14 Stupid Things To Stop Being Angry About

Anger had always been an issue for me. It’s actually embarrassing to remember all the times I flared up over insignificant matters and worthless individuals. My past experience, however, did teach me few things about the nature of anger.

First, anger, in every form, is all about power. Anger exists because it protects us from harm whether it be a harm to your body or harm to your reputation that will ruin your social status. Anger also drives us to defend what we care for whether it be your loved ones or your tribe and beliefs. But, of course, it’s also used as a means to assert and maintain your dominance over others. In any way you see it, anger functions as a way to both guard and expand your power.

But anger, like fire, can either help you or destroy you—you must be the one in control. And to master anger, you must be aware of how you’re using it: You’re either using anger to control a situation or you’re throwing a tantrum because you have no control.

So, for all situations that induce rage, disgust, and bitterness, ask yourself the Anger Question: Is my anger helping me defend, assert, or improve my life situation in any way? If the answer is no, cool down and disengage. There’s no point burning your energy needlessly.

To get you started, here are some common things that enrage people that shouldn’t.

1. The Past


The past is gone; it exists only in your mind. Just learn whatever lesson you must and move on. You should also know that our memories are prone to biases and distortions—especially with emotional events. So, don’t get distracted over something that is irrelevant to your current life that’s distorted and unreal.

2. Stupid People


Stupid people have always existed and they will continue to exist no matter how much they annoy you. It’s absurd to claim that there are people who are so imbecilic as to “insult” your intelligence and “lower” your IQ. If you’re so easily offended by your supposed intellectual inferiors, maybe you’re not as smart as you think you are.

3. Disgusting People


I once had the misfortune to witness a morbidly obese man on a scooter moaning about lack of accessibility in an aging facility. He did nothing to battle his obesity (he drank Pepsi non-stop and even took his medicine with it, claiming that it was impossible for him to drink something without sugar), but he felt like he had the right to complain even as he was being pampered by the government that paid all his medical expenses.

I used to feel utter disgust and rage by these type of people who relish in their victim-status and see weakness as a virtue, but I just don’t see the point anymore. These days, I prefer detached contempt.

4. Feminists And SJWs


Speaking of stupid and disgusting people, feminists and SJWs are some of the most idiotic and nauseating people to have ever existed on Earth. But what does getting outraged and hating them accomplish? These people are being deliberately provocative to troll you. They want you to play their negative-sum game so that you’ll drop down to their level of misery. By spewing your hatred towards them, you’re playing into their hands and giving the attention they crave. The better option is to ridicule them like the joke they are or just ignore them.

5. Your “Enemies”


The truth is, unless you have people who are actively plotting to harm you or kill you, you don’t really have “enemies.” Maybe you have resentment towards your useless boss, a bitch ex, or people who insulted you or betrayed you in the past, but unless they’re somehow trying to destroy you this very moment, holding on to anger will only torment you. You’re essentially letting your “enemies” win just by keeping them in your mind. Kick them out.

6. Entertainment Sports

During my more miserable years, I followed sports to numb myself. Oh, the joys of rage, frustration, anguish, and disappointment that comes with cheering for a sub-par team—not to mention being burned with humiliation by your laughing rivals. I finally ended the idiotic self-torture when I decided that my own life was too important to be sitting and watching millionaire entertainers duke it out in a modern-day circus.

7. Your Life Circumstance

You’re angry that girls won’t date you because of your race, height, or whatever? You blame your parents and shitty upbringing for your current problems? Oh please, countless men have succeeded in spite of having gone through harsher conditions than you have. Even if you have a legitimate case of hardship, you’re wasting your energy on anger if you’re not directing it towards self-improvement.

8. Money And Objects


Growing up financially unstable, I used to get high-strung over money and possessions—every dollar and every cent counted for me. I guarded my possessions like my own children and I would get furious for days when something got damaged, lost, or stolen. This is what happens with a scarcity mindset: you fuss over the insignificant stuff.

Wealth is vital to your well-being, but acting like it’s the most important thing in the world and getting overly attached to your possessions is petty and pathetic. Don’t be an arrogant dipshit like this Ferrari owner:

9. Politicians

Getting angry at professional politicians for being corrupt liars is like getting angry at professional prostitutes for being dirty and slutty. I actually find it hilarious how much hatred people hold for the likes of Obama and Trump.

Get it through your head: unless you’re actively doing something to get them out of office, you’re getting fussed up over something you can’t control.

10. World Affairs

Know that the media makes its money by garnering your attention with the most negative and conflict-arousing drama they can find in the world while feeding you propaganda at the same time. What is the point of getting angry over something happening around the world that doesn’t even affect you? Even the local news is barely relevant to your own life. If there’s something important that I should concern myself with, I’m sure I’ll hear about it through the word of mouth.

11. Different Opinions

We all know how bitchy the SJWs get when faced with opinions that go against their delusions, so isn’t it time to stop doing the same? Why get angry because someone would dare espouse socialist ideas or express their Christian beliefs? You don’t have to prove them wrong and you probably won’t change their minds anyway. Focus your energy on things that benefit you instead.

12. Arguments

To continue with the previous point, most arguments—especially regarding politics or religious beliefs—are total waste of time. I remember all my heated online arguments from the past, and guess what: they’ve accomplished exactly nothing. Unless you’re doing it to defend your reputation, to win over an audience that matters, or as part of your job, arguing is almost always unnecessary. If you’re going to argue, do it for practical reasons and not for your ego.

13. The Injustice of the World

I personally find this the hardest to swallow. It’s a familiar story: spoiled feminist girls get to engage in weekly, alcohol-fueled debauchery thanks to their indulging parents that support their lifestyle while their supposed oppressors—the men—are working their asses off just to get by (or getting maimed and killed in wars). I can repeat the same scenario in many variations. But I guess the world has always been unfair and complaining about it is not going to change it.

In the end, all we can do is focus on improving our own lives while ignoring these human garbage.

14. Yourself

You messed up, embarrassed yourself, and now you’re angry with no one to blame but yourself. It’s a tough place to be in and you’ll find little sympathy anywhere. But no matter what you did and how badly you screwed up, you must find a way to forgive yourself and move on. Failure to do so can be fatal.

Taming Anger

Now, I’m not suggesting that you flat-out banish anger from your life; that would be a woeful mistake. As I’ve said in the beginning, anger is vital for your existence, which is why you must tame it and use it to your advantage. All I’m suggesting is that your energy and focus be concentrated towards creating value for yourself, no more.

Also, now that I’m more stoic, I do find that people mistake my lack of reactiveness with weakness. I therefore suggest that you always keep some heat on so that people don’t think you’re a pushover.

