law in most instances.
      chris: “I like women and I think they should have the same rights as men under the law in most instances.”
      Thus in other instances they will have different rights. Hence inequality.
      Ratatatat: In those instances there will always be inequality as when two people of different genders in a pregnancy dispute who may have a conflicting interest, one will win and one will lose. It is a moot distinction. There is no way to have absolute equality unless you can come up with something. Do you suggest transplanting half of a fetus into the belly of a man or something? I am open to your suggestions as to how such “equality” can be practically achieved in a way that does not bring inequality right back in.
      chris: Equality of choice with respect to whether one is obligated to take up financial and parental responsibility. Men having a one off chance once being notified of the pregnancy to have a “paper/financial abortion”. This would achieve practical equality in reproductive choice between men and women.
      “who may have a conflicting interest, one will win and one will lose.”
      Be careful, you’re heading to the dark side here. There is no such thing as right and wrong only power! and all that stuff.
      Ratatatat: So if a man doesn’t want the responsibility to be a father, he just signs a piece of paper and perhaps pays some money. What about the real and potential physical damage to the woman? What about the emotional problems/pain? The loss of work regardless of whether she decides to keep it or not? I can’t help but think you are just shifting around the inequality and possibly creating a situation that leads to many more abortions and perhaps much more bastardy.
      chris: Those exact same arguments can also apply to men who have no say in whether a woman aborts his baby but they don’t seem to hold water there.
      Also, she could always just adopt the kid off.
      And it still doesn’t change the fact that she has choices of her autonomy that the man doesn’t, and she can legally enslave him into servitude for 18 years, something he can’t do to her.
      ” I can’t help but think you are just shifting around the inequality and possibly creating a situation that leads to many more abortions and perhaps much more bastardy.”
      Actually I think it would lead to less abortions and bastardy.
      And who says bastardy is a bad thing. As a bastard I take offence at that!
      (You do realise all of your argument here also reduces down to “the end justifies the means?”)
      chris: “Feminism is about the legal and social equality in rights and privileges between men and women.”
      The statement is only a strawman if I misrepresent the opponents position
      The only way for me to logically misrepresent the opponents position is for feminism TO NOT be a universal claim to equality about the legal and social equality in rights and privileges between men and women.
      Thus proving my point.
      It either is a universal claim or it isn’t.
      And the thing about universal claims to equality is something can ONLY be equal or unequal.
      Ratatatat: No. You have a basic misunderstanding of logic. A strawman is an argument that there is no evidence a person has made, it has nothing to do with the negation of that argument – one way or the other.
      chris: I’m going to go by the definition presented in wikipedia as it’s an open source for everyone to observe.
      The straw man fallacy occurs in the following pattern of argument:
      1)Person 1 has position X.
      2)Person 2 disregards certain key points of X and instead presents the superficially similar position Y.
      3)Person 2 attacks position Y, concluding that X is false/incorrect/flawed.
      What I am arguing is that in order for Person 1 to have Position X, it has to be something other than Position Y (which is my initial argument).
      Now Position Y is a universal claim as to equality. For Position X to be something other than Position Y it can’t be a universal claim as to equality.
      Now the logical concept of equality is binary. Something is either equal or unequal. Even just a little but unequal is still unequal. And there is no such thing as a little bit equal, it’s still unequal.
      Thus for Position X to be something other than Position Y, and Position Y is a universal claim to equality, then Position X must be something other than a universal claim to equality, and since logically speaking equality is binary, Position X must be a claim to (some instance of) inequality.
      Which is what I’ve been arguing all along.
      Thus the only way for you to prove your argument that my claim is a strawman is to demonstrate that the position I’m misrepresenting is something other than universal equality between men and women, which is what I’ve been arguing all along!
      Ratatatat: Considering we have demonstrated that what you call “universal equality” is not even possible, I consider the entire point to be moot.
      chris: Just say, “feminism is not about equality” and I will stop and agree with you.
      chris: Or better yet say “feminism is about inequality favouring women.”
      chris: Then you agree with me that feminism is not about equality between men and women in social and legal rights and privileges.
      I’m proud of you. Come here and let me hug you!
      chris: “Yet feminism is based on an equality of social and legal rights and privileges between women.”
      Should be
      Yet feminism is based on an equality of social and legal rights and privileges between men and women.
      Ratatatat: Most social and legal situations have nothing to do with pregnancy. If a man litters and is punished then a woman should be held to the same standard for committing the same offense under the law, however, pregnancy by its own nature is asymmetrical in the most simple fact that men do not bear children. It would be foolish to argue as if the distinctions between men and women would not be significant in that case. I have never seen any feminist argue that woman and men are physically exactly the same and significant differences such as pregnancy should be ignored – that does not mean that a woman does not have the same Constitutional rights as any man would have. Don’t be ridiculous.
      chris: But that is unequal and contradicts the statement of feminism being for the social and legal equality in rights and privileges between men and women.
      Again from above;
      “My, and I believe alot of people in the manospheres anger is over the fact that where such inequalities are allowed to exist in social and legal rights and privileges they are to women’s advantage and men’s disadvantage. Yet in all instances where such inequalities in the social and legal rights between men and women are to a man’s advantage they are under assault by the feminist establishment. If you start from a position of inequality, where each side has rights and privileges that the other side does not, and you only seek to remove the advantageous rights and privileges of one side, then you aren’t in favour of equality, you are in favour of inequality favouring the side of those whose unequal advantages in rights and privileges you do not remove.”
      Ratatatat: Again, the “universal statement” is your own construct. I would prefer that you quote a real feminist argument instead of your own to begin with.
      Secondly, the subject of pregnancy is something that cannot be treated equally as one person has to physically carry the child and the other does not. The fact that it is a reasonably exceptional case does not negate the viability of the argument that men and women should be treated equally under the law in most or perhaps every other instance.
      chris: Thus you agree that feminism is not about equality between men and women in social and legal rights and privileges. Instead it is about inequality.
      Ratatatat: It is unequal in one sense – as it should be – that does not invalidate the rest of it as you seem to believe.
      chris: In logic it does.
      Ratatatat: No it does not. By that reasoning, there would be no freedom of speech, because we cannot libel/slander someone or that all men are not created equal – because we are not all the same. These are rhetorical generalities – and I might add – your own construction.
      chris: Rhetoric isn’t logic. In fact, since the time of ancient Greece, rhetoric has been maligned as the tool by which sophists mislead the masses. Glad to see you coming around to the manosphere point of view.
      I’m proud of you.
      Ratatatat: No. I don’t agree with you. Sorry.
      chris: Look it’s not your fault.
      Open up to me. Let me love you.

      Ratatatat: I don’t watch random youtube videos. All of your posts appear to be an attempt to obfuscate the fact that you never backed up your apparently false assertion from my original question. Thanks for playing, but I am pretty sure it just isn’t going to happen at this point.
      chris: Then you’ve never lived.
      chris: My original assertion was that feminism wasn’t about equality, which I think I have proved in argument.
      I did provide an example of inequality about rape, but I declined to follow up on establishing the truth value of that example since the effort expended to establish such truth was rather high. Thus I switched to the example of reproductive rights as the effort expended to establish the truth value of that example was much lower.
      The fact that I switched which examples I went on to prove in the bigger picture doesn’t really matter.
      If my argument retained soley to the rape examples than yes, my decision not to establish it’s truth value would be problematic, but that was not my argument. The rape example was merely used to attempt to elucidate my initial argument that feminism isn’t about equality in social and legal rights and privileges between men and women. Due to the fact that this argument is a universal claim to equality the mere fact that I choose not to prove the truth value of one counter-example to it doesn’t matter as long as I can come up with another counter-example which I do prove. Which I did with the reproductive rights example.
      Ratatatat: And I am saying that you are trying to hard to point to an obvious and accepted exception to try to disprove the larger point that is apparently valid – that women should be largely treated as equally under the law as possible, paid the same amount for working the same job and not treated badly from a social perspective. I don’t think you have done anything to take away from that overall message, which I think is worthwhile and definitely about equality.
      chris: I agree with all those messages. Women should be largely treated as equally under the law as possible, paid the same amount for working the same job and not treated badly from a social perspective.
      (In fact, you could probably characterise me as an equity feminist.)
      What I am arguing per se is that feminism is not about equality. And there are instances were feminists will push for (or not against) unequal social and legal rights and privileges that are unfair to men.
      Ratatatat: I disagree. I think your proposed change to pregnancy choices would be unfair to women. There is no position in my opinion that would be completely equal to either. I should also note that fair and equal are not interchangeable words.
      chris: So feminism isn’t about equality?
      Ratatatat:Solely in regards that single exception, that might be a fair statement, but it would be erroneous to claim on the whole.
      You’ll note that throughout the exchange, several times I got him to admit that “feminism is not about equality”, but the whole experience was like pulling teeth.
      Hopefully this dialectic will pop your illusion that feminism is about equality.

  3. Great article. I do have one question though, just some confusion.
    On RooshV you said you found yourself opening doors and being gentlemanly to foreign women. Is the issue that American women expect to be treated like ladies while they fail to act like them or is it something deeper than that?

    1. I assumed it was that a lot of American women couldn’t fit through the doors.

  4. “I deserve a nice guy.”
    That is all I’ve ever heard ALL women say. Women and feminist ideology are very much like the Rodger kid….which isn’t surprising as he was raised as manginus maximus.
    He “deserved”.
    Women “deserve”. This is “Cosmo woman think”!
    ….not sure why women are tethering this guy to the manosphere.
    Elliot Rodger is a manifestation of female thinking….not men.
    As a man, if I want something…I go and get it through determination and hard work.

    1. Deserve, isn’t that entitlement. These women think that Elliot had entitlement issues when they themselves also have entitlement issues.

      1. “I don’t deserve this.” – – – Little Bill Daggett
        “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.” – – – Bill Munny

    2. “As a man, if I want something…I go and get it through determination and hard work”. THIS! Ain’t no point in bitching about things that you CAN change in your life. Lifting weights, learning game, wearing nicer clothing, all help. But don’t do these things for female validation and “treats”. Do this for yourself.

    3. And as a man I’m on the hook for all my decisions and choices.
      Feminism is all about removing consequences for women.

      1. They might have put him in solitary confinement which in my opinion is a much worse punishment. People lose their minds in solitary.

        1. The thought of this, being a small guy, it absolutely nightmarish. They need to use this in that scared straight program.

    4. Deserving a nice guy is different from deserving sex… She can get a bad guy… no one wants that when the benefit of the doubt wears off. He could have had sex, he just had high standards.

      1. These are not mistakes. These are deliberate, corrosive, toxic lies and they are clearly good for business. The dead are collateral damage for these thugs.

    1. But these feminists do not care about the victims at all. Let see, a few chinks, meh, who cares, a few women, great. less competition, hmm a murderer we can pin on the manosphere, excellent !. Lets hope it happen again soon.
      This fits perfectly into their agenda.

    2. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and without an economic collapse, I don’t think they’d ever change their ways. Nothing short of that. Thank God we have a terrible debt-ridden federal government, insanely incompetent federal reserve controlling the money supply, and a myriad of other factors to insure that collapse.

  5. Roosh, the female responses I saw to your last article were so telling. A woman on my Facebook said “sure we go for the bad boy when we’re young! But we grow out of it! That’s why this game stuff is bullshit”
    I didn’t point out that men tailor their approach to picking up young beauties and not old hags, because I don’t like revealing my power level in public. But damn.
    These bitches basically justify our existence even while they’re trying to put us down.
    Hamsters, man

    1. It’s funny and sad at the same time that they think that getting a used version of themselves is some sort of grand prize. It’s understandable as the hamster is there for a very good biological reason but it’s still funny.

      1. That’s the true mental disturbance, that these women think that their had-sex-with-everyone-but-now-ready-to-settle-down version of themselves should somehow be just as valuable to men as women who are chaste and young. They think themselves men, which is why they don’t understand that they are the ones being chased. When you’re the prize to be chased, do you really think that something that’s let itself be caught every other weekend is worth chasing, or even having?
        They think they’re men, they think that vagina is equal to penis, and that easy-to-unlock front doors are just as valuable as master-keys. They couldn’t be more wrong.

        1. “A key that opens any lock is a master key. A lock that opens for any key is just a worthless lock.” One of the phrases I love.

        2. “To my extreme rage, I discovered that my sister had now a boyfriend, and that she had lost her virginity.”
          At least Rodger was more honest.

        3. Not to mention that most women that slut themselves out earlier on in life then “settle down”, get bored with their settled down life and seek out affairs 3 or 4 years into marriage. There’s no good reason to be with one of these women for anything that even resembles a long time relationship at any point in their lives.

        4. “A pencil that’s been sharpened a lot is just a shitty pencil, but a pencil sharpener that sharpens a lot of pencils is a pretty good pencil sharpener.” See, look, people with vaginas can do that too.
          Genitals are not stupid metaphors to justify who can have casual sex and who can’t. They’re just bits of flesh for procreation and fun. If you think only people with penises can have fun, well, sucks to be you. I’m certainly not going to fuck anyone who’s going to judge me for doing the exact same thing as them.

        5. I read on the telegraph an article trying to pin Elliot on all men, the article is about a feminist phone line which womyn can give out at bars to which ever male they decide is not worth their while.
          Later on in life they will wander where the good men have gone. Feminist stupidity knows no bounds.

        6. Well, when you need to resort to prostitutes to get laid (i.e., whores), you can detect them better than the rest of us.

        1. If you are going to try ad hominems, at least try being clever.
          Roger was the worst kind of white knight beta male loser imaginable. Much like yourself.

        2. Elliott Rodgers was just like every other Alpha male, he merrily quoted the twerps who post their lives away on AVfM and RoK, he held the same views as other Alphas and hated women just as much. Loser, yes; Beta, no.

        3. Of course it’s never the feminists fault they’re just going to ask you why are you blaming the victim.

        4. @Kristophr-we are not misogynicstic we are realists. Did you go and read ten articles? If not I suggest you do so, then come back more enlightened. We are realists.

      2. I’m going to remember this… this post sums up everything wrong in the last 40+ odd years.

    2. I am composing an article on the mice utopia experiment and I am attempting to link it to modern ill’s of our society. I will link it for anyone that’s interested in due time.

      1. I watched that video, and had a long conversation with my guys at work about it. Let me hook you up and do your proofreading, it’s the least I can do to contribute to RoK. I’ve proofed a different one already. I love doing it, and I need all the practice I can get. [email protected] is my RoK correspondence. Respect.

      2. It’s coming along nicely. I may need some proofreading and maybe even some challenge to my theories and assumptions in order to see if it stands to scrutiny but I reckon I hit the eureka moment.

      3. OK, I have a first draft of part 1. Is anyone willing to proofread?
        How do I go about asking Roosh or the other lads for publication on the ROK? I could email him.

        1. Go to the very bottom of your screen mate where there’s links to forum threads you should see next to these links a link called ‘submit an article’.

      4. if you are writing an article on the mice utopia experiment you might want to take a look at this

        1. Nice try.
          Pagan Rome carved a massive empire out of barbarian lands.
          “Christian” Rome was stormed and looted by barbarians.

        2. This is actually basic world history. Constantine disbanded the Praetorian Guard, and replaced it with a 500-member Imperial Guard that left the Eastern Empire practically defenseless, thus it was sacked by the Visigoths. One thing led to another, and now Rome is the corpse of an empire we know it to be today.

        3. Terrible history.
          Rome survived until the 1100s in the East.
          The German tribes Latinized.
          The end of Roman culture was Islam. It cut off Europe from cotton, sugar, space, wheat, papyrus.
          Christian piety was behind the Conquistadors and almost all European colonization later on notably the British Empire.

        4. The Roman Empire spread fast and conquered the barbarians, within 100 years of “christianity”, barbarians where sacking Rome.
          Western empire collapsed and none of the other cities of the empire could repeat what Rome initially did.
          Eastern Roman Empire survived but it was stagnant, Constantinople was not able to become Rome 2.0.
          Early christianity, not that comparable with the christianity 1300 years later, may have not been the sole reason of the Roman fall but it was why the fall was so complete and why there wasn´t a particulary swift recovery from it.
          Pagan Rome may have fallen to abrahamic cultism but it had indeed the better culture.
          Given what technology, population number and history it had vs what British Empire had shows who made the most conquests and won the most fights.
          European superior intelligence and organization made european conquest not only possible but high-handed.
          Christianity is not evil as a whole but it is not the reason for white success, Whites are.

        5. uh? I think you are confused… See, the west entered the dark ages and east did not. The east decided that they were going to stop financially supporting the west because the west kept suffering viking invasions, moores, anarchy, feudalism and plagues. The East never suffered the dark ages. It was not until the first crusades that the west brought the books and knowledge from the east. As the middle ages progressed, convents invested in educating women.

        6. Give it up, I like just laughing at them at this point. They’re obviously verging on sub- human.

        7. Rome was collapsing long before Constantine converted his empire to Christianity. If anything, most historians believe the conversion prolonged the empire.

    3. It fits what he said perfectly:
      “This behavior continues until they find that they are past their
      physical prime, whereby the nice guy is plucked from a spartan sexual
      existence and expected to keep his mouth shut when a trickle flow of
      informational torture reveals that his bride-to-be has experienced more
      than a dozen different penises in her vagina, anus, and mouth—the same
      mouth that is supposed to kiss his future children good night.”

      1. Such “beta” have a feminist mentality.
        Women needs to have less sex, score less so the betas can feel less uncomfortable scoring so little instead of having to feel as pathetic as they actually are.
        They refused to learn game and call the guys that do assholes and brutes while wallowing in self-pity? Then they have no valid reasons to complain about women having a higher count than them. Simple!
        Nope, the “brutes” and “jerks” are not dumber than the whinning “betas”, they are actually smarter.
        Why? because they at least actually get what they want, lol!

