5 Tips For Getting A Quality Foreign Woman

I’ve been in the international game for over twelve years. I even have a master’s degree in international relations. From Asia to South America, I’ve met my fair share of foreign women of different colors, ages, shapes and mindsets. I’ve been with intellectual women to those that are young and native, but beautiful. Now 33, I am with the right woman after years of shuffling through the deck. She is foreign, beautiful, sweet, feminine and caring—exactly the characteristics that so many American men yearn for. It’s no wonder that friends, co-workers, and random guys are always asking me how I did it.

It amuses me how dudes assume I have some hidden secret. I’ve been a teacher most of my life, so it isn’t my money or my looks—my love of beer definitely has me nowhere close to having a toned body. In fact, many foreign women are forgiving when it comes to financial success or looks. In reality, I don’t have any secret. I just do what I do and I haven’t met many guys that can keep up. I often see Western guys desperate to get an Asian or Latina honey, but awkwardly striking out. Many of these boneheads are even good-looking and have money, but no game to match. That is sad, but I am offering my advice because I’m tired of watching you fellows struggle. Before you make judgments about me, put your ego aside and check out my five tips for finding a quality foreign woman.

1. Behave like a man

Whether in the US or abroad, I see a lot of American men who start behaving like they were in middle school the minute they start talking to a foreign woman. I’ve witnessed this in both Asia and in Latin America. If you can’t get away with acting like a dumbass with American girls, then don’t do it with that cute Japanese or Colombian girl sitting next to you. Remember, foreign women are often attracted to American men because of our reputation for being gentlemen.

While our own American women can’t appreciate this, a foreign women certainly will. If you are in a bar, don’t put your arm around a foreign girl you don’t know or pull her hat off of her head as a joke. They get enough of this childish play from their own men, which is the reason why a lot of foreign women entertain the idea of being with an American guy in the first place. It’s good to be funny and charming, but don’t be an ass. Foreign women are beautiful, intelligent, and kind, so give them respect—more of them actually deserve it.

2. Stop playing the race card

It’s 2014, fellows. Everyone has the internet and watches American movies and shows depicting the diversity and dynamics of American culture. On average, women are generally more accepting of other races and cultures. If you are a white guy, stop playing the “angry white guy” routine. It’s a huge turn off for women. The world is changing at warp speed, so get over it or die in bitterness. A good foreign woman will appreciate an American man that is open-minded, mature, and intelligent.

The idea that Asian girls are only attracted to white guys and you need just to show up and be a “white dude” is dying hard. That might have been the case twenty years ago, but not anymore. The new global generation thinks differently and what matters now is who you are as an individual. On the other hand, if you are a brother or Latino, that whole act of hanging out in the club and being cool is getting old as well. Sure, you may be able to pull some club rats back to your crib on the weekend, but I am talking about finding a quality foreign woman that will love you like you have never been loved before. A nice foreign lady in 2014 wants to know what is inside your brain regardless of what race or ethnic background you are.

 3. Learn her language

I am not saying that you need to become completely fluent in her language, or even reach the conversational level at first. However, at least make an effort. Again, a beautiful foreign woman wants an American man who is intelligent, not a walking stereotype of the typical ignorant American. She wants to be proud to introduce you to her friends and family. Whether you start dating a Latina honey or Chinese girl, make an effort to learn even the basics of her language. Even if you only know ten or twenty words, she will appreciate the effort.

Unlike American women, foreign women often appreciate men that try. When you start learning her language, pay particular attention to the  correct pronunciation. Don’t make fun of her language or culture and definitely do not mock her English. However, if she doesn’t want you speaking her language, move on to the next girl—she’s probably only using you to learn English.

4. Learn to love her food

This is one that still boggles my mind. I meet a lot of American men so desperate for an exotic foreign lady, but extremely picky about food. This one is tied in with language and culture, since food is such an essential part of someone’s background. Unfortunately, we don’t value food in America like other cultures do. You need to realize that the nice Mexican girl or Japanese cutie you just starting dating needs her man to love her food. Not only does she want you to eat her cooking, but she also wants to be able to eat out sometimes at restaurants of her taste. A good foreign woman wants a masculine, worldy man, and not a whiny, uncultured goon. You don’t have to enjoy each item on the menu, but make some kind of effort. Trust me, you will be rewarded in the bedroom.

5. Make her laugh

This is an obvious one, since it is the secret to attracting all women. Unfortunately, Western women don’t seem to appreciate good humor like they used to. More often then not, they’d prefer to use the opportunity to put you down even when you employ quality humor. However, foreign women on average are more playful and love a man who can make them laugh. This is particularly true in parts of Asia and especially in Latin America. A nice foreign woman also likes to see you make others laugh. She wants to see that you are sociable and the kind of guy who can joke around with people and not get easily offended by what others say. Remember, people are not so PC in other parts of the world as they are in the United States.

Please feel free to comment and add any tips you think may be useful. You may not agree with what I have to say, but I am only speaking from experience. I have seen it and done it all, and I can tell you that it is a beautiful world out there. Follow my lead  and you will increase your chances of attracting a quality foreign woman.

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182 thoughts on “5 Tips For Getting A Quality Foreign Woman”

  1. Pro tip: You need to be a real man with these real women or they will eat you alive. If I had a dollar for every case I know of some western beta hooking up with a hot Latina and then getting their balls handed to them I could buy a small island in the tropics.
    This article is how to get them. To keep them, keep your game on until you die.

    1. “This article is how to get them. To keep them, keep your game on until you die.”
      Never, ever take your game off.
      Well said!

    2. I hate the phrase “game” because it’s so ambiguous and therefore useless. Having been married for 10 years to a foreign woman, here’s how I would put it: If you use your balls, they won’t be handed to you.
      Put simply: stand up for yourself. If she’s being rude to you in public, quietly ask her to refrain from doing so (this is a rule BOTH of you should observe: Disagreements should be handled in private.) However, my wife still was rude to me in the same way over and over again in public and just wouldn’t stop so… I told her off. In public. And there was a MAJOR fight. And… we worked it out. But if I hadn’t confronted her via these escalations, she eventually would have lost respect for me and who can blame her?
      On a regular basis in the states, I see women handing men their balls and criticizing them in public or complaining or using shaming ploys. Rather than loving the men for putting up with their abuse, the women seem to become increasingly dissatisfied. This goes for any woman but even men as well. People are just like that: You let them take advantage of you and they despise you for it.
      Another is to call out women on their BS. Don’t be quick to criticize them, but provide them with an honest, fair opinion. In a world of jerks where everyone simply pushes against each other, a voice of reason is invaluable in a relationship.
      Don’t apologize for standing up for yourself, but do apologize for the excesses that happen when you do. I get angry at my wife sometimes and I can go over the top. Emotionally, it’s hard to apply the perfect balance between being aggressive and standing up for yourself and being a bit jerkish about it. You can be sorry that you yelled too loudly at her after she was disrespectful for the 10th time after you politely asserted yourself, but don’t be sorry about the reason you snapped. Don’t imply that you’re so sorry that you’re giving in on the issue.
      About the “be a man” stuff: I like holding open the door but not for the servant reason western women associate with the practice. It’s about intimacy: Holding her arm/hand, holding the door, etc. It’s about marking territory. I don’t do this for strange women. I do it for the women in my life who respect and value me.
      Finally, the notion of being the man and the leader means not being a figurehead: Western women and pushy women try to get men to “lead” and take the risks and then engage in passive-aggressive games of shooting him down. “I don’t like that! What else?” There’s nothing wrong with saying: “I would like to go to a movie. Is there anything you like?” and then if they say they don’t like anything, be done with it. The shoot-down game is used by women to set ultra-high/unrealistic expectations of men.