To conclude, tame your anger like you would a wild horse. You must command your anger lest you be commanded by it. Don’t get angry over worthless matters that bring no value to your life and focus your energy on worthwhile things you can take practical action on.

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180 thoughts on “14 Stupid Things To Stop Being Angry About”

      1. Yeah man. Claymation, plus dinosaurs, plus stomping on bikini-clad worshipers by ‘accident.’
        Sigh…. those were the days.

  1. Evola’s “Ride the tiger” describes the state of detachment necessary for the differentiated man in order to keep his sanity, while surviving among the satanic modern world.
    You should not be angry. Do not let things you cannot control affect you. You’d better retreat in your inner fortress as much as you can.
    Look at great fighters like Fedor Emelianenko or Muhammad Ali : they were not angry while fighting. They were cold and focused.
    You should adopt the same mentality.
    This detachment is at the core of any traditional definition of manliness : you must work to stay true to yourself and attached to your own values, no matter how messed up the world around you is. Like a WW1 soldier in the trenches, struggling to keep his sanity.
    You should in fact be amused by the surrounding madness, and even be grateful to live in this age of decline, when the modernist monsters are showing their true colors.

    1. It’s quite liberating not to grow angry at the little things that you have no control over. As you mentioned, it’s best to laugh at the fools who are speeding the decline of the West as they’re searching for the most insignificant amount of power they can have over someone in this day and age. To laugh is to remove that power from them.

      1. There’s a Polish proverb I’ve adopted as my motto when it comes to giving a crap about things that don’t impact me directly: “Not my circus, not my monkeys”… works beautifully.

    2. It’s not just men that have to deal with crazy bitches buzzing in the hive. Unfortunately, when you stand alone and try to reason with the mentally deficit, you quickly realize that the hive will allow no reason or logic to permeate the fixed insanity. Suddenly, everything is your fault.

    3. The cold indifference of a hardened man who has left the childish outbursts of youth and waded into the field of decisive action is what is needed.
      I have fought and trained so much in unarmed combat I no longer feel any uncontrollable emotions. All I know is the techniques and the training I have endured. The hell I’ve been through.
      I have it seems vast pools of rage, hatred and unquenchable anger from within. Yet you may never know talking to me.
      I try to keep my mouth shut most of the time. Yet the embers of righteous anger are always burning inside. I hold them close to me because I never want to forget for who and why I have this.
      The only difference is now my rage is channeled into productive means to meet the ends I wish for.
      Anger is useless without consequences.

        1. I’ve trained in Shaolin 5 animals kung fu and then went on to an established MMA gym doing alot of dutch muay thai, BJJ , wrestling and boxing. Fought pro MMA for around 5 yrs.
          A striker at heart. Nowadays I don’t kick as much but when I do, they hurt.

        2. Lucky you, I wish my body could be abble to take that much training : I just subluxated my shoulder while boxing one week ago.
          I have a kind of congenital shoulder instability that just doesn’t want to go away, and has kept me from starting an amateur career.
          I’m still happy to have become a decent sparring partner though, both in muay thai and in boxing.

        3. With the utmost respect, I would call those sports rather than combat. Not to say they won’t help you in combat but in my opinion unarmed combat is different.
          I have actually done martial arts and sports for some time but now I am looking to upgrade to unarmed combat training.

        4. It is a formless style that draws from systema, escrima and other styles. The important point is that it is focused on your survival and the incapacitation of your attacker.
          I’m a newbie with this training but I trained for decades in Muay Thai, Aikido and Karate. Now however, it is time to leave the sports behind and step up the training.

        5. Nobody’s body can take that kind of training forever. Look into an unarmed combat style. Easier on your body, harder on your attacker.

        6. How does the training differ from say muay thai? In a sport like that there is full contact sparring where people can and do get incapacitated.
          Hows does the training you are doing now make you more able to incapacitate someone on the streets than learning how to move, kick, punch, elbow and knee in a full contact sparring environment?

        7. The training is not as intense. Training for a high intensity sport like Muay Thai is ultimately damaging to the body. Eventually the body will not be able to keep up with the recovery required for the sport and sickness and injury will result.
          The training in a combat art builds on the skills you have learned in the sport and changes your perspective from winning a competition to surviving a lethal encounter. In such an encounter your instincts must change from winning a bout (where there are rules, a referee, medical professionals at ringside, etc.) to quickly stopping a fight.
          In the street you may face more than one attacker who may be armed. Muay Thai does not prepare you for knife combat or to disarm an attacker (in sport you have an opponent, in combat an attacker). It does not train you in situational awareness or what to do after you have felled your attacker.
          Finally, an unarmed combat art will teach you to “cheat”. Techniques that will break joints, trip your attacker, hit eyes, genitals, throat. Things you cannot do in the ring that may be very necessary in the street.
          Muay Thai will definitely allow you to handle most attackers. But it would be nice to be prepared for those more lethal encounters.

        8. I have been trying to find competent instructions in “unarmed combat training” for years now; I am 57 years old decent shape for that age. Looking at Krav Maga. Only one in my area that teaches it is:
          Seems okay from the website as far as you can judge from such….the fact that it only meets once a week is probably a red flag that they aren’t doing so well business wise; so don’t know how long they will be around. Trouble is I work 12-hr swing shifts; my available times shift (never off/work the same day each week); and switch from days to nights every 4 weeks.

        9. I’ve done Maui Thai and I agree it requires peak physical conditioning to perform properly. I’m in my 30s now and I don’t think I have the time to be consistent with that level of training.
          What do you think of boxing though, if you have any knowledge on that? I get the impression it is practical both in terms of combat ability, as well as conditioning.

        10. You won’t need much conditioning in a street fight as it will be over in seconds. That said, I would not take that as a license to pound down the beer and donuts and neglect your conditioning work. This will still impact your survival odds. I just don’t think that you need the conditioning of a pro boxer.
          Boxing is definitely useful and I am training in it now. The trouble is, is that it teaches “target fixation”. Target fixation will get you killed in a combat situation where there is more than one attacker. To be truly useful in a combat situation you will want to pair boxing with a combat discipline such as Krav Maga or Russian Systema. These systems teach situation awareness and also how to handle multiple attackers and weapons.
          Always in combat you should be looking to gain an advantage over your attacker. This is about survival not about fighting fair. This is the principle that the police and military use and so should you. For example, the police and military always aim to use overwhelming force. A fair fight is fine in the boxing ring but do you really want 50/50 odds in a fight to the death?