      2. “Well Roosh, I’d like to know how many vaginas you’ve had in your mouth?!” – the answer we all know is none (if he’s been truthful when posting about it) because that’s a useless supplicative beta gesture. Also, 3 holes vs 1, and I don’t remember my father ever kissing me good night- because that would’ve been weird.

        1. His dick goes where EVERY MRA’s dick goes: only into other MRAs. See, you’re cheating the moral code if you let women near the peen.

    4. This is why when those girls get old and used up, I’ll have no sympathy for them

      1. Nobody’s asking for your sympathy. Women who are old and used up are mostly glad to be that way. They don’t have to put up with your bullshit any more.

    5. They grow out of it, huh? Well in the words of Kendrick Lamar:
      “Tried to make you mine
      Tried to spend some time
      But I ain’t got the time or the patience to stop and wait in line”
      In other words; they had their chance, and they can’t have another.
      and that’s really a boldface lie. Last year a girl hit on me by asking if I had a job, while she had like 4 kids with her. She grew out of wanting a bad boy because the bad boy daddy ain’t around to help with her kids.

      1. They grow greedier.
        They don´t want bad boys anymore because they want cash cows. Thought at least, real cows get milked!

        1. yeah, isn’t that strange. women are the ones who are biologically destined to have children, but men get to walk away from them and the kids. then you have the fucking gall to put them down because they can’t do it all themselves. take some responsibilty. act like grown ups. sperm dumps. jesus.

        2. men are not responsible to clean up other men’s messes – she played with fire, got burned 4 times, those are her marks, she failed.

        3. men aren’t responsible for much of anything according to this site. except getting themselves off.

        4. Lololololol and whose responsibility is it to make sure they have one of those and put it on? That was lame. Funny even, giving a woman instructions on how to use a condom, the only form of both control for men. I like the snipping suggestion even better.

      2. This reminds me of.. well… the bar scene at every bar or trips to the grocery store.
        My sister the other day tried to piss me off (after having lost a logic based argument) by claiming that i’m dating/fucking the wrong type of girls and i should go to a upscale place to find women. That moron didn’t understand the next few paragraphs that came out of mouth, but casually ignored what i said which is what you just said only to change her previous argument from “relationships” to “casual relations with people”. After leaving a few redpills on her plate she, while at a loss for words, said i should stop hanging out with who ever it is that’s telling me this stuff.
        I told her I’m not divorcing experience.
        Hamster logic.

    6. This episode kind of showcased how much the public fears male backlash against current culture. From now on, they are going to label ALL of us as not just misogynists, losers, and rapists, but mass murderers as well. The fight between red pill and blue pill has taken a dangerous and very bloody turn.
      I am not even sure it’s safe for us anymore. How soon until they organize a witch hunt against people like us (including Roosh and all the writers on this site), banning us from every aspect of ordinary life they can think of and forcing us to tell our neighbors that we are misogynists every time we change neighborhoods? Call me paranoid, but I’ve looked the beast in the eye, and I saw nothing but frothing insanity.
      I really hope I’m just over-reacting.

      1. I hear you and feel for your point of view. But I must retort that if it actually became a pitched battle, not just in the physical sense but even in a social one, there is no chance that we will lose in the long run.
        “Remember the pain they felt at the hands of just 300 of our warriors. Now we stand before them as 30,000 free Spartans.” Stand back to back, men. Tonight we dine in Hell.

        1. Yeah…haha. Most people don’t really write that much these days. I still write in longhand, I’ve never liked text-message-sized snippets. I don’t do well on Twitter.

      2. You are. The opposite is going to happen, a massive backlash against feminism and a rise in the popularity of ideas spread on this site.
        I’m not sure how it “feels” to be in America, since I’m German, but where I live I can say it gets safer to say whatever you want by the day.
        Maybe America hasn’t climaxed in her hysteria yet, but the peak is nigh.

        1. It should already have happened, then.
          Those who take action will not be the “betas” but rather just a minority, a minority that will only get support when it is safe to support it.
          Feminism is only possible by coercion and because of White Knights that do everything for the overpriced feminist whores, the feminist whores are by themselves even less powerfull than Saudi arab females because Saudi arab females at least knows how to work by age 6 or earlier.

        2. Converting to Islam and moving to one of those countries just gets more and more tempting by the day. Polygamy is legal there, and if you want a hot wife, you can buy one for 1000 dollars from the Syrian refugee camps.

        3. Well, homosexuality is offically banned but in practice…. You know what happened to Lawrence of Arabia at the hands of a Turk?

        4. Yeah, you can buy a hot wife… Nothing says I respect you as a living thinking being as treating them like slaves.

        5. Holy shit, you’re a paid troll, aren’t you? The kind who posts sick sh!t like that just to make this site look even MORE populated by sickfux. You and your ilk are going to get this site closed down and have the webmasters arrested.

      3. But we have the truth on our side.
        It is said that a new truth passes through 3 stages. First it is mocked and ignored, then it is vehemently opposed, then finally it is held to be self-evident.
        Strap yourself in boys, I think our red-pill truth just entered stage 2.

      4. Okay.
        You’re paranoid.
        “I’m not even sure it’s safe for us anymore.”
        For real, all you guys on this site are like a real live onion article. Shit’s hilarious, I don’t know how you come up with this stuff.

      5. What people forget is that they can’t operate without us.
        Eventually the average woman will stop and make a list of what they want in a man and we will have 80% of that list covered while their weak and the type of men they settled with will have 10% if any at all. Man got this far by taking risks, and making logical assessments, endured pain, and bullshit, and we continue to improve ourselves. This is why even if they ousted us they’d be fucked.

        1. Wait… You think women can’t operate without you? You do know that the reason men go to war and women stay home is because the human race or nation can survive if a few men return and spread their seed, but a few women will likely make us go extinct or destroy the nation… Our reproduction is way slower…

      6. Don’t worry, you ARE just overreacting. Quite hysterically at that. But do not despair — RoK and AVfM are the perfect places for such insanity.

      7. “A thoughtcrime criminal lives here”…driver licences emblazoned with “Thoughtcrime” in one inch red letters.

    7. Women are BULLSHIT!
      Game is, and always has been the way to get their legs parted. Once that’s done, it’s all downhill from there. It’s akin to putting a ring through a bull’s nose to control it.
      Game works, and is necessary to constrain the mentally and physical deficiencies of the modern female. Mr. Rodgers didnt’ get that memo. Too bad for him, and for the ignorant victims that tasted lead.
      If Mr. Rodgers if really a feminist, as his pictorial proclamation suggests, then I can only predict that feminist are fomenting a civil war in which opposing forces of female feminism face off against male feminism in a north v south showdown over men’s “rights.”
      Whatever the fallout from this episode may be, Mr. Rodgers is a case study for the utter frustration of the beta male white-knight who thinks that becoming a double agent for the enemy will somehow spare them from the ravages of the war that the feminist wage against men worldwide.
      Without hope for a victory over the enemy, a scorched earth strategy to address the situation seems like a better solution than accepting the realities of the the western female ameri-cunt and her vicious war against real male values. And, it’s not enough to wage war against the machine, but the situation is so desperate as to take one’s own life in the process of making a stand, or statement, against what is so clearly f’ed up in our culture.
      Mr. Rodgers, I know what you had to deal with, but you fucking gave up you pussy and took the easy way out. For anyone feeling the same angst as Mr. Rodgers, I urge you to learn from the men here who have overcome the enemy and are victorious over the feminist constructs that destroy our manliness, and our soul.

      1. Game assures that you only get women who fall for game, that’s it. You can keep fooling yourself all you want. Your low standards are a win for everyone else.

      2. One, fuck your game. It has no power over me.
        Two, He can’t be a feminist when he explicitly said he hated it…


        1. Unfortunately I highly doubt this source is accurate, no matter how many times you spout it.

      3. A beta male white knight? Is that your name for a mentally ill mass murderer who NO DOUBT was giving off some weird vibes that scared women off? I mean, come on, there was a lot of hate in that boy, and I really don’t think it just came from not getting laid. You all have some serious mental problems.

    8. If you read the previous article about the FB ask button you will see the writer concludes the pool of beta marriage men is dwindling.

    9. I think the hamster is entirely a biological phenomenon. The female endocrine system indicates that they are continually and repetitively filled with hormones, clouding much rational judgment until they reach menopause. Eggs being produced daily, hormones, it is no wonder why mostly men have been the rational thinkers for so long.

        1. Natural selection is completely skewed these days. Have you seen what’s breeding? Holy fuck. Little fat , short & stupid penguins mistaken for humans are pumping out broke wellfare spawn by the dozens…. and tall, lean, fit, sane & well-to-do smart people are carefully thinking “they might not be ready for a child just yet” because they want to be able to afford private school when they do. The sensible are thinking twice and the senseless are punching them out. We’re basically fucked.
          The future is canceled. Save yourselves.

        2. The thing is, current western societies are no longer sustainable, they are already bankrupt and only keeps going with an insane amount of debts. http://www.npr.org/2011/08/06/139027615/a-national-debt-of-14-trillion-try-211-trillion
          Accumulating that debt is only possible thanks to the international use of the US dollar (and the euro on a lesser scale) but the quantiative easing policies to prevent a true depression is prompting reactions, since their economies are suffering as a result.
          http://www.truthandaction.org/23-countries-now-abandoning-us-dollar-2/ http://www.latitudenews.com/story/world-abandoning-u-s-dollar/
          Have you noticed rising food prices? Inflation is happening in the european union too.
          When SHTF and the EBT cards stops working, the welfare parasites will of course resort to rioting and looting, like 2005 New Orlean and 1992 Los Angeles but on a much larger scale.
          Hovewer, with stores going bankrupt, there won´t be much to loot for very long. http://newswatch.us/retail-apocalypse-major-chains-closing-hundreds-of-stores/ These “people” have no skills beside milking the state and organized crime.
          The US governement may declare martial law soon before the elections or after Hillary is elected, depending on how things goes but the results remains the same.
          The remaining producers insensitive to work will be far lower than today when that happen, even with a 100% taxe on the producers, there still won´t be enough for the welfare parasites.
          State revenues drops drastically just as the costs of policing sees a massive increase.
          These smart people

        3. Idiocracy is the future man.
          Soon the president will be a WWF wrestler and we will feed our plants Gatorade.
          Evolution is not by any means a progressive movement towards perfection. Who is the most “fit” is simply who reproduces the most.
          Our automated society removes selective pressure for things required for survival in the traditional sense. When the whole system falls apart many people will be ill prepared.

      1. Makes them bitches especially when on their period and they make stupid excuses about it. My sister was on her period and she kicked my shins because she was pissed for no apparent reason other than her period.

    10. See what Reginald Joyboy has to say about that young Turk cunt in the comments section

    11. It is we grow out of it that is telling.
      They are not growing out it as in mentally maturing, they are growing out of it as in becoming greedier.
      They don´t want to bake and eat their own cake, only want to eat the cake the husband baked for them. The reason to avoid them is that they will only hold you back from your objectives.

    12. Speaking of hamsters, it’s a know fact that the female hamster may attack the male hamster and even kill it for some trivial reason. This shows that there are feminists among hamsters too.

    13. your power level? what does that even mean? young beauties vs. old hags? this is one scary place.

    1. Their last shred of existing conscience farted in the general direction of their mirror gazing.

  6. Matthew De Grood (stabbed 5 people to death at a party in Calgary, Alberta, Canada) was a vocal supporter of Equalism, another feminist/progressive ideology.
    See the fifth fact.
    Karl Pierson http://www.returnofkings.com/24142/why-did-karl-halverson-pierson-attack-his-school-and-kill-a-pretty-girl was a self proclaimed Leftist as well.
    It’s becoming clearer and clearer that people who identify with and espouse today’s politically correct ideologies – Feminists, Equalists, ‘Anti’-Racists (people who direct their racism only against white persons, or minorities perceived as being of white ethnicity, or non-violent minorities) Progressives, and etc – have an increased likelihood of being more mentally unstable and outright dangerous than people who do not identify with these far left ideologies.

    1. Agreed. He’s liberalism distilled to its’ absolute purity. The political milieu in which this occurred should not be discounted.

  7. Since women cannot physically bully men easily, they covertly bully men.
    They do this with the word ‘Misogyny’. Whenever someone rightfully accuses, blames, or even criticizes women – Misogyny!!
    And thus they bully and intimidate men into silence.
    This tactic is called relational aggression. It is a form of psychological abuse.
    More and more people are waking up to it. Keep abusing the misogyny card women, it will only help us expose it faster.

    1. Modern feminists are like their female bonobo counterparts. A single female bonobo can’t go up one on one against a male bonobo but a whole group of them screaming and raving can be quite formidable.

      1. Funny you mention the species that has a highly deviant sexuality. Thats how I refer to deviants: I call them bonobos.

    2. but their intimidation doesn’t work anymore when you’re past the point of giving a fuck. that is what scares them.

    3. It only really works with weak, pussy men + a society where these “men” are the ones that calls the shots.
      Of course, it looks as if women are the ones having power but they don´t, they only have the power granted to them by “betas”.

    1. We need to get this painted on some billboards on some high-trafficked highways. Perhaps someone could get a Kickstarter going for it? lol

      1. You know what? That kickstarter idea is MOTHERFUCKING GENIUS. As I said above, and related to my comment a few days ago, I’m all in at this point. Anything I can do to help? Just let me know. You can figure out how to contact me, I left it in this thread.

        1. Sweet check out the following link for cost info.
          I’m down to do this and I’d definitely chip in, the problem though is that I gotta do my best to maintain my privacy due to the obvious non-PC nature of the advertisement. I’d love to be a hard-ass and say “fuck the PC bitches” but then the question of how I pay my bills would most likely soon arise; so I can’t lead this thing.
          However if @Roosh_V were to spearhead this thing since he’s already a public figure and his views are already well-known, I think I could trust him to maintain the donor list’s privacy. It helps to be a self-made man.
          @Roosh_V you there? 😀

        2. Definitely. Having the RoK website on the billboard would also be a nice touch, and would increase site traffic somewhat. If this were paid for completely by donation, what’s the downside?

        3. I agree. If Roosh & Co.’s goal is to take the manosphere mainstream (which I know I personally and thousands of other dudes would like to see), provocative billboards and things like that will definitely help accomplish that goal.

        4. It’s gonna happen.
          I wasn’t lying, my give a fuck is set to “off”. I’m ready to sprint to the finish, which is something I say as a former 4x200m relay runner. Winning takes: sprint, handoff, sprint, handoff, sprint, handoff and sprint to the finish line. It’s more nuanced than the casual observer notices. Everyone’s strength is measured, but the real trick to winning is in the handoff.

        5. I agree and am not kidding either. If @Roosh_V:disqus or someone else would like to take on spearheading such a thing, I’ll happily donate.

  8. I almost think you should have become a lawyer Roosh, because your natural ability to lay out a concise and logical argument is astounding.
    This article is blistering in it’s facts and truth.
    Bravo a million times over.

    1. the only valid argument the hamster has is that men are not helping the situation that much, by gaming women and raising their notch count… where are all these sluts going to come from if you hold them to the standard of virginity until marriage…
      the counter argument to that, is of course that both men and women fill very different roles sexually… the equality is a flawed concept… THUS :
      Men are the pillar of society as a whole, it’s technology, wealth, politics etc… while women are the pillar of the family unit. Where the family unit is valued, then women will naturally be chased and looking for family… .where the family unit is trashed and the productive members of society are robbed to feed a parasitic welfare state of entitlement, then women are enabled to go out whoring and sleep around…..
      Men will settle for family, and wife…. especially if women set those goals and require that before giving away sex… but if women give away sex freely… don’t be surprised when men figure out techniques to get as much of that free sex as possible…

      1. Pillars of the family unit? Must be why 56 millions abortions in the US alone since 1973. Must be why most divorces are initiated by women. Why children raised by single mothers most often far worst than children raised by single fathers.
        That is pretty much it, 150 years ago, women themselves did not want (vaginal) sex before marriage because this gave them comittement and the benefits that came with that. Upper-class victorian woman was the (self-interested) guardian of virtue. Feminism only collectivized these benefices.
        But in the end, both systems goes against natural selection.

    2. While you are right, it’s also obvious that your lips have become surgically fused with his ass.

  9. Not once did Elliot Rodger blame feminists for ANYTHING. Even feminists today blame feminists for a lot of things. This itself further corroborates that he was a feminist.

  10. Guys! Let’s start a new trend: #elliotrodgerisafeminist
    Post the hashtag, tweet this article with whatever other trend you fancy and a little comment 🙂
    Together we can beat this bullshit and save the manosphere!

    1. Good idea. Unfortunately I don’t use twitter. But I would be glad if the ones who use twitter did this.

      1. They suspended one of my accounts and demanded a mobile phone activation. The other hasn’t been posted? Idk why. Should be up. The third I can’t remember 🙁

        1. Damn I didnt know twitter could be that ruthless. Facebook does it all the time.

  11. I believe men should be chivalrous and kind as well. Now if I could move to a society where that is valued. In America, it’s one of the most self destructive things a man can do.
    If Roosh’s description of Poland was accurate, maybe that is an option.

    1. That’s why an important part of the male right of passage is firstly to to differentiate and separate oneself from the feminine before males can develop a solid male identity as men.

      1. Elliot was shunned by men just as much as he was shunned by women. His lack of masculinity is easily observed in some of his gestures – even his overall appearance. I personally don’t have anyone problems with homosexuals, nor do I think they contribute to societal ills by luring men away from women (after all, all flight is fright and if men are turning to men, or prostitutes, or porn, or whatever…, they’re also running away from women and perhaps justifiably so). The only real issue is men that fail to develop a masculine identity (regardless of whether they Identify as heterosexual or homosecual). It just so happens however, that there are more men of this type in the homosexual and effeminate categories. These kinds of men are more destructive than women because they have all the weaknesses of women, the fears, inadequacies and irrationality/inability to process emotions, without the checks and balances of men, all in the body of a man. Bad combination. As Elliot has proven. Even if they aren’t going on spree murders, men like this are hurricanes in companies, in families, and in society in general. There lives are run by inadequacies, fears, and destructive compensatory behaviors.