      1. Your wife was rude to you in public? You’re good marrying her, no disrespect though. I do not tolerate public rudeness from a woman and come down hard on private rudeness. Public rudeness gets her shown the door or kicked right through it.
        A man never apologizes for anything in my opinion.

    3. So basically going foreign is very much like constantly battling an enraged horse always rearing itself on it’s hind legs, snorting and puffing, while pulling ever harder on its reins? Didn’t know I had to turn into John freaking Wayne to enjoy the benefits of non-Anglo pussy. And this is supposed to be better HOW again?
      Hint: the question is rethorical

      1. Maybe if you didn’t confuse getting pussy with getting quality women you would have a chance to understand.
        Hint women can be useful for things other than sex. Gasp the horror.

        1. Indeed I have known women who were lousy cooks and lousy in the sack but had a lot of use elsewhere. Some of the best fucks and the best cooks were the most horrible women I ever met.

        2. Really? I though they were nothing more than mobile vaginas walking around on two legs. Would you imagine that – a useful woman. What a mindbender! (/sarcasm off).

        3. These dudes on this site have to beat down women verbally to look tough…. It’s all an image.. Plenty of quality women out there…. They just refuse to humble themselves….

      2. ALL women are like that. All of them. They all got that hamster, running on that wheel. As much as we can always expect to have to guide, lower our expectations for, and discipline children, women are not that far from being like children. This is all the way down to how their brains are wired.
        What happens when you let children do whatever they want whenever they want without consequences? We have a good idea.
        And unfortunately, thanks to western culture, we know what happens when women can do whatever they want whenever they want without consequences. Heck they even eat like children at birthday parties and then go on and justify it or demand the world accept their fat asses.
        So yes. There is no relaxing. That feeling you may have had as a kid, when your mother was taking care of you, that trust you had in her. It’s gone. You have grown up, and it’s never ever going to come back. If we still had rights of passage and recognition of these developmental milestones all men would know this. But we don’t, and so every man is screwing it up trying to get back to that paradise (whether they actually had it or have a dream of it for not having had it – I don’t know which group is more of a simp or more desperate) that no longer exists.
        BTW, what’s wrong with being John Wayne?

        1. So that explains why they all keep attacking me in the middle of the night as I wake up in a pool of my own sweat filled with ominous dread and foreboding. And I thought it was somehow me who was the culprit here.
          Then again, maybe I should stop going for those that have that insane predatory look in their eye. Would make for more peaceful romps into the arms of Morpheus I can tell you that much for sure.

        2. That old quote means so much more to me know once I embraced the red pill. “When I was a child, I thought as a child, I spoke as a child…but when I became a man I put away childish things”.

    4. I agree with this 1,000%. Never, ever bring your foreign wife or girlfriend to America. She will be ruined within a year.
      The culture here is fucking poison – keep her away from it.

  2. Out fucking standing. It is a lot easier to be your real self with these women, but you still have be careful. Being a beta bitch overseas has the same result it does in America.

    1. It’s actually worse. American women will usually express their disgust at your betatude noticeably sooner than a foreign love interest who is actually just stringing you along for her benefit. This is due to the empowerment US women are bathed in, telling them they don’t need no man. She will simply dump you out of boredom, even if you really are a good catch. In contrast, your foreign angel will keep you much longer until she has discreetly sucked you dry, even if she never truly liked you in the first place.

      1. i think you guys are looking at this too bleakly. Yes women look after their own interests and have their own motives for hooking up with you, but the foreign women of S.E Asia and Latin America at least understand the concept of reciprocity. They are far more likely to show gratitude for your efforts. That is the most important difference.
        What the underlying motive is is totally irrelevant because it’s essentially unknowable.

  3. ” I meet a lot of American men so desperate for an exotic foreign lady, but extremely picky about food.”
    Anecdote number one: An American friend of mine came to visit me in London. I tried to introduce him to some fine Lebanese cuisine. He wanted pizza instead and picked out some random pizza joint. My pizza arrived late, cold and burnt. Its up there with one of the worst meals of my life.
    Anecdote number two: my girlfriend and I visited Rome and sought out the most esteemed and oldest coffee house in Rome. The waiters wore white gloves and tails. Across from us sat a wealthy American family. I think the grandma’s eye glasses cost more than both our outfits combined. They all ordered a round of Cokes. In a coffee house.
    When they left, the son tipped the waiter and said “gracias”.

    1. Are you sure it wasn’t just a sloppily-pronounced “grazie”?
      I’m hoping against hope here…

    2. Yea well, Americans are generally regarded as being more or less retarded around the world.

      1. Right, and the head cheerleader who is prettier and more talented than the other cheerleaders is often snickered at and reviled by them.
        So you have that.
        The notion that Americans are somehow inferior has been around a while, I figure it’s a defense mechanism born out by an inferiority complex that is taught culturally in Europe. Whenever I’m abroad I often hear “Oh my, you’re nothing like what I’d pictured as an American/yank”.
        Questioning your teachings should be the primary lesson of red pill I’d think.

        1. It is because exceptionalism often breeds ignorance.
          Americans and Australians have much in common in that retard.

        2. I didnt say its what I believe but what people believe. Americans are usually seen as most ignorant..thought that might be undeserved.
          From what I see they are often arrogant and dismissive of other cultures and go straight to Mac D without even trying our the local cousine, for example.That was once OK when they were the best at everything. Now, when they pretty much suck at everything, its a bit lame.

        3. Inferior complex to Americans ? LOL. Yea right, fucking country is about to destroy the whole world with modern feminism and imperialism. They are the fucking reason my own country, Denmark, is unliveable in because we have taken over the US “culture”.

        4. You are aware of your country’s contribution to feminism through the equalist underpinnings of ancient Scandinavian culture, right? And I surely don’t have to inform you that the most feminist cultures in the world are Iceland and Sweden, both offshoots of Danish culture, correct?
          There are no clean hands in this game I’m afraid. The Germanics, and I include my own English brethren in this, were far too tolerant of their women and gave them far too many rights even back in the dark ages, as compared to other cultures. The U.S. is carrying it on, no doubt, but it’s just a natural extension of the culture we brought with us from the “old country” I’m afraid. And yes, it’s wrong.
          As to inferiority complex, honestly, yes. I don’t consider you inferior nor do I see you as superior, but I have noticed a very strong cultural bias in Europe stretching back from what I can see documented at least a century or longer that teaches that Americans are inferior, uncultured beasts. This was clearly not true then (any more so than you’d find tilling a field in England) nor do I particularly find it true today, by and large. We’ve all degenerated culturally I’m afraid.
          To your point though, we make fun of France, so I guess everybody has their favorite ox to gore, n’est-ce pas? heh

        5. From what I see they are often arrogant and dismissive of other cultures.
          Likely true, but then, examine your own sentence and tell me how it is any different than what you charge. Read the French national anthem, or the German national anthem. Talk to blokes in a bar in Scotland and listen to how they disparage the English as inferior (and vice versa). Hit a pub in England and stand awash in tales of the thieving habits of Taffies.
          Meh, I hate Euro-culture infighting, and yes, I consider the U.S. still predominantly Euro-culture. We have bigger enemies to battle out here.

        6. Doesnt matter, it all comes from United Bluff..yea we are the most feminazi countries, but like everything since WW2, it comes from US.

        7. It is because exceptionalism often breeds ignorance.
          Americans and Australians have much in common in that retard.
          That’s an interesting take on it.
          And stop calling me a retard, heh.

        8. People around the world expect you to yell “Team America!!!! Fuck yeah!” Everywhere you go.

        9. It’s your constant mockery of the Canadians, as if they were somehow irrelevant, that shocks and appalls me.

        10. A lot of higher-class Americans are actually very sharp, perceptive, and intelligent (if not always really cultured or terribly sophisticated). They just hide it better and don’t mouth off as much as all the other showy douches who pretend to be somebody when they’re really not.