        11. try combat tai chi it can be effective with time and the right training and low impact on the body

        12. Once a week is better than no times a week. I train in Systema once a week (although I would go more frequently if I could). I would go down there and take a look. Look into the backgrounds of the instructors. Find out who trained them. They should have all have trained with the originator in Israel, if only for seminars. I have trained with one of the top Systema instructors in the world. He is former KGB Spec Ops and when he puts his hands on you, you know you are dealing with a hard man.
          The best thing you can do is the training that your financing and time allows. A little is better than nothing. That little may save your life or the life of someone you love. For example, I can only train with guns a few times a year. But I do it and I know that I can shoot accurately under pressure if need be.
          Also, you can combine that Krav Maga with something else. An art that teaches striking or throws and locks. This will improve your KM and vice versa.

        13. Best of all in my opinion is a good chunk tearing bite. Not kidding. Someone gets too close go Cujo and rip a chunk out of his neck.

    4. I’m not sure that sportsmen are good examples of not being “angry while fighting”. Fighting in the ring is one thing but fighting for your life is something very different.
      Anger while fighting can make you super-strong, super-fast, super ferocious. You will need this in combat to stay alive.

      1. I respectfully disagree and think I can find some counterexamples against this.
        First I know that’s anedoctal evidence, but every time I fought angry in highschool I got my ass handed to me.
        When you’re angry you tend to “ferociously” charge the opponent, now this can work on unexperienced fighters but against someone with counterpunching skills you’re in big trouble :

        For me the few victorious fight always went like this : first I cool down, the time slows down, I realize that he has just put his hands on me or said a very serious insult, or just slapped me, or that if I don’t hit first he will, and then I strike.
        If I don’t cool down first I get too tensed and I fight sloppily.
        I think that most militaries in the world always had an ethic of emotional detachment for that reason too.

        1. Well generally in school you are not fighting for your life . This is an important distinction. Not only that you probably haven’t yet programmed your body for an automatic response. When you fight in the street it is combat, meaning probably a fight to the death. This will impact your responses and this is what develops the superhuman fighting response to danger.
          Note that you do not allow anger to lead you. I have never “ferociously charged” anyone. Perhaps you mean “you” rather than everyone else.
          I had a combat situation the other day. The guy attacked me and I automatically threw him six feet in another direction. The anger subsided while I dominated the space in front of me. He approached and the anger returned creating a physiological response. He was instinctively aware of this and retreated again.

        2. Could it be that you confuse survival instinct with anger ?
          I have only charged the first time I fought actually (with no martial arts experience in that days), and got beaten up.
          When you say angry, I understand it as the type of rage shown by the attackers in the video above, who are indeed charging.
          One day in the street after an unpleasant discussion a man put his hands on my jacket and started pulling me. I really wouldn’t describe the feeling that sets up the reaction as anger. I just remember thinking “ok he touched me, time to react”, and lending an uppercut.
          (I hope it doesn’t sound like a street fighter dick contest when I say that story)
          Then he falled and retreated. I don’t think it was my anger but mostly the determination in my eyes and the possibility of getting hit again who made him give up.
          I would describe the fighting state as mostly emotionless, in the sense that it is more fuelled by mechanical reflexes rather than emotions.
          Now it is possible that for you the anger fuels your survival instinct, everyone is different. Or that we just use a different terminology, and that what you describe as anger is what I would call “combat mode”.
          I would also argue that it could be rather dangerous in a combat situation to let anger involved, if it means taking more risks than necessary to punish the attacker, and that is why the ideal of emotional detachment present in most civilised combat forces makes sense.

        3. Could be but I don’t know. All I can tell you is that in this most recent conflict I experienced a sense of primal rage. Like a wolf whose pack is threatened. Once I had thrown my attacker outside of striking range I was able to repress my rage but had he moved back into range I can’t tell you what would happen.
          However, I would say that controlled rage can be very useful in self-defence. It will cause you to fight like a machine, moving along the lines of your previous programming. (I have experienced this many times). Not only that, the kinds of guys you refer to (i.e. the charging guys) will be intimidated by that. They will sense it and see it and having experienced a small part of it they will not be keen to experience more. Most men are rational and when their survival is threatened they will back down when faced with a capable warrior rather than raise the stakes. Survival trumps evening the score.
          I have definitely experienced what you call “combat mode”, dispassionately hitting someone. But it can very quickly turn to rage based on certain triggers. I think that the trouble with repressing your rage too much in a combat situation is that you may not react quick enough and you may not go far enough with your attack.

        4. What you are trying to describe is like a state of calm readiness. It’s like being the eye of a hurricane. A person who fights with anger is like the outer portion of a hurricane; true it can inflict a lot of damage, but it can also put a fighter in a state of tunnel vision, unable to adjust to changing environments and conditions. For example, some of the so called “softer” martial arts attempt to capitalize on the tendency for most fighters to fight with anger, through the use of positioning and the shifting of body stability, thereby turning the angry fighter’s aggressiveness against them. However, the true goal that even many soft styles misunderstands, is that you should want to become like the eye of a hurricane. Able to inflict hurricane like damage, in a calm detached manner. Ice Cold. You think sharks are angry when they go for a kill? I don’t think so.

        5. I graduated from a military academy. The wisdom of our elders was, never hate the enemy; it distorts your judgment. We were given ample examples showing how hate or contempt for an enemy led to military disasters. When you hate the enemy you give too much weight to how you can harm them and not enough on force protection. But contempt for your enemy is the most harmful emotion; it leads to miscalculating the odds. Over confidence has killed more men in battle than almost anything else.

      2. ” i said emotional content. Not anger.
        Now try again, with meaning”

        1. From Enter The Dragon? I’m pretty sure in real life that Bruce Lee fought with anger.

        2. Then put it in quotes, and give attribution to the originator, so we know that, punk.
          And the “quote” still makes no sense.

    5. “Ride the Tiger” is MY book. As a traditionalist, I would be miserable if I hadn’t read it. I have never disliked anything by Evola, but that, that is an opus maxima. Maybe “Revolt Against the Modern World” was the right introduction.

    6. It’s interesting that you talk about Muhammad Ali and WW! soldiers, understanding that Ali was a draft dodger and whined about losing his titles!!! BOOFING HOO!!! J. Airheart, SMSgt, USAFR

  2. Falling Down would have been a rubbish movie if Michael Douglas’ hero had read this article

    1. The main character in that movie was not interested in solving his problems. He wanted to die.
      We don’t want to die. We want to solve our problems. So forget about getting angry. Just work on solving the problems.
      Not to mention that anger can lead to pathological conditions, or that you could hurt your body e.g. by punching a door.

      1. Man. My right hand’s knuckles are all FUCKED.
        I can crack my pinky knuckle sideways from a time about a decade ago I double hammerfisted the top to a toilet tank in a fit of RAAAAAAAAAGE!