        1. Based on my foolish mistake to argue with gays on Raw Story on behalf of ROK this week, I have concluded that you are right. They were even more emotional and irrational than the female commenters decrying Elliot as a PUA murderer (when Rodgers was actually an enemy of PUA as Roosh points out repeatedly). And they lacked even the basic ability to apply logic from whatever is left of their male brains. I decided then and there to never argue with a homosexual again, as it is an even greater waste of time than being logical with women, with the added feeling of contempt that comes from watching a man think and behave in this weak-minded fashion.

    2. We live in a very broken society. Reversed gender roles. Poisonous feminist ideology that permeates in western society through the mainstream media outlets leaving both genders of young men and women confused about themselves and each other so when they get into relationships they have no idea how to deal with each other. Men behaving like women, women behaving like men. Mindless consumerism has replaced philosophy, altruism and religion. Children being corrupted at earlier ages, then they get a warped view of how relationships work. Nobody seems to give a shit about one another anymore. Too many people causing too many problems. It’s insanity. Everything is corrupt, everything is fucked up. Most people don’t care about morality and ethics. I don’t know how to make sense of this stuff anymore, Guess i’ll just roll with the punches. Adapt and survive. I’m not here to fix a broken society that was caused by idiots generations before me. I just gotta live, find my happiness and passions in life and then die happy.

      1. And when you figure out who engineered all this financially and ideologically you’re going to be REALLY pissed.
        Then when you figure out WHY they are doing this you’re going to be foaming at the mouth with rage.

        1. I’m not a fan of being a pawn to be sacrificed at a whim by social engineers. In fact, I’m moderately annoyed by it. I actually don’t even approve of being poisoned by estrogen-mimicking compounds in BHT plastic bottles or drinking birth control medication in city water. Good thing I have a professional water filter, for one.
          Yeah I know who’s trying so hard to fuck me. I know their names. Not that they deserve consideration by someone like me, other than for the purposes of their derision. They bore me. And when I get bored, it’s a lot worse than a useless femicunt. I’m feeling a distinct urge to become a mouthy-ass culture jammer. I’d appreciate an worthy opponent, but instead I’ll just have to content myself by crushing a bunch of pantywaist faggots. Not quite as fulfilling, but I’ll have to deal with it.

        2. Who is the architect here? Seems like you guys don’t want to give direct names, so how would one find that information?

        3. The thing about the Matrix is, you can’t just be told about it, you have to see it for yourself. If you want to find the answer to your question, you will find it.
          Interestingly, the Bilderburg Group is meeting right now in Denmark. You know, the group that doesn’t exist and is a “conspiracy theory”…oh wait, until a few years ago when they admitted that they do exist after all. That’s something to look into. Also, know anything about the history of the Rothschilds and international banking? That should keep you busy for a while.
          “A private central bank issuing the public currency is a greater menace to the liberties of the people than a standing army.” -TJ

        4. I am sure someone on ROK will write an article that brings us farther down the rabbit hole. The red pill is only just one step in.

        5. i totally was on this ron paul kick, taking people down the rabbit hole, but you all went somewhere else.

      2. Evolved gender roles. It was expaned from one woman and man to men and women in western societies as a whole.
        See, the husband is still supposed to be The Provider and the wife to be provided for and better suited to raise children. Sure the wife can work but the Money is hers and the husband´s Money belongs to the family, which in the case of the divorce-keen women, is usually her (while the children learn to eat dog food).
        Which is false and injuste for men.

        1. The whole concept of “protector and provider” pisses me off. There’s no reason whatsoever for men to help women, protect them and certainly not give our money to them. I for one would be all too happy to let women starve rather than give my money to them.
          Women think they are so fucking tough, so goddamn badass that they kick ass and suck dozen cocks at the same time.
          I say let women act as tough and badass as they want to, see how far they can go before they cry some man to help them out when going gets rough.
          Fuck women (figuratively).

        2. Same here.
          For much of human history, that is how it kind of was, cavemen could not afford to have the women being simply a dead weight for them, no baby sitting them, otherwise they themselves would be dead real fast.
          Cavewoman only usefull for sex and children vs cavewoman that is actually usefull to he and the tribe? Caveman would obviously prioritize the latter, rational selection.
          Also, what if George Washington and the rest of the founding fathers had bought that BS?
          Put simply, the birth of children is necessary of course but most of civilizations improvement is thanks to men not going along with that concept.
          This concept is also what makes western women the way they are today, whoredome has truly become the easiest strategy and its logical result is devolution.
          Don´t worry, SHTF real soon, the whores will fall and the White Knights who support that concept won´t be able to force it down the throat of men who rejects that BS.

  12. Apart from being a member of the PUAhate forum, Elliot Rodger had a YT subscription to The Young Turks. So he might have been a great fan of Ana Kasparian.

    1. …and she would have rejected him because he was an effeminate feminist in reality.

      1. Elliot Rodger is much like O.J. Simpson (and Michael Jackson, Tiger Woods etc). After royally fucking up his adoptive community tries to – forcefully – send him back so they (adoptive community) won’t be associated with the crime.

  13. Feminist leaders thought this was their Reichstag Fire, but it is turning out to be their Waterloo.

    1. blow·back
      noun: blowback; plural noun: blowbacks; noun: blow-back; plural noun: blow-backs
      the unintended adverse results of a political action or situation.
      “this is the blowback from all those aggressive public health campaigns”

  14. The Young Turks are absolutely trash. Ana is astoundingly better than the fat fuck Cenk.

    1. Cenk has man-child written all over him. He’s like 43 and working on a libtard show for college age people (18-24)

  15. That Ana video is interesting to watch. Witnessing the hamster go into overdrive is quite fascinating.

  16. Never fall for the “women’s lives are so hard” bullshit of feminists. Western women are the most overprivileged, pampered and gratified creatures on the entire planet. They’re living the dream in comparison to men around them and the third world. They will never, ever admit it though. They know better than that. They are the greatest manipulators and will never stop whining no matter how comfortable their lives be.

    1. If you tell a lie enough times people will believe it. Feminism has poisoned women.

      1. Feminist falsehoods are dangerous, by reason of the psychological fact that you only require to repeat a lie often enough, provided you are uncontradicted, in order for the aforesaid lie to be received as established truth by the mass of mankind. – The Fraud of Feminism – Ernest Belfort Bax
        This is why we must stomp out the “Misogyny” bullshit whenever we see it. If we don’t stop it, EVERYTHING against female desires will be labelled “Misogyny” thereby preventing any and every opposition to it, even if it is demonstrably wrong

        1. good point. Its like a nasty game of tennis. You will only win the game and match by challenging each and every point.
          Feminism has got to where it is because until its been playing that game on its own, with a cheering home crowd.
          That has to stop now

    2. Move them all to Pakistan or Afghanistan for a week. That should cure their narcissistic entitlement attitudes.

        1. Muzzie males at least knows enough to make female muzzies do as much work as possible.

        2. ya and as a result very few car accidents. despite the bad traffic.
          Letting women drive will will only increase it

    3. “Western women are the most overprivileged, pampered and gratified creatures on the entire planet. “…
      And who’s fault is that????

      1. It’s the fault of these misogynists who practice ‘game’ and only go after those type of women.

      2. White knights. They would do anything but check a woman if they even smelled pussy.

    4. I would even say that women’s whining, craziness and overall unhappiness with their lives rises in direct correlation to the material comforts they have within the society at large.
      Contrast this to men who generally when faced with adversity will rise to the occasion and triumph…….or die in pre femenized societies. The Natural Law has made it so but for a temporary time this law has been suspended though for how long? I cannot imagine things holding together for much longer.

      1. This is another reason why the dismantling of the space program in favor of welfare-state entitlements has been such a disaster. *Right now*, such hardy men should be building settlements on the Moon and maybe Mars, furthering humanity’s expansion outward and carrying the frontier spirit to a new generation. Instead, we have… what we have.

        1. I like that reasoning. I believe a renewal of an ambitious but attainable space programme would turn out away from the toxic inwardness of the present day.
          Men need frontiers

        2. the way society is at the moment makes it harder for grand, imaginative projects to get the necessary backing. But once things are set in motion it might be different. The public imagination must be captured. Then men can orient towards conquest once more

        3. no. terribly sorry for you getting the wrong idea. nasa is not atomic. it is divisible. the division that spent all the cash gave nothing back (astro-naut), while the divisions that actually contributed cost far less and went on just fine (astro-probe and rocket engines) – until they too got dragged down by association. nasa should not ever be allowed to reform. no more astronauts, no more trillions spent literally going nowhere new for decades while simultaneously being sold as ‘frontier spirit’ to people who don’t bother to actually look at the details.
          the nasa astronaut program was welfare-state, spending untold trillions as it went nowhere for decades, coasting on the work of the 1950s and 1960s, contributing no new science or engineering back for its stupidly ridiculous cost, ultimately crushing that ‘spirit’ by plunging the future then (the present now) into such high debt and bad trust.
          the astro-man program ended its advancement of engineering and science in approximately 1970. all advancements since then have come from everywhere else, even though the astro-man program spent all the money.
          space is extremely expensive, extremely large, and quite contrary to it’s name, only mostly empty. what remains is extremely hostile to life. we don’t need to send people. been there, done that, way too expensive and disaster prone, let’s move on.

        4. That is exactly why grand, imaginative projects must be promoted.
          This pits people against the current rotten societie, makes them realize what opportunities they have lost, what wonders has been denied to them only to be replaced with the stale garbage of political correctness.
          I think reproduction is necessary to keep societies going, of course, but I do not advocate that marriage be a man or even woman´s primary purpose in life.
          There is no conquest otherwise.
          Look at the “greatest generation” after WW2 and how that turned out by 1969.
          They may have been on the winners side in 1945 but they clearly and objectively lost the war at home.

        5. bit of pyrrhic victor, but then there were values worth something back then

        6. I really wish you all would remove yourselves to the moon or mars. The world would be a better place.

      2. Nah women have penis envy since birth notice how feminists make such ridiculous ideas of castration

    5. yep, every day is special pamper day, because they’re worth it.
      wouldn’t hurt to pop a piranha or two into those nibbling fish pedicures they so like. That’d wake em up

    6. This probably caused extreme cognitive dissonance in Elliot’s mind. Watching his sister get it all with no effort while he truly believed he deserved the same with no effort.

    7. Don´t fall for the cultural-marxist lie.
      Being spoiled and pampered is hardly a “Privilege”. When things gets tough…

        1. Are you retarded?
          Who will be the most able to survive when SHTF? Those who do everything themselves or those who rely on others doing it for them?
          Enjoy that welfare will it last. Stop asking the White Man for handouts.

        2. WTF are you talking about? I AM white you imbecile. “Being spoiled and pampered is hardly a “Privilege” – This statement proves that you are a retard. Spoiled and pampered implies NOTHING but privilege. I am beginning to suspect that you might be a straw man. If not then you need to sort out your delusions. Your thoughts are extremely obscure and contradictory.

        3. I think he is indeed retarded. Only a retard (or feminist) would claim that being spoiled and pampered is not an privilege.

        4. You are the one who is retarded and here is why, you fail to see what being spoiled and pampered leads to.
          Take the white liberal student. He or she gets ethnic, gender studies ora degree in puppetry for 50 or even 250K in debts. Privilegied?
          Eventually the White liberal student have to go out in the real World and seek a job.
          Puppetry or women´s studies doesn´t get any good jobs and the student debts have an interest rate. The former student is no longer privilegied, he or she is disadvantaged.
          Black student that have some working ethics, doesn´t get massive student debts and choose a usefull study is the one who gets a well-paying and is really Privilegied.
          When you eat 6.5 kilos a day and don´t do exercice because you live on welfare, you have the “Privilege” of not starving.
          You become smelly and morbidly obese, then you get a heart attack. Is that “privilege”? No, thats being fucked.

        5. On the contrary, you are retarded beyond belief, too dumb to live in fact.
          What you fail to understand is the long-term consequences of being spoiled and pampered are usually negative.
          Especially in times of crisis.

        6. With every single comment you’re consolidating my suspicion that you’re actually a feminist. You dumb piece of shit – The “crisis” is not the PRESENT. When the world “collapses” then you can whine about it. But as of now, there is no denying the female privilege. Women are extremely privileged in every single sphere nowadays. Stop trying to manipulate people you insidious straw man cunt.

        7. You’re making absolutely no sense you incoherent dumbfuck. I can guarantee that you suffer from some sort of a mental disorder, most likely schizophrenia. Go take your meds and quit wasting our time.

        8. Oh but I do make sense.
          You are just too stupid to follow the explanation, too stupid to understand causes and consequences.
          You´ll live interesting times.

        9. You are only consolidating your own idiocy.
          The feminists does not believe that the current society will collapse, except maybe for all that whole global warming balooney.
          The fuck they whinne about free contraceptions or video game characters if they did?
          Here is the thing, they have that Privilege today but that is going to screw them over when SHTF, since what they did during all those years and decades was learning to be completely weak, spoiled, dependent and sheltered.
          Privilege is like the WTC Towers, the higher the fall, the harder you are going to hit the concrete.

    8. Every time a man approaches me, every single time, I have an active fear in my mind of what will happen if I reject him and how I can reject him without him retaliating against me. Men have retaliated against me for rejecting their advances, and saying no to sex. People have witnessed and not stepped in. Going out to social settings with unfamiliar men is not comfortable. Nobody should have to leave their house with fear. No, It is not the same as living in Afghanistan, but just because there is something worse going on in another country, that doesn’t devalue the problems that are occurring here in America. Both require attention.

      1. But you should be falling for these men’s ‘game’ and spreading your legs for them as soon as they buy you that first drink. Sadly as soon as they have fulfilled themselves, two minutes later if you’ve got stamina, you have exhausted your usefulness to them.

    9. Nope, we just are not your servants anymore. Deal with it. I knew Elliot and rejected him several times. What a loser.
      All of you white males, feminism is all of your fault! If you didn’t devalue women so much, feminism wouldn’t need to exist. Thank your ancestors for it.

      1. It’s in fact the reverse:
        Putting pussy on a pedestal = OVER valuing = white knights letting women do all this shit without any accountability.

  17. He was the child of divorce, with a weak father and a cruel stepmother. He was what the absence of patriarchy creates. He was the child of Left Coast feminism.

    1. True, but the most important relationship that must be looked into is that with his biological mother. From his manifesto (really an autobiography) it becomes pretty clear that he was neglected in early childhood. Later in life his mother indulged him in material goods. Problably to buy off her guilty conscious. He seemed to like his little – half – brother. How he related to his sister is unclear. Basically his only “positive” relationship with the opposite sex is with is mother. A relationship purely based on materialism. Elliot also mentions his strong desire for his mother to marry a “wealthy man” i.e. pimping her out. Overall his relationship with his parents was totally fucked up. Add to this his likely genetic susceptibility to psychological ills and a disaster is born. The folks first and foremost that need to be examined are his biological parents.

      1. Genetics susceptibility is the loaded gun, the environment pulls the trigger.

      2. WHERE ARE THE FATHERS in these cases? why does all the blame lie with the mother when the father has taken the fuck off after pumping and dumping. and you wonder why feminists exist. you feeble minded dweebs. go stick your heads in a gas oven. i can be just as foul as you.

    2. Another fine product of single motherhood.
      Single mothers
      creating murderers and criminals since forever.

      1. Charles Manson was also fatherless and then abandoned by his prostitute drug addict mother and look how he turned out.

        1. i think fatherless means his father abandoned him too. so where does the fucking blame lie. you guys have some interesting tunnel vision.

        2. Single mothers raising children and collecting alimony is all the rage. Fathers that were falsely accused of rape or divorced by the mom. All done on purpose by the mother.

      2. When Pekka Eric Auvinen attacked Jokela back in 2007, he asked that he himself be blamed for his actions, not video games, family, friends and all that usual jizz.

      3. oh, never happens with single fathers? oh, wait, you guys are TOO SMART to take responsibility for your pump and dump, aren’t you?

        1. Alimony laws have changed alot. Based on case analysis, loss of experience from not working to raise children does have an effect on any potential income the person could make if they had not quit work. The new standard has allowed for house husbands to receive alimony as well because it takes two to make a baby. The employer should not have to pay someone for the loss of experience, they didn’t make the kid.

    3. Uh, my brother was fatherless, and my father would say he would meet him and abandon him, but my Brother turned out to be a strong christian man.

  18. ROK has been simply organizing and explaining modern American culture. I don’t see articles about fixing any of these problems. I’m sure all of us have a deep, sad feeling that America, a place of vast expanses of beautiful land, our own damned home and our hardworking ancestors’ home, has become populated with worthless beings of immense stupidity, ignorance, and negativity. How do we get rid of them? Can we change them? Does someone have to become a reasonable Hitler? I’d like for the staff to answer these questions.

    1. Learn Game. Fuck sluts. Disregard feminazi’s and whiteknight manginas. Enjoy the Decline.

  19. I don’t mean to blow sunshine up your ass, but this is a brilliant piece, Roosh. I don’t know how you can write so well in such a short time. You are more informed than any wannabe journalist or real journalist for that matter.

    1. Apparently he stays off the internet for extended periods of time. It’s like when George Costanza temporarily lost interest in sex and became a genius.

  20. Next someone will claim that 6 people being killed has nothing to do with sexual assault, making the @llwomen tag completely callous to the actually victims and their families.