        11. I hung out with a pack of Danes when I lived in Brazil. I was quiet, polite like I always am and showed them all kinds of respect. I found out later that they had immediately assumed that I was a complete idiot before I’d spoken a dozen words. Their prejudice and supremacy complex is one of the worst memories I have of living overseas for fifteen years and engaging all people from every corner. The arrogant Danes were an extraordinary disappointment. So point the finger and there are three pointing back at you, in a nutshell.

        12. Assuming your last name was chosen deliberately, Denmark has long had a rather nasty streak of passive aggressive anti-Americanism. As a half Dane, I always wondered why and was surprised to find out that it wasn’t shared nearly as much by Swedes. Thanks to the race realism of the red pill, I realized that Danes by their very genetics despise the Scots Irish who as Vikings they fought for centuries (Dangeld anyone?). This animosity can be seen to this day in the United States via the racial and spiritual ancestors of the Puritans from East Anglia (which thanks to lots of Viking rapes became rather Danish) and the descendants of the Scots Irish.

        13. Actually, you act as the shining example all slutty American feminists point to when they want to defend their ways. “We need to be more like Denmark where I can fuck tall alphas and make the short Betas pay for it!”

        14. Interesting..how am I acting that way ? I dislike Denmark as much as USA and any other western country.

        15. I encourage you to invest some time studying ancient Germanic cultures. Feminism has it’s roots there, and also in medieval France.

        16. No … My experience with Americans (as tourist when I lived in Europe, and living/working alongside them in the US) has pretty much proven most to be retarded when it comes to dealing with foreigners anywhere, foreign culture and customs while abroad .. really anything that isn’t American.
          You can blame the media, pathetic public school system that doesn’t offer much in language or cultural awareness to those that don’t seek it out. The end result is still most Americans acting like retards when it comes to dealing with anything foreign.

        17. “Meh, I hate Euro-culture infighting, and yes, I consider the U.S. still
          predominantly Euro-culture. We have bigger enemies to battle out here.”
          That just gives off the unfortunate implication that you support the “White America” policy from 19th Century USA, especially when that is nothing more than a policy that pedestalizes both English and Saxon Germans on top of the European pyramid, with Mediterranean and Eastern Europeans at the bottom.

        18. The funny thing is that British people (on average) are ugly as sin, So, whats the base of their superiority?
          And European cultures are fine, Its english-speaking cultures who tend to be racist and obsessed with white supremacist, the US, Australia, NZ, Anglo-Canada, the UK and even Ireland (on lesser extent) tend to look down on non-white people, they just never say it in your face because they are extremely polite and politically correct….they even look down on mediterranean,slavic peoples, however they are by far the ugliest white people of all, the fattest, and with worse aesthetics. And they arent even the whitest, their blondes are almost always bleached brunette. And there is a huge myth about the english people being anglo-saxons, and that is a lie, the english are just as much descendants of the proto-celts/antient britons, as the Irish are.

        19. LOL danish and viking blood is overestated in the English and Scottish, who are rather ancient britons or proto-celts. thats why almost all the blonde women in those countries are fake blondes. Lol at anglo women being remotely as hot as danish women, they are like two separate and different races from the other…

        20. English are not germanic in the very least, having lived there for 2 years, the english are very similar to Irish people. I dont know how they are supposed to be related to scandinavians or germans lol. The brits are descendatns of proto-celts, same as other British ethnicities and the Irish. 99% of blonde women I saw in the UK were bottle blondes. In denmark I saw more blonde people in one day than in 2 years in the UK.
          English are the reason why americans are fat, uneducated, rude, ignorant, puritan and fake blondes.

        21. “English are not germanic in the very least” Is this a joke? You seem to forget the Germanic invasions of what would be Britain in the 8th and 9th centuries, as well as the fact that the British royal family is German. You didn’t learn much in that two-year time span.

        22. What’s really funny is how people from other countries flock to McD’s, like it’s some rite of passage. Here, it’s just cheap junk food. Foreigners can’t get enough of American music, food, culture, foreign aid, etc., but then they bitch about us.

        23. The Canadians aren’t irrelevant; someone has to make Hollywood richer by watching our leftover TV shows. Oh, and the Canadian military is useful in cleaning the US soldiers’ boots and equipment.

    3. Yes, that is quite embarrassing.
      That being said consider that Germans are notorious for stealing chairs at the beach (or on a cruise ship), even ones you had your possessions on. Their women are also rather nonchalant about undressing in the middle of a department store to try on a particular piece of clothing (!). And their bathing suits are an embarrassment to the human form when found on vastly overweight men and women, which unfortunately occurs far too often for my taste.
      English can be as loud and rude as Americans although it sounds nicer when they do so, at least around these parts (central Ohio). We seem to be seeing an influx of people from the U.K. for some reason here (no idea why, but I welcome it) and many seem to have to unlearn habits of being rather rudely judgmental. Once they do they’re fine lads and lasses of course. Only exception I know of is a former SAS gentleman who had no issues with my talk of firearms and even escalated the conversations (and quite correct in his terminology and reviews). Others…meh…tend to get all “Well, we do value central planning of cities more than you yanks…” or “Your gun culture is interesting, but off putting you know” convos a lot. Ok, go back to England then chap, heh.
      My favorite yanks when traveling abroad are the ones who wear the white gym socks and tennis shoes. If there is a surer way to spot an American abroad, I do not know what it would be.

      1. Canadian chicks will take a shit right in front of you on the first date.
        I think they learned that from the mooses.

        1. Where was that? Somewhere out in the prairies, or downtown Toronto during a slut walk?

        2. 😀 I’m serious. I mean, close the fucking bathroom door. I’m like Jerry Seinfeld when it comes to things like this.

      2. I can tell you how to spot an “earthy” American woman overseas. A shitty tie-dyed shirt, ugly, long skirt, and sandals. No makeup, scraggly hair, and a general air of “middle class pseudo hippy.”

        1. They are legion even over here. I hold out great hope that a vaccine for these parasites is developed soon.

      3. Actually I think the English are quite possibly the worst behaved tourists I have ever witnessed. On British TV we have documentaries and reality shows dedicated to them. And the English generally want to eat fish, chips and pork ribs everywhere they go.

      4. Irish are very embarrassing abroad (Ireland Irish not Boston 15th generation Irish). They always wear tracksuits and carry themselves with an air of undeserved superiority. Also, the Irish custom is drink to be hammered, not to be sociable.
        Source: I live in Ireland and travel to Europe with these people.

    4. #1: If you wanted Lebanese cuisine shouldn’t you go to Lebanon?
      #2: Not for nothing but, I have had coffee at many places in Italy, and its not special. Also, coke does taste different around the world. As do McDonald’s hamburgers.
      I spent 2 months in China and while the food was solid, and cheap, sometimes I just wanted to grab a burger.

      1. #1: We were doing the next best thing, visiting the Lebanese quarter of London, which doesn’t get routinely bombed by the IDF. Likewise if you want pizza do you go to Italy? Obviously not. Plus this was about trying new things. Not only that I know what’s good in London and I knew the pizza would be shit.
        #2: Recall what I said about this being the most esteemed coffee House in Rome? You can get Coke from any old vending machine.
        I understand just wanting a burger but I’m sure you wouldn’t seek out the most esteemed restaurant in China to eat one.

        1. In other words, Americans are very bad at following the rules.
          Rules like if you travel, try new food.
          Rules like if you go to the coffee shop, you buy coffee.
          Those disorderly brigands. They’ll be the death of us yet.