        1. Save your knuckles for the coming war against the invaders brother …

        2. Well they’re all scarred to shit now. Guess that makes for extra armor… But man oh MAN did I bleed for that one.
          Note to anyone:
          Do NOT punch

        3. Luckily for me I only punched through a wall of sheetrock and except for the hole in the wall was left with a profound sense of embarrassment. Then there was the time I punched a dashboard…left with embarrassment and a lowered car resell value.
          Yeah, anger needs to be controlled and channeled. Otherwise, you’re not much better than some ghetto rioter burning down his own neighborhood.

        4. Well at least everything I smashed was my own property.
          My dad is a taper too, so I picked up drywall repair…

        5. There once was a little boy who had a bad temper. His father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper, he must hammer a nail into the back of the fence.
          The first day the boy had driven 37 nails into the fence. Over the next few weeks, as he learned to control his anger, the number of nails hammered daily gradually dwindled down. He discovered it was easier to hold his temper than to drive those nails into the fence.
          Finally the day came when the boy didn’t lose his temper at all. He told his father about it and the father suggested that the boy now pull out one nail for each day that he was able to hold his temper. The days passed and the young boy was finally able to tell his father that all the nails were gone.
          The father took his son by the hand and led him to the fence. He said, “You have done well, my son, but look at the holes in the fence. The fence will never be the same. When you say things in anger, they leave a scar just like this one. You can put a knife in a man and draw it out. It won’t matter how many times you say I’m sorry, the wound is still there.”
          The little boy then understood how powerful his words were. He looked up at his father and said “I hope you can forgive me father for the holes I put in you.”
          “Of course I can,” said the father.

      2. No, I agree. Apparently Buddhist sages say that unhelpful thoughts can be divided into three categories: anger, lust and delusion, which in some cases overlap. Still get rid of all those completely and you won’t be a very interesting person however low your blood pressure may go

  3. Anger is a tool. It can motivate and drive, but one must have a decent modicum of control over it, like all emotions. Too much and your soul is poisoned. Too little and you’re a guileless pansy who never stands up for himself.

    1. More than a modicum, I’d say. We’ve all been overtaken by envy, infatuation, grief and even the mighty wrath. I think this article makes some good points about the past and the self. A rationally calculated individual should be plainly able to see that those forms of anger are hardly beneficial, but can the mind maintain control over the intoxicating influences of the heart…

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      2. It can. I made the mistake of being infatuated with a feminist recently. Didn’t see the signs at first, so I cautiously sought out some signs. As time went on, I reealized I dodged a huge bullet. Thankfully I kept my emotions in check and was able to free myself from the prison of the heart. It’s bars will never hold me. My mind kept me out of trouble. One thing my father told me, was never to lead your life with your heart leaving your brain behind.

    2. All negative feelings… Pain is something that so many people go to great lengths to avoid, but it can be useful. Stop taking pills, therapy, etc. and instead change how you embrace it.

    3. Anger is a emotional response, and like any emotional responses, it comes regardless of our will. I don’t think it is wrong to be angry about any of the topics mentioned, what is wrong is to remain angry and keep fueling the anger.
      I think it is important to state this.
      We all are suscetible to emotional responses and most of the times it is impossible to fully suprimise, therefore controling emotions is not to suppress, but to direct.
      In other words, if you are angry about something, trying to surpress it may not be enough depending on the intensity of the emotion. If the emotion is too strong, redirecting it to something else is the key to make good use of your emotions. That’s how we can use anger as motivational tool.

  4. Is there anything worth being angry about ?
    The Buddhism and stoicism are strong in this one.
    Let’s test your skills. Try not to get angry at this.
    Woman sings song to migrants in Calais and other women are cheering for her in the comments section.

    1. White Genocide is something to get angry about.
      I propose that anyone who is interested in promoting sexual relationships that eliminate races through mixing, is a genocidal maniac. Since the white race is the one which can be more easily “deformed” through miscegenation, the most heinous of all crimes should be to promote miscegenation for whites.
      Many non whites here looking for a white woman. If you take all the white women and have kids with them, there will be no more white women left in the world. Only the union of a white woman with a white man can create a white woman. IN THE SAME WAY that ONLY the union of a sexy Russian woman with a (usually) ugly Russian man can create sexy Russian women. Think about that.
      TLDR : Fuck anyone you want but have children ONLY within your own race. Or else the races we know will disappear. Not to mention the immense political problems that will arise, when these mixed people become too many and identify as “a new race”.

        1. He’s a fag because YOU are afraid to face racial realities?
          You must be one of the many non-whites lusting after our women.

        2. I’m not afraid of race obsessed keyboard jockeys, that’s for damn sure. The only people white knighting for white chicks are faggy stormfronters who clearly do not get any pussy. Drop one of those guys off in the Phillipenes with a stack of cash and we will see how long they stick to their guns about “racial purity”. You guys need to get some perspective.

        3. And I love how all the Stormfags cannot take into account the responsibility of the woman herself. They always fall over each other to explain away her actions (having non white kids). This is called hamstering…if you’d read a single page of Roosh’s works you would know that. You people don’t get it; you’ve taken the race pill but not the sex pill. The truth is what it is, your inability to look at your Aryan Princesses with anything other than rose tinted glasses betrays a lack of life experience, specifically with women.
          Just who the fuck are you (or the above mentioned FAGGOT) to tell anyone else, white or otherwise, who they should have kids with? And I got a chuckle out of me being a nonwhite “lusting after your women”.
          What about your women who lust after nonwhites? Oh that’s right, not her fault, the joo media made her do it.

        4. Well, the Jewish media really is a problem. The same Jewish influential sphere that promoted feminism also promoted racial integration, which has been a wonderful deal for non-whites and a disaster for whites. Whites clearly get the poorer end of the deal when having integrating white countries with non-whites. When you mix shit with ice cream, it’s good for the shit, terrible for the ice cream. That’s indisputable to any non-SJW. Each year we’re having to come closer and closer to the reality that the stormfronters are fairly close to the truth, perhaps even more so than the wannabe-Don Juans that frequent ROK, even if they are losers.
          If the western world is to become a mismatched, coffee colored race, we will surely regress into full fledged Marxism. Non-whites will be unable to sustain it, and the new mismatched race will be rootless and lacking in true identity. They’ll be unable resist Marxism. They’ll likely lack the wits to even know what is happening to them, thus will be ripe for the most ruthless red terror the world has ever experienced.

      1. What people fail to consider is the consequences of intra-racial miscegenation; that is, mixing of various ethnic groups within a race. It is far, far more common than interracial miscegenation. A Slav and a German are both Caucasian. A Mediterranean and a Nordic are both Caucasian. But if they interbreed, they will lose the distinctive phenotypes. For instance, Slavs have a distinctive look; high cheek bones, large ridge, etc. Same with the other groups. But all of that is lost into a Heinz 57 cocktail as you see in America. That is why Americans and Europeans are getting uglier: all of the mixing that removes ethnic uniqueness.