  21. Does anyone have evidence that feminists are behind 18 being the age of consent? It is absurd we are being denied the ideal biological age for intercourse (10 – 13)

  22. This is an article that had to be written. Bravo, Roosh.
    Here’s what Kasparian disingenuously fails to address: marriage is a Judeo-Christian societal institution. It is to be a joining of two *virgins*. Once a person chooses to have casual sex with multiple partners, they are – according to Christian doctrine – ineligible for marriage. The marriage – according to explicit Biblical edict – is then invalid (barring death of a previous spouse or an ex-spouse breaks the marriage bond of their own accord). And 80% of Americans are Christians. So there is a massive hypocrisy gap here.
    I do not begrudge women for sleeping around. Go ahead and ride the cock carousel to your heart’s content if that is what you want to do with your life. No judgement from me if that’s your path, and you’ve made the commitment to follow that life path with clear eyes, knowing the consequences. But realize, you are making a serious choice. In doing so, you cede any legitimate claim to be good potential wives.
    They are no longer meritorious of marriage. They have made their bed, now they get to lie in it. They aren’t entitled to have their cake and entitled to eat it too. They made a choice. Oprah was wrong. But they believed her – that they could in fact ‘have it all’ – because that was what their narcissist hamster brains wanted to believe.
    This is doubly true of self-proclaimed ‘Christian’ women. You think you can thumb your nose at God whenever it pleases you? You think you can pick and choose the feel-good parts of Biblical doctrine? The Bible says over and over again that fornication is a sin, but you undisciplined hypocrites choose to ignore that don’t you? I judge your behavior as hypocritical; and though I don’t personally believe in God – perhaps someday God will condemn you once and for all.
    We all are accountable for our actions. Even women. Deal with it, ladies.

    1. Nah, having sex outside of marriage doesn’t make a marriage invalid, but it is a mortal sin. Besides, Protestants have always approved of divorce.

  23. Gawd I can’t stand The Young Turks and Ana Kasparian. A bunch of Cultural Marxist nitwits and Ana sounds, looks, and acts like your stereotypical spoiled, stuck up, overly opinionated, snarky J.A.P. (Jewish American Princess). Amazingly, she’s merely Armenian.

    1. Whoreish behavior, Wide nose, smallish tits. Lefty cunt

    2. Yeh I watched the Young Turks video Roosh posted in the article and it was painful…
      All I heard was “Men’s life experience does not matter at all. Men sexual desires do not exist when we don’t want them to exist. What he did was evil… thats it… no deeper analysis. He was a bad person. Period. Men must be stopped”.
      You can’t shame men into accepting loneliness… into accepting what they perceive to be injustice. None of us thinks what Rodger did was ok… Roosh didn’t say he did the right thing… Roosh said that this is simply what will happen in the current social climate. If you look historically you can see social dynamics at work. For example, when alcohol was banned way back, society’s underbelly became corrupted with crime really damn fast…. It happened then and it would happen again. In Roman times when they enacted no-fault divorce… men wouldn’t marry.
      We totally reorganized Western Society to accommodate women because they were unhaaaappy… even at the expense of social cohesion. But when men are suffering they refuse to acknowledge it… “There are more men CEOs than women NOT FAIR!!!”… Oh ok princess… no problem… you want equality??? Great… how about we start with the divorced men living on the street or in jail??? Then let’s move on to the single moms who are collecting tax-payer money cool??? Dead silence… “Misogynist!!!”
      I really don’t feel like there is ever going to be an objective debate. I’ve brought these issues up with female friends and past girlfriends… always the same response when we come to the hard questions… Frustration and changing the subject… So the men give up and the white knights jizz their pants.
      Modern dating is a nightmare… Us guys are trying to come together and understand the situation collectively so we can SUCCEED with women… which is what they’re asking us to do!!! And yet they still complain!!! IT makes no sense!!! Women expect men to either be Superman or to quietly die off… how can women really think that this is going to work out without ANY backlash???
      Sorry girls… its time to grow up… you wanted responsibility? Its time to sit the fuck down and have a clear cut debate.

      1. What I specifically noticed was that the reporter was asserting that we’re saying “women are to blame for this”. Eh, maybe somewhat, if women actually had agency. But the ACTUAL point being made is that a fem-centric society that degrades the needs of men while enabling the most destructive aspects of a woman’s personality is the root cause. Strawman much?

        1. They want to use Rodger to represent the attitudes of the manosphere and the “Patriarchy”… to be the poster boy for all things masculine… which he clearly wasn’t.
          They aren’t taking into account that the mentally ill have done these sorts of atrocities before… before the “manosphere” existed.
          I guess the opposite would be if we took Lorena Bobbin (chopped off her husbands penis) and used her as the prime example of “feminism”??? Hmm… I guess on both sides we’re lobbying for structural and social changes.
          I think my main problem with feminism is that it doesn’t really seem like equality at all. And quite a few of their claims seem to be dubious. And finally… like I stated in another post… I don’t think they’re open to objective debate.

      2. I understand and agree with most of what you are saying. Of course, we shouldn’t shame men into accepting loneliness. However, in talking about this particular case of Elliot Rodger, I don’t agree that his issue was one of loneliness. His issue was narcissistic entitlement. He thought he deserved not just a woman to share his life with, but a BEAUTIFUL woman. He thought he was owed a hot blonde and an opulent lifestyle without having to work for it. I would have a lot more empathy for Rodger and his situation if he wasn’t so elitist and superficial when it came to women. He did the same thing to unattractive women that beautiful women did to him – he ignored them. Women are unreasonable when they expect that happiness will be served to them, when they expect that handsome, rich men are what they deserve without having to make efforts to improve their feminine qualities and figures to attract these men. As was pointed out in the article, Rodger is the same as a feminist in this regard, because he believed he was entitled to the love and adoration of beautiful women and yet he wasn’t willing to work hard to acquire the qualities that might attract such a woman. I just don’t see him as the empathetic creature that some others seem to.

      3. Actualy yes, most men can be shamed into accepting loneliness, not only that, they can be violent against those who does not.

    3. The problem is that American culture poisons women, no matter from wherever they might be. American culture ignites hamsterization in women.

  24. Nice job Roosh! You’ve really nailed the correct roots of all of this madness. Thanks.
    And on the mechanical matter of writing, it’s impressive how quickly you’ve put together two outstanding, smart articles. Your output has inspired me to bump up my own productivity. (I found no typos.)

  25. This guy have an effeminate vibe, in other words he have the psychological-emotional traits of a girl(woman) *disgusting*

  26. Immersion in the feminine breeds infantile narcissists as far as males are concerned. He can never truly be a woman only be a failed man.

  27. His own mothers created Elliot. He was a disaster in the making. I’m reposting this here from the other article bc it’s fucking true. His ratchet LBFM floozy mother, Arabic dancing whore stepmother, and quasi faggot ass plugger father made Elliot into what he was. The guy is a god damn tragedy and Christ would probably have a worse punishment lined up for momma lichen and daddy Pete than he does for Elliot. Yellow cab Yoko Ono wannabe rotten gook slut Lichen Rogers and her gang deserve to spend every waking moment or the rest of their life penniless and belittled, which they will be. Let’s fingerpoint AT THE REAL MURDERERS, ELLIOTS FAMILY, a real, 21st century dysfunctional MODERN FAMILY(tm).
    And let’s be real. Elliot was short. 5’7″. Lots of kids who grow up in that satanic Hollywood environment where half the people cough and jism flies out, grow up tiny, like Frankie Muniz, from all the stress of the psychopaths that live and work there. That pretty much excluded him from 80% of women in California, the most superficial place on the planet. He also grew up under the hellish circumstance of a filthy perverted atheist Hollywood director who blew all of his money trying to prove that god wasn’t real, an asian whore mother who tried to fuck her way and suck every important white dick from San Diego to Hollywood, who later admitted to Elliot that he was a mistake while she was fucking his white daddy and took his steaming load right up her rancid worn out twat that had been pounded by every fat Hollywood Jew for a hundred miles in every direction, and probably looked at Elliot and hated him since he was a reminded of how she could never be white. Then there was his demented whore stepmother who allowed her filthy Moroccan forest of an anus and crotch be plastered all over the fucking internet by his degenerate Tarantino wannabe, crazed redneck-Jew of a father, who completely ignored Elliot and probably viewed him as a desperate chink clinger on. The kid was fucked from the start from this insane, racist, psychopathic, entartete kuntz, backwards American country we dare to ask god to bless. Elliot was America in a nutshell and his parents deserve to never work again for what they did to that poor fucking child.
    Six people were murdered and may god bless their souls. But his parents should be thrown in jail, the women in his life were primarily responsible being the narcissistic blood suckers that they were, and the entire Rodger family deserves to burn in hell for eternity.

    1. “Elliot was modern America in a nutshell”
      Fixed that for ya, man. Because let’s face facts; this whole shitstorm would never have happened in a true patriarchal society of say…the timespan of the 1920’s to the 1950’s. Hell, this would never even have flown in tribal societies.

      1. Yeah, because there were never mass public shootings in the 1930s. Al Capone and John Dillinger were just made up characters. They never actually engaged in real violence.
        Research your history a little better. There are violent sociopaths in every era of history. The motivations for their violence may be different, but the violence is a constant.

        1. So you are defending the gangsters and thugs?
          You are likely a woman dreaming of alpha cocks.

  28. @AnaKasparian
    So, women have the right to on-demand abortion (to end life), but men don’t have the right to on-demand sex (to create life)?

  29. This technically means that Rodgers was a socialist when it came to vagina? He hated success of others like all socialists do.

      1. Too bad envy doesn´t give much pleasure. At least the fatties are happy with stuffing themselves with kilos of burgers and fries.

  30. I was thinking that since he stabbed his male room mates, that this was due to maybe rage coming from his room mates being the guys who hooked up with girls, and him being the one who had to stay gone from his room for a while so the room mate could have some privacy with the girl that was coming over.
    He had a gun, but instead stabbed his room mates. And stabbing can be an indicator of passion. But it could also be a choice to stay quiet if they were done in a dorm. Has anybody heard anything like this?

    1. I doubt it. His roommates were Asian nerds so maybe they were bringing home Asian girls or possibly white hipsters but none of those guys looked like the outgoing playboy types that he would hate. In fact he probably hated them because they were Asian and just annoying – the fact that these guys were betas biding their time for a job and a wife, annoyed him to no end; he figured a man, in his mind, needed to go out and fuck women right and left like the jocks he equally hated. Plus they were probably typical college slobs that pissed Mr. Supreme Gentleman off.

    2. Nah, they were 3 Chinese engineering nerds, Asian males get probably the least pussy of all anyway.

  31. Roosh at this point doing an article like this is pointless. There is nothing else to prove by doing an article like this. It’s like taking a dead body and hanging it out in the middle for all to see and then have people sit and dissect the reasons that the poor sap died.
    Somewhere along the line this has got to stop. There are great things that are happening on this site and if there are some people that don’t agree then it’s their loss. This ordeal is getting shittier by the day and I don’t see how any further promotion of this catastrophe can help RoK in the future.

    1. the way i see it this is just the beginning. As greater things happens to this site the more intense the attacks will be.

  32. This is from the YouTube page (above):

    HomelessRecluse16 hours ago (edited)
    He defines himself as a pick up artist. What more do you need to know?
    a professional manipulator that misuses the principals of NLP, language
    patterns and a little bit of hypnosis to manipulate women into bed and
    charge men to teach them his ‘techniques’. He’s a con artist. A
    Why is his opinion even valid Ana?
    My comment:
    The comment by HomelessRecluse is unfair, in my opinion.
    Isn’t a man skilled in the above techniques merely learned in the art of seduction? Just like a woman skilled in cosmetics, wardrobe, and grooming knows how to seduce men?
    Both sexes employ different seductive skill sets to achieve the same goal: desirable mating outcomes. Apparently the feminists, and their orbiting beta manlets, would prefer men go unarmed into the sexual arena.

  33. The funniest thing about Ana Kasparian is that shes hanging out with people who slaughtered her family a century ago. Its just so ironic.

  34. The atmosphere the sexes between is so toxic these days that is slowly becoming unbearable living in the west. And it doesnt look like it will get any better.

    1. I’m afraid you are right my brother. If things keep getting worser and worser and the society collapses Men will become the monsters feminist paint them to be. i don’t know if it will be irony or a victory for feminism

      1. I know this is cold to say, but then they will know real rape culture.

        1. Snap! Wasn’t I just reading about the Russian invasion of Germany after WWII a few days ago? Just saying…if China (or Canada, for that matter) decided to invade these US of A, protecting women from this sort of behavior is literally the very last thing I would do. Fighting, yes of course. Saving a woman? Not happening. You should have made yourself valuable, a prize worth fighting and even dying for. Instead, you’re as cheap as that drug krodisil or whatever, and about as safe.

      2. There is evidence that if we treat people like deviants or monsters, they will eventually come to fill that role. I treat the men in my monkey sphere as equals and allies and I expect to be treated the same way. Women don’t want men to be monsters, we want them to be allies, as I said. Unfortunately so many men are monsters, so many unsuspecting and seemingly benign people turn out to be horrible that many of us are on edge until we have gotten to know someone enough to trust them. It isn’t personal, it is a socially ingrained fear based on experience and evidence.

    2. can’t agree more – but complaining is useless compared to acting, so after 1 year here i’m leaving san francisco (probably the world’s feminist capital) for colombia in november.
      i anticipate a significant increase in male emigration from the us in the coming years. and in this regard i have a question for you guys. who do you think will emigrate first? alphas who get all pussy, or betas who don’t have the guts to leave?

      1. My bet is on the betas and omegas. Western men in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia are stereotyped as awkward and creepy.
        And, it’s already not all that uncommon for male Asian immigrants to go back.

  35. 50 Shades of Grey COMPLETELY invalidates every feminist argument ever.
    What women say they want and what they actually want is very different. Most women will say, okay sure I want a nice guy of average height to come and sweep me off my feet – what they mean is that they will try to get their fun with the 6’3″ basketball players before settling down with a man they’re not really attracted to so he can provide them with a useless engagement ring and a closet full of designer clothes.
    Take it from me, at 6’1″ and handsome, women with husbands eyeball the fuck out of me. Elliot’s mistake was that women were going to approach him – but they won’t, because they’re approaching the top guys, or at least thinking about the top guys while they get hammered by their average boyfriend.
    Just look at the way women of certain races act towards their men. Asian women will go on and on and on an on about how patriarchal Asian men are but throw themselves at white men – the same men that all of western society says is patriarchal. Meanwhile white women complain about patriarchy, as long as its not from a guy who looks like Khal Drogo – then it’s dreamy. “My Secret Garden” is filled with stories about women’s fantasies about being raped or dominated; “Fifty Shades of Grey” is about an alpha male physically dominating a woman – the only difference between this is that Christian Grey looks “hawt,” rather than being a dorky skinny average white nerd. Then black women are constantly complaining about their men – but in this case they’re hating on the average guy working a corporate job and trying to get pregnant by the tallest or most violent gangster in the hood.
    Please, women, you can lie and lie and LIE about everything but at the end of the day your sexual urges are very real, you desire bad boys, Christian Greys, and thugs, and don’t give two fucks about patriarchy unless it comes from normal, hard working, not particularly attractive men who just want you to stay out of the club for more than two weekends.

    1. Women will burn civilization to the ground if it means they can spite unattractive men, bottom line.
      The more you say, hey ladies, look, listen, maybe you should just take some time off from the club, find a nice guy to settle down so maybe you can possibly be a good mother to your kids without irreparably damaging your body with alcohol, STDS and drugs – they will say, NO FUCK YOU! We can do what we want!
      They are so completely, inexorably immoral that they actually see what they are doing – complete evil, disintegration of society, men turning into either violent, tattooed thugs who have no goal but to fuck women, or murderers like Elliot Rodger who realize they’ll never be tall, “hawt” enough to even find a girlfriend, let alone fuck one. Women look at everything that men built and will find demons everywhere and will try to burn it down, and by burning it down they will act as completely immorally as they can just to prove a point. They’re burning down the bridge under their feet. If it wasn’t so horrifying, it’d be TERRIFYING!
      America, England, Norway, Sweden… then onto Nigeria, Colombia, Brazil, Russia, China, Japan, the women will break free, spreading their vaginas in nightclubs all over the world, fucking the alpha bad boys while telling the beta males to go jerk off in their rooms! Of course women can’t run a society on feminist blogs and fashion magazines forever, so as soon as the vast majority of Japanese sewage operators realize that there’s no point in working since they’ll never find a woman who will be attracted to them, Tokyo will be overrun with shit.

      1. They’re killing the goose that laid the golden egg just as socialists do. And both are going to be very frightened when the goose finally dies.

      2. The worst part is that WE let them do this shit to us. Don’t be a supplicating beta male bitch who acts nice to get sexual favors. Have dignity and self respect and those give these whores the time of day. If you get chance to smash, then go hadle your business safely and then leave em. That’s really most women are good for nowadays. Really! Only sex. They are not even sweet, caring and feminine, they only behave that way when they want something from you.

        1. Exactly. It’s not actually women’s fault we’re in this state. It’s the fault of beta males who can’t control their bitches and don’t know how to be a man.
          Of course women are going to be ditzy, emotional, and irrational. They’re women, it’s their nature. And of course if you let people who are emotionally unstable and irrational run the world they will destroy it. They need to be controlled.
          And this is not me being a white knight, think about what I’m really saying. Just remember, every single right a woman has was given to her by men. So sack up and do your part

        2. Gotta agree with you on this Sil. Women seem to forget that they didn’t “win” their rights, men GAVE it to them. If the men had said no and stood their ground there wouldn’t have been anything they could have done about it.