        2. Rules… the only thing that separates civilization from barbarism! 😉
          In truth, this type of behaviour is not restricted to Americans. You have some Brits who will go to Spain and never leave the hotel, spend their whole time with other English people, eating bangers and mash. What’s the point?

        3. Nicer weather/beach? (seriously–I see Brits in the Carib all the time, usually they say they are there for the weather [while complaining about bugs, which I’ve never noticed despite 10+ visits there])
          My wife and I have been to Europe several times. We frequently get the “You aren’t like typical Americans.” One, we love the local food (95%+ of the time) and beer/wine, and two, we aren’t very loud and like to listen about other people’s culture/history. I don’t think that’s very different from the average person anywhere though, from my experience. A lot of euros just love to hate on Americans. With a population of over 300 million, you are going to get a LOT of every type of personality and people will stereotype however they want (sometimes justified–Americans do love MCDs for some reason although I’ve seen a lot more European kids going to MCD/KFC/etc the last few times I’ve been there).

        4. As a teenager I worked for McDs and I still hate the place. I have to be very hungry, and have no other options, to go there. I have lived in Italy and the food is great, but the pizza sucks rocks. I try to stick with the local specialities in any country to which I travel. I have tried KFC in Bangkok and it was just as bed/good as in the US. Sometimes you do want the familiar when you have been away for a while. That being said, the last two times I tried a burger in Manila were horrible. One time I got serious food poisoning, and the other was so bad I threw it away and enjoyed the adobo very much instead.

    5. shit like that makes Americans look bad. I did a semester in England and all my idiot classmates only wanted to go to Mc-E-D’s. It was so embarrassing.

  4. “If you can’t get away with acting like a dumbass with American girls, then don’t do it with that cute Japanese or Colombian girl sitting next to you.”
    You do get away with acting like a dumbass with Americunts. In fact it is rewarded. Another point on humor, Americans have a unique sense of it so realize that it doesn’t always translate to other cultures. Particularly sarcasm.

      1. That’s because it is generally a form of rudeness, we’ve simply grown to find it humorous culturally. That said, it seems to apply to Canada, Australia, England and other assorted Anglosphere countries. Clearly it originated in England although Americans seem to have taken it to an absurd extreme, followed closely by Australians (in fact, I may have the order reversed, Aussies can cut right cruel with sarcasm at times).
        As humor goes I much prefer interesting wordplay (with men), or (on women) being cutely absurd with accents of sexuality thrown on for good measure. For example, if going to an event that requires wrist bands, the cute chick giving them out at the gate puts one on my wrist and I instruct her that I really find it inappropriate for her to be giving me jewelry so soon in our relationship, and to not expect me to just fall in bed with her simply because she gave me a bracelet. Always provokes a giggle. And so on.

      2. I have noticed this also, sarcasm doesn’t translate very well. It comes off as rude.

  5. I’ll stop being an “angry white guy” when parasites get their greedy hands out of my pockets and actually work to make something of themselves, rather than blame their failures on my successes, or assuming my success is due to my race. Coming across as an angry person is a turn off, yes, but that doesn’t mean we should sit back and say nothing as the West goes to shit. The Manosphere is, in itself, an angry backlash against a sick culture. Anger is only wrong when it’s unjustified. When it’s justified, and a woman is turned off by it, well fuck her and what she’s thinks. That’s just putting a bitch on a pedestal.

    1. Good post, it’s a strange part of the article. It’s actually quite true with western feminist women, they are so brain washed and ignorant they will demand men worship at the alter of political correctness, mouth empty slogans about “equality” and how the west must become more diverse by allowing in untold millions of immigrants (you’ll note they have no problem with China, India, Japan etc being decidedly non-welcoming to immigration).
      Now of course being angry isn’t good but the modern western culture that dominates the global elite is morally and intellectually bankrupt and its adherents ignorant and arrogant. When we find teenagers who can hardly read or do arithmetic and are ignorant of history and literature then a real man should speak out. A nice foreign woman will understand and appreciate a man standing up for values, culture, truth against multiculturalism, feminism, relativism, basically the whole sordid mess that western culture is in. She will want her children raised to study, learn and embrace truth and serious study, not to go on rallies for “diversity” or start a twitter campaign for “equality”. Go visit other parts of the world, the young there still are for the most part respectful, understand traditions and resist extreme western liberalism and feminism. The idea that modernity is just how it appears to the left in the US and Britain as referenced in the popularity of US TV shows etc (many other countries maintain their own huge film industries, eg Bollywood in Bombay) is just not accurate in much of the rest of the world.
      Only other thing to add to it really is quite simple, she must be a virgin if she wants you to marry her. If she has had boyfriends, kissed some guys, if a little westernised that’s all no problem but if she has had sex then she can be used for fun but do not ever marry her.

      1. I am fucking the girls and calling them filthy useless whores and they are loving it while other men are worshipping at the altar of political correctness and mouthing empty slogans about equality.
        Most women are stupid and pliable enough to believe anything if you are firm and have conviction. A pair of rabbit fur lined handcuffs and being obviously stronger, tougher, and healthier than the metrosexual pansies their girlfriends call ‘Mates’ helps as well.
        Angry lesbian feminists are only angry, lesbian, and feminist because they have never been able to attract a man strong enough to put them in their place.
        There have always been ugly, stupid women, and they all end up the same way.
        Foreign women are no different. They have simply often chosen to try and attract those sorts of men as their first priority, rather than their last.

        1. How about you tell me all about it, big guy. Where do you buy them? How often do you clean yours out?

      1. Great article! Thanks for the recommendation. I especially like this line, “[Modern leftists] tell everyone who doesn’t think in lockstep with them to ‘Get with the times,’ which is a dishonest way of saying, ‘Be a conformist like I am.’ … They are still deluded that they are fighting the power rather than working for it.”
        Here is the correct link: http://takimag.com/article/how_to_deal_with_the_brainwashed_jim_goad#axzz3AshaklOA

    2. I’ve been that “angry white guy”
      Got into an argument with a loud-mouthed feminist at a party after she was talking about how some guy was “creepy”.
      I told her how much I hated that word and how it takes totally normal guy behaviour and makes it sound like something pathological and threatening.
      Her and her trolls ganged up on me and basically tried to put me in my place… But I wouldn’t have it. The females that I knew there from highschool etc., while reviling me at the time, remained in contact with me afterwards despite their “disgust”.
      What really struck me was the skinny mangina that got behind her… Keep in mind this is the quintessential fat dyke feminist that seems like a parody but isn’t. Why was he taking her side on this issue??? Funnily enough his gf dumped him like a month after that…
      I realized though that being open like that comes with risks… especially in the work-place. You make yourself into a target when the group needs to go on a witch-hunt.

      1. I’d compare taking on feminism with a group of feminists to walking inside the Vatican circa 800 AD, looking around, and saying, “you know, there’s actually no evidence to back any of this Jesus stuff up, right?” Instead of your audience acknowledging that that is true, they burn you at the stake. What you experienced was the modern equivalent. It’s cult behavior; irrational fury caused by a mixture of piety and cognitive dissonance.

        1. We are no different than we’ve always been throughout history.
          We pretend like we are so advanced and progressive nowadays but its all bullshit.
          We still have the same desires… and we are still faced by a universe that appears utterly indifferent to us.
          I agree with your point. And I think a big part of being RedPill is being open to the fact that we ourselves will rationalize our own behaviour ad nauseum. In a vain attempt to avoid having to face harsh truths.

  6. Definitely true. Some things to keep in mind is that every culture is different, and things that are considered funny here could be extremely offensive in other countries. Don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole.