    2. I actually am for a stoician detachment. They’re not worth my anger. I just try to coldly despise them, and like to think I will coldly eliminate them if shit hit the fans.
      But I’ll confess that right now I’m trying really hard not to be angry while watching the satanic socialist commemoration for the hundred years of the battle of Verdun, with millenials running on soldiers graves and doing weird performance art :

      1. I saw that on Euro News this weekend and just shook my head. Everything is one big vanity production with these kids.

      2. If French and German troops fighting 100 years ago could have seen this video (the packs of frail geeky Europeans with a smattering of mystery meats thrown in stampeding around on their graves), they would have thrown down their guns and embraced as brothers in no man’s land between the trenches.

      3. Geez, using a shovel on their graves and dance with their bones would look even more dignifying!

      1. Not weird, ignorant. Women have spent their entire history being coddled and sheltered by men.
        When you describe what Feminism is, most women will repudiate it. On the other hand, if you ask them to repudiate the word Feminism, they’ll get upset at you.
        Who wouldn’t want to live a longer, more fulfilling life while being moderately pedastalized, and not having to worry about work-place death, extra stressors, etc.

        1. It’s worse.
          They cannot understand the horror that we speak of. When we tell them 12000 girls were raped, they can’t believe it because it goes against their programming. The truth hurts too much.
          Just look at the comment section of the video I posted. All women are buying the “poor refugees” narrative through and through.
          The city is burning, meanwhile they sing poems about butterflies and flowers.
          The only answer is to send them back to the kitchen.

        2. “The only answer is to send them back to the kitchen.”
          That’s exactly what that French cop did : “get out the way bitches, go wash the dishes !”
          Could watch it all day :

    3. I’m happy (and relieved) to say this didn’t anger me. A wise man once taught me to “always look for the good”, and when I watch this video, I see a kind, feminine woman with a nice voice. And as to the misplaced efforts of this young broad, I chalk it up to her natural maternal instinct.
      Women are naturally emotional. I no longer get angry when they display irrationality, lack of logic, or incongruence. If there is a good side to them being emotional, it’s that they have a nurturing caring instinct that allows them to take care of screaming shitting babies without going crazy. This chick just needs a couple of wee babes sucking on those tits and she will forget all about the immigrants.

  5. The article is pure Gold. But something is missing.
    HOW is anger controlled ?
    If you only make a case for abolishing/controlling anger, but NOT explain how that will be attained, is the same as SHOWING people women that are good for a man, but giving them no directions how to get them … That would cause … anger …
    So, your article could cause anger because of the lack of suggestions
    Even when you make suggestions, what is needed are suggestions THAT ACTUALLY WORK … (count to 10 doesn’t usually cut it)

      1. Maintaining frame can really annoy those who want to anger. They want you to lose your shit. Don’t give them the satisfaction.

    1. Purpose in your heart ahead of time. Play a given situation or idea in your head and practice reacting different to it. This may not cover all scenarios in life, but it will confront most. Explore the possibility in your mind of reacting with calm or dismission.

    2. I started to think about the RoK article earlier this week about adversity.

    3. “HOW is anger controlled ?”
      By not giving a shit about what’s pissing you off.

  6. If you want to stop getting angry; than do something else. Its like TV; get rid of it and you won’t watch 5 hours a day. The problem with a lot of it is life in that it is pretty much “boring” so getting angry is something to do. I always hear the counter- do things to enrich it—–.. but funny, I live next to lakes, bike/hiking trails, and plenty of outdoor stuff……..but I don’t see hardly anyone out doing these things and the chicks in my area are on the phones or eating a pig. People are sitting on the duffs or who knows. Most of America is apathetic, dumb or lazy; so I am glad people are still getting angry. So, getting angry is a sport in itself.

  7. I don’t think anger is a bad thing. It’s right to be angry at a lot of things, what’s important is how that anger is used and directed.

  8. Anger has its uses, but if you’re angry all the time, you’re gonna be stressed out, and you’ll die earlier while leading a less-fulfilling life.

  9. Depp to pay out 20 million. score another victory for team vagoo

      1. she sounds like a real charmer, liked to call him old(true), unhip(possible) and fat(WTF??)

  10. Anger is good in one aspect: when something goes wrong and you get mad, it shows you care. Same with children. When you scold children, it shows you’re willing to make sure that they are properly brought up.

  11. 13 and 14 are the only ones that ever bother me. I don’t really get mad at individual politicians, but government and “the system” because it’s such a shitty entrenched way of running things, that even if you get a really good or bad person in government the system doesn’t change that much.
    There’s really not anything a chick can do to make me angry. Yeah, a girl that knows you will know how to push your buttons, but I’ve gotten to the point where I realize most negative stuff they say is just shit testing, basically a child throwing a temper tantrum and trying to get you to react, and I don’t value their emotional “opinions” or input on most issues.

  12. “9. Politicians”
    What about the elites like Soros and Rothschilds etc? If we all get sufficiently pissed maybe this will motivate the masses to deal with these fuckers.

    1. Yes this is a good point, but what the author is trying to convey is that we actually need to work to stop these people and keep them accountable for their actions.

    2. People like Soros and the Rothschilds have infinite money, time, and resources. We’ll all be dead long before any of those particular families are humbled and kicked out of power, if at all.

  13. “Detached contempt.”
    That is the perfect way to handle it. Also, it keeps the blood pressure down.

  14. Great list.
    One thing I have noticed about alpha men is they tend to forgive more easily. I was surprised to learn this — they forgive themselves and they forgive others more easily.

  15. “Growing up financially unstable, I used to get high-strung over money and possessions—every dollar and every cent counted for me. I guarded my possessions like my own children and I would get furious for days when something got damaged, lost, or stolen.”
    I personally own a backpack, a laptop, a cell phone and a small company. That’s basically it, aside from a few articles of clothing. I figured out a long time ago that we don’t own possessions, it’s the other way around. People who collect shit have always intrigued me – mostly because they have to expend so much energy guarding and maintaining all of their shit. And most people cling to shit (and ideas, beliefs, etc.) like virgins cling to their panties. And life is all about two things, basically: Change (which is inevitable), and energy, i.e., how much you have, and how you expend it.
    A man really doesn’t need a lot of shit. The less he has, the freer he is…and consequently, as the author of this excellent article points out, the less anger he has as well.

  16. Good list, especially #2 through number #5. With that, still (attempt) to be nice to people, follow the Golden Rule, and constantly strive for self-improvement in all areas of life.

  17. this is why every white country is being destroyed. after hurling wave after wave of shit through ethnic replacement and growing government, it’s ‘why are you so mad?’ ‘ you must have anger issues’. calm down and accept your fate!