        3. I’m thinking about what you said, and I agree.
          Saying some outside force put you in you current position is a feminist cop-out. Accepting that you have, yourself, caused the situation is granting yourself the power to change the situation. Man up? That’s manning up. I did this, now I’m going to undo it. Done deal.

        4. Not true at all. We are people, not livestock. We also statistically slightly outnumber you. We can have our HUMAN rights. We played nice first, but not last.

      3. Tokyo has what 13 million people and if you count the metro that puts it at around 35.5 million people.
        How much shit do you think 35.5 million people produce daily?

      4. The ancient civilisations, such as greeks believed women are basically soulless animals, beasts without morenoble qualities such as sense of duty, honour, justice and fairness.
        The times we live in shows that they might have been onto something.

  36. This has generated a massive upsurge in discussion of sexual harassment among leminists. It’s as if after 40 years of announcing their equality and ability to compete with men they don’t like facing the world that men have always faced : mean-assed male competitors. Having brusqely told men to stop with patriarchal protection and chivalry so they can boldly go wherever they please, it looks like they are heading towards demanding state-enforced chivalry after all.
    And enough of the stupid “sexual harassment” stock photos, ladies.

  37. If you’re pissing of the Young Turks, your doing something right Roosh. They’re an irrelevant version of the Huffington Post. Great article

    1. The Young Turks were people who helped teach Elliot his worldview, as he was a subscriber. Roosh’s comment was that all people who foisted such an incomprehensible batch of lies should take responsibility for it. That hit too close to home for those liberal morons. Hence, they have to attack Roosh, or look like the morons they are.

      1. One of the commentators applied the idea of the name to the nationality of the woman. He found it ironic that she was part of this group (name of the leaders of the first true genocide in history in Armenia) despite her being Armenian herself. It proves whatever blood that was split then has been tainted by liberalism.

  38. Roosh, You must have been reading my mind. I’ve posted before that the mainstream media are flailing about like a fish on a rock trying to figure out how to spin this because ultimately he was one of their own: narcissistic, entitled, envious, lazy, unaccompliahed and from a family with impeccable left wing Hollywood bonafides.

    1. “Elliot Rodger, an active MRA, shot and killed at least 7 young women…”
      They can’t even get the fucking facts right for fuck sakes! Almost 5000 have signed it….

      1. ..haha, a knife-car combo by a PUA Hater member that kills four men and two women is billed as a “misogynistic gun-attack on women”…you let em drive, let em vote, and THIS IS WHAT YOU GET.

    2. holy shitttttttt this is getting serious real fast ohh boy civilization is going to hell in a hand basket ohhh boy more than 4 THOUSAND people have signed on is it right for me to be a little panicked or am i overreacting ?

      1. Don’t fear. When they’ve successfully killed the goose that laid the golden egg and see how terrifying the world will be when that happens they’re going to be in for a huge shock.

        1. Not that I’m overly concerned about the efficacy of a provably libelous petition (I read the preamble, it contains baldfaced lies) – but one simple tact to take, should this prove to be a growing threat whatsoever, would be to simply create more petitions with ever-so-slightly different wordings and titles. Since the petition needs 100K signatures to ostensibly get a look from White House underling operatives, that should thwart accrual of that quantity via intentional misdirection.

    3. Perfect! Gents, this is just the thing we need. The FACTS are on our side, and this is the perfect vehicle to force men to pick a side. Fuck man, I might go get PLAYER tattooed across my fucking chest just to let these tricks know where I stand.
      Come on down! Make me sit through another feminist sensitivity training, and see if I don’t end up banging the girl giving the presentation.
      It really is the perfect storm of feminist bullshit, its the tiny puny shit-taker in the bar picking a fight with the thick-necked lug-nut and counting on friends to keep it from coming to blows. Let ’em bring it, gents! Now’s our time to shine!

    4. These stupid bitches don’t realize how high the collateral damage was in Iraq? They’re trying to wage a war with their next door neighbors? Hahaha.

    5. apparently it needs just over 94,000 signatures to have any effect by June 23rd
      how many does it have?? – 5,854 @ June 3rd

  39. isnt suppose to be good to be a “prude” because thats the female equivalent to the “good guy” as oppose the the whore and bad boy. Being a virgin for a girl,is suppose to be high praise while its an insult to a guy…but we never talk about that,do we. its always the negatives for the girls that need to be addressed.
    When we talk about double standards of men and women, why is it always sex? Are we that perverted of a society that we focus on sex. Why not on other characteristics like say bravery. Where men cannot be cowardly,but women can.. We all heard it growing up, “be a man”, “dont be a fag or a pussy”, which results in us taking unnecessary risks that cause injury,death and jail time….sounds like the woman is venting on personal experience.
    Everyone has a right to sleep with whomever, but after sexual liberation, sex just became some sorta popularity contest. Before sexual liberation, pretty much everyone had a mate and they made healthy familys..the good ol’ days. But our generation group up with much different family life and we are always called as a “fucked up generation” by our elders.
    When she attacked about how much vaginas roosh had, well all I could think was, kids we just dont care about our sexual history, but we get weirded out about our moms. Fortunately im from a conservative family.Someone should link her that graph that virginal women have the lowest rates of divorces while the more promiscuous ones had higher and that slutty women cant bond as easily to their partner then virginal women.
    Shouldve clarified more that the “nice guy” that marries the 30yr old ho, typically he lacks sexual experience like her which would be a turnoff for the both them cause shell expect him to know everything without teaching him.
    those sluts should stick to playing with bad boys till their old age, while “the nice guy” and good girl get hitched. But the women want their cake and fuck it too, so we must do the same. If you cant beat em join em. Learn game and play those sluts and when comes to marry(if you want), then get that good virginal girl.
    just checked her wiki and I could see why she was defensive, she was the stereotype of those women. Shes a progressive, liberal, atheist , educated career women whom is turning 28 in July and is passing her prime and has not married and had kids.

    1. A graph that relies on women being honest!
      I would have thought that readers of this website would instantly realize what is wrong with that but apparently it isn´t just women who doesn´t have critical thinking.
      At least that way, the “nice guy” would be quickly catching-up for all those years he did not have sex and he has a higher chance of continued loyalty from a woman +30, who knows she´ll have troubles finding another willing host…
      She should be able to get plenty of potential husbands through the show, plenty of not-so-smart, easily fooled “nice guys” to pick and choose from. Then again, Elliot Rodger didn´t get any.

  40. I was a white knight all through college. Very introverted. Blue pill. Never angry just pessimistic and depressed. Didn’t understand women, or life really. Improving myself was the path to a healthy sex life. As I have gotten older the sex thing isn’t worth worrying about, so much. I’ve had kids and all that.
    Regarding Elliot, I read most of his autobiography. It reads very much like Poe or Kafka. He transitions from making amateurish and futile attempts to attract women to deciding to slaughter everyone who pisses him off: his brother, step mother, male room mates, jocks around town, and some blonde babes.
    He hated everyone but his parents, and worshiped women idealistically. He was in part a sociopath, delusional, odd, and in the end a spree killer. He had a tantrum with knives, guns, and a car. 3 different weapons targeted primarily at his competition, other men.
    Regarding feminists, I turn on CNN for a few minutes, get the female view of the world, and then resume my masculine tasks of solving problems, inventing things, and making money.

    1. Right there with you. I spent most of my twenties waiting for some kind of magical something and hoping hot girls would notice what a nice guy I was. Now I actually go the extra mile to be a demanding, unreliable dick… and I have to schedule in nights alone or I won’t get them.

    2. At least he decided to die handsome (by his standards) and with a bang instead of turning into a fatass, apathetic basement-dweller.
      If more “betas” had showdowns with feminists, I would have consideration for them but they still have too much to loose.
      Sociopaths doesn´t worry about this kind of emotional bullshit. They see it as a weakness of “normal” people that they eagerly exploits.

  41. Excellent article but the first feminist mass killer is a long bow. No doubt many others have harboured the mental illness that we now know is feminism.

      1. yup. i’ve seen this phenomenon myself. All women I know of who married the man who she took her virginity are still going strong.

        1. The more cocks a woman takes, the greater the loss to her fledgling ability to love and attach.

        2. I thought hymeneal rupture and bleeding on the first night was a sign of virginity…Not going nice and slow…
          Of course, ‘virgins’ today take it up the ass by many men to save their hymens…

        3. More than a few doctors have gotten some extra money.
          Muslim fathers have known that since almost 1400 years.
          That being, how much do you trust women to be honest?

        4. exactly
          I wanna learn how to tell a real hymn apart from fake one made in hymnoplasty.
          and tell if shes faking it, Plus some girls break their hymn beofre getting laid. We need to know the feel between new pussy and used pussy.

    1. I’m sure your virgin wife will be oh so happy with your virgin dick.

  42. America is very, very, very fucked.
    You cannot – cannot – CANNOT have a society with this kind of social dynamic splitting us right down the middle. Left versus right, man versus woman, black versus white, white versus white, asian versus asian, etc; you cannot. Our country and its horrid freedoms and played its cards so very very well that we have been reduced to a nation of raging lunatics all out for our own; Elliot Rodger was a symptom of a very, very sick nation, produced by degenerate parents who cared for nothing but themselves. To me, there is no difference between Elliot Rodger and some woman who goes to the clubs seeking guys over 6’3″ and wouldn’t give two minds if every man shorter than that was shot on the street; no different from the woman who cheats on her husband who is fighting in Afghanistan and he comes home and shoots himself; no different from the women who IGNORED the FOUR MEN killed by Elliot.
    This country’s veins are rich with some kind of potent poison that runs into all of us and makes us foam at the mouth with hatred; and women, women, what better way to display their power than the fuck – and the more you tell them to stop fucking degenerates, the more they want to. They elevate the degenerates, gangsters, thugs, racists, monsters to power; they give bad boys and bullies the reign over our society.
    A prime example if you are born an Asian male in this country – not only will Asian women laugh at you, but they’ll try their goddamn hardest to cuckold you while spitting with bald faced lies that you’re a patriarch – when the opposite is true: they are the goddamned monsters. Thank Christ I wasn’t born Asian looking but Jesus Christ the horrible nature of these women surpasses the snake in the garden of eden.
    These monstrous women – filled and teeming with hate, like carrying a boiling pot of water across the kitchen where even the tiniest slip will split it – are literally insane with hate; they attack anything and everything that doesn’t fit their agenda. And their kids – their poor fucking kids, these are the future Americans; kids from broken homes, with mothers who terrorized them and destroyed their families, mothers who create mixed race bastards out of nothing short of hatred, mothers who allow their children to grow up fatherless or on welfare or being raised by the state or by foreign nannies – THESE are our future. Elliot Rodger was the product of this exact kind of monster – yet we sit here and pretend this is a HEALTHY WAY OF LIVING?
    Wake the FUCK UP! Those three foreign students came to this country with dreams of a happier life and they were murdered by a sick psychopath – but this sick psychopath was merely a reflection of his parents, a combination of their racist, selfish narcissistic insanity that flows through the veins of this diabolical country!
    If you don’t believe in God you’d better God Damn start!

      1. …can you not look to Odin? not like there are any ice giants running loose.

  43. The woman from TYT actually suggested jacking off in lieu of learning game. That’s the ticket! If only Rodgers discovered masturbation…

    1. She also quite hilariously said, “No one is entitled to sex with anyone,” all while acknowledging how easy it might have been for all the blond girls Eliot mentioned to get it from anyone they wanted, except Eliot. It seems then, that no one except attractive women are entitled to sex with anyone they want. It’s hilarious how easily women dismiss their own enormous sexual power as if it doesn’t exist, and then pretend that when the men they ignore go nuts, it’s because those men are fucked up, and not their hypergamous nature.

      1. Yeah if she really felt like no one was entitled to anything she wouldn’t have sounded so annoyed at the idea of men going to Thailand to have wives and families.
        If the women don’t need men… why should it bother them if they go live somewhere else with other people?

        1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ana_Kasparian
          well just look at her wiki. Shes turning 28 in july,unmarried and childless. She is past her prime and is the sterotypical woman that slut it up and cant get hitched thats why.
          Shes also agnostic and holds many degrees in order to follow progressivsmm. She will be one of those ugly femicunts with a dozen cats….too bad, she was good lookin

        2. Yeah… its sad that girls are taking advice from women who end up freaking the fuck out in their thirties because they are desperate for love and a regular life…
          I love my cousin but I see first-hand how she reflects this shitty situation… after she’s been with this “super hot guy” who was “unavailable” and more focused on starting his own business than marrying her she is now 34 and realizing that it aint as easy as it used to be… Its really quite depressing to see just how utterly impossible it is for her to pair up with a normal dude…
          And yeah… that Young Turks girl… what an arrogant tool… its pretty easy to be an opinionated news anchor when everyone who disagrees with you will lose their job.

        3. Who’d want to marry that? I wouldn’t mind fucking her doggystyle though, in each hole. She’s good for pump and dump.

        4. Well, she could have accepted that his business comes first and marriage with her comes second, ja?

        5. There is not exactly a shortage of lonely “beta” pussies with ethnic and gender degrees that makes the Big Bang cast look like Hell´s Angels.
          If that is too bad, she can always come to Norway or Finland. Give Breivik a 60 minutes private interview, then come back 9 months and a few weeks later. -)

        1. In the modern world, sexual intimacy is out of the love/belonging pyramid. It’s only relegated to the physiological rung of the pyramid. A lot of the women that have sex also consider it in the same way.
          Imagine you had sex with hot chicks in your 20’s and 30’s. Project yourself 30 years from now. Do you think this women would care or you would care for them, if you ever encountered them later? Nope! Everything about sex is a lie, that it fosters love or belonging. It’s nothing more than masturbating yourself with a woman’s holes for a man, and masturbating herself with a man’s penis for a woman, in the modern world. Sex is overrated if you put it in the love/belonging sector.

        2. That is the new default, yes. This is true of anyone blindly following the Cathedral lifescript. And this is why men who desire anything ‘more’ must absolutely possess redpill awareness.
          If you want a relationship of any depth and reciprocity with a woman, you must understand that it is not wholly unconditional, and never will be. But that is really true of any relationship between humans, perhaps the parent-child connection notwithstanding.
          If you want that old-fashioned ‘love’ relationship, you’d better choose your woman with pinpoint, meticulous scrutiny as never before.

    2. …that’s how American women help out…”well, can;t you just jack off and keep being my orbiter?”

  44. dude even from the picture from this article he looks like a closet homosexual to be honest wouldnt be the first time a closet gay dude went on a rampage aka the guy that killed versace

    1. That’s the problem with this androgynous society we live in. Rodger’s sexual strategy was the same as a woman’s. Look pretty and wait for a high value suitor to ask you out. He wants the women to be the alpha so he can be the damsel in distress. Maybe what he really needed was to spend a few nights in prison so he can be swept off his feet by a guy with a face-tattoo named Jermaine.

      1. Rodger’s could’ve gone to Japan. Women over there love androgyny supposedly.

        1. I guess I could point to Host Clubs, but that’s another subculture, like anime and manga are.

        2. Once, someone I know saw in an art exposition a short film by an asian artist, in which he had painted himself yellow.
          A couple of asian tourists seeing it where obviously fascinated by that and where taking pictures. -)

    2. Cunanan (twinky weirdo) ? Lanza (yup he was a paedophile)? The Scottish guy who shot up the school at Dunblane (another paedo)? Valerie Solanas (lesbian)?
      The number of confused gays who go on rampages is pretty high. Klebold and Harris had a Homosocial relationship at minimum.

  45. Great article, Roosh! It’s clear that the “journalist” that attacked you didn’t read his manifesto or did any kind of proper research. Her main goal was to attack you, personally, because you made her mad and she couldn’t logically argue with your points. She failed to understand your points and only stated excerpts to rally other emotionally charged followers to her side and boost her confidence, as little as it could.

  46. I read most of it and also listened to some podcasts that summarized it. Roosh, you are completely right about the whole thing. This kid was raised by selfish feminist parents that believed getting divorced is, “No big deal”. If you have kids, and you get divorced, you are a piece of shit end of story. If you didn’t want them, then give them up for adoption, it is shown they fair much better than in a single mother household.
    Stefan does a good job of summarizing the manifesto if you guys don’t feel like reading the whole thing:
    [audio src="http://cdn.media.freedomainradio.com/feed/FDR_2707_Truth_Elliot_Rodger.mp3" /]

  47. The fat acceptance thing really amuses me because progressives in general scold us about our health, notably the current First Lady with her emphasis on slimming down America’s disgustingly fat children. Why don’t feminists denounce her for opposing fat acceptance? This goes to show why I think progressivism will grind to a halt as its discordant grievance groups start to attack each other.

    1. There is a permanent cure for obesity – ‘Soylent Green’. Probably tastes as bad as they look though, have to use it as lawn fertilizer.
      “Hey Joe, the lawn is looking good this year!” (high five)

    1. Has she married anyone yet? She seems to have the reasoning ability of a junior-high student, which means she likely needs something closer to a father figure in her life to help her figure out reality.

    2. She’s not very bright. I’ve seen TYT segments on Youtube where she cussed out someone who wrote or said something she disagreed with.

  48. Judging by the excerpts from his wo-manifesto, the problem wasn’t specifically that he didn’t have Game, but that he was stuffed to the eye-balls with feminist ideology.

  49. On the upside, the SJW robots don’t have to spend their precious time fixating on a bunch of Nigerian girls whose best day will never see the light of their worst day (being looked at by a non-approved guy on in the park OMFG!!! RAPE), and they can resume fixating upon themselves with this new hashtag of victimhood, an area of their collective existence within which they are infinitely more comfortable. It would have been a fucking tragedy for Western women to think about something outside their bubbles of personal inanity for any longer.

    1. The Nigerian Girls have lost their virginity, hence loose the attention of White Knights who have figured out what their captors do during their free time.