    1. Correct. You should be trying to fit an oblong peg into an oval hole.
      À bientôt,

  7. From my limited experience, you can have an actual conversation with a foreign girl that isnt necessarily headed in any direction without her getting bored quickly. Questions like “how was your day?” and “do you have any brothers and sisters?” actally get genuine responses because she can tell you’re trying to learn more about her.

    1. with a foreign girl that isnt necessarily headed in any direct Iowa
      I hate when conversations head directly to Iowa. It’s a boring state that has only corn on its feature list. It is, as they say, tractor intensive.
      Now get a girl whose conversation goes directly to Wyoming and I’m in like Flynn!

        1. bah, the winds on the roads leading east of Cheyenne have tried to kill me too many times. Wyoming is teh suck.
          The whole damned state has it in for me.

        2. Driving in Wyoming is not for the feint of heart. It will make a man out of you, or kill you. That’s one of the many things I love about that place, you know where you stand. Those aren’t winds, they’re a light gentle breeze….of manliness!
          Try it on a motorcycle sometime if you’re feeling particularly full of T that day.

        3. motorcycle? Hell, I was doing it in a light commercial box truck with a trailer in the middle of the winter.
          Wind caught the trailer and spun me around like a goddamned top in the middle of the freeway.
          The weird part? totally unhurt. trailer hitch wasn’t even damaged, didn’t ditch. passed a bunch of semis that had been blown sideways and ditched on that skating rink they call a road.
          Motorcycles may be more manly than a prius, but balls come from driving something that requires a CDL

  8. A few thoughts:
    1. “Behave Like A Man”. This. You are the man, she is the woman; you lead, and she follows. That’s what she wants. Jokey BS doesn’t work, and will only leave her confused and unhappy. A buddy of mine was going through some issues with his foreign-born wife because he was changing jobs, while she was staying at their old place for a few months while the house in the new city was being finished. So he was in one place and she was in the other. She asked what was going to happen to her, and he gave her some teasing, jokey answer about her having to figure it out on her own. He mentioned to me that she was being problematic, and Dr. Mistral prescribed the following: “You are the Man. You do not joke and tease about this shit, you LEAD and you TELL.” Fast forward 24 hours and he reported back, “Everything you said would work, worked. She totally calmed the fuck down.”
    2. “Learn Her Language”. Doesn’t have to be perfect, but it will make her less shy about her English, and will also have some practical benefits for travel. If you pair up with a girl long-termish, you won’t constantly need to be supervised. Better for her to look up to your for your efforts and resourcefulness, rather than looking at you as the guy she always has to keep an eye on, like a wayward toddler. The more you can handle problems/dates/day to day life, the more that keeps her in the right frame of mine; you LEAD, she FOLLOWS.
    3. “Stop Playing the Race Card”. If you’re in Russia or other former CCCP states, you’re going to discover that Slavs are not very PC. That said, nobody likes a whiner. FW like men can can lead, solve problems and make them feel like women. That’s your job, not whining about how dark meat folks are somehow keeping you down. I was a D1 athlete, so I’ve *showered* with more black men than my swipl friends and co-workers can say that they have as friends or acquaintances. They have their own set of problems, like being doubted b/c, well, did they get where they are in life (for successful folks) b/c of their own merits or b/c swipls felt guilty and created affirmative action for them. If you’re asked about race issues, answer honestly, and change the subject.
    4. “Learn to Love Her Food”. This isn’t actually strictly necessary, but…. What you need to be able to do is learn to chew and swallow what she cooks for you without grimacing and then praise her for her efforts. If you act like a tool or tell her it sucks then you have shamed her as a woman for failing at one of her two primary purposes in life, pleasing a man.* One think I learned in Russia is that if you order a dish “bez smetana”**, you’re only going to get half the usual amount of sour cream, because nobody could possibly want food without sour cream. Chew, swallow, and praise. That’s what gets you on the express train to Happy Town.
    5. “Make Her Laugh”. Y’know, sometimes being understated works. Subtle and wry observations about life are often best, rather than acting like a clown. I was in St. Petersburg sitting on a bench in the Summer Garden, overlooking the Fontanka, next to a lovely Russkaya. There weren’t any other benches available as most of them were occupied by artists painting landscapes. A couple walked by us, accompanied by a knuckle-dragger friend. The knuckle dragger came over (the couple waited some distance away) and started trash-talking my girl about how the bench looked comfortable or some other sh*t. After approximately 20 seconds, I told him that his friend were looking lonely without him, which he correctly understood as “You need to scram, before you get your teeth cracked”. She was quite pleased with my problem solving skills and then asked me what I would have done if there had been a fight. I nodded my head towards the canal and said, “He would have gone for a swim.” She beamed. “It’s a hot day. Probably he would thank me for it.” She giggled. Order was restored.
    À bientôt,
    *The second one, of course, is to reproduce. Gotta be careful with that one.
    **Phonetic Russian for “without sour cream”

    1. bez smetany (без сметаны). genetive case after без, always.
      sorry, i can’t help myself.

      1. S’alright. I speak a Georgian dialect of Russian, which I say b/c Georgians don’t do noun declensions. Or so I’m told.
        À bientôt,

  9. “If you are a white guy, stop playing the “angry white guy” routine.”
    At the risk of disparaging ROK writers that comment was unnecessary and frankly a mythic stereotype that many race profiteers in this country are unduly invested in.
    For some fine examples Google(salon angry white men).

  10. Regarding learning her language…I would also strongly suggest learning something about her country (geography, cuisine, random trivia, history, etc). I’ve had great success with things like this because it shows you don’t live in your own little world and are interested in other things. Also, Americans are known for being ignorant about the outside world so this shows you are “different”. Might I suggest the CIA World Fact Book? Lots of good information at your fingertips.

    1. I amazed a Chinese gal when I spoke with authority on the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Hong Zhi Quan, which I knew about from listening to a recording of “The Devil Soldier” by Caleb Carr.

      1. Very cool. That’s definitely a good way to stand out.I’ll have to read that.
        Recently we hired a drop dead gorgeous 22 year old from Taiwan (she came to the States for college and this was her first job after college) at work and she was intrigued by my knowledge of Asian cinema and that I had previously worked in Asia in my younger days. I got the vibe that the American landwhales didn’t appreciate how much we were talking so I eventually let things drop off between us. Pity.

        1. Damn dude, you were golden it sounds like, why not go for it on the sly?
          Fatties gonna hate, what’s a man to do?

        2. I like his movie Yi Yi. Ya, there’s so much great cinema from China, Japan, South Korea these days. That’s cool you know about him.

        3. As a nurse, I have to work with them and it’s definitely a team sport. So much so that when I got hired the female manager asked me “how do you resolve conflict?” and I told her “talk to the person” and she said “good, I’m tired of all these passive aggressive nurses here”. No lie.