  18. I’d have to argue against #13. It’s the fact that people aren’t mad enough that we have injustice in the world.

    1. No, people get plenty mad at the injustices in the world. They just do squat about it. It’s easier to rage against it and yell at the TV, than to actually redirect that anger into a positive force and try to fix the injustice. That’s what I gleaned from the article anyway.

  19. Amen on the sports. Watching sports is for faggots who want to live vicariously through people who aren’t losers. This goes double if you wear a jersey with another man’s name across the back.
    Anyone can play a sport. All you need is a field, a ball, and a net/hoop/goal, etc. Even if you’re not good you’ll get more out of going outside and playing the sport than you will sitting on the couch eating wings and drinking beer. There’s nothing more pathetic than a big fat guy who acts like a sports game will somehow affect his life in any way.
    Case in point: I have a group of friends who are REALLY into watching sports and reciting stats and knowing all the rules, yet never bother to go outside and play them. Last year my grandma died over superbowl weekend. That same weekend their team lost the Superbowl. The next week I went to hang out with them, and guess who was more sad about the circumstances in their lives? The sports guys. They took a team losing the Superbowl worse than I took the death of a loved one. They were still depressed and were barely able to have fun. Every once in a while one of the guys would slam his hand down on a table and curse a player’s name for fucking up a play. I ended up leaving when one of the guys said…..And I shit you not….”You know why WE lost (WE didn’t lose, THEY lost, you watched)? I wasn’t at the bar in my lucky chair. If I was there WE would’ve won.” This was probably the gayest thing I’ve ever witnessed, and I’ve walked in on a dude blowing another dude before.

    1. People who think sports is on the level almost always believe that voting is on the level, too, and that what they see on the TV is real. Nothing is on the level. It’s all theater. Bread and circus. Mind-control. Most people are machines (robots, totally programmed). The key questions are, how does one stop being a machine, unless they first realize they are a machine? And, how can you protect yourself from something if you don’t know it exists? (The short answer to both is, you can’t.)

    2. Sounds like you got out of the Twilight Zone intact and with a newfound sense of clarity. Everything is so pointless with dudes like that, and it goes one step further when you can feel it begin to drain the meaning and truth out of *your* own life due to exposure to vapid “sports addicts.”

  20. Enjoyed the article — much truth. I’ve avoided #6 for most of my life with zero impact on quality. Getting over-involved in professional sports its a massive waste of time, especially if you’re using it as a sump for your inner anger. I quietly ended a few friendships with sports-obsessed people who were ultimately very boring and circular in their thinking.

  21. No need to get angry. Work hard, stack cash, acquire property. Living well is the best revenge.

  22. Great article. #15: Cucks and white knights. The thirsty weaklings that bend over and think warm thoughts in front of their feminist/SJW overlords, and thank them for the opportunity to wail their apologies for penis. God those pitiful cunts burn me up. Especially when they’re on TV.
    But like the author says, there’s no point in wasting energy. And besides, I like to console myself with this fact: For every simpering mangina on the net, TV or in the newspaper, you can bet there are 10 men (and a fair number of women) who are sick to the goddam stomach of the blatant man-hate in the West today.

  23. I would also like to add fiction I know sjws are so angry that some entertainments do not fit their world view.

    1. Fake outrage is not the same. Like the spoiled brat that cries when mom takes him past the toy section, or women stamp their feet to get what they want.

  24. This article is helpful, especially #5. I just got done with my first year of college about two weeks ago, and since college, I’ve been missing high school (well not school itself, but the moments there.) And I woke up this morning having a bit of a flashback to freshman year of high school when I tried to sit with some girls (not cute ones, but I just thought that they were friendly) and I wanted to talk with them.
    Well here comes this mexican dude who’s all around better than me, and don’t try to spare my feelings, he is better than me. So while we’re talking, I’m making some stupid jokes to which no one in the group likes. He then pulls out a spoon and starts hitting me with it saying “Go away. No one wants you here. Nobody likes you here leave.” like I’m a dog. I grab his hand and he just switches over. I weakly tell him to stop, but he keeps hitting me. I pack my things and leave.
    I hate when people do things like that, when they don’t tell you how you can make your jokes better or how you can be an all around more charming fellow, they just say, “Fuck off.” and treat you like garbage.
    This article though, just made me remember, that’s in the past. Whatever happened that day, happened that day and nothing will change that. The only thing I can do is shape my future. Thanks Corey!

  25. Anger in some cases can be beneficial if used right. I was mad for years being a fat sack of shit, then i used that anger to run and lift.

  26. Where I grew up there was a saying: ” when two men can’t solve things with words, they solve with fists”. I used to take this saying literally, I entered in a lot of fights for a lot of stupid reasons and I was always angry about something.
    Of course it caused a lot of problems to me and I had to learn to deal with my angry, not because I wanted, but because I was forced to.
    I have only 23 years old and yet I have more scars than my friend who is a professional fighter who is 35 year old. Every time I look at a scar I remember to control my angry, but nowadays is specially hard with all this bullshit about SJW and general liberalism.

  27. It is possible to always keep a vigil up without getting excessively angry over things. Without getting angry at sjw’s, feminists or any of the other assorted unofficial or official purveyors of bitchdoctrine and bitchlaw, I always feel a level headed duty to call them out and do my part to remove them from their stoop. Anyone or anything that poses a danger or hazard to families or society at large you’d remove.
    For example, if you see a large piece of sharp debris in the roadway, anyone with a conscience would toss it in the ditch. You may notice it and be able to avoid it, but the next man around the bend may get taken out by it. If you’ve ever been victimized by someone or by some collective that is advancing their ill will towards trad culture, then if for no other reason than saving the next victim the headache, stop the menacing scoundrel and toss that ‘hazard’ aside. Keep the roadways clear for the sake of all.
    A clean smooth running society has clean streets, strong sturdy buildings and a free and all powerful language. A language where no speech is disallowed for being ‘hate’ speech and where all words are acceptable and have a purpose is prime to keeping said civilization fortified and keeping its supporting pillars enamelled.
    If you’re limited in words, that is if you have no ‘allowable’ words to call out a cancer eroding your pillars, then you can’t even see or process the notion that the cancer exists. The mind processes its thoughts with its collective of learned words, and if some words are deemed ‘hateful’ or taboo, the mind is limited in its ability to process certain crucial thoughts and observations. We ‘think’ in terms of words and if powerful descriptives or perhaps purpose oriented so called ‘hateful’ words are eliminated, certain thoughts and realizations may never come to fruition without the sufficient words to internally and mentally describe the thought within – – thus the fat dumb happy clueless slave who is thought policed into submission. He can’t even ‘describe’ his captivity or unravel mentally how he’s been subjugated.
    Keeping a civilized society where men and their families can participate in and can thrive within takes dilligence. Threats to home and family abound in any feminized security state. You yourself may luckily see and avoid an ambush on your own family but the next man may not be so lucky if the threat remains active. At the very least blow the whistle on such hazards in your community. Keep the roads and venues for trad families safe from social marxist predators and menacing ‘road debris’.
    Keep the streets clean. The glorious streets of the patriarchy will forever sparkle with patriarchal pride . . . just like the smile of THE MAN!!
    All hail the patriarchy!!