  50. As long as women continue to penalize men of integrity with indifference and reward degenerates with affection, Western society will continue its tailspin into dystopia.

    1. This isn’t just women’s fault, you know. Historically, women have only been able to do what men allowed them to do. The reason women behave the way they’ve behaved since the 1960s is because men no longer have them under control. Western civilization flourished because of the very gender roles that feminism has sought to destroy since the 1960s, with men either standing idly by or even actively participating in this ‘smashing of the patriarchy’.
      In the rest of the world, men are masters over their women. We are masters over these men, yet our women are masters over us. That is what’s wrong with western civilization.

    2. Also, it doesn’t help that men of integrity often get brainwashed into exhibiting beta behavior and anti-game and thereby lose their women to the trash of society.

      1. This is an important point. Not all beta white knights are assholes. Many have just been brainwashed by feminism at the university and lack the life experience to know that the feminism they esppuse is bullshit. Or they have been brainwashed by feminism in the culture at large and lack the intellectual wherewithal to understand that the feminism they espouse is bullshit.

  51. Holy Crap, I’m not a huge fan of these sites, but you broke that down pretty well. Its hard to argue with!

    1. So deep. I am convinced by the logic and depth of your argument. I shall cross over to feminism.

    1. A frustrated chump, definitely… but if anything, far worse than “average”.

  52. Its nothing new; this reporter attacked an article (and Roosh) after reading either one line, the article headline or the multiple websites throwing a biased view in the arena (Read; Rawstory “Men will shoot you if you do not have sex with them”). based her whole argument on that perception and got worked up into such a state that her whole diatribe collapsed in on itself; i.e. she went off on a tangent and wound up finishing light years askew of where our POV actually goes.
    nowhere has ROK writers or its readers written that men are just entitled to sex, even engaging in prostitution or game requires the man in question to either hand over cash (prostitution) or work on himself and his approach and his behaviour to appeal to the woman (GAME). entitlement would accurately define Elliot’s position of “Girls should just approach me” having invested nothing to his end goal.
    And GAME does not guarantee sex, nor is it manipulative – such as it is it’s about as manipulative as push-up bras, makeup and consciously subduing and regulating personality aspects to better appeal to the other person, so its not a double-standard. If we are talking about manipulative then we can consider White-Knights and Beta’s appeasement of women and blind validation (read fat is the new beautiful) GAME as they either deny their better instincts or put on an overly gentleman-like and submissive manner to receive the affection of their respective partner – with women doing nothing different when they develop initial attraction towards a male.
    I am hard pressed finding comments that justified Elliot’s violent actions nor condemnation for his victims, if anything the ROK community is arguing the feminist backlash and the potential fallout unjustifiably turned towards men in general and further demonizing males irrespective of our actions.

  53. Feminist and Elliot Roger similarities: narcissism, check; histrionic, check; latent homosexuality, check. By golly I think you’re right sir!

  54. Apparently, Rodger was whining on a weightlifting forum (Read at Forbes), and one member perused his videos and told him exactly what the score was, and gave him some advice on how to improve himself and make himself seem less creepy towards women.
    He ignored it and continued wallowing in self-pity…

    1. Taking constructive criticism requires a modicum of humility, which he obviously didn’t have at all. There’s a reason pride is one of the seven deadly vices.
      Feminists suffer from all seven vices, actually, if you think about it.

  55. The Young Turks are in damage control mode at the moment having been linked to the murderer and having influenced him by their Anti-White attitudes.

    1. Literally pathetic? As opposed to what?
      How can you expect to win converts and arguments when you don’t even know how to use the language.
      No, you are “literally” pathetic. Go pick up a book, you uneducated cunt.

  56. Katie Baker didn’t say PUAs are worse than PUAhate. She said “The men that lurk in the PuaHate forums are almost worse than the PUAs themselves…” In other words she was saying, if anything PUAhate was worse than PUAs. Although the almost qualifies that somewhat.

    1. Nope, read her statement again.
      PUAHate readers “are almost worse than the PUAs”.
      The means, of course, that she considers PUAs worse than PUAHate readers.

      1. Not really, it probably means she considers them equally bad. But people commonly say ‘almost worse’ when they think something IS worse but don’t want to admit that anything could be worse.

  57. I’m not even on the whole “exploit the tragedy to advance our social goals” bandwagon that the feminists are on, but holy s***, this article is terrible.

    1. Care to provide an elucidation to justify your opinion or are you simply going to label it without substantiation?

  58. Well, he’s right about alpha males. Those douchebags would sell their mothers down the river for power. That doesn’t make him a feminist, it makes him someone opposed to corruption and power.

    1. Alpha males… I don’t think that term means what you think it means.
      Alphas can be corrupt and use underhanded cheating tactics, of course… but because they’re the natural leaders, and people defer to them, they don’t really have to. But, underhandedness is practically a requirement for beta males who have ambition on the mind.

      1. Do the people he’s describing sound like natural leaders? Self-appointed leaders who fancy themselves alpha males are pied pipers who lead men to mass graves. This is a phenomenon that no one on the left or on the right will criticize.

        1. Self-appointed leaders who fancy themselves alpha males are pied pipers who lead men to mass graves.
          That depends more upon a lack of competence, intelligence, and humility than on alphaness.

    2. I think that he hated seeing people happy. He followed a couple out of a Starbucks and threw coffee on them. That’s almost BITCHY behaviour. I’ve never seen any man do that or heard of such a thing. I’ve only had drinks thrown at me by women. Men might smash a bottle over another man’s head but scalding coffee? That’s a chick move. Or ghetto lobster.

  59. Mr. Roosh, since you asked and I don’t see a reply option, I’ll post it here – The second point
    “awash in blue pill” should be awash with.
    Excellent article by the way.

    1. Actually, Roosh has it right.
      Do a Google Books and Google Scholar search on “awash in” and “awash with”.
      “Awash in” is the preferred spelling by frequency of use (although “awash with” is also acceptable).

  60. Great article, I’ll be sharing it. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.
    Oh, and fuck The Young Turks.

    1. What is this loser’s point? That trying hard to find a girlfriend is bad? That trying to score with chicks is evil? That we should just all be passive and sit around and wait for a girl to have the magnanimity to choose one of us? It’s the most retarded thing I’ve ever read.

  61. It’s only matter of time before the Southern Poverty Center launches there Tom Metzger vicarious liability frivolous law suits and goes on the hunt for leading voices in the manosphere. A legal defense strategy must be put in place and the lone wolf policy must be practiced by all with influence. This war is about to get dirty.

  62. Egad! I clicked on that Thought Catalog link titled, “The 20 Rules of Being a Modern Gentleman”. It should be titled “The 20 Rules for Never Ever Getting Laid Again”. It should really be titled “How To Empathize With Fat Girls” because once your done following the list, you’re going to be so far into the Friend Zone that every girl you want to bang is going to treat you like that chubby friend they all have (the one you need a blocking back for) who is nice to everyone because she pretty much has to be.
    À bientôt,

  63. Although I don’t agree with some of the basic sexual assumptions of this site you’re absolutely right about basically everything you say here.
    But to be honest with you it was even beyond that. It was a parody of feminism. Even a feminist will make some moves if she’s sexually attracted to someone. He made none. His position was so unreasonable that he said he had ‘done everything’ to get a woman. But his idea of doing everything was walking/driving round and sometimes throwing drinks at people.
    Even within the normal social paradigm you might ask someone out on a date or join a dating site before getting too down about your lack of success. But no, he had to try and attract women in the way that women try and attract men, via looks. Equal opportunities!
    The ultimate bizarre thing was that it was easier for him to gun women down than to ask them on a date.

  64. Way to go Roosh!
    You draw out the real thinking of the Ameri-cunt whore in the video. Too bad she’s a nobody with no voice in any real trusted or viewed media outlet, so real women could see her rant for what it is — a strident cry for equality with men that can never be.

  65. Men are not weird, creepy or lacking until a woman says he is. And this culture if full of maleficents who are ready to crucify a man who’s not a Hugh Jackoff, George Goonery, or Brat Zitt.
    What’s a man to do who’s less than cunt-watering “hot” in the eyes of the average whore? What’s left for a man who’s been cut down and labeled as handicapped because he’s not gorgeous, rich, and famous?
    You cunts created this culture. Welcome to the the unintended consequences of your unrestrained behavior for four decades.
    Own it bitches, and stop trying hamsterize it.

    1. Women of ‘lesser’ physical beauty suffer this same problem, it goes both way. Comments such as yours could of have been written by that nut bag.

  66. Your article is trash, I’m surprised anyone would publish this homophobic, cissexist, fat-shaming crap.

  67. Somebody needs to tell that broad to shut the fuck up, make me a falafel, and go back to Glendale. You know what has no place in America? Your feminist bullshit. Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad, bitch.

  68. If you are 22 years old and haven’t managed to even kiss a girl, then you really have tu suck. I mean, this guy had to be mentally handicapped at least.

    1. I’ve been there.
      It’s not that I couldn’t have if I tried, but I didn’t try. Partly out of fear of rejection, and partly I rationalized my cowardice by believing it makes me “better” (as approaching women is a kind of abuse according to feminist doctrine).
      Then again you could say I was mentally handicapped. 🙂

  69. Roosh totally needs to bang the newscaster railing on about how disgusting his post is. He’s already hit her with a high value display, he’s 1/2 way there. 😉

  70. Damn Roosh, you “threw it down!” Thanx for delving into the manifesto and calling out Elliot Rogers and the “Activist Industrial Complex” on their bullshit. The “Activist Industry”, especially, has been pimping and prostituting this tragedy to promote their agenda, nothing more. Their tactics are no different than that of a corporation that uses an “event” to sell its product (ie. any business that uses the widespread celebration of Christmas to peddle “Christmas related” goods and services). The only difference is that the “Activist Industrial Complex” exploits death and tragedy for personal gain whereas businesses generally exploit times of leisure and celebration. Another difference is that the “Activist Industry” sells their flimsy product through an attempted coercion with the use of shaming and intellectual dishonesty whereas businesses rely largely on voluntary action, but I digress. Although this article seemed not to be a response to the scapegoating that the activist industry has engaged in, it is certainly a badly needed follow up to the other articles in the so-called “manosphere” that were criticized for merely identifying this event for what it was, a male deranged, and ultimately motivated, by an envy of other males who prospered through their assertiveness of self. Much like the video embedded in your article, the criticisms and scapegoating coming from the activist quarter have been emotionally driven and sourced. Their arguments make no sense and have no logic. It’s always sad to see an object of irrational and emotionally driven scapegoating and attack succumb, and partake of the Kool-Aid. This article is no such example. It calls out the corruption of the Activist Industry, and asserts the truth of what actually happened with no regard for the concerns of those who have used these murders to promote feminism, promote gun control, and to scapegoat an internet community of men who view the world in terms of what people do rather than a lofty set of ideals that only seem to have application in a university classroom. I’m pretty sure the hamster wheel is spinning at break neck speed in order to find a way to shapeshift Elliot Rogers into an angry white racist. Oh wait… http://www.newrepublic.com/article/117922/elliot-rodger-race-isla-vista-shooter-was-not-just-white-guy-killer

    1. This is devastatingly accurate.
      Activist Industrial complex.
      Who pays their wages though? The Answer is an apocalypse that you can barely face.
      Not you specifically though, people in general. You are very close to pinning the tail on the donkey though!

  71. There seems to be a distorted modern view of what it means to be a chivalrous gentlemen. These words derive from the characteristics of medieval knights who were happy to slaughter, rape and plunder their way across the Middle-East. The “ladies” they were chivalrous (i.e. polite) to were exactly that – ladies. Nor whores, peasants or other such undesirables. To earn a knight’s respect you had to act with respect.
    Furthermore, to be a gentleman meant to act with dignity and honor, courageous and just, not to run around pathetically trying to please an undeserving woman. To be a gentleman, to be chivalrous, is to be, in a word, alpha.

    1. Excellent point. Too often, women (not “ladies”) who demand that men act like “gentlemen” (i.e. white knights), don’t live up to their part of the bargain. They expect to be able to do whatever they want, *without consequences*, and the men in their lives are supposed to not say anything, just go along with it, and be *grateful*….then they wake up at 35 and think, “Why will no one marry me?!”
      À bientôt

  72. All he had to do was do a study abroad program ın Asıa or Afrıca or some poor Latın Amerıcan country, and he would have gotten laıd THE ENTIRE SEMESTER OVERSEAS! I was NOT gettıng ass on my small lıberal arts campus, so I dıd the most OBVIOUS thıng I could do. I WENT OVERSEAS (on student loans) and fucked my braıns out. Is ıt really rocket scıence?

    1. It’s not so easy as you think. The allure of white american sluts can fuck up an already fucked up mentally ill male’s mind. Plus he had an entitlement complex, second he found it beneath himself to fuck prostitutes, third he found validation of his manhood in the event had a blonde american white girl would fuck with him.
      So that’s the problem. His fetish. His fetish was the American white blonde girl. I doubt things would’ve changed had he been anywhere else. He wouldn’t take pussy even if it was offered to him if he went elsewhere.

      1. Most likely true. But this message goes out to any bros not currently gettıng laıd on thier bullshıt college campuses…..DO STUDY ABROAD!! Go overseas, spend a semester at a unıversıty ın a poor forıegn country or do a volunteer progream dıggıng wells or buıldıng habıtats, I don’t gıve a fuck WHAT you do, you WILL get laıd. You are an AMERICAN, ıf anythıng, make sure you don’t get any chıcks pregnant or catch some dısease. THAT wıll be your problem, bro! Or do the Peace Corps for two years of thırd world sex on the governments dıme. Have Fun. Thıs Has Been A Publıc Servıce Announcement!

        1. You are 100% correct. I went overseas too and my life has changed as a result of it. However note that feminists and the mass media would degrade guys who do this as “losers” or “desperate”, because they know that if all men had easy access to sex, American women would lose all their power and control over them.

      2. Thanks for pointing this out. He was a total racist and considered any woman other than a hot blonde white woman to be beneath him. He wanted the validation of being with what he perceived to be a superior type of woman. If an unattractive woman or minority had offered him sex, I have no doubt he would have turned it down.

  73. I just shared this article to facebook where 3 of my female friends start to attack me the website, and the author. It goes as follows
    “are you serious? you realise the point of this website is specifically to put down women, they promote violence against women and post stuff about how they deserve to be raped and controlled etc, their goal is to be incredibly offensive….I know you obviously dont believe any of that stuff and probably just saw this one article, but it was obviously specifically written to provoke people”
    ” but theres no need to link to an extreme and digusting sexist website to make it”
    “maybe it actually just was written by a 13 year old boy”
    These females cant see the solid points made in this article because they have been fed constant lies by the media.

    1. Wrong. These females cant see the solid points because they’re dumb Anglo women, who’ve been bred with irrational, illogical feminist upbringing.
      You can’t change a person’s breeding, more so a woman’s.

    2. The view that anything that isn’t benevolent sexism is misogyny is extreme yet it’s still linked by feminists.

    3. You should reconsider your female “friends”, take it as a sign.
      BTW: Facebook is dead for real men.

  74. Roosh, you wrote that you would have taught him game, but honestly I don’t see the point. Dude was incredibly insane and way too far gone. I read his ‘manifesto’. He blew thousands of dollars on the fucking lottery, for chrissake’s. His lack of intimacy with women had become his identity. Ironically, he probably would have resisted any real attempt at improving himself for fear of losing his identity.
    One wonders why he didn’t just hire a prostitute. Oh, I know, because he had been fed feminist brainwashing that prostitution is bad and what really counts is for a women to LOVE you. He didn’t really want sex. He wanted love and attention and affirmation. But you’re right that he thought as a feminist, because he not only wanted acceptance in the way a normal man would, but he wanted to be BETTER than everyone else. By every standard he lived an above-average life yet he still wanted more and more and thought all form of hardship to achieve his status as Greatest Person on Earth was beneath him. Forget narcissism, he had fucking God complex.
    I really hate the media for portraying this guy as a misogynist, when it’s pretty clear he just hated everyone. It’s not like he doesn’t repeat that he hates everyone a million times in his manifesto.

    1. He didn’t hire a prostitute because he thought it was beneath him to have to pay a woman for sex. He wanted a pretty woman to give it to him freely and willingly. He viewed sex as a tool to validate him as a man and only sex with pretty girls who wanted him would have any value. He said he did not want to pay for something that other men could get for free.

  75. Elliot was clearly obsessed with sex, and, was obsessed with gaining validation from an attractive girl. He become lost in a childish fantasy world of prestige and sexual release. He had failed up to age 22 of finding a career or getting laid. Big fucking deal.
    He was a smart kid, could have been a good writer, and obviously would have gotten laid in time if he just relaxed enough to try.
    I am puzzled by his somewhat abrupt transition from horny masturbater (as we all were) to a mass murderer who relished the thought of gruesomely torturing and killing people who pissed hi off.
    What happened? Was it the PUAhate group he was involved in? The violent video games he played? Did he just snap? Probably all of the above.
    One common denominator of most of the most notorious mass killings has been socially isolated, sexually frustrated psychotic young men who are role playing executioner in a murder-suicide scenario they learned from video games or movies.

  76. This guy grew up in a terrible family. That is the genesis of all of this. Not feminism or failure to learn to game. His parents, including the stepmother, should be imprisoned.

    1. I don’t doubt that this guy’s mindset was largely set by a problematic upbringing but I am of the opinion that a proper upbringing provides safeguards against problematic values that tend to exist in society.

  77. Without realing it, Roosh has picked up on what caused this: Elliot Rogers was a very feminized male.
    That said Roosh, you need to watch some of your commenters. Those guys(like Ruler) say shit that is indistinguishable from what is in the manifesto, and having them around is potentially hazardous to the site.
    I also don’t think game would have helped, he wasn’t ready for it. If you try to teach someone game while they’ve still got mental issues the only thing you get is an extremely creepy person.