  11. For you idiots who complained that my name had an extra capital… Its fixed now…
    And I put up a picture…
    Also… this is a good video…

  12. My take. Though these are not 5 tips, but I’ve used them to keep foreign chicks hooked on into ‘relationships’ and even sex.
    1. Learn about her culture and some of her language.
    The best tip? Learn some proverbs by heart from her language, which you can drop within your conversation at relevant occasions. It never fails to impress them.
    Everybody is racial or racist in the end. Women the most, because women are herd-like. They might fuck foreign men, but secretly they desire a local man, or a foreign man who respects her cultural identity and her roots. Unless she’s westernized, she might fuck you later on, but will hesitate to develop feelings for you. The key to regular sex with a woman is that she must have some emotional attachment for you. With Americunts, forget that. With foreign sloots, you can still get them to develop an emotional attachment. Ask her questions about her culture, her cuisine (appreciate some dishes), and talk about literature and history – but don’t overdo it, for she’d think you’re trying to impress her. Get her talking about herself. Women love talking about themselves. Indulge her, not to impress her, but to determine her mind and personality. Who are her role models, etc..
    2. Don’t underplay your culture.
    If you criticize your own roots, you may get her pussy to fuck, but in the end you won’t get her respect. If you want to act like a man, understand that. If you set the frame early on that you hate your culture and will clone yourself into hers for getting sex from her, you’re going down a dangerous road. She’ll betasize you sooner or later.
    3. Be socially intelligent and mysterious
    You need to understand her culture and mindset to get a grip of things. Read the bang guides by Roosh or articles by Krauser PUA. Second, play a fool to make her a fool. Even it means being Machiavellian.
    4. Never reveal your financial assets
    Don’t ever do this – unless if you want to game a whore who’ll pose as a pseudo-girlfriend. Unless if you got millions lying in your bank account, don’t play the pimp rapper game. If you really want to impress her with your cash, get yourself a whore instead online. You’ll save your cash and time.Gaming is different from paying.
    5. Fuck her crazy in the first sexual encounter.
    Go for anal in the first encounter – even if you don’t like it. If she doesn’t allow anal, make sure you finger fuck her anus. Make her do the wildest things and filthiest ,things on the first sexual encounter, nasty oral,etc. Fuck her hard like she’s a sextoy. You must telegraph animal like passion and lust to her in bed. The more the better.The more depravity she commits with you, the more she opens up with you (and emotionally connects with you). The real idea is to get into her mind, not holes. Her holes are the way to her mind. She must remember the depravities she did for you – after you’re away from her.
    6. Develop detachment
    Don’t expect too much, and develop a sense of detachment when dating her. The harder you try, the more you’ll telegraph your intentions. Take her as a fleeting pleasure, even if she is a mind-boggling fucking awesome pleasure in bed. Accept that sometime it’s gonna end. Don’t pedestalize her, but appreciate her for the things she does for you. But you must have some sense of entitlement if you’re dating her. If you don’t define the rules early on, she’ll keep testing your limits later on. All women can be the same when it comes to shit testing men.

  13. That’s two deleted comments. Thoughtful, unprovocative commentary on statements in this essay and supported by materials from this very website.
    I assure you I am not a woman, so what gives? Are you joining in Salon’s War on Trolls?

  14. In short, “behave like a pussy: make tons of effort just to get a phone number while the local guy gets laid acting like a ‘dumbass’.” Personnaly, I got laid abroad acting LIKE a local guy.

    1. GetItGoing is correct. I believe the point was that you probably shouldn’t dress up as Mystery and play douchebag game in a country whose language and culture you don’t really know. It just doesn’t translate well.

        1. By the way, her “game” is a preposterous, silly bunch of fluff. Of poor quality.

    1. I was reading and commented on that today. We have a Code Red out there, gentlemen, some poor fellow put his betatude on total display and while he might think his story is unique, I read that story and I could have written it myself and I have met scores of other fellows who could write that same story. If men were only forewarned and not “pre-shamed” into rejecting such women these things would never happen.

      1. She fucked 5 guys (known so far) whilst in a relationship, in order to climb the pole of videogame journalism. She is one of those anita sharkisian SJW feminazy LGTBQXYZ videogame leeches.
        I think we should call her Zoe-five-guys,burger and fries

        1. The ex posted this:
          Spend quite a bit of time talking about how she would never ever cheat on anyone because that violates sexual consent — all the while cheating on me
          With Nathan Grayson
          And Robin Arnott
          And Joshua Boggs
          (who is both her boss and married)
          And at least two other people (whose names are censored). And very probably more — but I won’t get into why I believe that.
          As opposed to informing Joshua’s wife, primarily freak out about her own career if his wife goes public.
          Do her goddamn hardest to make sure I didn’t sleep with anyone but her while we were broken up. Inevitably succeed.
          Sleep with a bunch of people while we were broken up, ignoring all of the strong principled stances she used to convince me not to.
          Pretend we didn’t need to use protection whenever we had sex while we were broken up
          or while we were together
          Basically demand I ostracize a friend who was going through some seriously fucked up shit, because that friend had sort of showed a tentative interest in me while we were broken up.
          On her own end though, apparently have no problem choosing to work for Joshua Boggs after cheating on me with him (which I feel requires a bit more than a tentative interest), or after finding out about his wife.
          Spend an hour arguing that she would never lie in a relationship — while she was lying about all of the things in our relationship.
          Stop at pretty much no length to prevent me from finding out the truth. If I had to lose 10 pounds to bouts of panic attacks spent questioning my own sanity for a sleepless week of being ostracized so she could spend that time cheating on me — well, that’s unfortunate for me, but the important thing was that I not be around to make things awkward between her and the flavor of the week.
          Totally make two people up to divert suspicion from the fact that she was fucking Nathan. Seriously, she just — she made two people up. This probably doesn’t deserve its own list item but like, the claim that there were two additional people crashing with her was one of the things that made me think I couldn’t possibly have been right to worry during the panic attack week because who the hell would just fabricate . . . PEOPLE?
          Later go on to ostracize Nathan for a week simply so she could fuck someother guys.
          Have unprotected sex with me like 12 freaking hours after cheating on me with her boss.
          Express remorse really damn well, really damn often, and only about the specific thing she has been caught doing. That is, express no remorse about any of the very related things she hasn’t been caught doing yet.
          Lie in literally the same breath she is expressing remorse about having lied. Which isn’t to say her remorse is fake, I can’t know if it is or isn’t, it sure *looks* and *sounds* real enough. It’s just to say that her remorse doesn’t actually mean anything in terms of future intent. She’ll promise never to do something again in a fit of despair and regret, and then do that thing like an hour later.
          Lie a fucking LOT. Like holy shit how much more can one person possibly lie. At one point she actually lies about a lie about a lie about a lie.
          A bunch of other fucked up things which I’m not even going to bother researching the legal ramifications of telling you about.
          After making a grand show of remorse and expressing a desire to make all of this up to me, go on to ostracize me, because doing the right thing and making it up to me isn’t worth the risk that I might go public with any additional admissions if we have to talk things out online.
          Be really fucking good at pretending to be worth looking up to.
          TL;DR of TL;DR:

      2. Reddit moderators have been deleting/censoring comments & threads which call her out, basically only leaving white-knight & victimization threads pretty much.
        Along with faux praise of her “game”. (A very poor text based adventure with a theme about being depressed. )

  15. Please don’t bring them back to America. They will just turn into fat, ugly, cunts like the other American women.

    1. Not necessarily. It depends. I will say that you do have to watch what you expose them to, avoid toxic people (which we seem to have so much of here), help them find people of their own background locally, and avoid crappy American food.

      1. It may work for a while but the danger of eventual assimilation is noticeably higher here than in other areas around the world. The local female empowerment brigade is always on the lookout for lone souls to recruit. Even if you manage to keep her primarily among a healthy group of friends, she may eventually desire to get more than a passing peak at what goes on on the other side of the fence. And you know what they say about curiosity and the cat, eh?

    2. Indeed. So infested with unhappy cunts is this land that if you bring that “shining light” of femininity, beauty and devotion into it, the cunts will seek her out like zombies staggering around in search of living flesh. One minute you note she’s getting invited to “Girls night out” and you’d think how nice she’s making friends, the next you find out the hard way that these embittered cunts only wanted to make someone else just like them because they cannot stand someone prettier and happier then they are.