  28. I’m guilty of all this during my early 20’s. (Pre-RedPill) but I made amendments with my own past self. I forgave me and now I’m in peace enjoying my stoicism. Any man with a healthy brain and a good pair will be able to have this epiphany at some point. Better sooner. Thanks for compiling it!

  29. I tend to get mildly irritated/annoyed rather than be angry. I don’t know whether it’s because I have a decent control over my emotions and a decent level of self awareness or whether I’m being weak and I need to tap into the anger and channel it.

    1. Sometimes anger is a good thing, at least when you try to do something about it rather than sit and let your blood boil.

      1. I agree…. I check myself, a lot. Maintaining and being able to secure future employment is what keeps my mouth shut. Roll on financial independence.

  30. This is one of the nice things about being a girl, I hardly ever get angry. Testosterone fuels anger while female hormones are calming, Nature’s misandristic like that. Or maybe I’m just unconsciously repressing my anger, bottling it up for the day when I go postal and shoot up a shopping mall. I think I’ll go with the hormone thing.

    1. That’s incorrect. When men turn into “angry old men” is when their testosterone levels are at their lowest, namely, as I mentioned, during old age. Testosterone fuels aggression, but not necessarily anger.
      And fuck if you don’t get angry. Women get angry different than men, and generally deal with it via passive aggressive attacks against other women.

    2. Most married women can scream in anger at their husbands for hours.

  31. Anger is an emotional consequence of your will being thwarted. Children display it often as temper tantrums when their parents don’t let them have their way. Women and some guys do the same. Temper tantrums are a beta behavior. Anger can justified and a good thing, insomuch as it leads to action. Temper tantrums are unbecoming in children, they are despicable in adults.

  32. Just worry about the 3′ circle immediately around you. Everything else is bullshit.

  33. I have (perhaps foolishly) survived work as a bouncer in high conflict environments and a few other high noon situations with only patchy martial arts training mostly through my ability to hide anger and fear. And size also, but a big guy who is calm and even sympathetic in the face of abuse is not a high priority target for dickheads. One of my favourite lines was: “trying to pick a fight with a mellow dude in a (insert situation)? This must be a whole new low even for you!” like they were in on a joke. Got to watch out for a look of pity being misinterpreted for anger by drunk brains and King hits or fake handshakes but don’t underestimate the power of smiling and moving forward with hands raised to get people to rethink.
    Maybe I was just lucky my reflexes worked well when they needed to on the right people, but even when I had a wrist lock on I would still speak gently.
    Anger released like a nuclear reaction in a power station is how men kick so much more ass work-wise, and why they melt down so much worse when their purpose gets blurred.
    Good article.

    1. Sounds like you learned your technique under Sensei Swayze of the Ro-du House dojo. Glad it worked for you…your tale reads like evidence for my own philosophies for dealing with others, shown them the respect you would like to receive. Usually much more effective than going in with guns blazing.

  34. I don’t understand the constant sports bashing; athleticism is a good thing, and sports are fun to watch (well not baseball). You don’t have to be a dumb idiot sports bro to enjoy a good game.

    1. I agree, why the bash on sports? The only thing that sucks about sports is that they have been hijacked by the PC machine. Sports are really fun to watch, except for baseball!

      1. Right. That part with all that women needing to be paid as much as men in soccer and how it’s all about firing players for having more traditional views has got to go. I think when people bash sports, they think of the dumb culture behind it. But that’s more stereotyping.

    2. There’s a balance. It’s no big failing to watch some occasional sports-ball, or follow a team. It is a failing, however, when your life rides up and down based upon whether Real Madrid wins their match tomorrow. Sports has been elevated to a religion in modern society.

      1. https://www.thestar.com/content/dam/thestar/business/2011/06/23/vancouver_rioters_got_rowdy_then_got_fired/alexprochazkajpg.jpeg.size.custom.crop.863×650.jpg
        Meanwhile city officials plot to declare Vancouver as a sanctuary city and no one bats an eyelash. Now it is Canada’s third sanctuary city behind Toronto and Hamilton. Meanwhile the hockey riot was a controlled bleeding out of misguided populist vigilence while the globalist cuck establishment status quo maintains their position and power – and sells the Anglo west down the toilet.
        I still wish I had been there. Looks like fun. – Canucks-Bruins Stanley Cup riot, Vancouver – 2011

      2. If the sports related gathering excludes red pill and or political discourse, then it is a managed event designed as bread and circus and a venue for the consumption of throat lotion by prolies.
        I’ve seen little league baseball where it’s pledge of alliegance, token nationalism but no overt political partaisanship is tolerated. Entitled cunt divorcee gold diggers often get mouthy on the bleachers too, like they’re wanting to release pressurized cunt-in-a-can on some other male effigy of their ex who dares to speak up and tell them to shut their cunt single ho mama face.
        Kid’s basketball is the worst with fat black and mudshark ho mamas everywhere. It’s the testosterone of the sport rubbing off on a bunch of already pumped up hypergamous and uncontrolled separated/divorced ho bag mamas. The trad family norm is abscent. Try soapboxing on the single mother whores in there and the mudshark and hood hos alike start herd chanting “hoomp-hoomp-hoomp” with fists smacking the imaginary catcher’s mit, like you see in Berkeley with the SJWs chimping.
        Most official sports are bread and circus and don’t allow overt political or ideological bravada displayed as part of the event.

      3. Unfortunately, here in the US, the biggest sport is football. Which equates to “nog-worship”.

      1. Much worse than your scenario are Ultra Alpha fathers who fail to train their son to be like them. Or ultra alpha fathers who fail to keep their evil witch of a wife away from their son and screwing them up…kind of like my ultra alpha father.