  78. I read the manifesto too, and I couldn’t disagree with you more. I am not sure why you think of feminists like that, however feminism is simply the belief in equality of women, and you don’t have to be a woman to belief that. I suggest you look up ‘nice guy syndrome’. This guy is a classic case.

    1. Feminism may have started out as a quest for equality but it is no longer that. It has morphed into a movement that seeks to impose greater government control over individuals under the guise of combatting “sexism”. The push for “equal” pay is a classic example. Statistics are distorted and skewed to give the impression that women earn less than men and so there is a call to use the coercive force of government to address a problem that does not exist for the purpose of bringing greater government control over the individual.

  79. I’ve read the manifesto too and I came with a completely different conclusion.
    Roosh, me and all the other guys on this site are here today because we were to some extent like this guy before.
    Would you call yourself a feminist back then? I don’t think so. We were raised with the ideas of feminism but that didn’t make us feminists.
    It’s actually crazy for me, because when I’ve read his manifesto I realize we have the same personality. I’m pretty sure this guy was an INTJ coupled with a great sensitivity.
    I could describe the similarities we share and try to explain to people that he was far from crazy but it would take to long.
    Unfortunately for him his parents were divorced, he had a cunt of stepmother and his parents were so absorbed with their own selves that he didn’t get much love or support from them.
    If he would have had parents that loved and support him and also if we lived in a mentally sane society, I’m sure he would have overcome his fears in life and none of this would have happened.

  80. While I agree with most of your points I wanted to comment that he had issues delusions of grandeur was just the tip of the iceburg. We can speculate but the truth is if someone can justify to themselves the killing of innocent people or wage war against humanity… imagine if he had game and was dating… now imagine he fell in love with his dream girl… now imagine if a girl cheated on him or broke up with him. Sooner or later this guy would have fell off the dark side… especially if he got laid and realized that pussy is just that and putting it on a pedastal is just putting out of his reach… my point is he seemed to want to blame others for his misgivings I mean his shit seemed so petty… he just had anger and hate and had no way of venting it being by himself … having real friends or getting his way would habe bought him a little longer but he was a straight time bomb…

  81. I also just read his manifesto and while I agree with a lot of what you wrote, I do think that at the end he hated women just as much as the men they gave their love to. Before I read it, I thought I would have some empathy for the guy. But he really was an entitled narcissist who thought buying lottery tickets was hard work. I almost had to laugh when I read him complain about how cruel the world was to him and in the next sentence he mentioned having thousands of dollars that was given to him by his family. He didn’t work while his family provided him with a lifestyle that most would dream of having. He had way too much time on his hands to seethe at the so called injustice of beautiful women not wanting to have sex with him. Boo hoo. He was an elitist who turned his nose up at people who he deemed below him, a racist who thought himself superior to Hispanics and African Americans. And he expected to date and have sex with the type of women who were clearly out of his league. He wouldn’t even look at a woman who was less than beautiful. He actually expected to walk around or sit in a coffee shop and have a beautiful woman approach him and offer a date or sex. He talked about people only as tools he could use to meet his own needs and desires. Women were not people, but prizes to obtain He had plenty of friends! They just weren’t “cool” enough or popular enough to increase his social status. He walked into a house party he wasn’t invited to, pushed and harassed a kid who was talking to a girl, then tried to push people off of a ledge because he was jealous of them. He reframed this whole event with him as the victim of heartless bullies and cruel, hot women. His lack of insight is quite simply astounding. I really don’t think PUA would have helped this guy at all. He would never have been willing to work on himself in any meaningful way. He would never have been willing to accept that rejection is inevitable for everyone (even women get rejected in the dating world)

  82. He dreamed of making sex itself illegal because of inequality. That’s pure feminism. Where were they to ease him into the process of becoming a transsexual?

  83. I’m a bit surprised there’s not more commentary here about the muslim angle – clear to me from reading it that his Malaysian half was supplying a lot of the self-loathing and pussy-pedestaling. That 77 virgins crap is deadly – this little twit wanted his own harem, don’t forget. IMO, just piss-poor protoplasm, born into an overprivileged, underachieving social set, and an AWOL father.

    1. That’s a stupid and irrational assumption. You mean to say Malaysian men all have an harem? If that were the case, there would be enough elliot rodgers shooting women in Malaysia. His problem was that he was a mentally ill individual living in an oversexualized environment to which he couldn’t rationally adapt by learning game – because of his mental non-development.

    2. “77 virgins crap”
      72 virgins. “77 virgins” was a limited time offer.

  84. Seems pretty clear, we need to ban feminism now, like the dangerous society destroying terrorist agenda it is.

    1. You cannot ban feminism because it will survive underground. Feminism, and just about all other dogmas that try to use the force of law to coerce people into living according to a set of impractical ideologies, survive because of people who don’t think things through. The main reason why we have a nation full of people who don’t think things through is our government controlled education system. In spite of what you are being told, thinking skills are not being taught. Kids are being taught to memorize facts in order to pass a multiple choice test after each grade. And the type of facts being taught are those that promote ideologies and dogmas like feminism. In economics classes 12th graders are being taught about “income inequality”. In U.S. History classes 11th graders are being taught that the Great Depression was a failure of capitalism. In 10th grade, Western History has been marginalized by “diversity” and “multiculturalism”. The list goes on and on. When you are not taught how the think then how does one determine whether or not the facts are factual?

      1. apparently my irony flew right over your head. Nice story though.
        My comment was a joke, sort of. Humor, Google it.

        1. You got me on that one. This has not been the first time where I’ve missed a joke and commented in such manner. I almost want to delete my comment but I cannot bring myself to do it because I put so much work into it. Maybe a troll will come on this thread and try to debate the points I’ve made so that I may save face. I have my fingers crossed.

        2. I didn’t notice that the poster was a female until after all that writing you did was done.
          Notice her screen name “Gwen”
          You’ve been played, m8

        3. If that is so, then I got played twice. I did see a “Gwen” post but not that comment. I read the names to attempt to avoid speaking with women. However, the name that is currently showing is “Random Reader” and not Gwen. Also, I’ve noticed that the names of commenters have shifted from time to time. I’m not sure why that is however since I’ve already been played once, as per my first response, I’ll take this hit in my own self interest because I want to go for the “Trifecta”. I’m at #2 and all I need is to be played one more time to get the Hat Trick. If you lie right now and claim to be either a woman or a homosexual, I’ll reach my goal but it might get us both banned from ROK. In my own defence, I plead “due dilligence”.

        4. dudes, I am not “Gwen” (and not a female!), that must be some glitch from Disqus, it mixes up user names to comments some times. I have always used the same name here, ‘Random Reader’.
          AFBS, your points were not wrong, but you did misread my comment as non-satirical in nature. No worries mate, your basic premise is correct.

        5. Thanx for the heads up on that I didn’t want to commit to saying that Disqus mixes up names because I don’t know jack shit about the way things work in this newfangled computer age (I still use a flip phone and it’s sitting next to my Atari game console. I love playing “Pong”.). I was worried that in my old age I was either going senile or suffering the latent effects of light opium usage I engaged in once in my early teens while drinking a 40 ounce of Olde English 800 with shots of ripple).

      2. While he wasn’t being serious feminism can be banned. Not be outlawing it though. It survives at all because it has the funds of taxpayers and the power of government guns behind it. Take that away and it collapses overnight.
        This is why I consider it “artificial”. It can only survive if it is artificially propped up. Anything that is an artificial construct CANNOT last. It will die when the government goes bankrupt.

        1. Exactly, you just need to end cohercion and state support, feminism will not survive long by itself.

      3. Feminism can’t be banned because it runs in the veins of modern American society as blood. Men and women are both bred on it.
        However, it can be eradicated. Slowly, bit by bit.

      4. None of that was taught in my high school US History II class I can assure you.

      5. Feminism is like traditional marriage (and with the same motives, milking men´s wealth).
        It is an institution relying on active coercion in its favour and will crumble should the power of the state ever be turned against it.

  85. Self-acceptance isn’t always entirely wrong.
    To paraphrase a well-known saying, we ought to believe in self improvement for the things that we can improve, we ought to believe in self-acceptance for the things that we cannot change, and above all we ought to yearn for the wisdom to know the difference.

  86. I think the contributing factor to his crime was an irrational, oversexualized society.
    His manifesto reeks of what he says is irresponsible decisions of women who sleep with ‘obnoxious’ jerks. This is indeed what we see in America today. Add to that his own jealous, vindictive and mentally ill personality, and you have all the makings of a killer. Our liberal society destroys men, by feeding them outdated ideals of gentlemanly behavior while throwing liberal, slutty women. A mentally sane man would’ve responded by learning game. Rodger was mentally ill. An oversexualized culture is the wrong place for mentally ill individuals to live in. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  87. The so called journalist from the young turks could/should have taken the time to invite you to talk Roosh if what you’re saying is sooo fooked up and makes her “Sick to her stomach” rather than picking and twisting excerpts from your article…
    and i like her conclusion : creeps should jack off more…
    yes! it’s a well know fact that porn is very fulfilling and it gives a nice picture of women…that’s pretty good advice…
    I’ve seen this bitch on RT’s “Breaking the Set” hosted by the somewhat “hot” but way too agressive borderline Lesbo Abby Goodman…another feminist/male wannabe

  88. Whats the difference between Elliot Rodger and an egg?
    The egg gets laid before it cracks.

  89. I hate feminism as much as the next guy, but this reads like damage control/propaganda. You can’t honestly believe the guy was a feminist.
    More to the point though, who the fuck cares what he was? Feminists and other assorted degenerates of that ilk love to play the guilt by association game, but that doesn’t mean we need to play into their frame.

    1. the point to take away is that it is blue pill, feminist / ‘progressive’ thinking that breeds a sense of entitlement, namely the idea that the world should be fair and that the world owes be what I believe to be fair. This is orient oneself away from reality, away from taking responsibility for oneself and for initiating those actions that will help you to become the person you want to be. It was Elliot’s failure to take on board the reality around him that makes him so like your typical feminist, and which ultimately led to the disillusionment, anger and resentment that triggered the tragedy

    2. He was one of “theirs”, this is why they recoiled in horror so much and actually erased the men who were killed from the picture.

  90. A great read, this article! I can see where he gets this perspective on the guy. Impatient and impulsive as he was, he should’ve persisted. He would’ve eventually gotten laid. Maybe one of the gals should’ve taken one for the team and fucked him, would’ve saved some lives…. -_-.
    He seemed so focused on everyone around him and what they thought of him, feminine. A spoiled brat with no game, reading through a portion of the manifesto; he had a luxurious life for the most part. Can’t buy humans though! Eventually, his money and status (family/father)+ personality would’ve made him a great lapdog for some control freak woman somewhere. Investment lost…

  91. Hi Roosh,
    Good article….well done.
    Elliot Rogers was not a long way from a LOT of young betas who are finding out that their life is going to suck.
    I, like you, actually bothered to read what he had written. And his story is un-remarkable in that it is the story of a LOT of young men.
    His teen years were not a million miles from my teen years. Consistent rejection by girls but wanting to be successful with them.
    How many of us boys had THAT! LOL!! Indeed the girl I had fallen in “love” with as a 12 year old? We were “boyfriend/girlfriend” for only a short time when I was 14. She dated the most horrid of guys at uni over choosing me. Standard, right?
    I was cheated on by a girlfriend that I had at 18 I knew all through school. I arrived at her place un-announced and she was in bed with another guy! LOL! The class scene, she answered the door in a SHEET not expecting it would be me!
    Another girl dumped me for a jock. You know the story. Funny thing was they ALL regretted it to one extent or another.
    He figured out that the thugs get the girls and he hated the boys/men as much or MORE than he hated the girls for choosing the thugs over him. He thought being a “nice guy” would get him a girl….just like I did…just like lots of guys do.
    What I think really tipped him over was he realised that his life was not going to get any better any time soon….and he would be right about that. So, being very intelligent, he devised his warped plan to get back at those he felt were his persecutors. A feeling I can strongly relate to by the way.
    I have often said that if I had stayed in the west and had to put up with the daily dose of hatred from all and sundry I think I would have flipped out and killed women. I honestly believe that moving to Germany, where I socialise with really lovely women, not only saved my life, it saved my exs life and a few others as well.
    I honestly do not know why men are not flipping out on a daily basis and killing a whole bunch of people. I do not know how they put up with the abuse they put up with….it is very stupid that they do.
    Anyway….if you or others are interested….I did this commentary.

  92. The moment you mentioned “putting pussy on a pedestal” I almost exclaimed out loud. That is exactly it!! But that’s not feminism. Putting women on a pedestal is objectifying because you still aren’t seeing them as normal human beings, and that’s why it so easily leads to hate. Think about guys (and girls!) who stalk a love interest. They idolize them, and by that dehumanize them and they become no more than a valuable trinket. That’s why stalkers so often end up becoming more violent and aggressive, because the perceived object does not become theirs, because it is actually a human as well, so they hate it. Guys like Elliot Rodger need to remember that women are just as human as men. They are equally capable of being douchebags, assholes and total morons!! Once you remember that, what might be crippling rejection from a love interest or crush turns into shrugging your shoulders and walking away.
    I don’t always agree with the opinions of this site, but some of what you had to say in this article is spot on.

    1. there is something to that. Its about time someone pointed out that ROK are depicting women as more human rather than less by revealing them in all their flawed and flaky glory, while seeking to manage men’s expectations at the same time (something that would have saved lives in this case). But remember it is feminism and progressivism that is inflating the value of women to ridiculous proportions while seeking to make them as unattractive to the opposite sex.

    2. NOPE…pedestalization is a DISEASE that affects males that are told their entire lives that women are SPECIAL and women EXPECT to be treated that way.
      Many men out there now go out of their way to destroy this mythology when they discover it is complete bullshit and that your average western women is pure excrement.
      Remember, her shit sprays the bowl after Mexican food too!!!

  93. Sexual standards, by either gender, are not misogynistic in nature. Personally, I expect guys to use their manners and treat everyone around them with respect. There are guys from my former high school I would never go anywhere near because there’s no knowing where all they’ve been over the years and it’s not worth the risk.

  94. this article made more sense then the one about rodger learning game. I agree with this “In spite of all the loneliness and pain that Rodger went through, he still couldn’t be bothered to lift one finger to improve his station. ” He was lazy.
    However, his main issue was mental illness. If that had been managed the other issues would have been too. Likely if he had been properly medicated he wouldn’t have killed and may have ended up getting laid and having a girlfriend.

  95. If women weren’t turned on by thugs, bad boys, etc., then the black community would be thriving, and the white community wouldn’t 80% of guys destroying their bodies in the gym and getting the same tribal / sleeve tattooes as every other white guy, and the asian community wouldn’t have such a high out marriage rate.
    It’s plain and simple. Women have zero concern for anything other than physical qualities; sure, intelligence and humor is funny, as long as it’s attached to a physically attractive body. Meanwhile most men are attracted to most women as long as they aren’t fat, and even then some. Look at Pierce Brosnan or Hugh Jackman’s wife.
    Women will spend their younger years chasing bad boys / physical alphas and then grow out of it when they realize they can’t do it without being held accountable anymore. And then after that point they still lust after bad boys / alphas. They straight up lie about everything that they want… that’s the point. It would be better if they just out right came and told the truth, but women have been lying about it for a thousand years because if they admitted it, they’d admit that they care nothing for civilization, higher society, culture, or anything, and would be perfectly fine being part of Khal Drogo’s harem.
    It’s one thing for unattractive men to look for unattractive women, but unattractive women have the benefit of being able to shave and spread their vaginas and find a men several levels above them – which they now do in the west.

    1. Men are not entitled to sex. American women decide, even if they want to fuck thugs, niggas, their students, the alpha janitor, or even their neighbor’s pet dog.

      1. Women are not entitled to men’s money. Let women work until they die. Have sex with them, but never marry one.

    2. Only for a time.
      Then they realize, dem bad boys don´t have much in the way of money.

  96. This entire site is just so pathetic I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
    It’s a bunch of whiny single men unable to accept that the word will not always bend to their will, who keep getting more creative in their bizarre little stories about how they want women to be. Seriously, folks. Grow up.
    Also, what’s up with deleting any comment that proves a valid point against you?

    1. Why don’t you “prove a valid point against” instead of reducing your argument to an ad hominem?

    2. Satan, and crying?
      Satan, and telling men to grow up?
      Bring us the sluts, father of debauchery and lust!

      1. Also, he (or she) doesn’t deserve to to be here in the first place.
        Hell is the appropriate abode for Satan. Probably no disqus or internet there.

    3. Try crying from one side of the face, and laughing from the other side.
      A perfect diabolical expression, like Two-Face.
      Worthy to give you the title of Satan.

      1. Your response has all the makings of a premise for one of those witty and complex episodes of “South Park”.

  97. The video made me laugh “…shifting blame to women….”. Like American women are innocent and have no share in shaping the culture that has resulted with actual blood on their hands.
    Over the years I have noticed that women who reject men are doing so in crueler and crueler ways. Maybe 7-10 years ago you would get a call or email (before text) just stating something like “I don’t think we had any chemistry….it was nice meeting you”. But, now the standard response is something like “OMG why would I ever want to go out with you….you are a creepo/weirdo….never contact me again or I will call the police….” and that is the response to a text simply saying “hey had fun let’s hang again”. Do women really think that when they reject men in the most nasty way they can contrive that it does not have some sort of collective effect on that men, especially weaker beta men?

  98. The reason why the Jewish Supremacist controlled media has chosen to lie and distort Rodger’s motivation in this manner, is because they have looked at the available evidence—which is contained in his 141-page manifesto which he released on the Internet just prior to starting his murderous spree—and have deliberately chosen to suppress his real agenda.
    In that manifesto, Rodger wrote of his hatred of European Americans, and blonde-haired European Americans of both sexes, in particular.
    Several times in his manifesto, Rodger refers to Europeans as his “enemy.”