  16. Great article. I can vouch from personal experience that this guy isn’t just pulling this out of thin air.
    A few more “piezas de consejo” (pieces of advice) from someone who’s been around:
    1. [NOTE: Always depends on the circumstances & cultural mores] You have to be a man and be the leader, both in sexual and non-sexual scenarios.
    If you’re weak and too “afraid”, you’ll be viewed that way. Once you get indicators of interest (IOIs) you’re “go” for taking the next step.
    2. Don’t look like another tourist douche! I remember seeing a guy in Peru with glasses and a “Peru” flag t-shirt from a souvenir shop on one trip. Can you possibly look more out of place and like a dorky tourist?
    Don’t be flamboyant, but look like you’ve got your shit together. And for the love of all that is holy, don’t look like another damn dirty backpacker!
    The touristy types/hipster backpackers give the rest of we Americans a bad name, and do not have the same appeal to women that a better appearance does.
    I got lots of attention on my last trip wearing fairly nice clothes and being in shape. 🙂
    3. Family is a HUGE thing to foreign women. Get used to it, and you better just be prepared you’re going to meet uncles, aunts, friends, moma/popa, etc. and friends & coworkers. Especially with latinas, as they often live at home until later in life. Don’t sit there silently like a douche—be cool, and try talking in their language. More often than not the family doesn’t speak much english.
    We are so accustomed to being spread apart here in the USA or having dysfunctional families that we (sadly) aren’t accustomed to that close-knit environment. On the plus side, they’ll usually treat you very well, and take care of you if you need it. And food and parties.
    Get in good with her family and friends, and you’re alright.
    4. Life is harder overseas, and the rules are different. Don’t be a whiny bitch. Just deal with it: sometimes it’s really hot, hotels and homes have crappy electrical outlets, no convenience stores on every block like in the USA, have to walk or take taxis, etc.
    5. You have to lose the pampered American mentality when going overseas. It will get you embarassed or make you look weak in the eyes of women & men if you act like you think you deserve better or complain a lot.
    A lot of the best, sexiest, coolest women in the world are from poor families and put in a lot more hours working than any American woman could even fathom.
    That’s one reason 1st-world feminism is such outrageous bullshit: it is a slap in the face of those foreign women with real problems & who have an actual hard life.

    1. “…don’t look like another damn dirty backpacker!”
      Colombian girl being asked on youtube video about meeting women there asked why Americans often smell bad.

  17. If you move to socal there are plenty of traditional-minded latinas who are sweet and feminine. No expatriation necessary. The ability to speak spanish doesn’t hurt.

    1. True. However, in the long term after a couple kids…ya gotta be careful of the weight factor.

  18. I’m sure I’ll get flamed for this, but number three is not true. I’m am American living in the South Eastern United States. My girlfriend of about two years is from Bogota, Colombia. Any time I visit her mothers house which I try to avoid at all costs, her mother who is fluent in English refuses to speak it. Whenever her mother speaks to me in Spanish, I reply in American English. I grew up in Florida it was hard not to pick up a lot of conversational Spanish.
    As stated in number five “make her laugh” correct. However, I’ve given my girlfriend a very hard time in a joking manner about her accent since the first day I met her. That is how I got her in the first place, every other guy was drooling over her accent while I made not too critical jokes about it.

    1. I’d say that is not normal at all, in my experience. I have usually done very well speaking spanish to the family or just random people here in the USA as well.
      Oddly I’ve met a few who seem to refuse to speak spanish with me; a bit ridiculous.

      1. In my experience it is. Another example of this happened when I went to graduate school. In the program I was in there was a woman from Moscow who was in a long distance relationship with a Russian man getting his MBA in London who she’s married to now. For an entire semester we were sleeping together, and would literally skype her boyfriend now husband from my living room at the time. They are happily married in London now, the guy to my knowledge has no idea the tryst ever happened.
        I got her the same way. She was obsessed with photography, and would always say “will you make a picture” opposed to “take a picture”. Myself, and another kid from Atlanta gave her a very hard time about this.
        The night where we finally hooked up was the night I went on a drunken rant to her about how America did the heavy lifting in WW2 that Russian’s often like to take credit for.
        One more example from my own experience. I briefly dated a muslim woman from Lahore, Pakistan same deal. She spoke English with a British accent.
        We worked together on a project, and she kept spelling the word “color” “colour” & “center” “centre”. Once again I jokingly gave her a hard time about the British need to quit taking spelling tips from the French.
        The night we hooked up same deal. We were at the bar, and I was jokingly accusing her of being a Pakistani spy. I then went on to accuse her that our relationship had placed me on a government watch list.
        One more example lets take the case of “J**** Hernandez” from the Philippines. After hearing her last name, I told her that she needed to decide if she wanted to be Hispanic or Asian. She laughed, and we wound up dating for about six months.
        The girls who refuse to speak Spanish to you are probably just not interested. The ones that are will laugh, then correct you. I’ve honestly lost count of the amount of hispanic women I’ve been with, and I can’t roll my r’s if you put a gun to my head.

        1. Well I mean people in general I met who refused to speak spanish, in which I assume there is no interest from the start. Very odd behavior.
          I can roll my R’s, though. :p

        2. Is this happening to you on US soil? If so you should be thanking them for respecting our culture.
          They might of just been selfish, and wanted to practice their English with you. I wouldn’t allow it to discourage you.

    2. You might have to factor in that his advice on what to do and what you may have seen yourself is influence on the fact that he may have met a good number of these women that he’s basing his advice on, while being in other countries. The two girls you used as examples, you were dealing with them in your home country.
      It often would work to make fun of an accent or the different use of words with a foreign girl. Shows playfulness. But you have home field advantage so to speak. To travel to Colombia, and meet a girl and try to make fun of her accent, you may have only a couple of times to try that. And that’s probably only if there’s a strong enough initial attraction, she had a feeling you’re from America, and she feels like taking the firsts steps in starting something. More than twice, I’ll say she’ll see you as jerk tourist. And she’ll remind you that you’re actually the foreigner and you’re in her homeland.
      As to the mother of the Colombian, I’m not surprised she only wanted to speak Spanish. Probably worried about the daughter becoming too Americanized.

      1. Do you have any idea what you are talking about?
        “GetItGoing” did not once give me advice. He only commented on my critique of the article. I provided three examples of foreign women not two, you clearly did not pay attention to the context of any of my posts.
        What does my home field advantage have to do with any of the scenarios I described? Every one of them could have happened to you, me, or GetItGoing if we were teaching abroad to teach kids how to speak English.
        From your reply from “It often” to “you’re in her homeland” is 100% presumptuous. It’s a false scenario that you’d assume that would happen, with out knowing that it would.
        As to my girlfriends mothers. Bingo. She doesn’t want her daughter to forget the language dude.

        1. Yes.
          Advice from the article, not from “get it going”
          Philippines, Colombia, Russian, and Pakistan-4 examples, not 3. I just used 2. We all could pay attention to more context.
          I’ll stand by that making fun of someone’s accent while you’re in their country won’t work as well as if you do it while you’re in your country. May not work at all.
          But I do see it breaking the ice or helping build a relationship with kids. I wasn’t thinking kids, more like women.

        2. True.
          Oh for sure dude, I’m not going to Austria and start doing Schwarzenegger impressions. I wouldn’t go to Boston, and start making fun of them for dropping their “rs’
          Guess you made a solid point, I’ve had home court advantage. Touche

    1. Yeah, I was somewhat baffled by that too. What’s the ‘routine’? And why would it ever come out when you’re down in South America or Asia dealing with women who show respect? I’m not going to rant about misandry in the US to some Indonesian girl somewhere.

  19. I live in Costa Rica…Have been here 10 years. I have been all over latin america as well…and have had more professional life in LATAM than up north. I have seen a lot of guys come and go and are often frustrated. I can add a few things here. 1. Don’t lead of with Money.. Don’t talk about how successful you are or the businesses that you have had. Don’t try to impress people with cash for 2 key reasons a. It gets you in trouble. If they think you have money, they want it and you attract the wrong kind of people. b. You come across as a prick that is trying to say that you are better than other people. 2. Dial it down a notch- Don’t be “the ugly american” or german, or brit, or whatever. be soft, humble…and slightly less aggressive. Loud obnoxious foreigners just attract whores and scum. 3. Hang around others unlike you. learn from them. Don’t just hang around people from your own country. You will ostracize yourself. 4. Read body language as much as you can 5. Be patient, but not a pussy. Good girls dont fuck on the first date…but dont turn into a doormat either.