  35. Although I have been guilty of some of these in the past, these are all good points but I just have to laugh and shake my head at #6. Sports. I played sports in high school and college and I still don’t understand how someone could get SO angry because their favorite team lost. When I hear this story; “My boyfriend was so upset the Tigers lost, he locked himself in his room for 3 days.” Uhhhhh. Seriously? Maybe he should see a therapist. Oh does taking something that has nothing to do with him or his contributions and making it SO important somehow translate to how important he is? Does he just like hearing, “oh don’t fuck with Tim dude, he really loves his Jets man, he’s like the biggest Jets fan I know.” I don’t get it. I had this argument with an old friend (no longer my friend). His argument, “Yes I am contributing, I buy season tickets! The ticket holders are paying their salaries and bla bla bla bla.” Oh my god, seriously? Exhausting to listen to. When I see the all too familiar close up on TV of the girl with her face painted, crying bitter tears, paint smeared tears rolling down her cheek, it truly is hard not to laugh. Hey! You got to go to the championship game! And tailgate with your friends, did ya have fun? Don’t get me wrong, I can handle a “awwwww! Tooooooo Baaaad.” Then get up off the couch and move on with your life. I am also entertained by grown men who wear jerseys. Unless he’s under the age of 15? Take off the jersey. 40 year old, frumpy dude with stone washed jeans, visible white socks, white $40 Kohls special tennis shoes and a cheap ball cap AND he has another mans name on his back. “Yeah dude, he’s the man, he’s so awesome, he’s a legend.” Perhaps you should flag him down and ask him on a date. Go get him to autograph your jersey, better yet, why don’t you have him shoot a nice hot sticky load on your back right underneath his name, while you’re on all fours screaming “Thanks Tom! You’re the man buddy,” then curl up in the fetal position and start sucking your thumb crying like a bitch while Tom’s walking away, “Thanks Tom!…. I haaaaaate myyyyyy liiiiiiiiiife….”
    My football coach in college gave us this speech a few times, “The media has their agenda, the fans opinions don’t matter because they’ll turn on you at any moment. They’re not here, they’re up there drinkin beer. Nobody else matters but the guys next to you in this locker room.” I’m very certain this is popular speech made by many a coach.
    Also, and I know I’m not alone here, people who say “we” when referring to their team. Bill Maher had a great quote regarding this; “No, “You” didn’t win, 8 black guys who would hate you if they met you, won.”
    Nothing wrong with going to a game, screaming and blowing off some steam with friends. There should be a plethora of poon at these games to mack on. You already have a pickup line/opener, “I think its weird that a man would want another mans name on his back.” Then point to a guy wearing a jersey. Guaranteed to get a laugh.

  36. 1, 7, and 14 are the ones that give me the most trouble.
    I would add another entry. Encroachment upon territory. That makes very angry. Such as being cut in front of on a line or when merging into a single lane. I would never do it to someone else and it freaking enrages me when it happens to me. Reminds me of when I was a kid getting picked on back in school. I take it very personally, as if I was singled out for it. I’ve done some very thoughtless and downright stupid things to get back at the “offenders”. I can say this now sitting calmly at a computer, but the next time it happens things will likely get just as bad.

  37. Anger can be necessary.
    Eg. SJWs ruin innocent ppl’s lives. And take away your freedoms. Many ppl got angry. Their anger -> action. And now we’re defeating them.

  38. If a blonde falls over while walking in the woods and chewing gum, is there sound?

    1. Now now, not all blondes. You may be right though.
      You didn’t see that, right? Just to be clear, no one saw that. It was a non event. It didn’t happen. So make blonde jokes all you want. They DON’T fall.
      Seriously, to think they thought they could operate a stick dummy robot substitute of her after she was already dead. Jeezus. They say she actually died on that day in August. So they ran with the body double for a bit. Trump found the double to be equally nasty and called it. But to think they thought they could run a literal sock puppet. Bunch of fucking maggotts. Nothing amazes me anymore.

  39. 11. Hookers 4 Hillary …….. surely nobody would pay those fat girls for sex.

      1. Perhaps they would want to.
        But take a look on backpage (they moved to another section). Most of the girls, even mid to low tier pros, explicitly say “no blacks”. And I know for a fact the top tier ones will have nothing to do with them. The only people who think blacks are anyplace other than the bottom of the SMV list are porn addicts.

  40. Yes, modern man, anger is bad: you must accept things for what they are because you cannot do anything to change them.
    Never mind that in the past, men did change what they did not like. If there was someone they did not like, they were put to death, reality was changed to conform to the desires and whims of the man’s mind.
    But you must take people as they are lolz
    Actually, there’s no way to know what you can change and you can’t without trying…

  41. sure, anger is a waste of energy but apathy is not alright either. You have to protect your own interest and know what is going on so you can secure and anticipate your own future…. Americans are united by apathy and ignorance but that doesn’t mean you give in and do the zen buddha as some type of bat shit crazy ideal….For example- if the libs stop tax reform this summer; you have to figure out how it affects the market and your 401k so you calculate the odds an anticipate what it means…. I think its about 90% so the question is timing of exiting the market so someone else takes a bath and not you. Sure its going to likely piss me off watching it as well as the shutdown……. but in the end I have to pay attention to make adjustments. In life -you adjust or perish.

  42. Anger is important and useful to have. So I kind of disagree with this article. I think the author meant dont waste too much time getting worked up about petty issues. Some of the stuff listed IS actually a threat to our culture and society.

  43. I don’t know, am I the only one that was wishing the Ferrari guy would just hall off and punch the idiot? Instead we got stupid pushing.

    1. I wish they had called the police since they had it on video that he was parked illegally. Missed a golden opportunity.

  44. Anger is an emotion whites desperately LACK. We need more hate towards our enemies, not less.

  45. Perfectly said, fix what you can, the rest is just yours to manipulate to your advantage. Being pissed won’t help.
    Oh, and those hookers in that pic, I only saw two who looked even doable. And that is if they were normal women, being a hoe means “no” automatically.

  46. Anger is a weapon and like any weapon it require a strategic or tactical application. Don’t waste your ammo.

  47. In tribal societies, the village would come together to assist the the person of lowest IQ. They usually had some role in the society. I suppose to someone their presence would be insulting–and natural selection may have won out in the end (they died sooner and/or did not reproduce)–but they were usually treated as a part of the tribe.
    Humans differ from other primates in that, we have a greater level of cooperation. Most primates cooperate at a local or familial level; humans are capable of cooperating at a societal level. Individual intelligence is not a focal point, in other words. I think we’ve lost a bit of that cooperation (okay, a lot of it). We are trained to live like animals, each to his own.
    Here’s a fantastic read on the subject:

  48. Toxic and negative people are waste of time and waste of mental energy. These types
    of people are far beyond help and what you do or try to help them will only backfire.
    If you know anyone around you who have this type of person who is always angry
    at something that cannot be controlled then just do yourself a favor and stay
    far away from that person as possible.
    It doesn’t make sense when someone gets angry for something they cannot control like
    politics, weather, past, world finance, etc.
    If all they do is complain and not take any action to fix their issues (something that
    they can personally control) then just remove them from your life.

    1. The important question is whether or not they are FUBARed – not whether they are toxic/sweet, negative/positive.

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