    1. Not at all, he hated asians, blacks and even latinos, he loved whites so much he wanted to become white himself, he even considered himself a British aristocrat

      1. Give us a quote from his manifesto along with a page number then if he actually did

        1. “I am half White, half Asian, and this made me different from the normal fully-white kids that I was trying to fit in with,”
          “My first act was to ask my parents to allow me to bleach my hair blonde. I always envied and admired blonde-haired people, they always seemed so much more beautiful.”
          “How could an inferior, ugly black boy be able to get a white girl and not me? I am beautiful, and I am half white myself. I am descended from British aristocracy. He is descended from slaves. I deserve it more,”

        2. He probably looked like this when he dyed his hair blonde. No wonder he couldn’t get laid in high school.

        3. There is no such thing as half anything. That’s a construct.
          he was a Eurasian Mutt. Not white at all. A product of what Nicholas Sarkozy called Metisage in English: Race Mixing.
          He wanted to be white and was Leucocentric like every other race obsessed minority.

  99. I read the manifesto. Basically he was a coddled entitled brat that expected a fair world to give him everything. What drove him to extreme anger is witnessing his sister get it all so easy. If he couldn’t have what he wanted right now, no one could. He was raised with the expectations of a woman and did not realize until he was a grown man. The required amount of work to change was too much for someone with the I want it all right now in my lap attitude. At that point only a couple options remain for such a person… suicide or become a raging homo.

  100. “I formed an ideology in my head of how the world should work. I was fueled both by my desire to destroy all of the injustices of the world, and to exact revenge on everyone I envy and hate. I decided that my destiny in life is to rise to power so I can impose my ideology on the world and set everything right. I was only seventeen, I have plenty of time. I thought to myself. I spent all of my time studying in my room, reading books about history, politics, and sociology, trying to learn as much as I can.”
    This quote in particular is very telling about “progressives” and the political Left. Their entire agenda is driven by envy and fear of those they believe to be stronger than themselves, themselves being weak people.

    1. He sounds like Anakin Skywalker. One of the reasons why the prequels sucked so badly is that Anakin came off as a bitch – ass “nikka” and not the fearsome dominant presence we came to know in episodes IV, V, and VI.

    2. Okay, that answers my question about whether Elliot read any books or not, unless he just throws this out to make himself sound smarter than he can justify.
      Hmm, his quest to find the key to social transformation through books reminds me of intellectually voracious poet Percy Shelley in his teens, who also had a partly baked radical social agenda. Only Shelley showed natural game, and in his early 20’s he persuaded two(!) stepsisters (Mary Godwin and Jane Clairmont) to elope together with him to the Continent.

  101. This site must be desperate for cash if it’s posting dribble like this, which is so clearly meant to draw in self-proclaimed feminists to create traffic.
    Feminism, to my best knowledge, is about first and foremostly seeing women as people with their own thoughts, desires, and goals. Secondly, feminism wishes to defend their ability to make choices based on their thoughts, desires and goals. Usually this is done through passing legislation that levels the playing field, so to speak, creating safe spaces (much like this website) which allows dialogue to run freely, organizing programs, and so forth.
    Elliot Rodgers did not see women as people, but as a thing to acquire. He is, therefore, not a feminist.

        1. Feminism, in its second wave, became a collectivist movement that seeks to impose a conformity of thought and practice to a set of ideals that are impractical and, ultimately, irrational. Rodgers viewed the world through that filter. It’s no accident that he lashed out in the way he did for collectivist ideas promote the interests of the collective over the rights of the individual.

    1. I disagree. Feminism is about promoting women as a superior sex, and inspiring hatred towards men.

    2. Feminism was created by privileged white women who had nothing better to do with their free time. It is a movement that featured many charming characters such as Margaret Sanger. The founder of Planned Parenthood and a vile racist who believed blacks, and aboriginal Australians in particular were slightly intellectually superior to Chimpanzees.

    3. “This site must be desperate for cash if it’s posting dribble like
      this, which is so clearly meant to draw in self-proclaimed feminists to
      create traffic.”
      What did you just do by commenting?

    4. “This site must be desperate for cash if it’s posting dribble like this, which is so clearly meant to draw in self-proclaimed feminists to create traffic.”, Feminists and manginas like you are doing it for them, a lot like how after they pump and dump the girl you’ve been orbiting you have the “privilege” of sucking the cum out of their used meat sockets.

  102. Excessive use of force is not permitted in gentlemanly duels, Sir. In this case, you may proceed.

  103. I came to the same conclusion after reading his manifesto. He essentially espoused a “no sex” feminist viewpoint, although he arrived at the destination from a different route.

  104. Since when is 6 a mass murder? How standards have fallen. And I’m sure E.R. was far from the first male feminist multiple murderer.
    Also, I’m pretty sure that woman was put on The Young Turks solely for the purpose of target male audience getting to laugh at a loud bitchy woman.

    1. Since about the same amount of people died to British guards getting mobbed in Boston and they called it the Boston massacre

  105. The news chick in the video said Roosh’s name like he was an ex that pumped dumped her. She tingles for him.

    1. I noticed Ana was mad as fuck, the kind of mad women get after you penetrate their defenses, and right before you penetrate their insides.

  106. “The men that lurk in the PuaHate forums are almost worse than the PUAs themselves…”
    You read her quote backwards, dude.

    1. On the article ‘Murderer kills six: 4 men and 2 women. Cause: Misogyny’ on AVFM, David continuously defended feminists. Not once but multiple times.
      You can verify it yourself. Someone said feminists are genocidal, David the white knight jumped to the rescue of feminists and opposed him.
      He blatantly defends feminists all the time right under everyone’s noses. How the fuck don’t Paul and Dean not notice it is beyond me.
      The next time he does it, if someone asked him a simple question – Why exactly were you compelled to defend feminists david? – It would be highly effective.

      1. Dude. Fuck off. Are you just following me around to tell me how much you hate David King on every single non-related thing I post on?
        It’s weird. You have a problem.

        1. Well this is interesting. You changed completely. Few days ago you were agreeing, and even confronted david, and now you abuse me for pointing it out when he did it again?
          I’m not sure what caused this dramatic change in you but you need to calm the fuck down nancy. You’re behaving precisely like the big red in your avatar. Don’t get hysterical.
          Just 2 replies and you are already flipping out. Maybe it is you who has issues, don’t you think? And don’t worry, you aren’t that important for me to follow around.
          I am just disappointed that his authority was able to intimidate you. Sigh..

        2. ROFL..could be. Could be aspiring to be a tranny and in the process of transformation.

        3. I won’t be surprised if he then starts trolling this site in the username “Elliot Dodger.”
          Dodging his gender identity, that is.

      2. David defended feminists in the hope of getting pussy.
        Unfortunately, feminists, like Elliot Rodger, believe in a no-sex policy.
        Thus David will go back home to masturbate. To the mental image of the blonde feminist cougar he wanted to bang.
        By next week, he’ll be another Elliot Rodger posting his manifesto, and video, but from a pickup van.

    2. Almost worse is not saying that it is worse. Meaning this girl felt that PUAHate was as bad or less bad than PUA’s themselves. Roosh interpreted her quote correctly.

  107. He wanted to be a social justice warrior.
    CHECK UR PRIVILEGE, CHECK UR WHITE PRIVILUG! Dem White Wimmenz shouldn´t get no Affirmative Action, we the ones that deserves it! They never had slavery in Amurica, we did! Why won´t da White man gibsmedat, instead to da White Bitch who don´t return their love?

  108. THERE is nothing “alpha” about this Roosh guy. Everything he says is whiny and juvenile.

        1. Fight the temptation to respond to women. There are plenty of forums outside of ROK to do this. It is not about their ideas but YOUR ability to add meaningful information to a forum where men speak of things unique to US. What you add yields an improvement to the overall discourse. When you respond to “whatshername” you take away that which can have meaning and usage. I’ve made this mistake too.

    1. Roosh has slept with over 50 women in his life. How many men do you know who have done that without paying? Roosh is as alpha as it gets. He knows what he’s talking about.

      1. Fifty is a big number to you? Jeezus tapdancing Christ you’re easy to impress. Fifty. In HIS WHOLE LIFE. I’m no superstar but I had that many by the time I turned 18. And no I paid for nothing more than condoms.

      2. THAT kind of thing is only “alpha” to a fourth grader, closet gays, pimps, and serial killers. Roosh is a whiny guy who gets with whiny women. There is nothing “alpha” or attractive about Roosh. If you were an adult you would know that everything braggerts say is not the absolute truth. You must have COURAGE to be able to think for yourself and to see through the bullshit.

        1. You don’t have enough COURAGE to think for yourself, feminist.
          Enough of your subtly worded “man up” statement within the word “COURAGE”.
          You hate Roosh because he gets to sleep with women who are far hotter than American fat slutty feminist slobs. You hate Roosh because he has exposed the hypocrisies men in America are forced to endure both from modern American women and society. What you’re saying is a typical modern American woman ploy to guilt trip men into settling for her irresponsible, unfeminine, over-fucked slut ass. “Think for yourself”.We know what’s good for ourselves that’s why we are. You’re the uninvited one, a female who has broken the rules to post here. How shameless is that? You’re no different from Elliot Rodger who wanted to be a social warrior. That’s feminism for you. Guilt trip men into becoming drones for untrustworthy modern irresponsible American women. We won’t allow ourselves to fall for the guilt trip bait by you. If you got any decency, you won’t bother to troll again here. Because you’re not finding any support or sympathy for your feminist hypocrisies here.

        2. MOST people, by the time they are in the FOURTH grade, learn that they will not get everything they want. They have to learn how to speak the language of those they are negotiating with, and take it on the chin when they lose. Each person—,male and female learns this fact during these developmental years. But somehow it has ESCAPED you losers, who were meant to do nothing more than cry in your coffee and lament that you haven’t in you to better yourselves as HUMANS until you attain the friends and lovers who think like you do.

  109. Do you think for one minute that an entitled SOB
    like Elliot Rodgers would humble himself to learn
    A true man must exhibit self-restraint, otherwise
    he’s not a man at all, just an overgrown child.

  110. “To my extreme rage, I discovered that my sister had now a boyfriend, and that she had lost her virginity.”

    1. The funniest part is that her boyfriend was banging her in the next room, and she was moaning like a whore. Looks like theatricality ran in their family blood, right from his father, to his sister and lastly, to him. Rodger would’ve probably had incestuous thoughts, but she wasn’t blonde. But now we all know his sister is a nasty tramp.
      The question to asked: How did he know that her boyfriend penetrated her vagina, and not any other hole, when he heard the entire session behind closed doors? Possibly she could be a vaginal virgin, and not an anal one.

      1. I have a crush on his sister. I would want to do her the way her boyfriend did, with all her moaning and screaming, after I read his manifesto. Sounds like a nasty slut indeed. Plus she got her boyfriend a free trip to Europe with her family. Seems to be a great catch for a generous girlfriend, both in and out of the bedroom.
        She can audition for my own porno.

        1. Not bad. Big head though but with nice legs, and a small but perky ass. Would do her doggy style, with all her loud moaning…

        2. She lost her cherry at 17, according to Elliot.
          Which state was that, and what’s the age of consent?

        3. Yep, a total slut face. A natural cock carousel rider. Body vibes, as well as the eager look.

      2. What is really hilarious is how close his views are to certain comments I have seen in answer to this article…
        It is kind of 100% confirming my views on “betas”. At least Rodger was more honest.

    2. For a mentally ill individual living in the US, that statement would be understandable.
      However, a lot of men don’t like their sisters slutting it around, and more so screwing around in their vicinity. It’s a territorial instinct in most Middle eastern and Asian societies. They cockblock men from screwing around women in their family. His sister was already corrupted by modern American slutty women values, the values which he hated. It probably made him detest her and his family even more.

      1. True that. You know about muslim family values?
        The liberals loves to go on about rednecks and inbreeding but completely ignores that when it comes to Islamic countries for example. If the daughter takes it in the butt from her father and sons, it doesn´t go against the family honor.
        Not just women, mind you, there are also young boy, Bacha Bazi as said in Afghanistan. It also gibes a free bomb-hidding place.
        Homosexuality is officially banned because the birthrate would fall otherwise…
        The “beta” is really mad at the slut because she gets more than he does and not with him, that is what Rodger confirms.
        Why don´t they sleep with me, a nice guy, instead of all those asshole alphas and players?? Oh the injustice!

  111. “The most beautiful of women choose to mate with the most brutal of men, instead of magnificent gentlemen like myself. Women should not have the right to choose who to mate and breed with. That decision should be made for them by rational men of intelligence. If women continue to have rights, they will only hinder the advancement of the human race by breeding with degenerate men and creating stupid, degenerate offspring. This will cause humanity to become even more depraved with each generation. Women have more power in human society than they deserve, all because of sex. There is no creature more evil and depraved than the human female.”
    – Elliot Roger, Noted Feminist Scholar

      1. Possible. Exclude the first line from that statement, and his sister’s sluttiness could’ve contributed to that statement too.

    1. “Life’s not fair. Adjust.” – theDiscreteOne and the entire Mansophere.

      1. I think feminists say the same. They say men to man up to adjust to modern sluts.

        1. Nah, it’s more like feminists say “life’s not fair, therefore it needs to adjust to how we think it should be.”

    1. Squatting casanova?
      Where did this casanova crap? Into Elliot’s brain perhaps.

  112. I don’t think Elliot roger was a feminist, but he felt he was boxed into a corner by feminists and the society at large. Feminists have a very different criteria and very different reasons in hating game, alpha males and everything else you mentioned above. Roger on the other hand hated everyone and everything for the sake hating. Hell, this guy may have turned out to be a mass killer even if he did have game or was getting laid. What is not being discussed in the media is how much Elliot Roger was affected by his grandfathers occupation. Elliot Rogers grandfather was a prominent photojournalist of the Nazi death camps. This kid grew up looking at grotesque disturbing images of murdered bodies, and obviously that had a huge influence on himself and his outlook of humanity and society. Saying he killed because he couldn’t get laid because of a feminist society is totally ridiculous. 

    1. Uh oh, a more-than-halfway intelligent comment accidentally made its way onto the website! Countdown to getting deleted in 3…2…1…
      (Gonna waste my upvote on you anyway!)

      1. Thanks , I thought my comment would fall on def ears, good to see there’s others with critical analysis living amonst us.

  113. I think a lot of people are dissing Elliot without understanding the implications of permissiveness of modern culture on young men. Elliot’s sister fucks in his mother’s home loudly. His mother takes her boyfriend with them to England. Elliot sees his father being dominated by his second wife who ill treats Elliot while growing up. This kid needed support, which he thought he’d find if he banged a blonde – an American sexual role model fetish since before. This kid sees his friends fucking about, and ridiculing him for getting no pussy. His first brush with sex probably comes from pornos, in which women gets plowed in all holes like animals and enjoy it. He sees the same things replayed in reality, with this sister’s moaning, and the girls he sees slutting it about on his college campus. He hears his friend playing a recording of his girlfriend moaning. What is this kid who is mentally ill, deprived of a proper parental upbringing where gifts have substituted parental love, gonna expect? Sex thus becomes a gift which he must obtain. Who’s to blame for this? I’d say society and his family. Why does his stepmother allow this mentally ill kid attend college? We’re a society who’re breeding a lot of Elliot Rodgers with the same blueprint. Getting laid is a validation of a man’s masculinity in modern American society. The society chokes sex down people’s throats through media, and social conditioning. Modern feminist slutty women in their indifferent male baiting, won’t bother to discriminate between a mentally ill individual and a sane man when it comes to cock teasing. So insensitive modern American society is. His manifesto reveals a mental patient who’s stuck in a superficial permissive society which cares for nothing and no one.

  114. The guy was a mentally disturbed loser who wasn’t proud of being Asian or white. His writings were a mishmash of incongruous beliefs that he somehow managed to stuff together in order to suit his thirst. No further analysis needed.

  115. Is it racist to say he did not, in fact have any white male privilege, because he is no whiter than President Obama?

  116. You see the same shit everywhere what he wrote:
    “The most beautiful of women choose to mate with the most brutal of
    men, instead of magnificent gentlemen like myself. Women should not have
    the right to choose who to mate and breed with. That decision should be
    made for them by rational men of intelligence. If women continue to
    have rights, they will only hinder the advancement of the human race by
    breeding with degenerate men and creating stupid, degenerate offspring.
    This will cause humanity to become even more depraved with each
    generation. Women have more power in human society than they deserve,
    all because of sex. There is no creature more evil and depraved than the
    human female.”
    – He sounded more like Schropehauer, Neiztsche, Cato the Elder in this rhetoric of realization by him. It’s not lies though, and most of these words are in fact what is indeed happening today.
    Too bad no body understood him enough to guide him to a good doctor or red pill philosophy. Had he gotten that, the tragedy would’ve been averted.

    1. “The ultimate evil behind sexuality is the human female. They are the main instigators of sex. They control which men get it and which men don’t. Women are flawed creatures, and my mistreatment at their hands has made me realize this sad truth. There is something very twisted and wrong with the way their brains are wired. They think like beasts, and in truth, they are beasts. Women are incapable of having morals or thinking rationally. They are completely controlled by their depraved emotions and vile sexual impulses. Because of this, the men who do get to experience the pleasures of sex and the privilege of breeding are the men who women are sexually attracted to… the stupid, degenerate, obnoxious men. I have observed this all my life. The most beautiful of women choose to mate with the most brutal of men..”
      – Sounds very much like Schropenhauer, Neiztsche, and Cato the Elder here again. But the females around him, particularly his family probably forced this statement to take form.