  20. American women like humor exactly as much as they used to. I’ve never had a problem making a girl laugh on the first date, even those where it was obvious we were not a match.

  21. Canadian women aren’t too bad, a lot of them are from europe but can talk English. I am doing just fine in my country.

  22. I always think some of these themes have been analyzed to the point of exhaustion, but #4 about liking her food was a shock. I would have thought that it would have been intuitive. While I don’t doubt the need for it to be said, it’s a bit depressing that it needs to be.

  23. Here in Taiwan after doing a two month stint in China. There is truth to that whole Asian girls fuck anything but Blacks, but I had my fun in the Middle of Middle Kingdom legs too. Three in Guangzhou, three in Changsha, and once I started hitting the clubs, got about a half dozen in Xi’an, including one threesome (the good kind). I should have stayed for the whole year. Didn’t get a new 10 every night like White guys, but a few 6s and 7s a week isn’t bad for a Black man with yellow fever.
    I’m disappointed by Taiwanese women outside of Taipei. Many butterfaces. They’re kinda like Chinese-speaking Japanese women except harder working and far less horny, at least from my perspective. I’d get a job here just to save up and get back to Mainland though.

  24. “Learn to love her food”
    “Learn her Language”
    You’ll not only be rewarded in the bedroom. You’ll be rewarded in the dining room!
    Merciful Zeus! Food alone is a good reason to date foreign women. Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, & The Philippines offer so many ways to please the palate!
    Spicy, sweet, sour, crunchy, delicate, fish and fowl, fruits and herbs that Americans never encounter are available on street corners and in restaurants that local women can show you.
    Spain (paella), France -baked fish, Italy, Israel (best breakfast ever without meat), The Caribbean (St Thomas – best breakfast in my lifetime), Guatemala (incredible rums) all guided by local women who, as you mentioned were delighted when I attempted to speak their languages.
    I joined the Navy to “See the World”, but I honestly think I tasted a massive portion of it. I had the privilege of walking on five continents (I lost track of the Nations!) and sampled the food (yes, and the women) everywhere I could.
    An education I would never trade.

  25. Great article. One thing I’ve learned as a man being in the states,good women are still here. Just because she looks good, doesn’t mean she is good. Regardless of a woman’s beauty, I will maintain my individuality. I refuse to compromise my integrity for some pussy. I can enjoy my own company without getting high/drunk often, being up in the mix (crowd). Going after 9’s/10’s is just a ego thing. Some to few of them have the attitude that matches/exceeds their beauty. Unlike Andrew Stern, I wouldn’t off myself over a woman. Many guys have money and looks these days, but don’t have a genuine personality/wisdom… These shallow guys deserve everything they get from shallow women.
    “Whoso would be a man, must be a nonconformist.”
    – Ralph Waldo Emerson

  26. In my experience, American men tend to be way too “nice”. I can see why that puts women off.
    The thing is, all foreign women turn into gold diggers when a Western man is around. In their eyes you’re nothing but a so-called “beta bucks”, and they’ll probably just settle down with you after having had their fun in their youth (from the time they’re 16 until they are 25). A man from Russia doesn’t need to have a fancy car or a great job to date a very attractive, traditional, wife-material Russian woman. A Western man, however, does need to impress her with financial assets. The physical aspect isn’t important, but don’t expect her to be attracted to you or your body.
    Source: I’ve lived in Eastern Europe for some years.

  27. Good article.
    A couple of more advises:
    – Join her family events. Even if you will understand little of whats going on, you will get to know what´s her family environment and this will tell you what values she carries;
    – Do not give her significant presents. First you don’t want to create that habit and second she will measure your wealth by the type of gifts that she receives from you;
    – Do not hint a serious intention until you had sex with her. I´ve seen gorgeous Slavic girls behaving like amateurs in bed. If you want a serious relationship, she must be able to perform sexually like a whore;
    – If possible, live with her for a while in her country, before making a more serious commitment. Get to know her day to day behavior and cultural habits. Check if you are compatible mentality wise;
    – Finally, make sure you understand what her family (parents, uncles, brothers, cousins, etc) expects from the wedding. Some nationalities are highly influenced by family values and expectations. If she is close to her family, this may have a negative impact on your relationship (long term)

  28. I’ve spent the majority of my career outside the US. Reading this article concerned me. It presents foreign women as paragons of our collective wishes for feminine women. In reality, you have to be careful.
    Do not go into a relationship outside the US with your guard down. Do not put on rose color glasses and assume the best. Do not always give the benefit of the doubt. Do not only see what you want to see.
    If you do not follow that advice, you may well find yourself in a world of hurt. You need to take in the scene. Practice on several women. Get a feel for how women in that country express the negative aspects of their culture. It’s not all peaches and cream. There are plenty of bitches in other countries. In Latin American, for example, the pretty and reasonably educated women expect to be treated like princesses. (I have had more than one actually tell me that!)
    Having said that, your chances of finding a woman with good values, who wants to be a feminine woman, and who wants you to be a masculine man, are much better outside the US (and outside the UK and Australia and Scandinavia, of course). Just make sure you are smart about it.
    Unfortunately, I have to disagree with #2. It’s pretty stupid obviously to “play” the race and highlight that you are white (if you are). You can’t just a get a woman because you are white. But, in most countries, have preferences for a particular race, and a negative stereotype of certain races, is generally accepted. Black people have no idea what racism is based on their experience in the US. They will find real and in-your-face racism in other countries.
    If you are white, putting on airs is absolutely the wrong thing to do. But, make no mistake, the women that are interested in your are looking for a “white man.” I have asked several past girlfriends why they don’t just look for a nice local man. They just come right out and say they prefer white guys. Many of them sad that half white babies are “more attractive.” Hearing that the first time floored me!
    #3 is correct. I guess learning a few words and expressions is better than nothing. But if you really want to disarm a woman in a non-English speaking country, you have to be able to understand he when she speaks her language. Even if you answer back in English, she will be amazed if you are an American guy and casually respond when she speaks her own language. Remember that for her, being able to speak a language you don’t understand, especially while in her country, gives her power over you. If you can take away that power, it not only disarms them but makes them feel cozy with you, like you can really “understand” them on a deeper level.

  29. As I am married to a foreign hottie, with two degrees, fluent in four languages, and is paying the bills for me back in the states while I run a business and go back to school; I approve this message.
    It’s basic, and could use some fine tuning, with more flushing out of specific details. But over all, a no brainer that sadly gets overlooked by idiots.

  30. “Learn her language” , “learn to love her food” I love eating other food from different countries such as italian, Chinese, Mexican, Japanese, columbian food as well..the foreign language I talk right now is italian. So I can easily conquer an italian girl since I know her language and I’m willing to explore more on food. Make her laugh? I can do that as well…

  31. The idea that Asian girls are only attracted to white guys and you need
    just to show up and be a “white dude” is dying hard. That might have
    been the case twenty years ago, but not anymore. The new global
    generation thinks differently and what matters now is who you are as an individual.

    Strange how you keep up with your gripe about “angry white men”. And your claim that Asian women like other races equally. Might I guess you’re Indian or something?
    45 percent of U.S.-born Asian women marry White men. Of Asian women
    marrying non-Asians, 87.4 percent marry White men. (6.4% marry Black
    men, 6.1% marry Other.) Don’t just make things up.

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